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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 27 1873, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - November 27, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaOf cute published weekly or 4 Walnut Treskes. Abistol Tammi or in for one 00 for six Mouths. 1 r 0 for Throe months. 1 00 Maz Titi. Icat cat first Izier it Luis per Inch 00 Ench additional insertion. Co notices in local 20 cd nth special notices 20 per cent extra. Itch for lung Uhm met Illius Nukuto Harvest Home. By Al. Flab Bill. Tim he Tot the 1 let farm loll Church Bell from and Hilltop the tilling proclaim these 2r fell be Laden note of Judd the Xiu Kuliu Echo Tho Good Glicr i throw open till of the Farmer n great Mainton landlord Anil labourer draw near the Board where full Hanu have scattered in or aeolus the Rialto the Clio Cert the farm can afford. And of ranting and Jem and the half Forf of and bumper and for a Nawm have Tor the chained to toll Are Lor onco liberated Aud us arts strange to Freedom arc tree for to Day. Let the a film browned with null Ami with bands hard from labor to the Aba duty a Ltd the Maiden if Rupali and bring with them from Trio Grain fluid and to set in Crown that the fairest Wear. The wheat i lome and oat Illume and Clover vol. 1. Bristol Bucks county. A thursday november 27, 1873. No. 16. And Between o. Weave them in Chap ctn their Colon the Green a Ltd the Gold and the Gold with the Green. And out of Hie throng of Tho Brown Nikito i icon let flip Chouse him who waa Truo u the whom courage failed not when Trio Buttle wan Tot m Handi no Tho Yardom and broadest from toll and to Tho Choice of to bal pm Rcpt and fairest a and it b be Tho Honor the Duple t to Wear j of tenderly plow it upon her fair i Oro Hockl and let it rat lightly upon her dark hair. Awl Tell a plus in Beauty her Trews the , the. Oat Illume tic Irlue Kroon wow Llamas or howl with Ftnat Trnik Brit ten apology. A fifth time they fired and Clinton s Ball struck his antagonist in the same leg a Little below the former wound. Are you satisfied sir asked the second. I am not sir i replied Swartwout pro Clinton then left his station threw Down his pistol and declared that he would fight no mom. Whereupon Swartwout taming to his second asked what he should do to which the second replied there is nothing further left for you now but to have your wounds so the combat ended and the two parties re turned in their barges to the City. Such was Clinton at when he had already been a member of the Lugi Slatie and was about to enter the Senate of the United states. He was Brave to rashness and ambitious beyond measure but he lived up to the Standard of his Day and acquitted himself of Icv Cit Trust with Honor and distinction. A grand daughter of Beethoven is living in Vienna in great destitution and the fact having been brought to the emperor William s notice he has ordered that during her life time five per cent of tie proceeds from the performances of he Othoven 1 opera the Berlin Koyal opera shall be regularly assigned to her. I want to said a creditor fiercely when you Are going to pay me what you owe Fooyou Tako me for a was the soft answer which did t turn away Wrath. Jones docs it see the use of militia he bawled out is better to disperse a crowd than a Good a pallor backed shrieked an Urchin in Trio Street. Al Lionso used to Call his adorable Angelina his Turtle Dove. He now drops the Dove and Calls her because she wears snob a huge Shell on her Belt. Have been otherwise of ill additional somoes of bewilderment and it afforded fresh incitements to the enterprises of a warlike people by announcing to them that amidst destruction they were indestructible and that in death they were deathless. The readers of Virgil Are however better Able to estimate Tho influence and tendencies of the Eleusinia co loved As that festival was by the philosophy of that Warburton has p roved in his divine legation of Moses that the sixth Book of the represents several of the shows of the mysteries. Aided by that Assur Ance alone it would have been possible to con Jecture though to no very considerable extent the nature of of the Mystic witnessed at Kiusis. We might under the Sybil Hng guidance of Dei Phobe have advanced from the Banks of the cocytus to the Watere of the styx and Onward to the most Remote Bou mucus of tartarus but to should still Luke remained ignorant of Trio character and manner of those celebrations of which the Pas Sage into was Only a portion or rather an episode. Tho heart of the secret would have been still undiscovered we should still have been baffled in our endeavours to under stand Tho reason Why the festivities performed at an insignificant Borough town of Attica should have surpassed All others in importance and have retained for so Many centuries an undisputed Dominion Over tic imaginations of the most civil cd people of Antiquity. When we found it narrated that Neil himself with All his matchless audacity was deterred from joining in those festivities from a consciousness of his own i icons and Gigantic crimes we should without further know ledge have marvelled at the Motal authority which proved Superior to the Ali Sical Puissance of that imperious and Law less despot. According to sue Tonius his biographer the emperor Durst not attend the Elc sinian mysteries because to the murder of Hia Mother he had recently added that of ins aunt. When we Learnt moreover that Tho emperor Valentin Ian permitted the continuance of these festivities in consequence of the representation made by Pribic status the proconsul of Achaea to the of acct that the Grec aids would be utterly dispirited by their abolition and that this conces Sion was made by Valentin Ian at the very period when he was prohibiting elsewhere All kinds of nocturnal sacrifices we should have been yet More inspired with curiosity As to the nature of these inscrutable rites and have been still More filled with astonishment at the wonderful hold they had obtained Over the popular affections. Other circumstances must have tended in like manner to increase our amaze ment at the Complete and irresponsible Sway exercised by Tho institution of circumstances As the penalties inflicted on those who after initiation arrested any debtor ten dered any petition travelled to Tho sacred Edi fice in a Chariot seated on the cover of a Well or devoured either mullets bears or besides the summary vengeance wreaked upon whomsoever presented Thom collated expressly for the Bucks county Gazette axe Chotai. Fraux eats ameeioanhistqeyana1 biography Lii Wall Street pins at 1810. The following clippings from a new York Magazine of october 1840, is not Only interests ing for the ingenuity of its puns but for the curious parallel represents with events thirty three years thereafter state of tiie Market. Wait the braid of brokers is shaved very thin its condition now is nearly transparent. Our Cui rent notes Are in current and now arc often ice counted than discounted. Brokers arc now Breakers and Many a floating capital has been sunk in them. Ii was proposed at a meeting of merchants a few Days since that a petition be presented to tie common Council to change the first letter of the name of the Street from a w to an of dealers in hardware say they never found things so hard As now Lin plates Are Flat heavy Iron Dull Spades not Trumps. Brass is however in demand fur politicians brads Are also in request but holders cannot be got to Fork them out. Fails wont go by pushing and have to be driven. The dry goods merchants say that their cases Orchard and complain that tie people prefer the Bank rags to theirs. In paints Black though Many attempt to vanish the thing Over. Ship Otiis of ashes have had to add sackcloth to them As prospects arc by no Means Pearly and prices Are going to pot. Timber Traile is pining Ami holders have-1" Lio Yucis of indigo look Blue but those deep rend Ai e not i Teri enough to think that a symptom of dying. Stiffening and paper is stationary. In the meal Market things Are floury but tie mind s say the High Price of wheat goes the gain at which the Bakers Aie also crusty. Thug occurs have got along pretty gingerly but some having tasted a spice of the times have become Peppery. There is a dog at Cheshire conn., More than 200 years old. It belongs to named Truman and is of Iron. A Quarry Man an Exchange thinks that More persons go to the theatre u see the new Magdalen than open the testament to read about the ancient one. A Justice of Tho peace at Kansas City Petit lot the Sigil Darud Ade selves without the necessary qualifications or divulged the secrets of those occult and sym Bolic which Wera expiated by death of the most sudden and ignominious description. Something More than the poetic enigmas of Virgil to explain the precise character of these mysteries and to our inquisitiveness As to the particular spectacles revealed to the athenians on such solemn and August occasions. This additional information however could Only be accumulated scattered Over the whole surface of classic literature. Bit by bit it might be culled from the orations of Cicero from the hip Rapues. Of Plutarch from the didactic pages of Aristotle and from the commemorative chapters of Liv. Origin of tic phrase the Hon. Andrew Stewart when a member of Congress in 1s10, made a speech in favor of Protection in which he related an incident which gave the origin of the Well known phrase i acknowledge Tho in years subject was before Congress and we were discussing it. I was trying to show to the Farmers of the coun try that they were purchasing foreign agricultural productions in the form of goods while they leave Timeir own produce at Homo without a Market. I said Ohio Indiana and Kentucky sent Ioir haystacks eos lie us and fodder to new York and Philadelphia for Sale. Or. Wick ill of of Kentucky jumped up and said Why that is absurd. Or. Speaker i Call the gentleman to order. He is stating a absurd Ity. We or soul haystacks or Cornfields to sew York or i said what do you Send Why houses mules cattle and Weil what makes your horses mules cattle and logs you feed a Hundred dollars Worth of Hay to a horse you just animate and get upon the top of your Haystack and ride it to Market. How is it with your cattle Yuu make one of them Cany fifty Dol Lars Woith of Liny and grass to the Eastern then i came to the hog question. Said i sir. We Kline you Send a hog Worth thirty dollars to an Eastern Market How much Corn does it take at this to Thiee cents per Bushel to fatten it wiry thirty then you put thirty bushels of com into the shape of a hog and make it walk Oil to a Eastern or. Wick Lluc jumped up and said or. Speaker i acknowledge the laugh la. Do Witt Clinton s Duel with John Swart wont. If you wish to know what manner of Young Man de Witt Clinton was Yon have Only to read the official report of the Duel which he fought in 1802 with John Swartwout at wee Hawkin. Clinton was then opposing Aaron Burr and Swartwont accused him of being actuated in his opposition Only by personal and selfish motives. He is a liar a scoundrel and a exclaimed the hot headed Clinton. A Challenge followed and the Duel was fought. I suppose that it was the most remarkable affair of the kind that of Ireland. The first fire doing no harm to either of the antagonists one of the seconds asked Swai Twat Are you satisfied sir i Arn said he with More Bluit Ness than Courtesy. They fired a second Lino without Efi bet Are you satisfied asked the second. No 1" Thui ulried Swartwout. The men fired a third time without effect when the same gentleman politely asked Jar Swartwout if he was satisfied. I am was the reply neither shall i be until that apology is made which i demanded. Until then we must Swartwout s second thou presented a paper containing the apology demanded for Clinton s signature saying we cannot spend our time in conversation. This paper must be signed or i will not feign any paper on the said Clinton with firmness and dignity. I Ltd. The Blue flaws of Virginia. In 1010 attendance to Church twice every sunday was enjoined upon pain for the first fault to lose their provision and allowance Lor Tho whole week following for Tho second to lose said allowance and also to be whipped for the thud to suffer the Law was. Sub Sori Routly modified As follows the governor published several edicts thai every person should go to Church sundays and holidays or lie neck and heels night and be a slave to Tho Colony tie following week for the second offence he Slio idd be a slave for a month for the third a year and a every person who refuses to have his child vap Liral by a lawful minister of the Church of England shall be Merced ibs. Of tobacco. The whole Liturgy of the Church of England shall to thoroughly read in Church or Chapel every if any Quaker or separatists whatsoever in to the number of five or More of the age of six teen years or upwards under the pretence of joining in a religions worship Cit authorized in England or this country the parties so Ollo Iid ing shall forfeit and pay for the first offence 200 ibs. Of tobacco for Hie second Oft once Doo ibs. Of tobacco and for Tho third Olf Ericc shall to banished from the puritanical Toler Ance indeed Jii. Roj list they did not let people travel on sundays in old Connecticut. They Tell amusing stouts about selectmen stopping people on the High ways Thorn in ancient Limos. Well they did no thing of the sort in Virginia of course net. Let us Sec enabled that the lord s Day be kept holy and no journeys be invade upon that Day unless upon necessity. And All persons inhabiting in the country having no lawful excuse shall every sunday a Coit to the Paris Church or Etc. The court in every county shall cause to be sol up near tie Cost Lionso a Pilsbry a pair of stocks a whipping Post and a ducking Stool in such place As they think convenient which not being set up wit my. S x months after t to Date of tins act the said shall be fined live. Thou Sand pounds of tobacco funny decidedly but the funniest Pait of this is the ducking 01 clicking Stool. This was a sort of a Long beam or pole moving on a Pivot at the Middle am having a seat fastened at the fit thai end where in a scolding woman being placed was conveniently let Down and ducked in a Pool or Stream of water. This was a fiorile pastime of the royalists in Early i have never discover it that the puritans practice it in England not they. They were too Sli Highl a ipod for an such amusements. Aad Elliis method of Pun inning scolds was introduced into the City York by the in Gallant Fellows not by the dutch Anc the practice prevailed there for a Long period be erect Etas m Mcnae blood on the wharf in front of the old Start Huys or City Hall in Coli cities slip in that City Tho first offence of hog stealing sulial be punished according to the Fanner Law to pay one thousand pounds of tobacco and in Case o inability serve two upon a second Cou fiction the offender shall stand two Houis in the Pillory and lose his Eais and for the third of Fence to shall be tried by tic Laws of England As in Case of poor hog stealer this was hard on him predicament truly us Gable. So you see i chivalry what your ancestors did. From tic hic pendent la tub late Jiuu of. We were sitting around the Camp fire after an unusually severe March mid or. English As usual was expanding into flowery language to the mingled disgust and admiration of his com rades. Point of difference however had As yet Arisen and 1 began to wonder whether the fatigue of the Day would prevent the evening s a Cushion. Or. English however solved my out and precipitated argument by a remark bout that faithful but eccentric animal the this raised a chorus of remonstrances of the packers who had been sorely tempted rat Day by mule eccentricities. Said air. English i stick to my Point. Tho mule is faithful. If you treat him he will treat you Well. And As for know igness Why he has got More knowing Ness than Lime in tills Here "1 of he hns said John Cours the chief Packer but to has got ugliness of Hain t he English just answer that "1 will answer said or. English. Did t you Novor know men that had Ritli but a mule a is and rules which apples to one disregards the ther. A mule Ain t a Man and Ain t of As much seas a Ain t or. English. Supposing j on As Stan ing which had Vou rather eat a mule r a Man Why a reluctantly admitted John 3o url is. Then Don t Tell said or. Isireli that a mule Ain t of no More use than this piece of logic being apparently in answer a Brief silence ensued after which or. English continued but the mule As i before remarked is truly Withful. I know Oil a mule orc that belonged o Joe chillers. You remember Joe Ceil ii a Liat come up Here from Tucson a Swarthy mexican admitted Liat to did remember Joe Cal Klivis. Said or. English Joe chillers was male recon or by thu sink of Tho f it had t been for the Fidelity of his Mulc the would t never Ireon known. When first i know Joe Childers he was up in Toul mine neigh boyhood nigh onto Iileen years ago. Be was Inis Dir thick Ullh two Dauwel and warn was heir names. Warn Lover amounted to much but Manucl was the Eador of the two and he was a Low Feller. He a bar there for us buys and one Nii lit he Vas a sitting Luire when up came a follow on to is Luck leading a Bronco mule. Which one of you gentlemen is Joe cd old he asked. That s Joe rather surprised. 1 have brought you a letter from your Lato Miner Tom says this fellow who Bong Low spirited through recent bail Luck jest shot himself Well this news etched Joo mighty sudden v r he was a very Al dec Lionato Man and Sot a great by his Parl cts. But pretty soon liter the messenger had Rode away he Road his partner s last letter to us Fellows. It wont like his " busted. The mule is All that i be got 1 Send Liim to Yon with to at it Tiki Ianc regards of j our Friend and Faith to inure Iti Hartlon. Nil a in it the off co not later thin mount Laic fun Ucli oar kor i Trio Wook u u i us Pait Nur and hero Supid the mule. Tom . It was one of have no animosity against or. Swartwont. I will willingly shake hands and agree to meet on the score of formci1 the fourth fire then took Placo when Clin ton s Ball struck his obstinate antagonist in the left leg below the knee Are you satisfied sir the wounded Man was again asked. Standing firmly at his Post he answered it is useless to repeat the question. My determination a fixed and i beg we May pro while the surgeon was extracting the Ball from the opposite Side of Swartwont s lag Clin. Lou again cd Claud that a Hud no animosity a decided . M. Quad of the Detroit free press has i upon a method of infusing Domestic interest into the weather probabilities which will coir mend itself to the admiration of the mos Timil Ferent. He says there is a certain stitch is and formality about old re Poi which common people would like to see clanged for something Mote Frank and open Hearto the whole thing could be made More one wifi Reading and More interesting to Tho Oung some newspaper Man had the weather to Tak Cai of. For instance whore the report reads for the. Northwest rising Barm Etc with cold northerly a Rigil Minde journalist would say folks in Wisconsin an Minnesota will get no and got to Morrow will be cold enough to freeze the hair on a hitch ing Post. Just a Yeai ago to Morrow to Dublin boy and Tho san Francisco babe Lead a set to near new Orleans and Dubli on it is also the second anniversary of to Watertown Bank robbery where the Thieve carried Ott and were allowed to co for their honesty in restoring the teance. Honesty is the Best policy look out it cold winds. A honest Man s the noblest Woi k of god and Snow Storrs the present weather Man says for sat urday in the Gulf states South and East winds rising temperature threatening weather and occasional Lams 5fow that should read Don t count on going to circuses and picnics. Saturday the umbrella Market will be firm and buoyant and the mud knee deep. Bettor Gay at Home and sew carpet Raire and get the buttons on your husband s sunday shirt. Occasional Rains May expected to Morrow and the new York detectives will probably catch am it for Nathan in where the weather Man says for the South Atlantic states increasing southeasterly winds with Cloudy weather Clearing away by saturday in should read splendid for going after persimmons Down South Don t draw your Shotgun toward you by the muzzle weather a Little Cloudy Bat dad s Rich and so who cares Good Day for setting out grave stones. Use Fargo s liver pills for sick head acl in no respectable family should be with out it. A year ago or thereabouts senator Pomeroy gave senator York and never jump on to the Trout platform of a Street car. Weather will Clear up by saturday night and it will de o Good night for going to the Lodge. If your wife does t believe you went there Tell her to smell of your then where probabilities says for the Middle and Eastern states Southwest winds with partly Cloudy it to read a Good Day for taking photo graphs East of Michigan. Some Clouds loafing ainu us and Good weat Lier for stealing overcoats. About time to Geboo Asfor your boys leave the pegs in and the boys will prefer to go Barefoot for awhile yet. Nothing Liko Economy and Don t Wear White when you go Hue Klc Berring Good Day for new England sewing women to Snake shirt at fifty fonts per Doop. Southwest winds to be expected Don t Fly your kites too High about this time last year a new York county treasurer acknowledged himself a defaulter to the amount of hut the tsars of his aged father effected a Compromise for and the treasurer commenced building a Fine House. Don t lend Money to strangers and do unto others As you get a Chance. Rain to Morrow night and spell ing schools ind Candy pulls Are Only a month Distant. He kind to your sister and look out for a s corp them Little Oil less looking runts that Are so Ong that nothing can t Wear them out. It iou Kelso Lidia Loiis As it blood there that Fellows broke out into a laugh. Let up on that said Joe. Tins animal was the last Gilt of my late partner and i m bound to have in inspected what la you Call it says one. Well that set the boys talking. Some was fur i Uncial Scott and some for Jenny loud and one Focil suggested Columbia which a n t at All appropriate but Joe Cut them All Short. Says to this Bronco is mine and i expect to have the naming of it. This the condition1 of nip nok of ins death. And now lot s go into Maun Al s id drink uus cd b health.1 Well sir. It was just astonishing to Sec How attached he grew in Liat Gionco. He never spoke Cross to him and never seemed to get mail and that mule though he had some Odd Wajs about him Sola gloat Deal by Joe. But the others did t like him much and Manwel especially w As very Down on him. And i sup pose bus Rcd was the Causo of the trouble be con him Ami Joe if the truth was Only known for one a maim Al was feeling pretty ugly about something and busted was standing there in front of his store and he began to swear at him in Spanish. But though it was in Spanish it made Joe All fixed mad. Just look heir Syhl to none of your swearing at busted. I won t have it Manzol got his Back up Al that and Dicov a knife on Joe but Joe was too Quick for him and he did just give him the most Well hoc cd old ii Ashing Liat Yon Ever see. After this Manwel was mighty pleasant but i Dis trusted him. Them mexicans with All to Weir car joing and Cara Bering Are nothing to to frightened of if you meet them boldly but Hoy Aie treacherous As can to and if they can Hurt you on the sly Lilicy will. Well Joe and a we Cuetei mined to go out Over the Amargos Vav a prospecting. It was a wild Goose Chase any Way and we knew it but still to went. How we suffered 1 to got into a Canon and to a place where Thoie was first a Steep Wall of Rock to Vonty feet High. We Slid our animals Down. I had a horse and Joe had busted and we was. Ave went along a Little further and came in another precipice two Hundred feet Well of course we could t do nothing that and so we just put Back and climbed spa Man. It look us a Lay to gel Over the Mountain and then we came Down info another Sand and Lialo on every Side. Our canteens bad Given out and we Hal no water. Iwo Hoins after while we were next to dying Vilh thirst our tongues swollen so that we could Peak my horse gave out and them we vere. Night was Coni lug on and we were played out. English says Joe we must take a lost. Ton and i can sleep an hour and then perhaps we can gel a Little further. Busted will hold lit for something yet and busted did. You could see he was wanting water dreadful but to did t seem wore out none and just kept pegging slowly and slowly along in a Way that was just Ridic Lous and nothing else. Avell we tied him to a tree and then Joe and i slept. In a Little while after 1 shut my eyes As it seemed to me though l must have Buen All of two hours 1 woke up with some Biddy shaking me like mad. It was Joe. Look said he English we re lost. Rusted has bit his rope in two and gone off and Arm Gosa country and the death Valley and i did t believe in Tho Dryl Bucl Story. J3ut Joo and Nolc were sitting in Manwel s store. Says Joe if nobody la go with me i la go alone. Just give me busted and i la Aravt 1 through this country from one cud to the Oiler and i till you what i m going Over there to , Magaud baggage. I be got Ilvo Hundred dollars in Gold that i la put in my Belt and i la Start alone if it s necessary i la go with said or tevet suddenly. Well Joe was in for it and to d have gone with anybody rather than not have gone Ami in ended in his Starling As he said. Well As mag he have been expected he never came Back. Bui Manwel did in less than n fortnight he was Back again with his hair All right but said he d his hat. He could t stand Trio desert he said but he d left Joe Well and Hearty and on the Way across the death Volley. The Story seemed reasonable and we did t think nothing strange about it except that did t write no message to me. It might have been All of iwo months lifter this when Captain herring came through with a pack Tialin. And a pre Cious Bung eyed old Rascal to is you Well his train and to. Slope oct to take dinner with us and As he tied no Bis train who should i Sec but busted. At Glrst i could t believe in foe 1 knew that Joo never would have Jwied with him but he prayed and me when i came up. 1 did t say nothing to no one but 1 Drew Capaiu kor Ling outside. Says Jil Tho Plo Asme of this Community that sentence should be passed upon him Here and now or veiled but our voices did t seem human. We was just wild for blood. Said the judge take him to the can on where the remains of his victim is reposing and their lot him be Hung or if no ticks can be found shoot the Russ a clod Mai incl. There of my clod he slipped Quick a out of the Bolt of the men who was by him. We see his knife Flash in the air. Lie ran to the mule cursing terrible and stabbed in thru times. To was like a maniac and so was All of us for that matter. What More to d have done i Don to know. I be always thought he meant to kill himself but he did t have time to for with his last Stab at busted up went Alf Kelley s revolver and he fell Drad. We buried him and we ordered warn out of that settlement. I have Boon at Many trials in my Day but never to one More impressive than i Lua one was. Sometimes 1 dream of in even now the dramatic pc Sonica of that affair Are scattered now. Kelly is a leading Railroad Man in Frisco Iho judge went to Congress and now has got. An Indian Agency which they say is a pretty fat thing and i made my pile and lost it and am Down to a Packer with them Over my head who once i would t have looked from tie Oeter latin to nutty. Tse tooth of Buddha. Few people would venture to dispute Iho Beauty of Randy at any Lime hut glowing with the Brilliant Sunset lights it must win All heart not. Only utterly to Beauty. Al present it May be described As a congregation of handsome objects rather than As a City in Tho cent to is a Large artificial of Tho unions tanks or reservoirs constructed at Vari Ous parts of the Island about two thousand years agh to irrigate that land forming Hie glory of King and kingdom. Item looted lulls Waters Indi Jhial Temple with numberless colonnades and towers under which reposes the great Dut Aila the tooth of Iii Doha enshrined in temples and alters and of a Virble Ivory Ebony Silver and Gold Sot with precious which he Island is renowned. Around u Scmier is a Ralski d Wall and a Idaile shadowed by Lanai ind Loos and Tom male Cotton with its Cherry Lippi d Flowers Whu a falling Cai Pel the Earth of Pinky Loa lets. Below is a Carriage drive around tilt Lake i Wiir Mill s in circumference. Oil the polite Side it tin1 modern hotel with its Wido Viand a covered with creepers of every Lino and templing Long chairs. Alith on is an old dutch Church which in iia sly simplicity is a Good foil to i to Giamei Fol and Delabo niu1 Pamla on Oslo it seems to be sneering in a quiet and phlegmatic vainglorious display of form and color which Iran sufi air Iclal scenery. A Long narrow Picun Rewie chinese Street forms the business Poi Iio i of the town and All around ujan the Green Hills ate the planters bungalows climbing higher and higher up the mountains peeping out from Solus exhales a which hangs As a can Opy Over the whole c orig try and whose . Biti is when the col by is Rij Gladde Uthe dark of the landscape. To return to the Temple nov the resting place of the Ivory til Flo whose i Vor Tam at tempting Tii write. U is this two or nucleus of a of Jiuji Hist priests who lift their voices in Praise , noon Ami night with an accompaniment of Drums Tom Toms and gongs. There is also a Large stable of elephants nud liaises and Sorvig inon Olla Riate upon grand occasions Whan Tho tooth goes Biond to is exhibited to the this however ii very rarely does for its i Indrisand thoroughly that Loo much Ity Breeds contempt and fifty years sometimes elapse Between ii pc Arai ices in Public. King Kilt sri had been the last Monarch to worship ii in company with his Subj its so that very few in Tho Island had actually Suku it though they earnestly believed in the Potency of tie relic and Liat the sight Alonzi Confer Prosperity upon the tree older. Great preparations were therefore made in ills City Kandy Arches erected Ami Liolu Trees transplanted i form borers altars and avenues for tie procession be Imu in or pass through. Every woman or could use its came from All part of the Island to Wilness the exposition and partake in the consequent bin claw even As italian peasantry at easter Luthc vast amphitheatre of St. Peters to cinch the Small slips of which the Pope trusts to the Wlms As his mass Cigar to a Onvy Pardon Tor sins and immunity from punishment. Hut Ilia Cinga Lese consider that Uno Divino in Polit is Anovich for one life Thor Cofoni this festival is not of in repeated. Necic we Aiu. Well i stalled up. It was just As lie said. We could t say nothing it seemed so useless. To snowed have went Back again and yet we snowed we d got to. If you must you d has always been my favorite motto. But there we was fifty Miles from water and that water was Alkali and about As bad As none at All. And for two Days we d been dry. Well we Felt we d never Sec busted and we just waited for the Moon to Rise and Light us out. Of it had been Moonlight and of we had t waited we d hav o died sure. Bui it s Hejnig a Little Cloudy saved for As we were sitting there to heard Steps and there woe a. Busied. Lie came up to us and sniffed. Of and what became of asked John course we was mighty glad and mighty relieved colitis. To see him but we was puzzled by his one countable behaviour. He kept kind of bunking around into is and braying and lit last we see the Mason. To Zepur Jingo Brush against and finally that canteen that Hung on his Saddle hit Joe s hand. English i just yelled Joe in his hoarse and husky voice that canteen s wet and sure enough in was. That mule had smelt water and had come Back afterwards though it could t fill the canteen it had stooped Down and got its outside wot. We saw it All in Minuto. Well Lead us out Good busted dear said Joe patting his neck and half hysterical. Aud thai mule just went water straight and we followed you Bel sir. And lie led is straight on to a Spring with Willows and Canebrake i j of grass j the Hummes of moving. The first sunday Iho now House is so notable Dav. Their is an entire absence of old land Marks and Allrn Ige weird newness Oil every thing and you Cau t find your shaving Boup you Start for a scuttle of Coal but. You Don t see the scuttle. It is in the Bottom of a barrel in the Garrot. You Uko Iho dripping pan you change your shirt you look for it first. It is in one of Tho Bureau drawers which Are piled Ona upon another in tic parlor and you find you have got to lil to half ton of carpets ind feathers Beds before you Ca Down to the drawers. After you have lifted them Down and searched them through in is remembered by your wife that the desired garment is it Ono of the the one Utho sued she think a. Although it May be the one Inlow Garret Ami e growing around us and a Nice Bunch ust a Little Way off. Of it was Lovely. We stayed there nil the not Day and just skilled Walcer. And then Ive Slat Tad Back Joe and i both Riding busted. Will. We kept pretty quiet for some time. But he kept hearing people talk of Bryfogel s discovering Gold Over there you know. How Bryfogel went out and found Gold and left his private Mark there Ami then came Back and when he went out again could t find his nor nothing. Well Joe he did t know but he kept hearing and hearing about it till he grew kind of crazy Aboul it and Noth lne would satisfy him hut to must of busted Hail wounds enough from that thief Manwel to kill fifty replied or. English. We buried him in style though. We had .1 regular High toned old funeral Over him. Smarty Jones him As was shot m pm hut years ago by the vigilant is was mighty Good at improvising them things and As Long As us Fellows could t Bury poor Joe we was bound to make it up on busted. And now i d like to know if that mule was t faithful Liat you d Yel it would be just like the stupid have carried Liat barrel Down n the cellar. A cd quilt comes it first then a Patin next a ii ice of cold Ham neatly done up in your Vest Ami packed away in Tiv missing scuttle. Below is an assortment Fil on Vara a length of stovepipe a half loaf of bread a couple of towels and a rolling pin Vou begin to expect you will eventually come upon a Coal mine and Neihaus some Friend. Then you Down in that barrel again and come up with a Plesin assortment of stockings and tied fwd Cine hollies. The come up this time leads you to consider the barrel itself. Ii has caught i the Back of your Vest and made the cloth let go it took offous . And created a sensation on the Hack of Yoi t band As if a Bonfire had raged there. It is Nuite evident that the Cooper who built that barrel was called away before to commenced to Clinch the nails you voluntarily grasp the Rol Only sound in the Camp was overheard in Low half Mournful murmur of the Breeze which seemed to Wall sadly through the Rocky and look around As if Yon half expected to see b Iii. Theu you Call to girl to repack tha up stairs to look that is easier to find but finally change your mind and pass the balance of the Day in. Digging tacks and worthless Wood from the Palms of your feet and concocting lies about Tho wealth of your Uncle and the Moon window at night and touches no of burnished Silver several length a half dozen Odd chairs a Sheet of and a barrel with lied quilts Faiu Danbury 3fi stall out again Well i d Hud Enowski of she lose her Adf Post and we have found More advantage entertainment and instruction by looking Over the edition of Webster s unabridged dictionary than we thought it possible to derive Tom any Book we think it Sui Passos in completeness any Book Evor Yat published and we feel proud that it is american Price current when a Young lady gives herself away does this is the Way the Brooklyn argot a the present of ailed condition of tie country Kino out wild Bells Tho u part for eating Lumblo pie King out a Flat Bells Tim die in cast our going to to bitter to Babbage Tho dul Nino dry Aullma Bank cashier in Hia thu his native land with about of flip Bank s funds in his pocket of iwo bitter must ire the Nec Liou that with All his oppor Tum l pc left Over to in stolen by the it siding of that Tost in spa Peri newspaper
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