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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 9 1873, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - October 9, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaPublished weekly Jesse of Rah Lowe of Wall t streets Vrej Styli j a. To Kwh for one 00 for six months. 1 50 for three months. 1 00 my Little Laugher. A tiny Man with soft Ami Loii Lurrah Rwy lady s fair d Lilac i form Bot i frail Piid so cuter Ami ii Row of hair j a it f a Tull Ali in or Beauty vat rising min left Lynx ii k rot Nul of n duty thut Iii tit pm Dally to Flucy incl Mync rattle Iii is Ami Tower Wotli Wondrus Tihart and kill last or with Linnit by tie hour with will anon wit i idol Cal Curt lie s Plain of a i rank a Fain wit i icon thu us Carrm Truw is trying Noirin inn to read. Now Liulin like Little of ii Silun lie Lilin Cir no Niiya and now Lily lonely let Ali a Hoard in Liu in Tonius a nuts unit not let hour in Avith and lop Tuut Anil with patience that is in Var full no lie tries ill. Vol. 1. Bristol Bucks county pa., thursday october 9, 1873. No. Y. But it Tiv it tar in scr t at o inv let tar r on Mother s , til rim n jihkli1, tic Cihiy s Liuni Lifbor Over Iff Mink it so and ii 1 told him to inv bosom Nice Ping i think Ntuli Knitli chif Tours of what tin Distant 1 it slip Liny lie keeping As work Tor Ywarn. Give a dog a bad name 11v ai.1iay Foll Axil in Jit. Ii Apter i. A tin inclines Florence tired and jailed after a Hay London season went Down to sir Borough for unit stud sea-ail1. Slan Luy Thor Silun for that reasons went to the same place. They met without design and fell in love without k election. They had nothing else o Ilo. n Pill to flirting Coni in ii ply inc Stanley Mounir fellow wit i a great How of spirits and v Small nut k of brains. The course of Rue love with this interesting couple As it did a Itna of three per cent., through con Tati ded property was smooth in Defi Ance of tie Oil proverb. When the Anjou no input. Of their appeared in tie papers the men cried live and the ladies they then proceeded to Denton trate that the Ivor one Olio Knuhl really to been mrs. Thornton was not. Vlorence and that the to whom that Noimy lady Similt have sworn love Honor and was nol. Stanley Thornton. Hou Over t was too late to mend the matter he. Knot hid been Bishop kid sealed the matrimonial noose and an Liono Nimi reverend bad finished off the ends. An Iuit Linn in Lincoln s inn assisted by a Cele iterated in Temple had joined Tom Liim Liml estate and the three cents in Lejsal Wedlock and there was an end of Bachelor and spinster forever. Mir non became a Mother before she was Twenty. For some time she was very herself to her boy and tin world knew her not. My and by she i Pirinei Mac ugly thought less re Jonii Mihili ties and More of her old or Llie Cay Unold found and became ill for the for Florence to Only discovered after a month or two of i net s sail gaiety that Little Cecil was a Corriss unloving child who to the old Muse that tended and ski it him whilst he would Noth ing to say to the Beautiful Mamma when uni twee ii her enticements sometimes honoured the Nursery her presence. Hater on in taby life he pawed her Silks Wilh in bread and butter hirers pulled at her feathers and allow res and was otherwise objectionable. Occasionally lie cried or made a none when Niitme in had head ache after a Ball. So in extra door was placed in the passage trading to the a Nisei a and Thornton Ftnat lira finery and Reimi Meu it is wonderful Bow Mon a Ems Vicin to is converted Inlo m live object of aversion and what admirable reasons can he adduced for avoiding the of Willil hmm it of a duty when a pleasure is in the very soon Atter their inn Ridge Stanley Dis of cred that the society of Florence Bis wife did quite comm Satu for the abandoned pm cases of his club his theater his lounge and balls whilst Florence found out that the of her lord was any Thoni ill an antidote to Thev Tuo Well sign of Tho Lamb Lianas in a very untre tending manner from a True in How sorry but the sollows it the worthy hostels were lost upon Thornton fur he had entered the Little inn. And was be i merely dimming himself of Liia gear in the Kitchen. I then anything else that i can do for you1 mrs. Morgan Clearing Nway the re Mains of Short on s dinner the same Alio Tan hour after the above conversation. Nothing thank replied Thornton vet. If you Cui ild spare me a few moments Down Pray to Tell me some some Well but what circumstances what he Einns lances or. Inonu been Hiir d. Of. Nothing need Yon tie smallest amino Fluce. I Anny and i were sketching on the rocks just above the second , and my Hook accidentally fell Inlo the River below. This person thereupon waded into the Stream to it out and returned it word 1 to me without a i perhaps Tho fellow was Only observed lie Squire continuing his breakfast give sir really As you seem to have taken such a fancy to proceeded the a mini Ger with a another such insinuation shy said Spionek ton sternly and we part at. Onco. I have Dis a tier spark of Talent Ilia Yon have ohm looked and perhaps mite it never have you an Opportunity of fostering in Lor mfr own mine. Take it or not. As you please to Vijil i do not with any one but miss jul managers. Of theatres Aro and to not generally stand such As this from i Hose under their con my but to Tickton was not nndei1 or. Lawson s control nor Aii body even under his own. J have now accounted fur the smile urm tie nil lace. Am hound to say mini mis. Lawson look her dethrone ment much hotter than i Niglis have been expected. Moneylon Hill a quiet. Firm Way of put Ling things and she was a kind Motherly woman. She did not mind resigning her part As in give poor Lily a. Chance but would have been font to pieces by wild horses before she would have let. Miss Mortimer have Tho evening of Oene Ivil arrived and it was in anxious moment i when the lust Din of died away and Huq cd ruin rolled she know that the Oral Cetl through which she was about. To would inn i or mar her for Over. If she failed she would lose oven the poor unit she Luul for How could she endure i lie in frs and of Ilie oils miss mor Lomci "1 dare Bay you Are both said Fanny May he very gentlemanly and stupid likewise two things by no menus incompatible. Hut what can in matter let s talk of Sunie with All my said Ada laughing. Eueral i Munir s play acting follows were the company of or. Lawson the manager of the Western for whose Benefit the per Furmanek at j he distinguished .Ronage of that respected Friend of the was to Lake place a Jioji which the celebrated tragedian. Or. Mii Ecklon. Would appear in play of this inf h Lialiou impressed upon Ihn Iio Mility and Genii of a by huge posters of resplendent Sil-it on every available Blank Wall in town. Bills were these posters nude Vou Wink to look at them. Jive v line Rel appeared in a Lii Lertol color and Type whilst tic great ainu of blamed tbi1.li in the Iii Lilc Mue the entre of a firework. They were marvelous Bills full of pretension and breathing Defiance to All competing i cols. A striking ii contrast to ilium was the my dear mad ant if 1 suggest thai your who. If you pleases Erin make any place How Over Humble a he equally successful in Prohic Inythe Peculiar to n. Spot in a Contr buy Ili reel Ion if Yon take it Inlo your Heads to we have a Little re inc. I think in tins world Luil we live in. Of your capabilities in both ways and let me Tell of know nothing about such there is quite much envy hatred and As much jealousy and Hack As much scheming and behind the a incs of a theatre., As May be fount in Many a drawing room and Library Yon and j wot of. Yet believe me also if you can so repugnant to All the prejudices of Well regulated minds is the statement i am about to that ail the goodness virtue and Charity extant Are not on your Side of the curl Din lights Shine sometimes upon honorable men and visit Nous women and of upon How Many weary hopeless aye., and if ski Drudge. Do not let us be ton hard upon these poor players then nor fling Many atones at them lest per Chance some Day. A few of hese misses Mahusky Daw. 11v .101ix a. . So Catt Jutt Rpcky she sings und works a Lintel Hore. And Over lie half Skiffi i he to can Flor a act t and ule Tir. Hor wine in ii ii Hui bunt n Nutil Valm Tanvi d l Wii us tie a. He inn us to weep Lur thut Caiu tul be Incipit for Uius but every while she her Eves Siy Oil. Newl lion to Linn stolen my Lin Sirl. Titis inv. You it there. Daw your own Lis ind Unis Lillig Idov ii Wilh Zitur Iron blows hut from the t . Vou think my in auth us Ruddy it is Fil Ortii s you Urc ii Iii trip flu Jav. Tint no tis n i Minim la dirt Vou Lickl and so my it tvs by Waro that Iron Sli mild 1 will a touch ave Iii n in dirt u under i acc and tie Heitl Eliut bar ii in ii intr Ecru Jim Druwit m Ith w Grace. Ami Imit a far Gary Phi ii wire Attl Mydlo that hit it Yon not is Ilir Wen us Hud luit is Sham of Virgin Yll. It Mil 10 in hour Lull nou to till fall for 1 love Dir Lynn Mai gory sni Bolliing Iron did All collated expressly i of tie Unacks comity Aile Koan history and Biog Sappy. I. To Ltd Force of Lorenzo Bon was once in with a leaned doctor. Who contended Here was no thing real but nil things j intr of imagination. Or. Jow i or a time strove to a Novinec him of the error by argument but All in vain. be Doelbor Wilh a Deal of self importance Laid his pipe. The l.ilile., and Turi Mii his inward the Yudow As lie Sal. Moliis Ami chair said there or. Pointing to the opposite Side of the Stiver. A Wagon As i in Ticino. Hut in All Tom Toivo of while to thus and before lie could utter the of tin1, Seni enee 31 r. Dow Luul picked up tins pipe which Conuis Iroil Coal of fire and emptied the contents in doctor s to in the d doctor As he precipitately turned round and the boo wit i both Are about nothing 1ml s Noah Init but imagination saying he picked up his stick. Leaving the Doe Tor to the image diary Xinliu Ericc of a Linned Shin travelled on to Iho place of the next appointment and there preached from the Doc Tor s own Furci of ill. For one Istrol. Joni migration to the. Stale of Jilch Igan was so great during the years that every House wins filled nightly with travellers want in Inu. The Hev. Lalosea Jyro in. An dec Mcleod is inti ser stopped one at one of mid lintels in Ann Arbor and inquired if i could have a room and a bed to himself. Tin Imp keep or tool hint he could unless they Shouh be to Lull us to Render it necessary to up an other in with him. At an Early Lour Hie reverend gentleman went to Bis room locked the door and soon retired to his Hod. And Sunkist the foot a comforts file sleep. Along toward he was routed from his a Hunters by a Ion Ami too it Dolunt to quarrel so they adopt about inc Beati Wiful Connery 1 Ali Ould to link the a old take excellent in i Matrimony. Only in Liis grave each to take Uliey Bot i much too in concede to anything hse. Thus mrs. Thornton had her or. Honiton had his engage intents when i Wither was previously engaged. Vests passed and Young Thornton was sent to school. His principal holidays began at the of july and ended in september. His father and Mother were always abroad at this time so that lie either remained at school alone or else was to the country House in charge of the when lie did join his parents Cecil was mrs. Morgan seated herself. Went higher up the Stream to Day than i bail before. Her ii St resumed liquid to n Large House in a Park upon the Hill to the right. Can you Tell me who lives of. Yes lives in London mostly hut lit has not gone the year i account of his lady s health so Yon see miss f do run be sure. Flow Are you to know who miss Fanny is till i Tell daughter i said Thornton. Lor bless Vou. Called Little old ii in wholes misled in the cup Ilustr Shuting also abstracts of choir to tin1 for exposure in their windows. Lie shout sixty of Aije and Vuro an Oil frock coat., buttoned no with Elose Nuss to his Chin when1, in was Niet by had Oil Cheen a very Guy Blu Satin Stock inns sadly faded and ragged about the is to nimm s were of seedy Blick exceedingly Hui at the knits and several Anulies Loo long1 Liliu poor shrunken Shanks they encase my. A Well hair hed hat was set jauntily upon the top of a decidedly theatrical wig and a of old shrivelled Lack gloves a great Deal More than ored his hands it was Ukio. Gentle fico that Oil Man s marked deeply by something rougher ban time hut it wore to play a smile ii jul Liore was in his step a lightness that not appeared there for Many a year. Ami Why v because upon the Bills which he. Ousby having placed in the most conspicuous Mil of the slip windows Wius printed in Large capitals or. Found to lie a Rixie Emu Annfred Hoy. With such her fancy bless her heart is his Necic and is Fine a Yoni lady As you would in a Day s Why i nursed her sir fur fifteen Low tastes and habits thai Bis Mother not Urc him in the int whim in not. How could it be otherwise he had had no Moth oars my imn wis her father s Soldier Trentle Lind to form his disposition no servant Ioor ool owl la Ainuu sir As was female society to elevate and purify his mind killed in the a Flihan s companions had been grooms and Bailie and her neglected unloved youth Jar on Wece a broken heart a mainly but what else had nothing else. My Fanny is an orphan though been sown a Obcemea nid Caius in Mfume red j i m sure i feel like another Mother towards poor child one can Tell that her is a painful one. By the expression of her observed Thornton Musingly. Why sir miss Fanny it. As Guy As a Sweet merry heart runs Over with smiles and pleasant words. Miss youth. Whose fault was that 3iis Parent might have a polished him up to their Standard of refinement if they Lead chosen to take the j rouble to do so but his Little sister live years you Izier Tolian himself was just then being Tor lured into a fashionable Young lady and the notion of her boisterous brother Lienju to usso Riidu with her was not to be Rich no Kull j a Mhlor Ijes to six Oil to Tity. Roin tie her hair to 1h" Siti Ull play Ini i is sword Ulm 1 intr i t i Tecl. Ivonin Pirt act of in Inu gird the Rel Leno Iuit tint just apart Sou Lihui Spliid Hirw the in Uomino Ili Shle Irby Sli Thi up rigid How we inc in Switij no to Lett a Lull tempt. Her win not to spic set Toul ii in tin Jil Nln that Inions sex old to Dav. 1 i oin silent meetings. To persons nol with t s fettle. Kirin insertion por Inch 00 Sincli Eddit Lemml insertion 50 notices in local columns to Rcw special notices Lif percent extra. For l time w to utsun1 hex Rotimi Mimi to in Annii m tin of acc not Hirr Thui Sliu slut morn ii ill Mill u much in Ilic work an p saluting the Flag. A Cor writing from says a few Days i in lie Imbor. Antrum sup ton out civil urn imy. Tomn Molcil by Cut Sliv in the South american Nulo. Kurt Simla i tix not Liis Imus Lluu Oil him nil ordered Liim to lion Isar the worthy skipper did t Lunil Uji Csc and simple statement of the i aim of the vessel Uliuli he hurled Altow Foit not to nil Mil v factory so i shot was As it mild Ges Liou Tor him id Slop lint Ixia in for revolver and. Pointing it sky want Linrod six successive Sho s. Then a i id shot from tin fort a Kina Voross his Bow Ami another bettor unum Sod through Foti sail Tho toil Ami shit Hanc Rios opened lit i hint and jew Var of his Light spars wore Cut away. But hold on his course. In joining. And or mar his revolver. 1 finally Ruso Hisiu Tiara a Liinar and came to Anchor just. At his Hying was shot away lie. Was t lion so other shipping that they Daiviel on Jit in no and to. Police Hoat the custom Tomiso Ivoal and Tho health boat at hoarded hint together Wotli the i urn Poil. Viper than polish snows wanted to i did t it Cave to i heave ejaculated the Astun Issod ski pow was that we Pityou wanted 1 though you was Saint in the american u Diablo shouted urn Lueers in c Hans Ami sol the lev Down As additional evidence of the binary Ohleh they regarded As a necessary to Grid int. Of tie american character. De the Mode of is society of friends he silence which they enjoy to Neilbert understood nor appreciated. To them it is Only an unmeaning nothing mysterious my irksome. To Krit Midi it Means something. They Rixe doll s voice in Theeo Annand i null and know thai i am Aii Uin in Isaiah. U keep Silim Iee Betnun me islands Ami let Tho people renew their they , i hat life should have quiet pauses in which to rest. Or i York Tribune shows How Lam sins of the fathers urn visited upon their children in the Folly Vii the punishment of Vii and does not end Wilh tie vinous Anil inlamtcnitc1, but i he 31 eat human family is so that one member cannot sin without puddle Down others. Tims in appalling air. Parents Nus Womble for Len weaknesses Aud vices of their children. A Man drinks and steadily All life with no apparent harm to himself Tif his become tenons wrecks Bis soil Emilit Otiis libertines or Hei Coli try tendency in crime patrol silence has Many has been jell to i and in varied taws to. Painful hitter Contemp Lions Foai Ful it May or any other physical d -.easc. These Are Slaw he a Kwan rude and very i apropos. I truths with medical men but the majority of too be very eloquent thrills tender Chari la line mrs. 11 Arris was it red lint ble Sweet and it is run Eroil and in tier Iida Deaoy of Southern rights and her do j oni Iii tiny Devo Liona in negation of Northern wrongs. Although she had nol taken up arms against Hie gov i in Brut is 10 was none the less subject to tin1, Indis Crimi Nalesn Roolof her niggers according to the document were free and if he confederacy died she Euld Only for them by Esia blushing her loyally in a of i Asliee her loyalty to the Yankee not the Mio was a5? Spunky As a widow of whirly can he site would sue old Abe Ami every Oiler Yankee in the Happy land of Canaan i Fure she would acknowledge . Washington Mienl. Never Hele a stage seems to heave no and Down slowly like a slip in a Sturm scenery about test Cly somebody is but is t such a in her ears that she cannot make out a syllable she knows somebody do i Soni Oming hut a Cloud of dust and Glaxo of Light Blind her she can Sec nothing. The Call boy Nynva. Then Davis Yizhi hears . And her is Fai faint her next to ran away find Lii de site riot Fri Nom bar one word of her and has for Ihen All an it the Cue. Tie Book of the play Falls Onn Why Hern is or own a and myself already and i shush think that enough Tor one bed even in if Iti the landlord Emcil Olin us so too and left i her Well shaped foot one of the smoking would like to Niters. In the world so. Captai Vou Don t imagine i will Taki that odious oath do you i j assure Yon i Junul nut do in. For every nil ser in Tho a jilt you need not take tie oath at least not Tho i k 1 not understand you said the widow. "1 said you Nicod not take Tom oath of allegiance you can Fatah shh your without it a n Specif us Bow. L Caner lab it for indeed How would you do in caplain1 simply enough. I am in hit Lovern in i Conin and one of the Boa s the Viesti 1 n a ram is and Madam 1 Tatsuro Ynn it Union Jiva liable now. If we could Only say to the speech was deep the Siletic but Liow Miil tin1 there maj sly and Power in silence in Tiv is and Jod silently is in Hen that he shr old lie silently worshipped that his Dii Dron lion dhow before Liim. Wailing Riv Crelly listening Snik earnestly that precious jewel the Wjt Turli of Dirini if hat lies deep Down in every i have been profoundly Allce led by i lie Simiu Knigof an of bushed Parent even Elioso of average and culture a Iver ignorant or Wick edly regard Lessof them. When tar and to remove and for the same that they would stagnant or Une Leau sewers there will he a Chance of rid Ding our jails and Al nit houses of half heir tenants. Have d this Point unlit it has Bue Onui hackneyed and Teil us. But How Ean we he silent to Luiey is a in he murder suicide every Day t lie a Hasl by peril and Inlo Lite soul s Luminous hours. When from tvs mount of vision it looks and takes which far transcend the scope and truth of Ordinary sight and truth ilbo Seim under to lice vision judg ment than any Oiler Lime for clod comes to us by these intuitions of the soul. N deepest silence creation dawned no sound of Furuie or Anvil was heard to rivet Karlh 1 a quietly and silently by a Force win he to can understand Alom was a Mildered unto time silently but surely Rolls on. The vent 11mx will not be Aleast year Ami isjh1 will leap years. Explain ii we must Short account of the change of style in the Cal Ender Eflee Ted by Tope Xiii. ,51 e found that the error of eleven Luin Nti a in the inline calender had Amonn Tod to ten their for deducted ten Days in october and to prevent a Sci nov acc of tit error it ordered thai every year ending a Century should not be considered a leap year except the Multi Ples of Iho year Uio. Tims Khz a seasons come and go with footstep. In year hut i7ih Huud Ivd was riot nor nor tie Trio to their repose. Front d Trio tosses than Side scenes More wildly than noise and dust and go ire Lave increase Elf Twenty fold i ill when she is almost sinking to the ground with 1 error and excitement some one comes no rapidly pushes her with much gift firmly. Towards the St there is a ii Ash of sob a gulp and it is All Over. She s on Desdemona is before the Senate. To Asp a xu1. Evolutionary Oil from you sir. Coming coming then Yon won t leave us to Morrow. Sir Uno i must stay a Day or i to nil is not to he had every Day.1 evening then sir.1 evening mrs. Morgan and Tho Good no tired mistress of the Lamb Forth with took her departure. Thornton filled a very Black pipe with very Strong it and set net it exhibiting All that care and tenderness towards it which very Short and dirty Clay pipes appear to at it fondly when Tom Oil it Gan to ooze through the item and polishing it lovingly Tuou the sleeve of his ragged Ever und anon Long thin volumes smoke through the fragrant Woodbine that laced the windows and watching the thin Blu wreaths As they curled slowly away and Sci a lost in Twilight. But after All. When night set in and tie stars were shining when his cherished pipe went out and falling from his relaxed lips Lay broken to pieces upon the stones lie did not alter his position hut stood a axing on through Trio clustering Woodbine into tiie thoughtful f breakfast is an important ceremony in a coun try House. It is More than an Ordinary Occil Sidn for eating and drinking. Letters arc received newspapers arrive and the plans for the remainder of the Day Are brought Forward discussed and settled. A pile of correspond ence Lay 141011 or. Glamour s plate As he entered inc breakfast room with his Daug Liu a and Niece the Day after Cecil Thornton had broken his Pipo. In ninth what a fool the Man must think said or. Glamour As he glanced Over the contents of the various cps Tufts. Hal Lial let them abuse their wires 1 Oor fellow 1 cannot Holn him no interest with such a set now Uncle do put Asido those stupid let said his pretty Niece and take your getting quite Ulf you Are not quiet won t Tell you what this is said Lier Uncle. Why it s the general s exclaimed she Irving to seize the letter. There is it Cue person in my present com Pany or. Monek Topij capable of enacting to my satisfaction and that of the Public to whom it has always been my hum Lulu Endeavor to please the character by our great Bard As Tho gentle Desdin Iona that inquired Tho manager was surprised at Tho question he Drew himself up to his full Hight live feet placed within Waistcoat and prepared the air by a flourish with the other for the coming 3 Lonek ton s handsome lip curled slightly. Now he said u listen to me like a Roviso Nult Man As i know Yon can be some the manager bowed benignly. Mry Law son 1 have every reason to believe is an excellent wife and the exemplary Mother of a very Largo the manager winced. She is is More to the a very Lair actress in an extensive Range of it first but has come to a time of life and acquired la certain dignity lot us Call it. Of figure which begins to me absolutely to for Loicl her attempting such characters As Desdemona. Was not a portly Matron she came loan untimely death in her youth and consequently could nut have had a son big enough to play Roderigo. 1 really think that if mrs. Lawson Culis Eliud her own Good Sanse she would much prefer playing part so much better suited to her talents and if i May venture to say so her the manager was dreadfully Jiorle Xart. He saw clearly the Force of what Monckton Hart urged but manager s wives of a certain age Good Reader you must know always insist upon playing the most juvenile characters upon the stage. What was to he done j1 i know very Well said Lawson that my wife is not fitted to look the part added he ruefully. Who is to Tell her so i said to Tickton. Jar. Lawson s face brightened. It was quite evident who managed tie manager. Then that is to proceeded and miss Mortimer shall be noticed for desc miss exclaimed Osco Tatloy. Havluy Slutt is Asu dilation n a Rinir in it car. A no f san Sulioti. 3 put my Arm. Tylius around our to Lii is Yon need not there s no one your has quite it it impure and catches tiie first fragrance of thu morning air and conveys to us the of the Lowers to go Forth Inlo the Iel and in Hale their Sweet Breilh. To be m by the has hitherto been used As a plan ase re proach but to have a Good nose and to. Follow guidance is one of the safest ways to the enjoyment of health. St skin of Yon see. Grandmamma we perforate an aperto a in the acor aider Iii in tin Bonsu and by apply ing the egg to tiie lips and fun Wibly inhaling breath tie Shell is entirely discharged of con Ulessy cried the old to div whal wonderful improvements they do now. In my younger Days we just ii in end and life Jinx Saud lir own were talking lately a Young ele Ruyman Whoso preaching Tai v bad heard that Day. What Ilii you think of Huff asked lir own i think 1 said Jones. Lieu Heller two years ago Why in did t preach sail Jones that is what i do hats Ever Fly in Hie Haskeil a teacher of his class in Natur a history. Yes said the boys confidently. What kind of exclaimed tin teach birr yelled the triumphant boys. Glass bonnets arc among the ii Rellic a of the Vienna exp position. Articles come from Bohemia. Piid specimens have been sent to Paris and London and some also to this country in Tho Hope that they will become popular and be All Tho fashion this fall. The Bonnet is de scribed As Mode of Loose pieces of Glass fastened closely together by a Gutta Wrba band which allows it to conform to the Bead. Inside there is a lining of silk the trimmings Are various. Hirda and Lowers Are chiefly used for ornamentation coloured so naturally that in appearance they Are far Superior to the Ordi nary artificial goods. A Bonnet of Glass weighs but a few ounces they arc very durable rain will not spot them and the Cost is said to Small a old lady was admiring Tho Beautiful Jill lure called " it s no Sim she. I hat the poor child fainted after pulling Liat great dog out of the i wish it distinctly under stood that the term sawdust which occurs so often in new York papers docs ii of refer to their exhibitions. is celebrated for fugs France frogs Ireland for bogs. Uumo for Hio for hogs and Canada for
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