Bristol Bucks County Independent in Bristol, Pennsylvania
19 Aug 1921

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Bristol Bucks County Independent in Bristol, Pennsylvania
19 Aug 1921

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - August 19, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania To. I Forrest i hip it Para my we Al Hull Al in theatre Jil 4 j to Vijh j a a we \ to a a is legion tent fair is arranged for will be held under Canvas first week in october Kewpie dolls n everything by remark to firemen not expect Borough your fire apparatus a a you can to buy told them to beg from door to door Bristol pays 45 cents yearly pct capital other cities $4.75 for fire Protection the political Goose of Joe Grundy was cooked in Bristol that memorable night several months ago when he elated to a committee of firemen words to the effect of the following you cannot expect the Borough to buy your Ute apparatus go out from door to door and raise a collection Tor it and when you collect nine tenths of the amount needed come to me and i will give you the other one tenth. These Are not i lie exact Worms used by the suave gentleman but they express what he meant. This statement was the Quot Straw that broke the cancels and spot it tile political elimination of a a Grundy As a dominating Factor Iii local politics. Was anything Ever More ridiculous Quot you cannot expect the Borough to buy your tire apparatus Quot Liat in the name of heavens do the Hie companies need apparatus to to Are they for the amusement of the members or Are they for use in protecting the Homes and places of business of the tax payers of this Borough according to the Borough year Book the tire committee of Borough Council expended last year $4,519.-55. This amount is the total it Cost this Borough for its tire Protection. Figuring that there Are i too residents Here this Means that 4 5 cents per head it Cost the town to protect its residents from tipi devastation of possible conflagrations a rat Ber cheap when compared with what some of the larger cities pay. As a comparison five cities in new Jersey were taken and the Money expended by them for fire Protection figured Down to Cost per head these cities none of which have Over 125,-u00 inhabitants spent on an average of $4.75 cents per inhabitant or about ten times As much As it Cost Bristol. Bristol is getting off pretty cheap at that and when it is taken into consideration that the rate of the tire insurance companies in this town. Are kept Down to a minimum owing to the excellence of the tire department Here it costs Bristol practically nothing for its department. Yet with All this in View the Man who runs the town who will not allow anyone else to manage it. Yet has not the time or else lacks the ability to do the Job properly himself went on record and told the firemen who appealed to the Council for a Means to transport their truck to future tires that Quot they should not expect the Borough to buy their is it not sufficient that these firemen should give their time Gratis in fighting fires risk their lives and often destroy their wearing apparel without getting any redress without forcing them to go from door to door and beg funds that they might have apparatus to assure them of doing their work in a finished manner is it not preposterous on the face of it. And still More preposterous for a Man w to has thousands of dollars Worth of property Here to be protected. That such a condition should be forced on these men by him and through his direction. Well can he afford to give the one tenth which he promised if the one tenth were Given even then he would not pay these men for the work they do for nothing in the Protection of his property nor Wottle he repay the Borough for funds they would have justly received and which would be in the Borough Treasury if his prop erty and other property in the Borough were assessed at somewhere near its True valuation. It was derided by members of cohort Bracken Post american legion at their regular kneeling tuesday evening to hold an open air Bazaar the first week in october on the vacant lot on Pond Street across from no. 2 fire company. The affair of course will in for the purpose of Alig menting the Post Treasury and from the Advance work done by the committee who have been working on the proposition for a number of weeks there is every Chance of the affair being the rousing Success that it deserves to he. To is planned to hold the affair which will be known As Quot the american legion tent under Canvas and Wesley Spencer is in touch with a Post in South Jersey who is to tip him off As to where he can secure the Mammoth tent that will be used. The big top erected. In kits will he arranged on either Side of the enclosure and each succeeding Booth will be for legion purposes. Or in other words will lie utilized for the Sale Aud the chancing of articles that will bring a return in Money to the Post. The other Booths it is now planned Are to be turned Over to the progressive business men of the town to be used As exhibits and it is hoped that they will be Able to interest manufacturers from we Honi they Purchase Large Bills of goods to make a donation of some article in order that it in turn May in turned into Money at the end of the week. To be Given to the legion. Of course there will in a dancing platform arranged for where those who enjoy tripping the Light fantastic May indulge in their favorite pastime to their hearts Content. There will be a Kewpie doll Booth when the attractive Kewpie a May he secured both by Purchase and through chances commander Franklin Tykeson is a firm believer in the Money drawing Power of the Kew pie and he has insisted on til is particular feature being Well looked after. With six weeks yet remaining to perfect All minor details there is every indication that this will be one of the most Mammoth As Well As most successful affairs of its kind Ever held within the confines of this Borough. The ladles Aux Liary of the legion. Of course will do their full share to bring about the desired results they will have a Label it of their own and be in charge of several of the Booths at the fair their fair hands will Cook tasty goodies. And fashion fancy articles which will he vended. And As the result of their Handiwork. And their aggressiveness in doing Anil accomplishing things they Start after the coffers of the leg Ion will in greatly Augu Niente. Abolish the paid fire department and save $5,000 per month is advice of Harriman citizens to emergency Fleet organization is outwitted by Independent citizens spanning Delaware from Bristol to Burlington. Might be done in this manner discarded wooden ships used As carriers this ply i to be used on Hudson Only thirty boats needed for Span Here in the Issue of the Philadelphia Star of August 12th, Issi a prediction was made by the then Bristol correspondent of that paper that the Delaware River Between Bristol and Burlington would be spanned by a Bridge within fifty years. There Are ten years of the fifty predicted at that time remaining but whether the Bridge will Ever become a reality is a matter of conjecture. The one great drawback that has always been encountered by advocates of a Bridge is the prohibitive Cost of such a Structure. Right at this time there is a better Opportunity for realizing the ambition of those hacking the Bridge building project than Ever before a but whether there can he found sufficient Public spirit to successfully bring to a termination such a project remain. To but seen. Frankly this paper has no idea that a Bridge will Ever in built across the River at this Point for no other reason than that those who would have sufficient influence and Power to put Over such a Gigantic scheme would he Apt to oppose instead of advocate it. And without powerful financial and political backing from both Burlington and Bristol the project could never he developed. At this time a Pontoon Bridge such As is to he built in the Hudson River running from Yonkers to Alpine. Would Cost very Little Money. As compared to the other types of Bridges that have formerly been pro Harriman. Pa., aug. 18, 1918. Editor of the Independent. Bristol a. Dear sir with the controversy about closing up a portion of the Tow site in Quot Der discussion owing to the cast of heating the houses in question it strikes me As a citizen of Harriman that if the emergency Fleet officials really had any intention of re trenching in order to save Money they would do so by cutting off at least $5,000 per month expense in running the Tow site fire department. What is the necessity of a paid fire department in a town of less than two thousand people especially while work at the Yard is at a standstill Bristol has ample fire Protection with a Volunteer department. Arid they spend less per year for new material and equipment and All running costs than is spent in Harriman per month. Why have a chief at a salary of $500 per month with a person of men amounting to approximately thirty to do his bidding when there is Little or nothing for them to do the Only Large fire that has Ever occurred in the Tow site one of the lodging houses resulted in a $50.-000 loss and it would have been burning yet if the Volunteer department of Bristol had not come up Here and put it out. To Hief Aungst with his High priced pumping equipment. Was simply working on the conflagration with weak streams from the Mains of the town Bristol put their Jinp it r on the Job. And like a Flash the fire was under control. What is the reason for keeping this department functioning at $60,-000 per year if the Fleet authorities Are really in Earnest about cutting Down expenses there Are men aplenty in Harriman willing and anxious to form a Volunteer department. And the town would he just As efficiently protected As it is now with its High priced department and its High pureed chief. This letter is the first of a series that will be written your paper on conditions As they really exist in the Tow site Ami As i have lived Here tar the past two years. I have a pretty Good idea How things Are being and have been run Here. Thanking you Tor the lion i feel you will give mimic Al in w hich is n for the authorities. I Ani. Very truly yours Charles Frane St. Marks festival opens this evening Booths loaded with Good tilings arranged at Corner of Buckley and Spruce streets p. R. Boardman a friends on the Job in at a meeting of St. Marks Festi-va1 committee held on tuesday evening in the rectory of the Church arrangements were completed for the opening of the Lawn fete this evening Corner of Buckley and Spruce streets. Reports of Many donations of prizes for the event were most Cou raging. A fancy table containing Litany articles dear to the feminine heart will be one of the special features of the numerous Booths. A Eandi table will also be an attraction than will sell the same kind of Candy that your father bought for your Mother when she was a Sweet another Booth furnishing Sweet drinks w ill also Cater to lovers of ice Cream Ami cake and lunch tables will illustrate in the Quantity served and prices asked How to reduce the Quot High Cim of a fruit table will furnish appetizing products of the Orchard and the grocery Booth will Cater to substantial features so dear to Inkerman. The the plea for needy in Harriman bring to Ament accorded most efficient official to attention of Penrose and Watson Uncle Peter Minster and Boss Grundy Rush to name candidates chosen by firemen a Boss refuses to Swallow John Smoyer in first Block party on upper Pond Street arranged for next tuesday evening donations solicited consider this Coati sir Gopi Tion Forrest theatre open for season posed Here. The wooden ships that Are being disposed of by the government. Could easily he converted into the carriers of the weight of the Structure and no More than thirty of them would he necessary to Complete the entire Job. If this plan were to he put in operation River traffic would in no Way he inter feared with. Us a Center Span would Ive a lifting draw. The plans for the Hudson River Bridge Call tot the following specifications which might be applied to daughter of Cornwells Bank presi Dent. Married to presbyterian 12<>8 Pond Street. White Simons wedding an event of Beauty contracts signed with Paramount and other big producers for season of 1921-22 Over the bumps it would come hard on some people to drink the Home brew stuff they Are getting if the Law required them to put u Down. In in 0 it in currently reported on Pine Street that Phil Waters has gone to work. Frank Green of Mill Street who furnishes new soles for humanity during the week Days spent part of sunday last picking cherries and his neighbors Are now smacking their lips in anticipation of some delicious Cherry pie. A a John Mcclafferty and Pete Boyle with j. Gallagher Are in a Dilema at present having clubbed together to buy an automobile. They cannot now quite decide w Hether they want a Buick a Ford or a hand car. Quot Pete Quot Mcgunley of mount airy was a guest on monday of j. Mclafferty. Of Buckley Street during which time tie said his Raven lock were a Horn. 4 manager Wilson of the Forrest theatre announces that this popular amusement Center will open up again on full Lime next monday evening. And that the 19?i 2 2 season will be better in every respect than any that has gone before. This is the second season under the ownership of David Mahlosky. And what he Structure has attempted to bring about Ever since lie bought out the House from the former owners has at last come to pass and cast Iron contracts have been secured with the largest Pio Duckers in the country meaning that the Forrest is assured of All of the first runs of the Best pictures obtainable on the Market. It is with Pride that the management Point to the fart that they will by exclusive producers of Paramount pictures in this Section Paramount week at the Forrest w ill in the week of september 4th, and this theatre with every other Paramount House in the United states will this week show Paramount features and Paramount alone. It will indeed be in epoch marking week in the history of Bristol amusements. In addition to Paramount the Forrest Wil show exclusively first National. Goldwyn Relnart. Metro select and Vita graphs. Every big picture that is shown in the larger cities will he seen at the Forrest and they will All be shown while they Are new and not after they have been worn out in other places. Showing this class of pictures costs real Money and the amuse-1 meat lovers of Bristol should demonstrate their appreciation of the action of the theatre management in arranging such a pleasant season for them by patronizing this House As it deserves to he patronized. The local Bridge the ships pontoons Are to be 160 feet at centres anchored to screw piles with cables. This will leave 110 feet clearance for River boats to pass Between the pontoons. The steel in Perst Ruer tire will leave a Clearway of not less than 55 feet. Enough for most of the River Craft to pass tinder with ease. For tall masted ships there will he a drawbridge in the Centre with 110 feet clearance. It is estimated that a ship can pass through the draw in five minutes no that the delays to traffic crossing the Bridge will he very slight. At the draw Span there will lie a fender boat on each Side of Fuce opening to guide boats through. It is planned to build at first three roadways each ten feet wide with two platforms for pedestrians. If traffic warrants additional roadways can lie provided. The weight of the itself will Settle these boats Down into Tho water so that any additional traffic put on the Bridge will not in any Way affect its buoyancy and will not he Felt by those using the Bridge. Like of cry other project advocated for this District this one May create a seven Days wonder but after the talk has died Down everyone will simply sit Hack and wait for someone else to take Steps toward bringing the proposition to a head and finally like All other progressive ideas it will be finally cast in the discard or forgotten. Ministers son tuesday John Mccullough buried yesterday following an illness of Long duration John Mccullough. Aged about 65 years died on monday morning last at the Home of his Sec or in Law. Miss Kathryn Dugan of Corson Street. Deceased conducted a grocery store for Many years in the fourth Ward retiring from business when Lite health began to fail. His wife is the univ one of his family surviving. Funeral services were conducted on thursday morning with a High mass of requiem at St. Marks Church and interment was made in St. Marks cemetery under direction of undertaker w. I. Murphy. On tuesday evening last at 8 of clock one of the most largely attended nuptial events in years took place at the Eddington presbyterian Church when miss Dorothy Simons daughter of or. William Simons president of Cornwells state Bank became the Bride of or. Charles Burnley White son of Rex. Richard White pastor of the Eddington Church. The Bride looked handsome in a costume of White crepe de Chine. With a Wreath of Orange blossoms above Lier veil and carried1 a bridal bouquet of ii ties of the Valley Anc White roses. She was attended by miss Hannah Cardel and miss Margaret Vandegrift. As bridesmaids who wore Beautiful creations of the dressmakers Art of Pink Organ die and carried bouquets of Pink roses. Miss Kathryn Sunthiner acted As maid of Honor and wore a costume 01 Apricot color crepe de Rhine am carried a bouquet of Pink roses. Miss Frances Simons a Cousin of the Bride with miss May Winier Thon miss Dorothy Lippincott and miss Mary Winter Hon. Yvere Flower girls and were dressed in most becoming costumes of Green Organ die. Nearly 200 invited guests attendee ceremony which was performed midst a Chancel Bower of Beauty by the Rev. Richard White pastor of the Church and father of the Groom assisted by the Rev. E. R. Simons of Riverton n. J., an Uncle of the Bride. Following the ceremony 140 wedding guests partook of a wedding supper served at the Home of the brides parents on Bristol Pike below Eddington the Interior of which was a Galaxy of Beauty with Pink decorations. After a two weeks honeymoon trip by Auto to Lake George and other Adirondack Points they will make their Home at Quot Bellart acres Quot Florida where the Groom owns a vast ranch acreage of Florida a Virgin soil. Even weeds cannot stand ditch stench mrs. John Boyle will be buried on monday at a meeting or interested Riti Zens August lath ways and Means to raise funds with which to carry on the work of the Harriman welfare association were discussed. It appears this committee composed of mrs. Anna mover president mrs. M. B. Find see re Ary professor s. In. Faust. Treasurer p. R. Boardman and a. S. A nags i. Has for the., past several months been quietly carrying on a Campaign to help those families in the Tow site who have found themselves without funds with the closing of the shipyard. A report of the association issued As of july 50th shows that 4 0 cases have come to it for investigation 56 of which have received Aid. Of the latter 20 have been receiving help a a ominously for the past 6 months. The Cash receipts have i it Een $276.27. The expenses have been As follows clothing and shoes. $34.39 food and milk. $175.68 and $15.57 Railroad fares Given to those Iii search of employment at a distance. It can easily be seen the slender funds of the organization Are practically exhausted. Which explained the necessity of calling for assistance from the More fortunate residents of the town. It was decided at the meeting to form an auxiliary organization for the purpose of raising funds for the continuance of this Good work. Joseph f. Foster was named As chairman and Vernon Cowart As Secretary of the temporary organization. A Block party is to be Slid on Pond Street near Monroe Street August 25rd from 8 p. A to Midnight. If j it should rain on that Date the party. Will he held the following night. The principal attraction xviii be j dancing. Music is to he furnished by the Bristol jazz orchestra. Lake and in Cream xviii also be on Sale in addition to furnishing several other forms of amusement. The Street will be roped off and electric lights will be Strung through the Courtesy of the housing department while standards xviii be displayed j through the Courtesy of the Mer chant shipbuilding corporation. The following committees were a j pointed to look after the arrange ments site committee a. S. Aungst. Chairman. George Ford. John a. Moyer. Publicity committee. L. D. Otheen chairman. W. Roberton. John a. Moyer. Refreshment Miner. Mrs. A. . Mrs. W. S. Linn. Mrs Anna us Rick. Music committee. Mrs. Harry Kine. Chairman mrs. P. A Boardman. Mrs. Anna Moyer. Dance committee. A. S. Aungst. Chairman. George Ford. H. I. Stockett. A Case in Point of tin need Tor welfare work in the Tow site is thai of a Large family the youngest child being but 15 months old. The father had been out of work Tor sometime and when sickness befell them he sold his furniture to pay the same course meeting other obis said. Only a few bed. And a crib re to have been a the following letter with a petition attached signed by several Hundred residents of Harriman Tow site was last evening sent to Washington by committeeman Samuel Patton who acts As special messenger As both the committee and the signers of the petition Are anxious that the matter be acted upon at once. August 18th, 1921 senator Penrose congressman Watson a gentlemen a we the undersigned residents of Harriman Tow site believing that a serious injustice has been done to or. Paul it. Boardman a who has been the manager of this Tow site since september 1st, 1918. We believe that or. Boardman has always handled the business of the emergency Fleet corporation in an efficient and business like manner he has aided the residents n every Way possible to make the Tow site a desirable place in a which to live. He has always been willing to Vork Tor the Best interests of the people of the Village As Well As for the Hest interests of the emergency Fleet corporation. We understand that he has had Twenty years experience in this line of work and he has proven on Many trying occasions that he thoroughly understood his work. He has taken a leading part in every movement for the betterment of the living conditions on the Tow site As is testified by his work As a member of the Harriman civic league As a member of the Board of trustees of the Harriman Public Library As a member of the advisory committee of the Harriman Hospital. As a member of the local Council of the boy scouts and As a member of Hie Harriman welfare committee. I in has also done everything in his Power to Aid in our Public school and Church affairs. We feel that he has done All that he could Loaid those who were unemployed and Iii distress. It has been stated in the Public press that the controversy Between or. Boardman and his superiors in Philadelphia rested on a matter of principal. That because or. Boardman had refused to certify As Correct something that he Felt was not Correct that he was forced out of his position. We feel that i any matter where a principal was involved that or. Boardman would follow the dictates of ii is conscience alone. The residents of this Tow site do not understand Why a Good Man with past training that especially fits him for this kind of work is thrown out on some Flimsy excuse while a number of unnecessary employees Are retained. We feel that or. Boardman should he absolutely cleared of any charges that might he against him and that he should be reinstated with full authority or the charges should be i oven and made Public. Very truly yours. Citizens committee. The anxiety of the gang to Shelve has beens a saves citizens from naming Independent ticket Domenick Petina candidate in 5th petition being circulated for coun cil manic fight in coming primary circulated the fifth com a Chau the doctors fee. Was followed in ligation until it chairs a table a Maine. This seems messes. John a. Back Ville James Kelly and Edward Gallagher left on sunday morning for a ten Day vacation tour in or. Sackville a touring car. The trip will include stops at Williamsport Munch chunk. Sayre. Elmira n. Y., Buffalo and Niagara fulls. A solution along the a id to an unusual cd a few Days that Vicinity. Of Why the weeds Railroad have grown height was furnish ago by a resident of he states the con mias Clara j obtain who has been a guest for several weeks at Wildwood Manor Wildwood n. J., has returned to her Home 205 Buckley Street. Tindal stench that impregnated the atmosphere from the open ditch that has drained the we ool washrooms of the Mills in that Section for years acts As a fertilizer Xvi til such a Strong Force that even the wild weeds of that part of the town could not resist an attempt to Spring away from it. Although afflicted with illness for some time the passing away of mrs. John Boyle of 707 Garden Street at 8 of clock wednesday evening came As a Shock to a Large Circle of friends and relatives who mourn her loss. In addition to a husband she is survived by five daughters one of whom resides at Home and four who Are married residents of this Borough. To allow relatives time to come from Distant Points the funeral xviii be held on monday morning with mass of requiem at to of clock at St. Marks Church. Interment in St. Marks cemetery. Case in the extreme but apparently there Are Many others which must certainly Appeal to the hearts of All. And it is to be hoped there will be a big attendance at the by it of party to help the welfare association continue the work of assistance. Donations of refreshments or any articles that May be disposed of Foi Cash will be gratefully received by the chm Trees. Ted Baker has already donated Twenty quarts of ice Cream and Tom Rozakis. The efficient Vendor of Cooling drinks and ice Cream at Tracey amp bakery a Fountain has Given a like amount. Ted says a hat he will Appeal to the colonial ice Cream company for a Uke 01 greater amount. Poor old Quot Uncle Pete Quot Minster for the first time in Many years this political warhorse vector Iii Bundu is of political squabbles and loser in but a few finds himself Anil his beloved Boss Quot Joe Quot Grundy opposed by a newspaper in the Community that cannot be controlled the old gentleman is beside himself he docs not know just where he is at because he fears there is going to be an Independent ticket in the Field and with this possibility he has the added fear of not being Able to return the Bacon to the Man a who looks to him and his lieutenants for results. Best to give the old gentleman peace of mind at least for the balance of this Campaign by assuring Bim that there will be no third party in the Field against his ticket on election Day. Of course even Quot Uncle As charming and suave a gentleman As he is cannot expect to go through the primary without opposition and there xviii be several of his nominees whose claim for recognition at the hands of the electors of the Borough xviii be questioned. Only a few however As the organization either unwittingly or by intent have nominated a number of candidates who were chosen to represent and stand for tin interests of the firemen of the town. Good candidates is what the firemen started out to secure candidates who could not be influenced and who would not be guided in Council by the nod of the Lead. That heretofore has ruled the Borough. The firemen nor ibis paper had no idea of. Simply opposing a ticket or a candidate because they were endorsed by the organization. Where the organization Lias picked men who stand for something beside Boss dominance they will be Given the Hearty support of the Little band. Who by a few mysterious meetings and several articles in this newspaper have forced the organization to throw aside a custom followed for Yea is and instead of just returning the old rubber Stamps to office they reached out and picked men with whom they were sure to win. Theirs xviii be the Victory according to their ideas they will be Able to Point on election Day to the men they named. But the Victory already belongs to the Little band before referred to who forced them to make the Choice of candidates. The bunk which appeared in the Quot daily excuse Quot Grundy a own newspaper about Quot Veteran councilmen decide to step out and give younger element a Chance Quot ridiculous the veterans were told that they had better climb up on a shelf and forget their political ambitions As the handwriting on the Wall decreed that if the gang did not line up men of strength they a would go Down to bitter defeat. That is the reason the veterans retired not through any desire of their own with one possible exception they did not retire. They were canned. To get Back to the real subject candidates it is laughable but even the Quot mighty Grundy and his shrewd lieutenant and Field Marshall Quot Uncle Pete Quot can be fooled in the game of politics which has Cost the former a Young Fortune and a which has brought to the latter financial affluence. The Quot Little inn Quot Ai determined citizens pulled Oft Over on them these men baited the Hook As it were. And the two solons of political manipulation in this District not Only swallowed the bait but also Hook line and sinker. At a meeting several weeks ago names of prospective candidates with Independent tendencies were mentioned by the firemen and other independents gathered there was a representative of the gang at that meeting one of their Stool pigeons xxx As there but he was not getting away Vith anything the leaders of Hie movement knew he was there and they talked of things Only which they wanted him to carry Back to continued on Page five petitions Are being among the citizens of Ward to secure the necessary number of elector endorsers for Domen ick Petina. Who has announced his candidacy for councilman and he will wage a fight for the nomination on the regular Republican ticket in the coming primaries. September 20th. At a meeting of the citizens re publican club held at their head quarters 351 Lafayette Street Early in the ave Etc the name of or. Petina was placed before the members and they unanimously voted to request him to stand As the italians of Bristol feel that they should have some recognition and a voice 4n the Borough government by having a representative of their own in Council. Or. Petina who is one of the longest resident italians w within the con j fines of the Borough at first Wras \ loathe to make the fight As he up to the time his name was mentioned had no political aspirations. He Only consented on being urged to repro a sent his people and the respect in a residents of Maple Beach in a which he is held by All classes of great numbers Are complaining daily citizens will doubtlessly carry him about the added danger they Are far in the race. Obliged to contend Vith. In the event 0f a conflagration occurring in their midst. If a fire happened at present to any dwelling within the limits of the Beach they say it would be impossible to get help from the Bristol fire department whom they have to depend upon owing to the frequent blockade of the Entrance Over the Bridge by a toasts who Park their cars near the Forrest theatre. Evidently there is room enough they say. On the opposite Side of Mil Street along the old Railroad which is not used for traffic yet afford space enough for quite a number of cars. I. A a Maple Beach residents complain of parking cars memorial Shaft now awaits Bronze Tablet the Bannister Marble works have placed in position on the Post office Plaza a base for the Monument to be erected Iii memory of the boys who went from this town. And made the supreme sacrifice during the world War. A column to be placed on the base has also been finished Aud now awaits the Tablet containing names of the Soldier dead to make this memorial Complete. ,

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