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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 29 1910, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - July 29, 1910, Bristol, Pennsylvania having h in a 1 or an a careful and Palau Laking f in All non k will act 11 i my Nav t i de a Chat Leah won one who an x Tarai it to m from a Trench u Ai Ai u ending True Umuiwi and fat u a a Milf e Ukiu it dr7j. D. Thomas him or or i Klimt re traction of Teeth with Nikoi 10x11.k 11-Viovh i hum Ali Wai Mittl Leckt t jew Mill Fet Reet Bristol Clu administered or. J. W. Dorland dentist. 325 ranch fee Street Ristol. A. Aleph no of fact i1b Kalden Elux Llu dentist. Artificial Teeth rep unit Eit Raclin Parkland Heights county a notice tobacco t at Max Cohen s tobacco store j Milt Street Tor i Rem Lunini. Ill kid Nee tit Ali j. Edw Lovett real estate broker i 1ns1 Kan k. It u 1 n n Mitre Kkt w y Al pc 1iik is am till n w w i or i it j w in philanthropic cementing co. S 1 walks hit t Ilburn of Niril 1-t i Noim or offrim 717 strut Intuit 1 1, no v i 7 by for Sale. Re in Lark in Willani Wlllie ill n to i Tiiu. In i Ruth Faunl in we pm Lilleh is t v j r Geo. W. Fisher i express Man iia int Fol tin in i Trett i riot 1 4 vat Peirce Williams lumber Yard 14 wifi Hal Hurll with i ii dim him Kris or a i x1m1s Al iixa81in Ahi r priced we. Cherry Ceotris v ii n 1 1 t an 1 i if n j Rhims Lull hug Krui i stir Luln fir aim i to Loti an i Ilkiw Enn latib f r 1 unit no All tin Ite Turluk n Inpil to lie Street. The Summerset House. A i a Tuttler Chy. H j i 1 x r limit Haik Khz in my Loti in it r i ii r 11. N t King hat lug f in i is i p Alu up week i y i 111 St res 1 St t r j Bristol motor co. E m f 30, flu cars jul. It i 587 Bath Street. J Tom Kennedy Brick layer and i reinforced Concrete work. Ii by m i Rosier Alt nation l.nr.1 n Lyrl Statil n-12-ir i asthma asthma Popham s asthma remedy k Iasi it r be Anil an absolute cure n All f asthma bronc has and har o d by druggists on Rece i of Jerk e of. A rail i a a fief by mall w rents Williams Mac. Co of. Mai Berrr it Mil Hen you want a Good Cigar Stop in and see Max Cohen 219 Mill St Bristol. Henry c. Hacker. I 3o6 Stock Exchange bldg i stocks and Bonds bought and Solo of oomm1miok two l purchasing Agency. I m Keri kid to do shop Otlia Klud Viii us ukr m u pin Oulu of win wooo Viraby Thon a life to to Gouda Eumea wet Biog tit Rattan Relba Watn a or awl Arteo hew Uralli i to Moon mmnd4d u Euzabeth cr1chion, n want most below a l nit a to upholstering and repairing of furniture. Carpets Isu. Wulkow by ass. Or Plo Kod. F my rms Tut by Urton no. Purr my Charles h. An Ckik Gtimm Bristol s Papula tier is about and the Gazette is the county s most progressive paper vol. Xxxvii. No. 51 tuberculosis exhibit Here slate do Parient of health Eda cation the people to the Zaofen of the it show of them How to curd of hot lit spread. Umili r the atari Inch f tin slut it Tilli a in to lint and in Turefei on Tulien slosh in ills i he Jef Ler Niin u venue Schuol Bill Lillini the t Laht trl three Indi Bijj jus Mill Wax attend in by Kinin of tin tuns Wir Ulven on Lut Silav Nul t Minnas Anil timing Tho thu thin were Riihl Ruiton a Pimont in he Nhi ii Ort fitere Hting the exhibit is not Only instructive in the Ivaa oni it teaches a to the Dan Kern of Tuben ulysls but ii shows the funeral plan of the remarkable Battle who. H the state through its depart input of health in Wagleu against this Al tease for this Battle Pennsylvania gave the department in 1907 000 000 with Complete Confidence in conduct of health commissioner Dot on Campaign Thi Ligols Leturc of 1j09 in roast d this amount to 12000000 for the two years beginning tune 1 gov or nor Stuart to whom tin tinted Palao must Ever to Nhsn for his vigorous support of the War Aga ast tuber cd Losla and his interest in health work in general gave his approval to this Anil Pennsylvania took a further Lead in Tho worldwide Sylvan a state department of health Twenty eight patients were under the care of the forestry commissioner the area is Auff Clenon Large to of Ord a scheme of development which term its the classification and gallon of patients of life sent types 01 leg Cea of in pc lion if so tit sired and lao to Supply Elf Chat open air employ moot to those Phye locally capable of performing the same while the elate Lorest adjacent to sure the Taualo Luai from All unde reliable surroundings the water Supply is collected from mount in sprigs on the state Reader the Spring heats Are All incr that May not be exposed to any pollution the water then carried in Iron pipes to a pumping Well and from there it 19 forced into a Large Reservoir us Sciont capacity to Supply the entire Camp with water for to m myths in Cape of drought the height of the is us lint to Arlve ample pressure in of of lira. Ulm us thud j -at1ihi child i1avi 01 a Artimi Vii i Vikk t four Holt Kuci Obj of fat he Morimi till it o Hus 1 a Hui . Stai s pfc. W j i ruths Al i Hupner i in a j k i ii Al 1 Ash two t Ull Kwhn f 1 1 1 in re Hitmi of. , six Zimm 4sts Tonii Tii Kkt Tullytown topics. Ian it s l Tabian con tin lies to in ill mis 1 Dward of near Morris town 19 Hel in tar mra Elmer a turn or and Jerige t Aldorfer of pm stud Ipchiu Are spending a week at the m Jikari Osage mrs Frank b Black of Jav Oral Walts in the guest of mra w h Wink and other friends this week mrs John Manning or and mra Wilde do the patients record these particulars but Thev Are also instructed to make careful notes of their condition feelings and actions memo ran him Bool s Are supplied for this purpose of the class meetings patients a encouraged to Converse among them selves and compare notes As to their experiences the note books arc sub Mil Ted to the inspection of the Classi Leader who carefully reviews each one faults Are pointed out and mis Foi tunes dist said with a View of avoiding their repetition and minimizing Una adorable consequences often the ingenuity of one patient will be of great assistance in solving the Dill cult problem of another patients Are weighed and the result commented Ltd my to of Horence is j Tuimil from then its nation Ai Ross he Ikla Waii Sivu in units Antl paid a fraternal visit to a Loowns trill no if his place although Ilion t tilling wan in the Natilie of a Surprise uie local chiefs it in Ward a hospitable Welcome Antl smoked the pipe Tif Putic ail dresses instrumental music and reel nations were the features of the 1110 Giaisi inc a Lugton fancies. Uncles h ant t is hav ing a ton cute walk land Tuii Utica Hibbs in v visiting Herant mrs Rdward Alk at Laurel Springs miss j he Matsonia the of mis Joseph bin ulling at Oleun t it Mlaka Paulina 11 had us a guest miss Grace heed of Bristol Foi u few Days mrs Hiltord nettle of Trenton is ill it the Home of her father Only Watson William Bailey of pitching has Btu at bin aunt mrs Chas k the l t held their social at the Home of Geo acc Duke on saturday evening mrs Lien Johnson who has been suffering from tonsillitis is somewhat improved mis Lillman Ami the Illren have re la into from a several weeks visit in Jneinati or mid i s Charles Windle have Actu incl to their Home in washing ton d t mrs Howell Roberts of Morrisville has been i Iling Hei Siiter mrs i hum Listeman or and mrs j n Rich girls visited friends in the Vii it of Ijuin Bei Ville last week William Johnson and daughter a did Obj Burn Weic Feun Tlajy visitors it to lev Uel t a Ousdale s a Eivich Vuic held in All hails Mei Norial Shupel on. Monday Nisi Nihil h being it James Duj inc up look Literio Bocicot will hold a their in null picnic in Hylnie Ville Park on Lulu with i ranges h Smith spent a couple of Days in Philadelphia v Isit ing his Mother lust week fhe annual picnic of Thop e Hun Day school will be held at Ca Wulla Der Paik of wed esd a August id mrs mar Dunn and daughter grate of or cult a Ait spending inc summer in Olhs at mrs mar Smith s my c Bailes Watson has returned from i Zurel Springs where has i in nor Sigil hit i Aikson Churlus 1 Dwartz alter or nil mis at let Comfort entertained the misses Edith and Donit Liti letter from Doylestown water and sewers the chief of i Terett. How s your bites sewer bred Hoq Toet Raiot Cam cil a farce. Tropin both shot Well und were the two highest guns of tin Stith Kiel ment team Cike them n la tilt Diiuro pro tie in Fust company and Huj will make All the Nuu Simn in tin look to then laurels nip and i holds the Ili Gudt tron he in the Lith Liegl Girnt to aug it twice Audi leu Home news. Doll Castown Tili 27, politics and even Tai weather lad t take a rust while from child run on up discuss the water question the Tounta scat Viu blk in Inis made a serious mistake by smut Iii its water Pihut in a hollow Atout Thiee Hun lied feet below Mir because of a Spring from Vichich it that Tine it was i helmet that there was u sufficient flow of water to Supply the ton u Foi the next me lit Indrid eurs addition ill Springs ivc teen and three Aitt Sian Wells have ctn sunk sum that Linn ind m it thin Lite Innis Lii Cost it moving tin it Ion High and vet in his hid Itiat to hug kist ii Tiisik or w act i nit in proper in Iuzie in u to Hlf Chu ground 11 the still but Sci and More reasonable pro position of i blaming the water Supply 10111 tin j n Erik i Tho i Hiek ii and us no All of the Watt of that Stitham it fill our resin or 1 v Grid Ltd and nut Sufall Iuit Loice at the plugs to Niji several streams of watch Over ire top of the Uirt i use in Cane f i and or of Coic brow u v silted in Andalusia on bund ii mrs As Hei Frienda will Lejouer to Lealiu is ver much mrs o Lect High and there Urc also Man who Filoi twin stand pipes of the Al iced selected he Council on top of this third comes i warn ing from the Council that the water suppl is i uniting Short although the new one Hundred Gallons a minute Artesian Well is working Finel and in consequent Ever fellow is looking askance at his Nugh Bur who of course is the follow using Antei wast full and in a Niibu of Consu Ineis Timve i Epi red to Conn Oil As water wasters i he thief waste then patronage and their receipts vat re generous and i uling Haintl lox stalled in his Beautiful bout on i Bidav last a trip nil Oil Island hound to isian.1 Heights win re with his in Illitia Mil Sisley w ii is me is t. Lui it huns him to his tvs Tina lion us follow sail u an i w is to let Lulli so flt Hes in Puli to Raich the hid Lils on we Conov. I i being Lute in Ani out us a pm Disint putt of news Wlsh Tia and to Tome to Lav Foi wilting mils i the Blitz of a son to or and mrs sgt Purtle m w of Cima town to Buir the Iii it of John Wood 1 Uidl Wint suit tint Mir Nikii i lands Uniti with us in our somewhat Klim slut not thin less sincere Antl hearts Only Atti Laurns it regret o Lituin that Rah had the to lost his Lurae on sunday morning i in Hirw fell Down while standing with the Wilson Aifoi i the door i r one of i Dun in h Insl Omeis mid in c to link him Bank to hit stable Hist menu and u vote Rieur la build with him for some hours ii Hil to i cliche ins sufferings Mil to save his life i was a v Ilu Kihli it i be und a Picut i it with the ill we head a suggestion that seems to it. 11 have Tuisl Diuble font and to the effect that it might in bit e inn Loii pm Etui show miss claim Illish is sending i i winks in of miss 1. Mis Samuil William Ifni was Visuth i huh Neil he still Mac i Midi lust Wink a ii univ a Liuni bile paid Linn tins i Imp Tun Thil on Hes Truxil imaii4 in id u him jul at h Home f Psihis Hail to in 1 Hiil Home on Satui Ilij Ului Notum mrs i Ihn m a Mikhli i of Luton Hihi it monday Villi Liioi ii in Luis ind Faith it l i in Lull of 1 Imit Iii Illi was in Ltd Ilni pal of hit la name Mill High a Lux the mis Tui in mul wit hns n h. In. Fro n 1 Aik 11 spin Ling Stum Luik in we tic Quill new Hope 3, Newtown 2. Now Low n wis on Len Ali Lilli Krou Itin i new a Iii 111 Ini of tin Anikst in Sliwi foil Khz i Villics i Laval hit in hits Mason hit Girini atm Ino Tnora innings it Foix in winning run was is Irene h mulling Tho was ii the ill nit Lim in twill Tel a lie. Lit Lii Iii i Allowitz tin Houim but two hits and made 14 the Bix Tze he Alwi thelded an t int Genii Alsot Willila nut Obi in Foi the h inn ram tin. Al to Tauili he was hit Lor t he a lavs Elf ii Nihl up Whin in inn i it i. Vial tin Sinaidi Mph Iuit Iii it he mini to Iii new till a plug Llu bidding of i Iii in Iliin Tjit tin visitors from win int tin lit i in in mini it Iii in Tain set Ltd Llu s icing in i i pining no Tito limit link in Llu. In i in i i und inn inn new Torii Star isl in ill i r Nin 111 in Ulhand la Dpi i it. I tin minx in tin Kui nil Lur Tinin s Ontl until Hie Tim with innit Whin ii vim Nis Mil tin winning inn Ai rust Thi Plantt Llu s Oil n Iwu i to o n n i n n i o of no ii l l to to l u u o n o l i ii bust hits Shn Ipi in Kiili slunk my i Momii 11 haul ii Iasi in i til ii u link i i lit hum. I Price three cents Bristol won on one hit has to to lie Ami no those hut us an i who an ------0 who have handsome hut us an i who an desirous of preserving Thieu and Kec Piik them u Buciu Alful Gre i to do this it is alleged that the Stav up late at night and Rise Tail in inti Iling to keep their Lawn spa Kulers working some even running All night Otchis look after the Sirin Klen for them selves and then neighbors until inc wee Stiitt hours und then the neighbor gets u Early and keeps things moving to this state of a Finis Council has Thryn Lenchi to put in Antei meters and allow so main Gallons ton family i touting to its at the present Lites and open it ,0 rut ii than at o Clink ii lengthening n m onside Sibli and there is a ten Dan cd Foi ii inn of the goers to Yili i in tin i in Iao Long Lii fore the Pesuit Houi of Nikii Iii Antl to halt la Lintl pm Hie show to be Gin would it in the but Sci Foi the children Tosca hot Togut Home Guiliei of course make i thai consid rations whip Hirmke to c pie sent i Jilin int outweigh the Al wet we Only Jet this Foi i i Ali As Wotli at least consideration mis 1 Anil has blur nil her Homi Mia i Psi i been several Wiiks in a. 01 it mis j Liun who until i went an Opidi attn u the g let Psi Lios Plutul nut Nihl t Hei Home la Loiuis mis of i Hll Idelphia am miss maj Linn of Iron Titi week nil vis Tut it the Home of mrs h 1 illicit messes i a Eircil Kittli Man of i win Hundri visitors at tin in in of Fiat locals our correspondent gleans the Newt for the Benefit of Gazette Readen. It Cal then Shiugi for gallon and that amount lots of tent i Consumers be hotter than the Cuther mar this proposition threaten to things to Council if them pay for attempt to make the use Mian Hany Chicago on h is returned from i inn Sylvania 0v Lar om1 or annual icon Oak Cost 0v with the a Nuat of ekk Uin am Law Tkv. Toh Rufu os1s inv Ami Fonack t Kohv pne of the instructive charts in the exhibit All communicable diseases Law of the Commonwealth now re Al Ulm hat a physician shall report to us authorities each and every me of tuberculosis occurring in his practice Tew if any of the features of the exhibit attract More interest than the Model of the grounds and build of the Emmaj Vanla state South Mountain Sanatorium near Mont Alto it shows to graphically the wonder Ful Region of Mountain Pines and Breeze swept Bun bathed plateau where Pennsylvania a tuberculosis poor being cared for this resin ration comprises j50 acres and is located in prank Len county near Mont Alto on a plateau of the Blue mountains with an aver Elevation of about 1800 feet above the sea level its top Grapa and Ali Natl conditions Render it particularly adapted for the treatment of to Burcu Losic while its geographical Loca lion makes it readily accessible from All pans of the state this Sanatorium had its inception in an appropriation by the legislature of Pennsylva la in 1903 of the sum of 18001 to the commissioner of forestry to be used for the treatment of tuberculosis auf forms and a farther appropriation in of 000 the devoted to the purpose were a part of a Large area 55000 which had been purchased by state for a Forest reservation upon this a number of Small shacks wore erected and on june i 1907 at which time the management and con Jtj wore transferred to the Pennsyl pcs soul has the work been and to rap Idle has the demand for dispense treatment increased Over 16000 persons Haie at the dispensaries and 01 or 8000 to Bercini Litls sufferers were being care for by these institutions in june 1 and this number is increasing at the rate of about 500 a month As the peo pie appreciate the Talue of the Wor and go to the dispensaries for treat ment these Are the patients we for different reasons cannot go to ban Storla in Many cases Thev Are still breadwinners and As such they Espo a tall need the instruction which the dispensary gives As to the necessity of protecting their fellow workmen and the members of their own House hold from the disease As Well As the Tare necessary to improve their own condition each dispensary la in charge of s chief physician from one to thirteen assistants one to five nurses Accord ing to the number of patients under treatment and in open at convenient hours Day or evening to accommodate the occupational demands of those who Are Able or who Are compelled to work the location has Boon deter mined with a View of reaching Moat populous centers the great object of the dispensary is to reach each individual indigent Case of tuber cult Els and by competent medical advice treatment and supervision ameliorate or entirely relieve their physical Eon Dillon and at the same time educate them As to the communicable charac Ter of their disease to the end that ethers May not become infected indigent dispensary patients Are supplied with Noti Genotis foodstuffs in addition to food supplies the dispensaries furnish Liberal quantities of paper napkins and bags pressed paper sputum cups for use in tin forms and pocket Cusp Dors. Earnest Effort is made through the dispensaries to educate the people in each Community to a sense of the of thorough room disinfection the departments health officers of whom there Are Over 700 distracted throughout the state Are instructed in the work of disinfection and supplied with the necessary equipment a pos Tal card sent to any health officer will secure his speedy attention not Only the dispensary physicians but every practitioner in is sup plied with a list of the names and addresses of the health officers located in his own and adjoining counties that the people Are becoming aroused to the Protection offered them by this procedure is evident from the continually increasing number of requests for disinfection that Are pouring in upon the department of health and its officers in a number of instance the Mem hers of the staff at particular Dos in nary have associated themselves As a society for the better study of their cases they meet not Only for discussion and study by the members themselves but other Phy a clans not connected with the Dos Lessary Are invited to he present at lie meetings and to take part in the continued on 4th Page 1st column Humilis and Howard halt rth Witt it Teu on afternoon a Midas guests at or j j Kiel Aitla were mrs William i Watson and children of Philadelphia and Mph inn of lumber Ville i he House of is i Burke on the Road Between this place and Roelofs was the stroked by fire on Friday a defeat Tut Hue is Sun posed to have been the cause a meeting of the parishioners of All hints chinch wins held on Steiln stun audit was decided take Sale in the Guild House on but Tuduy afternoon and i tiling jul Dut 11 hair wife and two will peach at the self Denia Clemce this by Uday moing at tin m r Hutch John 1 fans of Philadelphia i prominent worker in the Hudaj school Atli Essaki the congregation of the presbyterian Church of wednes Day evening Rev and mrs Robert f Harned and a mlle of Madison n a were recent guests of mrs William w have Al Rev Harned is assistant Edi Tor of the would wide missions this Feu nday evening july 31 Rev William w Sweet will begin a new series of Feun Daj evening addresses on denominational origins Ibe first topic being Hie beginning of protestantism the Bundy school of the m e Church pc Nice at Nesba Iii Falls on thursday lunch was provided Foi the entire sunday school and interesting sports and contests were arranged by the Young men or and mrs j or and mrs Bambach of n Cox of Philadel life that causes the trouble. Is recognized As the cleanest and Moat effective treatment for All Akin or Scalp eruptions whether on infant or person the first application will Stop the itching and will cleanse id keep the Scalp in a clean healthy Mitlon Emley Martin s drug store will refund your Money if you Are not entirely satisfied with results from the use of Zemo. 7-8-26t Doyles Havn la Happy Over the record of the two members of company o it sent to the state Rifle shoot at it Gretna two members of the sixth regiment team Are from Doylestown s company company o they Are sergeants Myers and Hensel and it is their first experience in a state shoot in shooting for the Ito Man trophy Hensel had the second highest score of any of the contestants 183 and it waa Only two less than the highest in the second match for the Potter Psia mrs Jamea of Holmes Burg and or and mrs. Geisinger who have gone to make their Home Lii Landenburg were recent guiets of or and mrs h c Terry the minstrel shove on saturday night at the b c c 0 by club members was a great Success congratulations being extended to Horatio Hackett chairman and interlocutor and the entire troupe the chorus work Tolas and local hits were much enjoyed. Harry Hackett and Leicester k Davis As end men scored a great Success the fair Given by the episcopal Church St James Mission was greatly enjoyed it v As he id in under a spreading canopy the Klondike and the sunny South being novel features and much enjoyed especially delighting the Little Folk. A pretty scene for a Painter was the grouping of about forty children seated upon the grass eating ice Cream App eclat ing the fair and the ice Cream especially. It Funk m my Vunt to Broo Lvii last week to it tune the wedding of his drug ski miss 1 1, Icente March miss 1 Dith dims was the weekend guest til miss Al Berta Muu Ilei of Highland us Tui i Mil mis i num Button of Vic hints n j visiting mrs Mai j Jui Iilma. It i Oneal Ottilge i Zintl alls a Uiles Williamson Art Ilicin , i and mis Daniel Mcm Iuro at big Elsido collage the order of the Btu of Bethlehem of Ironton held u pit me on the t impound list wednesday and pent a delightful Lime miss Man i Dill Lias in ii spend ing the week it bet cottage in Spring Giom where she is entertaining a. Number of her Tity friends. Beginning with this Wick dances will be held eat h wednesday evening at the Pavilion of the lower grounds Tatj will also be cont Nuvil Revti hat Raj night hit moving pictures 113 Iii Blus exhibited at inc Parkland Heights Lalun on to Desdin Mil 8tttunlny Vinings ate Well attended and much i Young and old or and mrs John Mut Murav frs George a ninth Mesa Julia Knitli mrs truth and. Mem Eleanor Luck of Philadelphia were rec t wit Ore of i and hire. Hairy Binish u 8 Ling Grove a Deboro. Miss Gertrude aside of is lit Mill mis Allen Ai Piunt and daughter Hazel Are visiting mrs. Jojin movie f tie Ntim miss Anna and Alioe Cogg Vleit v in thug atlatl us in Clitton Heights Dur no last week miss mar Luna d Moon of Washngton d c waa a recent guest of Alice b. Lul seus. I and mrs Harry Meketon of Chester spent the week end with mind mis George Cutter Charles h Lee of West Hla was a Bui iday visitor at the Tome of William d Lukins. Or and mrs a a. Pet sky and i or and mrs j. Lucuas of Fuad Al Bla spent bit Fay with or b Bew ick miss Ethel Atlantic City and Walter of Philadelphia Ere recent visitors at the Home of shot l Buckman or Aud mra Barlee Wold and son f Atlantic ugly and. Mrs Clark and in of Philadelphia Are guests of mob Bessie Wen Jock. Or and mrs. Chaises Baum or. And mrs. Kelson Schulis and son mrs to Rte Corson and daughter add Wal remit hand Newton. Barlow were of Ai family picnic at Burl Park on Tju nday. Gud Dayt of cheap Hunt i Dills news l in Nln i tin in Wiir Siti the i i 1 wih own is thought if a Kini Nisi ii f i All i i Liatti d in h i isl do i Sinur nut in ii in tin i nil mud u if Frish Lush highs Jun a i Iii Schil if 01 u Honl if Dun ii hindu in i Al nah id Diss Iii i. In ,1 Ai d suit in no n toiling Wilh i in Ilia Nulo no i in ugh to last his ii Inch f i a wok i Imit slim till pm of vol it tilling i Al Silm ii Trippod Mil allot und Dill pint. In in tin Wii Pound Foi 1 is w Holli i 1 in Lodi in tin it n Biot nun is and h Point tin Nikii Iii and inn i Olistus will Tii Wlong Iionno on tin us is i f tin i Mill p iils a Leilh up Hull Laws and Al ing Hinl t i 1.1 i i i in i in in a Wims will lilt f the Sinoski bust we i Luv i Iii Uini i Foi ii wok n Nion until the i i us i ii Ftp win h i Wen i amid to uni kit i suit 10 i tilt ii t s a lilt til ill it Iii la Mill t i i i Laili i a tin la Loiti itt Kishii Iii i i i in for Iii us ii till Wolfl .1 till to ills i sink 1 win Thi glad i the up living i in n a 11 ulioiil.1 a i in u no ing 1 annl i it him i a Jinn in Iling Lind Liis Nii Pitili Mil Anil ills nost 11 is if Runkl the Oil us of i All an i Kiti Bui window w i Tonii u i and a in lit out the clinking Milit finn us let loll Tell he a i Niin bin i my in thin was a Ettta i Lii a Woi Kli than in in him h t i mini Lailai i i und u Iii lining i mid roasted Ullh Llu the la Sanith f Avuis Insi h and ii wid an 1 i it Listini Lih i Howning am no tin Lin Piilini. Llu i twit a in ii is in a i i an i i it f i nit. I in i i us of it a i Alio Diu Tinl Oil i ill Lin us Swift hit Lynx int los unit a of tin and list Ltd All r l int u no u lilith w in we it k tailed hip is i inn g i ital i n am f Silvir Altim not ii ii running in us Iii Long inti High the Home Tow shit Ort scold in the score of 2 to 0. Gum woo on Enron by Niton. A in ill irn Wil wet Mitil tin irent of Imp Bill i Park Miklav to to i Uluth a Hils lol and ktalhiar.1, Iho i no k t i Tain ii Fanh Rulh in nut Nilai it put to Roukh a a Numi Ushi fall i to put in an Pipih Tea Iii until about Fli 0 t b i k unit i lit n -111 ind 1 had lit no ii ugh pm n in Lii Bike inn 1 or let Lutoll who to have Akin me in oils Plait Fahsl to Nhon up stir it if who was am us. The was pcs Wal in to w in in and lit put up n Gyhl Kaino. Inn us Intuit ii tin ii gut sail isl in was about four ii i Ink jul the in Tell vol Lilloll a Lull oui Elf 111. Who had Ixia in oiling in the Sun two i tuns Wui Illig the Mart i in to was no Elf in Ginger in lit Iii ii and n Hung tit i Mill 1m, us Siim. And Hiti Oil wan us Kipilii in i Sidd s sul Sunn hindi Llu Lii 1 in was in ii Midi i in i i Iti jilting Hal two inns Stu Kiir Burnt us r re. Bin a isl to at i lilith in rim ill Mil put up a Ifim in the lit id and ii Ute Loim k a Ilin Ailini i. Mul h i i in i of Whit i mint in tin ninth in a Iii Lut win Uii ahle in Naniki in Chi Iti Niit unit win St Mil i Loihle Idunk nil Hij win All of an kln.1 mid Tan Tel no t m ii. Nunt Mlo two nun had i Iii it and Hun Wen tailed tin Thill a Tseah iian nil to Tutti a Man at is Ond and hit Bull a dbl out in. Thu i id and Llu num. I he led i Nix tin nil ii at ii liner Plale l to Illus in n win. Sci nil tin 11 my in i a Mill have Ink h an tvs Mil Al Llu noun Illi had the Tuti Iii Lull the Liam in s p. Hun. N Ait in Iii time a turd t spoil in Foi this Jour Post for us in n mils m Uit a is in not puh Mulc to on ii up Eai b my i 24 14 7 Hiis lol i i 0 l la n l x _ Seaboard 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 itunes m on a Orlov i to him , . Hisiu Illi Ostigin Morlini m n in Niibu , n Stivi Kotul lib 4 by Hanhi. I in thulin 1 leases on Olf Ali inn 1 wlm Levi double i wait to it n to Keating my it 1.1 Mon Luicir to Hii i mint puked ill Laurile 1 a pit dinner i Villa Linn Mulby Illma. Teui Wuu. A lobby team join Najul Omi uniting the Sweet Ito Sims and w Alt nut loin to i in n j on slur Dtta and brought link the u the Linn t f to i Iii us i nihed u Good Kimime inc a Listol Irani and bad Frett Iii Tirol at All limes Llu Tim is pitting line Ball and should lie Macii support Vav Hon it Aluvn hut inti go to Dordon Louii n j t. Nit now Home ran or Otom. 11n Bristol juniors Defeated the tin nil Nativ Noti Rinon in i Well ii Laverl in Iii tilt of 1j 1 lie Khz Atnori is Wen until hit ninth inning when Hugan Huml hed Mil a Home inn of of Jipp we Hud i it n inv in ii it up to that in. The Balling died Hen Ami Tho Side was a clan a will i fill tin i scoring Daniel Hack Lyle tie Hanl hitting set Ond inst Man of Bristol has signed with the n i team close race in Bucks county league. 01 Mori ism i it vow i Angje is w t in n Ilik Soll Linton ii. La us Mon Ixl id 4 h 1 f he Nia Nikson after Len lashing thinking names Iloni pit lure the limits up tin Ienir b inc lid use juju Iii ind hulls the photo graph _ time to act Don t wait for the fatal of Kidder Luimit. Profit by Bristol people s experience i. 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A Ruek b Blan 2 risk on balls off Drake 1, off Blair 2 How. Thu e Oiler one Hundred dollars Reward for any Case of Catarrh that cat Mot be cured by a lab Catarrh cure. J Acx Toledo j we the undersigned have known f j Che Ney for the lost in Jere. And believe him perfectly Chitoor fable in All Btu new and noun Talty Able to carry out aug Obi Gilona made by his for in Walo Inq Kin Axam Toledo o Viau s alms re cure in taken internally acting directly upon the blood and m Jacoub Wertli Nollau sent free. Per bottle. Bold by a Lake ii All h family pills for spa Fri spa Fri
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