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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 9 1890, Page 2

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - January 9, 1890, Bristol, PennsylvaniaIt Bucks Mountj facile Jesse o. Thomas. Editor. Contrail Llau Clim and Waldt St to Akkad Kab and co Luiks on uksts the will Bis pleased to Rocalve at Al imm current however cannot be nit tired. In All Euen Liq write n mime i re for publication an guarantee o Ltd. Subscription c inti Ucil after sex ration o time for. Flue Dayt january 9. 18907 la Grippe marches on. Brazil presents the strange spectacle of la Republic governed by a military dicta Tor. Johnstown pa., is larger today than it was before the flood though Only by rebuilt. Dec. Were in Bloom in Central Park new York. But it is not too late yet for plenty of cold weather. Bismarck is ill and his doctors say he most not be irritated. Bismarck s tend ency to be easily irritated through along course of years is probably partly what has caused his illness. Temper will Tell five thousand Miles of railway were built in this country in 1889. This is not to much As usual but it is quite enough to keep up with the development of the country. Railroads that their debts dividends and improve their lines Are the healthy ones. Two thou Sand Miles of railway were built in the in 1889. Harneu s friends say in Brief that Tho divorce suit of capt. O Shea which nukes him co-regpon4ent, is Only an other attempt of the tories to ruin his influence with the Irish people. That further Parnell was to have married sister Long ago but the Young lady died and Parnell has befriended her brother Ever since even to Tho Point of getting him a seat in parliament. But be warmed a Serpent that has turned and stung him. Prosperity in 180o. The new York Sun has been inter viewing business men throughout the country on the Outlook for 1800. The verdict is almost unanimous that it will be one of Tho greatest perhaps the great est business year Tho country has known i in Tho Ocean carrying Trade freight Are crowded to their utmost capacity and everything that can convey Grain across the sea is engaged ahead till february. For the first time since freight steamers have All Tho cargo they want. Jay Gould bases his prophecy of great Prosperity upon the fact that crops throughout the country have been exceptionally Good. Railroads and companies working Largo capital have had a Gener ally prosperous year and will therefore be Able to dividends this month. This will release not less than ,000 and make Money plenty. In the Iron and steel Trade Mills will be run to their full capacity which Means that they will be in operation night and Day. In the wholesale dry goods Trade prospects Are better than they have been in Many years. Only one Trade com Plains generally. That is Tho Coal Indus try. The weather up to the beginning of the year was so mild that Coal had been inactive. But As the loss of the Coal men has been the gain of millions of poor people they should to willing to Bear it with philosophy for one year. I Chicago Lias some reason to complain. She confesses to having transacted an enormous jobbing business during 1889, but at Low prices. But is not the Ideal Prosperity brisk Trade and moderate prices it is thus that the great masses of people can have their wants supplied and be comfortable and this of far More importance than that a few Hundred wholesale merchants should become millionaires. Does Chicago want the Earth As Well As the world s fair the general manager of the Missouri Pacific railway writes from St. Louis in All my Railroad experience i have never seen anything to compare with the traffic Strain under which the rail roads Are now from Charleston the word is that the sea Island Cotton crop owned and tilled by negroes has turned out Well and the savings Banks Are full of funds. New i Orleans has had the largest business sea Ison in its history. The cashier of a Pitts Burg Bank says the year now closing is the Best we Ever had and the Outlook is just As Good for the year to come in Cincinnati the Holiday sales have been unprecedented. David h. Moffatt one of the largest real estate owners in Denver says that at no time has the business out look in Denver been As Bright As it is to Day. H. A. W. Tabor remarks the next year will bring s. O. Kingsbury a live Stock dealer in Kansas City has this to say live Stock re seipts have been increasing right along and we have gained on Chicago almost every it is to be noted that the chief element of Prosperity is the Good crops that were so general throughout the country in ,1889. All wealth Cornea from the i ground. I we have Laid these cheering report from various parts of the country before our readers with a purpose. It has Long 1been noted that both Good and bad Luck travel in Waves or cycles As indeed Al events do. Some years in business the beat judgment fails and the Best efforts fall empty to the ground. In other Yean everything succeeds. Man has not yet Learned the occult Law that governs such matters but undoubtedly there is a Law and it w ill be discovered some Day. But 1 we wish to Call attention to the fact that at present a wave of Prosperity seems to be on for this country. Eighteen Hundred and ninety promises to be a year in which Energy Industry business efforts and Wise new in vestments and enterprises will be re warded with Success. Go in and win. Mural the clouded Prince Ling in trance where princes Are no Good has come Down from Liis lofty Pinnacle and now says lie will take miss Caldwell and Liitt Liinar she will give him. Now if miss Culdwell has half the spirit of an american woman she will respectfully decline the Honor on any terms. Good resolutions. It is quite Likely that by the end of this week nine tenths of All the Good to solutions made on new year s Day will be broken. Men usually resolve to quit smoking or drinking about new year s Day. Women Are rather opt to take a vow that they will get up Early or that they won t talk about their neighbors. Hardly Ono of these vows is kept by either sex till Tho lost week in january is ended. And because they have broken once men and women Are there fore discouraged and slip Back into Tho old Way and think no More about it til next new year s Day. But the Good Resolution is not there fore lost. Even if they honestly tried to keep it for a Day that attempt counts after they had broken it once they would pick up courage and go on again trying to keep it longer next time they would find that next time they probably could keep it longer. Every honest Effort strengthens the will even if it con Titues no More than ten minutes. The ones who really gain strength Are those who though they break their Resolution a thousand times yet adhere steadily to Tho intention to try to keep it at length in course of a period longer or Shorter they will be Able to keep it altogether. The Best of All the resolutions one can Miiko is that he will try faithfully for Ono year of his life to do exactly Asho would be done by. The race problem again. The shooting to pieces of eight negroes by a mob of 800 masked men in South Carolina does not look As though the race problem was near being solved yet in fact the truth must be confessed thai it is far from being solved. In collections of prison statistics there is one thing that cannot easily be explained and that is Tho relatively Large number of coloured convicts in the state prisons even of the North. What that implies what is the reason of it no one can As yet explain. In Tho muddle a few Points seem Clear to those who wish to examine the negro question without prejudice and with a sincere desire to do Justice to both Black and White. It is certain the South is overloaded with a negro population. Thoy Are poor and must live by working for others. There is not work enough to go around consequently swarms of them Are Idle a constant menace to civilization in the Southern cities. To remedy this deplorable state Sena Tor Butler has introduced the negro Emi Gration Bill. It proposes that Tho Blacks shall be assisted by government to scat Ter out among the Northern states and Western territories thus giving them work and relieving the South. Senator Call introduced a Resolution that to Purchase Cuba and Deport our negro population thither. Senator Morgan of Alabama wants them to go to the great Freo state of Congo in Africa and help civilize the natives. It has been proposed that one or More of the Southern states of the Union in which the Blacks already Preponderate to Given up to them exclusively White people moving out. It is said by those who claim to to informed that there is today far less miscegenation Between the two races than there was in slave times and that the tendency of both Black and White to keep to their own Raco becomes More pronounced the the negro remains free. Mohammedan politeness is Peculiar. Only for it our National museum would to enriched by the rare and costly dec orations the Sultan of Turkey presented to s. S. Cox. Mrs. Cox intended to give the decorations to Tho museum. But in Turkey when expensive jew Els Are presented it is the custom on the death of the recipient to re turn them to the donor. Consequently or. Cox s curiously interesting Deco rations must now go Back to Turkey where they can be Given to some one else. It will be a Good stroke for our govern ment to have it understood that she will stand by great Britain in Tho trouble with Portugal. Our four new cruisers the Squadron of Are now at Lisle in in company with a number of vessels of the English Navy. The Unity of interests of All the English speaking Peoples of the Globe is an Ideal whose practicability cannot be too much insisted on. The pall mall Gazette says of the proposed agreement of the United states to stand by great Britain in the portuguese matter everything which reminds the world that the Republic and the Empire regard the English speaking Raco As one entity with common inter ests and common objects is Tho entity of the English speaking Raco is in tact the most splendid dream of modern Timas. Professor George h. Green has Para the Book of Job into a Blank versa poem. The Book of Job is a Good enough poem just As it stands and does not need any improving. The latest thing out Boot lacks 3 a Brush that is whirled rapidly Over a Man s foot by machinery while on the sidewalk outside appears the sign shoes gained by i Secretary Windom s recommendation Bai Treasury notes be issued in Exchange or deposits of Silver has received at ten Ion throughout the country and met with much favourable comment. It is understood that the president will in Dorse its suggestions in a message to Congress immediately. Tju following has been proposed for an inscription on a Monument to Henry w. Grady ills face was a thanksgiving for Bis Post Ufa and a love letter to All Mankind. La Grippe the grip or influenza that is been imported from Europe along wit i the other fashions is something similar to the epizootic that afflicted horses of this country in 1872-78. It is no contagious. But epidemic apparently. First the patient fees pain and soreness around his eyes and above nostrils. Elis eyes become red and watery and Hal weeps copiously and involuntarily. Then t is sneezing till the afflicted individual thinks he is going to sneeze his Are tast no head off. But though troublesome it is not dangerous so far As heard from and subsides in a few Days. The disease is called the russian grip. Tho Yoiiro free slate. A nobler chapter in human history Hue Seldom been written than that which records the founding of the free state of Congo in Africa. It originated with King Leopold ii of Belgium. In 1876 he called a Council of distinguished african travellers of All nations and obtained their judgment on the Best Means of opening Africa to civilization. His idea was that it must to done by Tho methods of peace and Justice not those of rapine and blood shed. In 1877 the african International association of Tho Congo was formed at Brussels by delegates from most of the nations of Europe and from the United states. An executive committee of three a German or. Nachtigall a Frenchman m. Do quatre Fages and an american Henry s. Sanford of Florida were appointed to establish scientific stations along the Congo. Stanley headed the Pioneer corps of surveyors. In course of time the Freo state of Congo was formed. It included 000 Square Miles of territory. It is matter of congratulation to us that Tai first country to recognize Tho new stat was the United states. This was in president Arthur s term april 22, 1884 under the Congo state government the navigation of the River Congo and of the niger is to to free for All time. King Leoj old ii is the Sovereign head of the government. The state however has no connection with Belgium nor is it in any Way dependent. Four Hundred a fifty native chiefs have Given their allegiance to the government. It is a present an absolute monarchy. King Leopold issues the Laws by Royal decree they Are drafted and submitted to him by Tho Heads of department who Are appointed by the King. The expenses o the government Are defrayed from the private Fortune of King Leopold. Tin government has never been self support ing though it is hoped to make it so within six years. The governor general of Congo i reels its affairs under the superintend ence of King Leopold. In four Yean More the Congo railway will be completed. By agreement of the Powers Al an International conference in Berlin which closed feb. 20, 1885, Congo is to remain forever an Independent Neutra state free to the Commerce of Allna tons. The most hopeful sign of All is that Tho native chiefs themselves Havi agreed to co operate in this attempt to Plant civilization on the Congo. A new artificial butter. Plants of machinery have been erected in Germany for the making of Art facial butter from the Oil of the Cocoa nut. At Mannheim a single factory turns out pounds a Day of the product. The Coconut butter contains 7 per cent of Cut. The rest is organic matter nearly half being albumen african brazilian and South sea islam coconuts arc used. Tho Industry is be coming profitable and the United states Consul at Mannheim recommends thai it be started in this country. Why not brazilian coconuts Are nearer to us than to Germany if there were facilities for shipping. There is something peculiarly appetizing Anc aesthetic in the thought of Coconut butter. Vegetable oils Are preferable to animal oils for food. They Are cleaner than animal oils and fats can be. There is no unpleasant flavor about them such As is sometimes found in milk and butter from the food a cow has eaten. Cocoa nut Oil has a faint Sweet flavor of its own grateful to both smell and taste. One great argument in its favor is the cheapness with which this Coconut but Ter can be made. It costs Only a Little More than half As much As butter from milk. Then too it is entirely free from disease germs of which there is always More or less danger in All animal food. Even Cotton seed Oil butter is bet Ter than cow s butter containing tuberculosis germs. Senator Payne is a millionaire Many times Over. It was at his suggestion that sergeant at arms Leeborn appointed Silcott cashier of his office. It has been mentioned that senator Payne could turn into the Treasury of his country the amount lost through Silcott. This would relieve an awkward dilemma All around it would relieve the pockets of Congress men on the one hand on the other it would free them from the odium which might attach to them if they vote their salaries to themselves out of the treas Ury. If they did that they would establish a precedent and the vote would be cast into their Teeth for the next Twenty five years. A democratic congressman remarks Liat if the House of representatives votes to reimburse itself for the Money Silcott stole it would Cost the democrats forty seats in co Gresa. In Many states there Are Laws forbid Ding the Sale of cigarettes to children. These Are constantly evaded by dealer who Tell the boy to Send somebody old to buy. Ono dealer said lately to a 10 your old boy i can t sell pm to you Sonny. It s agin the Law. Send your cheap Exen Ulois to Calif Rala in Pullman tour at sleeping Oats for eer8 holding second class tickets to Palf Joasil Puinti which will run win of Cago Tia Omaha to san Francisco Wilt i change at any intermediate Point via to Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul 17 Ion fac Fie Short line Only on the t d for leaving Chicago Viz Kinnary and 3 feb Marv is and -21, Mare i 13 Ai d 27, apr 10 Ami 24, May 8 and the car from Chicago Francisco is Bill i it Lilli ilm a Como Dalins Aie excellent for futile or titular apply Lottie Iwa Rosl lick 01 address Jno. R. Poll i Tavi agent Williau spor a. Of the Insl useful articles Liat w mow of is that Lammis household remedy for Ibe baby or. Bull s baby syrup. It Only 25 cents a bottle. No one can describe the suf Ivr no imposed by dyspepsia. It darkens life s pathway and makes existence almost Sunbear Ible but lax adar will not Only alleviate to tortures of dyspepsia but will sure the disease. Price Only 25 cents. _ the importance of purifying the blood can not be overestimated or without pure blood you cannot enjoy Good health. At this season nearly every one needs a Good Medicine to purify vitalize and enrich Tiia Wood and h Jod s Sarsaparilla is worthy your Confidence. Ujj is Peculiar in that it and wilds up Ftp system creates wet Len there is gladness in the household in the Shadow fades away that darkened All the Sunshine of Many a summer Day. Of. Mamma s uht Iii the Happy children cry. And the of hop suites Bright Iti i he Loving Hiis Hanii s Eye. In thousands of Homes women Are lie unto Eleaih with the Tern Hie diseases an cum Moil in heir s a and it woul l seem its if a the happiness had Cone out of life Hhd in household in Consi Quience. For when the wife and Kunihei snarl is Alt Hie Sitt i with her. This ought not to be and in tie. Not lie or a it Vei the hiring remedy fur won Ai meals is at hand. Many a Home h been made Happy because the Shadow of Dis ease has i Floii Hai from it he the Piei Provvi a of or. Pit Are s of Avoisie pres nip to he remedy for All Wea Nehse and diseases Peculiar to women Ite Waid i 11-ied for an incur of cat an h by the Pioppi Peturs of or. Be Iundy. 50 cents by Xiuji girls. Strictly 1 ure Cream tartar 60 cents Pound is cents a Quarter Pound at or. I sell s drug store. A Niladevi he monday Jan. In every department o the store there is a quid bargain movement. It Wil keep up during the whole o january. And the Little Price things Are those that Almos everybody wants heavy underwear. Muslin underwear. White goods. Housekeeping linens. Upholstery. Women s Over garments. Children s wraps Dresse millinery of All kinds Silks and ribbons. And a vast number of othe things the reductions Are often half or More. The unusual Trade conditions have forced or frightened Many manufacturers and jobbers into an immediate realization on Stock. We Are passing the goods on to you a prices that in Many instances Are unexampled in the history of Trade. Let dress goods stand of All. The reductions Are not so marked As in some other sorts of goods but even in this Shor list there Are dozens of stuffs that you know the Worth of Anc can measure the general Mark Down by. Stripes and plaids. 40-Inch silk and Wool Gialds. Reduced from 40-Inch silk Ami Wool , reduced from to 50c 38-Inoh Foule a Calcis reduced from 75c to me 40-Iucli i Intel hair plaids reduced 1 Iora Totsc 42-Incli cassimere plaids reduced from 01 to 42-Intu Foule plaids in Julet colors 75u from 42-Inch Cheviot plaid reduced from is 50 to 91 42 Inch Bourette from is 50 to 42-Incn Camel hair plaids reduced Iron 75 to 4- Inch Cheviot Wick s2 to is 28 38-Inch Foule stripes reduced from but orc 411-Incli Serge stripes reduced from i to75c 50-Inch fancy Serge Sti Sims reduced from to7oc 50-Inch silk strike Serge reduced from Stosl 60-Inch Novelty silk stripes reduced from Low priced suiting. Half Wool figured Beds reduced from 12x Tolocz checks a retired from 25c. To 24-Inch All Wool plaids reduced from 25c to 200 50-Inch mixed suiting reduced from30c to 25c 33 Inch mohair stripes reduced trom.37ui to30c is Inch French striped Serge reduced from c Tonc All to i pin head checks 30c from 30-Inch All Wool plaids reduced from 37tfc to30 synch All Wool fancy stripes.30rfrom3ttfc 30-Inch habit cloth a Trines reduced from 3g-ini.li dress clot i plaids reduced from 50c 8s-Incli ombre French stripes from we 38-Imli fancy Stripe Foule Serge 50c from 38-Inch Fane Bourette stripes we from g5c 38-Inch of Mcquaid figured stripes Doc Trum b 42-Inch French Foule Borders from 75c combination Robes. Combination holies in a Large variety of styles reduced Side bund holies in All the latest persian de signs reduced to 37 Iso Sis a fit so French plaid Rones in All the newest color i with bands of silk persian reduced from 65c of appetite and the do Gestapo it cradles. Disease Pifei atrial. Hood s Sarsaparilla sold by All of teared by 0, 1. Hood Jutasi 100 do0e0 one Ren Chonle Bobe with Border of velvet stripes reduced from 60 to it 2 150 French seige babes with Paipa of brocade velvet reduced from Jig French Paisley lobes reduced from u 9 French Serge Robes with silk and woo Bor Der for Garn iture reduced from 50 to French Serge Robes Wotli Borders of Black moire reduced from to 916 60 French Serge Bobes with silk and velvet Garn iture former Price s32 so now s m French Serge panel of silk and ool stripes former Price now 50 French armure we h skirt front of silk and Inse embroidery in Vandyke pattern was 868, now French armure Border of Chenille in Oral design former Price 845, now offt it will not be advisable to ask or samples of these Quick priced dress goods. They go while you re thinking of hem. In ordering say what Olor or combination you wish and our buyers will almost mainly meet your wishes As Well if you picked for yourself. Book news for january has portrait of the poet Brown no lately dead and a Delight us miscellany that every Book Lover will appreciate. The new books of the month of course one of them and the fair prices. Book news is 50 a number 500 a year. Wanamaker. Hard rubber trusses Pursell s drug store. Each at or wooden for 6 cd nos at or. Pursell s drug store. Stir. War among the in i paper is still racing. Unell Pipara will in Iii no. Weiji t from Llic fiddly Citi Zuany of 12 nor Ali Al a Chili slip a i in Rainy Are 4ilt fur id 12 and . Bini Ujj in in 80 Many Young men i very of Ali m Tim ran said Yin Iii Man. Take my advice. Stop All Lii Ali Yon have practice Kop Pond Miniri re Iii Early and Emilil up your Shalter etl s Tern by using Sulphur by leis a Liili will him physician. Bristol miss m. G. Paxson Poete Ait artist teacher of de signs sketches. Rdc site Streel. Above Wai nut Bristol 1 a. Fred. B. Booz i a specially in teas coffees delivered promptly. Job. Bad Ciuffe and Walnut its. In your Trade in solicited. James Warden de Alk is groceries provisions fruits Cor. Penn andpondsts., Bristol. A. J. D. Lowden no. 50 Mill Street Bristol has tiibp1mmt Stock of boots shoes. Gaiters Kapai Visci Piosik. Chas. Weeks pure Lehigh Coal Lime Saud Stone Wood Street above Hud Ullh e Street Bitol up. Your Trade solicited. Mrs. John head no. 15 Bath St., Bristol. Dressmaking Plain sewing and children s clothes orders promptly attended to. William Terneson manufacturer dealer to ladies and gentlemen s Fine boots shoes gaiters Cor. Mill and Pond sts., Bristol a. A first class Oil skin waiter. My own make s3 a Lull line of John Mundell s Olar tip Ped children s shoes. John Nimon Skalku in Fine provisions. Frail i vegetables push daily. My teas and coffees Are the Best. Coh. Wood and Washington sheets. Samuel Scott 74 1mii.i, Sti meet we Erik will he found provisions fruits nuts Etc of am kinds. And As cheap As will be found in Bristol. I r-1 office of , furniture carpets and window shades. Goods sold on easy payments. Phol Stekin furniture repaired Radcliffe St., opposite b. F. Gilkeson s office Bristol a Jas. M. Randall practical Otter Street Bristol. Horses shod in a first class manner so As to prevent cutting. Jive me a tidal. Be handsome artificial Teeth. Or. G. W. Adams dentist Bristol a. Extracting without pain. Philadelphia Cash grocery Asi Chicago beef Markut to i curve Market stf., Bath Buckley its. Bristol and second Furmin and Hudson and Mott sts., Trenton n. J. Four stores Menf a quantities of goods bought for w prices Tor and will be sold at correspond Low rates Gliwice roast Loc. Per in. Up. Choice Steak lie. Stewing meat 4, g.8. To Gilt Edge butter 2jc. Per in. A Lgth Filbert kin., . Important announcement of Glt at 1ntkkkst to every lady within reach of Philadelphia. The great january reduction Sale which for a number of years list has been regarded by ladies As one of the most important events in the retail dry goods business of Philadelphia was inaugurated thursday morning january 2d, in every department of the House and during this month we shall offer a greater aggregate of bargains in every description of dry goods than even we in the course of Many notable reduction sales have yet placed be fore our great and constantly increasing army of patrons despite the Large sales of the past two months greater by a considerable percentage than in any previous year of our business the stocks placed on Sale at unparalleled reductions Are Large Choice and comprehensive and the undoubted inducements shered in order to close out the surplus goods before Stock taking will make this january reduction Sale one Long to be remembered. Unprecedented bargains 3vi-a.y 3qe in Black and coloured dress goods in Silks velvets and pushes in ladies Winter medium weight wraps shoulder capes in housekeeping Linen goods in ladies Muslin under Wear in hosiery and underwear in ribbons and dress trim mings in handkerchiefs embroidered aprons in millinery if you cannot visit our establishment write for samples will serve you promptly and Well. The mail order department 9 quo Fyier Philadelphia. Market Street Street Filbert Street Ark you one of them Burton s express. Joshua Burtons s at All times prepared to do jobs of of every description and at Pii Oes to suit the Imes. Furniture bandied wich care. Orders Iclet at Cigar store no. 88 ill Street h old twelve prompt attention. 1stotioe have nil bought the pump business of William Hoog i am prepared to pet Uinos and repair them aug Lent left next to liar Les Peirce d Coal office or 27 Dorrance St., ill be pre Puy attended to. Isaac Gross. Fob Sale. 1 very desirable bks dance on Liml Clit b Street. Brick Bouse nine rooms excellent repair Gas and water. Apply to c. H. Fenton Comer Mill and Cedar Bristol in 1890 the Home seeker the health seeker the Fortune Meeker the manufacturer the tour Lett the traveler the teacher anyone takes 100 Kiikka lie fatuous milk Hidur Uliey of m o n 1 11 n reached by the Mani Toua lakes lie Mam Tonia to the ii Inch and Woods of 1 he Norl h West ii Elena hot a firings and Jar jul water Tini Tritini. Lakes lie Tofu to tie glorious opportunities of lie four new Stales. Lakes tie m a Sitka to the great fulls of the Missouri. Titke the m a n Ito it through t h e Houney of Yanieri jul. Takes the m a n i ton a Palace dining and sleeping car line to Minnesota Norih Dakota. South Dakota Montana and the Pacific const. Lakes Ilia m a x i t o n a cheap excursions from St. Paul to Lake Minne Tonka the 1 Ark Region the great , the Rockies the National Park tiie Pacific Ocean California and Alaska. Wil receive maps books and guides of the re Gions reached by the St. Paul Minneapolis and Manitoba railway by writing to f. I. Whitney g. P. T. A., St. Paul Minn. Philadelphia t doctors family Tea nit sur mood Poison special diseases , Ifft n vouch. In from 4lo if Days us now is the time to buy your Winter Coal Tram 4io if Tii Iii n in hip Ali Sirun s i f Fri Lions. At til hours or night Ami i an Noe i Uii itt Anil i liar always. Elegant cd a photographic Chandler Scheetz 828 Arch St., 1433 Chestnut St. Pro hit Young a fit Clirel Timi actor inti Juil Fiig. Philadelphia. The new is Tiik Best double Heater Call and in Lefore Turch Ahing. Bevan Wilkinson 10 Mil Street Bristol ally circulation of in in a Peru ally circulation of the would How the world has grown 1882. Fob Sale. Hood Wilt and fixtures of a Tom j Perance hotel centrally located 22 bed Large Ali thing hitting family Bath and Ach rooms. Yard and stabling Tor 35 hones. A Well established business to be sold for Sitter a torn reasons. Apply to Deacon Fly. H. 2nd St., 18s4. I81s. 10 1hs7. 1889. Tilt m 702k Wibly old is the Best and biggest newspaper on the Noi the a our Tea u continent. A popular Book published in and Given with each Lunue. Price per year of 52 Nutu Bitsih. Sex Nio uhf 2t h 50 Cente. Three Luo Ritli us ascription 13 Sumbera 2fi cents. For Sale. Eight Lurre Power engine and and one twelve horse Power steam both will be put in ret class order. Apply it Pond St. Machine shop we examine eyes free r of cultists orders filled. You think your eyes Are Cood i if you Havo them examined you will probably find that there is something wrong with then and that glasses will be a great help to you. We use inimitable Ali Are made Only by us. And recommended by Lead ing of cultists As the Best ads to defective Vlf ii. Solid Gold spectacles i3.ooi Ingnal Price f 5.oo steel spectacles usual Price artificial eyes inserted usual Price 10.oo 130 s. Ninth St. Opticians. Philadelphia. Chm Niit and Walnut Stratt. Farmers National Bank of Bucks co. By Ubol pa., dec. 3, 1889. The ainu no meeting of the or thin Hank will be held at the banking Louse on Tuen Ilay january shh Between tie Ligure of 10 . And 12110011. I Yakles b. Scott Cashiel. Rhc a Longcr Colin Lulu leaved Bra fool Tor i Lilla 1 Cli Liliu at . Anil m. Karcov. Kex Urmon 40e. Frei lit c or cml Jit Low rat in illumine leave. Lippincott s Magaz we. Wilk and tax tint tool tits. It a tit Rary in itself wat ind Ltd a a off Tau Gnu la frill am entire novel in Lack nit Ter. Not a Short Neil thu Tut a Long Troty sect it you Art uset la gel in trek form and from ont Dollar to one Dollar and a half for. Not Only that Tut wok tack fit at n five of of str contributions Whitn Fiatt you a Good mag tint eerie to the novel. It Doet not follow in old Teaten be Ticki an easy Tat it perpetually Tiu Oving no Andalea Iantone and following them toe. The ringing Haws kick Kat teen struck on he Gateway of popular favor out the entire land and to Day Lippin Chatfi Mage line standi in the front rant and it the Molt a Rively read and taxed of Puhich lion of its kind in the Voru. For full description address Uppin Cotts Magazine per year. A Ett sing it number. The Puri tier of kit paper Wilt receive Atuf not eruption
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