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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - November 20, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaPublished weekly Jesse o Thomas Budis Gat tote. Inch addition no insertion to in Ink Al cohtlurtf., 20 to cent f 1 50 of variably in for one 00 for six 1 m for three Mont Lis extra edition. Joint communion. V c reprint in this extra Sheet the following on joint communion which appeared since our last publication on Liis Nul inject. We commend Vliem to lilo careful nil who arc concerned. Vol. 1. Bristol Bucks county thursday november 20, 18t3. No. 15. Of tit editor we am obliged to trouble you truth other letter which i dope b j the to communication dated 16th of of that if j desired att Kort met North Al Ata Tomull i Imd in Leto in question i not a. I Nitu at mtg Iii for Mart in fuel for that in could Liat whole Caw for tic Tofu Rico nil Klit to clued Bolo re i i incr upon my examination or it. Jul this in Terr no reply wan Given and so notwithstanding the runt dont Promise 1 vat liar inc con id expected Oliero wits me to do hut it proceed with Trio Mattur in hand. I therefore wrote Una lure urdu to you my Dynit Mireur thou mind s afr lion that i he upturn were admitted to Paris he in thu Kurt bit Hun i Eltho Pitit . Tut now at Light in your to i Nalof Ilie Kwh inst., nearly a column of fresh 1 this add to have tin word rather Lumu to fisc Tutte Camion and it to a salts factory Niue. Hut 1 t Gnu of lit 1 Inonu writer of whom he i told not employ mls Torl cutt nor undo Vic him 1 am nut by the Iliff he Haw wild or done this May be u h of Luconti Ove Rayt but it in not a very Manly or cite did Way. 11 in i inn uti hinge that although on the i Kali Ultimo i publicly declined entering into correspondence with tiny third party the Bun i Man Liani tid Lipitt Milf should in shut in his in Iru Vair. Ill Lintl idler noticed Only by chum 1 was the priv Jiing to Cummins of the Benefit of Tomt up to that time had by ease upon it and Kool Lii for having Bluit the Pru Cue of Tel Tivitt Lnor j to Paris Ltd a in inn a fur Alin till old Nve Liall soon a Lith i it Niit Khudis Confidence. A croat Nisi in people who know snot land Only a it appeared for the last thru or four conc Ratimir Aiu under Trio impression that from Tho the to Tho present Day it has Ziec a it lonely and Coli undly and no to Way that a Man wus ordained Scotland is with them t to Wiki ii hint he was a Raj Liyar Ria Mautor. ought to have Knowli ski of a Cli Bias tical ii Oaire to in he rec to Lite finn such a it t sonic have not. Yon will Polisi Ray Kir Liat neither the defective of the ius Turli is Pali it nor thu Truu ropy Ivcic Ilove a Rich any mention of taif Norson or a Cottons from whom Slor Rosciu Ruoh to his Mion. In Mit he is not a j Lvi . But Iii the defender of Bishop Chi Mimish. Wafi More precis and Prudi it. Lie said i Uin Hud scotch and thus without flip Yingkai Licinski United Thul to had Votti Hiitt n in orders. Sot Liat of Loonile thus wild of Morison s True of almost every episcopal Clergyman ii so of Lind to Dav. It wan Alco Truo of Kil ii to that other und in expect ing the Ali hopi to tic . Lulb Tonus , in Levit on being Lurt Lccy with Dow Grid Tho Ruu Itil Dlhy Tikson hid Tiu Wpm of one of Hui Felt he twee n this would have Fin in warrant a bpm Van 11 lie Hud a Jhun Nain and address but How much More Liun to Nam tie plume of Lind which Ujj shop la str Vel come to All tin Aid i can get from us Lori Ariyon conf hut he in int my Iii that it it until be Intuit Ohlott Crudi it1 to i Reg Lorn la the Public in a Thuv Seiil in acini r. At the very Iteli Kulil Ivo latin and be went out in Ltd crude Lunn. Imy a Hunold not in that he did not tent it und ret urn outer hint Tell. U would be much mar Sut to dial with i Antii Monist who could Tuni the tit m Jmc ant would he willing to keep to it said for mar dry tha by t ii Ftp Pearcel on the a topped the and Dii t i Ted tin july to Liri Sitf in their verdict. At str a Niom it s con Meta the a pronounced thu Jun Onyx guilty. Guilty mid Tho Judko How cilia you say u Hen the Man Lute sure alive to i Ore Youn yes mild the fur Man. If in did t kill that Man he stole my Tho which the Inam Tain his if 1 Church of Kiili Lotut a re Htut ii sent an to the Tim Dong of . I re dial Lillieh must determine tin1 Cmittur and to i proceed m consider them. In the to c to i think it in Ziph Lelh i min who is led thu la Weiwu Wohl have assign full and or limn recognition of Tho or Jbv Prian Church Scotland a Church in a Holcli Cpl Ricoul Kilpi Copal Ordina Uon was were in this description credited to Macit Nlay. Woodo j . That the Church of Scotland in Trio time that Canon prof Csc was presbyterian As it u 1 a Lionel Grant that it was and Sli Ouid oven accept Trio inference that to lied would draw film in Tiu How would it attest Trio thy Phi Farj it might Tell in it debate upon the question whether Tho Jung Lorti Church had Mccog Nicil Kon episcopal Church pics list How often must i repeat that thai is not the Point now the truth or untruth of Bibl cum about Titi adm Filan of pc by Turlan Minlah Torr As Snulli to paws hcs in England is tint Only Mij inject Bel Ore us. Still As this is in character to it and an Rofi Hiil to Tatte it up would a certainly be Micro Prudenti a i by Neil not it by. Previous to 1001 Nunsuch mention of the Church of Scotland Watt made in any Canon the Church of England. Hut Kun rely Cummin known the reason of that. It was not the habit to mention Tho rulers or Tho Church Cosof pm ctn noun trip Khi the bidding Pray or the canons of the Church of pc but to loot Scotland stood in tin relation of a foreign country. When the scotch King succeed us belie on the throne it Gnu right ind proper that the in Hurcheson tin. Conn thus melted under tin mime Sovereign Hli Ould by named together an the Izirer Ulm no one would think of making any reference to the fact if it were not Liat tic established clan cd of Scotland presbyterian Many pc ions might suppose it Law says been and Liat thy mention of it in the bidding prayer is i column Ramg Netlon of this nil n episcopal 3cirk an a or the holy Catholic. Churchi of Chi it is i doll avid to be by the Del under of Bishop Cummins who follows 111 this inspect Goode Ami lord my Chulay. I con fens sir that i Foel great difficulty in knowing How to Deal with the Poons who make for Trio wilful est Uler Zesei ves very Dif Ferent treatment from what they should receive mho am Only ignorant of the Inck or uni Ermonig strange Wii hike respecting them. I have no desire to in Protich Ai any Anu without Oil dunce and am then torn driven to the Cone ii that Liose who such of matter do not know Rhc things about which they write and yet they arc tit Tegt that every Impi Covial and i Resby Terhun Clergyman ought to know. Moreover the Emu i a Poethig them Hai been frequently and fully . Ii seems however that the work must be afraid to join Issue on the whole i May be permitted to allow that this is not the Case. C it is Silway at u that Aii Copal Honl Bacr undertakes to vindicate his Hurcle n tills Way. The majority of Road cars know too Little about jts ii Tuich to qualify them to decide upon tote que options Dischi fwd and they Are in general strongly prejudiced against the Churchi to give it Tient i caring to its advocate. They look Only at certain incas or representations twit prominently to j Oil them find in these Tho Church action is not to accordance with their views they conclude at once Tiit it must lie wrong. Yet sic not with no this pm Judice i Piave a efficient Confidence in Tho i Afi it shot the intelligent Public to make to mire. Of Huir up Roval if their attention can be secured. Prol ably Trio first thought Profili Iccari by Tho Moon. No of question of joint communion wow that we episcopalians deny the Christian character of All. Who arc outs do our own Bovland Loki them it on moral or spiritual Gromus unworthy to in Cut with att Hatalie of lord. This is utterly tin Rue. I Ivo never known an Piscop Atilin that Sita Tel to Tiu Christian standing of. Method Tats or others. For Mya Ulf i utterly abhor any Nch and indignant la Rcpt Liatto it it is not ours bit rather that which we be to we Are in prompt to recon leu and con Ctm tie excellence of others As any people or Earth. We the Emi nent Pleu Tibia to and Ito bar Thomas Chalmers and Albert Barnes. To acknowledge tlic1 Surv cps run died to our uni non Christian Ity by men like Leland and l Wirdner and Pyc Smith and to tie cause of missions by lira Neid and Carey and msgr Buhnia a and kills. And yet sir to believe that the various bodies to which these Noble and Jio Oil Man in longed Uro Nitro sects whose separation i ram the Churchi is or w As it Tho lit by Fjone Over again. I hav Adi shown tha Bihe Churchi of Scotland i Las ills reason Tho Toft Rumity of Tho Church in Lothian Tellic it log inn Rcch cd in icing Lind and " by ill Iii it thut clinic i were the word con form Sid great and i fial Sinnit Leanne in Liose . Those whore to the Jitt Virgy. A us who Trio three fold ministry in Trio Church of England Ocie the non conform to ill in nil rep pct Thoy Dit cred idiom t Tri nuther clinic i the scotch part Agreci hem. It would have in Loup theron Ore cannot How thai 1 Prestiy Lyrian and admitted them to parishes . Or can at list prove that Al -it1, or licit i l of met ii try Els some Linig llah Kinn to or Erik lbs two idiot 3son-Fcpw i we ii scotch Bishops did not to Cluny scotch i in he who a in of course very Init h to the purpose and entirely to la Morrus if Liv were lilt i Long i and not quite of Pullol it might be Ami Ittig to As with the Taschl Grace imaginable and a topic to to Iii and i nun my no in r rom aug Latte be Goon at a bound to chum a Ihla Iii and the Visceto Scotland now lit bal Imit. Invent part cadent for joint and anon in and Quot Tomiva thaotho of ii thin wan eos f to Tho Rel Trion Liv Public an twin Rev in England if it More Over it i4 Worth that the or Mioni or nth inn at that time was the Gainons Juhn sit Liswood who Gledart Tiiu unit the scheme and used to say thar Ali Lizul Lii ant a Mink is u Tilths reduced w a Lornso issued in the i print of that Morrison was of damned about of tvs in 1570 or Kotti. But huh Juv Visouk then . Not in All Scotland u Englc Law i Oliy it in very us Init that 1 in of Dini Itoi Ronld not have been tar Iii. I he i Louii kiting Hud but a in Scotland Mith a oat Ileal More of he violent and Luv Ohi to Lonard spirit than in King had. The ii Ossolie older of Tho ministry was not inh Feied there was very i my halt rejection oi1 pre Lutcs who mud Jur Ludu Tion Liy of kor t Antto but no opposition o Bishops suck. On the Rontani v. The order win preserved As far an the1 Cir i Iii lancers would Pii Imit and that ton in spiffy r Nam a Finett Fri Lucza Tyml it Minglu he ill of Lehr j Fultn Jan ii Ali d. In Andrew t tin i at Urot s i rot Gnu d from Lui him 1 must Bulor to Purani the gyrations of Sulci a anti a vet he shall not have Llu Putin of Sayij Liat i Ayoub a Aneth Langho d that Lead the appearance of evidence. And so 7 shall Ith to much Brevity Art con Hli a the tollo Niit Cavil Larriw and i . 2 i hat of John Murre in. It tin Ai ill hops of Spotti Hond Anil Nalii is Olio had not been Onlin Uick Zirli by. Isth cd Colon in thu Canon i of to Roth and. The Point to prove that the Long lakh Chen a i Urmi Terlau i mud Sid Nitt my them to Parihus without in and Esoldi a i of this we Aie Ducoli d to nun the continent Whon strip estates in hit. Annals Wen admitted Preik Andrt. The one at , Iho Uther . I Ait s by Ari he Wisp ins h by la inv Coant proof Oil n from the yield to it it he is the continent full of sire to jul Vondre the air not called from til j Rind sick like perms to ills let mid feast if the Hurra writs o no Amiul Cego that two j to Tritant e coi Tinl no Wen two who and never re cured Kii Scopal ordinal Ion and that a i vend in a Parsi i not remind you. Or have u. Both in fac Kiiru i before this Caw could he put is d to Lin or edit Rius who Burden of proof re Sis him but proving iroublem.m-. It h much Ranier and Nure Expedy Stuib to Taku for will take the to male to look at Paffe i. Of sly ii he ill and thin Onfry Abdul Plush at admitted january 27th, nor cml of Christ Cli urch Canterbury and Thoi. Admitted the uth of cd Ruaro to the of the Hospital of Kust Grid tic in cant Oak Elgarhi then was Sim Tilv teacher of hebrew trim Ellout had before him Anil there no mention Here of Lite Bains even indeed tic distinction i Natl in teen me a Jolt of Tell they i of in list Ishimi Frutti the Gem rat aft Neil of the uni j of hmm Sil Achi be used them the ably of i Rehby Tori line Echo lord Neal St their his hops and w cast nov the order which to Sav nothing of it divine institution had for 1310 v air the Tui Ernst place and a i horus in the Church in Chest the in Lothian As it to Scotland was set up in Isminy. Lit a ii but this at in after tin ordination of Morenon. And ind Oliou the archbishop girl Nijol win Somi Puritan is to believe unit lie in Auy Way Liiva mine toned a licence lie Iii or tint d to Morrison if Oieni Huen derived from to party which a it w months before Hud the scotch Clin Reh and a Lio Prem Mcd to sex i Octif the of a Tii shop. T , tier Giorc that at the Tini tie Tiou place he Eon Jothian was m All important part Iii of Inforno i .1" to thu Kish Hrim Rupli and that Lohn Morrison episcopal by Ortlam 1 i Pius from Tho presided Corn Short Lime Over n Conpra Gutlon at Antwerp and then Romov wifi to ii Zulun became Prucher to his country Man the Spanish Renji feb. Me att i wards to cd l t Tho of tie Temple to read Iii Hilty Leet Wirf in Thi or 1-malty he Christ Church col Jaccoi in food. And Rad a cat Clie tical lecture there. He held also at stated a pc bad . I mils Lon Don. All thesis is freely admitted but where is Uio that he Tufis Only a presbyterian diving he was born in Spain Lulf 27 Ami appeared in incl in is or 1m19. . The for hit Journ in the Netherlands lie Muht Jirayu been nearly in and now Many your readers May suppose Liev were parishes or at least that they were what is called the cure and consequently that the Para Oil who lick l Llu in were re rum jul. List a mis Lienjin Here Laist d another question viz., Asta taif us Terai to i of Llie Kris curate in those the sit Pontiu Iidle its or were not canons Cally t Lii is a Ciatu a and in he regarded their Coin mls ii ii As Invar he. Mis whole Book i the opposite Henry. From fast to last he a that Ralit tily luit that it i a Cusk whatever it compels and thai those Olio do the Best they can to confirm tit the Vivino Niu live the n and to limit by Cjon. Consequently we a knowl cd i authority and the of those who pre in the. Church of Scotland whenever and so Lonija us they did the Best they could in their Circum stances. And on this principle i for one should not Lici Fiuty for a moment to confess that my Long As John Alorro Loii a Emahuel within Tia realm of Scot land he was entitled without question to Phil Beni All Ilie functions of the ministry. Hut when to went to re Side in England to where an valid authority could be bad and it his Mim Levi duty to procure it. If he did Noah Clawn tic land and of the Churchi prevented his being received a a True mini Sci and any License issued to him under Mich ii Eum stances. Would be illegal. Tiu Ingu Sitimia for is a ing of licenses and admission to Benefice Wein very precise. Tho Law was that none be pc Init cd to Preneth or interpret the scripture unless lie be a i nest of a at the least admitted thereto record Tonij Trent of his Mon Smi had not been so admitted even granting Tomt be was Pisco Jiamo ordained consequently it v tis u violation of tie Law Tolick Jiff Liim. Still Mere marked the violation if or Bud had ind Ollna list o course Liero Weic no Sueh if Tor icus tells on the Multi Ozity of Itiat in inc Scotland of that i episcopal control was unknown How Cal i inc if Mindl Vve May to believe that a lick dii.1 in spire of the null Tii to fact. Sir am so bold isto not Tiit Tomt Thev did live and hold Offir in Church which is now As in cd leave i portly though they belonged to soc Irti d that we to Liec tube destitute of scriptural authority but it Sveinn to be it jul Rod of us that c have Rock sized the authority of the to cities on of tie of the men. It is thought it Rainire that Ali Erik to will not Aclino Lucil in the other also. This ivc cannot do. The Virtues of to an association will rest Hecla Lilliy and in it useful but its claim to to a True Wirgan Sod Church i in judged of very Difei rent Gronn tis. We arc nimble to How a body that Iii no into existence Lirou Humli de years Huq Ean he that Church of Chi it which i i Ibuki Ideal Rrt arly sixteen bundled years before of it said thai it holds the doctrines which the primitive chinch Holzli Ami that Tomt Tate should sit we us. We reply that if it does hold Thow doctrines u is not thereby constitute in a clip Wiuli Soin thing els11 a nerd not Xhu Well As orthodoxy. Liat prove that the brotherhood is Ufa that of the apostolic am1. in not in Giuili identity must he established. The Faith Anil form or Organiza Tion Mujib lie the and the Bly by historic de scent pinned to be Llma very Boily to which i he Jurt it Coin Mission Anil run my wore Given by our Lorii Ollir Rake it is not the Church of Christ. We cannot see How peso that i let or Pood Gifth can of empower a Man to As an ambassador for Christ or How persons Vilm do not rightfully that of face can Atquit others to it. Their tire sir we n in ski to in True and Eom plot Clivi Rcck any big Finch As have the Apu Stulic in Ihne Oil res and we refuse to Trio Minifi Trifi Auy but such an have rust vet their commis Jion inti those own of that and a Host right to transmit it arc in tit head Ami front of our o lend Hig hath this More Miv Bufi entirely rims in Tho Roku a Irons that we from our Hemty of holy Scop ties and ancient on opinions May by , Hub As to hold them conscientiously if is impossible for us to otherwise Tolian in with tic in. Over much to Iii we Achord in other res pm us to the xon Dpi Copal churches we cannot regard them other who than As imperfectly Ami dts Voitl of True scriptural Ano Iorito. Cannot re them or confess that their ordination i valid an re titular. Tin world known this for Rainy centuries principles 1mvo been consistently main t ill Neil Throin Ejli Pood report. Aii i evil Ami yet when anything occurs tint Biggs them belie thu Luigi Cut Tiu Public there is a commotion or outcry As if they wore tilings More develop a pints of Moilen bigotry the highly respectable Juiluis tiers i who clip relies the i vent of comniunion1 look pbici1, know our principles perfectly Well Ami will flirt we arc entitled to bold them if so Thun certainly Ako to shape our conduct by them to be with in for in Ofifi so would both lib surd Aurl uti just unit a u Nur Light to i eth so pathans but i am mum to Lulu Aro not angry. They May regret that we Sivu no but As we u no enmity again them intr own so storm they might t Havu none fit inst us for pro ten ing on is and yet Sec sir what thu our require of them if should of i Mission o to Placo no led ring that they arc i reach Law Lilly c Mirml Smioth d to h inc Hosp cd and and ctn lie Tollow Iii n herein despite thu Dolfl i r Oncas Aslo tiie a pro mint Itkin Jirva Linit tlit1 set i Ritli. Spot Irwood s kist., i of. And. P. Kidd Onwood s history. J Tali Lille minister the or Church them Mercle As for tin ministry. At vote faithful Diligence always so to minister the loud neg and Sarrac fir Murf the of Christ the lord hath and it this Ami Tolm have Wist the same and Tho candidate its pics i will do so by tin help of the no Tro raise could by plainer none Nitro Poal Alvo mud i d Neluora publicly a Idu Tho conformity Shiuh they bind the minister Ialo Complete and Ous unt. Now let us see what the Law with in Modl Ato reference to the lord s supper As we Are involved n that it part in Robes May and who May not come to holy communion and also it what i Iii and n what Maii the service is to to performed and n fact., it proscribes to the that Are to to said to the communicants i Ltd ii handing them Trio h requires that All these things arc to to without either Lehil Niehing or us plug in the matter or thu form and also Canon 2t1" Liat no minister when he Cele Brutch tie cum Melon wittingly r Tho Simu under Joku h of to any nor under the like in that Fritsc to lie prysant of Louii tiding to the Oral or of thick and Imp Bulent pairs Point who r trs of tie honk of common prayer i-tc., Canon enacts that no minister shall Wurf r of tension or excoinavtuncation11 tins holy communion in any Uncort Cratt d Only in thu House of sick and i Miolen Art unable to go to Church. And Canon 53 01 in Ulster saying the Public prayers or ministering the Sacra Surut or other of tie Church so till went a decent Anil if any person Olio is under these Laws and us Hole Imily Plaj loud to co it Orai them As Ell As to trip general Tenor of our doctrines and discipline goes to Iny u la gloss Iii humbly of who Wii notoriously in a Utate of a operation from thu , rejecting is ministry Ami authority and con Tlam Nigita worship Ami takes part with them in their Ordinary services 1 leave Yon to Mcculo a Vlious Cru does not run in direct opposition to tie whole spirit and on of the he does not its Laws und h in own solemn i Siniue of conformity. F think you will acknowledge. Sir that ibis even if he joins Only i Trio Ordinary Duvo to Loti of other . How much greater and More Tuii fast Tincu is his trait sir cession if he take part in to Civ scr Lou to do so ii deliberately Oast Tho of Law lie does not break it in one Point Hui in nil. What then is the a intension made by thy in Islip of Smyth Tui go to Trio pastors and members of which Are avowedly Sepa rate 1 rom us and profess to cause inc i a position Olio in fact Pride Thamir Sylven upon though our Church docs not regard tie Natl pastors As qualified to Luli Init Tor holy communion they accepted it front them and United with hem in Trio ministration and that hey Yovu it to to whom the Canon they Uro nut to give it under Yam of suspension and excommunication. It if also Clear though tint that Hie Laws Ai to Fine Ruath and tins of of Fht Wen but these seem Tulles in coins Archon wit i Tiu total Liat form concept Xiuji which the Promise Wilh Given "1 will use it and with facts Efforo sir is it not an in wet to our to say there was no violation of tins order and no infringement Oft Liu discipline of the Clin Reh. If those Laws were Nofi by a Ken no Law was a Niue As regards Pean Smyth it s l that he has done no wrong because the canons Hugo noon to be the. Oon Lencs of his own country. 31 lit is that True legally binding they inny hut morally they car Hinly Aro. 3s it Tubo supposed that a Cler Gyman can become wholly irresponsible1, while tiny cling and if not then what Law surely not Liat of other people but that Vilch in find inv lob he has made himself hoes any Ono Suil Usu that right and wrong Tulej ind upon geographic Al Bolin Marloh Tho can Rich no such . That slip clot s not believe a get i beyond cajun shot by crowing Chii Uriel from pose Sutlon of Cartwright for what he did at Antwerp. But there is another Cou a duration. A Tylli s pledge of conformity was not limited to the Tom of his Home residence. Jul promised no to in Inister the Sac Auu Nti As lie Church hath received the same. As regards Bishop it will in Sild i hit the ii Rerisi Reg in Alioth of inc King Lisle can on do not Hind him. We May Grant this so far As particulars Are Cwi cried but t.ht1 spirit of the Node must be observed. The Law of the two churches i the and our Tubi Ieru a a to ii Mininzon in As and binding us that of the brother Chun h. Cow Quentlyn then can be crfciipl1 from responsibility. How con d with in Cummi ius took this sol emn oath in he Nain-1 of i do Pion use conformity to tin Dot time debt inline and worship of the Cpl Sepal Church in the United St Les of to h pm tar aug Huttlin Hislop tic ground that there is nothing in our Laws it Nobui line a of ii Terc a., he engaged in. This fair is in argue int Liat hav1 it it Oil. To is a 1 Avo nto with Ili Sii a to Avail or Law. It i. Plans bar but Fai Laufou. It would hi1 oily fur tin1 to ii Mars of on i mis to think of Svei v great and Small amt to prohibit them Iii a in to Ilu a is it Allut Tho Law in this Borough that Trio sex elusive pin Cople was sinful edit Meihs and j Oll she , sir that ionian catholics will in damned ans Thuv deny that on ministers Are vol buy or i do not i you sup pow Tho a puts will in damned Heel new Sav ours is not a i Hie Church and that even out chief pastors arc ten Piip Uzi fund Thor Foro but Side Tom covenant i do not in fact sir the Kev. Of Titu Erin who wild thin did not to know How far and How heavily Liu blow would Giitl. List in this Nani of my presbyterian friends i protest his saying. 1 do not thl ulc titty will be damned Ute Migli they live repeat Telly it -lied1 us fur As Able As this had l ii resent inc follow in llu4 Purdunn party Bey Jan to hold separate vices und to Lull Nunter Huram april from the Church thus rejecting communion and by the very declaring it and ii null i Mit in fue not i Leif c nuck. 11 it Tho Sani j tiling Ulm Oil ii h equivalent have declared tute Niit Mich Tel q ing proofs. On occasions Wright wrote a in cart o Govert Zmunt of the English Church Itsu scriptural and unlawful and 4unc owed in then Piht ol1 and on the principles Tomt Tufit thy first in Len Guild was Esau Lulius at in that year. In Tom same your a certain or Chark pm ached Aso Niin adv srum in Shiuli his two main propositions were Liat there should not be divers orders in Tia ministry and that the offt e. Of Ili Slinns dv., be ii i by this Good in in found in Apt scholar in Martin who i iss a Gin he in which tips and other clergymen wore treated with a Norri hts Hal Hii sol com been equated. Martin Wro u Ili shop Cooper of Winch Stor As Tuler Lemur and ii Oving that a Emild Ridl Cuk n to shop it Immo w Ith Iii to As Inucci wit and oven More Wiar Hoiu it than Tho Viii York ohm i i r and have recently exhibited in that Way. Hut we Are not so much con corned with the abuse la tilt in by that eminent Myrtli ils with his pm sign declaration1and these were that Tom Churchi of was und Auti Chr Tau and its prelates had no lawful calling but were i pave of llom.1. Duvil Lii slips sprung it my the Hierarchy of hell 1 in ims the i Ruth byte Rani classes of Warwick Lon Nelly in Thutt shop Voiad no auth i it and that no respect to thu in and that it in i awfully reer Irti Ontic Inott from t Tom. A Paity of Pels dus in at in unlawful private Han questioned re brought Lii foil sir Lohn Lien Tuluii and in that Uliey Woitel not ton form to the Church for it no t and Ali to was no trots 6 Ato a except . Thev it course von the faithful. The faithful a Hen tiie in gush Perl Lens. Or of Talin a did la War Best to Deshowy the Anli Crmim thing thut professed to be Trio Cipuri h of Christen e thing t England. and of Luis inia Tiu is to the Iii Zubei of were driven out no their livings not Only rubbed list in Many instances subjected to imprisonment and a Thor persecute in worst of All to Toni Cuil calumny the dominant party having published to the world Sun Wem thin treated not All bccaiim1 they Sci c but they Wei who Ocie thin Pei Etc Coteil were Nikanj of the most Iasi Rcd and cml in it men of the age Anming Llis Hup i i Deatrix and even who had Sal in tie during that fearful of abounding extravagance and 4, Tho Church Wai of c Tusse de. Nun need As a very of satan. Jul Mlls were in Haiti s its Conini Untim 1 Ables ital s its Tarran its Ami win talk d Abo Minalie and idolatrous j eos it easily turkish it it necessary whole columns of a Nisi find Musu to thine in which Al Artini afar i eclat ind us Grid writ ten jew Achcet and printed twin ing that purim. The j res it Long Thon in up ver issued As already mentioned their formal and Declara Tion of pro Nell s in the eel Ehilt id jus Jim Tiv we m est they the i it on Lorn Ami Thun of course who Woi Ihl a nov Down to tin1 image a Wale i Kan l Rind Calvin Hail set up. And what they did was of com so Stine in less guarded language by d Iii l Dall maintaining either in Llie a of hold Assort Ion in econ dec a Hio Saml. And in fact sir it is hat very Lonsk Tuncav Lii Chi the i a Allemen which next to the dual Reno and Potto local order of Tho Church in the Epharin that us Fiorin Al ruminations. They hoc lit addition to n valid ministry and to scr pm itrel Doel Rinc a Rui Eccl for Law and fur principle that Ali Edo not and we ti1. To Sud Liv and wearied with the evils thai result from Olar Vang the popular fancier s and in religion hey to us fair rest and a Juip i us mans by his action inv a o nil Mich persons stay where you you Wilt Iraln Noth Lnig by the your truth Orlov in just As True and your wily As Good an those of he Church yet n Tuich of. Wotli Atawal Mai anti Lii to i m spiritual c it is vol. Ii. Collier s jtht., Fol. Erl., vol. It. It Obertson in Loon. Ali Story of Church in s Oulu a up. 210. A Lith join Jitian of hist., up. J24, pint for Tiu Benett of your n tiers who cannot go to Trio books. 1 print line two extracts which Milf Neil it by my Brief aces Una. Tie pros byte Rian Furm of Teia Pui toil of probation and the u Meacom h Iron no u Ith it or not. In w Ith tie would , until then Thuv i religions of our Cli Ucli everything hit in old not to permitted to the Jiin ambit c p of the jord h thu in tint course with All who Nee up a place in ministry. 3f then even Hie Kev. Adun Wor the Kov. Or. Jalall a Riuli to Jjo certain tests to wait iwo years and Roe Sivc two distinct ordinations imlori1 we diem As Jik Lilied to administer holy Al Tei Citret years of intolerable agitation mild Ihm As inn lied to administer holy abolished by full of Nurer i Clinin Iunius Why should i hen1 any outburst of Chr mini ten in Tiff at Nus of indignation we do not i that the whose Opl Loim Heem to have been thai Metal Are . Or Nincic the deliberate by tht.1 experience of us alien s his tory of Cli urch of Scotland vol. I. tie before and indeed Iron Tho fit Iii Ial of Perth 1.th7, in Church of Scotland i Iusi lie i a Garden us of Tonij jews of Church of Scotland published by part so cof our own people thu inter fur in. Thu other Point that remains to be treated of with or discipline of Pri Fite All ii roof Otu a Lulies jiul fim int of Tho Church on such Tuut ters is will know and Why Mould an yogic strive to raise a Hue find cry against it As a Ali mtr Al Togo Lici dreadful and bit Limo a Nuward of is it kind or just to to join in any such clamor when Prokl against i Anition of order on tha part of do not thus interfere is Chi Mic related to tote subject of the pies ent than that ins disposed of but As h to it attached to it 1 no a cd to examine it also. It concerns tin1 Conseco alien of thru scotch la Mirph by jigs lips commis stoned by King James. Previous to the Consu Cra Tun it was suggested by the eminent Lei shop an Denvy. That tin Ketch Sling i first be or uair.1 in priests us they had not received episcopal on Lunation. Sport Wood want was one of the Paytics conc Eirick Rodnite a reply of Asp. Bancroft As if it whip the Only tiling said non the occasion it was to this that ordination to the Priesthood was not Cue Sarv for was re jigs lips could Nat in. Bad that Given by presbyters must he esteemed lawful other Wise it might be doubted whether Lloro w As any Law Ful in most of tie Tefo mud Ili arclies. The. Cons crating place Isis hop having withdrawn Obici this. This Case although it Lias nothing whatever to do with the admission of presbyterians to livings in the English Well Calculi to a to Lea the Nili Ulof have Little knowledge of null Larsan impression favourable to tie cause Cummins. Tut assuredly sir he knows that the reply ascribed to Bancroft was not of itself overrule the objection of Andrews and muru Reading would have shown imn it not the Only reply that made. The hex Init is not perfectly Correct jul it is of dec div incomplete. Else whine King is credited with the at aliment i arc attributed to i Ancroft and that Fuller and marts Sutjai actor ought to not then to by left u manage ours i jut it is said we should move Fiorin the Bibl i that the of Canterbury find tli3 assistant Bishop of it ii Iii. By have Doit wrong by foil co Lenin them. Iio Means sir fire under no Snell Holiga Tiomi. I idiot allow tin Appeal to 1 a made to scripture As our Laws by Liose who have voluntarily placed Thiu selves a Micro those Laws. In sonic to could did not require conformity to its own Rode on this part of its members. In principle or Era Timms tins rec Lusi ii of All opposite prion Plep and iriietice1 Anil m Teregul it ions Winch Tell thu Ali a Ftp what he . Do in administration Oli Toly cont Union Bun also do. The coarse h pursued 11 thus Intuit to rom mar that win knives Cut both wifi. Let us Seo lung Tho ii shop s Arij Uincent would Hiitt in other cases to briton i isl turn to Kentucky he should n that the urn. Sir. a Semi to itsi1 inc psf in and Lynul h it up an Alual confession ill in Tut body of his Church How could Bishup in Nienius approach him if a should speak of Law. Or. Blank would most emphatically deny that Ilter is any Law forbidding to hid done m hat then would tic lieu of have to sustain him0 i inv unit Liat de spite Tom principle he now a i would say sir there Mayhai no Law forbidding the car things by name but they Are forbidden Liy Llic v by Constitution of Fth clip ii a by the general of Lav 4. Our As Well As the whole the Church is sir that our Church is also Rouhi due respect say to Buh tip Cummins Nibur right Kev. Sirj that Trio ugh there maybe Nola fur so Mam word what you Call intercom Munion it ii proved unlawful by tic Reg Fiat runs Yon which sunni person have thought Worth v of re pm Tingle this Oiler n Blind and lame a Crillie when they communicate split tally in a As the Church of did of Jet her a Vervlee was a 1 also worship mid to comm uni i such sir Vic caused i pollution tit Tom and such sfsrvief1 isdoni1 to Tho Tho Ami writer says fait her of us. Holy things among them Are the of Ion Are pro their congregations urn Unruh Tiv Cist a impure mid unholy have Jiosi Suarcz stat sice of in it is Label. Not a Lethul. Which they have and from Ihu kind Ofner Izerial a draws the Ful Keving the Vitu Neft of Kayla it in gathered according to in Seitl into is to Havi j in the t Tuin Libarty declared Itin Ilkiw Uney is in script Neil and Thev inquired that Ai should Fiou the duties of to licit Quilice As an Olliee whereunto they were not Calls in by and even Taino its lilt i unfit Fruto. And tills under the Sorn a Hook of him inline drawn up by Mel Ville and his nekmnvlodeesilh1 Phi senator Buhner s views the n. V. Trot Iii on Wadi Cudny a ionians published Pic following letter from senator sunnier which was to have Ikon no tin cuban indignation mooting on monday night ii Ktuk nov. If 18w. It is not in my Power to i with Yon Al your to ask for Justh Iii Cuba. Allow me to add , longing for in nah Llata municipal inn in tills Inland a lure slavery Mill allows its Infa noun Trout unit always insulin that delay is to just Lai do not Illuk it is practicable at tills to Mcliton exist inn Evi donw to Dolisi Unlue nil our duties in Trio recent where civil Lvalion he received i Shock. It is wry easy to sue hint no indignation at Liat dreadful butchery inconsistent with spirit of the age unhappily aroused by illicit expedition from Nitro own shores kindled to that of Trio aug win fur which England Lias been fully Ruud Carcil lit Damasi i can Nisku us Liat Are under in Willi he spun it int Lou terrible Lilii cull s to Sci inc a Ulster re Anil tic Rel orc from Furiman Auto Anil a Ugloi. Xor we forge t Tom Noble 1 in Lilc it Wilosn Voiro non Dong for Liuni Anity and into kilns our Lias Olli a Diar mul Hie world. Alifi mid Killio Ensti Lur do not Lite us Tuico of War from the in Tuii if nit1 needed now i Patina a Iii Justice in Culia Cuccias in Tia Honor mid Riuli tude to Kini Lio c astel.ii1, Anil place belie no our two a these in mind Ali arc will Lic no occasion fort life Hollig Ercsik. Of lust jays Nili Lini to our present Init Dontly of Misilio is of dollars Aud creating a War fever in hit i Fere with he general of Trio political body. 1 no .to., Pennsylvania Railroad. York on and after sunday n of r 2r.d, to Maliu will run us Cople of a Kulo local s but Clai fid anlage of it is Ivy rioted to Trio that t lie one made b the is Given. Church be expected to ignore its own wide Ulm go Back to a discussion of Glrst principles with every one who to break through her settled orders it Llu custom in courts of Austbo to permit tin to question thu merits of the Law he has broken and to claim on the ground of Sonie or if the rights of Man is Himple we sold then j am sure All fair minded poisons will agree wit1 its that we in is judge our members by our own Law and Liat those Olio accept office in thu Church must be subject to the Inlet of Trio Church. It any hitch i person s should com to believe Rule the Careol a in Guzarl v on nod. Minister one District or to another it in a Yter and wholly in a their being so did not i in every Point of View it regular and us enl. diem True nor did they Ever pc i and it carries its own condemnation on its lace. It to it a term clerical function. Onory Niurka i in not an absolute License no profess to give. Of i it Fri Silil i fit Trio Terni As Ucli to perform any Cle Riedil function. Uner Cyiark in not an to a mud License Nui cd of a Lavinn holding ecclesiastical Proiti i what it not give. Tie terms As much m hint of f lord Cromwell temp. Henry it tin us Len und May of Jere and Teffar Viii Iwho was of Willid so in therrion of fac to a but the Laws it the King Edward i. Fjord Chrtt Oid the Karl marshal Dom allowed nothing of the it was feeling toward the i rest Terian i arty in Scotland and England was one of Strong dislike and indignation or Larred. To the Foit Ign chore Sci vlmst1 Cash Vas widely Dij Brent ind vet Mien Wotila he wounded if the English Church should to pc a Stop which would it Buind them of that defect in their organization Winch they were1 not Able to remedy. It was Ano recalled to mind that the higher order in chides Elf i is presbyter in Episcopo the apostles of our lord set apart sonic men to tic Inico mitc to the presbyter into nud some to Fellowship wit i Iii the Jjo Vernm int of the to have been issued with Tii consent. Cd Presa of Tho archbishop but was not issued to him. It Camo from or. Aubrey a civil him who As vicar the Pitta Lesof Tho province. But Why was this simply he Ciutac Grid Ditl who at Tho Tiivi j under suspension for be Stu it. Of Churchi did Punj while to punish ment Tor co tinting at to ullo cd or consented to Tom Issue of thu to John and in no doing even the outre Morrison was properly Sodul Tittl to violated by viral of the Well known re Kun Latium of Uio Church. And if this Man had Only ,.k presbyterian order then to broke through tie a whole system of ecclesiastical Laws und usage and than any it ont yet mud in Thylli Stoicus re . Writing Blurb duh Parker says of the that the quit is Hujcs to him the next avow we of u in Bend in Canterbury i Ulco have written to cer Tain of inv Methven for Novino pretends but 1 hear not Liat wily Hare an v vol Jot. I wrote to the tid in is to d urdu a could any Liloni look better til an than imm for Tho a whup x Eanne behalf but let is look a Little farther. The abp., writing to Burie Ieli at a later Date Speaks of min of Tho i Ebend at Kly for Relief of Alex Otto Linin although i itar Poso not to bestow Tho whole upon him but upon Tome is it Itric wary to Dutt Uno Lher u. I turn now to Tho of John Man Tern. The us that to made of it 111 admirably the Alfh Nett Ltd that met by gentlemen who undertake to prove what Dumiot be or orc and the arts by which they seven years Tho Book which historic it s hits As Fol no 1 Tab Morrison Cense n thorough discussion it since but Sadr owning men Catak at Trawa the bit hop s a locate set ten it m if u were nil that he a build an of direct Liat could Tot to Piura Tiuliu d. Lutto u this appearance it has to be a. Jwa. Morriston is boldly Diacri lid As a scotch and tic grit uni of a uni use to Hoimlo Nln an the lawful and Ivr tonal of tip. And its proving tin action if the Church of eur Glam Mou we its full to How far these tiling lire True. Int let me drug Tho Reader s attention to us Tor Ctm Peculiar Niadna of using Authorius Cut. He prints want to a transcript the License awl gives reference Mac of a Rondol i orc 271. Tbone who choose to look to Cru will nud no such Tho he Jiuu As jul Van by St Tyne in that contains Ali ont 210 while that Given by hot Orriet ban Only about 190 and ref str making All flue allowance for numerous Nita Rentto Ali arc in very marked difference the two. Now to this ally Jed an excuse for t detective ministry. Or Wlms in messes Sharp fail foul Lyls Htun. And Hamilton recently appointed to the of St. Andrews Glasgow and Gal Loway went to England for consecration the eng Lish Ilis Hoph hired them to be ordain to first deacons then and last of All Llu shops Accord ing to the re Tiv of the Chni cd of England. Neule vol. In p. 235. Thus sir tic whole ground has been no Ito in of of Mcnero hearing upon the subject of this cot respond clench hats been passed Over and i have As you see treated fully dome mat ters which to account of irrelevancy i might Hare refused 1o notice. A hic has not been in stance proof Neil of Tho admission of to a Benc lick in England nor of anything that could to regarded As an.ulvau1 lit to such admission. Bishop Cummins Fri tement therefore Remaina wholly unsupported. Or it More then sir i proclaim that us i live and Call upon him in Justice to Stltt Church which he. Tuts far the Saf Christian Pix weltion to Law. In Strype h tie following arc nut Down As among inconveniences resulting lie suspension Nothe Arch As drawn up in i formal document at the at. He Caw now give on Lars nor Prant to preach to such As be worthy. Item m. The were wont to go Forth under the archbishop s name and title whet by Thuv had greater credit and authority they be new Multi abused Sot Estok mid. And in Many cases the Ralit Tity thereof in Tite to be Brou filth in que Fotion toy reason icy go Forth in the Ojst cars net it is not necessary to waste a moment longer on this Case. Historic us says there does not to be n flaw in it. Those who Are not badly 4in want of it Kielp can so nothing but flaws. Ii. I proceed now to examine the inference drawn Froni the fact that the 551u Canon of the Church of to Tanil directs prayer to be Oft Rcd for the churches of England Avo Janif and in cuff timid to be if aum Durw tar As Al Fern tit Inan and a inter to a tract it. The j unde tool is Ful hued but not As it would Sunn to tic satisfaction of several per ions who in thy tribe the and other Jour Tau have commented Uyon myl Utterb. It is that i ought to have discuss Cal the whole merits of i lie ought to proved of Canterbury and the tie assistant Bishop of Ken to City have violated the Law and nhagi1 of the Church and that joint com Munion is Wron a in further fcb itt i should not have taken my authority from of be Clell Sia tical history Janilla but from his holy scrip to arcs. objections i maybe of reply once for nil. I Chat Congo l one it Wrath nov by the in Oivi defence and because it was As to tha defence h8 Tho Keystone to the a Rob. Linew tha it was incapable of proof and that tic a Bishop nth ability to maintain Ali at lie has to con Dontly in sorted would convince the Public of the Hlen Essof his but into the Merit of the Case i had no intention of entering first be cause it was tint to As prosecutor am second because i would prefer Nordia cunning sue Matteis in Tho Public papers. They belong Pii Marilva at to private business to on Domestic discipline. The general Public should Cittie be troubled with i nor allow Tel to interfere it them. Xijiu is Bishop Cummins and his friends con fld itt of tic appealed to the jencra.1 Public and now strive t leave the re Sion Opp Mac Tulip arc that without any right of of he Polar sympathy or their own version to holy scriptures. But Luitte Law been Blip. Empliattcally1 denies Liat cite he or the Dean of Canterbury vis Violat etl the Eccl Psi Attical order or acted in hostility to the discipline of Tho Church of Riiff Lind or the protestant lip Ismieal Church in fills country.1 us Sec then what thin denial is Worth Tho English Church and ours Are jus As pos sible Idzi Iticia. They Are one in Constitution in apostolic i so fit and in or Tynce. On Church declares that it not in Iii tonally any Esssie ital Point in the Stum of the Mother Church nor than Iron stances require. This being so the Law and settled usage of the English Chism u have Tho right if Law with us except in such particulars As arise rom us connection with the Stilto or such others Ai me been made the subject of legislation Here. How then of wily Thun should i required of us but it is not actually the fact Tia Thuv acknowledge us to be what we claim. In then View i am Only As it were a per Abutai Iii minister Dedov Hijra my authority from the laying on of hit hands of certain ministers who la their View of it were All on the go to level and so constituted a wrote l Risby Tovy. When Liibs top received i irom her. Or Hall he Liy doing so recognised Jim As what Hin denomination regards my i.e., a True and lawful Man enter of Chris s Church hut Hall did not Cummins and be ing what aft that he u True Juh la o on one Side. But still by to Esq who follow instinct thai reason it will be said that w Onchit not to be so to ought not to a Churchi oth sons. To this we reply thai the comr of o Cli Rbt in exclusive and that tic chief of Jet Lon urged a Jain. Our Brunch of it by moan at awful Bishop holding us Mich a divinely be. So to non tie reciprocity appeals to be Ai w donation in is repeated in the Urt Feench of up and i topic. Tic bib hop asks Yon give preach i n f ind of the Haiir Anu its tin pastor s world he is likewise o Prav for oopu1 and bless Tiesu Are his duties and lift s Caieto he or rom Nii i by tin1 minister and he is uric a h y the laying on of the and Sot ten preaching to t one not so ordained is not rope Ray Oulton d and Lias i right in Bengali a in i piste rial work. Hut Verv minister is i till a condition and in has no right to Oll Ciatu 3n perfect Merit with the Ihrck zoning his been Mieir practice Troia Liuti to tune As the following s will Sho. Cafe in thought Leiv by no other into n t of Ait t Rali Litif of . La Jaxter Linn Elf believed it so. That he would needs to ordained by Allulli if Hailie of Thomli nation nit Tut them at Pissi it High Ifo fir of it we i Herr vhf Iii Iii ass of Lik Oahu Natisin Iii the Furmer a tact i its so Little do Thev the ordination and Ili Listi rial authority of epic Ioam Man that it him ii Duclai l d frequently in la Weir Kern com. That nil of it tvs u Tim tit a Jim Tkv Anu without a i two r three Yar. Ayo there Liat had up his doctrine so warmly in awl about the Bead 1111110 t hop ton Liat As was reported he prevailed with Pniny to suffer them clues to be and Rife when in q for Van Whit to a the it in my kit Supins. That and one or. Cassino in admitting Khots in thu Cirk of called to Fin Tiff nerf ii to Cru Oruc heir term and tin a a and to Jinn cars of Leif from Fet Imhee called i cats Opal minis to Rii by was of "tit1 Lici tors and Piiru Ilioiu is of Abdill did upon this ver head Hotst against if. his coming and Mil Usein. Iut the presbytery of Coupar Dmund him. So that it Sec a that they not hint any fault or historical Ufton Juit general Ashi in Bly in Scotland lond in lick disc in 2s of. It 1031. I. John sillier an Cpl Schiml Minim a hold lip had no fault or i inn obit cd to him. Yet ii of Huddin Plon did prohibit him to Cli any Moro within their Buunk another Pisi optic was filk dby a Conjor Catkin but of Dalk cloth co Silil allow no such hink for to litre of As it Nimy Fri bidding intr Cal nut of Tfir turn churches Ami Effii c them a cell j in 1799 an of general of the a Stab shed Prassl interian Churchi of Scotland dec Mcl to it none f i in Etc Milf Irwi to in Ihn r pulpits Rimini stars have re Irani Ortt Inatomi to i heir Kurji Aitt Tinli Ureil in Silvir i ainu tin ii ii ral Synod about time published i similar edict tic promiscuous hearing of mini tort two twi a state of separation. Much Laws were passed for tie Puri Miof excluding ill possible intrusion of i Lifis but hear Ivha the historian Sutherin Irtoli Isih to about it. Liv this Art Inch men As allow und kill and sin on with expressly at and for Ltd to in from in Fott a Salt of Scotland within tic past Twenty years Iho claim of Kelus pc divine right waa formally nut for tit in that j Ros byte Ria Church to which until Rue Nelly. The Icv. Or. Hall belonged. An of ministers pub Bol fast a Roland t of tract explanatory and dote Sivc Ami in that series was one writ ten by the i late or. Cd git which commenced Tuik i re i by Tiik the new testament Christ funded ac., ate. And is a t Anict of 1 can give Tom i amt s of thu parties find i Date of known to be a communicant in Bur of Hie Church of England and a local pc Clit r am my the a lurch Mclau dusts by buy present at a Saer Junental service in a Terlan a Iii cd to far Lake with his rela tick to Antl was Rufus my Wierm Ifsitz. To All this it May be sail that Tho pics list rians in the country arc not responsible i or thu principles Ami practices of their on tic Side of tic Atlantic but not thu tact. They Are just Fin responsible Lor them a we arc for the prion up Leland Pratl Cosoi the Churchi in Pirt him in Lii Pretin Slous a held Roux of Iii Radii to incr m t taif t la miss tent m quoted i h arc n vindication pm Leo Wukou Rcv it but in Crali of if offered Liy nov it in sir How utterly uni Asu Nallif Anil 111 can to Gnu Ertic influence of Tirc this matter of and is Mude tic the Iii of Many very grandiloquent and indignant . The Dino Uncino or Othni m an easy Way of credit for tic up Sershion of that in race which is the very Bondol Seace and of Alt Virtues Ami to it not to in tto ii Cral at that Manv resort to it and in the name of s to vent to Raoff i sellings. To Loi oort ully Laio thu a people to free enjoy in Mit of their own opinions tin ii Trio free Fici Vanchot their own we do not inti to i n with then i trounce in it Nurt Naoi Iahlo then to sex Bidet thut Uliey will Trout m in the Ham my own part t can Sav with All sincerity i Dionot and respect them i believe that Tioy Ilo much Good and Hope and Pray Uliey do inner More. A to lick cannot we think in the Saint Light we do t no i Motily willing that we by Enlil agree to till for and that each a party a hold in own Way labor As pot Sihle for the. Glory of Ioa Bristol Fra Klinite company. Another Kotob Lynli Merit Prim will in Tom past ten Days Orville ii. Grant brother of the president Edwin Wilson have made visits Bristol will a View of souring a suit my location for putting up an extensive establishment for the manufacture of Zinc and Iran. These gentlemen represent a company of a million capital Olio Lipold a thirty years lease upon valuable Franklin Ltd Ore lands in Sussex comity now Jersey. Tie eligible location of Bristol and the facilities that exist Here for transportation combined with other inducements attracted Ali eur attend Iii to t ils negotiation in Are now in Progress for this Pur Chase of Trio old Keystone forge by or. R. It. Gelman. If the Purchase is made the company will proceed at once with the construction of suitable Imi dings am thirty for the smelting of Ore will by immediately erected. The company propose to expend in buildings and machinery for the works the sum of 000. They will employ at the outset about 200 hands and the works Are completed pm ploy Cut will be to live or six Iii idled persons. Ono shaves of the Stock represent ing we Unicoi stand will be Dollci cd to any of our citizens who wish to. Invest in this Enterprise. The Money subscribed is. To be paid in ten per cent instalments every thirty Days until the whole sum subscribed Lor is paid up. Specimens of the Are Are on exhibition at the drug store of or. Fur sell. Tie Iron is said to he of a very Superior Quality and cannot be equalled in the United states. We Hope to be Able to inform our readers next Wco that the company c my i3i3 a j s a 5 g a j Cajias 58 s 5 i go i Hamis to i heft is in Uhi Mii 5s i i i Sisi a Iasi a us g i the s. Egg that trains

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