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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 13 1873, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - November 13, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaFec Etc published weekly Jesse of Thomas. Of Radoliffe often met in i the Street Are educated Here. The free and easy in inner of the Califi the fore gue Nernof Friis lie becomes inured to this Western life. Met by a venerable looking gentleman in a the cosmopolitan imputation with the Man Long coat and wearing a or Cap of dark a r velvet on ins head. He had a Long Grav Beard nors and customs of spam China Mexico and j cxprc3sioll of a Australia interlinked Wilh Hie american idea j ask and that gentleness and repose from Cath Jerrt journal. An uninvited guest. It was now nearly to lice o clock on a hot stun Ner s Day the Long polished counters of our Ank the Koyal Domestic Bank were crowded Vith was flowing in and u i ing out in tie usual Bush mss like manner a Kwh Tel desk i my private room i the of the Roui Bank looked jut upon tie Busy scone with a certain iride and pleasure. The Koyal Domestic is id a Long established institution and without Anity May say that much of its Prosperity my Success is attributable to the Sceal Aud sex a Riunec of in manager. In corroboration of ins statement j might Rofer to inc last printed of Liliu directors Hurt before the share a Ollers at their Aunuua meeting in which they Are Plu Sud to after perhaps i May 0 thought guilty of undue egotism and Eon wit if 1 repeal the flattering terms in which hey of to. A clerk put Bis heart inside my door. Or. Rizir Astow sir1, to speak to Send him in 1 said. Charles Thrapston i Lead known from boy Lood we had Bot i reared in the same coun by town. The fact that Bis parents were of cons.idcr.ibk1 higher status than mine perhaps Natl our subsequent intimacy All the plea Salit or to me and caused me to Sot a Vanluc Ripon Bis Ood opinion greater Bari its intrinsic Worth. Rizir Nislow was a stockbroker a very Clever jus Bing fellow who Hart Llic reputation of pos Sessing Fin excellent judgment and Groat Good guide Pic to any at my request he had brought his tic Grapher s card. Out to Pur Bank. It was a Good account he kept a fair bul arc Aud the cashier lad i Vei to Luok twice at Bis checks. Charlie like everybody else in Tho business occasionally wanted Money j had let him have Ulvi Incus at various times of course amply Cov ered by securities advances which were Al ways promptly Raj kind arid the securities re i ruined. At tills time he had five thousand intends of ours to secure Uhichi we held City of Damascus Ivator company s to the nominal Nuie of ten thousand pounds. rather Rimu Rcd to to less Jones As being somewhat speculative u nature but As 1 represented that be company was highly respectable ind us shares Well quoted in the market., Xart that had full Confidence in our customer or sanctioned tic Advance. I bad per naps a Little uneasy feeling myself about those Boi ids for they were not everybody s Momy ind there Milit have been Little Ditl Mculty in finding a customer for them in Case of the necessity for a sudden Sale. Thrapston came in Radiant lie was a Good looking fellow. Ith a fan1 Beard and moustache Bright eyes of bluish Gray a Iaac tilted no aids giving him a , Resolute air lie was Avn is Well dressed the shiniest of boots the most delicate Falu ule of color in his Light trousers and gloves the glossies of Blue frock Coats t neat Light dust coat Over it a Blue Birds Eye sail f round his Throat in which was thrust a nuts Sive Topaz full of Bistre and yellow As beaten Good. Got a customer for i Host Damas Cus Bonds wailing at my Ufa uie sold pm Well Jillings Brothers want them for a film. One Premium Aud i bought at one i m very glad of in i said Ami i Felt Rah , not Only for Thrapston s Sake but because i should be Glud to get rid Oit he Bonds Anil the a hings to Hencsei they were mentioned. Pm old said Charlie und i la bring you Dillings Check up in five minutes. You won t have closed by then or of Yon Iovu i la come in at flip private door 1 j out to the Safe and put my hand upon tin Bonds. Charlie stood to Cre looking so Frank and Fec holding out his hand for the Bonds that i had not thu heart to say to him As i ought to have done tiring your customer Here and Settle for the Bonds Ami then i will hand them i should have said this to anybody else but somehow 1 not to would Only be five inmates risk and surely it was no risk at ill. Tie tiling was done in a moment i was Danied by s Irres Ullh Man Ner. 1 handed Over the Bonds and Charlie w out of Rilke a shot. It wanted Suvan minutes to three and 1 sat watching the Bandy of the clock in a Little tre mor despite my full Confidence in thin Stow hut then i had so thorough a knowledge of All the rules of banking that i could t help feel ing that had done wrong. A minutes however set it right. Charlie s Whito Bat and glittering Topaz. Would soon put in an appearance. Just at a minute to ethnic the cashier brought three dirtiest with a Little slip of paper Al to ached. They were Thrapston a checks for fifteen anti Rcd and three Hundred Odd Resev Vicy and jigs balance was Only Hundred Odd. J mined White and cold. Course Yon must refuse 1 said pm the cashier. When he went out i sat in my chair quite ill ii a few moments bewildered at the misfortune that had happened to to. Heir Les traps Lowmas certainly a defaulter it there this one i myst iric Ven the chucks in the Conj Ideiil of Selling Bonds and placing Hie balance to his tic out. In due course these checks which Ere crossed have been Broil gift to the in earing House and have been presented on in Morrow. Jut it seemed that his or Chitnis and sonic Inist Rusl of Liim and had the in cos to be of Lemandel out of one course. Tie clock struck three. Charts had not Ohio Back. The Bank doors closed with a Jang. 3 could endure the suspense no longer. Calling Tho Bank Porter that if or. The Stow nine he was to to admitted at the private door and was to be de aimed in my room till i returned went out and made my Way to his which Only a few Hundred Yards Distant. To an t to Bro. The clerk a youth of fifteen Rcw nothing about him. Lie uns in Capel be did t know. Lad be been in within Usu last Jialu hour veil no the clerk did not think lie had. His tory Mien of the customer waiting at his Ilice was a lie. I Wilh a Cirvy heart i went Back to the link. To or. Traps Tow Imd not seen in. He Porter said. 1 took a cab and tent of to to . Gudge Mott the solicitor to i told him in Confidence what had t--.2d, and asked jigs could i get i warrant against this Thra slow for stealing my said Hedgem Iuit a tinder. He had evidently been burning papers recently and a Quantity of them. I turned the under carefully Over spreading it out upon a newspaper. I found nothing legible except one Little scrap of paper which the fire had not altogether reduced to which saw the name Isabel shining with metallic Lustre. Then i went to the bedroom and searched that. Here too were evident preparations for flight Coats and other garments thrown hastily into cupboards boxes turned out an Odd Glove or two lying upon the dressing table. I carefully searched All he pockets for letters or other documents but i found nothing. The keys were left in Alt the receptacles an instance of Charlie s for others in thu midst of his Rasca Lity. I lying upon the Wash stand was a card which was Blank upon one Side but on tie other had the name of a photographer printed on it. The card was wet As if it had been soaked in water and near tie upper cud of it was a round irregular Cut which did not quite penetrate the it had evidently once had a photograph fastened on it accordingly the card had been netted to facilitate the removal of the photo graph whilst the face of the portrait had Evi Dently been Cut out in order to place it in a locket or something similar. It struck me at once that the photograph about which a Man on the eve of flight would take so much trouble must be of a person very dear to him probably his sweetheart., though i had been intimate with had always been very reserved As to his own friends and associates and 1 had no clue to of them except Tho photo be entering my cab i drove Oil to the photographer s. There no number or distinguishing Mark upon tie card and the chances seemed faint that he would be Able to Tell me anything about it. Indeed at first when the Man found that i was t a customer he seemed Little inclined to trouble himself about the mat Ter. The Pio Ruise of a fee however made him More reasonable and lie uttered to let me s6e Bis books that i might search for the wanted to find. Jut then i did t know the name i wanted to tied. It is unlikely that the photograph had been done for Thrapston if it had there would probably appear in tie books Only the useless record of his address Al ready known to inc. Then the Man Shook his head. If i did t know the name it was no use looking the card was nothing he said he seat hundreds out every month. What information could be possibly give me then i tried to describe the personal appearance of Thrapston. Hut again be Silook his head. If he had t taken his likeness hot would t be Likely to remember him hardly even then so Many people passed through his hands. All this time he Hail been carelessly holding the card in his fingers glancing at it now and then and suddenly an idea seemed to strike him. Stop a bit he said and went into his dark chambci1 and presently emerged smelling strongly of chemicals. Look he triumphantly. I looked and saw a very faint ghostly impression of a photograph. It s printed it self said the will i be brought it to Light. Yes i know the original of again he dived into a closet and brought out a negative with a number and Label to it. Then he turned to his Book and wrote Down an address for maid ont Larkspur Hoad Xot tiny Hill. Away i went to Larkspur Toad. Mis. Maid ont s House was a Small Comfort Alile residence with Bright windows verandahs p Jig Ous window boxes and striped mrs. Maid ont was at Home said a very neat piety looking maid and 1 Cut in my card with a message on most important Busi Ness tie maid came Back to say hat Hei did not recognize the name but would i walk in i was shown into a pretty draw ing Loomon the Jerst floor. An elderly lady Rose to Greet me with old fashion red Courtesy at Tho same time with a Good Deal of uneasy curiosity visible in her face. This was not the origin id of the photograph who was a Young and charming Gill. I i or Friend Chili Les thrips Tfir is Well known to you now it is of the utmost importance that i should ascertain where be is at tins slav 1" said the old lady you Are labor ing Nailer a Complete mistake i know nothing whatever of the gentleman whose name you mention a name i never heard was she deceiving me i did not think so. Perhaps miss maid ont May i said a gaily. Miss i Widmont is not Likely to have formed any without her Mother s knowl sited maid ont Ith dignity. There seemed to be no other alternative but forme to Retreat with apologies. Jam very Busy you went on the old lady. With a wave of the hand and indeed the Ter Rogatino manner. I told him that i was Only one of his friends and we stood looking it each other in a comatose kind of Way till a it be confusion at tie vestry door broke the spell. Here he whispered sonic one and next moment there appeared in the vestry looking Pale and agitated but very handsome or. Charles 1 Tira Stow. 1 had caught him by the Arm mul led him into a Corner before he recognized who i was. When he saw me i thought he would have fainted. Don t betray he whispered. I held out my hand with a significant gesture. Five i whispered in his ear. You shall have it in five minutes " your minutes i said. Are Long ones. Master with trembling fingers he took out a pocket Book and handed me a Roll of notes. I meant it for you lie said. For lips be did but we know the Fate of Good intentions. It did t take me Long to count Over those notes there were exactly live thousand pounds. said i master Clu Ulie take your self he urged not to Petrav More i will if you ten thousand of her to whispered. 7 be off i said liar let. Making up is mind with a desperate Eibrt i la make a Dean breast of at that moment there was a bit of astir and a general cull for the bridegroom. The Bride Hadj ust Aniced people said. He pushed his Way out to the Carriage and plus Percy a few words to Babel who Ell Back in a faint. There was a great fuss and Bustle and then some one came and said that there was an informality in the License and that the wedding could t come off Liat Day. I did t wait to see anything further but posted off to the Bank and got then1 in Sec As the Board was assembling. I suppose som of tie do factors bad got wind of Thrapston s failure for Titi first thing i heard when 1 got was old Venables Gnim bling qut How about those Damascus Imp agerl1" 11 ode rough shod Over old Venables Aud tyrannize considerably Over the Board in general thai Day but x could t help thinking Bow close a thing it was and How very near Shipwreck i Hail been. As for Thrapston i presently heard that after All he had arranged with his creditors and made it up with miss maid ont. Lie had a Tongue that would wind round anything if you would Only give him time and i was t much surprised at hearing that his wedding Day was fixed. To has t sent me an invitation and i Don t suppose to will and i certainly shall not thrust myself Forward a second Lime As an uninvited guest. Good Bye sweetheart Good Lias Juanc san Francisco a charming place de j of manner and. Demeanour which is the prop i that Monotony found a our we other cities. A pleasant smile. She liar passed the age of the great Virtues of this thru ing driving pc Ghl Bood but was still Young. With consider Wilc Are Aud generosity not Able claims to Good looks she was something High a Premium the others for Here breadth of nature Ventrous business risks on a Gram scale wild speculation and Wanton display arc applauded and command the most attention and Praise from tic people nodding patient Industry never stands on the California coast but we think we can see the Day not far Distant when the merchant and minor will experience a change. When the Greenback of the cast with his Crisp appear Ance u Worth a California octagonal Dollar will thai people realize that Uncle sum s who after All owns the Well As the Maine sound and unit a paper Dollar of the United states is representative of intrinsic wealth to the amount of its Issue. From a rub Cund nosed gentleman Occi dental hotel we have the following statistics on liquids. The climate being generally dry in Friend says u has imbued the inhabitants with a like feeling and the amount of whisky consumed in a Lons is rated at As much Asiu new York and Brooklyn combined. Therefore says. This As population is to so is a Calif Oman s face expected to lie Ion Luios Inore overspread with blushes t uan jews afer be allowed everything hat and we just come. The she welcomed me As the lady of the House am said that they Hud provided accommodation Foi us with them in vain i protested against the inconvenience that three guests and those strangers must make in their quiet household no nay would been prepared warmth and generosity of thai which nothing could have been More Friendly o Homelike Fezou put us at our Case. The hons. Was a very old lash Onod one built of Good solid mediaeval Stone. It was one of those situate on a precipice overlooking thu picturesque winding Valley through which the yellow rive flowed in sweeping curves and Long tracked lines. Theinteriorcoii8istedofacentr.il Hall in which was a ponderous fire place surmounted by a heavy Stone Cornice something like of English residences of three Hundred years ago out of this Central Hall the bed Chambe opened. The room ornamented with som very creditable Oil paint Wiigs from the hand of the accomplished hostess. A guitar with som music Lay upon the table other sign of cult a Ted occupation being visible. What was no Tho least Remir Fible was that ii none of the dirtiest towns of Italy Orte apparently wit no underground drainage and amid so Muc that was squalid and filthy Here the most Pei feet cleanliness reigned throughout from speck less Linen to Flop Sand the Lyric it stars Filo tie morn is breaking thu Pearl Fitch Huil find Leaf and f from for Lou my leave no taking with Bliss too Blat too Brief How my Hitti i with fond the tear is hiding in Indio ovo for time docs thrust me from thine Amis Good Vii so get Hobirt ipod byc Iron byc Moeut liotart goodbye for Niin the Iii nun Good Loyc Etheart gout Bye the Sun h up the Ink is loud the Wei Igor Dan title lot thu i Juth h yet i Here yet i uni Ikic fur since night s gems from Licay u did Aiuto and morn to Fioril lips doth Limo i i Ontl not Leivo twice. Tho11 said Good Pyc Good hyc sweetheart 1 Neild not leave Liec tho1 i Aid Good Bye sure thwart col listed expressly for the backs county Gazette ams Ghotai fact texts Loii t think you can make a criminal matter jul fit. It in t larceny because you iban lond the Possession of the Bonds voluntarily of i Don t see How 3011 can touch him. You must make a bankrupt of him and then von can pursue him us having fraudulently carried of his but that advice was no Good to to. I think was wrong in taking it. I think 1 ought to Lave gone straight the police office and nil tic Ali Iii in the hands of the detectives. Lugii Iliad men of Law like Al woj s find a dozen reasons for inaction except in Matteis that bling grist to their own Mill. 1 went Home completely disheartened and Lee Clad. How could i face my directors with such a Story As thai i had to Tell the Only excuse 1 could urge of private Friendship and Confidence in the Man who Lead robbed us would make the matter Only worse. Clearly at the slime time that i told the circumstances to the directors i should be bound to place my resignation in their hands to be put into Force if they thought it. And there word be Little doubt that they would accept it. How Damag ing too the Story would to to me when i strict to obtain another Pix ointment. I had promised to take my wife and children an excursion Down the River As soon As the Bank closed Aud the youngsters eagerly re minded me of my Promise. I replied so savagely and sternly that the children made of ii tears my wife coming to see what was the matter fared Little better. I must have had sunstroke or something she told me ant brought bandages and Njau de Cologne. Flung away in a rage and went out of the House i must to doing something i Felt and i Bailee a cab and went to Thrapston s lodgings. Or. Thrapston was t coming Home tha night his Landlady told me she thought i was away for a Little Jaunt but site did know. He occupied the ground floor of a Small House in Eccles Ford Street rooms opening into each other. I told tin woman i would sit Down and write a letter she know me Well enough As i had frequently visited Thrapston and she left me to Nysell then i began to overhaul everything to try Aud find some clue to his whereabouts. A few letters were on the Chimney piece they wer Only circulars from tradesmen. In the fire Lii be was a considerable Quantity of now i looked about me i saw to he strut cd with preparations for some festive event a Ball pair Luinis or from a Wreath of or Antje blossoms that 1 saw peeping out of a nil lint in Box inti e like a wedding. J was about to take my Nejiu Itic relic tartly a Young girl a charming Young girl bout Ideal into the room she was the original of the photograph. Of imm map she cried Here s a letter i Uin poor Charlie to say he Ain t possibly Homo bore to night in t it provoking and i to consult Bun about so tilings Well my dear Isabel sail Tho old lady lucidly you la have enough of his company after from which j judged that surmise As to the wedding qua Correct and Iid that Charlie was the bridegroom elect. The she went on there s age Lac who insists that we know a or. Forget the name 1 interjected. Or. Charlus Thrapston. You know of to such person i know of no or. Charles but. Charles said Isabel. It is singular Tou that the initials of our re kids arc the same. May ask if you have Iven your pot trait taken by Blu ebore of Ken my said mrs. Maid ont Ris no and sounding tie Bell is rather too Nuch from a total stranger. We Don t know our Friend arid we Don t know you Susan this gentleman out 1 but a 1 coded with Blue eyes Beard and moustache and to turned up cried mrs. Maid ont. Am i o repeal once More we know nothing about m what could 1 do under these circumstances jut take my leave in however 1 bund an unexpected she Lead heard my mining words she turned to ii As we were descending the stairs and said miss Isabel s Young Man is exactly like a. Crown and a fms Lanuis brents which under the circumstances i think even my worthy spouse a build have could tried put me nto Poysti Sion of the facts. Miss maid out was really going to be mar to Morrow morning at St. Spikenard s Church to a or. Charles temp Sec a very Good looking Young Man whom they had not known. Oing but who seemed to be very Well my description of my Friend tallied exactly with Susan s of tie Bride Groom but the coincidence might be merely accidental. I Iii. Be munificence of do Witt Clinton. Venerable Printer Conger Sherman who died some in Philadelphia occasionally indulged in Cimini seances of the Early Days when he worked in the printing House of bar Ber Southwick at Albany. Here is one of his anecdotes. 1 had frequent opportunities of seeing sonic of the Public men of the state of is new York Mong others Daniel d. To Tompkins and do Vitt Clinton. In person manners and mind. Linton was a splendid Man. Sedate and re served be yet apr geared to me always cheerful and kind. He had just been appointed by the Cuate of new York one of tie Board . And was engaged in perfecting e plan of the Erie canal of which he was tie rigid Tor. 1 was sent to him one morning at is room i or copy. When 1 entered i dolled my in Jii Ade my Bow and said please Bir. I Vas sent for some copy sit Down my Vas the kind and encouraging reply. Lie took up from the table before him a neatly prepared manuscript fastened at the top f tie leaves like a lawyer s paper Book and skid me if i could Lead that. I looked at it in a Clear round hand As Plain s print. Yes sir 1 can read was my rely. He said i have Here a duplicate copy Vrbich i wish to verify before i you Ibe original stand up before me and read this Vas the first report of the commissioners a a tinted to Survey the route of the great Eric Al. 1 did Iny Best at Reading. 1 was aces Omed to Reading manuscript Gener was Good. I read on in a Clear Linn one and with emphasis pronouncing every Vord correctly until 1 came to the estimated Ost of the millions of dollars. I Crew a Long breath More Pcihas from natural cause than comprehension of the enormous sum if Money in those Days. The grave statesman looked at me As if i did understand it Maui Illy. Large figures he. Imay lot live to see the work finished but you will ind paid for too i i then read on to the end of the document put the copy into my locket Felt highly honoured and returned to the routing office with in where i came very near getting a Good sound thrashing for loitering Bont the suite House which 1 sometimes did or it was a very agreeable place for me to spend my time. Miss maid ont a photograph of Hei it seemed. Susan i asked. She had in her room could t get at it now without suspicion but she promised to secure it and bring it with her if i would meet her at nine o clock at the Cor her of the Street i was punctual to my tryst and at nine sugar made her appearance Wilh a Morocco containing an excellent likeness of my Friend Charles lira Stow massive pin with Topaz ii it and All. Now what was to be done should i go to mrs. Maid ont and Tell her How she. Was deceived in her daughter s that woul have Boen the Way Best adapted to spare the feelings of the maid Monts but would it bring Back the five thousand pounds i thought not 1 will Fine some Way to warn her Lover. Even Rob eng Bank May not emitter a girl against he sweetheart and no doubt slices Over head am ears in love with i determine a different plan. _ i Rose Early next morning dressed Misc with care put on a pair of Primrose gloves donned my newest Beaver and took a cab St. Spikenard a hotting Hill. The Bells were jangling merrily As i alight at the Church door a Small crowd lad Alread gathered on the drawn together b that keen foresight of coming excitement characteristic of the human species. Friend of the i whispered to the Verger and was forthwith shown into the vestry. To Clergyman was there already and Shook Hanc me in a vague kind of Way. Conduct. Better for the whole tribe of chamberlains if that Chamberlain had done his duty and sent the american Home for his wig. The recoil from Tho French revolution Are now living Lias Given the class another Century Ollile but Franklin really announced their departure when he went to court without a court dress amid the ecstatic applause of Europe. The Echo was a Medley of burlesque and satirical pieces originally designed to hold up to derision a taste for thu bombast and the pathos so prevalent in new England towards the close of the last Century among newspaper writers. The work was begun about the your 1791 by two persons Iti Chupil Alsop of Middle Tun conn., and Theodore Wight of a new Haven Aud with portions of two or three n umbels was i inti n exclusively by them. The plan of the work was soon extended and from ridiculing ally cations of Stylo they satire against Tom poll Cal doctrines and measures of their opponents is party spirit at this period began to Wax warm. The Echo soon became principally occupied in responding travesties of Public speeches and writings of a political cast. These pieces were with some others by the same authors collected into volume which was published in 1807, illustrated by several limn Orous designs by or. Tisdal. The following is a Boston editor s account of a Thunder a Lori which was the Occa Sion of drawing Forth first Etho on tuesday last about four o clock p. M., came on a smart Shower of rain attended with lightning and Thunder no ways remarkable. The Clouds soon dissipated and the Pixi trance of the a Urc vault left trivial Hopes of further needful supplies from the uncorked bottles of heaven. In a few moments the horizon was again overshadowed and an almost impenetrable gloom mantled the face of the skies. The win d frequently shifting from one Point to an other wafted the Clouds in various directions until at last they United in one common Centre and shrouded the visible Globe in thick darkness. The attendant Light nil it with the accompanying Thunder brought Forth from the treasures that embattled elements to awful conflict were extremely vivid and amusing loud. Those timings that were defended by electric rods appeared to m wrapped in sheets of vivid flame and a flood of the pure lire rolled its burning torrent b Down them with alarming violence. The Majestic Roar of a imploding thunders now bursting with a sudden crash now wasting Ihu rumbling Echo of their sounds in other lands added indescribably to Tho. Sublime scene. The windows of the upper regions appeared As thrown wide open and the trembling Cataract poured impetuous Down. More salutary showers and More needed have not been experienced this sum Mer. Several previous weeks had exhibited a melancholy sight the verdure of Tho Fields was nearly destroyed and the patient Husbandman almost experienced despair. Two Beautiful rainbows the one existing in its native glories and a splendid reflection of primitive colors closed the magnificent picture and presented to the contemplative mind tie Angel of mercy clothed with the brilliance of this irradiated Arch and dispensing Felicity to tiie Assem bled worlds. It is not unnatural u expect that the Thunder Sturm would be attended with some damage. We hear a barn belonging to or. Wytch. Of Cambridge caught fire from the lightning which entirely consumed the same together with Sveund tons of Hay this is echoed in the following manner on times any last great sol wit i blurt Kigoye pursued his journey through Tiu vaulted Fly and i his car Felt finout Rolly is Way four hours i Oyoma the burning zone of Day when to n Cloud All the Plain i from countless pores pct Mihovil liquid ruin j while from its i ticks nisus a in Peop i and Chat Clit thunders Rock d our t Erin Asle Eji. Lint Mumi hit Vaspory Foy ugh Perth to in Fiir and k l to the Blue used Toik Avo Luric Sicu the int Hiroji or piling Kici Iivo i or 11 Inu Mielit to our Farsi Inibig i Joe Joston rum from Mitt let broke lost All tie corks till vanish d into Moko. Of vapor Duim d thu Groat cyt1 the , by a limiting a phys driven a 1 Tod their court a Tiro Ufali High Ucli d he Ivan till piled Ulolo t in one Stupi Ilous i Jujj rhe seen awl unseen War lab Gicz dark mid nature d their afar and social thunders waked ethereal War from dark deep pockets brought their treasured store pm battled elements increased the crinkling expended All their 1 rec and tumbling rumblings steer d their headlong course. Those guarded frames by Thunder poles secured though or ppm in sheets of Hume i Host in Deri d their Broad roofs the fiery ton cuts rolled and every Shingle com re burning Gold. Thui leis. Wiki Roar and sudden Cra Liing. Bounced a King Tho Thorr till lost in other lauds the whispering sound feed from our cars and Fuin cd on the ground. Kain s ii ouch on High its h window oped and out the Imp Lions Loop a the by far Morr grand appear d Gigli Tings and Thunder never heard. Sli Owens have not been known to Dun ifs nature s dirty Hong t Inni fur several the Good old Juan s been with Lilly like a Queen. The fast Raveling to despair Laid Down his Hoe and took Lin looking chair while his fat wife Uip Well and Cistern dried her mop grow u useless Hung it up and cried. Two rainbows fair that Iris brought along pick d from the her color d throng the Host bom fat Long time must if to i tunic nor ton Mah i Lucuil it the Tomci not inter ii ii morn ing and much pm Llyl in to a week in Ejnair Kisir Ileal Josluis nil pouring Down us non s Tiki Iii Blessing on the i spiny Tow n. B at ii Milridge town the Bolf in a barn was i Jaunt Well Fili d wit i Hay. Some Efty the Lily inning tar Neil it my sonic 4ny the struck . Some say it made the cattle stares and some it kit d ii red Tiriro but we expect the truth to Mirin from or. Wythe who own d the it by xl1v. Frau Kiln ii court Benjan in Francelin began his preparations to visit the French court by ordering a wig since no Man had yet dared to contemplate the possibility of exhibiting uncovered locks to a Monarch of France. Xot Only was the in not costume exactly prescribed but each season Lead its own costume and if any one presented himself i lace ruffles when the time of year demanded Cambric the Clun Borquin of the Palace would refuse him admission. So or. Franklin ordered a wig. On the appointed Day says tradition the per Riquier him self brought Home the work of his hands and tried it on Bat the utmost a flirts of the great artist could not get it upon the head it was de signed to figure. After Nat Henlly submitting for a Long time to the manipulations of the Purru Quier or. Franklin ventured to that per haps the wig was a Little too Small. Monsieur it is after Many More fruitless trials the pc Rouquier dashed the wig to the floor in a furious passion exclaiming Uno Monsieur it is not the wig which is too Small it is your head which is too it was too says the Anonymous chronicler who re corded this anecdote to procure Mouier and therefore the audacious philosopher resolved to approach the presence of majesty without a bag the size and appearance of Franklin s he concludes be Samc a subject of com Mon yes the usual remark it wic Grosec Tete grand i he has a big head and a great having abandoned the wig he ventured to discard the still More indispensable sword As Well As the Universal Chapeau that was carried under the Arm. On the morning of the great Day he dressed As he would have docs soul if he were going put to Dine with the president or a suit of Plain Black velvet wifi the snowy ruffles at the wrist and bosom White silk stockings and Silver buckles. And a More Superb cos tume than that has never been worn by an old gentleman in any age or country. So general Washington was attired on occasions of state with the addition of yellow gloves a cocked hat and plume and sword with steel Hilt and leather scabbard. Or. Franklin s costume was a Brilliant Success. The Chamberlain hesitated a moment about Admi Tinghino but it was Only for a moment and the whole court were Capri Alyi. The i a it Kation. Few hear the immortals of Lee s army speak of the Retreat from 1 eters Bui a to Appomattox court House the scene of that army s Apo the Sis and the reason of that silence can be under stood. Knowing nothing and thinking Little about the condition of the army outside of their own commands the great body of the men in their Reliance upon their great com Mander simply performed the duties imposed Rikhi them suffered the agonies that necessarily fell to their lot calmly the which ended those duties and agonies for Many before the memorable oth of april. The suffer Ings of the rank and Lile of the Unity on that occasion were mercifully deadened by the Stu por if not recklessness super induced by the Peculiar hardships to which they were subjected. The enemy with Bis oven helming Force of splendidly mounted and equipped cavalry held in addition the direct route to the Point aimed at by general leu his Advance com Pelling him to Light while Daylight lasted and to do his marching by night. The want of sleep and during the lust four Days of the re treat the entire Lack of provisions produced in the men the mental and condition mentioned. And although Antler the sur Rendaci the men and officers of the Federal army vied Fern c journal the Buff and its successors. The i Milf and the various Nei k Monifi Zionts of a Kindred Nativ. Live a Lille Liis Lory a Liili Illust rates in no Uio time Neris Nis and swirl Pool Liallies of tliosi1 stir it a stors who Vioret Liui and towards running history we have Gal Limul flue july from Hwy Rornolo sources a Twood of Mahor ave Iii will Suall probability to new la our read ers. The first Hitro Dunnon of mils into Kugland appears to have Takin place at or about in11 Lino of the marriage of cig Ali Illet of Spain wet lion Queen diary Toliese being rep resist de on he Grout Seal of in 1555, will infill Nill s about incl is Well us Ihor wrists. The Nock Nill s to Onset of rapid and option. A at a sri costly pin Chase lasted Long with la Tiki go whilst the inked bands almost As costly i firsts i lie peruse Ocie continually subject o Len wiil or Rei air. The curls of the pc Roku Ili iely i of if the with in Lind Anil so Flint no part of the baud could us in but ii Little in front undo thu Chin. He band remained it first in the form of Tuti Ide slips in front tied us usual under the Chin y degrees these bands diminished in Dif gently among dil Lerent orders of people. To licit writes sir Joseph Hanks Aru ill to be seen in i he laced hands of the lawyers in full Hix is the Long bands used by Lem in tie courts and lie ships of hemmed Zimbric used by i lie clergy but Little do Oil in Loloi t Ilia. Tunu Little and Joist inns. Preserved from sunday to sunday be and of a Telly sheets of lace or line Linen tha Haig of which is now Spaid Withem in May o to Tho Romfo Ruot r the in Cess la s of the the following advertisement taken from Tho of Wilny 8t 10is2, is a not Imp illustration of our subject u Acain Bric Wilh Flanders lace about a Quarter of a Aid Broad und a Law Lurnis Jeup about an Inch Road wit i a Stock in the neck and is Down before was lost Botwe Imi the new and Whitehall. Howu d Twenty Shil the Intro Mclinn of be Niles rond Ureil my Iryck stocks f lice Ami other costly note Tiitu these bands were made entirely ail in order to living these attain into the laced i Avat or neck cloth have been invented in Trio of the f Char Lith ii. In the reign of unit Lary this 1 fashion was very general bal it did lot Libit Long not much longer perhaps than Vas necessary to Wear out tie original St is of ice. Ubich ii this limited use would continue Ervi Crable for one at Kast. To these the Slock succeeded behind the neck and plaited with Nuny this More however for Uso Thui fit not. In our quote Hanks onco lore of course to the end of the last unt Ury the splendid Neek ornaments of our Oref Iii cars have been into Hie Landwei a Lief Nock band used As a covering to a i cd stiffening and this scanty remnant of Iuen Seldom very Fine used Mere to give a lean outside appearance to a dirty half worn is called by the respectable Ion of a a Frenchman s Bow. Ali Oil Iro Oil Unis deep sub fort ii it Lingo been Many professors of tie Noble Silicio am own in then Logun Fralc Days Dillum nees of Pinion Aslo tie nature and of tic move mints which compose a Bill i lie generally adopted practice of the Best Mil Eric a drool u astir Lilii . Wlms you moot n lady Llma you know i Nair Yards of by calmly Noisius s Poitr its Ile Arm right or left As i in Case May be. F Liore must be no Proui Patalion in Ibe movement ind lilo Arm must to maintained at ,1 certain from the body so n ils Cim n and motion that is it must not Nunn in ton div it. And especially not too i is. When Lio band arrives of the Bat rim. It just it lightly about Liaf tiie i Ijeh of the lingers ii must slowly lift the Siul slowly carry it out in air to tie fullest length the straightened Arm but Mustio torn the chose and on level Vilt babe Ali Owilder Bis Jarl. Of Tho operation must last inv Oral seconds. tie hat must Ira turned Over by a gradual movement. In Oxtot proper Linn wit h i he Progress Folts passage . Sulial. So Irli Iii per indic ulary with the Crown upwards in. May pcs Man a comp Lulu Semi Clivle on its Road Ami Roncoli the extreme limit of its at ukr when it hits become a Psid Dowland tie Linini i ivs a Tho Akies. At Whei ithe hat is lifted from the Bead the body begins to slightly Bend Tow inflection Beuic so Organ Psi d that Ibe full extent of curving of Tow spine shall be attained concurrently with Tow it realest i Surico of Trio hat. A slight respectful mile is contemporaneously permitted to Flicker furtively about i lie Corners of the Mouth. Then the Bat comes slowly sweeping Back Nusin its inward motion presenting the exact inverse of its Otil Ward the Back grows straight once Moro Ibn smile the hat resumes ils accustomed place the Bow is Over the face rows Brave and you. The author of act murmur within yourself did that either but. I Tjio lady should Stop to speak 10 you she alone can Flet Enuine Bellier take place out of you remain bareheaded the Arm is slowly drop cd Lillebo. Now forgotten but hangs the knee the Back continues somewhat Bent and when the talk is with a half Curt Eoyang an inclination of the head the lady trips ii idling of the Lioy profound the hat starts off once More full distance which the Arm can cover but at a rather lower Altitude than before it a Majestic radiating sweep through space and then goes on to the hair and All is Over. Iowa is the woman s Paradise. A majority of the state officers and majority of Tow Staw Are women. Women am i a porters copyists and panel folders in tie state Capitol and six women Are serving As county of schools newspaper
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