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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 9 1890, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - January 9, 1890, Bristol, PennsylvaniaVol. Xvii. Til. Tau am Egypt. Progress of the tour of the Brooklyn divine. The Merit Kuisun Ean. Onwu Louii i lit Sra at mid tie Khe Lwi Quarter. By holy 1890, by Louis Klong Chi. Now York Cairo nov. We left Athens. It seemed to me As if we had left civilization behind. The experience was n sorry one to Exchange the Bright and Guy capital of Greece and the friends we sound , Tor Trio or Omar conveyed us to Alexandria. There is but Wiki Lino of steamers Between a recce and Egypt. It is known As the egyptian packet steamship company. There ins ing a Choice in the matter Alexandria having to Hij reached to took the steam or Chak Kieh from which is the Harbor of Athens and a place of considerably Over Twenty thousand inhabitants. Tim ship was so crowded with passengers that our party was compelled to divid up some members of it being obliged t travel As far As sleeping accommodations were concerned As second Clas passengers. An egyptian Pasha alar or had live of his wives along and Forth i Exi elusive Comfort and convenience a Lilied Tho entire ladies Saloon ant dressing room putting others to distress ing inconvenience. Arabs crowded the decks. Among them was a Sheik very notice Able anywhere. He had a keen Eye air a commanding look. Ashore he is at the head of a Force of fifteen thousand men at sea he is surely the most devout o my Laul Maria. To nearly always on aged in prayer or in the ablutions pro and proper to this pious Oxer bristol7bucks county january always equal to the occasion. Sloop puts n to weariness. It nays thus fur Uii ult thou grand no further it puts Light into the Eye and geniality into Tho disposition and Faith into Tiu heart mid makes a new world every an amusing incident at the break fast table was the emptying of an Antiro bowl of sugar by the doctor who eats More big or any Man i Ever saw. He says system seems to de Mand it. And that he eats Cigar on Al night Evite tiling excepting Honey arid of tins in can eat a Lii Weful at every meal. Jams and All kinds of sweets dig before him with a Lawrik rapid Ity. A few Days ago to was claiming to have had Trio Best meal of his life be cause three kinds of Jam were included in its menu. we visited the Bourlak Uwi Are the mummies of Many ancient Kiiru of a rent. Including Tho one Mencz Vlha who had a disastrous series of interviews with Moses. Or. Tilin Irige stood before this Tojio of evanescence at least Twenty minutes inspecting it and making notes in his in blk. This by Tho Way is his companion on every expedition. Gently calling mrs. Talmage who accompanies him wherever to goes he or. Talmage was greatly impress sex wit i the unabashed absorption of the followers of Mahomet in their practice of tie duties prescribed for them in us Koi in. Lie expressed himself As of tin opinion that not one in a Hundred lion Sand christians would venture in Public places with scores of spectators and in re unrolled pharaoh lifts up his hand As if in in proration. But his Skinny Lin Gers can never again clutch his cruel a copter from the museum went to the Laco whither Mary and Joseph Are said o have led with the child Jesus to escape the Wrath of Herod. Tho identity if the spot seems to he Well aut Mutl ated and is accepted by Many of the Ablest students of the age. Here for the first time we set foot on holy ground. R. Talmage removed his hat and with Lead uncovered stood a few moments in Ilent meditation. My Here shall orm the subject of the first chapter o by of said lie. We thers passed this scene Over Oil irely or simply loud died lightly upon i cannot say but to me it is one of tin lost sacred spots on after sex mining it thoroughly we left it to re urn to tie hotel but after about if Tel minutes or. Talmage insisted on return in to it at once saying i must see i gain and must see it so Back we went and a new inspection begun in the course of which or Drew Over his shoes a pair 01 rough heavy sandals and stepping Down into the water that covered the ground lie carefully took the dimensions of the place Girth of the pillars and their distance from each other lie then Drew a diagram so True As it appeared to me that it would have done credit to an architect. Having finished this he said "1 have seen All i care to see today. I shall not leave the Louse again until to Louis Klopsch. Reply ind visibly affected. Trio sir m yes were in both arabic and English. At the request of Tho family or. Tal Mage took part in them and in the course of his remarks expressed the sym Pathy of the entire american Church. Tie name of Lansing he said had for years been synonymous with scholarship and Christian consecration. Tens of of hearts in America would bleed at the news of this Good woman s departure. For thirty two years had she far from Bur native land been toil ing for Tho Elevation of a race so differ ent from her own in feature in color in customs in habits that nothing hut an entirely unselfish have inspired her. Asur. Talmage alluded to her quiet Gen tie and ministrations loud weeping frequently interrupted him. The scene so full of pathos and weirdness so sad and yet so uplifting to door Bucl nor even it mint be experienced to be realized. Tho next Day to started Early fur pyramids. After a three hours trip we reached these great monuments of Antiquity some of which Are five thousand years old. Or. Talmage insisted on climbing to the top of Tiu great Pyramid of Cheops called Ohi Zeh. In this the whole party joined him and with to Aid of twelve Dragoman and two boys who carried drinking water we ascended the Pyramid climbing or being pushed up As occasion required. We made the ascent in Twenty minutes. As soon As the top was reached or. Talmage with All the joyous exuberance of a boy waved his bands and shouted at the top of his voice Hurrah for the american after his enthusiasm had sub med to had his photograph taken As one in Ilio group resting on the vast Tomb up which he had so laboriously clambered. We then descended partook of a cub Stantial lunch which we had carried with us from Cairo and proceeded to interview the Sphinx. This a Ritler Onu Ebidail or. Talmage performing the Solo act As Fol lows a wonder of sculpture with a cold smile the Sphinx has looked Down thousands of years of Earth s his tory egyptian civilization grecian civilization roman civilization upon the Rise and fall of thrones innumerable upon tiie victories and defeats of All the armies of the centuries. It took three thousand Jears to make one wrinkle on its red Cheeks. It was old when Joseph have heard Bass voice s trying Over to the Soprano and Soprano trying to Wade through to the Bass which is very i mob like braying. The most 1taliah Egypt. The Brooklyn divine continues on his Long journey. Cd Remony in Caius. Tho i a Ramlill mid ii i in sail on Ilio Nile and Day at main Phliip. Lion Miami la nays. Info Yii it i to. Ivy Louis Klo Pali new York Jiuu Salem Doc. Chick in my last let Tor Willi or. Talmage s into motion to remain at Bis hotel in Cairo Ilio balance of Hie Clay after Bis visits to to place Sash we in tradition As that w hero Joseph and Mary Ami the infant Saviour while ill it. This Liow Evor. By was not permitted to do. On his i turn to Llic hotel he found the Fotieo of a i Untra. To take at 0 p. M. From the Ameri can Church at Cairo the wife of professor i. In main Jan american of note eminent Egypt Logist and Clergyman. Died Day previous after Active service in this missionary Field of Over thirty two years be tub pyramids. Professor Lansing an old Friend of or. Tulsa Joe. The Liro Oklyn orator at tended the funeral with or. Eugene Schuyler tie american Consul at Cairo Wilson Bey and or. Grant of Scotland. The body Rind in White Lay in front of the pulpit n congregation had Assem bled about 700 in number. People wore divided into three the one Side sat the Woi Qun with veiled faces bitterly weeping on the other Side sat he men in their National garb of flow no Robes girdled at the Waist and car no the turban while the Center aisle was occupied by foreigners. Every seat was taken and the entire audience was the Sphinx. And Mary and the child Jesus were fugitives from Bethlehem to Cairo. It is dreadful in its solidity. Its eyes have never wept with tears. Its cold ears have not listened to the groans of the egyptian nations the borrows of which liven decor ceased. Us heart is atone u cared not for Pliny when he measured it in the first Century As it will care nothing or the Man who shall look into its imperturbable countenance in the world s just this characteristic Soliloquy Endi do entered our carriages and were driven Back to the hotel Over delightfully shaded roads. The next morning we sailed up he u Dainty Little steam launch or. Taliuaga Bible in hand read the Pioche Cim concerning it and everywhere pointed out what appeared to his mind As Idi Iicc-3 of their fulfilment. Suddenly the boat slopped. On investigation we discovered that we had run on to a Sand Bank. The engines worked and reversed but to no Avail. Nubian negroes who manned the launch tried hard to push off the boat but All in vain. Then one of them stripped and jumped into the Nile and tried by main strength to Clear the launch moaning loudly with every Effort lie not my feeding another negro gripped and followed his Comrade s example then still another but All in vain. The amount of audible moaning in creased but Tho Laiu Icli never budged finally or. Talmage and the writer took Ong and placing each one end n the Sandy bed of the River began to push at the same time ordering the engines to be reversed while a Union of lie strength of All Tho men aboard was brought to Bear on the work in hand in these Means gradually but surely he launch was freed and tie journey in the More Democrat and Ocial spirit developed by the incidental Lelay then we remembered that the Lay was thanksgiving Uay and led by or. Talmage who performed the part of chorister we All joined in singing my tis of Aud Columbia the Ucuz of the we had a glorious time that morning and a Liberal allowance of Back Heesh made the darkies Happy enough to join in the Gen eral thanksgiving spirit that seemed Al most to pervade the atmosphere which was Balmy enough for Paradise. At noon we reached Memphis with All its ancient ruins including the palaces of the pharaohs. Here we mounted Don keys for the first time amid considerable merriment surrounded by a Hundred or More natives these Clad More or less particularly less. On our journey Many incidents per haps too Trilling to mention but very amusing at the time lumped to keep us in excellent humor. One was the fre quent braying of the Donkey Rode by miss May Talmage. His vocal perform ances reminded her father of his experiences in a Church choir in his younger Days. Commenting on the Donkey s efforts he said when that vociferous beast opens his Mouth to sing he pours Forth the filing of saws the screeching of peacocks the creaking of ung cased Wagon wheels tie howling of mobs and a chorus of moans sobs yells and Horri ble discords. The fact is he cannot sing at nil although from the Way he keeps it up to evidently thinks he can perhaps he takes the excitement he makes among the people As applause and feels that his performances Are re demanded and so resumes them again and again. Perhaps he is trying to carry All the four parts at once. I on a Sand Bank. Mordant sound on Earth is a Donkey s to a iterations. Perhaps he May be prac timing to get Back Trio Power of speech that one of his ancestors had in Balaam s time but this attempt to learn a dead language is a dead after awhile the doctor got very tired of his Don key and decided to Exchange him for a Camel. As camels Are plentiful in Egypt his wish was gratified at the first Stop we made. His experience on Camel Back soon led him however to Admire the Donkey s gentle gait. No one who has not seen a Camel walk can understand the ludicrous figure the illustrious preacher Cut on that awkward creature s Back. First be jogged for Ward then he fell backwards and just found his position Only to have his nose tossed violently against the curious sad dle that forms part of a Camel s outfit lie looked to inexpressibly comical that we whisked out our Hodacs in a Jiffy and before he could straighten out the Broad Grin with which be tried to cover his embarrassment it was immortalized. To make my Story Short the necessity being imminent to save my illustrious Friend from sea in t the Camel the ship of the owner of the brute tickled it on the knee of one of its forelegs. Down it went on them lie then scratched its Hin legs with the same effect thus bringing the animal s body on a level with the desert which enabled the doctor to in time to avoid a catastrophe much better not de Sci ibid. Louis Klopsch. A two Dollar watch. Talking about said a Cincinnati jeweler the most expensive and complicated timepiece in the City is owned by or. Peter Gibson. It was made to his order in Switzerland and Cost one thousand dollars lie sent an order to the same maker about a year another watch to Cost two thou Sand dollars. This watch shows the seconds minutes hours Days of the week and month of the Jear. It registers tie phases of the Moon the rising and set Ting of the Sun names and periods of the evening and morning stars eclipses of the Sun and Moon and a score of other natural Phenomena which can be determined by calculation. Like the other the watch is his own Louis Viiar citizen. Nancy s Story. A singular Story comes from Pittsburg. Nancy Hutchinson an aged woman applied for admission to the almshouse but before she was admitted she was put through a course of questions which proved that she had been married for Over forty years but that she had Only lived two years with her husband. He left Ireland and went to Pittsburg and she followed him in to find that he had left the place and taken an other wife with him. On learning this she assumed her Maiden name and set to work to earn her living in Pittsburg. She found out where her husband lived and Learned that he was a wealthy Farmer. She has corresponded with him and he has asked her to Grant him a divorce which she declined. The second woman he married died some time ago but he was not Long in replacing her. The Pittsburg authorities propose making him disgorge As their almshouse was not built to support the wives of million Aires. Fine William k. Vanderbilt s stables on his vast estate at Oakdale Long Island which were designed by Richard a Hunt have just been completed. They Are filled with thoroughbreds and manned entirely by English men and boys. The furnishings As far As Possi ble Are English also. There is a Kitchen for the men and a mess room. For the horses there is a Bath and a Tan bark ring under Glass. Altogether there Are no finer stables in America and few that surpass them in York commercial advertiser. The world s wide path a shining Way May open As we go with picture scene and colors Gay from Fluke fancy s flow but As from Way once grand and cheer there fades each Brilliant Chrome the Eye afar through filmy tear. Will wander Bock to Homo. When friendships Leal and and coldly Glimmer whore the skies Lave lost their deepest Blue to Brhlik chill there one glinting gleam of Sunshine then athwart the sudden Gloam will hash Bright rays from childhood when hearts wander Back to Home. Tho All tiie world should kindly Greet each footstep As we stray Aud strew with garlands Neath our feet the path Long life s Highway yet will tie moments brighter seem where or we rambling roam when lost in Emvy s Happy dream to wander Bock to Home. E. Powell in Chicago inner Ocetta. A literary game. It is instructive and in Ehly Iii re Bilili and Mot hard to Caru. The following game is instructive As Well As highly interesting and is Apt to please All the Young people Anil their Eilers too. Select a number of slips of paper of Ono size cards would to better and let the big Bister who is Apt to be the Good Angel As Well copy on each a quotation from some author. Each card must be numbered differently 1, a 3, etc., and so on. As she writes the verse let the Best writer among the Little ones write the name of Tho author on another card numbering it to match Tho quotation thus no. 1. Every Why hath a the Zompa Iliou card will be no. 1. these cards onco prepared will Servo for future occasions and on a Rainy Day or win Ter evening will prove a Blessing to those who wish to furnish a pastime to Tho Chil Dren. Prepare about Twenty or Twenty five questions and As Many answers for a Small num Ber of children As the games will be Short and Thoy will have Tho fun of winning quickly. Let the Little ones seat themselves in a Circle and the big sister will Deal Tho cards evenly after mixing the questions and answers. She will then address the one to her left who has said every Why hath a where the one asked will look into his hand and if among the answers finds no. 1, will ans a or and the trick will be his. Otherwise the question will to asked again till it reaches the Ono who holds the no. 1 answer. It will then ire Liis turn and to will choose any one of his questions not confining him self to the of Der of the numbers. It is Well to write question Over Tho verse and answer Over the author s name. In a Short time the children will become so familiar with the answers that Thoy May Dis card the answer cards altogether. In that Case the one who holds no. 1" will ask his neighbor the author of a quotation and if i he is Able to answer from memory he wins the trick. Lucase he does not remember it passes along till some Ono is Lucky enough to recollect the author s name and he is then the Winner. In this cose it will to necessary to Havo some one not playing keep a list near at hand to Correct any mistakes. The following list May serve As a guide to those who have not a collection of favorite quotations and it May to enlarged or Cut Down at will 1. To All that sow Tho time of Harvest shall to Whittier. 2. Tis Only Noble to be son. 3. I Lovo All who Lovo b. Browning. 4. So Long As you arc innocent fear Noth 5. Our place is kept ready for us to fill Procter. 6. Lofty thoughts and Lovely deeds Owen Meredith. 7. Be slow to Howlett. 8. King of two hands he does his port 9. Carry learning to its boil. 10. Use your manners discreetly in All kinds of company. 11. Right the Day must 12. Unspoiled by Praise or blame b. Aldrich. 13. I hold it sinful to Thaxter. 14. His words Are Bonds. 15. All who Joy would win must share it happiness was born a 16. The first virtue is to temper Well thy 17. Wishing of All employments is the 18. There is no virtue like Shakespeare. If you be wronged him. Speak him 20. If it Rains let it rain we shall not Carey. In ladies Home journal. Trio first woman court mint. It is interesting to know hint mrs. E. Lynn Linton was Tho first English woman journalist. Many a ears ago Sho Nodi up her mind that women had As Good a Chance in journal ism As men and she put her theories to the with a rapidity and surest Linch caused the sterner sox to first surrender and Quentlyn Admire. Sho Lias gone on writing special article s Ever in Spito of the fact that Bhe Lias turned out n Larga Iii Ilot of novels for so marvelous is her facility unit she is never at u loss for material. She lives in a out High up in a Vioen Ann s mansions and has a Nido and varied View of Oinkin housetops. She is in old woman now mid her autobiography would ii i into Tom Iii one for Ulio has known Many celebrated i ii. Robert Southey was her pm Host neighbor Walter Savage Landor her literary Kosut father and Charles Dickens lick first editor. To bad the highest opinion of her abilities Anil her reliability by Trio predict Pri her future. Subsequently Many your Suthe House it Hill famous Lii connection with the great novelist ii arc it literature. I professor Mii Ritt . I remember her telling Infin Tho Early of Vassar says her Skur of u Pupil who Coli fessed that Sho would rather by Grout than Pood As it Tho two Illings if genuine could exist part. It uus to impossible for Maria to conceive such a state of mind that it perplexed her for a Long time. Sho was of infinite use to Trio College in Trio. Dangerous Early Days by holding it to a High Standard As a member of the faculty. She was of Tho Sam sort of use to every individual whether Pupil or teacher who Camo under her influence As she insisted upon Tho narrow and her ius Stanco was strengthened by her example. The startling nature of Hor say Ings gave them added Power. They could not be forgotten. No Ono Ever know her to do a mean or unworthy thing. For therring Pupil Sho found inf Lilito Lovo and pity but never an excuse. Tho into Uso scorn she Felt and expressed in regard to every falseness could never to forgotten. She was often mis understood. If even president Raymond found her frankness to May be sure that there were those who unable to Bear it considered it simply As Exchange. Women in . Nothing in this Miracle working nineteenth Century each year of a Liili holds u Progress equivalent to fifty of those that have pre ceded it is More wonderful than Tho utter change of foaling As to what women May or May not do. There is no present need of seeking Tho reasons for this change of feul ing better defined at some Points than oth ers but leave eng Trio Lump in All directions. Insensibly but steadily Tho new order of training has made its Way till in every profession and skilled Trade open to women one finds them at work with a Zeal a skill a Fidelity Aud conscientiousness that mean the utmost service for the wages Given. There Aro thousands of these women demonstrating daily that woman s work need to no less efficient than mans and May even because of Keener conscience of could it in value. Their place is made. Thoy have proved beyond question capacity and All needed qualities for Success and then numbers grow and will grow from year to Campbell in Good housekeeping. Skis Sha How to get Liis picture of Kiili lire pros filing i i i i Liiri k1tk i1 " Dollar the Hunce to the u Wuy paper Ami it a Kin Idle g for for Hiir Eicr s weekly in Ami the i air. For Harper s , tie Hazel la nil the Fuir. For Haq Verv the Ami thu horse 1 air. For Harper s the i air. For tin Kol Itlie and tin Lurse i air. For so i. Nicholas Hie the Lurse i air. For Lipp Colt s in ill cd the for s ihijj.uiiii., nazi Lac and the Len so Laii. May at any of f m o Niroj to o and it and Needles. A Short time ago a lady the first of her Lex graduated in Medicine in Mexico. As in appropriate compliment her fellow students of the other sex got up on Amateur Bull fight in Honor of the occasion. Mrs. Malaprop of Newark Reading an advertisement of Tho limited fast said that she did t know that there was any limit to the fast now remember said mrs. To her daughter just married Vio Lence in anything is most a Ladylike. Of course you will sometimes disagree with your husband but always hit him with the soft end of the a letter from a Wellsburg w. A Little girl says that one of her friends is to be mar ried in a sewer tuis is As near As the Little miss could get to Surah. It is becoming quite the thing nowadays among fashionable Shoemakers in new York to sift either Orris Root powder or some last my Sachet powder Between the leather and the lining of ladies boots. The woot is mysterious. And do you doubt my love he asked passionately. No she answered with admirable tact but when you say that the Day you Call me yours will usher in an Era of lifelong Devotion and tender solicitude me put it on a trifle too thick. You seem to forget Geotge that i am a two of the daughters of sir Henry Aaron Isaacs the new lord mayor of London Are deaf and dumb but they have been so admirably educated on the Oral system in hol land that Thoy can by lip Reading even under stand what goes of at a theatre. They have such Bright intelligent faces that no one could possibly imagine them to be deprived of two of the Best senses. School Drawee. When i see As on this Rai Niest of tuesdays Young girls on their Way to school i in my Coupe looking out quite dry and comfortable on the poor dragging things when i see Tho Long Silken water proofs wet and Muddy nearly up to their Knees and the clinging drip of their cloth skirts about their Ankles i will say that if i had a daughter instead of Only boys i would put her into clothes on a Rainy Clay that would be two inches above her Ankles. I would t Send that girl to school to sit in Damp skirts Aud absolutely filthy stockings wet above her Boot top carrying quantities of the City Niue Over the school House. Why should the school boy have such immense advantage Over the school girl in his clothes for Rainy weather fancy our indeed in wet dragging skirts and tightly laced waists doing their lessons for a professor. When will women learn for them selves and their daughters some common sense i suppose when the doctors get sufficient courage to advise or to order that for the usual walks in to say nothing of its races and struggles for a livelihood women ought to be dressed for. Comfort and strength and preservation from common ills. Ledger. William Morris daughter. Miss May Morris is turning her great talents in design and embroidery to Good account having already successfully started a regular business at where Bho receives orders for work and insures regular employment to a certain number of other ladies who assist her. Miss Morris like her father is a Strong believer in tie practical socialism that assigns to All labourers and producers a personal Siara in the profits of work and is evidently doing her Best to pro Mote Tho cause of women s Industry in thus assisting Tonso of her of n sex to earn a living by Means of remunerative and agreeable occupation so happily revived in our London letter in woman s Cycle. A letter to pupa in postmaster Browning and his helpers in the Ca Rideu Posto fico grew very grave last night when from out of a Heap of letters from Tho drop Box in tie Folicu there was taken one Little White envelope soiled and crumpled and inscribed in Lead Pencil to my papa in the Little missive bearing no postage stamp was opened by the postmaster himself. It was on a scrap of writing paper in a childish scrawl with mistakes erased with a wet Finger. It read dear papa is up in heaven and i am going to rite to papa i know How glad hell be to get a Little letter Rittuc All by me by his Little record. Have i Here fore to pit c n i hc.1 in w of la for tremble. To will 10 cents in t for each 3 months to Iii. I aug you Kyj coins on now that is a. 1jig Oki kit. We will More yet. Ill Lub it. Von arcs. It be few or Many. Sol. If you m my As Ninny us Ami a copy of lit1 picture. Slih Oiler is now thrown upon in nil. Think of till Points 3 ii hit off to Mist a a Tessie o. I huh Slot of Bristol a. with the geography or the co17wthy win. Obtain valuable information from a study of this Isle of Petroleum detergent. Attention has been drawn recently to the cleansing effect of Petroleum on soiled clothes. The Best Way to employ it is to fill an average boiler say of fourteen Gallons with water adding half a Pound of soft soap and when All is boiling thoroughly pour in one and a half tablespoonfuls of Petroleum. Then put in the clothes and boil them for half an hour before lifting them out and rinse them in several Waters. A Little More soap water and paraffin should be added to make up for loss As successive lots of the clothes Are of health an officer s wife s Home. Is your asked a lady who was a visitor at a military Post of one of the officers wives. With Iny promptly replied the wife. Of yes of said the lady but i mean in what part of the country i have no the wife sadly answered. I was born at a military Post which no longer exists. My father and Mother Are both dead and if my husband to die to Morrow i do not know where in this Broad land of ours i should go. I Nave been so Long on Tho Frontier with my husband feeling that All i could claim of Home was with him that i have grown out of the recollection of those oven with whom i became acquainted at service. The Chicago Rock Island Pacific railway vttc1c1ottt3t u St. Jobodh and of Ninfia in As. It express trains women in Joarn Allam. A difficulty in starting in the profession and one that does not at first strike people is the necessity for commencing Young. A woman of mature years and decided opinions would naturally somewhat resent the correction of her expressions or the excision of her choicest Flowers of speech by a Young editor. World. Towel Gill 1888. Mabel s grandma. To is Evon we take it and life dear child is what we make this was the i it Imant of an old lady to her and child Mabel. And Many a Mabel found it to be True and Sho has taken car of her health. She keeps on hand a up ply of or Pierce s Pavo to prescription and to is not troubled with Toboso wanting diseases weaknesses drawing Down sensations and functional irregular Tea that so Many women endure. It is the Only Medicine for women by druggists under a Point Leo Enar. Antoe from the manufacturers that it will live satisfaction in every Case or Money will he refunded. This guarantee has been printed on the bottle wrappers and faithfully carried out for Many years. Favorite prescription is a legitimate tired a beverage. Contains no alcohol to inebriated no syrup or sugar to derange Diges Tion. As a Wujiao in its remedial results As in its composition. At a powerful invigorating tonic it imparts strength to the whole system particularly to the womb and its appendages. For feeble generally or. Pierce b favorite pre is the greatest earthly Boon being unequalled As an appetizing cordial and restorative tonic or strength Glicr. A Book of 160 pages on woman and nor diseases their nature and How to curo sent sealed in Plain envelope on receipt of ten cents in Stamps. Address won a s dispensary medical association no. 068 main St., Buffalo a y. Via the Lea route and Sioux spirit Lake e3t a apply to any ticket St. John general manager. John Sebastian Chicago. Ten l ticket it fan. Agent near i . School Mupi. Isle. Yearly xxi Ietje 83oo. Four i n file nah Media Academy men and at any time if. The for College. Polite Lilc school for went and ski urls. Howl table. Al Toi Teitt f i Phi i Cefi purely vege to Rel lilo i n. Ric Fulo Rel lilo table. Ganir Tyve. Or cathartic according to 8lze of by drug Gunj coot a sail men and Era Durics of Coli Egei. Fine single or am rail i nor and is Complete y uni slice. Grounds ten acres Lor Fout Hall i Media near . School opens meet. Yearly fax Pete. 9500. Two 1 a menu 9450. Brooke Hall r girls and Young ladies. Mil. Eurmin i it Kim Sci Donnas in classics literature science mathematics Musk Modem Lanini teachers my musical department. Ins i Orpin eleven spa erf
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