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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 9 1910, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - September 9, 1910, Bristol, PennsylvaniaFrom Pater recently 1, is spending so Iii returned from re. Bridgewater i you China Lane or was Dino k Cherry last Sun Iii soil hat returned Here she to acceded u Posi Ell known term of and Kussell Crosby a Ness visit through letter from Doylestown Bristol wins Good game Home team Wim fam Bridei Bof u John Eurhart. Of Brooklyn v v was week end w. H i i tou1" to Uri Rosburg team at Bristol sunday to game by he score of the visitors scored their Only 11 the brat inning of u Bane on i Home of William Lukens or. Of fms my Mckinley Ullh sunday visitors table j Harvey k Patterson and daughter recently spent several with or. And m is. Samuel i of Morrisville. Us Erpf. I 1 at the building of our lady of urn of l rectory is m Lucecil. Faded and fun Shini nearing Ivy in ing in Toebes being the Public school re opened on ii Siraj Lio Iii and Gru Nimni a Liikal Over rotted. I Jiva ii. Kit lulling re Simiril her Wilton a Pine Pul mis. Harding Lorne inning the primary on. I in has returned from Lias gone to Cape Mav i Lefief from Hay fever. " i la Tavery was visiting Stu Utt a few Days last week no visited Multon Point farm. Irl Wil Luuis bus greatly i Ili Earwn in front of Lils House the tall Gross and weeds. S get All your old tin to y Titei and be ready for the serenades in coining Olf in the near future. I l ii Delphyn after with her aunt mrs. J. H. Jul i h Hulmeville notes Thomas kit Hun was a visitor in town lust week. Lira. Cyrus Smith spent monday visiting re Luthes in tint of. Lii ran Kirks of bound Crook was Hist tji Hll Lith h Henrico i Ine of Rivilla Dellna i Mary Newlands of Lerman lasts Tunley until Over Island parents or. And mis. P. Lust saturday and Hun new neighbors see Tho Bousi Pla family Batter Walte s parents sturday and and her Cou ill Ellna visited miss last saturday and family of is lust to miss Emma Feu Ning. A great n present and Allen bus been ill .11 a Tunod from the Hospital and is Mileg with her brother Forest e. Zilphia. Took a launch ride the River. He was hours but ii tally re dark. Id of Pella in some time will or. And mrs. Widdington. Our Well known Jyh jinking of entering motor Cycle races ered machine. Wilson returned to Home last week he summer in her cot the Nesh Aminy Creek. Singing and it is not going j Winter visitors it or. And mrs. Joseph and spent Lanor with c. Everly t and funnily the business meeting of the in. Worth league will held t the Home of Jive 3. W. Bradley next Mon Diu evening. T mrs. Jack curing and mrs. Annie atr0tho family on sunday. Ills Barton and Danielier Latium live returned Home from connect Lent where they have Iwen spending several Days. Son , and mix in ton left tuesday for Asbury Park where they expect to spend a week. Of Walil Henry suit buy topic will be mercy to the fallen mrs. Edward Willett and Sou Ray mond of Trenton were sunday tilt former s Jit Clarence in us oat Witheat ume Cerr none. quiet work being Dom by both Par tin three Squire. At one arrested for Noa Repport. Doylestown Sujit. 7. Lieu Oln rence has been hero. He came Ike a Shadow and As a Shadow he stole silently away. He came unheralded and departed without escort. Just Why he came is unknown twas saturday last and nil of the court House How Weic enjoying a much needed and Welcome half Holiday so he did not go there. Of course he to the and utter Muci viewing Oscar in the Lii Mir Aiice department where the issues of the Day were probably not dismissed but where Clarence Reue hed some Good advice. No one was present but of cur can Eiko and Tho office eat Anil As Clarence had thoughtfully brought with him a Bunch of fresh Catnip of the super or Nippy the cat re fuses to divulge any of the secrets of the interview. He stopped at the Fountain House and had an inter View with the proprietor who is the ecu Bead of the a liquor league and told him not to anything he heard about him Clarence attend ing tempi crunch teas or other functions of that kind that he Only attended them lie cause some of his Dearest friends were too Young to indulge in any other popular form of amuse ment. He said that he was one of the boys first last and All the time did t want co role insert the forgot it and a Emigie said he would not but if Claience left an irrigation fund none of it bus a materialized and the boys do not knew the mime of the dispenser the came up before the Grundy Hub that evening and the consensus of opinion was that a ratification meeting should lie held with a Han Liliet speeches something to eat music and refreshments that is Al ways provided that Grundy and Pete Uii Virci Usu lilt another gave the Iii Yeii Meit Ful Wing Anil fun in approval of a Ensor up u Beautiful fight Andalusia article. Mrs. Lias returned her summer on the Maine coast. Miss Alma Vanile Erfft has utly news people. Curtiss Euit Noiin 1ms Bee a part of this week in a e miss Orli Cuy mrs. Sweeney i1 lies. Return Ami three Ehll Dre g her Friend mrs approved of the plan and that Grundy paid All the Bills especially refresh ment Bills because it was decided that if u bund Cost too much the ulee the greater part of it could be obtained Foi nothing and there would be that much More for the cats. Folding was said about Tho drinks because they go along with the eats As a matter of course. The color line was Dis us cd but no action taken until Bis Imperial highness was heard from and then after having wasted an hour that might have been More pro la Tubby spent in playing Boss and Pep per they found on monday morning that the Pesky democrats had Bills out for a rate Lealon of their own on saturday september 17, so that to cars would full a Little Fiat. At first some of the younger and More turbulent mrs. Samuel Fox and family re ii Iii .ol1 saturday shelter isl and Heights Long Island. Their she a Wallum then my he Ives went to occur City on saturday a Brief stay. We Are surprised to learn that Public acc Hula were in session labor Day. J8 it lot a Legal Holiday Little Orace Batter by is still Cany ing Ner Arm in a a Liusa from Iii line of a few Divis Rico i i i Thonius Rescue after a Lay of t t months i to be in line condition. Is Long become or. And Alexander run ,.--ug on a base on balls stolen base and a wild throw by liner while the locals three runs in the sixth Liming when Fer was it tired followed by hits by Nelld and Bunting and me Dermott s sacral Lee. Mcnichol the Bristol Pitcl Ier arled a Tine game allowing the Isidors but one a Mich hit. In eral players were tried out f Hontol among them being mall line who caught line game. The line up hh1stol. Lib h i if Haiton of in ild Melv Mott i Bunting la Applelone Mihigan of wine us Wie Kville is Mellaine c Mcxie hol p of Ili Miour inflow Saeki to 1. In oriols Leeso it kilo help ill Leil ii Lurphy a Nhep Pitird l11 i 27 a bid Tsuuko. H o a 8010 0 4 1 i 1 00 00 00 02 1 10 04 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 10000 list week with Niblick at on account last saturday not Stormy Weither Lif the Lihi Over few Engineer Linden slate Bivil a Rinien on Nev town notes miss Jennie guest of 0 t Lidi Huig i l 4 11 4 0 0 0 u 0i 0 0 10000000 Biassed balls Iliane. Wild Pitell Mcnichol. It a Lille tax Dittl of till. T it shh. Won lost is 7 Ernest o. Been vols Lelm i uster mrs. James Marguerite Atlantic or. And my. Foige s. Miss Lillian ton week at Atlantic mias Grace Kru i Niter a airs. Nil Dpi Erhler this wok at and daughter 1 Tel clerk in the no Horine Ley Gei Wili Trenton Morri Izille 4 Yardley 2. Rise regular season of the bunks pm tar Al Lac and new Hope Are tie for cd of t in league week end Giummi mis. Heury a 111. Ali Kenderdine Bash and bus opened some ladles Fiorin f Olden hindu ii. Arthur p. To Home. Here enjoyed the on Hutu Liiv at ii Send n at Lang elephant of the o. P. Or carrots for the democratic Donkey it is rather amusing to see the wry faces hurry of been has taken Fiuek the evening Liu Luclin route wbk disposed of some time ago to William mias Alipic Hayes of Shin pens Ling us primary Leneberg Julik Ertrude Johnson As Teusher and misses Jennie and a my Keg i us High school the Reheis. Parkland miss Eva leu is spent a few dues lust week in Philadelphia. With which the Peanut politicians who represent or misrepresent the h h i be fast is first in the held with Bis ratification ceremonies in the Good old county of Bucks. A Grout Deal of quiet work is being die try both sides and import ant looking emissaries with the weight of to vexation on their Shoul Ders Glide in and out of the two news paper offices but on the one Side Tucio so far has Only been bad news. Clar ence is losing Roumi every due if he has struck the Toboggan this Early Campaign where of where will Wanger Wilkeson an Clymer land. Politics is ready to Boom All it needs is cooler weather few Good frosts and there will plenty doing. Labor Day Here passed off quietly it was to some families a Day of n Lea Sant Home comings. Frank came with a s and baby and Bis Cousin Clifford states also brought Bis and baby to the school opened on thursday 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 1 o l when the piles Day of the Ilio fair of 1w8 Muhlon n. Mover Iii. Tury l. I it tall id shrewd bub Liesa Nikii o make ii the of outer prom of the Klmle la tin country ironed and Ilko Al Imler the Groat sighed for new m Coli que. Seemel then if it Lyle in i re of Hiefner to jul nto Bimi iry the fair Imil Onwu record Trenker in every detail Trio Atlo mince Imil i it ii linger Hie Eli la its More numerous Ami of Iii i lip lick class than in and Connor Par. Tie prof. Its had Baen Puiul the better than in All of tin i Many successful be Ita that Linit Kun j before. Even that curly the Brazni that plan nil the a Taiulu that build the Trenton fair Bernu to work mid to plan for 1h10. Oath year Glou to the Qulille a belter Fiir Titan the ii receding one Miira Orui re term led that in of i m a Lupont sensational Mii eco Law i Ike fair Trio exhibition of 11110 must tie Annj would to greater. Anil lieu tic Little want in and the big wheels of the Well Neiach livery of the fair Brgan to a Rollo and the new Strutin Al a Pau to is shall. It a her Volpini task in Excel that null and Hal and less qualm nmn than to Louie who make the Tient ii fair Kierod. However Tho plans have developed and multiplied mull Early in August Soi Reti iry in once wow ills Tuph Al mlle Flint Ine Abib Satis Fiu lion Home Lilic work n was not until that lie in Ilie will Long enough to i am flattened a Liall if tile Ali ill for Iho 1d10 fair an Portala that will once again Len an Ruid the reason for this lies in Tho Many wonderful infractions be Rimili for the of nor Ami in Ilu Piip Nusl eled Den and for Honee i Ell Blun from nil a inters of eni Nitro exhibitors will doric to the of nor this fall like hone been to a closer hold and instead i strict of nor it will assume the shape and character of a great one of the ills year will be n big program of ringing non for Mound a in which 601m, t the Wright Brothers Huv. Been be. Cured to bring their Eutilie of d not air navigators to Del la excl. Billions. Tin j excl the Trenton intr As Hie real s10 a Iris 1 i incr o scholars As net us Large us usual. R 11 v Lillus in Usu i on films on the first monday rather than the first Day of september. Samuel Meade and miss Floronce Turner Weie married at the c Lusi Aboyan we struck out Hyvo Orby 10. Uin Pire Strutton. New Hope and new Iowa break Eren. The nov town and new Hope teams played Iho games at Tabor Day and made an even break be her main j. Smith and family have so returned to Iligir City Home. F. H. Mori ill of Philadelphia was visitor at this place on londay. Or. And mrs. William Pep a quite a Success with Liht this Cason. In a few weeks to will his boats from the water until is about to Roshem built Charles Rickman and family were or Miu Ilie t Klin Hen u i thai get Loose Given to miss f Al evening Cui of Hor friends walked in. The evening Nas Mic and vocal. Also were rendered. Every Joy Abl time. Allulli lust Nimit i our expert cd Motif. Keurji Iii automobile Tamer says Tomt to not it s a Mckee up Olaf but shooting Reed and rail i i great As the Are very plentiful this year. Bob ran kill u dozen shot and As yet he Baa had no rival a Bridgewater Post office was Suc moved from j. P. Vande .rift1- to Hossen pling s Stoie on it required about i our citizens to Curry the outfit. Our new postmaster is p. Known As our Friend Doc gunning season has started Dill 9 of people have old Balrig water again. Ell Vii if it is i Little and wow the people of i ing neighbourhoods Lake care it is All i Fiji it for Fleming and shooting in the ii Jiju Milder Creek. Ijo Hool marked on the first and a a uhf children were glad to re k a Chi Tikoo the Eddington and miss Gettel taking shool and miss Smith the j editing ton and miss mar mrs. Pauline Howarth of Phi i Delphi was entertained it dinner on a old a. Miss Jean Kugler and mrs. William Sterling of Philadelphia Weie nyint visitors of their Are. Stanley Smullin. Jul Siuy miss Lou w in Kier and miss 4imn Tinkler of now Vork were week end guests of theh aunt mrs. A Eger in Spring Orosi. After occupying mra. Edward f Davis residence on Highland Avenue during july and August Jacob Burin family of Phit Adelphia who have spent a plea rant summer Here at the Wield cot Tage ret used Home on wednesday of Wilh them " to re ruined until sunday. On saturday september 3rd, the Little son of or. And mrs. Stanley Ull Illi Laii u94-n. I Smul Len celeb a Bis Birl w psf of air. And sirs. Stanley Len Stanley 13. Smullen or. Fated the fourth anniversary of Irth by entertaining a few of his Young friends when a real Good time was spent. The Public school opened on Mon Day with 17 pupils a attendance. Miss Kate Alcott of Newtown ii again in the school and the county sent Bristol and other burgs that think they Are some pump Kins Are Only Back numbers after All Down in Attleboro one of the baby boroughs and a Small one at that they have so much business that it renter takes three justices of the peace to depose of it. The records show that Daniel h. Bilzor was elected and commissioned in 1900 and that his term expires in Filli. H. O. Baum was elected in 1807 and his term expires in and Charles h. Baum was elected in 1u08 and his term expires in 1913. Of course the Law Only permits two but that is a minor de Tail. How it happened no one seems to know and Why the state depart ment issued the commissions is also a mystery unless us has been hinted Ware Nee attended to it and saw thai the third commission was regularly issued. This beats Bristol by u majority of two. Probably no one would Ever have known it had it not been for county treasurer Wilmer Cornell wanted to know who the justices were because he wanted to appoint one As the collector of Cotty taxes. Judge Bilger had it lust year. Licorie Balderman was arrested at Dublin on thursday by officer Henr value of Doylestown charged by i , Annie Balderian with desc ton and non support. The Bounle were Man led about seven years ago and have four children. I seventeen months ago Balde Bud deserted his and family and according to his Story went to South Perkasie to live going from there to the House at Dublin about four months ago. Mis. Bal Dennan has been look ing for him Eier since he left and did ago. He r of weeks miss Telila both m. Fish at Floral Heights with music singing Short speeches and messages a very gramme was rendered on is nitty afternoon at the usual Harvest Home of the Camp association. Them very Fine display of Fri and Flowers by the mar not with Uch lit sited freight Fucini of. She offer Cal to Tell fortunes of Liwe s to y Ltd my Peon s minor miss Mary Baker is visiting Tives in Philadelphia. B i Louderback returned could danger from Savage indians and no less dangerous outlaws and criminals my re Mann _ uui8, and t provided by the after which there was a in nit Lulfs Viero at Parkland which was sold at the of the sen ices. Then followed a bounteous supper a members a Frei clipping party. Tullytown Toni to Bart Chase is painting the Resi Dence of f. B. Gillii Ghamra daughter of spent a sisent town and in default a. Committed to jail for september court week before lust officer Kolbe arrested Man at the Temperance House at Newtown who answered to Balder Man s description and who spelled ins name in nearly the same Way Al though he strenuously denied Leing the missing husband but his action were so suspicious Aud he appeared to be anticipating an arrest thing so the officer brought him along but As mrs. Bal Dennan was not the Man he was allo go which he did very quickly. Doylestown Public schools opened on labor Day with the it miss Bessie Pope of Morrisville r labor Day Liere. He was of this place several years ago. School opened on tuesday with a very Large attendance for the fret Day there being thirty pupils Enro in the grammar Otest Wilst some of the grades Are Yery much congested and strange As it May appear the congestion is not in the a Rosary Polary Grae it in the secondary Ancl inter mediate. The High Schoof is on saturday lost. Or. And mrs. David Fabian of Taw own Swient sunday with or and mrs. A Chuyler c. Stokes. Frank Bapp and William Kapp of Newark were guests of or. And John louder from saturday till Mon is the topic of the Christian Endeavor next sunday to be led by e. D. Seiden the Prosper to 01 of its people. In the biographies that today de scribe the careers of so Manv bist Sands of american a Tzetis i War and peace have been Mel servitors of their nation eminent there Are relatively few histories which do not of record that the subject of sketch began his education a Public schools. Myriads of cd merchants manufacturers miners etc., never Lecei Verf ther education than Tat on the Little red schoo that later secured in the of Ness and the general information and Reading of maturer years. And sticker. O Start s Eer edly popular and starts out Alto one Hundred and five scholars several of whom Are from Cut of town five More than it is supposed to have Dallons for. As is usual in the county seat the first week of Public about the warmest As weather is or. And mrs. Edward a. Anderson entertained latter s brother or Buntin from to sturday till monday. Iio oking into the fire a Coal fire is very injurious eyes. The stimuli of is Send h a United soon destroys the serves looking at molten Iron will Boom stroy the sight. Beading in Light is injurious to the Lyes Are obliged to make Greif e beading or sewing we the Side injures the eyes As both engagement of their daughter miss Edna Solly to hairy Wilson of the township. Or. And mrs. Georgc chit daughter miss Anna Cliff of Lanc Lorne have returned from Emoi Ioanid Are spending two weeks with the Whites on slate Street. A party of Leo inc school up pets Are camping at Bon Man s Hill chaperoned by mrs. Dora Walton and mrs. Permilla Conrad. They Are enjoy lne canoeing on the Dinul and River. Key. T. .1. Kims and have re turned from their month s vacation spent with or. And mrs. Thatcher on Long Island. Or. Kims conducted services in the pies Steilan Church on sunday. Miss Emma of Newtown township has been appointed u teacher ill the grammar department of the Public school to till the vacancy caused by the resignation of miss Carrie Heuton. On tuesday afternoon a Numier of relatives Ami friends attended the wedding of Willis o. Worstall and Maud e. Comly it the Home of the Bride s sister mrs. Clarence mull ii at Maple Glen Montgomery county. The marriage was under the Caie of Horsham monthly meeting of friends. Or. And sirs. Watson and or. And mrs. Isaac Warner were overseers from said meeting. The Bride wus attended by min Catharine Grygar us maid of Honor and her sister mrs. Mullin As Matron of Honor. Fred a Eyre of new town acted As Best Man the Bride Ami Groom will take an extended wedding trip and return to their Home on Chancellor Street in Newtown. State of Ohio Citi or Toledo i Lucas col nov. Frank j. Cheney makes oath that lie partner of Llic him . Cli Euey uo., doing business in the City of Toledo county Aud state Aro Regald and that said Arm my who Hare made them aug Chat All of the old Amine rant Derlam. Ami Many More new one. Woff Fondl around the vat in closure tron. Or enhance. The rep Tati Falta. Hou8eholdcare8 for each and every Case or Catarrh that cannot he cured by the Urco Hali k i Arur h Frankj. Chenev. Sworn to before me and bulk crowd in tur presence Thea till Day of december a. D. Gistl Seal a. W. Gleason hairs Catarrh cure in taken internally and Acta directly on the blood and mucous a constantly a a Wand should surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials ree. K. F. Ell Enby bold by All druggists and t Lart week the two engineers at Borough water works there was entirely t should the reason is the sym paint the eyes is so great that if of one Eye is dilated by hell pop l partially in the Shade be exposed cannot contract Ita Bif i Al clearly for Protection and will uhf mately be injured. We ulu a Man named table finishing had Burden free. K. Ell Enby 4 . O bold by All druggists take Hall s family Nils for constipation. Women need on the average about one Ninetieth the nourishment requisite for men. Flu tint the list feeling of a cold is lassitude and weakness As if some Seri Ous illness was pending the strength seems to give out and you wonder what in coming. Vou have had this feeling lots of times and did not re Cognize it As a precursor of a cold. Don t wait till your Bones begin to ache take Humphreys seven at once and break up your Handy for sightseers fits the Vest pocket. All druggists 2sc. Humphreys Home Medicine co., Cor William and Ann streets new York. Mrs. Third had Many years and forts for Relief often i could not for Days
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