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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 6 1873, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - November 6, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaPublished weekly Jesse of in for one 00 six months. 1 50 for three months. 1 00 her a Day afield wears Olivcr Hutch j Hli guff us edged with Rhino. Round the Latch Cloud dior arc Usu hit Climac. When Toto i Ives Willd floor Ami the clods Are Iroini la will a my the no Rayj Faird a Ihl the Leal ainu u n grou ii. When the m in How Ami a Rosy Kajtor rim now the him u bin nil Imd Low tolls along the Region much Ami lid. The he Beajo of this sect May be attributed to persecution it was while the mormon sect was at Killand Ohio that Brigham Young United with them. It is not known i mall he when he came Lioni but Many suppose some the Shaker he being an i extremist took to the mormon Faith very strongly from the first and being a Good talker my a Mait of Strong Constitution and character lie bum ii very Hoon Pio Vincnt among them. From Etc Overland monthly. The judged Story. I Don t see Liow i could have done More for him than i did but still the Man should not Vii been punished lie should have Heel a with Trio so vols the judge awoke to tic consciousness he Hud a fellow traveler und then is if some explanation oi1 remark would be in order to want on to Hud .1 very Tut crusting trial Austin week. Tom curb Crry Irish Tom to is culled to us Fried Lor murder. J defended him in id i hive struggled murder Foi a client in my Lilii. For ii week before and throughout the trial i worked i Light and Day to look up Testi Mony nil to present the Case to the jury in lie Best possible 1 consulted Willa All flip attorneys not engaged fur the prosecution we him Oil with three years in the pm t ciliary but he ought not to Piave brain punished lie should Hync Boon i queried As to tie or Ihu alleged Imin Lur and they wore very Peculiar and that is Ilie reason Why 1 to trial was so very interesting. A it Nuin up in who never saw Tom g Ai Berry thought that he had done her a great and so when she was asked As the is to Fiji with a new she named her terms kill Tom Cut Berry of Austin Nevada hut 1 never saw nor Odid of the said the Montana aspirant. I said she kill Tom car Bony is Iho Doplh of. Was objected and we Are hindi cd i Miles from Austin. Thujmmii1 cannot now ii made " kill him in the said the Una Clint reflect ions of a modern Belle 0 i ctr Oil dear 1 i m sick and tired of sewing Day by the Ruilt hand Trio flounces How they flit the time away. But they Ore All tic ii Lilon now and our Hail better to 3ut of world Tolian Allf credit from Odich kids to co. Used to have some Jihuo to Ciul and i would of Len u o and take walk a Rule w Lui Fruik Jirl coins in but in my tin so finnic is take Tho Timo i can do nought but sew. Trio. Last Tiniuc that Joe Lor to Siks Dickinson lion1 to were to hear her inc Tiro on and queer. Cousin toe in Hoo a clock u my punctual and 1, 1 always 1 me Init to Wcur by the fellow Pas. S the judge answered pcs Bifid to and the compact was sealed. Iho opening of rave in the Spring Thio Aniced at Salt Lake oily by tin Ana an individual who fiely an Nuu cod Tomt to Mas on Way to kill oar bar by. i Ake City is a Long Way from Austin but he Viend ships of hoi Dor men Span Dii Icli Irr Oaler Tom was quickly advised of the App Mai h of his but he took no Cill it to Yel of the Way or to to specially prepared to see company a Ltd was then employed Ai Tho Mill nine Miles from town and he slaved there nearly a whole week Nolc a be knew Slutt to Montana Cap was in Austin. You see Tom is a peaceable Man and lie did t Waul any Dill Cully. Most men would have come in at once am Gol the Aluir Oil choir the listener entert Nicod doubts at this Point but saying nothing hip judge proceeded just As a soul Wilh him torn came Inlo the City and after getting a Lavurl and in cd up for his Holiday lie wont around to the , whore Many of the peo ple of mining own1 spend hair Leisure Tomcal Liis friends. It was t Long until lie encountered the Montana fellow who began at once in Tom s to make instil ing Joro the listener Wilh Why did he make in sulling re Nar Sii he had Iii Dis a Longsjo Unity solely for tic purpose of in j Onia achy did to lie shoot in 1 As to to Iho train Lam Hugh the Valley Nas Iii Inonu i of hear River As it lers into great Salt and Are chilled Cim Limo at the a fade out spanned by i Iron Cord i to Bell and one of our memory a Tia. Up Tow we go in Proiti Ionut Point lie place m Lii to the roads in it the in Ginevra of by Hook hands Ivou Tii Cir Liat wad the rail Rinju t d and the cheat Vinci c Tutti int Lier most Vuil Teini Eitalo ii Ono. Do we Trio Booi ninja of the can non that proclaimed the i Cal work Ulicny Dan casement Ami Trio California graders Laid their shovels and bund heir Uccio Pillion Liko of hello gone. J Miu Mitory is hut a town Hie Throe card mitc Ifni have taken Possession , part North of lie Railroad and us the Transfer of takes some time these hungry vultures for self rope in Hie a mock nos who Are not up to and want to be snooze. As we look around and find nothing out. Of the usual Ohk rofl hings outlaw band ave grasp our Wallet firmly and March up to the table. The pro gramme is thus at Iho arrival of the trains taif of the dealers of the cards mix with Tho passengers some taking Pic Guise of the Farmer others of Llic City gent with Eye glasses and yield glasses Langing by their sides and upon thu apathy of lie Croud to bet then win often which entices the ingot ont to put his upon the table. I Oor fool Little docs lie know Tomt he has nol of Askow among those Vicy Moud Sii Kors. We Tarn away Giro Neil and remark that old remark once More the fools air not All dead soon our train is made and we pass Oti and on through Tiu so Barrum Alkali Plains round the West rim of the Gival sail Lake Basin to the country beyond. Twenty Miles West of Promontory the celebrated Loco motive boiling and bubbling tip their Mineral Waters. As pc piss on the conductor informs us we arc approaching the fifty mile with no vegetation Oxcell a few prickly a thai s and Cactus plants to relieve the Eye m Here not a drop of water or living thing could exist. We plunge Civet to Lituin said the Quilge that would have been murder. The Community in Down on Murdi i1, and lie Zouki have been Dan an Luning Bram in lift Cen min k iming is a Rifle int Mader. Ave Iii two men gel into a Light Ami is fait1 Between them Anil one kills the other the comi misty Don t ordinarily Boeing to feel much concern on the subject. Vii Dei such Ciocu Sunn cd. The Only v. Try for Montana was to provoke Tom to a quarrel am Lead up to a lint Tom was t disposed to gratify Lau any Soi in to heir but re left one Saloon to go to another just to keep out of the Way. Montana followed him up. Unlit at last standing right before Tom be jumped abut it two feel from Ihu Looi and came Down with heavy Jai and said i m even this Tom Yulii i Mil. Hands Over face and wept , sir Pic actually flowed until Liis Best i feuds thought he an Avant toward acid who he got up mid away to i loom to Incio was t Ono of them to say u Good word for 1 enjoyed a season of glory. He said i m in a Public place and no Man had accept the Challenge. morning Tom was standing on he Sid they met face to face. Tom spoke to him in a very quiet Low tone saving Sti Ancor. Yon used to pretty Roi Ijeh last night Bill 1 Don t hear malice. Just say you d Boon a Siukin and did t mean it and Well say no More about it answered no Aji Lagios in mine.1 said Tom you need t apologize. Conn into die Saloon and chink glasses Willi me. And Well let the matter drop then Montana said Carberry you i i go Crotis or else you re n Coward Don to think you re cowardly an if pm known Yon of Tho Sinif it s most Likely i would t a in. Jiul Uio Maltor can t be let drop for a Liege s hindi us o jux Cople in my Section an list when there who know that i came bore to kill you so there s but Luo must fight or you must run. Of you la run in will be just As Good to Ine As to tight Tom s almost suppliant hearing Digap pea red on the instant and he said stranger j aint much in the habit o an if we re fight a c May As Well have it out now any Lime. Avo you heeled .13 to is question because we have against of trying concealed weapons Gretel at such hours As it Chile Lii Cut think Lioy wil1 have no use for their arms and dist gained Al All of Herb. An sect was i left my revolver with the bar keeper o the said com i la wait for you hero Corner building i to Lio is Pun ritual to i a my hut Drew it is a Tot by i3i.n e flounces i Minli cd and there Una one Marc to do. Of to Ltd it in Somes Odd and worked wit i might Ami inn i Ami put thu Putli Myrcks Jub tits tic Young mini Cunie. For now Mirarc we All hair to men never Suciu Sci i Niue Why girls should take so Long to Dresh and Why they so mow Imi the Juul thai Ricada to Fly with curls find it Nuli. I Tii inc a lady Jiovan a tips should keep it score of i lit pm him waiting 1 Ull an hour hut unit s not vary i Only u pair of hands and everything went Gitnig. Well we wore late As you May vexed to Flo. La a Little Tifi he said unit i was had slow and Kim it ready when to Liatto of Fott tit Hinitt. To Lia cd late i Don t Ronio incr Liitt 1 haul to i a Cohl no Tiiu Ufret. It v i was to be Loci d enough t Coull not Tel Liim Liow it or and i i j i right Good for a Ruzhu Hsitu the but tis a Lovely to it such a Stylo i la put it on d now i j to flounces in us to Dou n Chc Hennt Street pc Undjia i la catch of Collet a Jol. Collate a minus sly fur thu a Iuliu county g axe Cootain ii a Wmk ame Kioah Eis Toey Ami xxxix. A Frontier incident. Some time in he Spring of tie year 1s15, a Aniual Ceciia residing on station Camp Crock then thought to he in Wayne county Kentucky Tennessee was absent in the mountains. His wife being out of meal stalled to a no Gibbor to to borrow some but Iii St soc role closing and burning Mie door leaving i Reoyo Iwuc children in the House he oldest a nirl and two younger boys for safety during her absence. She look two of the eldest children to help her carry the meal and Bear her company. Shortly after her departure her hits acid returned in barred Tho door and being warm and fatigued. Hud Down and fell asleep. Tho three Mounir children getting Al Liberty ibo tracks of their Mother. She Short la run med. Bund her husband at Homo fast asleep and the Childre i missing she awoke her husband und informed him of Iho Hoy immediately Perm red the track of t ii children followed them to Iho Nossing of Ilio Slation amp i e Rik but could make no discovery. Thai Nei Gebuis in this Ihin-m1. Tied part of Tho a Guilry in form the circumstance i United inthe Junt Abr nights and the Watous eddies and drifts he Cliffs and wore All explored and search lion ibo Mother father and neighbors but All in vain. Trio bereaved 1 Areulas wore almost inconsolable. At one Lime they thong lil the children in the Stream were drowned and Hart drifted then that Sony Liu ennus boast had Dovon Iod them at an outlier Lime that they had perished with hunger cold and thirst or Liat some pc i Srnis or per Hajis Naomo skulking Ludins might have Stolon or kidnapped All mystery and Nuncci Tamly with Tho grieving a vents. Time passed and other children wore Adud to tic household and the son owing parents became somewhat Leonc Ilert to to Weir affliction. Years had now tolled by. When one Day a Young Man Apia Dontly about Niue loan years of knocked or. Cecil s door an 1 a himself As lilo oldest boy of the Tuneo lost imagine to yourself How lost in astonishment and anxious tooling were the Paro is he Iclal cd lilo of Bis abduction and Villi what cages ear they listened to hear of 1 he other Taro. Kay Nai Ped to was Only four years old All to knew was Liat seven of Tho us Ciocu indians came across them and Touk him his sister and Bro ther and bore them Oil that the Yonng Cut brother unable to Bear Tho , Anil for want of milk or Poi ice food Peti Stod on the Road that they wore taken to Trio Indian coun try thence fan led to the a Kansas beyond Uio Mississippi. From his sister to Learned his name and something of the country from Phonco they were Laken and by Ini juries had Boon on bled to reach his f Millmr s and Mother s House. Lis sister was living and was married to a a tical distance Olf. Anything to Clear the Cotton with. The seeds wore picked out by hand. The planters saw tie Utility of Cotton hut it wars Likely to be a costly product. It Musl be remembered that cot ton was just beginning to be planted. We never exported a Bale a Foru Whitney saw the Dii fic Tilty went to work and invent us the Cotton Gin. Of Savannah was the Placebo Inam facture anything in. Hut he knew Aland Rich in mechanical skill. So to wont Back to new Haven Connecticut and Mado Liis there. Then to went Back to the South and began i o sell them. He had Apat enl of course but who could Patent inc right to create wealth beyond the dreams of avarice the machine was a simile Ono and on All sides piracy commenced and Whitney was Likely to lose the fruits of his invention Lio commenced suits but the juries would give him no damages. In this state of things South Carolinia. Which with All pc versions and be incr silos has Noble qualities gave for that dilute. It was All lie Gol and most of that was lost in litigation. Tired of snob a controversy he again turned Steps to now and his inventive Powers to a new subject. He in vented improvements of decided value in Tho of tire anus. The government Jwo Guizot his services and gave Hima contract Fri ton thousand stands of mus Kols. Lie Way so vend Cara completing this cont act which to did in tin most perfect Nanner. In the begin Ning of Tho War of 1812, and. Under Tho in Llu Cuccoli Isle. Madison lie got a new contract for thirty thousand stands of arms. To till these to built a factory at whilnoyvilu1, two Miles from now Haven. The Csc wore in tie must perfect order and to was the first Man who adopted a pc infect division of labor in the maniac Tiric of arms having Taeb piece made a by Pitlor Clit work urn Aud then put made healthy by hta inventions Ell Vav Hilroy built a spacious and on that Beautiful Al 2suw Wlinich Wojie Iver Sash but to Luo squares of Yale a Young student his Genius first plumed it wings. There too to was within the Shadow of those Lolly Olms which when to was a student tames a Hillhouse Iho together. Senator had plan lot hence Loo. He As Earne his own Hastidt d to Tho new burying Tho list cemetery in the. United slates out with a View to ornament and l a i was devised by Ennios Hillho Nso. There loud Eli Whitney with Manj whose Genius and Whoso to pics have adorned the annuls of the country. Our. Aiichi int houses in Mushack Lusetty. There arc a few houses now standing in the Eastern part of which were erected plubious to the yo.u1 1700. It is sited that the oldest wooden Bouse in the United is the i i Mot in Dorchester. It built in and rents to Tiluy foi1 Soso a Var. It was the Lead Jiuu ters of Vasli Iguni. For i a Cavosi during Tho a Upolu lion and Wab on of defended by Ilis. Sinnot alone lion a lacked by indians. Anomie of these ancient structures is Tho Lake in cottage Stercl Durel Esfer. This Bouse was. Built by elder Junus Blake previous to 1050, Anil Mas in the Hisako family from the Lime of erection until the Tolman House now standing in Taulmun s Lane near washing Tori sheer. Ere red about three generations of the family lived in ii. The died in k Isuji wound by miss Abigail Licor. The now England his Loi Iua Anil lie Gaitur a Lowye us ago had an so Csc i of the venerable a Acturo is it new appears. Coflin esq., Pic historian of now Ury lived and died in a a min that was built ancestor.1 about in a Tato of univ a sonic of Aro tie seventh born units roof. Tho Noyes House in reer was Init about jul in fur he Exchange was in a Corner building s a is reel which came in at right angles 1o thu across the a hic they were standing. Jlon went in at the front door Bill came out at the Side on Trio Cross Street hoping to steal up and Trio drop1 on Tom but this was not so easy. Tom was he had crossed he main Street to guard against sur prise so when Montana poked Bis pistol Lound the Corner and followed it with just enough of Bis head to take sight Carberry was not. In Range. In a moment their met and the shooting began Tom curled Down close to the Road bed 1o present the smallest possible area As a Mark and because it is comparatively difficult to hit an object lying on the ground. Montana sheltered himself somewhat behind a Tow of sacks of potatoes lying on the of thai sidewalk Ami partly behind a Small a m this last a Tatul error for with a tall Post fur a Sinaik it is the easiest thing in the world to make a line shot. Am making i Long Story of the shooting. Which in reality was very non Over. They livid three shots apiece in As Many seconds. Tom s third Ball passed through Monla iia s Hail Anil he wait dead before his head in bounded on the Brick pavement. Garberry himself Al once and was kept in jail until ills trial came null Lenigh bail to any amount was ii Alicr a pause us judge added i Don t see How i could have dime More Abr him than 1 did but the Man should not have been Pun Holdt Wells and Glide Down to Tho Huml Jolt should have Boon acquit toil and he Valley Ciocu in the garb of Xit Urc and look ing Liko a Paradise after having crossed the desert. Through Long hours we gaze upon this Valley until to ascend the Sierra Nevada mountains tie Road winding gracefully around like area Gle s sweep before it talc is prey. Cir and and Sublime Are these rough Back Bones if our continent when they Roar their ridges and peaks up among the Clouds. Wonner Lake heaves into View a Beautiful picture Clear As Glass nestled among these up heaved Rocky knobs. Liow it reminds us of the old Hock of Cleft Lor to let me we Speed away through Miles of Snow Sheds and tunnels past Pine forests from whence the ties of the Road were constructed on through the night to land of cold and one of the illusions is that the present hour is not the critical decisive hour. Write it on the Nix generation Ami shed Lustre Jiou heart that every Day is tie Best Day in Oiler Earnest lives Ali Iii need not be trat the the no Man has Learned anything rightly Irold Calls great in order to be Sublime. Newspaper until lie knows that every Day is doomsday would have been but for our circumstance Inch prejudiced the court and what was Tho circumstance questioned listener. Montana Chap was Tho fourth Man Tom had killed in answered the innocently. A pretty Good Story is told of himself says the Ifo Toti by a sons you ticket Holder or the Boston and Maine wide awake Jolly generous joke Loving gentleman democratic in his politics and Liberal in his re Ligion. Riding in a horse car a Short time since with the Catholic priest of Liis Village who Lias been Active in to Yang to induce his lock to be come temperate to familiarly addressed him in language something As follows father you arc doing a pretty Good work just know but you Are doing As much Good Ai All the Osiier clergymen Iri the pries1 quietly replied that he was doing what he Couch to improve Liis people. Ill Tell Yon what it continued the gentleman i be been thinking about attending your Church but Vas afraid i wot ild Cost too much to get All my s i us said Tho priest we can manage your Case lion to have a very Large contract we make i Iberal discount the laughter that Follower this response Only closed when Tho cars reached the end of their route. And the Captain Over Tho Siors As he repeats until Day Al. The wit sont a Friend. Torf As a Day when till Lori ail arrived in. Hurc from Paris. It was Tho darkest Lour of the a Levolt Ion. Pursue us by the bloodhounds of Tho Keign of terror. Of Evory wreck of property Talleyrand soc ored a passage to America in a ship about to sail. He was a beg Gar and Awa Uleu i in a strange land to earn is daily bread by Liis daily labor. Is there in american asked to landlord of Tho hotel. I am bound to Cross he water and would like a letter to a person f some influence in the now Tito Aud Loid hesitated a moment and thou replied there is a upstairs either from America or Britain but whether from America in England 1 cannot he pointed Iho Way Mil Talleyrand who in his life was Bishop Ithica and minister ascended the stairs a my Kralj o supplicant stood before the stranger s Lour knocked and entered. In the far Corner of the Dingy lighted room at a Man of some fitly years of age his Aims sided and his head bowed upon his breast. From a directly opposite a flood of Igi it poured upon his forehead Liis Eyo looked Roni his downcast brows upon Talleyrand s face a i Culiar and searching epic Sion. His Ace was strike Irgin outline Ihei Nouli and Chin a locative of a Iron will. Lis form was vigor Ous oven with the sorrows of fifty Winters f lie was dressed in a dark but Rich and distinguished costume. Talleyrand advanced surd he was a Fugi Ive and with Uio that the gentle Nan before him was an american solicited his Cind feelings and offices. He poured North Liis Ustorf in eloquent French and a Roku girlish. I am a Wall in r and an Chilo. I us Forcell o ily to the now world without or Home. You Are an americano me., then 3 to Yon a letter of yours so that i May be Able to Cam my bread. I am willing to Oil in any manner a life of labor would to a Paradise to a career of luxury in you will Grivon me a letter to one of your friends a gentle Man like you has Many the strange arose and retreated toward tic door of the i Cut chamber his eyes in looking from he dark Imd Brov. L am the Only Man of the new world who in raise his hands to god and say la have not a Friend not one in All America Talleyrand Nevor forgot the overwhelming sadness of look which accompanied Tiu so words. Ai Cho cried As the strange Man retreated to the next room. Ily he replied with a smile that Aba More of mockery than of Joy in the convulsive expression my name is j3cnedict he was gone. Talleyrand sunk in Tho chair gasping the word Arnold the trait or thus he wandered Over the face of the Earth another Cain with the Wall Orr s Mark Poi his brow. Ali. The inventor of the Cotton Gin. Eli Whitney Tho inventor of the Cotton Gin was born in Westboro Massachusetts la graduated at Yale Haven in 1702 Young and adventurous lie sought the Softli and arrived at Savannah. To resided in the family of mrs. General Greene who was i patroness. There he Gondi ived Many Lulu in and was struck with Tho utter want Fiat Fie daily graphic. A Zohbe Hapl disco Teby. The astounding Dibo ovaries by Profos Sor Farrior in Seth Ting Tho Poksil Wilities in Trio Linnet of scientists Iii Sard u lilo thou of Uio human Iruin have been widely commented upon in the Public piss. Cir Atul Uio president of tic j British Assoc a Tom Beim whom Iho lecture Way to Livorno have stated of basis that no More important have been Inojo Krix Jaunsen. And 1 lupins a Vul ipod Ilie of who pc Clun. The possibilities within be scope of pc Nice a discoveries arc Hie professor it. Vill be ramp Mai Rcd juts animals under the influence Trio Skull is then removed and the brain exposed he then takes an electric Battery and by proper application of Uio positive and Irodus upon curio is a arts of Mie brain Piodo is Tho most v Tofoi s. The limbo of the animal Are Mooil fur instance the animal is made to Emit various so Uius it is made to change the of i act ail in Jacl ovary variety of Adieu is pro Dreuil. The re sult of these discoveries is i act Cally to Revere to proper Plano in to Ranus of Tolje suck Al of. This is admitted by or. Carpenter Uio physiologist Licresti Bro Boon in Strong an opponent of phrenology. Those facts not Only sol me the old brain lie. of Iho mind.1 and i Craft Liat Tho Iniel null onh lie it the is lie scat of human emotion and of nil Stan Soriani and motor in clip Atily. Cannot move any More iban ave can think without to brain. In to Presl no of Iho audience the Able to Tell cots would follow .1 parti Culibr of Tho brain lonely Cal and moreover his assistant Cauncil various movements of the to Coald Tell was Ishmul Dono Wilh tie by am. A specially yield of has been opened up by these Anil were in possible to remove the skulls of in ing human sub jocks no doubt some Insl sir would to made i View of the immense value and Impo Ilance of such Czpor Hents. And of thu advantages in Trio study of human physiology Hollosy which Hie fads Lii itch Pio Lubly Coin by App a Sto to govern Mon arc Uil Kod of for to Iho brains of ii finals Ron demised to death. And Chi Dorcine of such an extraordinary Poji to made Liat in should to remembered that to Atli Binder this species of manipulation can he rendered also anti by Nitiss to who criminal to Foo he revives from his sleep to can to instantaneously despatched by a tremendous discharge of ule a icily. of Cli Okina Iho murderer to death Wilh a a nude of despatching trim hails which Somo Imos paid fully criminal would to utterly oblivious during Thyl whole Progress of Tho experiments and would never Retina to conscious existence startling As All tills a there is vastly More importance bound up in the discovery. It Lias been the Good Luck of your Fuus spoil Blunt to with some of ibo inti mates of i Jofe sur terrier and 1 almost fear to Lei Yon the los urls of my Mai Ilius. It is claimed luit Uio professor has is Civ Rod a of Lihu Hie brain by electric Ity without removing the Skull that an exterior Maui i Atiim he. Trio portions of Uio various has Kimmi enabled to materially of Iho poo pin who to Bun As Iii ions. His specially Market in crises of Dop Raum aliment i ibo a urls. Jav Tho application of elect Sicily u that of the brain which i Dompreh Iid s Ali Montive finl Tiosh alter us to a old the made to l and in a Corn so of Tom timed Ibe dam Kail s depraved Appi Lii k not Only cared Buemio act Viires no Inicie aversion for i kinds of stimulus. People of exit me Zirri Gie toe to. Luck. At Tlewin Kentucky said Uio Hon. Sir. I Fox m. In1 Law was void Emrict us lust Lialis in nod about a Rio ice s farm in nov Bury which built about 1goo or it Ivas used fur Many cars As place to store the town s Bouse was occupied by Uio ancestors of rankle Tierce cd i re Sitka of tic United i acts. The ii Finai in Sialei i of loved and i a Orvoil a few years by Tho of bib of the Essex Institute and now Sui oils read of their Beautiful budding. The Oldell House in glue Oscr at. Bah son Jinks is Iho f Aid alb Stods South f Iho Eastern end of front rtt Ruel. It was built without doubt before to j car 1700. In Biz. Orm. And internal a Tange Mcner it is a specimen i lilo Best housed of lilo Liim of Ero Clion and As Smirh. Ami As tic Only architectural relic f the rally period of lilo history of the place n engraving of it is Pieson Odou the 4diidpage if or jabs in s valuable to k. Tic cow lock mansion in mod Ford Vas erected in Tho Kev. Clu iils n his history of Medford lilo Opin on 1ml Liis ancient slur euro is one of tins oldest n the United slates hut retains original orm. Its Walls which i arc yet Strong arc Lig Lileen inches Hick. This seat of the old is one of tie most precious relics of a Tiquila in England. Ono o Ellie standing in England is in to town of Modfield cats. Miles Southwest of Boston. It Vas standing when the principal part of to own Utis Burnt by the Jiulia is i 1070, and must to Mic than one Undrell and Muety Ono years old. It is an Pechen of one of the Early so los of mild it. I in foot 10 foot from thu eaves to Tho of of Tho roof. Theio ii a House in that was arc Tod Numil the year 1700, on Tho estate for Nerly owned by Thanou a Secretary of the Colony of Milissa Elisseus. Their is a portion of a House now standing Miu shield by Ivro Orinc White the firm male child Horn of Iii runts in new in Grantl. It. Is now used Astl Kitchen of a oiling Cie Tod to connect u Iii it. Trio old House on Tho Road oppo Etc Uio ancient burial ground according to Trail tiny was the of the lev. Georgo Killips Lutio Iris minister of and Mestor of the Billips family incl is Sachs sets. Lodged i i 1044. This House has been Somo that in external appearance. According to tic old Stylo the second Story pro cd cd Over the first hut that Lias Boon made nto a a Odom . The Interior retains Nany Murks of Antiquity. I record in Prince s or. First House was Uirl in i to and this Wasant badly his second Imse. Built on the parsonage lot it stands pack from Liu Road Aud still snakes a very re Pec Tubac appearance. The burglar s Jimmy is a curious Hoy to is always prying into other people s business. Tommy can t see Why people will pc Sist a calling Wiit Shaks Poare Trolo Liis Wotko. When we All know the Book is tilled with plays. In a game of Baso Ball out struck on tie Hack of his out Ake Bill certainly Villi very Kilt Perci Tible Only part of the inn i Ecat Nuny. Then in which any Chang to to Etlo Lei in mip n the brain and no Vnus Aiom Hie Iii their urinal Condi Vars Iii periods of re Punj. Uio to Ofos Sor to his friends Luu Dis Eov civil tha j the t my of sleep May be reduced to a Minim. Imhuf one or hours will he Sipili Cipiti hereafter this Stem has Juu applied to Llic imn Uii lace and Tylik i Emu Esgain can be made Wii Honl Allec Ting lie into grit of to nervous system or limiting he Diu Algol of Jiff. And what is still More surprising after to to Aini Nimzin Deacon i si1 nirl. It borrow three doll from a in nation in about two hours Mon u i i Lio jut i it 11 court to borrow from u Lik and. Sensation during the next three or four hours the Ellior tie nth or Derion i Sint Viilo in in i for still i hi1 packed audience waited for it a occasion in lulls top h. And one in which Erv Het of a i Ami v i men led. Iest tie s try Ean be Tild briefly. Job lilo Iho Viii Nice. We the jury i i the of Iho c Ommon Keht Nev . John Wheeler it Ai., Lave carefully considered the Points in Iho Case and the a veils no the Elk Ohio and ail do hereby det Lare hat the Bailie commonly known As Sledge or Boron i p. I i Oinui Willy a of and nol of Cliance in in is hereby and herein g aled. , Init Eimler Setfor Ali Ami male that during the entire Iho Chance men never .1 of Tundid a Jii a. I Homie both feats were comm m and Fiji Juenst to oppose Tiou and Fui Tobej More. In of ibis our u c Call ate Niou to Tho fact Liat the men Are All busied and science m . Ibe Money. It is Iho deliberate opinion Folh injury that the Cianco 11 Eory concerning i a pernicious doctrine and c in Ula cd to Tullich untold and pecuniary any comm Unity thai takes in in. Liat tie trial Peven up to he Sel and p in the statute books if Kimhon Ckuj a Hemiy a. not of Chi Rico. In of scion co and therefore not punishahk1, under the s lid or. Know. That verdict on in curl and howls to this seven years of life lie. Inight. Bacilli 5 be had been debt round. And was about to be headed. As this seems it is a simple statement of a fad that time Ami space Aio conditions of the waking and in no the state of dreaming. By the oink Louvent of proper physiological methods All the splendid dreams and of a Quincy in lie can be induced without any Luss of nervous Power or any of Alluwe Ouli Auser Oil acts Ali web follow the use of alcoholic or i Aix Otio stimuli. It is said that modern science Lias destroyed Tho belief in the immortality of the soul but professor Ferrier. With his science is restoring it by lending it objective life and Tiv Jurij us Ai eternity every night. N the few hours of lie permits Tho individual to indulge arc included of Lesight. The dreamer the of physical amatory and mental delimit. I Dart lit into Friend. 13utows first insertion yer Inch 00 Kadi additional insertion. 0 notices in local columns 20 Cunti special notices 25 Jar font extra. A r m t Tor Long Timo to insure Lucr Loii i to haul it Tho of lace not inter hum morn intr and to Stich oar her in Tho Wock m i quaint kit Antis of clock an d watch . Mon Ilo not Latte a Over new made cd one not repress a no tic Over lie pit Nelm which to i thud in Tow Oil Church Yattes c1 kit Glam. Joking cult Nita Jokhi scan Oil Oneo of Loloi Wibly one Timmcke Are nov entirely out of mini insult Uichi cd Hakh Murmis fill talc Uumo Uuttu. Of out the following appears in 1 Llomo. Allty Movi due itch Liny Foi Totri v Yi-. or More. Luhv or Ilia it Roki ii Ami All Tyty of ii to John Hll Blo sept 13, k07. At Hod. Lain is qua of in Len Ramaki l i i j tyo ii mini who Alt Ittak mortal a pfc much Titu Cluck Hui Ouist not Mobil he Jato Liinus Bill win ii ukr we Lii Tell Afi wins Lucr to.iirui1, Umill hut now Lif n whether Cuttno Cimi i Hoim we tit o1 Latty at , in Devon Swierc is lie following on i r Mere lies in n tin1 c i fit that Lino i i u i Honor to to Lmh the tint or tilt till Iii nah Ltd n1, Obi no Hix Forti 1ui to ruler Vrtol Tell narc Nicon euro wore m Doillie not know hot m pin lev act rec Ltd howl Lam a Awny Nonn co us Etc Var Hili j ill tin tin uni k me Lii ii Artrel t i in he of Anil in Ting Liam ii f d ill i Novi hit 14, 180j, Withim he Tuou Hunt by Tiu Ami Lur Hulu v ii ii Atli an Oil Oak tic in i no Sctiro Cornor of i Lton Olff is Tho pm t Pisa Ali written on a Slali Xiv Hekli Cove Init Loiti Tia aids no a once Coli Bra Loil Avau la Itkor Usis Biml of go Oil Alo Micro lies Oik who it Rove of Vijune time of Laird. T Ucli Power of Timo Hon Phi d hib motion o or throw Bulai Ico wore ml1 ii vote Trio try ice nil apr Inch i tin v and How us nut fur Nail of i Mulc of Mel of let to 1hounh Lum ii fun a been i Tiit in. I of hint Hill Why to bin lit never Al is Iho following of Punjh to Ltd Moon units. To wac kept in play. Thy wheels or life i of titty at i i it till by Winic i Ildeni of arc Jiulio and nil thy of a Voni the s. A. I a Little Susmon to Thih Whir. Lq7e gifts. From immemorial the most usual Lovo gifts have been Lings bracelets id Fiir i i seen led Giotes embroider of chiefs and such like url Mcloft. Auto Lycius Luw in Liis peddle s i Ninlin did so inn liars 1 or my Lints to give their to in Fiorit put Ltd mils were Gene rally love Gifis Cage Birds were sold tic Athens Tor that purpose tin1 numans rings wore exchanged and rus Diu seems to have prevailed in Allau of nil every of Guitry. A Hauler describes on ssi Dit giving troilus a Rius with a Ami re Feriv Ingon finn him in Exchange and Shaks frequently not tides to such tokens. Tho re Impi Tomt and Crissa of Louir betrothed husbands play a of fill a j pc it ii Vaj Samv a Trout. Juliff s r " i Lii re nor i a in him we Iii Lio Froni to him t Reini Inch r my in his treaties on Ivi s he following Nasons for the ring being lie Brosl ii of i rut Utho i tinn he ring , that in Bottig Muntel Taitl Wilb Niilend Imp cloth this much that Niit Nal Kne and Hearty Aluisi Juit should roundly Low from one. To the o Tor a1 in a Circle taxi hat contiguously in the Moat Romle incs tin i ing or Cirilo was used Asau Emblem of i Niilyn. In Ligya and Trouti a usual Foniri of id Cir rec Lio Jwj Kmit with Tail month and this form has Boon frequently la Etcil in rings and Nice lots. The of Breal Cong a Gold or Sylvor Coin Jet Ween lovers is also vory ancient Ami May Iro Hably have been derived from tic Oul ate Lian Sun til. Pooe of Metal or Wood wan Cut into o parts one half being retained by be Nacho of All Tea. The other Beisig Given o 4 train Gur Arquin Trinco to to Jadu. Trio Kim r of the sync bal. Of half orig nil purlie i or Only Iii jul was Gnu Ltd to All he rites of from the owner of lilo half. Not to acknowledge this duty was scandalous and a crime his Wen 10 doubt subsequently used because lie Facil to of Rei taken by the device. A. Lio cd or crooked Ploec of Money was prefer at a Railroad station not Long ago one of the caul ill lessens Wii Icli All Sli Ould Icara was Tail Chin such a Natu Iai simple Way that none could forget it. It was a Bleak snowy Day tie train was late the Bilics room dark Ami Smoky and the in Xci old and Young who sat waiting impatiently All looked Cross Low spirit l or stupid. Just then a forlorn old worn to shaking with the palsy came in Wilh a Basket of Little takes Forsan Jiing went about mutely them u to Sitters. Nobody bought anything and the poor old soul stood Blik i

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