Bristol Bucks County Gazette in Bristol, Pennsylvania
16 Oct 1873

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Bristol Bucks County Gazette in Bristol, Pennsylvania
16 Oct 1873

Read an issue on 16 Oct 1873 in Bristol, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Bristol Bucks County Gazette.

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - October 16, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaThe tin m Okst and Willow Lias Ket Huki Adlis he . Have Vou Meen an 1 have Koch in the Early inborn uni Jar in pfc the cd Hie morning Ujjin the work Hunn Toh tin for he unit wan Frozen hot Irvyl it i Art a mfr Eiith nun Wukou is Drew and the Rujas from both of the bugs and killed ind Atu Thorn too now Vlier bugs live in a Basket though Niiori than it hold it Bituin to a they d better Aaric we Cluj and Black Anil the Gold Ami share Conil h of ind crumbs Ami Luuru no Bugh i Tom cold for the Bucks county Gazette All about weeds. In our War with the weeds we enacted that in no Case should a Weed survive on our Prem Over six feet High. Whenever we came across of this site we once Laid violent hands tic icon and up it came. The last specimen of the kind showed a disposition to resist our demand and we were obliged to spend our whole strength upon it but before in was fully out of Thi soil we dropped it like a hot Potti toc. We 1 Elt assured that a Bolt of lightning had struck us squarely in the Back and yet we Hoard no saw no Cloud in fact the heavens above were As Clear to on the morn of creation. But there was the unmistakable in the Broad of our Buck. For a time to stood like one pleading for alms. To stand erect was impossible and the severe pain Clon gilled our features to their almost Extension. On opinion of weeds was in no Wise dinged Only we Lialos them with a still deeper hatred Almu before and wished them All in Pluto s some compassion for poor Pluto. Ave gathered oneself up How Ever and after great exertion reached the House. With the help of our wife we were told up stairs got into bed and Well bathed. To make a Vonjj Story Short that one resisting Weed Cost us a whole week of agonizing Lumbago Aud a we aka a doubtless for Tho rest of our life. Tie int Lenl was not without profit to us. It taught us that to nip evil in the Bud is better than to await its Power of resistance to we thought of Hie great rum curse it is growing growing Clay by Day and will yet reach a Point beyond which we cannot permit it to go without disregarding every right and privilege that is dear to us. It s deplorable results will to of such a har rowing and unbearable a nature that every Man who values his Home interests will be forced to resist its depredations. But it will be a six foot Weed then with Dysep and under Twining roots and hey anus Aud the Cost in treasure blood and precious life to overthrow such a mighty evil in the hour of its Long gathered strength will be fear Fol indeed. It will not be a War on Southern soil but at our very doors. It was in with negro slavery it will lie so Willi Luteijn Moranco. Mack. Tow Pool Lac Cumuli insert syringe the a is prepared in India from Trec Svor Hoad once a fortnight from the time the the Fri the blossoms fall off until the fruit is nearly grown with carbolic acid soap dissolved in water. It May be stronger or weaker to suit the age of the Trees. The knots Are More frequent upon Trees growing on dry soil. The Paph proves most profitable upon Light soils yet All varieties will Mcc Cetl upon Loamy soil so every Farmer May grow a dozen Trees for Lime use. The following varieties Are Good Cooledge s Early Karer pc Morris while Early Crawford late Crawford late Heath. Oldmixon free Stone Early Walter Early Georgc tie Lurth Gross a Vignonne. The culture of the peach is simple All Fann ers can grow it w. E. is presenting any Artic for Sale it pays to have it in order. Too much carelessness in the preparation of any article is bad Economy. Lieal should be cleaned and not a cached by hav ing mood in the Shock too Long. Corii with All the a husks Pilaud Iho Mouldy years thrown out. Potatoes and apples Well assorted. If Small potatoes or apples must be sold have them Snipps should appear in mar Ket in full can Lei 5. And All Small fruits in Shal Low baskets or hoses. Hogs and cattle should not be taken to Market till they have arrived at full maturity in size and flesh. Butter should lie in the cleanest vessels and covered with Snow White pails and done in checked aprons have played out. Cheese so cull not be frescoes with Fly Ziess is profitable in All things. When your Cli Ickes Are plump and fat let the purchasers feel their hit ant As much As they please. Shun All Little dishonest tricks in your Sale of Fann products have everything in such comply e order that you can honestly demand a Good Price. Choice articles bring the highest prices Aud the Best for the trouble in Rais ing and marketing. In everything strive to fowl your neighbor. Men Timve immense fortunes by having their articles Fin Sale a Little better than could be had elsewhere. This is the key to Success. Everything in Moines ref Fixter. In a scotch Church recently after the publication of the bans of marriage by the minister crave elder in a stentorian voice forbade the was of marriage bet map a certain couple. On being called upon for an explanation 1 he said pointing to Mie Bride intended Ilan i Isle for his reason was not consid ered sufficient. Francc of some grasses such As Antulio Ranthum do Tutum and Liv Lux depends according to Vogel upon the presence of Benz Ole acid. One species of the is commonly called Sweet Mutl Syruis. Sulphur exists in combination with dil Lerent bases in , Rye. Barley Oats Indian Corn Millet and Rice. The Arunde a Maria is an invaluable species for keeping together the blowing Sands of the Staci twist by Means of its creeping suckers and rough entangled roots. It is employed in the hebrides for May economical purposes being into uses Mats for pack saddles bags Nab this is a species of seed Pri furring a Sandy soil. Some of the Reeds of Brazil called Tuquero Sia grow from 30 to 40 feet High with a diameter of six inches. They form thorny impenetrable thickets and Are exceedingly grateful to Hunters for on cutting Oil such a Reed below the joint the Stem of the younger shoots is found to be full of a. Cool liquid which immediately quenches the most burning thirst. The roasted leaves of Are used in India in infusion As an excellent Stomachin. An essential Oil of a pleasant taste is extracted from the leaves in the moluccas and the Java Nese esteem the Plant much As a mild aromatic Anil stimulant. This is the grass Oil of Lemaur idled in India mar Mickira and described in journal. Twelve species of the Andropov i it have been mentioned by or. Tor Ray As belonging to St Orth America among which the Best known Are the Broom Grans the Biard the Bent and Foric to Pike the gluten of wheat yields tie two chemical principles called and Simome m. Dre Andollo truly remarks that the dangerous Ell sets of t he Caryol of Corn is no exception to tie generally wholesome properties of the order of the grasses for in this the whole Grain is in a suit of disease. The ergot of Rye is in certain cases very useful in the practice of Medicine. It has been in late year employed for n Deles Ubly wicked pin pose and has Many a time proved unexpectedly fatal to the ungodly persons swallowing too Large a dose. Cattle having swallowed the ergot of Ludian com while feeding on the latter have been known to shed their liar Aud even their Teeth. duties. How Many Hutu Iro who after having of hang Cal who and pledged thin valves according to the ordinances of Jod und Mii to lie run others wives or Hibib Linfs but who at Llie very time Olliie when it in cont a most important to out 11m Eon Tratt fail in its will not Here undertake to we far there arc Usu Many such. Union Between mini and woman. As Het Weon Stales Gnu Only Buju r Juilu Huttl Liy Aud Somji Romfoe am so Imig Only As a common interest and is Tho sole object of the parties to n treaty involving the happiness either of a family or no on can consequences result. The known import actions of our nature should certainly admonish us to make due and proper allowance for thu shortcomings of others and while in to Tang should induce the Man having taken into embraces a partner for his bosom Whoso Reli Ance for society for support for Comfort in ally action and All other enjoyments of this life is exclusively upon Chequer Hie smooth path which Matrimony was designed to Illume an or deed calculated to mar her peace or Decloud her anticipations hers is the office of of lording such a Solace to his troubled soul in retiring Home from the irksome business of a callous world As to fortify him against such a it should be. Recollected by her that however imperfect lie May be and however much he should fail to answer her anticipations Here Are Many heavy responsibilities tinder which he daily moves to which she is an entire stranger. Man s Home is his Only earthly Paradise and if the Charm which it is in the Power of woman to extend to Lipini there should be when retiring from the boisterous scenes to which in pin suing the Nec Essary a vocations of life he is constantly exposed dooming him to encounter indescribable Vexa cannot meet the smiles of Lier delighted countenance and receive the consolations which it is her province and her s Only to in indeed is his existence one of Wihs Ory one of degradation. Nothing can Supply Tho deficiency and the elicit thereof is not Only to Render him miserable but to drive him into excesses Fiat bring misery unto All his House hold. True it is we sometimes find one possessed of unusual fortitude who will hold out to a strict course of morality and Good conduct happen what. May. But to such an isolated Case will be found ninety and nine who from their nature to be social will be found a suing from Domestic troubles and Sekins circles Tempora Rily Comfort aide at hotels card parties Anil such of lick associations As Are a imaginary Relie from his sufferings while the consequences which follow Are most dire . If then the fail of our Hind who have entered into a con nubian state of life would Render themselves Happy let them attend Well to making their Homes of All places desirable possessing the most attractions for those with whom their lots have been East to Choc which let them i solve to be uniform in kindness and Al actions through Good Aud evil not even being provoked to a in kind word or action but carrying out the Doc Trine of the holy Book return Good for and thus win him Back lie shall have wandered Ami in so doing we most respectfully suggest that woman doth not degrade but a Tetli herself in heaven and on it is this for which Slie was formed of Man seeing it was not Good for Man to live upon Man we would to understood to place the greater responsibility but upon her by nature rests according to our Humble judgment the Okwit of making up Liis Many deficiencies. Nor should tie knowledge of Domestic jars deter Sudi As yet occupy the unenviable state of Eolia from availing themselves of oilers to wed when correspondent with their own Good taste and judgment since it was for this manner of living that we were created Aud in no stage of circumstances 6f life does it seem to have been designed that uninterrupted Felicity should be enjoyed. To candidates for Matrimony then of either sex we would say build no such Hopes on this laudable change m life As that a share of trouble is not to but rest assured that to wedded life belongs under a prudent and judicious course of conduct Nimoh the larger portion of happiness. What in a million people say the Steamer took away a Mil lion just As complacently As though a million of dollars could be picked up like dirt. But few have any More idea what millions Bil Lions and trillions Are than they have of tie Bro Gans worn by the cobblers who inhabit the Moon. A million of Silver dollars possesses a vastness that is rather startling to a Man who Lias never faced such a pile. To count this sum it the rate of one thousand five Hundred dollars an hour and eight hours a Day would require a Man a Early three months. If the said dollars Vycie Laid Side by Side they would reach one Hundred and thirty six Miles while their transportation would require fourteen wagons carrying two tons each. If millions become thus overpowering in their magnitude what shall we do a Tali larger sums tie seconds in six thousand years seem almost incalculable and yet they amount to one fifth less than a trillion. A quadrillion of leaves of each the two Lutol Rodth part of an Inch in thickness would form a pile the height of which would be three Hundred and thirty times the Moon s distance from the Earth. A Cannon Ball flies swiftly but if one were red at tie moment that Cue of our National presidents takes his scat in the White House and were to continue with Una bated velocity twelve Hundred feet a second during his term of office it would not travel three millions of Miles. We never hear of the Yaw Leroug jew but we mentally inquire what was the sentence of his punishment. Per hads he was told to walk the Earth till he counted a trillion. Suppose a Man to count one in every second of time Day and night without stopping to rest eat. Or sleep it would take him thirty two years to count a billion or thirty thousand years to count a trillion even us the French understand that term. As we said be fore what a limited idea men Lave Otheim Meir site of numbers lie Rcv ignition All Perrons from or trusting my Wile on my account him having Lel t my Jinice of us Otic without just cause or provocation i will Nav no Traceu by Lier. H. Oct. Ill Eow to buy meat the following hints on buying meat for table will Imp found Wotli bearing in mind. They should be read Over and Over until the facts arc familiar. Then go to he Butcher s and practice upon and verify what has been Learned. Once fairly fixed the mind Liy Puu tical examination they will never he erased buying beef the finest grained is the bust the Llesh should be Light red the i a. U Light Cream color but not should also be Bank and firm. Of beef is the Best and uie animal should be about five or six years old. Heifer Anil Eow beef May generally be known by its being a Little paler Viau thai of the of. The meat old animal is dark red and the fat Skinny and Tough if the meat rises quickly when indented with the Finger it is Good Oil us to ise. Not. Lean of Good Mutton is some what Darker than Haltof beef and the fat we Filer. Old Mutton is Darker than Young and when fat and Juicy is up to four or six years of age. Ujj Tinb should be Pale red and fat. Vanl should be of a Light color with plenty of fat especially about the kidneys. The Llesh should by dryer than beef and finer. If coarse grained moist or Clammy reject it. Veal should not be Over ten or twelve weeks old. It is less healthy ban either beef or uni ton. Park if Ever Iru unlit to the table should come from an i oust Butcher and should be sex Tui used by the buyer with close scrutiny. It is never a healthful meat. The skin of pork should be thin and smooth and White and the Llesh. Both lean and fat. Should by firm. The i Jan should be a Light red. A examine it close kernels or hard Ulics if any such thing is found have nothing to do with it. There is More diseased pork sold than that of All other meat together and it is bad at the bust. Me Tofany fowl or fish after be ing brought to the House should be Winfied cd Chin and Day with a dry cloth and carefully exam ined Fly blows if in the season of tiles Ufa loin piece lie Purdi ased take out the Long while marrow like string which i usually exposed by the Side of the Bone. It will become tainted in less than half the time Nyji Iarud for other portions of the meal and if allowed to re main will Albect the entire joint. Very Correct judgment can be formed of the age of a fowl by the stale of its if the Scales Aie rough in. Indicates age. If the under Bill is so still that you cannot bund it Down or if the comb is Roi Igli or the spurs Bird you certainly have hold of an old fowl. The logs of a Young Hen me smooth Glossy and Frosh it hired whatever the Shade May the claws Are also tender and Short the under Bill sur and comb thin and smooth. A old Hen Turkey has 1-Ough Scales on her legs Cal Josities on the Bottoms of her feet Anil Lough Strong claws. A Young one a the reverse of All i his. In All limits of poultry breast should be Broad and plump the fuel pliable and the Loos easily broken Back. Young and tender ism try May also be judged by press ing the lower end of the pressure it is not old. A Lender Goose or Duck May be determined by raising the Wing if the skin tears easily the fool is tender. If you can easily insert the Bead of a pin into the flesh of a Goose or Duck it is Lender and Young. The strength of the joints of the legs and the coat a Ness of the skin generally is a Good guide in buying a Goose or Duck. Such a test is More or less applicable to All other fowls. Purchasing fish care should always be taken to have them perfectly fresh. To know whether it is or not aside from the smell observe tie they Haw a Bright life like appearance the fish is fresh but if they Are sunken und dark coloured or have lost their brilliancy the fish is too old for a Good Fry or bake. If the dealer is honest the buyer May judge by the redness of the. Gills but some fish mongers knowing this them to deceive their customers. But they Cali t paint the at them. Our readers after carefully studying the above directions need Nevei be deceived the Char Acter of the meat which they Tiv. A Chicago gentleman says that he once was so fortunate As to get thoroughly huddled. It was in Alanison s hard cider Campaign Andic Lead Beoo in attendance on one of the most enthusiastic of had wit enough at night to know that he was in no condition to Ino Ethis wife. He walked about the Yard Foran hour or two and finally crept in Aud slipped quietly into the bed turning his Back to his wife that she might not smell his breath. He was just beginning to congratulate himself that she would not suspect his condition when she broke out you so much pains Joel your Are drunk All that miss e. Rec loves company was exemplified the other Day in Omaha when a Young lady of that name ran Oft with a Gambler and married him much to the Chagrin of her family. A Desmoines Man Speaks of his hired girl As Best girl he Ever he talks As if he had got hold of some kind of a new religion. At a recent dinner of Shoemakers the follow ing Toast was Given May we have All the woman in the country to shoe and All the men to Jwia late years the retail Trade in Camel s hair or India shawls has assumed such proportions that it is beginning to be Teg aided As one of the most important branches of the dry goods business. There Are not More than four importer of those shawls in new York and Ihu entire tirade of the country in these articles is in their hands the Cost of the goods putting it beyond the Power of country dealers to carry an assorted Stock. The prices of shawls Range from to and therefore to keep Large Assort ments and to hold stocks of varied patterns and Dilfer ont make requires the investment of is which Only the Mammoth houses of this City can Allard to make. Tho Force of this statement will be admitted when it is known that the present Stock of one Roadway establishment is estimated at India shawls Are named Dacca Delhi Bombay Cal Cutta etc., after the districts in which they . The labor however is what chiefly determines the value of a shawl even when the Tui is not the i incest. The r Tail Trade begins with the coming of autumn and lasts until late in the Winter. It would be interesting to know How much Money is expended in one season in. The Purchase of these goods but As the dealers Are always unwilling to make a statement of their business it is impossible to arrive at the fact with any degree of accuracy. Some idea of the magnitude of the Trade May be formed however from the statement of the manager of the shawl department of a firm do ing a Large business in that class of Merchan Dise in this City who informed a reporter of the Tribune that Twenty was the average daily Sale of India shawls in his department. A vexatious Tion is said to have been originally so called from the in ritalin in caused the witness. The follow ing May be a specimen what is the occupation of your son my Good woman is a Sailor ail a Sailor. Goes to sea does he of of a bit. Never went to sea in his life what a Sailor and never went to sea sure he is thai. Ils makes All indeed makes sails. Then he is a sail yer May say Well he makes sails for the shipping then does he ".not. A bit of it stir. He makes sales for an an Oyster Mau All i see. He makes sails for fishing smacks. You know what a smack is my Good Talmre 1 do an i be Given one wid the Back p me hand to bigger Man nor you for axing impertinent laughter in the court very Likely. But i wish you to Tell me what your Sou his sails mile urn a whiskey whisky Why you told me a moment ago he sails for an troth i did. But they keep poll been in the Back the witness had permission to stand Down. A petrified negro has been found in a undertaker s Garret at Roanoke miss. It is thought he undertook the study of Law and became absorbed in Blackstone. Why ought the clergy to be done away with As an unnecessary Clasa of men because the Are the surplice at a Sironer g inquest a witness was asked. What was the last Hiing seen by the deceased was the reply we Rinehouse manufacturer and importer foreign candies 1237 , Yoke. Peace so Taylor late of b1ustol, o. 11 Pex a skeet Bristol pa., ii and Zenex Al painters. Plain Anil decorative paper Uit entire new principle Tor hulls and libraries greatly Superior to thi1 training and Piiper hanging my executed in any part of the country., tin he Horti 8t notice. Nothing Usis but the guanine cd. All urd Urs should be addressed Grace d Tavia a 115 to. 11 iv-11il Al Rantui a. Etc Gaeds Coen Goatee for grating Green com. Call und see it at c. Go 01 Mill is. Urt atol. Peirce Brothers St dict i1uin1oi. Pa., dealers in Coal Wood Lime Sand Brick curb building Stone gotta i fobs tops of re Lii vips is in variety. Lots fou Sale on Don mice Jefferson Avenue and toil streets. Houses erected try Conti . At no. 61 Mill St., Bristol Peu Soks is avast of tinware of the Best Nna Lity ail will find it at a 1 j u stove tinware store. Roofing and jobbing done on the Best of . Charles Wollard contractor builder Cedar foot of 51 Hiil i St., ilinstoi., pa., Kow contains u jul on quient of seasoned White Pine boards Anil Plank of till ghz is White and yellow Pine flooring planed and unplanned siding Hemlock boards and fencing Joist and scantling laths pickets Cedar and Cypress shingles Oak Aud Chestnut posts Aud fails. By Bur Lukks und All persons building will Rind it to their to Call Anil examine my Stock am entire satisfaction will be Given not Only in the Quality of the material but also in the 1 Kice. Goal. Coal. Always on hand and under cover a full Supply of Best Quality leh Igli Coal prepared and carefully screened for family use Viz egg store and Small store sizes free from slate and dust and delivered at shortest notice always at the very lowest prices. Satisfaction is every Lime hair calcined plaster Terra gotta Chimney tops Don t forget the foot of Market St., Bristol. Cabeen Beatty Wouk particularly to cull attention tills season to our Stock of dry goods carpets and Oil cloths groceries my to s to ices Wall papers window shades our Stock of dress goods is Complete. A turn thing now stylish Ami Ilu Nihls. A Laugk variety of Mou twing fall. We. M. Fis1iei1. We. K. Phatt. Fisher Pratt Ueal Ehsin furniture upholstery and elastic Fok tire g o o 1 no. 3315 Chestnut Street Wilson Randall Carriage manufacturer hath it mkt him Mol a. On Liml a am it Mellon of ctr Lii pwn All Hylod Anil liar Antuck toil pc Kall Toi s. .1knkv Linus 11 kit Man towns Stoke Ami Ixl Lohss Ami in of gift anything in thin line of Luid not for Ninlin d at to Wilma air Lex will Good Siml not Valal any no vie of Carriage or Wagon Luule to order at Short Ollre. Ilki uiting promptly Atco instil o. Or rail i ital i fit., Lyrl null. La Turku fu., isl. Clothing clothing Allen in no. Hill hired by loll pm. We have also a nil line of Uette Kuhnl shill goods. Opolis Ami Vest i Attkins for mile or a Joule too incr. White shirts a is eff Pality. 51 care a Call. Go to the is town. F where Vou Ean Irav your Jyh. Tysik i to Vislen a a Lituin a Cox pc i nor m in Colu i rtt hot , Itter Ive. Hmm Vei im-rc1 wins. Midi Uriah la a ac., n variety or Sonpon. In a kits. I Iskeni of c Nii Natl Dirril fruits in milk i Runi k. Kim. Null. A. Oil Luik Laully on Liml and Leiden in Supply of Umi ally Krupl 111 a of rpt Calalb i Ink try s Ore at o. Ill k i Imit. Wuhl Kloh i. Lyrl lol. Fit. . Ten ii race for coun Tuv i Hilt it. 14 0 a. T h i h when Yon Lingo Timo. Tiai. List of Kici t by m. A. Walmsley b Kin to i. Vie Fine Formosa Brt own Lor Ofie Dollar per of Oil Cik. Inti Ierlan he hopi Lapan a. L1 Uva lilo. The in he Orn Nimeh it to oink la Alt Fiatt cur nails. Vreneli i Rizin a Turkl Kli Citron Idiir-hit., Tiliman i lunch Lac. Imi Ullh Tell in Klei Ollre Olive ills Llama no Krench it Ihlang Sar Uini a Sallmon Mait Piont Vernil Cella Del jigs l k.1 hrs. In i Lenni. A Pleil 1 rare it Chiti Lii. Llonch Cutlip it Cakl Tiht Ilomin Farina a. Fax sep Tui Natoci Cuni a. All a Kkt Tail with care. And in Hialit Lacoon in artery Clatl m. A. , nil lol we. A. Girt off Cor. Mall Lii new Lii nor ctn ill tvs Loi. I a. Mastic Cement roofer. Old shingled roofs covered tie soil no a a. Fravi l i tooth Rejis Vircil tune insult1 Wontor tag lit. All wot k ii 1 Tinmu meat meat Milton Webster k of it Runfol n roil qty Lithol ton Lull l Tom poly of hand every Mohing to Tii apply the with is of his Suslu Iners. To lie or hex uld i Vicius Ami the Public Rully. K John k Wildman no. 26 South third Street Bonds and stocks of ail kinds bought android. United states Bonds exchanged for of Thieu skcu1utiks. Maris Smith Bankers and brokers no. 18 South third Street government secu1ut1es, Groll Stooks Bonds a. Liou Glit som on commission. Aecnnnl4 of Hunters and individuals re on i Ivo Rubli Lenns. 8 Shilad a Type foundry am printers warehouse. Established 1841. This fou Miry in u 1 or Nisi Pronh is and with All latest and approved Stylos of Jhk Job Nind Orun Mcula in their own Large Ulicy Are agent Lor All other makes of Metal and Wood types Ami it in Only Occum Ary for Tho Printer to in inn Tom Fout Cut or i Roiti a hush specimen Book relic selection is u insure order tilled accurately did promptly. Agents Tor nil Prcin i a gusts of this City for Wadk s unrivalled Isott. John Taylor Tornor Mill a nix., uru Toi Leavi i ii Rorm ills Uli friends Cut omit Lylial Lio keeps and Ilni the pc Iilo in tha Way of nil Kim Lyof Pho visions Willow Wake. Ac., in Liam Al nil in def. It o a. Pm o. Tlok new on the Corner of Mill Ihmud Hru. Id now open nil ready for work. I Numil pm Chaco to nil my old Intro ii have Tail lug co Long for Jill turns nil nil strangers ton Grinj goil while in this ton of tie country. Ii. 68 color artist Axi . Sharp shooting. At no. Fill Street it. Icci inferior to none Lor tie Money and Gokl. Aim. Smoking and chewing tobaccos the bet Tasi keta1l. Aliat 1 a in i ulily make . Tryt lick. A. a smolt f52 . Is for and Job printing o Hicks i urn Slit in on tin Type on which this Pault is Pshik a came from Tho foundry of Phao tical tvs k a. China Glass and Queens Are. Reta1leu at wholesale j Hicks. Henry Hopkins importer Aki , 310 Ortli second Street Liila Iphia has now of Pentyl for tie fall Trade a full it of Felix cram China whip Gold hand him fancy Decora Teil Tea and toilet wari1 also a Stock lit St ii Allty engl Ihli Stone Olivina ten dinner and toilet . Glass of very sprint Anil Quin Llev. , castors Silver i lated Jyh Iees. 9ff Horiike keepers and persons wanting pulled at wholesale rates. Goods carefully packed and guaranteed to give satisfaction. 12 House and sign painting training grazing. Noue but the Bent materials Macd. 1eoka1io i. Kurtz. Under the Pont Onolre. .10 a Taylor Potts m.d., poly Nicias and sub Geo Kesi Uince Street Urmol. 71 compound syrup of Blackberry Root for Tufan Acea and other affections arising from a relaxed condition of the bowels in adults or children. This preparation of i Hackberry Kont in Combina Tion with other ind Licon used for a number of years with most Gratifying results and is highly recommended by Mauv physicians. Chan. Ii. Ukuugi5t, Mill a frock. 3.1 j. V. Foster no. 33 .i. Street bk1mtol, bka.i.ej1 in dry goods groceries and provisions. A full Hue of line and in nto Duce to Ikon in Exchange. 27 we. Terneson manufacturer of and dealer in boots and shoes. The uncut Aud Luti St styles of work for ladies and gents first class boots a Epe Cully. Sole leather and uppers of All do crop Tia ii Consu Llyon Lauvil and to be Bud at City store at Muju a 3u Bristol a. Rural and suburban improvement Plax sed and bisected by Walter elder. Landscape Gables be i of Mimi k spa Peri

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