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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 11 1873, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - September 11, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaPublished weekly by Jessts-0. Thomas. Cok xxx of a Walnut trek to i a. To Mem o n i year. 00 Fotr 1 80 for Oliree months 1 00 be Etta. 1 if Bucks county messenger vol. 1. Bristol Bucks county pa., thursday september 11, 18t3. No. Ii v Aduf Aii k k. I Alt or. A to Ftp in my Malmlow a win Sci worn. Utji Ulton Ici if and if i ii Inland us Lii Itlen Tinis tin i Likiu oth Brief. Ii to myi to Wrulon not by a Linin in Linioul a Imi Knatte All and Oik should till it toll Hihl fled Wotli hit the for Klincik to title mid Branty tin of Kunii dior if tool Liow Lufi h alms Siml a Iii i d thai act and Iii Jimoh like thin a of of Kii Mnick Jet Jujj Liik All wet Hartil Anil a Toul. Lie Likht in Tiu lie dirt of Muni Iii Ink Ciscil Liy cd Milne am the Lori in taif Pyp of i county tit Wotli Gutti Cring to com. Thai none of Cir Ali Favora pc Minnant Jill Omin i and Thiol in Silty of vanities is on All earthly 1 of mind in Tho in Ulm of my in Josh and Pickle ill t list mum a few i ii Vii a Hud Cal Iii a Willi h k win to wine and in id. Anil a tiny a talc Nicici incr Ici Ifni Tiuis on my will Ami in Hho Wii unite a Ira sign to i Nih unit Tell. For the hunk a county Turtte ribs steamboats. 11v 1iaciik. Tin1 is of steam a a motor in water Craft had originally been respectively applied to the Stemn whole she and perhaps other simple devices All of which in their Day have been Lix Wely accredited As giving Rise to Dis Pute and litigation on he pail of respective As inventors of the Steamboat and some Controvert id claim to and assumptions As to having u French English or american origination. As Long As or. Of Lon pm noted for his improvements the Model of a steam to he Ama hed to a Barge while it i i noted of Oliver Evans if Philadelphia who declared that he had often thought of both land and Strain i hat in 180-1, by ii desirous of his Ihu a or Wilging machine the Krietor the to the Jehu Jekill it mile a old a half across i bind lathe r Han Lowil around by the Junction attached wooden wheels to Beicco shifted the working Power and propelled it Over by steam. Afterwards lie a at shi1 and propelled it by the engine Down Hie and up the Hilli be then was one of the fits land and one of the first on record. At thy onto l of experiments in Ohk Deriv Tion Little was known of the win King principles of a a team Piaf to in his country i Bat it is not singular so much Conten Tion and litigation should have aids in on he Jart of he respect to a Hiim i to be originators of be Liciu a the facts co Mecleda with this theme i crr curious and intricate of Iii Teresa ing. Perhaps the . a of the appliance of mechanical Force Oiler than steam and be fore thai motor was a i in ancient Skoman times figured by Basle in , recently shown in la irpcrti1 it being a to furhop j i of pulled with oxen turning paddle wheels Hen the experiments in England in Lourne in ioj10, by David sey in by Thomas in 1037, by Thomas Lin in Umo by Edward to have had any special chunks hey oud their Mere nov by iting simply for wot King a boat by hand but i cannot pass them by Umio Tii de for unquestionably they stand worthy of note As primary St ski toward the grand culmination of me inn navigation with which Mankind arc favored to Day. It is of record that these simple designs led one Thomas of England in 108 to conceive and construct the first by paddles and was succeeded by one constructed by or. John in 1730. It seems curious should we not be in that no further advancement was Raulita in England until 1788. When William Symington who had been for some time raiment aug upon the cosh traction of a Craft produced his first boat which however was not by ought into successful working order until and Here Al this prior Date Duel Ion being a machine of about fair value. In Ell kidney with the above last noticed Uicon scr. This affair was moved with setting poles mechanically adjusted and impelled by a steam pump for his tie uninformed Reader must not jump to the conclusion that the original working Steamer of 17r7-8 is in any Way likened by our steam Craft of to Day. Quite the contrary. John Fitch s first experimental boat built at Phila Delphia in 1780, was calculated for a 12-Inch Cylinder engine strokes of the Piston to the minute giving the Axl Etreo 18 inches Dia about -10 revolutions by which 12 oars Wens to be. Operated alternately six in and six out of water boat 15 feet Long 12 it. This affair was so defective that it had to be abandoned but in 1788 it was taken apart re modelled and reproduced with a Hull 15 feet Long 8 beam. This change was speedily and in the summer of the same year successful trips were made on the Delaware Between Philadelphia and Ilu Lingua. On he 12th of oct., the Steamer now styled Tho carried "0 passengers to Init my ton in Throe hours and 10 minutes with a tide that set at tie Rale of two Miles an hour. Tho us ii d time made however was not satisfactory to the energetic projector of the boat when doubled not of eventually attaining to a Speed of 7 or 8 Miles an hour and subsequently some Fiir Fher improvements being made in working apparatus the boat was made to accomplish in the summer of i7uo, just eight Miles an hour. Fitch was now jubilant Ani uttered thew Golden disconsolate prophetic words thus has been exec cd by Little Johnnj filch find Harry Woight builder of the engine Oik of the greatest and most useful arts that hah been introduced into the world do Roi Wilry not to stunk me fur it and yet i gives me Heartfelt satisfaction 1" the perseverance now made regular trip s t , Bristol Igor Denton and Trenton on the upper Delaware and on alternate Day Down to Chesler and Genera average Speed however being i to 7i mile per hour. We now come no with and scan he role o the last and most successful claimant to Honor of Intrator of the Steamboat Hober Fulton. His first boat he Lermont was up in motion on the Hudson in Fortee after the successful trips of he. Perse Veranice on the Delaware Ami occupied 32 hour in going 100 Miles or about Miles per hour hut. Fid on had not Learned in believe a Boa could be propelled by Sliwin to use. His More ban live Miles an hour in do Witer in 1811, however Fulton s seen Sli Amer of Neptune made the rapid a velins1 of a fraction Over seven Miles an hour Fri to York Albany. A i c v words about the worthiness of Uniti claimant and i close this hurried sketch. Fitch s experimental earner lie Eom titled to Tho custody of Daniel Vail Consul Al his plans and with the desire of eliciting a French interest in i Fulton no to he 17so Bud pursued his avocation in Philadelphia As a , took passage to France and the Iee to tent to England while at very Friendly sprang up at Jar. Is so Nodi that he was unlimited a Jess to Fitch s explanatory also while in England he was fort Unalp enough to of Jire sent and on Board at the trial trip of s boat on the Forth and olycli1 canal when she made a Speed of six Miles an hour in still water. And son of or. Mentioned in the outset of this wrote in the gentleman s Maga , London fab., thai in his father became acquainted with Fulton while in England to whom he the plan or a Volel of his Steamboat.1 thus he produced his Model As a Triumph of Ilia Success in sept is73. The sucks county notes. It is Well to know How to talk. Indeed the narc ability to talk is one of our priceless bless nos. Among All the Powers possessed by Man hat Are not essential to his existence few Are if greater importance than the Power of speech. An we not say that in this the Genius of the creator is Hovyn one of those natural capacities that Are beautifully tributary to he Nari life in manifold ways. It contributes to Nir wants our pleasures our necessities our note rests our Progress our development our Novation am our Pursuit of happiness. It sustains the freest reciprocity for by it we May he As Well As gain. We May he Banc factors is Well Eli Piels a pcs endless in heir variety and cd harmless in their diversity. We have but to contemplate for a single moment in order to discover the Largo space it fills in the boundless realm of life. While the Power of speech claims our wonder the ail of speech commands our Praise. People know How to talk Well. It May be a Consolation to Many of us to know that the company of indifferent talkers is so numerous. We Are told that speech Silver and silence perhaps this shining bit of Wisdom which g Melcs pleasantly on he car never would have been uttered had the Standard of speech been higher than it is. Al imagine that it was Only invented As a needed hint to the poor and trashy talkers or those who talk out of season and out of reason. In reality it is More figurative than True. No doubt there much speech hat deplorable , and would not rate higher than the Metal but instructive and do Light fill _ speech should be cilia cd like pails and rubies. Talk should be timely and proper As Well As rational and pleasing. It should be reasonable in Quantity As Well As excellent in Quality Whoso can speak said Luther is incessant to Quality is an oppressive nuisance while eternal cuteness is no less oppressive. Often in Little gallic rings where peo ple Aie not freely acquainted enough to Disney Reserve or throw off restraint there is a tendency to painful Economy of speech. One might suppose at such a time hat it were a virtue o be mute. This one or that May have some thing , Bui fear or timidity with one shy Ness or Mere habit with another i Tongue Elf f equally. Why wait for you neigh hot in speak How awkward is silence where speech alone h fitting. The very silence to be Abhi Mecl of itself and would cry out if i could for ant Relief. Speak Jour thought the eloquence of says stimulates All the presently somebody Elsi utters you own thought and hop Ken by Otic lips How wondrous Wise it sounds talking is a habit to cultivated a or Point of time May fairly be rested the Honor claim of England in first presentation of a in France so far is 1 am Little attention bad Given to Waler navigation by Mech animal Force in d the Little known to me May Ike Buirge Icino our own Rome Lii Story. Were Al rent to say in colonial ame Rica lint after to in close of the Kcuik Hixion Var we Ille Tho country was yet in an in Flet fled condition several Osic in water Craft sprang up almost simultaneously. In 177s Thos Paine submitted to win. Henry of Lancaster Sointu from which it May to a feral thai Tiki latter bad conceived an is Uio Ini Ilter of a Nibi Danical boat. In to pm Fitch then a resident of j Hicks county in Ickow Aupp with Bristol Lodge no. 25, a. Y. M., and a member of Hatboro Library Asso Cia toil. One of the Carliest Vitt Rury institutions in Tai his Firat Model of a Lilac to to pro polled by a steam engine. An of too of which lie imagined Liis conceptions original declaring with Clio Tiomi that he knew not of the existence of the. parts of which were instructed of brass the motion obtain cd by Ivy kilo a Hoelsy while Hihi Oliu pm Nuccil a i Frei set contrivance with Side , be tip a one skill and in 17s7 his 12-Inch Cylinder in 1803 Franklin con Start acted and in the same Fulton dipl Fiyod his combined imitation of fit Cli sym Jungton s models United in his Stan Nice cd Erinoff. Poilu son Pihu stealthily obtained knowledge of Fth s several plans to ledge of plentiful newspapers and periodicals to be taken fur granted tha there is something stored in your bran for the tonsjui1 to draw upon otherwise spec would he a i empty sound void of Golden quid ties. The fluency with which you criticise i company you reach Home proves tha your Tongue is not hopelessly inactive. There is great Uduc in speaking in a coca and distinct Lone of voice for one Merit of speech is to it Licard by those who listen. A i cd ent writer has said that the average american is a Reli Lieut speechless creature. To for his own Sake and still More for the Sake of All who love him needs anything else under heaven to learn to speak 1 curd but the flavor pronounced to be the est Ever tasted at Waal air ton. And now for the English cheese big in igness Nhoi Gilt transatlantic pm Pursur Biisser. Moreover the English magnate had Minilia thug scenes to pass through enough to the curd of any cheese. Early in the resent Queen s reign the banners and Yeo Lanry of West Periard near Glastonbury resolved Lopres fint her majesty with a cheese Ueli As England had never before seen. West Erhard is in or near the famous Yale of Checler and Somersetshire cows could be re led upon for supplying milk of proper Quality. On a Given Day the Dairy maids col acted the milk of. Seven Hundred and thirty even cows one meals As it is called n those part s Isom each cow. Alj the cows in he Parish the Augrea Tiitu Quantity Wing upwards of Twenty Hogsheads. About and daughters of the Dairy Farmers gladly took part in the work. Everything had inc piously Feii got tubs vat Mould at tie House of one of the banners and although met without inny diff Kalties the cheese was made. In Ike most other specimens of this Art it was octagonal in Bra ii the was about thirty six inches he circumference a Lillo ii Ore Luiu nine feet Tho depth Twenty two Nehes the weight eleven Hundred weight. Twenty Hogsheads May an enormous Luai Tity o form this size and weight but we must remember that the Hogsheads represented to whole of the milk whey and Alt whereas the cheese was made of curd Ami Cream Only. The ulterior of the mahogany Mould was so far caned to give ornamental devices to the . The upper surface displayed the Royal arms surrounded with a Wreath of Oak leaves ind graced with the Rose whistle and Samrok. The cheese of course required a Long time to solidify proc ill and during this time it was exhibit eel to strangers at a shilling a haul. Many Mouths though As it App card not months enough the cheese was duly com vey ii to London by a deputation of four West Pennant men. The Queen and Prince Albert received them very graciously but As the cheese was evidently too new to Cut pro posed that. Who villagers should take it Hack again and keep it till it ripened which Happy time site would present i Hundred guineas to the pool1 of the Parish. Hut jealousy sprang up at West Reimard the Farmers Felt Kertai t hat Knighthood or some other great Honor would he conferred on those who finally presented the cheese. The cheese was actually and was defended with an Iron Cage and Strong window Hars the on one Side made a plaster ease of the cheese and sent it up to London for Chi Hixion the on the other hand obtained majesty s Permis Sion to exhibit the real itself afto Eup Titan Hall and the court of chancery had to Settle the matter. The Cheson was next exhibited in various pails of Sonny spa but under such circumstances tha1, both the cheese party and the plaster of Tiaris party lost a great of Money by it. Tim never Sash the it passed from custodian loan other and no was Cul tasted and found to be a Ioor Afi Kir More fitted Palgi than for Royality. A few Yenis ago a propounded n As la the origin of which was much known in quiet households but was tolerably familiar where men Ilo mostly j 011115 men. The saying or phrase is. Hint s he Heuse in the vision of piers satirical poem written by a secular priest named Robert morn than live Hundred years Vigo occur the lines Joe Brown s defeat. Some men take to n horse Sonio to a dog ii jul inn Avi Iho others outlier than Sunmi mid Bali will Miiko to Olivir hours Ami run j in Tho hitter very Chisa Tom Wiio. J oin was n Inu i Tilar Nijiu yet la did not think in right to in Kotlou the Urot to protect lil Musolf in n fight so in Tii Iii Tiv Livock the first for poach Anil my Var Tho Lor flight. Joo Brown Twitt Cruz if Man a of j unit a and in All Tiu town and country Lureigh he was Viilu d by the fancy Tui Igli. To tul Koil very kind and so o f Tho game of blurt Ulici Ever a fair wus Hulit wus the Foremost Hon boots Kilt Iii hard at Sei Suhody s shins lands in s hair. Tiu words id Liis Mouth Woi of always foul and nil lilt tricks unfair. Ills victories Iii Lilc him hold he never Lead kit Wii defeat till in not to Ijo am Inho Leiston Thosten it and food ii Yuil that this Ovlin fijian g it Lac than Niath Nilah a tit tit nigh talented to May thou if we win for ourselves Rui Uro n thu i Iii ii ways u bettor Man some where who will Lake from our Lictus Tho i own and Lirles All our Pali la and Stielf uni Scutt like u rocket Down the Noud or Ayers wore a Caird for Xiluo 1 Ounzil his Nuil cd one Day a lipid he rot Tom Thikhai for Sci l Ftp hi1 could ill inn Awny Tom wont for too Liko a Luis Elnine and tin1 Good ceased to Iray. When to got Oil from i Bod lib Liph wore u sul Limi pout when lit1 met tin Hoys on the St reel to said As he limped with his wine about Yini can t alway Tell what there is in a Man till ii i by Ings it the Daphne journal 1iy at Jikit Wiki Kukit now Thon Oisin thou thou i of night to Eill thou know St no i Yanief and it is Urt Jed thai that the thai s the sort of tiling i would would have considered by Kuhnert Mijoi Klande As very flood states that Ireland is tic Birthplace of the phrase. There was Ono David hops comedian at dub Lin a. Very smart fellow at Hon Mot and Repar tee who. When playing a piece called the evil us Iid the words that s Tho which he repeated More Thau Nice. The Audi ence struck with the oddly of the phrase relished Ilas the piece went on and it became Fujito in a hit of a person Wauceil to impress on another that is in Othu important ill been said or done in reference to sonnet Hisiu in Blind. Hees us a sushi quell Iii Iii was Sis cd boar by Camp to invent or devise be phrase. Ite re plied that on one occasion n half willed Hov ate a piece if soap and than told his Mother what a Nice piece be and devoured. It was one Day there sat at lunch in their own cot Tage at springtime Beach a pair of veterans in marriage. As such in was Ibe custom of All their Young mini ated friends to apply to them for Sohie and advice in moments of need. Suddenly there was upon the resound ing Tho rapid i Al a Tat Tat of ladies foul. Afore said the gentlemen. It sounds like Nannie respond i i in lady listening with her hand hovering ice a Dove Over her Tea service. There w As a passage1 of Lull Rii aging and in elocution in which a servant played a Parthen there was a sound of a Rushing of skirts i lie Matron arose and hastened into the Bijou Larlor adjoining. The door was Buist open us there appeared a wild and gasping , Al n Blue and White. She had bracelets on Hei a risks a jingling depended fron or Belt and some of her pretty Blom air ind straggled Down upon her round fore irad. She seemed to be violently repressing i Croli. Jer bosom was in a tumult and she rung her boil she for an in Fant at to Tea room door which was slowly , and Hen she opened her red lips threw ill her and in th1 very fury of sorrow ladled upon her Friend crying Polly quarrelled with George with be i in Iii tilled with George. It s True t s True. Of Don to make me say the two great cheeses. All Good Rich cheese contain1 some Cream Insomuch that if thai whole1 of tie Cream be re moved from the milk before the making begins a hard dry whey cheese is Tjie result. Bloom Field made merry about the skim Mill and products d vision in jul and Tell of Thieo times so line d chef ii Sonvi rail what can lie but the Eimi Mou Post 1 la Dro Nuli o or take h the most Lull it Leni Ellior his and like the i alien shelf hoi Eon Laid mock the weak Eimm Tisot the Weinung hide or in tin1 Tio Urh Iii l Vot t ton big to Swallow mid too haul to bite. There was a Leviathan a mighty cheese made in America in the Early part of the pres ent con Ury. There Aie several towns named f Licinit in the in itch states two of which in mass and respectively Amilale the Clu so ire of old the country by making cheese. Quite Earlvin tar Century there was a in Hie United states As to the form which Are of course All sorts of chances in Tho matter i us government should permanently Assuna my the Experiment always pays since the piece disposed is Only Ballas Lod and Utle ily value Liss. The Gnu a Vii ult now that the game i i cd maed is How to put a Cheek to it. People who have anything in this world and Lake it about in trunks can re id tins and have something to worry Over whenever they make a trip on the cais. A Lite Ford o a a t Raveley from Pekin to Siberia across the great desert of Gobi tells us that whenever a Camel s f h t have become tender and sore from Long tha poor real to lies Down. His Driver knows at once hat his feet hint him and looks to ind out if he Hick skin of the feet is list Ureil. When a Silister is i found two or three Strong men usually , keep watch of Lam Camel Zubil it is not Notkins them. At just tin right Ivi v ii make a Rush Al together upon i Row in Over i Gnu Side and make it is. Then wit i a Needle made for that use Hoy a big uru Pica of leather Large enough o cover the Hurt , Over the Camel s foot Tho skin of which is re nil thick enough to sew 1 trough without hurting the animal. With Bis new shoes on the animal is quite ready to gel up arid March on. The pieces of leather Are very carefully Prei ared for Llesi use. It some times happens that a Camel lies Down in the midst of Liis Louif March across the wide desert and Dies. The Ual h is take the thickest part of Acy a Virgini in in it no the steam wat Bis pro his skin to make slices of. These bits of Akin they take out Day aft Day when on the March and pull until they become so soft and yielding that a Camel will blistered feet seems grateful to have shoes made of it although he would resist the shoeing to the last were he not held so thai he could not move. John Adams advocating one Side Thomas Elletson another. John Leland a Puritan "1 Der of Cheshire town in Massachusetts throw himself heart and son into the controversy in sermons and and conversations be took Jefferson s Side in the question and brought Over the whole of the towns Eif to his was of thinking. When Jefferson Way elected of Tho presidency Iceland proposed that they should celebrate the event by making and presenting to him a cd desc the w cold never before saw. He advised that on a certain Day All the curd from Day s milk of All the cows in Cheshire township should be brought As a patriotic contribution to the Obj ocl in View. The inhabitants entered joyously into the scheme. All Mon and women Hoys and girls who had tlu1 ownership or keeping of cows brought their quota of milk or curd to to particular spot. A Large Cedar Piess had been thoroughly cleaned out a new false Bottom provided and a Mou ser hoop Laid Down on it corresponding in dimensions with the thickness i the intended cheese. When the gifts of curd wore thrown in skilled Dairy mat Rons mixed Flavoured and tinted it. Then came to pressing immense seeing Chat so thick a could not possibly be of Good unless the pressure on the curd much beyond Tho usual degree. Sturdy men with arms Bare and Muscles Well braced turned Tho screw press until it Koukl if. If lil a Mallaer Ivor Len of in inf a. . Said us that s the Ebee. Names Ireland is ouly slightly the circumstances. Of replied he nerd correspondent also and of the invention and the dramatic Persona and in the North of Ireland lived an old woman with a grandson eight years old who had a very appetite. The Grazidi Solher purchased a piece of Vellow soap a and placed on the window ledge. Some hours afterwards when about to com Mence washing she said Paddy whore s the what asked the boy. Why the soap that was in he of Len lied that was tie had eaten the Story was made a standing joke against Padilla for years psf Durward and it info Rise As applied to anything which suited the Lase of the person using the expression. A fourth con Riutor to tiie elucidation will not. Either adopt England or a-3 the Bir Lepla of of the but seeks for it in France. C Cost la that s the seems to him quite natural As the Cheiu s so than the Ori Irin of that s the ticket nine not less 3ut the Hindoo liar outage of the Plira Seis the most curious of All that Banc been the of that has the greatest number of defend . A gentleman lately returned from India starts the subject by referring to a word pronounced very commonly used in Ijen Gale spoken in Calcutta in Tho so Jinn of a phrase that s the he exactly equivalent to that s the 11 that s the Thiim for me 1 it to see How in it s transit to this country by Means of the p. And o. Company do be Anu and Honcut our phrase. This statement Lias been confirmed by others except that some Call Gilindo Oslanze. Am others a Engalee word but this is merely t d i Crenco of provincial dialect. Ordinary ions which professes to Deal with individual experience is in most cases i abomination. Ivo badly no religious feeling which can in1 talked Aboul in Public is Good for much our inmost thoughts upon such Are too sacred to to haunted in the face of a Chance Reader. Practically the religion displayed in a religious novel is sad twaddle ail the Book is chiefly composed of feeble Tea drinking and feebler chronicling of Small Bise Radthe intellectual suckling of fools. In sin historical religious novel however the subject is usually twp tar modes of bought of great questions rather than Persona religion. It will do us no harm to listen to Savonarola with George Eliot or to receive a visit from or. Lii Uhar amongst to Schonhorn Cottu family. To May not agree with either of the men but it will do Good to Leai n vial ail How they Magazine. A correspondent recently asked Llev la cry Ward lie Ember if be approved of wives spending their time at watering places and leaving their husbands Tai the mercy of servant girls and received this reply l to woman who values Ixer Domestic happiness leave her husband thus to not yield another fraction of an Inch. Then Leland standing Centre and the people being grouped around him All Sang a hymn and dedicated the to Thomas Jefferson the new pros Klent of the great lie Public. After a Acyl we re made for carry Hie mighty cheese of Washington the Federal Eiph and As the distance not less than Jive Hundred Miles the one. The say fourteen Hundred and fifty pounds pounds not safely to trusted upon wheels w Ith such roads As America then possessed. A snowy season was a Elee Leil a Sledge was provided the cheese was launched and Al Aster John Elaml piloted it nil the Way to washing ton. He was three weeks on the journey and when he rested at received an ovation for lie nature of his errand had become re Mored about. Arrived at Sis Hougton to went to the White House whore on an appointed lie was Reid ived by president Lefterson and All the officials with a goodly numbed of ambassadors and other folks. Lelaud presented the cheese to Jefferson in the name of the whole of the inhabitants of Cheshire every family and every bad contributed toward it. The of course said what was proper on so renor Keble in occasion. To caused a great wedge to be Cut from the cheese and conveyed Back to chesire that the towns men nigh Tkavc the Plen Suecof tasting the re sult of their labors while till the guests White House there and then partook of the Ein. The Interior of a found of a Beautiful color richly tinted it was a Litile variegated in appearance Owins to so Many dairies having contributed uie milk of and she cast herself people in portions of Africa have Many curious customs and superstitions. Among the former May be inn Alonci the fashion of having fal wives. Using introduced t o a great cd i if s wife spoke thus describes was struck with the dimensions yet pleasing Beauty of the i Mode rarely fat. Fair one. She could not Rise and so Large were her arms that the flesh Between hit oils Hung Down like Large Loose stifled pud 7ac chief hint tag to his wife said s the product of our a Nick pots from youth upward we keep these pots to thei Mouths As it is the fashion at court to have yen i it a Simar in Law of the King was a no infect won Llor of hypertrophy. She was Una we to slant a copt by All fours h Jieke Imblum singly re j nested permission to measure her. This is the result Ippu Udabe Arm Twenty Throe inches Chest fifty two inches thigh thirty one inches calf Twenty inches height five feet eight inches. All of these Are exact except the height and 1 believe 1 could have obtained this More accurately if 1 could have land Lior on the floor. Not knowing what Dilli Euiles t Shoi Tki have to con tend with in such a piece of engineering i tried to get her Hei Glit by raising her up. Thin after infinite exertions on the part of us both was accomplished when she Sank Down again faint ing for her blood had rushed into her Bead. Meanwhile the o daughter had sat sucking to ii Nilk put in which the father kept at work by holding the to Divitiis hand for As i att Euing is the i isl duty of fashionable pc Nile life it Iii St be duly enforced by the if Axt Nat Brave officer who been wounded with a Musket Ball in or near his Knec was stretched upon the Dis Soof ing table of a surgeon Vito with an assistant began to rut and probe in that Region of his Anatomy. After the subject said Don t Cut to up in that style doctor what Are von torturing me in that cruel Way to arc looking after the replied the senior operator. M Why you my so then asked the indignant patient. I be got the Ball in my said he putting Bis hand in his Waistcoat and taking it out. 1 took it out did t it to Yon i meant Pou her of Riund s no a Anil winding her shout her she press a her burning checks upon secure and Wilder ret ii the shoulder ind gave herself to grief. The master of the Castle appeared at the loot. But there instantly came into his Asil confronted him Over the throbbing irm of the confiding one. A Midden cats . Rizic Ivore. To quietly retreated and returned of his table again. With pursued the sym Alhizer can if be possible if slowly is it i a till. Or is a very Sehiotis matter a to Luve separa de cried the Suller or we have had very hard words and we Liao taken leave of each Oiler il.ji-0 there was a Long silence one. Of those Lanse. Which always occur in Sueh extra Matics my which Are occupied insensibly by both dirtiest in an App Maeh to a common a numb. Be of the two people became More Calm As Nierfi ind Calm and the Friend became More sorrowful As the other Vas sorrowful. Poor she murmured in her ear poor child and you were so Happy of of no the return in a whisper so Happy Polly. And it s All Over now i i think i shall and what was it about of about the Daphne what George s yacht yes of How i hate the name it has made me so terribly miserable. I so Long Lor rest Polly so Long to hide me somewhere out of the Way of human beings and human con Cerns. I i am very weary and heart broken 1 of dear of. There was a tale of be told. The shades were closed and they went and sat Down where the sea Breeze blew them. It was indeed about the Daphne the boat which was so truly famous for sailing on the wind. She was a Schooner of seventy and Odd tons Bur Den shaped like a fish winged like an Eagle and poised Kkt a Swan. Site was Only two years old and had already out sailed the club sleet in All Weathers and had borne away the Van Yahoo Nhovan two years in Suc cession. Said miss Nannie with interpolated Sobo you know that this great race of is to come off. Of the Daphne wins in she will rot. It i the and m of i know All about was the Blithe response Tom has been telling me for three weeks in will be a tremendous a air and i should think that All the world was Oli Lei me ask Yon before j forgot do you re member How much the Daphne won by in in 18711 " flu Rod miss Nannie in a feeble voice. In think it was by and Throe Quarter minutes yes. That is right eight and three Quarter in miss Nannie with her pretty linger of her quivering lips role Otid a moment. In ih72, the petrel George s great rival crime in but the Daphne had a time Al Lowance of fifteen minutes and so she really beat the petrel and Trio whole Fleet by five minuted i know George was delighted. To said he had rather have won that race than a dozen like that of 1871. And who owns the petrel Nannie of Clary bind she. Clary Vedder Why that Little Fly away Susie stunts is his Ftp Mere. She was the one Bluit was so much in Lovo with George in the Trossachs two years ago. But to did t smile upon her and she s hated him Ever since a would t she he Happy if her Clary s pet re could Only carry Oil this cup and the astute tactic him Shook her head and reflected upon the matter. But in a moment she re turned to Earth again with a Start forgive. Nannie come poor child Tell me Lei i me All about your and she wound her Arm about her afresh and Bent her head to listen. Lut George is taken up with his pleasure Polly. It is yacht , Adit yacht from Ono week s end to the next. Yesterday he wits loins nothing but experimenting with u new self detaching boat fail. He is nil the time thinking of dead water and his new wire Rig Ging and his Copper sheathing. He is allowing his soul to rot out i Olly. Ono can t be play ing All Tho hero sin ran off into a Vel Vety of George and All his works. She granted him handsome and generous and ardent and supremely Intel Igent. But alas she cried with a tremulous Light in her soft Eves he does t see the great world As see and you asked him to give up Nannie 1 yes i begged him to think of the precious time he wins wasting. I told him that i did not believe he was serious enough and he said to thought to was too serious already and then what who then i explained that with his talents he ought to be doing something great in the would is full of Terri things than cruising about in a pretty boat. Say to yourself i will 1 a eyed him o come o a decision at once to turn about immediately to make the splendid resolve to quench his childish desire for a transient Triumph Over the petrel to Morrow but what Nannie int he Only walked up and Down very fun while 1 sat there pleading and beseech us until 1 grew excessively tired i am sure j Nigist have looked very wan and and then 1 suppose Tho quarrel is yes immediately. George was liken Tiger. In said he had a mind to turn Fisherman at Nice and to remain so nor his Days. Then Polly i began to discover that Uio sprinkling of on Niy path was a shallow one. Lie finished by asking me in a very excited manner what it wins to Mil wished him to do what particular labor would prox in for him to undertake what were the terrible faults that he was committing said a indignantly 1 leave All that to yourself your own conscience is sensitive enough o furnish you with convincing answers " Here miss Nannie bridled for a moment mid Hen Sud Denly broke Down into another fit of weeping and cast herself for a second time upon the tender bosom of her Friend Tho Friend remained a moment in deep then she who sired in a Siren s voice and with a Shell s embrace Nannie dear Haven t you been o hear Little Lenjamin Drey fus preach lately of yes Tolly All the girls t and Why Pray miss Nannie looked up with inflamed eyes. Well because you Echo that poor Hoy s Pant bugs after splendid Virtues and like him Are not All sure of what they consist or what they May begin. Listen a moment to the trumpet of Wisdom there is such thing As keeping y purities in hand As Well As your faults. You have suddenly conceived the idea George is not leading a life that is definitely profitable to anybody. It takes a pretty Wise person i1 prove thai to Buhi but sup posing it True we find you wishing to animate him to think open his eyes to the Sooj he May do with his to non the pleasures of a More in Stefie intellect Ual and yes and religious life. Is not that your plan Well and How do you set about it by putting yourself in a position to div l Hon by placing yourself in. Advance i by instructing yourself in. The definite methods by which he May Rise no. For when he fairly asked you what he should do von at once fell Back it Kin your sentiment you should know that you must inoculate people with goodness not shoot it into them. It. Was not the most a scions plan for you a full Puritan to leap suddenly ouf and demand that Yout Best Friend should live up his Best pleasure be cause you in solitary self communion had decided hat it was Best that he should. If Yon Are convinced that the few weeks in the yeat which arc spent by George in such sport might be better employed Yon should have Sel about persuading him by slow decrees. 1 venture to hat you have not the remotest idea o the pleasure of which you wish to deprive him i think you have never been upon the water no i thought not. Then before you asked George to surrender something of which Oil do not understand the nature would it not have Linen better to have asked yourself am 1 sure that i am not making if Yon pm done so then this serious trouble no have com.1 upon you. Dreyfus who i and bloodless though Ivy Good has you. Into a moral atmosphere Toor Sieliet for one to breathe on Short notice. Therefore if you want George to ascend to close Lull Heights with you Yon must looking Flor my Cloe Tion at. I his wry do you ii Kwh to say that you re going sell your yacht to exactly i hat. And Oil lie arose to his feet. Come go Over with me. Well find him Al his collate Al this 1 Juit what s the of lie wants to sail her himself in to mor Row s raw. Jalc la take her so i m Lold Insl As she is Crew and All Thorn will to nothing to do but. To make a sort of verbal Iran ski a and the thing done Bullus Van Don t Man Don to i m in a fever of Vir tue. Lot it take i Uliey accordingly went to search for fonder and when they discovered him i he owner of the Dup line entered into a negotiation without preface while his Friend stood at a distance smoking. The talk was Brief. The. Chilom yacht sea i came on again in a few minutes bearing himself As one might who had endured the rack with Honor. Asked in Friend. It s done., lie s agreed to take Tiu Craft it she s All 1 n Pio Sonti d her and he will sail her to Morrow in his own name. A j of my heart has Hail a twist 1 can t stay Here to see the sacrifice. It. Would Madden me to Tho Daphne come in a second or a third and fonder is sure to make her do the one thing or the other i m going to drive into he country till Over. Chokio with me won t you of i can to i m married Yon know a True 1 forgot it for the to Nannie Well Yon can toll her if you the whole. I think i la let her find it out by Accident if 1 should Send Herl he Story of my conversion it will look a Lillie like an of the Good Fox of the fable. A child of luxury cannot with Good Grace suddenly declare himself to be a giant of virtue to one who has always been a Giantess. She has been above me Tom and 1 Hope a night of meditation will put me into a la state i m presentation to her tomorrow his disappeared. Or. Townsend went Homo and told his wife hat there heroism in the world. Al , Misin alone in her with her plaid drawn about her shoulders and neck. Her head bunk Down and she in silence. This sense of Des Ilion and Solitude was new to her. In the the Gay Sun Light had furnished her Wilh distract ions but now she was in Itie dark Lottie Roar of the Waters and the still Mote dreary murmurs and Tiibi of her . At. Nine o Loek a Man before her it seemed As if lie shot up from out the ground. There was a hut it nobody but the Daphne s sailing Inas or. Lie in Seal he of the owner. Miss Nannie replied that she did not. Know where he Mas. The nun made a gesture of , which did not escape the the great Ruuti of was coming Homo with Northeast Breeze Anil All Sajnin Gulde. Was Uusi. The Hills were covered with Llu songs of gazers and the Waters were packed Willi boats Siti l barges Vilich packed in their Kirn with ladies and tax Crl Lea who Illel not yacht the wide Blue course was Clear and Tho Sloop alone seemed to Block tin Way. The he nieces were bearing nil night Down. I to mils Oil. Art Illery boomed bands Braye and the Rougs on the outermost Highland began to break up and to Stream Townie the. Goal in order to see the finish like great Damon hard upon the moment Wherry dashed out Fuan the Buhoro and 1 for the judges boat in spite of Liliu Erlis an i i Onn nails of the towns jul Ami his fevered Sweet companions saw Len Rah Cleiv s Twenty hands out to no. In Light of the which been circling Alv Xit Tho town concern ing the Daphne and miss Nannie and himself he was the incarnate mystery. To was in a of excite Numis. Lie took to winced s Arm. V allow could i help coining Back Tom i smelled the Easterly wind from i to Ocean t went1, Miles in the country and 1 in Rcd my around directly look at that Al pointed lot in who says i hut is unworthy of Manly admiration lie. Pul a number of rapid questions. Tom pro Esmoil great ignorance. All that lie found on i. At the moment was hat All he Daphne and the petrel among them had sailed As been intended. A lure h Nannie Quick Here no. I Imp Abl in agony o Tom Tom Insl look it . Sight. De your it with your eyes you la never it s like attain Clouds lacing Why con id not Nannie land pleasure in such a scene has t Sie a by Lovo the Daphne leads Al with your main Sheet master lie name of mercy does t he Han t a l his Mii Shi i t 1 lie s doing in he s doing it your jibs your of. Why am 1 fonder gels the Tho. Boats came on. The air alive Wilh series ii jul s Leams and the trumpets and guns Rulo More noise than Ever. The Daphne was first Tho i Mit l All he others everywhere behind. The great Schooner rising Iii d plunging in Ilie Green sum. Hugged to the. Wind Ami covered her decks with Sprng. From her immense canvasses lowering and swelling in he air there Unm a Dep Roar and her Mast Heads Cut Imide ill circles against the sky. Hor Black and How turned an Emenilda mrow. And behind her there boiled a caldron of Ibiam. She a million times a Swan. She lied like a Friar Lenoil fish and it seemed As if Shewcov about to Rise into he air. She approached i to Home buoy. George Felt himself cast into the . I did t think sir a do that for any Otler Man Bui me but. All her what a Pace hat look at sails swell Hearth snails crack and see the Mist Aboul her Hows of Nannie were hero Tom 1 i Noih there s a woman aboard a i Wooi if you la in aboard a racing yacht i on i or s sister i suppose. I this instant the Daphne Shol past the judges Al the distance Liivi Hundred feet Rind a prolonged Down Ioir. The Hill sides am Nam from the upon Hie flags of yawns put. Out and the sounds of applause arose com All quarters. The Roumie to and the peaks of lie sails dropped a rattle. The y.ichis-nia1. Oppressed with a Load of sorrows Sui Rod gloom ily. It Sooni my As if the lamp of his . Hiet gone out. Could not he not be glad True his yacht had won. But so had won for Anomie Man. Ilia Oce Newtion a Minilie was no longer .iiior. was to Hook worm. He cast an alien s Gla to once More upon i unrivalled boil Fie a . Tai i with a single bound he threw himself he.idlo1 into his awl. I id shipping the o. like ligh1 Ning was Oil for his yacht lie saw Tom an i bawled is not fonder s sister. It s Nan Nie " Young lady s Neoliee lie intimated thai he had j laughed and called to Polly Tolu pc come Here he Lead been successful mall i Ai Liei o. Previous . Lies this was innocent on his Nannie was for him blushing like a ends he ought some Way or other. Ble wrongs and wickedness and i told him that he was very culpable not to be a and what did he say to that will he said pshaw did yes i simply replied i implore you t Stop this waste of your youth. Determine to Mauo up your mind to do greater and better before the Day was much older and before his wife had had an Opportunity to explain to him the ease we wot of sir. Tom Tov Vasend strolled out with his Cigar. He look his Way Down to the water Side for the purpose of pick ing some More yacht gossip against the mor Row. Although to did not own a yacht he had a great regard for those who did. To reached Hie Edge of the Dillard looked town upon the water and the vessels. The Sun Bright the Breeze was fresh and Cool Mil from tie boats below there Cam 1, the fitful sounds of rattle of ropes in of blocks the voices of men and the Clank no of then was a Man sitting upon a Bench in Ler the one Spruit Trec that the dill1 ally red. Joe was also looking Down. Was Brown Lovvo fut and at that moment thoughtful. Hallow George i 1 lie looked around. They Shook hands and were silent for in Townsemd filled with his Cigar and the other became a Stia led. Have just heard about it George 1 he said this on the sire ugh of miss Nannie s first Pixel fixation heard about what of of yes George moved and took Oil hat Ami fanned himself once or Wico. Then to put it on again. I did to think it had flown so far quite yet of Polly Are Tho Only ones that know in. My sorry George.1 they both looked off non the sea. Its Low Roar rifled up the interval. Cried the Yachtsman it s pretty rough. 1 acted like a brute j suppose. List she rather took me by Surprise and Don t How did it come about Why. You see i be been making a great Deal of a fool of myself during the last three years about boating. It s rather Laid hold upon me and so Nannie there took it into her head that i ought to to doing something Worth a Little More to Tho world in general though 1 am not sure that Ono study or work to much profit in june. July and. u once Rae Lei. _ Vodder has got a Long Mam Boom Lor his pet Rel and he expects to beat me. Then 1 wanted to keep the Van school Hoven cup. Then speaking generally i love the sea and All that belongs to it. You know that i a. Great interest in the club and All that belongs to it the interest of a father i May say. Then you see that it came to to somewhat of a trial to it Little girls Are pretty Long headed some times observed the other. Of 1 know know it. I be Stillfred myself to boat so much that i be come to con Sider it ,1 right and a necessity i you used to do a Hille writing and a Little speaking did t you and Nannie rein Embri s if no doubt. Perl but miss Nannie blushed red in he. Dark. The Sailor was about to retire when miss Nan j Nie alced him what his errand was. This led to telling her of the attempted trans Fer of the yacht to or. Fonder. Miss Annie sprang to her in. Int or. Fonder Mem won t take the . Nor have anything to do with her because four of the men have gone off Inlo town and there Ben t enough left to sail her tomorrow 1 miss Xanie excited beyond measure lived half a dozen questions straight into the Mailer. Then did the yacht still belong to old owner yes. Was it certain he could be found in time to rectify matters the Captain Shook his head. Then unless the men were scoured and brought Hack the race would be lost emphatically yes. Weic the men in All likelihood in some of the shops of the town. Were i Here Many of these places about live Hundred. Would the Cap Tain assist her to find the runaways with admiration yes to this pass then had she come in a Man Ner infused with Iron she ordered out her Eoa Ehman and then her Pony Phaeton and a Light Spring Wagon Hen she ordered the coach Man into the and bade him follow. Hen she and the Captain led in the other vehicle. Thus arranged the pro began Seaich for the Recreant. They descended into the lower most and the vilest parts of the adjacent cily and miss Nannie with her skirts gathered in front of her pushed without he smallest hint of recoil into All of the in is that she saw. When she appeared raw log ceased men put Down their liquor and the proprietors advanced and asked respectfully what she wanted. Tho first of the Crew that she saw was him like a log upon the floor of a foul Bak Parlin. The Captain and the Coachman took him by the heels and shoulders and Plavil him in the Wagon. Miss Nan me redeemed his Cap for a Dollar he had pawned it to the a kept r for ten cents Worth of some terrible and then she drove on to the next place four doors Oft. The next Sailor with the Daphne s uni form was about engaging in a fight. He had already been knocked Down and was covered with blood Elf Droop Jil insulin Fly As miss Nan Nie pointed him out with her whip and the Ling scattered silently. This capture staggered to the. Wagon of his own Accord. Then the Hunt went on ill Midnight. At that hour Alt the liars were closed and hen1 yet remained quite a Hundred Nusca Reed. Despair they paused in the dark and deserted Street. The Coachman was surly and it began to rain. Suddenly Hie lighting Sailor probably grateful for Bis Salva Tion from a t i crashing Suggs de Stalion ouse. Mum 1 they dive there in a hurry. Law had upon Littva individuals. Miss Nannie with h head swi mini Iii sickness descended with the Captain to the Gas lit crypts and searched the Motley and noisome crowd. Thetro sailors were there. They were in a d Unken Sleed and they were lifted bodily and taken to the Wagon where they rolled and so and with the 01 her t to. Thus triumphant the returned to neighbourhood of the Bich and the boats. The ii de aboard and speech Lessly her hands Drew her to the other Side of tin , ail Here her Pii Valdy. Lie shimmered through two or three Lions and she. Willi scant articulation detailed the of fonda1, and her search for the Dit Inken sailors and her usurpation in your absence of he command of the Daphne. K was therefore Clear to the yachts Man that the Van Schoonhoven cup was still Bis and that the loveliest of All women was still his. Lie was overcome by this cloying flood and was helpless lie could Only sigh and look into her eyes. D George that i should eve have thought that you were doing wrong p she de thai 1 should have been your critic All i Olly made me so ashamed so sorry so rent Koiv. 1 was very much crushed George i i longed to find you 1 hoped that you would come so that i might say that we Nival be to each other As we were before. 1 did t know How much to i were to me. I thought for it Little while that we could separate As separate but a that dreadful loneliness , came Over me All was so Black so wretched Here she put a Lillie More Silver into her tone just at the worst of in the sailing master came Willi his doleful but you know the rest a. Who could been ladder ban i was this morning when forged past the Vitrel Juul after i rounded the red buoy and started Down the old Channel i was a Little ill l think Al the Ca Plaisi said i looked White just when she struck the swell in the and 1 guess being sick made me a Little clean to Hoai Leil George. Perhaps wac an yacht for three and be great in the other Aine can t we speak can t and you la forgive my being for once a Litell very Little liar in scary in won t Yon George bloomed. Chi Luiten Well and she brought to to the Point Al a Ami asked me to give up to Morrow s Pardon me it j say that that was a 1 especially wanted to sail that race. Captain s Lay beside a pier and into it two of the Sai Lars w re the Captain rowed them Oil to the yacht whose Light was to he seen in the distance in i evenly minutes he came Back again. Then the remaining two were deposited in the boat. Miss Nannie then climbed Down Inlo . The . H Man and the Captain wond Tod. She addressed thu fight drive Home and say that 1 shall sleep on the Daphne to Nigel then she addressed the second i am going to make sure that no other mishaps occur. Jive Way please i be not the All that night she sat arg if eyed the Damp deck careless alike of the fog and the land swell. She fondly believed that she was pre venting mischief. She did sigh or nod it at every creak of Hie to adage or Flicker of the lantern Over her head she started up to look. She would not have known it if the yacht were sinking or Drifting ashore but it pleased her All the same the often half wished that George would now up and her Bitting there and she mailed the ignoble desire on to make room it to return again. She was full of heroics. Her. Courage swelled with every one of he Dis Mal hours. She was a changed woman so she decided ller Lille burst of Energy had tilled her will valor. Could slip not do ignored her speeches of Tho morning and thought Polly had been Sil Lily soft with her. Bui where was George supreme anxiety and a. Scute of supreme Worth exercised her spirit and she longed for Daylight in order that she might Al Meridian or thereabouts on he next Day Thiu Ilc
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