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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Apr 18 1930, Page 1

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - April 18, 1930, Bristol, Pennsylvania / Magnase Ope a huge new screen three times size of present one being installed at grand theatre new projection machines and other apparatus will result. In showing talking pictures to better. Advantage than Ever i before first use of a new equipment next monday manager Edward Lynn of the Giand theatre announced yesterday the installation of the latest thing in talking picture equipment at tie grand the Magnase Ope. This invention requiring Complete new electrical apparatus new projecting machines new lenses and a new screen with three and one half times the Aita Ottlie present one will be used for the first time at the matinee performance monday afternoon when a Happy Days will begin a run of six performances. A this new device is positively the latest thing in picture projection a or. Lynn said. A it is being installed at the grand at great expense because we want our patrons to have the very Best and latest facilities available anywhere. The grand is the Only theatre in the county to have this new apparatus and As yet one of the few in the country to install it. It will afford the finest Opportunity to present the finest talking pictures capable of being shown so far As the audience is concerned the effect of fhe Magnase Ope will be in the immense size of the pictures to be shown their clearness the effect of depth and distance and a More lifelike presentation. The Magnase Ope screen will be 24 by 32 feet in size containing 768 Square feet. It will be placed almost at the front of the stage practically filling the proscenium Arch. It is fireproof and perforated for the better emanation of sound. Some idea of the increased size of the pictures to be shown May be gamed from comparison with the present screen which is 13 by 17 feet Core Taining 221 Square feet. The area of the new screen therefore is Al most exactly three and a half times that of the present one. With so much greater surface to be illuminated it was necessary to install entirely new apparatus in the projection Booth. First a new motor Generator set which converts the alternating current into the direct current consumed in the projectors had to be obtained. This set is of More than double the Power of the present sets the extra Power being needed because the new High Intens Ity arc will consume More than double the present amount of current. A Iwuh larger set of lenses also is needed which necessitated the Purchase of two new machines to take the place of those now operating which by the Way Are less than a year old. Progress is being made so rapidly in the talking picture Field that apparatus that was entirely up to Date a few months ago has become obsolete. It being the purpose of or. Lynn and the owners of the theatre to provide shows As Good As can be seen in any of the big cities they Are making every Effort to keep up to the times and the installation of the Magna scope is proof of % their purpose to maintain the High reputation which the grand enjoys under the management of or. Lynn who regards the theatre not Only As a place of entertainment but As a source of cultural betterment and Community sociability. Hobby fair will include All objects that interest boys the Hobby fair to be conducted in connexion with boys week will be in four sections three of which Are open to All Hoys and the fourth limited to boy scouts. All boys will have a Chance to show their Handiwork in this fair. It is expected that hundreds of exhibits will be shown for nearly every boy in town will be anxious to take part in the fair. The following Are the various classes of exhibits Section 1, class a Model boats and ships Model monoplane biplanes and triplane radio receiving sets. Section 1. Class by relics of the following wars world War Span ish american War civil War revolutionary War and colonial wars collections of american and foreign Stamps and coins collections of Indian relics and All other relics not otherwise classified. Section 1. Class cd Reed Fern boxes stands Wall chairs Rush a round about town where did it come from folks along Mill and Radcliffe streets this week were much interested in the appearance of a tandem bicycle which two Young ladies have been Riding around town As unconcern edly As you please. Those things were common enough thirty years ago but it has Betm Many a year since we had seen one. It recalls the old popular song that be to Beautiful Avenue. Than any part of fifth getting drier All the time. With the red lion inn padlocked a padlock order issued against the Bristol House wheat sheaf inn dry the old Closson House remodeler into the Keystone hotel where not even near Beer is sold and with orders to cease sales issued Gan a Daisy Daisy give me your by somebody in authority to places answer True a in which the hero de that previously have sold Beer a claimed that while it be a Little nearer the real thing than May stylish marriage the Bride would be legally dispensable it looks As if Sweet upon the seat of a built for the radio a look bicycle preserved the song for the present generation but we Haven to heard who preserved the Bike. First tiling we k a a Well see a Bloomer girl. Juc n books As prohibition were beginning to be taken seriously hereabouts. Whether the drying up process is merely a temporary one coincident w Ith the political Campaign or a permanent recognition of the existence of the volstead act Willow work holders Flower Cane seats for for seats. Section 1, m Cane or Flower pockets Bottoms class collections d of natural butter Edwards taken to Doylestown when unable to raise bail curiosities flies Moths insects and other natural curios such As stones and Wood. Section 2, class e a manual training. Smoking stands Book ends floor or table lamps stools picture frames cabinets of any kind Bird houses Bird Baths and All other articles of Wood including carved articles scroll work and Wood turning. Section 2,4 class of a Novelty toys Etc. Automobiles push mobiles scooters kiddie cars wagons express wagons or any similar article. Sect in n 3, class go mechanical drawings architectural drawings. Section 3, class he Oil paintings. Best portrait head or figure Best landscape or Marine Best animal. Section 3, class in pen and Ink drawings. Original pen and Ink drawing pen and Ink drawings copies original Pencil sketch Pencil sketches copies. Section 4�?this Section is limited to boy scouts who will show map drawings knot boards first Aid kits miniature models of Camp and Camp life signal towers Bridges Wood specimens. The fair will be held in the Community House on May 6, 7, 8 and 9. All entries must be in before May 5. Entry Blanks May be obtained of j. H. Spencer 241 Madison Street Harry Arnold Jefferson Avenue Joseph Burton Wood 2 29 Dorrance Edgar Spencer 249 Madison David Neill 1013 Pond and at Spencer amp sons store. Remains to be seen. They think its a Flower shop. A there was method in Frank so amp a Are scarce. Gilkeson amp a a madness in fitting up the Shad fishermen Are out these the Brown Davi local Headquarters j nights but the Shad Are scarce. So so luxuriously. Women passing by far the hauls have been Small. It is think that the place w Ith so Many i discouraging to these men to Row up Palms and potted plants is an was Jand Down the River most of the ter Flower display and Sev eral have j night sometimes snagging their net stepped in to Price the daisies j and get Only two or three fish. The easter lilies and other Flowers. Or. Run is not yet at its height of Gilkeson very gallantly informs such1 course and there May be Good election committee to co to Bristol and inv Stigalt petition by Franklin Gilkeson and others declares a just and reasonable cause to believe there be excessive use of Money a callers that the Flowers Are not for Sale but he Calls their attention to his Fine line of Brown Davis literature and none escapes without the biographies of the candidates. Since our last bulletin on this Headquarters or. Gilkeson has added a radio and a desk. He welcomes anybody who wishes to hear Amos a no Andy or who has any other pet feature. If he does no to happen to be present his assistant. Welcome Are not tidally them. Miss Fisher extends the and at other times James Sackville is present to do the honors. We have seen a lot of political meeting places but never in a town this size anything that touched the Brown Davis Headquarters in Bristol. Street Street Street Mill and Radcliffe streets. Colleen Moore at the Riverside next week a footlights and fools a with Colleen Moore in the leading role will be the feature at the Riverside theatre monday tuesday and wednesday with a matinee monday afternoon. The film is a musical feature. Tomorrow afternoon and evening Conrad Nagel in a the ship from Shanghai will be the attraction together with the final chapter in the serial a King of the Kongo a and a a love Birds comedy. Billie Dove in a the painted Angels will be the attraction tonight along with metro tone news and a comedy a Christmas next thursday and Friday a the Greene murder Case a with William Powell in the feature part will be the attraction. William h. Edwards of Philadelphia was committed to Doyles town wednesday night when he was Germantown boy scouts Camp at Brightside Manor boy scout troop no. 138 of St. Benedictus Church Germantown hiked from Germantown to Bright Side Manor Grundy Road last week end and camped in the Manor unable to produce bail of $2 000, in House at the invitation of Robert a. Which he was held pending the outcome of injuries sustained by mrs. Lena Zollner of Philadelphia whose Skull was fractured when the automobile in which she was driving with Edwards capsized in Andalusia tuesday afternoon. Edwards and mrs. Zollner were brought to Harri Man Hospital by officer Ryan and while Ryan was waiting for him to have his clothes repaired he leaped out of a window in the Hospital and tried to get away. State Highway patrolman Koons found him at the Railroad station about to take a train for Philadelphia. Mrs. Zollner is in critical condition in the Hospital. Edwards was bruised but not seriously Hurt. His car turned Turtle and was smashed. Keel. The boys were under the guidance of Harry Mccloskey scoutmaster Art Ridgeway and Bob Worth assistant scoutmaster. Sunday morning they hiked Over to St. Thomas Aquinas Church Croydon and attended mass after which they had a Wood chopping contest and other events the most important of which was the the troop departed sunday afternoon for the hike Back to Germantown. Joe and Jim Call. Joe Mintzer brought Jim his Pel Simian for a Call on us one Day last week and before Jim left he upset things generally. Jim has a Peculiar appetite which quickly revealed itself. He leaped on a desk upset an Ash tray in which there were some Cigar ashes and ate the ashes. Joe says Jim likes their Salty taste. We tried him out on Peanut Brittle but after Licking a piece he threw it on the floor. He leaped upon our coat ransacked our pockets abstracted our Fountain pen and tried to eat it yanked the telephones off the desks and parked for a moment on the head of our advertising Man. He slapped Joe a eyeglasses off tried to run a typewriter and wrapped himself around one of the hot water pipes. As Joe left with Jim roosting of his shoulder Joe said a a Jim a a poli Ticiano he grabs everything he can Lay his hands some growth from 110 members a few weeks ago the fathers association has increased to an organization of 348 members and it is probably the liveliest menus organization in town. The policy of Banning speech Mak ing and putting on the kind of entertainments that men like certainly has Pepper up the association. May catches later but the fishermen a Erp Erenee in recent years has been that Shad Are becoming fewer each year. The famous Bristol herring will be on their Way up the River in a few weeks. Last Yar the run was Small. People still talk about the runs when the canal Quot Basin was so crowded with the Silvery fish that one could stood then out in baskets Ful. The fish Are so Bony that they sought after very enthusiasm except by those who Pickle the pickling process softens the Bones so that they too can be eaten. And this might As Well he the time and place to renew the old saying that whoever once tastes Bristol herring is destined to return to Bristol or be unable to get away from it. That Republican club meeting in Andalusia group of members makes statement in rebuttal of that of president Curtiss to the editor of the Independent or. Curtiss begins his statement in the Independent last week with a at the regular meeting a and this is just the Crux of the whole matter. There was to be no a regular meeting a according to or. Curtiss own statement made on the evening of March 2t7h, before those assembled or to use Liis own expression concerning this particular group a a congregated in the Manor House. Again quoting or. Curtiss a there were 53 assembled in the Home of or. Dunk. At the same time there were 51 congregated in the heme of or. this in incorrect. While the meeting was taking place at or. Dunks Home and a at the same time there were also 53 members awaiting the arrival of or. Curtiss and mrs. Schnupp. In the Home of or. Bromley. Two of these 53 members were unable to await their arrival and left at 8.4 0 p. M., to keep an appointment in Philadelphia. Moreover or. Curtiss affirms that a fall of this group referring to the group at the Manor House a refuse i to vote at the appointed time at either voting place according to the instruction of the or. Curtiss was asking not Only this group but had already asked and permitted the group in or. Dunks Home to vote on two different ballots neither of which was Correct. The ballot at or. Dunks read a mrs. Barnhill mrs. Schnupp. Mrs. _ Lathrop or. Dunk or. in the ballot at the Manor House supt. Mcgee is surpassed. Read. ,.mra mrs Schnupp supt. Mcgee of the department j or it Dunk or. Katzmar. Of Public safety says he was sur a whereas mrs. Barnhill and or. Prised when he made his inspection j Hartman were awaiting the of properties in the business District. Tale a regular atty. James tells Borough Council it now has no authority Over construction of billboards or other structures the opinion Council at its Given the meeting last night by Borough solicitor 1. James to the effect that Ough at present late Bill Boz Borough monday Howard the Bor is powerless to regu i As and other objectionable structures bears out tie comment of the Independent in our Issue iat week relative to the need of a Borough plan. Solicitor James s opinion was referred to the ordinance committee Lor study. It is to be Hope that from this opinion which followed complaint by the Exchange club of the erection of billboards in residential areas will be followed by the Fory elation of a Borough plan by which the Community will be zoned As suggested in the Index evident last week. Until there is such zoning restrictions placed Ripon property in deeds will be of no Avail except when Trio so who Obet to their lation take the matter to court and apply Foi injunctions a tedious and sometimes expensive process. Meanwhile residential areas Are bang spoiled and property values depreciated by the construction of com Mercial buildings garages Unn Fiher structures in districts from which they should be barred. J declaring that they have a just land reasonable cause to believe that there will he an excessive use of Money. And other improper and illegal ways and Means used to influence the voters of Bristol to cast their votes at the coming primary election a Bristol voters hav a petitioned the new special senatorial committee to investigate primary expenses to come to Bristol a at the earliest possible time in order to discharge the duties for which you Vivere the petition is signed by More than 20 Bristol men headed by Franklin Gilkeson the Bucks county manager for the Davis Brown ticket. Or. Gilkeson said that the situation in his opinion warrants a visit by the committee to Bristol and that plans for girls week advanced by committee Ttye petition would be sent to the committee of which senator Gerald p. Nye of North Dakpta is chairman immediately after what or. Gilke son regarded As a representative number of citizens had signed the petition. He expected to mail it last night. Asked upon what he based the Appeal to the committee or. Gilkeson declined to go into details but asserted that he and the other signers were prepared to give information to the committee. The wording of the petition is Folio was As a to the special senatorial committee to investigate primary expenses. I plans for Bristol girls week. May 18-2 4, were advanced at a meeting this week when Ward leaders and committees were appointed. The Ward leaders Are first Ward mrs. William k. Fine second Ward mrs. John h. Wichser third Ward mrs. Richard t. Myers and mrs. John Hunter fourth Ward mrs. Edith Harding fifth Ward mrs. J David Neill sixth Ward mrs. How Jard Johnson Bath Road mrs. Vance Vlf Quot Betz Edgely mrs. L in Al a fkr Ber Croydon mrs. Arthur Spicer. Girls who Are 8 to 17 years old will be eligible to enter the various events. The following committees have been appointed music mrs. Gertrude Weagley. Mrs. George Miller mrs. Minerva miss the ferry is missed. The coming of warm weather has increased the volume of automobile traffic. A surprising number of a twists is unaware of the fact that the famous old Bristol Bui Lington ferry no longer is operated. Not a Day goes by but someone drives to the slip Only to find the William e. Doron tied up and no place to go. The situation increases the impatience of local people for the building of the Bridge Between Bristol and Burlington. When the promoters have cleared away the last of the Petty obstacles in the Way of construction the contractors will be on the Job. It wont be Long Nowr we Are told. Easter music at presbyterian Church spec jul musical programs have been arranged for the easter services at the Bristol presbyterian Church. At the morning service mrs. C. 1. Bowen will Render the Beautiful and appropriate Solo �?o1 know that my redeemer liveth a from handels the choir will sing the Anthem a easter a by Myers Vav Ith miss Dorothy Hargrave soloist. In the evening eternal a will be Sung f he music of this Beautiful work is by Fred b. Holton and the text and selections by Mattie b. Shannon. The following will be the soloists sopranos mrs. C. I. Bowen miss Marian h. Smith contralto miss Dorothy j. Hargrave Tenor Melvin Johnson Basso j. I. Smith. Mrs. D. Weagley will be accompanist and the choir is under the direction of Thomas h. Neison. I Epstein mrs. Elm a Rodgers Katherine Keating. Hobby fair miss Eunice Liams mrs. Addie Culver mrs. Hill. Mrs. Russell Edwards Walter Buehler mrs. Edward ing miss Mary Mulvaine. Mrs. J. Hill was placed in charge of the loll show and she is to select her own assistants. Poster miss Edith Barnhardt. Finance mrs. Frank Lehman mrs. Joseph Singer. Miss Frances Landreth mrs. Warren Thompson mrs. Arthur Spicer or. Mary Lehman mrs. Thomas g. A avvies mrs. Wilm. J. Mrs. Keat a gentlemen we the undersigned residents and voters of the Borough of Bristol Bucks county Pennsylvania have just and reasonable cause to believe there will be an excessive use of Money and other improper and illegal ways and Means used to influence the voters of Bristol to cast their votes at the coming primary election to be held May 20th, 1830, for u. S. Senator. A we therefore most respectfully request your honorable committee at the earliest possible Luitte to come to Bristol Pennsylvania in order to discharge the duties for which you were appointed.�?T1 the senatorial committee is authorized to visit states from which complaints have been or May be forwarded relative to the. Conduct of campaigns for the nomination and election of candidates for the Seh ate. When the committee was named senator Hiram Johnson of California a Well known progressive Republican was appointed As its continued on Page seven Howard e. James mrs. Anthony the cantata a mrs Anthony Paone mrs. By the choir. Edith Harding miss Katherine Keating mrs. Theodore Megargee. Prizes miss Marion Smith miss Jane Lynn mrs. Elizabeth Jarvis. Grounds american legion members. Novelty miss Margaret Pope miss Eleanor Keating miss Gertrude Murphy. Track miss Mary Fine. Parade miss Alice Gallagher she to select her own assistants. A a a eligibility miss Mary Wilkinson Brady struck by miss Jane Rodgers miss Mary King. Publicity miss Helen Taylor. Easter program at Bristol m. E. Church miss Auto when crossing Street a Happy Days a next week knowl alh3, a in one a the i 61 at the grand theatre known schoolteachers in the Bor _ Ough for Many years a teacher to and so few fire extinguishers in business houses. A i done to believe there Are a dozen in All a he said. A fire extinguisher is almost indispensable. One never knows when it will be needed and it is More than Worth what it costs when it is needed. The local fire companies recharge them at Small expense. Continued on 6 opening meeting after Page six mrs. Lathrop withdraws from c0mmitteew0man contest in andalu3la senior dance next Friday night the annual Spring dance of the senior class of Bristol High school will be held in the High school Gynsi next Friday night. Music will be furnished by the Penn troubadours St. Mark s card party to be held monday night the annual St. Marks card party will be held in St. Marks Hall monday evening. Pinochle Bridge and �?o500�?� will be played there being eight games played progressively. Play will begin promptly at 8.30. For those who do not care to play there will be dancing from 9.30 on. Many prizes will be awarded including a non players prize and door prize. Refreshments also will be on Sale easter. Everybody Hopes for weather on easter. We throw off the burdens of Winter at eastertide and rejoice in the realization of Spring. Fruit Trees Are a Bloom i shrubs Are putting on new garb All Natille is glorying in rebirth. So it is with humanity hats new clothes of us fortunate them and we go York has its fifth we put on new new shoes those enough to have on Parade. New Avenue Atlantic City its Boardwalk for this pageant and Bristol has its Radcliffe Street. The Only difference Between the easter Parade in new York and the one in Bristol is one of size Bristol has As Many Beautiful damsels proportionately As the big town has and certainly any part of Radcliffe Street is eight million times More the Wood Wagner a compound and other her being at Street school is in or. Private Hospital with a fracture of her right leg j injuries resulting from j _ struck by an automobile in Radcliffe Street wednesday evening. Miss Brady vids crossing the Street carrying an umbrella at a Point Between Crossings and was hit by a machine driven by John Weik. She was removed immediately to the Hospital where she is Likely to be confined for some time mrs. Marie Lathrop of Andalusia yesterday announced her withdrawal from the contest for Republican committee Oman in the interest of pleasant Harmony. Mrs. Lathrop a retirement leaves mrs. May k. Schnupp the Only woman candidate of the a anti organization group in Andalusia. The contest for committee woman there a fore will be a Clear Cut Battle be i tween the present clip Mitteer Oman mrs. Margart Parr and mrs. Schnupp. Mrs. Lathrop said that while she deeply appreciated the support which had been Given her and pledged to her she Felt that the interests of Andalusia would be promoted by her withdrawal. A a Andalusia voters must get together if they expect to win anything a mrs. Lathrop said a i am hopeful that my retirement will hasten the coming or unanimity and a Happy Days a one of the big color spectacles will be the easter week opening attraction at the grand theatre. It will be shown monday tuesday and. Wednesday with matinees each Day. The film includes in the cast sixty of the Best known motion picture stars huge choruses and Many unusual Fea itunes. There also will be a Mermaid Coily. A the talkies a Ami Fox it a vie tone news. I a singing and dancing picture i a the big party a w ill be the Lea Childs Skull fractured la be at thu ,ance8 tomorrow i afternoon and evening with Hue when automobile hits Heb Carol the Headliner in the cast. Many popular songs Are included in years old of the presentation. There also will and Pathe Helen Nowack 1 Newportville is in Harriman hos four of vaudeville Pital suffering from a fractured sound review. Skull As a result of being hit by an Lone Star automobile on Newport Road near Grey Story will be Grundy Corner tuesday afternoon. I grand tonight. The girl was on her Way Home from next thursday and Friday school and had just alighted from Rlue and Lupe Velez will be seen the automobile of mrs. Edith hard a Tiger ing of Garden Street when she was beginning thursday night Mana struck by a car driven by Charles her Lynn wil1 present every lady Giano of 452 Logan Street. Giano Hanger a a Zane the attraction at Monte in was held in $1500 bail by Justice Lynn to await the outcome of the child a injuries. Rev. Or. Cooke talks to rotarians Rev. J. B. D. Cooke pastor of the Cornwells m. E. Church was the guest speaker at the meeting of Bristol rotary club yesterday. He spoke on a every Many a family a who attends the show one article from a 26-piece paranoid Dresser set. Each thursday night thereafter a different piece will be Given out until All 26 pieces have been distributed so that at the end of the period the ladies who have been attending the theatre on thursdays will have the Complete set. The grand also is preparing to give away a general electric refrigerator. Easter sunday will be fittingly observed in the methodist episcopal Church with services As follows Sabbath school at 10 a. In charge of or. Doron Green superintendent. Worship with baptism and reception of members at 11 a. A the Assurance of life a is the theme of the pastors easter message. The choir will Render special music. The pastor desires to meet All who Are to be baptized or received into Church membership at 10.30 a. At the parsonage. At 7.45 p. The scholars of the sunday school will have charge of the service and present the following program opening song by the prayer recitation Jackie Rogers a a parking space a Dorothy Vanzant greetings Dorothy Worthington a a pretty Mildred Kershaw a happiness a Gladys Hughes a the photographer a Edgar Mcdermott song by the congregation a an absolute fact a Dorothy Ritter Ami Grace Vanzant a the meaning of Ealter a Harry Stetson a the Skory of the Lily a Mildred Miller a the gardens Golden text a Peggy Rathje a Pussy Willows a Grace Vanzant a an easter greeting a Kenneth Winslow song by the congregation a the lesson of the uly a Jean French a an open door a Arthur Grimes a god s easter gift a Sal a Ellis a the easter builder a Jim Hart a easter a Elizabeth Decker song by the congregation a East for Day a Marion Wright a easter Suh Light a Edna Naylor a because it s easter Rosemary Scheffey song. A a Spring a glad Day a scholars of the primary department song by the congregation duet a bring be your Flowers a Carolyn Rapp acid mrs. Warwick announcement and offering Anthem choir song a the children a King a Junior girls a Welcome blessed easter Wayne Mulholland Charles Doan and Clifford Hagerman a when easter comes smiling a Doris Merston continued on Page six travel club to present a play the travel club will present a dramatic and musical play a stylish stouts a in St. James Parish House on May 2nd. The arrangements Are being made by the dramatic musical and refreshment committees of the club. Tickets will be sold by any member of the club ?. A

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