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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Apr 11 1930, Page 1

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - April 11, 1930, Bristol, Pennsylvania Little giants the classified advertisements of the Independent have tremendous pulling Power. Read them and profit. 10th year no. 41. Entered ass it cond Chis a Nutter at office at by i Bristol a. Friday april 1930. To pages to columns our aim to be helpful to every Good cause to Deal fairly by everybody to keep our columns clean to be constructive. Five cents a copy. Of a disregard by property owners of the restrictions in tile deeds of property is resulting in the construction of structures that have no rightful place in restricted residential areas and is arousing a demand for the adoption of a Borough plan which will prevent the depreciation of residential property and the destruction of the attractiveness of Home areas. Much of the property in the sixth Ward is restricted to residence buildings but owners have ignored the restrictions and have put up garages and stores and More Are said to be Iii Prospect. The Only recourse property owners have at present is to bring civil action against the offending persons which usually takes the form of an application for an injunction rest mining tile offender from carrying out his intentions. This involves expense and time and the feeling is growing among Home owners that the Borough should take action to protect them. At present the Borough issues building permits regardless of restrictions on the property the Borough officials holding that they have nothing to do with the restriction their duty being limited to seeing to it that the building for which a permit is asked is to be of proper construction. Adoption of a Borough plan would Correct this situation. By such a plan the Borough would declare certain areas to be limited to Industry certain others to business certain others to be mixed business and residential. Such a plan officially adopted would prevent the construction of billboards in objectionable locations the construction stores by extending the ground floor out to the sidewalk line in residential streets and in general would assure present Home owners of Protection against destructive building policies. It also would insure the development of attractive Home Sites and would be beneficial to the entire Community. Such a plan has been discussed informally by property owners in the Borough and it has much support. The idea of Village Borough and City plans is not new. It has been in effect in scores of communities throughout the country and within the last year the supreme j the p Rone by o w in court of the United states has hand Light . That legalized dined to Flea these warn ins. I Ami senator Grundy demands probe of pre primary senatorial Campaign attacks Atterbury and Yare senator Joseph ii. Grundy on wednesday Iii a statement to the Senate committee on privileges and elections demanded an i Vestiga i ligation 01 the pre primary senatorial Campaign now being conducted in Pennsylvania declaring thai president w. A Atterbury of tile Pennsy Hunia Railroad who also is Republican National committee a la ii is now toe actual Aud adroit head of the Philadelphia machine and that there exists Between him and 1111111 bars of the a re Blanca a for a hop <1-naming a United states senator tentacles upon the machine an for purpose of Phye m pair goal shooters win til a one championship finished a wry sue cuts 308. In the picture a top Row it Miriam Rhodes. Middle Row Bio Psi 11 p. Essi us so a. No to right ii it ii tit a us ?.i Glenn is still Enid Whyatt sue Zeph 1 Slid. Lot Tom Lew Judia j Alissio Anita non Ini i lore school. T is Baj Amos out of la p in Katherine i Chou Ellen Mcfadden mull Rita Bandi. Id y be Cam who win tie scored 51 Evelyn Buck Rockhill Lelma Wallace. It i olt r Blick county 7 Point against their Oppon Edna bail Olive Whyatt Loretta Doan to it Amia Canon and attempting its to expenditures of Senate. The com Bess Mcgill icy Isabella nibs. A clean up week begins monday a round about town next week Bas been the state depart men welfare forests and the Bureau 01 fire i police As a Chan up is an annual custom designated by s of health Watt is and Ted Ion state this Chich has resulted in developing an inter state wide sanitation and Iii. Of ii aval of nuisances and fire hazards. Cities boroughs communities and individuals throughout Pennsylvania cooperate with the departments Iii the proper ohs a Alice of this matter during the period indicated. Burgess Anderson has asked the department lot Public works to cooperate in the i matter. Supt. Mcgee of the department of Public safety says that buildings a family fight. When the 1 e is a scrap and vigorous family it is 1 he i ally so the it. Knows what happens to bystanders in a be Melee and what t -1 liens to misguided the Well int peacemaker. In a Large Best to jct of a. \ \ Hod a Iii Nomen t. Ighut Rhood Oien Liap a fined but j cruelty a it Anin is it p. E of which will by present tothe judging Aud to help out ways. So boys get Busy lug Tvr mutts Toenail. Up. Comb pm Down and to put them through til they an will be prizes on May Matt Ive assist in in other v Maisie air Wash Mem be prepared ii tricks ii it ii. There Progress being made on new factory for railway signal firm Good Progress is by zing Hie Facto boing built Jackson s sons inc in tog on tile tract recently the contest tor nominate n is a ii tight. Pitiable 110 the statement thai tenders tor the Strong 1111, with in Bucks koi.-. N logs. I hem the se1 a publican one Wilf cd spot both of the Coo nomination Stalwart ii c Monty c than til to 1 Ial a Amity a re i of n de Down an opinion the adoption of such plans a Sally at Riverside theatre next week in the Busine s Riel have a it thoroughly inspected Aid As a a suit there has Bein a great Impi lenient in conditions. Bil miss Mea i generally have it operated i ii the depart Merit. Inspections now Are being made i in private Homes Ami w Hile most id s Nave show n t be some have in. Up their places. To s a. I been sent that lid upon for the prese in in e in 111 by \ ii u pies of i i they Are subject to Arn St Fine is $25 a Sally a an All color musical comedy picture featuring Marilyn Miller who also played the leading role in the stage play of the name will be the feature at the Riverside theatre monday tuesday and wednesday. Metro tone news also will be seen and other features. The show tonight will be Joan Crawford in a untamed a together with a comedy and added features. A mysterious Island a a Piet Uriza Tion of Jules Verne so Twenty thousand leagues under the sea will be the feature tomorrow afternoon and evening. Many of the scenes were taken under water. There will be another episode Iii tin serial a King of the Kongo a and a talking comedy. Next thursday and Friday will bring Billie Dove in her first singing and dancing picture a the painted conviction to first offence. Some cellars says supt. Mcgee Are filled with inflammable refuse. Some dilapidated buildings also constitute a fire menace and these should be removed. The following has been suggested As a general guide for tin a k a activities monday april 1 till Highway i Day. All sidewalks and streets should be cleaned gutters cleared Didies opened and sewers flushed. Tuesday april 15th, forestry Day. All inflammable material in the neighbourhood of houses an Cabins gardens and Fields and along trails and roads should be removed. This Applit particularly to Linum branches and by jars. Here is be it Lei and that gentleman the i Junior senator Joseph r. As a leading citizen of tin has a right to expect to a j county by a Large majority elsewhere Secretary Davis cd. Similar position Iii the in an countrymen and his admirers will stand by him at the primary. In tiler counties it will be dog eat dog till tile votes Are counted and j whichever Man wins will be entitle to the United support of tin pail at the trolls. That s the Way tin i game is played. Tim independents Coin Nims a open to tin adherents of both can i dates. As an Index indent Republic t an newspaper we can take no other stain. Fair treatment of both sides is our aim. And that goes cot a it Niy j for the candidate fur the big positions but also for All the candidates right Down the line to Coy Imidee men and committee women. The Hobby Lair too i he Hobby fair to con i my in 1 i Louse boys Vul k is it a Slit w i in f a i 1 i e of r i ra11, to St Brist w Iii an Puhi a dimple a a t Hir oui in or Ai Cha a w Ork digit knit tin it Atma the to j s Al fable example his years sex the showing it is a Are i at a ass show Ai f Metal w Toi a n in con in the tile at tin Lect iou e most w Eek. A in eau s of ii Libit is a Yar n ions Pill 01 k. My v in i b a Pill Ca. Nai n lung Els to a Xiii ii t the Hobby s a s to t Iii i w it so tie a. Cd ill. V of 1 c he s. No Kin e will samples fair. This. A Ful Opportunity favo Rabl att ii >1111 Iii i ure Igo. Hey models perhaps a Ery Neaile raising 4 fudge have a cd company has been a As a no flares and up it Ted that tin Kelt ii Plain won a in next six or the company then Muter Uri cd its pro .1 Lilly in to j is he feels to x i his mule. Another a a landmark a gone. Following the Precept that not Only must evil be avoided but the appearance of evil As Well messes. Rule and Townsend toe new owners of the old Clos on la use now be named the Ive Stone hotel have i relegated the old mahogany bar to j the storage room. And not satisfied j with that they to ii a us that they will loot even sell near Beer. Ancille a How a re we 1 Aquila a of Robinson As he in his task of from our harem a i done to feel son replied. A hat s Tho Matte grip a no a raid 1 and that make everybody Iii Bristol Robinson Aud his eld the mule that gets a tobacco oui Day am cake the next the Mill when the traffic ii against it and when on or. Robinson i in Rev. William paused for a moment unloving the wast it. Good a or. Robin Taueli of that it a r. Cpl Road vices. If is be Fin if eight \ v. Ill by due to re the b by tin p the tract on Paryj a j1 c i lived Way so Quot it re v h w Ltd. Till s w till the electrification of Al i est it it has these Futics locally is beginning to simmer and within a very Short time will be bubbling and before May 20th, boiling. Bucks county Headquarters for the Davis Brown ticket were opened 1 his week at 127 Mill Street Franklin Gilkeson is in charge of the i Fin is Brown forces in the county and lie says he will conduct a Mal Campaign for these candidates. Ti1�?z t cd i Ain j he has fitted up Scriuup-1 the a l a quarters. The old store Lias it. Been made Over. Palms and potted a Quot j plants in profusion have been placed Amant by in the windows and about the room i a stenographer is on duty heavy peat Lier furniture invites the weary to rest portraits of the candidates adorn the Walls and in general the place looks like the lobby of a metropolitan hotel. Made on fur Samuel a governor of Penn sgt j. A Ilia and members of the state Superior and supreme courts thereby not Only fastening the of Railroad domination Commonwealth of Pennsylvania us i ubic service commission court.-, but likewise extend that questionable and highly dangerous influence into the United states air. Grundy a appearance was to support Hie Norris Resolution authorizing the appointment of a special committee of five senators to investigate i lie Campaign candidates for the in it tee voted a favourable report on an l an app1�?~opriation of $100,000 is expected to be made to carry on the investigation. After or. Grundy a attack i 1 resident Atterbury it seems lain that the committee will to pay attention to the situation. Or. Grundy a indictment of Gen a 1 ii Atter burrs alleged activities was vigorous and sweeping. He pressed the opinion that the of Pennsylvania would senatorial probe in punitive one later reminding the members that Pennsylvania ought never again be placed in the Hon of a shameful stigma that to it through the ousted against senator elect which denied Hie state resell Tat iou Iii the three years senator Grundy charged a Senate investigation was necessary because of the a alleged concealed flow or 1 corporate funds into the coffers of contractor politicians. For the financing of fraud and other illicit uses approaching he flirt hoi on Cecil a be Pennsylvania exp eople Welcome a rather than a Posi came proceedings Vare and its full rep Senate for nearly in which in Many established Iii Phila Nufa Turer of rail other signalling de primary. Charged that the Vare organization was being financed in pan by a Cost plus contracts awarded the Yare contracting firms by the Pennsylvania a Ihnn no a a tickets in the Andalusia contest lilting formerly occupied Xii lumber company i n adjacent to the Jackson land is to be remodeler temporarily by the Baili Aries company of new in a bought the land some Igo. This company Nian fac Eppli used in connection railroads materials a a d1, a to Quot la to Ltd a l a. Not ii in is article ism a Luis of his Campaign beyond <1 week about the contest for commit n univ he a a a a re populous com iceman Ami committee woman in a 1,1 Van 1 a county will have Andalusia May have unintentionally Tow in Avis workers. Done some of the candidates whether there will i a local Justice by linking them in read qua hers tor senator Joseph it. Have been informed Grundy is not known but doubtless title candidates that her there will a. Or. Grundy a sup an it i Dacy is not at All porters Are Busy Headquarters or no a a Quot or that of any other i hey Are optimistic As to the vote i doubtless the other Anu my vices manufactured for it but it Bairn to in a a facture them itself Sci silo Fly. Probably within a vial his company will erect a factory building. Holy week services at methodist Church a my mule is ailing me feel knows or. White mule package of a Pound of that knows hts arc set its Ali right recent real estate sales re of situate j and Eastburn Blanche amp Hardy port the following recent sales real estate through their office. Mrs. Maurice Emery of Philadelphia dwelling situate no. 1624 Wilson Avenue to Waite s. Wilkinson of Bristol. For merchants amp mechanics building association dwelling Corner Radcliffe and Filmore streets to Gertrude s. Pye of Bristol. For John p. And Mary c. Cullen of Andalusia dwelling situate Bristol Pike to John a. A Zerbst of Frankford. For Albert Dunner of Andalusia two dwellings situate Bristol Pike. Andalusia to John a. Herbst of Frankford. Or. File rest will erect a gasoline filling station. For James f. Blanche of Bristol a be kind to animal dwelling situate no. 347 Jackson be observed throughout Street to Peyton i. Dewitt of the week beginning Bridgewater. For Hattie m. Carty of Bristol dwelling situate no. 338 Jackson Street Bristol to Peyton m. Dewitt of Bridgewater. For Robert Dillon of pm Iladel phia dwelling situate no. 321 Taft Street Bristol to John Welsh of Bristol. For William p. Betz of Bristol. Wednesday april 16tli, Fly Arof ii said gain 101 prohibition and Mosquito Day. All should by cleaned and limed. Out houses should be made Fly proof a stable Yards pig pens and chicle n the vaudeville Bills on Coop cleaned. Water holes so til Jai the grand theatre of be filled spouting mended and Gar-1 been unusual High class. Bago cans thoroughly cleansed and by scoured. Thursday april 17th, junk Day. The accumulation of junk and trash particularly in attics and cellars consisting of old books papers clothes rags bottles cans and ashes should be removed. In addition cob Lars should be thoroughly cleaned whitewashed. Friday april 18th, finish up Day. Put on the extra touches gather together the Loose ends a d resolve to keep Hie Community always cleaner than it has Ever been before. D i High class vaudeville. Saturdays Kite have Ord 1 Nar it is difficult to get a big time vaudeville companies to Phi a one Day stand but conditions in recent months have been such that some of the real big time companies and artists have been available to the grand management. That the audiences appreciate the Quality of the Bills put on lately is evident j rom the comment one hears. The a Mutt show. To March Rig that was an or. Robinson and which Iamb. So it i through the mule a ornery critters when took it off the Tow path new is As gentle As a is not hard to under stand Why or. Robinson feels bad when his Irile is off its feed. Heres hoping tire mule gets Well quickly for Hilt ii it does m r. Robinson will lie off his feed too and that Means a diminution of Fervour in or. Robinsons sermons. He s a Wise old boy. A Yea r will Day be kind to animals week begins april l dwelling situate no. 315 Walnut Street Bristol to Clifford Hagerman of Bristol week the country april 2 71u, the county society for the prevention of cruelty to animals and ail persons who take interest in Hie welfare of animals will cooperate .0 emphasize the spirit of kindness t 1-Ward animals. The purpose of t in week is to Advance the eau of humane education especially amt a the children. There doubtless v la be references in local pulpits to me virtue of kindness and teachers in the schools will cooperate with the humane societies. New feature of boys week this will be Hie a a Mutt show. If be held the afternoon of tues May 61 ii the place to be an noun eau later. The Corner of Radcliffe Sti eel and Jefferson Avenue was tentative suggested but the committee turned Down the suggestion out of consideration for the mutts. That Section not being a a healthy for dogs. Say what one pleases there is nothing More appealing than a boy and Bis dog. The dog May be of doubtful ancestry its Pedigree absolutely impossible to unscramble but it lavishes love on its companion and the boy returns the affection defending its Good qualities Anil overlooking its faults. We shall have an Opportunity to see the pets of the Bristol boys during boys week. The committee has been promised the assistance of the Bucks county i society Lor the prevention of Ion a a pan Lime cat is a Wise timer. Be i Lea say that cats Haven to much affection for human beings that they love places rather than people. Maybe so. Our old yellow stay out Ai 1-night May not love anybody in the office but believe it or not when he is prowling along Mill Street and one of us Ball pens along he Steps looks at us bowls and follows. Ii we go by the hot Texas w Ien r restaurant he quits us cold but if we go in Tom Waits outside knowing that when any one of the Force comes out he will bring sen set Long Tkv Iii in. I the other night one Joi our men was walking Longstreet and he saw Tom Befoy Nom saw him. And you can Belize this or not but th1 Man did no to want to be Panhandle by Tom and he slipped along without recognizing him. If Tom had spotted him lie would have followed and bummed a feed and our Friend have had the heart to turn him Down. But a fellow can Egiy of being bummed Bevel by a cat. Even though that cat be one of Tho friendliest Laziest Best natured cats in town. V a a k in Ici of w a be held by a1 jul t pol list episcopal a very a Ching As follows. In april 14, at 7.45 p. In Marge urn pastor methodist Epis ring the mess 11 oly in tile chinch mend hew Charlesll of the Harriman Copal Church will Sage. Iii Day Carpenter much list preach hit wed in vice will in Rex. Geol an by one of particular connected candidate same is True of the candidate. Each of the candidates for committeeman and committee woman May be said to be running on tile merits of the individual. And not Iii pairs. All Andalusia is taking keen interest in the contest the outcome of which is very much in doubt. Friends of the candidates who seek to win Over or. Markley and mrs. It Ait it Hie present committeeman and committee woman say they Are Well aware of the possibility of so there a biding tin ote As to bring about a nut bin re election of or. Markley and these hrs. Parr but they Are hopeful one a Iai something will develop Between being mow Cluj May 20th to solidify the at 7.1. P. In Rev. J. Zook of the Langhorne episcopal Church will Sermon. Nay at 7.45 p. Rn., the Serin charge of the pastor i ton e e. Hess. Ing on i or Day evening at 8 o clock the Beautiful and popular lenten i Antal a. A penitence Pardon and peace a by Maundy a will be Render a v by the combined choirs of the vote or. Grundy will receive in his Home be rough and Home county declaring that he will sweep it by a huge majority. So far nothing has been a heard locally As to the plans of the a sop fling Ivet candidate for governor or. Phillips nor As to these of the Bone dry candidate Lor another gubernatorial term the irrepressible Gifford Pinchot except that or. I Pinchot will visit Langhorne new town Perkasie Doylestown and Quakertown next thursday. Is plenty of gossip As to ural combinations which candidates May make tin most frequently suggested a at of Pinchot with senator so called anti organization strength. Grundy doubtless because or. Each of the candidates seeking Grundy was largely responsible for in positions Lias a Strong following in election of Pinchot Iii 1022. So no Only in his or her own neighbor far there have Bien no facts upon but in other parts of Anda which to base any rumours As to Buda As Well. The various meetings combination. 1 the recently formed Republican or. Grundy has been in washing with their in eci Are or Dis most of the time lately attend up l outcome according to How to his duties in connection i Sitione Inlet rets the results of the tile Tariff Bill which is now in Ion-1meeting8, certainly have aroused the Ference. Once that is out of the voters to Vitense interest in the Way. Bristol s senator will he a a con i primary. Meanwhile or. I More pain senator will have time to devote to his can it Markley and mrs. But saw Wood. Pan say nothing ear Oil City girls three Day i father Wolfer addresses attraction at grand Bristol rotary club Charles will he Hie methodist episcopal Church anti tile Bristol methodist episcopal chm Cli under the direction of prof. Albert g. Watson chorister. I he soloists will be mrs. J Charles g. Catlike Soprano i is. I a City girl a featuring Russell a. Johnson contralto and Farrell and Mary Duncan or. Andrew b. Macarthur baritone. The attraction at the grand miss Hilda Macarthur will preside next week with a matinee at the piano and mrs. Alfred Rogers a two comedies also Are on the it Hie Organ. J in re will be orches or for these three Days a Mack Amons the orphan boys there at the c Ai accompaniment. I Sennett comedy a the big Paloska a ,1s of the club yesterday. He comedy Moi ketone father Charles Wolfer one of the bust Ian fathers stationed at St. Theatre Jfrancis Industrial school in de Ding Widnes Tony Tho Bristol rotary club some interesting facts about work on Friday evening april 18th, 7.45 of clock a Cand in a Light communion service will he held. The message of this service will be brought by the Rev. Thomas la. Evans d. I District superintendent of the North District of the Philadelphia conference. On easter sunday morning the pastor will preach an appropriate Sermon. Baptism and reception of members will take place at til is str ice. On easter sunday evening the members of the sunday school will present an inter it sting program. Special Mush has been arranged for Allol the above services. The Public v. Ill find a Hearty Welcome at All services. Will a the Ca 1 Lead be a big will w. C. T. U. Meets tuesday the monthly business meeting of the Bristol w. C. T. U. Will be held at and a Mickey Mcguire a Quot mickeys Fox news also will be shown. Next thursday and Friday bring the Zane Grey Story Lone Star Ranger a with sue Roll and George of Brien in Hie i ing roles. The comedy will Charlie Chase feature a the j grand theatre news Complete the Bill. Tonight a attraction is Lenore Jawoll i h in in a South. Sea together j with a comedy a hurdy gurdy a and grand theatre news. For tomorrow afternoon and levelling manager Lynn has booked Good Bill of big time vaudeville. The feature picture will be a Cameo a Kirby. A Story of Romance and gambling in new Orleans. Bathe sound review other features. Also commented interestingly on the situation in Haiti where he was stationed souk years declaring that the haitians Are a evry proud people w to cannot be dealt with by arbitrary methods. He extended a cordial invitation to All persons who Are interested in boys to visit St. Francis Home and observe How the 256 boys who live there Are prepared for their Battle with the Palm sunday music at presbyterian Church or. A. Fleer baritone of the fortnightly club of Philadelphia and soloist of Cooper i. E. Church. Philadelphia will Render the Beauty Wili be shown and Arr be Solo a a new commandments from handels a Olivet to Calvary a on Palm sunday morning 1 1 Bristo House Pathor Irett lil1 t,1e presbyterian Church acc Oil i tuesday Venin. April to. At the a a Oil Houkal padlocked pianist mrs. M. D. Weagley. The . Lab Home on Cei Iai Street. Choir Wilt Reader the Beautiful Palm features Wilt be a quiz on the cur judge William la. Kirkpatrick in sunday Anthem a a Jerusalem by rent situation conducted by the the United states District court in Parker Wilson. A this Choli is now be rotary. And reports from the Philadelphia on wednesday ordered i rehearsing a splendid easter Anthem the Bristol House padlocked. The for easter sunday night. Further Trotel has been raided several times. County Institute which is to be held in Langhorne saturday. It announcements will be made

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