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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 9 1890, Page 4

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - January 9, 1890, Bristol, PennsylvaniaWoman my Home. Present and future women s exchanges. Twila Milody it Oriental pm Iroil Erlot ill of information a boo in a Gimp Uto mond necklace. Save for those moot directly interested Liere la atoll Only the rag Noat idea us to to real work by women s sex Btu Ign. The casual entering Onemo Tho Flat time in every direction in arcs of ornamental work from a decorated Roll ing pin up loan much of it in Dutiful Ami Worth Tho Price asked but every Tronn with Leisure sex Periu Feuu More or Lew in precisely the same and every House in already Over loaded with their Ono questions la going to buy and if this in All that the new outlet Luu for women. Often it Hap pens that the inquirer stops right Here and Gow Home with the conviction that women a exchanges Are simply Antolic a Means for the of Bric a Brac already an Over whelming fact in All our liven and that sup ire Wisori Rattler than encouragement Slio ulc to the order of i int. Certainly the apply of thin variety of work far exceeds the demand though even hero Tho highest excellence in Dox Ign and Workman Iship is almost certain of encourage ment and Reward. Hut thin is ail the Annall cult part of Tho work of a prosperous Exchange. It is Tho order department that is the real source of income and the display of and substantial of every variety. There in a Supply of delicate cake pastry Rolla Etc., Vik Ildo All but tills a Tho Mere augg stun of what is actually received and delivered. Ono woman for example con Noimie nent in the form of Jelly and ready to melt and Servo. This is a soup apparently beyond the Power of Tho Ordinary Cook to Compass and there Are Many House keepers who prefer to buy this product which has proved itself absolutely certain in Quantity to venturing upon Experiment at Homo. Even Tho professional Cook of ten lacks a some thing that is found in Tho work of these women who Supply through exchanges. With brains said Joshua Rey nolds when asked with what he mixed his colors and it is just As True that the food into whose composition brains have entered Lias a flavor a delicacy above All an in varying Standard that no average Cook Ever attains. It takes a Little time to secure this result but it comes before Long to every successful worker in this Field. I another fart his no less bearing upon Tho Success of such an undertaking. Preparation in Small quantities a liner and Moro satisfactory result than is Ever possible in larger amounts. For Tho occult reasons for this there is no room though to All know the magic in the words hand Mao and have perhaps discovered by experience that where a double or treble Quantity of any form of food is required it is always Best to Inako the single Rulo several times rather thin take the whole bulk of material. The exchanges have All been demonstrators of the fact and thus the housekeeper who has once tested their work shuns Tho Groat Baker ios oven those of highest reputation an pays gladly the added Price for the mor delicate handling. 1 the restaurant department has shown it self As one of the most important at least in ils possibilities. Not Only unsold food can Law utilized but wherever established it has been shown that tinder Wise management the restaurant pays and incomes popular Ono diff Mculty has been in Tho o those in charge and thus a sense that Tho least was Given that could be called i Money s Worth. Hut this phase natural in beginning unfamiliar work has ended after Little experience and the sharpest critic could not now find fault with Tho amount served at any Woll known woman s Exchange. Why have we been so slow to see their writes one of Tho contribute of Good housekeeping. If they Are so use Ful method of helping the litter class of women who must earn Why has not every pity More than one and Why is there con Stant suspicion of favouritism of this is a popular question and a popular accusation. Inquiry and observation have both been brought to linear and so far As indications go one lie Romes tolerably certain that both Are very Likely to come from those who Havo done Imp perfect work and been indignant it its rejection. Favouritism some times shows itself for the managers Aro human and May lie at times biased by personal preferences. But As a whole Liere is singular fairness. The work is much of it voluntary though the larger ones Aro finding it Well to Good salaries to competent managers. The idea has spread so insensibly and is still surrounded by so much question and uncertainty not in actual fact but in the minds of those unfamiliar with Tho Workings of of changes in general that it is not regarded As possible that every town of any size could support in Groat part at least Trio contributors to such an Camp Bell in Good housekeeping. It was not. What s one Man s meat is an other Man s Poison to paraphrased what s one woman s loveliness is another ugliness " Paris Cor. London truth. It ii u Good habit. Without wishing to be Slang i May say that there is Ono thing i am tired of. I am tired of hearing men eternally say that Tho first thing a woman roads in Tho newspaper is the deaths and afterwards the marriages. I Don t mean to deny glory in it. Your masculine creature Donees Over to the Page with the stocks on reads about Chicago Gas then revels in the development of the latest murders or scandals but Lovely woman glances at the marriages indulges in a chuckle Delight As she reads of some Happy mating then goes on Down to the deaths and gives a Low sigh of sympathy for each unhappy Mother wife or child. 6he says of dear me poor or. Brown s and hard hearted creature with his mind fixed on Chicago very nonchalantly of is be i wonder what he Cut up by this time mrs. Tom s off at her desk writing a note of condolence or if her acquaintance with the family is enough to permit it she has on her Bonnet and coat and has gone up to see if there is anything she can do beside tendering the hand of sympathy to those who Are in Sor Row. I want the women to keep on Reading the marriages and deaths first for just As Long As they do it is a proof of the truly feminine remaining in truly feminine which wants to congratulate the Bride or sympathize with Tho in Philadelphia tunes. Forehead i hear that an attack is being made in in Dou upon curled forehead fringes in which Way hair is some times dressed. The fringes Are denounced i also hear by some of those ladies who would stamp butterflies and Flowers out of creation. I have been asked my opinion on this great fringe ques Tion. My answer u that one must follow the physiognomy and general style of dress in arranging Tho hair. A curled fringe with a tailor Bat and tailor made yachting dress and exposed to sea Spray would be unsuitable. But it would be quite suitable with a Broad if Bat worn on the Back of the head or with a wee Duck of a Bonnet running up into a to darkling Augrette and perched on the top of head. A tousled fringe would destroy the repose which the sculptor of the Venus of Milo wanted to express in her face and whole form. But it would be just the thing for a minors Chiffon nce without much of a nose piquant Cherry lips dancing eyes and a Fig ure hardly More substantial than a Bird s. The Queen As a Young girl looked Best in Madonna bands. Mrs. Browning who had n Mobile countenance that expressed every emotion and a Radiant physiognomy was delightful with a Bunzli of Corkscrew ring lets falling at each Ilde of her neck. The Kopren Eugenie s Long regular features and rather poor forehead obliged her coif Feur to raise her hair up and to Brush it Back from her temples. On the other hand the original physiognomy of the Empress of Austria was Mast at Tractive when she let her hair fall Over her shoulders in Mermaid fashion. Mme. Tallien was delightful with her hair Cut Aud curled a la Titus. She chose this Mode because it suited few faces and was sure to com Briand attention in a room where directory in duties were legion. Sarah Bernhardt s Swallow s nest wig Sarah alone could Wear. If and the wig had not been so Odd the Emit Mutt have been frightful somehow Milody of without going so far is to say that every article of a Man s apparel ought to be Wool in it an undisputed fact that this material h the Best suited for underclothing either in Winter or summer. And Tiro reasons Are not f in to seek. Neither Linen nor Cotton is capable protecting the body from external heat in Tho summer nor of conserving the warmth of the body in Winter because being Good conductors of heat they allow it to permeate. Wool on the other hand a non conductor end there is Little doubt that the death rate in this country would be greatly reduced and the wards of the hospitals for disease of Thoc bust less crowded were Woolen garments t be worn by Young and old. But to parody the words of an indent advertisement when to ask for Wool to should Sec that to get it. Two kinds of articles will be placed on the counter before the intending cheap and a dear. The latter however will be the cheaper in Tho Long run for ten to one the former is a Well put to mixture of Cotton and Wool. It is easy Tii show any Ono How to toll such a mixture at a glance almost but gift Lault to describe on Pipor so the nov ice in this matter should take some one with him or her when going to shop and should a fair Price and Deal Only with respectable tradesmen. Beware of wearing dyed flannels next the is in. I know there is a great run on red but this color is just As Likely to contain Poison Ous matter As any other. Silk for the under game ends of men with tender skins has much recommend it though it takes but second to Wool. Then in Point of coid resist Inz qualities comes Morino. This May be worn next the skin by men wearing Tho time ignored Linen shirt. Tho quador Vest or sem Mot must not Law of dyed material. Another thing May Law said in favor of v Olori keeps up the health us action of Tho skin far better than any other material Illyn about Ilonne. Tall thin women should never Wear High Arrow bonnets but seek always shapes Hsioh tend to soften hard or angular lines. Or such Low turban effects Are most Grace us and becoming and concessions to prevail no styles May to studied in arrangement of rimming for which the velvet leaves and Owers now so fashionable arc especially de arable. Jarge faces look coarse under Largo anal a Jar very Small hats and women with such sex k Best in bonnets which follow in shape v outline of the head. The Gwendolene and the Helens always of attractive in Tho picturesque Glo Ingbor but they must guard against indulging u styles which Are at Best appropriate Only n rare occasions. For Riding modified Ormson the most incoming style May be adopted but ordinarily refined take demands in Kun Itell or medium sized hat. The pretty girls who look pretty in any Ling and in Spito of everything make an sex to All rules but few faces Are in de de Dent of Tho influence a Milliner s Art can wild. The soft effect produced by the present fashion of trimming with Ostrich bands and tips is very becoming to Youthful faces and the Jaunty wings bound together by fashion in myriads Are Graceful coronets for not too stately Queens. Honnors made altogether of Flowers Are Lovely for All but mature faces and the velvet which divides favor the present season with fell is becoming to All years and in Rich embroidered designs especially suited to the Youthful Matron. Indeed such variety in style and material is shown that one Only needs Wisdom in Choice to become posses Sor of a congenial love of either a Bonnet or Rose As it reached the Wall an Ordinary room a similar Experiment with a piece of Thistle Down will indicate the usual direction of Tho air co Tumea Worth . Hiss Maliel Jenness Whoso sister is mrs. Anna Jenness Miller of divided skirt and All around dress Reform Fame lectured to some 150 ladies and a half dozen gentlemen at the Church of our father on physical develop ment and dress Reform. Tho handsome Loc Turess wore Over a thousand dollars Worth of dress during her lecture making a dozen or so changes of costume. She first appeared on the platform wont to be occupied by the preacher s pulpit in a just awfully fetching chamber Robe in which she went through a series of Tho calisthenic that May perhaps account for miss Jenness wonderfully Fine shoulders and arms. She talked a few minutes in a very pleas ing conversational Way about this dress and the calisthenic and then went Back in the Little room behind the pulpit and stood of a Sheet spread on Tho floor while changed her dress for a Street costume in which miss Jenness told her auditors the proper Way to walk. Another change and she revealed Moro of Hor Superb neck and arms to the ladies in an evening dress. The ladies in the audience asked questions of All sorts about How dresses were Mode to look so Well and fit so snugly without certain articles of apparel that miss Jon Ness does not approve and she told them. The lecturer s movements in All of the dozen different cos Tumos she appeared in during the evening wore wonderfully from and blithely Washington Post. The Why of the tear. Persons who Are in tie habit of being upon Tho Broadway promenade cannot foil to have noticed the great number of persian Lamb skin capes worn by fashionably dressed women nor can they have failed to notice that a very Largo proportion of them have tears in them Tho three cornered pieces bang ing Down and disclosing the skin of the fur. The number of coincidences of this sort have frequently caused comment but it was Only the other Day that a times reporter Over heard an explanatory conversation regarding this fashionable tear in one of the big dry goods stores. A lady wearing Ono of these torn capes was accosted by another who said i beg your Pardon Madam your Cape is torn and should it catch in a projection the result would be ruin to your of that is was Tho response. I did that on May 1 inquire certainly. You see there Are so Many imitations of this skin now that no one can Tell Tho difference at a glance until the skin of Tho Capo is disclosed. So you see i Tore that is Why it is the proper thing to Wear a ragged shoulder York times. Antique Oriental embroideries. The Gem of a collection of antique chinese embroideries is an exquisite Robe bearing tha Imp serial or five clawed Davajon with the usual wave Border at Tho Bottom but the Robo itself is an intricate mass of the finest silk embroidery on a Brown ground Tho blending of the colors and the proportion of Gold being far More perfect than to Are accustomed to in chinese embroideries in which gorgeous effects and masses of glitter ing Metal Aro aimed at. Another Beautiful composition in color is in a Robo of Gold embroidery on a Rich Gold coloured Satin shot with red or rather manufactured with red at the Back which gives a tone to the Satin. With Tho Metal work which is unusually Flo is a design in blues and greens eminently Beautiful. A japanese lady s Robe which funds a place Here is exquisite of its kind and specially interesting As showing the different methods of Tho two countries. This is on figured Satin of old Gold tint on which a design of Wistaria Lias been extracted leaving it White or it May be that Tho pattern has been printed in Wax before the Satin was dyed so As to pro Duce the Samo effect. The foliage is then tainted in with Low toned greens and the Lowers on upper portion of Tho Robo embroidered in silk on Tho whole of the lower ortion Tho Flowers Aro loft White. Hero and Liero slight indications of a Treluis in Flo old Laid work enriches Tho general effect without making it heavy. Nothing Moro Jeri it than Tho colouring or More Graceful Lian Tho design can be York Telegram. A Diamond necklace. A very wealthy Man gave to Hui wife some rears since a Diamond necklace which Cost him in Paris. Hit brother under Peculiar circumstances defaulted. The family was in unspeakable Tho great corporation Whoso assets he lad made Way with was quite willing to com Promise Tho felony if it could be recouped ecu Clarily taking her Diamond necklace to world renowned establishment she asked or How much it could is duplicated in paste and was told that for u necklace also utely a reproduction absolutely in detect in save by expert tests could be made in ret months time. It was ordered paid or to original was sold the brother was saved. Shortly after that or perhaps a few years hereafter this lady who was in what our Onk Typo varies Call High is she was a Charity Ball. Sitting i her Box resplendent in costume inn Nill ent in tasteful decoration her necklace so far outshone Tho jewels of her friends and neighbors As to to included in reportorial description Tho following Day in the chief Papoi of the City. But it was paste All the Samo. Tin necklace was famous. Everybody in her set knew she owned it. Her friends congratulated Hor on its posses Sion and her critics envied her the Samo. Never mind How the Story came out it did come but not until after husband s death when whispers circulated through her Circle until almost upon the verge of de Spair Sho wont again to the great concern. Unfortunately the necklace had been broken up an j could not to reproduced hero for any thing like the sum it Cost in Paris. Nevertheless a duplicate was ordered and for years thereafter was worn Over a breast that beat York press. Position of sleds. Possibly the attention of very few mothers Lii in directed to the importance of Tho Bojil. Of their children s Beds. With cer Tain orderly careful mothers a Small Alcove adjoining their sleeping room is generally considered suitable leaving the main room so much Freer for other uses. But to what Fate Are we consigning our child when to exile him to the Alcove Here lurks All the stale vitiated or As we might say dead air undisturbed by the Freer current of the main room. The child breathing this air night after night experiences a loss of vitality a tendency to colds and a languid depressed condition in the morning quite different from the refreshed Awakening in pure air. It Lias been demonstrated that the Beds nearest the Walls in hospitals have the High est rate of mortality they being subject to influence of polluted air similar to tie Alcove of the bedroom. The existence of bad Venti lation around the Corners and i Les of rooms has been so Well demonstrated that it has Al ready Given Riso to the building of Rotunda hospitals where the current of air along Tho floors rises As it reaches the Wall effectually ventilating the whole. The first suggestion of this idea came from the dropping of a first. Miss Frances e. Willard says concerning the higher education of woman if to take up the classics she must Lay Down the dust Brush and Broom if while her mini Bright ens her manners rust if a taste for Homer is incompatible with a taste for Home if in Flo she must put Oil the Crown of womanly Ness Ere Sho can wreathe her brow with laurels of scholarship then for Tho Sake of dear humanity lot her fling away the laurels that she May keep the Crown. She must gain without losing or till is lost. To this her motto Woma Liness firsts afterword what you will " a generous giver. It is Al ways a pleasure to refer to the kindly acts of Tho wealthy women of new York City. One of Tho most generous of those givers is mrs. Elliott f. Shepard. She has recently provided the moans for Tho erection of a woman s lodging House in this City. The building will Cost and will have eighty five sleeping rooms a restaurant lors and offices for the Benefit of poor Young women strangers in Tho City who need Protection and a Home. Such benefactions Are a Crown of glory to those who devise them. Newspaper. To Montana Oregon and Washington. If you Aie Goine West Bear in mind the following the Northern Pacific rail Road owns Aud operates 987 Miles or 57 per cent of the pm ire Railroad in ii age of Ana spans tie ten Ilois Wilh its main line Iron East i i St is the Sli Oit line to tin Only Pullman dining car line to Ujiie and is the Only line that reaches Miles cily Hillings Jiroz Etuati Missoula the Yellowstone National Park and in fact nine tenths of the cities and Points of interest in the territory. The Northern Pacific owns Anil Opu Rati s021 Miles 01 co cent if tie Railroad mileage of Washington ils main line extending fro i the Idaho line via Spokane Falls Cheney Sprague Yak Iliia Anil ellens narc thin ugh the ruler Teri itchy to Tacoma and and 1 join Tacoma to port Mil. No other Tia is confine Neal Ilu Otish rail 1-ne reaches any Bonim washing on territory. Ten Days of clip Over univ Iltgen Aie Eisimi on Noi Hern Pacific second cuss lick is at Spokane i1 Nils and All pits West intending Sellers an i i Ellen Opportunity to ice entire ten dior Uit Lionil incurring the expense local fares from Point to Point. J lie n is the shortest route from St. Paul to Tacoma try 207 Miles to Seattle by 177 Milts and to poit Laid by 324 Slio iter varying Sioui one to two Days according Lei Destina Tion. No other line Fiou St. Paul or min Neapolis runs through passenger cars of any kind into Idaho Oregon or Washington. In Addil Irin to living he Only rail Lino Spokane Falls Tacoma and Seattle the Northern Pacific readies All Points in Nuri Lierni Minnesota mid Dacula Montana Idaho Orison and Washington. Hear in mind Ihal Northern Pacific and Shasta line is the famous Scenic route to All Points in California. Send for illustrate pamphlets maps and Hooks giving you a Xiuhe in Orin Aimini Hile if Frt Nice Kiihne county traversed he this great. Due from St. Paul Minneapolis Duluth and Ashland to Portland Oregon air Tacoma ind Seattle Washington territory Ai d enclose Stamps for new 18sd hand Mcnally county map of Washington Tui toy punted in colors. Address your nearest ticket or has. S. Fee Genera 1 As Sciuti and ticket agent St. Paul Minn. New York Tribune for 1890. New features. A Brilliant year ahead. Dorling 1890, the new York Tribune will he fr.1 5 Ernle More Lively fresh Anil reliable than Ever before Hihl Lerv Anion the during 911 will be principles of Hus new a Mallun Kuro Jiromi Post Lealjr. Bestrick Loii Folrn John or. Of an Albert curl fun. Temperance among Ger a nun View. Judge Toni Rffie tin Coli he Tiu a h. O. T. Itch old Tim ail Nalii ol1 trusts tin Synill Salar ies of country it m of Nevada unlimited Silver inuit Hilt a on men of tie Hyvo knee Field mormon question Elmau Success and failure among business me the new no Landon to Day Bishop c. Patler. Rural Force Mienl of City population leu. W. Cable in some strange lion in tie b Murm till i. Walt Tor humor of England Anil of Henry w. Firmly of the Atlanta Cuil Titu Lor capita in the new i. C. Kimmell United states zoological sur highest peaks of the United states w. M. Uri Venor Gold and Silver As Jyro Flors. 1890. Harper s Magazine. Illustrated. I v am w. will contribute a n in Kan i in papers rent. Interest Ami i Motev. Kindly . Public household Scie can pronunciation. Vrat. William Popper president of Una vers Tyor Pennsylvania a College Clui Allon what is Hurt for those who cannot r t. Bench. Slayer of 430 other contributors will lie announced Here Ilter. Llie articles will Cost Many thousands or dollars and appear in the Tribune Only. Soldiers stories. The Tribune will also print in addition to its regular g. A. It and s. Of v. Page a number of Gnu ruining stories of actual in the not less Linn join number each a Page of j he Tribune in length by privates Anil of slicers in the Union of a rank not higher than that of veterans Are invited to contribute til ills erics of storks. Every tale accepted will 16 paid Lor at regular newspaper rates. Prizes in Naso win Anil will be pail for the bunt Siree. A might Yipu must be enclosed to tie irl Bune new Ami inscribed soldiers papers on farming. In addition to our regular and extremely department two pages a Ibe Tribune will print a number of lung Ami carefully prepared Art Cleson particular lira Nuli f of farming written by practical experts. Farmers who want to make Money out of to their farms must read these special disc Sions in the Tribune. Tie bust Tribune Jivko skin will to supplied to readers during the coming year. A Large number of desirable and novel premiums Aie added to our list and they Aie Olte Reu at terms which will enable our leaders to obtain them practically at wholesale rates. Send 2 Cunt stain for our 20 Page catalogue. Valuable prizes. Harper s periodicals per year Harper s Magazine.s4 00 Harp or s weekly. 4 of a Lipkus a Bazar. 4 Harper s Young people. 2 to pos Latic Fri Fla All Saim Rila is in Tler Ca or the volumes of the Mao Axim begin with the Lor june Ami dece bit of each Vear when no tune in a will1 of order receipt bound volumes of a Juir i s Malax if for Thiee years Back in neat cloth , to l i receipt of i per june Hso one vol t. W. C. J. Oamil retail dealer in brands of tobacco cigars snuff no o Mill St., Bristol pa., we Are in uak Kun sign mini or to ill for foil Lluvia Al. Ilehr u i Kohanan a l Ini hint out Tutor rim. And other i Randof baud in Large Avoil Clia in c us Low. Out he e l Are not to Hitt of liar Trnini . Eclectic Magazine Oil rat to lie h wife. What might be termed an Earnest recommendation of a Young woman As housekeeper is that of an English Clergyman published in the Oxford guardian a Bee fixed clergy Man can conscientiously recommend a voting lady Between 23 an j 24, As a Superior House keeper. She possesses rare qualifications being domesticated Anil accomplished. She can play and sing and knows practically How to Cook a Nice dinner with Economy and punctuality plays the harmonium at Church with much taste and can sing any difficult music at sight. Is an Early Riser. Knows How to drive. Sho is Nice looking Bright and cheerful no gossiped highly intellectual but unassuming Quick correspondent and a Good grammarian. A brother Clergyman or an influential Layman or a lady in need of a confidential companionable housekeeper would not be disappointed. Her command ing presence and modest attractive Demeanour appreciated by Rich and poor. She has now Twenty Flo guineas a year and deserves Moro. A native of Surrey and of a Respecta ble family. Satisfactory reference to a county magistrate and his wife. Address Rector of fevers congestion. Inflammation. Worm fever worm Colic off i Falita of children or adult Terri griping bilious Colic. Leu Ralgin vertigo Lye Opalat bilious stomach. 1 Suup redhed or painful Whites too profuse periods. The _ fever ind a Irne piles Blind or Catarrh influenza cold in the head whooping violent coughs. General Kurtney disease., nervous urinary weaken wet tank bed. Diseases of 1, Isoo. I it. Sold by druggists or sent postpaid on receipt of Price. A. Hitup obeys manual 144 pages richly bound in Eloth and Gold mailed hum Perryn 0.109 Fulton St. N y. Specifics. What if ant in my weekly paper i want _ a reliable paper that i can s i want safely take into my family a caper which re presenta High id i want s the latest Home k i want Vellable latest foreign sews. The Latt Tat political new Cive Hie women a fair Chance. It is a Good thing Good for them Good for organized society and Good for the country thut our men shall be liberally educated it is equally Good that women the mothers of them and Tho trainers of their infancy the molders of their character shall be Wise As they Are Good says the Philadelphia Ledger. If education meant no More than equipping a Man or woman for practical Pursuit in life it should still be As open to the latter As to the former. But it Means a great Deal More than that generally it Means a common broadening elevating and liberalizing of the Milij a strengthening of the character an expansion of the possessor s capabilities of usefulness in circles Small or great. When it is considered what beneficial things women have wrought in the world what they have done in science Art and literature in religion and politics even though debarred from the a Miglior education of the great schools it can readily be believed thai if the bars were re moved the achievements of women in All paths which they could tread with dignity would to equal to those of men. Liable Market report. Vellable quotations of farm products. Stock Market., financial Seul ble and Leano Nable Eliut Oralu moral Lucr Toni tie Cream of the Best editorials Small piece of paper near the Center of a Rotunda where it skimmed along tie floor us my. Tohl Nej i fire screen. The leather screen which lira. Whitney Lias in the dining room of her fifty seventh mansion is probably one of the finest examples of its sort to be found in the coun try. It was made to order from a piece of genuine old illuminated leather of a past and gone Century. Figure paintings of the same Era showing men and women in quaint costumes Are got in the leaves and the Borders Are Relief work quite elaborate in York letter. Good Reua Bli farm and Dardan articles i want written or practical men. To Knoner some Thinz of the Home life of the american people and of their i want to noughts and experiences meant Noral stories for the Young people that the children Mer loot for tie paper 1want they do f or Friend. V stories of intermit As elder Tor we of like our Houn of Lemure. Thi8 18 what i Don t want i Dox t want Long padded news the padding does t add to the value i Don t want ame to fierce one sided Edl Toring written by special plead Fri who can Nee nothing Good in any tide but their own. Now what paper will fill the Bill we answer the new York weekly witness eve by time. Lyon Var a. Tace a rims is Jurt them wires Sturmer Bon j in Mer Ebinte country for Farmers farm. Dang in coun Blackim lib foreign Magazine embody the to thoughts of the Ablest writers of Europe. It thu aim of the Elk ctr a Raziuk to select Ai reprint these articles. The plan of the Eclectic includes science Tissys reviews biographical sketches historical papers Art Els poetry. And Short stories from Aiesi in the . The following Are the names of some of the leading authors whose articles appear in the pages of the electric. Autho11s lit. Hon. W. E. Gladstone All Reil Tennyson professor Huxley professor Tyndall w. H. Mullock j. Nun iian Lockyer f. It. S. K. A. Freeman c. L. K. H. Tyler prof. Majc Muller Trot. Owen t Lenry j Alne James Anthony Fronde Hughes Algernon c Swinburne William Nick. Mrs. No infant. Candinal Newman Cardinal Manning miss Thackeray. Thomas Hardy Polit. Buchanan Etc. Etc. The Eclectic enables the american Reader to keep himself informed on the great questions of the Day throughout the world and no Intelli gent american can afford to be without it. The Eclectic comprises each year two Large volumes of Over Noi panes. Kach of these vol Umes contains a Fine steel engraving which adds Mucu to the attraction of the Magazine. Single copies 45 cents one copy one year five copies trial subscriptions for three months the Eclectic Anil any Magazine e. R. Pelton publisher 2o Bond Street new York scientific american Al s to blushed 1815. The oldest and Moat popular scientific and mechanical paper Publ lived and he the Garaett circulation of and paper of it clan in the world. Fully illustrated. Beit Clu of Wood Engrav be dlr. Send for specimen address Iizaki York. 1890. Harper s Bazar. Llali Kurt Bazak is a journal Lor the lioini1. Civ no the informal Lon wit i regard to the i is Loiis Lami Iun plates Iii iia Tiberii Sheet supplements arc alike Lottie Home Wilress maker and Hie Prolow Oliai in Liste. Is making us artistic attractiveness of the highest order la Clever Shori stories parlor plays and satisfy All tastes Iii Rigi Lam is Laniuli us a budget of a land Iii dior. N its weekly issues everything is included hindi of interest to women. Dining is Lull Lulli Ink ill Lii Olizi Istina to cilium Ilku Nick and Mahvi Lowb Iii Kinkin will ively Lunn Sli Asen Enof r person tie Daugh Ter three meals n Ami i inc woman of the Tim serial novels will be written by Walter a mint and k. W. Rubinson. Harper s periodicals per Vear his pkg s of Haupu Samoa Kink. 4 00 Itah Pek s a Kuklo. 4 00 Hak Peu s Vouno people. On i m la All subs i lift a he in u it male a Biaua or tiie volumes of tie Kazau Virgi Neitli tiie Urs isum Bei Lor ol1 each Vear. When n time is Macii Tionel Sulim rain Imus will begin Wii the number Chin evil at Limo of receipt of order. Bound Volin Musof hair pkg h Huzau for three years Back in cloth binding will be sen b mail postage paid or by Fine of expense provided Llie freight does not exceed Ono Holla per of per volume. Cloth cases for each volume suitable for bind ing will he sent by nil Post paid on re help Otoo each. Kemit Tancos Sli Ouhl be made Post Olla cd Honey order or unit to avoid chalice of loss. not in is with out the order of Haiti ick limn Kiim. Address Luot Mikits new York the times in him huh a u my pm july in Jamisy Evju lit in Tim Tih hindi of my mimic ill Hselm m Imell of 1u integrity. Yunim Utu pour for Wiiri Industry Ami it known no Patty 01 mall ill itch Elhiu c Iii i Hiilis Kimic in Mii l. I the undid pm ill butt he inc to i Mumy it my Gen eral . The news of the world. 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