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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - August 26, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania Independent i it Eads the local Field in paid circulation by several Hundred. We Challenge contradiction. Jill that thl vol. 2 a no. 9. Forrest theatre Bristol pa., Friday August 26, 1921. By contract Sills citizen has Bristol lost another Industry chemical company controlled by Harriman reorganized in order to enlarge it backs he up his assertion by stating himself would bid on contracts $31,270.55 wasted last year by the Borough in attempting to do work they know nothing about High time change was made much re Organ i the Borough authorities and their much lauded committee on streets and highways and its most important chairman have for years assumed to make Street improvements and repairs and have failed dismally now it is about time that they cease wasting the taxpayers Money and put the Job out on contract where some person or some firm of standing May be forced to file a Bond for the Quality of work turned in and some one be held responsible. Other towns and cities follow this course and As a result they receive some return for Money expended instead of having it strewn lavishly along the highways through wasted Effort. Buckley Street and Bath Street were repaired some weeks ago the holes were filled after the fashion of the Borough in filling holes and a supposed dressing thrown on top of the surface of these thoroughfares both of these streets Are As bad now if not worst that they were before the filling ,etc., was done. A Well known citizen and one who is responsible and with Money sufficient to Back his assertion declared himself last evening As being ready and willing to bid on any Borough Street work and he further stated that he would file a Bond to do the work properly. Would it not be a Good idea to take this Man at his word or if a local Man were not desired Why not seek bids from firms who make a business of building streets and roads and who Are qualified and equipped to do the work and do it properly the last annual report of the Borough treasurer submitted at the end of the fiscal year ending july 1st, 1921, stated that for the twelve months proceeding the Borough had expended through its Street and Highway committee $31,270.55. Quite a pile of Money for the extent of the returns received. The four most interesting items that go to make up this final figure follow i salaries $12,430.27 hauling. $6,- 292.62 tar via $6,288.59 and Stone and slag $3,101.98. Rather Nice picking. If a business Man w Ere handling the Street proposition As he would handle his own private ventures he would do the whole business in a j systematic manner instead of Tak-1 chg this enormous sum and pouring it out on the streets indiscriminately he would take the pavements that needed repairing the most and Start systematically and not simply pour Loose Stone on them but dig Down and replace the present pave j ment with a permanent one. It j would not be necessary that these streets should All be done the same year take one at a time or a part of one give out the contracts to reliable bidders and give the tax j ars some return for their Money which now is absolutely wasted. I the business of Bristol can be administered As Well and economically As is the business of other common Holthe Ogdensburg news it of Ogdensburg n. Y., carries in its Issue of gust 6th, a two column article. Rating on the absorbing of the Niaz fian a Kem ical company of that e by Bobwhite chemical i into a newly formed Corpora r. I i ? not mean much to min it 1he fact that the Harri Stoma ests Are the principal stockholders in both the old and the new companies will mean i his organization and nation with increased capital brings quote minds of those really interesting future growth of Bristol the questions might not this Plant frn locate a 1 in or near Harriman it the Yard or its adjoining property nominally owned by Harriman had been available the Independent Bas no Means of answering that question with degree of accuracy bul there Chance in favor of such might he Tho Tho reorganization was made so that the present Plant might be new aged and it is the intention of those most vitally interested to make this one of the largest chemical concerns in the world today. Plans Are afoot to Market their product in every Corner of the civilized world. And with the Harriman interest the Harriman Energy and the Harriman brains behind it there is no doubt but that every step taken by this concern will be taken in the proper direction and that Stop will he Forward. Field mass sept. 4 Tri Council club outdoor service will be attended by thousands religious part of three Days fete Independent Republican of Sterling qualities seeks nomination for office held by Squire Kraft five cents the copy Edgely to have its own Library Community club have As guest state Library division chief he outlines plans in the manufacture of Wall paper tints and paper shades people of Borough seem desirous of change candidates friends claim present incumbent has held Job la Fig enough Young element with Hardy the Tri Council country club composed of three West Philadelphia Council knights of Columbus located along the state Road below a Eddington Are making elaborate emulates his father preparations for a three Day event along the shores of the Delaware on september 3-4-5. Saturday the opening Day will be devoted to sports of All kinds in _ which attractive prizes will be offer opens factory on. Of. On sunday special religious sex it to. Excises will be conducted with a Newport Ville Road a afield mass a similar to the military a mass that was celebrated in the open Modem t. In Many parts of this country Prev machinery installed and ions to and during Tho a world any is every thinking that Case. How Nice it would have this Plant might have been for Bristol been if secured Rev. Joseph Corrigan of Philadelphia will be the celebrant of the mass and the music will be rendered by an align enter choir. A frequent service by trolley from Bristol to Eddington will enable Many people from that town to at tend the services which will begin promptly at 10.30 of clock a. M. Monday Tabor Day will be devoted to athletic events in which a one mile race will be specially interesting. Swimming contests in the Delaware Are also on the program i along with Many other features that will make 1921 Iii the Tri Council history one to be Long remembered. A variety of lunch will be served in the club cafeteria where visitors May satisfy the Inkerman with the Choice lid bits of the season while music of an entertaining character will be furnished by an orchestra and band. Modern Woik of making samples of pro is successful Edgely is soon to have its own i Tiluy. Hustling Little Community this and one that will go right ahead and get somewhere while her older neighbors will dry and rot Nom within from stagnation. Last Friday a representative of the state Library division in fact the chief himself from Harrisburg spent the afternoon and evening in this progressive settlement and explained to the members of the Community club just How to go about getting their plan started formed them of just what i ult first seeks nomination on the Republican tickets already has scores pledged for him and i Litho state will be no figurehead in Council Parley duct wooden ships for pontoons cheap government Sells 205 at $2,100 each have eighty left thirty needed Here a rho fact that the government have sold two Hundred and five out of two Hundred eighty five wooden i ships offered for Sale and that the Price paid per ship was Blit $2,100. Made a Reader of this paper Call up and inquire on tuesday As to whether the eighty ships remaining would not be sufficient to build the Pontoon Bridge across the Delaware Between Bristol and Burlington j they w Ould be sufficient to build two Bridges and have Twenty ships left Over for other purposes thirty ships Are All that would be needed to build the Bridge spoken of in last weeks Issue of the Independent and these boats might be purchased at this time for a Gross expenditure of $63,000. For about As much More or about $125,000 in All it was estimated by an Engineer that a Bridge without a draw could he built on the plan outlined last week. The draw would be absolutely necessary and with this in the Center it would make the Cost of the Bridge even if stretched on pontoons almost prohibitive at this time. There is not sufficient traffic Here to insure private capital of a return on their Money and for the same reason the state would hesitate to invest any Money in such a project a the answer is As Are answers to most Public improvements in this Section. Let the matter drop and simply go by default. John in Hardy who announced his candidacy for tax collector and whose petition was filed with the county commissioners on tuesday is a native born Bristol boy and in his thirty six years of life Here in the town where he was born he has made friends wherever he has gone and there Are Many of these friends who already concede his nomination on the Republican ticket on Quot primary Day september 20th. Or. Hardy Ever since his firs vote has always been an Independent Republican yet his friends within the ranks of the organisation Are legion and on every Side one hears comments on the fact that Ive will poll a surprisingly Large organization vote. In announcing ii is intention to enter the race or. Hardy was very explicit in his attitude he stated to his friends who sought him to make the run that he would do so on the ground that he As a citizen had it cry right to submit his name to his fellow voters of the town without youngsters have merry time yester any thought of having any personal feeling against his opponent. He Speaks in the highest terms of his opponent for office Squire Kraft but states that he is making the run on the Assurance of scores of his friends that the people were desirous of a change in the office of tax collector. As a number of them considered that the Squire had held Down the Job Long enough. Iii asking for the suffrage of his friends or. Hardy can do so without fear of criticism he is a Young Man who has stood for his principles on every and All occasions he has never been afraid to express himself on tsp by seven years ago one of a St prosperous industries went out of by of Wilson Lac hirers Wall a to retire a Ness when the firm and Fennimore Manu a window shades and paper tints decided Horn a Buskin prosperous in twelve that had proven Philadelphia and tor years Here Nuder their gement. With the or s Success Man w. E. Doron makes 3000 children glad Day at the Island As guests of ferry owner news of the annual Outing to children of this Section of Pennsylvania and new Jersey Given by Captain w. E. Doron owner of the local Terry lines usually heralded far and near with the result office on Radcliffe Street was besieged on wednesday Forenoon by a or. Doron�?Ts30 tints of finish soft ing of the inspiration of his fathom in this line of work of \ Wlsh a of 500 Radcliffe beet decided to emulate the work o his Parent and opened the old Teitz factory building on the new Portville Road where he has begun in manufacture of Wall paper tints i with a formula that was used so successfully by the Parent firm. Building occupies a space of 13 feet in length with a fifty foot woth in which the new Lessee has installed modern machinery operated by expert Workman the product of which dealers in this line of goods claim will equal if not Excel the Ai Ticle furnished by the old firm Here. A boiler room 30x20 feet at the upper end of the building furnishes Power to a modern engine equipment that operates the tining press along with a drying railway on which operates an endless Chain returning the finished paper to a machine which winds it into Rolls ready for shipment. These Rolls contain a variety of wallpaper that have a would do for them. To Start with the state will furnish the Library with one Hundred and Twenty five books seventy five of this number will Joe Given outright and the balance of fifty will get loaned. And can be exchanged for fifty others at the end of four months time. I his Means that during the course of a year a least one bundled titty books can be secured without Cost to the members of the association backing the venture. This plan is called by the state a a travelling rile Community club there will be at Leas persons who will be out books and that they will pleased to a nominal charge is Well posted on Borough affairs out to get Square Deal for firemen every Man and woman voter in the first Ward in Bristol who have the Good of their Ward and Borough at heart should turn out at the primary and East a vote for John Smoyer who has filed his petition and will enter the race for councilman. Figure that one bundled anxious to take be of to $1.00 per year for the service this will give the promoters a a it once available with which additional books. Plans will be perfected in the immediate future for a location and the arrangement of other details attendant upon the opening will shortly announced. And sum buy be Croydon kiddies carnival sept. St youngsters of the pleasant Little Community to be feted before school work begins Croydon to have voice in politics any Public topic and is respected by every class of citizen in the town. He was born and educated in Bristol. And for Twenty one years has been in the employ of Burgess Clifford Anderson he went with or. Anderson when lie was a boy when or. Anderson was an executive in the Corona kid works. Later when the Burgess went to Camden Young Hardy went with him in the capacity of a Foreman a he returned to Bristol with his chief and Ever since the Bristol Patent leather company started Here he has been in their employ. In the last few years he Lins been handling real estate trades As a Side line and his Sterling qualities As a Man have made his Entrance in this Field \ Ery successful. A member of the methodist Church the elks Lodge fire company no. 2, and honorary member of the y. M. A., and Active in several other fraternal organizations or. Hardy is assured of scores of workers particularly among the younger men of the town who will be out loot ii and Nail rooting for his nomination. The fact that some few years ago he was prominent in Ama Tuer theatricals appearing with St. Marwy a dramatic society and several others in the town makes him sex gathering of 400 boys and girls peal to admirers of what is Beautiful seeking tickets that would entitle in Home decorations. Them to an Outing on thursday at another Blanch of the business Biti ii at on Island Park. Or. Wilson is devoting considerable i hese annual picnics which Cap attention to. Is the manufacture of lain Doron began 42 years ago when paper window shades that Are Collie carried hundreds of children up orca so attractively it would he Dif and Down Tho River free until the of j ficut to distinguish them from those made of cloth Iii use at present. Kiddies of Croydon will have their As silk and their blend a it a on the afternoon of monday most delicate colors a september 5th, labor Day As the Croydon Pic. To cent Rohally Well known among Alln a the if the people will Only Bear in Republican club formed wednesday classes of citizens. Since 1917. Or. Hardy has been a director of the Fidelity building life loan association facials of navigation put a Stop to it have been maintained with outings on the Island Ever since with the exception of 1918 when the epidemic of Fin. Prevented gatherings of people in great numbers. Tickets had been issued that year and it was with Heartfelt regret the obeying of the Law compelled the Captain to cancel the children a hic. The Outing this year that w As held yesterday excelled All past efforts by Captain Doron to make the Little folks Happy when 3000 free tickets were issued entitling the youngsters to a free sail on a do Ron so ferry to tin1 Island with the privilege of everything in the amusement line at that resort at the captains expense. Six thousand tree tickets for the merry go round a were distributed it Long with 2000 entitling the Holder of lice transportation on chartered trolley cars from Edgely and Harriman and Burlington Island never saw such a crowed of youngsters together As appeared there yesterday and the w. E. Doron annual children s free Outing of 1921, will be chronicled in the future history of Bristol As one of the greatest events that Ever happened Here. Mind that the vote was Given to them for a purpose and cast it intelligently rid this Borough of its Power and then there will be a Chance for municipal Progress. Until then there is no Hope of this Community Ever getting anywhere. To take Active part in primary fight mrs. C. Schmidt slowly recovering from operation the Many friends of mrs. C. Schmidt wife of Florist Schmidt of Otter Street will be glad to learn she is recovering from a serious operation she underwent at Hahnemann Hospital Philadelphia on Friday last. Previous to undergoing the ordeal she had been a sufferer from time to time until at last she was persuaded by her relatives to seek Relief and one of Philadelphia a leading specialists was secured who successfully performed the operation putting Hia patient on the Way to Complete recovery. A a Bill Murphy will accommodate Hunters we assistant county treasurer Ham h. Murphy following his custom of looking after the a other Fellows convenience a will sit in Bristol next tuesday evening to Issue Hunters licenses. A a bobs Coleman has agreed to furnish or. Murphy with a table and he will the Pool room on Mill Street time during the Early evening 7 30 p. In. Croydon demands its voice be heard in the coming primaries to be held on sept. 20th. And to attain this object the Croydon Republican club was formed on wednesday night. They want to secure the election of anyone who puts the interests of Croydon and its requirements above personal gain of political Power. A record breaking crowd of voters attended in spite of the fact that it had not been advertised but was projected to sound Public opinion in a quiet Way. The spirit of the Assembly proved that which was first an idea is now an actual demand for some form of seeming for Croydon what in All phases belongs to Croydon. A meeting will be Beld next wednesday night at state Road and China Lane and All voters will be asked to turn out and support the movement which has been started. The voters of Croydon have gained strength and if organized its just demands will not be ignored. The usual enthusiasm was such As is Seldom witnessed in a Community of this size and it was not until a late hour that the meeting adjourned with each member pledged to stand for clean politics and Croydon a welfare. And at the death of Harvey s. Rue. Who was treasurer the seeker for office was made treasurer of the association. These shades although made of paper must not be compared to what people might be prone to term a Flimsy As paper a for in a test witnessed by the writer three Stalwart men were pulled off their feet holding the end of a curtain that was attached to 200 pounds Iii weight at the roller end. With not a sign of crack or tear from the test. When it is considered these curtains can be bought retail As Low As 45 and 50 cents each compared with $1.25 and Over for cloth shades this line of manufacture ought to Appeal to housewives under the present condition of depression when it is necessary to make a Dollar buy As much As possible especially in furnishing a Home. In the mixing of delicate colors used on this work although they have proven most durable in tests of Sun and heat. Or. Wilson has secured the services of Eugene Fite. Who was color mixer for the firm of Wilson and Fennimore years ago. His work for Wilson jr., indicates he has surpassed his previous ability in colors which ought to attract the Trade to an Industry that has now been revived a this Section. Considering the equipment installed in this factory with its attractive sent to Trenton p a products it appears that or. Wilson or unix has f00we< the advice of a Emmer who said if a Man make Only a Mousetrap and make it better than another Man. The Public will Wear a path to his improvement association have planned a a kiddies Kami Val for All the. Children of Croydon. The social committee Are now working on plans which will include Peanut scramble races games and other events dear to the hearts of All Between the Ages of one and one Hundred. The parents Are asked to cooperate with the committee in making this a red Leiter Day for the children As this will probably be the last Day of Freedom for Many who have to return to school. A tempting array of prizes will be awarded and the kiddies will be treated to a Good time that they can carry in their memory throughout the Winter. Further plans will be announced and in the meantime the old and Young can prepare themselves for a real old fashioned Good time. The committee extended a vote of thanks to or. John for his donation of Twenty further the Good work. John Smoyer is kind of a Good fellow to tie to in any Case or in any emergency a native of Bristol in All his years of business Endeavor in this town he has always upheld the i Deputat Ion tor being scrupulously honest and furthermore of giving even his competitors in business a Square Deal. Progressive from Early manhood by Bas always stood firmly against organization Rule in politics. Some years ago he ran for Council in the i Bird Ward and came mighty near being elected on an Independent ticket but in those Days booze was easily of inc a and some funny tales Are Tola of the methods used to beat John in that fight. Always a student of civic questions and one who would delve into any Public question to get to the Bottom of it the aspirant for the councilman Toga in the first is particularly Well informed and fitted to take up the Cudgel for his fellow Ward smell. With John Smoyer in Council their will be no need to cry for Relief mom conditions that now exist tor he will either have them removed or Tell the people just Why they Are not removed. No Chance to Bury any improvement in committee with John on the Job stirring things up. As vice president of the Bristol s business menus association he proved that he has the Power of expressing himself and if he is returned a Winner on primary Day he will give an excellent account of his stewardship in Council. At least he will represent the interests of the people who nominate and elect hint and not the Bosses who feel that it is their right to own the votes of All Borough officials. Wellfare association thank the Public the auxiliary committee of the Harriman welfare association take this Means of thanking the people of Bristol and Harriman for their assistance in the successful results at in Buzby gained at the Block dance of August dollars to 23, 1921. Joseph Foster chairman \ or non c. Cow Art Secretary. A a Mollie a Smiths Buffalo. Wednesday half Holiday May be continued with the near approach of the end of the summer season and inc Dently the termination of the wednesday half Holiday among the merchant of the town an agitation has developed among Many merchants who inaugurated the movement years ago. To continue the wednesday closing half Day luring the w Hole year through. While it was thought in the inception of the half Holiday that it would prove a great inconvenience to shoppers however the years it has been in effect has proven receipts have not fallen off and the merchants have been better Able physically to serve their customers after the recreation they were Able to take mid week. Another question along these lines has been asked. Why not have the i Tau ran to of the town close a halfday asking their patrons to carry Leir lunch which might in a Meas fire help reduce the continued Cost of living a Mollie a the last of the Herd of buffaloes that were shown with the late Buffalo Bill show is now a resident of Cadwallader Park Trenton n. In Mollie stall on the Smith farm near Tullytown is a pet Llama Given to or. Smith in partial payment for Mollie who is one of till finest specimens of the female in Captivity. Lier vicious when an attempt was made to drive her into a crate for shipment but she was induced to enter it finally to obtain food and once inside Bing the rear Gate was dropped and Mollie started Trento Ward. She will doubtlessly furnish loads of pleasure to the children who will look at her in wondrous Awe Iii the big Park in the Jersey capital. Employee of Grundy paper uses political Power to int mid a the an advertiser makes journey to n. To Tell advertising Agency of Bossy Power a big stick methods to a secure business Quot Bison temper was shown High be at any after miss Jennie Blanche misses Marcella and Ella Cooie or Jefferson Avenue misses Clara Jobson and a a Mary Brennan of Tullytown who or. And mrs. William p. Mccoy have been spending the past two and daughter left on monday morn-1 weeks touring Canada and Nerving for s sojourn at Wildwood Crest found land arrived Home on tuesday f1 a. _ j last. Misses Mary Brennan and Mary Blady of Jefferson Avenue have returned from two weeks spent with friends a Millville and Bridgton miss Kathryn or it. Ginny a nurse in St. A Rancik Hospital. Trenton was the Oyer sunday guest of mrs. W i. Hinphy of Jefferson Avenue Moffo fights Hartley in Trenton monday a real treat is in store for lovers of the Fristic game in Bristol on monday evening next when Young Moffo of Bristol meets Pete Hartley in a 12 round boxing contest in the Arena Iii Trenton. Both men claim to be in Fine condition. And from the manner in which Moffo is knocking his sparring partners out it looks As if he would give Hartley a very unpleasant evening. He declares he is going to fight his opponent As he did Jimmie Brown and does not intend to stand off during any part of the game. Moffo seems to fully realize that he is a fighter and feeling As Strong As a Bull he is confident of winning through strength and punching Power. Lieut. Little killed on dirigible Well known Here among the americans who Mot death in the wreck of the zr-2 off the coast of England August 23, was lieutenant Lii tie. Husband of mrs. Joy Little of Wildwood n. J., the latter being a life Long chum and High school companion of mrs. K. Linton Martin of 315 Radcliffe i Street. News of the death of mrs. Littles husband was a great Shock to her fellow student Here who previous to Lier marriage was miss Joy Bright daughter of state senator w. Ii. Bright of while serving As commanding officer at Cape May j naval air station after the armistice lieutenant Little met miss Bright and they were married last october in Brough England. Lieutenant Little was a graduate of Harvard University and son of Henry b. Little a banker. Lie was one of the first Twenty officers to be sent overseas with the i Iii Ted states dirigible Squadron when this country entered the War. Till others he was selected to bring across the Atlantic the Zepplin zr-2, and was accompanied by ii is wife w to later returned to her parents borne East Taylor Avenue Wildwood to be in readiness to Welcome Lier husband when he arrived in the Airship. News of his sudden death was such a Shock she is now in a state of collapse at her parents Home. It will doubtlessly be a Surprise to or. Joseph r. Grundy owner of the a daily to learn that the latest acquisition to his Oft changing Force is soliciting business by an implied threat that if the aforesaid business is not forthcoming that the political Power of the once a mighty Bossy of Bucks county might be used to make uncomfortable the advertiser should in dare refuse the plea of the a piping Little daily for business. As a proof of the foregoing state ment for the Benefit of or. Grundy and others who May be interested to know the Small time methods used by some advertising solicitors the following paragraph from a letter written by the Hanff Metzgar inc., advertising agents of 95 Madison Avenue n. Y., to one of their clients Iii Philadelphia is presented a a representative of the courier was in to see me yesterday morning and lie seemed to think that there was something Back of the change other than the question of circulation. He said that they were getting the advertising of the regularly were co operating in every Way that the owner of the courier is quite a figure in Pennsylvania politics and explained that it might be bad strategy on the part of the to get in wrong with this Tho above will be greek to the average Reader until it is explained that the a daily excuse had ail order from the Hanff Metzgar Agency for a nine Hundred line advertise saw p round Man Mentz the Independent in the regular course of business events solicited the same and and we Hen the Philadelphia advertising representative of the firm putting out the copy compared both papers he at once telegraphed the Hanff Metzgar firm to cancel the daily in favor of the Independent. When the cancellation Ai Rived at the office of the daily some important but. Rather Short lighted official entrained for new it Ork visited the Agency with the plea and implied threat printed above and the Agency in turn notified their client. Rile editor of this newspaper he letter and stands ready to Luce proof that it was written is now in the Possession of the it was addressed to and if necessity presents itself it will be produced. The two Blank spaces in the quoted paragraph of the letter in question were left there in order not to drag in this controversy the advertiser in question although this firm which is one of the largest in the country Are too big to be bluffed by the Grundy representatives but the Independent stands willing and is Able to make its fights on its own ground. In Justice to or. Grundy the editor of the Independent does not believe that he sponsors such methods nor would he allow them to be used if he were cognizant of them. In order that he May learn just How his publication is being conducted by those whom he trusts is one of the objects in the publication of this article a

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