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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 4 1873, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - September 4, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaV for three 1 00 o Uko her. Ray a sure my Prtrt for to Manlon Yew tote Vaa your nun tile from Leto Alto vol Bristol Bucks thursday september 4. 1873. No. My lift Nult Leaf with outlier. I know orly Law of Uke her go 1. I borne her Ami a wed tier in Arrow and y slut to Uliet huh won her affect in away my car inf a Taavo m. To Day f round her clo ocly the trons of Jove f her her part Tamb my Dove Foft h shelter be str a wild and my owl with you m you with my i know Devotion my your wife 1 know that her Tore u m her 1 know her Hort j purest Neer let her idol full Down in the 1 Tor the lore of a woman truly her her be Faith of Tow woman Woons out in the wife and the Trott no holler thing known in the r where the Ilij. Am he no brighter future than the lore Irani that will decay till tha dark with hit i Adown Winn Ami bean away from my Darling no loud wow i cant on your Way i i iat Mil when i you Farewell love to Day. Slut a Musher me dear when your Young heart when the Twilight Down with to Exon Meta Lull Al Law around Yon charms and Rrt All Rountr. A Doar arms Otic thai Leht to your Mother now it Tang alone with Dearst ome a Gnu her Iong Wrd flown May blew Ngi with you. My at Vii the old Home by Tove i j clod blow both wit children and keep still Mill thorny Way and All that in Luth to tall link but of hts Yout Vount heart arc Happy your morning nut in borrow and pain when your tears fall like thai heart shall bnm4 to embrace you again Ulfo All mar Tunc and part Lufi i know on half 1 1 of Bloomi the other of ant the children we maturity " Flower Mont ii noted afar in Hower while their Tarn Murt yield Tsitir try Urei must in Thror turn of the but scr cup. Thru it dear Roll Drin led on your Way not a loud would 1 Cut on your Young Lieari to Day i written for the county Maiette a Vlahou at the West. By Jon aft troster. The country Almut the Meta Riippi River below new or Ornim and for some distance alive it. M evidently formed by the Deposit of Soli car ried Foin above in us was and while the owl been constantly extending into the there have Iwen Many channels and out for like River formed which maintain their character and prow in length As the growth of exl Chiu. This gives to the River torts of having Many tributaries while i i truth they Are Mouth or outlets carrying off Large amount of water from its immense volume. The largest of Obeso is tie Atchafalaya which leaves the Mississippi Almut 200 Miles above cd Oreatis and takes a More to erect course to the Gulf at the same time watering a Large of country at new Orleans the River Channel is Over half a mile wide and nearly 200 feet and just hero it makes a grand curve of nearly a which with the City following its shores for several Miles forms n Pleiidi-1 scene for the Steamboat Wao then fully Realise whence t in name Des cent City. The City Spires become visible activity along increases Small River Craft ply from Shore to Shore and now and than a Large freight boat or Steamer up Ward i mum us. Bolc front of the City is a continuous a liar or levee built of Plank extending far out Over water this vast platform is piled into air with Bales of Cotton and barrels 01 a Meriu ie., 3 i 4 i Rhauda inc of every description. Drayman boat men men and women of every nation and speaking every Tongue and a mixture of All the in pulsation is made up of All Tow French predominant. The streets arc peculiarly named from mythology the Catholic saints the human emotions Ete. Thus we find terpsichore piety St. Andrew Calliope religious St. Peter and others Good children Carondelet Esplanade Naiades Bayonne and so on through the whole City we would hardly see one fim liar to us As the name of a thoroughfare elsewhere. The system of City ears is entirely different from Anil indeed Superior to any other City the route of each traversing every Section. One can Start from under Tho Shadow of the statue of Henry Clay in the Middle of canal Street and without change of car or additional fare ride throughout the entire City Ami return to the same Point. The statue is of Bronze fifteen feet in bight and mounted upon a Square Partite Bate of about the same from is location is one of the most conspicuous objects to town having but Little inclement Weatter the Rypan Ikic of this Monument is the usual place of assemblage for Public meetings of All kinds. The fashionable. Itou for promenade is from eleven to two o clock time the streets present a vast moving Panorama of Beauty and gaiety unsurpassed when As if by the wave of a magic Wand Tow character of the throng is changed in a moment the wealthy and aristocratic having withdrawn 4 to to War Homes and for two hours their would imitators hold Sway for Here As in Otter Southern cities Tow lines of class or caste arc clearly defined and it is impossible to break through them. At four o clock to half past the dampness from the Low ground and water around the Eliy becomes so dense that the streets arc deserted the stores and shops having no longer any Are closed Anil the business of the Day to oven canal Street two Hundred feet wide runs from the directly across the City cutting it into sections As Dif Ferent in their population and general Ciarac text Solo As if located on two continents. The upper or american District is new and is but Little different from any other City of the states the lower District is occupied by tie various outlier elements already mentioned Viz French German Irish Spanish corsican and native Creole and not tiling meet the Eye. To Indi Cau Liat the traveler u in an american the language the complexions the features and even the signs Are All foreign. It is Sai that some of the old French residents hav new crowed to tie american Plikta. The Black eyed Creole woman is of a cognized Beauty and mis a Large place society. The old French Market is of Peculiar interest. A Mot Ley crowd Elands around. At the Entrance Hal m Down Indian squaws Aud Papoose of the of tribe Gumbo baskets an Punj inside can to found every imaginable Coulee steaming hot such a dry Der French Bow to make and of Patea h noted vegetables Aeau crw dewy dry fend the Hoest Fly f in the to wintry the red Nib two and a a 4r King Ebee Zebeed and Small Flash and Sweet such Asar in and new an too Perl Babie to boar aril to that. City by Tho boat Load the vendors talking in All languages at once and each being Able to Convene in All. A Short distance Market is Jackson Square an open Park such As any one of the Many scattered through Philadelphia. In the Centre is a counterpart or the equestrian statue of general Jackson in front of the White House at Washington. Tie rider gracefully sits his horse which is thrown upon his launches and stands so poised upon his Hind feet Liat it would seem the slender Ankles must break under the great weight of Metal. The Road affording a fashionable drive of str Vermyl Rah Psi into the country made of Small and th6sgh" running through swampy Gnim is a firm hard and splendid cemeteries Are numerous Helon Rinju Separ to Tow catholics j is Aud Odd owing to the nature of the ground burial in Graves is the into runts generally be lieu made in vaults or tombs built entirely above ground of White Marble the Walls sufficiently thick to admit of the length of a full grown per son or rather Tho a pole of succession of arc Tad cells into which the is placed feet Foremost and forever sealed or built in Tow whole offt it being that of villages of Marble houses. The Metairie race ground is a very popular place of resort and is noted for tie Fine Slock run upon it. Lake Pon Chartrain six Miles North of the City an enlargement of Flie a mite River one of the Many branches flowing out of Tine Mississippi is and Blue Tho water having lost its Muddy condition since it left its Parent Stream. The steam cars run frequently to it and a Steamer daily crosses a part of the route to Mobile making the to in to that City in twelve hours. The fishing Craft with their White sails and Rcd shirted Fisli Ennon Are in Groat numbers and with Tho pleasure boats make it quite a Lively scene. Live Oaks is the name applied to a Ratcli or held a Short distance out of the City reserved As a future Park and covered with live Oak times of Large growth with tie Long sweeping Moss Banning from their limbs and branches to the ground. The the Jesuit Church and others with great variety of architecture Complete the objects of interest except the Largo budding for the manufacture of ice which should have been mentioned on the approach to Tow City. It is a very arse Frame building in Tow Northern out skirts and Here by Tho process of evaporation so ably explained and illustrated by or. Rodgers in his lecture in Philadelphia ice is made in Midsummer for the Supply of the City of greater density and better properties for keeping than the natural ice of Boston and Nova Scotia. 1 have now related Alt i can recall of what i saw and lie Aid in new Orleans and As uie sea Sou fur yellow Over is approaching i will hasten to get on my Way North wed and have but Little to relate of the up River Rifle except Llie Largo amount of rafts stationary Accuu of Trees logs Timber and lumber Gath ered at Many Points and which sometimes prove a source of serious inconvenience to our Steamer. The greater danger arises from the single Tress Liat have been washed from the shores dragged out into the Channel and finally rested on some Shoal the roots imbedded in the ground liw limbs broken or worn Oil by friction arid the lop o r St Imp Bent Over by the current so Alta t it Points Down Stream under cover of the water a concealed instrument of destruction to the unconscious Steamer As it is bearing up Stream against the current under great pressure of steam has without warning a great Bichuch made in Hur Bottom Anil before anything can to done to save in the vessel with its cargo of freight and passengers is forever from sight. The tributaries to this great Stream and the geographical relations country through which it flows can be so much better and from All the Star found. Lay me Low. Lay me Low my work is done 1 a in y. Lay me Low where the wild Flowers woo the nun Oliero Trio Balmy breezes blow where the or Prim drooping grow. Where tie Young chirp and 1 urn weary let to go. I have striven hard and Lone in Thi world n unequal Agat always to tic wrong Law Tyft to maintain the Awn is with a Stu Boru heart taking blow for blow. Brother i have played my part and urn me go. Stern Tho world and bitter cold painful to endure everywhere love of Gold nowhere pity for the poor. Everywhere in to Trust Dubie Pride hyper a Iii and draw the curtains Clour mine i am weary let me go. Othen Chance when Kom my restore the Battle cull Jar Avion Lead the Good Cali he on fighting in the which i fall. Owl May quicken Homo True soul Cluro to take my . In the hero s inn scr i am weary let my go. Shield and Buckler Uang to lick up to nip the Standard i he Wall i have drained the mortal cup to the in Lith Dregs and All. When our work in Rotono Best brother Bent that we should go. I m weary let a i m weary Lay me Low 1 fran Harper t Magarino. The pro gestaut of Peteet at Floeence. Awe stricken watchers Law clearly that she saw god Gazini upward through the wide open Gates upon the ineffable glory Slie sweetly smiled and say ins it is Dopa Ted with the Early Dawn vanishing like the morn ing Star amidst tie Golden radiance of an Eter Nal Sunrise. Like a stat who strips Tho shroud Back from he and lips and run la her funeral pall at Florence projected its sombre Shadow across the Atlantic Many a household where she was loved As a Friend by those Olio knew her Only As a poet. Many a lie Arth Stone suffered eclipse which had Only re echoed the music of her song and. Bit Ter tears were shod that were not distilled from Kindred blood. Nor arc we surprised of All this when we consider tie wide Range of her sympathies and the Compass of her poetical among Hie Many meccas of pilgrimage Liat will attract the footsteps of the traveler in Italy lie of the Pilgrim s Staw and Scallop Shell will often turn Sisic it May be. To Muse amidst the sacred Picci tits of Santa crore. In the City of hut not Santa Croce with its wealth of centuries its sepulchral slabs and eloquent marbles that speak of Altai and Aii Clial an Geo of Machiavelo Aretino and Galileo nor yet the colossal Cenotaph something More than a Monument something less than a by tribute of his us Ghatei us Florence to Tel great High priest of italian who still a cups upon tie sea Siloro at All these Wilt lend the English or american tourist to forget the humbler claims of a sweeter though loss classic spot just outside of the Porta Eltiti. Tic protestant cemetery at Florence can boast of nothing grand but nature and its sainted dead. No Pyramid of Caius Estius carrying us Back to the Days of Augustus i tests in sombre Shadow athwart its simple monuments but Jeneath its daisies turf Are sleeping sonic whose names were not will in and overhead is the same tenderly Blue sky that in doings the final resting place of Keats and Shelley in Pio Testant burial ground at Ojomo. In truth it can scarcely be said to Havn a history and furnishes but scanty materials for u Lusty sketch. As already intimated the cemetery is situate a Short distance out of the ports Planti upon a slight Eminence with a gentle slope toward the main Entrance. The grounds were purchased by voluntary subscription and Laid out under the auspices of the reformed Swiss Church in 1828. They Are now under the direction of a committee composed of Swiss German and English protestants. In consequence of the removal of the Midi Oval Walls the cemetery is now embraced within the City limits and fur ther interments arc forbidden by Law or Only permitted by Suil Crance. It is still preserved As a Public Square for the enclosing Aud beautifying of which in its pint elliptical form Tho of Florence is said to have contributed the Liberal sum of eighty thou Sand francs. You enter from the East through a spacious arched Gateway into an inner court in the rear of which is the Sexton s Lodge and More readily seen by a look at a map that i shall past All that by and go at once to St. Louis on the West Bank of tie River 1200 Miles from new Orleans and perhaps Ico Miles by River from cairo1 but i will leave the description of that for my Nert. For the sucks county Gnu Etc evening notes. The season approaches when it is Well for us to take new departures. When the year be gins it often happens that people make re solves or renew with greater or less Earnest Ness those made twelve months before. There can be no harm in this. The practice is a worthy one for obedience to every Good in Ulso Means growth. Every aspiration towards bettor life is prophetic of a nobler existence. These lengthening evenings attended by aint signs of the approaching autumn whose breath has already sent its signals Cem to to like the Advent of a new year we appear to be trending upon fresh ground. Wenter a now realm. Thoughtfully should we Rwy the ground and scan the opening View. A the summer Days arc passing away we just put aside summer habits and the ways of Ummer time. As is newly Assort our Ward Obes for Tow Good and Comfort of our bodies o should we pause to consider the claims of or mental nature. It been said Liat the highest end of Man improvement. This May come in Many onus but the of nor meaning of the word comprehends the constant growth towards Perfec Ion. We need never fear going too far in u erection. Though we exhaust our energies lure would be something still in attained. We sometimes ask each other whether the world is advancing. It should be our Chiel concern to know whether we Are advancing. If we do so does the world. To know not what we May Ghlyn in culture till we try. The avenues of knowledge invite us at every turn we have but to put Forth our efforts and Gooc fruits yield to our bidding pleasant voices re Spond to our Call. Do not forget the books Liem Rabar the importance of rightly selecting them. There Are books to be skimmed says Gibbon and books to be an other English authority no less illustrious As sures us that a person who reads five hours a Day will become Learned. Read even but one hour a Day and perhaps Yon will become one filth Learned. That is better than to be five fifths ignorant. Resolve you will be of More Worth in yourself and others to Day than you were yesterday. Is often quoted to us that life is real life it is Wise for us to prove that w believe it to be real by real living and Earnes by Earnest action. Life is much As we Mak it and we May give it meaningless character o ire May make it Sublime. To awakened you the sense of Worth. Culture is Good for the individual but it has More than a self considered value. Each growth in a human soul is a Blessing to every other human soul which comes in Contact wit from thence you pass by a Entrance into the cemetery. There is a local tradition that the son of one of the member of Tho original committee who Laid out the grounds one Day accompanied his father As lie repaired thither with a View of giving directions to the workmen. Charmed by the Beauty of the spot Ami its still More beaut if surroundings he suddenly turned to his father and said if i die i wish to he buried accompanying the request by a significant gesture with his foot. On returning Home As if stricken by the Beauty of his now found Gates to Paradise he sickened and died and within fifteen Days was buried in the pre Cise spot to had selected but a fortnight before. What to bar the tradition be authentic or net you instinctively feel that it deserves to be True As you repeat mentally if not audibly what Keats said of sister cemetery at Rome that it would make one in with death to be hurled Iti so Sweet a place 1 among the monuments Tho most prominent feature is tic Beautiful Marble column sur mounted by a Cross of the same Ying the Summit of the it was the Ift of Frederick William of Prussia who pass no through Florence and visiting the cemetery 11857, caused it 4 be erected in the place of 10 Black wooden Cross that formerly notified to Pusser by that this was a sleeping place for lie dead. From this Point you can catch Fugi ivc glimpses of the surrounding scenery which charming. On the West Are the stately Pala is of the princely Quarter of Principe Amodeo n the North the Heights of Fiesole with their Cauti Ful gardens and elegant Villas and Mon Story crowned Summit while to the South is the City of Flo Ienco its churches my convents its be Fries and towers Over and a trove which looms up the Fanions Campanile of Riotto and As Tho crowning glory of them a the wondrous dome of Brunelleschi. Tho Bicais the following appropriate i scrip Ion Genius running through the entire Diapason of human Joys and sorrows. With her own Liaf suppressed sympathies Ever struggling to free themselves front the strange entanglement of her verse she was the elect interpreter of those dreamy shadowy experiences that float dimly in human and Only become Visi ble like characters in invisible Ink beneath tie glowing breath of poetic inspiration. One cannot but regret that the poetess coulis not have lived to Sec the final consummation of italian Unity and Independence for which hop ing against Hope she had waited and looked and prayed so Long. The voice of a Little child singing beneath her window in the via Magglos o Bella Liberia was the prophetic twittering of the first adventurous Swallow announcing tie Advent of Spring. Would that she might have seen those Spring time prophecies unfold into glorious summer fulfilment As she looked through the Casa Guidi windows and saw the stately procession and retrocession of Polit Cal events How her heart Sank and Rose will the ebb and flow of the political tides now we see her hand in hand with the florentine child singing Bella Liberia and now strew ing her violets with the rest upon the Pav Mccu where Savonarola for his testimony against tin corruptions of Rome suffered unto blood and burning. On some new accession of popular Freedom she shouts her views along with the intoxicated populace As they March in procession Between double files offices at the gayly Deco rated windows n Ith floating banners and mar tial music while even Blind men tattered with their and lid their slides along the stones and smiled As if toy then comes the terrible reaction and she is plunged into inconsolable grief As she sees the naked heart of her own beloved Italy palpitating beneath the Iron Hoof of Austria while ital Ian democrats in Black velvet chalked the Walls with bloody Shook their swords within the Sheath and fired their muskets in the air to show that was theirs of it is meet that she should be buried Liere on the Banks of the Golden Aruo in the Beautiful suburbs of her adopted Florence. The True poet As a citizen of the world can sleep Well under any Sod. But to mrs. Browning Florence was Point Piini More than a City of sojourn. Italy seem almost to have supplanted England in her affections As indicated by the frequent occurrence of such fervid phrases As Italy my my and this Florence Victor Emanuel is the King of us while her son her Bine eyed Prophet is my own Young is not difficult in this ghostly presence to evoke her frail and delicate form from out Tho silent past to recall the Pale and spiritual expression of her countenance her Noble forehead Royal with the that Gloriola of Raven hair worthy of a and these eyes Large dark and expressive Liat Luminous through Orelta of Blue with a smile like a Sunbeam As Bliss Mil Ford says her countenance in repose was saddened by the myst i ions Shadow of a great wrong known to but few forming a dark Back ground to her Beautiful life Only served to bring out in bolder Relief her saintly Virtues and i find Genius. Really i do not says Hawthorne speaking of an interview Visith the poetess in ins italian note Book How can suppose that he has an earthly w is wonderful to see How she is How Pale her Cheek How Bright and dark her eyes. There is not such another figure in the world and Hor Black ringlets Cluster Down into her neck and make her face look the whiter by their Sable i have never seen a human says Hill lard which seemed so nearly a transparent veil for a celestial and Immor Tal spirit. She is a soul of fire enclosed in a Shell of and As stand Over her grass grown grave it May enlarge our spiritual horizon to repeat her simple yet comprehensive Creed i believe in of truest and one Temple with Ltd floors my in order. Yet 1 am ready. But i mean to live Aud not die i laugh at the Odds nine to one. If that sail ii conquer. I have fought ninety nine against nine Hundred and ninety Ine against one and conquered. Plaso god i will again Sursen but Foi once lie underrated the Strong i of his int agonist while he Over estimated his own still Flat oiling himself that if to could Only weather the Cape of he would 30, on to eighty or ninety As did his forefathers. He appeared to think any draft he might make upon his failing strength would be duly Hon ored. There is scarcely any abatement of his correspondence the Mere thought of which would weary the nerves of any Ordinary Man while Titi sight seeing was enough to break Down a Well Man Las diary meanwhile keeping Pace with his sight seeing. Now he is in the West indies studying the climate the fruit the fishes the Birds noting the inches of rain observing Tho condition of the negroes the women and children and even of the oxen and mules now he is falling firs at comte Varin or discussing questions of science and philosophy with of Europe in the chalet of life Friend Dalsor and now he is studying the Fauna and Flora of Italy or exploring the Topography and making an archaeological Survey of the City of Rome. Sight seeing letter writ ing visiting collecting statistics ransacking Book stores during the Day and then at night from tit of trawl Tiv Noily. An inexplicable ahoy frenchmen or frenchwoman Are tragic or nothing unless they happen to be comical endowed the gallic mind with an adroit aptness and seizes with equal facility upon the terrible or the grotesque a revolution or a masquerade. This by Way of preface and the Story of it an inexplicable fancy be gins Henri Cardone was a Young French artist of distinguished Promise. His neat Little Domi Cile and his pretty Little wife were situated in suburban Paris. One Early Twilight in the month of november of a certain year us be entered his Home his wife ran unto him twined Hor plump arms around his neck bestowing a full blow ii affection upon responsive him and immediately exclaimed of deter Henri i had such a Surprise such an Odd visitor this afternoon a Man with such an inexplicable fancy that i have been waiting these two hours for your arrival and bestowing is play Ful Cut thereupon your ears. And now these ears have arrived Irene my pet i suppose your merry Tongue will tattle away As glibly As a new wound up Muslo Box Aud onco started i shall not. Have an Opportunity to put u word in until you have run Down completely. But for this old Man with the inexplicable fancy he could not have taken a fancy to you for that during the pauses of sleep going the rounds of his Pai ish and visiting in a visionary Way his parishioners and fronds. Meanwhile he is standing up to his Chin in his and yet All through those weary months of his last illness though comparing himself As sitting at the entertainments of his friends like the coffin at the egyptian feasts or As Only fit to sit As a Model for St. Jerome taking his last communion he is cheerful nevertheless and even Jocose and conversation brim Ming with humor and sparkling with wit. Impatient at times when he remembered How much was to be done and that now he could do nothing but tempted at others with the thought of knocking at Earth s Gate with his staff exclaiming Liebe mutter let me in there is not an hour scarcely a moment of sadness. Looking Forward to death with calmness Ami watching the ebb and flow cough minutely observing his symptoms and detailing tie progressive Steps of his disease As if were the physician and not tie was something in All this so Germain to a Christian Trust and Resig nation that one is almost tempted to believe that Bishop Warburton s definition of Ortho doxy if something less than truth was some tiling More than a jest orthodoxy my lord is my doxy heterodoxy is somebody else s even tie daisies that prow so luxuriantly Over his head seem instinct with something of his sleepless Energy and you can almost credit his dying it my that he would leave his grave and weep at the hour of sunday service of the Twenty eighth like tie Mother in the German legend dying in child bed left her grave for nine weeks every night and came to the Tara flu Sirie of her baby and wept. About a month before his death la wrote to a Friend above nil things Elso i have sought to Tench the True idea of Man of god of religion with its its duties 1 never fought Tor myself nor against n private foe but have gone into the lint Tut opt he nineteenth Century and followed Tho Rena of human it. Now 1 am ready to die though conscious that i Ipavic half my work undone and Macli Grain in my fluids waiting Only t of him that Catu Ereth sheaves. I would rather in inv Bones with my a Lieis and mothers at Lexington and think i but will not complain if eat Ali or sea shall cover tic w up it was a feast Day in Florence when they bore him to his burial. Let us Trust with tie mourners that it was the feast of an a scan would have been neither Odd nor inexplicable. Did he utterly regardless of the divine set of his trousers go Down upon his Knees Aud be Seech of you to ily with him to some intensely Rural Retreat there to subsist upon Moonshine and Bis adorable moustache and was it his inexplicable fancy that you should by Arconi named by such Little articles of available value As this Hovel might afford or was he a Gypsy lord who predicted that you were to be Tho Queen of All proud French instead of one Humble heart and did he just As he was about to surround your August brow with Tho Imperial Crown suddenly sus Pend it and take an inexplicable fancy to have his dirty Palm first crossed with a Crown of Silver there there do cease your said Tho pouting Little woman stamping her Smyl foot impatiently. Will never become Wise listening to your own nor weary listening Louis my laughed the voluble Henri car Ising Hei soft Brown hair fondly proceed from this on i am All Well let All ears listen. At about o clock this afternoon As 1 was sitting intent upon taking the finest possible stitches around the Border of your finest Cambric there came a Sharp Lap at the door. I hastened opened it arid found myself face to face with a Man of Middle age who bowed politely and inquired if palette first insertion 01 each additional notices in local columns to cont nor special notices leg per Gera us for Lotif Umo Ducr Ywuc Suwim on application Darci in hand the Otow not and m much to the m night cause you to Coa Ceko a. Morbid dislike to Taud. As it is really a pretty toy i liked Tow Wear it. Aud now for Hio mystery. Do of remember the murder six years ago of a lob Luman of the name of Couite do St. Ai Mandy n the Hue do Ger nine v replied Irene. All Paris was grilled with horror at the mystery Aud barbarity of the deed. Hut what Assoc Iliou can this Cross Lavo with that dreadful affair an intimate association. That Cross wits baud by me on the identical spot of the Mur Der Aud Days thereafter. If you closely of Mirre Tho underside you will observe a Small drilled Hole As each extremity. From Csc holes i ant led to infer that it wus worn by to Assassin on the fatal night it question and furthermore that it was wrenched from its fastenings by the hand of the in Polesi comte in his dying struggle. Naturally enough it fell to the ground where i found it. To this Day in spite of the superhuman efforts of a by no Means obtuse police and Tho incentive of fabulous Reward by St. Armando s relatives the murderer is undiscovered and the whole Aflaki remains wrapped in impenetrable mystery. After All these in revealing years who shall Saj that Tho coming together of this Man and the Cross is not the Woikin gof a retributive Fate too Well does the Man or Mio know that the Little toy he so covets is oct guat if it Falls into proper hands to work the cruel j Ixion of a great i ugh 1" shuddered Irene and i have been wearing it nil this line and admiring it. Totally ignorant of the ten Ible thing its blood red color symbolizes. I can Wear it no longer. Removing from her shrinking Nuclo. The Chain by which it was i can now View it with no int coat but that of Aud throw it nervously into her husband s Lap. Why you Little fool i said Henri in a Jocose tone am you going to faint i Are you afraid of it it is just As harmless As it has been and just As bcautifu1." i do not fear replied Irene shrinking from it nevertheless. 1 am not that foolish. List i dislike it its innocent Charm is lost to me after weighing Hie matter in his mind until the specified week had nearly elapsed Feorl suddenly and sagely concluded to acquaint the prefect of police with the Story in All its Bear Ings real and suppository. That astute functionary proved to be an intelligent and patient listener affy seas Only too glad to Del ail two subordinates to further a scheme that promised to result in Tho capture of the criminal who had succeeded in eluding the Pursuit of Justice. Early in the morning a week subsequent to that on which the supposed criminal had called Henri sent Irene into the City on a visit to some friends with the explicit understanding that she was not to return until he came for her. Fol lowing close her departure came the Arri hanging and that is Tail to Naomi tit foiled villain Eui debt to the other and made of to escape. That remarked Tot Tuben spoke before. Take it Yott to be a philosopher and a Man of common the prisoner coolly folded hot arms and etoo4 slutty. Monsieur continues the As your Friend seems to take kindly our inter Fere Sico with his Little plan to give you a resting spell will you with equal disinterested Ness provide us Wiki a rope for Hie Benetto unit Cully we came Zifroni town and of met to bring Tho Profe clonal in lenten to Oubol oversight which i assure toe1 ing the prisoner deplore mow than yourself can. In in Cal wore Ratter of having the pleasure of your company nor will you have that Gromi the hitherto quiescent captive Sui Denler striking out with two powerful Anna Upton Tonj both Oju cars kicking Over Tho table on Whiteh stood the Light and leaping out Ato Lite Darku eat. He vanished a Bullet hissed by ear but he escaped unhurt. The report of the pistols hurried Teit into the room from which he had fone in Smert of Row. _ exc Sahnd of officers. The Devil has outwitted and escaped us. Wal must be after him at in it Breme the most reckless and ferocious of the Many Cut throats who infested Paris years Aro. A most miraculously disappeared about Tho of the St Annaide i truer Aud the depart next had Given him up for dead. We Mutt him to have his length for a moment. Our into move is to judge information at the Linw of the police depart nut. Fie a an mute dog of infinite resource and the whole Force on scent will hardly sufi acc to capture lire my was eventually taken. But m adroit was he that he contrived to remain at urge for three weeks after his escape from House. He was tried and executed for t he murder of St Annando several with Owac a found who identified Hiliu and tvs int to having seen fastened to ills shirt bosom on Tho evening of Tho murder that mood red Crow. Irene was never afterwards persuaded to it. It Hung Over the mantel in iter and Mcmo an evening visitor Lias been beguiled by Henri with a recital of the two dark episodes in its history which Are embodied in this Story and have departed shuddering at its sanguinary Hue. The Basie. The Organ Blower. By Oliver Holmes. Wit loses its respect with the Good when see in company with malice and to smile at the jest which Lauu a Thorn in another s breast is to become a principal in the mischief. Valga the Friendship of him who stands b Yon in the swarms at will eur wind you in ih6 Tony liw. Devout Cist of my sunday friends Tho patient Organ Blower bends j Hii figure Bizik and Rise org Lac me heaven my Wall Crug cycad a moment lost Tho next half seen ilm head above the scanty pc cram still Mcaslin ing out his deep Salaam through Qunel thug hymns and panting to Privott that prays in i acted stole to Banc n. Rich Man k mortgaged soul to sifter fresh from holy vows so humbly Stoops so meekly bows his Large ocl Synco puts to Whitmo the proudest genuflect ing Dame we Kibo Raster Bonnet Low Dot huh with All the Grace Devotion Leonid. O brother with Tho Supply spine his much to owe those bows of Lizino 1 without thine Nam to lend Tho Breeze. How vain the Finger on the keys though Sill unmatched the it Aye s Belll those thousand throats Weru dumb and still another b Art May shape the tone the breath that Nils it is thine own. Old things. 1 Caius la Resier Revlon it u Vic a club Tii Croft in Mol Olvra. Nuland memo in Jean Al. 25. In tic Radiant Light of that Luminous sentence he silent City of the dead a so transfigured that t requires not the fervid imagination of a Jean aul Richter to transform its very Graves into he foot prints of the Nogol of eternal then too the sombre cypresses that nod majestically overhead though they strike their roots deep into the earthly Mould of ii any a sepulchre rear their to Purine Spires up into the cloudless infinite above As if they would some Low link our mortal mouldering remains with eternal youth and immortal Beauty. The two principal avenues intersecting each other at right angles Divide the cemetery Lour rectangular plots which Are bordered with Hedges of Box Wood and decorated nth Ever greens and flowering Slu ulis. The monuments Are for the most part simple and Chaste in de sign with few if any bizarre inscriptions. Some Are really Beautiful realizing the True Conception of a sepulchral elegy in Marble. We fail to observe that tendency so visible in an italian Campo Santo to Perpet uate by Means of armorial or other devices in invidious distinct Tona of this life beyond the grave As if wealth and nobility had any exclusive privileges Tuder Grout a where Bond and mortgages Avail not and aristocracy is a jest. Among the More notable monuments Are those of sir George Hamilton English minister to the court of Tuscany of general William Sewell colonel Thomas Stibber and George augus Tus Wallis. There is one too which if i mis take not will recall bitter memories of our late civil of Jefferson Page of Virginia major of artillery who died in hut to the English and american tourist the protestant cemetery at Florence Means the final resting place of mra. Browning and Theo Dore Parker. At least it was so with us. So after wandering about among Tho Graves with out finding what we sought we inquired for the Sexton. We soon Learned that the former incumbent who would have been Worth a score or two of guide books had been recently Dis charged for neglect of duty and that his Suc Cessor knew nothing of the real or legendary history of the place and but Little of its distinguished dead. A Faxon haired Blue eyed peasant git ii an unmistakable exotic in this sunny clime recognizing us instinctively As americans relieved our embarrassment by proposing to act As our and at once pointed out to us the Graves first sought out by All English and american tourists. Here in the beloved land of her adoption lies Elizabeth Barrett Browning the first pc male poet of ours if not of any age with wound in her breast and n Flower in her band and grave Stone under her on the morning of the. 20th of Jenna eleven years ago As we write her Beautiful life had a Beautiful close. At the Mystic veil grew Lumi Sously transparent her face s became Radiant As it we that of Woogel and time of shining Jasper groomed at morn and eve by countr a Knees of Earnest auditors and Crystal too Lucid to perceive that none May take the measure of Tho Planco and say so Tor the porphyry then the to this Mark mercy goes and there ends Grace though still Juc permeable Ely staff hint at sonic White starry distance bathed in space. I Hom Tho articulated go pols which show Schrut a Mug us crib called on Trio. I love All who to Atli if poor or Rich n what the have won of truth Post Esau the Monument of mrs. Browning Hough Beautiful in design is painfully suggestive of an unstable equilibrium. It consists of a sarcophagus of White Marble of Sci Vival form supported by six composite columns resting upon an ornamental base the whole protected by a Stone Border surmounted by an Iron rail. One end of the sarcophagus is decorated wit h a Lyre in Bass Relief while on one a medallion of the poetess with the simple inscription k. B. N. On. 1861. Other inscription to Micro is none but upon the facade Ocasa Gnidic in via Maggio where the poetess lived and died the municipality of Florence in grateful recognition of her Genius As will As of her Active sympathy in behalf of the cause of italian Unity and Independence making a Golden Bond Between England and has caused to be placed the following inscription in italian Ettl c Worl 1 Ell Zalm ten Barret lir owning Che in entire i Donna Canciu urn Scienza to dotto c Kirito Cli poet k Fere Del Buo versa Turco Niello Fra italia e Inghilterra Point Questa of Morin firenze grata Tsei. At Tho foot of a Cypress True not far from tie column of Frederick Williim is the simple j grave of the Cocote Tarkir. A tangled Flower bed enclosed within a Stone Border a Plain head and foot Stone Aud the simple inscription Theodore Parker bobs at l3jxingtox, Massachusetts United states of America aug. 24, 1810, died at room kor Niay 10, 1860. Whatever views we May entertain of Theo Dore Parker As the Champion of that Liberal christianity of which charming was the apostle it is difficult to stand Over his grave and read the simple inscription upon his Tombstone without a passing tribute to his memory As a Man and a philanthropist. In doubt himself at times whether As a theologian lie helped or Hin dered men the More few if any entertain a doubt As to the value of his services in temper Ance anti slavery and other humanitarian causes. He proclaimed n revolution when it required the courage of a Martyr to do it. Nor can we forget that while sunnier was stricken Down in the Senate chamber Theodore Parker was indicted by a Massachusetts jury for the Misdemeanour of a speech in Faneuil Hal against the kidnapping of one. Of his own parishioners. Then too there in his heroic though unequal struggle with mortal weakness and disease As we follow him from that Albany inundation a when he first Felt the Tal a Rowan his Side that Ere Long let his life out on through to the sombre cypresses of the Ceme Tery at Flore uce. Scarcely abating his labors so multiform and multiplied but working on preaching against the advice of his physicians when it was necessary to steady himself by grasping the desk with both till from his excessive labors at the age of forty seven he Felt As if the digits were reversed and he were seventy four. And when at length compelled to resign his charge and seek climate wit Only nine chances against him to one in his it was not to rest but Only to sex period his residue of strength in new and exhausting activities. I must go he writes in his to the West indies to Europe and not to return. I Arri ready to die if need to fear. Eon Cedo when i see the inevitable i fall in love with her to die will to no evil to me. I should Lite finish my work write up my Hinta print my Best sermons finish my Book write my of my. Old associations Are the sweetest recollections of the loved Aud lost of Long ago come Back to us from the Laud of dreams and Are the Bright est places in the pathway of our lives. We arc prone to name this picture of bygone Days old times and connect therewith Many pleasurable emotions that find a place nowhere else in our hearts. They Are so closely Antwi nod around the Brittle thread of life As to form a portion of its strength Aud if but a single Fibre be Bio Kea the whole seems threatened with destruction. One by one the links in this Chain of passing lie were on the Rue do Chalons. On being in formed that he was he thanked me very Afla Bly and was turning to depart when his Glanto chanced to fall on this Little Cornelian Cross which then As now was lying on my bosom. Lie slopped Giuld fixedly at it As though it possessed some terrible fascination turned ii so deadly then livid purple and in a hoarse whisper you will Pardon me for it is no Ordinary curiosity that prompts the Quot Liou. But Maul i venture to ask How that trinket pointing a trembling Finger at the Cross 1 into your what circumstances Well queried Henri i a Low interested tone what my Little wife s reply your Little wife told him sir it was a pres ent from nor husband Aud that it had been in her Possession about four years. How or where you canely it she could not inform then a departed satisfied to. then lie inquired your name Ami pro bid i do not know whether i ought to feel complimented or insulted. Did you Tell him i Chesil Ald and told wish you had not hesitated and then told him. Something of moment May grow out of his curiosity. But it will not matter. Lion h i departed kno he s Ood absorbed in troubled thought a few minutes As though weighing a deep problem and then said he had taken a Strong and eccentric fancy for the trinket Ami asked if i would for a consideration consent to what was your reply to that very business like that being your gift i should much dislike to let it of course that must have Tonnin ated the conversation of Coli so but it did not though. It be came More pointed than Well Well 1 am eager to learn the denote said Henri. If i am not at fault in my surmises something will shortly grow out of this affair that will interest a very wide Cir Cle. Give me the exact particulars what Fol he said he was wealthy and did not value Money and that he had conceived so Strong a desire to Jross Oss the Cross that w ild As the of Fer might seem he would not demur at giving 600 francs for Fth e Hundred Par Bleu the trinket is not Worth five said Henri excitedly. Tho Mati is either a Lunatic i Mic strongly suspect him of and what is if possible for you to More events arc revealed arid become the richest treasure of the wearer. Those Halcyon of the past brighten and brighten As time steals and undimmed by Olin go go Clown with us to our Graves. Old songs endeared by the voices of tie dead arc the most Beautiful. Fashion May bring new tongs into life which Are soon lost in the Drift but those to which the heart clings Ever remain and time merely enhances their Beauty. Old friends tried and tested by adv Misity ate the Dearest. They have withstood the shocks of time supported us when trials grew thick around and now worship with us at the pure shrine in the Temple of Friendship. We have confided our troubles to them and rarely been betrayed so now As the hand of time sprinkles the Frost of ago upon their Heads the love of these old friends binds itself still closer round our hearts. Old books beloved in childhood s Days Are the Best. They carry one Back to those Pasant hours untouched by the cares of later years when the time was passed in joyous where manhood s Stern duties have not erased All feeling from the heart these Little volumes awaken Many pleasing memories of Youthful Homes and Boyish playmates of a rustic school and its laughing inmates and other like remembrances till the eyes almost suffuse with tears at the thought of those Happy Days now passed passed old Homes hallowed by the presence of loved ones gone to a better land Are the brightest Here old i lends gather round die cheerful fire Side and renew old associations and sing old songs calling up recollections which have Long slumbered with the past and Here the heart can find that peace of mind which is found nowhere outside of Home Sweet and then our old mothers persons with glowing imaginations May speak of the feeling of a Young Mother Over her first born babe but it will in no Way compare with the purer love of maturer wars. All excitement Lias passed away and in the decline of life her mind finds its full work in Loving the children of her Youthful Days. Having some Pallia Ting excuse always ready for their Petty foibles overlooking their Graver faults and Ever striving to Lead them into Tho fold of Christ with that tenderness of affection Only known to a Mother s heart. Her love seems to grow brighter and More unselfish is by its constant outpourings and its Depths can be compared to earthly. How we should reverence these aged forms taking care that no rude blast from Tho outside world shall blow upon their Heads. As they cared for us in our youth should we care for them now and Ever strive to make their last Days their brightest. The sins of the drunkard seem indeed to be visited upon his children with startling direct Ness. An eminent French surgeon took the trouble lately to inquire into the history and ancestry of a youth who had. Been admitted into an Asylum under peculiarly sad circumstances and Tia was the result first and drink grand father killed in tavern Brawl. Second drunkenness maniacal attacks ending in general paralysis in Grandfather. Third hut hypochondria acol tendencies delusions and Homicidal tendencies in tie father fourth generation intelligence. First attack of sixteen thence Transi Tion to Complete idiocy. His two Sisters became imbecile but his Mother s child by another Man strongly suspect him of being asked a Knave. In Salto of the Temica Iroil of 500 francs i inc that you still boar your Cross. 1 would have thought the sum sufi Cint to buy up All the crosses in Paris and All the women bearing them. How did you resist if 1 did not know that your slur on women and their crosses was said More in humor than Earnest i would not give you another word of Inlo nation. I told the Man Tho offer was tempting but that i could not possibly accept it without first consulting that was a Noble reply my said Henri drawing his wife close to his Side be stowing on her an eloquent glance and several passionate kisses. He Cutter 1 shall consider you cheap at Fiance what said old Croesus to your priceless an scr at first he pm heated much discomfited. After a Little said he wus going into the country to Reu. In one week that he should return this Way and if i in the mean time gained your consent or concluded part with the Crews without it he would make Good his offer. And then lie bade me a reluctant Adieu went to a Post chaise that was waiting in the. Road got in and drove off rapidly to finally we have the finale of ant re plied Henri. The musing Irene toying with the object of so much discussion which was in reality of but intrinsic value ail in no Way remarkable excepting from peculiarity of design. It was of a Clear blood red Cornelian the upright Pillow being cawed to represent a descending Arrow and the Cross piece a very Fine wrought imitation of wings. What attraction this bit of a thing which aside from being your gift i look upon As worthless can possess to Render it so exceedingly precious in the eyes of the Man. 1 cannot continued the puzzled Irene. I Thlik i can furnish you with a clue to the foundation of this extraordinary remarked Henri. What was his general appearance that of a coarse ill bred person far from that. He was quite Bill not Over Fleshy Well dressed and refined in bearing and language. His countenance betokened much illness at some Early period of his life or excessive dissipation 1 should your Cross enamoured Friend Call again. And should much doubt if he eve said Henri i am the person with whom he must with you because the object he is so extremely solicitous to possess has a mysterious history known Only to and that mysterious history affords a key to the solution of the seemingly insane offer o live Hundred apprehend such to be the Case. That Cross was found upon a spot where but a few Days previous a revolting crime had been committed if my surmises Are Correct this strange visit of yours was the author of that crime. If so he and that Little red Cross Are old acquaintances and he. Would readily sacrifice1 several times five Hundred francs to Compass its Possession. Why simply because so Long As it remains in othe hands than his own he is painfully conscious. That it May at any moment Rise up in judgment before him and Cost him the More irreparable sacrifice of you have kept All this dark mystery from comp alried Irene. Have but will no longer. I have refrain from making you acquainted with he Circum stances that Are associated with my finding o Tho rom tit that the Kiwi Long vol of two who Scro Fortl with secreted in her but recently vacated bedroom thereafter to make their re entree in the pres ence of the expected stranger or nol As he might or might not Criminate himself in the interview with Henri. All the preliminary arrangements being made our artist detective took station at the window and behind his closed blinds became a silent and intense watcher. He was a Brave and Resolute Man but nevertheless an occasional misgiving flitted across mind. The Busi Tum before him of an extremely Liz Tadous i Aluie. Should Tho supposed Iii final prove to by tie real criminal his culture would be Likely to be prelude by a desperate encounter if fatal fatal to whom v Leonii i eight of this i Hen of Irene and closed his eyes. Then he thought Tif the gun dimes in the next room set ins and in a spirit of grim Defiance put All forebodings from him. Morning noon of Sci noon and evening glided by. With no result. Henri Yaw and with impatient discouragement. His allies took to the bedroom floor and cards Early in the lore noon. Hitherto tic the Chase had been quite Strong enough to sustain s in Terest. Hut now Ould t lie a pooled not come at All a Brief Consul lotion with the Oll leis who adhered to the opinion that lie would come and was much More Likely to make his appear Ance within the next. Unco Houis than at any time previous during the Day especially if he was a rogue and was no la lying in the usual braced Lemi somewhat. Lighting a lamp Foi the quondam Gamester and another for himself he ii mud on the lounge lie had got but come Oil ably settled or before a resonant rap on the Street door brought him in stantly to his feet. Schooling himself to tie probable crisis with quiet deliberation lie leisurely proceeded to lie door and opened it. From Irene s graphic description he Hud Nodi to culty in his the expected Man of the Cross stood before him. His heart gave a tremendous thump against his Bronst but Bis voice Vas steady and quiet As he saluted the stranger i Ith Good evening Good evening Icso Mowl the visitor scrutinizing Henri closely. Is the Inada inc at Home my wife is the lady to whom you refer i said Henri. Absent on a visit. Can i serve you in anything will you not Stop in Henri threw the door wide open that the Man might see the room was vacant and hence might imagine Liim to be alone. All you Are Tho husband of Tho lady.1 re Mai cd the stranger who alter peering in walked in. 1 have the Honor. Pray be 1 will trespass upon your hospitality but for u few moments no trespass i assure Joh. Solitude is not lie Best of without removing his liar the stranger took lie profile Rcd chair. I can Tatry but a he said. Probably our wife has Iii Ormed you of an offer she rec Ehod a week ago or a Small fanciful Cornelian Cross hat was in ice Possession yes she did mention the matter Tome Mil we both Wool Etc at i to strange fancy of lie Man and the. Excessive Piscit he replied the stranger with a forced Augh the fancy cannot matter to you and is for the Price if you got in that ought to Satis v you on that Point. 1 am the Man and i n v noon us brio of to undo her tiny Tan Nae Stock Lin on her foot Lici supple a Niklos Wolta m Ina of Early a Lomond Norcot. Her it Nolc Iron of Harln Klud plus her double dimpled Holti her puckered 111 Baumy Rao with a Etc me tootle by tween. Her Fiflis like her Mot bar i ecu two Gonzlo liquid blur Frau to Ike us go cd has inc i unlucky compliments. I do not agree with those of Grunt illness who denounce All them under the head of flattery. It would a Dingy would if we never said civil things to one another. If i Cati honestly Praise m Man s work or his conduct Why should i not do so if he tells me he liked my he literary feel encouraged and applaud uste if informs me hint 1 am looking Well i conclude it certain so Nipton raised disquieting suspicions were All nervous fancy j if to tells me that he often regrets seeing so Little of me 1 truly believe he thinks so at Tow time. 1 do not seek to Sicklo others with false Ali runs Why should i suspect them of to Lugass sin Core 1 am smoking of course of the of Tho Mouth not the conventional ties of the pen. For 1 own that i am not the Humble servant of All the correspondents to whom i profess Obedi ence Aud w Lien 1 present my in writing 1 mean nothing at All or at any am in Pei feet ignorance As to what my mean ing is. 13y-Lhc-by, i have in Man very Young Metal who in answering a first invitation have Pittl scaled their complements to the lady who pro posed herself their hostess and Why not if it is a Danw their Are required .111 d legs arc complements Are ears and tongues Anil stomachs. Really Loki substitution of an for an "1" makes the phrase sense which it was nol before. But a genuine compliment with a flood foundation of truth and expressed neatly and aptly is a moral Bonbon and wholesome enough in modern Ion though of course excess in ail sweets is cloying. It is not everybody however who How to manufacture the article or How to administer it. If you Are any Way deficient in tact or Given at All to Blunder you had better let compliments alone altogether or you May possibly sting the object of your goods ill in Stead of tickling him As intended As mar quis of sen Terro stung to instinct. The Marquis who was Blind went to Iwar the opera of which caused at urls in reign of Louis xv., and being very much pleased asked his attendant who Rote it. Monsieur was the reply. I should like o speak to said the Marquis so afterwards in the crush room Mou Stair Foi Sincl was introduced to the Blind Noble nifty who embraced him with effusion and said my dear sir accept my wan nest Uia Itin for the pleasure you have afforded me. Your opera is full of , the music is delicious. Of what a misfortune that you had to set it to such trashy now unfortunately it was the libretto and nol the music of which poor Monsieur Motrii net was the author. Louis xiv., who like Many Humber Rii Yemc sleds somewhat overrated i jest Powers the. Oll a no certainly nol the fancy docs not concern us of course and Henri eyed the stranger keenly. But Yon know that unusual occur Enos will feet the least pm ions of mortals of surmising 1 of course of said tie stranger with Strong symptoms of uneasiness. People can Tot help thinking that s what brains wen1 made by. But to the Point if you still possess the Cross and ill Exchange it for the sum offered that sum is Louis. Your answer you will excuse my seeming abruptness Lam pressed or time and cannot i hold you perfectly Henri drawing the coveted Cross from his pocket and noting the flashing of the stranger s eyes As his gaze fell upon it. Deciding to thrust the probe Home at once he deliberately added another other than want of time May exist to occasion your abruptness my Friend want of what sir 1" ejaculated the mans Art ing up in a threatening apprehensive Way. What do you mean by that remain to listen and i will Tell replied Henri fully convinced Liat he was on the right Troik As his visitor i decisively sat Down again. Listen Aud i will Tell you what i mean. This Cross for which you have taken such an inexplicable fancy came into my Possession under very Peculiar circumstances circumstances that invest it Ith extraordinary pausing a moment to note the effect of his language Henri fixed his burning eyes on the stranger s. Speaking slowly and emphasizing every word he continued i found this Cross on the 3d of january 1869, on the Rue de Germaine on the very spot on which three Days previous the comte . Armand had been brutally Mur during the utterance of the concluding words of the above the countenance of the listening Man underwent a most appalling change and dreadful indeed As though he had heard the sentence for his immediate execution pronounced. The Muscles of his face twitched convulsively his under jaw fell and his eyes rolled Iti their sockets As though following the fantastic evolutions of some horrid Goblin. The paroxysm lasted but for a moment. By a superhuman Elbit of the will he. Recovered his faculties sprang to his feet and with the Demoniac fury of a madman dashed at Henri hissing Between his Teeth you the telling of that tale is your just As his muscular hand closed oppressively on Henri s Throat he was violently jerked backwards raid found himself in the tenacious Dutches of the. Two gendarmes. So to my Fine fellow ejaculated one of Tho officers. We Are altogether too deeply concerned for the future welfare of your soul to permit you to perpetrate such a crime. Yon have done bad enough already to bring you to showed ii copy of verses to and asked ins candid opinion of them. A said the poet am More con Vinced than Ever that nothing is impossible co your majesty you desired to write some pts rhymes and you have succeeded in making them positively detestable v but perhaps there was a spice of malice in this reply though if so boil Eju played with edged tools with a vengeance. The worst Blunder in what was intended for a pretty speech that i Ever heard of was perpetrated in modern times by a dignitary of the Church who was asked to Many a Young couple in a country place where he happened m be staying and was also called upon to propose the health of the Bride and bridegroom at the subsequent breakfast. Now the Host and hostess were noted in country round As the most genial and Hap Piest couple that had Ever haad in band through life so the Good Ivlue thought be might As Well turn this to account in Bix to sum up All cur Good wishes for the1 Happy pair whom we have seen United the he said in conclusion we i sure do better than express a desire Liat Tho result of their Union May prove strictly analogous to Liat of the parents of the fair whereupon the fair Bride went into hysterics the bridegroom s eyes flashed daggers the bridesmaids coloured and looked Down the master of the House blew ills Nowc violently he who caused All this commotion wifely Clown and held his peace wondering at the elect of his innocent compliment the boat and hostess-., he soon however found one then lighten him. She is not their daughter at Bis inform ant explained but a Niece who came to live with them when her own father and Mother wore divorced length of our great desire w increase Aud add to the comforts of life we must not lose sight of prolonging life and youth Ful vigor. Year by year tote Laws of Are better known and observed. We a learn ing Liat disease is generally caused by i Scott duct by avoiding tic causes a shape consequences. Hence in nearly All civilised countries the average duration of life is Stead ily increasing. In Geneva accurate have been kept of the yearly average of lift since 1560, which was then Twenty two years six months in it was forty years ftps Mouths. Thus in fuss than three Hundred years tic average duration of life to doubled. In the fourteenth Century the average mortality in parts was one in sixteen it Tenpo about one in thirty two or rather to wat but cafe the Franco prussian in England the rate of mortality in waa one in to hey three now about one in
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