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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 18 1873, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - September 18, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaOlo until s 1 or one your for six Iii Oman Liv. I 1 00 Kur till j Fuma. Home. Flit inn vol. 1. Bristol Bucks county a that essay september 18, 1873. No. G. First insertion per Inch. Of kill additional insert inn. So polices in local to Lina pc Cal polices in percent extra. For tuna Lleni mile k to Lumini la Wollon Mart w in Imanil it tin off i i not Luli a Minn Bibb ii i inn As Inui la i it Villi a Iii Len Dpi k in l Jului. fun Liml mid Liore. Whore Nin it Vrr Imir. Us v. In feel Milf youth has mini i i l to of Wev Lanm lfiiif1s Bort r r i Mulh i years Flint Juv hum f m l " 1c to ii Iii and furnish if. Lor Chilli is his i Olioli w in time Little i . I a Noil him hindi if a of ills the of daily or Kiwi Luck that i ii Ulous Letb and ill Itilio vent tits like tin lonely soil o w Ilju walm., re Ilsc Roihl i Shiutai in rent Root l How full Ini la Wal flip Hillier Home in the in Pii i will Fiill Witik is re Durer to my Eye hint our in Lent Kin i ionian a Enlil who ii jul yearns to Llanil unit bolter Ivy to Jim Liat open to Limmis till Bloom. Mix works 1ml Iii Klill c Tell Ali Sci of his i ascus ii Ami aunt ins the Cunt of Man Tenil to Ilin linage May Hoil i list lib trill mid Imanil. In my i i or toll Ilic i Nikon kill. i own a near of Folium us if inf i ill Ait unit into line Vii us that it. Ira i m Ili Avn Mill blk Iwin ral Ann St ii Lii a i Ilia nil Laii pal in prac-0 ill nnrtnu1 i Lennil i Ruil Lovi. So Ilia i Cal Cash Lins ii , Trio in Riih Nhy to i Isicc. Tim Kimii Taitis Library botany Wotli Stii Iii a Anil Nihiko up Liis of m lilo inc Puli a us Iota Dis Aliice oink a iia to Park a Niimi Trio k Ginunis who Stool by us in Mil Early trying times. I Lic Slatie of Jit ii Uii it the Ccu Lre u lil i Jiuu and upon his i Ivor k i fur Luc county Gazeau evening notes. Would a is to go Back to the Early Days of Liia Greal we lieu hear people sigh Lor the old it is a very foolish tiling to do. To sensible Man would be willing to abandon the present and go Hack if almost to Bear again Liis stentorian voice in the that were i Gissible to dwell in the buried counsels of the nation. the St. Louisiana is to i think for one moment what be would have to inti first in their City Cuin and to Lido licence the great Cotton a Tim Liegi Mph was a Complete to Liat Veneralle fur Morse was Only nine i veins old when the present Century began tobacco expositions and immense agricultural so and null Suomi i in. Lii a 111-1 of Micro Tii in lot ill fur it sends the ipod no erho Ini Wilh an interest in his Wui a and with Liis lot. The of inuits Veyo tables minerals Slock unit Liani Latall of Man. All a Giubino to unite n i and Pau Orinic Lii Dure of in nut a useful to us All. Who has nut heard of tin famous xxx show Ulaki is. Louis hour the Host in the status Trio highest i Ricc no tit c can he sad or inca Lumpy with a barrel in her Louse. Tin great sugar Relius i ies of the Jill her Brothers relive and sae Charlue Matler a m in Niji a Ichii icily natto a glance at the West hen1 we Are at is. Louis Afler a Gay ride up inc Mississippi. The-3lotiiiil so called from the Largo Indian Mound in the Centre of the oily which in former years during Ibe i ranch Indian War was used As a look out is Ibe Ili tru Polis of the great Valley of he Waters of Miles from Xci and like her settled by i lie French Whoso land Marks and posterity i i show Many j speech and honest in conviction through the West and Many a Western end giant in his Trixi across the Plains Laus his sour disposition tempered to sweetness by this same substance. The fur Trade is second to none in tin Missouri fur company controlling the Hull Aid Robe business Anil also bartering in tongues which of years have become High in Price even Here commanding a Dollar apiece. Sliced Buff Ido Tongue is Ilch and palatable and very rarely docs Louis lady spread her Pany Pablo without this luxury. Ail the wild game of the West a Market hero Hannah i s of Venison hang Side by Side Wilh Rumps of boar rows of grouse Prairie and Sage liens and i lie most croaking epicure is silenced by Long is rings of frogs wired by their net her limbs. On Jolly French citizen gels much of his jump from ibis fair , and it is said part of his Ker chug language. 1 must no forgot to mention Proba Bly the most and numerous people Here. Tin germans who both politically and commercially hold High Sway in lie in Oivind Oil with Call Schulz at their Bead Wield Franklin was eminently rational in wishing Liat in Hail been his destiny to be born two or three centuries Laler. How different this from the thoughtless croakers who bemoan the l Dearold ii is a Happy thing for us that Fate did not put Franklin off according to the spirit of Bis wish to be the legacy of a Laler period for that rare character came in a very opportune i Hue. Of could not have been a mistake. Still he would have been delighted with the told graph and it. Seems a pity Bat lie did not live to behold these Mystic wires thai thread hit continent monuments of human Genius am the Ripe fruition of his own prophetic experiments. What messages he would have sen is the Ocean Cable from 1 Assy who is so Odd Aslo w Josh in had lived and died before Cyrus Anil Lii a Ait Iliili Viilu 1 Thel Guiou c wi1s whose persistent brain c the Ocean Telegraph which we cannot contemplate without a thrill of wonder and glow o admiration. Lur i eat grand parents never Rode in a Palace car. They never saw that. Moving Miracle of Grace which we Call a Steamboat they think of Riding from hero to in whirly minutes .1 the Houghl. Of such an apparently chimerical vision would have Given instant place to most sagacious scorn. We should think of them with compassion in View of the fact that they did All of their Hus Cal urls of inc Sui Niy land of Franco. As the Steamboat Lov of Long hues of Black come in View having the a charred blackened Forest. Tin tonnage of St. Louis is Bird in importance in the uni cd slates and like the Crescent City is mostly of the Steamboat the Mountain Boal. That slowly pulls Miles away to old fort a Renlun whore Lin ing Muddy takes Hal Rise Lohi princely Pas boat for new Orleans that sin Eils gaily Down Stream. This important method of travel and us. We spot lamp end the ardor of our Southern members and swamped the Vilair family into oblivion. Tenacious of purpose and a Counnis Al they a i e mapped the Trade of this vast Metropolis and insure among the chief Cal res of the place. A St. Louis Bacr Gaiden h an immense sight of a mowing machine or any of these of her farm implements that tend Loli Ghlen and labor. Jue Cormick is a Benefactor whom the Farmers of oui time should Honor Willi unc Caming gratitude. Do you not Greal grand Mot liars for having been so unfortunate As to simile Oil thin mortal Coil before Elias Howe put it on the dear old ladies were innocent of the sow ing machine those ancestors of ours never had their photographs taken. Herein we arc the losers More than they. How we should like to look Uigum be led into scenes of vice or contract habits it self indulgence at the bar or gaming table. Al nose miraculously there sprang from the siding Beds of Sand tie tasteful cottage and More aug using Villa and to Day they May be counted by hundreds while unfurled by the ugh Over All louts the watchword of the people the lord god omnipotent in the Beautiful Grove of aromatic Pines which is a few minutes walk from the Beach Ibert is ample provision made for the gathering of the people for worship. When the weather Ivill admit the services Are generally conducted in the of Jinn air under the Trees. At the Side is a Large Roomy Tabernacle and As of old the glory of the lord rests Down upon and ills the Tso one visiting Ocean drove will fail to have pointed out to him or. Ward s tent so called because donated to the association by this dear presbyterian and Happy the Man who has Lieen permitted to sit under that canvass and breathe the heavenly atmosphere there god s children meet on one common platform the partition Walls of sect broken in Christ. The wealthy Mer chant and the poor widow with her co Miles the cultivated judge and the. Impel tried work Man the Learned . And the Man who knows no doctrine hut become As Little children and sit As learners at the feet o our one great teacher. Tims during he season when even christians arc too Apt to give themselves up to an Indol Eul search Lor pleasure the soul is quickened into a newer higher life and receives a fresh Hup list to return to the sterner duties of the who cod Al once the motive and re Ward. In this sacred spot the Eai is never pain i by the sound of Trio wicked oath or Ibe Chai Loller. And reel through the in Cuenco of the cursed cup. Hut instead our is Soo Hod by the i i Cua i Sweet Lones Oft Lic evening hymn and the soft lullabies of the if cur readers think this picture overdrawn or too highly coloured let us urge you when an ii the Luvish. In Wilmou to tie musical son 0 Imil ii Tini Elc of Sli Nins Lulu Iwin with tin Ilon of morning i i tin innit of any dreams it ii unlit i rim tin i mrs 1 Nylic Curri Luis the Davin and the tremble of lattice Flowers. List Trio curtain no is drawn i void the Iii Meta t Watt for the of her Rosy hails Liat a Miille Liei wind Impi Ainne. J Riter Ohrne Ami to Light loll Dox ii lilo Shizui Iier . Anil Ali morn so ill Rise run the ruin if Nijol in Kali Naikae and Tom ers by o Lul Uliari. No. Lii a Ca Scanu ii Glt runs like i tin twin Hul Mil unit Ini int my by ii Lii lir Tuul i Ruiu that lib Willi my Ili i Insull Viii in us Niv spiral Clia Licul no Len in Tesla wine a Niu mail be Utah keep. In remains i Risili of Inui a Felt in Flagon soul inn Irani Iii Jiuu ii to roses of Yhetive i flav Ili a Natl for Uyeji Iione is Nln Uail null the world in Bright no yes Lonora was always a statuesque Liing. They used to make their Angels and go Joss. And Send lures of her in All their car ads and Tableaux and Well she played the part. Lint one night i saw her in a statue scene Fiat was enough to chill your blood Al most a hers chilled. She Vas naturally of the sickly East of skin Hula Waxen whiteness Hal was Lovely itself to the Ai Islic Eye that find in All varying meanly and where in blushes on one. Face chooses pallor on another. Bill Leonora herself detested this pal Lor and often Pul a Ili Lionel dash of Rouge upon her and Chin and i Hen she was Beauty nothing limit about Leonora though Reserve mid cold Pride might Donn Seifeit Ibe Charm. At Lisl in had Lieen Accident thai threw him in the Lille musician s us City it was Accident hint caused them to meet again in music rooms and Al. Other houses Hen it was purpose. He followed the i Elly thing Aboul thinking be was hut amusing himself. To Day he. Fulfilled an engage me with Leonora to night be went to Bear Amabel sing. When lie saw Honora be was her slave and showed Ilas he left her his letters loosened and when lie saw Amabel he Houghl Ilas Sweet to Rule there Aslo serve elsewhere. Honora s Fortune and Amabel s poverty made no Dill Curence wit i him he already had if not As much wealth As he wanted yet enough to answer at a wife whoever she might he. Could have her own coach and would not lie Des Lille of Dia monds. I Vert Iooss As the Days went he fell a trifle least in the world displeased with himself. He wished he had never seen Amabel or else on to night before he did. He had not walked with Louora in the conservatory and in the dim shadows of the Palms and Han Annas there for on Tinl night Alliey had been dancing log Thor Hounshel Wilh Tho Musie and Ibe and maybe Wilh the wine she White and still As. Before and As they paused a moment in their sauntering through Ibe Green Oscur ii where each of Thorn Milit have seemed Little More than a Beautiful Shadow to the Oiler he had suddenly impelled by he knew nut what rashness except the fever in his blood Benl and kissed Louota s perfect Monib and As if the Tiery touch had broken the spell thai always bound her. She had Mot Bis lips wit i lips As passionate. And then Gay approaching voices came Down the blossoming aisle with Jesus and laughter and they wore nol alone again. Una whal woman of Honora s Lompis Raoul after All Hal had go be Long Friendship the Long woo woman who loved and believed in the Honor of her Lover would not have received Bat kiss As Ibe avowal she had Mil have expected plainer raptures and More open declarations on the Morrow woman would not have in amaze sell line in Aniable s Reu to ice Loi him As i und Llie Lemi god than in Honor. S love 1.1 inn re Mew t Man. And to lie girl in the splendor my and a Inabel would Viive fell her love to be bul so much the More necessary to him. Thai week As usual Amabello Ghe inc end of Liana my she hardly know whal she was ing. Ivory nerve Elro Ehod for the moment of his coming.1 the music went Simm plug on Lelic Ionly the to Lowers gave no their Iii Osl Outia Gloson of jewels and the Sheen of satins moved More her All unconscious of i in she saw nothing bul the door through Ivl Ilch and ii w was to pass. As she sat Viliore on the Low ottoman her while Bix Cude Wilh Iho Pale blooms swimming Over it Splix Siul around her Wilh the steady glow of her carbuncles Wilh tin Bandeau of det Nival Romm in Lier hair she was As sump Louii i and Superb a Crea Ture As Over wailed for a suitor to tread a boiler to finish , and then the Muniu a would to of value to tier in making herself lil for a Bride. She must have one White Sill and one Black one at any Lale she said and she bad already Laid Oul All she bad in the pure a of of the while one which lilo person with whom she boarded was lilting for Lier. She was so Happy and so glad that she could hardly keep herself from dancing As she passed the sly coi. She had no in ought Ofin aking a secret Lull Walls wearing on. And at last. Of her Bliss and in was during ii s lesson the Oil Hestra. Tin re that emphasizing some Point of her instr Stelion. The i etched her linger across the , and Jlon Rasaw shining there the Sapphire Wilh its deep by e breaking Lillo by tied Ivd the angles of ils Ilia Amabel won mole out Ibe Lii is rival bins of a Low and far Oil Strain a single Horn sighing ibo swi it Convol i Ollof Ilio tune softened and ii of Chimil by Bassoon and Bilte swollen by the violins till the t Imis u of a. Even going As far Back As that j was composing an opera to be called Emlo Sirc of Lawn and Green Trees sur Type of paler ugly which Darwin presents us for Hie play i our Nua Mallou Lul Daguerre rounded by a rustic till Urie Fence of the National color Wilh Small Green seals and circular tables where the clinking of to lager and Pony ale ring to he ear of our Ivi us from the i id Rland. Al one end an open music wonder Hal she has been somewhat slower i i lil cd Wilh Rosy cheeked and Rosy nosed than her rival sister on the lakes in regard to j musicians whose motions indicate Adit top oar railroads which have breaded every stale and j to. And a thirst for -.0. Group cd about Woven a Complete no Woik Over our Blooming the Garden Are Stout dutch girls . Prairies but Wilh her water communications j drinking nibbling a and cramming she Roaches Oul Lily thousand Miles. Is. Louis j a knot of Anglo americans arc lends i i soil Chi in and Man Ofuji Akinaga nip of ill line wine and opposites a Hercilio Foni orly dealt in Cotton and Cane. I Dapper Frenchman pulling his moustache in with camera Obs Eura was not conveniently at hand while they flourished for he was Only our ancient if it was their misfortune to have Teeth extracted i those Good old were obliged to have them taken out. Wilmont to assuaging a Euclit of Allier. Lilt did Thev know of the marvelous and kind of this Benol cent agent which fulfils such a Welcome Ollice now a Days As the Subtle of pain. In Winter weather and to save finished noting a. Duet when the leaves Slid Oil the Sli oils Ami. Gently waving to the door were wafted under the conch Lossini looked after them. Sir Slebod out Hiarm to reach them and Linding them beyond Bis reach he Flung him self Back with an Diqui in col i will Noie it Over the. Vein however was Exlaus Ltd Liis memory failed him and again he Lokeil ii Neal the bed at Hie paper beyond his reach it would be unlucky to he said it has fallen. I will compose number. If -1 Ever Row Rich 1 will write my music As other composers do in such weather fun Brief Lins Sini noted in passed and weeks Ami at Ful with her straight fair hair banded away coins Alison she Hail sovino instr Lable Iise Oft Lic heart. That now they would Call by a ure should Ever hurry the blood Loo icily on its passage through the thing not Likely to happen to Honora who Cool and Calm and unmoved to a degree not common Wilh women for most women have not such earthly in icily and in their changing and titling and sparkling they Aro Junore like the evanescent and ethereal lire. Dill Leonora had had the trouble Lor half a Down years and said Lille or until Ini about it and was Well and Strong in Spile line and queenly and Brilliant that she had 3 of All thai. Honora was not Happy. Lordo she of the piano and a Pruhl and k the blood Hal the Shock bad soul curdling a lion her Dicarl had renamed ils . The sight of that ring had not been wholly in cd Pool i d by her she had been making her Uniel invest Iga Tiomi. And had divined that Lien Ion had been pall ring with the girl in All that speak decisively to Hoim Olf. She had fell. I tie sure that that Over and done Wilh since it happened thai the various groups of tin room had gathered Jusi Ihen Between Lynnora and the door. A gentleman Bent Over her Shoul Der speaking with her and her eyes were on her Ian Hose Lilagren Silver Slicks she was slim la shining. Her pulses v Liral ing with inc music bul she did Mil Bat the tune was 1 in Murl. She did not hear w hat Ibe and minor bending Here above her Mill. She did not a c Andrew Honlon. All and splendid and Sialei. Approaching her with another on Bis Arm she did not feel his Piv serice in the loom till Bis voice sent the blood High Lilli thin ugh her veins while to said. Tenuis. Me Llo Noni. To present to you my Anil she looked up to see bridegroom and Bride us his journey and made her heart Boal so Wilh Joy As he slipped the Iii Nikon Hoof Rini on her own linger hut when had passed without the re Eipl of a line from him she had bom Ihlo fear that his lick Loncess had lilo holler of him again. She had wondered during those a Deal Al by Rolf Wilh eyes 1 lat Days if a Inabel could la no further Ziec Oiin Lull. Ibo undo Wasl ii in of him reason Soillha if Iliani inno i rom inc Amabel for a Lime All would Sill Wilh a Rich ill be Well. And now As she Sal i hero on Light shining in 111. Olas pod her husband s Arm hands and surveyed Lier to i Cicai. Over and Over to herself "1 must Pul Hor Mil of the w eur my. His peace should he. Able to have any tie room was Lull Al Lynnora s when he went As 1 did since to me she w her Sirot numbered will Tine equipage and Trio stairway. With of i ius women. L have conic to bid you ton Sec. Lelli Wigall i in j hey aim a likewise obliged to spend their lives without Ever making the Alipia Pulanco of of Lur Duel and bad Iii Al finished it when a Friend the Lisl appearance As Jim Oil on the nervous dryness a Goblet of Kalivo lives Wilh us Ever making the acini Arlance Oll mid i is a Hil Bluff or inclined piano and the quench his Hirst. In party being hat Deli Nellu to. Of Ohl Sailor lodgings and Steamboat Iee Tollers Lake four lingers of lemonade and inner to the human race for nobody was mip and on front Street Lurn away satisfied Hal the drink and Ina cd before the year seventeen Hundred and v ret your Eye. Tin names on the houses pleas i s arc the least expensive and the Bear Ibe inscriptions of the lied Light All Active. Lolly veep of Sailor s 1 have now about done up St. Louis so i at. And us you in Sjostr no and must say a word Aboul her sur Iii Imit the narrow to fourth Ron dings which Are important. Tie Iron principal Avenue running parallel Mountain and Pilot Knob arc familiar names to the River Yon notice Iho every student of geography but should i Ell in the passage vehicles in Icse Misini a you Bat in till Knob is enough Iron Ore to lanes trucks can scarcely pass each other Supply the world s necessities for a Century and lint once at the lop of ibis inclined plane upon that her Pill King houses Cut up and pack a Herd Ibe Lisl Praileau. Ami you have he lint grand of Texas East la in a Day to mess dried and other View of Theta tent us to Iii. Uruu Slonic meals glue Horn Combs Ami Bone Dusl 3011 blocks churches Siores and hotels. Greet your to Silil scarcely believe in. Hi1 is Cor your lot Long hues of sties a regularly Laid out to got a pass by All moans go to St. Louis Cash Back from the River into the Interior with Iron it her door Coal in abundance. Licau Lif ully built in Juliet Marble Ohio Sand the products of ibo Prairies emptied , 50.uuo Miles of railroads. Miles of River navigation. Miles of telegraphic communication Issue list Destine 1 to be the greatest fashionable avenues and thoroughfares cast. J Trade Mart of the Wes cannot Deler Iuie but As Jou get into the old French Quai scr the t until we land at Omaha which claims to be the picture of. Interest Ai the quaint Speed from we Rich in the future will radiate the Metis of architecture and fanciful Wilh Gulden rays of and Progress through High valued Ali imps by named in ii Small Frame the entire itni1 Eric. Lattice or Fence. The lord of the mansion May lie Viccii taking a Bird s Eye View of his Gorman Rind across the. Way upon the ground door. A tiered the room. cried Tossini cast your Oye on this try it at Theriano and id me Nitai you old Bikol Ilie is lie old. And expressed Stone and the red Brick of miss Iiri. Dive. Clip Ald Pine spi Uci and other prominent streets compare fave nobly with some of our moral courage in every Day life. For often the and French live oppo in. Moral courage was a ruled in Liu be let Freud generally live in the upper Par j 1u of their houses and either let or use i Sya tumanic merchant i York for flour for business purposes. Vivacious and a constant reference and by him Niue in six. The poor old patriarch of the land id who is believed to have been ally oiled Wilh the put would have Given a pair of his Init Cam Els had Mil he chaldean stolen them for the merciful Avail of the doctor s discovery bul Job was born Loo soon for that. Our elder Kin came upon the stage of Lii too ii Rev to enjoy the luxury of the Lucifer match which we would not Exchange for a of their rude Domestic conveniences. The India rubber shoe did not make ils and unit till they were gone. They lived in Blissful ignorance of All the varied Oll Spring of the Gutta Percha discovery and knew not what i Waslo he As water proof As the Crocodile. Who would want to of bade to the pre rubber Day those poor old eyes never welcomed Gas Light for this product of human Genius Only came in time to Light up the old Century s de parture. The record of each Day s doings gathered Vivoni All parts of the world into a daily paper never excited their wonder or called Forth their enthusiasm for this necessity of to Day was a stranger to their quiet abodes. Their sober wishes look no Light towards this Emblem of nor the Many other prominent re said the composer put your Arm under my bed pull out paper that lies duct is noted on try that Lle saw the Casl tremor imaginable run in Diness alone to Wear. Are Vou Iii willingly. Rubbed be other Ollie Lovoff a Lite v in Ned in look Al. Her Lime she seemed to ask Pardon As she is so thai in stand. Icy and still Sim id Besiie her. With her Down dropped hands Hie smile. Iho Binl head befall the in iced a clasped ingot Hor and her Down dropped of lid glancing in Hirji Wols. Restless. Veiling ibo depth of her eyes As if l Hoy Iii Ghl bras the face blanching whiter Rev Iii Loo much happiness when they listed j Imp Anci Eui Frost. The Man. Lie is so Brood to said Amabel warm Lesb Ami blood a lither ban can he help in said Leonora. Belly. Whispered inc. She is like a Neau. And she looked at Ibe girl in Lier indigo Huck j said another. Idle crisis As 1 looked at her 1 could Well discover How listless she was when one person Only was r f t. Ii sent from tin group about her. 1 could Sci uth Rose hush but idiom was Eumie to her if he was Mil there that she Hoard people talking an in in a dream and that she could Waken and when be came she woke she Lif Lod the Beautiful White lids and the vat soft Dove eyes Glis Ade her simply Pel foul her he. Could not help murmuring my must i liven l fair. The Friend obeyed and he protested thai the second Duel was much to be preferred to the first. Rossini rejoined that what his Friend called the second was in Hie first and he told the. Story of How it had slipped oil1 m bed out of his reach. The two Ture As Honora s Miu lit have been bad Good an tend and while lie spoke to her the sweetest i suspicion of color see to fan up into her another one of lir at Enion Ilia Ino c Leek so that whet she needed no Rouge Al All. . And As she absently bold her band Lor the jut after nil. That was Seldom for Andrew while Spe Akiu will her lace toil ind Hen Tou had other Calls upon his time than toward Soho . had no him those to Inora made. 1 think he was a Light mingled Man. Not Worth the Devotion of so deep and Stiim a nature As hoi Jolly courteous and Dell Crew Trixil they arc a Val j for i in Chin table Clement. In tie place making lil o have the coinage to discharge a debt while u Mono in your pocket. The pains of sterner and have the Cim rage thai which More real they give us a me you do not need however much mini eyes May and Good of live not in vain covet it. And incur wrinkles More our Lime. The i Lautis and Southern hotels loom up us monuments of elegant rest for theldred Tia Eler. The once famous i Udall still lies in Hor ashes of . Bultzo people of St. Louis. Have the. Courage to your mind Wlna it is necessary thai you should do no. And hold your Tongue when in. Is prudent Jon should do so. Have Hie courage to speak i o a Friend in a seedy cout. Even though Oil Are in company wit i Rich richly Alt ired. One in. The other sealed All he Edge of the the two duels and they were of one Opin Ion that Ibe due tar. Below the bed was the Heller of the two. After a Little while the Friend impaired whal Tossini meant to do Wilh inc other. Is replied the Young composer -1 have by Ibe help if a few alterations turned it Tims by being too to slip out of bed. He took the India Stirotis pains to while two duels in Azeail of one and to change one of the two into the philosophy which urges the excellence of Early rising has been very rudely and Success full shaken. Charles Lamb has shown that there is As much excess in rising with the Laik and lying Down Wilh he Lamb Asiu the prac Tice inferred to in Moore s song a like rejoin mends a lengthening of the Days by inking a few hours from Hie night my that philosophy was shaken in the Early Days of the world by sleepy children who came under the rebuke of vigilant fathers. remarked one sire i once found a piece by rising Eaily rejoined Young hopeful Bill the Man Cults of human anti reprise Hal we value and in was no before you. Ever proud of her memory As the largest Lintel courage to own you arc poor am the time. Will Ere Many years rebuild Thi. Thus disarm ,.overly of ils sharpest sting. Sum caravan sary. 1 should like to dwell upon pm set the Way our spiritualistic coloured Friend Fred Crick Douglass was received at. He planters House some time ago but prejudices Are Chang and soon he shaded americans will lie hav ing their own holds and choose their guests. Iva Ionly mention Fred walked boldly up to lie Register on expected be treated to bed Ami Buunk As any of her when he wa.-. Iki Litell informed that they did not entertain j Elii cited. I t r _ 1 not credit him. the courage o i Ell a Man a by you will enjoy. We arc so accustomed to these that we rarely pause to reflect upon Thorn and to con Sider How Many appliances of modern origin Are tributary to our happiness Comfort and welfare which lend to lift human life out if ils Beggary to a god like ease and surely we should be proud of the age we live in and there is no better Way of making Requital for on blessings than by endeavouring to gels i guided her. Junt that is the Way of the Thorld. It is those men thai ton Frei gently get the do Volion. And Nedrow Henlon had a Graceful manner Wilh him that was captivating sort of meanly men loved him. And in did vol need ids Brilliant talk Ira ing Riding his dash and glitter to Coli pics dress Wilh lilo Rich carnal Ion and creams of i mining Forward As lilo groups broke Clear dark skin and the smile bios did Ner j in and the dec talk Hilo do Hill gaze at her in her Magini licence with the Pale Pink shimmer of her silk. Ibo Vaspory lace the jewels. Ibe features like a Turcek god Dess the shining fairness of and the smile As dreamy us h she were a being of an other sphere Lii at. All Ibe Lime claimed her Tho Liudis. It was too much Lor i Jonson of course you might As Well expect him to stand in Trio Easl and not feel the Sun. Ves. 1 am he said As she turned in his direction. And when 1 come Buck. What when became Back she meant to women so Long As he had that graciously Sov was lobe i Here to Morrow. He had no fixed Pui poses not even any preferences he could not Tell in Point of fact. V. Helper be liked virtue or vice the. Best. Jle though the last Hose of summer tin sweetest tune in the u old when blimey and Conli uned to link he was bending Low before her. In ceremonious Adieu to All the world if All l he world were look Imp but he had taken her hold Artaud was sliding ils ring Over Iho third linger of her outstretched hand. When 1 come her Bliss and she admired her and haled her i it she and is. Louetter. I Insl Pill her out of the Way. Repe Aien i it w As Irno for Honora sat thercy Leonora. Ami -1m a Repei Iling in Long after ii Hwy. Amabel had a Riuo. Sec has no in feuds to in Ipi ire after she , Al last. And As for him. He will Pioski Nelly forge i ii can Only Jie the infatuation of a moment that is conquering the purpose of years. She Bill removed to would return to me and he As to was before. Why should 1 lot her Rob aloud. Mino he is mine it is lilo Wilh her Placid and silly i have la win would vex his soul out of ids body Anili she us j with in a buy Alten Illy of nil in 1 the liar of woman s soul i Oliue. Vim Reinhe Viiar Nutton shall in la Itic Voin i.liirl.-1 i Wlizlo 1 Yum in Art to me its a Jim to and is heaven your soul. Yon Lequire a fur Yum Nuu Oit i require n far in Nair tit ii a sen Nisi Riss Yuri i i i Iii inc fur Wicks for i Linik fur a Anil a a Womax s ans kit. No i.atiiaor-. It Klimt Vou Hugo fur he oils invade ii the hand Novoa Hea i a and n Quinan s Anil a a Minnii s luve1. Its lied for this 1. Shut her up half a years Shl he in no worse slavery or prison Bonds than she is now. As she goes through tin Drudgery of her Dro Arv round of lessons. And when she 1 am shall an annuity awaiting her that will Scenic her forever i my my i m i Lii Alsi no Ivahn will find other lovers. What can she know of what is i l passion of two months beside mine. That has grown Wilh my growth ands Tri and by Hal Lime his Falo will have been sell led. He will have scan lied for her a lilt while will have failed will have come to me for have found in and i will have my own again i am fair Ami minit 1ml Hie Nisi will Falo she cried. -1 be was Mino Lufi amino to shall be mine 1" is she stood there in the Sun shall i Lii a Lar Anil ii is Viry i tilt o. Lunar. A la Rel Strong smile she was the picture of Irin Myhand i l will i As my son Minji a k Oik Lay Liivi Ini Llu a Mill Llu Fulling l of Iliili Luong in Lilon must May in Rinir heart an it Chin so Elro Iier to ally can do Manv ii Iris in a Croal and said the other worthy Parent observe that it s the Early Bird thai catches the 1 do 0 my replied the excellent boy that Lii worm was caught by gelling up earlier than the Bird 1 it has been considered not beneath the dignity of Field marshal the Duke of Wellington to Lipold rank among the philosophers of the bed and As nobody knew that he Hail Ever delivered himself of an axiom or Maxim illustrating bed intr so till in heard f Lonora sing i Tome Sweet ice water and Wilh wine and Kenlon carried 1 u i i doctrine one has been stolen for him. And his adorn the age with Noble and Yves do it is if it Llis ing Well our part. Small town is open to. Lungs bed it is Lime ing the doors of a grander fill lire. old. Have the courage to Cut the most agreeable i acquaintance you have when Yon Are convinced Hal la lacks i ii ii be a Friend should Bear with a Friend s infirmities but not with his vices. Have the Coin ago to show your respect Lor honesty in what ver Guise in appears and your contempt for dishonesty and hip icily by whom igers at the haulers. It might be said with gratification o our Cul tured i Stern citizens that few cities have a belter Public Library than exists Here. The writ Inz. Chess and billiard room attached add pleas ant recreation to the tiled Reader and the student of Art can feast Iiri Elij Ripon in busts of Ben. Ion Hajj Tow . Was Migton done in , and Manly form of Andrew Jackson in Oil. Other american and i bricks ail i Nobe the Pride of St. Louisj anti the operation in the Art of floriculture in America the rival if Rivali a exists of tie great hanging of the South South Destyni Pait of Trio City or. Slow a have the courage to Wear your old dollies until you can pay for new ones. Have the courage to prefer Comfort and propriety to fashion in All tilings. Have ibo courage Loac a Rowledge your Igno Rance rather Mian to seek for knowledge under false pre lenses. In providing an entertainment for your friends not to exceed your have the courage to insure the prop City in fur the flunks comity 4. Word of Ocean Grove although the various local journals have been literally overflowing with sketches Long or Short prosy or racy of the dil Lerent Seaside re sorts we have seen comparatively Small men lion made of one Little spot which in our Esti mation ranks the very first drove or a Lair impartial description of the grounds Siisi Orai Iling scenery and natural advantages we would refer the Reader to the last Issue of the Bucks county lint there Are several features connected Wilh the found ing Anil subsequent growth of the place of which we believe lilo majority Aie ignorant. In Elwen four and live years ago on passing from one to another of the favorite summer re sorts which have sprung up so rapidly on the for him to turn out As Ibe Duke of willing pm used to so we Are raid As if the yield Niaesha were always saying it. Now the phrase was n favorite one with the Early archbishops audit was probably not original even pm the lips of the very earliest of to whom it has been assigned by the Dean of clip Chesler. The earliest Illus ration of the ils of lying late in bed which some of Mil older people used to receive when hey were children came to them from or. Watts. Who has not heard of the famous lines with their halting Philo your posses Ion and thereby pay your debts in of u old Ocean seeing Bow com full. Have tin1 courage to obey your maker at the risk of being ridiculed by Man. spent after Tunc in land and the jagged Mexico to Ttoe snowy Cammillia of the upon with pleasure. Here the Orange tie Magnolia in. And Palm Coll cd and Tea Trees quiver their leaves in surpre serice. Coti Iii Les Chr Aci Oss the sea. All immense film will Long Pendant leaves soil in Syria. Rise gardens fire terraced and circa Jar hods Antl thu rare _ that will not stand a Northern exposure under immense Green houses. Lokeil 1 with Inucci interest a huge Century Plant Ivond Cring for whom it should Bloom and to Yaj Jisc to strict it should Emit its Sci Lien Iii Al Fri new spa Pei if in h1v e Petely they were ruled and swayed by Hie res loss Mulli Lude of fashionable pleasure seek heart of an Cai nest Christian minister if a spot u Lucli at Oxford some Twenty years ago a Tutor of was thrilled by the Conception of a spot which one of the colleges limped in Liis walk. Stop Combine with the bracing sea air and Ping one Day last summer at a railway station he was accosted by a Well known politician who recognized him. And asked him if he was not the Chaplin of College at. Such a Lime naming Hie year. The doctor replied thai he m was. Was said the interrogator and know Yon by your Limp. Said he doctor. It. Seems my Limp ing made a deeper impression than my orca Shah was the. Reply with ready wit. In is the highest compliment we can pay a minister to say Liat he is known by his walk rather than by his the following Are some of the fall colors "1 a Rosiau and All ii slate oxidize to Silver Grey and a dark purple Grey Royal purple Plum color and Bine or currant color Ami Eliut de Anil for evenings. Invigorating Bath the More blessed influences of spiritual growth and improvement. As the thought was born of god so lie strengthened mid developed the plan sending of his devoted children o advise co pc Rale and at last carry out to he very letter primal idea. A few Hund cd acres of ground were chosen mingling the softer Beauty of Lake and Forest with the Majestic grandeur of Hie Ocean and the Little company of pioneers within inc sound of the eternal music of the Waters consecrated it by the voice of prayer and Praise to the god they loved. Having received his Sanction they rallied round this place their cell arts and prayers. Clu Istian men and women gave their ready and heart support and congratulated themselves that at last they could take Mieir door ones to recruit and recreate by tic sea without the tormenting fear Liat they would. Hands Wear it As if tale and nut he were but before Amabel a Nancy crossed ids vision he had been All Honora a save for occasional ads of Aurance of no duration and lie had hesitated in his contemplated proposal of marriage Only because he could not judge from hernia her whal the answer would be and a not unusual Maui la made him desire Sci Dainty. Every Day she had expected to hear the words from his she knew that the was his Al ready she fell that he was hers. She was certain of his love indeed that she did not fuel in necessary to restrain her own feelings and though she confided nothing to anybody a Linin heaven or hell in i lie Day he Neaile a nil Hull arc i Hal a Man Shinil lie ii von live this All. I my tube nil of Zilfi giant us ii vim cannot. In this i inn Yuri Ean hire with Hill i pay in a human heart nil a Wun Iau s lilo Are my to lie that Way. Her to the sofa of an adjoining parlor and left her with her feathered and jewelled living an hour afterwards Pale and smiling with an inel Lable peace on her face lie kissed her hand through , so Inver to retain whom she had wrong by Sii Choul. Tin wild Wolc hotness and woo of the wailing within lilo to cruel Walls the. Struggles ibo appeals. The fruitless i i oils Iho de pair that was or. Lii ii Lou he would write Little by them. May As Well be she As Sho statement to escape in the course of usual con the of Trio san Sparil i he nil him Cuin von have waked me too Sunn 1 must slumber As the Sim i its Liin Ros i lie i his Beil turn Liis skies Anil Liis Shii Noteis and ins heavy tie door that turns on ils lunges is doing us duty As a door let Solomon and or. Watts say what they will and the the thrown and hit Thistle which grew broader and higher in his Garden were at least acting busily Accord ing Uthe nature implanted in them. And after All the so called sluggard seems to have been More harmless in bed than his census scr. Who left him. After All impertinent missionary visit Wilh such an outburst of Plia Risu Cal Pride As this said t then to my i cart ii Ere s n lesson for me i Liat Man a Jive lure of a hat i might in lout thanks to my friends tin their care in my Beccu Wio Ilavu Tani lit inn by times to love working and perhaps if the sluggard had had such friends and they had found him work to he would have risen to do it. Thorn was some reason in the Young fellow who on being asked Why he did not get up replied that lie had nothing to get up for we Are not even sure that a Tzinis to be severely censured in the part he took in the morning dialogue with Bis Valet John what s o clock nine o clock is there an Mullet in the Markot to Day so then Call me at nine to Morrow John. Moreover it docs not follow that because a Man is in bed is Mill is Idle or that he is careless of the welfare of his fellow creatures who Are up and Rhine. Honor a. On the. Night before standing under the chandelier Wilh ils Light pouring Down on the. Centum hair gilding it pouring Over her draperies us Pale silk and lashing Back ii0111 her great pearls seemed o him to glorious a creature that he dared not Wail longer Ere he claimed her. He could not Wail he said. And yet if .1 should Lell you the exact truth in would he Hal As he mounted the Steps the next morning he experienced i strange sense of suffocation and had half the in Hutto retrial before lie was manacled. L suppose the artist in him loved Leonora but went in bul she was not. Playing her head was leaning Forward on the music rack and Lier Altitude was one of listless melancholy. Al ids step she spi Ana to Lier feet and to saw hint tears were still sparkling upon her face and the Man in him loved Liberty. That morning it the prey Dart Eves glittering under the moisture More than Ever. She sat Down again direct in after reeling in and began to play Polimi and then to Hei Ilon was a connoisseur in his Way tin voice if not Strong was Sweet. And the method was line the feeling per led he lounged in a comfortable chair in without announcement he saw Sonoi i in tie senses soothe Herodotus most i Licet Anil Ili Liei and a Learned Phy declares the clock work of Lii h docs in reclined Multi took his Seal in the window shielded by the curtain to on her at his pleasure till the lesson should to Iron go. Bin the lesson was Long. He could not see Honora further than some folds of her dress Only the music teacher faced him Brunette and Bright velvet eyed and Rosy Lille piece of As perfect Llesh and blood As he had Ever seen he the voice of the flesh Young thing thrilled him. Before the lesson was Over callers of importance came and of course the business of the Day would have had o be postponed even if it bail a pilfered no Divra Sion. There was possibility Only Between him and Honora of one Long full look into each other s eyes one dose pres sure of the bands mule reiteration of the night s mute Assurance and so it chanced unit or. Kenlon walked Home with the Little Musie teacher and he would a Ive been a very differ ent being from Andrew Kenton if to had not that he had made Iho acquaintance of one As Lovely in nature As in face As innocent and unsuspecting and swell As a child should be As modest Ami timid As a woman there was Gill made his soul and. Epicurean luxury. 3y and Liy Amabel left the piano and came la sit beside him. She cried 1 Houghl you wore gone and was that Why Yon were crying he asked. She stopped a moment in her Advance. "1 Haven t any friends you know in All he world 1" she said. I am All alone. And you 1 she paid no Alle lion to his Lone but impatiently Shook Back the tumbling Black curls j out her Secre and when i thought you bad gone without crime. Laney the feelings of .1 Nia Mother Warwick town Side. Chester near Llo Civell who observed thai her child four months was breathing Wilh great Dill Cully in ils Cradle asleep. was the Woik of a moment when it was discovered that Lik a Cord was round i his child s holy Neil edits Lille night gown some thing like i Cord indeed it was a Snake thirty inches Long coiled Lyhl. Around tin inline of Ibe Cherub in , the wicked old herein was so Comfort Ihlo Hal in. Was Wilh Agod Deal of Dilli Cully he a persuaded to uncool and when in did so. Instead lopping like a fair minded Snake to have his photograph taken he boiled hastily into a Hole. Rallies. As we should say Hor hostess for Iho person with whom Slie had her Homo had not soon i lie Lille Maiden going in and Oul always so Happy so industrious a Bright w ill ont i Livili her Many a kind and Loving thought. Vhf now when Iho child did not come Homo. Bul. Her Musie. Her div pcs her ickers wore ill Viii in her room As she had loft them Day Aller a Vilii tone Hod inc Good woman became alarmed visited like i Bie of police turned Over her 0 his ii Eldr. Of the Charler i l tors till she found he address and wrote to on idiot to Day give then went on the vim for Whiteb you our silk we Didiw i Oss. Zhongli she dropped f. Ion. . Turn Orr. Leave in acknowledged a pathetic letter from i lady Friend Amio inc my her widowhood Wilh a note of to words Helas. Madame when tin easily consoled Dame wrote Yerry Long afterwards soliciting his influence in behalf of an Ollie or she was about Many he. Merely replied. To. To. Mom Sites factory to tin recipient was lord Eldon h to his Friend or. Of in Yellorday Iho and so Honlon sooner than he was and unknown at lies to any hut the chief and the person who had sent for him. While All his heart awake and alive and allame. Ii Hud needed but such a Hung to make him a Man and now fixed of Pilipos. Sleepless and tireless and racked with a thou sail 1 pan s. He was working Oul. By Day and she they arc not . I he salvation of the Insl girl. It is True. The chief had a us Pictou. For i own part Liat it i Dit be Andrew himself who had Spiri cd the or Xci has a path Lic pict Ito of a Young married couple on a calling trip. As they wait All be door where Liny have rung the my. A Kislus is thus cautioned Augustus love let me Sci of Yon do not give Way to any insane pm of Delight before the servant if lot mks of of Kohima. Told Jal Lucs Lias com the night that she could t marry Iii Olav working out Ili it lit j whereupon be drank from it vial she sent ii or Blen n the dark lint Andrew know no a doctor and a i cached and had lie i Obluk ill tin u us my j Heiy it but sweetened Biddin me Seegan an voice choked and she Hung herself half about and burst into tears again. And m another moment. Revlon. Who could not endure the of pain Al All. Never the sight of tears and Lawsl of All the ears of a pretty child for whom he had u tenderness had his arms about her and was kissing off the tails and Deconn gloat he loved her passionately. And when he drove to us at anon that Nigil h o Tho two months of Jar. In train and she had Foro cd Ops can he la i unit Iii decided not to a postpone the great parly she had governess u her i Itao Cathis and with that the Giddy j voting Matron had waltzed Heiskell out of the l tin i Veteran general von Jolt pc is As Bald its a w Ora went late to Hal parly. He was com of by from font heart beat so n1. Lilo though till Day Olin Sliaut be
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