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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - December 2, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania The Independent carries a greater volume of paid advertising than Bristol a two other newspapers Cor bin it i that res a reason in fact several reasons. / the Independent toadies to no sect or Creed a it stands boldly in defence of the Downtrodden whether they be jew or Gentile. Vol. 2.�?no. 22.Bristol. Pa., Friday december 2, 1921 five cents the copy $246,570 Worth of business written in this District in four weeks a Benny Silber wrote $51,200 in final week again the local District of the metropolitan insurance company has broken a record established by them Ives last year and despite the dullness of the times and the Back w artinese of business in Oiler lines of Endeavor District superintendent George w. Macintyre announce that his faithful band of fourteen agents in the four weeks ending november 26th wrote up $246,570 Worth of insurance. Some record. The individual honors went to Ben Jamin Silber of Bristol who during the four weeks $98,470 Worth and in drive wrote the last week women s missionary society met yesterday the women a missionary society of the presbyterian Church met yesterday afternoon at the Home of one of the members mrs. Joseph Thomas. The subjects considered were Persia. Syria and the mormons. Considerable discussion took place on the above topics and the attendance was most Gratifying pleasant times Are aheadf0rcr0yd0n improvement association plans Bazaar for december 17th�? other events also arranged supt. Mac Intyre of the drive he wrote $51,200. This is tile largest week that Benny has Ever had and he has had some big to weeks. Or. Macintyre has made an enviable record for himself during the six years ii has had charge of this District each year s results showing an increase Over the year proceeding and by his pleasant manner and thorough knowledge of the insurance line hot has not Only endeared himself to his men but has also mad himself very popular with the rank and tile of the folks in this District. To prove that or. Macintyre Ever has the Good of Bristol and Bucks county at heart is a simple matter. The metropolitan insurance company recently announced that they would put $50,000,000 aside that might he used As a borrow ing building fund for persons living in Delaware. Philadelphia and Montgomery counties. This Money Only to be loaned to persons in tile act of build ing new houses or those desiring to Purchase new houses. The plan announced by tin company is a most Liberal one As thirty years Are allowed the Borrower to pay Back their loan. Bucks county was not mentioned in Hie original plan but w Ith tin interests of his friends Here at heart or. Macintyre immediately took up tin matter with his superiors and As a consequence they wrote him stating that they had no objection to party of this Money being distributed in Bucks. Not satisfied with this Promise this progressive insurance Man is going Een farther he is even now trying to have the metropolitan appoint one of the local Banks As a borrowing Agency and is endeavouring to have them Deposit $1,000,000 in Bristol to Aid Home builders or prospective Home builders Here. This will be pretty one for Bristol if the Deal goes through and it will go through if the persistence of tile Man trying to swing it has any beating on its final disposition. Last year Lite metropolitan agents in this District wrote More than $600,000 Worth of insurance and the present Outlook id Cates that they will increase this by More than $100,000 before the end of 1921. Each year the metropolitan puts on a four week drive to bring agents up on their toes in an it Davor to nut their yearly total tin lop. Every Agen. The country of in line with their announcement that they would entertain Croydon during the Winter months the improvement association is planning a series of events that will run far int the Spring. With the opening of tin Eire House they have Adenine let facilities to meet their needs and they plan to put the building to Good use in an attempt to Clear it from debt by Early Spring. The halloween dance and thanksgiving eve festival and party were marked successes and committees Are now buzzing in anticipation of a Bazaar to be held on december 17. The committee has planned Well and the fact that Many will be Christmas shopping at that time should assist them in disposing of the varied assortment of useful articles that w ill be placed on Sale. This assortment will include most anything in the notion line arum any number of splendid gifts could be found on their counters. One of the unique features will be a cafeteria service throughout the Day and evening and invitations will be sent to the townspeople to lunch Sud Dine at the fire House. This is the first offering of this Type of service in Croydon and great expectations Are held out for its Success. Following the Bazaar the subscription list for the a old time dance will be released. I la line with the demand for the return of old time Dames it is expected that this affair will meet with great approval. Fox trots and one Steps will be eliminated. And give Way to the Square dances and quadrilles and the older married folks Are looking with great Delight to this event. There w ill by no new years eve dance instead the entertainment c aum it tee has decided on a general a Good time and party for the members of the association and their relatives and friends. There will be no admission charges and everyone will be entertained and luncheon moved free of charge. This will be a general get together night for the members and special invitations will be extended to All the townspeople to be present. Dancing and a cries of vaudeville acts will feature the evenings entertainment. Arrangements Are being made with the a Triangle minstrels a of Philadelphia to come to Croydon some time a luring january or Early in february. This company is one of the Best in Hie Northern Section of Philadelphia and their show is an excellent one. There is no doubt that this will be the Star event of the season. The company includes Mark Perks of Philadelphia the famous comedian who in his Short sketch a Mother goes to the movies during the first intermission sen is his audiences into pals of laughter. The show includes Many Fine singers and a series of jokes that keep you smiling for weeks. Other events will be announced later but there is the Assurance that the association is doing its Best to entertain the people of Croydon right in their Home town and incidentally Clear off the remaining debt of their splendid new building. Buy Xmas seals to halt tuberculosis or. Lecompte Able to be about House ii or. We. C. Him in his Bucks co. Society for prevention of dreaded disease should be fully supported Tho annual Sale of Christmas seals of the Bucks county society for prevention of tuberculosis has started in Bristol and it should Lee Eixe the Heartiest support of the Community. No disease is More dreaded than tuberculosis and there is none that has been found so hard to combat from the standpoint of the ignorance of the people at Large who in years gone by have allowed it to develop to the stage where it was practically incurable before admitting that they were really suffering from it. Tuberculosis when caught in its incipient stages is curable and is comparatively easy to cure and it is to establish and operate a system of visiting nurses and an established supervision by physicians Over the county at Large that this fund is annually collected. Every time you Send out a letter place Seal on the Back a this will indicate to the recipient that you Are one of the vast army enlisted in the Effort to stamp out this Bane of the american nation. The Bucks county society make their plea this year in the following terms a the Bucks county society for prevention of tuberculosis comes to you again As the Christmas season approaches to inform you of some things we think you w la be interested in knowing. A in Pennsylvania during 1919. Twenty eight persons died of tuberculosis every Twenty four hours there were at that time about too. Too living cases the economic loss in shortened lives in the state on account of this disease is estimated at irom one and one half to three billion dollars annually since that time we know the death rate and the number of living cases have been much reduced. A your society by health education in the schools health talks to societies and health literature has done lunch to inform the people of Bucks county How not to get tuberculosis. A it is generally known that the Only Revenue the county society has for its health work is through the Sale of the Christmas seals and Bonds the Sale this year will be from nov. 25ih to jail. 1st. We do Noi assess nor set any amount for you to contribute hut ask As you have been blessed to buy As generously As your conscience dictates. Von May be interested in knowing How we purpose to use your Money after the Small amount to be Given to the National and state tuberculosis societies the remainder is spent Only for Bucks county work under the careful supervision of the Bucks careful supervision of the Board of directors. A the program for work for 1921. Is As follows a to find and visit the tubercular sick. And see that they have physicians care or institutional care if necessary. A to enrol All the school children in the modern health crusade which numbers Over 7,000,000 in the United states. A by pictures plays health talks and literature to build the health of the county. A to learn if undernourished children have physical defect such As adenoids diseased tonsils etc., that need the doctors care or if tile trouble is Only improper feet ing which needs correction to restore to Normal health and the Many friends of Lecompte rejoice with improved condition on tuesday november 29til, the it doctor was removed from the Hospital to the Home of or. Andrew Godfrey a relative at Ambler. The doctor is Able to be about Hie House and to catch Hie Sunshine of the porches when he is Lucky enough to see a beam. He takes some interest in Reading As he asked for last weeks Independent and by the time this goes Forth will be Able to get the news fresh from the press. Cheer up legion show makes a elks memorial to be held sunday Good will Hose co. To give Benefit s in at Forrest theatre at 3.30--eloquent speakers a excellent musical program m announced to raise fund to repair their apparatus recently damaged on fire run the members of local elks Lodge no. 9 70, Are requested to meet at who club House on Radcliffe Street sunday afternoon at 2.4 5, so that they May proceed in a body to the elks memorial services to be held at the Forrest theatre. A Section of seats will be reserved for the Lodge. This annual memorial is one of the most sacred ceremonies and most serious of the year in Eikon in the living brothels gather in every City in the country where there is an elks Lodge to pay tribute to the Brothers who have during the year just passed gone to the great beyond. Iii no other organization in the world is the memory of the absent ones More tenderly nurtured and As the Flower is dropped As the names of those who have been called is read from the roster one can almost see in fancy the spirit of the departed hovering Oer the gathering with a pleased smile that those who re i main on this mortal sphere still think of them with too Aud affection. The fact that relatives and i lends of the Lodge Are admitted to hrs ceremonies make them the More solemn and As the eulogies and musical accompaniments Are always of a High order they Are usually Well at tended. An especially pleading few Gram has been arranged for sunday afternoon at the Forrest theatre which will begin at 3.20. It follows Organ a Vloet chord a a Sullivan mrs. M. D. Weagley singing a nearer my god to thee a Lodge and audience opening ceremonies exalted rub r and officers of Lodge Quartetti a fear not. Of Israel Max Spieker Philadelphia Quartetti contralto so selected. Miss Margaret Bargh local Eulogy brother Thomas b. Stockham duet a watchman. What of the night Farri Gan Frederick Anne Tenor John Vanderslout. Bass oration Hon. Carroll l. Reedy member of Congreve Soprano Solo Are they from gauls holy Cit miss Helen Frame Heaton Quartetti a even me a a Warre Philadelphia Quartetti singing a Sauld Lang syne a Burn Lodge and audience closing exalted ruler and officers. In an Effii int to make atus. And cd i a it in that ii to raise a fund in Mere pairs of their Appal i a the arrangement of will no longer be top Cha y. Good will Hose company no. 3, will give a valid \ ill and motion picture show at the Forrest theatre on Friday evening. December 16. The picture announced for this Date a the Sham a of society a is an exceptionally Strong one and it is one of the latest releases there is no doubt that a goodly gathering will be seen Iii the theatre to Greet the firefighters in their Effort to repair she apparatus that in reality is one of the protections of the Homes of the Borough from fire. The following is a slight regime of the Story to be told on the screen jewish Home life is depicted with unerring realism in a Shams of society a the first Walsh Fielding Independent production directed by Thomas b. Walsh and released by re pictures corporation. Not the least engrossing of the numerous interesting episodes of the production is the bar Mitzvah party held in accordance with the age old jewish custom of Felting a lad of thirteen when he is confirmed and inters Tho Church. Director Walsh Maie a of Ain Ilia lie got every detail of this important scene As accurate As possible lie enlisted the Aid of a Well know n rabbi and together they supervised the scenes in which the merrymaking and reverent ceremonial of the burnout Zviah party m depicted. Several jewish families were in item to take part in the picture making and they played their roles however Small with pronounced since Reify. A or. W Ash was particularly anxious to strike a note of reverent restraint in these scenes especially in those in which the rabbi takes part in the feast and serves the bread and wine. This in fact is one of the highlights of the production and reflects High credit upon or. Walsh. Not a single detail was omitted to make the party the real thing. R. O. Sign Hung out before eight of clock undoubtedly the greatest Amateur Success of recent years Little Marian Roma i Ell outstanding hit of show congratulations heard in the lobby for excellence of tile entire production and particularly tile singing of the chorus every one of the fifteen Hundred reals in the Forrest theatre were occupied last a oiling and Hie standing room Only sign which was displayed at the Box office before eight of clock did not deter numerous folks from pushing their Way into the theatre of to r and during the entire three hours of the action of the musical revue a cheer up a the american legion show that has been in course of preparation for the past ten Days. Wonderful was the expression heard Iii every Side tile principals1 and chorus Wert congratulated Hie legion was extolled and last but by no Means least l. Evans Tapp the director who whipped the cast into shun w As showered with at last Frank Byers to become a Benedict Edgely to have Community tree mrs. Mary e. Coleman of no. 2262 North 21st Street Philadelphia announces the engagement of Lier daughter. Dorothy Elizabeth to or. Francis j. Byers of 419 Radcliffe Street Bristol. Air. Byers has for years been known As one of Bristol a most successful real estate brokers and his affiliation with the leading fraternal societies of the Borough warrants the prediction of a Royal Welcome from his Large Circle of friends As a prospective candidate into the a Royal order of the Wright sex service men form club in Croydon Jack Mcginley a 15th birthday made pleasant the Snover throughout course being placed on his Metal does his utmost to outstrip his Fellows. The result of Hie present drive in Bristol with tee amounts written by the District agent Here follow Benjamin is i Ber $98,4 70 Anthony Neafsey $29,000 Joseph Carroll $19,500 Frederick Long $19,500 Frederick Eltonhead. $12,500 Chris Bench let $11,100 a Ameron Yorke $10,50� Charles Mcgonigal $10,500 a 3 Gibbons St too George King. Too David Walker $6,000 David Goodman $5,000 Ralph Nelson rho friends of Jack a Mcginley the fifteen year old son of or. And mrs. Neal a Mcginley of 236 Otter Street were rejoicing on tuesday evening that they were invited to celebrate the anniversary of his fifteenth birthday. Itie rooms of his Home were tastefully draped in Pink and White with Flowers of Pink birthday cake iced in Pink Pink candles in fact everything was Pink but the people. There were about forty present. Favors were Given to each child. Miss Anna Ulrick of Harriman said i miss Marie Brennan of Bristol entertained with music on the piano. And James Sackville gave a number of solos on the violin. Those present Wie Alary Fox Grace Blanche Anna Ulrick Laura Pope Marie Kervick. Nora Flake Cecilia Gorman Alice Musnuff Margaret Leyden Marie Brennan Mae Slater Margaret White Anna Lipp Catherine Gaffney Catherine Roche Elizabeth Mcginley Elizabeth Gaffney Alary a Mcginley John Mcginley Joseph a Mcginley Kevin Mcginley i William Flake. James Sackville. Joseph Kervick. James Wade James Fox James Carvey Francis de Wise. Win. Roche Lee Roche. Jesse Rummer. Joseph Gavin Lewis Taylor. Michael Downs John Downs. Edward Mcilvaine Melvin Snyder Tony Rodgers. Air. John Philips and William in bus of Hulmeville. The sex service men of Croydon met last tuesday and formed a local veterans Post. Owing to the number of men in the town who had served at some time previous to the past War it was decided not to affiliate with the american legion. The legion is Only open to men who had seen service Between 1917-19 and As the number of these Are comparatively Small in Croydon it was decided to extend the membership to anyone who has seen service in the army Navy or Marine corps at any time. It was decided to Call the Post tile a army Navy and Marine veterans Post no. I of Croydon. Their object is to promote social activities among the sex service men and to assist the local organizations in securing improvements for the town. Officers were elected and the first and third thursdays of each j month picked for meeting nights. The club will meet in the fire House having made arrangements with the improvement association for the use of this building. Menus club will again hold Forth in nightly song festival at base of tree May Miles Given dinner party by parents the residents of Edgely Are usually just a step ahead of Tho other communities in this immediate Vicinity. And last year they proved this conclusively by their Christmas tree and the attendant services and ceremonies connected with it. It was one of the most Mammoth Trees Iii the entire District and when it was lighted at night it could be seen for Miles around. Already preparations for the tree this year have been perfected and the choruses who will nightly sing Christmas carrots at the base of the Hee Are already training for their numbers. The menus Community club who have the affair in charge that they will outshine their Celebration of last year and will continue it from Christmas eve until the Dawn of the new year. On saturday evening air. And airs. William Aliles of Buckley Street gave a dinner to a gathering of friends Iii Honor of their daughter Alae. Covers were Laid for 18, and following the elaborate feast of Good things a general Good time was indulged in with my in song. And mirth. Those present were misses Winifred Callahan. Elisabeth Fallon Alae and Helen Hacker Marguerite and Maize Sweeney Katherine Griffin. Anna Sackville air. And airs. A. Allies and daughter Alae. Messes Al Ichael Ryan Al. Mcdermott James Miles p. F. Quinn Harry Ili Derburg Frank Mchugh. Dan Keodou and m. Ai. Gordon of Philadelphia and Bristol. Praise for the results of tireless. Borts. Aid re ult being about the Best Arnutt i i production Ever witnessed Iii Bristol. It i no mean task to take nearly two Hundred Young folks and train them individually a and in groups to go through a finished performance and carry the slight veil of a plot which a cheer up has from the first curtain to the pleasing closing number of a stolen kisses a but this was accomplished cud the Little Folk if i of Tracy and Dorothy Hargrave. There is a Dane unit went with the sing which made the number one of the Cleverest or Rue entire show. Both miss Tracy and miss Hargraves As Well As their assisting chorus were vociferously applauded. Someone who just entered t to of lice has asked the question who was the hit of the show and what was the Best number it is rather oui of the Ordinary to Stop a review right in the Middle like this to handle such a question but the writer was never famed for following set rules so Here goes. The answer Given to the inquirer and the answer to Tho same question to the readers of this question is Marion Rommell s dance in All tile years of experience of the writer in reviewing shows and viewing shows never has he seen a child of her tender years with the finish and consulate artistic ability of Alin Rommel. She is a Atar and will reach great Heights air. Tappe. In speaking of her work Back stage was so Ennis int in Over her Genius that he advised her Mother to have her dancing Edu cation finished under tile renowned Tesloff of new York. So much for that. The first grown tip Uene a the was Lilied with action rom beginning to end. Mary Bresin As the Village or Rwjr and her orig a fall by myself made one of he most distinct hits of thae. A All for you by miss Adelia Wright and Charles Hellyer was a pretty number put Over in Good and meaning style. A buggy with mrs. Margaret Arnold Schmidt my Harold a. Lake was one of the night spots of the entire show for be amount of Well merited applause my laughter it created. As the two Ubes out in a buggy ride this pair certainly worked every bit of fun it of the situation anti one Looker n said that they put the number across in As Good style As his Ray Nond Hitchcock and his partner who Luigi rated it in Hitchoock a last ears review. One of the Cleverest is Well As Best enacted numb in of he entire bill., was the rendition of t wonder How i Ever passed you by a with Elizabeth Mcbrien and Edward Ennis. These two Young oils were seated in the audience uni when their voices pealed Forth Iii Hing head were craned from every erection in an anxiety it see just there the Sweet strains were Aminat and friends a1 As finished per Ziegfeld could the production sly have been tars shilling ii. Next Midnight the Al others Guild of St. Jarnes Church will hold a bread cake Aud pie Sal at 238 Aivil Street on sat inlay afternoon december 3rd. From 2 to 5 p. In. Home missionary band hold annual meeting or. And mrs. Frank Delia celebrate huh anniversary former miss Erma Betz Mother of baby girl air. And airs. Mark Walters of. Coatesville Are rejoicing Over Hie $4,500 and Stanley fish $3,000. A Advent on Friday last of an eight record these men should Well be Pound daughter. Mrs. Walters was proud of. Formerly Aliss Erma Betz of Bristol. I Gratifying. The annual meeting of the Home missionary band of Tho presbyterian sunday school was held last sunday. The exercises of Tho afternoon were in charge of amiss Esther Lawrence president. The saluting of the colors was introduced in the program. Rev. Henry Ai. Hartman explained to the children Why the Christian Flag always superseded the National Flag. The customs and origin of the use of the Christian Flag was instituted in the time of Constantine. Two excellent articles on the schedule of entertainment w Ere read by Norman Hetherington and Robert Lehman who were applauded for Hie excellent renditions. The afternoons attendance despite the Rainy weather and the collection were most sunday evening last or. And airs. Frank Delia of 223 do Ranee Street entertained a gathering of friends on tile 14th anniversary of their nuptial bim.-. The guests enjoyed a sum thous wedding feast that was notable for its italian menu of the �?o011 world style of cooking. Following the feast of eatables Tho sixteen guests were entertained with musical selections by Edlia a orchestra and instrumental numbers by or. Jake Camrie along with air. William Spezzano. Iii vocal selections. Those present were air. And airs. John Silvi and sister in Law from Tullytown airs. Rose Bartolo and children of Conshohocken air. And airs. William Norato and family of Bristol amiss f. De Stephano William Spezzano Anthony Flach j. Concio of Rockaway Beach. N. Y., f. Sanson of new voile City and or. F. Rocco of this Borough. Help number 3�?TSt the Independent will receive contributions from citizens for the repair and rebuilding of Good will 11os� company no. 3�?Ts, apparatus that we donated going to a fire a Short time ago. The list of donations so far received follow. Artesian Lee co.$5.00 d. Landreth seed co $6.00 miss Ai. Hughes.$5.00 Ai. Dewitt Bridgewater. $5.00 Neil a Mcginley. Otter St. $1.0" Samuel Hetherington Locust Street.$1.00 Samuel heme lur.50 Cash .50 Cash .50 of $23.50 Money May be mailed to this office or Given to members of the company. Acknowledgements will be made each week. And the elders Sisters conducted themselves formers and if Flo have Only witnessed there would doubles 1 number of Bristol s the firmament of lib review. A word Here about the assistance Given or. Tappe by the members of Robert w. Blacken Post the Mem Bers of which mad the affair tile by financial Success it will prove to be a never Iii All my years of directing Amateur productions have i Mei with such Hearty co operation a Sale air. Tappe to the editor of the in dependent last evening just Beton Tho first curtain a i simply made i suggestion Ami it was acted on immediately. Jacob Schmidt jr., a chairman of the entertainment com Iii it to was a Tower of strength be Hind me his committee in their Var i iou capacities Bache i him up in a his work and As a result excels ii Janies Lawler As chairman of the ticket committee proved himself to be an executive of no mean ability and this is easily demonstrate d Whei it is shown that Ery ticket for the show was old two Days before til j opening performance. Some co oper i a i Ion. No wonder this Post is a win 1 nor d a in its ranks hard work i ors and hard work will alway bring about the desired end if it it i properly now for the show itself. The opening number or rather act a i a sort of prelude to the melange of i songs dances and comedy that Fol i Lowed. In this prelude All the younger actors took part about on Hundred and fifty in All and that j they made a hit goes win Hoot say Ling. The frantic applause of til proud mothers and aunties yes Anc the proud daddies too evidenced the fact thai the arduous work of train ing bad not been wasted. A dais dabs la Sung by Sheldon Whitaker assisted by a Youthful chorus wrent big ii Hui Stewart gave Hie dance of the Rose and then did an aes thetic Waltz with Alaster Whitaker and they were both Well received the prelude was concluded by the song a my Sweet Hortense a by win of Ary Breslin a no from. No two professionals Ever put Over a similar number in better it a More finished style. Of Ever the writer starts out with i circus or a Side show of any kind lie Man who will be secured to do he spieling is firmly entrenched Iii Bis mind that Man will he Leon a Heifer for As the Spieler of the carnival he was a distinct Success. As in Oriental dancer Donald Swartz Grove that there Are other things be can do Well in addition to play big football and promoting sympathy for a new High school. Mary Fine who herself is the spirit and embodiment of youth in her Solo the dance of youth gave a rendition that was As Well rendered As everyone expects Mary to Render any ter i Schorea number which she attempts. Sarah Weisblatt made a pretty japanese and her a bit of old Lipan a was a Clever piece of work. Jessie Downing and her chorus dressed up in Down on the farm clothes took Well in their number a tile husking miss Downing continued on Page twelve

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