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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - August 12, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania Jill that thl Independent leads the local Field in paid circulation by several Hundred. We Challenge contradiction. Onal inputs. Tow siters will be denied heat so an order issued yesterday claims this will mean the exodus of Many residents system of assessing by wards should be revised to give town adequate income five cents the copy comptroller Eckert of . Denies Chester Plant has been sold claims assessor needed who knows property value Independent offers to publish free amounts assessed and taxes paid in the town the Borough of Bristol will never be on a firm financial basis where it will be Able to meet the necessary expenses to properly administer the affairs of the town make the necessary improvements and keep Pace with the times until there is a system devised to equally tax the property holders of the Borough from the big Mill owner right Down to the humblest Householder. There Are numerous cases in this town where the taxes paid Are absolutely out of proportion with the value of the property assessed and for no other reason than that the assessors or the particular assessor As the Case May be fails to properly value the properties in question. The Independent does not believe there is a single person owning property in Bristol who would willingly shirk their duty in paying a just share of the taxes necessary to carry on the administration of the town. This paper does not assume nor does it wish to imply that influence in any Case is brought to Bear on the assessor to keep Down the valuation of any Given piece of property but it does assume that proper assessments Are not made at the present time and that two thirds of the residents of this town Are carrying practically the whole taxation Burden. This year is the occasion of the Tri annual assessment when the assessors gather together and go Over the town As a whole in a body. These men from the various wards every three years go through this proceed Ute they assume a Wise and knowing look and gaze on the various properties. That is about All. Gaze As invariably they allow the residents of Harriman Are up in arms this week Over a new order issued by the housing department of the a. E. P., who have issued a no _ Nee to occupants of dwellings that Pap thrown out to unfortunate Citi no heat would be furnished them 7pn<. Us c u 1 this coining Winter from the Central y filling of holes on heating plan. Main streets since the beginning of the Village a Harriman heat was furnished to each dwelling and with the new order those who rent the houses Are in a Dilema because neither Furnace or stove have been provided for Winter weather. If each tenant has heating arrangement Homes there will be ment for City dwellers at what was formerly reasonable rent. Borough playing a bring around the Rosy to provide a for their Little induce to move Here considered a fill one Block of holes this week they Are ready for filling again next another tax payer Given raw Deal could not secure a Bristol Constable who would act in official capacity it is certainly a Fine state of affairs when in a Borough with As j Large a population As Bristol has a Constable cannot be found to serve notices for citizens who pay taxes for Protection and service. The anxiety of the organization to fill their ticket on election Day with the faithful whom they know will Ever have the Good of the organization at heart is the direct cause for this condition. Last week a poor woman who works every Day for her living when she can secure work called on the editor of the Independent and asked that he recite her Case for the Benefit of the citizens in the Borough that they might again see How efficiently their affairs Are being managed by the self constituted rulers of the town. This woman is a tax payer she owns several Little places that were secured by dint of saving and scraping she is taxed More than $100, which taxes she must pay or she would he mighty soon sold out yet when she tried w within that a last ten Days to get a Constable to serve a notice on one of the amount her tenants who owes her More than placed on properties by the i divid eighty dollars rent no Constable was Ual Ward assessor to stand. Available. There is no reason to assume that Kirst she went to Squire Kraft strange that the members of Borough Council Are at last taking no i Tice of Liq complaints of lie citizens As to conditions of streets sewers Etc. Not so strange though when you take into consideration that there Are ten seats in Council to be filled at the coming election. This anxiety on the part of Council at their meeting monday evening to pretend that they were attending to the business of the Borough in an almost intelligent manner brought about another Good Hearty laugh for the town folks As a statement was made by the Borough Engineer to the effect that the state was filling up the holes on Otter Street and Vituld be assisted by the Borough and As soon As the holes were filled. They would treat the main thoroughfares with a top dressing and a coat i of tar. To Bucks county voters both male and female the question has been asked the editor of this paper dozens of times during the past week As to whether a person has to he especially enrolled to vote at the primary. The answer is that such enrolment is absolutely necessary. If you have Ever been it is not necessary that you should have re enrolled this eligible but at some time or other you must have declared your party affiliations in order to be Able to cast your vote in Penn Vania. Not a wonderfully Good Law or order of affairs but Nev Al the less it is a statute of this state and As such it has to be court there Are hundreds of citizens who will lose their i vote this year just on this account another year possibly edition will not exist. Most of the voters who will have no Sav the primary Are not of the organization because the Bosses and their lieutenants see to it that every one of their known Henchman qualified to vote on every and All occasions. Enrolled year to be chiropractor who is licensed in Jersey remains Here that people May be Ben emitted death trap holds italians name two Back fire engines for Council race shaving a Man is surgical operation fire companies have to go round about Way to enter fourth Ward Medicos could abolish Barbers under Law if they made up their minds to do it Quot Al we this Means that latest Rumor which seemed to be Well founded is groundless a i american car foundry at Landreth a farm was also part of Rumoro they were to fabricate steel for ships a the above official says not a too bad anxious for one of their country men at least to be elected a was soon As the holes Are filled filling of these holes with the in deficient method followed by the state and Borough would be a perpetual Job and the streets will never be in readiness for the finishing touches which Are promised As just As soon As one set of holes is filled up and another started on. The first filling is pushed out and these holes Are again crying out for treatment. Persons who have travelled and acquainted themselves with conditions in other states and towns must laugh to themselves when they notice the puerile efforts hereabouts to do things. A set of schoolboys who never even heard of the theory of Road building and repair could not do any More childish work than on the no mat Money to shame to is being assume that because a Man is a Nice fellow personally that he knows anything of the value of property. It should not a follow that a Good politician necessarily makes a Good assessor certainly a citizen who we ants a haircut would not think of going to a Shoemaker to have him do the Job Why then when the most important Branch of administration of the Borough is in question is not Good sound business judgement used. The taxes of a Community Are the Only source of Revenue that Community enjoys in a private business the producing or Money making end of the business is the most important and it is the end that the most efficient help is hired for Why should this not also apply to the Borough and its Revenue. This paper attempted this week to compile a comparative list of the amount of taxes paid in the town. It was the intention of the editor to take a list from each Ward and show the people just How much or How Little of the expenses of the town was being borne by the several individual citizens. This proved to be a larger Job than was anticipated and it will have to be deferred. The county and the Borough can always find plenty of Money to advertise mercantile lists and other nonsensical schemes to give a Little easy Money to organization papers but the most important list of All to the tax payers of Bristol is for some reason or other kept under cover. They cannot longer Advance the ex-1 Cuse that they have not the Money to a my for this publicity for Here and now this paper goes on record As being willing to publish the entire assessed list of this Borough and publish it for nothing. Jones see just How much his neigh a Bor is taxed and it will be dollars ipod doughnuts that there will be an equable adjustment. Lot the poor Man see How the big Mill owner is assessed Lei every citizen who is a partner in the Borough corporation see just How the business of the Borough is being administered it is his right and this paper will furnish the medium for bringing it to his attention. The system of assessment should be changed and instead of having five assessors place a valuation on the property of the town a Man who really knows something about realty valuations should be appointed to do the whole. Job. And he should be paid sufficient to make him anxious to do the work properly and Well. Until some such action is taken Bristol will always be behind the times and never will she have Suffi tent funds to make any sort of improvements that Are sadly needed. He told her he would be glad to assist her but that he had no Constable to serve his papers for him but gave her the address of the duly elected constables of the town and offered to do his share if she could get one of them to execute the papers. Here is the result of her efforts the first Man approached said that he was in business and he would rather not make any enemies by attending to his Constable business the second claimed that he would help her if he had Ever qualified for office he had not done this because before he was placed on the ticket he told the Bosses he did not care for the office hut they in turn told him they would run him to fill up the ticket and it did not make any difference whether he served or not,1 the third had just received his commission As a notary Public and he Felt that his official dignity would be lowered if he acted As Constable the fourth and the Only one in the town really willing to assist the woman was Jesse Bromley and he is confined to his Home recovering from an operation and is physically unfit to per Orin his duties. Then the woman was advised to go to Morrisville and Here she hair to pay five dollars in Advance in order that the Constable would be assured of getting his fee. This official came to Bristol served the papers and collected three dollars from the tenants in the Case on account and the woman claims he pocketed this Money for his feel what became of the original five paid she does not know. The officer promised to return the following saturday and make a collection that had been arranged for with the tenants but since his first Call has not put in an arpe Arance. Fine state of affairs in Boss Ridden and Boss ruled Bristol a wonder if this woman failed to pay her taxes the official of the town would find any great difficulty in securing the services of an officer to see her out by of 11150, doing is constantly being done streets of this Community ter who is putting up the pay for this work it is a waste it As it apparently wasted. Good streets in Bristol under the present system things. In Morrisville Bridge Street is being repaired but not in the Way Bristol streets Are treated no filling of holes there the Street is torn up and the men at work Are going Down deep enough to Lay a solid and proper foundation for the top dressing whatever that May be. When completed a real Job will have been done and not a half finished Job that was not even started properly such As has been forced from time immemorial on Bristol. Main Street Tullytown is a thoroughfare that compares favourably with any in the country. True the state built this Road but main Street Tullytown is no More a state Highway than is Radcliffe Mill and of to tar streets Bristol. If Tullytown can get this excellent Roadway Why not Bristol there is something radically wrong somewhere and it should be remedied before thousands More Are dumped in the holes when Hie entire pavement should be repaid. The writer overheard an old fireman of Bristol state the other evening. That he would not want to live m the fourth Ward for just one reason and the reason As expressed by him is a the fourth Iff not adequately protected from reason for this is the a death trip Over the canal which makes it necessary for engine 1. And number 2 company to go Way around Washington Street or Bath Street to enter the fourth Ward. It is True and when you come to think of it the residents of the fourth Are not getting a very Square Deal when they Are denied the Protection from the several fire com panics which the residents of lie other wards enjoy simply because some one or some group of people is simply too stubborn to take the proper action to remove this dreadful menace which is not Only a menace to the lives of those who Cross it either afoot or in vehicles hut also is the cause of keeping fire apparatus from getting promptly to that Section of the town mentioned above. Seems As if this condition is one that the residents of the fourth should interest themselves in and by constant shouting and other methods feared by politicians make it so hot for the ruling Powers that they will be glad to remove the a death trap a and by so doing give the people Safe passage to their Homes and also make the District on the other Side of the canal accessible to the fire fighting machines if grim demands their presence. The italian Sist that this some political cause seem necessity Leibfried a Given Croydon contract were Low bidders at $922 for lumber with which to erect fire House citizens of Bristol in year they he Given recognition and they Are particularly anxious to get representation in the Borough Council these Thrifty people who for years a have been looked upon As Blind Fol Lowers of the Republican Organiza Tion have developed an Independent Strain principally because the Independent has taken up their in several issues where they to have been ignored. Meetings Are almost nightly Fea lures in the several sections of the town where these people Are most thickly settled. In the second Ward their is ail italian club who Are anxious that Joseph Gilardi enter the race for Council. They Are anxious that this imm who is an exceptionally High class of citizen and a resident of Bristol for Twenty years take up the fight to be elected a member of Council. These citizens Are not demanding that this Man be chosen but state openly that they will support him in Case he makes the run hut they also hold themselves in readiness to support any other candidate who is vouched for by this newspaper. In the fifth Ward where the italians Are strongest several names have been mentioned As men fully qualified to look after the interests of their own people arid also of tie citizens Ward at Large. The Man upon whom the support of his fellow clubman and his fellow countrymen seems to Center is Dominick Petina who is one of the oldest residents among the italians of Bristol not old in years but old in the number of years he has spent in this Borough. Who knows but what an italian May be a candidate Why not either one of these citizens above mentioned who at least have sufficient Back Bone to come boldly out and defy the gang Street holes not officially listed therefore Independent cannot answer letter of business Man truthfully Bensalem m. E. Church Aid soc. Annual supper y. B. To convention the members of the y. B. Will go to a convention held in 19. The members meet at mrs. Lehman sat 7 of clock. Wednesday afternoon August 17, the a said society of Bensalem m. E. Church located on the Hulmeville rd., will give one of their old fashioned supers in which the ladies will demonstrate their Superb ability As of this Cooks. These suppers Are looked Forward to with eager anticipation by All those who have enjoyed them in the past. Both Cooks and waiters Are working hard to make this feast one of the Best Ever served despite the fact that those who attended last years supper say a they will have to go thought the thai our Story enumerating the actual number of Boles along Bristol s principal thoroughfares was read seriously by at least one Bristol business Man. Is proven by the following note received in this office last Friday afternoon dear editor what Are the numbers of the two holes at Mill and Radcliffe streets on the Light hand Side of the Street going Down Radcliffe Street. Signed a one who has bumped the the editor at once took up the question with the official counter but he being a Man who is a stickler for propriety would not make any statement As to the probable number. He simply counted the holes in groups of ten then made a notation amount and again counted until ten was reached. No record was made of the location of any of the groups and for this reason he could not give the real figures and would not make a guess. The Independent paid this Man two dollars for making the count it was a contract Job. And when it was made the counter thought he had All the Best of the bargain before he the improvement association held its regular monthly meeting last Satin Day night and disposed of considerable business the adjournment not being called until eleven thirty. The bids on the lumber for the new Croydon fire House being erected by to improvement association at the Corner of state Road and Patterson Avenue were read and checked carefully for errors. The figures As read were Paxson $1034.24 Pierce and Willians $1047.63 Simeon lumber company. $953.05 Liebfried lumber company $922.00. After discussion the bid was awarded to Liebfried a the lowest bidder and instructions issued to the building committee to begin immediately ordering the lumber so that work on the building proper May Start at once. All primary arrangements made the fire House should go up in record time land Croydon will have its first Community Hall. Negotiations will soon be started for the Purchase of a modern fire apparatus. The association will not be satisfied with a makeshift engine but is planning to Purchase a mod Ernly equipped chemical fire fighting apparatus that can compete with any in this Vicinity. At the end of their first year of existence the organization can Well look Back with Pride Over what has been accomplished during this Short time. Manager Wilson a father arrives Home saturday a Large number of friends of work manager w. T. Wilson of the merchant shipyard will gather on Satur Day afternoon to tender a Welcome banquet to or. Wilson a father who will Arvic at new York saturday at noon from a trip abroad from the a land of Bonnie coupled with the Welcome and the feast it is Likely the volstead act w ill be forgotten when it conies to tendering a Toast to the returned traveler who is so w Ell known in Olarri Man and Vicinity. Fir at Fleckenstine s with an $18,000 loss during the storm last sunday evening lightning set fire to a Large barn filled with the seasons crops on the place of or. Horace Flecken Sline Trenton Avenue Newport Ville. Fire companies from Hulmeville i Langhorne and Bristol responded j but owing to inconvenience of reaching a Supply of water no. I s pumper of Bristol was virtually useless. Despite the arrival of Cornwells company with an abundant Supply of chemicals the Wagon shed Chicken Coop and garage along with the j Large barn were completely destroyed entailing a loss of $18,000. Clarence Winter has just delivered to mrs. Thomas f. Muffett a five passenger Buick tour fling car. Some for they thought the last one me Best of the bargain not be these suppers finished he found he had been stunt have been so Well served in former but kept Kamely on until lie finish years that Large numbers attended. When ask a i hero id noun from the surrounding country towns Over in order that the above letter Auto trucks will leave hut Evilie at might be answered Corre Emy he 5.30 Bridgewater at 5.30 and de stated positively that nothing less Tho Setvin a Trai my trolley a an a a tend Lar bin Wou a induce Jose at riving by train or trolley Ihorn to again do the Job. Or. And mrs. Geo. A. Hussey of Edgely or. And mrs. Ralph Harris. Of Harriman miss Dorothy Coleman mail train service fire House of Philadelphia mrs Louise Watter and Many other improvements Are son of Nils Hville term a will leave things that can justly he credited to on saturday for a a week at fort Al the untiring efforts of their commit icy Salem n t tees. They have worked on a sound while James Bosler of 329 Dorr business and financial basis arid Ance Street was picking blackberries their actions have always been open in the Vicinity of Hulmeville a few and above Board. They will go Days ago acc Dently slipped in a Hole covered by Brushwood and severely the question was asked the editor of this paper on tuesday of this week by a disinterested Reader of the several articles which have appeared in the columns of this paper Why if. B. Mart Indell the chiropractor. Has a License to practise in new Jersey he does not give up the attempt to continue business Here in Pennsylvania Cross the River and notify his local patients of i change of address a the questioner also stated that with the wonderful results this Man has seemed to obtain. It would be a simple proposition for him to have his patients follow him across the ferry. The above was presented to mar Tindell and his answer to it follows a a Phis fight to obtain a foothold Here in Pennsylvania is not by any Means a personal one there Are now 600,-000 chiropractic adjustments Given in Pennsylvania each Day if i moved away and several others who Are chiropractors were forced to move it would not be a great while before this number would be greatly lowered. I claim and the philosophy which i practise has proven that the ill and weak can be aided by chiropractic there never was a new idea introduced to the world that was immediately accepted there always must be pioneers in every line sometimes these pioneers Are made to suffer but if by their suffering they ultimately gain something for the Good of humanity in general their suffering has not been in vain. That is my Case exactly the people of Pennsylvania need chiropractic As much As the people in any other state the Only Way possible to have Laws passed we Here by they can have it without fear of interruption is to make the Public sentiment in favor of it so Strong that the Law makers will ultimately be forced to recognize its Worth that is Why i am Here doing my mite in an attempt to alleviate the suffering of Mankind. For that reason and for that reason alone surely the dollars that May be gleaned in Pennsylvania have no More value than those to be made Jersey a new Jersey a Martindell continued a is Well taken care of they have numerous chiropractors who administer to the wants and needs of the people Pennsylvania and the people of this District where i have done some Good need me and so Long As i possibly can stay Here to help them Here 1 will stay. If i am put to personal inconvenience in order to administer to these people that will be part of the Load of the Pioneer which i will be forced to carry but i will carry it gladly for chiropractic and for the people whom chiropractic will Aid. Some few of us must suffer in order that the Many May be a prominent philadelphian one who is thoroughly acquainted with All the ramifications of the legislation of the medical acts which it is claimed effect the work of the chiropractors in this state much to the Surprise of the writer stated that if the medical practise act were rigidly enforced in All cases that Barbers would be required to pass a medical examination before they could shave a i Man or Cut his hair. He showed and convinced his listener that the shaving of a customer or cutting his hair under the wording of the act coins be construed if the Medicos cared to so construe it a a surgical operation. I his gentleman cited one instance in Idaho where a chiropractor Wras arrested for practising Medicine without a License. This a a Chiron immediately had warrants sworn out for the Nineteen Barbers who business in the town and when Twenty Bills were presented to grand jury for consideration took them All As a joke and Bills were returned. In comptroller Eckert of merchant shipbuilding corporation through c. James who is in charge of operations of the merchants Here in Harriman denied emphatically yesterday at there is any truth in the statement which has been circulated Here hat the m. S. C. Holdings in Chester had been disposed of and that the local Yard would soon resume activity. From a source which seemed to be most author Tive the editor of the Independent was informed on tuesday evening that the Sun Oil company had bought the greater portion of the property of the m. S. C. In Chester and that they were to utilize it for Oil storage purposes. All of the trackage belonging to the m. S. C. This same informant stated had been bought by the Pennsylvania r. R. Who acquired the major portion of the River front part of the Plant which they planned to convert into a Mammoth terminal. Rhe latter part of the statement agrees with a Story which appeared exclusively in this paper months ago when a detailed description of tentative plans of the Pennsylvania which were then supposed to be a fact was Given in these columns with the disposal of the Chester Plant of course it was stated that the merchants intended coming Back to Bristol As soon As the government vacated the Harriman property and Here it was claimed they intended to build at least six tankers each year. Six it was stated is the lowest number of this class of boat that can be built w Ith any Chance of breaking at least even on the proposition. Further than this wrent the dispenser of this seemingly Good news for Bristol the old Landreth farm is supposed to have been purchased during the past week from the Harriman interests by the american car and foundry company who in addition to working a Plant for their own purposes were said to have agreed to fabricate All the steel to be used in the building of ships by the shipyard. What a Beautiful dream this All would be if indeed it were True it would mean that the future of this Community would be assured for Bristol and this entire Section will never come into its own from within but will have to wait until progressive spirits come into the Community from the outside to Wake it up from its present lethargic condition. I his morning Bright and Early the writer called up or. James office in the Hope of making an appointment with him to talk Over the situation. Or. Janies was very Busy in a conference. The word came in answer to a Telephone inquiry and he would be most Busy All Day. The Newspaperman became insistent As newspaper men Are sometimes forced to be and or. James very kindly consented to be interviewed Over the wire. When the above tale was unfolded to him. He seemed surprised but stated that or. Eckert was in his office and he would ask him to verify or deny the tale. A positive denial was the answer that came Over the wire and it. Would seem that another Bubble had been busted. Yet when the denial was retold to a gentleman who was up to that time an unknown Quantity in the matter this gentleman stated that he had heard that or. Eckert himself was the source that the information first came from. This latter seems very strange in face of the denial. No did the the they True ahead into the next year with the same vigor and Pep that have marked their efforts in the past and As an organization composed of the people of Croydon they will still continue to work for the interests of Croydon. The ligaments in one of his w. C. T. U. Business meeting i he regular business meeting of the c. T. U. Will be held at the Home of miss Hughes 601 Radcliffe Street next tuesday evening August 16th. Sprained limbs. Miss sue 9 Wheeler of Radcliffe Street has been spending part of her nos Helen Godshall is the guest vacation with her parents in Bensa j this week of miss Helen Abbott of pm township 907 Radcliffe Street. Independent voted the Best yet the Independent has again been lauded. The Croydon improvement association at their meeting last saturday night unanimously voted it to be the Best All around weekly paper circulating through this Section of the country. The association had Long Felt that it needed a reliable paper that would print the announcements and notifications of the activities of the association. It was agreed that the Independent was the paper that filled All the requirements of what a newspaper should be. The association members Are requested to read the Independent and follow the association notices which will appear from time to time. The doings of the association w ill also be printed. For rent House for rent Pond Street just off Jefferson Avenue. Inquire National hardware store 8-5-t. Of a

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