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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1910, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - March 11, 1910, Bristol, PennsylvaniaDoylestown rust company Bristol s population is about and the Gazette is the county s most progressive paper p.i4 in f i a. Five too to her. On Ilttre Tepu or torn my. To 4hmiim Thurm h , Hen to litmus Trunt a film. Mme Ciotha f ii n. I la . F Lleni Plarl m ill icon Milun k. Dunn i Lindy p liar Rte in Iii i inn notice tap redeemed at Cohen s tobacco store i Mill Street i Rel wins. Rohrback dentist. Facial Teeth Repa Riaf exam line. Parkland Heights county. Ice Williams lumber Yard Stair Vert Guu. Jacovone la cd Exchange is and Bonds m 801.0 of 1 Terk w. Booz in Lar 6ul.r. Cheerfully Trot lir Stol. 4-14-tl r Sale. Try Brick Rowe just with All Unjiro Semenu situated on n 4 James. The Gazette hat the largest circulation of any newspaper in Bucks county with one exception vol Xxxvii. Tv.0. 31 Bristol. Bucks county. A. Friday March 11, 1910. Gibboney talks on citizenship add Reimi the Largett crowd of the Scrob at the Mea i meeting. A i Boito of the Law and Orde. Qty and i lie persistent Champion of Reform addressed an audience or 842 ii Iun on sunday afternoon it the men meeting at the Bristol Baptist Church. At the close of lir meeting Winter Klein the photographer took a picture of the audience. Or. A us dress on to Hula than citizenship " wan an follows or. Jib Honey 8 add shh. Great privilege and u very great pleasure to look into the of this splendid company o men of Christian men. 1 do no know what there la about it but there it something Almut a great crowd o men that causes a fellow s Tongue to loosen up and sort of the wheels around. I came Here this afternoon feeling that it was non out impossible for to to keep my engagement. I am quite like the boy who was visited by a physician whom his father had called in. He said John How Aro you feeling tills line the boy mild if 1 did t have tin tooth win1, the line Luthc and the stomach ache fool pretty thave the headache und some other tilings. Now u mini who could not say to inc thing Hick or Well to a crowd of 842 men would not to very much of a num. Koine time Agoa couple or boys were walking along the Street and Mel two preachers one was a methodist and one a Baptist preacher. One Lioy addressing the methodist preacher mild or. So and to Don t you want to buy a Nice the methodist preacher looked in the Basket and said i Don t know Johnny i Don t think the boy pulled Buck the cloth and said i have a line Kitten it is u methodist Kitten you ought too have it. Well if i wanted a Kitten i certainly would want a methodist Kitten for the methodist would be the very Bent variety but i do not want any and the Little fellow passed along. A few Days latter this Hoy passed along the Street and m t the same two preachers the methodist and Baptist this Lime the boy walked up to the Baptist preacher and said Don t you want to buy a Nice kit the Lap test preacher Sak i Don t know i Don t think 1 do. The boy said you should but this Kitten it is a Baptist the methodist preacher pulled the cloth und said you Little Rascal you told me n week or ten Days ago that it was n methodist Thi boy said yen but that was ten Days ago it has had its eyes open when i came into this Church this in Dutiful in Mlucy after noon and looked at the m a Ulii have worked All week Utah feel they want n Little Ozone it seems n me. Or. Johnston that the in this have their eyes open when the Tai attract such a company in a on n sunday afternoon. The men Are getting their eyes open All out tin country no matter where you go whether in Philadelphia Bristol or any other town or City in Ihly state or adjoining states. I presume it is the same All Over the country. You find great companies of men on Bun Flay afternoons. What Are these men doing they Are getting to Beni eyes open to their duty they Are begin in Iii to realize that Man in order to measure up to the highest definition of Man Hood und to accomplish the master would Bave us perform has got to have his eyes open wide Opan. Coming up on the train i could not help but think of a passage of pc rupture 1 read when a Little fellow then the King commanded and they brought Daniel and cast him into the Den of i presume most men in the room have rend the Story of the fellow who lived several thousand years ago by the name of Daniel. If you Haven t read that Story men go Home and read the 16th Eviae of the 6tb chapter read the whole Clu Itei the whole Book if you can keep your even open Long enough. You will Una in the Story of that Man Daniel a whole lot of food for thought. You will find in this experience with the things of his time a whole lot of tilings that Par a Allyl with the experiences of men them Days. You know who Daniel was a Young ambitious energetic fellow who attracted attention in the kingdom of Babylon. King Jarius made him Secretary of state we would Call it in this Day or prime minister or something of that sort he was next highest Man in that Rich kingdom he was next to the Kanir himself. We Are told there was a whole lot of men demagogue perhaps in that Day that did not Tike Daniel. He Hud too much Power too much influence with the King he had been Loo Mic i Hon ored raised to too High a place by King Darius. You will remember that after Reading he Story those Denio Ogues did everything possible to Smirch the reputation of Daniel to ruin him ail drag him Down to the lowest Depths. They went to the Klug with All sorts of tales and stories no doubt. They were exceedingly jealous of him. Daniel was a Man. To Are told three times a Day he would Goon the House top and offer prayer to almighty god. This con duct caused antagonism and ugly feel ing on the Pait of the Denio Ogueri against Maui Al at the same time in creased the King s regard for him. Having failed in every possible Way to secure the interest of the King in their attempt to ruin Daniel they came to the King one Day Ami said they wanted to read to him a decree which they had prepared and asked him to sign it. This decree is simply to the effect that none of your subjects for a period of thirty Days shall be allowed to offer up a petition to any one but you o King. King Dar ius not suspecting any plot on the part of the demo ones and feeling Noil of flattered As he supposed this a compliment affixed his name and made it a decree. The object of the demagogues was to place Daniel in an embark Alang position. They knew that three times a Day Daniel would go up on the House top and Oiler prayers to almighty tied no matter Bow Many decrees there were. He of course was caught in the act Andrj the officers with great pomp and Cere Mony brought Daniel into the pres ence of the King and made Tabeli charge. They told the King they had caught Daniel praying violating his decree and brought him there for sent ence. Notwithstanding the King s great love for Daniel he was prevailed upon to order him cast in the lion s Den. When i read that Story As a boy my hair stood on end. It seemed to me be could scarcely be placed in an uglier position. I could imagine those Hort lie nmn Sten growling and Roar ing around him Licking their chops and grinding their Teeth. It seems to me that it would be the easiest thing in the world for the Lions with one stroke of the Paw or snatch of the Teeth to have Daniel mangled and dead on the floor i that Cage. You remember at least men no harm came to Dan Iel. I believe and i think we Bave the right to infer one thing that be foie the Daylight shown Over the horizon the King was Down at hat Lions Den. It Secer Ned to me Liat i could almost see the King peering through the cracks in the Rooks or Between the bars. You will remember he called to Daniel is thy god whom thou serves continually Able to deliver tree from the waiting for seme wad from Daniel it Mast Hare team St to him like teats. At at to heard a sound Home up from the Lions Den of King in j Lull hath sent his Angel and Bath Shu the Lions Mouths that they have no Hurt the King had Daniel brought u. From the Den and the demagogue were thrown in. I could imagine to growls of those rumbling noisy lion when they devoured those demo rogues. It has been noticed by to and me and every Man who lives that the Man who docs his duty am performs his obligations As a citizen i a god fearing Man and can come t no harm. I have told you this Little Story jus for the purpose of drawing out a few lessons that i believe you men Ca very properly to yourselves. Know 1 con. Ana i believe every mat in Bristol and Pennsylvania could find in the life of Daniel certain ele ments of character that he could very profitably and very safely follow. In the first Peticc in order to Bogota citizens in order to be real Tiu Blue Christian citizens we have t have certain elements of character exposed in Daniel. In the second place we have to have decision of character what really Good fellow lacks decl Slon of character he is nothing by a wobbly fellow. A Man who lacks decision of character is not Worth very much. I Beard of a Young fellow who to his father after graduating from High school that he wanted to be a lawyer to he knew the Ward Leader and ii mine Way or other eat him to infill Dice the judge to take this Young Fel Low in Hiso Mcc and Tutor him in Law he purchased a lot of books for him after the fellow was in the Ottice of some Days or weeks lie came Home one night and said i have de Eide 1 do not want to be a lawyer Well wit do you want to i think i will study Medicine the Law books Weie sold the Fathe had him placed in a doctor s office and entered in a medical school to study Medicine. After a few Days came Home and said i have changed my mind i do not want to be u i think i will be an elec then they sold the medical books and had him placed with Soith prominent electrician i after be received a scratch Orn Little Shock he came Home and Casald father i in no want to be an Well what no you want to "1 tint i will be a Anil the father found a place for him in the country and placed him on a farm. That Young fellow will never amount to anything men. A fellow who wobbles never accomplishes any thing. Like one of the great steamers we Are going to have some Day at Philadelphia. I can not Tell you just we have that thirty five or forty feet of water it is coming up the Delaware and will Dock Ai one of those Beautiful docks we an a citing to have and have been Promisee for a number of years. It will Coil up the Delaware and tie at one o these docks after the cargo is placet in the bold and the passengers Al registered the Captain will give the word to the officers and men. This ship is hound for 8avannah. Pilot wll Lake them Down past the breakwater Anil the ship with full steam Wil Start for Savannah. After it Bas rounded Capo Hatteras the Captain will Call his first mate and say mate we Are not going to Havannah we Are going to the Shir will turn around and Start for liver Pool. After going 24 or 48 hours the Captain will ring for his first mate and say we Are not going to Liverpool we Are going to then again they tack ship and after ten or Twenty four hours in the direction of Boston the Captain will cull his men on Board and say we Are not going to Boston we lire going Back you know i ship that steers a course like that never gets any where men. The Man who lacks decision of character knows Bis duty and for some reason or other does not do it never pays his debts that fellow is Good for nothing. Daniel did not Lack decision of character. If you and i want to accomplish the object for which we were placed in this world and Community we have got to have like Daniel decision of character. Another thing we have got to do in Ruder to be a Good citizen in order to be a Chris Tian citizen we have got to mix Reli Gion with business. I do not know How Many business men in Bristol take exception to that proposition but if you will read the Story of Daniel and the stories of the lives of men who have lived like Dan Iel lived from his Day Down to this Day you will come to the conclusion that a Man who is going to of what he ought to be if a business Man be will mix religion business. There is a whole Tot of business men in Philadelphia if you were to say to them a Man ought to mix religion with business they would say to you that that is impossible it is absolutely impracticable if you want to succeed in business you can not mix religious methods in business when asked says Competition is so Sharp men Bave got to do a whole lot of things in business that Are not exactly right you cannot succeed if you apply the Golden Kule to Busi Ness. A whole lot of people believe that Way but i believe toe number is growing smaller every year. Men Are understanding they can be business men and mix religion with their bus Ness. Daniel was a business Man there was not a busier fellow in All Babylon. He was Secretary of state prime minister a Man who had All the questions of finance to Settle. All National disputes of whatever kind were referred by the King to the Young fellow. Daniel was Busy there was not a busier Man in the whole kingdom. Perhaps he had greater responsibility than any other Man in the kingdom but he was a Christian Man and three times a Day he went up on the Housetop paid his respects and poured out his heart to god. Now some business men in Phila Delphia if they were making out a grocer s Bill for a customer preparing lome sort it business schedule and be Ligion would come and look overt Beir it were and say or. Blank Are you giving your customer a Square Deal doing As you would like to be done by As a Christian Man ought to do in business relations with Custo mers these Fellows would say what on Earth have you got Todo with this this is business. I am not in a prayer Nee Tang now i am in a business House attending to Busl Noss. Busi Ness is business and religion is Reli Flou. A whole lot of us make a mis Ake we get the idea that business la to get very Busy at on sunday and then forget All about it when we leave the Church door. We have to mix our religion with our lit los. I do not know whether you scold or. Johnston for what perhaps some organizations Call dragging poli tics into the pulpit or not. I am one of those who believe that every Man ought to be a politician. Every Man who has a right to Vole ought to be a politician. He ought to be the most most Active political Man n the Community. Why Daniel was a politician. 1 do not Belleve there Ever was a More astute politician nor a More Able one than Young Manlel. He never could have reached the place he reached unless he had been a politician and a Thor Ough going deep thinking honest Sod fearing politician was Daniel. Every Man in this room in Bristol who professes to be a Follower of the master ought to take an interest in Walt los. Why because every Man who has a right to vote has an influence be has in Bis band an implement or warfare for the things that Are clean and right against the things that Are evil. If we want to get a whole lot of pen Erst of a Good sincere prayer go to he and vote against the things you Are praying a alost mix religion with it and every Good Dtta a must do it. In Fhil Adeldia some of the men think it is terrible horrible for preacher to get in in the pulpit an denounce a lot of rascals who their hands in the City s Treasury pulling Money out by the millions they think it is horrible for a Man i the pulpit to speak of it. He ought t talk about Moses what a highly educated Man Moses was Tell How Moses spent eighty years preparing hims for the great work of leading the children of Israel into the Promisee land want to hear whether or not i was possible for Jonah to Swallow the whale or talk of Elijah once in while r the great old Prophet Elsha but never mention the business of the town must not Tell about the dirty things engaged politics into the pulpit. Tell Al Lubovi the wickedness of men who lived 2001 years ago that is not politics but t talk about the wickedness of the Boss who lives today that 1s politics muses did not bring politics into the pundit. I am one of those who Bellevo tha if Christian men can not mix Reli Foi with the politics they Are engaged in the dirty politics ought to be Changet and get hold of a new Brand a Man who professes to enjoy religion won stand Here and tire of going to the polls and voting for things As Clear and decent As religion. We Bave it Philadelphia 800 churches connected with this Large number of Chur be arc at least 45.000 Church members one in five of the population is a Vot or therefore must have in Phil acl Elphia at least to professing men voters. I do not know whore they get to sometimes on Elee lion Day they certainly must Eibe stay away from the polls or come to the polls and vote for the same Candi dates the same things the Man votes for who does not profess to be a Christian. That sort of business is no the kind of thing Daniel would have done in his Day. That sort of thing you and i can not afford to do Christian men. I do not know whether or. John Ston has Ever preached to Jou this line but some of the preachers look and ask Why is it the Young met do not come to Church what Bas be come of the Young men they Havi called attention to the fact for years that just As soon As the Young nun reaches the age of eighteen or Twenty one they drop out and Are no Iongi seen in the sunday school or Church preachers Bave become very much sex Are the Young men Why do they not come to Church i believe u is not hard to find 0111 Why these Young Fellows stay away you Kiriou a you in Man these Days reads the newspapers has ears open eyes open lie knows what is going on knows who the men arc in i neighbourhood knows what Bis Fathe. Really is he knows what his father professes to be and really is. I believe Young men very often find out their parents men associated with in Church Are not in business what they profess to be and on election Day certainly some there Are found not to be what they ought to be or claimed to be. Suppose for instance one of Yoi men Bas n son just graduated from Ligh school he comes and says father i have finished my course in High school and i Don t care for a higher education. I want to go in what sort of a i want to go in business with you you Are delighted ought to be de lighted to have him come into my business with me. Next morning you go to an attorney or some Friend who draws up articles of co partnership and your son comes into business Wlter you. After business has progressed for six months or a year you Post up accounts and Send for your son and say John we have now been in business for a year together and i air sorry to say business Bas not been what it was heretofore we have not made the profit we should have made. I have decided we have got to do things a Little different made up my Mina we Bave got to sell a different Quality of you go into de tails when you have finished your son says father you Don t mean to say you Are going to sell an inferior Orrade of goods and represent them to be what we have been in the habit of yes we have got to do i i As Competition is extremely Sharp and unless we do it we will ultimately fail in that boy bos a Good memory. Very vividly be recalls every morning or night before retiring you taken Down the Book and read a passage scripture and gotten Down and opened your heart to almighty god and asked bin to make men honest asked him to do everything for the Community to make it clean and whole some asked the master to wipe out crime and vice and when you suggest something in business you ought not to suggest he recalls almost every prayer and says to himself Why i bought my father was a Christian Man i thought that in his prayers at he family altar and the prayer meet ing be meant every word he said. I guess this religion is not what it looks o be and that Young fellow i want to say to you finds in your profession an excuse for leaving Aiti keep uni away. I believe it is Contact wit that sort of thing or something of a similar nature on the part of the professing Christian Man that dethroned the Confidence of the Young fellow n the Church and in religion. They say to themselves Why the Church member is not any better than the fellow who does t go to Church i will spend my time doing something else. Suppose your son after the talk you had with him just sort of forgets passes it away that boy says to Elm self father did not mean what he proposed he is a Petty Good fellow did after a time be is Busy and forgets. Then election Day comes around. You Sav to him son today is election Day and Here in Bristol we arc Gong to elect a councilman. It is an exceedingly hot fight and unless we elect or. So and 80 to Council the Tariff at Washington is going to be impaired. We must elect this Council Nan or or. So and so to the legit Turc. Unless we win this tight the whole interest of the Community is going to the Bow wows. Father if things Are As important As that i will go Down to the polls with you to the election there you Are greeted by a great Many people i do not know How Many in Bristol n Philadelphia some to airy or forty or fifty men standing around wearing medals and each one gets or you say to one of them or. So and to let me have a Sample 3e gives you one and you say to him this is my son today he will last his nest the politician s glad to meet him and congratulates ilm on Bis first vote. Finally you Ake a Sample ballot and step off to one Side you say to your boy "1 want to show you How to Mark your you Tell him if you Mark in the left Side of the ballot opposite me of the Paity names that votes a straight ticket your son has never seen a Sample ballot and says what does that mean voting a straight to you vote for every candidate on the ballot of that father who Are some of the candidates that this Cross opposite the party name votes then you Rolant to the first candidate at the Lead of the column. Your son looks tit what is that father Are you oing to vote for this he is on our but father i know that Man he Leeps a club House Bas a lot of Slot machines in it Young Fellows come ii Ere every night and play poker and rink whiskey and Beer and do very Bing men ought not to perhaps that candidate is owned by be Boss. The son says father if hat Man goes to the legislature you will never hear from him except to where he voted for measures the mob wants him to vote for be never vote for anything the people wants always vote for what the Boas wants. Father i do not understand Are Yoo going to vote of this Man to would t Trust him to walk a Stoa the Street with a Bill to bring bail the change would t permit him t come into the House to sit Down wit Mother and sister and me and i knot it Are you going to vote for i i yes son i am going t vote for him he is on our ticket have voted for the lost thirty five o forty years and have always voted straight ticket. He is no Good know the Boss put him on the ticket but unless we elect him to the leg is i Turc to the Bow wms go the Tariff unless we elect him you know Thi navigable Stream we hear about Wal never be opened up. He u no Good but we will have to elect him the Boss Bas said so father j do not understand thai sort of patriotism is that what you have been yes son.1 what of some of the other you Point out another name. By father he is no better than the firs and wears the Collar of Bossis he will never per Orr the least off Cla act unless he gets orders from the Boss he is a Man who protects the disorder in Saloon and is everything that is disreputable in the Community Golgi to vote for that fellow too yes son i did not nominate him would t have nominated him if i hat the Choice of it hut i am going t vote a straight the Young Man who finds his father acting that Way in business and on election Day the chances Are will away from the polling place absolute go _ and completely disgusted in Verj player he beam you make in every profession you have proclaimed the Young men watch the people older than themselves there is not a Man who goes to Church und professes to be a clean decent and upright Man that does not exert an influence Over some other Man. When you find Man in the prayer meeting and hear him asking the father to place his protecting Arm about the widow Anc fatherless and then find his name on the License petition or Hud be protects the Saloon speakeasy and the dive you come to the conclusion that a whole lot of these int a wac profess to be christians Are not one Whit better than the men who Ilo not profess anything of the sort. The reason Why a whole lot of Young men slay away from Church these Days is because or the fact they find father voted a straight ticket and doing the things in business he ought not to do and he will say i will spend my time somewhere else and go away at least where men Are what they claim to he. We learn from the life of Daniel something else that the lion cannot Imit the Good limn. All the Lions in the world Are not in the zoos not in Dens. Why men there is the lion of disappointment. I do not believe More ferocious beast roams around than the lion of disappointment. Sup pose one of you men with Gray hair having worked thirty five or forty years u Good gift by your Side de Rived yourselves of All the luxuries oing without every thing you could to Lay by a few dollars fora Rainy Day and you placed the Money in a Bank or building association or in some business und some unworthy fellow embezzled the Money causes you to lose every Dollar in your old age. Palk about Lions the lion of disappointment und sorrow like that is one f the most dangerous sort of Lions to counter. Nothing but the Grace of 3d in the Man s heart will help aim to get by a lion of that kind. 3nly that course in life that is pro 1 table Lor you and for me is the one hat is to be absolutely on the level. Daniel was on the level. He was a Briscias business Man be was a god earing politician. He did not fear be Lions. What we need these Days s the same sort of men with the same sort of elements of character As was mind in that Young fellow Daniel. Why it would not take six months or this town to be absolutely freed from everything dangerous to Good morals if every Man in Bristol made his mind be owed something to be Community and was to say to Lim self this afternoon i am going to do what i have been professing to to mix my religion with by business. Going to mix my re Ilion with my politics. I am going o make this City or Borough one of he cleanest in the land and one of the safest in the state for u boy or girl. If every professing Christian Man throughout the state would do that Hing Pennsylvania would be what t on get to be honest government clean Safe for every Man every woman boy or girl. I am not a Pess a flt i am an Optimist. I am just As sure As i am standing Here men Are wakening up i see every sunday sometimes two or three times a week great crowds of men they meet to Gether for the purpose of dial sing Vays and Means of making Good. They Are professing religion in Busl Tess and politics. I am just As sure As i am of meeting you this afternoon he time will come when every Man who professes to be a Follower of the master and enlisted in his cause will be willing to do his work and Vili say i have got to make Good. O what the master would have me to. Things i Pray for i will work or things i work and Pray for i will Rote when you men make up Wiir minds to do that one thing and carry it and through nit the state and nation do so then his town state and nation will be what the master would have it be. Among a collection of autograph documents recently sold at rotheby s were an original song by Robert Burns entitled to a which brought and the is. Of a satirical sonnet by Keats which banged bands for for six let Era of lord Byron was paid. The Laplander arc the shortest peo Ile in the world the patagonian the tallest. Pain heart in for two years i had pain in my heart Back and left Side. Could not draw a deep breath or lie on left Side and any Little exertion would cause palpitation. Under advice i took or. Miles heart remedy and Nervine. I took about thirteen bottles am in better health than i Ever was and have gained 14 mrs. Lillie Thomas upper Sandusky Ohio. For Many years or. Miles heart remedy has been very successful in the treatment of learn troubles because of its tonic effect upon the heart nerves and Muscles. Even in severe cases of Long standing it is frequently prolonged life for Many years after doctors had riven up All Hope As proven by thousands of letters we have received from grateful people. Or. Hurt is sold by ill druggists. If Stltt Al Rel Bottitto your Drun Fet will Ragunt your Price three cents a letter from Doylestown criminal cowl proc diff i Udall the couty seat Newi Aid it tip. Cold water ticket m1i4m my Deal co., a weft name a county w liquor dealers hold a meeting. Doylestown March 1910. February term of criminal court Over and while the list was a very Short one still there were two Orth re cases of importance. In the Herman Case the jury acquitted Taim Muesli to the Surprise o All who heard the Case. The poisoning ease from porn pleasant attracted quite a number spectators to the court House Many whom were ladies. About a year a Peter Keiser bought the lower Black Eddy hotel. Reiser Anil Bis wife arc bold Well past three score years an ten and found the Burden at taking Caie of the hotel too much for them last decoration Day Charles e. Hou sell and his wife Charlotte who Tuci lived in Trenton where Housell Iva employed in the Oil cloth factory Arne to the House of Edward Ridge just across the Road from the hotel to spend the Day. They made the a Quale sauce of or. And mrs. Keise arid before night a bargain was Wade by which comely mrs. Housel i was to Bave charge of the Bouse part of the botel and her husband was to Tern bar. All the pro its of the House Par were lobe mrs. Hanoi s and or and mrs. Keiser were to pay her a weekly Board. On june Al Fly the Housell took Possession of the botel and All Wen in smoothly until the Day after the november election when Kaiser who bad decided that there was too Little Coin coming in for the amount o liquids going out notified Housel that Bis presence behind the a would no longer be required. This naturally led to a quarrel in which mrs. Housell accused old Man Kelse of having taken liberties with and with having offered her Mone or the privilege of sharing her bed put still the Housell Luing on Cairy ing out their part of the can tract the risers at tills time stopped using their meals with the Housel family and had them served in t separate room. On february 4th, according to or and mrs. Keiser and the 3d according o mrs. Housell a nit Bor of Cocoi was served to Thek Euers. Mrs. Keiser drank Purt of a Small Imp but Keiser did not drink any at it. Soon a Frei irl King the Cocoa my. Keiser be came very 111 and when or. Will Arr it. Cooper was called in be Deo idec that she was suffering from arsenic my zoning a portion of the Cocoa Bac Een saved and an analysis of it made by professor t. Felt Rolf of the jul Verstr of Penns syhania who bund All of the constituents of Paris 3rcen present in tic Cocoa. Mrs. Goupell of course denied putting ii n but the jury after a Short retire nent to their room rendered a ver dict of guilty. The Utun motion Foi n new trial was made. Arson Case the next important Case was the Corn. Is. Hugh b. Weaver charged with arson. Three Brothers by the Ime of Tettemer lived in upper Rin Leum township near Uhle town. Nearly two Yean ago their barn was burned. They rebuilt it and the Sec Ond barn shared the Fate of the first a bin an Era of anon Moyous letters by Jan All of which threatened to Burn heir remaining buildings unless they Eft that part of the country and their tear neighbors with the exception of 3ugh Weaver and Bis brother also received Anonymous letters threaten no to Burn them out if they rendered he Tettemer any assistance. The state constabulary were Given he Case and decided that All the Cir in instance Sui rounding the Case pointed to Hugh b. Heaver As the culprit but they were unable to find my specimen of Bis handwriting sit hey concocted the Story that their beef would not allow them to investigate and claim a Reward that was Ilfred by Weaver unless he put his tier in writing and signed it this hey managed to have him do getting to Good samples for the expert Kinsley to work on. Weaver Ime offered a Hundred dollars Reward to anyone who would find out for him who started the stories that he Veaver had burned the Tettemer buildings. The expert declared that be same person wrote the Anonymous letters that wrote the Niter of Reward. The jury went out about be o clock on saturday and on the first ballot stood seven for conviction o five for acquittal and stood that Way on every ballot until the final be on sunday morning at seven when they All agreed on a verdict of guilty. A motion fora new trial was made in that Case also. In the Case of Maggie Byers con cited last Coutt of having burned a my in Warrington township mrs. Myers was refused anew trial and will take her Case to the supreme court. Grand Jedby report. The grand jury in its report recon ended the putting of steel cases in be recorder s office and also recommended the enlarging of that office which will make a change All around f it should be done the present pro Osit Lon is to move the recorder s Fulce Over to the other Side giving it a two offices there orphans court and Register of wills office und Loving them upstairs. It is Clear hat something will Bave to be done and that soon to relieve the con est Lon in the recorder s office and it s now up to the county commas Vouers to say what. The grand jury Iso took a full out of Bristol by rec intending that the trivial cases be titled at Home instead of returning hem Here. It is the first court under Edge Stout s administration to run Over into saturday afternoon and then Vea jury come in on monday inborn no. A jail Case. A Short jail Case was tried on sat Day afternoon. Three Young Fellows tarted to steal a ride to Bethlehem us ended up by breaking into a Rel get ear and appropriating a numer of articles to their own use. They were convicted one was released on rotation one got three months and be third a year in the county jail. Boh Ibitson ticket named. The county prohibition conference which was to have been held at Doylestown on saturday was changed o Springtown and resulted in Nam ing the following ticket for the Pri Mary election in june state senator Henry s. Hill Springtown. State representatives two to be Fiedler Wilson Strock and quntus Hess Spring town s. S. Meyer pleasant Wiley George l. Crewman Springtown Mahlon Nicholas Gardenville delegates to state convention three to be h. Hineline Spring town Jacob Greup Springtown Harvey Strock pleasant Valley Ezra Allen pleasant Valley b. Palmer Tomlonson Wrightstown Mahlon Nicholas Gardenville Stokes e. Hess Springtown c. L. Mill Springtown John l. Cressman Springtown Daniel Mease pleasant Valley Ephriam flack., Spring town mrs. C. L. Mill Springtown mrs. Jacob Grep Springtown and mrs. U i. Mill Springtown mrs. Jacob Greup he Ringtown and mrs. Ritteg off Cem Are chairman Cavin Brook Spring town Secretary Charlen h. Text Perkasie treasurer Mahlon Nelch Las Gardenville. The conference was attended _ one tenth of the prohibition to Era and was very enthusiastic. Bud county waived the right to Montgonery to name the congressional Cand Date. The congressional conf Reut met in Norristown on monday to d cide on a suitable candidate to Mak the canvass. The prohibition congressional cot Ference for Montgomery and Buok counties wits held on monday after noon in the Oak Street method is Church Norristown. Burton l Lockwood state chairman pres dec it was agreed that f. My i Wood jus tire of Nurle the should be nominal de for Congress. Buckman not in it. This is not a pleasant item of read ing Lor the organization which i having plenty of trouble with it machine men Buck Mati and Cliner As it is. Honorable Clarence Buckma asserts that Grundy through lit it piece Peto positively Promisee him the nomination for state Penalo Niort Atli Melv of jives to John poor of taming the coveted Honor it it it i no use Clarence you arc not in it Thi to Rue and you had better take care i secure the nomination for the Lowe Branch of the legislature following the action of the prohibitionists come another shot from in Quarter. A secret meeting of the liquor dealers association was Belt at the hotel Ortman on tuesday am Long and bitter was the controversy the question agitating them was shall we accept Grundy s promises again this year or shall we declare our Independence und make Grundy r his candidates come out in to Pei instead of making the same of a land straddle they Bave made in the past which commits them to nothing Philadelphia has Buei strongly brought to Bear and arguments pro Ana con kept the meeting in session for a Long time. Grundy i Good Faith in the past was liberally quoted and the meeting failed to do cide on any positive policy Altonin the action or a few weeks ago to re main in that was that Ever candidate for the legislature who is not openly for us is against us 01 it us one of tie members . Stood it Grundy s men must say where they stand or we won t vote to the meeting was Well at ended especially by hot men from be upper part of the county which i Given As one of the reasons Why us a Glt of Grundy s name failed Forth the to produce the desire effect. The next meeting will be Leld at the Brick hotel Craig Sli when More of the Grundy landlords will be found on hand of he first tuesday in april. Baseball fever. Doylestown is now suffering from serious attack of the base Ball fever. I he club has joined the North Pem league and although it is the baby Nernberg has secured both mein Orlu Day and the fourth of july for games on the Home grounds. William Kelly is the manager and expects o nut a team on the held that will make All of the league sit up and like notice. Kel is a Veteran unc can pick up and try out a youngster almost As Well As Connie Mack. Something doing soon. As a result of the liquor league noetling and the prohibition Conven Tion there will probably be things loing in both of the regular parties within a week or so. On next Mon Day the Democrat standing commit dec will meet and before that time orders will be out for Grundy. Old tucks will have things doing to Ween this and the november election hat will open a new line in politics. Lower Bensalem. Sunday being an Ideal Day the City Cople having country Homes and bungalows along the Nesb Aminy Creek my Delaware River were out in Large lumbers. The Bachelor club Kepi open Bouse All Day. Mrs. William Dyer of upper Ben Salem was a visitor at the Home of or. And mrs. Frank Satterthwaite Bridgewater. Mrs. George Banes and mrs. Her Bert Banes and daughter of Corn veils were the guests of mrs. Fred Rick Snyder of Bridgewater on May. The Christian Endeavor of the Eddington presbyterian Church held very interesting meeting sunday Ven Iii it being consecration meet no. Miss Walker As Leader and the subject was Christ our Guider miss Cecilia Snyder of Perkasie Vas a week end visitor at her Home n Cornwells. Charles Satterthwaite of Falla no on was the guest of his brother Frank Satterthwaite. On sunday. Mrs. Patrick Mcfadden who was Ery ill is now convalescent at her ome in Bridgewater. Miss Katherine Clarke entertained iveral of her friends from Bristol at or Home in Bridgewater on sunday. Several of our Bucks county girls and boys Are Home on a Short Vaca 011, on account of the West Chester formal school being closed dish Hurla being the cause. Every room As been thoroughly fumigated and 11 danger of infection is now Over. The usual Spring vacation coming Ater in the Spring will not be taken Bis term much to the disappoint ment of the students. The ladles missionary meeting of be Eddington presbyterian Chuick vill be held on Friday afternoon at 16 Home of mrs. Henry Mccoy of Roydon. The cottage prayer meeting be held in the evening at or. Mccoy s. Miss mame Mccarry of Bristol Van visiting relatives in Bridgewater n sunday. Mrs. Frank Snyder and daughter Cornwells were the guests of mrs. 1111 Lam Reed of to Coso on sunday. Andalusia. A baby girl was born to or. And irs. Elmer Vansant a Short time ago. My. Whelen and her daughter Are pending a few nays at Atlantic City. Joseph White and his family Bave moved Andalusia. Master Lewis Stackhouse has been i for a few Days but seems to be 1m roving. Or. Edwards will conduct a service in the Young people and children on Ood Friday afternoon at 2 o clock his will be quite Independent of the sual evening service of Good Friday the Chapel. Alfred Kirk who was quite scr ugly Hurt last summer by an Acci Atal rental blow from a Ball player s club bile watching a game has been late 1 compelled to undergo an operation t the Hospital a a result of the m Ury sustained. Mrs. Joseph Drexel has returned rom a sojourn of some weeks in her to borne to Penryn her country ome on the Delaware. Master Charles Fries our Young and Nerge Tio merchant to be ban been Usy lately in getting his orders for easter eggs Plain and decorated. Harry Forrest of Torres Dale has been critically ill for a Long time and ent to the me Loo Cal surgical hos Tal for a operation. The woman s auxiliary last week eard an interesting address from Rob Deacon Bright of Savannah 3eorgla. The Arch Deacon is doing Floe an self supporting work among people of the Vicinity Here be Baa Laboured for Nineteen he is himself a ool Orad Man. Hulmeville. Mrs. Laura Kirk is spending some time in Burlington visiting mrs. Sarah curl. Mrs. Charles Maccorkle was visit ing at the Home of Luther hedge at Bridgetown on thursday of last week. The Epworth league meeting of the m. E. Church will be Leaf by Ewald Henry. The Umlor will b u How to be Garrett Hunter from the friends Home at Newtown was the guest of mrs. James t. Vansant lost thursday. Or. And t. Washington of near Forest Grove spent last wednesday with mrs. Amy Worthing ton and family. The regular business meeting of the Epworth league was held at the Home of Rev. Und Are. W. Bradley Oil monday evening. A social evening was enjoyed. Charles Maccorkle Swint wednesday in Philadelphia. Mrs. H. La look left thursday for Shamokin where she to spend a few weeks. Several persons from the Village at tended the lecture which was held at the Baptist Church on tuesday even no. Or. And mrs. George Douglass and Daughl i spent sunday at Eddington visiting or. And mrs. Edwin Henry. Miss Elizabeth Phillips spent thursday and Friday in Tacony. Or. And my. Herbert Myers and daughter of Frankford were visiting or. Ani mrs. John Bennett on Sun Day. Or. And mrs. William Force and family were in town on Hun Day. In. And mrs. William Murray of Philadelphia were recent visitors in ova n. Alexander Crosson met with a sinful Accident on saturday by let Ting a Crow bar fall on his toe and mashing it very badly. The appearance of George spa car s property on main Street has been really improved by the removal of he front Fence. Or. And mrs. William Wiggins were visiting William Buetzon sunday. . Edward Palmer 1ms had his Resl Deuce repainted. Mrs. La late Kerlinger and son will mow to this week. Amos Flowers and wife of Camden have been Here for several weeks. The ladles Aux Ellary will meet this Friday afternoon in the lecture room of the prosby Toriati Church. The ladies of the Ivan Ltd postponed their shopping expeditions during the strike i n Philadelphia. The business meeting of the Presby Terian c. E. Will be held this Friday evening at the Home of mrs. Charles is lulls. Harry Rothermil and family of Miden were i vent guests of or. Und mrs. It Kiel Pryor. Are. Joseph Foston has been on Iho sick list. Mrs. Muckle will Movo from k. Marshall Avenue tour Van Treel. Miss Miller of Madison has been visiting mrs. William w. Sweet. Will if a Clarence Harner was a recent Visi Tor in town. Miss Margaret Mahan of Pella Del Ihla was a recent visitor at the Home if Herman Coar. Mrs. Charles Hae Noi has bran vis Ting in Pennington. John noon of Philadelphia was i lends in town on saturday. Henry Douglass has sold his proper y on Green Sliver on private terms. Jehs a c. Puiul banquet to be members of pcs Harmony Lodge 22, i. O. O. F. On saturday evening i Larch 5th, 11110, at Bis residence afer the close of the regular Lodge ses Lon it being the Fortieth Annivera by of his membership in the Lodge. Newtown. Miss Esther m. Watson has been Mies Moerls in Washington x a the Junior friends association Harley supper on thursday evening s a social feature of i he week and in always Well patronized. Mrs. Frank Craven and daughter Jertrude were week end visitors with mrs. Melinda Krusey and daughter. Miss Anna p. Chambers has been flailing mrs. E. Clarkson Wilson in Baltimore my. Mrs. Stirk has removed to Philadel phia where she will live with her daughter mrs. Mary Marshall. Samuel buc Niau of Hatboro pent saturday and sunday with Clifford Randall on North state treet. Horace g. Rceder returned from Florida last week where he was in oyling the delightful climate for near y a month. Jacob Twining has moved to a pro Perty at Ryan s Corner which he re entry purchased. Roy Anderson w Bobos been employed at Charles Tranter s for some Ime As gone to Newark new Jersey 0 be employed in the trolley service. Samuel b. Gorman is now clerk in be grocery and meat store of claim Beluin Brothers. George school will close next fray for two weeks vacation. It is earlier in the season than usual. The friends association held its monthly meeting on wednes a evening. Mrs. George c. Blackfan has been pending a few Days visiting or. And mrs. George Watson in i . Or. And mrs. John Blackfan and Gilldren were visitors of or. And mrs. George Watson in Philadelphia on Lunday. Or. And mrs. Evan t. Worthington want sunday with their son and his in Philadelphia. Harry Van Horn has been enjoying few Days Outing in Washington the w. 0. T. U. Will hold a Cal Dow meeting on thursday afternoon t the residence of mrs. Jennie y. Lawson where a Good programme Iii be presented. Delegates will be i cled to attend the Silver annl vers by of the county w. C. T. It. And eneral arrangements for the Day of Larch 28th will be made. The Newtown Borough Council eld a regular meeting on monday vening and after finishing the bust ers of the year adjourned sine die. He newly elected Fred 1 Eyre and William would were then worn into office by the chief Burgess Harles pub. Edward Hibbs was acted president Malcolm a. Buck Lan clerk and Evan t. Worthing on treasurer. The committee will x appointed at the next meeting. The last teachers Institute of the season was held on tuesday evening i the Blob school room. The exercises f the evening opened with a Cornet Ilo by Russell Bond accompanied by irs. Bond at the piano. Why Are in school children deficient in the tree fundamental branches Reading Rel Tang and was ably is cured by miss Minerva Well and Rev. T. Elms. The ladles Quad Ette Aang or. Francis Urke Brandt who was secured by be new Century club and who is at be head of the school of pedagogy in a Ladelphia lectured on what Are m natural claims of the child on the Parent for Bis own civic righteous the quartet the then gave an Ber selection. The meeting closed it a tribute to Captain William Wynkoop who has so ably presided or the meetings. Beware of out arabs for Catarrh that catau Turcer Mercury will surely Deit ror the tense or Tell did completely derange the whole when entering it through the mucous Joes. Buch or Holm should never be used a pc on reputable no u the damage they will do u ten fold Good you can poet Bly derive from to j Cau Urh cure Naunita cured or Hebe co., Toledo o., Oon Ulni no Mer in buying Hill i i you fee genuine. F Nauy and made in Toledo Ohi Ottoo. Pro Fostor Henry Wallers speak before the woman s club on March 24 subject Safe and Sant Christmas mrs. Lluy k. and Frank Linton have returned from washing ton from a several Days visit to or. Howerton and wife mrs Margaret Linton Howerton. Taylor Knight is building a House on Bellevue Avenue on what is known us the Wardell Taylor place. K. A. Casselberry of Philadelphia had Chaigr of the Mush at the prayer service it the m. E. Church on wednesday evening. Grant umber Ger Lias moved from the mrs. Rachel Minster property Corner Green Street and Marshall Avenue. Mrs. Bacon and daughter Bessie Baotou of Philadelphia were recent guess of Edgar Haslet Porter. Or a Kalcl Pryor has Hud a serious Tom with his Arm much pain result uni from blood poisoning. Steps Are being taken to form twi adult Bible classes at the Mot Liodis sunday school. The wll take place the first sunday after has Ler. A. P. Townsend Purchas Ihl the mini Ker Longcr property and sold it ant part of the adjoining lot belonging t Edward Richardson to Rev. Marl Graves of Philadelphia who wll take Possession in april. The c. E. Held a St. Patrick Sola at the methodist parsonage on tuesday evening. On tuesday evening March 15, a 6.1ft u religious meeting for men wll be held in thu Bungalow addressee by a Earl Hoover elder in Theca Mel Edge Hill Church at Glen Side members of the brotherhood and Al men Are invited to be present. Miss sum a. File of Bain has been at her parents Over saturday Ami Sun Day. George h. Cliff Lias purchased the Charles j. Matthews in the Manor. This Sabbath evening the fifth o the Serlich of request we sermons will lie delivered by Kev. I. F. Purist. Subject. The divine John con Lorn ripened mrs. Russell Clayton wll sing. The Rev. H. W. Lamp of the University of Pennsylvania will occupy the pulpit of the methodist episcopal Church sunday March 20. The German glee club of Philadel phia will slug at the morning ser vice. The repetition of the the company entertainment on saturday nigh scored another great Success. The Hall was comfortably full and the pro gramme Well rendered. A new play. New jokes Spring local bits solos vocal and instrumental clog dancing etc., that will tend to make a successful minstrel show were in the repertoire. Eden. Or. And mrs. Schultz of Reading were week end visitors at the Home of Julius Mercer. Mrs. Frank Riley and son have re turned from a visit in Baldwin my. Or. And Are. D. H. Bilger acid son spent lost week in visiting rela Tives in various parts of Montgomery county. Mrs. Norman barter is confined to the House with an attack of Rheum us Tim. Mrs. Mogee and son and daughter of Bristol were recent visitors of mrs. Thomas Keating. Miss Inez Keating of Bristol was a week end guest at the Home of Pat Rick Keating. The town now presents n scene of varied activity. Three Bouses Are in various stages of erection a new Street is being opened and the last of the water Mains Are being installed. Rev. And mrs. Norman Ritler of Quakertown Are receiving congratulations upon the birth of a daughter. Or. Ritter was formerly pastor of the lutheran Church of this place. Pinna Manor. Valuing ton. Mrs. William Newbold Watson and sons of Philadelphia went humus guests at or. N. Of guards. The i l. T. Lust at the Home of miss Rachel Carver on saturday owning March sch. Or. And mrs. Charles Carver were visitors in Philadelphia on saturday and sunday. Mrs. Harry Johnson and daughter Llla have been 111 with Gap. fish of Parkland has Burn visiting Home of John t. R ish. Russell son of or. And mrs. Marcus Deacon in now in St. Francis Hospit Al having Boon operated on near the appendix. A memorial service for the Lato reverend Robert pm Keno Wright was Lipold in All saints Church thursday March the 10th. Celebration of holy Krichn Ruht at 7.80 a. M. Minoi Lal service at 4 p. In. The re. Ella of Newark n. J., and Kev. Charles a. Jew up d. Of Una Mem l. 1., officiated. A Tablet was placed in the Church in of or. Wright. this sunday is the last in the to Ference year. The subject of the moing Sermon will to the Rev. Charles a. Leigh of Trenton preached in the Chapel last sunday evening. His theme was peace like a our pastor was suffering with a severe cold. John r. Greenlee is Christianen Deavor Leader next sunday evening. Topic patient faithfulness that wins the mrs. William Booth spent saturday with relatives in Bristol. Wedding Bells will ring in the Manor this week. Fred Wurst and family have removed their furniture from Morres Fown n. J., and will take Possession of their new Home april 1st. Charles m. Robinson s Sale on tues Day was very Well attended and Good prices Weie realized on All things sold. Edward a. Ivins is having an addition built to his barn. We Are pleased to note that Charles Watson who was stricken with paralysis on monday of last week is improving we Trust he will soon be Able to be about again. Or. And mrs. Hugh Stirling called on or. And mrs. Joseph e. Beck morals Volle Friday last the following pupils of the Manor school were present every Day during the month of february Margaret null Arthur Greenlee Fred Green Lee. Raymond Gau Ellne and Alice Wise missed one Day each. A Small company of friends met at the Home of mrs. C. Seidenstucker on saturday evening last the even ing was pleasantly spent in games music and singing alter which refreshments were served. Those pres ent were mrs. , mrs. Caroline i. Bruer mrs. C. Seiden sticker misses Oldie Louderback Ethel Lames. Grace l. Stirling. Jane Mary and Elisabeth Seidenar Tucker George ii Edom George h. Bruer. There seems to be some toe Rural Pennsylvania storekeeper As mrs. William was return ing from Trenton her horse twi Trio frightened at in Auto near Tbs rail Road Bridge in the upper part of the Village. The horse became unmanageable and ran Down to Street going through the Village until it ran against m hitching Post at Halle Culler s and was stopped. Walter eff procured the horse and assisted in. A Ioctl. No damage was Toins head Ley Woolston of pen us Manor who is u violinist of unusual ability plays Glrst violin in the Trenton Yin phony orchestra. Or. Woolston first studied under prof. Duple and when the latter left the City. In placed himself in the care of prof. Karl . For the last two years his engagements have called him to Philadelphia where he has been studying under Johan Cirolli of the Philadelphia orchestra who is one of the int violinists in the country and was a student of Willy hcs of Yoslon symphony fume. Or. Woolston ban a Large class in Trenton Anil Bristol. Tullytown. A sure indication of Spring Harry Moon and Wallace White with their Heads together planning for Tfaye Shad season. Rev. O j. Randall spent three Days in Pittsburg last week attending a conference of sunday school workers Nulf up of the presidents of the Vari Ous county associations in the stale and the officers of the Slu of association. The Rumor that Iho Walls of the methodist Cpl Oropal Church building have been undermined by heavy Rains causing a settling thereof is incorrect. The building is in Good condition and perfectly Safe. George Hunting returned to work on monday after several weeks of disability due to a broken Collar Bone. E. E. Johnson has had his House store and barn repainted by Robert chose. Harrison has great la improved his residence by remodelling the front porch and by repainting the entire Structure both inside and out. Roy Moon the of William Moon is slowly recovering from a most Dis Tressing illness. Thomas Brennan is still a patient at St. Joseph s Hospital where he was taken several weeks ago. He is reported to lie somewhat better. The life of Christ in moving Pic lures will be exhibited in the Emille m. E. Church on saturday evening the Leth instant. The Tenille Christian Endeavor society will hold its business meeting and social at the residence of w. W. Wink Oil thursday evening. Miss Anna Stackhouse Hac been very seriously Iii for several weeks but is now reported to be slowly improving. Parkland. A son was born recently to or. And mrs. George Beck. Mrs. Elizabeth Haslam has returned from a visit with friends in Philadel phia. William Hilbert and family were at this place on sunday last. Miss Mabel Mcgrath was a Busine visitor in Philadelphia last saturday. Miss Elizabeth m. Fish has returned from a in Days visit at the Home of her brother John t. Fish in Fallsington. Harry Goodman of Philadelphia was visiting his parents or. And mrs. Goodman at their new Home on ave nue a last sunday. Richard Carberry of Philadelphia has leased for the season Magnolia cottage on the lower grounds be longing to miss lady Mosfeldt. Mrs. Charles Rickman of Philadel phia was recently visiting friends at this place. B. Franklin March has returned from a visit to Bis Mother. Mrs. Sarah March in Lancaster. Or. And mrs. Joseph Goodman lately entertained at dinner or. And mrs. George Haslam and mrs. Carrie v. Schnel Ermaun. After a real old time severe Winter we again gladly Welcome the return of the Blue Birds and Robins with their messages of Hope and Good cheer. The names of pupils who attended Parkland school regularly for the month of february Are As follows Annie Jones Stella Tetlow Margue rite Schock Austin Jones Earl Schock and George Beck. Lillian Jones missed but one half Day while Stanley Heatherington and Frankle Shuster were absent one Day Only. Number of pupils enrolled 27. Average attendance 22. A very interesting and instructive session with a Good attendance was yield last saturday afternoon the progressive lyceum at Floral Froyd Hunt and Edward Hunt were present for the Flat tune and were taken in As new members. The subject for next saturday s lesson will be character even if Vou Hada neck Moho Mathw fellow and had sore Throat Consiline old quickly it. 9lss sea
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