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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1873, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - November 20, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaPublished. Weekly Jesse of Kat Milf fat Kkt sets 11jii.1tol, 1 a. Temh of in for one year. ?2 Tor six months. 1 50 i or three months. 1 my Pauling s shoes. hip Llull fat unit Ciui a Var go so Fra. Trio let Len a Liisi in my Loiel Lam 1 omit Hui Inke one in forgetting till 1 1 1 a a Little half worn slioi.-, much mail i or a and onic i fool n Ncnew lilt or torn pain a nil Thun go. It Cut in neural in Twilli. Oil Little fill Llinat weary not i wait for them no a or j on Trio Teklo Ami Ulicy Lilic a Cacuci to Iii drum wet Ulieno Little i try to to link my Darling s feet arc trod Long strata vol. 1. Bristol Bucks county. Pa., thursday november 20. 1873. No. 15. History. L ims Foro . Us . O Ifni Audler a 1 last lick Down again but turn Ilvo a lotto foot Oil nun to in Cly cannot a and i to Law am Lilik i almost Sam to so the let thu form lit who me him it id to tic tar in Lyle i no Wlllie Nott and tender a Milf i nil lit live known that look wan born for 1 Arm Llwis. 1 reach my arms out fondly but Llic yelp the Muty i or two my Darling but Trio shoes lie uned to Wear. I i Tow lilt Terni in of ii Artlis cannot lie done Nway to null 1 meet my i Larling w Herd i out can never when i in in rift a the mkt in two slut with Lilin Mill a in ruled ii Pun he River Lilc. Lid Walling Tiboe the nil Nung Vor Little feet in the Kelli Iii a Greet can is or go for taif Jurks county Otje jewish Bothee. When we consider thai this is called a Cen Tury of enlightenment and progression there arc Many things that Call Forth wonder resembling so closely the bigotry of past Ages. Tin Lack of Justice done to the coloured Raee can scarcely cause much Surprise for Iho Lime Taring which Lilicy have been Given lie rights of human beings has been too Short As cd for prejudice to be removed from the average mind Bill that the jews who for the lust ninety years have been recognized As citizens in All civilized of Hie Earth should still lie looked Down upon ill social circles is truly Marvel ins. And not Only marvelous hut in tic highest degree unjust i or if the history of the raw be traced Back to its earliest Dale it will Befanini thai Many of Hie noblest traits a nation can possess May be attributed to them. Ali Makkah la Unity of purpose was developed at Tho outset for when Little Mure numerous than a single family they had a Lan Guage of their i in and practice customs Aud Peculiar to themselves and not this but they Tacalod Wilh and were re by other Powers. themselves peculiarly the children of their aim at inc Early period of their existence was to live simply doing what Good rame in their Way converting to Gans whenever it was possible and in Fine Liv ing strictly up to their code of morals. They now count co Lingan As nomads making agriculture to Weir of to go Oil use. Curation but. The persecutions which have separated them and Dii Veu them to All parts of the i the. Has caused them almost without to become a mercantile race. In of individuality As a people they have Levei been equalled by any nation. Having struggled against i up trans assyrians . Syrians and ionians. And bin ing Iii ii conquered by Cadi in turn their i Marka recuperative Poscis enabled them to Spring up Afi ush after each defeat and to assert their National existence anew. Rosci ipod in Catho Lic Spain n Rowny and greek mos coi a they were obliged to submit to Martyr Dom in Many but a jew his religion would have been an anomaly in nature. and Lih Icher had no More Earnest allies in their struggles for Liberty than the jews and by roles and germans Lilicy trodden and reviled. It is True that All this belongs to Ages passed Sway but though political rights have extended to tin race Aud they Are allowed to live with nut Eliie persecution the spirit of our fore edit Chi fat Cix still cling persistently to 11.1, and we j Sook upon thin portion of our Brothers As be Jow us i be shunned. 1 have no idea of making any other assertion Ihnn Liat. Wany individuals amongst them Tmay Law Cli arged with wrong doing hut now of All times win Hie whole country rings with accounts of evil in All its forms when men who liar i far been leaders of society and Titi Ireri members " Stoml before the peo uple convicted of cheating and stealing surely we have is right to denominate a class of k o Lik Walic. Tale no part in politics As a set of grouping eliciting usurers. Charles Dickens with his ready sympathy for All oppressed has Givin As a vivid picture in our 31 Putnal the Kii Nerin which prejudice can Lukac us attribute All meanness to a jew and shove i us Loo How gratitude is so Strong apart of the nature thai in will submit to heavy in ind constant misrepresentation for the Saki of favors received. It Wotus Well for Hie whole nation to Vear it mind Jar. Utah a thought Whin he says reflected that was doing Dishonour my ancient race am Faith 1 reflected for the firs bending icy neck to the Yoke 1 a willing to Wear 1 Beul Lite unwilling necks o tint whole jewish Peon be for it is not ii Christian countries Wilh the jewish people a with other people Lien say ibis a bad greek lint there arc goo-1 greeks this is a bad Turk but there Are Good turks not so with the jews. Men find the had among us easily what people Are the bad not easily they take the worst. Of its As examples of the Best Juicy take the lowest of us As presentations of flip highest and they say All jews arc if doing what i was Content to do Here because 1 we grateful for the past and have Small need of Money now 1 had been a Christian i could have done it compromising no one but my individual self. But doing it As a jew i could not choose but Compromise tic jews of All conditions and All countries Why cannot every one see that this will Only bring the Long expected much talked of millennium that All should be made equal that the depressed should lifted up that the Low should have the hand of Good Fellowship stretched to and so he raised to higher Levels i it is so grand and Noble to think that each one is the Power of helping and do ins Sood that surely we All must be if we Only think about it anxious to do the share that Falls to us in socially recognising those who will bettered and made equals with us by being so recognized. _ tins Side or Amer ican Herald at Liverpool agrees not with the saturday i View and Man who arises at six can afford himself a reasonable time to attend to the duties of the toilet eat a comfortable breakfast and reach his place of Busi Ness at a proper time ready to meet any up ointments and never disappointing either him self or others while on the Oiler hand the sluggard who lays in bed until Iho latest Possi ble minute generally makes a slovenly toilet hurried breakfast and arrives at the place of his daily vocations just five minutes beyond Hiap pointed time thus if lie is an employer Settius a bad example to these under him and if he in an employee he loses the esteem of his pm foyer arid lays himself open to censure. Ii Bis haste to pull up for this loss of time he sex i Aust his system Seldom retrieves the loss by is mos by behind in everything lie undertakes Makin himself miserable and every one comes in Contact with dissatisfied. 11v ma1iia. Ujj. Sak Foud. Team hrs of Bucks county i am glad to be with on for your Earnest desire for improve ment your whole car redness in your work impressed me deeply last Jear and made it a pleasure for to to think of a acting you again in presenting to you the subject of history i shall Lisl of its importance for if i could do this part of my work Well enough if i could Sot before you As strongly is they deserve the reasons for acquainting yourselves and your Wilh the lessons of the past i need do nothing More ways and moans plans and methods would suggest themselves lint i know Hal inc study of history has been sadly neg lec cd and i wish that the past tense were the Only one in which that sentence could be truth fully expressed. Some of you doubtless teach it Well but in Many schools it is to Edcil into inc smallest possible Fia Clion of time and that fraction however Small is enough to contain All the interest that either Isacher or Pupil feels in tin subject. Ave Are interested in those ii ribs which we understand and Are familiar Wilh the doctor with 1 physiology Iril medi Cine the Farmer in crops and Iho Mechanic in inventions and machinery the mind it in those branches to which he has Given thought and study therefore As the study of history been in Many townships systematically neglected and not Only the children but the teachers and almost the whole Community arc ignorant of it it is no wonder that it is Ems to them in Inlet Esling and . Moreover whatever we Are in the habit of do ing in seeing done not Only becomes easy but seems necessary. Xiv habit is a Wise Laboi Airai gement of human nature hut it must not be left to do its work unchallenged. It must be constantly corrected by observation and thought and it May lie Well for us to ques Tion inc time honoured allotment of so Many Yucai i of Sci 100 ii i e to Arit Mcl in geography and grammar and see whether when brought to the lest of compar Itic value in developing the Young mind and preparing the child for useful Lite they would not be compelled to yields Mew hat to other brunches. I fully believe that they would Bill i do not propose Here any such sacrifice i had had almost said for i believe history ma.-, be Well taught without taking anything from this regular role. Whatever interests and awakens Pic mind makes in better prepared to grasp any subject and 1 know i could Advance my pupils More in the regular curriculum by some Tii in to this attractive study then there Are Idle hours and tedious Days thai now count for nothing which history might put Litile 1 am met at the outset by the ass Ilion that history can be Road Ami need not their Foi i 1 ask is it read what to pm i Ion of i he people a even tolerably acquainted history. Tie works of our Hubli Dihins Are often purchased hut arc they Lead .1 in the first ardor of probably truth have we kept our Faith in Honor and honesty and refused ourselves to Bow the knee to Baal while we practically Leach the child that Money is the chief Good shall we not. Expect him to sacrifice All to obtain it but sur round him with the great and Good film is mind with their Nelile thoughts store his mint Ory with their Noble deeds let him walk in the presence of the heroes of the past those Mig Ity Nam ii who though dead yet live and Patriot ism and Honor will assume to him their True and godlike proportions encompassed by such a Cloud of witnesses whose truthful eyes will shame Liis sordid thought whose coveted App Wal will Reward his self sacrifice whose glorious companionship tempts his loftiest ambition and what can Money Oll or that can tempt his soul lie Cau Wear jus threadbare c -.it, if it be lined with Honor Idiller but alike to the patronage and neglect of Liis sleek but venal neighbor for to has Boon companions myself lint i hold a Lii Glier com my min than this. It is from tote. Kins of Cav. In. And this Eom Mission entails upon duly to Lear lushly Tho of Villi to Dylan a men. You heard what general Maja inner Suid in Ilia spi Eeli the Oiler Day. I believe him to in Good Soldier and if we follow him on the Field of Battle l assure Yon he will Lead us on Orivle Lory lint if to follow him after death to will Yon straight to this Lemark came to the ears of general map inner in due Enorse will whom. On h. Lio 1 can remedy Trio dil Lieufay with Tho Fie Itotia Tell Liim in he will follow me to death lit Clia ivc him there 1 ill. Or. Gladly enough would the children drink in the Story of their lives and works and after the Nar ration of Wolsey s perhaps from the your questions have awakened search if you repeat let tall tie by housed under certain tumblers but As was a festive Day a few lilt a Prapro Prietti were not severely criticised. Ls3i brought still More changes in which Many Joys Aud sorrows were blended. In u ii rating custom. The Reward will be great Amerigo history and biography. Xlv11. A double Mph Tulic. Gen. Lewis Cass was slopping at the nation Al hotel Washington which was lorded Over by a Italy Moreau named buy. A piously Lar. Club was a living of the great Tim uhis similarity Letl to a ludicrous mistake. One Day a guest at the hotel astonished senator cuss by a demand for a better room. About an hour afterwards As Jeneral Joss was leaving the House logo Lolly , up Ciure inc Man again Anil this Lime lie commenced his remarks u familiar slap on tin shoulder. Sow 1 vie got Yon said lie and i want you to have me moved Down a Story or two. Confound in i thought 1 asked you ibis morning but it turned out to be old 1 was speaking to and he looked As Cross As a Bear with a sore Hoail sir replied the senator in a a Lorn Wilh a pulverizing glance you Aie Evi Henlly liable id mistakes for you now talking to general Cass a set Oil liim1, her. The friends she hiring knew nothing of this arid. I Merilh cd by motives of modesty Sam did not info form. Them of Sharks Viteli took of reticence to renew his a Mir. Ing o die for having duly punished traitor. The murderer has recently ism. Trainee Dufor trial in san Francisco comity in is although thai portion of Dali Nash fro Iii which these barbarians Cone is now under austrian Dominion the austrian governor Lias them tar. Been unable to obliterate their murderous Tia. in unsuccessful love affairs. . That the government of develop. A creator executive Force so far As the dalmatians Are under its jurisdiction. Tow Ciu Toini re Little worse than the horrid not Long is Nee of the clip nose secret society in Kan Francisco and they Are of a character to. Justify the most summary ande Flectya that can be be discovered for suppression or the people who abide by them. Things we affecting at Iowa City on election Nia it. The 1 Rhiw corralled Urai Nant of tins. Lieu Alcan the postmaster and his partner in a lire brigade Saloon singing i want Lohi b. Gnu icer with the grunge a Imp ii Luu Clcil in rom. With a Hay muck in my Hana. -.1 and anon his partner a Nice Young Man we i a voice joins in _ Henrathy the tall Tomato Trio. I la swing the Clitte Liik hoc Anil smile the wild As lie Iki Jiso or Trio Suroy and the postmaster continued i be Lioi split myself a Durham Ami a Kray Alpaca cow a lock Stateh osiris of acc hedge Ana in tent Lum tier flow., t say s slut Pittsburgh Lajer the adorable. Theodore will swing his Baton Ina few Days and go through the entire news paper spa erf

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