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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 18 1910, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - November 18, 1910, Bristol, PennsylvaniaWon j. W. Koy cementing co. Pc Plant and Concrete strut. Pm 1-7-1, k in Welling with All Riith on Udac Llort 81, Fiat dts 20, none Foo. 0.1 Pii Tan act Amer. Change b Dand Bonds ii in ooh Misiok i i Stich Lotf. Population is about and the is tale most progressive paper editorial views Langhorne locals letter from Doylestown not the Law As some these Laii Dlo find out to so Bioty the i a that 11 is the Luis the Landl. O know the habits the men Lus to and that unless it u the ease o stranger to the town one not a re Dent the Hui Loid will be held so usable for the Sale. On topics the Day Difenderfer make no promises Chung Clark Aik. Support. Views on the Campaign. Partial " erf awarded i owl Morre a d 1 r sons. 1 in re Bowman. J it a tenant am the Iii torn. Wii i Ere not aroused by by poor mile Acoss the s i. Urr number Lui my m till stuck i v ill Al Lla Illos i rest h Flat k Bijj "10 Ali irom itus Lolon in via three cow sit umber chickens i m w t Hitler we Jin. Other too in suspicious As to i Mph c i ii other in " Mush Loicen Daiv. What will Ibe colonel Sny new Yolk special. A Telephone rang in the associated press office last night about 30 o clock. A woman s voice at the other end the wire said this is the Outlook office. Will you please Tell us How the election is Foss has carried Massachusetts was the reply Connecticut new Jersey have also gone democratic. Harmon has been elected in Ohio and Dix has carried new York by there was a moment s pause and then from the feminine voice my Lod what Mill the colonel upper berths to come Down. Prong fled Republican. The directors the Pullman car company Are Diana Yang a most unwonted spirit Concession to reason and popular demand. They will idiot nuke any further Content against Low the Rale for upper berths in Leening cars the interstate Coin oreo commission result Laniis us decks on in the i. Paul Case Al the hearing o come Early in Lamary. In dint As we recall the commission tiled that the rate for upper berths hould lie at least cents lower than hat for lower berths. That decision a plied Only ton particular Case and Section Railroad but it stands he i Ulli imn company will extend the Dellre Ronial All Over the country where in cars run. Directors speak a the two i hey might zealous gunners Are bringing Bun from his favorite haunts. Miss Harriet Crisp Trenton has been visiting mrs. Holmes Green. Miss do Iii , Emilie has been Tho guest Lily h. Badge. Mrs goal la Olesburg was a re cent visitor hoi son William Boal. Or. And or. Sen email Camden wore recent a idols mrs. Clifford c. Classes berths. Official count the Toul vote in Buck Lail week s election. A he vote East 111 the general election on tuesday i i " u before Judito was assisted by Ooin Tor sessions hairy Ray Tun. T clerks Wen. Yardley and Hobart Tabulator a i were invariably to the tally Sheet. Sheet a cop count. While the Little difference in Ili e Gei in Pavri they did make in instances con a Flange in Vole the District where the Orr Occi irn d tie result he count was n s lows Kob clock Rob. Jolin k. Toner i Werst Errlin ii Wadl spin k prolix oltion John w. Slu Ylon Socall St theorge Anton William a Bony Keystone Weihu it by increasing the charge for i tex1" it " i be tolerated by the Travalin Grubl in in View the excessive earnings the company. Where the Rale for lower berths is Jcj that for upper ones should not by More than making i St Ibraih Constitution. Louisville coir ii journal. Ariauna through i their duly elected Are deep in the intricacies constr Colne a state Constitution. Tie work the St three weeks was concluded will the adoption the following Pream Aboul u a cleared at the rum Mac Sale Foi the Cue tit our pub Lic Library. Miss Lessie Kennedy has re turned from a Sci Oral months visit to relatives in Levi by. Mrs. .1. I i crts v lovers Alul or. And mrs. will spend the Winter in Philadelphia. Miss Amelia v. , Emilie has been spending neck with her Niece mrs. Ii. Jan age. The mooting Ibe ladies auxiliary will be held Ilii 1 ii Day afternoon Isth at mis. William ii. Pry or 8. William ii. Turn Lea i estate agent has sold the .1. W. far u near Wood Ounie to slyer Long Island. Mrs. Warren ,1. d Liiste who has been Seri ii by ill n her sons Home i. William lec Simpio Lii slow is in prot ing. Miss Kelli m hoi and miss Agnes i. Sel i Mil Iii Erlalie their friends at afternoon Ilik Illek. m Llic a. John lit set on t sister . Teot peach cd Al the Wayne my thud a Church on w de evening Uherc key. H. K. W Ahley is stationed on tuesday inning Llev. William t. Johnston firs Baptist Chiueh in Uil still addres the men s in the Bungalow at s p. M. death l to morning Sci lil a Jitich this Bun Sennon for the the Lle Liverance o mrs " Philadelphia the i ill in Ristol j i la tie -11" h school faculty tuesday evening. In or tin mistakes Here u Luisa and the a by Rofe once the could on that id As the changes Madill in a my trim s Lii rally Fob Lieut Kant Vegnoli John m. Reynolds ii Iii h Reevy , i Barlok. Mcconkey prohibition 111, joins Cohen socialist Thomas Industrial list i d. Thraice lib Honey. Keystone he the people the state Arizona grateful to almighty Hod for our liberties do ordain this Constitution. Having delivered themselves the foregoing it is to presumed it to convention congratulated one another All around Leonark cd thai making has Lii business and adjourned to meet again three Days later. Alkali kill and Sagebrush Hani and the others who Are paying the freight probably Here expecting hat the convention Lias woh along on Section ii article i. However Alkali Hill and Hugo sum they know a Good Deal Moie about damaging human Umili i Bey know about molding chunks organic Law. Three Linos in three weeks is not n lipid Llie record in making a slate manna Charta but it must be conned id thai so far As ii has gone Ari Zona s Constitution like the real lung. It May be lacking in the lunches individuality and original Ity hat one might expect to find in a Western document the kind but those probably will be supplied Intel on. In any event Tho results so fur indicate that the cd mention is a de Lili Rativo and conservative body and that it does not believe in any Radical departure from time Bon Oreil k landmarks. I by Hill the Buji t ice at the Metli Day. Rev. Set evening will Pontius mrs. W , Tain on a Silav four to i. Ominik tildes mrs. I Iii. and mis , ill Tenio Cousin and Mph the Pili mini in the Horn is Mimi by mrs. I. I poning and a Dillu Lithul Alt noon was pent at the in. House on their Sony mrs. Jim rank Imming the programme air Tiili enter Emilii i Jtb fro in Honor o will Lauson o William Mooi the life other politely. Philadelphia by in be Post in clip Vigo. Informal the i Allm prevailed at the a Union tha hold the i l Tami Day it in preached in a a Short inn service was Lei Ian Hurch on i. I orm ii boing will w. Sweet a held also in hairy Houck Republican 7171 Njirich 1. Lila Sloe democratic cons. W. Hintington prohibition a Iii Hyken. Socialist Irwin industrialist i John j. Casey Keystone for in con Rikss. Ming p. Watjer tit publican 7.1 Libot. K. Defend error dem Wratic Henry j. Scissor socialist Wai Igor s majority for by Gator. Hrich cd. Buckman 1 Ipen oilman Deni Ovridio 6751 Henry 8. Mill prohibition Iii us canian s majority for . Osnac Cly Izier. Lic publican 7.113 Franklin Ull Keson Republican Samuel b. Kramer fax Linand miso la Denun ratio. I. Beater Maldon Nicholas prohibition w. T. Johnston 1471 in Italy. Piot Ostant churches hate met with varied Success Days in h. For Lilian Herald. 1 Kiev All have a but nones Troi Egiy Tai ill As hit Grout Energy and act in gelling near to the mid winning them for i l the Large Tiou Tirol own with its italian i for u displayed pit s hearts list. Ing they icing Lush Amri Inen is a r ing elder and the the Rynas for the boys the thik House the newspaper the hoi. College con evil Ulm the Jot Docusin in Louie. But that la lint All. Tiber the guis1 i. Tho w. F. M. 8. Lie aeon the work u i done by the Mutlu flirts. Seventy girls arc Ihei fifth Avenue by Sineti women. I like the Leopard fifth Avenue is changing its spots. It is longer a Init s Meiyue nor an Avenue Foi men in the Chinmei Cial and professional . Johi icing from it Montielh Street to Fiflj-8ccoiid Treel which is assent Molly the North Ern business terminal at present the 700 Turnis doing business there fully too Aru coir Lucid by women for Lomeii. Two Hundred arc carried on b Lipini consisting men and women i Hose Slock comprises women s 100 arc oin Iod by men whose Slomers Are mainly woman Pur Hafets feminine attire. the iou feminine Supply houses i Iju estion at least half ale in aged in the Sale laces and linens Irish scotch american Oxford an turkish and belgian Ina failure the Roina incr being devoted stocks miscellaneous goods jul in Antiques human hair etc., h lie Many Are engaged in conduct g Tea shops and dyeing shops and Anici iring parlous. The largest hotel in the Vicinity Waldorf Astoria makes a feature catering to women at least 10 few York s 52 women s clubs meet ing there. There women daily lounge in the famous turkish room sip Tea in the Odd nooks and Cornea devoted to lunching and dining and dazzle the famous Peacock Alley with their huge us frocks and their jewels Worth a Rajah s Ransam. fifth Avenue is the proper name for it. Tie latest recruit to the Avenue is a female Auto Driver or costumed in spot loss White Linen Over which a Jaunty feminized top coat is worn during in Clement York letter to Houston Tex chronicle. The Burnim the . I pals. The Oil Hoth services going to the 1 a , Hospital. A series dances will be s i in Iho h. T c. C. Under be following Henry a Ragga Illa Lei Howard i he subscription Foi i Juki the ticket boing an november 2u, l a j Al Rumary i Are Ilia klan mrs Fridda John j. Tic my new Catt Allader i1. Leedom i arsons mrs. Fiume Hubert bus taken pos the House lately vacated by Herman i oar who will take up his residence in Atlantic City. The Cross suit for assault and Hall cry an Belu Mamie Anna Fields our Borough was called before judge Staples in Poyle Slown on tuesday he jury la Uluig the parties guilty ail to a to the costs but alter consideration the court put the costs on the county and the Les under one he Uewl dollars to the aftermath election review court in Neville not fit to print. Doylestown Noren her the after Taliath election leave the in a Delwon Eulav Condl lion hut Heidi lib from the to Luwie from prime minister Pete right a i icy began to fool in uie and though the loss did not Den lord the fall o Irving hunger so a flex All but this and his their Wiik a sad Awakening fion Deiani purity for to Pete Dewond in in the county suit and Grivat trim his descent. His automobile a hardly reached Ilu Mountain a Douai i whore it was Whissie cd Thi Iii re Pete is lion. What on Earth can he want and they Liegus making excuse or. To Anoton forlorn Hope h was deter mined to Tuin Ivete s own weapons against him the Why hid mall no lordly in Bristol Luis Ough but Pete was not to in fuelled or switched ill he truck by any such subterfuge As that and rated Hoys soundly for their dereliction duty so that a chastened and subdued act ii Jungstein now inhabit to com to they smiled a Broad smile suppress Iii any Niobe outbreaks he kind that we hate stood formerly ii the Slimmer Ami fall. Tullytown topics. Elijah k Scattergood and family Gormail Lotvin wore week end Tisi Irisi Ilsc Irvine Wright and wife. A Mimpei our local sunday cobol workers will Alleoud the annual county convention at Puiul ple sunt next Satu Nlay. The cases Tyr hold fever and scar let he Sci reported a few weeks ago have Proge sed favourably and the patients ale convalescent. Pio Fessor Adam Jebel the celebrated Blind composer and Singer will deliver his popular recital lecture in the my Bodill episcopal Church Here on wednesday evening november 30. W. H. Wil Niau who has been employed As clerk by k k. Johnson for Many years has resigned his Posi Tion and will go South to try his hand at Alioth i him business. He in tends leaving about Decca Sci list. Miss Amanda Wismer teacher the Krain Iai department our Public school is at Hei Home in Wisnier this county still an attack Siukue a. Her inability to teach the school has j plume at the regular meeting the school on monday evening Loutine business was transacted. Constable John was appointed attendance 1 officer Lor the Lei m. His duties Mill lie to assist in the enforcement the compulsory school attendance Law. Penn s Manor locals. S. S. Penniston Tala was week Elul guest at Lake . Or. And mra. Diva id a. Anderson spent sunday tilth Jar. And airs Kemp Trenton. The lunch social held Iii the o lease or Illoldy for did not the great id Only holes Peu Rosc dictator and senator from Pennsyl Aiila go to the resident the Pennsylva Iii Uail we and say to him Friend Riondy wants the location the Ristol Deriot changed. Sec him hint it and he will Tell you just Here he wants it and i came to pass and passengers who especially in the Rumly s friends henchmen and supporters View tilth ii aim the approaching , for they arc not so Fai away after All. Already ii is said the ticket is Mel Leulla made up and argued upon but who will on it Livic nmn was elected at an enormous not Only Money but party fealty and Many who swallowed him for the Good the. Party me Ali Oady Gug gang and will not to induced to Lake another Nau Seaous dose next fall Cru indy has Beau named by pans leaders in l has wrapped his Toga around him and said vaunt get thee hence knaves am not j the and that is about All the satisfaction they get a democratic Congress and fans in genl Senate succeed in pawing to a. Tarlit measure Winter Liere where will oru Udy be again there is trouble Over the pro s. M. Vandegrift is on a Ticlin Noird a. Miss Smith has been visit in in Philadelphia. Or. And mrs. Wallace w. Trego an visiting in Orange n. J. Mrs. Horace h. Homeland is to lost friends in Scranton i a. T Vaughan simpler Plattsburg a been visiting his parents Hole. Mrs. William is visiting Hoik. Kyre and wife we Side in Richmond Virginia. The lion. B. Pals jr., a Iii Horne occupied the the 1 Idiu Reh last sunday. Jar. And mrs. Mahlon b. Have issued invitations Foi saturday eve Ning this we Kloa Large Lium Lier i Choules Ca Ghey i respect to Chesler county has moved to new town and has succeeded a Zekiel i As Miller for wow tall Ili . Co. Mra. T Al argue Burns has returned to her Home on South Lincoln ave nue after a i Isit several months to her old Home at Kox Falls Wisconsin. The a Wing school which is under the care the new cell buy flub meets each saturday afternoon in the sunday school room the methodist Church. T. Ken Denlin has been elected president the Newtown la brain company to lion t. J kims who will soon move to Ket Long Island. Mrs. Sarah i1fury and mrs. Harrij. Case the is Tui new Century club at a reciprocity meeting Given by the club at Wayne i a., on tuesday. L non thanksgiving be Ryles will be bold next evening in the methodist up Scopal chinch in which All the Tongio Gallons the town Are invited to take an interest. Tell Montgomery a trying p. Wit a Didato eth and who Defeated i Tho school pump dry or Al to have a Iattoni with its nov Lii. Ini with buckets to u their i Hist. 1 and "1 will lie i la ill it ship Pink Viliman slip g the Man. 1 All i Irlis in tin be Conerl Hutch will not in in ii lilies Tihen the fat stake. I am i just a Pant in., you have to lean i Coutis ipod thai will raid Foi the nid Ivd get Elul i my Unity who it Elc Clion 1 by any partisan "1 i the country a Meilean cite i next. I lain pleased i Arr cd my Seiv ,110 so few or Day Civ i to m n who i Gross have bail h a Rien Ceas be implies to s Loii lulled posed Thui Pine for the county Foi even now it is not much More seat than a proposition. Borough Council has practically no hold on the con tractors then having been time or penalty clause put in the contract. The Force men started on the Woik was entirely Niimd Quale and As it has turned without much previous Jeri Einice in standpipes. They frankly admit that they have never Lio Foro used wrought Iron Mots and Couse the work has been Verf slow they were Throe Long weeks in getting the hour put together und then fell Down on the Angle Irons. An expert from your neighbouring town across the River Burlington an expert by the name William coi Inarik said that the rivets were alright but that the method using them was All wrong. Work was stopped Aud it was Only when George Watson from the first mind got and read the Ilot act to the contractors that work was resumed. The Foreman said that at their present rate pro Gress it would take until next inline to Complete the Woik and in the meantime the taxpayers Are paying for Moie than twice the amount Coal and an extra Engineer to Sny nothing the Wear and Lear in a committee Toung men have is sued int italians a series dance to be Given at the Bucks county country club during the the pation Csecs ale prominent women in the social life this Community. The senior Loyal Temperance leg Ion observed the birthday their state Leader mra. Klina m. Preston at their meeting on monday after noon. A Telegram greeting was Cut mrs. Preston and a Conti Bullon Money was Cut to help the state Treasury. A very delightful reception enjoyed by n Large gather lug Newtown and out town guests that hold at the Homo or. And mrs. Wil profession 14 Yea this time in a. It did not Envoi for ills an c Nouth scone k connected my the lunch held in the their Street Mains and plumbing Chapel last wednesday evening was a in Tho houses. There is a Umili lot Success i wore talk about doing some Ting but the Federal stale and to cml Cost the late Minnesota inc for the year ending july 81, according to a statistician pm Oloyed by the state tax commission. Plover their an average Cost . T for Osi Ibe Yel schoo l i As another us being in taught Ood s word and t. Carry it to other italians. In Lar to they were Only the a Ndreu the Iki Olott class. Now dih-t.ir-. Lawyers professional men All Kiml. Nissan lev to have their Kirn due ated under methodist Thi the sign the times und ,.f Mikl method Leto Are Tuki Iti and Eton lately one the girls Cash sen Ioco to say a speech thanks to the mayor Koine. Such is the consideration in which i the other the Oil t Rau Dou Hail gathers the Best and the daughters the most ant borne and cities Tomt to methodist work Asam end the sunday schools Onene i m Tih poorest Quarley. The kindergarten he Cone by the students the theol Leal school All an widely Ita Gove raiment for every Jim son residing within the state distributed As Fol lows Federal state county City or town the pastor a Church a Small own was discouraged by his futile rights against the Saloon element and he Lack support he receiving i me resign. Ing announcement Many be str. Lorne input Ted Wilfa Teof Lani. L Kofu Siors. Homis. Mary i ten mrs or by i Soholm my Hundred dollars i want or cannot so k. J. Eau Otril i bal Tvr usin Allim k cure it Nicu i the blood he Lack support he receiving i made up his to resign he made the follow ing announcement "1 am going to do something the Devil has never i am going to leave oils after Grippe or any sickness Vinol creates strength Here is proof after 4 Long attack Grippe mrs. A tight seemed unable to re Cever her strength. She was very weak and had no appetite. Vinol rapidly improved her Condi Tion and restored her to health. I sincerely recommend its use during convalescence or any run Down judge c. N. Vaught Huntsville Ala. Adelaide Gamm water town wis., writes after a severe attack tht1 Grippe my system was in a very weakened nervous run Down condition. I took Vinol with the Best results and it made me feel better and stronger than i have been for we have never sold in our store a More valuable health restorer for weak and run Down persons than Vinol and we ask such people in this Vicinity to try Vinol with the understanding that their Money will be returned it does not do ail we claim for it Martin druggist Bristol George mrs. Allen Laird Soho full nerd serv 1 01 i Hihi Delphi a ii jul .1 11.1111011 n. The town i o clock. M morning at the Hughs an instil places in the Don time a on in. H pages what the fast ought to i use is in out Americus my the Cun Elered in ii break i i decided that braid Well cover nil hat there i Sochot food. Shn Vilii Inch 1st i the Fate m will must be fou the cold Mea Tongue and in Africa Fried l Brit d go to the Rescue. Don t wait till the advice a Bristol citizen. Hes tie the keeps aching backache is Klym a list and two judges judge Charles b. Staples my 0. Stroudsburg assisting Jungo Stoul Patterson which is highly no Preuitt Oruill jury room is being used de. Mrs. 1 a tenon was sent a letter court room no 2, und the county the sunday school was presented with u Beautiful Banner by mrs. S. T. thanks und appreciation. A Nisi Cal Given by Philadelphia Talent Surveyor s room on the second floor s Ai ranged by he late tev former pastor air the Chapel b Ham i. Atkinson on Penn Haroot on thursday evening Belize a the hours six and Ion. Miss pm Atkinson assisted her parents in receiving their . Or. And mrs. Isaac Tiger child Ren and maid returned to their Home in Logansport Indiana after an extended visit tilth mrs. Icon s Mother lira. Henry w. Thornton. Mrs. Gave a delightful caul party last saturday evening in Honor the Geers. T. To. Kenderdine Edward s. Hull Hanson miss Mary Wilson and probably others will go to new Vork on saturday to take part in the week end conference friends which is being held under the care the Allied associations new Vork and Liro Oklyn. Or. And mrs. Joseph Lotic is form Erly residents this Community now living near Darby pa., visited their Newtown friends Over last Sun Day and attended the delightful recep Tion Given by or. And mis. Thaddeus b. Kenderdine at their Home last sat urday evening. This event was enjoyed by one bundled people. About Twenty and friends went to Lansford on monday and witnessed the marriage Harold Outwin and miss Lan Dilon Deifer was a ipod to the minister Hue pm Nero who .11 Manl fat hiring and bin mow , the thin Csc Banks. We mow Ting emt country Purchase Nia Whinery for a Wiki Levi Mill i returning China us install Allori and i 011 Joys the to it Woolen dui Iii the Boxer up my he was in Hen Tsiu during the Icke and be manned in the i harder and Deh Royed. La s return to in Eoanu a in 1.iuii he has been in Coati acting business in and Lioun i Ash Bourne and has been very am Timsing u in inc 111. Male j Iii through some the Pant for Iho Iii ton id tics i i Day evening did not Arm a and the had i polled. The pict Lucs Luxor new evening at the usual a thanksgiving so Mcc hold at the impel the on at Hibo morning. This win Liine for in Olheis Itom to got in time. Try it. Fand Law to oui Ivy with Tun miss Miriam Drako has pome time a Studeni Al Tono or evening but she Iho Axilla it Nice a Imlay lust in the Oliy and present an adm no the missionary Moo tue i t a Majiel on sunday Frank Fol older Unity o Novino our and is to i Movo with i t Keis n. V. Mis Morgan ii i h Wilh them. Or. For Nome time in the n in Liik in he Vigo Al auction the new Tatei a now , one Wolks to i Hilton Ihei an derail polio tidally no cesspit to take tin his Homo in the neighbourhood. The Fulli give try missed Trnini their Many years but they can wishes with them. They i week. The annual meeting Dalo and Braiu Lieut american need Linioul Juilu Nik la last week. The i Lios wore or in Militig year president n t Rii Neuhar vice Pios dem to 1 i Eddlo l Lewis ecu Cgeorge to Basurc Ranee Wright. Kosport Plis Lukl tie Jmst Lias a la Menli bandages l i s lasses Jolly Eal Mish Wilbur the i n. Hood Iulla made a add mss. To thai he Silver anti la. I speak Tho Amoric Aii build the Uhi he Kinning inc qty love Teai pieces t for the twelve months. I number Arll Clem con till whole period was i Cal branches i Orres Dulc Sla unix Elar Lod no general organize the. Inn i in Williau i Horry eerie Malvean Hunt i Odist on the de with mul t t conic deniable Fortune in Secretary the committee and jul tune has Iwen actively never however holding Ollilee lie is prominent in the a me Iraq Ernly. V1kwh Cami ainu. In discussing the r or. Difenderfer said i attribute my i in the Light to the Fao he the people believed what i said ii Oil and democrats voted Foi to. My 0111x111 said i was connected with the by Audi a Oil company but j sent them word Poi a my. Ing such Olulo Innis it Neil wore in True i would make i Iii exit wires which would Hun l Hei i cause. They knew it and stopped. I ,1 t believe in casting reflections in political Cam Iii gain and in Mont Gomery was clean and on the whole a Dai or. Hanger tto tiled me very fairly. Me mtg Lilly. Y never thought a Chance the Democrat greatest Chance Martha Mori is the taking Isaac Kemble Agetle 60 years a for mar resident the Manor died heart failure on monday morning at his Home 741 Jiust state Street Tren Tou. He in survived by a wife three sons and my daughter mrs. Caroline Olirier sister the deceased and Jeorge h. I truer at ended the funeral stones and hurling lie mrs. Sliu Mau neighbors after Quad reling Throe years had each other arrested for assault and Battery and 1 in Hulmeville mrs. Emily my Cirata neighbors Minnie Aud Cecyle evil Lima unc sted on a charge nuisance and being com Mon scolds. In each Case throwing on thursday. Pes the cause the trouble and in Parkland Case it was always the other women did it. The details Are such i Wullum is having his House i were about the worst ii the Hulme mrs. Annie Brady was visiting but any the older at friends in on monday vac bes Fud bad Ever heard i in each Case both a mimics lost and ast. Lac in Lowil Ocie one 01 inc win Nave n after spending a few weeks in the Cost to but whether this Wil nut Ity mrs. Ida Stuard has returned to a Stop to the trouble is Bird to till or Home Here. But the chances Are it will not am e mis. Leila c. Greenlee has returned Loine from a visit wit i friends in Oik state. Walter Lewis and daughter miss Eva Lewis have gone to Philadelphia or the Winter season. I a wide Wiki me minor offence Farmers in this Section Are busily surety Ibe peace again Brou Juht the imaged in husking their com Bristol liquor dealers to the Limul Hohr hich there is still considerable in while testifying in his own in Shock. He was asked by judge Stout when miss Annie k. Rohrback has re 5le liquor and he burned to her Home in Brooklyn after s5 he could buy All he want few Days visit with Hei brother or. In Bristol. The Yle Bobr Back. To him that Jav Jii it Falki that before Nouer Cai no Ulm will All lie Buck in court receive a More severe Les give " " Eui John Murphy Bristol charged 8 wkl1 offence look out diabetes. t. Warning urinary by i Doan s Nev r lose an so High that i recon the subject the lesson at the pro Urt t. __0 him mat he could get liquor anywhere there place at the Home Tho Bride s Sis Ter. Or. And mrs. Watson ii ill re Side after a wedding trip at 231 South Chancellor Street Sci town. The funeral Isaac h. Trown who died Al the advanced age years was held Al the new non i lends Intel Long House last sunday afternoon. 1 or Many years the deceased was a prominent figure at this meeting and the addresses made by or. Joseph s. Walton Evan t. and Elizabeth g. Staples wite Beautiful tributes to this wonderful Long Aud exemplary life. The new Cen Lucy club held a Reg ular meeting on wednesday Alvernoon at mis. M. 5 Aquinda Heston s Home which is now As for several years past the club Home . The pro gramme was devoted to a sketch the geography and Early history. Holland this being the Glrst to series r meetings which Iho club Wil devote to the study this Lite Iestyn country und its people. Ill now has the history and i know it will nuke k Lovery one is going to to do tie Best he Tan Lor his country and the people at Large have Confidence in us. 1 have i am going a made no promises ses but i a or. Smith has vacated the William Duvli and family ii it Lart sunday win in. Spencer Tomlonson Farley 1 Arin. X r. Pike sold Hli prom Rev to i Velvor r we Alluin Al l has returned hone after m peasant to the iia Nuniss am fully 0 a Bic Luchow in do to Julien exo Lilbur time was had at Thum Day for Cornwell they have a con forthe lint two a Candy and Cynko Sale will to held Iho Parish building Chrit Yieh add Englon on Waln Lav 71 4 " clock until h 1 Hock. All Are Welcome. c. Is own Jol Hihl the Hii Mlay we Mil last St 1 it morning through Samuel junes in the my and on he till i i l Al Christmas time. Not Holst . The troll i in i uck i. Wagon club list the Horie to Tho Wagon i Lam Iceni indy known As on Olee Lilllan at House i Anui. In did not any attention to it m now i to a. I he Dolor thinks Iho have Lobo pm and the hone Xvi v or the i Resby ii Rlynn eur cd had preaching to a Large a. Once on sunday. Tolfe exec Ion Lias led by Wocher phia. Ivory one enjoy or. Was at Hoh Briciu in Kodl Nirta l that House. Pray me Williim Vlf it wan in i re hold under Cornwell win Opean game. The Cornu cells Basket Lull Keld i agon i James Little Hilll i lion through this Cong. Remaining to l his Paity. To Havo forced thai audit will be placed to our credit. To will Force the president to see that the Tariff must be readjusted. Or Tiant All the foreign Trade we can secure to keep our Mills Ninnin All through the year and not crimp. I them to Stop through Over Supply. I am ill favor the direct election 1 ii led states senators Aud for con citation and Lerein Candum. Cannon will net be mine effective the floor than in Iho chair As has Xen said. He is in Trujil Eloitt butt the parly will clip his wings. Roosevelt bus Lieeel Onieu and beaten badly l wonder Why he did t come to Pennsylvania i think that Hows he is a i do not Hank we need to Wouly cons Dei in any longer. The democratic party realizes what is i whore it and i think with he Wise legislation it Mill pass the country will appreciate us honest Orts and give it Hearty support. The. Arty is now in a to exert a Guty influence Lor Good and will Taud Golden dues Aie or. Pierre Bonnier Paris thinks Onnie has discovered the and a cure Foi Guise stage the malady a cure e May he cause is a contraction the la Bragin Muscles which Are ----0 a us 11c 11 l t turned out by a simple operation and perfect self Assurance forever would be the resulting Benefit to any person submitting to the operation. The automobile factories Michi Gan employ fifty thousand men in and. Ditton to Twenty thousand engaged in t Weny Susan the manufacture parts. Stage is for Toni Antu w Lih the a baroque Malcolm other a Riou or c Bogue vented by the to the Throat is the air we breathe in liquids we drink All pass Votry easily affected by cold lure etc., and Sor Throat one oar most common strangely enough it is aim most neglected. Sore Throat is a vet _. For Tho whole system ii in consequence it. Every sore Throat patient it for tonsillitis Quincy i Phthisis a v the m shorn sort a a is u j time. It could prob for but other pressing in its will be an extra Niu i regular id saturday. Day and olved newday and s for to to iut Coni . Over year a Over last Nervi or 43.4 Over five years ago. You us mar uld Mui sore Throat by the taken in time a Doie or Consiline in made to cases and nothing else i remedy for this purpose mid United states. Every Ner every physician knowing Ife Oon upends it. The one most remember about fact that it rally Dom Throat. 25 Cen a and 50 Yenta. Size news paper
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