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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - April 29, 1921, Bristol, PennsylvaniaThe Independent though fearless is fair those who do not subscribe for it borrow it from their neighbors. There must be a reason. Death Knell of Grund ism struck in a Bucko a Boss deposed Croydon citizens after a school Midway Farmer roasts bad roads theatre is anniversary offer to build one if school Board will Only co operate should have it Beaver dam Road damages and benefits still in doubt jury of View remains silent Why wants to knew Why roads around under ownership of David Sablosky Grundy a Corner Are ones repaired Only wonderful weeks program arranged for to celebrate it has in in Anage horse to and the editor of the Independent now that the weather proved a Little and we can to get into Bristol with one a buggy i have the time desire to let your readers know just that the Farmers have gone through the past two weeks in trying to Nav out in it drove a Gate the almost impossible roads Between Bristol and Midway. These roads May be truthfully likened unto a next week the Forrest theatre will celebrate the first anniversary under the ownership of David Sab Losky a gala week of motion picture entertainment has been arranged for starting off with the wonderful masterpiece of Otis Skinner of Bristol should turn next week and make every evenings performance a monster Success if for no other reason than to fittingly commemorate the newly ploughed Field. Ordinarily i Quot Quot of the Man who put. # it Bristol on the motion picture map. A team of horses was More than suf-1 local folks suave president of manufacturers association relegated to state of political Des etude Sproul and Crow sweep the Field after most spectacular struggle in history of slate politics Grundy forces beaten into fluent to draw a Load of Hay Bristol but All of last week it was necessary to Hook up three horses owing to the awful condition of the roads and in some spots it was All the three could do to pull along the empty Wagon it is a Miracle that some of the wagons reached their destination As some of the ruts in this Road Are at least 18 inches deep. The Farmers who tried to negotiate this stretch of Road with Auto trucks came to grief and in several instances had the greater portion of their loads bounced off the trucks. Now the object of this letter is to ascertain if possible just when this condition is going to be remedied when Are we going to get decent roads out in this Section. Two years ago we were told by a a Bossy Grundy that if we voted for a fifty million Dollar Road appropriation Bill the roads Between Bristol and Doylestown would be put in Good order at once. But instead of these roads being improved they Are allowed to get worse without any Effort to keep the promises made to us at that time. If this condition is allowed to run on much longer the Road might just As Well be closed As the will be absolutely impassable. Even after the slightest Shower they become a fair quagmire and after a heavy rainstorm they Are As near like an impassable swamp As anything could be. Why is it that these roads which tho Farmers Are forced to use continually Are so sadly neglected and that one Road running past the cemetery to and beyond Grundy a Corner is Ever kept in the Best of repair or. Independent Tell us How we can have this condition of affairs altered. A Midway Farmer editors note there is Only one Way or. Farmer from Midway and since our first Issue this paper has been constantly harping on the subject rebuke the Bosses and the gang that have kept Bucks county throttled for so Many years in the Only manner that they care about defeat them at the pos vote against every candidate and every measure which they advocate the Independence of spirit which you were endowed by forefathers and instead of blindly to the polls on each Day and voting for the picked candidates vote against them a after you have aided in whipping the a a Bossy several times he May he forced to realize that the taxpayers of this Community Are really entitled to some consideration is showing at Philadelphia shown at the 26th. Justine show with you r going election Grundy whether they know it or not and they should know it if they read the papers Are Given show s for the modest Price of admission charged at the Forrest As soon and in a number of cases sooner than they Are showed in the theatres on Market Street Philadelphia. In one striking instance manager Wilson of the Forrest secured a show for the Forrest three weeks before it was released to be shown in Philadelphia it was that great Success done put on by the Forrest and this news were paper for the Benefit of the Harriman Hospital Billie Burke Iii a the education of this was Only one instance. Eugene of Brien in a Broadway and played the Stanton theatre in Philadelphia the w Eek of april 18th�?this same picture was shown at the Forrest on March 17th. Be be Daniels in a ducks and Drakes a the Arcadia theatre this week it was Forrest on february Johnstone in a the plaything of Broadway a was shown at the Forrest last Friday evening it is showing this w Eek at the Palace in Philadelphia. A the kentuckians a shown at the Forrest March j 1st. Is at the Victoria. Philadelphia ibis week. A a officer 666�?� shown at the Forrest last saturday is this week at the Regent. A a Brewster millions and a the Devil a played the Forrest the week following their introduction in Philadelphia at the new Stanley theatre. A East Lynne a Hick will be shown at the Forrest on tuesday evening has not yet shown on Market Street Philadelphia. On May 9th, a Dollar a year Man a is booked for the Forrest and this week it is playing the Stanley. The above Are just a few instances of where Bristol is either close on the heels or just ahead of some of the leading houses in Philadelphia in showing the very latest releases obtainable. Why do not we see More of Clara Kimball Young says one disgruntled fan the appearance of this registered kick will come to the notice of manager Wilson for the first time when he reads this article for it was said to the writer. This w ill be All that is necessary to bring Clara Kimball to Bristol for if there is one thing that the management wish to do above All others it this proves the world is Small a a Gene Barrett meets old Bristol resident in Richmond va., left Here 1874 is to satisfy everyone. This ii rather a herculean task for any human being to attempt but if it is at All possible it will be done by the finished organization who now direct the destinies of the finest Small town picture House in this state. Disgruntled movie fans who have moved from Bristol to Trenton come Back Here to see the pictures can you imagine coming from Trenton to Bristol to go to the movies yet this is what they Are forced to do unless they wish to see shows Over again that were even them Here months 9go. Movie enthusiasts who have a special Star whose work they favor should not complain if they do not see this same Star on the Bill each w Eek. The work of these actors is limited. They Only make three or and a the King is dead Long live the Joseph r. Grundy so Long the King of lobbyists in Harrisburg has been uncrowned and his avowed political enemies governor Sproul and senator Crow the latter chairman of the state Republican party now hold full Sway Over both houses of the legislature. The death Knell to Grund ism was sounded last monday evening when speaker Spangler made a mister by declaring the House adjourned without taking a vote on the question and the opposition who have been stifled by Spaniel during the entire session were Quick to take advantage of his mistake and in less than three hours All the work accomplished by Grundy and his followers during the arduous weeks of the session was in Bills that had been shelved brought to Light were introduced and passed to second Reading. Just before one of clock tuesday morning the legislature was convened for another Day with All the pomp of daily procedure the Bills brought up for second Reading voted on and passed and with their passage the doom of Grundy Power was sealed. The mighty president of the manufacturers association rushed off from Harrisburg to Washington on wednesday hoping against Hope that his old Friend senator Penrose would come to his Rescue and at least save some vestige of his fast wanning Power at this writing no word has come out of Washington that would indicate that Penrose will take up the Cudgel for his former Friend and supporter and it is probably perfectly Safe 10 hold the funeral of Grundy a political Hopes. In every place in Bristol where men gather the downfall of Grundy has been the subject of discussion All week Long. Men who until now have considered him Invulnerable have suddenly stiffened their Backbone sufficiently to talk openly on the subject. Men who in years gone by would Stop and look around to Sec who was listening have been fearlessly stating their pleasure at tile political undoing of the Man who has ruled the destinies of Bristol with an Iron hand for so Many years of they All stick to their avowed intentions and exert their Power at the polls at the coming primaries Harrisburg w ill not be the Only place where a defeat will be registered against the local Boss but right Here in his Home town he will be rebuked by his fellow townsmen who claim that he has been the chief Factor in holding Back Bristol a Progress. What a change a few Short hours can make in the future and destiny of Mankind a How easy it is for Hie mighty to slip from the High places i he local school Board is again under lire by the indignant citizens of Croydon who Are demanding that some Steps be taken to locate a school there. At present the Small tots from the first to third grades Are compelled to walk Over a mile to the Badger school w Hile the other children after walking from one half to one mile to the trolley which the school Board has so graciously provided must go to the Harriman school Over three Miles away. As a time and tide Waits for no Man a and the trolley co. Is 110 exception the children must be on hand regardless of weather conditions and should there he Snow on the ground or a heavy rain the children after sitting All Day in their wet clothes Are in excellent shape for medical attention. Should they miss this walk on account of weather conditions or for any other reason except sickness a Fine of ten dollars costs etc., is levied on the parents. At present there Are Over Hundred and twelve students tending school from Croydon the resident tax payers feel that number warrants other than the legion Benefit will be great Success but fill corks in a Joy time will the Forrest theatre next thursday evening one at mid this in different attitude which the school Board has assumed towards the present deplorable situation. The Lack of co operation on the part of the school Board has always been evident altho committees and individuals have approached them from time to time imploring Relief from this disgraceful situation but they have either been turned Down or Given unsatisfactory answers until they Are almost discouraged of Success. One committee representing the Croydon improvement association offered to build a school the Eom lit Unity standing the expense but even this magnificent offer was never acted upon altho promises flowed fast Anil free. $ the people Are at a loss to understand the utterly indifferent and Unco operative attitude which the local school a a prevention Board has assumed. At one time advertisements were inserted in Ltd a papers 4o the erect that the school Board would accept bids for motor bus transportation of students to the Harriman school but evidently this was considered too Good for no action was Ever taken and Hie children were ordered to proceed via trolley. Much interest is being taken in the renewed efforts to dislodge the school Board from the a no school stand they have assumed and in the meantime the children continue to walk. Cemetery Road is land of Spooner citizen complains of Auto parties who hide themselves along this stretch of Highway the proven urday. Morn degrees world is indeed Small As was to Eugene Barrett last sat or. Barrett was in Rich-va., assisting in conferring on knights of Columbus in the Southern City and when he was introduced the chairman of the meeting spoke of him As coming from Philadelphia or. Barrett of course corrected him As he is Rath Jer proud that his Home is in by is j Tol and he went ahead and made his talk. At the conclusion of his remarks he was approached by a gentleman from among his listeners who introduced himself As Charles Yardley who in Early life was a resident of Bristol although he left this town in 1874. It was rather surprising to see this gentleman wearing a fourth degree Button of the k. Of c., because w Hen a resident of Bristol he was a member of the methodist Church Here. However after explanations had been made or. Yardley insisted on the visitor from Bristol calling at his Home the following Day sunday after Church and he entertained or. Barrett Ai dinner and asked about All his old friends in town Here. Or. Yardley is the son of High Constable Strickland Yardley who years ago was known As four picture each year and for this Winner reason you cannot see them any of Tener than that for the Forrest will show nothing unless it is new and will not give Bristol fans any pictures that Are old and out of Date. You Are getting the Best to be had w hat More can you ask. Bristol represented at Guild convention on thursday next nine ladies will represent the Bristol Branch of the Needle work Guild of America at its 36 the session at the Bellvue Stratford Philadelphia. A luncheon w ill be provided for All the delegates at visitors expense but a reception and Buffet supper will be Given in the evening by mrs. Baker of Rosemont to All the officers and delegates. Those who intend going ave mrs. Louis Spring mrs. Clifford Anderson mrs. William g. Bookman mrs. D. O. Taylor and miss Esther Lawrence All officers of the Bristol Branch and the delegates will be mrs. John Hargrave mrs. T. Downing and mrs. Serrill Douglass. Of Power to the Depths of dismal failure the spectacle of Pennsylvania a strongest Leader deposed by the hand of Fate in a few Short hours is proof conclusive that no matter How Strong a politician or a political manipulator May be he is Only As Strong As his cohorts allow him to be. Being so decisively beaten it is Safe to assume that Grundy will never be Able to come Back. That he will try there is no doubt that he will attempt to ignore the fact that he has been soundly spanked is almost a certainty but trying to come Back and coming Back Are two distinctly different things. Champions in other lines of Endeavor have tried to come Back and in almost every instance they have utterly failed. The world and the Public loves to ride along with a once defeat visits the Camp of a person tho Glamor of being with a sure Winner is removed and that time on it is pretty rough Ding trying to regain prestige once has been lost. It could not be ascertained at the time this article was written whether governor Sproul had insisted on having the manufacturers tax Bill assessing manufacturers two Mills Resit rec ted and passed or not. The Independent Hopes that he has for if he has it will mean that the defeat of Grundy is not Only Complete but overwhelming. Every other measure that he opposed has been passed and the passing of this special Bill which would materially Aid the state in making up their appropriations would he a most fitting Climax to the most stupendous political upheaval in the history of state politics in Pennsylvania. From Slid Liat Bristol card club theatre party one of the prominent residents of the cemetery Road in conversation with a representative of the Independent on wednesday deplored several most disgraceful situations along this Road that Are almost of nightly occur Aiice. He went into sordid detail that would not look Well in print and requested the editor of this paper to make Public the situation so that either the state police or some other vested authority might travel this Road occasionally and clean up a condition that is becoming a real menace. This gentleman states that three or four nights each week automobiles can be found drawn up on the Side of the Road where they stand for hours at a time. On several occasions cars have driven into the private Lane belonging to his property and when he told them to move along he has been told to go to a place that has the reputation of being warmer even than the wan nest part of the tropics. A a Man does not care to go out on his own property and be insulted by these depraved creatures,1 stated the citizen a and i do not care to take a shot gun and shoot them off the place i feel that a Little sir Verlance on the part of the township county or state authorities will relieve our neighbourhood of this dreadful this same citizen also complained of conditions at the Croydon station of the Pennsylvania. Here he claims a number of hoodlums Are Ever to be found when the late train arrives at night and it is unsafe he avers for a lady to go there alone and wait for this train. All of his guests who must return to the City on this train he brings to the Bristol station rather than submit them to the indignity of listening to the language indulged in by these persons whom he terms As everything is in readiness for the minstrel presentation that will be Given in the Forrest theatre next thursday night under the auspices of the Burnt Cork association for the Benefit of the Robert Blacken Post 382, american legion. The final rehearsal has been held the last touch has been put on to various details and the whole great outfit is in App Lepie order for what will undoubtedly be the. Most spectacular performance Ever attempted by the Burnt Cork boys. The performance which is fittingly called a Joy time a was prepared and will be presented under the direction of Gauntt Holmes in collaboration with j. Arthur Lowden. For weeks these two have worked assiduously to bring the show up to its present state and thursday it will be seen that they have not worked in vain. The scenery and Scenic effects throughout were built by or. Lowden especially for the a Joy time production and when the w Ork is seen in All its brilliantly illuminated splendor tonight it will readily be realized that his Job toward a Fine cause has been no Small one. And while or. Lowden wast making scenery for the circus scenery for the several skits and scenery for various other things mrs. Loulen. His wife was creating and developing costumes that will be worn by the Twenty girls who will appear in an especially appealing number. Besides the gowns there were hats to be made wands to be made and several other conceits essential to the Success of the big undertaking. The performance will open with a great circus scene in which boys w ill have an Opportunity to do some especially Fine work. Specialities will be introduced and there will be some excellent singing and dancing together with a Novelty shooting act and a trained elephant stunt. Ben Cook will be the ringmaster at the circus and other members will portray freaks and glad sights seen in the big tent in the Good old summer time. Following the circus scene there will be a sket Cli entitled a shall of Gold in the Palace of mirth which will introduce h. C. Carman and p. B. Vansciver As colonial gentlemen and t Wenty girls descending abroad staircase. The girls will represent a adventure a a ambition a a Hope a a a vanity and various other phases of life and things and will be costumed accordingly. The scene undoubtedly will be one of the most strikingly spectacular and impressive Ever seen on the stage of the Forrest theatre. Iii connection with the a shall of Gold scene there will be fitting music and a dance by miss Florence Kaplan miss Doris Horner in Carman and p. B. Vansciver. At the conclusion of the a shall of Gold scene the regular old time Burnt Cork minstrels will be put on. With additional novelties and new features. The Entrance it is said will be decidedly novel. C. Gauntt Holmes following the custom of years will be the interlocutor and his end men will be Edward r. Carman j. Park Mcconnell Harold v. Holmes and Walter Sharpe. All these Are old in minstrelsy All Are great favourites and great Joy is promised the Many who will attend the performance. The finale will he entitled a a columbian a court of Honor a another great spectacular production which will show a number of girls gowned to represent the various nations of the Earth. Still another feature of the performance will he the orchestra which is the Burnt corks own musical organization. Olin m. Slack is the director and the members include Joseph Bassie jr., Carlton Tillinghast George w. Baylie Stephen Hewitt Michael Mcadams Edward Whomsley u. S. Grant Troxell Arthur White Orville Purdy Fred Haines William g. Birkmire and Uriah Woolman. A the committee of the legion who will be credited with the big Success now assured consist of f. R. Leibfried miss Adelia Wright miss Keeler or. E. J. Laing j. G. Thompson e. G. Ehart j. A. Carr and j. P. Lawler. Country club to hold Bazaar and dance mid week vaudeville off at the Forrest annual launching at merchants Chester Yard or. And mrs. E. L. Fries yesterday attended the launching of the 10,000 ton Tanker Fuent at the merchant shipbuilding Plant at Chester. Saturday evening will be a Date for which one card club will always have pleasant recollections. The members have not been meeting of late but have concluded to renew their get together sessions and will tomorrow evening form a theatre party and attend a play. The club meets for cards in the afternoon at the Home of miss Marian sin it ii Philadelphia who is a member the club. Of of manager Wilson of the Forrest theatre announces that wednesday vaudeville will be discontinued foe the summer months. With the approach of hot weather the management feels that their patrons will be better pleased with big feature pictures than with the mid week vaudeville attractions and As a consequence announce this change of policy until further notice. Coloured Folk band to oppose Grundy local Branch of statewide movement formed to Aid in overthrow of a Bucko Bossy the coloured folks of Pennsylvania arc up in arms against the Grundy ring and organizations Are being formed to combat every ticket put in the Field and sponsored by either Grundy or Penrose. Last week the citizens Wellfare Alliance was formed in Bristol and its membership avows that they w ill make it very interesting for the Bosses at the coming primaries and elections. A monster meeting of coloured citizens was held last week n the rooms of Hie coloured Community More than two Hundred voters being in attendance. The speakers of the evening were William e. Henry pres of the citizens Republican Hii in Philadelphia and Samuel b. Hart who holds a position in the Public building in Philadelphia. Both proved to be inspired talkers and they outlined the efforts of the Allied coloured clubs in Philadelphia who Are making an Effort to administer a rebuke to the Grundy pen Rose interests for their action during this session of the legislature in aiding the killing of the a equal re hts Bill which the coloured citizens had introduced and were particularly anxious to have passed. Rile coloured vote in Philadelphia is very Large and the organisation being formed there now consists of More than live thousand members each one of w Hom is pledged to gain a certain number of votes against any ticket put in the Field by the Grundy Penrose gang. The local Branch started off with a flourish and Steps have already been taken to line up every coloured Man and woman Iii the county who have a vote and they w ill jail be there must be a reason someone who is powerful enough to enforce silence must have voiced a request that the report be withheld property owners must Mark time there grandchildren May receive Money which should have been paid years ago when if Ever is the jury of View appointed to assess damages and benefits when Beaver Street was widened where it Bas been widened going to submit a report who is it that is holding Back this report what is the object of Ullin whoever is powerful enough to do this in having the report held Back 3 who can answer the above questions or will those who Are qualified to answer them do so or pro cra3tinatc further and just ignore the Issue i the facts in the Case so far As is known to those interested in this Borough outside of the ruling and All High Power of the town Are As follows after the Pennsylvania station w As moved it was decided by those who direct the destiny of Bristol that it w Ould be the proper thing to do to Widen the Beaver dam Road from forty to sixty feet in Width. The Contention of these self appointed mentors of the affairs of Bristol was that the property along this thoroughfare would be greatly increased in value and As a consequence the property owners would be glad and Happy to donate the necessary land and pay for its improvement the property owners thought differently and contended that the Public at Large would be the ones to receive the most Benefit and this the fact and that any expense thai would lie incurred by the improvement should be borne by be a the overthrow of slogan will a the officers of the local organization Are Louis Wilhite pres., mrs. John Cook v. Pres., Earl Ross sec�?Ty., mrs Sarah Roe ass. Sec�?Ty., Charles Young treas. Buckman a pet Bill probably dead his attempt to sneak change of Lincoln Highway route expected to fail Sena 794, looks at this writing As if Tor Buck Niani a pet Bill v no it. Which was to have been railroaded through without anyone in this county knowing anything about it or its provisions will die peacefully in committee. If the Bill were passed it would mean that the tax payers of Bucks would be shouldered with about five Hundred thousand dollars Worth of taxation to change the route of the Lincoln Highway through Langhorne. This paper has not been Able to ascertain just who is to be the big Benefactor from the honorable if6. 8e Clarences move but it looks As if the big upset in the lower House of course their proportionate share. That seemed to be simple enough and with great pomp and ceremony the jury of View was named William Stuckert of Doylestown was the chairman named or at least he was Given the Job of bossing the viewing proposition hearings were held and witnesses called and their testimony duly recorded. This is approximately six years ago 01 longer and since that time nary a report has been made. About three years ago it is said Howard James the attorney in the Case requested the court at Doyles through town it to ask for the findings of the b jury or. Stuckert it is claimed stated to the court at that time that the papers in the Case were mislaid temporarily but that he would Hunt them up and in several Days submit his report. Aforesaid report is still forthcoming and the papers probably by the time Are mildewed. Some of the property owners along the Road that was w widened set Back their property lines and any building operations that were started were planned in accordance with the new line others there were who refused to allow any Steps to be taken toward demolishing their lines until they were satisfied that the award of the jury met with their approval and they were perfectly a right in the stand taken by them who turned Over their land Are still unpaid for it and if the present status of the Case is allowed to continue they will never will remove the danger of the Bilut slipping through. 11 0 paid and Tlle terrible situation Why any senator from this county a Bich leaves two a death traps in would have the temerity to try and pfc nifty to each other the forge slip through a Hill of this kind that Bride a Over the canal and the Hor would take so much Money to carry condition that exists at the out. With the roads of the county new Buckley Buckley in such a deplorable condition is and Beaver Street where accidents Are averted each Day by a hair breadth Are allowed to remain. The canal company of course sit Back and lick their chops tickled to death Over the muddle because it saves them from expending any share on the improving of the Bridge. When the argument was boing Bill does happen to sneak i peace before the Pennsylvania rail hours of the Rukhl officials to move the station of Iii Ore than human intelligence can realize. Being a member of the Grundy ring and the Leader of the faithful seven in the Senate it must be that he from Langhorne became satiated with the idea that anything could be pulled Over on the people and they could be made to like it. Of the through in the closing present session Clarence j. Will find himself in a hotbed of indignant Public protest when he arrives Home. The Bucks county country club. Of Langhorne will Endeavor to help its finances by holding a two Days fair and a dance on saturday evening. Mrs. Win. E. Dodds. Mrs. Walter f. Leedom mrs. Stanford k. Runyan and miss Elizabeth Runyan will assist at the fancy table and it 4s whispered that miss. Eleanor Foulke will by her knowledge of palmistry delve into the future and divulge its secrets to those who bring Forth the necessary coins. Miss Fowlke will probably be garbed in a costume befitting her profession and have a tent similar to the nomadic tribe to which she is sup posed to belong. Community card party May 9th Ai Iother Opportunity for the lovers of card playing will be afforded on monday May 9th, when a come to Gether of the card clubs will again be held in the elks Home. A lie Experiment of bringing the players together by invitation will be tried and it is hoped will meet with Success. A prize will be Given to the person persuading the greatest number to attend names to be handed Iii writing and the named persons who already belong to any card club will not be counted. A few More prizes will be needed by the committee. Mrs. E. J. Fries mrs. Win. Dodds and mrs. W. T. Wilson attended a matinee party at the Lyric theatre Philadelphia wednesday. Tomorrow is opening Day at Wintersteine a and they Call attention to the fact that they have a Complete quota of june records which arc said to be most entertaining. Or where it now stands a wonderful map was prepared for them. Beaver dam Road was shown to be geographically in the Centre of the town if the station was Only. Moved it w Ould be widened and made into a Beautiful Boulevard. The chief supplicant for the removal of the station who wished to increase the value of his property in that Section of the town went on record As being willing to donate some fab ions sum for the completion of the proposed Boulevard something Between $25,000 and $35,000 was promised. The Boulevard ii no nearer a realization today than it was that Day in the private car Back of the old Pennsy station when these in elaborate promises w Ere made made As so Many other promises simply to be broken. The object of this article is not an attempt to get the Boulevard plan pushed through for the writer docs not believe that this improvement w ill Ever be made by the present gang in Power it is simply written in an attempt by publicity to Force the jury of View to divulge or make Public their findings in order that property owners who have Given up the Twenty feet desired by the Borough May be reimbursed for their Pound of flesh. These same continued on Page five

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