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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 25 1910, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - March 25, 1910, Bristol, PennsylvaniaBristol s population is about and the Gazette is the county s most progressive paper the Gazette has the largest circulation any newspaper in Bucks county with one exception v Xxxvi i. No. 33 Bristol. Bucks county Friday March Price three fonts address the Street car strike. Me Felian Ken Zintoi and toned lie Mei t afternoon. Or. Charles k. Mcclellanhit kept let Church Ken Sington Philadelphia the address at the men s meeting tit Tiu Bristol Baptist Church sunday afternoon there were l i5 Meir pres ent. Or. Mcclellan s address was u in which he championed the cause the mrs. Etchell and. Morgan Sang. Or. Incl Allan s address. Mcclellan a addicts was As h i feel Minie Liow that 1 owe name sort u habit apology fur coming my ii Panl think was come Ollie u per year and it was somewhat n sur prise when i with asked Liy u plume Inch Sage the beginning inc Votek i think it who Mimi Lay night unit i was lien1 today i owe Jim an Ign being hero ail 1 would rather nut have come because i like Fellows Init because i have Licen Here before and ilium Are lots Oiler follows out lit hear lather than me. I uni a kind an Tunis chill anyway. 1 uni going talk about i Here was n ii in going we dream Mijong May our Laud abound with around and Allver h Welcome riches me. Vie ought m l that Musi and Nung it in the men s meeting. There ban been a bit trouble Down in our neck Woods Calli d the i Lac and there arc Koine funny sides ii. I Tell one the funny m the Protection we Are getting. know we have a Little Eldh called state sch Ihlen. know there h a crowd la Ken Hougton who fear imm Devil they acc Toliese Little inn Elilu up and Down and by k and Forth Ami Home the men in Ken Mington come around and Sav is it alien one fellow pulls his Cap Over his eyes and tells him d run Home his Mother. A Drunken Man Down the Street sies the Fenville throws up his hands and Nayh i a big police Man runs in among a crowd Fel lows and Saya they dip him in the horse trough nearly drown him then pull his uniform him if people stand around Ami look much and broke his Hack he was taken the Hospital. Nobody knows shot him. I was standing the Corner just take this from me a big be Gan shooting right into a crowd. Two kids arc carried the Samaritan Hospital. One died. I said Ell Are Worth More than the whole Damnable traction company and All the rails that would Lay it from Here California and yet Are shot Down. Lust night my Little daughter and two others were coining along Lehigh Avenue near our Church. My daughter saw a Man crossing he and Lehigh Avenue and a Man going across with three children a wife and another woman. A Green motor Man running u pm dashed into Tetli. They have killed five six Little children he did know in the car. A Man shouted out the Moto Muin t know him run the two Plain clothes men jumped from Tiu cur and Lieut him into insensibility. At last my daughter Sun the car going Down urn Street with Ibe Man Ami the woman screaming the Corner Lehigh Avenue. Did see that in the paper did Fellows i ought talk Al out these things but 1 looked into the faces those Little babies Shol those dead boys shot pieces and when 1 looked into the others weep ing there and the poor Mother 1 went Livick the next Day and talked Wilh Fellows if were preach nut would say wus it tie will i say lie. never intended such dastardly work As that. We will have a meet ing Al the Ful Hlll Burlist Church sunday afternoon if they will Pel lit. About the Only place 3011 can speak is in Ihu pulpit. A i Somerset Street near my Home other crowd was there a Moton nun came up and fired into the Civ cd up conies a move i will run some funny tilings happen. Of ure allowed say anything in our town . can buy n gun powder Caps can even buy Sulphur enough Down there kill the Spring that will make a but somehow other every Little while see a few cars going up in the air. I thought i hey were going in the wrong direction nevertheless was t sorry. Yesterday afternoon right near my place u ear was coming up past a crowd t boys i be Motorman pulls out a Gnu and begins shoot two ure shot. Let me Tell the newspapers Are printing any thing what read is a thousandth part the talk about settlement is a lie from beginning end. Lei me Tell never since i have been a Bave i looked upon such a condition As this and i was born in War times. The arrested one fellow going their Way and held him in would think a fellow ought allowed walk through tie corridors the City Hall would t the other afternoon our City Council met. 1 happen know e the men and went up Wilh representative a personal Friend mine 1 wanted get Lulu coun cil and stood there. 1 saw i great big policeman and said where dots Council meet t knows anything. After a while i walked the end lie corridor and saw a great Bank men in u room there our councilman in that chamber sat right at the door being a councilman i could get in a great big policeman called everybody get out the corridor the other Fellows ran i did t i said i am going in Council i am ing out. He said yes ought have seen me going out the unit time i Ever ran in my life 1 would t then if be had t made me. I am an american cd ten a and cannot even into the chamber cannot even remain in the corridor Vannot even look into Council Cham Ber. I went a Little funeral thin week a Young fellow Twenty Yean age. 1 burled him. I mood by the casket. It ought be. He was walking along and shot through tin new Saferi boys shot two them they took them Olf the Hospital Llu ii in escaped. We Are denied the right any kind cannot say anything if cull u Man a Scab Down there your Mother will be culling inc undertaker. I stood the Street the other night and Hiiva Home men working the car get it Buck the truck and said them is that the result vaccine i knew lie did have Bruins enough see it and i punned along without being club lied arrested. They did have the right As semble. Listen last thursday they went out yonder Ball Pink the Best class marched along Toad Street As orderly As this crowd today Home them can led the american hug Young men going talk about the conditions. When they Klicic the police hearted clubbing them i came very nearly being run Over and struck Wilh the club. know 1 forget that i am a preacher at times like that. When a Man clubs me Ftp Oiler reason than walking i Linig the Street 1 feel f have something against him. If inc things done in Pennsylvania had been done in Ber Lin if the things done that afternoon Hud been done in Paris London it Willie Chapel District it would have taken in army but Lilicy simply submitted and went children merely but some growing Amei Idun folks were struck Down and tie Flag there respect it in Philadel phia consequently they would my country tis Voll we Are denied right free speech right assemble cannot talk about anything cannot suy anything. If two men meet the Street Corner Ive please i men can carry a gun except the policemen and the cur men. Mayor was elected represent the people. George h. Kurle h it reply Senta Tyve the Cople and the trac Tion people and the newspapers re poit about George h. Karl s settling inc Dill culty Long since but it is a lie Root and Brunch. Mayor and George h. both me in Wilh the interests in every Way they ire interested in the traction .o., the traction company is helped by the Pennsylvania Railroad the Penn Sylvania Railroad by the b. O. Mil tending. think it happened hat men pushed up the Price meat three cents a Pound Dur ing the Dirl Cully with the traction company. The Pennsylvania rail Road t haul meat Inlo Philadel phia. We will push up the Price meat High that the poor devils can even buy belly. Jii wekly purr them out Money and starve them into submission. Cannot shoot them heal them we will starve them into submission. This policy is being Nir sued. The newspapers Are cite dilating the news. Tell Why. Look Over tile newspapers there in u Page each Blum Wabun Zakur Snellenburg a whole crowd them Lino business men. They say the newspapers Jie Ople t ride in the cars they t come the City and unless inc affair is hushed we will close our stores and close hundreds thou Sands dollars and the newspapers Are silent. Take this morning s papers i saw two three them Jave they a report concerning lust night yesterday i can show More in one half hour than have read since the strike started. Men Are lighting their lives and must win sentiment men come out and be shot death Mere sent Linen or beg Mere senti ment. But it is Only in Philadel phia this Little Aluir is As wide As the country. Charles m. Schwab is determined crush tie life blood out the work Lumen. The conditions affairs we have in Philadelphia did begin yesterday last month but last november. The committee seventy has just reported there were Between and fraudulent votes cast lust november. At Twoclock that tuesday Alvernoon there came from James p. Mcnichol the Boss Philadelphia this state ment we have carried tie City by six months after they with he was right. did Mcnichol know if he had bought votes he could easily Tell Many lie had. There is quite a loss financially in fact some have been lost in Philadelphia. The poor people Are losing it. They have lost already. The loss in wages will never come Back. Suppose they increase tie wages they easily could take Back two cents a 11 i our say they work ten hours a Day Twenty cents a they push up the Price meat three wills a Pound. I came town fifteen years ago lard wus six cents a Pound it is eighteen cents . Wages going up with it i suppose the losses Bave been tremendous but the conditions that Are Here Are simply going Large. The nation in the country at it ional conditions Bave brought America two tilings before the people inc first is the Rich people Are getting Richer everything is in their hands. Ting poorer Only thing said us is he has business be poor. A while ago a gentleman said me the Street talking about the peace us he pointed the poor Jie Ople Are get i every Side and the one my Good Hundred dollars a pile Bills cannot without capital friends gives a help carry my work. Well i an going sell myself capital 1 would rather starve and see m family in the graveyard than what i consider wrong. These men Are in the right and 1 will be with them even if i must starve with them. much Dir i am doing something every once in a while met a Man Day three months had Noth ing and i gave him a half a whisper it. Half a Dollar a starving family. Which the More i looked the Republican democratic Bey Are both just alike. In re certain matters like a Cork screw both crooked both have a pull. Yesterday something happened Down in Washington cause my soul lift with . Cannon the foul mouthed Christian gentleman is already going out walking and praying. Yout father the Devil i Hope will answer your prayers. Something happened what was it caution Aldrich grand Mother Talt manipulating and Mutch ing tilings in Washington. The funny thing is they want investigate and see where the High prices things Are going and they appoint. Aldrich fill her the Tariff Bill us chairman the investigating Mittee find out the cause High prices. If that is a joke i know what is and the other Day a Little while Ugo. Tuft called. Camion and. Aldrich Tuke in automobile ride around Rock Creek my Home used be in Washington acid i know the while House is though i cull there it present however. afterwards they had u banquet the roof the White the great questions going he set Leir by aut Mohile ild Khalid banquets 1 said Olio my boys George what get weaving cloth when work is full time four tents did t we get two and one eighth cents if there Are broken threads in it that have be Cut out. We get anything that we ure docked what they get that any where from 75c us fall cells is considered the Waii Muker gels ii. What they pay weaving the. Are unwilling weuve two cents a Yard mid put up u kick because they cannot see Tiu Justice Between two cents and two dollars a Yard. There is something going Hap pen after a bit la our country. The other Day there was u Man wearing glasses and squinting and opens Bis Mouth like u trap door and when he meets he is dec lighted. He clinic from out the heart Africa and made every nation in the world sit up and take notice. America is a Moie concerned about his arrival n Khoii Toum than tuft in wish Egton because America knows that milling in Money though it is a pile is big As the Moon could move him what he believes tie right in is tie poor Man and against he corporations. I Tell Fellows he Lias the True in tit Olun warms u nun. The need in America is u Man. Just is Over in Africa. Think if poor tuft Over saying doing Uny inn except the Standard Oil i Railroad first dictated think Cannon at Rich Ever saying doing anything except that fhe corporations assign them suy. It makes dizzy. Tie other Lay. Rockefeller his quarterly dividend from tie Standard Oil. It wus u Little less than Lour million Lollus from the Standard Oil Eloiie. is enough Shock into Insen than a million and u Bird u month. What Hillary gel brother feline body answers a Dollar a that s about right that s just about it. If Isk any More get tilings iced Are an Unur Hist. All that in american Man Hus sell is his labor and intelligence and put that Lown the lowest possible wage and Hen put up the Price everything else and poor Devil live Nothingsuy. There is nobody speak cannot name u Man Nti Lionel importance speak he Only Man whom America can urn is the inn in Africa. I know other Man. Why i ran Over the St Miil Cong less and thought Hev Indge us the Best equipped Man i knew. He begun Bis work and when he Hail been in the Senate Over i year his Woik began give the trend a possible course suddenly lie Sto wiped Anil began writing such books the Bible As Good know Why ask sell Why Philander a Knox left Roose velt s Cabinet and became a senator mid then a member tuft s Cabinet ask yourself tie. Question. It is the condition that la Nul Imil. What is the Hope nil this this is simply Iti trodus tory Eliut 1 was going say. What i was going say 1 will say next time it is late . I Haven t said anything 1 wanted suy. 1 merely want say this tiling i want furnish u slogan catch word next Lection remember the strike in Philadelphia when the polls and vote Man that Hus him tie stamp the Damnable that is the thing that will vein and Only thai. The City Philadelphia is trolled absolutely. What was Penrose doing Here in u conference last night what is he doing Why lie helping his brother out needs him mighty much but be will need him still More after while. We ate always going lie clubbed and held Down us they ure being in Philadelphia and Juteth Eliem always. Just us sure As is Bis throne we Are waking there is coming an Awakening in America. They Are robbing the poor and gathering up inc millions. Somebody Sakl me last night pastor know Carnegie made his 1 said he sail steel and Iron. One the great poets said this right is Ever the scaffold wrong is Ever in the throne rut the scaffold sways the future 1 have Bun u Dvorki Zigman All my life it is True i have been in school and know something about books and happen have u few diplomas that any Hove if want. I am acquainted with people influence but i urn u Workingman. Look at 1113 bund it is us hard us Iron. I have chosen live among working people and share their sorrows and wealth. I could have gone places where i would have been carried along in automobiles and my salary oct used four fold. It looks me that the people around Here need nit and i am going stay where i am needed most and lift my voice in be half the Down trodden. The Post in Kensington where i spent he Best years my life if i die there Muy say that i died with my face the i would Bend my knee any Man matter what Money he asked me. It is amazing few preachers arc saying they Are in favor the Labouring men would surprises feeble they Are because one two three Rich devils in the pews who own traction Stock throw their eyes him and he Wilts. Poor Little Devil he outfit be out the ministry. Jesus Christ stood by the poor Man Jesus Christ was a Friend the poor Man Friend the oppressed Friend the Down trodden. We want what is right Charity we want soup kitchens but fair wages. A Friend mine said he was out Chicago at the close the world s fair and there was a parliament religions and that he heard All the. Dif Ferent speakers and the final address was made by the representativezoroaster founder the ancient per Sian religion. It was one the finest addresses lie had Ever heard but thought inadequate Jesus Christ had been spoken and therefore was poor in comparison. He said i was greatly discouraged and my Hal and was about out into the streets the City when i saw la chorister leading and the great Choli arose and i saw that the sopranos a the wave his baud took up the words he shall then the Altos answer forever and then the tenors curried the choruses the very heaven itself and the Grea Arches the mighty place rang then the Bass like the Roll the sea forever and forever burst Melody Al words the song in my ears ver and and my heart was answer Long Hallel out All this strife and distress hese tears and crying and staring and dying is his throne and will bring All tilings to. A successful Issue. He shall reign forever ind forever and my heart Here an were Hull Luliah Hal Lullah Rev. A . Of Vas the guest friends at Lake View tuesday last week. Leslie Brooks and Lambert Smith if Morrisville were guests Harri in m. Me lion sunday last. Misses Annie and Mary Palmer Woodsville J., were visiting lining relatives in the Manor lust Veek. Or. Aud mrs. Stanley Raub enter Allied at Tea sunday last. And mrs. Jacob Scarborough and Edward Scarborough. Getting ready live forever is he topic the Christian Endeavor Icet sunday evening be led by George h. Bruer. Mrs. Kullu s. Kutchain and Dangler Elsie Philadelphia spent saturday and sunday with my. Unies Stinson and family. Mrs. Frank James and daughter Ethel went Vine hand .1., on saturday last visit her Mother who is ill in the Hospital Rev. John Girton preached a very Mure Sivc Sermon in the Chapel lust sunday evening from the text Gen. H. Am i my brother s. And mrs. Charles w. Appun Eller and daughter Mary ii Lille ind Hubert Alfred Mury and met Alena Frederick Harbour inn Were sunday visitors it Lake an Oyster supper will lit held in he 1 Ueillia Manor Chapel saturday evening March 201 h. Tickets adults cents children Ai cents. Ice Treani confectionery and fancy Iclea Sale. A cordial invitation h extended everyone attend the Nipper and help us nut. Fallsington. Caught it up one mighty shouting i Eanie and went Down the Steps with the Penns Manor. Miss Rachel Carver is visiting in Jim Horne. Albert k. Hibba Lias purchased an into rum Buat. Paul Brown Scranton was a Here monthly. W. Moon killed a Large Black nuke sunday morning. Miss Jennie b. Moon is spending sonic time in Philadelphia. Charles Watson Jersey City has visiting relatives Liege. Miss lie Tuu Ricl aids spent several Duys in Phil Dephia last week. Miss Lois fish Lias been visiting ice sister mrs. Wild Mun in Trenton. Mrs. N. Richards has been spending several Days at Atlantic try. Service was held in All saints Church Good Friday morning at Timothy Worthington will move the e. H. Cadley House fully town. Charles c. Watson bus received the appointment census enumerator fails township. Miss Mary w. Roberts Tully oven was u recent visitor alias Helen Mcclossy. Mrs. Doun vill make Bur Home lie remainder the school term with mrs. Harriet Mec Lossy. A Burn wus burned the new bold place occupied by m. Wilmit Fri Lay afternoon. Ail the Stock except two calves was taken out. It is known it originated. The members Bristol Lodge no. 2-5, free und accepted masons Frorup his place attended the annual Bun Juet which was also the one Hundred and thirtieth anniversary in saturday veiling. Or. W. Willott Moon Brooklyn V died March 15th. He a View the junes h. Moon this place and was in Bis 42ud year. The Tui Leral held seventh Day 1mb at the friends meeting House at 1.30 p. In. Oxford Valley. Samuel Niblick is under the care physician. Christian Endeavor Leader next sunday evening is mrs. I. F. Spencer. Preaching in the Chapel sunday afternoon april 8rd, by the Rev. B. F. Paist. Or. And mrs. F. P. Specht Langh inc were visiting at B. Told Soti s sunday. The missionary committee the c. E. Society request that the mite boxes distributed n year ago be funded in next sunday. The l. T. L. Ivill bold an Oyster supper in Wildman a Hall saturday evening april 2nd. A Good supper will be provided. Adults in cents children 15 cents. Euter sunday. Easter sunday is a movable festival because it Falls different dates in differ enl years. It is observed the sunday next after the fourteenth Day the Paschal Moon the Paschal Moon being that Moon which the fourteenth Day approximately the full Moon occurs next after the 21st March. Hence Kuster cannot occur Earl than March 22 when Tiu fourteenth Day the Paschal Moon is saturday Lutts than april 23 when the fourteenth Day the Paschal Moon in sunday april is lady that new girl yours seems very Jnice and yes she s very quiet. She does t even disturb the dust when she s cleaning the overtaxed. Hundred. Of Bristol Readen know what it mean. Liquor league has meeting talk u exe Etite committee re Duce Cost Bristo lians marry supreme court Readen Imp iut de Cit Kiiu confine judge Stout. Dorlet Lown Council in a try. Doyle town March 28, this has Hueu one the dullest weeks it the county seat Many Noons nothing doing politically otherwise except that the Bucks county liquor league held Morith y me Stitik Way ahead time Al Keith s Brick hotel Newtown. The Lotic sent out the various hotel the pcs Over the county impressed their minds that Busic of great 1m tort Aimee was be transacted. Before he meeting it was said that the ointment an executive committee decided two weeks ago would lie announced at tills meeting and that great care would he taken Elmini Lifite All Grundy men men susceptible Grundy influence from that committee. The committee consists eleven Good men Anil True and is Lote headed by a mall who is Down although he is a Liu Puli one the principal objects this executive committee will be Levise some Means reducing the Cost running the Campaign thereby reducing the assessments made each landlord. The liquor league is getting tired this tight every two years with the Sellent expense and unrest the ice be question and this time will tic. Satisfied with nothing but a measure hat will local option sleep ten years at one them Iro Vincnt in their councils said there has been overture any find nude us directly from Grundy we Are being constantly urged by liquor urn in Philadelphia who stand Pat with the organization along just this once More we will he satisfied with that we want and will have More and unless our what we believe be reasonable demands Are complied with we will make things very warm the big Hohs in just i hat their demands Are if Nelly known but the executive Iii tee will probably formulate them and present them. Of course there will lie a Promise comply with them but us the old Sun says pro i tuites Are like pie crust they arc made be of fact the meeting the liquor league thursday the women s t Hristian Temperance. Union will Liolu a Large convention in the new town methodist Church saturday. It is expected that it will the the largest meeting Ever held by the w. T. U. It will Start at nine in the morning and have Lilb nil afternoon and evening session. It is the Mill annual convention. The w. T. U. Propose take a hand in politics this fall and will make a strenuous elect the prohibition Nomi nees. It t the machine run their funds out the Bung hols this year they will have Knock the Heads out the barrels this trip. Bristol Bride and Groom. There is nothing mean about the c i duty sent. have a real marrying Pirson Here one who will finish up in five minutes make your wed Ding just As elaborate As please. takes them from All sections the state county and wednesday Forenoon at Salem reformed Persou Uge tie pastor Rev. Simon hippie the , however run into him breaking Jila Hind wheel and causing his hone run away. Or. Moon was thrown out and sustained serious injuries his hip and Buck. The jury rendered n verdict ilk in favor. Moon. Yerkes Ross roes and Ull Keson James represented. Moon John Johnison William c. Ryan and Hobbs Buckman represented i. Matthews. Doyle Brownin a quandary Doylestown Borough Council is in a quandary. The machinery at the pumping station ii Man a thorough overhauling with an expense attached about four thousand dollars including a boiler. A new Reser voir must lie built a stand pipe ing from eight fifteen thousand dollars the Armstrong building at the Corner shewed ave nue must by torn Down and that Street put in Good shape at an estimated Cost Twenty live Hundred dollars. A portion slate Street has been condemned and the Borough will have resurface it and probably rebuild a portion it probable Cost four thou Sand dollars making a necessary sex pc Voiture from Iii teen Twenty thousand dollars and then . They have a floating indebtedness nearly rive thousand dollars. meet this they have the remnant the borrow ing capacity the Borough eight thousand eight Hundred dollars which they live already authorized a Bond Issue and the taxes from which. In a live thousand dollars will be available the proposed in . Something will have wait but what the Ito rough fathers arc figuring but the result remains the Hame. From seven ten thousand dollars will have lie raised in some Way and they know just . A raise in the assessed value real estate in the Borough if the raise is High enough will give them More rowing capacity and enable Abtin get a whole More Money without raining lie lax Nite. The people in Philadelphia stood a raise in valuation and it looks like the people Here ate in the same thing. There will be a howl course but the Money has come and values can readily be lowered after two three years but none the present Board will lie there see it done. Pipe Lliam the kidneys Are overtaxed have much do. They Tell about it in Many aches and pains backache Side acre headache Early symptoms kidney ills. Urinary troubles diabetes Bright s disease follow. A Bristol citizen tells Here the Way keep the kidneys Well. Mrs. Mary Anderson 655 Linden Street Bristol pn., says i was badly afflicted with backache and Days at a time it was impossible me attend my housework. My Buck pained me when i stooped arose from a sitting position and was also greatly troubled by headaches and dizzy spells. My health was far from Good and i was at a loss know what do. After i had Takim several remedies without being helped some one told me about Poan s kidney pills. I procured a Supply and in a few weeks after beginning their use Ith Doan s Betti Satis i was Well. My experience w kidney pills has certainly 50 factory. Sale cents. Foster Mil Bairn Buhalo new York sole agents the United states. Remember the s and take other. Joined in marriage John William Wright and Flora e. Pfeifer both if Bristol. This a Charles and Maggie i urge Wright and is employed in the Bristol leather works. The Bride 1ms been oin played in a worsted Mill. She is the daughter the late Robert and Paul Ine hindi Pfeifer. The Lippy couple expect Start housekeeping in the Home the hide s Mother. We Are glad help out the Bristol brides and grooms Olio want tie a knot with their Tongue that they can untie with their Teeth i Bend them along. Judge Stout sustained. Judge Stout has rarely been re versed by the supreme court Penn Sylvania most his decisions Are based sound Law and Good common sense. Two the most Mimi stunt cases that erf Rren iian is. Paxson and Moon is. Matthews recently Token Trie supreme court from this county have just been decided the supreme court ii firming the decision judge Stout in both costs. The plaintiff in the first Case was Edward v. Brennan Philadelphia and the defendant was Sli Erill Albert b. Pax soil Doylestown. Sheriff Paxson april 12, 1007, sold a property in by sulem township Brennan at the close the Sale Brennan feigned the conditions which called Down Money and the payment tile bal Ance the return Day the. Writ april 15. 1907, the be forfeited if Brennan failed comply with the conditions. It Vuis then alleged thai sheriff Paxson told a. Scott a Friend Dremml the Street it was necessary pay the balance the Purchase Money the follow ing monday but that they could have their own time in which pay it. On april 1c, the sheriff resumed the writ setting Forth Brennan s failure comply with the conditions. On april 25, 1907, Brennan s Friend Scott culled at the sheriff s office and altered pay the balance the Pur Chase Money. His attention was called Ibe return the writ and the conditions Sale. Or. Scott then said Well Brennan seems be out the property and 1 am in that much mid lie left. Later an alias writ was issued and the property sold another party. Scott attending the Sale As a bidder. It was after the second Sale that this suit was brought. Judge Stout decided the Case against Brennan and in favor sheriff Paxson. An automobile decision. The second Case Alfred h. Moon is. Charles Matthews is inter est automobile owners and decides a very important question. Or. Moon lives in Falls township and. Matthews la Langli Orne. Or. Matthews is engaged in business in Philadelphia and goes up Aud Down every Day. The supreme court Pennsylvania handed Down an opinion. Monday affirming judge Stout in this Case. The principal Point involved was whether an automobile owner is responsible damage done by his machine when he is present and it has been taken out by his chauffeur in violation tils direct orders at the direction his adult sister a member his family. This question fudge Stout allowed the jury in doing which Fie has been sustained by the supreme. Court. On May 25. 1905, Mes Alice Matthews a sister the defendant took a party. Friends Mission Jay mixing Oxford Valley. On their Road bore Aboutclock Moon the Smej h. In Tiff was driving Bis Home from Ribonie. Or. Moon the automobile cd two he we close it and gave it More than one Ball the Road As he thought. Eden. Miss Maud Vii Nant was a recent visitor in Trenton. I Eleanor Jagenburg while skipping rope fell breaking her Arm. Lewis car Lerand daughter Falls Langton were recently visiting friends in town. Miss Walsh Caville was a sunday visitor at the Home Patrick Keating. Sirs. William build win Phila Delphia was visiting relatives Here list week. Of Isa Rachel Roberts Moorestown spent the week and at the Home William t. Lukens. Jolt Webber and Charles Melcer Reading Are spending some time with relatives in town. Mrs. George Apple and Yard Ley were recent guests at the Home Ashbel Buckman. Or. Pc can and daughter poll Adelphia were sunday at he Home Rev. Miles ice Egan. Or. Aill mrs. John Douglass and Hildren Trenton were recent visitors at the Home Allen full Sant. Or. And mrs. Frederic Rimpf sr., live returned their Home Here after spending the Winter in Phila Delphia. Misses Ella Patterson and Sara Reese Oscar Harrison and David Reese visited miss Annie Evv Eigert Southampton sunday. Mrs. George Cutler entertained a number Little people saturday afternoon in Honor the fifth birth Day her Nice Susie fro Vieli West Philadelphia. Las Gertrude Daniels and master John Daniels entertained a number their Little friends at a Farewell party last Friday evening. They will move , mass., this Wiek. Lower be Salein. Frank Simons Corn Wells has recently purchased a Fine new Coal Deli very Wagon. Miss Walker and miss Zettell Croydon were visiting i Philadel phia saturday. Miss Walker Croydon Wirter turned miss Smith teacher at Center school sunday. Prayer and preparatory meeting at the add Lugton presbyterian Church Friday evening. The crocuses the Lawn the pics Kleiian manse Are quite in Evi Dence Aud much admired. The Eddington presbyterian Sun Day school scholars ure practising their easier entertainment. Numerous Lub Kiouses along he Delaware and Neth Miny Creek held their openings Palm sunday. The sunday school association the add Langton presbyterian Church met at the manse monday evening. Or. And mrs Frank Vandegrift and daughter Oak Lane were calling . Frederick Snyder sunday. About five dollars was received from the foot social held in the y. A. Hall Friday evening. Or. And mrs. Carrol Hartz entertained friends at their country Home in Bridgewater sunday. Or. And mrs. Joseph Waller Bridgewater gave a card parly last week in Honor relatives spending the week with them. Mrs. Margaret Garrison Collingswood J., was the guest miss Mary Vandegrift Beni Salem several Days this week. Franklin Fluke sr., was Whiting his summer Home saturday. Or. Baker has recently purchased a setting eggs from n famous Western Slock Cust paying thirty two dollars them. The grand order Cigar. Smoke the greatest All cigars the order Cigar. Max Cohen grand distributor. 3-18-4t Farmers eat the proper sort food the Farmer today buys a much larger proportion the food that Goei the table than he did ten years ago. It s a Good thing that this is because he has a great variety select from. He should however use great care in selecting the Best results in health 4nd strength the widespread tendency in the City increase the amount Quaker Oats eaten is due very largely the recent Demon Titrations by scientific men that the Quaker Oats fed Man is the Man with greatest physical endurance and greatest mental vigor. Farmers should give this subject careful and should increase the Quantity Quaker Oatt eaten by Fly ,-hlmr.y and the the regular lire we As cup lenient ice. We. Amity Langhorne locals a in diet the resting items gathered by our correspondent the easter music the presbyter Ian Church has been in rehearsal several weeks and will be a More elaborate class than usual. The choir has been augmented the occasion und will Render Shelley s sacred Cun Anta death and at the morn ing service. The soloists will lie miss Marion. Simpson mrs. Robert e. A Cedoin i. H. L. Thomas Raymond Williek. The Erin Titu Iii occupy about one hair hour in us rendition. The entire programme the Day is us follows Organ voluntary spin Rcv dentil and Shelley. Bass Rodney Raymond Lollick. Organ March will us. Evening Zigun Stone Praise Kirk Putrock Samuel Holt. Item Oise and Gabriel miss Marion e. Is Nikon. Organ postlude easter March Flagter. The new pipe Organ will be used this occasion f. A. Steeble ing. Evening Sermon the seventh the series in Quested ser Mons. Doing the week Jechul easter ser vices were conducted at tie Presby Terian Church the pastor Rev. B. F. Pail speaking each evening upon the following topics As successively arranged except Sliday evening the Rev. Or. William speaking. The topics were much must know become u is in important unite with the what does Christ expect his what Are the perils n Friday afternoon at Iiclock Here vill he u Short Sermon the special i in Lucs vill be held the i Eek following master at the Mcthom Liht Dpi Scopel Church. The sinking vill be a Spe jul feature in charge if Jackson Prem Vick it Emden u soloist and Leader. The speakers he week include March Rev. A. James March m. Dray lurch 80, T. Shook Murli is w. H join bling april 1, e. W. Still an. Elv Vood Watson expects move in his new House next week. I s. Hurry Milnor has returned from visiting friends in Falls Nylon. Mrs. Sara 1c. Allen has returned from visiting rinds in . Hurry l. Ridge has returned business after an illness several weeks. Or. And . John Warner by Fth tyres were Reecyl visitors at de Weixl palmers. Edward Palmer und Charles Palmer spent several Days it Al Timic oily recently. Or. And mrs. A Dur Laslett Porter ure at Spilgus Virginia Sev eral weeks. Or. Sum in the blocks cd Institute recent guest. S. Leroy Ridge. Irb. Lillian Kerlinger and Lyle left saturday reside in . There will lie infant baptism at the Altig service the presbyterian Church april lord. Or. Und mrs. William. Kil Lihi and sons Philus Elhiu have been vis iting mrs. Isaac Reeder. Or. And mrs. Force Wildman s Comer were recent visit ors mrs. William Watson. There will lie u subscription dance at he b. Saturday evening april 2. Subscription mis. Joseph k. Hauling u sufferer Many a Clits from rheumatism Hus been Well it gently. Or. Kruson the Samaritan ii ital Philadelphia was u guest in. Henry Lovett sunday. Or. Aim mrs. Howard have returned from a visit nearly u Ali at Palm Beach Florida. William b. Parry Leal estate agent bus sold one tie Parkland build Ings which will be moved Eden. Mrs. Harvey Ivins und Daugh Ter miss Margaret Ivins vill enter Tain Friday april 8th, from four until Sis. The c. E. Of the presbyterian Church will bold Early Kaster morning service at 7 a. Charles Fulir Leader. There will be a a Crvick in the m. E. Church Good Friday at 7.45 p. At which time the sacrament the lord s supper vill lie administered. Miss Laura e. T Arry returned from a several Davs visit Washington d. C., in company with the graduating Huss the friends i nil school. The purchasing committee the Library Are soliciting requests books us the Spring Purchase will be made soon. If want a special Hook just remind Lliam it in the request Book. A reception was Given Rev. And w. Sweet thursday evening show the appreciation the congregation and also their gratification at their return where their ministrations have been successful. Henry Wilbur gave n very Delight Ful ill list aled lecture is trip throughout England Lief re the Young friends association Friday night. The views showed Many the meet ing houses and places Friendly interest abroad. laugh lie cheerful he is the topic Arthur sub Luchter. Humorist lecturer and elocution St at the m. E. Church saturday evening april 2nd. Under the auspices the methodist brother Hood. A Silver offering at the door. The presbyterian c. E. Extends a cordial invitation attend the easter social. Tuesday evening March 29tb, at 8clock in the lecture room. The Junior c. E. Will have their Mission Ary meeting und e Istir social Satur Day afternoon at 2 f. M., april 2nd. s this Wetter one Hundred dollars Reward any Case Utt Taroli that cannot cured by Hail s Catarrh cure. K. Shknev ., Toledo o. We Oie Unden ilgner have known f. Che Ney the lout 16 years and Belleve Wilra perfectly honorable la All Basic a and financially Able carry out any obligations made by his Nam. Waldino Kin Marvin wholesale uru Gnu Toledo o. Hall s Catarrh Core is taken internally it Cine directly upon the blood and mucous system. Free. Price per bottle. Mold by All Ucb Sui. Take fall i family i tells constr Puou. German girls study household management a period three years and Many them will marry until they have received a certificate saying they Are expert housekeepers. It is be coming quite the thing the Daugh Ter a prominent Man the Home a family equal standing Aud work there three years learning manage the House. La s feed prices Mew town. John b. Chambers tins gone a bust Ness trip Honduras. The Public schools closed thurs Day heir Kanu a vacation one week. Miss Myra Hambleton Taylors Al Lac recently miss her crude Felt Zinger. Miss Kara Broad Hext bucking Ham spent sunday with miss Helen to. Worstall. Torii Hilp is in xxi health suffering asthma. Herliert buc Kiun n Farmer in the Ansir from Ai miss Kathryn Lull has been visit ing. And mrs hurry Lulf Norlham Trinton. The Kirsly Baptist Church will continue the services each evening Dur ing this week. Miss Mary h. Atkinson Ivy Les town is spending this week with mrs Thomas drug Jas. Mrs Albert Haslon by Conlie Hus been visiting daughter mis. Stephen m. Vandegrift. Mix. Margaret Bunting Sailer Thalle Jav Cark n., j., recently visited her sister miss Bdl la bunt ing miss Lavinia b. Eyre returned Home thursday from a two months Oiin in North and South Carolina. Miss Willie h. Baru slav will enter Tain a Mimbel lady friends with u wednesday the thirtieth. Or. And Elmia Worth Ligion Philadelphia were week end guests Ihler parents. And mix. K. T. Worth Langton. I. Und mrs. Juii ick Kevser were surprised by a number heir friends one evening lust week at their Home the Brooks Homestead. Charles Fowlke new Hope in spending this week wit i ills Ami miss Bell Vii Sigil who gave u card party in Bis Honor Tucklay it in an Effort is living made u Grange in Newtown. K. B. a state will lecture in Hull thursday evening Anil then organise a Grange. Our Lown is expecting u great a puny people lie in Lown Sal urdu attend the county convention and univ Isary the women s Christian Tenisi emcee Clinion in inc m. A Church. A Fine programme has been with three sessions morning afternoon and evening with a reception from i o clock which vill be inc social affair the Day. Mix. Kullu a. Boole president new York Slute w. T. I will address the meetings in the afternoon and evening. My. Mary Vache. Of Philadelphia will lie tie during the convention and with inc demonstrations ought prove very attractive. Tullytown. Miss Maude 1.eland bus been visit ing friends Al Hovic .1. Moon who Iwuh in ii Crft Cully ill several weeks is very much improved being Able be about the House. Services will be held ill the Metho dist episcopal churches Here und lit Killie next sunday at inc usual Lime by the Rev. Of. Randall who begins Here bin sixth year and at entitle his ninth car As pastor Friday last week county superintendent schools H. Hoff Man visited the Public schools tar Borough which ure under the tute Lage misses Amanda Wisnier and Mary w. Roberts. Or. Hoffman was accompanied by school directors a. B. Shoemaker and Rev. O. Hun they Fonn i the schools in Good working condition and flip county superintendent especially commended the efforts the Ito Ixl cd cution in enforcing the attendance Law. Birthplace transcript. Ii is curious that All the Elfors the United slates government into prominence the Birthplace Egton have proved nearly is it Iwuh built in expensive Toni bument flier a which it provides a Pei who is ready Tell Liis simple Story All visitors. It has built a Long wharf out into the River sup ply boats and other vessels thai cure make the Landing and yet Ibe Wacl Lold memo jul remains almost entirely unknown. The Tes tilled u Evv years Ugo unit More than four five people came then a year see it. He is us lonely us the keeper a Distant Lighthouse und welcomes with arms any one who oilers break the tedium ills Hulmeville items p in. Midura Kirk has re tuned Home from Burlington Miss a vex a Wislar visiting aunt miss Linda ii net Holiday. My. Cry ii Smith and daughter Frances wed Neslav in Phila Delphia. The Cather next sunday morn lug at the m. K. Chulch will be. My. Kirk Mim Corkle Oak Law ban Irvn Vucin Liik the week end with mix h. Lollick. Mix Anna Shaw ban been a few Days Ullh her aunt mrs. Charles mrs. Archie it vote mid a Aughter Olney Wen Ibe Auto the. Ami mrs. Frederick Ash each. Or. And Waller Stilih and Al Lalieth J., were visit at Charlew Hae fit s sunday. Or. And mrs. Ivrey Leal Wund Tivnon weft visiting Al Janus t. Vansant s Salu Nlay and sunday. Or. And mix. A Idieo Ami daughter were sunday vial inn at Home. And mix. Jackson Brown. Mix cd Vanl a Eklow and Daluh Ler sur can and mrs. S. Lollick were visitors in 1 he Idelphia Fri Day. Or. And mrs. John Mooin and fam ily Trenton Wen the guests. And mrs. Corgi Douglass Satur Day and sunday. M Las Helen Walsh a former teacher the ill Mcville High whorl wan Ali Illing miss Jertrude Johnson saturday and sunday. Samuel Lollick sch a c. Everlst Mil Edward have Mhz Al in Dong the method let conference Ohleh was held at Stead Long the past v Cek. The up world league inert Long he m. 10. Church ill lie led by mix Tennett next sunday evening. Tin Opelc will curl m rear Rivion iad the curl Hsiun h Conception master 1 ratio Vii chant gave a wry n Honor his sixth birthday saturday. Thise present wen1 Ella a Lisant Iii Wale Harriet William Ito berth 1-Xlward Vii int Samuel Vansant. Llie hard Kenly. Tussell Brown theron Williek Kuld mawr Kali Lii Lam Harry Hobbs. Howard i cock and Paul Wilhoit Trenton. Andalusia. Highest Grade Oats Bushel beat Grade Grade Bushel .80 Fine wheat screenings Bushel cracked Corn and Indian cwt., 1.60 wheat bran cwt., 1.60 Victor feed at prices. Ear Cora Bushel Days. ing at my. Vernon a Niht which far from people a year vib it the Home and Tomb a bhang important it is that a great Battlefield other Shrlac should near where people live Oral least great lines Navel if it is he visited. Wulc yield is really farther from the world Loday than ii was when Washington Watt born if a patriotic Pilgrim should decide slurp out it from the National capital lie could Lake us 7 in the morning u Lieut which makes the journey several Timchik week lie tween Washington and Baltimore going Down the Potomac one Day and up i he Chesapeake the next. Such a tourist would left at the nearest lauding Wahi Wigton h Birthplace at about Hclock in inv evening and he could Hurdly and Lilin if in any More Complete wilderness. Semb Lance a Public House exists and but few private houses. The next morning be would have walk four hire a Farmer s Rig get the Point destination which is around an Arm the Bay. Railroad steam penetrates Westmoreland county that matter any part the entire pen insula Between the Potomac and the Kappa Dunnock consisting King George Westmoreland Richmond Northumberland and Lancaster count . The same is True the four counties South the i Tappahannock the Peninsula Between it and the York River. These have All been left out by modern methods twin action and with the declining use water they Are less accessible u the world than in in Era when sail boats dotted All Waters. The nearest Railroad station Washington s but place us the Binl flies is at Woodford in Caroline county 2 i Miles away but account the River the journey would be a much More serious one than Fredericksburg which is Only 40 Miles away. If one cares logo a place where none Bis us Quinn Lance Bave Ever been one Slizuk select the Birthplace Washington at the Little group houses known As we Kellely in Westmoreland county in the wilderness Tidewater Virginia. But the associations Wae Mingtoi with the spot Are exceedingly Small. His parents left it when he was four years old going an estate about a mile out the City Frederickx Birg. This was his town. In these circumstances the govern Niento expenditure Mark the birth place seems a questionable Wisdom. Congress apparently thinks Itse since it has never repaired the Long pier projecting out into the River which was seriously damaged by Ai ice fro Sbet Amine years ago. The i. Giuder corps which moves in a rout Ine Way keep up whatever tin government has established has Long pleaded this outlay. Remote As the Birthplace Region is the contend ing armies in the civil War found their Way in and june 25, 1865, fought at Oak Grove Only a few Miles from Washington s Birthplace. Mix a Neon Stackhousr was in an Valusia lust week a Brief visit Ilie Fries twentieth wedding anniversary. Mix Clarence Kirk was up Sun Lay Light after a necessary hiatus nearly two Mouths in her Accel Slonus visits her old Home. After a stay two ire years in Andalusia. And mrs. Yool have tone Back Philadelphia live Var. Yonl 8 work there making the regretted change practically Nwe Mary. The moving picture entertainment Lias been definitely announced hat inlay april 2nd, a week from Tomor at the King Library at 8 p. In. T is Given under the auspices miss Mary Hilm sunday school clans and Pic ends Are logo toward their Ica Lei offering. Adnil wion both Young and older Folk 10 cents. The easter Day services All saints Parish Are As follows the holy communion at the Chapel at 8 it. Full services and holy Munion at Torres Dale at 10.80 a. In., and the children s Kastur service at the Chapel it 8clock p. In. The Andalusia sunday school will meet at the him Iii hour in the Parish Luil Dong the Chapel Iii order live special the even ing service. An interesting meet org was held at All Salnik lice tory tuesday after noon discuss the general advisability starting a children s summer Home in the Vicinity. The meeting was Chihyu addressed by mrs. Hood Dard Wiwi was formerly a practising phys clan in Philadelphia and who was influential in establishing a sum Mer Home near Alverton J., which Nineteen years Hax been in Soctt Ashful operation. All provent were greatly inter std and there was much interchange opinion and suggestion. Or. Roberts in the employ the Mithell company moved into the new Bouse which they have erected and will assume the general super vision their new heed Enterprise in Andalusia. Or. Roberts was some Twenty seven years at Wynnewood As head Gardener Charles Harrison us we understand and mine live years after that was in the employ. Maul and he conies Here Ullh the High competence his present position. His also comes with him and will with his family soon occupy the House in which. O Donnell has lived. some our Distant readers who May see the Philadelphia impels we copy the following from inv Public la Der March 19th. The engagement is announced miss Helen Mabel Esler and Frank me eur Esli Letuane. Miss Esler is a daughter the Lute George Gifford Esler a granddaughter general Thomas Kilby Smith and a Niere Waller George Smith. Or. Eshclman who is a the late colonel ii. Frank i he Lemur formerly lived in this City but makes his Home in Boston. The wedding will place Early in autumn it the Bride s lie in Torres Dale. Home Parkland. Horace Olar is building a new Chicken House. Miss Annie Rohrback spent a few Days last week in Brooklyn. Miss clinic Bronson was a recent business visitor at this place. Mrs. James Allison is recovering from her recent severe illness. Thomas Millard lately the Day at his summer residence at this place. Mrs. Jacob Aschenbrand is recover ing from her recent operation the Throat. Clarence Schbock is doing Carpenter work Harry wll Csc s new barn in Holland. Mrs. Elizabeth enter has re turned Home from a visit with friends in Philadelphia. Or. And mrs. John t. Fish Fallsington were sunday visitors at master Joseph Park Jenkintown is spending a week with his grand Mother mrs. Joseph Shuster. Edward Myers Philadelphia was at his cottage Highland ave nue saturday and sunday last. George Welchman and brother Walter Welchman Philadelphia were sunday visitors it this place. Frederick Heb Oak and mrs. Harry Blenkle Philadelphia recently spent a few Days at the Home. And my. Clarence chock. Or. And mrs. Thomas u. Were at their summer residence Avenue c. two unt week. They will shortly return fat the sea . In Paperi
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