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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 28 1910, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - October 28, 1910, Bristol, PennsylvaniaL King d. D. S. Jill so not Bristol Kyle Rohrback dentist. In Teeth repair it . Arkland Heights Canty. Pm notice 1 in a redeemed a Cohen s tobacco store jilt Mill Street Friday. October 28.1910, in Bristol from n certain Quarry wag done Foi political this subject the following statement of letter from Doylestown Fallsington facts of vol i h the w liter bos personal of Tremann were the Thorn Sisters last weak. Phoebe Fth by tie n c tic tint firem Lacta Edw. Lovett l estate broker i a i in j or 1 mortgage. Urt Ami. I a Hoimyr f i i ill Stathi i j m1 entropic cementing co.? i is i i u. Or 737 up i. Editor o following flav. Johnston Chi ate Menth. Pol i Al meeting Luli the item Johnston i i instal. It is a Leanty l Lime to select the a 1 i Tlle architect and of the school braid met Tho Oil v ,8ml the Roll text picked Al a i k ill to be Seil a other member of tie a Ltd " e none came from the Lias Burn Quarry i he a a for Sale. I Kilbi in nah i b f o were sunday Greate o j. and family Bunav John Gatton delivered a i Sermon in the Chapel eve thing Tram the test i. Fore ver. To Nike an talc or Ith Liik ill this it nut. No to the Uit tin in change of n direct Quik to the Hibib Tai Ilia i i in ill change in is. Tht1 granting of i been. T knowledge Thia it no us native to the Tinl Liu u wietes that i to Angela Dilt Enzo of f r tins portion of i m knee Xor society at the convention my afternoon and even a Kix Sot my Doylestown october 26 there was quite some excitement in Slid around the county seat monday afternoon when some started in can elation the Story tha grand a Kitchen Organ Hud it risen to the of cation and published an editorial of great interest to Noli Lucians. Said u. Man who is supposed to be politically weather lae have cards Etc. For Tho Bridgewate news e r a far of s for Tol motor co in r Flanders 20, f a i h Street. Jams kidney l our Nervo with you in i i of 11 c v i a u Ile Alro l u ire apr n to is Mac. Co. Ital a late we Hulk lit n t n v. i i he to and were brought. He agreed upon a Cutlan kind and tie head of tie Board agreed with him Bui another Man the Active Hook Keener in 11 Cetman Laige Mil in Homstol and the Genera superintendent in i Johnston in Modican Hail As the cheaper Stone by the subcontractor As a substitute for the Kas bum Stone to whom it May concern 1 he statement made by Kev John Ston thai flir the signing of i econ Licul i Fanon no the substitution of ail Collur Stone submitted by the Gibcon Tutor is a falsehood. The Stone was Tel crud by the Board in regular session and after the bids Hud he in received and that of John n. De Root accepted 1 insisted Upo i a Stilet Coin Oliance with to specifications. When Anselo asked Foi the Quost Lution of a i Iki Iper Stone Lith or. Heacook and myself told Hlin Bat it could not be Dune and lev Johnston s statement that either of us Ever considered it for a moment is untruthful. My duly to the taxpayers made but one course possible and that course i took. What a 1 ask would live been our Posi Tion today before the gaze of our lax , if after a fair and just contest and aft i the awarding of the contract to the lowest bidder the Hoard had substituted a cheaper Stone at tie re quest of a subcontractor what would Ernest Laurence and Charles Wollard and the other bidders have Sald if we allowed u cheaper Slone to have substituted than that called for in the pc ii Emilious after we had Al Livvel Tho Voik to have been com Venceil and thus Mode it impossible to in open the bids and give them a i Hunt to Wiy Tillat s dealings. The Woik will lira tie latter is sat nil d i it the treatment he Rei eyed on tins Job was fair held equitable in Coni Luisini tin Iii Idi i signed feels in View or in Liun i ii ule against thus Ilioof bund that lie should state most nip Lii ulv that the manner in which him Intine building proposition was immune tin Board was As would be Cipu id it men of Thelmi Iio Tir of those Onipko Silig it clean Salni igbo lieu Siul and above All criticism of tiling i Lio Niht 01 unfair .1 list n hive Ock for lace in k a 1 h , architects for pc Feison nun i St boo House. In com i the Board i of us Al and Oliue to give and it t in us what Over in Thiv Miv we native to school a lairs Elmust in tit has no fear of Salandi i but we do feel that when nun n Uhlon Olliie and we say it him Best efforts their Tomii and idiots to the a build Iii of oin i Lup through our Earl diet St in r Tui Ilion to i ave tin Iii Hill ind solid support of All Gifu in i us w Lien unkind and Uncal Lul pm in m made to cast up i out irites nov and Hon esty Rizii hiking von i r viral kindness in publishing this Siat tint i Lei Nam Tilv Douin Green. i Louty co Minitte or talked company Nav k Pany of sunday last recently in rate talked com of and Alula is visit no in Patterson n. J. Entertained eem Annj on sunday last. I Shelst Nellu Idelphia last monday. Visited Davis spent last tuesday and wednesday in Monis Volle. At in distribution a Rusl was Mode for Ibe paper and the Edi Oral turned out to be one of modern economics. Then Why the Grea Crest in the sheer i reproduce a scene at the Fountain Louse last Baturay when of and Pete unheralded by trumpets appeared and unloaded several Ous looking members of the Ang who had gotten inside the bar room out of Tho wet rushed out to lend assistance. They were too late to assist but were soon informed by Joe s Man Friday Oscai with a knowing Wink of his left optic that a temporary throne room had been established in no. Kami that Ovey one of the faithful who was entitled Entrance might attend the recep Ion and then in sports to their Clief. Borne of them rather talked at the word but when some one whispered that Joe will Thev All smiled a smile of Relief and at once smiled an Oliet kind of a one by one they were san Jed out and Lowarl. After having satisfied Jim utilities visitor. That they Weie True and lawful Breth Len Weie conducted up stairs when after Hist having ascertained Eliut the or lands were apparently clean and nicely manicured Pete introduced them and the distribution of funds for the dissemination of info was on one told of the needs of hip constituents and i tical preferment at Joe s bands an if two or three of them get Orosa ant their dist Lols the result will be disastrous to the Grumpy machine made ticket. Every Ami re Tel estate in the pointy 1 direct la interested i the Kee Conie being Piou ded with Safe and ample Quarter and it is very Clear that such is not the Case now there is plenty of room in the building the tiling to do to mate prope use and knows Al about it Why not Send him up to Settle us matter and straighten out tha Iuo holders w Down to the machine mid ii still say great is grimly. Irving perpetual Wanger sees that his Campaign a All balled up and Rumor says that he very much regrets having head Cal the Uekman Oil at All going Over the same lonesome and in Deriv Keson Clymer events he is ground by his orig to Correct some wrong in Hugo of him incidentally some one is telling cer Ain old soldiers that they owe their pensions to Vangei and that if he is lot returned to Washington their persons will ,-e.we of course the s s All rot but it indicates just How desperate the Campaign we is to lie o those on the inside a Aucar cannot top ail Vici Slons that is sure. To its anti rat Una fair Han fran no author lies caused he arrest of 00 persons for falling to Olenc the regulations in tills respect. of Bristol Hub a mra. Trout a Trenton. Ii Vii 14ho Visell to her win Edwards in my Alii of George of 1 Light widow of Vav i l cell Len Days in Phil Hull mrs. Adi with miss it Serena Saint s _., All Saint. Witt Norwida tevas not week being ii Mitio Wal. The Public schools of the v Willim lie closed to allow the Teachm 11 absent in attendance Al 5fv a Tui i All Bradford a we Row nth preached his Falwell marinol chix Jyh. Ujj Day october filth. Vol la Hei mra at Lauvil son ban shh ii slaving Lav i it Amu. Link Lii miss Char i re i Uon r of at Ivor Emma Ujj i How on the a bested division of the Railroad. Albeit Lewis recently entertained or. And mis. A Coffield of Phil Del push mrs i rankle Baker is slowly re a wiring from a severe attack of Iii . Camp out with a Broad Grin on his face. Clarence gladdened the assemblage by Bla presence and to Mai cd the Good Money Joe had to spend in Llila Tol and other Points in the lower end of the county because of that pestilent cording to the account who a at tie . Mrs Junei i jowls Eddington Ndoc water Hist sunday Afler James Austin of Farley be Centle Itei tinned his College mates of Phil Vienna it whim i been jealous i f Thui hit have Lonoff parisian Sisters Adele lieu mrs Lucy Lan Caslor of Heie from i of Given of Perlene meeting held the distribution doubts and minds of 1. K v is 13 per Day i All the Board bad elected to expend. Then that Slone was to in used but in this was impossible then a cheaper Stone was to be selected. The architect was Accord ing by instructed to obtain alternate bids on to other 1 to nay at this time that All the actions of the Tow re in re Taid to the selection of the was open and above Board. Ing a copy of the Specif la Tiomi swish regard to the Lune promo thaute to bid on the cheaper Stone Justice and equity would demand that All the contractors Tut to bid again if any other Slone but those specs led in the spec ii eat ions was to be substituted. William v. Leech president of school Board. Messes. I nest Law rence and Charles Wolrid two unsuccessful bidders on the school House were asked for an expression of opinion regarding the nitty tar following is their statement to whom it May concern if the school Board bad complied with the request of the subcontractor and substituted the other Slone with first re open Piug the question of bids and giving a and the other contractors a Chance for new bids we a would have considered their action unjust and Untala Aid open to suspicion of graft we consider the action of the school Board in tie awarding of the commit As just and fair to every bidder and their actions above an suspicion of a Doug doing Ken list Law once Charles Wollard. Our fellow townsman Clifford l. Anderson met Angelo on the Ira n coming up from Philadelphia and what conversation took place he tells Are now i the fact that there is u in French hair Market 1 ult and Mii ohcs Are Verv difficult i Are no 1m their Plessia Tain .1" tin peasant girls willing to Ikirt Wilt 1 said to discovered tint ill Cir hair Helm to make Sun i in us Henu Laiful they shoulder . Time to act. Don t wait for the fatal stage of ill nest. Profil by Bristol people s experiences. Occasional at inks re Kiili of bilk acc i and on Early Tonissi in like Dis oulds if sane r Gukl hum ills the attacks i Fin i Lime hut return ror to May York last sunday mrs Raihle gift entertained her Cousin mis s onus of Andalusia last monday afternoon. On Hui Dij mrs Williams enter mrs Samuel Lewis and sister miss i1 in j4fln.i i i Tois in p Lillie thelphia. William Wilmore attended the men s meeting lost sunday afternoon at the Baptist Church in Bristol. Or. Dager and Rufe of Philadel phia visited the former s sister alias Laura Dager last sunday. W. J habs unplug has returned from his trip and a great Deal belter. He has gained live pounds. Phillips and daughter Myrtle of were recently siting or. Hank Ina of this place. Mrs. Charles Kemble entertained her son Charles and daughter Mae of Philadelphia last Budaj Hartley a trolley conductor of this Road has changed his boarding place from the Power House to Bristol David Cherry says he Lias a few boils that he will sell and one Verv cheap. Poor Dave has an awful hard time of it Don t forget the Vicat halloween Parade next monday evening in Bris Tol just watch for the correspondent is raising All soils of dissatisfaction in the the hitherto faithful. Clarence told them of the great Good that his handsome countenance was doing the cause and exhibited a Nashed linger a used by the slipping of his Hammer while nailing up Bis for Buckman pictures along the Kihei Luad and other parts of Tho upper end he told with great gusto a Story popularly current along the upper part of the Delav Vaie. As the Story goes a Philadelphia Man accustomed to driving Bis automobile through Middle Toimi township on the Road from Philadelphia to new York was coming Down the Road in his Automo bile just about dusk when suddenly his automobile suied almost upset Ting him in the ditch. In Hunting for an explanation he found one of Clarence s pictures Nai led to u tree the faithful Auto bad seen the name Bucknan and with a recollection of finest galore Bud shied at it to warn its master of approaching Dan Ger it was also said that Clarence believed it to be Hue until he told it to Pete. Pete after an hour s explanation convinced him that it was a joke but the nailing up of the Pic Tures is doing rapidly on the Grundy club room is a scene of activity from Early morning until late at night. All Day Long several men and women Are kept id dressing documents that Bear the Penrose and Grundy Frank and soon As it is dark enough they Are Cove cd into the Back door of the Postof Locc. Then their is a Lull but Charles Palmer is taking a business course at Pierce College. Mis. Ilain Taylor and son have been visiting in aau Kford George p Rehober and family re turned to Philadelphia ouf Idaj. The contract for painting the Lila in has been awarded to Louis George Mitchell of so mouse was a recent visitor it mrs. I Dicey math Harvey h. Gillam has been serving Vav Eek Iury Joseph Kostein has been in town to Lull telling the demands of his old customers. Ills Harry n. Cartel of Philadelphia have been visiting Are John be Conito. Fredeick a. Al Rollo will Lead the men s meeting at the Bungalow at 10 o clock this sunday morning. Clifford c. Tiggs addressed the men s meeting at 10 o clock at the Bungalow last bunday morning. The brotherhood will Nold us next Neeling in he Bungalow on thurs Day evening november Ord at k15 the Young friends held a very interesting meeting at tie Home of mass Baitt t Marshall on p riday evening. Ll68 of i. Porter l i my and Robert Tom Len sound Philip Watson All of v v jew Inovel old stack House Home on the by a coincidence Ibe Namo new is nor i a whether then be a name would loud one to Mizii known to the Wilhoi William is his sheol Urical Sludden m u i it tsp Al the Philadelfi Biu school. I 4voo i Philadelphia. I he ship of the Chapel Mumphu to conducts a men s b Ible i a Tho Iko. Bul i is i r thursday nov. Act a inti for . Johnston Candida to and Miriam i l m Cope at in the Village on or. And in j Colin full Tea by Las Paulina or. And Mij Awilliam Atkinson of j Sale Kwa id 01 noir Wimin univ visit ing at Lula ii t Luis Kiaie k last Weik miss Maiv Hall 1 Ini r Black of Penn s Laik and mro. Ape a at dinner w the mrs. J. the clinic a lib held in the Guild House on 1 Kuhn Vui Init was will attended and a married oui and wafers were sin Saimi hour. Arnold Hord Eckert were among tl., by on of tin Phi hid. India i slims. To hear that on own Young Folk also worked jut since they did not heir ii in so pm Unk Louii i ame. Or. Pen stun lore in Andalusia. , had a about. He stayed at Weiss but Liu a Tho Homo of several his Oil a a trends also who Wen. Vein Nave that Tybik v Imi . Tiu an ii c. C. Pratt the great labor Leader. Everybody invited. No bran band but Lieal live Luvee. Newtown notes he is Twil the Kin there met several of Friend la now grownup at tie Chapel on Hiinds he will Dpi Iid a week fore Etui plug to Bala i Ilnick last a to my be Homeville Newi. Mis a son was lion to m race Cox last week mrs. J. C. Everitt con lined Lilic a with a severe cold. Her or. Lir Inton and iday wife have closed Young him u May j r no its Sof of below the Ankles or am pint of tin body Don l a minute Sigin aking Doan i Kidnie 1 in s and keep up the treat ment until the uni is Farewell when your old him health and viral will return i uus re pc reit kidney Samuel Holt Aid Oulu Street bids pills to in the Parade. William and Mother i. And mrs. Watson Davis and also company from mortis Ville on sunday last. Or. Dager addressed the men of the first Baptist Church of Bristol last sunday i he meeting waa Well attended As everyone likes to listen to or Doger. About eighty attended the serenade at Albert Lewis Given in Honor of Raymond Martindale and Edward Samusis. Again some of them said once Foi the mints of Loans kidney inv wife grave a Public state Muu a hair favor Tell and v he tween Amdi a kit Reading fish it tone used in face work to be beet Quality of Light Graj stole from Eastburn s Quarry at Dawn Kook s. J. See Sample in architects backing Stone no ave Grade o he from same Harry. I Ternate sell role for other Stone than Hal from Bock is to be sub minute to As noted on Page 6 of Gener in the follow ing statement to whom it May concern Angelo the subcontractor made statement to me that he Hud figured on Luis turn Stone but that after Ward he found out that the Stone was More costly than he had figured on and that he bad asked the Board la substitute the cheaper Stone which h bought just As Good in order to hell him out. I told him he should have beet Nore careful in making his bid Astl Ault was his and thai he could my held to the specifications All o which he admitted. C Lifford l. Anderson " 6 us contractor make the following abatement regarding conversation which look place Belv veer he and Rev. Johnston to whom it May concern lev. Johnston saw me a vice Ling of nil at this time i lev Cothrin cents 50 of Bullaro new Oik Soli slates. Tui Imbor to take no other miss claim c flail of Eddin Tori is Home after spending Elliree months in idling an enjoy Washington d. Name then poit or tin of the in on present n immigration has lied to the am South Hament it shows that in Alrais were dealt win in the bureaus ifs a and i misled since 18w 1ki72, Coul Iasigi the Bent Itam Dnn lips loss mail Ivy Zeij k of two ago on the Street mid asked Irani whom i purchased the Stone of the new Jefferson Avenue school Bouse i told him it came from the Kasbun Quarry at Raven Kock and was Good Stone. I also told him tha ii 1 could have used another Stem from an adjoining Quarry it won have Cost me less v told i n 1 had met or. Leech or. Green tie architect one Day on Jert Crew nework on the in building bad begun. I asked thei i substitute the other Stone. Or i i cock the architect said the con mul had been signed and that i wout Hove to live up to my agreement i Johnston brought or. Jef groot s he conversation and i told 1 that i. Peo Root had nothing to with it As it was up to me to Hie Stone we Lviv f Hod bid on which the called f Lam willing at any time to mar. Johnston Forea coi Umit reputable and a statement in his presence Angelo Direny sub cont Niu i the architect who superintend Iii constr Kotlou of the Bui Cern the undersigned has had his i of the e fam published Fer toe Jefferson persons to Ozeat Dur Init the am to Start at he slums of the Mcd terran incan and to to Asia minor and has Given it favor of lie ottoman Gimli int and is like v to be Rea Liml it be Long and will Cost How old people May prolong their lives at advanced age the organs act More slowly than in youth. Circulation becomes poor blood thin and watery appetite fitful and Diges Tion weak. This condition leaves the system open to disease such As coughs colds Grippe pneumonia rheumatism Etc. Vinol is the greatest health creator and body builder we know of for old people As it supplies the very elements needed to re build lasting tissue and replace strength. M the proof the Blue Hidge mountains md., Vir Ginia and Virginia. A Good congregation was present to hear the sunday morning Sermon at the Eddington presbyterian Church a Solo was hindered by or. Connor and it was thoroughly enjoyed. Christian Endeavor was led by mrs. Frank. The subject was the Chance we miss prayer meeting was held at the Home of Franklin Baker and a Large number were present. A sad thing occurred last sunday afternoon when a Young Man of the Cedar i Lub Sank to Tho Bottom of the Herb Aniny Creek he and another Young Man were out in a Canoe and it is supposed the Canoe was turned Over by an Eddy. The one was saved but the other never came up. He probably fell Efto the Channel which is very deep he was Robert Murray of Frankford and was about Nineteen years of age. One two three four five six seven Sweet William dreamed he went to heaven. Bot when be counted eight nine ten he Fourd he was Back at Cherry s wharf again. When the wind is in the East tis neither Good for Man nor beast when the wind is in the North the skillful Fisher goes not Forth when the wind is in the South it blows the bait in the fishes Mouth when the wind is in the West Abel s fishing is the Best. Rudytown topic. William h. Dunk and wife have re turned from a much enjoyed trip to Charleston South Carolina. A Case of typhoid fever in our Bor shortly after supper the great big politicians and they arc big ones Why " c it elves assemble after several minutes a pct in Berat ing Berry grim and James and saying real unkind things about Johnston the business of the eve Ning begins it seems that Hoss mid Pepper has become rather monotonous so Steward Pollock of the county Home has initiated the More than Hilling novices into the mysteries of sevens acting under positive orders the Man and brother is no longer refused admittance but Peary s weather at the North pole was a summer Breeze along Side of the frigid blasts the Man and brother is obliged to encounter if be attempts to while away an hot ii or two in habitat of tie Grundy club of the county seat. Some Moons ago there was a slate convention of county commas Loneis and their clerks. All three of the Bucks county commissioners attended and one of them discovered the fact that in a number of couples in the stale notably Philadelphia and Allegheny the county commissioners had private offices luxuriously furnished to which they could retire for Consul tation when overcome by the cares of state. This particular one deter mined to oppose everything until be could get the other two commission ers to agree to the private office. Tuey finally agreed under pressure their Home in tic Manor and have gone to Atlantic cite for the Winter. The Langhorne Library will have a rummage Sale at Tho Soross club House on Kat Tiraj november 12th Frank Linton Lias had a Cement walk Laid la front of his property greatly improving the appearance of his place there will be a rummage Sale in the lecture room of the presbyterian Church this Friday aft Moon 28 inst 2 to 0. Mrs. Elmei Harding who is at the woman s Hospital Philadelphia is improving and is expected Home with in several weeks. If you want a particularly Good supper be sure and attend the one Given by Soross on saturday no theorge Momic Junction Olio i Albert Hibbs i a Faun at 1 Ivi chased b or 1 from or Tullon i of Trenton building a House on Ion Junction Mii of new York by the p. I k a Onsville Vaul will reside la tin Woro mailed Iii ii Bardley on he Hope is employed oin Pany at West in Young couple vember oth at then club Bouse. At the men s banquet Given by the methodist brotherhood. November 17th, Good speakers will be secured and it is expected to have Tine music also Henry Shaffer and mrs. Titus of Warrington and Murrell Dobbins of Philadelphia made the trip by Auto on Friday and were guests of mrs. Edward Appleton. An innovation to the music at the Church this sunday eve Mug will be vocal selections from a very flue Victor by a celebrated Quartetti also solos. The topic of the be. Ministry of the Albert a turned from his gum us trip to an a and reports excellent shooting while there he brought Home the Hind of a Moose which he had shot and which Tehua sent to Philadel pm in. Mounted he also brought Home a lot of pheasants which he generously distributed among his file Nils who fully Unn Nicl ated them. Although the w rat Lin was so Incle ment n Wagon Imd members attended the ill Lul convention Loyal Genii mrs. H. J. A Lieut Nik it of last week la Philadelphia the preacher for next it me 31, in Ali ugh will i i Hick miss Clara la Lack my a Dunlav Foi Bangor where she expect w weeks. Frank Trout of Kluev he Day with Iedward Maillot Misa Gertrude Johnson ii Sun or. And mrs. Hibbs of mar new. Town spent Sauula will in. Alex Ander Crosson e. Of ills aunt ills or Crosson Kirk Maccorkle w As the guest of i Kirk of sunday miss Laura Belll for Georgia where spend Tho Winter. Mrs. S. J. La Lack and lift hum week she inputs to theron Herliert l. Slack event vacation last work la the elate of Vermont. Mrs. Janiw Anderson of Krank font visited tier relatives Here last week. Or and mra. Nil Ali of Oakland California Are visiting in. Mary Copper. Mum Margaret la Mather of Lang borne was a week eld Kiks of Minn Helen t. Won tall or. And mrs. Charles l. Knight spent sunday la Atlantic City the of miss Laura Eastburn. Miss her a Harry of kor Utown has been a guest of Mies Julia c. Kyrc 011 North Chancellor Dreel. Judge and mrs. Stout of Doyles town were calling Oil heir neice miss Minerva s. Well on sunday. Mrs. Ellen v. Robels who has Lieen visiting son Baui Uel in Chi Cago has one of u trip to California. John Holcomb of new York bus been Hla Gand Mother my. But Litts. Rol Colub at the Friend s Home. Of our Young fourteenth an Tion of the plucks count Jim into legion held at Richboro on saturday Leon b. And then arose the can we put it. Question where for Over three the recorder has been corp Laming of Lack of room and overcrowd air in fact Many who Are familiar with the office think that if something is not done soon for the be order Ibe safety of tiie records will be endangered Twenty years ago the office direct v Over the recorder s office was connected with it by an elevator and an order of court made giving the be order the sole and Zentne use of the room. Notwithstanding this the commissioners decided to take a Corner of of the upstairs room of the recorder which adjoins theirs. The new Roo ii was to to 16x12, took away one win Dow and the heat Register the plans for which were drawn by a Oscai Martin county architect and for which an Asbestos partition was Pur chased and is now in the court House Ough is causing the people and the Board of health some concern. The real estate of mrs. James speck which was offered at Public Sale last saturday was not sold the same hav ing been bid to i1sou. Mrs. Speck and her daughter have removed to Trenton where they will keep a boarding House. Bright and Early on monday Moraine f of workmen started in to build the new private room. They be s y Down some of recorder Mcdonald s shelving took up a part of the floor and was at tacking his recorded mortgage Case when the recorder himself appeared in person and called a halt. With his attorney District attorney wll Iam o. Ryan esq., he appeared be fore the county commissioners and read to them the Couit s order sly Sermon will h inns. A Little rivalry Botwe on the boys and girls of the or. C. L. Of them e Church As to which w Ould secure the greatest number of new members resulted in a Victory for the boys. As a result the girls entertained the boys on saturday. The Public is cordially invited to Organ recital at the Church on thursday evening november 10th, at 8 o clock. The organist w ill be miss maj Porter of Philadelphia and the soloist mrs Henry butter Worth. Admission free. The friends meeting House has been renovated by the Interior being re painted the cushions re covered and the floor newly carpeted present ing an attractive a pea in Nee for the quarterly meeting on thanksgiving. 1 Here will also be a new porch on the East end. The first of a series of a inter dances to be Given at Tho Bucks Coutv country club will be a halloween masked dance on saturday evening october 29 at 8.15. I ice s orchestra. Subscription 11.60. By j Briggs Algernon 8 Sadwal Lader Howard Bellsnyder or. A reunion of the g a. B of Bris Tol Langhorne Newtown and Doyles Torii was held in the i o. O f. Hall on saturday and a splendid dinner was served by the woman s Aux Lary after dinner speeches were made Fly the Llev. William w. Sweet Kev. B. F. Paist and Hev. Bradley of Hulme Ville. Several pleasant surprises Are being buckles of this pure re elected president and h. Watson assistant press on their re one of the i.c8 walked near Woodbourne and h tallied sonic tune1 could by Pei Uail Paity Lefoie the to go on. Parkland were de animal mrs. Annie Lippi visit new in miss Lillian Jonah his gone to reside with her aunt in. John Cosner in Doyle Stow n after living at Cli ails Kelch nmn g cottage Minter or Hunt and family have returned to the cite forthe Winter Joseph Albbert and son William Hibbert or wac sunday guests of or. And my Uil Liuzi Hiebert of Highland Avenue or. And mrs. Hubert h. Earls and mrs. Mary Leuther iriv of Philadel phia were sum Lav Viti lors of or. And mrs. Allen t. Green mrs. Lewis Hiibel and Sou Ray mond of Washington and mrs. Uurry Hinckle of have Rel ironed to their Luvines Afler spending a few Days at this place As the guest of or. And mra c Quience chock. Mrs. Charles Dunk and daughter miss Beitha Dunk of Trevose or and mis. E h Peterson Eric Pencil son Philip pc Tep on and miss Susie Peterson of Phil recent with Charles Haefner and a mrs. Martha Harrhan of 1 Umla it spent several Davs Weck with George Douglass and miss Elsie Hibbs and ml., Mary Rhoades of Frankford hater Day and burday with libel Douglass. The schools at Zhulim Une will closed next week on Aero int if to Skute n Doyle or and mib Amos of near Fonest Grove Wuo v mrs. Any Wehbi Wigton and burday. Or. And in William of butt Athmore spent Bat urdu and Sim Day wit h the Foi Mei i no Euils or. And or. John Buchoff. The Epworth league Iii veting of Cic m. Church will be led by George evening the hotel and is now boarding with mrs. Cyrus Holborn in Lubetty Street. Miss Nilly i. Packer will a talk on her trip to Japan for the up Wilh league on the evening of no. V Ember sri. Mrs. Herman Terry has returned to iwo Home in Germantown Afler a few with her Sulur in. Wat son p. Church. The Young ladies of the town live was of wednesday afternoon the Home of Are. May Kitchen. The misses Griscom of Philadelphia Are occupying the House of w. Hicks in Aloh prof. Georgeh null resided for veral Yean. Evan t. Worthington la the late William As president of the Mutual insurance ask Matlou. Has resumed so mrs. Muttle Burrill Home from West v Isi cd rela he electrical storm u huh passed through Hulmeville tue Luv evening very severe. Frances Hinitch Whilo Over the Telephone was gunned rendered a nonnious for u Short t Lino. The masquerade dunce which won held at the Hulmeville Park on sat urday evening proved to be a Treut Success. The dance floor Decoit e d with autumn leaves which were very appropriate this time of the year. Several prizes were awarded miss Mabel Phillips wan riven a Surprise party monday coining in Honor of her seventeenth by Thady those present were or House keeper for vaunt. Benjamin and Alfred Blaker o ple Auton Kansu have been their Mother guests of mis. L. Prospect Avenue Park doomed to Blun undid be aged person in to try a by Jimile the understanding m their Money if it beneficial druggist Bristol car rec Camol be cored with local applications As they cannot react the seat of the do see. Catarrh in a blood or constitutional Flat me and in order to cure it you must take internal remedies. Hall i Catarrh cure la taken internally and directly on the blood and mucosa roof am. Hull s Catarrh cure is not a quack Medicine. It was prescribed by of ithe or at Tention to the fact that he not they wa8 the custodian of the books and papers la that room and that he was responsible for their Safe keeping. The room was at once put in state quo and then All sorts of plans were discussed ending with a decision by the comlus Blonera that monday afternoon a meeting of would be held to devise a plan by which the recorder could be relieved com re of his present troubles and the get their private office obey decides no work of any kind was to to done until after this meet ing but on tuesday morning the mechanics went to on the old Arbi purifiers acting direct la of the Mucoid Lur the Pemco bomb Kaitlon of the two wonder few results in curing Catarrh. Send for test 4 Toledo a Rols Ter Consu Naon. Vienna is to be the most Over crowded City in the world. Ration loom and commissioners will the time the Lave found out v t Zurc 1uu11u oui what is going on will have made a new court room of it just what the i Autho Iky it of Section be to determine but Joe wants to Busy and tax it up because All interested have planned by the committee in charge of the halloween c. E. Social at the presbyterian Church on tuesday eve Ning at 8 o cock. One cent will admit you to the three mysterious rooms. Members and friends of both the senior and Junior societies Are limited to come masked. Mrs. Fanny Shippey widow of Joseph a Blaney who was stricken with paralysis about three weeks ago while on a visit to miss Amelia v. Lovett at Emilie died on saturday and was buried from her late Resi Dence in Trenton on wednesday. She is survived by one son Vansant. For several years the family resided in Langhorne. Last thursday 28 members of the or. C. E. Of the presbyterian Church attended the c. E. Convention at Newtown. They had a merry time on the journey All being packed in the furniture Van of Dennis Ryan. They were in charge of their superintendents miss Ethel Praul and mrs. James Gordon. The senior society was also represented at the convention by 17 members. Miss Edith Davis of Philadelphia was at Falkland pm a while recently where she gave u week end House party to twelve of her City friends on saturday hey attended the Nias que reside dance at Hulmeville Park and had a delightful tune generally on thursday evening or. And mrs Allen t. Green g Ive a party to their son Bussell in Bunor of the eleventh univ Elisary of ins birth at which the following invited guests were present Elizabeth Buckman Lillian Galle and mrs. Feon Laren Valentine Kuril i Hilr her Ellen Gal higher a it William Schock. Stella Tellow Littler e Lee Stanley Lua Therin chock George Liei a Rguerite r Oreen on Earl estimates made by the Bone society of Portland Oregon through Commer Cial bodies of the state indicate that More than Rose Trees have been planted in Oregon since the movement was started three years ago by the Hose festival association. More than a dozen Rose carnivals have been Given by various communities in Oregon recently and As Many More Are in preparation. Iyer Joseph mail Sci jr., Fra Nofe Shuster Hubert Green and Russell Oreen. After a Happy time Vuth games Etc., refreshments were served to which All did full Justice. Here it a remedy that will Core eczema we prove Why waste time and Money experimenting with arc Jav salves and lotions trying to drive the eczema firm from underneath the skin when Mien Martin s Diuk store Guaran tees Zemo a clean liquid preparation for external use to rid the skin of the germ life that causes the trouble one application will relieve the itch tag and often limes one bottle is sufficient to cure a Iii Noi Case of eczema in Over 2000 Tow us and cities i America the leading drug cd 1 Takee one Hundred livers to yield Way of to 1 one gallon of cod Alvex Oil. Agency for Zemo and he will Tell you of the marvelous cures made by this clean simple treatment. Zemo is recognized As the cleanest and most popular treatment for eczema pimples Dandruff and All other forms of skin or Scalp affections whether on infant or grown person. Will you try a bottle on our recommendation 7-8-Ttmo. Emley Martin s drug store. Being himself unable to Fly and not caring owing to the risks to employ others to do a sir Hiram Moxim the Veteran inventor who has Neary completed a biplane announces that he will discontinue Bis experiments for the present. Samuel Bingham and Winter and Alvord Bristol or. And Are lips and Hobert Finney of pm Torii or and mra. Adolph Langhorne Maine Black mar Klein Bertha Williams 1 cml Boulb Frederick Williams William Jiles sing Hany Goheen or and mrs Legrand King Ferdinand Miccu mrs. William Roberts and Sod or Ovid mrs. Lawrence Gilbert All o Hulmeville William Pope if Tran ton and Edwin Henry of Philadel wa8 Uri shed by Olla and Ewald All Pilsen enjoying a very pleasant evening. A Deboro article. Or. And in. Harry Bilger arc the parents of a Young Sou. Institute week the Joy of the child Ren begins on monday. Alexander Gregg recently purchased a Lester upright piano. Rapid Progress is being made on Arles Kauai s new Homo. Thomas Keating is prep Mug to wive into his now Home the first of the month. Charles h. Lee of West a Leladel was a recent visitor at the Home of William d. Lukens. Samuel Dunlap and family Are again living in this town having moved from Philadelphia. Miss Edith Wenlock a resident of this town is seriously ill at were she has been serving in tie Sal vation army. Mrs. Arthur Hibbs of Hulmeville was seized with heart fail a while attending mass last sunday morning the services of or ii Edge of a angkor be were required to restore the marriage of miss kale Brennan daughter of or. And mrs. Thomas Brennan and w. I. Murple of bus will take place in our lady of Grace Church some time during the Faly part of november being thu first performed in that new edifice. A new employment for women has appeared in girls. It is Radium the duty of who is to carry a pee opus package of Radium from one Point to another where there is de Mand for ill use the children of the Brato Lla Dowe ii Immy by having run blackball will have fronds on saturday Iii Beth Lundy Ella when novel i ate to the Day i and Phi flyable convention even of Irene Toty i Riff. Miss Edna St Radlyn. Week end at Home. C. E Leader ing will be Ali Are. W h Erwin pa., is visiting at i. John Davis jr., of died sunday afternoon c. He was taken sick interment of x week. I u the rally Day exercises Day school were very e item. Sweet of Lang borne. Leadership of the sniff Ujj pressing his Lotha do. And sunday school Sables Are going up in to British Consul in it. Paten Burn u Grove cuorts that Allue to the Timber n to the North North decrease is due to growth of the Linb More workmen to the a fam Sable has moved into Man Jamal filiere Are an average income of about verage cents a Day. Of for every birth of curing at sea there about sixteen deaths. Sore Throat when the month or too ban the of son Moutri or Bon you Are fat tracking More serious or Dies Nch As Cro diphtheria. No son Throat of in rear As tons tonsil no is the of ally made for you la need to these Days or some Draff Stem is do Lotfe Nadr at need it most. 2 . Sim 11.00.
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