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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 21 1910, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - January 21, 1910, Bristol, PennsylvaniaAl heat without smoke o Miner How in Dave your tory nerves May be or under t working Yon in iter the perfection Oil Heater t quipped with Simon Ltd k population is about and the Gazette is the county1 most progressive paper not detect the to lightest odor of on nor odor. Tow keyless device u during in he piracy and Dew Lap pronounced perfect by the inventor us Ness. Re the Point of i re Teit effective a cures the St lest heat yielding flame loved in an instant or cleaning. Scuffi Cint to give ont a glowing heat upper top Cool Oil indicator. T r Japan in i variety of Stylet you i. Write Lor ctr cute Tofor of Ira Raro compact ing fund society Chestnut Street Ril cent per annul Dol to in to the interest Olem Ito Pelloni. In to borrow ii a in ill in invt menu it Pirlott i Leto of la curl tax m that in i Mckuta. State tank the Hoard i i Acgouau verified annually by Cratl Ted by mail Hadd. Dignity the App trance of a Johnng Lien be w tars glasses Ull Hough she fam a they make her look old. If they give her i Rafort in so Iping the in Tull the i Lief of the glasses is a red. T n Liny do Aid the vision they on id not worn for a moment ii will examine die eyes and give vice few of charge. Our glasses in guaranteed. Kkt. 2u2 Mill Street la Ristol in. Luent school tax 909. Wimily to Rifo ivc some at my of. Payment of their personal effects uits their arrest for non its will be promptly issued. Raft tax collector. 9-Io-m Van my ton. .1 us jobbing ill i All it Irdi. Street. Mariner. Streets Bristol and ranges. Ind Felt i j q Ith paint that i hone 76x. Or business trip to Lohja dour of two h s Thi Oivi id than Ever All seau re army Kex kept w Balcony an always Bea Erve. Your seats phone it insures the Best after sept. 15 2240 i kinds. a if St b want and. Pfc the Gazette has the largest circulation of any newspaper in Bucks county with one exception vol Xxxvii. Sacred spots aureus do trend by prof. Fruit Green at men. Momtag in the Brit the Frank following address by prof. Green of Tho went Chester Hale Normal Fri idol d live Rcd to an nud Lenee of 214 men at he men s meeting at the Bristol Baptist Church 011 sunday afternoon january 0. He an follows prof. Green s address. In the 28th chapter of the Book of genesis verse in and 17, you will Siml these words and Jacob awake out of he i a clip and he said the lord ii in this place uti l 1 know it not Ami he was afraid and said How die kill Isth splate this is none other lilt the House of Lod and this i he of heaven have you studied Yoursco Gishy Lei boil Al i enough to Kii Niv Whei Othega of cum ii 1 am Iio Tigh this afternoon to Tell to where it is. Just where you Are the Gate of heaven. Since it was m Fortune to stand in this place an hmm into the Aeeti of Ninny of you have Triu eled hundreds of Iliou Sanc of Miles. I have seen some of Ali Moit wonderful abbeys of the Oli Virold practically All the Gritt Kui Lush Ruthc Ilias. I have win Host of buildings of a of sorts this bring me this i Milry what it Hie most Mil Rod spot in in world where is Wlms you May a the Kate of heaven i want if i Road to talk to you and Tell you the spi right when you dwell is Thi Gate heaven. In the first place let us take the question of sacred spots. What a the associations you have in life Calle sacred associations Wlms Timve to Hud to do with them that y in won Call them tiered there cd real things ruled by Way of association i have in my pocket three or foil in he los they Don t amount to Muesli John Luskin wild he used to Larrv i his Jii Kift. Emeralds its Ruli ii a and diamonds. Blessed la he who them to look it must of u do not have Haven to f Huv a few old pebbles Here. These do no amount to much. 1 do not carry then by Way of illustration Only hut Carr them Light along. If i change fron one suit to another i i pebbles also. They do not look very valuable hut they Are interesting t me by Way of association. Horii Iii ilium to this one is valuable in me Liei Misc it is associated will the mightiest Promise of real life this is one 1 Mitzi Crete in America i Hapin died to lie at Daniel Webster burial place the Man with the big Gest brain physiologically and physically. F gathered that Olf his grave it is inc Slizik to me by win of Asso elation with this mighty Man. Do of care much for that old the inf Pebble i got u that Day after Cross lug Tho Brook made Meni liable by in Nason s poem a chatter chatter As i go to join the brimming River men May come and men Lime go Juit i get on forever 1 Bate always been dubious nbnti1 giving unit quotation particularly the latter part men May come Anil men May go hut 1 go on forever. Us 3011 might to meet it Stith me. 1 got that Pebble at Gladstone s Home the place where tie statesman of England Ami Lugo red for fifty Belore lilt de Atli. 1 have two or three in pockets. One i got at Cape May. One Inonu Light night. I won t Tell you about that us it might make the hearts of some of you thro lib and flutter. Wlms makes these pebbles interesting and sacred to me because of the n. 1 have lying in my desk a Book not much to look at just a of a history. Why interesting to me Ili cause 1 got it close to tie place where Abraham Lincoln used to live and this mightiest american makes in sue red. I think the inspector wan rather amused at some of the stuff lie found in my grip As 1 came from across the Ocean As he began i Finger around that old Box 1 said help merely old Sticks of Wood wrapped in u handkerchief that is All. It always appears to me mighty strange to have a Beautiful picture of the Madonna hanging on the Wall of your room having Gott Mit to this country in a dishonest manner but what he found was some old Sticks of Wood. A inn n had been kind enough to Cut a piece of a Dond limb Oil of the Yew tree that grows in the country Church Yard Over Whlig h Gray wrote his elegy perhaps the Best known 1 did not want to mutilate the tree so this Man Cut a part of the dead limb and i purposed to have made pen holders be Ause 1 knew some of my friends would appreciate them and he was unused at the litter worthlessness of the thing As he thought. I in Ziy desk an old Bull s Eye watch that i would not sell for any amount of Money. It does t look very valuable but it was father s and Mother gave it to me the last Christmas pit sent from her. J would not part with it for anything it is to me. It is the association that makes things sacred. A boy said to me last year i just had u Hatchet Given to me what is there around Here that i could smash something you i enjoy that sort of As Long As not to lose respect do you see hint Book lying on he shelf not very High As 1 often take it that Bible was Given in me by sixty two boys whose lives were changed in this institution. There came u vision Idio their lives and they saw Christ As they never saw him before. I Nelre that Bible As the most sacred thing i have. Of course he did not smash it. What would you like to Lor that Little old thing holding us Little Book it in t very much but i like to carry it with me. I have carried u thousands and thousands of my Lee across the Ocean and into the f furthest parts of Europe. This is mighty Sac led to me there is my Mother s own hand writing on the Fly Leaf of that Book. It is in Deuteronomy 33 27 and ii Timothy 2 to. That lid not Cost very much not More than 50 or cants but you could not buy it for nil that is in your pocket books this afternoon. How much would you Klee me for that holding up another look suppose i auction i one says live cents maybe. Suppose i auction it i live cents maybe. You could vol buy it for it has a prayer and a Promise in connection with it the last thing that Mother gave me before the linger of god touched her. What makes it sacred its association with Mother As Well As the contents in it. Men perhaps thare is lying around your own Home somewhere something Yon prize not very valuable to the nubile perhaps it was something your Mother or wife just looked at a Little shoe it May have come from a Little one born into the Honie but you feel that is is sacred by association. It May be practically of no value but it is very dear and to you. I saw last week Selling la Philadel phia scraps of paper thai had some writing on them. They were of Little value but considered sacred those people Selling and buying them just had a few lines of them and at the end was the name a. Lincoln five of them were mid one for 185 and the others for a piece. What made them valuable association. I was rather amused by or. Philips As i was going to an auction Sale one time i noticed in the catalogue two books that had been in George Washington s Library. Be said Are you going to bid on those i Sala no i via going to get 8umc literary works. Tie Bald i would like to have one of those Bonks for my Library. A Plec on i said All but smiled on the inside. Whet those books were started olt the firs bid that was made was and thei they run to 8185 a piece. I tried to make him believe i bought them by i did not. What made them Lulu Able Tow last that they came out o Washington s Library and bad been touched by that mighty american. I see on the Street hero somewhere Hung a bit of Bunlang. Suppose Yoi see me tear it Down. It is part red part White and part Blue. I snatch that old thing Down and use it to wipe my feet on. 1 wonder whether any of you have so Little of Tho spirit of patriotism that you would not at once rebel. What mikes that Hunting sacred to me and sacred to you it s the matter of association because i represents our country and fills you and me with a fed i us of patriotism and love for the old Flag. While i was with the King of eng land i kept my other Eye on the american Flag perhaps he noticed tin Peculiar twist of Tho Eye. I wanted to Pec the stars and stripes and was at the time singing in my heart the Star spangled what makes the Bunting valuable because of it s inundation and suggest i mid to a Man one Day in London As i looked at King Edward s Crown with it s diamonds and pearls and rubles How much is it Worth what Price do you put upon it if we Ucic o estimate in Money the Price would be about six million Dol Hirs but it i not its intrinsic but it is Talu Ablo became of its relationship and association with Tho Many Kings of England. Men it in t Uearl to valuable us the Crown i know about that was a Crown of to Lions. That did not have any diamonds or pearls just a Crown of was one of Tho most sacred things that this world Ever know much mine valuable than any Crown that Ever rested on the King of England because it rested on the King of men the Bon of god. My subject Here to music sue nil and secular. I feel i listen to its sentiment and think How much More sacred to you and me us never before that old hymn made sue red by the memory of Mckinley though methodist nearer my god to written by u unitarian and Lead kindly written by u Catholic i elate i think it is a source of satisfaction thut people of various nations arc feeling More kindly to one another. I would like to canvass this audience this afternoon in connection with sacred spots in our National has toy. There would be a decided difference in the vote in picking out three places. Home of you would buy Independence Hull was sacred spot because there american Independence was born and lived. Some you say Valley forge and think of the sacrifice there. Home of you would think of Plymouth Rock or perhaps you would be thinking of the Flag and lie Betsy i loss House d though the government does t think it is a sacred sit enough to buy to. Some of you would Bay get tvs Jurg been use of the blood and lives Ost there because Abraham Lincoln hen1 stood and gave that most woral Cronl address aim marvelous oration of Home of you would say Antic him on account of the sacrifice ionic of you would say m t. Y Ernon i once Siil to a person Ohleh Dof think is the must purred spot ii his the immediate Unwe was it. Vernon because of the Asso elation with Washington but Whir ver it May be in the world s Histon you would agree that at some place naked by the performance of duty strength by sacrifice stained Waltl Iloo a associated with heroism i Ilace where the great have lived lived and Laboured. There Are Many interesting to me and since i looked inti your faces lust 1 have been travelling ill through the literary spots of King Ami from the place occupied by it film a Down to Tennyson and frowning in the twentieth Century there la no More sacred spot in this or 111, in my estimation than High ice where you and i Aie this after Loon. Here Jesus Christ is Here god 8, because he is every Hyrc. What in a local Way Are the sacred pots of this Community yonder High school that is i nighty important place in this town t am tremendously interested in tie intellectual development. That is a nost sacred spot. Do you think it is our business House or manufacturing limits do you Call them the most Sac red spots they Are mighty import lit i Hope they Are splendidly pros mean bread and butter and clothing to the individual or is under Railroad station a most sacred pot it is a mighty important thing. When you pick out the sacred spot of our town you Call your Homo or Hurb you Call a place like this lurch where you Are gathered for his meeting these you Call the Sac spots because they mean much to of in your lives. What is the sacred hit the place of sacrifice the place n vision comes into your life. I slipped into London and into Vesley Chapel and Wesley s Home was furnished like a Little sitting Oom just a Little bit of a room. I looked into the Wesley prayer room and saw a picture of that i Nan standing in the presence bather. It seemed like a sacred lace those connected with the grand Ursol the past. What makes this lace the Gate of heaven the House of Jod the vision that comes to me in in. You remember How that Man rid in Ulon g on the Road to Damascus to the vision by the Road Side. One f these visions comes into your life and mine. Do you re cult some such lace How dear to my heart Ore in scenes of Iny the lace dear to my heart is the place associated with the Bestie Birthplace of the supreme and we teat thoughts. An old worm Nice i think the most sacred place i my memory just an old worm mice. 1 see the place vividly because web Here that a vision came to me n my life because i made there of and Promise to our father there Jeneda my heart to the incoming of Christ More completely making that lace sacred. We Are just passing through the hrs Sunas it not make in Manger in Bethlehem a holy lace or mount Sinai where he gave the ten commandments or in mount where he stood and of led ills Mouth and taught the peole blessed Are the pure in heart they shall see i suppose n our Licaros if we were to answer in question at our Best moments we Robbly would say the most sacred lace in the world is Calvary be Liae of Ita association or that of the Ace associated with the resurrection Christ Calvary stands for Sacri the most pre eminent sacrifice of in world. A sacred place is a place Here somebody Doea something for nue body else that is Why we Call Alvary a sacred did line thing pre eminently Good for Liu Anity. You know the old legend in regard the founding of Jerusalem we retold it May be Only a hat there were two Brothers living 011 adjoining farms. One brother said there is my brother living up in the mountains with t Large family Good works. Finally one night they met and the Situ was considered to sacred that there Jerusalem was place where two souls met and communed with each other 111 that place was founded a sacred Cit Bristol. Bucks county pa., Friday january Langhorne gossip. Price three cents Newtown news to. How Many places of that kind have you found in this world because you Nave made someone or possibly unmistakably helped some other to the spirit of Jesus Christ. Every one of us can do something in the spirit of helpfulness to someone. I beg of you this afternoon to make a sacred place where you Are at work where ver that May happen to be. Do you recall a place not sacred in your memory to place you would rather not think of Are you proud of the place where you did your first wrong did you Call thai a sacred spot in your memory do you Call the place of the lie sacred i you have not told one you Are a wonder. The place where you swore your first oath or last you Call that a sacred place where you did some unkind act where you deceived sonic trusting soul the place when you your first of to Bacco do you Call that u sir in spot do you Call the Licie von took your Flat Glass of drink a hatred place a unless we Are Virv ire Ful some of those things will destroy forever the brightness of Home. Some of these things you would wipe from out of your memory because they Are not Aii red they Liuyu not brought the messed association of i Priit in any Way Cirii Secli d with them. It is a sad Ihling in me to find a Iii to one Limo used us a Bouse of plod desecrated. I confess 1 no Al sorry when i go Down town on South nth Street where Tho Young men s Christian association was it now shifted to Arch and id it has tinned into a Ion clues theatre where Lioy have vaudeville. It is mid to think o its desecration. F was looking at the word Vaude in this Devil right in the midst of it a an de i i la a Devil right in the midst of he word and sometimes i think it is right in the midst of he perform Nice. It May All be necessary though hit i feel it is a kind of desecration it always Cerms sad to Liam churches mule into business places but i sup we it is Well and Good. Clod Niny lust ices us w 8. Gordon of Conshohocken was a recent visitor in town. William t. Wright has been on business trip to Mansfield Ohio. Horace g. Torbert of Munden Kansas is visiting his Mother mrs. James l. Torbert. The Bouse of George Stout in qua Antl Ned As miss Lillian wont a. Diphtheria in a Light form. William Eyre fell upon the Slipper pavement on state Street on tji Esda morning and was Well jarred up. Mrs. Enit line Mitchell is Spe Udin the remainder of the Winter with h daughter mrs. Stevens at Atlanta Georgia. I s. Genevieve a. Carter Starte on tuesday for Apalachicola Florida where she will spend a month visit ing friends who reside there. Both the republicans and demo fits held their caucuses on Monda evening and made nominations of the Borough Oft Icera to be voted 01 at the february election. The Newtown producing company in t be i worshipped in the House Ell As in Church if there in 10 Sharp bargaining going on f the a Elble is not driven a1 he Cash Book and Ledger. There Way by mighty i of his about him and must lie unhappy so i am going to take some sheaves of wheat out of my Field and carry them Over to he acted in Accord Ance with his decision. The other brother said there is my brother living up in the mountains with a Large family about him and must be unhappy so i am going to take some of wheat out of my wheat Field and carry them Over to night after night the Exchange went on and each brother was disappointed to find no apparent decrease out they persevered at we must All do in All this Church is much brighter and Nore than it was a few ago when i first Chimo Here Lave you Ever noticed that some Hurt lies Are just allowed to go into condition of neglect and become ugly if any House ought to lie right it is the House of clod Willows become dark with dirt the pulls Damp with mildew ceilings de old of the plaster Flint ought to to upon it books ragged Organ out of be the lamps smoke the carpets add and torn. Room times we arc not True to the Ision that comes into our lives. By elect our soul s Bouse is desecrated and we must consecrate again to the id condition for except be to born gain to cannot enter into the King Dum of heaven except be become As Little children be shrill in no Wisa enter therein. Every Otje of us is a daily moving consecrated soul. You go out into the Bright atmosphere you bring Light into your soul. There is holy ground wherever Vou move and you feel the place is sae red. People will know you have been with Jesus and Learned of him. All things Are holy because god is in All. Pennsylvania May tie As holy As Palestine. I would that it were renovated More completely. Pennsyl Aniu May be just As holy As Cauaan Ever was. Is Bristol a holy place is the place where you live in Penn Sylvania a holy place is Bucks county a holy place it May be As holy As Damaa icus. Is Jersey City a holy place turning to the it May Boas holy As Jerusalem. The place you Are now in May be the very Gate of heaven. It May he in your Fife the must holy place you have Ever known. After Reading of his search for the holy grail in Lowell s vision of Bir Lau Nettl i confess a feeling of impress Venenis As 1 ascend Tau Ualat and looked at the spot where the Hawthorne blooms at Chest Mas for there Are those that told me they had seen it Bloom at the very spot where Joseph of Arius Tabea is supposed to have carried the holy Uraj. After her Laundal s. Unsuccessful search for the holy grail he conies Back and says the grail in my Castle Heie is the sacred spot of the holy grail has never been found but the spot where we Are now is always sacred if we Only knew it. We make a mis whet we ask god to come near us. He is always us. God is Here he is everywhere and that makes this spot the very Gate of heaven to House of god. Jesus Christ takes up a permanent abode in your life driving out evil and establishing Good. It is always Inte resting to watch a group of men at work and whatever you May do i care not what it is i Tell you it la Tilly if Only Jesus Christ is attached to the Woik. I take off my hat to one digging a ditch just As Quick As to one studying latin. If the work is done right the spot where he is working will be a sacred spot. You cannot desecrate your sacred spot As Long us you do your work As god would have you do it. A that Carpenter s Bench at which Christ worked is a sacred spot. So shaggy Ilece of work Ever went out from place because the worker was holy. That is a great question with you me. Will you make the Street in which you move this afternoon a sacred place because you have been with Jesus will you make the Home in which you live a sacred spot and Here have the spirit of Christ re Iii no shall we make the place in this room where you sit where i stand he most sacred spot in our history f a Fuller vision of your duty to Jesus Christ comes into your life and you of out from Here and live the very life is enlarging its Largo incubator creasing the capacity from eggs. The incubator will put in operation next week. The 0-Ucre Trent of Laud by Lungi to Charles c. Johnson situate at Eor Ner of Fiuek Ami Mill roads in new town township has been sold by Hor Ace o. Header agent to Mahlyn b of Newton n. Possession to b Given March 1st next. Franklin Packer is visiting at he former Home in Warren county Ohio and since he has been gone his Broth has lie in attending to Bis Stock and on sunday morning when he went to the barn found two mules were Hung the slip knot doing the deed. Our town was much disturbed by the tragedy that occurred at George school of monday afternoon when a coloured Man. A former employee there came from Philadelphia and entered Tho laundry and shot one of the girls at work there and then shot i Nisei dead. The girl was taken to a hos Pital in Philadelphia in a precarious condition. Tie Newton 11 Artesian water Coro Rubiy held its annual meeting on thursday afternoon the 13th. The stockholders elected the following Ili a Clors George c. Worstell t. 8. Kii Zerdine Harry c. Worstall Edward h. Gourley Edward h. Buck Man. Louis b. Kenderdine Hanuel b. Willard. I he directors then elected the following officers president George c. Worstall vice president t. H. Kende line Secretary Harry c. Worstall mid treasurer Edward h. Gourley. On wednesday evening Edward h. Gourley entertained the directors at his Home serving a delightful dinner to them. Andalusia. Of Jesus Christ and a 1 consecrate me now lord by to thy service by the Power of Grace divine. Let my soul look up in steadfast Faith and my will be lost in shall we say that of this spot As we ill together Here this is one of the nost sacred spots you Ever sat in you will find no More sacred spot in this Nord or in any other world if the spirit of Christ becomes operative in life Here and now. Let us de Side Here and now to make our lives count for still More. If there is any such place in your lie the memory of which you do not Ike to recall won t you let them be Viper away this afternoon you tear Christ speaking i will Abund Antly Pardon you of your Sina and Iviah them from you As far As the East is from the lot him Peak to every one of us. If we have not been making sacred spots of our he and Home let us do it now. This place where you sit you and and you and you and you this Ilace is a sacred spot because Jesus signs. George Darrah now living a tac ony spent sunday Here with his parents. Nathaniel Freus is ill with what May prove to be grip contracted per haps from a thorough chilling he got on saturday on a cold trolley car. Ails Muschert was Able last week to return to her school duties and did so owing to her Mother s partial convalescence. Miss Piper also returned but has been still so ill that she could not resume her work. Her classes yester Day were taught by miss Mary Parry. Good Church Folk who recognize the lenten season will remember that sunday is a Day that sounds the first warning note of the fast approaching period of special prayer and penitential discipline. In round numbers it is the Seventieth Day he lore easter sunday. How much is it going to mean to the Reader a fire that Means considerable to patrons of our trolley line was that which completely destroyed Loder s store at the Bridge on saturday morn ing. Placed at the Junction Between the Torres Dule and Bristol division the store formed a Central Point for its characteristic business Anil for the accommodation and Comfort of waiting passengers and we should suppose that it would soon be rebuilt. We Are sorry to learn that there was one poor agonized sufferer from the fire in the horse which was stabled under the store and was burned to death. The question whether it pays to keep which is so often discussed pro and con by the villager and Dweller in the country siae seems to be in a fair Way of solution by at least one gentle can who gives some thought to it. The Rev. Or. Van meter the owner of a reasonable num Ber of hens has gotten some 400 eggs from his Stock during the first Hal of this january in spite of blizzard cold Snow and All the usual Paceoni Pani ments of the season. The reason doubtless is that be brings due care and necessary attention to the work requirements be it said for the successful carrying on of any work business or profession. The dutch at is to be the subject of or. Griffle s illustrated lecture at the King Library on next saturday evening. Brave Little Holland is the title of the lecturer s Well known Book on the like subject and us of the wide scholarship and deep sympathy which he brings to Bear upon the fascinating theme. The dutch Are a Little Folk. They have dug their native land one might Al most say out of the very heart of the sea itself but their achievements for religious and civil Liberty have Given them a name among the great nations of modern history. Our own country Ovits them a lasting debt and the Gre it Celebration in new York last fall was a notable illustration of our Apple Clation thereof. The head of attributed to Culdo Beni and brought to America by the count Giovanni be Sill Hippo has Lea ictus a Reward the readers of this paper will be pleased to that there the at feast one dreaded Elk. Ease that science he been Able to cure in All to Stigl and tint la Catarrh. Hall i Ca Arr cure Only positive euro now Nown to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a Doneane required a treatment. Huttl i Catarrh Jure in taken internally acting directly upon the blood and Muo Oua of the thereby destroy inc the foundation or he data Law and living the patient tire Ngab y Bull due up the Donatl Teflon and Mant Lantre in doing in work. The propriety Faith inti curative to Cheney a co., o. Been sold to giant no de Benec ficus wealthy contractor of Providence. It was appraised recently in Boston at uniforms were adopted by the English military organizations in the seventeenth Century. Time to act. Sold by All Twu Emter take family Pun for . Take no other. Don t wait for the fatal stage of kidney la Neu. Profit by Brit of experience. Occasional attacks of Liae Kache ii1 regular urination headaches and Dir by spells Aie common Early temp forms of kidney disorders. It s an error to neglect to Lutse ills. The attacks May pass off for a time but return with greater intensity. If there Are symptoms of swellings below the eyes bloating of limbs and or any part of the Don t delay a minute. Begin taking Doan s kidney fills and keep up the treatment until the kidneys Are Vrell when your old time health and vigor will return. Cures in Bristol prove the effective Ness of this great kidney remedy. Samuel Holt 200 Otter Street Bris pa., Bays i gladly allow the continued use of my name As a refer ence for the merits of Doan s kidney pills. Two years ago my wife gave a Public statement in their favor Tell ing of my experience with them and at this time i gladly confirm it.1 Foi Sale by All Price go cents Foster Mil bum co., Buffalo. New Kink sole agents for the United buteo. Remember the news of the county seat Spring election the aborting topic at preheat. Tickets named concern if Tomt Brit of Law yer who mar wed. Doylestown january 19, 1900. The county seat la sure suffering from an old fashioned Winter. All roads Are practically blocked and had it not been for the Spring primaries All of our neighbouring township peo ple would have been staying at Home iut As this is the last Spring election we will Ever have All of the districts want to put up a ticket and the vote that will turn out will probably be the largest that has been cast at any Spring election for Muny years. In Buckingham township the upper end Grundy s had More men out than All of the rest of the town ship put together and they controlled All of the nominations. The democrats naturally is ii reel up the activity of their opponents had an exceedingly Lively time also. In Doyles town township St Waul Pollock has to make Good in accordance with Bis recent Promise to Pete and on Katar night he engineered the caucus to that none but Good and True Grundy men were nominated and his chances for ducting them Are so that the kinship will once More fall into line and be controlled for any one the Lios Sesi name but Doylestown Borough May prove intractable. Pete was Laid up and although i Pollock attended Tho to rough caucus two nominees for jus ice of i he peace were made when Lead quarters had ordered Only one. Coroner Howard p. White however and his running mate or. Aleu Strathie Are putting up a Strong fight and Truthie May get one third As Many democrats a he loses item Hubli anus. He will probably poll the entire drug store crowd and if he believes ill they Tell him will get about All he votes polled but until he gets the rang Selth him and receives to should have first had Grundy s eur Dorsum Cut his Scalp is in danger for county chairman Sean on the quiet obis friends is predicting Tho election of Wall and no True party my will for one moment think of against Coroner White Al so expects end will get several dam Hulmeville. Rev. W. Bradley spent Monda in Philadelphia. Are Charles Auberbach spent Moi Dalu Philadelphia. Mis. Alfred Robertshaw was vis ing mrs. S. To leu on tuesday. Mrs. John pm ran of Philadelphia wan visiting her sister mrs. Ewald miss Rao Vau Degroft was upend i the week end with mrs. Joseph dive the preacher for next bunday morn ing at the m. E. Church will be m Kennet. Charles Mue Corkle spent sunday a Oak Lane visiting or. And mrs Kirk Maccorkle. Frank Schneider jr., of Trenton spent sunday with his parents m and mrs. Frank Schneider. The trolleys that run from Doyles town to Bristol were delayed Ousa urday on account of the heavy storm. Several persons from the Village tended the imn Quet of the Brothel Hood of Luo Laii Hornc m. E. Chure on thursday evening. Or. And mrs. Klaproth and Diu High Olphia or. Were i and mrs the democrats put up a Strong tic h so expects ice Titi Vot the Educ it in the first Ward their candidate or Council Harry Shepherd against Jeorge Watson is also a cow Man. Be believes in Guernsey and George s u Brill believer in the Holstein Weed and As some friends of Grundy recently invested in some of George v. Gets imported Guernsey cattle George is worried. Against Louis Lufe Grundy s personal nominee Here has been pitted a. Fries hive Roung und popular with numerous by marriage. County chair Man bean lives in the Ward and will make a special Effort Between now and Lection Day to elect the Grundy men t least although the candidacy of he Rev. Himon 8ipple, for school director it is believer will strength n the whole democratic Ward ticket. He importation of Grundy methods nto the first Ward is not at All popu Here. In the other two wards there has Jeen but Little gift Mculty although in tort will be made to Bent John g. Randall the old democratic War Lorse for Council his opponent is Inry o. Harris Trust Olla car of the Doylestown Trust company and brother in Law of j. M. James the Emo Ratic nominee for school director Wiio bus no opposition. There is practically no fight in the Bird Ward the contest for Justice f the peace seems to overshadow Var thing else there. Wall and Nightingale arc both popular. Coro or White is a worker and Strahle practically unknown except As a Misc Ian and Odd fellow but As lost of the members of Bis Lodge live outside of the town that is a poor As set to Bank on Stilt his singing May Lake him a number of Voles. We ave a deaf Home Here. Trolley at court House. Town Council has finally decided o allow the Bucks county railway to in up main Street to the court House it has added to the Grant the in Iii on that 110 freight is to be carried. The freight Grant to the rapid Trun t. Easton companies has passed second Reading but will meet with everal conditions a fore it is finally Assed one of which will be an agree ment to remove Snow from the streets a copied by the trolleys. It present Ley Are almost impassable. Another question brought before Council by on Cilman Watson was the right of Council to borrow an extra amount of Money. As matters stand at present of Urcil May borrow about live thous and dollars to carry out their plans hey need at least fifteen thousand and unless the Bristol Borough decision Nilles to All boroughs alike they ill not be Able to get it. Then there ill lie serious trouble because just As Xmas the weather permits they will Lave to erect a new Reservoir with a flute la no Money in sight or obtain ble to do it with. Many financiers ave recommended that a sinking und be started to to maintained by be surplus of water rents by Torbor ugh fathers Are too to o any Wise thing like that. A sur Lus in the Treasury frightens them and they cannot rest Well at night less they spend it. In addition to Leir other expenses there Are new reels ready to open nearly a tie state Street formerly maintained y the toy Leslow and Buckingham Turnpike company becomes the pro Jerry of the Borough this Spring and Ordinary running expenses will ave to be paid. The next Council ill have plenty of financial prob Nis to solve. Historical society meets. The Bucks county historical Sci y held its annual meeting and Section Here on tuesday. Although eneral w. W. H. Davis the found of the society bus become inca ated by age he was again elected resident with Henry c. Mercer of Oyle town and John b. Williams Solebury vice presidents. C. D. Oct kiss of the intelligencer was re eded Secretary and Warner s. Ely Barrian. The directors re elected Ere mrs. Kichard Watson and heu c. Mercer of Doylestown and Tomas c. Knowles of Yardley. What s this there is Rumor in Doylestown that least one Bristol Man knows More about than any fellow Here and that is that a prominent and promising Young attorney of our seaport town is about to patronize the marriage License office for his own personal use. If the Rumor is True he is not going to marry a Bucks county girl and even proposes to give Pennsylvania the go by and bring a Bride the Delaware River from a somewhere near Morrisville. Ter a i a of Philadelph tors at the Home of m. John Bachofer on sunday. The pavements arc still covered wit ice which makes the walking very treacherous. Most people Are Walklin in the Middle of the streets. Henry Parson a Long time resident of this place passed away sat urdu morning after a Short illness of Poueu Inonia. At this writing his wife i seriously ill. John tomlins ii of Oxford Valley while on his Way to Market Las thursday met with a severe Accident the Hulmeville Hlll being icy cause Tho Wagon to upset breaking it very badly and injuring 0111 horse. Or Tomlinson escaped Waltl out any ser ious injury. Bensalem. Or. And mrs. James Clark o Bridgewater spent Tuci Duy in Phila Delphia. Mrs. Mary Vandegrift of Frank Ford was visiting friends in edding ton recently. Mis. Storms of Andalusia was tin. Guest of some relatives in Bridge water recently. My. Kimble of Bridgewater has been quite Siek but is Ablo to lie ainu us again. There was a number of jurors Antwi for february term of court from this Section of the county. Harry Moore of Philadelphia was visiting his country residence far Ley in bring Cater recently. Miss Rachel Bartle of Bristol was the guest of miss Elizabeth Rey nolds of Bridgewater on tue Duy. An entertainment will lie Given an wednesday evening at the Edwin glow episcopal to attend. Church. All arc invited Cross Point about the Only thing to Tell you is Snow and then More Snow a Good Deal of it Baa melted but there is plenty left. Iran Advance estimate of lation of Philadelphia supervisor of the census for that d strict places the figure at or More than was shown a decade ago. The american element has done much toward the commercial activity which is now being experienced in Canada. A meeting of the republicans of this Section was held on monday evening in the y. M. C. A. Hull at Bridgewater. Mrs. Josepha who has been visiting in Maine since septem Ber has returned to her Home in Brid Gernler. The sunday school association of the Eddington presbyterian Church will meet on monday evening at the Home of Charles Wood. The Christian Endeavor meeting of the Eddington presbyterian Church was led on sunday evening by u very interesting Leader Charles Wood of Corm cells. George weaymans of Croydon has obtained a position in Broad Street station and Jasper in Ortmei of West Bristol township has taken or. Waymen s place at Coydon station. The ladies missionary society of the Eddington presbyterian Church was held at the Home of mrs. Alvin Lippincott of Cornwells. Everyone had a very enjoyable time. What might have proved a very serious affair was caused the other Day at the Home of Edward Gilbert of Cor Wells. Or. Gilbert s granddaughter Ethel went into the parlor and there under one of the chairs attempted to make a fire. Fortunately she was caught before much damage wa1 done. Or. And mrs. Eugene Lancaster of Montclair n. J., and or. Lancaster s sister mrs. Clara l. Taylor were visiting friends in Bristol last week. Mrs. Taylor expects to return to the Adirondack mountains in april where Ehe will spend the summer again having built a Beautiful Bung alow there. While or. And mrs. F. A. Simons of Cornwells. Were Sleigh ing near or. Daniel Williams Home in College Vullo on lust sunday afternoon the runner of Clarence Vansant s Sleigh caught in the car tracks upsetting the Sleigh and throwing the family of four into the Snow. As the horse took to kicking or. Simons went to their assistance leaving his horse in care of mrs. Simons who was out of the Sleigh holding Tho reins. Or. Sim on horse much frightened at the commotion became unmanageable and in turning threw mrs. Simons to the ground. It then ran to red lion inn where it waa captured and taken Caro of until Tho arrival of or. Simons. Mrs. Simons sustained a bruised ankle and shoulder. The horse while Cut in several places is not seriously injured. Many thanks Are due or. And mrs. Williams and or. And mrs. John Johnson for their Aid and hospitality to All of those concerned. Oxford Valley. C. E. Leader for next sunday even ing is mrs. B. Tomlinson. A party of Young folks from this place took a sled ride to Langhorne last saturday evening. John s. Stradling who had a tumor removed from his Back at St. Joseph s Hospital Philadelphia last week is rapidly recovering. Only eighteen persons were it the Chapel last Bundy afternoon to hear Hev. B. F. Paist preach. Those who lived off the main Road were snowed in. On thursday afternoon of last week John Tomlinson Accident on Hulin Evillo Hill. He was on his Way to Market with a Load of potatoes and the Back of the Wagon Slid around of the ice and catching on the Snow at the Side of the Roud the Wagon turned Over on the Homes. Or. Tom Linson escaped injury. One horse was badly Hurt but not fatally. A galvanic cell has been invented which generates an alternating cur rent. If you had a neck As Long As this fellow and Nad sore Throat itch to Siline Mio 01 wit he it. Of Elliot. For Wal. Romilio co. A Fred Hpe Chc is suit i Liui from Rheu Nat Sui. Miss Elizabeth Nelson of Phil ii Delphia has been visiting her parents. Miss Lucille Llu Throp of i Lilly Delphia has been visiting miss ill h. Ridge. Or. And mrs. Cooper of Philomel Pula were recent guests of mrs. How Ard Leif Snyder. Clifford c. Biggs has been unable to attend to business for a few Ngue. This is or. Tope s first a Leur auce in longhorn and the Public s cordially invited to hear this Tulen de speaker. The num Itil Clellion of lie Hank resulted in a re election or All the Jere president Henry i. We own president Henry Palmer i Henry Pairy Alfred Marshall Lenry Sla Ekhouse or. Henry Lovett huge hand Horace Mitchell Edward Natson. The same business lung Cinell ill be retained in Slider Horace Mik Hel paying and Hecels no Teller Lissell Clayton Book keeper Lily h. Hidge. At the annual meeting of the Shure a olders of the Langhorne Library re ulsted in a re election of the Lucers Vith the exception of u vacancy by he resignation of mrs. Joseph Lisher cd mrs. Henry Lovett i icing elected o ill her place. The Board includes resident Edward Palmer Secretary Sara e. Allen treasurer Charles Vildman directors mrs. M. Harvey Vius miss Rachel child miss Esther ustice mrs. Henry Lovett mrs. B. Mrs. Khz Kiel l. Pryor. Number one Frank it Dan he Shure holders now ii indred. The Farmei of this county will be interested to learn that there will be Leld this Yeai a series of Farmers institutes. The one held in Langhorne will be february 2 and 3d, in the i. O. O. F. Hull. Sessions february a 1.30 p. In and 7.30 p. M february 3d, 30 a. In., p. M. And .30 p. M. The will be of our local men Samuel c. Exist Burn ind George l. Norman. The others Hlll be of the Stute Board f. W. Card l. W. Lightly f. H. Fossett a. Kahler and k. A. Row. All sessions freehand open to All. Eden. Walter Smith of Brooklyn is a 1s Tor at the Home of Charles Baum. Miss Eleanor Baum is visiting her ister mrs. Henry Fryberg at Llan Rich. Or. And mrs. William Mcdowell ire receiving congratulations upon he birth of a son. John Webber of Reading was a re ent guest at the Home of or. And mis. John Daniels. Miss Eida Schatt of Hulme Viljac As taken a clerical position in the Ore of George w. Brelsford. Miss Gertrude Lentz of Philadel Hla was a recent guest at the Home f her grandmother mrs. Elizabeth Lentz. Mrs. Elizabeth Tuttle has returned o her Home in Newark after Sii Enil no some time at the Homo of or. And mrs. John Daniels. S. Ii. King and wife have Beci Visi Liivik their win John and his Faiu by in new Brunswick n. Rev. O. Randall will preach ii Tho ii. K. Church next Sundas morning at 10.80 o clock and at eni Hie in the evening at 7.80. Tho adult Bible class of the m. E sunday school continues to grow As does the entire i shool last Sun Oak s school numbered ninety live standing the bad walking. A Nina Sunn Mii Lii 1 will lie Ziehl by the members and friends of tin methodist Okpik Opul Church on tues Day evening january a Large number of invitations have been Neil out. The affair will lie held in the basement of the Church. Both the republicans and the democrats have selected thursday evening of this week on which to hold Thor Waii Eues. There is a feeling in the minds of Many of our Best citizens that much Hettie results soul lie obtained if we should have a Ell bin s ticket inn de up of re present Athes from both part Lex. While working on a height pull Nam at Bristol station me Day last week to Coile Hunting a Carpenter of this town Misti Alneil the fru Cleiv of i right Shillal line Lillta two ill to thrown from the o the ground the us ult of us. Sudden giving Way of the mils in a plunk which or. Itutti in and others were prying up. Lie in Fuhl comfortable til this willing. Pall Smyton. Lilu Johnson was on Itic Shu list last week. Leon b. Sickles has retained from i visit to Juliois a. Services were again hell in the rectory on sunday As the he Filer is not yet fixed. Or. Ami mix William Al Pimin of new urn were re enl guests at cd Ward crop kale h. Rev. Or. Book a Nimer mini Lei if the m. E. Chinch holt1, uus no old friends monday. Or. Henderson of the Ca Iliili Llllian school was in Len last week looking a Frei the interest of the Indian boys in oils Vicinity Tho Republican Pii Nuiry meeting held us Whu Hucul on afternoon. As the Wei in bail condition tie Nui Liei of Voles polled were Small. While helping Mulson Satterly Huile fill Lee House from Shull s Pond Al Perl Comfort fell into tie icy water. He managed to get out and wrapping himself in a horse Blanket started ionic a distance of two Miles. Sixteen of lilo salesmen and fore Lien of the William h. Moon Nursery a. Had a Linn Quet thursday evening .1 Hil Debreto s Rod rambler room Vest state Street Trenton. The guest f Honor was William 11. Moon sr., Icin Mcrand founder of the Linn. At of William Loon gave a Short address thanking Jis employees Foi their faithful service and partly reviewing the history of lie Linn since its Start in ism with Wenty acres. At present 4110 acres Are Ulli Vatch. An lecture was so Given Liy Henry Moon showing lews of european und american in Sei ies. Penns Manor. A meeting of the Otilli Itil Hoard of to Church was held in the Chupco on tuesday evening. Andrew Heil no of Fiill Kinglon Vas a alb Tor at Lake View on cd mesday of last week. John Heiny of Tullytown and Kors. P. H. Brick Elmizer of nework called on Samuel Henry lost sunday. We regret to state that mrs. Goorge taker whose improved condition aus cd so much rejoicing among Many rinds is again confined to her bed Vilh rheumatism. Or. And mrs. William c. Mar lion Ilia pcs Veranka Burek Irene Eleanor my Mary and Harrison i Turshon enjoyed a Sleigh ride to mor is Villa last sunday and called on to. And mrs. Frank k. Mershon. Rev. John Kirton Al Lent Tim to Wake up. Our schools generally still Homo a Long Long Way from meeting the needs of the Cal client an they Are they have not kept up with the Pace of modern Frog Kwh Aro still actuated by the old medieval that literary education in Thi whole thing they Ivo not vet in come fully aroused to Tho fact that Only one Perron ont of a Hundred say needs a literary education while All the rest need training in Homo practical Ait or Industry. Foi example the Washington schools Are counted among the most advanced la the country yet know of a eth Grade teacher who this u Oik assigned As n task for her boys and girls the n riling of a fairy Story from their own imagination Oil a Ball Given by the now imagine a Normal Active Manly in the nil Grade getting Down to writing a Story on Mien a subject us thin. Our schools require a heroic pruning not Only of Tho a link twigs la the shape of fads but of that a new growth better adapt ill to bring Forth fruits can be Al Lowed practical training made to lit the actual Hoy and Tho actual girl must in Tho object Ami purpose of Hie new education Tho indent thai education i ii hosts in drumming literary refine ments into Ned Lenaiy workaday Heads Mii to lie utterly Easl off and a new must Ito taken up. I Miyono Knous that All the Willy in life which cull for Oliene late i Hittiii innels Are Honcle two in while there in an insistent Ami demand for men Ami Wom i n of practical Abl Utlex to Eurry on lilo productive Woik of tin world. N heaven s name let us give our Lii Drici educations trial will Oil p Ahcin for Tho real work of life. In Force our schools to Tun out funnels dairymen fruit raisers Foi
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