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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1880, Page 2

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - January 1, 1880, Bristol, PennsylvaniaBucks county Gazette thu re d a y j u Alii Fedec Jamse o. T1iwiah. 1 january terms of Hoople. Scouts year be year payment strictly in Advance knt Cedat the Poi Tollice is Clatt to matter the in will i tin 1.4 in. We Admire general giant und have words of Praise for ins great deeds us sol tier and statesman and fur Bis modest and becoming Boli Aylor while abroad Aud we willing to Overlook Ami for of the Blun Den of Bis Ana the partial ruin which overtook to Llepun Hcan party before the completion of Bis second Tenn and it is quite Possell la that ills travels abroad have Given i m that would be highly valuable to the Duel executive of the nation but we do not want to see blk again pros Dent it is against All our traditions it i in Vio Tiou of our unwritten Constitution and it is a Partl admission that to fear to nominate any other to there is a great Deal of Bosh indulged m just at present about unwritten unwritten Consoli Tuttoi Etc for the Law and practices which Long Cus torus bag made Loi Coful we have the utmost respect but the in Witten the violation of which is anticipated with alarm in some quarters has something Back of it besides the Mere fact of violation of traditions. The opponents of the Saadi Dacy of general Grant Are now loudest in exclaiming against the Dang i Thi Calenius the unwritten Law they Don t want Gen Grant for Presl i it hence their Sud Den is pct for the Pittil Hority of tradition alien the question of limiting the number of Tesins that a p is Lieut might Sivc was discussed in the convention where the con bit nation of lie United states was adopted Long and careful deliberation it was thought Best to leave the matter with the people where it Belonge 1 if they desired to re elect a Man a times they Eft free to do so when the country 13 so far pc to that its per to cannot be trusted to elect whoever Thoy Hoose and re elect him As often As they please without the fear and risk of Lliel servant making away with Thole liberties the Republic will not to Worth Pio serving but in the Case of g u giant even if he were chosen pics Ideal again no principle would to violated 1 be danger supposed to Lurk in Tho third Tei m disappears when it is considered that an interregnum of four years intervene Between his second and Ellurd Terra the peril of continued of Lucial Power in the chief m Igi Stracy lies in the Power of the official to continue himself 111 office by the use of patronage or of Sci moans against the wishes of a majority of the people Gen Grant cannot do this lie surrendered his Pover and to the people who gave it to him and stands on the same looting is any Othni Pulite the Only logical Way to real his Candi Dacy 11 in the same Ninnor As the Candi Dacy of other Meu liable to be stuck by Tho presidency is treated if he is the fittest Man for the place if ins nomination is More expedient than that of of Sci Candi dates if to is the a longest Man that can be put foward and is More Likely to con duct a successful canvass in he possesses All these Clements sting to before the people Litie is no reason Nhy 1 is nomination should be to of acc Tio Nable to do not think him the possess of of no these qualities in the degree that Taliej Aie possessed by several other candidates Uii Cim recoil As pie Sidi it would be in Cle Mcnol of weak less which might endanger Bis election and several Consic Illions which there is not space to note at present Lead us to Piefer an Luei Cindi Ditc Erthen less if Gen Gill t is nominated again the fact that be is a candidate fora third term will not prevent us from supporting him should we Consi Lei it Uinise and improper to urge ins election it will be Loren tirely different reasons gods milk had to go to to by interviewed and this is what he told a in could re Poi Ter i be Clec Tiou of or. Cameron to the chairmanship of the Republican committee is regarded on All sides at Wellington As i Grant movement. In the current a ludic. It Means giant i find me bus of Congress and other Public men very Rea Sivc i on the third term question but those from the Eastern Stales Are strongly opposed to Grant s renomination and Elaine they think he will excite Mote enthusiasm than almost any other Leader As for the people of my own county As far As i have been Able to learn the r sentiments there is not much Grant enthusiasm the lie publicans and they Aio nol inclined to look with favor on a third term at washing ton the popular ovations which the Genera has received Are not regarded As throwing much Light on his political strength it will be observed that or gods talk it is As much of a blame Man As when be Vav As interviewed by the g Viz late a Yeai British steamship Arron ii run Ning Between new York and Bristol lug land which bailed from Bristol on the 10th not having arrived up to monday it is be Bevel that she has foundered in mid Ocean and All on Board lost Bhe was manned by a Crew of 28 men and commanded by capt Brown she carried height Only and is believed to have bad no passengers the ves Sel was built m and was 1200 tons Burden she was considered As Romaika Bly seaworthy is said that almost All the Legaul residences on the bks of the Hudson above Yonkers Aie in the Market and cat to bought at a great sacrifice the Vilogi place which adjoins Irving s cottage and valued at a few j eats ago was bought recently for and William t. Coleman has sold which Cost blk Foi Ramsey the new Secretary of War is described by a writer in the Chicago tunes As tall and very heavy with Gray hair and abort Side whiskers Large Blu eyes and Broad Good Humoured face i Lias a Bluff and kindly Way of talking and receives the Pollere at his new office As if he were glad to see them Republican state convention Baa been fixed for february 4th. It will Meei at Harris Birg. Is. To Hooks. 1 Oal i 11 Rind Luj one if hit 1 Volt a a net i Indio kill loth s.1 00 1 lot a slowed d cd Ihil Btl Oil in Sisa Book of Mic thai Ortiz any in nest without exaggeration it be Lal cd a in mailable Book not so much an account of Persona native is real Yan excellent feature but Moie Pai Niculai y by reason of the i Callice Audi kill w the which the author Pic sents Loulu Ern Siliment and All the f Southern policy during the troublesome Rlou that immediately followed the Nai flip intelligent manner in which it is in or and the solid Merit of its composition of far towards making it a f Piscina Ted Vot ume the exper input of what is called reconstruction is full discussed in its Ages and with Maikos ability Iho Wner does not conceal his honest irony As he analyses with Dunspa Piug nun version the methods adopted by u o Nise Neu of the North who to ought they could Concile incongruous Dif Lorences by a Mere wave of the hand and blot out Long Stib shed usages Aid acc still convictions in the twinkling of an Eye deep seated in Dynatron by trays itself in the flowing pm ent of the Vinter s thoughts As he depicts the abandonment of the 1 helpless freedmen to the Kilgors of a cruel file and the Sha Dows of a picking disappointment creep through the pages Asho laments the loss of the Golden Oppolt Tufty that ngh fully to longed to the con Neirs the Book be Rives a great value irom its forcible Piesen Tatien of representative types of Bouthern outrage Hicso Aie deftly Woven into the labile of Tho stoic with All their grim and horrid lineaments and teach then no Elul lesson Fai Moro impressively in then com pact array than when they have floated from time to tune with incl life and Sloin influence on the heeling Page of the news Panei Llie Voik is animated by Persona experiences u it Louse Thi Illin. Emotions and some of Tho chapters Aie Vii then with Laid Smilic Pov Vei Judd Taco a have ius published a neat Little volume entitled practical tax Deimy and Home Deco a Tion byjoe ii bitty taxidermist Foi the Hayden and other government surveys Iho author evinces i Tho Jongh knowledge of his subject and the modes of Sundt is made Plain by 125 Illust irions the pages Ich Tinc to the Ait of making Wall by acutes lion Luiella and fungus in prove entertaining ind instructive to All who love to adorn lieu Homes with lems and Oweis 9 Vidil ital Kroml calamity. By a dispatch from to idol dated Mon a Whoso to the appalling Tell Yoiiro is received that a to Tiou of Tho Budge across the 1 nth of Lay Vav a blown Down while rain from e to Dundee uni iu0 at 1 14 o clock last Bunchy nigh Al ale w is so Butiong that St Cambois Weie unable to re Ich Iho Sci o of the disa Ter but sen civil mail bags have been washed ashore four Miles in in Tho Bridge ind there is no doubt that All Wei the piss Engels who Aie Sci mainly nil drowned Aie estimated at line he the portion of tie Budge which fell consisted of seven u elect cily is now at pans on an in Pic use stale a length of nearly fifty Hou Siirid Leet of Tubis is placed alongside lie Boulo Vai is and Ibe Pim civil streets Vycie a Liege Kumler of dials will Maik Boti be Foi a Small fee private clocks Sill by kept in of june in Uon coated with the guru of to e 11 the been liken from the dockyard at Chatham alter o Jears immersion and bund quite clean Aud free from fouling and Cono Sion the gun is very bitter Foi Shieh Leason it is supposed Maime am nals avoid n it is now Beny in induced As i coating ii vessels apparent increase of Tho Moon s Lias been observed which at first cd Many to Fei tint us orbit is Short ening and that it will eventually fall to the Eaith the Leal cause Hov Tver of his apparent increased motion seems to be the lengthening of our Day by the re Landing of he Faith s rotation through the if Leuco of the tides be Organ in Lioy Cave a is i curious and Surpi ism formation it has v six pipes each of which on being struck Emils a tone Peculiar to itself la some cases the sounds resemble the tones of a Bell and continue several seconds it has been suggested that Ift ketones Weie tested and the pipes marked to copies Pond a musician might readily produce almost any simple tune upon the pipes the largest continuous stalactites Aie from Tonty to Holty feet in length in mailable results have attended the anal lately n Ade in pins with elect Sci Tyas i Means of cout lolling vicious horses. 1 he application is made with a Small elec tical a Nantus which can be easily manipulated by the Duver the reins Aie made with a conducting wire which Termi nates at Ono end m a bit and at the other is connected with the electrical Appal atus by turning a Crank a current is induced which acting on the Mouth of True Hoise so Sui Prises him that be stops and remains passive by another most bument to elect Sci y May be applied to any por Tiou of toe horse s body and propel by used unfailingly Cor tells the animals vicious habits with the wildest and most tract Able Hoise this system of breaking has been employed with perfect Success have just been made in in Gand with a new apparatus Foi raising submerged objects from the Bottom of a like or the sea the Appu atus consists of an Oval buoy inside ind it the Bot torn of the buoy is a f ise lotto having in equal and cent Billy inched dip this Bottom makes two water tight Chambers com Man Scilini w ill Eich other Trio ugh a Vahe let into the pail i on Ibe buoy is filled with wite ind sunk when it my be attached to my object to be raised by Meins of an n Dia rubber p be an is then forced into the buoy Iling the a Villi us ugh the valve the b my incy of the buoy being thus it uses to the s n face t King with it a co Side Ible weight the i Pio cd tint to is i Occas May be applied in n y depth of water incl to Ibe raising of any we Abl Hie following prof f y mall pro red that coi tag Tous disease Are prop filed not by Schwei Gas or Ell Luvia but by sou.1 pail cles disc briged into theatres i Eie by Chi cents of air 01 gis piece of steal is Cut up ind steeped in Wilcer it is then lie item a Little above the temp Datum of the blood and the 1 quid strained of in Islip Itlene this liquid becomes turbid and w Lien minnued through a Microscope 13 found to be no with living Rigau Ains i hese Anir Nicu e Aie destroyed by the Ipoh cation of heat a id on file eng i Pei Flolly Pute he lid is obtained which will remain Puio Lor an unlimited period if kept lice from dust but if a ily clips its leg into fluid containing living Aud then into the Puie liquid the whole would be a aiming Wilh the Micio Scipic creatures within forty eight hours an English Conley Pom in los the following is a curious a sauce of disc in Dialion Winch i have of served in my Bullfinch he is in the habit of coming out of ins Cige in my loom in the ruining in this loom Beio is a Mir Lor with a Raible slab before it and also a very cd Veily executed water color drawing of a Hen Bullfinch life the first thing which Vij Bullfinch does on leaving Bis Cage is to Fly to the Pic Tuio perching on a vase just below Aud pipe Bis tune in the most fascinating manner accompanied with much bowing to the Lien Bullfinch Afier having duly paid his addresses to it he generally spends some time on the Marble slab in front of the looking Glass Buo w without showing the she lest emotion at the sight of his own reflection or lion eng in Vav i a song. Whether this perfect coolness is due to the fact of the in Flection being that of a mile Bud or a Ebelher since he shows no inclination to Emht the reflected lie is per Well Alvaie that he sees Only him self it is difficult to say la Gestand most ingenious plane tiny Revei made has just been completed in London by Bignor n Pean it is con tamed m a construction Fouteen Leet in Dia Melei ind foul teen feet in height the observer takes his position underneath and looking up finds himself Bene lib u representation of the Ches Lial on which the constellations Aie indicated and Stais Down to Ibe third magnitude Aie marked suspended from the loot is the Cental i lamp Lepie Sentmo the Sun Winch locates on its Axis ind is outed at the loner locus of Hie ellipses sumo undo g Thecel tial la Mmary Aie the planets each sus Pended by a Smill and almost invisible Wue the digits de cubed arcane Nesoff ellipses with All eccentricities and oblique ties f no fully in induced the planets revolving according to their relative approximate positions distances and velocities. The Eiith has if diurnal rotation and the Moon revolves around it in its proper orbit. 4111 in mechanism is invisible and noise less the motion continues five hours and a halt atone win Dos andean be stopped and stalled instantaneously. The device is the insult of five years of patient and per silent kit Moi 01 Pei pc have a Falm n of co fusing excellent re 111 pics nit i Hie Large mass of Patent u dimes Aid 11 this u by Aie guilty to i Wizig Litie Aie some Leme d fully Worth All Tiit is ii than and one at least know bitten the i Lei has had occasion to use the bit tors in j is such a cd m lie As we of the Cai in Bay City and ins always fou id them to be first Cliss and Cha blk doing All Bat is chimed Lor 6 inc Fetcu Beniville Ohio despatch Sims on sunday night Thornas Channoi of Mingo went Home drunk Willi a bottle of whiskey in Bis pocket which Bis nil end when be was asleep of awaking an you demanded Tho whiskey but his wife i closed to give it to him whereupon be i Halliet and stick Bei a blow of Tho head inflicting a probably fail wound Iii can barter Buscis pay the highest Price Foi Gilt edged but but want a very tub to be of an even bn0ht, color they recommend then pit Rons to use Only Wells Richardson a cos perfected Butler color As it is the most 10 liable known and will give a Peilet Coli it received Theouley award at the internat Lonal daily fair for Spenor purity strength perfection of color and Perma the daily fan m Aew on tuesday of week j 1. Up Degnall of Ohio made an address slow in that Trio 000 pounds of butter and 330 000 000 pounds of cheese from 500 000 Milch cows Mado the total value of Dany products 5.4 000 000 about 000 Noil i of Daty products were in1s7s we air you uitiou1. You Ivo allowed you bowels to become Ostive and torpid use kidney Woit to Pio Dute a free state of file Bowes and it will stimulate the Iner to Popei action cleanses tie so in of its Yellowness Cubics bilious headache and causes new Hie in blood i heists have it Cash Sec Indian can Lien bid grand time at Christmas of night is want or Bull s Coush syrup has been Tiu red by parents whose and coughing children been soothed and cured and secured Sheet slumber by using this Puel Lent remedy puce Only 25 Cen s a bottle skating by Moonlight is Alt the Lage at West Chester when Cousby and culls lie flying about like gnats in a Stovin i Sellers Coush is a sine ii e county s tobacco cup ii the Cai is to striated at ext what is the use in to the sea Side for health when i l ads by s blood so Richei is what you need 9 Waters still in the came at itunes big but boats 1 ave be oed Lunnis Brunei Platea r cts coi Ipi w cd and Penu Prusell Lus i Arric vile y of Chest Piole Clois ulass tit Sells f Fie Foi i is con la o d and 1 la 05" Laue Asso Ilmer t of Luau tool Biu Slilo it Peters 111113 10 c7" dels a piece tumbles c a piece Cornel Wood and 1 Tun and tinware at Lily i ibs x Comet of and Peun streets Iuo Eitsa Pound paid Foi lags at coi Nei of to in and Ivi n cry Liere is a Tki in the const it of of Voung alien i we Nib o n i i b h Chris act a fun 1 Tea set of 50 i i acts Foi b 7 i of Wood and Penn slices y i8cibas. 1 pc a Chuichi ebon because in freq in try Lioi meter any of the Masi Iines can be of tamed by u e sub Sci Pylon pice a he g Calili of in i my be i Ian very Sunol user Are in special request As servants Belausa then military Sci aces would not be de Manuud in spec in emergency grand opening or t 1 Tell Kis fou the i a of nil Bristol Lieuary Hall to be held in Washington Tom 11 Rev. Or willi1s Sulli Root on the 1vino 3 fetch enter Tiivi ment to be a Coupin de u t a Iii us Cal or Ludo Cora Menc no at 7 30 p s tickets a scent i lets for Sale the Library managers a l bin plans m it the Stales of i m cilia 11 Vav n k Oil eau and it k d Jones Cigar store of Andrew Gorman Ite of the Boi Dougli of Bristol deceased All persons impel the to said est Ite Urc requested to make Jame i i Pii Ament Ai d those having Legal cd urns to e same will present them without Del by i Pioneer order Tor settlement to Chaki is s a 1m i is Nitor or his attorney is f Gil Kelso Bristol nov 1s79 about fifty he no of horses and mules to in Ter c r Joyce a Icv Portville dyspepsia dyspepsia 1 dyspepsia e. F. Cml Kcal s Cutter wine of Iron a sure Curt Lor tills disease it has been i re Lor Raav years in the i practice o eminent 11 so cans with Unpi allele i Succes symptoms Are loss of appetite wind and Nam of dryness in Mouth head Chc sleepless Newi and Low spirits get Tho Gui inc idiot sold in bulk Only to 00 bottles or six 1 of ties or85 00 Asayo n in go Isaloi e knit Kcal s Hitler nine of Iron ind it he 1 it not Send to proprietor f. Sort i ninth Street pm Ladelpha a adv c Idieo encloses cent stamp Worms. Wor1i8 e r Kunkel s worm syrup never tails to de stroy pin seat and stomach Worms or Kunkel the Only successful physician we o be Laje worm in two hours alive if head and no be until removed common sen teaches it Lapo Worms be removed ill Obe Worms can be readily dance it of face and store Iree doctor can Tell we etl c or not the patient has Worms Iho Usai is a dying daily with Worms and do not know it tits spasms cramps choking and Soloc Ilion Sallow complexion circles a oui d tie eyes swelling and pain in the stomach restless at night grinding of the Teeth pick ing at the nose cough itching at the seat headache out Bre Atli the patient glows Pale and thin tick Ling Ai d irritation in the anus these symptoms and More come from Worms e. F. Kel g worm syrup never fills to remove them puce is 00 per bottle or bottles Tor for 1 ape worm write and consult the or Allol tul spay dec 9tli, at j. Wesley Wrights of feat bae gains in 8500 1 doctor thers buy of your druggist the worm Sturup and if he Lias it not Send to i fill v. It is Saiid persons with l Gil Iho exception in Philadelphia we would like All the men and toys to Gall at Oak Hall Anle Citico themselves for the col a be of 1880. Flu goods Holiday pm seems Dispi cd upon Oil a Lichts and counties from Loc a us up Domestic Dey goods of All Ali 16 come into Vcci dry use Aud s Mak cry Ible Biol id in pics it i Dolman Coats and shawls Foi the ladies u3ies Coats Horn to ?15, Bruit Mitil of plaid cloths Foi ladies Ulsteen and capes. Hand knit Zepek goods of ill disc options Foi Thesli Ildico. Leather goods leather goods dressing cases work boxes jewel c 1ses, 1 Ocke l1 books shoe blacking sets writing desks Brush cd tue incl Mirror sets for i folios c stands albums Svel circles papetr1es in All duct to Fiona Loo. To s2 00 handkerchiefs in boxes ii ladies gems a and Guidi from it to s2 00 toilet Ai ticks toilet Lih cles extracts Peke Umelio to ill so photog Vail frames Stereoscope and a avs books and games books and games. Dolls and toys dolls and toys tool chests tool chests tool Clies sleds and skates express wagons dolls carriages House furnishing goods House furnishing goods fancy toilet sets vases Silver plated Ware Glass Ware knives and Forks Sileci plated celluloid Kubb i ind bout handles fruits and confections fruits and confections Holiday groceries figs raisins and currants canned goods m All then Aneth pickles of All descriptions fruit Butters jellies and preserves mince meat mince meat fresh poultry daily fresh poultry daily. Sin ill i m -.1 Todd lie Vii Zutl wuits Felc 11 tics Lois of do Lilit Bis j3ut 26h North month St. Free Send e. Kunkel Philadelphia a advice by in ii three cent stamp e or Sale by h g Ploehs and j f Carson druggists Iiri Tol a j. Wesley Wright next to canal Bridge 1viill Street a. ill jul in ind tin 1 copy us the i u n it Bon in out cd Elnah goods u in t in Yolk hol Sale it la it of 111 s 0 1 ii t voc i co its 1c Lyllo i to Bojil Zuei Mill Lull licks sol l Emoiy Tucio at Mil i ills Oil plice 0 i i i in 1 in i i n Woi Tinbo Chu Coits l Uli c id is c s in to in c loth loan 1 Oval at in us in it w i s 1 suits Jho v in in 1 j3 Sills ii lioness Aid dices Iho 1 n die s w u f Necic b Nti i in i nil hid cloths in Lucid to 00 Dull indigo is 00 to co 12 00 10 00 8 50 g 00 10 00 12 00 or 00 20 00 25 00 i n i i v in 1 15 1 11 i All ii 1 duss i lots 1 1 in i 1 til Ilo i a Luiu Lily s10 Uon cd i Ullic Hill 11kic 1 11 i i lie yen 1 it in by us in 0 in Lien s Over o it inc Joul be Lioi Idle i l Yipu u 5 in via Hie it ick voc icon s the e by 1 Ift Coats Oik fall Piudik c enl die i is is Ion is i 1 1 i in 1 lil 11 t by f Nam cd suits a c Init s Elia i he s ind out is p inti. 1 10 j w c 00 5 00 3 00 5 00 10 j 00 i 00 Wanamaker Brown Oak s. E. Corner sixth and Market Philadelphia. The largest clothing House in America Warner s Safe kidney and liver cure. Me i j c a j i. 1 a bilt i Rixtun i 1 hit of ily n to i u i 1 f r Lei a Neidah i Eti Tim j Ujj f Lake f in inn Oft lip t is ill ints Portl c if l ill Foi Wai Dei Tuc Tim Ute us Tor toe tit 1 Oil r Dis i s Call j i Tikili to y Ilo bid Lucy i cutt Warners Safe b1ttefjs. I Cut us x cry function t m i i fill Ful Awuou und is the Sal unfit in ii i Liatas s 11 s Infix Luish 1 Oil so Lii a rip Ona ind Hist s s j Ici Quilit i Chih t id Oil grsoic.8 ski Tiki ohm of lie Sion Ali a tin in Giitl in air it arc Tuioi t v Tho s Ifo if Tui a h la u i Cru i cd As an Nicl i r in 1 i in i in Ottlia of u a to i ices Ooi i j of Warner s Safe Nervine Qiric 1 Fel capt jul Mil Rii k i urea Ufa Liillie i i Tuin lilt or Vonu b Idle Pelcl i 1 it i Iosim Ruti ii n by text. She tin 1 us i w re me Tal socks j no Horci Luw Erful s it 3 u is p w n a m i us t Rcd Jav Tea it i injures in a b l i other Likiu i i s i 11 or Dosi of two s i a lots 50c i 1 00 Warner s Safe pills mediate in a Chi stimulus it a torpid liver dyspepsia Bil b upon ii in tic tit co i ii Ose i Lor ice o lie men i l c s to ill on Milci so 101 s of c o j k i Law to c i con 1 n Omi in Jav Chi in in Orick in hit tie i us lit b u in in b Jion Tik Slit toil ii licit Hileria r Unmil t Lluc i 111 ii 1 i 1 l Llull Lohl u it l ii us to inc in not re my i 1 j Uini Ike Roul ii i Tol j it Obj inc notice that u in i ill i litter i to c Tut on Monti to o is 1 y l nun j a d at 11 o clock 1 of s id i ii it to u 1 1 Loc 10 Csc Irsa t j n i u to p Listol j ship id t s 1 1 n i in 3 r cd for Iho put Moscot it Tinli 10 u 1 t pm o u lit m 1 it met f u 1 i 1 Cic ill i i tics into c i be lie in i Koh Fui ins 1ami s 1 in Jon Keg Ali do b Aie Fich flu Udouj not veiled b in Othu Ciufo Niji jul Inok sold 111 Thi a Ali in ill tic Jbv Sai i w St i Ooi of i i act 11 on v. On Aiolfi Tea Ohee of elocution no i 11 n Mill i 1 m ii h net i i Imler Gilill u to ii 1 Tittl i i Fps us it lot no la numb r in i 4 a acc in into inc intent a 1 cr1 n1 i ii i is p 1 r tin ii Ais nil 1 Lull line i in it on no Tiv 1 lev j Boi i k Olla cd or if. 1 i in dam Nice butt i Alt a is. Abs c of 1 j a Hist of 1 a of Vici Losito cot Liro Jho Tol Jonrs a m to 4 i m ii Fuin nce often cd to n in Tounton real or i ciscon in property an 1 3 lightning it in reasonable rates Itel Leblo comi angles or cent. Guiont tit for Stock in tin Fri l om.m1 m Komi to h
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