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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives May 6 1910, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - May 6, 1910, Bristol, PennsylvaniaDoylestown Trust comp by capital r. For Loconto Hec Euer aural a Reck vat am jct Locht k. I to to atau i l Alk wed on of a a of tied a Lii is. and Urkow re ing Patr him w about charge. Lux time it Furley far Trusley and Public Mart per amt no Vicc Ruml Dent. Jilm Menyo Trow Truit mryc Iohani 1 Altman. Join a. Tuckert i in Micron Fohn Hurt s duller Harry v ii. Duff Muhlon k. To Una Fetn. 1 i in Rome. Henry it. Her rat u ii Iii i in Kari in inti Buck Man v Iran k. Rifat Hatrman John notice All to Maceo lags redeemed at Max Cohen s tobacco store 219 Mill Street for premiums. And Metlis lne premiums l-2l.tr Rohrback dentist. Artificial Teeth repair if Parkland Heights 1 or Bucks county a Peirce Williams i umber Yard is ski i toured with huh Irma Khz am. Rindfl at hea80n pricks. Stair. A Glau. We. Cherry ag1i4is? Itti Triol he and Wyrle repair in j ahm Cli Ilu High Maur Letla fur , cd. And Lor na.ei.1 la t lines. I i Rill in promptly attended to. 116 Job of Louis e1vov.tch new ibid a cond Hall bought ail hold i a allure f r kale almost an Goud Unni a. Dorrum strut it info. Charlles Henry Moon woo Obourn county Surveyor. It untold go fun to Anil tune i Lii i in i Ilia ii 41 v. Tum i or. W. Dorland dentist 325 Radcliffe Street Bristol. Inlet tune i Imreh lest Deco . C. 228 Mill Street Bristol. To loan on Kerf to mortgage. 9tk hair to Lrol. Brimal i . W 1. Purchasing Agency. 4m Fyk Kared to do shopping Olny kind will at nil to it a Tonalli or will Afcin umm who win pm u do spec Ltd Ivan to Lacu oaf dram Waal of Apia ill Lar Altare a. A Aiple of too i and Charr no rain mad. by promptly at Malm to. Pm Zablith Crichton. Walnut Srisak a. Geo. W. Fisher express Man hauling of Antontta. A spec Salty Street Bristol. 4-30-tf Iso farms for Sale from 5 to 2do Arras. Some Necla bargains in mall place. Cheap. Send for catalogue. Horace o. Reeder a. Or. D. Thomas a up Clai is tin extraction of tilth with Naihe removed from Hui Walnie t j Henry e. A locker. 3o6 Stock Exchange big stocks and Bonds i let out am you on commission a tvs and Tori Are banish a spirit let j. W. Booz palatal. Aralar cheerfully Karen. Lafayette Street Bristol. 5-14-1 f for Sale. Larg Brick dwelling with nil modern Eltus Audi on the front. No. Rat Kuffe St. Apply to i ankh. Free Book j Kerry the dam j hip Kari Teter Surj 500 Page. Book Baa. On Tea treatment cars of Honea Toaloa Thaap bogs. I Hoja and poultry Ato Amaua Chart m Markd at at met Frayard of Rama ill Bristol s population is about and the Gazette is the county s most progressive paper the Gazette hat the largest circulation of any newspaper in Bucks county with one exception vol Xxxvii. 39 Bristol Bucks county. Friday May 6, 1910. Price three cents the Earth s noblest thing prof. Green aur exed a splendid gather of at the meeting 01 soday afternoon. Throw Hundred und fifty one Gulli Crail at the or Mol Jib ii b last Hind try afternoon and listened to a plei Ideiil add Roplh b prof. In Inicis Orcen of Cluster. Following tie precedent of i timer Wenru it the close of tile men s meet i sikh Liev. Joh Wihlon a for Moin ii Only und Many have by i ii the Reu turks concerning hint sunday h Trout. A Flani mus Vul Wuh Ren Rrt in. Pro. Uret ii s and drunk follows prof. La Trion a Adduis. In an adm Nible work Des tidied in my mind to lie come Ehi hair let airy Coli Hehlert in you will recall As the Trust it thing in the world. Faith Ichih pronoun cd As the to remnet tiling in the world. Lii Lieen by Hlll i Gutber author an Ibe last in the world. I told the of this 4 Tirreli in Coune Etiopi with coming to Vou thnh Afler Niiori that 1 would Chin Hldi a tie tiling in the of Kart i i noblest Hhall be Giro Nounou the la in Echt to i us if Hove is the greatest thine Faith the foil Iuit thing and Hope the Riihl thing of 1 eau old Iii Viies thin at Lieving to Lii att Trinon Liere to wild lie u ill Teri Ziec of million As to in the nol Ilent tiling in Tho if 1 u vote n variety of would lie advanced us to what is Eaith n i Niblett Bini is it to found in nature Ulm iut us in the outer in tie and in the lower Henry weird ileethei1 Lloyt re As the sweetest Iii pigs that even mile and forgot to put u soul into them. 1 Atn not sure in re Gard to the of our Ter Nul father of till Lorit cd Pennee he 1 looked upon thai Tondl l of America. U was a the hour and Thucie Usu not Ilia Airout it but i have heard people any they Ili Hap in die Host View of it. 1 re Call the picture As 1 Hald to my com Panion let us go Down mid i e the r it in know the place it was my lint the Richli and roaring to Iii to in the. Phil Liick of the Midnight hour. Be walked Down and standing the Fiille Nen Mii ined in Lent. It was to Clear in the mount Aklil be rolled actually hoc a Rainbow. 1 took out inv water looked at it Twenty inn pitch and i Hlll Nev r for get Tomt mull inc night. It Mir Rcd much in my the later nature. I Humph Tichik my hut olt. I thank he gave me tie Mior Trinity of looking it that Hole Diu Mene. I pronounced that one of the noblest things in Joil h nature. 1 him it at the Minst hour the next Day. 1 said to my companion in we to lied As we have he ii the in Lori Liy Midi tight and Sunset now 1 o Nee it you Lime yet up in you want to but 1 Don t want to do at Alk iut 1 Crau titled out of in d Anil stood there All alone Liy the fulls. Not u sound except the Rush und mar of the mighty , not even the milk Wagon going along the stimets finally the to chirp u Lime As the Dawn came on. Angels spotless White a Lent Doton und kissed the stepping night. Night waked to Blush the sprite was gone Man Sun the Tlush und called it the Rayn of the Sun placed Aitt Illel Bollt their Rainboth Weie Roi thl. 1 a card out of my pocket and wrote a Little curd to Mother voicing my feelings in t sat in the presence of the eternal und almighty of upon the Earth. Sublime yen hut i hardly cull it Noble. Do not believe we lire going to seek out the Noble in the world troum us speak of a Tine hut do not apply the term Noble ult Oligh there May be some horses that uru More deserving or the than Hoium human beings. In a bit of u by Layard Lay Lor he a packs of u Noble Hoise unit died at the age of 42 years. 1 have known of horses that have deserved heaven More than some hum ii but 1 would not designate n horse so the noblest thing in the world. We do not Sacuk of the nobility of nature of u dog. While there Are some line helpful dogs unit have nol Willty in their nature. Is it in Art lie it simple or classic Art As j stood in that room ii whups some of Yon have stood in just the same room in 1 Iris and looked at the gathering of it in one direction after a outlier ii was in ii lung Sublime Hoij web but i do not know As i would exactly Call them Noble. A Vou sound in the presence of u building Man May soil Wellines designate it As Noble. Are books Nome 1 sound their praises constantly. I love to live in their preen cd but not even the Keble As a Book is the noblest thing in the would. Home suggest clothes May Nat higher nobility. S patriotism love for count a no lit where is the truest Nolk Allty to found Vou say it is love in humanity. We Are loll a Story Siwek Here in genesis that when Niido he pronounced him very Good. The noblest thing is to tie found in Man in inc historic soul or the mighty past or the courageous i Bris than of the living present. Would that there were More numerous today than they arc. While the noblest thing is to pre eminent in nun it is presented in woman go 1 take it. A Wowch Ashi wrote in his poem which i would like to prompt Karth h noblest thing a woman noblest thing a women such u thing easy to i rather think not. I do not know what your no Tion my be. I do not cure to by in complimentary in my d scission but a perfect woman is not so easy to tend. You remember what mrs. Jones said when asked if she knew a perfect woman the said yes or. Long first Liere May have been a circumstance of that kind with a de of truth in it perhaps. I Don t Enow. Then1 Are lots of Good women All Over this Lam aiming at Wirf Colon trying at least to aim at it. It is a great Deal better to aim and miss than not to aim at All. Before calling the gentler sex to the elements of the worthiest womanhood 1 want at least to say a few words for the Brothers. confess 1 knew this was to lie a women s meeting but i thought men would be Here and women also but i Don t know where the men would sit 1 thought that Wai to be the arrange went. I Hope As a group of women i have a menage or them and if the men who have frequented this place these discussions Are titling for every Man married or single for every Man is the son of Mother. Many men Are Brothers of some girl Many a Man is a Lover of some sweetheart Many a Man husband to some woman Many a Man father of some daughter. Which relationship do we Aland in regard to her i know my own Posi Tion in regard to the matter and to do you. It concerns the Ion became of the Mother the brother because of the Bister husband because of wife father became of daughter. I might As men Here we might ask on whether we Are worthy of the of brother my Hueland or father. It in not Only a privilege but it is the greatest responsibility. I will just Usk you if you appreciate it properly Wilether we Are worthy enough to have the kindly Demon stration of u group of people pronounced Here to Earth s noblest things Why Hhall we pronounce her Earth s noblest i do not want to take out my qualifications that would be presumptuous i want to ask that we turn our attention to the facts presented by a far higher authority than any of ourselves Here this afternoon. I draw upon u picture in j will ii Iii with the tenth verse und conclude with the verae of the 31st chapter of 1 to verbs. Listen us i read it listen More thoughtfully More carefully than you Ever listened in your lifetime for if i Pratali i must have Home Hurt of a text und want to get it from clod s word. Some scum to think of Tinics unit the read ing of the scripture is a limply introductory and do not much Atten Tion to it. Home think there is a Lack of importance about the Roii eluding part of u service. 1 know if 1 merc conducting u Chuich and men and women were putting on their Over a Lii s before the Benediction was pronounced i am not sure but that 1 would Luis a something tart to suy out of u feeling of High Loub indignation. I everyone of you who Ucic at Church this morning do you know Nhut was read by the minister or what the Les son was now 1 want you All to the closest attention to this and be sure you know what every is. Now listen and Maik Liefer to our whiles 1 i verbs 31st chapter hath tooth verse. A woman set Forth in thin Uay is designated As the thing in Lod h wind. Tie first part is Tot the Young mull a Young Man s directory. Lituin is the Host chapter. The acc Iii chapter shows the benefits of Wisdom. The third the benefits of Wisdom s Way and thus Chuck i lifter chapter until we come to theist chapter. Tills closing Cli Aptel is divided into two purls the first pail Ilcus with woman s Honor inc deals with mull s Ideal of woman. This Ideal was probably presented from me inuit some think it imaginary but hire is to Loizou s Mother Wiete is Given a Clear description of some particular a Onmon. I his advice of the Book i might suy u poem for each verse has two lines except Hie nth that has More than two lilies. La the Hist three verses of ibis which 1 read Tijou i i in i introductory matter in tie lust four Conlu j Noiin. 1 did not mid the lust two of it the lust four Var pcs is one Lusion nil the must cily picture of tile Ideal woman. Ibin of the Hie picture if of will who can ind u virtuous tie world s Virtues have u glut not merely in the sense of chastity no one worthy the name of women but has Tomt . Of come All of us men and women have some weak hcs or. Jey Kils and air. Hydes to some extent. Women Are More Likely to he Virtu Ous than men that being Hie Case when women Are Bud if they Are they seem fearfully Hud. 1 consider his chapter giving this picture of Ideal women marked by thru things powerful and uni Stive flee Iii rely from inc lust of the mesh billowing a blameless life spiritually lot dominates her Nti Turc. How fearful u sight is designated Liy i Fullon woman. I do not believe in a lost woman no woman is Lent while ipod lives and loves the lost. Men mushier this mutter of approach in woman As pre eminent Over Man Aud need to Tiow in their own lives these Superb qualities so much admired in women. Three men went out one night. Three girls lives Wero broken that night. When Illey All meet before Tod s Justice bar what then woman ought to hold Man up to the same Inch Standard us Man Liu Lils them in Mcguril to the mutter of approach. Women Are Chaste pure and along with that pow Cifuni. Vou will Lizul As you read further Prol Raytel a Pic Ture of her As Strong not a Lunsky Hubby kind but Good for something. Vou will see in the 17th she Girdell tier loins with strength. She has tidily Vigo. A spiritualist. 1 believe la Wise physical culture nimble limitless Richness of blood nobility if animal nature so you will see Flom this she is positive in her . Hho is not a negative but positively docs Good to her husband and a unkind not evil All the Days of her life. Does things is a pure if sub Stantial uni mul. One of the requisites for Hue Mun of or womb Hood is to be u Good Mimas along with u pure powerful j and positive chair Thuc and truthful nature. She doth Good not evil ill the Days not spasmodically occasionally once in a while when j men s meeting Conns along a i prayer or convention but constant in virtue All the Days of her life. To me the most admirable thought is that saying of god s word in which he says Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and 8hc is constant in her nature in her Uil Vicc kind not in the divorce court not shifting in her affections. I Tell you if she were More abounding the courts would not have so much to do n the Way of applications for divorce. Last year 1 was surprised at the statistics divorces were issued. What do you think of it Why it is merely the shifting of affections on one Side or the other sometimes on both sides Lack of con Stancy of affection. In t it Beautiful the constancy of Devotion of some women think of Mother s constant Devotion. Vou men who Are hero ibis you women too think of the constancy of your Mother in her Devotion. 1 ask myself As to whether i have been worthy of the fetching up so to speak. 1m you think we arc worthy of All the bother we have been in the world what an awful crying Little infant you and i were one Day. What an awful nuisance every one of us was yet what Devotion and cure we had from that Mother because of the constancy of her love for us. My Mother uus so Good to me if i were As Good i could be i could not be As Good As her. She loves me when i m Good or bad she loves me when i m glad 01 us Kelley sings. Do you know it is my Mother s birthday Tillay and i confess j did not want to come to Bris Tol. 1 wanted to go Down to my own Home and visit my Mother s grave where i have spent every first Day of May each year since the linger of god touched her and she sleeps but May be you can Best minister to the dead by speaking to the living. Perhaps it is always the Best Way to refresh the memory of the dead by saying something to the living. What wonderful Devotion of Moth Bood in this world As you stand before that wonderful painting of the breaking of Home which attracted More attention at the world s fair at Chicago than any other painting that wonderful bit of Art it is not classic but it is very Plain. There stands the boy Aud his Mother. I always think of Eugene Fields verses i i saw la Mother s face the love she could not Tell me love eternal As the skies whatever Fate befell that Beautiful Devotion of Mother Hood. We can never be too thought fill in regard to our mothers never too appreciative for what they have done for us. Vou know that Little Toast that has a Little touch of non sense with it but a True ring at the close Here s to the happiest Days of my life spent la the Arras of an other Man s it la the happiest time the blessed time of my me. Do you know we Are often Apt to look in the wrong place. Heroic souls Are oftener hidden in the Home whole there Are Good women who Are oppressed with cares und labors arid bearing uncomplaining by their burdens crucified on invisible crosses then along with these qualities she is charitable. Verse is Noble to inherit wealth estate or proud degree there must lie some other Merit higher yet than this for me. Something greater far must enter into life s Majestic Span fitted to create a Centiu True Nobil Ity in she is ministering to the needs of lieu thus advancing not the a luxe of men but the cause of god Inas much us be have done it unto one of the least of these my Brethren be have clone it unto women i Tell you this afternoon pity und Charity have their Home in women s Heads. Vou Lake sumo of the great organizations of today. All the children s of Phila Delphia. 1 know Noble women who arc Labouring in the interest of Itiat work where Little children Are taken Iron the no nov alleys and dirty Atreyu of the City and sent to the country for a time where new life comes to them. One sunny spot in the whole year for some of those Little tots. Take the society of the Preven Tion of cruelty to children. Take the great door of Hope work in new York it the Bead of which mrs. Whitmer stands identified. It seems o me speaking she is acting after the fashion of Henry Ward Beecher. Walking out of Bis Plymouth Church for the last time you will remember be Hud been seated in ills pulpit for a time when two Little Lell Vvs wandered in rum the Slect to listen to tie music r the Organ. He went to them Ami Silew Bis great Loving arms Roll incl hem and planted u kiss on each Little Check and walked out of the Hureh for the last time. The great i Cerf of All in the sense of 11 is a Beautiful picture of a Noble urn doing the work of love pick up up Tillen manhood giving Niin to ring doing for somebody else Liv ing Towi Iid Perl Euion having inc Quality of Eli i Tuble interest in oth ers. She stretch out out her Huncl to the dior Veu she leu Ethelh Forth Hal lands to the it seems to me she is nearer living up to tile spirit of the Church. She Burketh willingly with her nothing heist citing the matter of doing the Woik of lie Day. Heaven help the Man who a to live with it scolding wife and i Cavan help the woman who has to Ivy with a nagging 1111111. Some such state is shown in the old Story a Nan and woman married. Thev had Uch been Murieil before and Chil Iren bad blessed each or cursed it nut they married and the third set of came. One Day the a Gifu looked out in the Yard and said just look at your children my my children lighting our Chil it is kind of indicative of the feeling in some households. Going lilo let duties in u nagging clogging Diann or. You will und in the world energetic and enterprising women. 1 cannot take up nil these qualities All j ran do must be suggestive it can not be exhaustive. Vou might suy i Lite mention this tiling and that thing put them in your own discus Sion the is like the merchant s ships she bring ctr her food from she Comisi Deruth a held and she is Good it accounts Here is business sight with her she a not always in the parlor no shirking of Woik on her part Evi silently. You do not Only see her weeping into to ii lot at eight i clock in tie evening but sweeping nut to Kitchen at eight o clock in the morning. Blessed Are the fruits her hands. Blessed air the working hands of toil on the Jimart of Man or woman und then site has Wisdom tiny in Polo have More Hindsight than we ight vigorous in spirit i c. Then remain another thin a this s u in locale Subj eco for a be Low to touch upon and 1 would like to step Tver it. She dresses wisely and sen Sibly a covering of tapestry she is her own dressmaker that won t hold Ood in these Days her cloth in silk my purple not that that is necessary Mil butter than Calico lint any woman that is world the name of a woman dresses Well and sensibly it s a Wise thing to do. Look Al that account of Esther when she went into the King s pet sence she garbed in an acceptable Way. Carelessness of dress May Lead o a loss of Power. I think of All Bat is Best in dress As Well As manner s that which attracts the least Atten Ion. Some people give More attn iou to clothes than to conduct More o their hair than their heart More to their Cheeks than their character heir souls need manicuring once in a while. 1 cannot understand How some women that Are so afraid of mice can nil Down und worship lats Upp rent won t give it concent about base things. It used to be that the hair was away up in the distance now it is away Back in the distance Tut i suppose it is All right if you like that kind of a thing but you Are not you held a tout that if you do not e More attention to you hair than to your heart to your Cheeks than to join clip Zacter. Evidently the Cul Ture of character was a specially with this woman. Did i not notice that remark that she one Neth her Mouth with that is u commend Able surely the culture of character and especially does t talk too much. Blessed is the Man or woman that does t. Someone bus said we Are Given two yes and two curs and one Mouth and that we ought to Sec and Bear twice As much us we talk. A gambling Man or woman does in us Vul lot of harm in a Community. That word nibbling i use advisedly it comes my the greek word signifying to lie. A gambling Man or woman is never without something to say. She attaches ideas to some reports by a gossiping woman or gambling Man in creasing them in extent. Someone Lias Well suggested there Are two Dif Ferent themes to talk about one is people and a personal things the other is things and subjects. The noblest culture will permit us to talk about subjects nil her than person us tilings. Heaven tuve us in this Community or any Solhei from the gossip or slander of a gambling Man or woman. There Are too Many tilings we might Well talk about that Are Worth talking about to debase ourselves and injure those round about us by this gossip ing gambling slander. This woman is a Good Home maker you will notice that she look eth Well to the was s of her household and eat eth not the bread of that was a Beautiful saying of Joseph Boute when someone asked him who he would like to be if be was t Joseph Croutc he replied mrs. Choate s second blessed is it where there is that feeling. You know i might add this my opinion is this woman did not necessarily keep in the Home All the time but devoting the proper amount of time not engaged in making her hair All the time. I have no patience with the Man who is making a sweeping or washing machine out of a woman for i am free to admit if i were a woman and be tried it i would turn into a thrashing machine. Earth s noblest thing is woman per elected. Take this picture if you will As a souvenir this afternoon. It is customary in certain instances to give portraits As souvenirs and i want to band out this picture to every one of you to carry Home with you in your Heads and hearts. The gospel deals with hearts More than books and especially is this True of this Noble perfect woman. So should we live every hour and die As naturally As Dies the Flower. Let me make an Appeal that we shall allow our womanhood and Ina Bood to be the very Best in the world nobler because of the nobility of the life that we live. The Host time i Ever spoke in this Church mid from this pulpit i used the language of n woman As the basis of my theme and 1 can do no better this after noon at the close of these remarks perhaps the last time i shall speak in Bristol for Sozio Lime than by Quot ing for our guidance in the Way of measuring up in this noblest thing than to ask you to be bounded by the language of a woman the Mother of our lord the blessed Mary. You will remember where Christ worked ids bust great Miracle noticing the perplexed condition of the servants when they seek her out and say that the wine is gone she says whatsoever he Sal the unto you do they Are the words of a Mother they Are the words of a woman. Whatsoever be Smith unto you do my friends we can As we move along into the a Beautiful month of May and through the rest of our lives have a higher advice to help us to measure up to being men and women perfected we can Nave no better direction than to obey what she said whatsoever he Saith unto and to you to you and to you do shall we our lives May attain something of that pc infection Eliut is shown in this wonderful closing chapter of this marvelous Book of proverbs. Lower be Salein. Miss Edith Alberger of Fudd Langton was a recent visitor in Bristol. We regret very much to hear of the severe illness of mrs. Worn of corp Wells. Mrs. Of Brit Geuter was quite recently visiting in Pabila ice Biu. Or. Patlon and family Buvac moved from Philadelphia to their summer Lime in Flushing. Miss Jennie cider of Philadelphia was u week end visitor at her grand Mother s Home in Bens Leni. Miss met thu Phillips of Wiki com no was visiting several friends in ill Edgewater quite recently. James Price and family of Pabila Delphia were visiting their summer Home in i Bridgewater Over sunday. The misses Johnson were entertain no their Biot Ber John Johnson of Collegeville on saturday at their Tomc in ijridgewatu1. Or. And mrs. Chillies Foster entertained or. And mrs. William Jones f Philadelphia at their Home in editing Lon Over sunday. Mix. Howl Atid und daughter miss Lotherine Lowland of Philadelphia have moved to Tylich country Home in Croydon for the summer. Miss menu Kreamer of Millers tort Perry county is visiting her sister mrs. Lloyd Arentz at her Home in lurid Gevov Ater for noveral Days. Miss Belich Cott of Eddington led he Christian in Devor society of the presbyterian Church Oil Jan Day evening. It being the first sunday in the month it was Conse cration sunday. On saturday evening May 7th, an entertainment will be Given in the p. O. S. Of a. Hall at Cornwells for he Benefit of the Eddington a tin Church. Talent will be there both from new York and Philadel phia. A horse belonging to the misses Johnson run away on saturday and broke the Carriage together with be vial dozen of eggs und several quarts of milk while miss Johnson was delivering some milk the horse be came frightened at some boys playing Bull. The St. Francis school at edding ton had some very distinguished guests the Puet week among whom were vice president James s. Slice Man of Washington and Edward Clev. Morrell of Torres Dale. Or. Sherman made an address to the Stu in and told the students that they were enjoying the school which would form u foundation for their future lives and advised them to apply themselves industriously to their work while yet Young. The St. Francis band played selections and the distinguished party was whirled away in a motor car to general Morell s residence in Torr Sdale. Penns Manor. A daughter was bom to i. And mrs. Edwin Grcen Ioe. John e. Brooks has been confined o the Bouse with an attack of Tonsi Litis. Or. And mrs. Stanley Bauben pertained friends from Trenton on sunday last. Schuyler c. Stokes is Christianen Levor Leader next sunday evening. Topic the Christian Frank lec Doni was Given a Surprise party on saturday evening last in Lionor of Bis birthday anniversary. Mrs. Ella s. Ketcham and Daugh Ter of Philadelphia spent sunday with mrs. James Stinson and family. Or. And mrs. John r. Greenlee entertained Rev. And mrs. John a Itou of Trenton on wednesday evening of last week. Or. And mrs. Arthur c. Ivins and Mary Ivins spent saturday and Sun Day with Yardley Palmer and family near Woods i lie n. Miss june w. Seidensticker of at lactic City is on a week s visit at Ber Home Here before going to Ocean Grove for the summer. Or. Und my. George Louderback or. And i s. Hurry Louderback of Philadelphia were sunday guests of Daniel Louderbeck and family. Nov withstanding the fact that our pastor Llev. John Girton received u message while in Church last sunday evening calling him to the bedside of his brother who was lying critically ill in swing n. J., he preached a very touching and helpful Sermon from Luke 15 2, to a very Large audience. He has the sympathy of his Many friends Here. Reaping Benefit from the experience of Bristol people. We tire fortunate indeed to be Able to profit by the experience of our neighbors. The Public utterances of Bristol residents on the following subject will interest and Benefit thous ands of our readers. Bead this state ment. No better proof can be had. William a. Mice Cher 628 Swain Street Bristol pa., Days it affords me great pleasure to confirm the Public statement i gave two Yean ago recommending Doan s i Dicey pills. Nothing has happened during the time that has since passed to alter my High opinion of this preparation. My two children were afflicted with a most annoying kidney weakness and steadily grew worse. There was no control Over the kidney secretions and this proved that the kidneys were weak. Hearing of Doan s kidney pills i dec coded to try them and secured a Box at Ernal s pharmacy. Their use brought Relief in a remark ably Short time and before Long my children were restored to Good health i am grateful to Doan s kidney fills for their Good work in these two for Sale by All dealers. Price 60 menu. Foster Mil hum co., Buffalo new York sole agents of the United states. Remember the take no other. A candidate for Congress Moa Bromery county Democrat seeb nomination to oppose cancer. Marriages slump Cott of living a Slick Forfer victim ize Doyle town women. Doylestown May 4. The past week bos been a very quiet one it the county seat there has been hardly a Ripple on tie sea of politics. The slate is made the people will endorse it at the prior ties and then there will be but Little to do until tie election. The Mukase of Boss Grady lius gone Forth and so far As outward appearances go there is never u kick. The disappointed ones have culled it Headquarters and Are chock full of promises for the future. Up to the present time the democracy has no candidates in the county except Ono in Bristol Jacob m. Ler who wants to go to state Senate. With the secret endorsement und Plen y of work the Bucks county liquor league could elect him hut they Are not for him because it is not the senator from Bucks county who will decide tie Fate of local option. That decision will be inc la by those High est in authority the big Bosses. It looked a few Days ago As though Irving p. Wanger would have no of million for Congress no Democrat my appeared who Felt like taking chances Agugust him but on monday i. , of Asu Lourne visited the county scat to obtain signatures o his nominating petition. Or. Oderfer is a Large Man physically and is a Good he pro poses to. Make a thorough canvass of in Atli counties and will of course take in Bucks county s one and Only seaport. Now if be can Only Souie he valuable service of Grundy and Pete his election will be assured und Ranger will have to go Way Back and sit Down. Mumps and measles Epi Demic. The county seat is passing through an epidemic of mumps and measles and in consequence the percentage of attendance at the Public schools is very much reduced. By a regulation of the state Board of health an unique arrangement called a Modi fled quarantine is enforced in Doyie Stevvn that Means that no one s confined to the House the members of the household May pass in and out it All times but children who Are it afflicted with the disease May lot go the school. This just suits doling America and a Fine tune they Are having of it but they never fail to 50 to the school grounds just us school ets out at noon and in the afternoon and then the girls who Are in Modi led quarantine full on the necks of heir less fortunate companions Aud walk Home from school with them heir arms around each others waists so that if there is any a Iunce of coir ii Nichting the disease they Are in a position to make a sure thing of it. F be regulation is u ridiculous one in the face of it and us a mutter of fact works More for harm than Good. Do v Lesto in s w inning team. Doylestown baseball fans were throwing up their hats when the re sult of the game at Morrisville Hist set Luray was announced. Everyone expected the boys to put up a Good Jame but when the bulletin Hoard i bounced the score 11 to crowd went i Abs and Doylestown did not Tiave to use its Star twirler either for 5iegler a better than Ever this year. T looks now As though the Pennant of the North Penn league will Fly in tie county seat next season. Man Ager William f. Kelly deserves great credit for the team that be alone picked out and welded together and it is a flue one finer and better than we have Ever bad before. Husband haled into Coffit. Samuel f. Bobbins whose wife son and daughter Are residents of the county seat was haled into court on monday charged by his wife with surety. Bobbins and his wife bad their troubles aired in court about three years ago in consequence of which they separated. About three weeks ago bobbins came to Doyles town As he alleges to bring his wife a birthday present and if possible to adjust their differences. As an inducement to his wife to go Buck and live with him he provided himself with quite a jag and then went in search of her. He found her at the Home of her daughter but she evaded it in and went to the Home of a Friend. His daughter testified hint bobbins threatened both his wife and himself. Mrs. Bobbins declared that she was afraid of him and believed that be would do her serious bodily Larni if Opportunity offered. Was held under a Bond of two Hundred dollars to keep the peace. Slump in weddings. Marriages always interest every body but the month of april 1910, was not a marrying month. Only Twenty four couples sought the Aid of the fair de nity in tie clerk of the orphans court office to Start them on their journey through life. Four widows sought the state of double blessedness for a second time while but two wid Owers both near the ullo Ted time Thiee score years und ten tried their Luck again in the lottery of marriage. As to Ages. The youngest brides four of them had arrived at the mature age of eighteen and one married the Young est Groom aged 19. Barring the two couples one 69 and As and the other 06 and 50, the average Uge of the by ides and grooms was very close to Gether much closer than it has been for Over a year. The brides average was a trifle Over Twenty two and three quarters years and the grooms exactly Twenty three and one half. One reason for this was that five brides were older than their husbands one of them As Many As ten years older a widow of course. Up county leads. Tie upper end of the county leads having just half of the entire number granted twelve. The Middle has seven and the lower five. Of the boroughs Quakertown had two and Doylestown Bristol Silverdale Yard Ley Newtown beliefs Al lie Ivyland Perkasie and Attleboro each had one. Of the brides twelve were housekeepers five were in the Cigar making business three had no occupations two were dressmakers with one each a stenographer and Broom maker. Of the men seven were Farmers three each clerks and labourers two Mold Era two Clear maker with printers carpenters teamsters weavers and Bakers each one. All were Bucks count lans except one Bride from Soud Erton. Reasons for decrease. The High Cost of living is the reason for the redwing so few although easter coming in March had something to do with it. Another reason that holds Back the Young people is that they Are not making enough to live upon in the Way they would like to live. In the hard times of 1906 forty five couples secured the coveted License in april. Last year nifty four were made Nappy and the drop of fifty four to be an object lesson to our legislators in Congress and is a very Strong argument in favor of n Tarlit that will enable our Young people to get married and live. As it is when they marry now they simply survive that s All. This month May May not be much better but Jet us Hope for increased returns in the month of roses june. A Slick forget. A forger probably the same fellow who some time ago victimized con stable a. It. Atkinson of the county seat with a bogus Check on the 11 nil of Lehman s sons meat dealers made a successful excursion through this Section last Batur Duy scooping in during the Day an amount at least equal to As much salary us he could earn in u week. The facts were sup pressed for several Days with the Hope that the forger could he captured but he was entirely too Elie for tie officers. He apparently knew his ground Well escaping without hav ing h clue to Bis Vav hereabouts. Got Zilfi at Jenkintown. He first appeared at Jedi Kinton on saturday morning where the Abing ton afterwards Learned the Man bad tried to get checks cashed in several places. In one instance it is said that he succeeded in getting Tow by Vii tit nearly the police have a Good description of the Man who is believed to be the same Chap who swindled merchants sonic Mouths ago. Did not connect at hat Bobo. Coming on up the trolley line after leaving Junkin Tovin be stopped at Hatboro but in the afternoon he went to Corson s restaurant in Willow Grove and told mrs. Carson that be id u gang of men at work in Willow drove Park. He said further that be Bud forgotten his Check Book and asked her if she Hud any Cheeks on he Jenkintown Trust company. Mrs. Corson Guve tie stranger several Blank checks from her husband s Check Hook. The stranger sat at a table in the restaurant and tilled out Ono or More of them. Later the Man appeared it Kotb Ivyll s drug store and made u Trilling Inre Huse and tendered a Check it hich had what purported to be or. Signi iture Uttach cd. Or. Rothwell thought that the. Signature did not look Light so refused to give the Man his Pui Imsu or the differ ence in Cash. The stranger said his tame was c. Bell and that to was related to u or. Gru hum of Llu Thoro my that he would go to Mcavoy s hotel where he Vii known and no cure tie Cash und i turn. But he never came Buck. Mrs. Walton victimized. Instead lie came on by trolley to Doyie Stevvn Vav Leio in the evening he found another victim. Entering the store of mrs. S. A. Walton on South main Street about 7 o clock he selected about 00 cents Worth of goods from Lor China stuck and asked the Lerk to Cash a Check for in ii Tenient. The clerk took the Check o mrs. Walton who saw that the Niper appeared to be drawn by sheriff re. S. Beidler to the order of a. Und was dated april 2. T. Without hesitancy mrs. Walton bund de Over to the Muir who paid her 10 cents to make it even j. Bell said lie would leave the dishes or a Little while und a Etui for them. I5ul the dishes ure still Teie and 80 is the bogus chech for . A new directory Lor county is n course of preparation. Watch for the advertising Man. No connection with old publication. The. New Book will be published by u Philadelphia firm with up to Date ideas. Andalusia. The school Board held their annual meeting on wednesday. Or. Robert w. Eastman of new York City was Here on sunday. Or. And mrs. Sylvester Frea visited at Nathaniel Orcas on sunday. The Stockhouse property in the Bristol Pike Andalusia is for rent. Or. And mrs. Lou Hall have re turned from their sojourn in the South. We understand that or. Eckert has again resumed Possession of his Green houses Here. The St. Agnes Guild of the can pc of the redeemer will give a Straw Berry festival on the Chapel grounds May 21st. The misses Amanda and Cassie my Elroy were in the Village on sunday the former visiting miss Martie Vandegrift and the latter being the guest of miss Carrie Donaldson. Bussell Hoagland son of William and Ethel Freas Hoagland visited Andalusia on sunday with his parents for the first time we believe since his birth into this big world. Or. Roberts and family have moved Here from Philadelphia and have taken the House lately occupied by William o Domicil. Or. Roberts is in the employ of the Miguell com Pany. It was pleasant to see or. My Shane s genial face and Hearty pres ence in our main Street saturday. We wish to congratulate him on the completion of hib new House and Hope lie will soon move into it. The last exhibition of moving pie tiles at the King Library was Pio noun Cal As being by far the most satisfactory of any that has yet been Given. Miss Mabel Towle Nas another of our Yousik vocalists whose voice contributed to the musical part of the programme. There will be a meeting of the Andalusia Branch of the Plant Flower and fruit Guild on wednesday May Lith at 2.30 p. M., at King Library. A Plant Market be held from three to five o clock. Plants will be received at the King Library from 0.30 till 11 a. Afternoon Tea will be served. The committee on the proposed club Bouse or Parish building As it is called by some met at Charles Biddle s on monday evening. We Hope that they not Only reported but took action in looking to speedy realisation of the Long expressed wishes of our Community. We have not been Able to see any of the committee to get definite information. The anxiety with which we noted the illness of miss Bertha Ouno lust week has had Ita sad realization. She died in the episcopal Hospital Philadelphia on Friday morning last after an pc Iatrou for appendicitis performed soon after her reach ing the institution on monday. Her funeral was held at her Andalusia Home on monday and was largely at tended. The burial was at All saints churchyard Torres Dale. Miss Gano was a quiet steadfast gentle girl very much esteemed by those who knew her and winning their affectionate regard. She was devoted to her sunday school class of Little girls and was notably efficient in their instruction. They were present at her funeral and sent gifts of Flowers As her the sunday school too As a whole sent Flowers and at the service those who could be pre sent Sang very sweetly some favorite hymns. Miss Gano s death touched the heart of Many in the Community very deeply and called out the sin Ceil sympathy of our people for her family in their great logs. The commission appointed to Amine the leaning Tower of Pisa has reported that it thinks its need strengthening. A Spring exists under the Tower the water of which a raised by team pumps for the use of a local factory. As the bed of the Spring a emptied it is feared a subsidence of the ground on which the Campanile stands will follow. Hulmeville weekly budget Arthur Phillips and Sou Werc visit ing in Trenton on sunday. Mrs. John Bennett has been spend ing the week end in Frankford. Miss Grace la Lack was visiting in Trenton on saturday and sunday. George Thorp was visiting Fred Williams on saturday and sunday. Mrs. Laura Kirk was visiting in Burlington on saturday and sunday. Tie class of 1910 expects to take the ii Mil examination on Sutu Day May rth. William Reorg of Philadelphia was visiting John i Hlll Jis on thurs Day. Lien Amin itar Tou was Jos Eph on thursday of last week. The preacher for next morn ing it the m. K. Church will be or. Al i lot. Mrs. Edward my Klyve and Diu High Sci Marcim spent saturday in Phila Delphia. John Gwynn and family of cd Llin Tou. Were visiting John Phillips in sunday. Mrs. Jack of Philadelphia was visiting her sister mrs. I Bald Reetz one Day lust week. Mrs. Amy Wiir Hington mrs. Harry drown and son Russell spent last saturday in . Mrs. Surah Stoner Lias returned ionic from tin Tom where she has Ima ii spending a few weeks. Or. And mrs. Ila Chan and family spent sunday with rank Schneider Ami family. Miss Roberta Manning of Philadel phia Wab the guest of lbs Ida Hub erts on saturday and Sui ulay. Joseph Williams who has Tycen engaged in the butchering business tins that occupation. Georgo Douglass has Impi tved he Ippu Arance of his on main Street by erecting a new Trout Fence. This regular business meeting of the Epworth league will be held at the ionic of Lio Waid a Ibiam on monday evening. The Hist dance of Tho season will he ii Dun Miry 14th and will continue every sat Uday Niy lil for thu season it the Park. Charles Guindlon and Martin Smith of Caput ii and d. Linen of Philadelphia spent sunday at the mme of Euall Reedy. And family. The up Wotli league meeting of the m. E. Church will be led by my. To car Rizui next sunday evening. Tie topic will tie a split Ileal birthday or. And mrs. William Schultx and or. And mrs. Gus and i Aughter of Philadelphia were Sun Lay visitors at the Home of their father Gus Schultski. A new directory for Bucks county is n course of preparation. Watch for he advertising Man. No connection the new Book will be Hubli bed by a Philadelphia Linn with up to Date ii cts. The members of the Grace Church sewing class Liekle a and Festi Val on Friday evening. Owing to the weather being Stormy it was Hild n the room tack of the Church. The sum of seventeen dollars was cleared. On thursday evening May 12, from Iglitz to ten in the Reading room of Grace Church the altar Guild will All informal Lecce ton to thu in charge Rev. William f. Lugii for the purpose of giving him an Opportunity to become personally acquainted with his parishioners. All members and friends of Grace Church Are most cordially invited to attend. Eden. Fallsington. Fie Plenck is having his Home attractively repainted. Miss Elizabeth Moore of Trenton is visiting her aunt mis. Allen Van Sant. Miss Mary Yates of Philadelphia was the week end guest of miss Alice Lii Ger. Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia was a recent visitor at the Home of my. John Patterson. Or. And mrs. Ernest Pratt of Phil Adelphia spent sunday at the Home of mrs. B. Cieswick. Or. And mrs. Mcgee of Bristol were recently Vitting their daughter Are. Thomas Keating. Or. And mrs. William Lentz and children of Philadelphia spent Sun Day with Frederick or. And mrs. George Ray of Phila Delphia and or. And mrs. Gus. Praul of Bristol were sunday visit ors of j. And family. Or. And mrs. August Jagenburg and daughters recently spent several Days with Philadelphia friends. Mrs. George Charleton Anil Daugh Ter of Philadelphia were recently visiting her father Edward Wenlock. A new directory for Bucks county is in course of preparation. Watch for the advertising . No connection Vith old publication. The new Book vill be published by a Philadelphia Xirui with up to Dale ideas. Oxford Valley. Ellsworth Bilbee of Hurdley was visiting in the Village on sunday. Mrs. C. Y. Stradling will be Chris Tian Endeavor Leader sunday evening. Miss Mamie Niblick has returned Louic after a few weeks visit at a . Miss Edna Bladling of Paoli spent saturday and sunday at her Home Here. Mrs. Martha s. Erwin and son and mrs. C. W. Spencer Are spending a few Days in Ansonia Conn. The Public school took its annual May Day exclusion through the big Woods near the Village on tuesday. One of Charles Rue s Homes has been unable to work fur More than a week the result of a badly bruised foot. Rev. W. W. Sweet will preach in the Chapel next sunday afternoon May 8th, at three o clock. A cordial invitation to be present is extended to All. Catarrh nuut be cured with local application As they cannot reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh is a blood or constitutional disease and in order to cure it you must take internal remedies. Hall s Catarrh cure is taken internally and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces. Hall s Catarrh cure in not a quack Medicine. It was prescribed by one of the Best physicians in this country for years and is a regu Lar prescription. It in composed of the Best tonics known combined with the Best blood Nurl Herb acute directly on the mucous sur faces. The perfect combination of the two ingredients what produces such wonderful results in curing Catarrh. Send for testimonials free. F. Cheeky a co., props., Toledo o. Bold by drug Flats Price 7gc. Take Hall s rally pills or constipation. The highest Garden in the world is that situated at a height of 6000 feet on the Petit St. Bernard in the Alps. It was started on a Small scale nearly fifteen years ago Aud under the patronage of sex Queen Margberita it has grown to a Garden of consider Able importance. There Are Mountain plants from All Over the world. Walter Ely Lias taken the Agency for a vacuum cleaner. Miss Annie v. Frank Len is visiting in Washington c. Miss Liu Moon Lias returned Liyim a visit to Trenton Junction. Miss Elizabeth Pritchard of Phila Delphia is visiting miss the Junior l. T. L. Met in Library Hall saturday alte noon. Miss Phoebe Haslett of Philadel phia is the guest of Are. Haynes. Eseck Caincr of morals Vullo is visiting his brother Charles Carver. Philip Watson of kill Taletti was a recent at his Nome hic. Miss Eva Atkinson of Newtown spout it Vural at or. N. Rich ills this Wink. Charles Comfort has returned to deliver col., after making a visit to ills Jar ctn Here. A heavy while fowl on Friday Horning in Mided us of the old adage Winter in the Lap of Leon it. Sickles was Cle Clim Secre Ary of the Bucks county base Hall league at a meeting held at Lang borne. Lila Johnson bus completed the course of stenography at the it Der Moore n May 7th at miss Clara Woli Kirts. Frank p. Warrington is having u ult Nam established in his Home be also expects to nut i hot water Lent. Alu re k a lbs has the Eon act. A May hop will be Given in la teary Hall on Mililay evening May us. The committee ale stay Mogul Clemens and Swope. Anil no Hundred invitations will be is i died. The commencement exc Sci is of inc Ligh school will be held in Library mail on Friday evening May the class has this e misses a Drothea a Iblis Mamie nenian and Javid Saylor. George w. Ali Ilderton who is engaged in the plumbing business in i Renton erect a new dwelling Louse on the Feny Road Neur James m. Mix Iii s Morris Lluc this summer. The House will to built of Stone from the Stockton Quartic a. The Beautiful we Stern at the Home f k. Watson deserves More Han passing mention. The whole Kirch on the front of the House is in april with masses of the exquisite Bloom and forms a picture which is a remely attractive u Loveis of the artistic and Beautiful. Langhorne locals Newtown. My. Amanda Hestol planted Ivd times on her Lawn on Arlinr Day. Miss la Viiu it. Kyrc visited miss Eleanor Worthington of Kushlu Iid in sunday. Miss Margaret Mclean Wasu week end guest miss Hunt of . Miss Hack ii t. Worstall was a week visitor of miss Mur Gurette Mather of Laughorne. Miss Esther m. Watson is teaching school in Philadelphia going and re turning each Day. Or. William j. Marlins of Phila Delphia is assisting or. Howard a. Trego in his dental work. Margaret Higgins accompanied by Hettie Walton of Pineville has Ite to California for a Long stay. Llu Ssell he hat son of Brookline mass., has been spending a few Days with the1 family of Thomas i Riggs. Mrs. Herman Barnsley entertained some lady friends at u Bridge luncheon on wednesday. Or. And mrs Charles Kuert of Greenwich Conn., Ocie recent guests of i. And mrs. Herman Burnsley. Mrs. John Fallon and daughter miss Mary Kallon of Philadelphia were visiting friends in town on Hun Day. Rev. Or. Gray a former chaplain of the i. A. Twill deliver the address at the cemetery on memorial Day. Or. Ami mrs. Elisha Worthington of Philadelphia were week end guests of or. And mrs. Kun t. Worthington. At u meeting of the athletic asm nation it was decided to have a Ball teat in the county league for the coming season. Or. And mrs. Frank Reynolds and son of Herat ton were week end guests of the Hitler s father capt. William Wynkoop. Bishop Kinsman of Delaware will hold the collimation services in it. Lukes p. K. Church on thursday evening the it Tii. Or. And mrs. William m. Watson will entertain friends a dinner on Friday evening in Honor of mrs. Frank Reynolds of Seranton. On account of Joseph h. I Hammer Lin being afflicted with rheumatism he has gone to the Home of his parents at Hamilton Square n. The books of the Library have been newly catalogued and neatly arranged on the shelves and adds much to to appearance and simplifies the work. Mrs. A. W. Watson gave a luncheon on tuesday to a number of tier lady friends in Honor of her Friend mrs. Frank hey Olds who la her guest this week. Or. And mrs. George c. Worstall gave a reception to a number of their friends of the town on wednesday evening it being the third anniversary of their marriage. The president and twelve members of the new Century club of new town attended a Leaf provily meeting of the club at Fox Chase on tuesday which was a very enjoyable affair. A new directory for Bucks county is in course of preparation. Watch for the advertising Man. No connection with old publication. The new Book will be published by a Fhi Ladelpha Kirin with up to Date ideas. Or. And mrs. Isaac Geer and cull Dren and maid of Logansport Indi Ana arrived in town on saturday morning. Or. Over made a Brief stay and the others will make an extended visit with mrs. Henry c. Thornton. A gloom was cast Over our town on wednesday evening when word came that our former townsman. William Smith residing in Ulch Boro bad died at a Hospital in West Phila Delphia after an operation the Prev Marble deposits that have not their equal in the world have been discovered says the German a Nichau in German Southwest Africa in the Reg Ion of Habis Karl bib Nav Stab and Kubos. Elsewhere Marble has Only been found hitherto in deposits of at most ten feet thick but through the districts named there runs a Range of Hills 1200 feet High half a mile Broad and Many Miles in length practically of pure Marble. Mlaka Susan w. Ill late humid Ber farm to or. Patterson. My. Jymm h. Young in about again after a serious illness. Harry ill him of Syvarth Mot col lege wan Home Over sunday. Or. Swan and Matthew Roe of Trenton wore sunday visitors. Mrs. Pm vice Flowers in having her House attractively re painted. Mix. Andrew m. Bye of Gen nun Tovin hag been visiting relatives. Samuel he Chanson and wife have been visiting at Joseph s. Michael a. Dempsey and mum Helen dam Ivy Wero in town Oil Bun Day. The ladles Aux Hilary will meet this Friday afternoon in the lecture room. Miina friends from hero anticipate Ulli in Long the yearly meeting next week. Or. W. 1. Row of Philadelphia was a recent guest or. Henry Lovett. To Ltd presbyterian sunday school is recut song music for children s Day june 1.1th. Or. And mrs. Judward Gutt lick Anil miss Lola jul hell of Philadelphia were recent visitors. Malcolm Hun mini of the school bus been visiting his fellow student Charles h. Miss cur to Ashton and miss Edna Ashton of Holm Birg visiting Frici is on Friday and saturday. The business meeting of the c. E. Will be held at miss Elizabeth j. Esh crack s on Friday evening May a Drain has been Laid to carry incr flow of water from Hill and Miili us Ciuc to the Noil i of the later Street. Franklin Tuv Lor Hud u stroke of truly Sis on tuesday affecting the Side that Bud not been affected by the preceding stroke. The next convention of the fourth District in Heath schools of Bucks will be held june 1, Al Helmut Church. William header of the George school track team ran remarkably Well it i lie relay races at Franklin Kield on saturday. A number from Micro attended the races. George Hackett has vacated tie stoic it the Townsend building and he room bus this week by mrs. Poinsett Lor a Light lunch Jill cd and the Sulc of Crane s ice Cream. Day will be observed it the m. E. Church this sunday morning. The subject of the Sermon will by a plea for Christian Moth Are especially invited o bring their children. A new directory for Bucks county la n course of Pispa Ralin. Watch for tie advertising nun. No connection with old publication. The new will by published by n Philadelphia irm with ideas. The evening service of the Metho Ilist episcopal chinch this sunday will be devoted to the great hymns if the Church. A musical programme him Hern arranged and a Short address will be Given by the pastor on the in won place of music i Henry s. Fry organist at holy Trinity memorial Chapel and miss Cidna Florence Smith soloist at 8u Matthews Philadelphia will give a recital at the presbyterian Church ibis monday evening May 9th. Everyone cordially invited. Naomi Morrell daughter of mrs. Merlon Morrell died of consumption on sunday and was Laid to res on tuesday at 2 o clock in the a. E. Burying Guynd. She was a favorite among tier Young Frier is and among the liter people the funeral being very largely attended. A number from Here attended the wedding miss Elvis Houden eels daughter of i. And mis. Walter Gibbs eels to Lely Parker jr., which was solemnized at the Kieth Lescin presbyterian Church Road and Diamond streets at 7 o clock. Reception immediately Fol Lowed at the it Lleduc St rat Ford. Parkland. William a. Growick has returned for a time to his City Home. Lincoln g. Line of Bristol was a sunday visitor at his place. Joki Ali Goodman has planted a Privet hedge in front of bin residence on Avenue c. Or. And mrs. Theodore Herbart Are again at their summer residence on Highland Uvea due. Miss Katie Braun and miss Louise Erbal of Philadelphia recently enjoyed a visit at this place. Isaac Wallace recently made a inti Ness trip to this place in reference to his cottage in Spring Grove. Or. Mid mrs. William Dennis of Philadelphia recently spent a time at their cottage in Spring Grove. Walter Lewis and daughter Mian Eva Lewla have moved to near House hold goods up from the City to their residence on Avenue a. Miss Mary j. Doll of Philadelphia spent Friday and saturday last at her cottage in Spring prove where Ohe entertained Are. O. Nevin of Philadelphia. Miss Ida May Cook a former teacher at Parkland school is visiting at the Home of or. And mrs. Joseph Mather and is also calling on other friends in this Vicinity. Harry Powell and family Are again located at their pleasant cottage on Sunflower Avenue where they Are entertaining Charles Gallagher Joseph Gallagher and master Willie Gallagher All of Philadelphia. After spending the Winter with her daughter mrs. Sarah Button at Vineland n. J., mrs. Mary j. Jennings has returned for the season to Pioneer her daughter accompanied her and will remain for a time. Several of our people attended ser vices last sunday at the Temple of the first association of 12th and Thompson streets Philadel phia where special sessions were held in commemoration of the 62ud anniversary of so called modern spiritual ism which were in every Way a grand Success with Large audiences to thoroughly enjoy the entire pro gramme. At the morning and even ing sessions Fine discourses were delivered by the regular speaker Rev. G. Tubor Thompson while the after noon was Given Over entirely to progressive lyceum work. Fine music and singing were marked features of the Day and the Temple profusely decorated with Nalma and Choice frag rant Lowers. Previous to Hla discus Sion the speaker announced that after years of struggle with a mortgage against the Temple the balance of had during the past year been raised and the building would 00011 be entirely cleared of debt. Also bad been paid or opera Chain and other ways to beautify toe place be Side some to too for running expenses. All of which u a Good snowing financially. Newspaper newspaper
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