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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 18 1910, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - March 18, 1910, Bristol, PennsylvaniaA Doylestown Trust company Kpa. 100 to . A tremor Jar 10 re Lek incur of a d re m 4r. Rom Dot. Hohto h4hbiii treasurer. Trust officer. X Hurt Trapman John c. Klunkert i John . I ii Howard mum. K. Notice All tobacco tags redeemed at Max Cohan s tobacco store 219 Mill Street for Premium. Joni or. Kyle Rohrback dentist. Pc Tifal repair ii Parkland Heights a county. P. Al face williams1 lumber Yard we. Cherry in nimble mammal. Tal a Ulm Ekl All Tynin. Lar Pilrun prompt or to. 116 Louis Kivovitch a and furniture bought and me furniture or ule Almit u Ood an dim Mirr Street Bristol. Charles Henry Moon Wood Bounk. Of it Mirmil. County Surveyor. R. W. Dorland dentist 325 Radcliffe Street a. Lil hone Filc club of Silil cred. Mill Street Bristol. Us Edw. Lovett Eal estate broker anti Insl Range. Money 10 form Myrtene. Limb vol owl purchasing Agency. Ubich ton to. W. Fisher express Man Ini of my Kovlan b u in ton Treit Britol. 50 farms for Sale to to Acra. Some cheap d for vow Fau of be. O. Reede a. Or. 0. Thomas Vei from us Walnut Street. Henry e. Aucker. Stock Exchange bids and Bonds or on Oom ration Vul Tomti W. Booz Ute main Beum Llor Given. Ette Street brutal. Of of for Sale. S a late St n James. How rets Sefc fold Bristol s population is about and the Gazette is the county s most progressive paper vol Xxxvii. 1vo. 32 the Gazette has the largest circulation of any newspaper in Bucks county with one exception former actor at the mens meeting str. Harry w. Lambert of Bryn Mir made the Andreu on sunday Fernaon. At the open ing of the men s meet ing i sunday afternoon 210 pre item. Johnston Ailiin minced that he had received it Ines age from pro Fessor Evans that lie was ick in bed and would tie unable to Keip his engagement on sunday. I. Johnston immedi itchy telegraphed to lick. Harry w. Lanil Wrt of Hin Mitor who was is i Ilu cd to speak Here next sunday Anil us a result or Lambert came to the Rescue. Bar. Johnston in introducing the speaker said be was formerly tin actor who had been con i Mil and who Hud the Slagt for the pulpit. A particularly pleasing Piirto of tin afternoon programme was the singing of a Duel by mrs. Etchill and Frei Morgan. Gostol. Bucks county. A. Friday Jiko. Lambkin aduue88. List liar pastor and gentlemen friends i am very glad to be Here Al though perhaps f happen to be out of due Seimin. I am her a week ahead of time. However i Trust tin lord will bless us while we Tarry and that our coming May be u Mutual Blessing. I will read for our lesson from the 20th chapter of Matthew beginning with the Julih verse and closing with lie Milt then came to him Hie Mother of Keh Edee i children wit i her mum worshipping him desiring a certain thing of him. And he said unto her what thou Khe said until him Llma these m two sons May sit the one on thy right bund und the other on the left in thy kingdom but Jesus an swered and said be know not what be ask Are be Able to drink of the dial i shall drink of. And to lie implied with the baptism that i am Hall my they say unto him we arc and he Iii to unto them be shall drink Index 1 of my cup and he baptized with the baptism that i am Hap tired with but to sit on my right hand and on my left not mine to give but it shall be in them for whom ii is pre pared of my father and when the ten heard it they were mined with indignation a Gunst the two ii Ruthren hut Jesus called them unto him and mud be know that the princes of the gentiles exercised Dominion Over them and they that lire Lieut exercise authority upon them lint it shall not be so among you hut whosoever will be great among you let him be your minister. And Whoso ver will be chief among you let him he voter Sejuit. Kven us the son of mail came not to be ministered unto but to minister und Ghe his Lif. A in som for the text is the lust Selim e in the verse we Are Able what chimera is Man what u chaos judge of All Llilas be n feeble worm of the Zunli the great depository of truth Aih yet a Meie Unsei Dainty and o f the und Lively Agie ii l be Man 1ms not Only liveliness and Arr Cuble Ness in himself but also a win of wakening them in others. A u circumstances no opportunities will Ever make a two legged creature a Man without invincible do terminus lion. It is the mind that Hie body Rich. The mind is the natural protector of the body. While culture discipline intellect reacts powerfully Tilkin the physical and tends to bring it into Harmony with itself. On the other hand the mind will ultimately bring its Iii licence to the Boih. Raphael could not paint the face of Christ with the form of a Demon in his bund neither could id give us an Angel out from a Block of Murhle with a Demon in his mind or a Judas for just As truly As that thing lie has in Bis hand would be the thing that governs his mind und therefore will lie expressed in the out line and ultimate development which he presents to our vision. O Man can paint the face of Christ mid hold in his mind the face of Judas he cannot carve an Angel with u chisel und bold in his mind the Faie of a Demon. Therefore the mind is the Power and brings the body into subjection and makes it n Tabernacle in which Man May live. Shakespeare tells us that All the world is a stage and he immediately names the players we Are the slavers. Very Man bus his weak Side und nature tells us that every win Man knows where it is Ami nil he sure to keep a double Gumul there. You have your weak Points i my weak a kilns every Man bus Bis weak and there is one above others who knows that weak Point that is the enemy of your soul the destroyer of your diameter the one who would make of me nothing in the sight of men and in the sight of Angels. Shakespeare is a wonderful Man in his and i think u great Many of us would to helped very greatly if we would read Baki Speare with the True meaning of Shakespeare in mind. Head the Bible read Shakespeare and you will find Al though so Many people dread to hear even the name of Shakespeare mentioned or any of his quotations quoted in the pulpit the greatest deep Anil Best thoughts that presented to the world in his writings arc taken from this grand old Book for nearly 000 units he quoted the scripture. To be or not to be that is the question in your mind today. Iris so and so 1 am so Busy wild other things and yet i have no col lege diploma and yet the fact Whitt Havo nut passed through College. Might to elect my future life More or less. With my influence with men can you not in some Way make it Pic Siulc for to to receive u diploma when the rent of them Are receiving theirs Why the president of the col lege would stand Back and look at you to see if there was nobody to protect him from a Lunatic u Man want ing a College diploma without having Torst taken the Steps one after the other from the kindergarten to the primary from the primary to the grammar from the grammar to the High school from the High school to the College and then out into the great school of life. No Man completes Bis education until the end of Fife when he gets his diploma and he shall receive a Reward from the hand scarred Saviour in thut world without end. You think that fellow was crazy. In u town where i lived once a woman came to the school teacher and begun to slut her hands to the y is in thut class by your boy was not Able to come up to the Standard in Bis studies and it is your boy s fault altogether and not the teachers but he is not gun o sap or i Iii to the school a am Why Wai not my boy promoted he is old and is phys Scally Strong enough to Bear physical Strain Powers of Conwei tuition arc defective unil lie Canna comprehend As other the i Mither went to the superintendent o the school and the Bilimo conv Zimlin occurred and lie explains the Teache knows the toy she ims been ver much troubled about such u Large Boi in Hei class Slie lius brei to like superintendent three or foil Timi a to ask what to do wit i the Hoy it mail Nodi Terence Cut did not know anything either m tile Mother went to the i Inird of directors when they had a meeting oni was a medical Man lie said inn your boy s calling the woman by name. The boy is Ible to come Uji to the Standard be cause he is physically unable. Were he teacher even to pass him to tin higher Grade it would mean that in stud of my Scull in you will iced the services of an undertaker. I Chii she began to think a Little. 8h went away like mrs. A Sebedeo not what slip asked for. Her boy was not Able. What would you think of the. Flow who would hang out his Slit Nijla in lining he incl to be m. And would come to him and expect him to write a prescription the Flint thing you knew you were sicker. Vou go to him again and then take Iii prescription to a Milru Gist or cd Icmat who would Sav this Man does not know How in write a prescription and Lias no tight to put out ills Shingle. Then he is arrested and you know the lest. Jesus gives you men the squares Deal you will even get from any being in eternity or Here on Earth. The other ten were listening for the reply of tie son of toil. They Lui Iriner among themselves they listen attentively for the Nica Amre of the of ill. In ids reply he Sulila even though you Are Able it is not mine to give but my father has prepared it not alone for James or John not alone Lor any individual but fur All who will enter into the of for the courage of the son of Oil to give an answer like that. You see these people asking for favouritism they want a Little More than some Billy else but i glory a lays in my Bav Louir and the magnificent courage of the i Man. Jesus looked away Over the head of the poor woman i suppose she wanted the Best to be Given to her two Jesus looked away ten Sci la to the imps and challenged them a mics Tion to answer Are be Jesus was different from a Good Many Pronto who would have Given a Wishy Washy sort of reply. They would t like to Hurt her feelings but sometimes the Only Way you can reach the innermost soul of a being is to sting them. Jesus put ibis ques Tion look Back behind All you conceit and Sec if you Are Able to drink of what she drank of Are be Able to be baptised with the baptism that i am baptised i am not speaking of water. Jesus left this position for All to win the Light hand and the left hand open for every Man to enter into the race. He said if Yon run with me you shall suffer with me and he that shall overcome will be Given a seat with me upon my throne As 1 have oven Omo and the j Athur has granted me to sit with him upon his throne. Are be Able it is said that Jod called three them. They came to the Green Doc behind which sat Tai great Nat Lonu Saint Abraham Lincoln around table with his Cabinet. The Litt fellow said papa Here is a Solle who s father is dying and he wan to go the Soldier went up t the president and presented his teb Grain. That Man who had u woman heart gave him permission to go Hom to his dying father. That tiny Little follow brought that broken Hearcel Soldier into the presence of one we had supreme Power so men in you weakness say today master i my self can do nothing i am weakness personified breathe thy spirit upon me Luat 1 May have Faith in thee it Rue drink let me plunge let me come and serve thee and you will of known As Ushers o with the added title sons o sons of Thunder sons of Power men Oral will you fall Short at the end of you life fall Short of the seat with Christ do not doubt right now is a splendid time just at this moment to answer we Are Able by thy Grace Langhorne locals a budget of int treating items gathered by our correspondent. Joseph k. Harding has been on the tick list. Ocasie Gordon who has been Seri Only ill is improving. Mrs. William Sweet is visiting friends in Newburg n. Y. The Langhorne Spring water co., is laying pipes throughout Eden. A dance was Given at the b. C. C. C. On Friday by the George school students. There will be a Short service Good Friday at three o clock at the Presby Terian chinch. Kobert led Oil has taken u a Posi Tion As assistant to William b. Purr in the real estate business. Mrs. Elizabeth Gillingham of Hulic Villa was a recent visitor at her sons Harry r. Gilling Luini. Mrs. White and mrs. Thomson of Philadelphia were guests of their Par ants or. And mrs. Gilbert Hawk. The c. K society of the Presby Terian Church will hold an easier social tuesday evening 2kth inst. Keep in mind the knights of the Golden Eagle entertainment this Dat i Day evening 18tb inst in the Hall. Walter Keller Lias moved from his property on Green Street to his new the Arron property oppo Penns Manor. George Buker is confined to Tii House with an attack of grip. Mrs. Stanley Baub spent Las week in Atlantic City attending the Jersey conference. Mra. Charles Appenzeller Ani daughter Sophia of Ellie spen Rinir Day last at Lake mrs. Jacob Scarborough spent a fc1 Days last week with her sister mrs Elizabeth Chedister Titusville n. Kev. John Girton preached a very impressive Sermon in the Chiapel Las sunday evening on the subject o Money u or a it the topic of Christian Endeavor next sunday evening to be Lead by mrs. Stanley Rauh. Mrs. Thick lore w. Sterling was a recent guest at the Home of her nother mis. Jane i. Woolsey of lord Eitown n. Rev. John Gorton pastor of the Penis Manor Chapel expresses his gratitude and appreciation of the pleasant Surprise Given him one Day ast week when one of the members f the Church delivered at his stable fourteen Large sacks of Corn donated friends and different members of he Church. The following pupils attended the Reck Bechool regularly during the month of february Andrew Beech co Raymond James Mary Neely a Swain. David Moore Daniel fax Inland Wilson Printup missed but be half Day. Lynn Davis Mary Satterthwaite Amy Swain Al i Cru James were absent Liss Flora Hays teacher. Day. It la asserted on Good authority that b. Parry will erect houses in the Vicinity of tuition. On Sii Buralli evening item. B. F. List will preach the Ith in the series f re queued sermons subject an unsaved i Cut. 0-1 7. Mrs. Clara if. Has been lending some time in Bristol min stering to her Mother mrs. Wilson Fei Dali who died after a Short 111 Ess. The ladies auxiliary will meet at he Home of mrs. H. W. Taylor this Ridney afternoon. The trolley rom lung Horne is the one decided Pon Lor the society to take. The Kyle nov association will meet in Isth inst at Feo Rosis club House when an illustrated lecture will be Given by Henry Wilbur on his trip to England. A cordial imitation is extended to All. An error occurred in last weeks is sue. A Safe and sane fourth of As cd Schuyler c. Stokes and mrs. Stella Gnu Sling were United in marriage the parsonage by Rev. Charles b. Urns d. Jux pastor of the Bristol rest Hilali Church on the 10th lost he Bride Ami Groom left on a Brief sliding tour to Washington d. C turning on sunday evening and und the exterior of the House Cov with decorations of every style Large Cron in assembled on monday ening and gave them a Grund Sere tiling. of desc run in were used to swell the melodious Usu which could be heard at a great distance. Guernsey cows and poetics How Pete West to Dorle town by of Riede Nille. Grim and Grundy will the two Leader. Contest for the Goven Tanbir inc nun turned Down for senator. Doylestown March 1010. One of the most interesting events at the county seat lust week was the meeting of the Eastern Guernsey Cut be breeders association which met at Doylestown As the guests of George w. Ott a. Prominent importer of that special Channel Island Breed lid who at this time bus quite a lumber of on hand a Eccl y imported by him. Before the dinner prepared and served in the Monument House bust Tyle a meeting was hold in the arb ration room it the court House pre idea Over by Hemy Haywood of Newark Delaware who after the runs action of some routine business introduced As the speaker of the Ocoa Ion Valency 1c. Fuller editor of a title breeders paper and one of the rest known breeders of Jersey cattle norber variety of the Channel Island Reed who made the principal and who i till thut he Ress or the meet in bought he had been looked upon lore As a Jersey than u Guernsey feeder unit then referred in an Inte resting Way to the two Breeds. There has Iken a he said be tween the two Breeds Tor years some times one winning sometimes the other. They both have the same Ori Gin the Channel islands and Many individuals have the same characteristics. The Guernsey is larger and has it larger Call at birth but both Are celebrated Lor producing the most but patriotism could then find a Chance to make itself heard. Is said to be thoroughly in Earnest and is Strong in his belief that Pennsylvania is ready to elect a democratic governor. Of course he will nut be the Only can treasurer Berry like Barkis is will in and says lie will accept the nomination if it is tendered to there Ani likewise a number of other Sterling patriots who really Don t want the Orrice but Are willing to sacrifice themselves for the Good of the state. Grundy and grim two g a which one would turnout to be the favorite son and carry the but Little attention was mid by the democrats to the prohibition organization although one of the democratic standing committee men was prominent at the Springtown so was his wife maybe that accounts for it and democracy will not lose him. No candidates announced them selves for senator or representatives but some one will Bob up serenely be fore the primaries. No senators Al Fob blk . Side of tin. Fence the Powers that be have nun ,.nu-Ed the returns of those two Good Little Price three cents Hulmeville items Terui. two tub. Fry us Smith has put hated an Auto Mobile. S. Lilick spent monday in Trenton. William Kinlin spent saturday Philadelphia. in i to i vim 1 1 in u boys buc Maii and c Lymer to the lower House. Of course Clarence is not satisfied neither is brother Hlubik they claim that uru Udy solemnly vowed promised and declared that his dear Clarence should be the next senator from Bucks and that nothing should be allowed to inter Fere but then at that time John Poore was Busy building Bridge s and seemed to have no thought of politics or of political leadership. Times have changed f Lainee and miss Roberta Manning was a visitor in town on sunday. Thomas Kerrott is spending a few Days in Philadelphia. Miss Elizabeth Phillips spent sat urday in Philadelphia. John noon of Philadelphia was a visitor in town on Maun his. John heed and son Phillip were recent visitors in Philadelphia. Mrs. Harriet Cox is visiting her daughter mrs. Alexander Crimson. Walter Jackson and family spent saturday visiting mrs. To Backhouse. Barbara Theurer of Bristol spent Par Ucland. John t. Kiss of is Egton w1u a visitor Here one Day last week. Charles Rel Clemmii of Philadelphia was a Hind ii visitor at this place. Henry to Mmson wuss business visitor in Philadelphia on monday last William a. Gros sock Aguin at his residence on Prospect Avenue for a few weeks. William Pepper of i hide Hiu Ivi vently Theli cottage Here. Or. And John mum lately spent a few Davv Tii Here. Their Humidor Daniel i. 1 be of Philadelphia and hindi at this better imitate tire Loes Joe had Little Jack Homer re my. Martha Neely was Given a pleasant Surprise at her Home on sat urday evening last. Games music and singing were the pastimes of the evening after which refreshments were served when the guests departed for their Homes assuring their Host Ess of having a Mil enjoyable time. Among the guests were or and airs. William tooth or. And mis. Hugh Stirling mrs. Martha Neely misses Lidia Louderback. Ethel James Ethel Leedom Jane Sterling Hilda Page Irace l. Ser Ling messes. Thomas Bradford William Root John Blackburn William White Frank Taueu Hoven Gcorge Lecil Cim Theodore Sterling Fred a Jodom c Harles Louderback. Andalus news a chronicle of the week s Renli in the Beautiful suburb. July instead of Christmas Tryone doubtless surmised is the topic of the in Cutie to be Given by professor Walters before the woman s club of Media. Next week special easter services will be held on the lecture room of the presbyterian Church beginning 21st and ending with preparatory service is Ihly not the door that we too often allow hint weakness to crier in. Wim Losee the difficulty in the Dis Tance when our weakness cons of in to falter Liy the Way with a great enter prise and have turned to clocked paths have gone into the highways Ami sideways rather than pursue the direct course to the culmination of our diameter and so reach our Alory. What about mrs. Zebedee Ami her children what has this to do with it Jesus challenged these two Voung Luen. Jesus challenges every Man. The Challenge that came to them was this. Arc be ahle the in her Pride and the two boys in their egotism represent very Lii rely that exist today. Mrs. Jie Bedee thought of her position perhaps she was the wife of a Man very Rich Here she conies with the sons of and presents herself to Jesus and selfishly asks that her two boys shall have the two coveted positions one on the right and the other on the left hand of the won of god. I do not wonder at the others murmuring they Weie indignant at the attitude of the two boys and the Mother and do you know that i feel and j am not much of a Pessl Inist either that Loday mrs. Zebedee represents a very Large proportion of those who Are in a Posi Tiou to govern things and Are i Long it a coning to their own will and wish who today Are represented by her in that spirit of favouritism that spirit of Standon ulveness that if you stand in with someone it Inaki no difference whether you have ability or not you will get there fiut listen you have forgotten men with of liars who have heard the answer of jams the Challenge thai wag thrown that Day wag to every Man since the Day of Christ. We have regarded Clorist an something that women and Chil Dren should gather about and for some men who Are classed by the great majority of men As effeminate men but there is not a Man in the world today with manliness and character that makes you Complete like the 8011 of god and the answer is what you know not what you ask. What do you think of a fellow who would Coine up to a College Profe or. And say now by virtue of whom i pm my father is go and so my Moth ministers that waited constantly upon his throne Justice truth and mercy and thus addressed them shall we make then said Justice make Man no he will trample All thy Laws under truth also said make not Man for he will foul thy then mercy dropped on her Knees und looked through her tears said make Man and i will watch Over him wit i my cure through All the dark paths which lie May have to god made Man and said to Man thou Art a child of mercy go Aud Deal with thy you can never make the most of yourself with out a great motive has connected you with humanity. Jesus drunk the cup of Siide Rii death Alcan touched with our infirmities brought god right Down into our very midst. Humanity Jesus drunk the cup Fering sin sorrow despair und for humanity. The great Phy touched with our infirmities thou shall have none other gods but but with dim eyes Dull ears and misunderstanding heart men have vowed to obey god in seeking after god. While All the time their god was always i High. To be great among one s Fellows Aud to be great in the sight of god and the Angels one must drink this cup of sacrifice and plunge into the sea of service Abraham with bended Knees and broken heart pleaded through his tears for the doomed cities that they might lie saved. Moses complained of the people yet to was so immersed in then interests and forgiveness that if god would not forgive them he prayed that his own name might be blotted out of the Book of god 8uul, of Tarsus glorified in nothing save in the Cross of Jesus Christ. During the civil our before a great Battle the order went Forth that not any Man under any condition should be allowed to leave his Post. Due Young fellow received a message from Home that his father was dying. He went to his Captain who said it is useless the command has gone Forth that not any Man would be Al Lowed to leave his Post until after the he turned away sad and went to the colonel of the regiment. He told him the same thing. He then went to the commissary and asks him will it be possible for me to join your forces if i reach the City of Washington and see the president i might lie Able to get the commissary made it possible for him and by became a part of his depart ment. He made the trip to toe City of Washington and headed for the White House. The guards crossed their arms and he could not pass since he did not have the pass word he turned away sad and sat Down on a eur Stone weeping out his grief to breast heaving and tears Stream ing through his angers. Perhaps his dear father bad gone and his poor Mother would be watching by the bedside her heart broken her Hus band gone and her boy in the army in Active service. A Little boy came up to him and snid what Are you crying about mister per i can help no you on Friday. Easter sunday the sacrament of the lords supper being observed. Arthur Schilcher the elocution is and lecturer will deliver his celebrated lecture to laugh to be cheerful to be in the m. Pc. Church april and at 8 o clock. I lie lecture is under the auspices of the methodist brotherhood. A Silver offering will be the admission. Or. Lampe of Omaha Nebraska who is studying at the University of Pennsylvania will occupy the pulpit of the methodist episcopal Church sunday morning in the absence of the Jastor who is attending the 128rd session of the annual Confer ence of the methodist episcopal Church held in St. Peters Church Reading. Mrs. Mary Croasdale Satterthwaite widow of William Satterthwaite died of typhoid fever on sixth Day and was buried from the friends meeting House on second Day the fourteenth. She is survived by two children Amos and Milton. The death is particularly sad As both parents succumbed to the disease within two weeks of each other. Lower be Salein. Lew is Stackhouse bus so far recovered from his recent illness that he be Gan school again on monday last. Mrs. Walton who went to califor Nia several months ago to visit n daughter has returned to Andalusia. Mrs. Josiah Bacon was a visitor at the Home of or. And mrs. William Chamberlin on saturday and sunday. Or. And mrs. Francis o. Connor have moved up from Academy Bond and Are living in the former borne of or. Hyzer. Mrs. Byrd formerly of Andalusia her parents or. And mrs. George Fox in company with her children last week or. And mrs. Hire from the City have rented the House formerly occupied by or. White s family and have already taken Possession. Charles Vansciver who was in the employ of Thomas Dolan for a Good Many Yean died in Toire Sdale on Friday lust. He had lived in tories Dule for some six j ears. The Early communion usually held at the Chapel on the third sunday of the month will be deferred this month until the following sunday Kaster Day at the same hour 8 o clock . The Little new Steamer which has been in process of construction for Mercer Biddle it Torres Sale was appropriately landed on saturday after noon last and formally received its name the i Ter fat at the Yeust. Cost the Nuin Ber of cattle shipped fro a those two islands is wonderful. Their lire stand ing orders from America England Sweden and other of unties for the Best Cuttle but they rapidly Enlace them. One of the reasons Foi this is the care they take Lake As usual. Frederick Volk of Philadelphia win Lii his it list Ami mis Kyle Iti Ohrback. Mrs. Annie b. Kiil Mei Camden j., is again fora time at her Resi Dence on Avenue miss Minnie Lluke of Holland it As u Gutt on saturday and sunday at of or. Clarence in Hock. Walter Lewis and daughter Mem i a Lewis were at their summer res Donee on Avenue a. Last sunday. It is their intention to noon return and the season Here. Philadelphia spent it tills place and their Many friends will pleased to learn of their ii Nylon to again spend the summer with us. As they have leased season the pleasant lol Tago on High and Avenue in longing to John Gil Oxford Valley. C. K. Leader for next sunday even us will in a. L. Spencer. The t. Ster he Iii i to sum Lay hold in evening will Sun Yaj cannot help Lutho Goldth this troubles and the Little fellow said come with and the great Brawny Soldier went with the tiny figure the dimpled band taking the Horny band and Lead m and and leading him on right White House the soldiers presenting rather than crossing to the Joseph Walter of Bridgewater has peas planted in his Garden already. Miss Catherine Clark of Bridge water was a week end visitor in Phil Adelphia. Jonathan Knight has left the trolley Road and taken his old position it Knight s Mill. Mrs. Harry Harland of Eddington was visiting mrs. Frederick Snyder of Bridgewater on sunday. Rev. Forrest e. Dager of Philadel phia enjoyed a Days fishing on the Neshat Niny Creek recently. The cottage prayer meeting of the a Aldington Church was held this week at the Homo of air. Fulton of Eddington. Mrs. Oliver Reynolds of Tissino Ming was visiting her Mother mrs. Joseph Vun Mcgrift Bridgewater on sunday. Philip Dononue with a party of friends motored up from Philadel phia to Bridgewater in his new touring car. Mrs. William Jones jr., of Phila Delphia was a week end visitor at the Home of her father Charles Foster of Eddington. Mrs. Edward und mrs Herbert Vandegrift of Eddington were the of mrs. Samuel Lewis of Bridgewater last week. Or am family of Philadelphia have moved to Eddie in ton their former borne. We Are Clad to have them with us again. The Christian Endeavor society of the Judi Upton presbyterian Church will hold a foot in the y. M. C. A. Hall in Bridgewater on Friday evening of this week. We offer one Hundred Reward for any cose of Catarrh that cannot be cried by a full Al Catarrh Niiva v we understand that the new mov ing picture machine at the Library is to be called into requisition for its Hist service in the saturday following easter. Further notice with particulars will probably be Given. Or. And mrs. Harry Fries had inc Isleb anniversary of their marriage on sunday lost but their Celebration therewith was held with their friends on the Day before. We congratulate them on their Happy rounding out a score of years and wish them Many More of Happy and rightly prosperous enjoyment. Next week being holy week the episcopal services in this Parish will be As follows monday and wednes Day at All saints 10 a. M. Good Fri Day at All saints 10.80 a. M. Tues Day thursday and saturday at the Chapel 10 a. M. Good Friday at the Chapel at 8 p. In. Also a service for the sunday school children and teach ers at the Chapel on Good Friday afternoon. An elderly coloured Man named South who had lived until lately in the Brick Row in lower Andalusia was found dead in the Woods above Harrison Lane on wednesday night of last week at about 1 o clock. He came to Andalusia that Day from the poorhouse and unable to secure shelter went to the Woods to sleep. A Friendly Nian knowing of this went to get some blankets for him but on getting Back from his errand found him dead. Ott s Buckingham . Instead they were conveyed in teams to William l. Fanshawe s farm in Doylestown township a mile and a half outside of town where air. Ott has n portion of his Herd quartered. All of the visitors were greatly pleased with or. Oil s cattle and the compliments showered upon the owner of these prize animals were flattering indeed. Hall s Catarrh cure. Toledo o. 400., we the finder aligned Nave known f. Che Ney for the last 15 Yean and believe him Ner factly honorable in All business transit Lonj and financial tragic ton Able to it Tirton wholesale Dru Gelston Toledo. O Catarrh cure k Taien Totera ally acting directly upon the blood and mucous Price tic. Per bottle. Sold to take Hall. Family Fin new York is said to be the Only pity in the world where a native from any land can find a restaurant where he can get his native cooking Tullytown. Mrs. Jacob White is confined to her bed with a serious illness. Mrs. Sarah Thornton of Trenton has been visiting her Niece mrs. O. Rands j i. Mrs. James White of Tullytown spent saturday and sunday visiting friends in Hoboken of Hany Moon is taking Pride in showing Bis friends his new yacht Nita which he has just launched. We Are glad to see Charles Carlen one of our oldest and most useful Citi Zens Able to be out again after a win Ter s illness. Preaching services will beheld in the m. E. Church Here next sunday morning at 10.30 and at Emelle Wuthe evening at 7.30. The residence of a. B. Shoemaker has been much improved lately by extensive Interior changes and by artistic painting outside. Lie Gular meeting of the Board of education on monday evening was held in the school building when routine business was transacted. What is it my what is a Bride s the Blowout dad gives her to Cele brate Bis Freedom from Bills in the cows and politics. A truly Rural agricultural meeting with no Bint or machine politics any where in it nothing but cows and the cows product milk. So it would appear on the surface but at that meeting there were two men upon whom Many of those who look be Neath the surface looked and wondered. They were Elwood w. Minster of Bristol and Lee s. Clymer of Riegelsville. Nothing surprising in that you say. Well guess again. Pete and Lee Clymer arrived in the same car from Kiel Seville and while it is one of the ways to get from Bristol to Doyl Estori it is not the nearest neither is it the most convenient. Or. Clymer is a very warm and intimate personal and political Friend of John Poore. Grundy wants John i Oore to be a candidate for state senator for two reasons either one of which Are More Taii sufficient. If oru Udy secures the nomination for governor of Pennsylvania he could Rind no better running mate on the county ticket than John poor who would undoubtedly strengthen Grundy in Many places where be is num Ber one. John Poore and his friends in the Vicinity of Bleg Lesville Are so Dame Rumor says seriously contemplating the setting up of a Rhal machine in the Republican ranks and having a fight to a finish with Grundy and As several of the Bieg Lesville clique have barrels and pretty big ones of their own the consequences might be serious and Grundy might be compelled to retire from the throne. It is Well known that there Are Many Active politicians in the county sent who Are thoroughly disgruntled Over the Spring election Here and the con sequent harsh language applied to them from the that they will be Only too ready to cry the King is dead Long live the if Poore should succeed Grundy in the Leader ship of the party. So it May readily be seen that John Poore has become a Force that must be reckoned with. Of course there is a Good Deal of talk about Pete s visit to him and the general opinion seems to be that John did not Promise to be Good but that a Silver anniversary of the l. T. L. Will be held in Library Hall sat urday evening april 18. The anniversary will consist of instrumental Aud vocal music essays recitations and a social time in general. On tuesday morning when William Breece of this place was in Trenton serving milk the front wheel came off his Wagon letting that Side come Down on the horses heels. The horse became frightened und started to kick and soon demolished the front of the Wagon. Or. By Esce Hurt Bis ankle which made it very painful for him to walk but us no Bones were broken be was Able to go on with his route. Seldom has there been a larger congregation at All saints Church than that gathered on thursday afternoon to listen to the memorial service for the late Rector Rev. Robert Erskine Wright. A brass Tablet was placed in the Church with this inscription in Loving memory of Robert Erskine Wright Bachelor of divinity born february 8, 859 entered into rest january 28, 1910 from 1901 to 1910 priest in charge of this Church. Of rare ability. Profound learning and deep piety his modest disposition led him to consecrate his Talent to the service of god. How Beautiful up on Are the feet of him that bring eth Good tidings that pub Liheth Isaiah the Rev. Elliott White of Newark a personal Friend of or. Wright s delivered the address which was a description of his life and a Tiloute to his Worth. The Rev. Or. Osborne of Morrisville who has been officiating at the Church since or. Wright s death made a Beautiful Short address ending with a touching original poem. There were also present the Rev. Kel Ler and hey. Hichey. Ascension lilies were on the Altai and before the Tab let. The Epworth league meeting be led by Walter Mojo wee next Day evening. The topic will be to Light the Good or. Und mrs. George Ridge and flip misses Amy and Cynthia lev Dom were visiting mis. Amy Wortlie Englon and family last sunday. The regular business meeting of the trustees of the Mell dist Church was he Dat the Home of Edward my Lewoc jr., on monday evening. Miss Emily Williams and miss Jennie Keg on teachers of the Huluc Ville High school were in West Chester on saturday. Mies Katie Haggerty who Lias been making her Home with her grand parents or. And mrs. Henry Parson until or. Parson s recent death will make her Home with Rev. And mrs. H. Barnes a former pastor of the i m. E. Church. Newtown. Mrs. C. Burrell is spending tins week in Washington d. C. Mis. Howard Little is spending the week end in new York City. Or. And mrs. Peters of Cheltenham were visitors in town on sunday. L. C. Wettling bus returned Home from a delightful trip to Florida. Special services will be held in the Baptist chinch every evening this week. Eden. Miss Mary i ates of Philadelphia is visiting miss Alice Bulger. Maurice Hellyer of Bristol spent sunday with or. And mrs. Jacob Wes saw. Miss Lena Grube of Bristol spent sunday at the Home of her mrs. William Shade. Sister he announced the fact pretty plainly acted senator that if he should be Al cacti one John Poore of leg Lesville would own and control him. Just where he stands on pen Rose in a question and As he does not seem to want to Tell it May Only be surmised. He would probably go along with the organization in most measures but he could never be depended on in critical mom Enta because he can think for himself and probably would. Grim and Grundy. Just what Grundy will do after the action of the democratic standing committee on monday placing Sena Tor Webster grim in the Field As a full fledged aggressive candidate for governor and pledging him All binds of support is hard to Tell. It would be a curious Campaign with both Candi dates for governor coming from the founder s county and local Pride and mrs. Elizabeth Tuttle of Dover n. J., is a guest at the Home of her brother John Daniels. Or and mrs. John Souder and son of Philadelphia Weie visiting relatives in the Vicinity recently. Or. And mrs. Harry Mcdonald and mrs. Hadson of Frankford were vis iting Alex. Gregg on sunday. Miss Anna Adkins of Bala and miss Erda Cliatt of Hulmeville were recent visitors at the Home of George Cutler. Mrs. Marls Graves of Philadelphia and Foster Graves of Jacksonville fla., were recent guests of i. And mrs. George e. Patterson. Or. And mrs. Edward Bulger of Bensalem Are receiving congratulations from their Many friends in this place upon the birth of a son. Apples Are now a greater luxury in new York than oranges for you can get a Floe Orange for a Nickel while Best apples coot 12 cents apiece. Miss Jennie is of Huntingdon Valley has been a guest of miss Sura w. Hicks. Miss Rosa with Lington of Easlon is visiting or. And Horace b. Hogeland or. And mrs. Oscar w. White of Cheltenham spent thursday night with miss Laura White. Warren t. Sutton Lias been spending to week in Tyrone and Pittsburg and Washington d. C. Miss Mary t. Rio ads of Jackson Ville Iii., has been visiting her Cousin mrs. Frelda h. Bryan. T. B. Kenderdine attended Salem friends quarterly meeting at Woods town n. J., last thursday. Mrs. Thomas Thomson of Ogontz was a guest of the family of William Eyre last wednesday and thursday. Or. And mrs. Samuel Roberts of Chicago were in town on thursday attending the funeral of mrs. Wilson Randall the Mother of mrs. Roberts. On thursday evening or. Francis h. Green will lecture in the Hall on literary haunts and Homes of Lon for the Benefit of the la brain of the Public schools. Or. And mrs. Horace b. Hogeland entertained the school teachers and school directors with their wives on tuesday evening at their Home on South Chancellor Street. Miss Mary Willetts and miss Phoebe Wright of Trenton took lunch with mrs. R. B. Moon on thursday and attended the w. C. T. U. Meeting at miss Jennie v. Watson s. The new Century club met on wednesday afternoon at mrs. Huston s. Mrs. Lettlow w. Vanhorn gave an interesting chapter of the serial mrs. Esther l. Slack gave the leg end of St. Pal and with Irish songs made the afternoon a very in Tea was Joy Able one. A St. Patrick the social event of the Day. Covers were Laid for Twenty eight persons at the banquet of the Borough officials last wednesday evening at Harry Leedom s Temperance House attending were the count Linen school directors members of the Board of health employees of Council chief Burgess Etc. Capt. William Wyn Koop president of the school Board As Toast master and Many of the gentlemen replied to toasts in Able speeches. The w. 0. T. U. Held a Neal Dow meeting last thursday afternoon at the residence of mrs. A. W. Watson. Delegates were appointed to attend the county convention and Silver Jubi Lee in this town on March 26th. The school Board have granted the Union the use of the primary rooms for the meetings of the Loyal Temperance legion. Mrs. Emma t. Schofield read an excellent paper on Neal Dow s work in Maine. Several other ladles gave answers to questions in regard to granting of licenses petition and remonstrances Etc., showing them to be conversant upon the subject. Samuel Blundon or. Died on stay of last week no is. Francis hos whom ii a. Rogers and family he Wils burial i returned to Chinmu Deniis Xvi. Pundit a Sioui his late ruin dance. Inu a Denee on Avenue d. Intent at Beechwood cemetery hit Lac gentler of 1 were Nve Nily Here Call Ingon friends. U is understood they Sosoli return to make permanent Home. Tins i heir Horace Olar was Hen on lust and it is reported that when lie returns with his family lib. Hui Iii it will be to reside at ills Beautiful Home on High Laid Avenue. B. Frank March is a very Busy Man these Days and at present has the Eon tract to paint the hotel on the lower grounds Lor miss ii. Annie uni inn Ami the cottage it Floral Heights for miss Elizabeth m. Fish life of Christ at Ealie. The life of the celebrated play will in sex v a i i Umuiwi at the kmllle1 m. E. Church on Hutn Nav i veiling tin Wihib lust at 1 he pictures will be explained As they Are presented and appropriate Zehv tons will in rendered. Adults joints children 1. Cents. Accidents in growing in number in the streets of new York but they Are said to u less serious. Out r the last Only Wixx were Classi Llyd us Sci ions. The advertising problem is one that concerns every merchant or business Man whose business does not War rant the employment of an expert and writer. But there need be no particular anxiety Over the matter. There is no magic about the Art of advertising. Any proprietor or Salesman who is intelligent enough to be successful in handling Custo mers can write a convincing advertisement if he Only tries. The same argument you would use with a customer in Selling a suit of clothes pair of shoes Pound of butter dozen of eggs or bottle of Medicine if put in print would be just As convincing to hundreds or thou Sands As it is to the individuals to whom you talk daily in your store. Tell an honest tale about your wares in Plain words and then have the goods to Back up every Promise and it will teach people to Bank on your advertising. Make Good every time and establish a reputation for doing so. Then As an advertiser and a business Man you will be a Success. Do not try Sharp practice. You can fool people Only once. The columns of the Gazette Are at the disposal of truthful others need a the publishers feel certain that its intelligent use cannot fail to Benefit every first class business House advertising therein. We Are will ing to co operate in the development of your business. Will you put us to the test Bristol a. Gazette goes into Over 2000 each week. 00. C newspaper
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