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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1873, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - October 30, 1873, Bristol, Pennsylvania- 5, t lrr7 published weekly Jesse of Thomas. Or Kalfell Fyk Palsov stalk eth ill Tolstol i a. To a Fyie year Forstik. Nio Wiilis 1 50 Jour ill rep i 00 Ai Iii unit lulls of Tor Only at c Arij noise fat Jim Crown vol. A Bristol Bucks county my thursday october 30, we a dog a bar ciral Tjuk tin. The Jacw pronintih1 at the Walworth theater Channel to lipid 3iiss won h if Var Wei Milf it be Helm it Lukl Jyh cull to it lt10illtifm the Woitiw Ami Trio Nir Imig unit Rifi o or h Mortimor Artu Imber of Ilia company hut Toi Iju Wyvil you ii tar the Nio Eung Atli i a us one of unalloyed Sau Fhi Tion 1 ail How was Jaily Blic asked and i Sho vally Gnu Jung hiring i to How Siul sic rust go of Ion Ami sit with Llic Ikker shoring mid Riuso her. She a Tiu night must come Liu m tic Fri by inv Atli Publ Luu pct Down j Iju Sun in i mses Iii t loss. 3it. A Jurvis Dit not know was by no Winans tie sort of old Man would have chosen As sol Alt mip Igi or or on Nioni Mentala companion Foi Bis child it 1 think 1 have said Ihal when miss Moniti Izier had Kiadii up f her mind to do anything it was not so easy to 1 Roll i Goa pcs in tie lives of Hiroso Liatti in Milln Tluck i bimts refuse o let the nil Iivo Mill a lira san it Ludl nut in ruin or not in vain the key of life a Willi Cloinch of Willie ill a Mist Mountain toils arc Ciul in Trai to Liss Hiim tie a Lino out brighter a lion at last it Flash h Ami Orel Mure tin be the of thu new. F Kur inc Liu rfcs Rumity j ventilate your Hue ones. 11y miss. 11. . Through Iris Lalion deep tic Way to glory i mused not meaning to be Inver ont either As i sat in tie Sanctuary of the lord on n Bright Sabbath morning though tic Man preached from that Good and comforting text fear not Little lock it is your father s Good i Clasure to Giro you the King the Church Large and with Gas Lighta carpet Organ and stained Glass. Trio audience was is the House was Well they meant to to Atten Tive Lov Oion and appreciative but found themselves Motif or less inattentive in Ditle remt listless and sleepy j and no doubt upbraided themselves for Lack of As i also would have done if Hud not taught me a nobler lesson. 1 do not mean o say that i am blessed with a superabundance of Tho life and Power of religion in the her. Bis saw came again and again and soon wormed out All Ihal had since they met. Co in Ali onion was Only known to the Davics by his stage name of i Monck in but heir visitor had Rea sons of her own for believing that ill was an assumed one so she Sievi r rested till she found out who he Reilly was and All about him including of course his Ong Ngi men Loada Glamour and hated him therefore More Billery to Linin Over. Their was a gentleman about lown1 at his time who took great Delight in collecting All twin scandal that was to to swept up by such As do not mind dirtying their lingers in Back Stair and Green rooms and totalling it to lovers of ibis style of garbage at the clubs. If Yon walled to have a report speedily and widely spread All you had to do was to breathe it under a pledge of profound secrecy to or. Trainer. So to this reliable him one night in inc Green Jorli Mer in lie Iii Noreul Way in the world narrated just As much As she thought proper a bowl veil s visits o he pleasant Litlo collage at Oan Sherwell and he position of its Ocon pants , in , o give color and circumstance to a most foul and injurious libel on Cecil s Irneth and Lily s Honor. How i Rue Are Linos of the laureate and tin1 niinlxtvi1 Maito it Liis , Ami he Uii it Lilic that n mi1 which is Ball i truth Ever Tho blackest Foi it lie Ali d is nil a up in ii be Mot and Hutu u hint k fit truth b Hauler inn old to Light. In less than a it was All Vail mall and St. James is reel that Cecil Thornton. Who engaged to hat charming miss ulamor was keeping an establishment on the sly. Pre sided Over by a certain Little actress with whom to had been performing in the country and. War it i m a shame a Days before this scandal was circulated Trio Renlun had gone into Xor Wampum Shire to a Pieson Al Liis sister s wedding. Or. Soul but i began to look about me to Sec if 1 i Ilai Nosir. Reading the Rould any outward canse for the m want deadlier 1 Felt coming Over me and saw settling Down upon Mound me. A Loki big toward the in ooh j a to lick wort1 shut at lius Isaw Ulicy Woie not a breath of pure air could Leach us. And the minister preached of the flood Shepherd of Hocks and folds and Pas Tures and i streams it was All As a dead letter to me for i was paining for god s blessed Ricc air. J lieu my mind wandered to the of the. Who Ciu Peichi Pilj As i for air pure air and As my Eye landed Mer the. and 1 took in a Dreanie sort of those a Rufind me Aud of hut 1 was taking into my Lunjas for of my already diseased blood. I Felt in o vol ital spirit last Petcu to one of icon Chi and Tenro were four or live Hundred a four of the of number 0110 half at k is la Ive dyspepsia Many of them have consumption in Itji Vii fetus where is the some live Catarrh one fourth of tin whole Ilavu colds. J am breathing Over and Over the breath from the lungs of these people. It he misery it to breathe in my own Cululi overheard his intended son in Law s name Menf caned by some Young Fellows Chat towing in a window one of whom was or. To mixer. He. Said ubut your was so loud that i could not fail to hear it and As t am the father of the whom you have just named Aud As or. Thor non is mar Friend. L beg to Oil you that i fully and implicitly believe that the Levi not to which you alluding is a base and malicious fab i Carioti and j shall hold who re it fur what they or Miner was really Mii did Sueh Inu of fort Able Illings but As lie of what he mi1. To Auer had said he Aih begged to state thai he was not in the habit of asserting any thing that not pet Eclov Correl Jhin this instance. Air. Glamour might ase Erlain by Mak but enough to make her sad. It Leigh distress Lior to Spe him again after had. Passed. Obj lie would n of persecute her Slie Svi slide to Par j with Jinni ibid she should iia Voliar will. Would go apr its old life Aud his old Jia Ninus. What wus the miso of Leadmo a Ady Lills a lion this War his he would be Trio Rotte Sherako tic Gambler Over again. He would do what lie Luul never Dorie Belpre he would diiiik., Jlou pry Wasa curse and he get rid of it ivs quickly As Possi ble. Aud hey Short life mid for a merry one was lie to give Ruji All a Luul for v girl not a bit of it. Ilist she. Not one the whole world to him she the canker Horn his heart that had been Ini awing Thot us. Ask Aye ail had planted in its Stead the first happiness Ami peace he had i ver known. She was All purity and goodness too Good too pure for Hilior Hue was too priceless a him Ogain j but flirt High not his he would not have lie come Horthy to have him in. She might not did not love him hut she could never despise him. Such the wild emotions which filled the poor fellow s strike Aud undisciplined heart. Thuro Suva Rio that Letton for item this sad which Ouight have Given him some Consolation had co punch it but he was too full of sorrow co notice it. It was from lady Lylall Odule. Anil ran As follows 1 am convinced there is some miserable . You have a bitter i Limmy of. Ifni tin whore Voil. Are. On no account cume to town leave him of her to me and if j can but get a Cine o tins inns ten believe me it shall not Long remain one your old j Rii us m it or. List in Pulisi to Lake his daughter Homo but a july Olallo Hilale said no do nol make More fuss i Han can by helped about this matter. Sho need not go out anywhere let her slay Jui cily with it sad to Bee the Pong us the More so. For sin was so cheerful so considerate to All around her so to help ilium in heir to divert he Iii us from grief with out letting them suppose that Sho knew heir motives. Not carry of it heir kind ing inc to put i or. To Lenl Loydale House impure breath again and again. But this is not All ninety per cent of these men f Moke or Chew or both. 1 smell the Nau Bealing. Poisonous Weed on their Cion their hair is saturated with it. See thai old dirty Morsch num projecting from Lii at maus i Bivall a nerf t. 1 am growing of. For pure air shall i Rush out i cannot walk Home so must hide my time. Is a nearly through the clock says Twenty to twelve. Plethoria Man 1 inn sure feeds on Swine s it this morning Foi his very Nice no is his business Bat i do object of taking i. After it. 1 wonder if pious christians an1 As faithful in performing their ablutions is the followers of the Prophet that Man Over there drinks incr Beer Anil by the Reno i s of Liis , i fear Sinai Ostlun stronger i sul locating of for a Lodge in some vast there Ono poor lady has i Ltd Aud fallen Over on Hor shoulder but she rallies in a moment or to and seems to feel inti pitied As if she were to blame or could help it. All i Csc people drank co fico for their breakfast this i again insist us their the worst of it but 1 have to sit Here and sip ii from their lips. I glow vicious and look up Al these richly stained windows with a Soniot w that i had a missile and dared Send it through one of these Beautiful panes and let in the air. For which i am almost fainting. Why Dou i 501110 one Call Tho Sexton 1 now a. I of Sweet revenge comes to Jno i too am blood is tainted Tveith disease you my dear fellow still errors Amist re Echo my contribution to the Foulness Mil Tho penalty of his Black hop of Shade of Josh. Billings or am other Saint that can help jut the cud of All tilings must has acne diction is pronounced and to Are wearily making our Way to to Light air of heaven. Roll away to Songli the Cool Crisp air expand our lungs and take in All they will contain As or look out upon Tho sunlight Blessing the wit i its hearts chant the grand old doxology Praise god from whom All blessings business maxims. After the feast Tho Gocr shakes his head. The Ileoph s Fox Eitches no pout in. Hugo excellent memories. Caution is Mother of Security lie who pass beforehand is Send behind hand. If you would know tin value of a Dollar try. To borrow one. Great bargains 1 up silent whim i fool talks rive a foolish talker Hope am he i l Haig himself. Never speak Boa Stingly of your business. It is Bard for a hungry Man to wait when lie smells the roast meat. Speak Well your j say nothing. Be canc fill Bow you take Back a disc barged Sei vat it. If you make your servants Loo familiar with a tour they May sometime cause , and found Ada cry ing and ben1 in sub ovoid a h fluid Ivill Ioui tile or sign Tare. Which she had just received. It was an insidious plausible epistle As Over the Imi Emy of on race put it in the heart of a Man or woman to while. There not a word of in it from beginning to end. It was cruelly Calm and to the purpose and maliciously honest. The writer was aware Hinl the Coure she it was Clear a woman had Pur sued would cause suspicion o hi1 upon her motives bul Circum i lances prevented her making herself known at present. She Felt Groat Intel Cal Bliss and might if her Good intentions be the Means of rescuing her from impending misery. If Titiev were Hud clone her Bose and w lint so had considered to be her duty. Then followed an account of Thornton s faithlessness he bail abandoned Lily Davis Al it How she Lull pined away in consequence How hey had Mot again lately in intentions but should they not be Happy in the idea that they were succeeding there a worn look upon the a iffy go title Fiu a but the old kind smile upon of Iii Alfried. The Poi Tow of a to mini Olio Lias raised a mor Tal into something tue less than i god find has a lowered upon him the of an in alterable and Ilien has found that idol is Clay is a scrod and a fearful Ihirg. It made her Dearest friends annul to Soj boil calmly Adanore. All noticed that her silent grief wearing her away yet no Ono but her Cousin Kaury 11 As aware How Inucci suffer and even site did not know 01 is. Fi3 Ter never said Fanny to lady Hal la Wille and h almost Breaks my heart to hear the poor Larling sobbing in her a How bitterly did now repent her pleasantness with Cecil she could account for All Black looks endeavours to change the subject. Would never give him another thought said Konny Ono Day base Ingrato Ful Adas eyes 11 is lied ideas Sis o Laid her hand upon the speaker s lips and the sen tence was i Cut completed. Huish a aunt. Job even you shall dare to revile him in my and the poor child s irm Iurii Jud Ignatiou hang passed away Slit full weeping upon her coi Ibin s Boom. A Fanny she murmured him Coo hints Fly think of his unloved youth. His us heart and Pray with me to god to Foru to and him sadly can ugh it Kallor dal House. Its once cheerful ims Tusa Jrew and reserved. She had Ike heard from Cecil and no one could Tell what had become of him. Something was preying upon lady Ilal Lovdale j mind. There was a mystery about too strange looking men called were shown into remained Elos we inter to a mrs. I Iio ii Biol confident lie had seen one of them before at n trial lands and closed eyes related Aila bitterly i Brokus Liis i have wronged his nature thrown away the that Ever woman was blessed with of that to co i Ali hear me confess my Fiat be could f to both hours Aud forgives said Laily Ilal Loydale opening the Glass door that led to the Garden and in another moment Trio lovers were locked in each others Aims. And Lily i Aye Over All uial is left of lick. But a few minutes ago and her gentle bosom would live ached when she saw your tears. Her Busy Little gentle hand would not have rested till it had staunches them. You May woes on Lead away her poor old father and leave him alone Wilh his great sorrow you Ciurkot com fort him. I Choice anecdotes Moie or loss retail for the delectation of Liis the time i i w him to was Lelling of i body that had been dragged out of Ono of canals. Ii was recognized As that of an had Long Boon in a half crazed staid of Yiend and ail last had committed suicide. Her name was Llor timor us Wei in pleasant in that stately Park Yueai where first Ada Cecil Thornton ban oath Trio Shadow of a font Oak two Hildien Are Plavins the eldest boy and he is called Cecil Ailer his father. They wished to give her Mother s name Ada Loyd girl but her Mother said to let us Iii Dir god s Grace f think there is Little fear of this Lily s in her Beauty and her vote ill. Ami thai he was a Hal Ada s plighted husband Hau taken and fur Uisu d ii Boose for this Litlo actress and was her con Lant visitor Don t a word of exclaimed Jar. Glamour indignantly. Your eyes my Pel. Revei far i la soon Hunt out this calumny to its origin. I la go at oreo and tract1 out actress. To. No i la not be a spy upon the boy if he he a scoundrel. One me that letter. Ada. Til write to Cecil immediately and Sec what lie will Sav to this -3 Cau lie did write and o tiie following cd sect a very painful Rumor is in circulation. It is said that you live renewed your intimacy with the Young Peison whom Oil were acting at Al under Civ Cumma Ucb hich i need not detail us of coins the thing is a Fark tit a Pra write by return and give a formal Jill Thoi Ify which 1 civil make Public use of for contradicting it. Louis Ila buy to this Leller came the follow ing answer by Dukai Stu it is per Cully Siruc Llinat 1 encountered 3tiss Davis this summer la Mil have frequently visited her father and at their House under circumstances which As you know them Pool Cecil i bought lie knew Hie 1 need not attempt to excuse. J. Was wrong of course to keep it secret but a too tender regard for dear Ada s Sjule prejudices made me do so. It Only to imams for me to say. That the Pei son to whom you have alluded is now provided for and consequently there will be no oct in to for us to meet again. Give my love to Ada and believe me most sincerely you to it. No Man Wui who neglects hts business not time i i regrets Vith Long visits. A Janusa Trade a Vicli the lawyer Oats oysters and leaves tiie client tie shells. Avenue ims Inross Man found a Ioil Norfi Itsuro Centi scrip among currency the other Day Aud to a nitwit in his Vest and that afternoon gave is to a Little Girt begging on the streets. When he came tache. From Tea lie found tie Smilic piece of scrip in the drawer again and questioning Bis clerk lie Learned that Little Gill had brought it in bought a stick of gum and a och away with 40 cents Good Money. Liat i on currency payments to Low Dale evidently occupied in Irving to Lind out somebody and something. Blie would to absent some tunes Abr a whole Day would Home alone on tool and Leburn in a although the horses walled exercise and Ihei a Weie half a dozen sorts of Cani Agos for them to to put to. She had a curious Way of at Ada and laying the a dior child s head upon to kind Motherly bosom kissing softly the Pale throbbing temples Anil whenever or. Clamour said that really they Tii ust think of getting Lack Home again Sho would say my Ait awhile awhile for Ada s strike 3 one Day Joady Calio Walc returned after a whole Day s absence looking very Pale and Stern. The next Moi Ning she asked ail i it she could come out for a Long drive with her. Vila As charmed i o do to. She Hail seen so Little her kind aunt and hostess lately. Should Fanny to ready to Fanny was not wanted. Through he grand a Piaros and where England s aristocracy Delight to i Oligh the Eav. Wealthy streets Over the Ini Gid pestilential thames into crowded and Amiin into a pleasant Sid nub rolled and fast handsome quiet a triage. And neither of is Hud us yet spoken a word. Ada was wailing for lad Olallo Wdale to begin and lady Iafallo Idalo was too of anxious to . At last taking her Necic a poor wan Little band tenderly in her own she said am taking you dear to visit a Young girl who is dying 1 Aila made Ages lure of Surprise. Tier Story is a strange one and no loss sail than sting 1. I want you to it irom Bei n lips. Von will conic Ith yes. Lime 1 Ever seen the lady she is a Sli anger quite a stranger to you though you have Hoard flier 3 lady pulled inc at a Lille collage. There Wei khmers in Tho Gar Den Llowes in the porch Flowers in the win Flowers everywhere. The door was opened by an old Man Wilh a sad who led the Way to a pleasant Frau jul Little room w Here upon a Couch voc looking the a Aidau am Trio i Lowers was lying a Yong girl col had in thai awful beat Ltd with which death sometimes the doll. Cloxin of a Oconlon Onali Lvii do Silil ii Wirtl Trio name before a Joy a Uvea would suit ail our. Trio my infill Lii Hole Roar the Bou Liin i. Llic la Iron. In1 arc Liu inner us slut Bluc Llic door. Lis i Lili Irr Ling Lik not lips ind Froy font ii us Lime m u do Wisla you i quid stint the ten ii1 Liunila unify limit Luicir Lime toic1, j it uni hot a Milun Viii deal1 a Trio Lii buy out ul1 who narc. Avlin ii t Dith Llic i Bullca Loar pack e. Consa Lerable interest has Boon manifested to see what Trio Prociso result would tic. Ave into a Down town grocery Siloro lost ening and the subject of Tho Ohio Elellion was being canvassed Good a Lindly by a knot of democrats and republicans Amo in was Uncle Tom 1 a inc Blu Democrat who had grown Gray while lighting As a n in the Ranics of tic grand old party. Uncle Tom was it Hong in talking about the stuck Eye stale. 21 j then Rollad an incident which occurred in this oily half a Canduy ago More of loss. At that i line the opponents of the demo Iacy were known As federalists and a weekly Nikiper called the Mercury was n Devolld o abusing Ojei Norals and upholding j Oder ans. Tina Pajtli Public slide on the Corner of Arch and main streets the editorial room being located Over a Groccia store Al that time kept by a or. Feh Cepheid. As Long ago As that in the absence of rail roads Ami telegraphs election returns from far away slates were brought by stage and came dragging along a fortnight of scr voting Day. In the event of a close contest in May to imagined that inc excitement ran High and that the stage coaches v Ere objects of interest. One Arriva might show Trio federalists ahead and in the m uts of their let goings along would come an other Stagi bringing the news hat Tho democrats were in the Van. And thus the tide of icon would do create for so veil Davs. Of one occasion Al least Ohio was in this fix both parties claimed the Victory for Sovera Silajs. Jut finally the federalists received Assur auces thai Ohio was Al right. It went tin hags and the feds were wild with Delight. Tin Jer Cury proprietors could scarcely Cental s. The paper was to come out the Day Filou ing and something stunning in the Way of head lines was 1 would elate their part iwans and Earry co Sterna Ion to the democrats. A group of half a Dozois leading spirits had congregated at inc Ollk a and thu quest Ion As to what would be Tai most startling and Csc Trif ing heading for the cheering news was talked up. One Man re Mil kid that they wanted something a issuing and Torii Vilh Alliey sent for a bottle of old to l land. Tills had the of Lect to unlock Ijichi Treser roll1 of ideas but nothing suitable flowed Forth enough in Quantity but the Quality was not up to the required so Stidard. Somebody said to lion needed inspiring and this some body look Tho bottle and went below. Lie a. Gone n Long time and his absence excited n Little uneasiness in the Circle wailing to be inspired. Just As they were about to appoint r con mlle to go and fetch him lie came Rush ing in exclaiming i be got it got is Quei cd a chorus of voices what have Yon the head line for Ohio. That is it Spil it sinking an attitude at once poetical an left foot thrown veil Forward i right Ai m stretched upward it an Angle of forty five degrees. The hand clutching the bottle Vigo of Imp by he neck As if afraid Trio inspiring if ii would escape his rub Cund complexion and sub ensues his Early Vici ims it Ivas Wilh holy Awo of crossion of countenance looking As me that upon Ono so full of this world s i Imp As a pumpkin under Tho genial rays o Beauly and so near eternity. An october Sun with a voice of becoming Gray is lie lady of whom i spoke to Yon jul yesterday. Miss said lady la , i i. Lajsich Here it is yours gracious heavens exclaimed a sir. Gla Mour Asho finished tills unlucky epistle he acknowledges h All. To Lias been Back Waits Aud Furwa is from my clip Tel to this this Crea Ture of his. Little indeed he Man must he mad. Was Ever such audacity he tires of his Mist pensions her Oik and then Scius Iris love to Ada. There is no occasion to see her i should think not indeed my Pooi poor and the tears came full and fast into the kind father s eyes it will break her heart he added Between his clenched Teeth there shall be an end to the following morning a Thunderbolt fell on Cecil Thornton in the shape of a second letter from sir. Glamour in the following words the confession contained in our let Ter yesterday leaves ill one course open to me. In the name of my daughter and in my Oun. J deviate that from this hour the engagement Between you is at an end forever. 1 am bit Terly disappointed. Hiss Glamour has re Quested me to enclose your letters to her and i desire that you will Forward to me any writ Ings that you May possess of hers. 1 am sir your obedient sen ant Glamour. It was sometime before Cecil could believe his senses. Of what had he been guilty 1o de serve this asked himself. He had done a kind action and not boasted about it that was All 1 Joe had kept Ada in the dark respecting the if airs of a person whose name she had often said Bhe disliked to hear mentioned nothing More was he to be Cape Czetl to Harden his Chai t All Good feeling be cause there Hope dial to be a woman in the Cusco and he was engaged dec also Ada was jealous was he to be brutal no it was an excuse a paltry quibble upon which to break on the engagement. She Hud never loved him tickle cold hearted girl she should never acted thus. Why should he exclaimed fiercely dashing away the Leais that were Blini Wiig him Why should she love me what is there in me to ii loved idiot that i was Ever to expect it. Bul she should not Triumph Over him no no. It would go straight Back to London lie would make a Point of meeting her he would pass her with a Chc Wiful countenance he would chatter dance and flirt with the empties of her sex in her presence no one should say that Lio wore his heart upon Lirma. But then she had Laved Viiu Osiee. A Little h very Little perhaps after the first recognition and inquiries had been made. Do you this do Jou have Sti Eiith to to her All you told of replied Lily with a smile. A ask no greater pleasure than to Tel it for it makes others respect and one who Lias been so Good to and Lold her Story from the Day lieu Sho in Straw Thornton under his assumed name Down to that on which he last took his leave and she knew not Why never came again. When she first mentioned Thornton s name a he using Ilu Sli in fused Ada s face she recoiled Rem Linig from the up Frikor and East a Renio Ashful glance at lady Dale who w As closely watching lick but. As Lily proceeded the avel Ted eyes of her auditor began to meet her own. Contempt and aversion slowly vanished from her countenance and gave place to. And a diction. Closer and closer did she Diaw to the d ing girl Aud before her narrative a half concluded Ada was upon her Knees by her Side clasping her hands in her own and Eago ily drinking in every word she said. When the talc was Totland Lily s sorrows and inno Cence fully made known she covered up her j Aco and wept bitterly. How i. Have wronged said lady Leal Loydale. Checking the wild Hurst of grief that was impending. Hush Pray she knows added in a per tie Poison has not Iva Ched not this do me pm enming or unkind said Ada after a pause but May 1 Isk Vou of question i1" Oil i am sure you loved your lion Factor. Did and there was some difficulty in getting the words out did he love replied calmly rib Hie Gie Al heart was another Tiow do you asked quickly. Lie has old me so often Anil often. Lie has spoken of so Tom Lily 1 to one was so Good so bean blvd. So True As ids dear Ada. Obj if i could hut see her once if it wore Only for a minute before and her in Lii cd gaze showed where her greatest Hope set. Sec her said lady Leal Loydale is Glamour a Crimson Over Lily s face and bosom and ebbed leaving a deadlier Pic Ness than before. Ton Are said she gazing earnestly at Ada s downcast countenance a Iii l kiss your Ada stooped and kissed her lips. Ohio sister vie this was Well received and the bottle emptied in Honor of the Brilliant Conception and the Mercury came out with that elec Thyia. And stunning heading lint the matter did if end Here. Tho following week Tho Mercur. Contained in an obscure Corner the modes announcement that Ohio had been carried the . Of com so the democrats War and for a great while thereafter the cd did t hear Tho last about a Cdr Gentl times. A Story by or. Lincoln. One of or. Lincoln s t air it stories to following that will Benr repeating now Dunn the panic of 1857 a Large number of persons i 1 had their boots blackened by a old negro at his Celair on Spruce Street who Del Vered Bis work promptly every morning at in doors of their hotels and boarding houses radial who the big vilest of French polish. Ono tin Happy morning those people got up and foun no boots at a proper amount o blasphemy of pipped in old shoes and Odd slip i Thov set ont for Sambo s shop. On reaching i they discovered Aplaca id of the Collar Doo Beaving Hie inscription quite familiar on the Bank Doois of Ali a caption Liat after Many thunderous kicks Sambo at length Operine his . Where arc my boots you Blac said one. Wand Over my shoes you son of said another. The Artis of the Brash with Smilo worthy Oracle fault m artist of Wall Street calmly handed Over one boo and one the f go Minn House has pay fifty percent two Young cite ladies in the country wer Start Dinghy the Side of Amicle ditch did t know d to a Hoy. Who a appealed and for 1 How to Cross. They Eoin Aig along the Road for help whereupon pointed behind Tybera with a startled air an yelled snakes the Young ladies Cio Sod i ditch at a single bound. A pocket Boot Jack has just Boon invented i Danbury Connecticut. You put your foot i your pocket give a Spring into the air and o comes your Boot. We Are Oiveri prophets to others Only Tje Caus we Are our own expressly for tic Bucks county Culotte Fujka Mexis Amee Oak Hist Ostand Biog Apet. _ to situation More perfectly Waves uie Way r a Hoarty laugh at the end than that of two Tranger obliged to be together and in Mutual error of each other. Nothing can to More Omi evilly Ioco Inbi table than a couple of Hon s men eyeing each other askance in hour or to when ill the Lime one is afraid and the irent 1 upon Ono occasion str Webster was of his to to his Dentico at Washington lie compelled to proceed a night by stage from Altimore. He had no travelling companion. Nil the Driver had a sort of Felon look which no inconsiderable alarm with the senator. I endeavoured to Iraq Nilise said a. Webster and had partially succeeded. Ira Iii Woods or and Aud Here 1 confess my Coure Cle cited just then the Driver tinning to me with a voice asked my name. 1 gave it to him. Whee Are you said he. The imply As to Washington. 1 am a senator upon this thai Toliiver Ritvo fitly by 10 hand Aud exclaimed How glad 1 am i ave been Irum Luling in my seat for the Hist our for Evhen i looked at Yon 1 took you to e a highwayman of course both parties relieved. Xxxv. Fire Clingman the notorious ire eater w to was in Ambir of the Congress of 50-7, who Ivas i Tome on a tour the succeeding Winter Sentila no his pro slavery s Lii Tinnent and bringing the Ood name of America Inlo disc Juite. At drier. One Day requiring that useful Little. Table article a spoon be said to a waiter in his in Ert act French Mot. In Ujj Singnie the staircase the Allie John Homos w As and appealed to his Broth in for in Clingman roared in a inc in Csc Dick adding some Coken j Rench expressions of anger. The wait is were Ter lied and Toni Ounda a and sought in Tierce and frantic gestures to show of impossible in to Hiing lie staircase to Tim. A causing to be comi oiled be matured Ini is Eaily i polite Young English Nobleman sir William formerly a member of the English embassy at this capital who understood the i Emma and said to the nonplussed waiter Minilie a son Tiern blood was up my As it Rose it lifted tie Liery Clingman to his it. Said he. Glowering Down at the Inglis Limun Ilmic the Honor to inform you hat 1 can order my own dinner without your interference As he sat Dunn sir William Ose and calmly replied sir. 1 tic lion in o inform you that did not Oiler my Assis Lance n your account but when you insist on Ord r no a staircase when you a spoon i shall Terl Eie in behalf of the and As he his sit. He remembered met Lis Rix a Rin at he honorable Ien Leman from Jun Oinbe Xxxvi. Imus Alk Litho tory print i. Lii Englon. Trio Lory i intr dining the am ii a Kjall have it for ouly w me have some of your Wood to saw when you1 work on my w. Said then Lull o. If to wanted to crawl into Ati Auger Hole. Xxxv h. Owall Azicri Oins Tilro Willi tins Soubirou Down stairs show him Aid the editor while to opened the Leaf of a table and placed some wine and glasses upon it. Up went Allen irs Long parc dragging upon each Stop. Iti Ivington met him at the door u Ith one of his pol test bows and one of his pies Sive smiles. To Seehou. My dear sir. Pour Trio wine looking daggers at a Ivington. Ear sir. Pray take a seat and allow me o our Yon out a Glass of Ailen tossed Oil sir i come but a word my dear sir on business until we have finished our Boll la. Try another Down went another Glass. I Ondof Madeira sir .1 Here Jack bring a bottle of South Side seven years old a Gie Al f Lorit j of our glorious Allen s r he appeared among then. 1 if. Only add that Captain Allen. Of Davidson Connly Tennessee Nho died at i oni Otoc in it. Was distinguished for Cour age ily and strict veracity a old Iho above May to regarded As a True account of the origin s . . Some the most interesting discoveries made Slimmer by or. Lulaj deify exploring parly arc due to the labors of i Rol Cossor Cope in ontological researches among to had lands of Colorado. The Mimi my in the lands of Colorado Are More interesting than in the similar regions of wyoming.1 they have beet found to be a of animals belong ing o a Long past period of the Earth s Evi St Cuce. I la to the present Lime Cope has pro in the existence of Mic than Joo Spe cies represented by thousands of Budiu duds. Of i Hose Al Sci Only Are new to science. They Range from the of the mole to nearly Thal of Llie Deal Una. Sixteen species Are rep tiles. Manv forms of insectivorous animals i elated to i Lio mole and of very Smrdl have been procured. The delicacy and of these fossils is surprising. Gnawing Nemih or rodent in left numerous of Eig Looi species some Nolai Perihan the 1 Domestic mouse some were to predecessors of the Labbis some of Hie Squire is and some of the mice. Of cloves hoofed proven by the Bones and Terelli which his elect eyes twinkled Alid to tossed Down Glass after obtained. Their relatives the Rhinoceros in Zirli Mosul y Matthias Cor hungry Liao been Iho Iraq person in Lite Ever Roda in a Consoli. Carven a Ion Over until the last dial of lira i Iii Lilly i . King if As Caile a i lie year Lite. Prohibiting Psi of Carr Isaiais wives of dts on tie invention of Ilia by us hot Jurj Tayib therefore Liuro icon la talk Niovi Inora limn Iii of a ool with perhaps Doi Iio other Coupon Renoos in to ii in Lisa. Some sort of Elildo or i he purpose of , or it Loist Fortaw on Veyn Noe of Toro ills Tel infirm persons was in ill Mill used in Iho earliest thenos. Anion Honal Lou of ulc East Olio considered Leldis pm vial for women la in Scon my All Lio same Lime wore accompanied i heir female relatives in Pic Ossion on Mill Ary occasions. Covo Ivd carriages wore acc Csaji Fly used in daily limes As to find mentioned n the histories of the Visian War though u be May of Iho Sci Siclo of lie ancient 1 Erins by that ill use Iligir of that nation Boins Ottlo belter ban a suspended Between two of innels were used by Tori join on at an girly period and their use inc wised of much hat it was Plum slip necessary i o pass a Law Noro than two Hundred oars Tofoi c Lio Christ in Era prohibiting females from using Vliem Vishin a mile of Komo. The Absil prohibit Ion was however Vipon lot within Twenty years ind the excite Mimi produced by us question is a proof that l Hose vehicles we italien Neh used. I n the paintings preserved taller Ali inesm them Aie some i it at ions of Shawn by two Hosea with a Pusti Linn in on-1 of them. These carriages Are not a melt Iniko some of on Post hut in the Long Perll of liar and followed my fall of the. Llo Empire Iho of this and almost other luxury Wen of .ie.ed, and Lille Rem Allied n Hie Sharii of a Road l it Llic War Gnu oils Ichieh Wei still Empi ined by some nations in heir . Liere la however Little Delav n the i ill Unlue Ion of Miries when the. Posse Lilily of in them is and Tiro of Philip a Hel proves Tim ii at Eam used at All Early Ali Runph Tel the throughout. Won ii their general adoption except in ceremonial or in the of Laige Lewiw. Even i he slivers of cities the jus said Ofris Arrillie invt have Ikhi ii Bleci and Dlf Licul from Aei it mulled mud or dust probably May be attributed in London Westward is the liver passage would indies to build nearer than be a Impelli d to wan residences their co Mitre lie Imp Arcil streets. In Addi i was at be fill Tor men tit in boat Hes. Is of illness or infirmity but this e ease upon the Ingrodi Timion of any Xury. The. Lime is still within Llic Mem Ory of the old poisons when umbrellas Wem Tei revly Ever hut by i males and lie in the few who Sueh Novelty Wero a Idi ended and instil cd by those who a Low years later were Al jul to Avail themselves o1. The same convey Ionec. In the file Emilli be usury Eoa Ehe appear to i ivc Boen used in processions or other Public a san ornament than a Eon May j by the Clumsy form if the vehicle. The in Inmee of the Omassa Lor Ruit Uain a Carriage is no lived As As in year and Liat of in it Roderick 1 u in a covered is a cur Louo a Onnist to the rapidity with now Iii options Art now adopted that Carh .1 Century plans ii be no the co cml Ca ullage was Intro laced into England. Slowe. In under the year mentions the inti of Luck Ion in these terms this year Walter Lippon made a Cadi Lor the Earl of Ringlund which the first coach Saith he that made in Ingland. Tinee to wit m Anno the sail Aipou made first Lillow fun Iii , pillars ail for her ily. Lie aug then her sen aut. Mso in Ami i a Chariot wit Fomo pillars behind beam a canopies with Crown Imit rial on the Zoppo and behind to lower Pillers i Roii a lion Ami a dragon the supporters of Trio Armos of Chat lot t in one was Vised by Liz Altti m ios1, a Hen Sho to jul. I and s to a churn thanks for then Cove in of her Kingi Iora from Spanish Armada. At Liis were so rare that All her majesty s privy coun cil Ami attendants Lior on Liach but they Aji Peart have become bulb re the end of a need reign. Idle a four coat in s an Mel Kussy to in Romeo in rough the oily of Hond in and that of Tussia in in same car mrs Tuncil i glut. A Fiebich Missi Iii Iii on Iho Sion of James i., three in thirty Ivi int lie j Ower to the ambassador s dwelling in Harb Iorii Ami Reid ironed Uili Muir lodgings in Stiquel in the evening Louie admiration of the Titi Xeinis. Lipil the roadies of tie Eiste Euth were far from being the Vebi Jii a m w a use Anc the common stage or Hackney is p Olups than Royal Caiti age of Jue ii Liz Abelli a Lucli must have been soil Wllling like the lord mayor s of the Pii sent Day of its Glass win Dow hand Laid upon the Asle without like a Wagon. Avlin in addition to hese air , we consider the stale of the roads Nichting sister with a most in Elligant and to , we shall not to a Mirbod Ihal amusing no Huber of Iho Parrot family a face on Long journeys Prefi Ned in Pil Lions Bird Itiat would remind one of the i behind one of their Liat polio a Cracker every ten Ali Dulce n mrsh of band once to thai unit Polly wants a Cracker every of Iho Day and would conclude Alii Willi a Squall to make a nervous 1 Iiri ians for a Ivock thereafter. To this Bird in a Superior Maiuri became the chief aim of who lady Ami removing him lobe Cham Ber she set about the Lask with so much earn estness that 1 Olly soon Learned to utter main Woi is with wonderful distinctness. Arhat in was that suggested to the educator the Bird be made useful in annoying her brother is not known but such a thought occurred to her one Day and she set about to plot great avidity. her brother s till hat she kept repeating the words of what a until a plug hat wits sure to Call Forth that Lemark from Tolly. This accomplished the Cage containing the Bird was carried Down one evening u Hilst t lie brother was Pica ring to go out. And Hung in a front Windos. Soon the Well dressed youth emerged from the flout floor arrayed in his other suit of clothes and no sooner Hail be reached the than the Parrot s too Dis incl voice shouted of what a and As he Lur cd a id beckoned with his enc for the Bird to come out and Light .1 peal of laughter from the mischievous sister drowned the words of the the brother passed Aronel the Corner out of sight and the sister ran info he Back parlor to toll her parents what a capital joke she had an will. While she laughing at his hushed face As Ali colotious words fell upon his ear she heal a familiar footstep on the walk outside at which blushed and run to the door to the new Comer. At instant 1 Olly shouted Phichai a and followed up the with a most diabolical peal of . For a moment the practical joker was paralysed. Then Rushing to and throwing open the door to explain Mallei s she saw a familiar form walking hastily and determinedly away nor did it Stop at her Litchi supplicating Call. Al took a week to set tilings right again but a new Diamond ring your in circles one of the lady s Dainty lingers and she forsworn practical jokes oily Lio incr is kept in the family but her Mission is to serve As a reminder to her mistress by occasionally to a plug hat of what a swell l Osl. Contains not a few anachronisms of literature and Art. In the comedy of lie alludes to ducats Marks and guilders and also to the striking of a clock ill inc ancient City of Ephesus. In King John and he Speaks of can non. He makes for Golamis a contemporary with Alexander the great All of lived centuries afterwards. Cown Iii in Julius Speaks of a clock striking the hour. Beaumont and Fletcher make a. Man discharge before the painters also make errors. In one of Albert Duns s pictures ing Peter denying the Saviour there Isa roman Soldier in the background smoking it tobacco the pawnbroker s howl for bawls. A pistol who must have lived Long 1 Christian Era. The painters also Nial . If not resisted. Vojir become inc Swity. A Mode of conveyance now abandoned to Fanu in Remote the addition of to coaches first appears at the beginning of the seventeenth Century and that of Springs about forty years liter. This addition the Nocost int Portal fall for the com bit of the. Ait ease of draught completed the coach us now it. It is still what in then a close vehicle suspended on Springs and furnished with Loois and windows. Increased skill and taste Luve produced a lighter More Eli , and easier conveyance but in All its essential parts the coach remains Una herein. Of Eluese beggars. The number of beggar of in some chinese towns is almost incredible in a Iuppo fur in sauce a City in which lie population was last Vear Estima cd at they an said la amount to Between there is no National system fur relieving them and they Are left to do very nearly As they no. Chi nose As yet had Cour age to Deal will lit former at 1 Ekin the government used to keep up Cei Iain Small tenements for their shelter which a Cine called Feather from i heir being with of feathers to impart a lilt in to Mieir wretched Oil ii Hunts of Mirtic Eril Wilder. Jay inc Bilant Onopio Ell oils of of Viguers an Siar cd a a Haribai in the Pirt of Iso a called t a Rome. For the chinese 1 Oor its objects excellent being of Char the sin vis of in gears. To Abib re Relief to the deserving poor and in drive impost Cis from the pm Opeai is to Lemeril. Stal is tics of the Home fear that tin result hardly answered the expeditions of its promo ters and that but Little permanent Good wan done. During three months -101 people were admitted of Only two wire women Dollar swore contributed by and 444. Dollars by natives a Small sum for a wealthy commercial Centre like a Gular Wofle was planned ont for the in males Basket work rope making and they worn daily employed in cleaning the buildings improving the swampy ground near Etc. But tie summer Sot in and Pic whole attempt came to a close Ixl Ore the Experiment could to fully tested. Trio in org ibo. Hes i Nis Troio ulily 10 Enjo y his wre Clud and squalid Mode of living a Iii o four that for the present at least no Tyg that in Nevolunt Ami philanthropist Cajulao will Avail much to wards lie Aini Tuut in of Nion Sicily int lie Eui that chinese beggars Are Happy in their Way bore can to no doubt As witness some of h Savinash to lire Yaw a beggar who would Kinig a and the. Finest Rice has charms Espial to roving which prow Bial expressions in mendicant colloquy in or. Mohle Romanki would apr Learto imply that arc Jolly Toggers to be found in Chamas we As in the once a h out. Pire. A tailor Prol Ere any kind of a suit to a suit.
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