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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 15 1910, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - July 15, 1910, Bristol, PennsylvaniaN s. Is be prepared a variety As is lie and sure to thing Stamps nibs tongues nire for picnics. 5c per Glass few cheese Almetto cheese nire for 5c per Glass Veitzer cheese lie 35c per lid fashioned Orleans molasses ii direct from the barrel. Cents quart. Cakes Armour s a toilet soap 5c Akes Ozone soap 25c. Lest Macaroni and 12c package or Rea in Cut dhow shape. Matoes has., 50c Ilia and Lemon Flavouring air lev 10c. Lint tie 9c._______ Kes Babbitt s soap 25c. Seeded raisins Anil i imy or puddings and cakes. To club. Mariner. In streets Bristol. S and ranges. And Felt i n g Mih paint that i phone 76x. H a. Diff it to the appearance of a Young when she wean glasses although she May fancy they make her old. But they give her Comfort in seeing helping tiie nature vision the chief up Rukne of the glasses in served. Unless they do Aid the vision they hold not be worn for moment. We will examine the and give advice free of charge. Our Gla Ini Granteed. Iee. Optometrist 202 Mill Street Bristol in id after july at sgt 2240 ibs., All kinds. Bristol s population it about and the Gazette is the county s most progressive paper vol. Xxxvii. No. 50 the Gazette has the largest circulation of any newspaper in Bucks county with one exception Bristol. Bucks county. A. Friday july recollections of c. Wesley Milnor read before Hul Orical society acc Traff Litereo Tiff in history of Britol. He following Ley a by that gentleman bar ire the re milk paper minor of in pared by was c. Wesle Lead cent meeting of the Bucks enmity historical society which met by thu old friends meeting House in tills Bor Ough my. Milnor s paler. We have Lieen asked to u rite up n a incr giving the he Story of Bristol or what we know Airout Bristol. If we succeed in saying Soin Othlin that will interest you we Khali feel Johnve hot ii repaid for Nur Eit Oit. We have i icon old that Bristol is the second oldest Louii in thu klute of Pennsylvania Chester tin Prmt dating As far illicit us 1qh1. 11 i Mil inn expected that the oily of Philadelphia would have been founded at bilking Lii in or hrs Mol but i lie Chris Ltd Hopes were overruled in consequence of i i River navigation in inn More fun Pablo to heavy shipping Fin Lii a non planted at the Forks of the Road and kept son tips misled at night. A detachment of loyalists Hail gone Over to the British and determined to Cap Ture the town a parly or horsemen being detailed Foi the same. They arrived u the Ford near Flushing be Low Newportville at night and hiding under the Trees on the bunk of the Creek until the booming of the morn ing gun announced the lust sentry bad retired when muffling their horses feel they rushed into the town finding Hie ii eople All asleep placing a guard at each House of note forced tie inmates from elicit Beds not giving them time to dress and mulched them to the House where Samuel Allen lived. One fellow irked to get Awa now called and dually caught and received ing lit own the River. Penns Nirk Lite Home Stead of Vii Ivain Viviin Wax thought of ittle Lent Tolj Balili Donod the same objection in regard to till riot r i eing advanced. Although the Tiefau Tirril and luxuriant sections on Eitnier Side or the Lovely Delaware seemed in Elfei inviting to to Iii Early enters in Wili acting a place and rear their intended Hoinast civils. Life in Buckingham county Airout the the ii Unity of Buckingham began to Wear tin ii Spei t lure in Canso Nukic Wilh tie desires and customs of Rell Ned life mid Dii ily becoming More closely settled wit i tin colonists won chiefly and of i lie Suffish Cpl scope l Church. Nearly All were o the of friends. Among Tali ill ale tile Kaiim h of James Harrison and Phineas rain Burlon As being Insl influential and conspicuous. The were still around in Small settlements in almost every do re Loihl at or a flir inn h entitle. T i ill Lex Exten Ileal of Nln Iii Villi no Mill Enek tin the nver ii wait and Runta ined about 2 2 Fereri unix wan tic foundation of our town Laid years huli iry ice let in hat lifter n of a of a Century about Ibe year 17-Iri, a mid Smirt House has to no title. There i evidently bad unc As Early but did nut meet the , it Beluga Small one and was used Foi correction and whipping Posl and re moved in 17lm or to March 20, an act was passed to Rem u1 same o new town. Again in 17-1 wins passed an act to erect a House of eos Section and work House in Bristol with certain privileges of a corporate character of tie i Orough. In the year 1hio Titi seat of Justice was in my cd to win re since the courts have been held and prison punishment inflicted. About the -7ib of the ii month year Hsk one Margaret Mii Iimori. Was indicted Anil tried for Welch Toifl and was found of having Hie com Mon Fame of living a wiled but not guilty in form and name us indicted. She gave Security of her Good be Havior under Ball of m pounds Eracli by two securities. Old Bristol court House. Die old court House and prison w As built in 1703 on Leilur Street Between Market and Miil Licary opposite the present masonic Hull. It was two Sioris High. The court room was on the second floor Entrance Niimi thu outside and a stationary whipping attached to the outer nulls. We sometimes think something of this kind would he a Good tiling to Bleak up thu lawlessness that exists in some purls of our country. It seems to lie a Goirl thing in Delaware especially to a Man housing his wife. This was converted into n school Ollie and used As such for some years and was sold in w24 to William Ken sey who was then Burgess of the town. We have heard our Mother say that she went to school in this school House to a mrs. Deborah Liron n. His tory also tells us that fairs w re held in a building that stood on Mill Street of Porte Cedar the second one built near the intersection of Cudar and Market Street Eliout 18111 and Cost in Isitt it was removed and materials and lot sold. Allow me in this Connei lion to mention the Bath Springs which his tory sales obtained celebrity in on account of the medicinal qualities of the wider. Many were attic cited to the place As a summer resort even from eni Ope on account of their Sani t away by crossing the Meadow called Marsh but was pursued i Lilly caught and received a Cubit Cut on his Bead for not of trying when called upon to halt. A townsman who lived in the House occupied by Jesse w. Knight was called Early one morn ing and told that thu British were in tie town which was not us he thought that some of the family were having fun at his expense. Shortly after an axe came flying through tie Der he not taking time to dress rushed Down stairs dodging the horseman dipping under the horses neck to escape tie sword which took effect in the top of the attached to thu Strim splitting it six inches or More. Thu Captain of tin militia company they wanted they could not find but a nuni Pierot the pin Copal Cili to Philadelphia who in they were detained for two or three months and then released. This occurred on the noun Ling of jowl Friday 1777. The in sont is were bunt on licit backs by the British and told to Ivet inner Good Friday. The jail keeper lot some starve to death. History tells us that one William Pleston came to his end ill this Way in the Walnut Street prison Philadelphia. A Nich so ankh Vic nil he. In Bristol Gazette u ases to abolished it licit in the first periodical published in Bristol with a View to permanency. But meeting with some discouragements in tie and Al cd Sti giggling for a Lime it expired on the Issue or its number. Our people evidently did not appreciate a Good thing when they had it however there was in the Borough a private circa latin management or although not a very extensive one it kept Pace with thu times and de mands of its patrons. In pausing would Lions say that the writer car ried the Philadelphia newspapers throughout the town for mis. There Are Many buildings of an to taut growth in our midst As thu old methodist Church now pythian Hall started first during the revolution by Oue Mary Connor As Early As and Captain Webb an officer in the British army. It is said that Mary Connor approached a prominent member of the society of friends telling him that tie methodist congregation of which she a member was badly in need of a suitable place to worship and re questing a donation. He re plied thee knows it is against the principle of our society to contribute to Hie support of hireling but Mary told him that the Metho dist ministers were not of that class that they travelled from place to place preaching to the people and receiving Only what was necessary to their sup port. At the conclusion of tie interview As she was about leaving the old Man gave her some Money saying Mary. I give thee this to buy thyself a shawl to keep thee warm during the cold read in the dealer Sunshine of today. Year chased year from Earth and each should Roji its honeyed Morsf i into Wisdom s urn which like the hebrew s manna must be used As it is gathered. Life has not an hour to waste in doubting while the sol emn past is Prophet to the future. Onward then of let us March Strong in the focal Light experience blends with Hope and god will help tie soul that toils and loves. Weather 1 and with that Money Mai Connor bought Tiu ground on Wulc the first methodist episcopal Church was erected. Noble woman self sacrificing spirit woman always contriving. The presbyterian Church was organized in on Radii late Street by James m. Harlow. In 1851 Rev. F. D. Harris was installed ways of same year the Baptist Church was first started 1s4s and charter grunted May 8, it Foo. June 18, 1861, Corner Stone of the pre sent building was Laid Rev. Page was the first pastor to lit culled pc binary 2, Hso. For some Lime they worship cd in the lec Ture room of Washington Hull. The Duminic Hall was built on Cedar Street the Lodge being instituted in 1780 and the present slur Cutie was built in ims Odd Fellows Hall was built in 1847, tie lower room being used for purposes of Public interest and time. In Library under tie mrs. Lary reputation h or some Yei years the property and tie spacious mansion were almost neglected and were Sun red to become so dilapidated As to Render thu Valu Able property most Unte Nanable. It finally fell into the hands of one Charles Hepburn who put it into Good repair and enlarged it beautify ing the grounds cleansed and fitted the Springs and made an analysis the water. For u Long i line it was a popular summer resort and hoarding House for those who visited it for health and others for pleasure and pastime. It was under the manage ment of a or. Heiskill who conducted it in a business manner having at Wimch As High us 150 guests the water Van sought lifter by a Large number of our citizens on account of certain up of qualities it contained As being beneficial to health. The Home of Penn. Let us now go Back to Pennsburg now called Penn s Manor where Penn lived in 1082 83, in Penn c Palace costing about 7000 pounds. History tells us the greater but of the Materi als he brought from England. He however after u lapse of 16 it ats for lie Only lived Here about two years 0700-1701 being absent in Philadel phia and new Castle with Nix coun cil left in 1701 and was never enabled to return. About july 1715, Bristol began to assume the a Warance of a Market among the liberties asked for was that every Street and opening toward the River and Creek might be allowed to be a Public Landing. Ferries and landings were established Hie one Between Burlington and new Bristol As Early As 1718. The original Road from the Falls to the ferry at Bristol was called the King s Highway. After the Philadel phia and Trenton Pike had been opened it was deemed essential by the townspeople that after a lapse of 20 years 1718, to the interests of the place that it should be created into a Borough. Bristol in the evolution. Bristol figured quite conspicuously during the revolutionary War. About december 1776, general Cadwallader had under h s command at Bristol an Encampment of 9000 troops. Above the top about one half mile there was a Camp part of which was failed John Adams standing army and it Lias been said that one of the captains stationed in this Camp put an offend ing Soldier into an oven As a punish ment. The House standing now at the Cor Ner of Mill and Otter streets where once lived Samuel Allen esq., was a guard House. This Bouse was also wed an armory by a company of Bristol militia it having since been throughout the town for mis. In kens. Consisting of the Public Ledger and 1 think the morning Post Nils Tiu name of the other paper. Sept Elk i 1786, u charter was passed giving to tie citizens certain of Uii Porte potters which Lem irined in Force until , a Perio a of years. In 184ft it lick ii Inu evident that u charter better suited to lie Circum stances of Ilic Borough apparent to its citizens and yet no decisive Steps Weie taken until june 184u. The in Ristol i Pettu which cume into existence Al this time was the first successfully to move the people to apply for a More Elt Iclene Charier which was passed by the legislature in 1851. The committee who framed this new charter on july 20, 1850, were Samuel Allen or. Benjamin m alone state senator Andrew w. Gil Keyou an Thony Swain William h. Swift Isaac Vonhorn Gilbert Tomlinson and William Bach reputable citizens of on Hobough every one whom i re inem Bei in my Youthful Days. The Iii sent town Hall with a mar Ket on Market Street was erected in at u Cost of with a cupola attached and a clock placed therein tit a Cost of the Cost being partly defrayed with a of Samuel Scotton who was Burgess in 1802, and filled other posts in the history of our town. Tie upper floor was used by a Bene la Cal association which did much Good service in its Day my father be ing a Nicher for a Long time. It was once used As u Council Elia Berand we think there is St la a Bell in the Tower. However we Nave Beard its ring Many times calling our people to at tend election and other Public Occa Sions for the town Hull Foi a Long time was the Only voting place in our midst. We Hope to see this venerable edit Lee maintained in its originality us one of the Lun Maiks of our ancient Borough. Near the town House was the Termi Nus of the Philadelphia and Trenton Railroad company where passengers were transferred to steamboats Enio Ute to Philadelphia hut the business was afterwards transferred to Tacony then to Kensington to West Philadelphia and finally to the great Broad Street station. F1nancial institutions. Another imposing Structure just above the town Hall is the Farmers National Bank of Bucks county in institution of Long standing second to none in the county and we might add in the state noted for its Busi Ness of solid character and always managed by men of Sterling integrity and is now ably conducted with our esteemed fellow townsman Charles e. Scott us cashier and his son Thomas us assistant. The Bristol Trust company recently nearby will no doubt make its Mark in the financial circles our com Iii nity being handled by such a Force o officers As now Are at the head of it. We recall at this time Many of tie business men of our town in the Early fifties. John Dorrance Jesse w. Knight Joseph Warner John Wright Nelson Bostwick Samuel Lahcen g. W. And w. G. Alien James Bruden James Foster j. P. H. Foster u. A. Nguet Thomas Cullnan Israel Allen Thomas Scott Charles w. Peirce Henry m. Wright Daniel p. Forst. A. L. Packer and Many others. I will mention a Little incident tint May not lie amiss at this time. One of our merchants had a country Cus Tomer who made excellent butter but it was noticed thac the lumps were not As Large As usual and he called their attention to it after some Little thought f Rizig it might Ollend the party when he was met by the assertion unit the Butler was weighed up by a Pound of soap purchased at his store they having lost the Pound weight and had no other Means to weigh the butter. The Delaware division of the Phila Delphia canal had its terminus at Bristol and for a time was the general depot for transhipment of Coal from the la High Region giving labor to a Large number of operatives and vessel men who must be fed dollies and taker care of. Tit Industry gave an Active impulse to our business men of All kinds such As Smith work rope harness and shoe making and Many other branches of various diameter. Own improvement. One of the Best institutions to our mind for the improvement of our town has been the building association what year organized we cannot say. My father was a member of the Bristol association from its first Start. Many a Man seemed a Home by this Means and they Are now an important Factor in the growth of our town. Evidently in the Early history it was stipulated in the contract 01 lease of renting property Between landlord and tenant the question of finding fuel. To prove this we have a paper Reading As follows Bristol pa., Jan. 10, 1799. To Ann Brelsford this la to inform thee that if thee stays in my House another year thee must me 10 pounds per year and a sic Lect school. James Anderson Laii Ghl a select school in Odd Fellows Hall having Airout pupils male and female. Some if the Young boys were addicted to the use of tobacco Mireh Lottie annoyance of or. Anderson As Well As Hie discomfort of Young one morning when school called it was discovered by tie pupils on a Large blackboard at the rear of the room these words gentlemen who expect rate on tiie floor must not expect to rate As or. An Derson made no comments on ins silent rebuke lint it certainly had u effect for quite u Little time. Tie original Public school House on Wood Street was built in at n Cost including ground furniture stoves of about mood. Thu mate department being in charge of Jonas Anderson at u salary of per year lie being in charge until March 1, 1840, when closed for Vaut of funds. To july 1841, j. V. Buckman was selected to take charge. He was an excellent teacher a Good and was there a num Newtow news miss Elsie stoop of new Hope is visiting at h. C. Worstall s. Miss Helen m. Kerens is spending july with her sister in Jersey City. Miss Margery Eastburn of Phila Delphia is visiting relatives ill town. Or. Belle Schussler of Philadelphia was a week end guest of miss Helen Marls. Miss Alice Knight of Langhorne is visiting or. And mrs. Charles Knight. Miss Carrie do Minig of Montclair n. J., is visiting numerous relatives in town. Joseph Lynn formerly of this place is visiting his brother Ander Lynn. Or. Curtis c. Eves is enjoying a two weeks vacation at his Home in Millville a. Miss Mildred l. Patterson of Ches Ter South Carolina is Vissing miss Luvinia h. Eyre. Or. And mrs. Frank r. Wentworth recently returned from a trip to Niagara Falls n. Or. John Wheeler of new York Lias returned to his practice in that City after a two weeks stay Here. Or. And mrs. Horace Hogeland will Chaperon Paity of Young people camping next week near Oxford a. Mrs. Ellen v. Roberts has gone to Chicago Iii., on a visit to her son Samuel m. Roberts formerly of this place. Mrs. G. A. Carter has Pone to Syra Cuse n. Y., where she will spend the letter from Doylestown Henry Lear a cued from Penitentiary a Story about g. G. in Quito plague and other into Rcpt _ of Les town july 13. It now looks As though the water Consumers of the county seat would have some Relief from the present very unsatisfactory water situation. For Many years it but been impossible to get water into the second Story of the buildings on East court and mechanics streets except at certain times in the Day. It has never been possible to gel it in the second Story of tie court House or Public school build ing. In the latter build to be forced into a tank ing und water Lias or the Miof remainder relatives. Of tie summer visiting the w. C. T. U. Will meet this Friday after Kin at the Home of mrs. Horace b. Hogeland on South Chan cellar Street or. And mrs. Herliert l. Maris of Philadelphia Are visiting prof and to assist him. For cup of son Sis selected quite a while this was the Only school House in the town and Many of the boys and girls received their education there. There was no graduation it was simply the getting to oks then in use and tie end of such boo Oliero it ended the parents furnishing Sulci books us were recommended by the teacher. Or. Bucknan was As excellent pen Man and took special care in teaching the boys that most essential part of an education and we know of Ninny who can testify to his efforts to and Vance Good penmanship. Tie Public schools of our town Are of the highest class and Are second to none in the county and May we Sav Are entitled to Glrst rank in 1 eni Hyt Vania. Any boy or girl who does not get a Good education under our Public school system As it exists today is guilty of shall we say crime or is that too severe we say however that first the parents Are to blame for allowing their children to grow up in ignorance and Are responsible for the education of their children. How True the saying that which was writ ten in our copy Book ignorance is the Mother of All the movement at one Lime was quite popular and did much to improve tie morals of on town. We remember in our Youthful Days of hearing a Thomas p. Hunt in what was called the Institute the second Story if a building that stood on the mrs. I Cige l. Chancellor Street. Mis. Sura w. Jamra returned , on South Mercer and son to their Home in Lodi n. J., after a ten Days visit at in the township. Or. And mrs. Jesse s. Wilson of Altoona Are visiting at r. Comly Wilson a where the former is rating from an operation for appendicitis. William Copland formerly of this town now residing at the National soldiers Home in Virginia called on his Many friends Here last week while Oil a furlough. The 65-apre farm belonging to tie heirs of Ephriam p. Feaster situate near it. Leonard station Northampton township has been sold by Horace q. Reeder agent to or. Julian t. Hammond jr., of Frank Ford. Or. Hammond will occupy the and in the fall and Spring u makes it too warm for drinking purposes. Bor Ough Council has prom loud Relief and years ago elevated tie Wall round the Basin several feet but for tie last three years this Wall Lias been of no use because of its Leaky Condi Tion. Recently tie Reservoir Lias been losing by leakage one gallon out of every three pumped into it Anil fear ing collapse it was. Determined that something must be done. To water committee was unanimously in favor of a Concrete jacket others favored a standpipe and still others a Concrete Basin. To determine just what could be done Engineer John Ladow of the american pipe was not up to expectations there were a number of Iii umling incidents and the crowd was kept in a humor by the funny actions and sayings of Tho coloured Tow Bristol Liyoi Wen clearly out classed and coupled with eight Einns and inability to Hll Wade the hauls had bin difficulty in abut Long them out by More of ii to 0. I in dome learn was padded up by die addition 01 , Jermani Lown and aim oui of Philadelphia in to positions of second Bam i the Phila Delphia National log in twirlers Nihei the name of a i Misc was also engaged at n heavy exp in to do the for Bristol but from fifteen a Tiu hits credited to inv Hunts it will in easily seen that there wins i Metling or oink wild tin South Iuit Secl Horn Kilmer made a Pruy Uno Iii jul if a liner in Llie a Iliili Iii Lac willed Lio Isileli d on the sensational bin aside from lids there was Noil no to it for the Home i Xis Wilh the exit ii lion of inv iwo Lasc he Morey. The Zilanis earned four runs by liquid i Luh Lillig a Hud one in und of. Two bust Hll. From is plumed a slur game for the Cam at Iii in a my made a ii Mew of funny one hand Cale hcs. He made two runs Idree i Din live outs live and i errors. He s it wonder. The Holst of team played u Hunt game but were up against it and Wero unable to make any liquid was at an Sluge of the game. The score Bristol. Kil Merto Armour 2h Morey of medic Niota i Hunting i Lailon if Frost c if Pel n1, is p Cost Kigali totals r i i 1 0 i 0 i 0 0 0 0 0 0 Phila. 0 4x111 is giants. R h o a s i 0 r i t i o Ali Webster and son Hugh spent Sun Day with or. And mrs. Edwin Henry and family of Eddington. The regular monthly business meet ing of the Epworth league was held it the inline of j. C. Ever let on Mon Day evening. After tie regular Busi Ness was transacted were played and refreshments served. Poles of Fri icis Ali Tarber is James lib Peiree if Thomas of Kes i Wade p tolls u had Olson out bunted third strike. Xxx Ostiguin butted for Kincl in Nln Ili. Pabila. Giants 0 4 0 v 1 1 i Lilis lol 0 0 0 0 u 0 0 0 d earned Giu uts 4. Three base Morey. Struck out Wade 7 by Penrose 5. On balls off w Ade 2 olt Penrose 2. Passed balls Frost 2. Suc Vilice italic a 1 Eire Frist Armour. Stolen i a Nils Mcdernott. Hll by pitched will Liy Wade 1 by Pennine i. Wild poll Elm i. I mule Chester Calla ban. Time of game 1.5.5. Bucks county league. Standing of the cuts. Won exist Morrisville in 2 Newtown it 4 new Lif 5 Yardley s 0 Ilik Csoll Lvi toll 1 7 assumed Bristol s percentage when they entered the net Venta league. There were three Coats of Whitewash administered to the loses in the race in the Bucks county league on sat urday. The morals Volle learn tight ened its hold on inc Lead by shutting out the Iii Csoll Tren Lons 3 to 0. Tie inc Rolls had just a in admired to take the place of Bristol. Thorn pitched re mailable Bull for the holding the watchmakers to one lilt. Penn s Manor local. Mary k. Ivins is the proud pos Sessor of a new piano. Harvest Home will be held on the Chapel Lawn on wednesday August Ruth. Miss Leola a. Mershon has gone to Oakwood Leach n. J., for a Short stay. Benjamin j. Of pm Ilic was a recent guest of Robert i taker. Liw Annie Panici of Woodsville n. A. Was a recent visitor in this neighbourhood. Hunter Patton of Philadelphia is visiting at the Home of his aunt mrs. Martha nicely. Robert and Alfred Fredirick of Harbour too n. J., were recent visa ors at Lake View tie Chapel will hold their sunday school picnic us Cadwallader Park Trenton on August 3rd. Mrs. Jennie s. Brooks spent a few lays recently with or. Ana mrs. Rush Vek Liam of Philadelphia. Or. And mrs. Charles w. Appen Zeller and daughter Mary of Emilie were sunday guests at Lake Mary e. Ivins is Home after a week s visit with her cousins misses Annie and Mary Palmer of Woods n. Or. And mrs. Howard Firth of Leld Sboro n. J., were visitors Al the lome of or. And my. William Booth i the fourth. Or. And mrs. Forres Chamberlain and children of Trenton were Sun Lay guests of or. And mrs. F. Jeider sticker. Mrs. Charles Robinson will Lead Chris Tun Endeavor next sunday eve ing. Christian use of letter miss Myrtle Updike of Tullytown and Frank Pittenger of Philadel Hla were guests of or. And mrs. Jacob Scarborough on the fourth. Or. And mrs. Theodore w. Sterling Uter talked of the fourth met. A. 8. Ettenger and miss Lillian plot queer f Philadelphia and miss Violetta Antoin of Bristol. Or. And mrs. Watson Stokes and Don of Trenton and my. William Vul ext and children of Moorestown n. J., were guests of or. And mrs. Stokes of the fourth. Slocom also pitched cleverly for the Ingersoll allowing Only four Hils. Tie score Morrisville 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 x a Ingersoll Trenton 00000000 hoses on to lion 1 slow uni 6. Struck out by i Horn. 10 by Slocum sacrifice Lister. Umpire Gilbert. Banff borne 6 Newtown 0. Not town was Given its worst defeat of tie season by Luis Hornc. The score was too. It was a bitter dose Foi the quakers to lie shut out by the Imp bitterest the Newtown toys were unable to connect with Blair s curves except for u double and a single while the visitors c dubbed Finney for ten solid d Rives. Be score Langl Roriie 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 2 new town 00000000 0 0 two base Britton Smith. Base on bulls off Finney 2 hair .1. Struck out by Blair a by i Nncy 7. Double Mcknown to Crowley Evans to Green. Wild pitch Finney. Hit by pitched Ball Crow Ley King. _ new Hope 8 Yardley 0. New Hope shut out Yardley on the Lambertville grounds by the score of 8-0. Bush and Cray did thu Battery work for Yardley while r. Harding and Frost were in the Points for thu Home team. The score r h new Hope 025c 1000 k 10 1 Yardley 00000000 8 1 struck out by Harding 12 by Pierce 0. Bases on balls off haul ing 2 Pierce 1. Umpire Brun Ner. _ Milko Hud t Tea. Defeated. On saturday afternoon Bobby Mulholland 8 Crystal a. C. Team of Bristol went to Hainesport n. J., and were Defeated by the team of that place by the score of 4 to 3. The game was Well played throughout and the Bristol boys would have won in a walk had they been Given a Square Deal by the Umpire. Suck i lie played a Star game for the crystals making three hits while Groves was the Best Batter Foi Hainesport with two hits. The score by innings Bristol 00020100 Haynes porn 00010010 earned Bristol Haines port 2. Two base hits Sackville 2 proves 1. Stick out by Praul by Johnson 3. Umpire Kotan. Missouri seems to think she has something to boast about in a citizen 84 years old who has taken but five Baths in his life. On saturday afternoon Bobby Mulholland b crystals will play the Bristol ., at the new Ball Park. Krug and Rapp will be the Battery or the jn., while Mcllvain and Praul will do the work for the Crys tals. Game Calls at s.80 Sharp. Or. Uses a motor driven Section car in visiting his Putien As he is the rail Road physician Over a Road running 100 Miles up and Down a Valley. He Van reach practically All the Towi Saiid ranches in his Railroad automobile. Newspaper newspaper
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