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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - August 21, 1925, Bristol, Pennsylvania Buy the Independent Ai Bristol news Agency 243 Mill Street and at p. K. R. Station Harry Straus Mill Street Opp the Forrest Charles Hillenbrand Cor. Garden and Beaver streets Jill that Tell the Independent has a Laeger prepaid circulation than any two papers in lower Bucks vol. 6.�? no. 8.Bristol. A. Friday. August 21. M25. Five cents the copy organization resort s to political subterfuge As last Hope using every known trick in at tempt to Cleat Good impression and get votes the voter of Bristol have come to it a parting it the Way. Avo Large faction comprising virtually All the eligible citizen if Thi Borough Are lacing each other on the eve of the greatest political Battle Ever fought Here. On the on Side Ai the dyed a the Wool member of the gang orca Luxation rut Hies support Ere to Sincore ii Undy he to Tim tip of their subservient Finger tip. On the other Are Tho a free hulking men and women w to weary of Boss Rule and stung to the Quick by the expose made of the Borough it management Are determined to do away with i despotic government. From one end of the town to the other the1 Tocsin Lias be a sounded j for the rally to colors. There is a determined activity by the freethinking Republican a die tempered by years of sad Observance of the Boss Rule and capped by the latest Strong aim method As exerted by the gangsters. The organization too has blown its Horn for the followers but in 11-, Lect contrast to the Call for civic duty there is a Haggard and feverish business of frantically lining up of gang voters for the sept Embel primaries. Consider the two group the organization dominant tot j the past Twenty yearn with a Domi Nance that a. Been fairly appalling. Is struggling night and Day to retain their object Ive of Organ i at Ion methods. Masking its True character been a the a false front of pompous and blatant civic Pride and Public service it is making a plea for a continuance of present method. Firmly of irises for the first Tim since the inauguration of Grundy methods the organisation leaders have been soundly smitten with the thought thai it is possible to tast Defea at a hands of the voters. And now tin Public forces that Are massing to wrest away from the tenacious fingers what should rightfully be the property of the voters unrest rioted representation. The free thinking republicans sarcastically named by the grim it publication As a that certain minority a Are the it Rue voters of the town. Ther is Little doubt on that score. Eve v Candida for office ii the supreme fight to rid Bristol of the deadly Grundy menace is a True representative of the people. Is of anyone Denv that Point. They have handed together with r will and purpose that is intent upon Only one things do eliminate the devastating knee that has kept the Borough a quote downward Iii the Mir it for the past Quarter Century. They have come for War with their principles and their shallow. The the two pock thik to match blow for blow the powerful organization. Unaided but a Well oiled organization machinery without the unlimited funds of the gang the free thinking candidates have entered the Arena birthed Only with an unblemished vol and a ,4 end a i nation to kill off the to. In Fiese Brief comparisons average oter May clearly see underlying principles of the j faction. But the Battle in not always won by graft and pressure Aud the gang is keenly aware that the primaries will to determined this year by a 1 show of hands. Last year and the year before and the Long year before that to gang a been Able to Lead the voter to the poll by the Well known political suing and a a citizen vote for the organization slate. But it is not Ich this year. No end of insidious and doubtful political principles of gripping Prepuce and of political browbeating has awakened tile voter to i ease. There is a limit to the humbleness of the average note and the react Ion in been mad apparent to the grind Sites. But then or. Grundy has a a i reason to be All wrought up by this How of opposition. For the firs time in years i own political stronghold Bristol the key cents of Bucks county threaten to overthrow the Iron handed Rule in Favori of on that is operated and managed by the notes themselves. Who Rush about like mad when they saw their supposedly a Olne Rabl it Power slipping through heir fingers be. Or. Grundy has a lot to lox in this primary and he Realises it if his puppets Auk Defeated at the polls in september the last shreds of his once powerful organization in this Section and state wha be dissipated to the foul winds or. Ginny a it if Well known i on the Toboggan of a polities downfall. His draining of becom i lug tote state Leader was sadly blown hither and Yon by erne. W. Harr Baker. Republican state chairman his Alliance with Bill a re. Boss of South Philadelphia was a flier. He wag handed a severe set Back by the i count cd actions of governor Pinchot j and now he is staring hitter defeat 1 Coolidge said. A under a free government the citizen make his own Laws chosen i own administrators which represent him. A those who disregard the rules of society Are not exhibiting a Superior intelligence Are not promoting Freedom and Independence Are not following to path of civilization but Are displaying the traits of ignorance of servitude of savagery. And treading the Way a that leads Back to the Calvin Coolidge. Bristol people should not lose sight of the fact that a town can be no bigger than the officials chosen to govern it of a town fails to keep abreast of other cities the pople can blame Only themselves. The Bristol of tomorrow is in the hands of the people. The people Are the Boss. Public office will stage boxing at new colonial theatre Eddie Moffo to Battle Young Jack Dempsey wind up of program to be Given labor Day h intensive in i own Horn ii t of n. But the determine More they Bossis time or. Been obeyed followers. But the once a n splintered a boulders of the v ill they Bend their neck to the comma i a of the to. There is a parting of the ways. The boxing fans of Bristol Are in for a real treat when the new Coloni. Theatre opens its doors labor Day As a boxing Ai a. Janies Toppi. A Well known Philadelphia promoter a leased the theatre for the Winter months amt1 assures the sport Loving fraternity of this Section with lot of action. His lir get show will be held on the evening of labor Day with Young Eddie Moffo in part of the double i wind up against Young Jack Deni pm Sty til hard hitting welter weight from Philadelphia. Dempsey is no stranger to a he majority of Tan of. Bristol who have seen him whip sum of the Best welterweight in tin Tantry at the Trenton Arena Moffo has been assigned to meet the Best boy he has Ever met and to quote Eddie a i will try my Best to Knock Bim the other half of the Windup will bring together Joe Bush of Philadelphia Anil Lack Ketchel of Chester. \ another pair of Clever hard hitting boys in the preliminaries. Ray j Martin will tackle Jimmy Wyst. Buly requires versus Ray Corbett and Solly Abrams will Square off to j battling spa a. Fro thinking voters a for Twenty yearn of have endured the Yoke of for the Saint period o Grundy has ordered anti by his timid cringing Appeal made by athletic Assn. Sch new members powerful Yoke a from the bruised expect big football season must Lone i Jeave support to finance team entertained on birthday mrs. Robert Sullivan of 2�s liar risen Street arranged asocial event Hist saturday evening in Honor of her husband birthday. On the supper table was found a Nice eak but there nver no Candle on it those present to enjoy the evening were or. My or. Lewis Ferguson or. And mrs. Robert Moore. Or. Nellie Fly or. And mrs Chart Hammond. Or. And mrs. Win. E Brown messes b. Smith. F Ergood Wallace Burns and Louis Burn birthday party or Fred Becher of 530 Swain str to arranged a party on monday evening from Nix to it of a Nephew Mono la a who is making in i to his aunt and tile occasion in get Tine o clock ii. William Kwh an extended stay j Uncle. Celebrate the the executives and Board of directors of the Bristol athletic association will meet within the next two weeks to Lay plans for Tho re tie Blue and Gobi or. Tho Nelson moved yesterday from 226 to 114 Mill Street. Tenth a n to in a Surv of his birth an everything was arranged for the enjoyment a of the guests who were Francis Cummings Clifford Grimes Robert Hughe Charles Hughes ism Seifert Madison Seifert Fred Becher Harry Becher and William sch r. The electric Light placed in the Yard for the occasion added much to the enjoyment of the games Republican voter to bring the party of Lincoln to first principles a a party of the people candidates at for the pople and by the primaries tuesday the people a vote september. 15th. For these Burgess John f. Smoyer. Justice of Thos a the peace Harper. Tax collector Thos. S. Harper. Councilmen first Ward Henry m. Black Vance w. Betz second Ward. V. V Vansant. John in Wichser. Third Ward James Moore fir Vian w. Pope fifth Ward Richard Winslow John Zanni. Sixth Ward. J Byron Johnson. Harry f. Burbank. Judge of elections first Ward first precinct. V nue so n j. Hellyer. First Ward. Second precinct Frede. Vansciver third Ward. James Hughes second Ward Peter Brady. Inspector of elections first Ward. First precinct. Second Ward. Robert Weik. Raymond Opdyke. Organization of eleven this fall. At the same time it has been announced that All local boys with any i football experience Are urged to line up wit ii the athletic association in order to fortify la present forces j also an Appeal has been made by the present officers of the Assoria-1 1 lion for a concerted support by by k l j Tolins so that the club will not be i forced to the utmost in meeting cd a j Pense of the current season. Las j year the a. A. Team anti management i worked like trojans to run Ash local i sportsmen with some Good football. I benches were provided for virtually j All the fans something More than i the average fan receives elsewhere tray boys and dogs were kept be Hind the ropes where they would not i interfere with the sport and every thing was made agreeable for the fans convenience results the athletic association after it had paid its expenses for j j the care of the i id. Benches transportation and expenses of other teams found itself in the Hole ft-1 Nanc Lally. Then is one solution to this. Thei fans of Bristol must support the team of they desire to witness local j boys play football on local Loam. Lit the local sportsmen do not stand be Hind the eleven it is very probable that the management will be forced i to play most of the games away i where a guarantee is certain and when there is no likelihood of running into debt. Public office is a sacred Trust. It is a Trust placed in the hands of Public officers by the citizens of the Community who rightly expect their interests to be safeguarded. Every Public officer whether serving for pay or not is in a measure the employee of the people and should be responsible to no one individual n matter How Rich but to the entire people. When a Man is employed by a firm he should expect to obey the commands of the authoritative head of that concern. This authority is vested in some person or persons by the stockholders who vote not As individuals but As holders of so much Stock the person or persons having the most Stock has the control of the business. The courier has gone into ecstasies Over the Borough of Bristol being a corporation. It is incorporate but is not a corporation in the strictest meaning of that word. It is a unit of democratic government a in which the poorest has the same vote As the richest. We Are not against industrialists As every intelligent person knows but we do maintain that or. Grundy has no divine right to Rule this Borough just because lie is Rich. His advice May be More valuable than others on certain matters hut we maintain that this Borough has a right to have men in office who can stand on their own feet write their own letters Etc. We As a paper have not presumed to speak for the Peoples candidates because they Are not men who would allow us to write letters. And make statements they have not seen As has been done for or. Grundy a candidates. These men have by their willingness to allow such a Condl Dillon. Disqualified themselves for Public office in the eyes of a Ery Hue american in Bristol. Thorn Public officials who Are employed in or. Grundy a Mill Are duty bound to obey the rules of that Mill but they As Public officers Are not and cannot be responsible to or. Grundy they should be responsible to the people Only. That is the essence of a Republican form of government Sim As we have Here. These men pose As republicans yet they have not Learned the first principles of republicanism. Anyone who has Ever attended Council meetings with open eyes has been sick and disgusted with the Way in which or. Grundy councilmen have Cra Venly served him instead of the people. They have thus been absolutely false to the Trust placed in their hands by the citizens of this Borough. That is their sworn duty. So. No matter How estimable Meg or. Grundy a councilmen May be in private life. And. So far As we know they Are men of Good character but they have Cra Venly served or. Grundy instead of the people. This is no Idle statement but can be proven by the testimony of reputable citizens who have watched these men in action at Council meetings. These men have not been allowed to speak Only As or. Grundy has Given the permission. Even in the present Campaign the Peoples candidates have been criticized by or. Grundy s mouthpiece the courier because they have not told the people their platform in letters they had no hand in composing and did not even sign. That most of these letters Weer not written by these men we can prove by the testimony of men who know their signature and habits of speech. And even in the statements supposedly made by them there is nothing but a puerile Appeal for sympathy because of alms which they never received. We never attacked their personal character. We did not and do not object to these men doing their duty As employees of or. Grundy s or anyone else. We do however object. And so does every True american object to Public officers serving one Man instead of the people who elect them. Let us consider a few of the things these men have allowed., Borough work is Given out by or. Grundy to certain favourites instead of on contract As the Law requires. As a consequence it Cost the Borough in 1924. $5000 for a Little hauling of Stone Etc., Over $1,000 for getting a few Street earnings fixed that should have Cost not Over half that amount. They paid $1.75 per Load for getting Coal hauled for Vav High the school Board which is an efficient body paid 4 0 or 50 cents. Alit so on. So inefficient was this body of or that they allowed a surplus of $100,352 to accumulate in the Bond Treasury see Borough year Book 1925. They or or. Grundy knew of the existence of this balance yet they hoodwinked the people last year for another Bond of $80,000 to pay for the new Highway extensions Etc. On this balance of $100,352 which has been reduced a Little since the year Book was printed they Are paying interest at 4 4 to the Bond holders and receiving Only from the Bank when we called this to their attention a a cover up was attempt by the chairman of the finance committee saying the Bond holders would t Ell Hack their Bonds to the Borough. Yet we can produce bondholders who have never been asked to sell the Bonds they hold to the Borough and thus save it this difference Between the interest it pays these bondholders and the interest it receives from the Banks on the accumulated balances. These men approved by their vote the proposed unreasonable increase in taxes on december 1st, 1924 meeting of Council. And Hail we been playing politics As the courier charges we would have allowed them to go through with the Deal Ann fix the big rate and then expose it. Instead of playing Petty politics As a the organization is doing by playing up the reduced Borough tax rate we gave the people the information which forced the reduction. By this unselfishly giving up a Trump political card we saved the people of Bristol much in taxes. Had a the organization followed our constructive suggestions which they continue to say we have never made the pimple of Bristol would not this year be paying the county $12,000 More than last year and deprive the Borough of that much for needed improvements. If the amount of 1925 taxes is sufficient to run the Borough Why not have arranged things so that this $12,000 More which the county is receiving this year could rave been obtained for the Borough and thus reduce the tax Burden of the people still More it certainly does no to speak Well for vaunted Borough loyalty when men deliberately provide $12,000 More for the county and $10,000 less for the Borough especially when one of the two reasons for starting this whole tax revision was to provide More Revenue for the Borough which according to the Burgess needed it sorely. This is certainly Borough loyalty in reverse. Thes and other things disqualify the whole body of or. Grundy a candidates for any position of Public Trust until such a time As they Manifest Complete Independence of Grund ism. Bristol schools to open on sept. 1st for Winter term enjoy Outing former Bristol residents pays Visi a merry Bunch of toys and girls thus who have followed the tre men dons Success of the let Cal Grid a Delaware. Den realize the worthiness of this j Appeal. Follow ing along these lines i the management has Issue a nil others. Those partaking of the i for members of the athletic Assoc la Aport were millies Gertrude Spring lion. One Dollar will make a per-1 Jeanette Hill Elizabeth Lecompte son a member of the. Organization i yarf5artq priestly. Margaret Fox i enabling him to take part in any j Narjan Harrison Lardner Morris Itie Ting. Kelp elect officers and Ltd of r suggest ions. Above All it will mean i that for this sum of Money he will become in Active supporter of the j a a. Mfr. Lewis Byers of Norristown is about two weeks. It is hardly fair to the lads that j spending a week with her brother. I Trot out onto the Gridiron sunday af-1 or. Howard Smoyer and family of commercial printing of every de �6 Linden Street. Entertain friends at cards children ate requested to report and supper on Lehman Lawn promptly and at proper place the supper and card party Given j on saturday evening by or. And mrs. Frank Lehman mrs. Carolyn i Smith and miss Smith was one j of the Fine social events of the season. The six Large tables for the supper were arranged on the Lawn like the spokes of a wheel. The Hub was formed by a Low Wicker table on which rested a huge arrangement j of Corn stalks bearing the full ears and Long stems of Flowers. As the eighty guests went to and fro finding their place card much amusement was found in Reading the lit i tie signs such As a do not Park the a cobs on the grass a a neck and backs by request a a fingers were made be a fore and Etc. To fully a predate these signs one must have some idea of the menu and to know i that Many chickens sacrificed their i lives for that supper. These were scattered about at different intervals on the tables. A most excellent meal was served to the guests. Hot Corn on the cob in abundance was among the seasonable viands j after the most enjoyable time j spent at the tables the guests were invited to the Large living rooms and porch where the tables were in readiness for the game of 500. The games were the source of a great Deal of pleasure As every me seemed to have on his Holiday behaviour in spite of having passed a warm Day. The rooms and porch j w Ere Gay with the Floral display and j the porch looked a a Bower of Beauty with the hanging baskets and pottery filled with the a Sweet messengers of gods two Lucky number favors were Given to mrs. Fred Decker and or. 1 in in be i Quay Thomas. Other favors were Given to mrs. Win. G. Bookman. Mrs. Charles Quimby or. Wal a Tor f. Leedom and or. Win. G Bookman. To avoid confusion beginners enrolment will take place August 31t courier still makin6 misleading statements Quot imported editorial writer should be Given facts about tax adjustment As the people of Bristol know i there has been column after column of editorials written in the courier a wherein they state that or. John f. Isi Noyer and the Independent Are the two agencies directly responsible for i the adjustments of property values in Bristol. Let us see How far til i courier has been misleading the cite Zens of Bristol on this subject. The tax question was first broached by Etc. L. Anderson at the a love feast held Early in the year 1922 when he said a that it was recognized that in i equalities existed in the assessed valuations of property in our Borough and that the re Enue derived from taxation was not sufficient to cover the expenditures or the Borough. Or. Etnoyer was elected to Council in november 1923 and was sworn Iii As a councilman Early in the year 1924. Notice that or sin Oyer was elected to Council nearby two years after or. Anderson i made his remarks about assessed values in Bristol. Again at a love feasts held later vaccination certificate so or. Anderson once More made mention of the existing conditions in real estate values and was followed by remarks similar to these by or. Thomas Scott a a certain citizen is Quot of Yean Mth a Bristol ladies to attend j to ten nay of our Borough Aud thai radio Tea in Sefi Cantown this same citizen had grown fond of automobiles a and he wed my �"1j question a if this citizen should meet members of the league of women with an Accident where do we go. Voters Are invited to attend a a Grad from Here a these remarks Wert i to team Oil wednesday August made less than a week before or. I 26th, at 3 p. My a at the Home of Grundy met with an Accident. The mrs. George a. Downing Mccallum i is conclusive evidence Fiat this As and Allen Lune Germantown. I ses Hiuet question was thought of l will in a joint meeting of i before or. Smoyer w As even a can the Bristol school Board at a recent meeting decided that on tuesday september 1st, would be the opening Date of the schools Here. President Green recently issued the following statement a a fall children who have reached the school age May obtain Entrance permits from any member of the school Board. The enrolment of beginners will take place on monday morning. August 31, and the schools will a of icily opened on tuesday morning. September i. A a first Grade primary room in each of the school buildings will be opened on monday morning August 31. For the reception and enrolment of new pupils. All children who Are six years of age. Or who will be six years old before the first Day of february 1926. Will be eligible to enrolment at this time i Arents should remember however thai no child win be admitted without a permit signed by a member of the Board of directors. Whenever a doubt arises to to the age of a child some satisfactory evidence such As a birth or baptismal certificate or a passport if the child is foreign born must be produced. A parents Are urged to take their children to the respective school buildings for enrolment on monday morning. August 31, so that the de Tail work incident to enrolment May be disposed of before the official opening of the schools on the morning following. A the set ice Law provides that All beginners must be vaccinated before they can enrol in the schools. The Rule is mandatory and there can be no deviation from it consequently no child can be admitted unless he is vaccinated and the vaccination certificate accompanies the Entrance permit. A beginners who reside in the upper it i l of the fourth Ward must enrol at the Bath Street building As the new building at Beaver and Spring streets will not be ready for opening until sometime in september when the Transfer of the children from the Bath Street building win take place. A the enrolment of All new Lupus in the High school will also take place on monday morning. August. 31. This Means that All pupils who were promoted from the h re eighth grades in Bristol As Well As All out of town pupils who will enter the High school at the beginning of the fall term should enrol at this specified time. A regarding the issuing of Entrance permits heretofore it has been Tho custom of Many parents to delay Tho matter of obtaining a permit until the morning of the Day of enrolment. This has of til in Ca led to in plead it Ness and in some inst an Ops has caused delay in the enrolment of the children. A the Board would therefore respectfully request All parents whose children have reached the school age to accept Tho Opportunity to obtain Entrance permits from the directors during the next two weeks. Also to obtain from their physician a that Tho proper credentials which Are necessary for the enrolment of beginners May be in their Possession before the morning of or. And mrs. Win. C. Hammond p ,. A. Of Kalamazoo mich., Are spending chaperoned by i. Mary Fox l>�<iiw0 we it a wlm a Llella Lim o an Outing on tuesday at the red 930 Radcliffe Street. Or. Aud Mhz dragon Canoe club Retreat at Edge Hammond moved from Bristol boil water. N. J. Tile Day from 9.30 in e4ht Ami their Man til 6.30 was sent mostly in the Hienan will in glad to inc a them of course time was tak the trip it he a i Vlahn a lab it a to an in to pal i ate of i lie Del Cimis a a Quot la Quot it it Quot prepared by their fond manias and i a Date for Council. At the first meeting of Council i hold in february 1924. The following a a citizens committee was appointed j by the president of Council. Or. Jos Deb. Abbott trios. Scott Lester to Thorne Franklin Gilk son Hugh b i East by ii Louis c. Spring. Francis j. Byers. Jacob c. Schmidt. Fred i Kraft. Jas. H. Brooks. Jas. A. Callahan. J. Edw John ii. Hardy. In flail i Arrison Dwight Opdyke and Jackson. Taking Auto tour mrs. E. R. Thornton and migh leis. Misses Lauriau. Beulah am Bertha and or. Fred Kenyon of 57. Bath Street left Bristol on sunday last to make an Auto trip throng1. Maine the thousand Isles and Alshet Points. The party will he goo this the league of women voters of the five Eastern counties. Rucks. Chester Delaware. Montgomery and Phila Delphia. The Date axed for the Tea is the fifth anniversary of the ratification of the Federal suffrage amendment. Prominent speaker wih also add to tin interest of the meeting. Among these will be mrs. J. O. Mil Ler. Mrs. Frank Roessing. President Lovett Pat. J. Barrett of the Pennsylvania woman suffrage Louis dries h. H association from 1912-1913. And head la a m j. Sweenor. Angelo i miss Hannah j. Patterson Lea will Benzo. Mrs. Harvey s. Rue mrs. He served to All. Members wishing f red. J. L Ibfred mrs. S. K. Run to go Are asked to notify mrs. Frank Yin and c l. Anderson. Sex off Cion Lehman president of the Bristol member. This committee was to league before saturday. August a in conjunction with the finance 22nd. Transportation will be pro committee of Borough Council Tai Tkel Vlad for ail who wish to attend. Formation of a plan by which thru a deficiency could he overcome in the w a of increased Revenue from a re italian club endorses continued on Page three script Ian done by in. Phone 26. Adv j assessment of All properties to Bristol. On thursday March 13th. 1924 the citizens committee formed themselves into three sub committee continued on Page three Independent ticket last tuesday evening at a Crown a de meeting of the Dante Alighieri club the members endorsed the Independent ticket

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