Bristol Bucks County Gazette in Bristol, Pennsylvania
6 Nov 1873

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Bristol Bucks County Gazette in Bristol, Pennsylvania
6 Nov 1873

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - November 6, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaPublished weekly Jesse of Kad Cliffy to Walnut stkukt8, 1iristoi., i i of in variably in for o in year 00 fur is months 160 for la ree in Otlis 1 00 goad a Kosty Day. Corr w Ali Feltl Hintch i Lehil Mill Itri with rime to to mini round Llic Sutcli c oud nor i jct pc Tutu solve Trio cd Lac. Trio Waves arc floor Ami tin Piru Irmi Boumil Ami tin Imin flix Jitni in slalom Imar Ami red Leal Mil i d 11. Ground. A them Ull Giro s Tell fit to Slowa 11 n Rony rim of Trio hum Lukinac Ami Low Al Ltd along the dim lit flip Iro a Nick urn in a Lawn to Hli Fin Ali Umlor Klimik to Luigi Lair p veiling Lawn Goff tour than Lite Cluck j when the flirty Liliie but Iuli by thu and Hie Pale Lily Cit Snow to Huval Tift Klei 1 Coral ilium Clit Din Herr Lawrn. Vol. 1. Bristol Bucks county pa., thursday november 6, 18t3. No. 13. Kor the county a Jizelle evening kote3. I recently read in a Book of excellent author Ity something minting to the English people of Uio seventeenth Century one cannot help contemplating the Progress that is Manifest in All directions As the years Roll on. Sincli Nickit a cams slow yet it is actual and palpable. The books that were popular two Tuilio a ago would now be considered unfit to place in the hands of youth. They were pictures of the social condition a Liili then prevailed. They reflected tie Kil iils and tone of society und gave exact of Tho men and women of the times. Such men such women 1 society life seemed to include every characteristic of coarseness every feature of vulgarity. Refinement had a Jar Cully no place in the ill starred social drama. Kenning influences were wan ing. Examples so mod All on the Side of moral deformity. Lax Ity of speech and manners was he Rule. Whal virtue there was seems to have in ii sparse and obscure. Vice reigned among High and Low. From Tho Ici erred o i quote the follow ing passage had Boon discovered in j08-1 and about half a Century later England consumed seven millions of Gallons. Tie tavern keepers on to Weir sign boards invited people of come and get drunk for a Penny for two Pence they might get dead drunk no charge i or after More of this sort the Wii Frei makes the statement thai the higher ranks were even less estimable than Ilie surely society Lias advanced to n Bettr condition than these quotations not Mich brutish beasts As arc pm his d in us strange annals of that unlovely period. The of Lynip Clint a May take coinage an thong to have among us Here and there Many it is True veritable types of that Ord i of Iii Lialiou they do not habitually meet us saddened Avo have grown i Kougl find prudent enough for the Sake of example to put them mostly a Little out of sight. Tho tastes of Model a society must be respected it u a Good sign tie Semisi Billies o Are easily inflected. Lie put at. Ion pc More univ ban a Mic name it is this Tow a yet Subtle influence among men earning them to keep a Laie Huftil eareou1 their Plahy act Jim in seem to he what the would like to pans we Luar people adman Ishad Loi c for its own Sake in Iii tiny in a Jinns Keck the Jile Asalita line Sci Tiu Ide the pc ice of reputation i Imu Gloriy Little tiling to Ned be Louo if no Hod know it Many act. Wouk befell undo ii if life were an open All eyes could read Rahlie opinion exact Good conduct. This shows that Ujj Niblic opinion Lui iweoiiu1 an master. It is Ninel i Sci respect. 21. Is quid in in ii mucks Ami us Wojno in its judgements. It interesting to hour Aumi Towel the voice i Amblie sentiment in vice or Lolly of which they Aie Seei etl guilty How refreshing is to Weir ardor. The. Rau kit Lei their reputations a scar and at their Leisure they Simle he question of do with to Weir jul with the foibles that Are visible of thu or that Lurk j1, society Sajtl improves. The time will Coile Wax n " the Ign of the will to out and the. Age of the bum Ami the Luicart will eoiiu1 even the politician Lias advanced a fraction of n degree be jiul the our Pahlck and demoralized filanc of three quarters of a a Emily Ayo. Let Inu quote again from Tahiti s English Lite a Luie Corr Plum was m fixed in Public Man ners and in polities that after the fall lord Bute who had denounced him was obliged to practice und increase it. His Eolk jump Fox changed the of inc into a Market glad about thu air Juji Iee Wilh hundreds of Pinciu i jars distributed in one morning Twenty five thousand pounds. Votes oily to to had fur Cash Down and yet at an import ant crisis these mercenaries Youju Thi Chiten to go Over to the enemy struck fur wages and demanded that picture is something Dorsc than we could paint to Day. Thanks to an Argus eyed in a Large measure for the prevalence of a More go aided official action and a More Jeal Ous vigilance Over those in authority. The transgressions of n Public Man Are quickly ipod on the wings of the Public heralds and soon All eyes Are fastened upon them. How essential u an incorruptible press an influential journal that to the to c Posi Tion of a willing tool to busts or Crafty demagogues is capable of infinite mischief. Happily the Power of such a paper soon wanes. Public sentiment May be susceptible of a Good Deal of of Bieile moulding but them is a limit to is pliability. Pack managers and salary Jil Chers cannot enjoy the sweets of unruffled Iraq Unity on a bed of roses. Popular sentiment sways an avenging tone and men Hearken to its clamor. Ohio of one Side of the party lines have been Busy of late in seeking to discern the that led to the recent political reverse. One of them sums up the maker by remarking that the Republican party has not Boon careful duo ugly of its reputation. Parties must keep a fair reputation if they would remain in it Mil favor. Thoice is Hope of the ultimate Triumph of Reform in almost any dec Tom while there is Freedom and Siuk Peu Denee in the of Public opinion and a general regard for the great principles of truth Honor and Fidelity. It is said that the use of history is to give value to the present hour and is people do not All take the lesson. They arc either not Vise enough or not Sli enough to adorn the present hour with duty that duty which includes the Good of All Mankind in its Beautiful aim. Tie self sacrificing arc Tew. It takes More than eighteen Hundred years for most men to be Strong enough and Brave enough to forget Tho individual and de vote themselves with grand Effort to tie work of elevating the multitude. But there arc to be found Here and there Isoble men and women Olio toil for the Good of others who dedicate their lives to great Endeavor seeking to extinguish wrong Coli act evils overthrow oppressive forms i oot out the and Plant tie new and who strive to improve the condition of society to exalt and beautify common life. A such action will Tinow its Beautiful Light into the next generation and shed its Lustre upon other Earnest lives which need not be what the world Calls great in order to be Sublime. Four Ticu Ucb county a glance at the West. By josa8 wkdstej1. I acc to Nikii in Merineo. Leaping from the Concord coach covered with Sand and dust we again find ourselves at Nitah one of the most rustic Little stations outline train Continental hallway. Hearing a shout from one of our passengers who is a True Loril is the voice of Al Carey sound ing Hia Hunglu thusly hand me Down my Saiu and the Driver throws a Lingo co face suck i rom the Boot containing one Negligee shirt one extra pair of Jack hoots und a of rocks the bystanders begin to Ripple into laugh Ter at these Trade called Luggage. What a wardrobe i or Saratoga or sin Branch but of action shows us Pla Bly they do tilings differ cantly out and As to gather our care fully packed Little wardrobe together to fully Lealiki thai one half the world dues not know How the Oiler half lives. Northwest from Nilah is one of uie oldest mormon settlements in Utah about five Miles from the Railroad at Pickei Inthis Iovin is the Junction of the Union Central Pacific a Dingy ado lie looking place. This is one of the first places the Walter Day saints hated on their Western pilgrimage. 1 shall a Little mormon history into this sketch by lord leaving the Valley. It was in 1805, in Silaron Windsor county Vannoni that Joseph Smith jr., the founder of ibis remarkable sect was Horn. His Parent were among those who walked in the humblest Lis of life. The Smith family possessed a name Anil reputation by no Means enviable. Joseph Smith when a boy became apparently interested in religion and professed to have his Stony heart made soft but the Oracle goes on in Botalo that he could not stand the restrain into Iriti Nency and became a backslider. J in tons to the establishment of this sect not the Smith Smith professed to lie favored from time to time with miraculous vis ions. On one of these occasions he declared from the Oil Rolaad atm my. The judge s Story. I Dpi t Sec How i could have done Inorg Lor him Thun 1 did but the Man should not have been should have been acquitted with those Watts Uio Cudgo awoke to the to limit he had a Fejloiv-1 Noveler and i lion Els if some explanation of his remark would in in order he went on we had a very interesting trial in Austin Asi week. Tom Tom lie is tried i or murder. 1 defended him Siul never is rippled harder i or a client in my Ift. For a week before and throughout the rial 1 worked night and Day to look up Testi Nony and to present the ease to the jury in in in St possible Light. I with Al he attorneys not engaged for Trio prosecution. West Chimoh with Throe Yequis in the Peni enary but to ought not to have been Pun should have been tie queried As to tie Cir attending tie alleged murder and he judge answered they Wum Peculiar and that is the Why the trial was so very Intel est Iii. V woman in Montana Alto never saw Tom in Berry thought that he had done her a great wrong and so when she was asked As Lite Cluase is to take up a new she named Hor terms kill Tom Carberry of Austin Nevada c jut 1 nesei1 saw nor heard of the Suid thu aspirant said acc kill Tom car Berry it is the depth of was Obj did and to Are hundreds of Miles from Austin. The journey cannot now be made kill him in die said the in relent that an Angel appeared to him and directed him to go who my did after digging in a Cei lain Cornfield for a Matulic Hook that the Angel assured him he would find which contained mystical claim Clurs. Singular arid incredible As it would appear to one unacquainted with this people Smith succeeded in of Stablish ii a Cree to and forming a sect. The first congregation of mormons was established at from a Hance they were expelled in Missouri. A similar their Hihl Awai Lod Ihm in that shite and in 1s-Io they packed up and squatted Nauvoo. Illinois. There they built a City and Temple and gathered loge Lher a no Piej Ous com Patio of dwelling in Nauvoo the my Mous a Etc ailed by the enraged. Smith with Oili Cibij was killed while in jail where hey l Bucu for being Tuo Tuiuli mar ried. Tie increase of this oct May ii attribute into it tip caution. Twas the mormon settled Ohio that Ujj Rightn Young Iii ipod with ilium. It in not known Doti Niley Whethe name from but Many suppose some where near the Shaker District and to being an omit miss took to the mormon Faith Van Shouly 1 com the Liitt and being a Good talker and a num of Strong Contti Tinion and Ehara Eler. He became very Mimi prominent among Thorn at he time of their expulsion from Tauv Loami death of sni us nil Honor Louis Mamorv for he was not a Only Ganisin lie at once Becam their real. And under his guidance an dire icon they grave used the great Plains of who and form d this great settlement ii tall is we Hoard the train and arc Rhi Rotl uie parsing Corrine at thu ii of 1-Lonr River. As it pours us liquid a leis into great Ilo Mons fade Oul of our memory Bej Bielic incoming Panorama of l p Tho Grade we go to Promontory a vat. U Weie she a Nils met and tin eng mums of Ali West Slu Jok hands from heir ens pcs. Thata Day that was when the Railroad was completed am be great american continent so Umed by an Iron Cord girding her most fruit Ful Belt and encircling tiie temperate zone. Well do we remember Uio booming Oft he nun that proclaimed he the goal work when Dan casement and the California or iders Laid Down their shovels and found tin occupation like Othello gone. Promontory is but a canvass own the Montc boys have taken of Towt a tort North of theand As the Transfer of takes some time these hungry vultures for self rope in the Lunoc mils who Are not up to shut and want to be sneezed As we look Aroul and find nothing out of the usual order of save this outlaw band we grasp our a Allyl thinly and match up to the table. The pro is thus at the arrival of the train thu accomplices of the dealers of the cat us mix w the the passengers Iovino taking Pic Guise 01 Tho Fanner others of the City gent with and yield glasses hanging by their a dicta and the Uji Aily of the crowd to bet a lion win often Ulriich entices Trio innocent to put his Coin upon the table. Poor fool Little docs lit know that he has not the ghost of a show among those very blood Suek Cis. To turn away Dis gusted and remark that old remark once More the fools Aie not All dead yet.11 soon our train is and we pass on and of through these Barren Alkali Plains round the West Lim of the great Salt Lake Basin to the country beyond. Twenty Miles of Promontory arc the celebrated Loco motive boiling and bubbling tip thei Mineral Waters. As we pass on the conductor informs us we arc approaching the fifty Mill no vegetation except a few prickly pears and Cactus plants to relieve the Here not a drop of water or living thing conk Cist. We plunge Over grouse Creek to hum Falls and Glide Down to tie hum bold1 Valley Green in the garb of nature and look ins like a Para Lisa after having crossed us Diseri. Through Long hours we gaze upon this Vallec until we ascend the Sierra Nevada mountains huf sections of a Belle. 0 dear of dear i m sick Anil tired of sewing Day by Duy Tho a tiros and Trio flounces How they flit the time away. But they Tirc All the fashion now and one had better be out of the world than different from other Girla to Aeo. T used to Liuvao some tune to read and i would often Alia take walk Mittic a ride with Frank and Cousin but. Now these fun Uicich Taitch the i Cau do nought but Huw. The last time hut jog came for me miss Bic Konson with tire we Sci o to Licar Liev Lect Roj on some lung Odd and Yucca. Now Cousin Joe is like a clock Avi Man Anil it j Jih Vium mean to he As Imi Mauiu in i. 1 meant to Wear my Imti dress it is a Lovely Blu ii had tin of flounces finished and to litre one More to do. O Ali Ere pics no Odda Anil i worked said he and. Tic compact was scaled. The of in the Spring Sicre arrived at Salt City by the Jolon stage an individual Irocky announced that be was on i s Way to kill Carmur sail. Lake City id a Long Way i rom Austin but the i Rind slips of Border men Span much greater distances. Was quickly advised of the approach of his visitor but he took 110 Steps either to get out of the Way or to be specially prepared to Sec company. He was then employed at the Keystone nine Miles from lows Jimd he stayed them nearly a whole week after he knew that Hir Montana Chap was in Austin. You see Tom is a peaceable Man and lie did t any dish Cully. Most men have come in at once and got the affair Oil their the listener entertained doubts at hits Point but Hig nothing inc judge proceeded evening is usual with Bun Tom came into the Eily and after gel tug shaved and fixed lip Tor Liis went around to tins saloons where Many of the peo ple of mining towns spent to Weir Leisure to meet Liis friends it was t Long Iii Al to encountered uie Montana Fellos who at once in Tom s hearing to make insulting Here Iho listener Inthir noted did he make insulting if lie had made a Long journey solely i or the purpose of killing Toni who did t he shoot hint off hand said Llic judge that would have been Man lip. Tho Conn Unity a Down on nuts dry and he would have Ite in tingling Finin an awning beam in Lifton Niin ulus. Killing is a Vury dilute icons. Mauuer Ashen two men gel into a and All is air Between i hem and Omo kills Kihe Iuie Community Dou i ordinal seem to fuel Sutcli co Iceni on tin1 Sti Joel. A incr such the Only Way i or Montana was to to Yoko Tom to u Qiiark-1, Ai Mead up to a fight. Jut Tom i Iii a Diss Posco to gratify would t any com o hear but to peat Eilly left one Sakman in to in other just to Lapp out of the Way. Montana followed Isth up until. At Lar of standing right before Tom he jumped about two i act from the floor and came Atli a heavy Jar and Saul i m even this Tom did t Only put. His i Uius his face Anil wept fact so the tears actually mowed until his Best i feuds thought he was an an and Edwird and Mon he got up and to his room to bed Trio in was t one of them to n Good word i or him. Montana on Joyed a season of glory. He said i m in a Public and no Man Hail dared accept the Dud Lenge. Next no Riding Tom was standing on i 10 lion Juon i Ana ii Iio along1, and they met i a o to Ial a. J of Polco to him in a very Yniol Low one saying you used me prelim Rouglin fast night but f. Don t boar inalin1. Just say hut you d been tar incur and did l mean ii and Well say no More about it answered to Polo gites in mine Tom you Eckliff Conn into the Safion Aud chink glasses me and c la let tie matter Thop then said Tom Ca Borit a Tihoi you or sooner Fps. Or olso you re a Cowan. I Don t think you re cowardly an if i d Knout you at he Marl it s most Likely i would t Lia waded in. Hut it matter t he lot drop for there s hundreds o people in my Section an Between hero an there who know that i came Here to kill you so there s but two must Light or you must run. If you la run it will be just As Good to me Aslo fight almost suppliant hearing to Rcd on lie instant and he said Ait Macli in the habit o1 run univ an1 if we re to Light we May us Wei Liao it out now As any time. Are you Tom asked Titis question because to have a Law against carrying concealed weapons which at such hours As Rople they will have no use for pc Cir arms and Lis Regan a at nil o liners. Answer was to i my revolver with he bar keeper o the exchange.1 said Tom til wait i or you Here the Exchange was in a Corner building act Oss a Street Wlinich came in at right angles to the sul Ualk where they were standing. 3ton Tana went in at the front door but came out at Titi tide on Llic Cross Street hoping to steal up and get Tho drop on Tom but this was not so easy. Tom was had crossed the main Street to guard against sur prise so when Montana poked Bis pistol Lound Corner and followed it with just enough of lib head to take sight Carberry was in a moment their eyes met and the shooting began Tom curled Down close to the Road be a to present the smallest possible area As a Uyuk Ana because it is comparatively difficult to Iii. An object lying on the or our. Montana sheltered himself some what behind a Row of sacks of potatoes lying of Tho Edge of the sidewalk and partly behind a Small awning Post. This last was a fatal error for with a tall Post for a Mark it is the easiest thing in the world to make a Lino Slot. Urn a Long Story of the shooting which in reality Vas very a ii Over. They tired three shots in Many seconds. Tom s third Ball heart and he was through Mont a s dead before his head with i i put Ali Ami main Ift St Tilch i italia As tie Young Man clinic. Now to litre Ivas All my halt to do men never Buemio know Why should take so Long to dress and wily they arc m slow. I with they had their Heads to fax Ullh curls Ond pull and braids. I think a lady now a plays should keep n of. I kept him Ival Thig i Ull an hour but that s not vory i Only Lead a pair of hands and everything went wrong. Well we were late rib you May and vexed enough Joe. We had Somi we ills a Little till lie said that i was slow and Iever ready when to called Lio hated so to she hated most it was to he too Anil of All this j Don t remember what i said i was Emu enough to qty i could not Tell him How it. Wherefore or the and sit i a right go Oil i or Brit flip too t and nov t almost Liaty Trio ill Csc Tho Lon tires give it such a a Cylc i Lalji pfc it on wiil go Down Chestnut Street perhaps i la catch a glimpse of Cou Iii Joe. T. American history and bi03eapht. Xxxix. A Frontier Iii Cicitt. Some time in Tjie Spring of tie year Islo Amiuel Cecil residing on station Camp Creek Len thought to be in Wayne county Kentucky it now Tennessee was absent in Tho noun Ains. His Wile being out of meal started to a Nighbor s to borrow sumo but Hist securely losing and barring the door leaving three Young Hildren in Tho House the oldest a girl and two of Unger boys for Sai qty during her absence he look two of ukr eldest Chih ecu to help her Arry the Nival and boar her company. Shortly 1 Ter iwo Dospil Turu her husband returned in Jarrud the door and being warm and fatigued lid. Down and fell Skiep. The three Young a Illren getting at Liberty pursued he trades of heir Mother. She shortly returned found her inst ail at Limo last it sleep and the children inking she awoke her husband and Ini braided Tini of flip Hiey Hillued he Trade of Tho Cli Ildi in followed them 0 the crossing of the station Camp Creek but Ould make no discovery. The neighbors in his thin sett led part of the country being in aimed of the United in thu Huff 01 ii gals Ami Days the eddies and drills Hie mountains Dills and valleys were ill explored and by theand but All in vain. The bereaved parents were almost inconsolable. At one time hey thought Lac children in at tempt ing to Cross he St team were drowned and Bau lint Ted then lat some Mac nits boast had devoured them it an outlier time that Toniy hair perished with Lunger cold and thirst or to limit wicked arsons or some skulk a indians night have stolen or kidnapped All wis mystery Ami uncertainly with tie grieving time passed Antl of her children were added n the household and Trio Soi Couhig parents Wane somewhat reconciled to to Weir a Flection. I Fleck years bad now rolled Liy alien one Day Young Man. Apparently about Nineteen years if ago knocked at or. Cecil s door Ami an Lou Mutl himself As the oldest boy of the three Ost children. Imagine to yourself How in and anxious feelings wore the when he related the of is abduction Ami with Liat eager ear they is Liioi. O hear of the other two. When kid Miod lie was Only four years old All lie knew that seven of the Cherokee indians came Cross Thorn and took him his staler and Bro her and bore them that the you digest Jio Lher unable to Bear the fatigues and for vant of milk or proper food perished of the that they were taken to the Indian coun by Ihetu c Cair cd to the Arkansas beyond Pic Mississippi. From Liis sister lie Learned his mint and something the country from they taken and by inquiries had eco ii Abseil to reach Bis s arid Mother s Lousy. Us sister was living and was married 0 a spaniard a great distance the Road winding gracefully around like a Ca innocently. Gets s sweep before it takes its prey. Grail and Sublime Are these rough Back hones of our continent when they rear their ridges and peaks up Aii Doug the Clouds. Donner Lake heaves into View a Beautiful picture Clear As Glass nestled among these up heaved Rocky knobs. How it reminds is of the old Hock of Ages Cleft for me let to hide myself i ave Speed away tin Ough Miles of Snow Miels Anil tunnels past Pine forests from whence the ties of the Road were constructed on through the night to Laud of Gold and big Trees. Bounded on Trio Brick pavement. Carberry surrendered himself at once Ami was kept in jail until Liis trial rain off although bail to any amount was hollered 1 after a pause Llic judge added i Don t see Bow i could have done More for than 1 did but the Man should not have been Pun should have been acquitted and lie would have been but for one circumstance which prejudiced the court and what was the circumstance so questioned inc listener. Montana Elias was the fourth Man Tom had killed in answered the one of the illusions is that the Pic sent hour is not the critical decisive hour. Write it on your heart that every Day is the Host Day in the year. No Man has Learned anything until he knows that every Day is fisc son. A a pretty Good Story is told of Lii insole says tiie Tsonton trawler by a season ticket Holder on Ilie Boston and Maine Wido Wank a Jolly Jan Tous joke Loving gentleman democratic Iii Liis politics and Liberal in his re 1151011. Riding in a i orc car a Sciort Lime since wit i Ilie Catholic priest of his Village who been Active in trying to induce his flock to to come temperate he familiarly addressed him father you Are doing a pretty Good work just know but you Are doing As much Good a All the Otter clergymen in the pries quietly replied that he was doing what he Conj to improve Liis people. Ill Tell you what it continued the gentleman i be been thinking about attending 3 our Chur i but was afraid i would Cost too much to get All my sins pardoned Trio manage your Case when we have a very Large contract we Isake Iberal discount the laughter that Follower Liis response Only closed when the cars re Ochei Ali Send of to Weir route. And be Captain Langl Over lie Story As lie repeats it until this Daj anything to Clear the Cotton with. The seeds were picked out by hand. Tho planters saw the Utility of Cotton but it was Likely to be a Cost y product. It must ire remembered thut Cotton was just beginning to to planted. We never expo Ted a Uale before Whitney saw ithe difficulty went to work and invented tie Cotton Gin Yava Nuh was Trio last place to Unmil acl Urc anything in. But lie knew a land Rich in in Cli Finical so 1m went pack to now Haven Connecticut and made his gins there. Then he went Back to the South and began to sell them. Lie had a Patent of course but Olio could Patent the i ight to create wealth beyond the Divanis of avarice thu machine was a Siipple on and Oil nil sides piracy coir men Ceil and Whitney was Likely to lose the fruits of his invention lie commenced suits i but the juries would give him no damages. In this state of tilings South Carolina Wlinich with All its perversions and server Sites has some Noble qualities gave him for Liat state. It was All he Ever got and most of that was lost in litigation. Tired of such a controversy he again turned his stops to Xis Haven and his Powers to a new subject. He in vented improvements of decided value in the manufacture of lire arms. The government recognized his Sei vices and gave him a contract fyr ten thousand stands of muskets. He was several years completing this contract who clinic did in the most perfect manner. In Tho begin Ning of the War of 1s12, and under to in Llu ence of or. Madison lie got a new contract for thirty thousand stands of Amis. To till triese contracts he built a factory at bit Scyville two Miles from new a Luvon. Triese were in the most perfect order ail to was tie first Man who adopted a perfect division of labor in the manufacture of arms having Cadi piece made Sepa lately by different workmen and then put together. Made wealthy by his inventions Eli Whitney built a spacious and funds orc mansion on that Beautiful Given at Haven Wlinich none Ever saw but to two squares of tis a love la a Young student his Genius Fust plumed its wings. There too lie was Iii t hit Shadow of those lofty elms which lie was ii student James Hillhouse the senator had planted with Liis own hands Euce too he was carried to the new burying the Fust cemetery in tie United states lid out with a View to ornament and that was a Vised by will Lious. Thoro lies Eli Vii Tivey w i i Many another whose Genius and those Woi is have adorned the annals of Pic Outry. By for the jilt cab comity Gazette Al. The mini without a i re Ovid. There was a Day when Rand arrived in Havre from Paris. 11 was the darkest hour of he Kovol ution. Pursued by the bloodhounds f the lie Ign of terror stripped of Evora wreck if propel to. Talleyrand secured a pass go to Imrica in a slip about to. He was a beg Gar and a wanderer in a strange land to Cam is daily bread by his daily labor. Is there m american stopping at your House lie asked he landlord of the a Ioctl. I am hound to Cross he water and Vonald like a letter to a person some influence in the new the landlord hesitated a moment and then replied there is a gentleman no stars either from America or Britain but whether i rom America England i cannot he pointed the Way my Talleyrand who in his life was Bishop wince and minister ascended the stairs a mis Erable supplicant stood before Tho stranger s Loor knocked and entered. In the far Turner of the Dingy lighted room iat a Man of some fifty years of age his arms sided and his head bowed upon his breast. A window directly opposite a flood of ight poured upon his forehead. Ills Eye looked rum his downcast brows Talleyrand s Vith a Peculiar and searching expression. His Ace was striking in outline the Niou i and Chin indicative of an Iron will. His form was vigor Ous even with the sorrows of fifty Winters he no As dressed in a dark but Rich and distinguished costume. Talleyrand advanced stated lie was a Fugi Tive and with the impression that the gentle Man before him was an american solicited his Cind feelings and offices. He poured Forth Liis history in eloquent Flench Ami broken Inglimo. I am a wanderer and an exile. I Ai forced Fly to the new world w Ithone Friend or Home. You Are an american. Give me then 1 be Seech Yon a letter of yours so Ilia i May be Abie to earn my bread. I am willing to Tod in my manner a life of labor would he a Paradise to a Caincr of luxury in France. You will give me a letter to one of your friends a gentle Man like you has Many friends the strange gentleman arose and retreated toward the door of the next chamber his c5 is still looking from beneath his darkened brow. 1 am the Only Man of the new world who raise Bis hands to god and say 1 have not a Friend not one in All Talleyrand never forgot the. Overwhelming Widness of look which accompanied these words. Who Are he cried As the strange Man retreated to the next room. My he replied Witlip Asmil that had More of Nick Ely than of Joy in the convulsive expression my name is Benedict lie was gone. Talley find stink in the Clivi a gasping the words Arnold tiie trait or thus he wandered Over the face of the Earth another Cain with the wanderer s Mark Tipoti Liis brow. Ali. The inventor of the Cotton Gin. Eli Whitney the inventor of the was bom in Westboro Massachusetts. Re graduated at Haven in 1702 Young and adventurous he sought the South and arrived at Savannah. He resided in the family of mrs. General Greene who was i patroness. There he contrived Many Little in Dentious. And struck with the Utler want of a Ltd. Ancient Leouses in there Are a few houses now standing in the astern part of Massachusetts which were rented previous to Tho year 1700. It is said hat the oldest wooden House in the United tales is the Ili not in Dorchester t was built in Hwu and rents to Day for so a. It was the of general to Shingto for a season during the lie Volu Ion Ami was once defended by mrs. Minnot Lone when attacked by indians. Another of Hose ancient structures is the Blake mansion u cottage Street Dorchester. This House was Milt by elder James Blake previous to 1030, and was in the 1-Ilakc family from the time of is erection until o. The Tolman House standing in town urns Lane near washing on Street for Elestor erected about three generations of the family lived in it. Tin first owner died in it is now owned by Bliss Abigail Kilcur. The new England Llis Orical and genealogical Lle Gisler a t of years go had an engraved sketch of the Venetable Structure Asir now appears. Joshua Suliin the historian of Rev live Diril m a House that was Mill y his ancestors about jg54. It is i a gtd Fate of preservation and some of its present Miccu Pihs Are the seventh generation born 1111 Ler its roof. The Noyes House in Parker Trecet nov Venry was built about 1040 for tames Noyes and is still owned by one of his Les pendants. Tie old parsonage Bouse of the Byfield Parish in new Bury was built about i Hundred and fifty years ago. Chief Justice arsons was born there in 1750, and the House s now in a Good state of preservation. To litre s an Ancion Stone House on pc infill s f or Nerly Pierce s farm in new airy which was built about 1010 or 1070. It was used formally As a place to store the town s powder. This House was occupied by the ancestors of Anklin piece sex president of the United slates. The original Nichting House in Salem was i a noved and press re cd a few years since by the a Embris of the Institute and now stands u the rear of their Beautiful building. Tie oldest Linus in or. Babson Hinks is the card afew rods South f the Eastern c nil of front Street. It was built Vit Hont Nuht before the year 1700. In size Bun and internal arrangement it is a Specif ii if the Best houses of the time of its erection and As such and As tie Only architectural relic of the Early period of the history of the. In engraving of it is de on Lac 45 a Page if Lia Sim s valuable work. The Craddock mansion in Milf did mass., Vas Croc cd in the Llev. Charles Brooks n his history of Mech Ned. Expresses the opinion hat Liis ancient Structure is one of the oldest n the United states that retains its original Brm. Its Walls which Aie yet Strong arc eighteen inches thick. Liis scat of the old governor is one of the most free Imus relics of in now England. One of the oldest houses still standing in new England is in tie town of Medfield Massachusetts eighteen Miles Southwest of Boston. It Vas standing when tie principal pint of the own was Burnt by the indians in 1u70, and consequently must be More than one Hundred and ninety one years old. It is an interesting specimen of one of the of in of building. It is 24x14i feet 10 feet from tie caves to the of of Tho roof. There is a House in that was erected about the year 1700, on the estate for icily owned by or. Edward a Wynn the noted Sec relay Ollie Colony of Massachusetts. There is a portion of a House now standing n Marshfield Massachusetts i tilt by Peregrine in hit the first male child born of English Arents in new England. It is now used As the ilex n of a dwelling erected to connect with it. Trio old House on the Watertown Road oppo site the ancient burial ground according to tra lotion was the residence of tie lick. George ill lips the first minister of Watertown and Mcastor of the Phillips Annily in Massachusetts. He died in 1cj4. This House has been some that modernized in its external appearance. According to the old style the second Story pro act eco Over the first but that ims been made nto a modern Piazza. The Interior retains Marks of Antiquity. By a record in annals or. Phillips first House was hint in 1030, and this was probably his second Louse built on the parsonage lot. It stands pack from the Road and still makes a very respectable appearance. From the daily graphic. A. The astounding discoveries made by professor Ferrier Rispoli Rig the in Tiu Lianda of Stu Utilla it regard to ukr Manipula Tion of Uio i Mortn Brt Iii have Beem Vulula commented upon in the Public press. Or. Car Rier and Titi president of the British association Defuro Lioni the lecture was delivered have sifted emphasis that no More important Dos com Ica Hilo Boon Mntijo Sluce Kun Seii und ung gins Dovci Moinul the of Trio spectrum. J Iii possibilities Jung within the scope of profess us i Vorrier s discoveries tie fro Rossor it will he remembered puts animals under of chloroform the Skull is then removed and the brain exposed lie then lakes an o citric Battery and by proper application of Tho ski Stive raid t lec to wides upon various parts the brain produces Liliu most j lie limbs of the animal arc moved i or ius Iancu Trio animal is made to cnut various sounds it is made to change Llic cup cission of is face and in fact every variety of action is produced. Tho re sult of i desc extraordinary discoveries is Krneti Cally to rest Oij phrenology to its proper place in the ranks of Tho so or. Carpenter the this is admitted by Reat physiologist who has Liere Louic been so Strong an opponent of phrenology. These facts not Only Settle the old dictum the brain is Tho origin of the and vice cent that Uio Blind nuts Only through the Bruin but it shows the Amiin Pic scat of Linn i emotion and of All sensor jul Andinolfi capacity. Cannot move any More than we Cau Hinic without Tho brain i Tom presence of Hig audience the professor was Able to Tell Liat Cal acis would follow when a particular Narl of Tom Siam touched and moreover when Liis assistant caused various movements of Pic animals the professor Coati Lei was Bei Bijj done with tin Bruin. A specially interesting Giuld of speculation Luis been Opo nod up by Uiese novel experiments and were it possible to remove the skulls of living human subjects no doubt some most sur prising Rock Hulious would be made. In View of the immense value and importance of such experiments and of the advantages in the study of human physiology and Hinl Ngy which the i acis Elk ipod would probably Convoy appeals to inc government ire la Koil of for permission to manipulate the brains of condemned to death. And this defence of such an Cuti plea May be made uial if should he remembered that death under this species of manipulation Cau be rendered absolutely pain to the criminal. Leibro he revives i rom his Slipp lie be instantaneously despatched by a tremendous i Sci Misc of electricity. Instead of choking lie murderer to death w Ith a Lope i Mode of despatching criminals Wiliie Hissom Fimes painfully prolonged the criminal would to utterly oblivious during the whole Progress of the experiments and would never return to conscious existence line Star Lyngas All this is there is vastly Mic importance bound up in the discovery. It has Boon the Luck of your cons Poi Dent to bar conferences with some of the Matos of Pio Fossot Ferrier and i almost fear to toll you Ilie to salts of my i Qulius. It is Laimi d that the professor has discovered a Way of stimulating the brain by electric Ity without removing he Skull and that by an exterior manipulation he Knotting the positions of hum irilous organs has been enabled to materially dial Fitu of the pc pc come u him As patients. Jis Power j6 specially a Morkert in Casos of Al Miichi especially in dips Omania the alcoholic.1 Hirst. By the application to that 101 Tom of t in brain which Ali Nen five a cuties and to and the is made to cease ind by a. Course of Conlin Ucil applications the trunk arcs depraved appetite is not Only eur ii nit to acquires an intense aversion our All kinds stimulus. Of Over Csc Iiri ability of great combat ivcncss., and destruct a incas arc Soo Hod by the application of Rocity so that the Itilla Allily and hey become amiable and agreeable compan on. Uro Iun Olio Are Secokis and men who ire fierce and brutal in Lone tamant persons who Are Aillik if with Melanc Iol Iii or excessive caution Ore Quito Unitess. Areall Sik sep Ible of cure under these san inc Mot bods. Jim Llic most surprising of electricity upon the brain is m regain sleep. As plays ology its arc aware no part of tie human sys ii sleeps except tiie Situu. During our Lilly lie blood Civ philos the stomach digests the liver and kidneys Terete their he mors and All the functions of the body continue in operation no so actively perhaps As when we Are Wako but certainly Wertli very i talc perceptible Rifle Ruoc. The Only part of Tho human a conomy Guiou jul which any change ears to lie of Eclid in sleep is the brain and nervous ays pm Wlinich in their Condi Inu require varying a Jerkins if repose. Jul the Neco iding to his friends has l red that Iho Titue of May be Rcd o u Ini Ninnin that one or two hours will be imply sufficient Horeff scr Uhn this system Lias Jean applied to Ilie human race and that this enormous gain be made without Aileen ii he integrity of Lii Jie Ivous a Stein or i Milieu to Dun Ilion of life. And Khatib still More surprising after re Luduig sleep to a and. 1 hereby add one third out Active Sekuli Cutlir Ethero Nassor is enabled to induce be most mag in the few hours during which i be poem ii by patients to impose. As All who ire tin liar wit ii Pic philosophy of dreams they arc not controlled by limn or space. Ijuin Leeds of abcs Aru recorded where person have dreamed the of years in it few seconds. Liu dream faculty seems to a miraculous Letoai Tive in bal. Tie a i a a on Lecard of a Nan who a us awakened by to Ltd report of a Pis Tol Slot. In the in suit before he Lic Amod that he had enlisted in the army had jeep Cut Oul to with his regiment had Ceu his Superior glue or had deserted had been and sentenced to to shot had Suil ered and that was the identical shot which Ai Keneil him. The Story of he pc Julian also. Job Well known who put Lis head into a Basin of magic withdrawing it Ana in that Brief space to lived httm03m. The burglar s Jimmy is a curious boy always prying ii Ito other people s Businow he is Ess. Tommy t see Why people will persist in calling what Sha Spearo wrote his works when we All know the Book is filled with plays. While witnessing a game of base Ball out West a boy was struck on the Back of his Siead the Bav i coming out of his month. Or. Smith is bound to have his joke. His wife walked nearly in front of a Railroad train the other Day and to said that if she had gone a step father his children would have had a step Mother. A school examiner lately gave a Bright look ing boy this sentence to Correct Between you and i this is Good the boy shortly returned the slip thus marked incorrect the lamp Post is a boy eight years old in one of Pur Public schools baling been told that a reptile is an animal that on being asked to name one on examination Day. Promptly and triumphantly replied a a youth who was taking an airing in the country tried to amuse himself by quizzing an old Farmer about his Bald head but was extinguished by the old Man who solemnly re marked Young Man when my head gets As soft As yours i raise hair to a Hartford bricklayer lot fall a Brick from a fourth Story upon the shoulder of a Man pass ing beneath. The Man paused for a moment and then with a voice trembling with emotion lit you dropped a Brick Ilie bricklayer we o was looking Over the a clip of the scaffold to see if the Brick was damaged was pleased to find that it was not hurl and cheerfully answered. All right you need t mind bringing it he had thought Battles d. And was about to be. Be seven years of h l lad been ecu in Ica doct. Limyr Velms this seems yet it is a simple statement of a fret that time and space ire conditions of the and in no Way uti oct Ilia state of Drc Jimini. By this employment of proper Plisio logical methods All the splendid die aim of a Kubu and of do qui icy in Tho Lxi induced without any Oss of nervous Power or any of those exhaust Ive Cal cols which i follow the of Alc Liolich 01 Imre Otic stimuli it is said that modern Sei Crico has destroyed the belief in the immortality of the soul but professor Ferrici j with ins science is restoring it by lending it objective Hoo and giving us an eternity every night. In Tho Lew Horn s of Sloop Wlinich lie permits inc individual to indulge arc included of Delight. The dreamer Onjo inf. Of physical amatory and Mckita Delight. 1 Dushi say t am writing a Deal More Thun Jour Readis Aro prepared to believe but any one who follows out the logic of Ivo Fessio Farrior s remarkable discoveries will Sec thut us these things arc possible. We already know thai conditions do control our dreams a heavy supper for instance will Yive us pain Ful and oppressive fancies in our sleep whih pleasing conditions Mound us a digestive Apski Rul us performing its f Tiik ions easily Aiu regularly at fiut of thong Lils ii lug of minds Bonuro we went to these things conspire to give As Delight lid visions of tin it has been lie opinion of Many physician that Man will attain such a control Over i own organization As to bring about ail sue effects As those. As yet professor Ferrier has Only picked up a few grains of Sand of to shores of the vast Ocean of possibility. Ilich a Lias the ii Arvest of acid acc within the past few cars it is As nothing to lie Marvell Ous gathering of fads which have been foun to flow from the application of the galvanic Cui Rei Itlo the a Niau brain. Shaks parc positively Dot i at irm it and to input ii. It Nav not to discreet yet t cannot believe Liat which cull tour Jim any it list Immo Wourl Ruiell w wheat. Has it never occurred to us when sin rounded by sorrows that they May be sent t us Only for our instruction As we Darken the cages of Birds when we Wisla to teach them t on said i never take up a t finding something i Wolful deemed it a loss not to have icon never Boi Enoe t8, l00k, by mak1c twa1x. At lint time in Kentucky said the Hun. Or. Nox in. C., Tho Law was vory strict against Bat is Vermeul Giusi Lesof Chance 1 about a oxen of the boys were detected play ing so Ven v or old for Money and the grand ii Pound a True Bill Ilg inst them. Jim Stur s was nil lined to defy t id them when i in duo up of course. The More he studied Over 10 matter and looked into the the incr it was that lie must lose a i ase at wre was no around thai painful Otcel. Hose Hoys had certainly been betting Money i a game of Phanco. Is vol Public sym Silhy is roused i behalf of is urls. Ivo Plo said i As aptly to see him mar his i Mercer ill a prominent Citso like this which must against him. Iii. Nuer several restless in inspire on lashed no Sturgis and he sprang out of 1 delighted. To thought he saw his Way thu next Day to Wolik Perez a oui Ittu among Bis clients and All w friends and Ien Lnu asic came up in com i Home tie seven up and the and s his sole defence Hail the try to put in Loii thai old win not i Chance there suit a smile All Over the Iees of the audience. Thu judge smiled with the rest tit. Is maintained a whose Iru Siik Tel was oven severe. Tin opposition counsel died la Lidice be him out of Liis. If did not Sucec etl. The Jiulio tested in a onerous Judie Al about the. Thing but id no move him. The Nutler been Iii rave. The judge loss a Lillie of Bis and said he joke Hail gone enough. Jim Turgis said he knew of no joke in the is clients could not be punished for indulging i Whit Wjk Minlu to consider a Ferance until in was proven to he a game of Lance. Judge and Coquim l said that would be n Onsy matter and Fortl Wilh called uni Ivous of i Elers Buikus and Johnson and Domi ies Avirt Anil 31 i o testify and they Nan Noi Ihly and Ullh Strong Fet Hng put Down inc by pronouncing that old ledge a game of Chauv. What do Yon Call it said the judge. "1 Coll it aniline of in toiled Sun is and i la prove ii Lioy saw Liis Little game. And Rodu cd an Ovong achning mass of testimony to Tiow that old Lodge was not a game of Chance it n of science. Instead of being urn simplest Case in the old it had somehow turned out to bean Essi Voly knotty one. The judge some Bod is head Over it a while and said there was Noa of coining to a determination because i it s Many men could be brought into court who testify on one Side As could to found to isl Ify on the other lint he said he was will into do the fair thing by Niland would it upon any suggestion or. Sturgis would Nake for tin so Huion of the difficult or. Sturgis was on his feet in a second. I panel a jury of six of in them candles and a couple of Leeks of Nils Send them into i lie Juty room and just abide by the there was no disputing to fairness of the the four deacons and the two minies were sworn in As the Clynce jury non and six inveterate old Schou it chosen to re prevent the science of lie Issue. They Ivl ired to tie jury Sioum. In about two hours Deacon Inlo out to borrow three dollars from a Friend. Is Asalion in about two hours More do n t Nie mingles sent into court to Borui a from a Lii end. Loii bunion during lie next three or Lour hours the other Doi Rinir if the Oiler deacons sent into court for Miaw. And the packed Atli care Wai Teil or it was a prodigious occasion in bulbs Jor hers. Andoiic1 in Wildi every father Ofa family As necessarily i tie Rem of Tho Story be told briefly. Bont Daylight the jury Camo. In and Deacon lob the Foreman inc follow i a Cudic t. To Ilie jury in the of Trio Conion Vealla of a Kentucky. John Wheeler i Lavo fully considered the Points in the cafe and tested the merits of the several theories and and do hereby unanimously dec Lare hat the game commonly known As Sledge or even up is Cirii Henlly a game of science and lot of Cha Iii. In demonstration whereof it is Ireby and Lic rein stated iterated it Forth and made Manifest that during the Tiru night tie Chance men never of turned a although both Feals ver1 and Ficquett to Jip Silion Antl url Liei snorting support of this our we attention to the significant fact that Uio men Are All busied and the science Lien got uie Money. It is the Dell Vale Pinion that the ii acc theory concerning Severi no is a pernicious doctrine ind calculated la in licit untold Sull rings pecuniary loss upon any Cuin manily the it takes lock in it. That is uie Way that seven up Onmi to be i apart Anil in the statute books if Kentucky As being a game not of Chance nil of science and therefore not punishable the said or. I Cox. That verdict s of rce Oid and holds Good to this from the a. U Orl Inan a Little Sermon. At a Railroad station not Long ago one uftb1 Xijiu Tipul in Sims All Icahn was in such simple that Noni oui forgot it. It a snowy to was late Tho ladies Robiin dark aug Muky Eind he Doz ii women and Young Eliosa trailing impatient Lvi Alt looked Cross Low Piri cd or stupid. Just lieu a in Hirn old woman slip skip wit lie palsy came la with a Basket of Little Tare or Sale and went about mutely Oll ering them Tho Sitters. Nobody bought anything he poor old soul stood blinking at Tho door a in nuts As if reluctant to go out into the bitty tonn again. So turned presently and Pickei about tiie room a if trying to find something and Theu a lady in Black who Lay As if Alec in a sofa opened her eyes saw the old woman ind instantly asked i a kind Wue have you Ost anything dear i m looking for the heating place have a warm fore 1 go out big n. My eyes a r and i Don t seem to find the Furnace n Here it is and the lady led her to the Stein placed u Chat and showed her Ivov warm her feet. Well now Ain t that said the of woman spreading her milieus to dry thanked a Cir this is proper comfortable Ain t i m most to Day Licin Lizun and Noli Aud outselling much made me sort of thut Hon lion Palili d Annahi Ono Royit Lemml Mil nil of Anil cml Uhl. J Chiin Xinliu Liy to i Ilia Lelih is02, ii 111 Ilie of Liila ii 111 Lutil Liy and Bolin thoroughly Tilitz Loi who to eoiiit1." urn oath an Oak Khz in an Obs Imro of Ruhr. F it Toneli i1 ohm whyard is the following Culous Pii Aith Willen on a slab to in Caius of a once talc Bratch wac u u fond of Good ale Jhc i s nor to us nil disk too la Ollil. Power Wylli Hll slim Hin ill Tun o url now Ilia Uhi i a von1 ill ins Jih oth Trio Una in nil of Lutr Iloni in Nihi will the to i Kuzur Lily Milci Iii a now hi1 s or. Ali Oil h Lif Ilni or i i Nui Ili. I or us in it led 1 to lilt wily then Hencir Lull Loii Ash try is uie ing epitaph of thy Ninvi Keiiti kept play j by wheels of lil i i or Illey Yeni int Reimt till by Home Kumen Hercul it Iniko Ami nil the Niovi Nevils to mid liar love gifts. From Sinift Simno Nurial to most usual love. Ii is have i com but Wells of hair Louora is his nod Alines Hii l s and Sudi like Arlicey. An to yens ims Liis t s my Iturri id h Lvi Ilii or in a sch it Turco it Juilly 1 ids up Fis ally Kyve were in Pic ill Athens fur trial Ajcuc no Ijo Inonu Iii lilies ail thu Sioui seems to Liao prevail do in ail Aritis Ami country. Chanrim1 Cressida Ivin a to Nihil with a Ami re riving oin1 i non him in of Chango and n uns Fri Iii Emiily Allu Dori Sadi Luln is. Tho that "1 Oilia and no Rosa 1 pc unit to heir Belr Milliud husbands play a Jart in the last act of tin Mart it Tiit of in Waco us in the two it ii la Man of a diam ays 1 him hop irl Pil Froid Eicr to him to Cirk inn a my swiithnriu1, in his on Ives Iho following for Hari ii being in chosen oin Blein of Trio lovt1. The form of Luk that Bhui round ail my vol Iii end this much that i Malual Lovo and Hearty Auto lion a Touhl Low from one to lilt1 Oiler As in .1 orc to ail hat in lie most Remote incs Llu Orriiv Ovas used As an Emblem of lib Unity. In and Grei ii a usual 1 Orni of Al Llu Serpent its Tuii n its in ouch ail ibis form has Boon frequently id opted in Ihus Ami bracelets. The p. Gold or Silver Coin but Cirii lovers is also Vury anti on Ami May inc Sci do Rivil the Oil athe Lian a piea1 of i Lal or Wood was civil intone half being to taint by he of Attica the of her being Given to Zurit of the Symbol one of the Pivk my parties or Only a Fra ii was onto thud to he rites of hospitality from of the or half. Nut to tin s into waa considered a sindalous and a crime. Were lot Ouhl used because of Facil by of the Token by the Rii Vuc. A or crooked Jive to of Money was in Fiir cd As a love Token these broken coins pledges of love inc a gently Jav Jerrod to in and stay sir not int Iii oils so ill embroidered Hall scr Lihi efs inning tin love in Vogue in land in Trio Olden time. They were about. To Iraq or foin1 inches wrought round Ullh i Button or at each Corner and an other in the songs were edged with narrow Gold lace or twist Ami Theu folded so that the jul Hulk might be they were worn by acco pled Lovcy in their hats or at Llic breast. The c Avi pc so fashionable in Queen lays Ihal sold ill Tho at frail six Nancu to apiece. Literal Een Deniha of a be Mise. A Well meaning old fellow was Jacob Thomp son of Eaton n. If. But so forgetful was Taij that Liis Best intentions often came to naught. Ice was indebted to or. In the sum of Twenty dollars fur services Reud emd and its i doctor in making out Bis Bill Luul been very Ieni Eik charging not Nion than half what would have been eminently fair lie Felt that tie amount ought to be paid. And so Jacoly said it should had said so a great Many times. On wednesday the doctor met Thompson the Post Olliee. I declare Jar. Thompson it does soc to me As you ought to that Bill. My son starts for Boston nest monday Moni ins and i need the Money to Send away Liy him said solemnly and Eui plat Mically you shall have that Money Saturn Day. If my life is spared till that i the doctor went Home Woi Luering if Luj should get it. Satyr Dikiy came but no Money. Saturday passed 1ml Tow debtor did not put ii Ein it was then find is oven at the present the custom in thai Section on the occasion of a death to toll upon the Church Bell a number of strokes equal to the Cara of the life of tire ceased. Jinright and Early on Sabbath morning or. Gorman called upon the Sexton and re Quested him to toll the Belt for the death of Jacob Thompson. The Sun was just lifting a Bright face Over the rugged peaks of old Chook no when the Good people were startled by tins solemn note of the Clu Icli Bell. 80 on they count fld us strokes up to sixty one. Clip i be they had heard of none of tie old Teufen be ing sick. Forth they came to make inquiries Oftelie Sexton. He for Thompson. Ali Nipson is via startling bit of to Iii pairs de from lip tit lip durin the Forenoon in the afternoon Lio Wever old Jacob made his appearance alive and Well but he was 1101. To take Liis walk Latex cry. Turn he was met by wondering eyes and by Tho inc Jacob i thought you were dead in agony of perplexity. Jacob hunted no Tho Sexton. Did it mean replied the old grave Digger or Gorman came to me this morning and Tolj a you were dead. Of course i skin Ippei be knew. But How did it happen Jacob what fetched be Back to Jacob gave vent to a Pio longed whistle and turned upon his Heel. He went Home my scraped together Twenty dollars and sent it Down to the doctor s by his s on. At first of being a Little provoked but the Ricly humor of he thing capt haled him and he laughed with the rest. Newspaper

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