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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - May 16, 1878, Bristol, PennsylvaniaTo from thistles and ko5es. Jit Laike Tho in pm Mountain Tho in pm Mountain uplifted in Pride a a Quality him of it nah. A nut of aspect rude Hamlin Ami Laie no fireside Fain Cluster to litre of cultured thought tender euro warm he and Lorinc shrunken i oar in arc Black with ruin i of Trio in Lulu Pant in and loosely Tia Iii Ratcli Lei Oil of Rou Glicr thatch. And Tito i ibor show. A Tulili leu Zirli Kilt red a Large and in to Liu Lork bed Thod no Jurd Uhlorn a Clu Niji of Fleis run to "w-1and sen Irao Liya Soreil Weed with Bordon a Garden til forlorn ten years Liy. I Pon twin Hill Theli Omo of Juan is Humling Calll hut of l cat a Clitu Iofi i it inti the and the Dirk of Rafful Lin the Yeii Touw i i Tim Trio Ivic l late Trio null Irmi re or ten in. Ii t pm Foj Vitti jul tin to ii Urjil i or a Tutor and it Pii Hittl Phi Itti out Lino pictures Jub by rolling Rougo. I in of Mellow upon Uhro Vii Tuc Hin ii to round pro a Diu ply cd Lii in liquid Ili i glad Sho love her Garden 1 on nature s fac am but Lac of Rel Ali cd a fully wide i and wider still twixt do by turn of lust i Tor gloom and unkempt Vard Cindy room with w i is on either Idle. Widest those liar tit Alono Liore such Llight in Var awl a doom aglow. O nov the Haj Pierlot to Ivo not a Bill through our that soothe our Yrle Jiovo Verfle Tucau str Lovo the in so. Tee housekeeper. No a. Chicken j us up the Ulivi k Krc Asu your riot wit i lord Roll Oul crust Ciao Gigli in two purls Rouill ii., but not cover Llie Bolton. Or l Aljurn Impf Oil us pin is do ii. You nit in my pieces of Chicken Iti i w in la air f ill an 1 pm Iii a sonic pieces no tic crust rolled i Lii i ,1111 j pol Ulni s cover this with water my fit of a covering of Ali. Wit i a Slit Cut in my Mii Hilu Couk slowly lot about two hour i luvs hut Wiitra in a Kcal and if it should Wilry up Loo in Icli pour some in. Loisl a foie you Lish i i i ill Luibli y s a iriartt.1, us. Are in in ruled to a Corn i m the fio lowing in which h. Submit n i. W Lugo tested it i i our o in i Lvuv Mil found in to very one iciu1 cup of Tii Ier Anil on nip of Ami .11 lil in Oft info i is in Ini nip of Wall Whites in a Mill in i Ami l i Iii a of Fly i Al Neil two tils a Irivin Beon need a Little less or a Lilllie More ii i. Ii in Tho of your and Llie in Lily h in ins Hai in in a Fiir Liiv i of ii it i Vid it mis w is Lizul Hall l he acid. Tho fair Wiit a Bai Iii by adding Usu Leblu h Ali Lii so mull Imti in him a a at a Gay party we. Re affairs of the lie ail Wurch a f w evenings a a Tiuliu Man a air Ianul Pinion of to Hail Usu i Clisol. I fell Dispi Mikuly m wit i a Lilly o seven Wai Olle i my ii in. Shu h "1 no limit in1 Riihl Siili Al ilioa.1 Onia Meizis a do Iii wanting but. M no1 and nifty her. A widow Sliu was Ilia Shi i nip fully with Titis Minjo moving tale when 1 was almost it Uhl Yard sin1 said 1 had my lust inv All 1 do id us have 11 e we t Lueil. 1 Thi Obj enl of in1 will Lions to in Tho Ion of Inker was sen to Dali Eini Mahool la i Ither in a Jieri Remau of him. He tick i a a very food Hoy Bill took m notice whatever of to me merely As a child beneath iia this Nellei i i 11, no Civ it in my Xcvi in i in after Dali no is ii Oul uhen t in Richei Home 1 i line u love Lolly i Lucina 1 could nut write but pain i Nelv i out i Otic annl Sibri stale of my heist Ai ird th1 Uii ii. It Annc d one Day that my Ijar Otlien found of o. Big let tin afternoon a school came up to it and utterly oven Lii Imei. Me by Bay Sis 1 gave that last love letter o your s to Tom i us Horii Stvil Beni it exp session not knowing win Eli was to look and my Conan Sion was Ihlenf Allied when As soon As Tom in Eliud inc i i Iii lie to my Sid and of Taku me to dance and Yon a hut i id you do p to cried. 1 declined a it i in Orisons und neut l i him again thime is to me vividly o in Lomance u i pm Oil is lung is at ii Ita Iseini is Linol. A Lille fell a two my Pis t Fien a partner to mine Ilu boy and Rejin ced in i ind Timu of thu Oran. It l Lien need to that i v. I s Limo object of i in said Ono Feti diary Uin i had readied tin Ina inc be u t i in. On Crimins Homo run oms alter no a i found just Pahud a under the a Liny Lleni i Cornein i at oily look it to Luv inn Lier who g it sail 1 Why this 13 of not. I or to for to i i info 1 had no Innis Demild in lio3t Oil fad ii Lomi 1 can t it a Nie a Eli.1 my to i ea-1 a most sentimental Nii of is u Val bin with Mneri amuse in enl and 1 at the to or in tha was to conc Tun Vever. A Low err a Lalor mis. U., a very lady was taking with my Stiltn r. Highly educated Mantro Yonn tvs Ilia d. Was who in my secret i Eart i Raiher i Barca and who 1 doubled not Sci Neil at love and youth. tht1 was yet Early and Shutly Tea Over a sound of too Rig Whf Hernd on Toto it was a very faint and but As it Coniti Itulid it finally attracted of i is said my Mother looking up from her it scums to be near the House and As the sound persisted she at Hist Rose and went to the window Limo Omta n and looking out to a turning k with a Smilo j think it is a i m to i my said. H appear 3 to Hooi an playing on tiie flute Yon h 11 Bill or go and see him Jiow Hij Mother and Jhuri j. Did laugh in chorus Arul Bow i too rare and hib la Ite Woith but there 1 however there a 5 no help for it 1 to go to lie window and Peep ont. Knowing Al Trio time that behind my Back Tobosa two Elik 13 enjoying Tho whole never 1 forget How i party foolish 1 Felt time in the dim Light 1 Ronld see on the ans Helov a ski ii ignore blowing Laii Illy on a flnti1, Iuno from time to time for the Idiz to very cold Tho exercises blowing on Slier fingers. The Soi Enade War ext Ian Ely feeble in Char Acler and did not last ions. Iho ardor of the poor boy s Devotion was vary s on Frozen up and to my great Relief lie scampered. Toor Alico ran he All Erward grew a probe an ornament to inc High Church v. Ing of the episcopal Faith and has probably ago forgotten Bis danc ing school. The Usnap y me two villages one empowered in Trees and blazing with All the glories of october the other a merely trivial treeless waste or with Only a Jingle tree or two for suicides and i shall be sure that in the latter will is found the most starved and bigoted religionists and Tho most desperate drinkers. Evory Wash tub and milk can and grave stuns will be exposed. The inhabitants will disappear abruptly behind their barns and House like desert arabs amid the rocks and i shall look to see Spears in their hands. They n ill be ready to accept the most Barren and forlorn that the world is speedily co Rig loan end or has already got to it or tha the y themselves Are turned wrong Side outward. They will perchance crack their dry Joi its at one another and Call it a spiritual True tempi Lashly of the Home is never loudly and noisily it never overwhelms you wit i its greeting though you have not a doubt of its perfect sincerity. You Are not disturbed by the creaking of the Domestic machinery suddenly driven at unwonted Speed for your accommodation. Quietly it does its work that it May put you in peaceable posses Sion of its results lie is not the True Host she is not the Best hostess who is Ever going u and fro with hurried action Aud flurried manner and heated countenance As if to say see Bow hospitable i can but rather Tea one who takes your coming with quiet dignity and noise less painstaking who never of truss attention yet u very attentive All the while who makes you in one most expressive word in the English be at Home. Then is no Richer deeper larger hospitality than that. Is which enriches him who receives it Hul him who dispenses it. Talents Are Best nurtured in Solitude. Char Acter is Host formed in the stonely Billows of the i have played in 1 Gross fool to believe the bosom of a Friend would hold a secret mine own could not ii. May by ennobling to labor As the philosopher says but it s in time to Tell a Man so after he s just finished car Jing in Tiro tons of Coal with a Basket. Mrs. Dickens has reconciled with her Simer miss Hogarth who after the separation of he novelist i Roni ins wife became his House keeper and of whom he said that she was the Best and truest Frie id Man Ever Ilis. Dickens and miss Hogarth live together. Til Mirphy says he s heartily in favor of the Moffett and thinks it s the Best thing Ever invented in the shape of a Roi friction of the liquor traffic. I wish Leaf it could be in use in All the states. It would be just the thing for Rich cities As Boston and new Elizabeth Stuart thelps has been lecturing upon George Eli whom Slid pronounces the Apostolof the she con siders Miti Demarc i the to realist of the a Ihor s works and n Gards Herns a great and Good woman but a woman who has fallen Short of her possibilities in the Mailer of convictions. Sow not wishes n other people s gardens wish not for Hiat which you Are not but ear Nestly desire to to the very Best of what you Are. Endeavor your Bent to perfect yourself where you arc and tear manfully All the crosses Yon May encounter. This is the leading Prin Ciple and the least understood in a Good St. Francis do Sale. Cist is Gaudolfo has been prepared for the reception of the Pope tul unless Hie weather grows unusually hoi he has decided to pass the summer at his Post in the Vatican. His holiness recently received in private audience a party of american ladies headed by the author Ess mrs. Turner Anil with her As spokeswoman he conversed very kindly about the United states. Or. Austin of Marshall wis., found a note in his wife s desk full of expressions of love Aud appointed a meeting. He was furiously jealous but she declared that the note was five years and had been received before her marriage. This explanation was not satisfactory but the husband pretended to accept it while he secretly investigated. He Learned that the manufacturers whose on the paper bad been in business Only two years. Mrs. Austin on being confronted with that proof of the newness of the note made a confession on which a divorce suit b based. How Kau Baoe painted lunatics. The first picture which attracted any notice and first called attention to the artist was his pres oblation of an insane Asylum die Irren Anstall the picture made on All who saw to a deep and on Many a lasting life Long Iru pression. One thought to could see in the Emp y faces Tho whole history of the insane Man s sorrows and the attempt of the empty mind to Raip the thought never quite within its reach. The faces seemed As distinct us if they had been reflected from a Mirror and the mind and spirit stricken non and women gathered in the hos vital appealed in All their startling individuality. The human sorrows and passions which had driven the sane to madness appealed so real Aso be painful. Kaulbach himself gave the Fol using lather remarkable account of Llie origin of he painting Cornelius had been i Oil Musio Ned by the then King of Bavaria of adorn the now Royal Palace at Munich with frescoes and was to take with him the More and Vii Jed of his scholars to assist in tha work. Young Kaulbach was ill however among those selected by the master. He. Was not considered fitted for thu work and so remained Al Russ Eldorf with the younger pupils. Kau Ibeh understood reason Well enough but Felt bit Terly the. Loss what to considered would have been a Brilliant Opportunity to distinguish him of Elf. While thus feeling despondent he met an old i Riend the physician of an insane Asylum near Dusseldorf who cheered him i can give you and your friends if Youa Good to practice Fres coing. In the Vestibule of Choyou and your friends can draw and paint to your Huan s you list. I cannot you for the work to be sure but f can a fresh Yon with an occasional Glass of wine and quiet your App into with bread and Cliff i Uil Bali accepted Pic in a Iutin magi ily and with the assistance Olsoni i of his students covered the Blank a vols with ii ivs. Viiu ii Trio work had been come Lelend the physician invited i Mulbach to visit him Ai d s Lii i would like very Juc to Iris oblige Ion to on but i no better Way to thin to Jevc you Levins which m by Seive you in Lii e. All have sleeping flu in m in is Vilh which it is forever to Sti ii Gln. Lut Tir Pic to you Livos of s i of the. Poor Luna tics hero and you will see that very Many of them arc crazed Only Lluy have allowed their passions to develop immeasurably Ain without with this View the Simian then related to him Tho history of a Nuriu of Tho Bop Idess lid had to fur i the institution. The narratives interested Kii Liudi deeply and made a lasting impression on. He it Iii he had. Germs and Steih of just such passions As had been depicted to him in himself and he big us almost to b afraid of himself. The Stiles of the mini Loco of the. Hospital haunted him with Cou Lii jul warnings and tin cats. Shortly ail Crau he left Dusseldorf a old wont to Munich but still the a Pressi m was so Strong upon him As to him considerable disquiet and will the i a of i Winji himself in possible fion troublesome spirits he Lle Leroni d to in the unwelcome picture on Canvas. With tin in View h made a number of additional Ludi 3 at an Asylum Munich the result o was us cd.1 indc1 Jowid. Catholic of of Vienna san a i Peelor of hound that capital recently pnblkhei1 very Curion j k tending to prove. Mar tin Luther was mad. It is veil tha Lue great we Del still u very yom received a ten Ible Shock to ii Neivus lion seeing a Friend who was walking by Side stick dead by ii Iii. This event led inn to a Monk and it is not Imp Ioba a that from ii Date she Andoli b of his mind to bib he u As after Ward sub feel. In a letter to false St Aupiu his mixer ii be declares the Sigil of i in Ilia Vas is ilk Ierullo Friuli Iii him into lit and thai a l and lost All confident1 m although be Preti ruled in possess in. Lis Mir image Wijn alb i Iuo Liora. Tin Follo aed Widd Ami Ilis on his l s Ulli i by Oki d Ciuni. Sens Aslo Point to in Iris to that i i Mii t made the Abigt is u the Devil stud it he u i uie a i i Allie in of tii3 Ina i ago of Nesib. He Toque Ali i to Ali lie Vil a Jiing of Bily hut i i Piniy Lor us. Jake a me in Hij in id and to Blouio to Lily Seiv. Ilic Wojie utri Eido Oliou ail and beat i. But a ii Lou Bavo pin Sci ibus ills Vit Nih i Ali in i in temper Lindlau Guage i lib talk Aie a idl and of a coarse a Nauru. Noi Iii. Insanity can ii i the via i lie Post of i lie i is is a proof that h Lilli in Loul Hei. He a Lvi sri people to poiii1 ii Rizin. Had i Chou lol their Boki am to Lei Blun die of called Klein the o he Devil. Ina thousand at Berio Lilit Forward to Piott that Luther a Mil. In ins right mind and a Jiff. Silton a Miro Decd them in hi3 Book Wil b striking Ellie is however by no Means the firs j writer who has to prove that Lutalie was not fus in tin a fun Loving Iris Mai belie r iban to lawyer and tha colitis have known Many dialog ii he. Lbs Yini Are. A u i Ikumi Catholic am a. Jon no you say i am i juice. Sir what s your religion j he True religion what ily a Rigi in what religion is Yuu 1 Jar Mold r s. Offus Uiti Motluk i s Eligi m so Ink in her Lay you bless Dill self Don t you Vav Hen 1 am done you i will of worship do Goulo tlii11 Convay Ideiil of what Ai i you 1" my upon is in it you won t find out 1 u bal is your. Ali i sift do you vol to you win would you Iville to if you were Likely to die the doctor i insist upon your answering met sir. Are you a unman 1 am Why did t you so at once. Yon never me. You said i bras a great Many things but you never a d mr1. You Wei divin words an Cio liked nos Lions at me Aud so i Tho t it was manners to c it my Belia Vior after your own a Lern 1 Nince Donn action with Tho announce mint of a death of Irinco. A Aplaon Lucius Ilura the Waler Lown to inc says he was one a resident of county. He was to this country by Oiler in Oil Incipit Yre Nonnen to were a finished from France Ami or to cd near Evans Lills. So Lecious a site on the Indian Biver some three Miles from Eva is Mills where he erected grist Mills Anil saw Mills and Laid the foundation for what he of posted ultimately be a Large City. His father s name was Joachim and to gave this name to his embryo City. Trio name is ill clings to the place but nothing remains to Mark in except Iho by Edge across the River and the ruins of file dam. Joachim did not flour ish and the Fortune of the 1 Rinco gradually wasted away. During his sojourn in this locality to was a frequent guest at the House of or. Ira a. Smith Al Evans Mills at whose hands he received hospitality that gratefully appreciated. He made two trips 19 France in is3d and 18-14, bub the government would not permit him to remain and each time he re turned to ibis country. The revolution of 18-js,promised him Freedom and recognition and he embarked for France. His circumstances had at this time become so reduced that a Lumi from his Friend or. Smith was it Cussary to cover the expense of the tli2 of Russia had not seen Tho care Werli her husband Foi eight 1110111111 Whin she surprised him lately by meeting him unexpectedly at Lunaburg. She arrives a Bright joining lady Les cabling her Sisler Llie 1 Vincess of Wales but looking rather stronger. An onlooker gives in animated description of the scene courteous to All the Czar Evua is evidently impatient for inc arrival of her husband. She had not much longer in wait All at once the shouting out Side begins her face becomes Radiant and wrapping Lio Seif in the magnificent Rotonde of Blue Fox fur the Hui pics to the plat font amid Hurrah and clamorous cries of Joy. Hor eyes Are eagerly fixed on the two red Globe s of the approach Luz is a shrill whistle much puffing of steam and the lain Rolls slowly into the station. The car Wilch Little guessing the Surprise in store Foi Lim descends saluting As he passes the Long file of soldiers drawn up on Tho platform. Suddenly he sees her then All else is Sta Tion the soldiers the crowd of the wife is in her husband s arms held in a Long embrace. Then like a Roar of Thunder louder than the last burst Forth deafening shouts mixing up with the National hymn. The largest store tie largest Stock the lowest prices Oke allowed to undersell us we buy cheaper than any one and there Ore soil cheaper. Look Ibue men aced Strong shoes is men b buckle plough shoes 81 gents Low walking shoes 81.25 and 51.35 Onta Good Congress gaiters s1.26 Best Toma toes 10 cts. Cud Good Rio Coll to 20 cts., Best 25 Best Java 33 Cosmu. Concentrated Lye of beat stove polish sets. Washing soap 3 und cts. Good starch c cts. La. Canary seed 8 cts. La. Splendid Green Black or mixed Tea 40 Cefi. La. Line Diagonal worsted dress suits Anta coat and Vest Only so Worth double gents All Wool ?3 gents one worsted pants Boj full upward children s suits s2.50 men s lined punts 75c., better si.00 si.25 overalls 31, ij5 and 40 cts. Best Duck Over co cts. Cheviot shirts 35, 40 ctn. Percale shifts two collars 75o. Bohland rid Whito shirts Uro shield Boom Sunlai dried lion ii Osom dross shirts 75 cts. Sule Agency for the famous Pearl shirts 3-ply Lenra bosom Wii Uutola my fill Juan a Itcea lit onto is. Hats hats boys left 50 cts. Best Quality boys Telescope menu Jjo Iid Kilts me. Fruit of inc loom a Liblin cd. 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I a Hon. 1 mile s a Tatami Bristol Burke s express no 38 South Delaware Philadelphia. A. Hammer Koi is conv trietly on Liinus a full line of hardware guns revolvers incl Ting Aneta Ratish film diff tackle and will sell tie same at reduced prices. Kapai Ranj of All kinds prom fitly i intended to. Shot be v01.vees, 1 us Nick to plate 82.80. Block ore3jue Street Trenton x. J. A cordial invitation is extended to tie renders of Tia paper in or onto to visit Tho Jet Velry Palace of Merri. Coos so j on state Street and View their Fine display of artistic jewelry., arid Choice designs of ladies and gentlemen s Gold watches and chains. Thelic selection of roman Goldnick chains crosses lockets mid cull Llo Iuan setts of jewelry Etta rings and stylus Are Superior to any found in the suite. Jire of Rich designs and goods that Iro re try to find. They Are constant or adding new and it Esh Noodt to their Witock a Lolida Ornde in clocks mantis Rullits make t very Beautiful by Kcal or Chryk Tiab i reseat As Well aft Choice Peil is of Ster Olny Silver new and elegant designs of i Silver Pui cd Avii ies Nii bin Kings pocket fruit Tea spoons table silo dish Forks and a. Largo variety 6f ten table Ami dessert knives under urn to Lime to i urn Ali out k Hondo compliment including i mors individual Salt soup ladles Etc. Diamond Zirigh and Plain 18k. King Aycinena Lei ties always on hand. Cook Jaques you to Call and look at what they have and they try and please you in everything you want and Maku prices Ablo waste Quality will allow. Chr Islaias is com ing. Jii id wet have just what Siut want. By Bublik Tok marriage factory Stii Ket the Defot eau Lisa i on n. J. Nov prepared to a Ocein orders for All Kinas of Light and heavy of Trio most proved and Fin Iii undo of Uio befit Nulton and in workmen. 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Tho Siuiok plan is upon Tisdul rates of Stock Ivulis no Hani Lity for Tull Given at Dolce no. 44 Mill Street Isaih coi., i a. Jam. A. Slack e. .skchf.taky. 7-10 Marble Yard. William Davis Cotter having lean a the lot it coi cur t f Market and Cedar streets Cooper 8c Conard immense stocks in every department. 2ooo Fieres Black coloured and fancy Stripe and plaid Silks pull hues, clock we Kave never and Lancy Silks at such Low Pricco. Coloured Silks. Color in Mac Hobo Roll Vine 7flc., so jul si.50, jjl.75, ills being one 1 less Liun lust pea son. Black Silks. Have probably bean i Clit ii is to Are 70e. Tui a Short time ago l 5. Butt Litius up to Oquilly Lii up. Shawls. Motus Lou Purl Diroohe Sli awls. To shawl Sii to s13 i i Liwok to slut Sli Delmul shawls St to so vol Mel 1 Youv Vilh ii specially. Ami Roan shawls in Linn inso variety p2 50 Ami up aids. Housekeeping goods. I ill no Nul rho Iii Juji Nimish flour Tuul St sir i Kris Collon mul shirt uus Klami Els i Numond table ctn. A Qirici s la this 1 rent la y arc lower Tor Ninny 5000 pieces Deess materials. Black dress fabrics. Cash in ores. Tain is Tjo Hiinds lion big Ujj Molt Norm .ircii.nlinus, Jle Limnios camels Huir Etc., All our own and in tailing at about jobbers fancy dress goods in chid ing i variety of Paris no schies Wolc Ctol thru ii Loroni mul Diirr Ami a Etc. Upwards Itji. To tl.00 Anici ican Jurew Tiodos mid a Wauls Lii Iris a Ryan dish tul Kix it Luik King Lush Oti inti is also Matiy Reid at lower prices than Ever before known. Hosiery gloves notions ladies under a pm Broadf in str an to ladles Muslin Amlun Var tin1 arc now so Low trial it seems almost co noisy buy it ready cloaks suits mid in Mit i a pipe s in silly cloth drap ice Etc. , Dreinis my lung mid Psi Kliing outlets. By Stoi Mil a gees beat fees Suo lessors to j. A do Ranoa. Groin in from the Best of a limit it Oral rely Elf Levored to Chis Omera. 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