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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 4 1910, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - November 4, 1910, Bristol, PennsylvaniaI Neimy mom comm Fumk. Population is about the unto most progressive paper y Surveyor. U him i. Mar rat my editorial views m is Street. Ing d. D. S. Street Bristol in the it assist the. T hint and Heights Bilm Dice redeemed a s tobacco store Mill Lrtil w. Lovett tatic broker inst Iwanck. Mortgage. Jablons Between the 1 grave initial a democratic Ijen for n not or. For be a the the office the state be now beads the ticket and be to the Only Worth voting with land Pel to secede new Jersey from in Bowes Union i Lilli Haa ruled it so a word to fit to out. Wall Street journal. Long ago on an occasion when the flock Market showed signs Manupu lat Lou in an Advance defying Al the current news one the shrewdest he fears to risk placing in Tho Oover Lanai Langhorne locals the Peculiar condition and he was Nance a to inventing a word the word wan lie adjective is herewith presented in it w. Rot in cementing i and concert. M ing a so Fla by r. A tract. Bristol Golf Williams 5rr Yard with 1 i at t is for Sale g. Keeder and Imu h Street. F raged. R ii used. Ner 1 int it to r s nerver1ne w Normal vigor and c he Tuie my Tor e aft Ker. Exchange bldg and Bonds l on Commin Iok sing Agency. L in Kichton. I Urmol put r. Naium. L Day my n in in clip Tang in the Roh hit for nist an l i wicked a Bright career in not when lie was found hence but Viben i and Tyml Ong tin i Nisedy w and t Al Helwi or Eidell ii i wept. 1-Olnt in Well put the state Momient View Archill i View Arcilla dial the bulb leis i Buhl Sun it tvs an i or he Public us a fax what a limited number Peronte Ible fora amt time to command radically an unlimited amount Loney and to deflect and conical Ank Loans so us to allay suspicions sometimes do with the Stock bebop Sart Europe. Back from Europe much improve. N health the Iii. Rev. Alexande coadjutor Mit Chalk sick Lisl. Mrs. Clara in in1 an illness. Miss Esdie u. Visiting in Sargent is on t i recovering fro Jii lire has Bee Miira Lui Ling has had he Vevva York saturday. V Iii uly and twirling the week ii polls Mug mrs. Samue Ibe plot stunt diocese Tolj Hovi Dent 1 Rise Volt Hud impressed Krone hum. Bishop Mackiey Hiltl u "1 found English common Lei very where i went full or Roosevelt s record nut on Vasa he my i i i i " Enra Africa and Hoo Uvelt Bud stayed with him 3k1j in i he is convinced that lion Uvelt is tie greatest Man in the world Jas Ernp a Mckay Smilth loud suffered inc from i .iiri.pe. He underwent the Alki abroad be said a Don t think would be alive today in 11 had t Licen lot that treatment Why he Wai a Baptist. The Kev. I. Lenry hash. Tor Ieth Lemalle Lolk Bleend strop Niue i Lii Ladelphia w to has Iida dressed he s Memling in Listol was de livering an addres die Oiler Day Ini Olstei s meeting says the i Iladel phia limes. Oncu knew a a Baptist an old Man Oft lie hard Shell older. To him die Hui Post religion wus the Only one one Day a Friend methodist Bim on tie von know Pas ii Baptist Church at t and Columbus ave miss bilse 11 Sanuel Kunii was Lei l mrs. A nth children Are up Ambler. Mrs. To Coli m Ville Iwuh v i liar icy. Mrs. Cosimi Morrisville u Lee enl i Iii her Mother mrs. Joseph in Pei ill fun Illy Phila Delphia Wen mrs. Josse Luck ii on mrs. Jom Ali ii i Millie entertained her by a Hallow e in social on about to n Mage Sale held in lecture room i i a number Niin Bristol at Tite rum ilu1 a result Terian 1 in in enjoyed tie i monday night mrs. The Junior Soi Ial on Sittin h. A acct i i u Halloise in noon. Mips univ Iwen spending thu inn is fever is Able to Typ holi or Amos the St Ihle i Alto iirt11 o the m e. Churda Theodore Burton. 5 Wil heart who Lias been very a Monda the in evening while on i halloween Parade non who has Iniel at "8quir inti i a Here. Mra. Mil i Iii Jhuti a Caro line Husnu Cuil visiting a feuds in on Ilia relay. An no Unur the ladles an Sillari Lull b. In m in Tom lecture room this i in ii Ift noon at t lock. Lal deity formerly letter from Doylestown Doylestown nov. 2. I Hanuk 1 Alti t tev. The on l Iii the i. E. Hill s on teak to l the ii ale program. T and Orchid St we informed that we Sang that he nor the concert Hall would be vacated so Henri meals number the a Idiens no tolerate. When the Evem ii e the Hall was tilled. There Wale Mam very marked personalities August social Leader Cje Onje Lian Ciofal the historian mix Kuhn John i Milicy Adaine i ill Avard hone Bursell As he Kan Nging Hie audience and the effect Thi a intensely Patri Otic hymn was beyond my own part i truly Sav that never have Sung with deeper recline or tie words i Siniff Tiff i did then. The churns was taken up with indescribable it Tome by every ii Rhon audience. Contrary to he prediction not a person left be mrs Howe who chanced to lie in the front Row listened with tears in her Eves 1 feel convinced that Many a waver in loyally in k sides the. I Baptist Way getting to itself he said. Ita Tift Friend Drew i that s Rue. There May be lie said will. With ring worn but Al die Uesi. Building debt mrs. 8. Liluer i n mini g die Uniek unit and mrs. Loom. I m you will in -01 in supper to in Gin the i Orosi i hit Hui Goud supper Foi i William it Hill u Estu Tilison Ini in on maj die Church Milky Lenry in. In ii Iel lives or. Von that this Satui Dikiy at i in Sug Colon to new Papert. Loni playing descriptive Crins i sled by die popular use Yel Lois. The spectrum typical daily pups the a Nithil state passed the prism truth May be san to emerge As while Ful Carand Kerub Liezin Kansas City Star Lien in doubt Tell tie ii kid Indianapolis news new York colourless _ anaemic Philadelphia Ledger Chicago Kavc Nung Post Bellow Lemon Tou Heil with Gold Hearst s Mew York world i Suigo Tribune. Ii in never set anything on fire m Louis Pittsburg Cleveland de troit Washington twin City papers. Bine stocking evening Post Liston Tounsi i Iii. B lil Willker Cut Olf on i in anxiety i Many friends do i Watson p Nierli mini i Llobell i fun to heir. To mesday inn inn pal die Fendinand in i. The by churl neitring Niji Lesini Floriell in Avenue. I. And mis Phoebe in ing tic Sui Minifi i i Heisler Shius Vav Antei in pending the will shut Chi ind Liis m in by her i in incs mrs. Ecu town Lor. Only returned be on Iii time m 11 y. Civite is o on Mali. And my and -1 Enil to Sid sumiu3 tie is William Erisie afle ralling fuel solve h Fallsington news lit Luied on monday. G. Llu Kenat Edge Fly. Shis Hia on monday. Be Bouse quirls Woolmar has unproved by a new coat paint. Week s Vuu hits pc a Lii. In i Lila Dej Lancaste. ., from Fatm hous and this was the scene hero to and Endeavor. At the Distant far houses for quite some Lime Earl the morning bite at night and i least there was Hea he faint rat Tat the drum and to blowing horns and banners in to eld had seen a Gallant horseman Riig up and Down the Road never ire Pingfai from the Piloteo tank Shadow the Woods and too far Oft to i anguish Olio he was. On sunday Freije it bursts cheer no Vevie head a some favor the candidate was pacing Down Ihne and Reee ivling an ovation fro. Is delighted Mimi ring fellow lawns evidently some one who a possibly called by his tribe Yonne Lan afraid his horse was prac cing Foru Parade and is fiery to Drizin corns bras or who he k a Gnu e won a conceited and determine. Cifor and been made do ing his past week line up the hotel men As Advt Zirkers for Tener and Buckmi in threats have been used threats at May have a double meaning to at the the Lio Telmen Ernske them Public the parties 10 inn Gihl in hem can save their ins by giving them innocent Terr emotion to Tell a hotel Mii that he will lose ins License be docs not work und work hard for clearly is the subject .1 double interpretation and when accompanied by insinuations that die gang Lias the Power to protect die is a direct offer to him that he May carefully violate some the Limizor Laws and escape pulls i Luent. Flat is n very dangerous thing to do for All Concei cd in it and will result disastrously. The county beat was honoured by a visit from Joe and Pete who arrived hero Vii automobile after dark on that quiday night and held a few very Pri vate interviews in the throne room at we ask Tho ladies not to the Branch the the King Libr Guild esd garments before no vein i me can Vernon successfully bit Ratel and conducted this summer i which out readers have seen Oral notices in this column during past months. Notice is Given Early in older that us Manv a dash t Omir journal. Louisville a meeting. K. Lii Iuli Wii Day Aleino i ally the him 1 1 i Toronto a lob. Why should we not be friends w the people the United states spite the great tide immigration years from alien they n still our own people our Bret lie after the flesh speaking our Tonga thinking our thoughts striving Vinard our we Trace Back t genealogy Washington 01 Ham Ion or Lincoln a inuit or Mcki Ley or the men a nude and Are making the history i lir i noted we Iii id that t search i rials us on to die Fen count around old Boston in Lincolnshire ton while washed cottage clinging the rocks above the sea at Larne to Highland n. Lului spelt typical descent infant u dutch Slock though he is Nuich to the scottish blood that ran to him from his Mother m by should we dislike our Ken tue to tie South the they hav Birome reconciled to the growth great nation on this co Linen mid they Mantle stay wish to i Friendly. In that far future Tom open us while Wondi Witt the Anglo Saxon race will in the centuries to conic what i will do for the uplift immunity i my vet lit possible to suppl u til the men to found. The fulled states As Woll at to the greater Britain the words o Al Pali g. The coolie has no apology to for its exp Irewin Arlen Imp for the fulled states. The an the Ite Pullo must live by Side Wiiilie time lasts or until uie Mer Bwl in that bleat Anglo Kaxon dream. Let us have peace Good will Anil Freer Irac that be possible without injuring any real business in Terest either country. Hiltl More Sun. Tie he publican Bosses did not want danger plunging into him to Lead the simple me i ease. V Nii when lated they Lumiel for to own Sake be " o Cam Vit and not my Idle with us h sub a m Wotta Valance venal Lew am Nam i nil nor a. D in gained not new Ink Sun. But not opaque los an Geles tunes Cincinnati in Quirar Ailiese typical instances represent Range Devotion to be Qutb from he serious Endeavor o Tell the ninth All the time to the utterly us scrupulous disregard Riith All the chaises in demo and tie Overman. Race and a in Unn tuesday pm Mug Jinn. The on West ill log Mem Chi i a i George 11. I n iciuinc.1 from Mirope i the last inn waa made t p Only one g and on tin Conlin id i dior Ige. Pills the Tlell in London George i ill Jucus sust Iii fall while a and has Dor s Lios Piialii being Able to a the list dances Laid on i i i i pilfer aug from 1 tills ankle by a platform William t. Johnston key Tane Auen blur candidate. 1. I stand1 unalterably opposed to u. Syndicate a Ontic affair. To i. Island for the principle thai i lie the representative elected by the peo popular and pie Mil represent die people und not pump a political organization. X sound As opposed to the tyranny i caucus. A time not Les Winter night at the in enjoyable n Hal Jowo in ii. Were the lie Corn and Vic has held 10 a. M. I. Liny a run spent lust Sun Samuel i v 1 1 it Jiwu Vitulle. My. Walter Ely has been spending a Lew Days at i Eims Park visiting at her fathers Oliuer Hanneys. To the Home Wil 11. H Alson on or. And mrs. Tobias Swope attended he Oiva ii Arney secret will be give ambition sing. At die Sci itch or. The bounced later. Has been i the Hother Honorl 1 the i tight kind via on november nil Oil Viii be one Mcd 11 line tical Talent 4. I stand fora Law that will per nil the voters to indicate their Choice i stand for the tafe guarding he Public health and will vigorously oppose any Law the use Xii Othius in food no Lucas. 1 stand opposed to the present scandalous extravagant and Urbus Ness like methods making a Tate under Tho Guise i Urrity. Stand for the conservation in natural resources for the common wild for the Benefit the Public and not the corporations. stand for Liberal approx run in for Good roads no made As Are the school funds direct to tin townships in order that he present squandering methods May ended. I stand for the slate s proper re Nilion our country s Veteran de old soldiers. 10. I stand opposed to any and All ensures a gang nature and in Vor ail legislation for tie Benefit the people As a whole stand squarely on the above plan ii. Elect me and i will represent will am t. Johnston. Bliss Carman All the Good go Fly at Eer came out the Wallet e Ioder norber the gift no i May Porter or Aurist it my g Iii Ness is die greatest and the to y apostles i Mel ,1, t. Ii is to the soul what health is musical director also die body what sanity is to the chorus and also Pic Al Al tacs my the lies normality. chorus philadelphia0 or Butte Nvotta u the vocal soloist. Or. Inn Nimian residing at Chick in 1 it and father Joseph Man tins place was found dead on sunday morning. Several die boys Falls Timve entered tie liable class the v m c. A., ill Tiei Iton. W. H. Wuts ii was elected a dietary. May Nutt a Young girl who has been living Visith Caroline Kelsaw for some time bus gone to make her ionic in new Jersey with in aunt. Mrs. Martha Lowe and miss Mary Utson Are spending several Davs with friends at Langli Orne. Miss erne wat in had charge the Library on Satur John Hwo pc and wife expect to up the House Charles Carver now enat etl by Harry Johnson. Or. John son expects to move to Morrisville in Short time. Leslie Glenn sob Thomas Glenn. F Prim Valley was shot in the face his younger brother while nut gun lug for he was Luke to a Hospital in Trenton where die Bullet a business visitor Tho intelligencer Soltice from which even the Soltice ill was excluded. Tried and trusty sentries were studied at intervals from a Post Tell feet away from the door the room to die Street so dial nothing might escape this important Ferenec. A new but. H editorials pictured by Joe s filitor and directed against Wynne James Weie left with instructions As to their use at the pay Cho logical moment and arrange in cats made so that others might be procured necessary. Joe and Pete were not very much in evidence Dur ing their stay Here in fact they kept very dark about in not even shed Ding the Light their effulgent Indi Ance Ovici the members the Grundy club who Wen Ali Oiin into a state. Over their unexpected appearance in the county beat. Three addresses said to have been prepared outside in town Wel coming Joe and Pete to our midst were in the room and two men knew them by they Timve already been a Sixl Ticino diva season and they were afraid Joe might rec Gnue any diem on u third hearing. Two Brincil new ones grave been prepared and anxiously Ilgah be saturday a. Ii ii Iii inv friends As arc interested May lie Able prepare contributions Plain and by work which May by sold at the e for tills Iii St to div object umlaut Opportunity is also Given this Early notice for Money Pontil ions to be planned for and furnish who would not have a part in Noble work work Walls done on Mondov list it die club Liui Dlug. The or flu pounds put in place with a dispatch that to the uninitiated at least was wonderful. Kivon he or s Eyrie above he looked flown on the operation with an interest that he wished could be slmie.1 by do Hoys and girls to whom Mich work would surely have been u valuable experience. Jle moved As we Are from die great such dung Are a object lesson in the skill trained men listed Lor their work. We sometimes w Tih that Young and our older too for dint matter were not i Ilane us to fear is sometimes the ease. What we need today in his country s a More wide spread desire die Art our Young Folk become misters a rude and not to list Louck for work some or any kind a Hon the need for employment Niles. It is unjust to leave Hoys to Ihei rown Are Niece Newtown no South Street .1 Itti ill ,tii., a my. Mid min i Wen Tyler ens week. Or. I to null week. Mrs. To Annie Brad sit at is Sci in Cli returned Lime from a visit at the Hom o paying Teller miss Kathe Rizic spending six m01, la the t. Great Mam pc on Inch it Hotaki to Island to .1. Who Vytol id mis ii. Hoge miss Al Lambeth m. I the week with her Nelee mis w. Cooper near Plim mlle. The Public school week and the teacher my k i Alwil i 111 Iii being held at last week Captain Leoine i mor came up fun. Hii accompany his wife a Lime for the season. 81111 another painful a Cvrk Hail Wihl to Imlah while Cros Lnu the no i Ilen she fell and Luke Lier i after a Trio week s Home her aunt mis at Neil Milny Fain min i., or is again at her Lime on Avenue. Lylo Park Fon Nelv now n Ici win Noelle Accident in Rev lat Hill Iii in n broken Noah Bible injury to Hla Lulu Nishik on wednesday in Cirini lib. Or. And mrs u i us daughter mini Tiitu sided Thi fifth Luigi i. Pinarr High i. Mid m the names pupils school n Guh irly i to hear detail h Watson he Conini Ziniti in m tuesday Cvenic. ,1., by islam allure la months lint during has Lieen Lilc to ii Many friends Vinyl. U very Iio Jinnai she is octo Liei arc Lleen Rill Walson Price und eleven and in Juii Ink dons i to Froll i ,7 u. Methodist id. All Aie invited. Admitted. Island crooked minor flyers o heed warning and Chan str egret to m Long m this allow and had Bucki a cwt con Veat Iod. The Bucks county Suh Budi be late cution will hold Lorl Leth i Musil convention in the Church on Sci next with morning after Nonh cml evening sessions. Loin nent speakers who i an1 n tie program Are tie Kev c the Kev. Scott in tire music tire con on will be in charge professor i Zoelbel the celebrated Blind Nipower who will assisted by kit. Imp. To san who will notify the chairman la transportation committee d Swanboro prior to the con was Cuti Arteil and he said to lie slowly improving. A masquerade Straw ride and dance was held at the Home Charles bar i or on Friday evening. The party was arranged by a number Young irom morals Volle and Trenton prices Vitic Given for the prettiest am most comical costumes. A couple jews have been Goniu through the Village in search furniture und secured quite a number valuable pieces. One lady sold old chair Torand a sofa for while others received Gooc prices for dilapidated old goods. Edward Hicks 8touy Hill was Emiil listing the Village a Large Ani nil which he Hud shot in the Woods and we huh they could not Tell the name. It measured co inches from the tip nose to the end its Tail which Ivas very Long and the head had a pointed nose and pointed ears. Tie clubs on its feet were curled la color it was Black. John any a Young Man employed by Joseph sitting or Penns Manor was drowned in the Delaware i vet october 22nd. Tie Young Man was crossing the liver in a Row boat with a Load potatoes which had been engaged by a merchant. A stiff wind Ivas Bio ving and when about half Way the boat began to take in became fright ened scream and jumped in the water and Sank at once. Charles lil Nail who was in a boat nearby rowed As fast As possible Toai Sist him but he never came to the surface. He was an excellent swimmer but it is supposed that being overheated from rowing he was taken with cramps and Sank at once. Awaiting another visit from Tho hair and mighty lords the gang be cause they Are ready for them. Irving perpetual Vanger seems to be having some trouble to explain just Why no Drew Hundred dollars a month irom the United Stales treas Ury clerk hire and then gave his stenographer but Lifty or it. It was paid for u Clear and specific purpose for one clerk then Why was it divert eel from its proper destination. The a Thorer is worthy his and Walic a the time comes should receive his or her pay according to the bar gain made. I. Wang i wants the Labouring Man s vote and the Labelling Gill s nay a Little too much for one individual and the Labouring men Aie not foolish enough to vote for men line Avenger and Bucknum who Aie opposed to their interests and reduce their pay on All occasions. Us Hope that the Good people Bucks county by a decisive vote next tues Day will repudiate that Brand statesmen who Are for self first and Briardy next. Doylestown is again captured by the Schoolnik Nin Over three Hundred devices alien such devices idleness self will and Muscles sneers. I w Bli Ulk y last week it Washington i c. A son was born to or. And mrs Paul h Espy last sunday. Mrs. Alexander was a Visi Tor in Philadelphia on wednesday. Or. And mis. Join o. Lanros spent saturday und sunday in Philadelphia. Mrs. Amy and Harry blown and family spent lust sunday at Penryn. A crowd from this Village attended the Parade in Bristol on monday evening. Mrs e. Picking Germantown was visiting mrs. Larry Lii Mui last saturday. Mrs Hannah Kvet itt is spend ii own product nut Attleboro articles one Kriim. Moved into town in Zucek. Mrs. D. H. We gently business Adelphia Gregg. Gel web tar a. Melhei in wed was Tarn Lieen George Javk Austin n Jones. The Many Friend Here c St Waid ., i the serious Accident a Shuhl while crossing the Street in ills Philadelphia being run Over by a lieu div and so injun he that a counts it was not known it news my. Are Titz is on the is Albert Lewis has sold in o or. Hawkins. Mrs. Charles or s the sick list. Our Little Soldier boy. My. Dalk mid Daug Luiei in Philadelphia. Miss Ilock ius recent i v Elce miss. Mrs. K 11. Sauert Wake tuesday in poll Adolphia. Maurice Massco. A cent visitor in bldg Claici mrs. George my were visiting in Ali Lindi last week. Louis Steeble and Adelphia spent the Lii ring Ali Follis in Liick Noiin Tell i and Niemic Phi ii during West Pill 1 a and with Scutt is spending i buy Venici Zainul t he Lilly Saver us Days with her daughter at with their mrs. Louis. Miss Clara Brennan our nos Lollice ass stunt has been unable o attend her dudes through illness. Rev. And airs. N. N. Recently enc stained the lutheran min be thay res. Charles Theurer Morrisville spent 8unday with George Douglass the Young Folk and family. 6 monday evening. Oxford Valley varieties. In out in Manque John Bennett and tuesday Hei daughter. Monday in Frunk Foid visiting Bristol last monday "1 Owen cd at de Fallsington on hum i in l la i pad ii and i y v Leir Philadelphia Home this old Home Here Ian sunday. Mrs. Lappie and Daugh Lim were recent visitors or a Mcgrift. Mrs. Atkinson who spent the summer in Atlantic returned Home. Walt Rand Wesley Pike my on. The. Big get ill. Victor n yer is that. Pin Dzitor the. Ital. The. Balls new and Tho National the. For Nulud to Tan Over Varal. At the. Urn. ,. Congo. And third by a narrow margin. A. Born in Toni my in 11 and ii ring Hla Firat. H. Llam in. To and Judy. Tho ponor court. Kukull Olne sunday last. A Val cd Harold Smith Lam Hartville n j., spent monday with Charles Haef Ner and family. E. Leader Foi sunday ave will to mrs. 11.or. V. Stradling 1m gone to South Are Here this time Anil nil sorts and kinds mostly pretty. Bristol s con Tingent so far Lias been beautifully and they Are a credit to played tie i in it to i Vear and got the Liest every Thirsk Iacre was going and the it Ibric sponged noisily by buying up every course ticket cat in Tho court room und four rows seats reserved for Imp neg Bersin addition. On monday there was held a unique meeting in the county ers office pie tided Over by his Honor judge Stout. All the Bow officers were present looking askance at pc Conler Mcdonald because Liev nought that he intended to dispose them their present quarters every Man Jack them Procla inic. Himself entirely satisfied with i. Present quarters and dilated on lie foolishness moving his particular office but not one offered tie be Cordera word sympathy. After a Long discussion in which a Sample Aerial plans calculated to make Irum Nasty our lawyers one which is to run the shelving to the ceiling and use a movable Stair Way and the other to substitute galleries for the movable stairway judge bout gave limit Lila in in. A r Thi Ern Lancaster county for a gunning that trip. The sunday school and c. K. Sod _ i Are belch Tibig dicer Christ George Douglass is improving the i music. Eie full gunners on rabbits hem plentiful i but they Are Small. Or. Returned to lie Onie his daughter my. v airs. Short has taken Possession strudel no last sunday. Mibs Hussie Unalt Philadel Phliip pent saturday and sunday with her father George Hyatt. Die property belonging to h. A a i nil Moeser on main Street i business meeting and social was held tuesday even Lar Al the preacher for next sunday morn cd Niles Hue s. A Ven pleasant eve ing at the m. 1c. Church will be or. Was spent. Elliott Iphia. Jesse Webster and wife and Cyrus Penn t Manor locals. To Mary Edith Ivins the x. T. Made a showing ast saturday afternoon. About Twenty have were up. Lillian tic infant and mrs. Frederick was lust. Jolt Scott and family expect to move Back to again his former Home. Mrs. William Dyer b. Salein spent Loat tuesday with her daughter. Mrs. F. B. One our most popular Young men bldg water is thinking Cboin Imig on the Uca Matrimony George Kitch and Robert a. Eddington Are thinking in the paper banging lid want Kamms our popular u1 a Lac us i in my. Hamm s Ira rents at. Miss Hittle Iii in and miss mar shall Eddington miss Mable Jet let i last Fred a a them his plan which the committe will probably adopt after adding this to no tie latest rendering the bums some ii London Obwald some me Folk Rinir a Arr hey see us. The smallest tree that grows in gloat Britain May lie seen on the very top Ben Lomond. It s the Dwarf Willow which at maturity i eaches a height Only two inches. Dandruff and itching Scalp yield to treatment Why Experiment trying to drive the Dandruff germ from underneath the skin Wadi Greasy lotions or fancy Wirra Issing when Emlen Martin s drag store will guarantee Zemo and Zemo soap to entirely rid the Scalp the germ life that causes the and Zemo soap can be in any City or town in America and Are recognized the Best and most economical treatment for All affections the skin or Scalp whether on infant or grown person. One shampoo with Zemo soap and application Zemo will Stop itching arid cleanse the Scalp Dandruff and Scurf. We invite you to try Zemo and Zemo soap and not entirely sat i fled we will refund your Money. The number books produced in this country in 1w8 was 9254, which was not the High water Maik. The heightening the Assouan dam trouble. Zemo obtained All the recorder s transcribers stairs move All the miscellaneous books nearly 100 in number up stairs move All the deed books up to 1876 i Jin number upstairs the present number deed books is 364 in in crease 185 in less than thirty rive years keep All tire mortgage books and recorded instruments Down stairs put in a new elevator run by an elec tric motor and provide proper desks for searching titles Etc. By this plan the Wall space Over the present cases May also be utilized by gallery or otherwise. t 4 agreed with the judge s plan with the exception the electric motor and new elevator which he said was too extensive costing about he thought there ought to be a speaking tube and a Carrier Box Between the two offices judge Stout messes. Byan and Tuckert who were All present the meeting said that it would Only be a temporary arrangement anyhow because that in the very near future a new building would have to be built somewhere in the court Yard Foi the accommodation the court Boom no. 2, was Asburl Vark Wauline 011 i ml98 Helen Kunlun Pella Del the Epworth league meeting the was the week end guest he m. T. Church will be led by Leon Cousin Mury e. Ivins. Biles next sunday evening. The topic w 11 to n i Don a t0 earn Iii children saturday morning our Village was Vir i iv7 us it ij1u Iii trick s Cordage works doing damage to the loss about five Hundred Dol Lars. Florence n. J., visited friends i this neighbor Lloil recently. Miss Mary Baker Hiilei turned Ethel and Theodore w. Ling at Tea sunday last. The Public school miss closed this Iii Lutc u i to Tuia Veek while the Sci Idreis Are attend link the Tea clip to Iner Tiili. ,.f Massachusetts shows a 20 per cent i the 11 a. I Gam since the last census. Among its new Evnin Bot other Large increases in Popula Nynon was William Howard Taft. Entitled the Bow Promise for use in the Church ser vices. W i Carter will Lead Chrls Ink i Endeavor next sunday evening. Huw 1 o secret Colt r i Sec Atlon meeting. Or. And mrs. Fre.1 Wurl entertained at dinner last sunday or. And mrs. John r. Tire Erike and children John r. And Kirton. 6. S. Pelston Hula and miss Elizabeth h. Peri Iston Philadel phia were guests mrs. Seid Cus ticker and Fame in on thursday i last week. Tie c. E. Social held at the Home our pastor Kev. John Kirton Tren i ton last wednesday evening was very 1 Well attended and All n potted having in n on room and the attorneys the grand jury room but no action was taken the private office for the commissioners received but Little at and not be for years to come. The county seat had a very quiet halloween plenty parties and lots masks but no disorder and i o was the quietest Ever s vandalism it is expected to occupy six years in. All stubborn cough we Don t mean just Stop the irritation in your cure the underlying cause. Cough syrups cannot do this. It takes a. Constitutional tonic body builder to do the work and cure you to stay cured. Vinol is the remedy you need. Hebe in proof in. Minnie Osgood or Glim fans n. Rem Edh for a bad conch a cold without i we med to try Vinol. N worked like magic. It cored my cold Jongh and i gained in health and i consider Vinol the Nurt wonderful Toul and incl orator i h we cannot Stop that cough with delicious cod liver and Iron is made without will not charge you a cent for the Medicine you buy. This seems like a pretty fair ought to be accepted. Don t you think so with this understanding we ask you to try a bottle Vinol. Ing. Several people this Vicinity United with the Bristol Parade last Mon Day evening. They were a or. Dugan our Pont master is hav ing an addition built to inn store which will be an improvement m Ben completed. A number children from Liege hat were enrolled in the Glun school have now Aken up the Worku Morell s school Torres Dale. Look out for Basket Ball Ulnah in it Start soon. Cornwells was very successful last year and we Are hailing for them to make another i the pocket Book that tune ago was found by u bldg enter ref ident and he experts to live like a Prince the rest the Vul 1810. By a plurality tin demo Rad majority in 1008 be in gliomas Leary was elected to i lie Vermont legislature the Oral from cell Tonden county in Oliy. Two jeers la Pollette re Nobili inked for senator from Wuco Oila by a plurality 100.000 Over Lih stand put Pinoin Iii. The mlle no is Fulvo slate Llobet. To a proper Culvr Ennd Lati Defeated con bras Sun mils. Orc Cou Republic in Atac for governor Carroad the new pro Norlea by a vote nearly double thru the re Milne in Eliie Cand late. Us Loihl slates senator Ruutti c Zitur rows stand pal Ite publican. Was heated la the Michigan primaries by representative a Berle b. Town cod. Anted. A to for our old mayor removed Thim Rise to his ice r 1uiiiuvuu his boats from the Creek l Dence where he keeps then mull next Spring. He still has a no Nib them left in the water. Happy women. Plenty them in brutal and Good Region for it. Kove Roor and bad a most enjoyable time. A though his name was not distinction enough the Kev. 13. Inez Biem Washington d. C., favors having every unmarried woman a. Bleed As How this we offer one Hundred dollars Reward for Catarrh Ibal uni nol be cured by cure. K. Cheney 4 cof have known. Che the last 16 years an him per Todo 0 we the e Taall business and Naan Lally Able to Curry out any Boll made 6y bin in would t any woman be Hanav after years backache Beirei Iii misery nights the distress urinary doubles. Bhe funds Relief and cure reason Why Bristol Leader Bould suffer la the face ence like this Lyden 680 Linden Bristol a says Lor in i i from severe Tutu. Is Jwo Tahoe and i also had headaches and dizzy spells. My troubles ways worse when i caught cold and there were times when i could scarcely do anything. I look Hie doctor s Medicine but finally de. Idea Bat it was doing me no Good and i discontinued its use. One .1 an acquaintance a 1 was advised to Civ Ludney pills a trial. I Vias to do so very Littky when _ Catarrh cure in re plug directly upon the Blou. Tell lipid pm bottle. Sold lib take Flolly 1 ills whally free. Marry is t a. Jenkin s advice to Burri Young Peoni. And he slay married o so avg very i in proprietary but to try them 1 was to and delighted with he be per Jhel to Nee i had used torn Doan 8 kidney Walls. My cents by a dealer 1 re c 50 co., Buffalo new for the United and to increase the annual value Tala Cotton crop by and Emlen Martin druggist Bristol progressives for Congress 1 ton state. Mamur for room Hollod by a in i Senle nude pro Merj in town for id mini Oronne named for United 8tat North on Kola Cal Lionila was swept Progress lev. For stand for Renoul notion Inolin declared for it denounced tue Illinois primaries Defeated Boa ten and Cannon he Tanuta Cou Kress la the Jersey or Marld Stoker Natl. And Lowlor Era. Tressle. Led Murphy United states Bonn or. Was carried by progressives and four stand it congressmen were retired. N it won in i John a. T. Hull tie wove has also struck a. Moc racy Hoko Smith winning to Georgia and two democratic Couk Reu Meu who Linail by imported the Cannon Lules a lug Defeated every any Sli Vvs Galm. The in. Fressle tide is re sons i hew York. Sometimes one people to not fog to. Different from Mountain. A certain Pillad Alphala who in ouch u tue gospel and Reg Terc a physician bad u in Sloe in Tal attempt to Corner clip Kitlan scientist. Every Thev met i his scientist took Occa Slou scoff at medical science and to dwell idol tic wonders the Orold a foi3ml tiring a Faith. Tou Are coup lured that Faith you can do medical Man one any. Be replied Faith will a week later be was in doctor1 office a Ltd a swollen jaw Dot to ache what you herer1 the doctor claimed a Ltd feigned he said i feed agony All through Row Bucht t simply can t stand thu v have you tried clan asked him. You know you be fib could move but this is a cavity while Seattle and that they padded Liere is a Large an exit news paper
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