Bristol Bucks County Gazette in Bristol, Pennsylvania
4 Sep 1873

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Bristol Bucks County Gazette in Bristol, Pennsylvania
4 Sep 1873

Read an issue on 4 Sep 1873 in Bristol, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Bristol Bucks County Gazette.

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - September 4, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaIhn favored Clonte i of flow Trail Vine Jiow if 1 i your a covet lips to mine ,1 ital to saes Mem hut you brought a tidal to Avsek sign of thought. Re the Wentt in Lopo How Lutiny to Ellahu Kepi wat to e w Hli Hope t incr and by Tho wait y Flint m they sped to Jour fairy Voa lips Rait of Hli auro eyes whip in your Worth a Ken thu Truo heart Nhail be Milf in and a our to blk Rui wat or Yho incr Stypu Honvo ism cot. For county 80ilb, for the backs county Gazette a theeb. 41 s a in to Cynar Rajm Rcd n u Iii nation by himself of Tiu Var Ioui soils of imparting Seine facts highly important to the cult Iantoro of the suit. Al though the of Tori Litty special refer oco to the Farmers of still this class in any other night by Reading it and studying thu Fra Ift a a almiral Iarj to the consideration of soils tin Dass Lam the different kinds As follow j the allx Cavm or bods or layers of Earth Sand gravel Clay and common Utoca vegetable it Tutten formed along the Borders of Rivers and rivulets by the occasional overflowing of the Fame. 2. Tertiary Winch May to Handy in some placet but. In other Ideal ties of Clay. 3. Toll firmed by Tow disintegration decomposition of Sandstone and this Bruiy be Eitler red or Gray. Gray Wacky soil resulting from the disintegration of conglomerate Rooks acid the also May be of Tler Gray or red. 5. Cd nil Flatt soil. 6. Limestone Ioil that soil derived from eng Hiestan Lime Rock or from the common Carbonate of Lime. 7. Men 8. Alcose late soil. 9. Inc la soil common and Fermi Glenous. 10. A Antic soil. 11. Btu into soil. 12. Porphyry of soil. 13. I Rof. Ii. Found Lull Little Carbonate of Lime in Massachusetts soils since in a great num Ber of Only seven of the whole Effer vested h Ith hydrochloric uld and of the seven Only one exhibited 0 por cent. In almost every specimen however to found sulphate of Lime otherwise called plaster of Paris. That ingredient doubtless partly for the Scarcity of the Carbonate of Jime. A Lii Regind to the useful mils contained in the various soils he discourses As follows Thui we should expect that the gneiss and Granite soils would contain a larger amount than usual of the salts of Kolassa and where of Iron prevails of the salts of Iron the porphyry soils of lie salts of soda the Mica elate toils of the salts of magnesia Ami Potasso the us Cine Plato soils of the salts of the Gray Wacke and Sandstone w of salts of Lime magnesia and perhaps Kolassa and soda the Mica slate of the of magnesia Ami Heinc or is regarded by prof. Ii. As of All the eur thing part of All vege table manures. It u a Pulver Lent substance formed by the action of the air upon vegetable or animal matters and h supposed to be Abunal nut in every soil. The same chemist in order to compare the Massachusetts soils Vith those of Illinois am Ohio found by analysis the results As follows a specimen Fiton tuts Villu 111., cont Lnch of soluble Geine 7.4 per cent. Insoluble Geine Pei cent. Sulphate of Lime 3.4 per cent phosphate of limn 0.6per cent. Ca Ihnate o Lime 1.5 por cent. Granitic Sand 84.0 pc rant. Water of absorption Jar cent. On from Sangamon county soluble Geine 4. Cent. Insoluble Geine 5.6 per cent. Sul Phate of Lime 1.2 per cent. Phosphate of Lime 0.4 per cent. Carbonate of Lime 1.3 per cent. Sand 86.0 per cent. W Ater of absorption 0.3 per cent. From county 111., soluble Geine 7.0 per cent. Insoluble Geine 18.8 per cent. Sulphate of Lime j.4 per cent. Phosphate of Lime 0.4 per cent. Carbonate of Lime n.3 per cent. Granitic Sand 73.5 cent. Of absorption 0.5 per cent. From Peoria Illinois soluble Geine 3.1 percent. I Geine per cent. Sulphate of Lime cent. Phosphate of Lime 1.0 por cent. Granitic Sand per cent. Water of absorption 87.8 per cent. From the Sciota Valley soluble Geine 0.7 per cent. Insoluble Geine 4.5 per cent. Sulphate of Lime per Cebu phosphate of Lime per cent. Carbon ate of Lime 2.6 per cent. Granitic Sand 83.0 por cent. Water of absorption 5.3 per cent Tho above soils evidently of the very first Quality the Geine being in Large pm portion and the earthy salts quite abundant enough while there is still a Small Supply of Carbonate of Lime to convert Moro of the insoluble Geine into soluble whenever the occasion de mands. Tito soil formed by the overflowing of the River Nile in Egypt is generally regarded As one of the most productive Lei the world. A specimen of the same carefully Analysed by i of. B. Silly Nan. Yielded Tho results As stated below vegetable matter or Geine per cent. 47.30 per cent. Alumina 02.10 per cent. Peroxide of Iron 11.20 per cent. Phosphate and a renal of Lime 2.03 per cent. No mention was Mado of Potash being detected in this specimen of the Nile soil still the productiveness of Egypt would seem to indicate almost the necessity of this Alkali in its allium. Still the Large amount of vegetable mat Ter and of the phosphate and or Nate of Lime May possibly Supply this deficiency. If a Dairyman should inquire what causes tie Best grasses to grow so luxuriantly in the Val Leys of the Green mountains tic question might be answered in a few words. The soils of these valleys been formed by tic disintegration and decomposition of the Granite gneiss Mica and Limestone or Carbonate of Lime abounding in Liose regions and the vegetable matters mingled with the suits de Rived from those Rock formations. We might then reasonably expect to find those Region productive since their soils undoubtedly con Tain considerable Potash Carbonate and pos Phat to and sulphate of Lime and the feldspar contained in the Granite and porphyry when Analysed yields not a Small percentage of Lime and Potash and Nome specimens of Mica give 6 per cant of Potash. The Argillaceous soils of those portions of the Western Ohio which exhibit tie richest pastures and Meadows contain not Potash Only but More or Lew of the salts of Lime especially the Carbonate Aud sulphate of Lime and very Nikoly somewhat of the phosphate of Liine. De aides these earthy salts analysis proves that Geine or vegetable matter is not wanting in our productive Clayey soils. By k d. 8tewart. Who can desc Robe it Webster gives a variety of definitions of the word such Aslo show contempt by turning up the nose or by a particular cast of tie con to insinuate contempt by a Covert but he does. Not Tell us nor can any one estimate tic Bli Glit ing withering effect of this sinister distortion of the facial Muscles. It is More terrible and More to be dreaded than the Midnight Assassin s Dag Ger or the to toned Arrow of the Savage. It is the Coward s weapon no one is secure against it and there u no redress for As no word need be spoken to give it As the Efi is intensified by an ominous silence you can not arraign your enemy Nofort the courts of Justice or even Call him personally Joan account. The Law demands the oven or word. His plea is i Saul nothing i did nothing you choose to interpret my look to your own disadvantage i Nin not Many a fair Fame Many a Good name has fallen a sacrifice to this instrument of revenge jealousy or spit 1 Many a Fortune Lias been lost Many a Bright Prospect destroyed and Many a Man who would scion the charge is guilty of using it to further Lite own designs Ami woe to the character of the one thus treacherously stabbed. If questioned As to the business integrity or resources of a Man whom lie con siders As in his Way he has Only to elevate i nasal Organ look Wise and innocently decline to really knows nothing about and the 01 k is done. Lot a Man but curl his lip w Hei lady s name is mentioned and she receives i that can never be healed. You Neve in or think of her afterwards w without wonder in what he meant and suspecting in spite of oneself that there be something wrong Bour her thai he did not Tell but could if he Hose. Ami sic can n learn edly they a Leto o or tech morning Haj a Swift. This vice hns been chiefly charged to my own exas Well As Hose of gossiping and slander and while 1 am not willing to admit that they ire confined to the female portion of society. I Mist acknowledge they Moio dexterous n wielding the in for fatal purposes. And i am lorry to say too that their use in not confined o the aged the soured and disappointed Crone my often Tho Young and but in scrip Molus Belle w ill stoop to this method of injury it her rival living a fatal blow no one Ean Ell what it meant but it is the More effective because of its vagueness. A toss of her pretty cad Whon her rival s name is mentioned i curl of the lip an of the finely Row a meaning look from under the Silken ashes Ami her put pose is accomplished. The victim is conscious of a coldness when she goes nto society of being slighted neglected counted out among her associates but cannot divine the reason. Very soon tin slanderer s Tongue the vigilant auxiliary takes up Tho Case and ii Cuba los with Many a nod and Wink a surmise of something wrong desertion by her Lover the engagement broken Oil Etc. If Tho victim has a Good Constitution and is not too sensitively organized she May live of her allotted time oven with the indefinable Cloud resting upon her. If delicately constructed and keenly alive to the Hurt she sinks into an Early grave which the chronicler tells you that she died of consumption the rom Osseful foe youth and Beauty when he should have said killed by a cuff atoms in Jafack. On first Day of March in the prose Rit year he Young Empress of Japan departing from an Pic int custom inaugurated the new one of vearing her eyebrows and allowing her Teeth to Wilto. This Radical change in the very first principles of cosmetic science and sexual etiquette in Japan deserves More than a Mere Assong notice. One of the most striking things in Japan to he Eye of a foreigner is the Universal absence of eyebrows from the faces of married women and the Jot Black Dye upon the Teeth of adult women. All Wom in after theii1 marriage apply the razor to their eyebrows 01 if Brave to endure Iain Pluck each hair out by. Tho roots. Enter ing the Home of her Hus bid Tho Bride changes r Beautiful White Teeth to an inky Black by applying nut galls and Iron. More than this each spinster when she reaches adult years from eighteen to Twenty likewise dyes her Teeth of marriage As is usually supposed by most foil gets but of adult age. Of of the most remarkable facts connected with the custom is its Universal prevalence. In by Ely part of Tho country and throughout All classes of society the practice is followed with a religious frequency and regularity. In All parts of Japan which the writer has visited he has personally observed that the women of every c a a invariably addict Cal to the practice. Though tie style of coiffure details of drum ac., May vary in different places the Black Teeth and pack of eyebrows Universal it is gone Billy stated by foreign writers that the japanese wives shave their eyebrows and Dye their Teeth in Token of Fidelity to their hns big arts. Tho Story As usually told in foreign books is that the custom was 01 urinated by a certain pain Cess Bolle who having Many suitors finally chose one and to show Hev Devotion and Nuj Hilse ins jealousy she her Teeth Black and plucked out her eyebrows. This Story must go the Way of thu Host of fictions about Japan. The Many japanese in various parts of Tho country but each Aveiro that he had never heard of the Story and scouted it. None of them knew the origin of Tho custom it being lost in Antiquity books of etiquette in Japan which form a Library by themselves give no account of the origin of the St Inge practice we Mast to Liege Fote relegate the industriously copied fiction to the i nil where lie so Many other curious f its credited to Japan. The foreigner on first arriving in Japan is disgusted and almost appalled at the sight of a Mouth that looks like a Cavern of Coal but Long familiarity and constant association with the remove All sense of the horrible. A set of Teeth polished like Jet is not Scally repelling our Blue Eves must appear to them is strange As their shining Black Teeth do to us. A Japan Oso lady Ith glittering Black eyes and shining Teeth is not u hideous object1. The chem ical composition of the Dye is the Samo in sub stance As that of Pur common wilting Ink. Tho japanese phrase it applying the women of Tho working classes their Teeth twice or thrice a week ladies ii. The higher grades of Socle y Dye and polish them daily. Artificial manures. J. B. Laws the Well experimental Farmer rot Hamstead. England sent to the Massachusetts agricultural society three Tofu of super phosphate of Lime from the Charleston phosphates. In his Tetter be the manures i have forwarded to you made entirely from Charleston phosphates Aud sulphuric acid. I have selected this substance in preference to our own phosphate As better to prove to you that you have one of the Best phosphates which the world produces but also one which can yield a commercial super phosphate cheaper than any other Charleston phosphate As imported into this country contains from fifty seven to sixty per cent of phosphate of Lime. When ground and mixed with sulphuric acid in the proportion of 100 phosphate to about 80 acid it yields a product of 30 to s3 phosphate rendered soluble and not More than three to four per cent insoluble. In your country the phosphate he raised at a Cost of less than 20s. Per ton the grinding would Cost at the most 6s. Per ton the acid 60s. Per ton in fact the net Cost of the super pos plate ready to pack in bags ought not to be More than 40s. Per ton of pounds and All the phosphoric acid should be rendered soluble except two or three per cent. As these manures required for experimental purposes i beg to offer them to Tho Massachusetts agricultural society with out Dirge and also the following summary which May be said to comprise the results of my experience and practice in regard to artificial manures for the last thirty years the Only two substances really required in artificial manures first nitrogen second phosphate of Lime nitrogen is useful in Thiee forms first Ai nitric acid second As ammo Nia third Ai organic Decomposable matter yielding ammonia or nitric acid. Nitrogen is More form of nitric acid than it is As ammonia and ammonia is More valuable than decaying substances yield ing it. The Best Possie manure for nil Grami nexus crops wheat bail a Maize Oats Auguar Cane Rice pasture grass is a mixture of super phosphate of Lime and nitrate of soda 300 ibs. Of super phosphate of Lime Anil 275 ibs. Of nitrate of soda applied every year to one acre of Ordi nary English land has for Twenty consecutive years Given a produce annually of six Quarter in Bailey fourteen tons of farm Yard dung applied annually Over tie same period has driven the same produce in Barley. Super phosphate of Lime is a special chemical manufacture which can he made cheaper on a Large than on a Small scale and therefore Farmers ought to buy it cheaper than they can make it but it is better to make no their own compound manures purchasing their nitrate of soda or stilts of am jambs and Marlton is mow off Bino a Complete Assort dress goods cloths Cassimeris flannels table Linen All of which very Cli Olce goods put Down at Tho Veuy lowest prices. Hamburg edgings and inserting Honey comb and Marseilles quilts Oil cloths 4-4, Bristol boarding school for gel Tusi s. H. Peirce sifters. Thu school established in Tan b located in the Borough of Bristol on the Delaware hirer Twenty my Loti above i ii Tad a. Situation i Clemant is in Aura Atchin convenience of Access. Admitting but limited number of boarders the care both menu and physical la that of a Well regulated family. Every Effort made to secure a thorough education thus fitting the Pupilli for k use Fol and practical life. Tho school yeah consists of forty weeks the Flemond tuesday in september. The school it vacated during the Christmas holi for Clr Culan addrow 41 n. A. Peirce. Zabeen beaut. Window All new and Beautiful goods and of Choice patterns. Trunks boots and shoes. Also a full line of Choice groceries comprising everything usually to to Lind at Glrst class country stores 71 particularly to that to our Stock of dry goods carpets and Oil cloths groceries Wilson e Carriage Bath or nov. Closing out of summer goods. Pacific, Brown draw Leno in Victoria lawns swi Moi pm Quai coi Xit Tien collars of info King Lush Chintz in striped lot in a. Alpacas cass1mkues, mid All the in Nadhir of muslims constantly Roll Tab at sow h. A. Walmsley to 28 a a Baylies Wall papers window shades a. Down lir Down. Tow v wore As Black it Bluck might Bis with a Down then one of them said to his Montc whom Khali we out breakfast take. With n Down Slort a Derry Derry Down the words Como in without meaning but were probably of the original chant to the music of which the modern Ballad was adapted. A second Well known Ami vulgar cd chorus to Oral has its origin in two Collie or words of which few or Uono have hither to suspected the meaning. Topial the celtic awl gooral in the same speech i variation in the time of some Musi Cal composition or Maich. To Oral gooral is thus Akin in construction to the words Moriei Oconley adopted from the , to signify the Harpis Clivord of our Pian Foito. A third chorus which thanks to he Bythan writers has not been vulgar cd is that which occurs in John Chalkhill a 3 raise of a countryman s quoted by Walton Oil the Sweet i Ohlen tit us the doth Mil. High Tro Lillic Lolly a to High troll he ice these words easily resolvable into the celtic ail or Aibhne Hail 1 or All Hail pronounced t Rah Early and la Day or Ai tra la la Early Day Early Day a chorus which Moses and Aaron May have heard in the temples of Egypt As Tho priests of Baal a Utcy the rising Sim and which was repealed by the druids on the Remote shores of Western Europe in now desolate blon Phengc and a thousand other circles where the Sun was Wor shipped As the Emblem of the divinity. The second portion of the Yiottis. Gigli trolollie., is in celtic Ai Trau la which signifies Hail Caily Day Hail Bright the repetition of the woul As often As it was required for the exigencies of the music accounts for the chorus in the form in which it has descended to modern times. Inonia. It is not advisable to sow artificial manures with Beans peas takes or other Minous plants. Corn and Root will take All the artificial manure which he Fanner can afford to for. Super phosphate of Lime should always be placed under the soil either by drilling or harrowing in when the seed is sown. Nitrate of soda May be sown in the same a or it May be sow n broadcast when Thyl crop is up. The increase in the of the Cereal crop is much Mote dependent upon Tho nitrogen supplied than on the phosphoric acid. Potash is generally found in sufficient quantities in soils and the artificial Supply is not requited. Unfermented manure. And Jev Roclor and dealer in watches jewelry Sil web Wallk Mill bt., More Wood Bristol Tom Teci of repaired in Anu Horlor manner. Black and veils Black , of Tia moist re Lublin a narc. White goods housekeeping goods linens of a1.l kinds. On hand Floc of Vij a lager of nil and Dfwar Lintlom . I valltop8. In nov Linos German towns Stock and i in feat anything i thu Lite of rur Nuhad m lowest possible consistent with Good Wori Mukh shop and material any Avlo of or Wagon made u Ord i at Short Norco. Kupa Ciunci promptly attended to. Address cull on i uhf , is m., nil of clothing clothing in von Wail Tolnitz to urfa clothing and hats and Cal it Clamp. To Tell kid habits seamless Jouvin Louis ail ii no. In Mill it Mil byte Tel we have Luto n full line oknt81 furnish is 3 goods kit kick or Nikita to order. Vast pattern s for White sii1kt8 a speciality. Gire a go to the xow1v Many excellent banners an idea that manure to be most efficient in raising Crotis should be Well rotted but this is a mistake. Manure loses heavy percentage. Fresh manure dripping with animal urine hauled directly from the stable on Tho land and slowed under is Worth nearly double that which has decomposed to Sapo Naseous consistency. When it is convenient for Farmers to haul manure on Corn Gomul from the stable As fast us it is Mac kit saves handling it twice and the work in Busy spi ing time. No folks a cd entertained that the atmosphere will Catry of Fth strength of Tho manure if left on the sin face the Only danger to be apprehended by this method will to in Case of the ground being frown and covered with Snow and ice when the manure is applied if upon sloping land the virtue of the Manque might away but on level there is no exception to this plan of operation during the entire fall and Winter season. Pei Boe a bothers Wash Titok Street buw1ol pa., dealers in Coal Wood Lime Sand Brick curb building Stone tear a. 1 ipes Chimney Garden n variety. Buii-.i3i3sra lots for Sale on Dorrance Jefferson Avenue Lafayette Pond streets. Houses Jere Tecl of outlet. James p. Wood 41 both Rov Tii a beet Low Prem re hot a lug apparatus with old a Patent Iron riot gators. Amer Triin Kitchener and i Tanges. Qbiff1ths Patent Archi median ventilators. Steam fitting in All branches. 1amch p. Wood co., m 41 roars flt ret Philadel Pilin. O o 1c he e it 13 i the Best styles in the county. Now Portville ahead line of i stations 1iambuug edgings Tim Ming colla11s, cuffs corsets a oafs ties ij1uijons, a. Gents furnishing goods in enu Lehn variety. Cloths and Oass Meres Kou doth i heat and Small. Von run Vona , i Hovis tons mid confection kill is Vorva Hii up Ronny Menf in i Suki Iro to turn trim i Anil , Houm Kui in ni1 Nair to ivo., Haltli Misirly or inc kits Lar Tim Itaf Kofu a Atho of urls to porn Ltd Unwin Fri Nuu incr. A. Chaij Oil Long Biilly on band Ami Koik it Supply of uncut by kept til it fir it eur Roei in stoic p. O. Hut Uhmer the Meliett Maikut Price paid for Colf thy Polo Dick. P. 3. 14 leery of in variety. An Carlill Friy Oft car was tried the other Day in a London police court for trying to occupy his stall in the Princess s theatre without having a White tic on. The pall mall Gazette says the magistrate in dismissing the charge not unnaturally expressed his Sui prise that persons Ocie required to go in Ono particular style of dress to the stalls of a theatre and stilted that he had Chen to the French plays very often and soon persons there i eased in All sorts of styles. This May to very Truo hut it must be that the greatness of great Britain depends entirely on the respectability of Hor children. She May lose her prestige abroad Shu May be torn with inward Dissen Sions at Home and her lust May be breaking because she Rii not get Public servants who will Woik contentedly on the strictest principles of rigid Economy hut so Long us she can insist her son s wearing Swallow Tail Coats and White tics in the eve Euins her respectability is Safe and she has no cause for despair. Tho dress is neither comfortable nor becoming it involves a vast amount of cab hire and general inconvenience and it is not cheerful for it resembles that of an undertaker but like the Chimney pot hat it is one of our most cherished institutions and those who Shock the feelings of the Community by profanity on the subject of attire must not be bit pissed if they have to answer for their crimes at the bar of Cap its though bought by the Jard Aie worn by the foot. Is the Klust Lunatic on record time out of mind. Most non like to sue themselves in print. Ladies like to Sec in Silks and velvets. What was the proverb that Kinc Lear heard from his father and Tare n01sc." a Coop Natu kid spinster used to boast that she always had to o Good beaux they your Little outstanding earthly Bills and Don t go romancing about the falling dues of heaven a Young Ini baud handed Lii Sufica dozen buttons the other Day and asked her to put a shirt to them. A lady asked or. Johnson if he liked child Ren. Don t know answered that dabbed gentleman never tried pm am not an the difference Between a country and a City Greenhorn is that one would like to know and the other thinks he can Tell him. A Mississippi druggist is Selling a Drue to negroes under a pledge that it will convert their woo into Long and straight hair. The frs say that he is doing a brisk business. Old mrs. Darnley is a pattern of household Economy. She says she has made a pair of socks last her fifteen years by Only knitting new feet to them every w inter and new legs every other at no 61 Mill st., Bristol persons in want of tinware of the Best Quality and manufacture win Fml it at c. C. Stove tinware store. Rose has now 011 mind b to aver Stock of cons Liting of All the latent new York shoo track Sutkin trotting Waco in. Suit no Calcii falling tops and it the Public re incl text to in Apoc my Brock. Groceries a , Nio Fli Heady. Also Auk cry Toh Vilme. Demorest s reliable patterns. Tic All die styles together Wotli new eur gent in 7 us summer and fall. K 12 a. 13 t m i h we Iii you have time. Rak tial list of Dkl t ii v a a Walmsley mid a Conrock Livingston Mills John k. Wildman no 26 Softli third Street Vir Pine Formosa in town or one Hollar Jet i. W Imperial Youni Japan ll1 turn Ilio Bol Quality. Datri Rennu French pour it Jit inn Ivel Hatm of Iman i Luna a. Ill Orth vim Lynli pm Calm Ollum Olive in clash Munni in Ucli Mui Larrt Sar p Laning i Lills. Farmers and of lira will Bear in mind. That our facilities Inch that we Furnin i United states Bonds n Koh other Sicri tries. At lower prices than can do i Ull chased else Hub in t1ik county. Maris Smith Bankers and brokers no 18 South third Street we. A. Girton Mimin Neil im., Mastic Cement roofer. Old shingled roofs covered without Rorm Nung dip aloof Al i ii Nercil and mud in try to not. A u work w. 11 rant id and in fran r. I Milton Webster Mim a twixt Var Neinl Rel dare Uriel 01, Kaki h Naff River Tuli xc., Ami h of Rief i Suomi on Hani Kakky Mouning to Fuji ply us i Kiiu no hit lit of wifi old of Alciun mul inc Poult be government securities of old Stooks Bonds nought and som on comi Simlon. Wash basins Bath tubs pumps Hydraulic bams wind Mills Alra constantly on under cover. Coal Hind Trutt picked Ami Ellwood Boron s lumber and Coal account b of dry non i Tantra Aud r cd on favourable 18 Pii Ilad a Type fou my b John Taylor will hic to inform it until Frler in Mourra til it to any thing the pc Epta Iturra in the a Init ties my All Liln of pro visions ar., on at All Axi printers warehouse. Established 1841. Lbs a Merrick Brown 3lo. 47 Mill bhimtoi., pa., has just received a new Supply of id Tess ghdo33s, embroidery velvets velveteen hoop ski its corsets perfumery stationery Complete wort Motif blk bom All and she Jeb. Very i Perior kid 81 pair. Also Whitman s Choice confectionery to making Ray for Cash and telling for Small profits i am enabled to sell at less than Phila Delphia prices. W foot of Market st., a Wihtol pa., now contains Inge Awer Trent of season new White Pine boards Ami Plank of All grades White and yellow Pine flooring planed and unplanned siding Hemlock boards and fencing Joist and scantling laths pickets Cedar and Cypress shingles Oak and Chestnut posts and rails. By builders and All persons contemplating building will find it to their advantage of Call and examine my Stock and entire satisfaction will be Given not Only in the Quality of the material but also in Price. old Komi Myrv la preps i in Jur a Lxi print in Tui ult i Len and approved sul Sof Hook Job and ornamental in connection with Owr Inge assortment they agents for nil other makes of Metal and Wood types and it is Only or Mcmary for the Printer to name the founder or Factor from whom specimen the selection is made to insure ills outer filled by and promptly. Aunts for All sol r. A obits of this c it for Wade s unrivalled or for and Job printing office on Neppl Tontle Trio Type on which this paper is printed came from foundry of la Tim Peloli be. I a Cicai. To pm Koot dub 19 Terneson Hibbs manufacturers Anh it boots and shoes. The fluent Ami latest of work for ladies and gents first clans boots made Peel tally. Store on Hill it Kkt Sharp shooting. Or at no. 69 Mill Street of. S Timothy seed prime Quality at cit1t prices at 07 b. Osteh flour and feed store. By Lertol a babe Chance. As we Abe about making extensive alterations in oui Stoke Lioom an better to accommodate our increasing Trade we purpose until inferior to none for the Money Ami til Good. Alito smoking and chewing Toh Accas of the brat am retail. What i Miaw in Quantity i will in Itkor in in malty try them. A. Be Shukwit s3 i Tor Woit. Compound syrup of Blackberry Root for diary hat and other Affe Estaa from a relaxed condition of the in adults or children. Tuli preparation of retail Berry Combina Tion with of liar str Intonti and him uned for a number of with Gratifying and m highly by ww1u, Julu 33 to make the Liberal reduction or every letter assorted tints if elegant caskets at City prices. T0 A. Wal9e0i.ey, Bristol. dyeing scouring the undersigned is prepared to Dye and scour Coats pants vests also dresses shawls cloaks at Low than ruling by More thorough mental rom injury City prices and nowhere excelled cleansing or carefulness of Gar Coal Coal always on hand and under cover s full Supply of Best Quality Lehigh Coal prepared Aud carefully screened for family use egg stove and Small stove sizes free from slate and dust and Del Reed shortest notice flux tit at the atry lowest netling prices. Bat action in every Ficulak. John n. 41 Moet Brt Etol. W. Taylor Potts put Diciur bad Axce a Tutsi Lime hair calcined plaster Terra Cotta Chimney tops 10 per cent. Upon All sales of dby goods except muslims and Cali Coes exceeding one in amount at j. Wesley Wrights next Mill Street Bristol pbh1pa. A a Foster to. S3 kill by Mol dealer in 31 China Glass and one ensnare. Retailed at Altol Kralf pricks. Forget Tho foot of Monett st., Bristol. Iuppo Bibb and dealer 319 North second Street Philadelphia to a know opened for the pail Trade a full abort re mint of French and Moush China White Gold band and fancy decorated Tea ver Ronat Keepen mid wanting Jota to plod the Jcj Weikit whole silo to town r awl tally packed and guaranteed to go e j3 dby goods groceries and provisions. A full line of nne grocery i and vef Euble in season. Country produce 27 Augustus seethe our manufacturer and dealer in ingrain. Yarn and bag carpets Hull , a near the Steamboat Law Muff. 99 carpet of description to House and sign painting training glazing i us

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NewspaperArchive FAQs

Looking for more information? If you’re not ready to talk to a representative, here are some frequently asked questions to help you determine if institutional access to Newspaper Archive is for you and your institution.

Newspapers allow readers to step into the life and times of past decades and centuries from all over the world. Not only do they have interesting and unique articles and photos, but they also have advertisements, comics, classifieds, and more.
The NewspaperArchive collection can be searched several different ways - advanced search, browse, and publications. The advanced search offers filters to narrow your search for more precise results.
NewspaperArchive’s collection of newspapers boasts more than 85% unique content compared to other newspaper sites. In addition to big city newspapers, we have a wide variety of newspapers from small towns that hold a wealth of information about day-to-day life. Our collection dates back to 1607!