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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Jun 24 1910, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - June 24, 1910, Bristol, PennsylvaniaEtl through is. Like truth an t beat them. Adding Stamps ree cans of Corn 25c. E Loc cans solid k tomatoes 25c. E Loc cans Early Une peas 25c. Best Macaroni and 12c package or ready Cut Ollow Al App. Ure fruit jams or Tumbler Loc. I Rry in Irviv Lla Siberry 1 Earh Ami Damson. Lest rolled Oats 4clb. Unity Impi milled especially for our Trade. W seeded raisins Filc in. I kind and Quality to buy for 1 ibs puddings and cakes. Lakes Babbitt s soap 25c. Cakes Ozone soap 25c. cakes Armour s a toilet soap 5c. Bristol s population is about and the Gazette is the county s most progressive paper Al. Greenwood family sizes sell at ular prices for stove cig Able to get much of it of. Order Early As Price Bristol a. Mariner. Enn streets Bristol irs and ranges. And Felt f i test with paint that phone Tox. The Gazette has the largest circulation of any newspaper in Bucks county with one exception vol. Xxxvii. No. 47 Bristol. Bucks county. A. Friday june Price three cents St. Marks roman Catholic Church historical sketch of Bristol Church. Domed Down 43 Yean ago. Penns Manor. In 1x40 the Catholic population of Bristol was so Small Tiit ii spiritual wants were attended to by n clergy Man Urcini Trenton father Mackin who visited by Futol twice a month for hut purpose Sei Lees being held at be House of or. Brady in hollow Junit beyond tit Creek which the Borough on the Northeast. New Church in 1845. The catholics of Lih Iea cd that in 1m it Ihm Aine Nec Etwary to Inove i resident pastor in Hrh Tol and with the approbation of die Church authorities it Mas decided to build m Church Ami pastoral residence. Accordingly u lot was purchased on Ilad Clinite Street near the Creek above in ii toned Tho hate using convenient to the Llo Llou where tie Nuiji Itier of the catholics resided. Work on the Church was commenced sometime in Ihn. It was completed and dedicated in lie following vein an up Mclen Tiomi i Are Hull let of Inonu and with Kllc Lihty attached. About the same time the House for the Piutti who built Bristol Ileaine n regular i Imp and Liev. Father Klah Agan was appointed its to ext pastor. In the in disc of four or live yearn an addition bad to lit built to i 1 inn Niente the rapidly increasing congregation. In leather Kina Gali thinking ii would Lien tit Bis health which was took u trip to Lillund Suberc lit died soon after Anival. He was Sumeei did in the following order by fathers keen Kii Mhall Nugent Kelly it Rennan much wiggle. I enrage Austin of Edgely Wai it visitor in neighbourhood lab Hun Iliin. Adolph Frederick of Harbour ton n. J., was a visitor at Lake View last sunday and monday. Mrs. Lambert Servis of Trenton was the guest of or. And mrs. Taco Scarborough a few Days last week. Or. And mrs. Howard Firth and children of Klel Danboro x. J., wore sunday guests of or. Und mrs. Wil Ham Booth. Mrs. John k. Greenlee will Lead the Christian Endeavor licit evening. Money men am prayers the three great missionary Raymond in. Leiden sticker was give Naparty in Honor of big lift birthday Annive Mii y on Friday after noon 17lb i Cit. The Little guests a a serv the friends of j. Stanlcy Liauba ten dered him u sur Pilsch it Bis borne on Friday evening june Vitili in Honor to the tlint1 no itch limit oct Droit in tic Ittah h of tie Cheroti. Very to Long Long Mink Italy until tiie night of Ami Lulier Lith 1s07, when the chinch our totally destroyed by Ilir Knitht r t Ullin who Mioi a howl being pastor at the time a nil Tai i Ullin wus Mim Eidl by her. Hither 1 Tiu Leight who in now co Adjutor hiphop or 1 Hiltula Phil. To so Arius no Trinu but Winum i went to work with much vigor and Zeal that the Interior of thu imm Lomu Church wus completed w within a your. Wou Hiripi i in Wahll Teuton tie Corner Tonc was ill 18g8 Ami the new Church wus in he follow Yeti. Lit tie interim from the time the old Church who a turned the i at Holich having no place or worship were Temple it the use of Waigli Luton Hall Corner Kudo lift and Walnut it rect where they Wor until the new a lurch Wai ready. In father 1 Pendergast want from Jeri Wool to Allentown and Hev. Father took charge of the Parish. New Hector lil it. There was much yet to be Dene in the Interior of the Church and other fixtures the residence with in a very Dilapi dated condition totally unlit for use. So father Lynch had Tho old House taken Down and in place built a handsome Brick dwelling. Thew additions and created u considerable debt. Father Lynch died in Bristol on the Josih of april is ii mid was succeeded by i v. Father Waid. During father Ward s pastorate the Church Wax greatly improved the no Dewells were extended to a line even with the lower finished at Tho ends with circular Wengi which greatly improved the appearance of the Church in front also built n new Sacristy the Interior painted nil frescoes and a new Origan put in position. Fihe aoa1n damage. it was Agni visited by lire though very let thu damage was done the building All the doom tons the altar and Orynn were ruined All of which Bud to be re placed. Notwithstanding these losses und father word with commendable courage and Energy not Only repaired the damage done by the lire but concluded to build a parochial school for the children of the pariah. Fur this purpose he purchased a lot about Midway on had Lille Street. The readers of the jaz Etheare Fimi liar with lie history of Erec Tion of the school. It is now a splendid Success under the care of the Sis ters of the immaculate heart who impart religious and Sec Lilor instruction to Over 200 children. Father Wavd was Suire Oded by fathers Mceil Ione und Colynn. Tie i stay in the pariah was Short and uneventful. Father Vandegrift took charge of the Parish in tie fall of 18811. His pastorate May Well be considered the brightest and most Huck Essul period in the history of the Church. He found the pariah almost Hopel sly involved in debt and a congregation comparatively poor. The Prospect was anything hut cheering. Being endowed with splendid Abili ties which he entirely devote Al to his work be soon had everything in Dei the prom pet became brighter and brighter As Lime went. He Beautied tie Interior of the Churchi Lead it newly frescoes put in a altar rail and a set of imported stations of the Cross. He also purchased it lot in a very convenient location for cemetery lit a coat of three thousand dollars in All of a Biclie he was ably seconded by his ass Sant Rcv. Father Meagher. In june 1846, much to to regret of lib parishioners lie went to Philadel phia to take charge of St. Edwards taking with him the respect and esteem of the entire Community and the Sutis Colon of surrendering free of All encumbrances the Parish with All its improvements to Bis Suc Cessor Hev. Hugh Harvey who upon the tatter s death was succeeded by the late lamented Hev. M. A. Bunce. During whose regime the parochial Kobo of at considerable expense was enlarged and Many improvements made. The present pastor m. A. Brad icy succeeded father Bunce. Father Bradley has been with us but a Short time but Bas already won the hearts of his the report is current that t be custom officials at new York have seized Worth of Panama hate. Evidently some Well dressed Man tried to get a couple of the lids through the Lam. Held and Stanley hug Glish of Penn s Manor Rev. And mrs. Xinliu Girton or. And mrs. K. Raub miss Helen Liauba of Trenton. Children s Day was observed in the Cli Upel lust sunday evening. The Church was beautifully decorated wit i greens and Cut Llowes the Fol lowing programme was rendered song our Welcome by school. Responsive Reading. Praver by a Mylor. Song they shall by school. Recitation Raymond b. Seidensticker. Solo the Mary Satter to Walte. Liccia tinn thoughts of goil Edith Swain. Song while the Grain is grow primary class. I recitation the forget Ine not Mary Neely. I song soldiers of the by school. Recitation the Little forget Mcanna Greenlee. I Solo miss Bessie 1 Pope. I Little sunbeams. 1 song the Flowers miss Ciden sticker s class. Recitation in june Caro line Plichta. I song the Rainy Day six children. Recitation since god is Over Jennie acc Lee. Praise his by school. Collection. Duet the teaching of Freda and Edwin Greenlee. Address Sabbath a by pastor. Song Woodland by choir. Recitation Pansy Ida Swain. Solo hidden in miss Bessie Pope. Exercise How they song fill the air with to by school. Recitation Bessie Amy so Vail. Song pass the Good by school. Recitation help Elizabeth Plichta. Song lifting the Banner of Rev. John Girlon s class. Song March along Happy by school. Benediction. Parkland Alfred levers and family spent tie week end with mrs. Caroline Hopf. Mrs. Emma is at present entertaining mrs. Elizabeth tees of Philadelphia. Or. And mrs. Daniel Mcshane of Philadelphia lately spent a few dues at Brightside Robert Kupke and family have re turned for the season to their summer residence on the lower grounds. Miss Elizabeth Jaeger of Philadel phia is spending two weeks with or. And mrs. August Freeh in Spring Grove. Or. And mrs. S. B. Smullen of Philadelphia Are pleasantly located at one of Isaac Wallace s cottages in Spring Grove. Mrs. P. Hersh of Philadelphia was a visitor for a few Days last week at the Home of or. And mrs. H. G. Lee in Spring Grove. Harry n. Carter and family Are again established for the season at far View cottage at the Corner of Park and station avenues. Or. And mrs. S. Butler have leased miss Annie Bronson s cottage in Spring Grove where they Are now located and recently entertained or. And mrs. H. H. Martin of Willow prove. Mrs. Edward Davis Bas leased her pleasant summer residence on High land Avenue to Jacob Bunn and fam ily who Are now located therein for the season. At a business meeting of the Camp association on monday evening it was agreed that Allen Green take charge of the dining room during the season. He will also manage the dances at the Pavi Loii on the Camp ground and is now pm in Ling for the Glrst one to take on saturday week july 2nd. Frederick Legert and family of California Are spending a few weeks at the Home of or. And mrs. Jacob Aschenbrand. The latter also entertained on sunday last the following friends miss of. A. Mcgruley and Barry mice of Philadelphia and of orcs orb of Cremona a. Natural ice and natural milk Back to nature u the aka of heat Tod health authorities in the recent controversy As to whether the milk Supply for All com in unites should or should not lie pasteurized is u noteworthy example of a tendency which is Best described b the phrase Back to Learned physicians and health us who have been discussing the matter seem finally to have been of the opinion that in its Plain in do stored state milk is More healthful than when treated by heat and thai it should be delivered As nearly May be in the condition in Wencl comes from the cow. In the same Way Many thousands of people where the water Supply is not always to lie wholly to u depended upon As pure and wholesome turn now. Not to Dis tilled water but to the bottled and rugged product of the pure Springs of nature. The use of distilled Wilder As the Only recourse in the search for the purest and less dangerous form of drinking water is passing. Both for the Tuple and its effects on the health of Consumers Good Spring water is now largely preferred. People lire learning in other words that tic products of Dame Vuturo Are not the source of danger to health und Well being which for the last ten years or so they have teen considered by Many to be. Ullh the Glrst know ledge of the presence of More or less but Luria in water and food there was an impulse to seek Hays of securing both food and drink made by Man with the greatest cure for tie elimination of nil deleterious Whlon resulted in the use if pasteurized milk distilled at or and Xianu fun cured ice Etc. Natick Al ice wholesome. Now the Public is grasping the fact that there is really less danger from nature s than from Mun s product and for instance that nalu Rul Lee is not by any Means to be considered Witti suspicion luit on the contrary my lie accepted or Hund As Puie and wholesome for All pin poses. This is Hie result of both the recent Restora Tion to favor of Alt natural foods and of the Long and Pili Cut scientific m vestige tons of All no Lump ice its for Malion and the method of its Harvest. The unanimous opinion is now expressed by Tho highest health authorities that natural ice und wholesome. The unanimity of the authorities on this Point is he More remarkable lie cause most of them began their investigations of ice with the expectation if not the Hope o finding that natural ice could be a source of Nuny epidemics. Ice had been accused of being the source of epidemics of typhoid fever in certain instances and Many scientists thought Liat a very Likely conclusion and so for years it was commonly one should be fearful of putting ice in or on drinks 01 fixed to Cool Puiul preserve them. The careful studies and examinations of the Massachusetts St Etc Board of health of this question first pointed to tie truths since so Well established. After months of work the Board Uri bounced that ice was from in to of per cent purer than the water on which it formed and that no Case of any disease carried by natural ice Hud Ever Beer proved. The commissioner of health of new Yolk state went even further after his painstaking investigations of ice from sources and of the reported epidemics from the use of ice and said ice cannot from its very nature and method of Harvest be a bearer of and that there was no scientific basis for concluding that ice had caused those epidemics with which it Hud been charged. The tailed states hygienic Laboratory arrived at the same conclusion. Or. Sedgwick the eminent bacteriologist of the Massachusetts in statute of technology said ice is plainly far less dangerous to the pub lie health than is either water or or. W. H. Park and pro lessor John c. Sparks of new York City each after Independent invest Guions Guve it ural ice a clean Bill. Scientists declare for it. Thus in is gradually becoming known that natural ice like other of nature s products is a perfectly Safe find wholesome article for use in every household. The use of h in Cooling Tea and Coffee is Well us water for table use to preserve foods and to make them More grateful to the plate on a so catering summer tiny does not and never ims exposed any one to danger of Contr Cating diseases. Nature filters and Nitri fies tier Springs ind rivulets Nike the Jakes Ponds and streams where ice is Cut. As Hus been stated the scientists know now that ice is More than 90 per cent purer than this pure water. They know ton that bacteria cannot live in natural ice because they arc ased to the temperature of the human in Fly degrees fahrenheit and require food und must move Pijut to it and need air to live. In natural ice they Are held motionless deprived of air and food and kept at a Lemper lure of some 10 to 70 degrees lower than that to which they have Ilieen accustomed and As in buy u Man lh3neflts by u Quick plunge in a tub of cold Wuttur who would die if he stayed in that water an hour even so these bacteria cannot stand the six und Twenty week s imprison intent in ice which they undergo Between the Cut Ting of tiie ice and its use by Consu mers. These facts becoming now More generally known Are welcomed the american Public whose fond less for iced water has been curbed 3y a Busel Esir fear and which rejoices to learn it May indulge in water Tea ind other drinks cooled by natural be absolutely without danger of get Jug tiny disease from that ice. A Chance for firmen sons. The Farmers of Pennsylvania Are lowing to Weir Faith in agricultural education by sending several hundreds of their sons to the school of agric i ure in the Pennsylvania state col Efie. The grow to of this school in his state institution Bas been remark Able. The criticism made of some state agricultural schools that they rain boys wholly away from the farm will not apply to Pennsylvania. Une Hundred and seventy of the four Hun dred and seventy nine students enrolled in the school of agriculture ast year took courses that fit Only for Rural life while a considerable percentage of the remaining number who Are taking the four years College courses expect to engage in some de Arment of practical farming. The two years course in Agricula ure attracts Young men who have not Een Able to prepare for a four years course and it fits men for practical work Only and not for professional Ile a Booklet has been prepared for ree distribution that describes the work offered in this course and it presents some flue illustrations that ire descriptive of the work in the school of agriculture. Students Are shown engaged in livestock judging horticultural work and other practicum. An excellent picture of the Stu dents engaged in military Drill is shown on the lost cover Page. This attractive Booklet my be secured without charge by sending a postal card request addressed to school of agriculture Aud Experiment station state College Centre county a. Ivery Young Man who wants to know he science of agriculture and its use ill application and who has not bad be advantage of school preparation or a four Yean College course should Ake advantage of this two tears course in the Pennsylvania state College. State police it Langhorne. The two members of the state constabulary who have been stationed a Eden will More their headquarter to Langhorne after july 1. The Telephone number will be no. I Langhorne. Temperance meet of at land bore. A meeting in the interest of Tern Perance under the care of the Philan Ethiopic conference of friends was held in the Langhorne meeting Bouse on sunday afternoon. Prof. Paul m Pierson of Swarthmore College an Samuel j. Bunting and Joseph l Willetts students or Swart More addressed the meeting. New trolley line projected. The Johnson trolley company has Hud surveys made and is seeking right of Way permits for a Spur of its Trenton Lambur Tville line leading to Taylorsville Bucks county direct opposite Washington s crossing. The prospective establishing of u state or National Park at this historic Poi i will result in a demand for Access t it and it is in preparation for this that the trolley company is about to build the new line. Langhorne Teachen Lati. The graduating Chiss of the teach ers training class of the Lang borne presbyterian Church who received their diplomas on children s Day were miss Murion Simpson mrs. Robert Leedoine miss Ethel White miss Flora Kenderdine and miss Otella Steeble. Those who have not yet received to Weir diplomas but who will soon graduate Are miss Frances Fassett and miss Anna Lin Rivington. The class was in charge of miss Anna Phillips but during her absence it wus Insl ruled by miss Simpson. An other training Chiss is being organised by miss Phillips. The ladies Bible class is in charge of miss Simpson. Opp Otti sunday Bate Ball games. Rev. T. T. Mutchler d. D., of Pyllu Dellila Secretary of the state Sabbath association will occupy the pulpit of the lung borne presbyterian i Hurch next sunday june 20, it 7.45 the subject of his address will Sab but it will be or. Mutchler s first appearance in and it is anticipated that lie will attack the practice of sunday Luis Butl games in this end of the county. Last year or. Mutchler. In company with the Bristol ministers visited judge Stout and District at Torney Ryan in the Endeavor to Stop tie sunday games in Bristol but were unsuccessful in receiving encouragement in their crusade against the sunday baseball games. Or. Mutchler is an interesting speaker. Langhorne alumni banquet. Tie third annual banquet of the alumni of the Langhorne High school was Given at the Bellevue june 17, one of mrs. Moore s excellent dinners being served. W. Linden Felser jr., 09, wus Toust taster and toasts were responded to by w. Hurry Gillam Mabel Ridge Clavton prof. Daniel g. Hartney William k. Reeder Elizabeth f. Wildman Anna r. Paxson Jennie Arbogast. Tie class Sung of 1910 was Sung also. The to title was decorated wit i a pro Lusion of Cut Flom ers pansies the Cluss Flower being scattered Over the Tuble. The officers were president w. Harry Gillam 05 vice president r. Luther Young 05 Secretary Clara b. Goheen of treasurer Wil Liam k. Reeder "06 executive com Mittee Myrnan a. Fassett Ott Emma m. Taylor 00 Mabel Ridge Clayton 01 j. ., 00. Wedding. 1 a very pretty wedding was solemnized at Grace p. E. Church Hylnie Ville on wednesday evening at eight o clock when miss Lillie Johnson became the Bride of Elwood King both of Hull Neville. The ceremony wus performed by the Rev. Or. Lutz of Liddington. The Bride was dressed in White Batiste trimmed with White Satin rib Bon Ami Val lace the veil being fast ened with White meet peas and Sini lax. The bridesmaid miss Lona Brown was attired in Pink silk and curried Pink roses. William King brother of tie acted is Best Man. The Bride was Given away by George Gaul of Audubon n. A the Church was beautifully decorated with daisies Palms and ferns. Wii Llain Hyatt und Harry go been acted As Ushers. A Short time after the ceremony the Sappy couple left Lor Audubon. Where they expect to spend some time with he Bride s Mother mrs. George Gaul Hen visiting Swarthmore and read they intend making their future borne with the Groom s parents on Langhorne averse. A Brilliant wedding at toll town. About four Hundred persons have teen invited to the wedding of miss Elinore Boiden Caffee who will be wedded to professor George Clemens Alderfer of Philadelphia in the methodist episcopal Tully town on thursday evening june 30, at even o clock. Miss car freewill he it tended by her cousins mrs. E. Raymond Arnier of Abington As natron of Honor and miss Mildred c. Lovett of Yardley As maid of Honor. Professor William Ely Roberts of Philadelphia will be Best Man and he Ushers will be messes. Irvin s. Niblock of Abington William k. Huff of Sellersville Enos Wampole of Harleysville and Luther f. Waide Ich of Sellersville. Misses Marguerte u. Little of Newtown and Kuth King Hellinga of Edgely will k Flower girls. The ceremony will be by the Bride s Uncle the Rev. Randall pastor of the thur cd assisted by the Rev. A h. Vukdelich pastor of St. Michael s lutheran Church prior o the ceremony several musical selections will be played by professor Adam Seibei pianist and miss Kate i. Lyons violinist of Laiu Berville j. A reception will be tendered he contracting parties immediately Afler the Church ceremony at the residence of tie Bride s Uncle to which a number of her most intimate friends have been invited. Oxford Valley pick of. Bella Morris of Emilie has been visiting Renie Ahlein. E. Leader for next sunday eve Ning will be a. F. Hibbs. Mrs. Joseph Schaffer and mrs. A. Stradling and daughter spent Sun Day at John Hohman s in Philadel phia. Or. And mrs. Harry Spencer and Elizabeth Spencer of Lang rare have been visiting at a w. Pencel s. The children s Day service at the Chapel last sunday was very Well at ended. The children earned out their parts Well with great credit to them selves and to those who had them in charge. Rev. Sweet of Langli Orne was present and gave a Short address o the children on the subject rain he told them Bow they can e living rainbows. Be baptized the of lowing children Jesse Webster Libbs Herman Blinn Brodnax Bea race Paremore Appleton and William Clarence Appleton. The collection which was Over live dollars was Given to the Board of education of the methodist Church. Missouri is out with the figures for Ler Mees Baum Industry for the past year. Over Corn cob pipes were turned Loose. The recently discovered chamber Aln Falls in British Guiana areas arge a Niagara. 0, it s daring tearing Teddy of it s daring tearing Teddy is the Man for you and me his foot a on the Hill top and his Shadow s on the sea he Nevei was a Waser he s a Iser and to be so it s Hiyi Teddy with a Tiger. He s a scream and he s a scholar he s a hit and he s a holler he s a Sailor from the Ocean he s a Hunter from the Plain. He s a Little rough Aud ready but he s Teddy Teddy Teddy Bone re All rough riders for the next Campaign. Of he handed us a Lemon and we took it at a gulp u was sugar to the taste hut it Wax Rotten tit the pulp. Hut who Are we that one of us should dare impute a culpa to Teddy Hiyi Teddy with a Tiger. For he s Snappy and he s scrappy and was invade to make us hippy he was born to be our ruler we were born to watch him reign. He s a Little bit unsteady but he s Teddy Teddy Teddy so we re All head Hunters for the next Campaign. He s the pet of foreign princes he s the sort held have been visiting miss Rachel a. Child. Walter g. Eels Aud family of Phil Adelphia Are occupying airs. George h. Clift s House during their absence abroad. Miss Rachel a. Child and miss Anna b. Appleton entertained very by a Tea on saturday rom four to six. Mrs. George w. Child of Philadelphia receiving with them. The episcopal Church St. James Mission Lang borne will give a fair n the near future the Large tent to m erected ill Eden for the occasion the Church having started in Eden some time ago and Many of its communicants living there. Arthur p. Townsend has sold the to properties of James Praul to John Dawson Paul of Philadelphia and Are. Jesse Kirk of Philadelphia the alter buying the smaller property. Or. And mrs. James Praul will pro Bably locate in Langhorne. This sunday morning the Rev. Or. I1. T. Mutchler of Philadelphia will speak in the methodist episcopal Church on the subject of the evening Sermon to in delivered by the pastor. Rev. Wil Lam Sweet will be John de i calf he hero of the English this s the second Sermon in the series on god s heroes. Newport ride nonet. U. Boebringer and Lewis Rose Are Laving their Bouses painted. Mrs. A. Minster and daughter Marian were sunday visitors Here. John mute entertained a party of blends from Camden on saturday Aud sunday. Engle Smith and family of Phila be Labia Are spending the summer in Flushing. Or. And mis. Wilson Barr spent several Days of last week visiting at Souderton a. Harry Lawler William Wilson and v. Ahlee of Bristol were calling on friends about town on Friday of last week. Mrs. Annie Davis air. And mrs. F. Davis and son Walter of Wissa Hick a were visiting Lewis c. Rose on monday. Reporter s notes in hulmev1lle mrs. Mary Carson spent wednesday of last week in Trenton. Misses Bella and Sallie Gill spent saturday with Thomas Gill and fam ily. Charles Maccorkle and mrs. Laura Kirk spent sunday in Burlington. Charles Phillips of Frankford spent sunday with his brother John Phillips. Mrs. Sarah Roberts and mrs. John Phillips Weie visiting friends in Tren ton on sunday. William Whildey of new Haven Connecticut was tie guest of Heze Kiah Barton on saturday and sunday mrs. Anna Vansant of Asbury Park is spending some time with the misses Hettle and Margaret Lawrence. Mrs. Hulme Harrison left Friday Lor Michigan. On her return she will bring her Mother with her. The preacher for next sunday mom ing it the m. E. Church will be or. Smith. A Cement Falk is living Laid in front of the rectory of the Grace p. E. Church. The work being done by William Hyatt. Mrs. Cyrus Smith an daughter Frances spent wednesday in Phila Delphia. Mrs. Harriet Cox of Emilie is visiting her daughter mrs. Alexander Crosson. Mrs. Collins of Rhode Island is spending a few Days with her sister mrs. W. Bradley. Orville Johnson and son of Bangor Are spending a few Days with her parents or. And mrs. H. Ii lick. Misses Bessie Hyatt and Bertha Hyatt spent saturday and sunday in Philadelphia. The Epworth league meeting of the m. E. Church will be led by Samuel illicit next sunday evening. The Tuple will be the Christian s mrs. Kirk Maccorkle of Oak Lane was visiting her aunt mrs. Laura Kirk last week. Mrs. Everitt and mrs. Wil Liam Wiggins spent thursday of lust week at stoop s Corner. Or. And mrs. Cyrus Smith spent last saturday and sunday at the Del aware water Gap. Mrs. Ellis Hurt Euce and miss Grace Hartpence of Trenton spent last saturday with mrs. Amy Worthington. Mrs. Jolt Geil of Rutledge spent last tuesday with her parents or. And mrs. S. B. Hibbs. Miss Iva b. Warner of Malvern a. spent last saturday and sunday Voth her aunt mrs. Amy Worthing Toni. Mrs. Archie Reed of Olney spent monday with her father Frederick afr Lerback. Joseph Coar who has bean occupy ing the House belonging to mrs. Sci old. On Trenton Avenue moved to Bristol on wednesday. Or. Coar is engaged 111 business in that place. An interesting game of base Ball was played on saturday afternoon be tween Emilie and the Hull Neville players. The score was tie the game not being finished on account of the storm. Mrs. Sarah Stoner who has been spending several weeks in washing ton d. C., returned Home on Mon Day. Noted in Eden. Or. And mrs. George w. Cutler were visiting Emit Winkler of Tren ton on sunday. Or. And mrs. Irvin Bulger entertained a number of their friends on saturday evening. Misses Elizabeth and Elsie Lentz Are visiting their aunt mrs. Fred Hutzman of Philadelphia. William Weldler and family of Bristol recently moved into one of John Fabian s houses. Or. Aud mrs. Samuel Patterson of Morrisville. Event sunday at the Home of their son George e. Patter son. A base Ball team recently formed Here has entered the Bucks county league taking the place vacated by Yardley. Or. And mrs. Dennis Mcgee of Bristol were sunday guests at the borne of their daughter mrs. Thomas Keating. Mrs. Charles Baum and mrs. George Corson spent several Days of last week As the guests of mrs. Walter Smith of Brooklyn. Mrs. Alexander Gregg entertained on saturday afternoon in Honor of Ber father William Mcdonald i. Mcdonald s four sons and their wives being present. Home of the French Are again advancing the theory held by Balzac that chocolate is a far More dangerous stimulant than Coffee or Tea. Big Blaze at pen Etc Manor Georic White s property destroyed for the third time. A lire resulting in a loss of thou Sands of dollars occurred lust thurs Day unlit on the farm of George l. White Penn s Manor. This makes the third time that or. While has suffered losses by lire. The lire was discovered at about eleven o clock at night by a member of the family but owing to Luck of any Means to tight the Humes which had gained Good Liciu Way the Only thing that could he done was to As much of the property and live Stock As Kis Siblo. Trio lilt originated in the warehouse on the farm. Tho flumes Hweitt from one Lipil Ldina in another until within an hour the solubles Wagon House Hay House Corn cribs Iii i All out buildings were destroyed. Vii of the live Slock wus saved How Ever by the splendid work of those who toiled to save it. Many of the wagons and farming implements were also saved but practically nil other contents of the building were destroyed. The of inti House which is one of the handsomest in unit suction wus from the flames. The House is of Brick and is titled out ill modern fashion. Tho roof of this building was on lire several times from the Spurks Bill each time was extinguished by the ticket brigade. The buildings destroyed Oom Para telvely new having been built u few yours ago following a previous fire Winch was caused by lightning Ami consisted of the warehouse Hay House cattle shed Chicken House asparagus building Corn crib Ami Windmill. The tire is idol Lyhl to have Boon caused a tramp who went into the storehouse for the purpose of sleeping. It is the opinion the mein Beis of the White if Lily hut tie Man had it previous nights there us i storehouse is tie Only Luil dive la which Access lie bullied. It in thought thai lighted Tobari. Natch wis dropped. Tho loss is pull a covered by Kinsiu acc. From the Village of Falls injun. Mrs. Joshiua Cope is on tie sick list. I s. Thoin has returned from Huck Hill Falls. Whooping cough is prevailing in the Village. Miss Der Lam Layman was u sunday visitor it or. 0. N. Rii Haiku. Phoebe Burgos passed her Simili liar ohday on monday. Or. N. Richards had a Large Maple tree Cut Down in front of Bis House. Mrs. George b. Painter of Phila Delphia is Hie guest of mrs. M. Moon. Mrs. Burd Fowler and son cd win f Philadelphia arc visiting it m w. Moon s. Miss Hance of Newtonii wus a recent guest of mis. Facie Gil nigh uni. Miss Phoebe has returned to after spending several weeks with i s. Haines. Or. And mrs. Clarence Watson and laughter of Philadelphia were Sun Day visitors at chaises Watson s. Mrs. W. P. In intent am miss Hen int of Philadelphia were at Charlesm Hedley s. A very interesting pig anime was Raven in the m. E. Chi Icli on sunday afternoon it being to Weir anniversary Lay. Mrs. M. E. Watkins and or. Und mrs. George Fallon of Philadelphia arc visiting or. And mrs. Charles Headley. A social was held in Library Hull wednesday evening june 22, by he congregation of All saints a Hurcil for the purpose of meeting he new Rector Hev. Fran is h. Smith. Harry Watson who in erecting seve ral houses in Liris lol fell from the second Story to the Moor below Al Hoigh no Ike pics Weie broken or. Iii Traon wus severely bruised and strained. As the misses 8tackliouse, of near Imilie Weie driving Over the rail Road Bridge in the upper end of tie Village their horse i came frightened to a cur and 1111 Auto and ran Down he Street. The horse was by Cadley s noun but again started und he ladies were unable to manage Lim As he wow exceedingly nervous. Waller Kly drove the ladies Home. Thirty Yean an editor. Tom Thompson in the Howard Kan Democrat if i am not Able to ride ill my own automobile my eyesight is arid can enjoy seeing others by in heirs Anil f am by 11 Active enough to it out of their w by when they tinny heir horns. If 1 Luvon t houses and ots a big print shop und big Deposit n the bunk i Cun Point with Pride o the thousands out of which 1 have Iceni swindled by dead heats. My to edit is still Good with the Butcher he grocer and the paper it it go let it go. Fifty years on Earth and 30 year in the newspaper siness is a powerful Aid to u Mun s Hindsight. I can look Hack and be Lold scores of instances in which i Lave been indebted to the fool killer or not cutting me off As a Cucumber if the ground. If i could Only use orc of my expensively acquired cd Larience to build up my foresight i night Hope to do better in the next 50 than 1 have in the past. But vat to s the use of kicking monday evening save re dozen of by friends dropped in and gave me to Persimmon Park last sunday afternoon to witness the borne team and the truck sea Board aggregation of Bull players from Chester and Lluy Wei Well repaid for their Long walk As it proved to be one of the list gained he ii on the Bristol Diamond for Rome time. The Chesterl Teo got a Start in tin invt inning when Turner was railed Safe at a vend on a very Elowin decision. The next Man up bit a Uro Undi rtt the Bristol Thircie baseman who made a wide i inn w o Hunting to catch the. Man at Brut Anil on account of the ii throw the Lar fat Sacker was Tumble to return the Ball to of not in time to prevent turned from scoring. From the Start the came into u Pitcher s Buttle with i Oiin tit evenly divided in tween Moily and Keeley Anil while both Ucic hit frequently the Ball seem to Lump to get Safe. L to the inning Bristol bad but one Man on luxe Anil bad not made n bit but. Here Hie tide i lung Tel nil Kord hit u hot one to us Elmard h who to Field the Lull in time to eat Eli Tho runner at hint. Hirton he next Man up ind he also Iii winged to Ivich it Ford s trick. Ili Irton stole my nil and font brought up at Bird. Morcy was the next Man up and be cracked out it Beautiful i fettle Luo Lugger a Lull h his lilt and scored Ford and Burton. Frust. The next limn up hunted safely Anil advanced Onrey to third. Steal Anil an error allowed to Tilk the plate with the fourth Itin Winch ended the a Corinth ii the next two men wont out in easy fish Lon at first. Seaboard unable to wore in their remaining two sessions at the Bat and the Lynal score wound up at 4 to i. The game Wax Well played through out Anil except the seventh Hoa Hoard bail decidedly the Bill of the argument us or Intel Hud not even Hail a look in. Two a fielder s Choice and two errors netted the Home team four Ruinn and a Fame. The Lii up Kil Merla Ford if hurl ii of Morey of Frost c Mort a p i Timlic in kit a Telson pm it lib locals n o a o 0000 0 8 1 0 1 1 1 l t o 2 0 14 0 2 0 1 sea Hoard. Al null. Of Turner if Hill Kuurne e news in 31 a. Bouldon of i1. Holl Den of Kolii Lison Vatson is Keeley p Bristol a Eduoard h 0 1 1 1 0 i o i 00 00 a 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 u 0 3 0 0 0 0 a o 1 1 4 0 i a 24 11 a 00000040 i 100000000-1 Bristol i. On Bristol 1 headboard St leu fool 2 Burton Frost Turner. Two use hit Morey. Struck out by Morley 2 by keeled 5. Bases on balls Olf Morley 1. Lin Pirc Chester Callaban. _ Bucks county league. Standing of the 1 Lush. Wuu lost Morrisville 5 2 Yard Ley 1 new Hope Newton i Bristol Langli Orne Lan Thorae defeat mor rutile. There web but one game played in the a ties county Oti Tsatur Day on account of the rain that be ing belie ii Langhorne and Morris Ville at Langhorne the later team winning by the score of 2 to 1. The game was called at the end of the sixth inning. The score Langhorne 00020 Morrisville _ 00010 0-1 so Hedt be Foit next Satun Nav. Bristol at new in. New Al Langhorne. Yardley at Morrisville. The Chaiet win. On saturday afternoon the Delca Ted the Gledhill baseball team in a one sided contest by the score of 20 to i. The features of the game were the batting of Shivler and to Fielding of Warner for the comets and the playing of o Brien for the oled Bill. The score r h e comets 0 2 t 0 4 4 7 0 20 16 3 Ile Hlll 110110020-0 8 Bate Ball note. The Bristol team will play Trenton Tri St Etc on sunday afternoon june 20th, at 3 o clock and a Good game is . The Bristol juniors went to Myra last saturday and after playing one inning the game had to be Calliel n account of rain. The juniors scored four runs in their half of the inning while Palmyra failed to tally. The juniors play Delan cout Delanco tomorrow afternoon. Overtaxed. Of brutal readers know Whattl met. The kidneys Are overtaxed have too much to do. They Tell about it in Many roues and pains backache Sld each headache. Early symptoms of kidney ills. Urinary troubles diabetes Bright s disease follows. A Bristol citizen tells Here the Way to keep the kidneys Well. Mrs. Mary Anderson 555 Linden Street Bristol pa., Guys i was badly Arn cited with backache and for clays at a time it was Imam Sylble for me attend to my housework. My Back mined me when i or for arose from a sitting position and i was also greatly troubled by headache and spells. My health was far from gown and i was at u loss to know what Ted i. After i bad taken seve ral Remet is without being helped someone me about Doan s kidney pills. 1 1 procured a Supply and in a Tow weeks lifter beginning their Une was Well. My experience with Doan k kidney pills Bas certainly been for Vale by All dealers. Price 60 cents. Foster Milburn co., Buffalo. New York sole agents for the United states. Remember the and Ake no other. A Large vessel was recently launched on the Clyde which Bud everything ready for an immediate voyage. Steam was up Aud the boat steamed directly to her Anchorage after striking the water. The launching was made As an Experiment and proved highly Satis factory. Newspaper newspaper
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