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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - April 25, 1930, Bristol, Pennsylvania A i Law i pm i our aim to be helpful to every Good cause to Deal fairly by everybody to keep our columns clean to be constructive. Marble shoots for National honors now on be old gun need on Granite being erected Post office ground dedication to be on decoration Day a Monument in memory of the 4 4 officers and 461 men from Bristol Civ la in unum the Civ ii War is being erected on the on the Beaver Street. Ide of the Post office plot through proms i by the late capt alter the death or capt. Lund i eth Little i lore than a year ago a memorandum was found expressing of purpose to erect a memorial at is own expense to the a boys in ranks i Quot a a Union ii Khz. In Jaccoi dance with this1 memorandum his children have car-1 tied out his Tredes Aud on memorial Way the Monument will he unveiled. ,Ial wii1 be undue in that the pyramidal Barre Granite Pedestal which Tot is the base will what Htu Mcd by a a Lola a Cannon Winch has seen service under six time i a which supt. Land ret ii ?x7n no 01,1 he government in 1 i a the giant work is boing done by Bristol a Well known Monument expert William a. Carver ?s.? a had it by he late Landreth. Bel Mission to place Lite Monument on Tim Post office grounds obtained ii the government x sh01 try Iii he put in the memorandum which cant Landretti left is a follow that the men of the world Wate Jove Hail erected a Monument to top memory by Public control by idiot a i have concluded to erect he Putrn men. Preshur Frlj Toj a a Rench Bronze six Pounder As especially fit ting. A the gun captured by the ran to Lias a history identified throughout by its name a Leberger being cast in 1762 according a to the inscription. The gun was identified by its name and the double los the lilies of France and the two dolphins. It Bas travelled thousands of Miles i and has been in hundreds of Battles taken by the americans at Molino Al key and captured by the a Blue bellies from the a Gray i saw it on a broken Down Caisson in a Street in Chambersburg i a abandoned by Mccau Saiid june 30th, j sgt. A i will add that i purchased the gun from the United states Autliori-vo.1 be Frankford Arsenal in / now i contemplate using it As Monument to the Bristol boys who wore the for some years the old gun was placed outside the Landreth seed company warehouse where it always attracted attention. Now it will be mounted on enduring Granite a few feet away from the memorial to the boys who fought in the world Wai. On the face of i he Granite Pedestal will be a Hinze plat0, hearing in raised letters the following inscription in memory of 1 the 44 officers and 461 men from Bristol who fought for the Union 1861-1865 this gun a Berger was made France in 1762 captured by the spaniards captured by the mexicans c captured by the americans 1847 captured from the confederates 1863 presented by Burnet Landreth Captain army of the Potomac. Soffit. 3h�ctln� a a is Are nolo Rit it a urn Luc o Lua Delphiia Al. Tro Poun i ornament in ton ducting of bum 1,1 f area a Der Sewanee Burk i oi"15 scold Council. Bucks courtly if again coloured and rely a a Vidd Imo i. Ii cts Bristol is in the in is �1sk�?~�?~ Al a a is ,mvi1 As loll let co a i chevies a. He yer is chairman. Tim a inner of the Philadelphia Otro Politza tournament will represent Tho Philadelphia metropolitan Lac National Marble shoot a v Zuur ,1<�?T it to by Btu old it Ocean a Juno 22 to 27th. B j Bristol District has been Dir 1d�?z11ut l0ui divisions Bristol d,,1iu and it do of chiral a Ali Only j . Public school Buston j of Lis Iii in Olio Ani Paro 1 schools Aud j in ii in Lei 11 town ship Public anti parochial schools. I Fie program of the a Bho Otsy Hud out for Tho schools by or. Sellyei a Hon 1,ul4iis it it a school Champion ships must be by monday la whoop District must no decided by eth so thai each a a in Lier can compete a Thampi Oship to be Bristol on thursday skylight saving again. Henyu a go ready to retire sat urday night he sure to set Yoni i clock an hour ahead for Daylight Sig conies effective again next sunday morning. By this device we die Given us extra hour of Daylight lot Woik or play or whatever we Vosh to do with it we May talk we please about a kidding oui th�2 but Tbs act re a a is that he changing of tile clocks affords us a a a a Nie or Soli baseball Tennis miming and motoring. The far Whf i Dishuk in and Proback always 10 a la be Idra a a a be her i. In a year it will be observe wet no 8,ates 8,1,1 Twenty 11 ii fal1 clues and in Europe Tim in a Quot serve i 111 great Britain the Lush Bree state France Bel Etu Mand Portugal. And in Many Nahau Sel their facts against ii to nevertheless will be unofficially observed. Though. You know what be april 2 8 til. Cham i t n. Hip Tuet Uay april school disuse i in tile District i held bore May isl j. 1 pineal of die District championships will play m the divisional at Newtown on saturday May urn at 2.30 p. In. The Winner of this championship will a a in the county championship a contest at Doylestown on tue play is Adamou Hay 6til, at 4 a m. Rules Foi Marble shoot Iii bulletins Nave Bern Given to various schools and they Are i funding elimination contests. Those Green hats. Atter looking Over the Bristol Baster Parade we have come to the conclusion that the girls have gone a Lippy Over sea Green hats Quot it May t Tat the milliners have Sonn Marble i for Radii fitted ignorance Iak. And clean up and then grease it and ifs just the Ching to make Candy on a said Jim. While Jim Isnit sure where he is going he is confident he will be taken care of and or will have at least one souvenir from his Large eject Ion. A collection which folks say is All that holds his Shack together. Minster has photos taken of Brown Davis Headquarters Here presumably the file As exhibits five cents a copy. Ehm Sib other name for the color but they re sea Green to irs. He Parade was about what we expected it would be. Bristol a feminine Pulcher etude was out in Roe i he town certainly has no cause to be ashamed of it. And it looks As ii the Young men were going to go without hats again and the now thief who locked pastor in closet still at Large so tar the no need any Apprey elision up the Rev. Police have not anti log Jess toward the of the Man who held Paul if. Rouge in the Ion lutheran Church last saturday morning robbed him and shut him up in a Small closet in the Church study after which Hen ailed up the door leaving or. Rongo to suffocate. Or. Runge escaped by uttering a Hole through tuition flowing him in get into an adjoining Host the door of which had not lifer based by the thief. I a Lobber 3 actions were so unusual thut there is a belief he May be a demented Man. He had been loitering about the Church saturday morning and was hiding in the Entrance Hall of the Church when i or. Rouge entered. He ordered the Pasini to a stick up his hands a i marched him three times around the Church auditorium and sought a place in which to imprison him finally ordering or. Rouge to hand of a what Money lie had and get into the closet. I lie Man got $20 from the Church funds and hum the pastors pockets. He is described As being about 5 feet 7 inches tall with heavy eyebrows. He spoke fairly Good English. He wore a Long Gray overcoat. He previously had represented himself As a fire inspector and obtained the keys to the Church of our Saviour but nothing was missed Thea re. Robert r. Logan tells rotarians of Progress of animal welfare work in a the love Parade at a the Riverside theatre featuring a the love Parade a Maurice Chevalier and Jeanette Macdonald will be the feature at the Riverside theatre monday i tuesday and wednesday. The film is described a a the audible screens first original musical Romance. An added comedy will be Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in Paramount sound news also is billed. A a thursday and Friday a fast life a a Story of Young folks will be shown. Tomoi Row afternoon and evening Ken Maynard la his first talking picture a the a Wagon master a a Western thriller will be the feature. A new serial a the Ace of Scotland lard will be inaugurated and Here will be a Laurel Harding comedy. The show tonight will be William Case in Quot the g Gene murder i Bristol rotary club observed a be kind to by Eek at its meeting yesterday when the club Bari As its guest Robert r. Logan of Eddington head brother. S. A. Animal welfare department theosophical older to service and president of Tho american anti vivisection society who spoke on a Man and tile f or. Logan reviewed briefly the development of recon Ilion of the lights of the animals to humane treatment. Ile said that even now Only a beginning is being made. The P. C. A. And its agents Are doing very Good work but he said that Tilers is growing a More Radical movement by which people Are leaving meat out of their diet eschewing the use of fur and in other ways taking a stand against the use and consumption of Rood and clothing obtained through suffering and cruelty. Or. Logan ii As devoted his Lite to the cause of animal welfare. New Law puts penalty on delinquent taxpayers will repeat easter music the easter or. Horace Fleckenstine tax collector for Bristol township. Calls attention to a fact that probably is not known to Many property owners but which is of real importance to them. It is that the last legislature enacted a Law in May 1929. That All property taxes which Are not paid by the first monday in May 1930, must be entered in the county music which was Sung a a the first Baptist Church last sunday will be repeated at both ser ices next sunday because of Many requests. Commissioners office in with 5 per cent added month overdue and i per cent for each succeeding month for four months after which the county commissioners must proceed to eol a a Jiniv Richardson a getting ready to move. W ill the accumulation of 44 rain a cd re acting surrounding him. Jim Richardson is waiting for moving Day. We chatted with him the other Day outside ii is Shack at Cedar and Market streets. He was poking a some boards about fishing oui a Jug Here a bottle there a piece of old Don or whatnot. He was taking what might be called a last look at stuff that Lins been in his Possession nearly half a Century for the tide of i Ogress is about to sweep Jim a Shack away and when it goes Jim will locate elsewhere. Already the old building on Cedar Street adjoining Jim s place Lias been torn Down and within a Short time Jim a Shack will meet the same Fate. Modern garages will he built on the land. J a a i Here a a Good screw top Jug Jim remarked As lie pulled the con Tainer from under some rotting a boards. A and those bottles a Point my to a collection of old timers a Are Good enough to put anything in. I in going to give that piece of Grindstone to Charlie Thompson. I be got two other pieces. Foil make a mistake in throwing Grindstone away. When they get too Small to list for sharpening tools you can take a Hammer and Pound then up into scouring Sand to clean pans a nid kettles. There san old sink that still Good. Look at All those crockery jars i ainu to going to bother about a or. Richardson moves slowly and toils Mely about his place. We. Wondered How he was Able to climb Ever the rickety pile of half broken buckets and tubs and junk to reach the place where he was fussing around. But he explained. Doc Groom told me to take things he said a and that a what i in doing. I used to hurry and i got some Falls. Now i go slow and easy and done to have under the impression that lie a Veteran of the Navy we asked Richan Floii something about naval service. A i never was in the Navy a replied. A i was in the army in army of Virginia under Mcclellan and his successors. Like a lot of other Young snips of boys i lied about my age and enlisted Here in the last War the boys were trying to keep out of the fighting but we youngsters were being to get in. They were taking men from 18 to 4 5. I was a big boy for my age and although i was Only 15, i looked 18, and that a what i said i was. My i leg ii ent was the 88th Pennsylvania and Wagner was our brigadier general i got wounded in the Battle of the after the War or. Richardson went West and for some years lived in Ohio. He was born and brought up in Wheata Eaf and he must have eaten Bristol herring As a Young limn for he came Back to Bucks county in 1880 he located of Cedar and Market the Street from his Cile. There he kept a which he finally was asked to dispose of their perfume being objectionable to neighbors. In 188 6 he moved into his present Shack which a previously bad been a Butcher shop i on the opposite Side of Market j Street. And from 1886 until a year j or two ago he has been gathering whatever stuff other people did no to want and keeping it for a a Rainy How she get her name. Nuj ficus it Suflas 11 As a Small brighten to by Milttie it Lau her named a of remarked that she looked As if the name might be appropriate. Mall a Swee Little Iri sail or Buaas. A when i was in the Cleek army there would come rumours of peace which would be de Voyed y the actualities of War j i Hen would come More rumours of i Leace and More fighting. I made Al it y mind that when the War really ended and i got Home and got mar ind i should have a Little girl i Quot Oul. Name her Irene. So when this one came along that is what we named Irene for the Benefit of those May not know was the greek Dess of peace. Who god Bristol unusual Brown Davis in the tc1s is like a 10 a sure Iii 01.�?~.s investigation into Ben atonal Campaign expenses to be conducted by the special committee of senators appointed to probe into primary expenditures in states Bele senatorial elections Are to be held this year. I Ranklin Gilkeson chairman of j the Bucks county Brown Davis Campaign committee says that. Wiiilie he was away one Day this week Ellwood Minster the Active i Nalt of senator Grundy a workers in and about Bristol engaged a photographer who took photographs of the Interior of the quarters As a Well As the exterior. The photographs Are really very Excel out examples of the photog a v s Ait. They reveal a the Palms azaleas daisies the Nice Sweet Canary Bird the leather j upholstery and other fixtures that make the Headquarters reflective of or. Gilk Csont a appreciation of hat5-Mony and Beauty. I. Gilkeson a that ii hed he ave them Ami have i la Zottl Enterprise in met Tum for Bim saved bother there would self a Een Quot a Denns he Job Liim i believe that a political hear quarters shoo be a vac he t it men Quot Iti a Quot do a a a he i Gilkeson. A tile in Lutes Quot re As valuable As the mens and you would be surprised to Wmk Quot a a a Lei of Radics who dlr put Quot to make inquiries. Several Hae 001110 in to but flow Era but of course we referred them to the florists explaining Ive my so that we had nothing Toad it a it attracted by our Tanury and the Indian Thrush came Fen. A Sonie Birdseed by Quot be re cd her to a person Likely to Deal Etee in says he will petition court to open ballot boxes if Laws not lived up to strict watch to be maintained a t polling an Well sex Pul one Feather no bed. E ran across thin in change and its so True and we must run it do you remember the old Story of j in Indian who heard about Feather x is and thought he would try one he took one Feather Laid it on a Plank and slept on it All night in the morning he woke up with a Click in his Back and growled Triman say leather bed Heap son. White Man big some retail merchants try advertising like that. I hey run an advertisement Onee or twice Ann because they do not note a big increase in business say that advertising is not Good for them. One Feather is All right but it takes More than one to make a Feather bed. The same principle applies to advertising. If intelligently planned and used satisfaction and profitable returns Are certain. A Mutt show will give every dog his Day May 6th the last big haul of Shad. 0 Little item last week about vil1 l1,"8 in Quot la Delaware caused Luck confine to become reminiscent alter dinner in the Keystone hotel the other night. Quot the last big haul of Shad was Lavadae Here the night of april a 1919. Said Dick a it was made by my Iother John and de Swangler and they hauled 167 Shad after one dint. Since then the hauls have become smaller and smaller a Dick himself used to be a real Fisherman. He knows where All the obstacles Are that rip the Gill nets. Theres the sunken wit of the Hannah Coleman for instance and. The sunken Sand barges further Down the River. The fishermen have to be sure of their bearings when they Are a making a Drift or expensive nets Are destroyed. Or. Grundy and prohibition any was or. His he the on the streets present flock of asked Corner Aci Oss Domi goats. Iday a a in Ltd never sol 1 a Quot it a think he me ii St probably has As Fine a collection of medical almanacs mail order Cata logs bottles jugs tin cans pieces of Iron ice tongs chains that have Hung outdoors so Long that they Are x 1 or re a. A Are going to find themselves owing a 5n Mink in general As is to be considerable be than theh lax Fob Quot a any by a Quot Bucks county Bills if they neglect to pay up before r to Quot s to bother the first monday in May. P la a a Hen 1 to of a said a a a my in May. J j m going to keep at pie e of when Henry h. Curran of new York head of the association for repeal of the eighteenth amendment was on the witness stand at the lobby investigation hearing in Washington last week the chair Man. Senator Caraway asked him if his association was lending its support to any of the Pennsylvania candidates for United states senator. As to posted in the daily papers or. Curran admitted that he a had heard of or. Grundy Quot and that a the and or. Davis and the rest of them had been a a considered by the association. \ on see a or. Curran explained a some of them Are dry apparently and others Are straddling and others Are silent like or. Davis. Nobody knows How lie does stand at least before the Pennsylvania people in tile primary and they say he cannot say anything of course because lie is in the Cabinet. If he would get out of the Cabinet they would Knolt a v hat he was a i see a said senator Caraway a of nobody in tile Cabinet can a we do not hear them talk a or. Curran said. A and nobody else does a. Commented senator Caraway. A a the other candidate air. Grundy is in the Senate a suggested senator Blaine. I hey can talk in the Senate a said senator Caraway. A they certainly can a agreed air. Cd Nan. A i suppose a said senator Blaine a air. Grundy has a talked darn Small on tile prohibition question to use his a Well replied air. Cur ran a i can to find anything that he association. Has said about prohibition a h1&Quot �?1 a a would phew him to against air. Curran evidently is less astute than the Bucks county w. C. T. U., which some ten Days a an endorsed senator Grundy. I be Bristol a nuut show commit Lee is going to make the saying a every dog has his Day a come True on tuesday Alay 6. That will be the Date of the big Mutt show. Quot very boy and every girl who is proud of his or her pet dog will have a Chance to enter it in the Competition. There will be five classes and three prizes will be awarded Iii each class ugliest in appearance not disposition dogs prettiest dogs sans f�88�?T Lai 8est d08��?T Aada is we Iel Date be and class will not keep a dog out it Likely that Blue blood will be quite a Handicap in this show which is intended to glorify the everyday dog unacquainted with its ancestors.1 in this event the county P l ?0 no by scouts the Bristol i c1, and the boys week organization Are cooperating. At a me. Ting i n the i Ravel club Home this week preliminary plans were gone Over. It was decided to have the show in a Hall rather than out of doors so that there May be no disappointments should the weather he unpleasant. A Small entry fee to cents Mil be charged which Iso will include admission to the show. And there will be a Small admission fee. Probably 5 cents lot children and to cents for adults the charges being decided on because tilde will be some expense in connection with the event. There Are absolutely no conditions attached to the show other than that the mutts must be in Good physical health and must be tile a two if boys and 8irls in Aad about Bristol. Hie judging will be done by out of town people so that every exhibitor will be sure that he will get unprejudiced consideration. Mutts Are to be brought to the exhibit place Between 4 and 5 of clock judging will Start at 5.45 and the show will by Over by 9 of clock. N such Dungs. Another lady came in to inquire if we could refer Lier to a respectable Rooming place bes or m1�?T0"1 an Quot did of Best to Obi be. Please the people that a oui motto As Well As the motto of cur candidates. A was to the expansiveness of our headquarter a that a a lot or Bologna. I own the Canary Bird / u a 8he? a delightful Silt Oei and a pleasant Beautiful i companion. I also own the Indian j Hob a truly Beau Tipul Bird As All our Caners agree. I own the leather Chaus and the leather settee and the minor which f moved from my a office. John Smoyer owns the desk. We rented the typewriter and the Palms so As a matter of fact die local Brown Davis Headquarters is equipped at Small expense but nevertheless is attractive which a political Headquarters should All. Milliner s motive Iii Haing the pictures taken is regarded As an act of reprisal for the circulation of a petition by air. Gilkeson and others praying the senatorial Campaign funds investigation committee to come to Bristol and investigate their declaration that they a have just my reasonable cause to believe the a will be an excessive use of Money and other improper and illegal Mea us used to influence the voters of Bristol o East their votes at the coming primary places Bracken Post to enter boys in world series strict War Cli will be maintained Zvy z po1is in a isto1 on Uprinia Gay a it Franklin Gilkeson chairman he Bucks county Brown Davis Amna Ign committee said yester we intend to see to it that com Peem and Alert watchers Are Sta toned at every polling place and pal a vulgarly in the sixth Ward. Ii the election in not conducted 1,1 entire conformity to Law i will petition the court to open the ballot boxes As was done in the second Ward a few years ago and when 1 account revealed error s in the count. Ii Brown Davis committee Quot i conduct a Mgo ror. Campaign i Long lion t the county by Tju no spend a Penny tor any improper a illegal influencing of tile voters. Although i an a wet i will not p Linit the use of a drop of booze in connection with our Campaign. If necessary to liquor is regarded As in mkt Fin a a 8ettu�?~8 votes then we expect to go Down to i. Gilkeson said thai do i 0 i 1 be Suna onal Campaign i mid investigating committee for a Bristol prior ill be ii Bristol is going to have a base Bull team in the Junior world Vetries sponsored by the american legion. Robert w. Bracken Post is sponsoring the team that will be organized in the jurisdiction of the Post of a we i. I 1 by to the be at the meeting committee monday Ian b. Smith was director a air. John is ration director French and airs. Publicity directors. Of the general night alias alar appointed finance h. Hardy admin mrs. Richard w. John ii. Hardy scout executive the boys will be uniformed Post and will have a Chance come american champions. Oui boys who will be less than 17 years old on september 15. 1930, Aie eligible. Boys who want to play on Iii is team Are asked to Send their names to John Rafferty Bhaji Man of die athletic committee of Robert w. Bracken Post Bristol. As Toon As the team is organized it ill compete e with other Pennsylvania teams for the championship of Pennsylvania. The team winning the state championship will but entered in the a world fund in pc an investigation in the Ciufu Taiti had and sent on its Way grim of v a q i i Busy i Hia w,.u a to 7ne,t very he Spok no i i i 1,1 be we Ltd p i Ltd Williamsport where he. The support of county a Kilt Central counties. Ii it at Vilu Amport he Emne importance of the Tariff Tsy Dania employers and he declared that the Minifie Loii should be a Abol in re m he Arak los of duties left be minds of the legislators in Piti ?,1101 also spent time in Pittsburg and Vicinity this week cad quarters tor women supporters Vair i a lady have been opened in the phia. And me Bristol senator is certainly Liv was Assi leaders ii i his Speed Pha sized to pen i workers j i Tariff fished Ai my up to his announcement the would pain. Conduct an a Nemr Getice at he Cam John Barrymore at the grand next week w. E. Livermore of Doylestown was present to pledge the cooperation of the local scouts. The other Mem Bers of the committee Are Eddie Alo lloy Richard w. French and John w. Colton. A Sally Irene and Mary to be Given by local Talent Here next week to give lectures Here on mormonism a editor Iii on Alay i 2 and it it in l i a cite cast Tinner the auspices j of Bristol Coli Iii knights of too Rumbuc is fast getting into shape land it As expected thai ii will be one id the moot Success in Amateur pro ., to y. Duct ions Ever presented in Bristol sin r to Shepard old Sally Irene and Mary Lias not Lake City Utah will speak at As yet lieu published or released Loi two Muon services to be held in Amateur production and a viol Bristol next week. Ile first lecture Council k. Of cd a was very tor in the mormon misuse of the Bible a ate in securing f in crack Quot a a Quot Yms re n general this a in Nisi talki"8 picture by la Quot cd be shown at tile thl i. V monday and tuesday. I b a co or picture and is said of the talk?1 the finest p of unctions of the talking screen. Fox movie tone news also will he shown on wednesday Edward Everett Horton in a wide one., a a t will Al v. 7 Upel a comedy Jill a thai feature film. Pathe sound news and a spotlight. Quot body Eddie Dow ling�?T., musical comedy Quot to y v be and Mary Importunity night will be featured Bich is to be presented in St. 011 wednesday with ten local Itta of Ark s a us tor ill ii no Alan i a it a a in Tittl to can a lots the show tonight will be Monte a Tiger a Stan comedy. Will be Given Iii the Bristol methodist episcopal Church on wednesday april 30tii at 7.4 5 p. I. Everyone is cordially invited to this meeting. On thursday Alay 1st of. 2.30 n. In., mrs. She paid will give a very important message to the women Only in the first. Presbyterian Church. Airs. Shepard lived for nearly Twenty five years in Salt Lake City the seat of Palormo Ndem. She has been speaking against Alo r Mem urn for the past fourteen years under to pro his Aid Eddie Dowling personally Duce the show and through to secure the script. Air. Henry Dowling brother of Eddie Dowling is directing and staging the show and is very much pleased xxx till the manner in which the local cast Are interpreting the i Ai joins characters. He is assisted Blue and Lope Velez in there will be Laurel Ann Oliver Hardy and grand theatre news. A saturday afternoon and will bring Evelyn a framed a Pathe sound four acts of vaudeville. Next i thursday and Friday a the grand Parade will be shown a spectacular Pathe production featuring Many Well known stars. There Jamiso will be a special comedy a Small i i Alk a and grand theatre news. Brent review evening in and Bristol m. E. Church to he Arbala by or. John in Tho egg i to. Of new York an experienc a d theatrical Man. I be scenery to be used in the local production was the up Ifa x built specially for the Shew and a a Cefic it the National Reform will be erected in St. Marks Audi a has met both pub Tori urn. That j bely and privately the champions the title parts of a Sally a a a Irene o inc mormon Church to Lobat Eunmi a a a a Aiyu re played respectively with them. She is re by my Maybell Hargrave miss of the Ablest and most j Florence g. Pc re and Albia Frances services at Church will be Jay to a. Rn., charge of supt. In-., worship in Bam Rogers 6 the Bristol Ai. E. As follows on Sun sunday school in Boron Green la a. Charge of rpm. Wil-4 5 p. In., Epworth Many joint Garden As one special w. C. T. Meeting there will be an important special business meeting of the w. C t. At the travel club Home tuesday evening. April 29. A full attendance is requested. J popular among women speakers the american platform today. On postal clerk examination leading is played an examination for railway postal clerk has been announced by the United states civil service commission to be held Alay 16, 1930. In formation May be obtained at the Bristol Post office. M. Horn Sun while the male character a Jimmie a by or. Dai id Lake. The popular musical numbers of tile original show will be retained with the addition of water hits from j present Day Sny rows. A very Clever chorus of local Talent is being trained and directed by Aliss Zelma Kelly an experienced Philadelphia dancing instructor who will horrid a present one of her specialities. League topic. A ways of finding god a Leader Floyd Hunt 7.45 p. In worship in charge of Rev. Wilna in Rogers. Boy scout troop no. 8 will a meet tuesday evening at 7.30, and at 8 o clock tuesday evening there will be choir rehearsal. Junior league will meet at 6.4 5 p. M. Friday. First Ward boys Alee. Saturday afternoon at i of clock on Leedom a Field to practice for boys week events. C. Hellyer Ward Leader. A a. J Quot is

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