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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 18 1873, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - December 18, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaPublished weekly of lab Cliffs a Walkut tax hers Ukis Iol a. In Tor one year for ill months 150 for three months. 100 for Trio county i the Sun behind the Pine. By k. M. Tak kit. 1 it at my window now Lair in Hie Winter morning hour buttling me in Tho Minn no which fell i a Golden Uli Ower vol. I. Bristol Bucks county. Pa., thursday december 18, 1873. No. 19. F my room with it glory it never known a forc and waiting within me i Mac sch 1 wan Nln to Iwon scr o or it hinted of All things to come with i be summer it Al Wal Hie at the window and whispered to them of Flowers. An i it and Titus Kakl in in go Orr 1 thought of Uio verdant men that in fur off Tropic Leas were rejoicing in us Mullen. And of All Tho , Bright re Cru flowing on Ovir gout a fail Ami sparkling in unit time Sun Lilno in Many it Houlk in Init. Anil in fancy thus 1 uni Lorol through Many Neil cling scene Torii Erful or nil Infin no me one in Lull Lasful Inream. Wyllo wrapped in Tunny musings in a Quick As in my fancied unit nil about to a change was suddenly wrought. It snatched Pohju a in a moment from Tho land of Halm nil liliom to know we thong Anil Cleill within trial darkened loom. Now just in front of my window was a Plano tree caper in Snow and behind it the nun Hull Elk led. Anil gone w Ere Iti Waring i unit but i sat ult i Pat Limico Wuting 1 did not must in till having Pai Seil that i Lucky Pine it Koukl slime on to again. And i thought How 1 Ike that Shadow some Gruel Iloth Mimi Only fall casting a gloom Arounia our Plith and Over our i urls n ill. Anil How if to wait a Uli Natl enc again will tin lout Light Sli Iii from behind that Gruel Onule window Tho Sun from behind tie Pino. For the Hacks county evening Hotes. 1it in this great would of ours Oberc seems to b of some things and in ii convenient deficiency of others. This is True o tic elements that make up tie human thai to Ter As Well As in regard to material tilings there is More than enough selfishness and to Little generosity. There is too much sin am not half enough virtue. Corruption and Dis honesty seem far too abundant while Isle grit rectitude and purity Are entirely inadequate t the demand. There is a plentiful Supply undesirable things As injustice Ine Annisi ill nature and Zinkl Wilness while those beaut Ful ornaments called Pui iry Good will and i inanity arc distributed in such spare Quanquin that one is sometimes led to Hel Etc 11 Earth is too Bleak and sterile for the growth of Lowse heavenly productions. Ther arc enough of such weeds As Pride enmity in discord to spread Over the Liole Earth 1 not enough of the Beautiful florets of and love to sweeten All the waste places wit their delightful fragrance. How Niue i happier Mankind would be there were More of the Good and fewer of to evil qualifies in the to i morass in More to bless. Toi haps it is in this Dir Clio Liat the world moves. We can Ica Lily in confidently believe that Here is Moi Chappine awl less misery Anong no Hie pics Cal a thin there was fifty centuries ago and that to disparity will be still greater in Fin or of to former fifty centuries hence. Who is so Boiu to doubt this we Are familiar Wilh the mod Ern scientific i Oiin Ula expressed in the words a rival of the and it is possible Flint thin Law has in application in the moral As As in the material universe. If so Justice will Prential Lugain Piconi Nanco Over injustice animosity peace Over the warlike Temperance Over its opium site and every Oiler righteous Qualls y Over its antagonist. It fit Liat the Best should is right tie Good Slio iad prevail. Take any one of the above named attributes humanity for instance. Increase i among men you thereby augment their happiness. Humanity is As the exercise of kind inhumanity is the foe to All kindness All tenderness it is another name for cruelty. Cruelty brings distress. It is enemy of All that yields Joy and peace to Tho Bent All that fills the soul with transport. Mill s inhumanity to Man makes countless thousands mourn 1 How tills familiar expression sinks deep into Hie soul i it quickly sets the imagination at work and this Active servant of the mind easily depicts innumerable dire creations that Ray be True pictures of if and How we As they impinge upon our hearts. A world without inhumanity a world All kind Ness that would be a Paradise. How i Las ing and desirable life then would be to tie tens of thousands that rarely breathe a breath of conscious gladness. Inhumanity takes various forms am embraces old and Young in its merciless tons. It is to be deplored wherever it Iti barbarous features. There is nothing to palliate or justify it. It is one of the phases of human nature that ought to be rooted out and utterly destroyed. It should have no place outside of the brute creation and even tie to it excite our sympathy Aud move a to pity. But Man is Apt to partake of the nature of brutish beasts and often lose their reason. Inhumanity is most to be deplored where its helpless victims Are Little children. No station in life seems to exempt them from tyranny and quart lessees s. In every degree and in every Thane they feel its withering touch Aud shrink its Bitler sting. How its Marsh and pain Ful exhibitions upon their Young lives cause out hearts to melt with compassion. Alas too often the Parent s troubled conscience re Coli under the pangs of remorse when it is too late to atone to tie Little wounded spirit for the wrong done to its tender nature and then How face ii Are the incurable yearnings of regret Gold cannot buy the precious peace that dwells with him who has no sad recollections of inhuman conduct towards the Little child but who remembers Only his Unevia Tinglov and nil its pleasantness. Inhumanity should never have a moment s place in relations Between the Parent and the child but Only the Beautiful i Plait of affection. Inhumanity May take the form of words As Well As of actions. We All know what pain comes from cruel speech and we know too the Power that dwells in kind words. It b said Liat every act of kindness is an excrete of Power 1 the same May be said of gentle remark. An expression of harsh Ness on the contrary u worse than weakness it is a Blunder. Sometimes a Sharp biting word wounds More severely than a weapon of steel for it chafes Aud emitters the spirit. Countless thousands mourn because of the Piti Lew venom dropped from cruel tongues. A unkind word sinks deep into the heart. Fire soul of Nisi in a downcast wife ran nlewspaperflrcfilye1 a stiff to oils. There is no harsher sound in in universe than Liat which comes from the singing lips of an inhuman Parent where a lit e child is the victim. One is irresistibly moved close lib ears or turn away when such a Spe ies of the discord of barbarism jills the air. It is Well for people to be kind in act and cantle a speech. An act of kindness however mall or a word of gentleness however Anim mutant will oftentimes shed a Serene Ray of Ood cheer in the sad and lonely heart. The time will says Emerson when he evil forms n c have known can no More be possibly these evil forms Atid vol traits As Well Are gradually disappearing rom the face of the Earth and As they leave us no by one we can breathe the Earnest Hope hat will be among the first to be Ilot cd out forever. For Trio if sucks county the transit of Venus december 8th, 1874, the greatest event in astronomical science Bat has transpired for More than one bundled is according to the pc Dillions of Castrou imers about to occur in than a year from Bis time. The importance depending from observations then about to be made results rom this f Iet that on those observations the nost valuable basis of astronomical calculations depend. A writer in an educational journal thus Speaks of tie results of these of Sci nations no solar phenomenon Lias Over been awaited with such interest As is that which is to occur december Sib 187-1. If Trio observations which will be made upon this Ransil of a Ciuris should be successful or other would if tin actual distance of the Sun from the Faith to Asci Atchly ascertained it be tie noblest Triumph which tie human mind Lias Ever achieved in the Domain of Prysi no science 1" a few known facts in ibis connection i relation to this planet Are presented. For these we Are chiefly Siul Esteil to he discoveries of modern science and to the great improvement of instruments employed it such researches. Is Well known Liat for a Long pc Rico among ancients from tie defects in their instruments their wore at a loss in identifying that planet. Prom its appearance in different paits of the heavens with respect to the which we now familiarly Call the morning and evening supposed it to be nothing less than two distinct planets Bui our acknowledge of their identity modern astronomy has enabled us to sex Bibl Many Phenomena attending the planet Tel incl could never have been shown to tic naked Eye we arc now Able to behold tic varied change in its phases which in its orbit ular revolution presents All the various changes of the Moon ii her revolution round the Faith. The Ca Cula tons founded on those observations arc stil More important. We been enabled t Asci lain the diameter of this 01 b in Stit i seven Hundred the Llie Sun about auf i i glut Mil time of its Resolution in its about h to Hundred find id Ritj Fiir of our Days. The time of its revolution on its Axis bus likewise been to be about Twenty three Aud a half hours. Venus also revolving in an of bit Between us and the Sun is found As might naturally be expected from its very variable distance from us. To exhibit very different degrees of brightness. In its us Picior conjunction or when seen beyond the Sun our distance from her Wilt be Euril to that of our own distance added to Llma of hers or of ninety fhe Udek d to Skly Cigil millions of Miles but in the inferior con Jim lion the separation of the orbs will be Only defined by the differ once of the distances h seven millions of Miles. In Lii latter however the Sun s reflected being hid its situation corresponds to that of our new Hixion. But when the Crescent begins to show for tie Bucka county Gazctte-1 1untohv of a bit of Black Broadcloth Jutten . As in our new to her comparatively Small distance from us her Bill Iancy soon very perceptibly increases till at its great est elongation or apparent angular distance firn the Sun which never exceeds about it presents one Ball its disc loan observer at f lie Earth. On one of those occasions by careful observation on a Bright Day i Banc seen the planet distinctly at ten o clock in tic morning. The period Between the two conjunctions of Venus with the Sun owing to on Earth mov ing in its own orbit in the Samy direction consists of 5s4 Days so that the period of its continuance As a morning or evening Star will be not far from 290 Days and the planet appears More hum six times greater when in us inferior than in its Superior conjunction. Slit moves at the rate of eighty thousand Miles per boil in her join Ney round the 01111, while the Edith moves about sixty three thous and Miles in the Sam time during her revolution in her orbit. The most interesting Anil surprising feature about this planet and its motions is that by which its changes of seasons Are regulated. The Axis of which it revolves is inclined to tie plane of us orbit in the comparatively Small Angle lo0. Liar tropics then must extend to 7oa on each Side of dividing lie Rycar into two seasons in which the Sun being Verti Cal every Day a Pait of th03s spaces its in fluence will be exerted As in the torrid zone on both sides of our Equator with this differ ence however that his Dominion instead of extending merely -17q, As in our Case in the planet Venus it reaches to so continuing inc analogy she May be said to have one torrid and two frigid zones or considering the Range of tie Suu towards the Noi them or South Ern poles of the Paris visited by that Lugii Saiy the two sections alike influenced May w Ith propriety be called its summer Aud Winter sea sons while the two Smoll zones extending from each pole keep up the analogy to our ii in id zones where the Sun shines the whole time Urivi Fie 221 whole i Rod of the planet s year. It cannot be expected that finite reason can appreciate the variety of plans so conspicuously evinced by infinite Wisdom in characterizing the different orbs of a very minute por Tion of its great work of which even such a limited View is adapted to excite our astonish it. W. Ii. J. I was a Small scrap of a whole piece of Black Road cloth which with Many other pieces of colors and All Stees occupied the shelves Ifa fashionable clothing establishment ill the City of a. I had been brought from be seas and had been More than a year on he s hands and yet no one Hod fan red me enough to become my purchaser Hough it was always said by Way of recommendation that i was a recent importation. One Day however i was taken Clown and exhibited to a gentleman from a neighbouring City who seemed much pleased with me and who smoothed Down my Nap so gently with his arge soft hand that i became repossessed in ills favor for Iliad always been so roughly Lian led both by the merchant and his Cuit oin Jis that i dreaded lobe taken from the shelf on which i spent most of my time. After a Good Deal of talk i was Cut off in a pattern for a pair of pants that were to he made and sent on by express on a certain Day to a City nearly sixty Miles Distant. I was pleased at this Prospect of a change for i tired of the confined life i bad leading and was eager to see something of tie would but i experienced a Good Deal of anxiety till the pants were Cut out and i found myself occupying the position of facing to a Nice Linen watch pocket. This Post of of a Gold repeater being assigned to me was a Incie Accident like so Many Othni positions in this world but i was As proud of it As if i had obtained it by my own Merit. At the appointed Lime i was sent off by express carefully wrapped in several Stout papers and nicely corded and reached my destination without Accident. I saw my new master again with and he seemed so Well pleased with to and had such a Benignant air that i immediately Felt at Limo and Comal Rcd my self fortunate in falling into such Good hands. My master was i found extremely neat and very careful of his clothes and therefore i was spared what being refined in Iny nature or rather i most dreaded being brought in Contact wit i snuff tobacco or spirits. On the contrary i could always detect some agree Able and rare odor about my master which was titular by acceptable. One of my chief de lights was when 1 was out uniting with my master or Imd gone to Church with him and the time for Dopa Turc Drew near to feel the smooth touch of Bis hand As he Diew Forth am then returned his watch to the pocket Wycie 1 was. After the first year i was not kept at a distance from Ray master but was with Hiir nearly every Day till 1 became Strong attached to him and had his name indelibly stamped on the Linon lining at my Back. I be cams very much puffed up Iyall this notice an i considered my position unchangeable nil had settled it in my mind that i be came too old to go out with Iny master or to be of any use to him at Home i lion Lyl be pre served in sonic of his drawers or closets a Bare 10 would come occasionally to look upon me till i was eaten by the Moths. But Pride it i Ell known must have a fall. One Day a Laily Laving bogged of Iny master some clothes for c poor Man about the town 1 was horror so incl o Fiul myself put up with an old coat to some half worn socks and other cast of garments Anil sent away forever from my Mas Ler s House. 1 Renran Ber Well the feeling wit which i Lay packed in a a mlle that care Lessly tossed into a chair in the Ball of a sting House. 1 began to fear that i should Neve again see the Light of Day or if 1 did i Sbott c to piss the first of my Lilb in Contact wit poverty and dirty Linen so Difei Cut from All m mister bad me to. After what seemed to mean Intel Minabel length of time a lady passed through the Lial Only a letter. Only n yellow old letter in a woman a delicate Shunil with a faint tint of perfume Why 1 keep it you Don t understand. We were lovers once but we absence and time you know it to simply the name Oil Story and it happened ago it is quite a thing of the past she is somebody else to wife Lille can Halle at the Pai Iston whose rapture once thrilled my life. Quit a tiling of the put. And yet As with dream troubled Yeu 18taiul, Vivily Sean lung Tbs Long Preiter etl letter lit a woman s delicate hand drifts from me the Tov Tileia present and 1 Ali out think i can Trace in the Tadel Eitnie of a letter my old love s familiar face. And i know in my heart of a cart jct a lightly i May. That life nothing to give me half us dear As that Long ago Day. For Tho Bucks county Gazette Tusso Bussian Baths. A Bath is the thing to tickle the fancy of a us but just think of a Turko i russian Strain globules of Croton water ooze race fully from your Temple and pour Down our Arm like a Stream of living water from a de Hill. It was our destiny to patronize the russian Baths Over Wallack s theatre be other evening for if a now Sapei Man Don t met out things to write about lie will have to Ose til Eye of Bis readers up on Liu buggery. O to those who have never experienced ii Iron to far beyond that Point Here eggs open and living bids Crow five clock in the will say you Don t ii no what life is. Ascending the by Oad Stair a to the Landing above statue sin plaster and Marble make you feel uncomfortable these Are of nude bathers but representatives of How Ean you Are before and after the Bath. Sliding Dietly along you approach a Small office some Bing after the style of u hotel and Here a huge Egister for names is spread out Well filled with lose of some of the notables of our great City Long with those Olio turn night into Day. Drunkards after a night s Bruise gamblers Vorn out with watching after a Long night s Lay come Here to Recap Ciatu overwork Busi Leti since travel is covered with dust Neary Vil along join Ney ladies out of health and or pleasure All Patronne this grand caloric Iydi-0-Steamic-p.itbic resort. Registering out name sir. Buckhorn the a Nagr asks me the following questions sir. Jogs have you a family if so do you Iver expect to come Hack from Russia alive what is your occupation correspondent to the pass right in you order never die from heat. For Tho Bucks county Gazette cities of the West. By Josas Webster. Council seven Hundred Miles above St. Louis on the Eastern Bank of the Missouri opposite Omaha nestles the City of the eighteen years ago the Curling smoke of a few settlers Cabins marked the spot where to Day six railroads Ter Minate and ten thousand people plod the nigh the monotonous business of the Day. In 1835 the councils of the Lowas a to Weifel band of indians was held Here and Tho pole face and the red face made treaties of peace and handed round the pipe of Friendship and drank the fire water of the White Man All was Unity and con Cord. The interchange of Friendship and. Exchange of Robes and furs for trinkets and blankets passed from each. But As the Star of Empire swept this Way and coach lines Wens established the site was looked upon by speculators with an eager Eye. Gradually the ravines Between the Bull s began to be Dotte i with houses and the streets followed alter in a circuitous Way. A Railroad tie Northwestern followed and the Bluff Lity then the outermost Post upon the Frontier became a Point upon the geographical map of our country. Years rolled on and the quiet City added new innovations year after the Overland stage to most. Joe the Mountain boat from below and the Railroad from Chicago opened up a life that made this Little Hamlet Spring into a sprightly town. In of we find the Chi itans alive to the interests and importance of their and As Abraham Lincoln had designated a spot near the River s on the Loiva Side As the initial Point of the great Continental hallway the Price of Corner lots jumped hundreds of per cent above the original Price. But the great june Rise of that same year washed the initial Point away by the River breaking Over the Bottom lauds and thus the great strife that sprang up in Congress and with the people As to the about of Trio Init Al Point of the Railroad. A Laige sum of Money used for influence decided that Omaha w As the place. A bitter Light raged for years on tins important question of where the Point was and where tie Transfer to be made. In All Points at Issue the longest pole knocks the most and As Omaha had the pole she gathered and reaped this fruit of iwo labors. However the did not lie Idle and with tie Energy and despair of a fallen but not Defeated foe she sprang to the Rescue of her name and Fame. The enterprising inhabitants voted Money for the pushing Forward of Public works. The Ogden House was built at immense expense but being badly located never repaid the outlay. The High behind. And sometimes when persons get West they have to stay for want of greenbacks to return. It seems to me if a Man is doing a anything like a profitable business East they had better stay. Last week to had Tho pleasure of visiting the Prairie farm of Moses Ballon in Matte Valley Nebraska. The ride Twenty five is through rolling land. To most people the idea of Prairie is level but Between hero and the Elkhorn River it is one continuous up and Down of Small Hills. After crossing the Elkhorn we Are in Hatte Valley. Tim Elkhorn Bluffs Are noted for their Beauty. It seems Odd not to see fences and Trees As we do East. A great Many wind Breaks have Feeo planted Here. Cotton Wood prevails. During the last Days of novem Ber the wind blew Here at the rat of forty Miles an hour. We passed through Miles and Miles of country that had been burned Over. Hay stacks and no barns being built Here had been ploughed around to prevent fire from spreading. Or. Ballon has six Hundred acres a Good House barn and other buildings two Hundred steers Texas fifty horses sheep pigs Nebraska Farmers Are Gene rally a Liri Otless set. I hey have Toncy enough to get Here and then Settle Down and Tio Noth ing. What they raise has heretofore be on of Little profit. Unless a Man Lias capital farming does not pay Here. On our Way out we were accosted by an out and out Indian on a line Pony painted face feathers dress of skins toothless who said Good Indian Omaha we thought of the peace commission in tie Lale weekly Tribune. To were promised a ride on the ponies nest morning but a sleet storm was raging a thing that never happens Here this is said to be a very try climate but we have had two dense fogs in the list six weeks which never did occur before they say. The Ackt Day we left in a Snow storm for the most dangerous ride we Ever took. The Hills were so icy that it was with difficulty the horses could climb them a id the Carriage could often be Felt sliding. At times the Snow was blinding. A thankful party reached Omaha about three o clock Clit ii in Noi nut to artak life and limb again Omaha supports three papers daily Bee Herald and Republican. The thermometer has not yet been lower than against. We separated at last Well satisfied with our conclusion. Tho next morning i was awakened to read Jackson s Grodnu Tatum that was ii enact a declaration of War and hurry ing on my clothes i drove to Tho White Home to Hud All the members of the Cabinet there be fore me. Jackson was yet in bed but receiving our cards sent for us. We were Ailini Liml in ins bedroom. He was sitting up in bed with an Odd looking night Cap on Anil Tho everlasting pipe in his Well gentlemen to what do i owe this Early visit or. President thought you concurred with m in our conclusion that it. Was hotter in negotiate gentlemen after the pow wow you gave me 1 concluded Tho better Way was to make Tho damned rascals pay. And so we will. Good morning gentlemen i Hope 1 have not spoiled your appetite for breakfast. Good morning it was Luck. The Trench government unit up and Tho proclamation was the most popular act of his admin strut Ion. Of Van by Ron Kendall and Blair put. Him up to it. He was a vindictive Man but i have known him to do some very kind tlihujs., 1 if member the towering rage he exhibited when the news reached us that the figure head carved in likeness of had been sigh Adolv by some miscreant in the night. He directed me to Oiler a Large Reward and swore lie would hang the scoundrel sooner or later. "1 offered the Reward and one Nair ii some months after a Man sent into my rooms word that he wished to see me. I ordered him in and a rough fellow made his appearance with a suck thrown Over Bis shoulder. Without say ing a word he Slung Tho sack around and Emp tied a wooden head on the floor. " there it is sir. Now bring out your said tie . 11, was a grotesque look ing thing Sareil under the none. There it is 1 to went on. I Hud no Lehr agin old Hickory but that head had t no business on the old Constitution. I d saw. It of Vargiu. Now do damnedest i ordered the fellow under arrest and taking my Carriage drove to the White Iloine with the head in the sack. Giving it to a servant 1 appealed before the president and without saying a word sat the head on its nose before him on the table lie stared Al. It then at me. And when 1 explained he burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. Why he cried at that is the most infernal Giaves image 1 Ever saw. Tic fellow dial a i factly right. You be got him you say Well Nive him a kick and my conic i Tell him to saw in Oil again " first insertion per Inch a. Ii off Eadi utter Tom to. 10 notices in local coh Rami 20 per he. Special 26 pc cent. Allate. For on it Mil in Hall it tic Ohurie it ing and m much Milfer in Tuff tit i Tell principled and so s our clergy nmn Gin Antl inuit unless it s through some Well a Iii idly hit but rather hard on As honest a 1 school upon the Bluff looting Over the River Robert Maitin a gentleman eighty one cais old boasts a fact rarely equated. He Lias lived in two states two counties Thice towns and one City and yet has never changed his Resi Dence. Lust this conundrum should never be guessed the explanation is Given he resides in the City of Auburn and was living when Maine was a province of Massachusetts. A Burn was once in Cumberland county before the county of was formed and the towns of Danville and Auburn were once one town. The largest tax payer in Sullivan ind., is a coloured Man and in his family Are the Only coloured children in the town lie is circulating a petition asking that his children be received into the Public schools. Perceived the bundle and immediately open in and examined tie contents. When she perceived the name on my Back she seemed Struc by a sudden thought. I think she wished t spare me the shame of being dragged Aroun among the Cavaille while i bore the name i my aristocratic master stamped so plainly me for she a cutaway very quickly and n turned with a pair of scissors with which s.1 very deftly detached me lining and All Fiji the Waistband Boie me upstairs and Deposit me in a drawer filled w Ith gloves ribbons Liand kerchiefs jewelry and fragrant with ape fume which in minded me of my master. In Liis drawer i Lay for a longtime tented with my lot which was so far Abo i Lud dared to Hope for when i Lay near suffocated in that old bundle. I frequently go a glimpse of Daylight and of the lady my no owner when so came to Deposit something the drawer. In this Way i passed a whole sin Mer free from All had no Gold repeat now to was beginning to think should never to of any Niobe use in the Worl when another change befell me. One a towards Winter i was taken Fiou Ray Velrea paid Oil and trimmed up a bad got be pretty shabby and out of place in a Needle Book with two Blue flannel leave and two White flannel Cembrol died i Blue silk for companions. This Needle Book a Choice one not often probably my Retreat for to Brest of my Days. I have charge of Thiec slender English Needles which my mistress has bad for Many years and uses Only to darn silk or unc i stockings but As they arc Seldom ii retled 1 Lead a quiet retired sort of life Oil suited to my taste. Occasionally i get n Little homesick i inking of my master especially As there h Small Chance of my Ever seeing him again Iny mistress and i having moved several Hundred Miles from his place of Resi Dence. I try to banish this pc cling of homesick Ness for really i ha1, e a Good Deal to be thank Ful for my mistress takes Good care of me and though i do Noli often see her she keeps me Safe in a cosy of a u co work Box where she keeps Only Choice sewing to Day having occasion to use one of the Needles entrusted to my keeping i saw her for a moment and i fancied she had lost some of her Good looks she seemed somehow changed. To Uio irow she will replace the Needle and then i shall satisfy myself if i am right in my conjecture. I should to sorry to loss my mistress for i have been hoping to spend the remainder of Iny Days with her and i dread another change for changes Are so fatal to old people like me and 1 am pretty old fur a bit of Broadcloth that has had no Moro care than i have and has experienced so Little of the Wear and tear of life. I have written this Little history of myself for Ray old master As i have nothing else to leave Linin and now having finished this labor of love i can calmly await my decay let it be sooner or later. I have sometimes thought of request ing to be sent Back to my master but it would be a Long journey for me and i might never an Indiana judge has decided that a worn an has a right to cud her hired girl for leaving an outside door open. The Louisville courier journal Obs Ives that this is Tweed s off year in business As ours. I passed nervously tip toeing Long the corridor fearing to acknowledge Llinat . Vail the draw Biadgo lets us in. A Knight to with Ess clothes than a paper Collar and pair of spurs asks is for our stateroom a harness stand meditate wonder if we Lave heart disease gout Ameer ringworm then if our sins Aie heinous and not forgiven Temei Bering nothing of this sort we screw up our courage and wet our head with a Mediterranean sponge drink a Glass of water and behind the curtain into the first Here Are several graduated so As to Advance Yon without Tho least particle of danger. Our Man in attendance tells me he1 stays in five hours that satisfies us that this species is Dif Ferent from eggs else i should fear the suffocating heat that comes Over you but the great a Lessing of a Damp refers by no St Cam soon quiets your fears and you begin to foe1 not so stiff in your manners As a starched Linen Collar but Limp and easy As a weeping Ivellow. In the Middle of this room is a Square Pool of watch four feet deep to the right .1 slower Beith which admits of Light of heavy Falls of water. Walking around the Pool our attendant asks us if we will have a sweat now. Of and As he lifts the curtain of the next room and we peer through the Clouds i if steam and see but a hand s length before us we almost make up our mind to Back but the five hours that one Man endures of of Fth surely to be sufficient testimonial that Nollier could stand one half an hour. So keeping the sponge of cold water on our head we penetrate the Mystic regions of Mist and steam where we hear a patient on tie top shelf sides Are tables of shelves arranged before steam Rog Steis Licie the bather gets the full effect of this performance Ancl tic of his Money. Groping our Way along led As a Lamb to the Shugh tar a Turkey to a Par boil or a bog to a hot Jamb. We fear we have been ushered into hip wrong Pew or strayed into the wrong chinch but being to try to make Tho Best of it. Our Knight lays us on a table with a Marble Pillow covered by a Ivet cold sponge. We try to fall asleep by imagining we Are sleep ing on cider Down. We count the imaginary files on the Wall but the hissing and Sissing of tie steam the Bob Damp atmosphere going Down our throats remind us of singing teapots. Soon the outer skin drops off we then lose another strata then the cellular tissues break away then m c sit Down in our Bones like Gail Hamilton i believe it was or suze Anthony att try to keep Cool its no use. Finally a Happy thought strikes us and we Tell our attendant on spinal column has just got Over a spell of dislocation and our toggle joint.0 have just been repaired and if it suits his pleasure we will try to be stained with a curtailment of this grand unto porch c institution. Who could sleep the sleep of health at below key West. Then we Are next Laid Flat on a table brushed with a coarse Brush reduced to a Suk that we could put on our twelve year clothes retaken Back to the slower Balb plunged into tie Pool almost at Zero and go out to have tie movement cure performed upon us. But of Reader when you once get out no Oasis m a Sandy desert no King among his subjects no Peacock with his Tail Ever was so proud so buoyant so Happy As you the great washed at the Turko Hussian Baths above Wallack s theatre. Joe Jectus. Eight degrees above Karo. M. B. G. Reach him sol try to be conto Tedas i am and sustain myself with the Hope that something Jay yet happen to cast a Halo around the even ing of my Days. When is a pig the Hayk St 1 Wei inc is led according to tie Lexington press the Ken Tucky legislature was Soril w the other Day upon a handsomely bound copy of analysis of the Bible instead of the original document itself. A editor met a Well educated far Sci recently and informed him to would like to have something from his pen. The Farmer sent him a pig and charged him s9.75 for it. Valley crowned the City with an imposing appearance. The residence of Granvilus 51. Dodge upon Tho Side of the Bluff stood out in Buhl in Lief facing the setting Sun from the Balcony of which the View is . The whole City of Omaha and Council Bluffs at night ankle to Iii thousands of lights before you and Moon beams sparkle upon the liver. An Ludwin Canoe or a Mountain boat Ripples the Stream Anil the quietness of nature Speaks a Sweet repose and dreamy sensation to the beholder. To the left Baylis Glen a romantic Nook indents the South Quarter and Here is the Home of As hospitable a virginian As Ever came from below th2 line the owner of the Pacific hotel and interested and ident filed with the history of the Bluffs from her earliest Days. Winding Down the Glen we come to the big a Creek that threads and Ripples its murky Waters to the Missouri. Wac ice comes the name we never Learned. The streets wind and outset until they Clear the Bluffs. A near they jump from their kinks and run Reg Laily duo cast and West North and South. Tie main Street is a id simply built up of Brick Frame and Stone and contains some Fine stores. The fun St National and Taii fic National Banks Are models of Neal ass and ele Gance and the great banking House of officer presents a Busy appearance. They do a Large business m lands Aud pay taxes Foi non residents on lands. In 72 the great Iron Bridge across the Jils Sotu i was completed. Frota the nature of the River floating foundation of was necessary to sink huge hollow tubes to Leach a firm foundation. Year after year this Garcal undertaking was performed by hundreds of men. Engines and derricks and As the piers were Stuik and filled with Stone and Concrete did the1 inhabitants of the win cities flying on opposite1 Banks look on with Woiler Anil desire to see the Day when they should be linked to Gether. The network of it on far above the water s Edge out of the Way of Steamboat stack is connect ing the East and the West was Tho lost link that United Boston with san Francisco. Spoon Lake is Mother curiosity of nature that we so frequently Sec in America. Two Miles South of the City 1.1ns i eat Sheet of wot i three quarters of a m be Long and one Quarter wide. It affords a line skating Park in the Winter. It is supposed Lobac been formed by Tolje Over flow of the big and is very deep Many contending its depth to be unfathomable and an underground outlet to the Missouri River. Half a mile Distant the vast Plain stretching Down the of the Missouri is staked into suburban divisions and affords a Fine site for a City. With a fair Inland Trade a network of Raih oads a Steamboat navigation to the lower Mississippi and a Fertile tributary county coun cil Bluffs is competing strongly for a prominent place a the hearts of the Western people. Correspondence Bucks county letter Peom Omaha. Omaha dec. Editor Gazette evening the acad Emy of music was filled with an appreciative audience to listen to the great British orator Charles Bradlaugh on the subject of Republican government England. He is thoroughly Down on the Royal family Aud the great expense the nation is at. The people of Bucks county who have heard him know the Rich treat we enjoyed. Many came from Fremont and other Distant towns. This is one of a course of a clues by the Library association. Very Many in Bucks county think Omaha is the jumping off place but a reality it is not West if a dividing Lino Wei drawn Between woman s work. Tic wort of won Xii is peace is ii Refco she Lias her nolo Woik to Mitt h woes to hoolie s weal inc Uio let her Eliut Noble work pursue. Flip work of woman la peace la peace i at abroad and Tury Olmre win re Bliss abounds in litre disco Ira Cense Tho place of woman is there is Altero 1 the Isth is Stony the task is Liana but All wot Iii gaining by loll is Galt Icil. The Woik itself is Iuo Wii Reward and Well Bosun if Ball attained. , woman Oil Mii Slotton our Rwjr Tuitui boil to me to from Crivy Ami hate the Wui Kul is is peace 1 collated expressly for the Bucks county Gazette . From the Matt ten b Lii Oil. A Malle Leaf. How ii in hint tiling Hoo tub a Lens null lint at Teil a Lionnil Tiik uni Hack to Loriner Day s Anil lit Imek in Iii since i Loath. Henin Ilio City whore i Licurs the echoing Damn or Imby 1 act Anil where my Ali flow upon the weary Tut Moll of the Street my in Uuk and Pali it null away i know no More til Buhl Nema b Ica ube n Sci Inlet Maple Leal floats in the autumn nor. Only a tinted in pc Lea leaving its Fellows in tie Park i Ami yet inv lips glow Glenn shins and All the sunny till i Riwk Lark for drilling to tin1 Analil. Oil Picinie Eoanu Sto View Anil you la tar give me ii it Tensive no Intel est for a pie Tiue of a a Lully limit with Maple re room either hide Anil 1 Ai in pimple arc level Stein Lois Tilte tiding uie. Anion tie inn part lib tie Rit til i in Liy Mill lip Lull Mill in on the Hilli la Hurlet school Lei the stands the shelter of n Yentle Fiji Ullh in i quit winds Mill Lei Hunot truthful i Kulesh Eyck the Little Tei Ulici to seem a Loyal or Lei of in Ilis miso nil by it him Hul her Light Hall old y her cite Vang Ace a Hinell she governed ail the Hall no lace e he a Villont to sterner Irown. Local legislation in Beddington Maine was lately brought to a stand still by a firm of Lum Ber dealers hiring the entire Board of select men to Cut Wood in new Hampshire. A Young lady named Fry at Logansport was rescued from drowning the other Day and she sent the Young Man four quarts of Butternuts As a Token of appreciation. Her face was her has just been issued by Harper Brothers. It will speedily be followed by his Cheek was what made a Utica Man has started for England with a fund of forty cents. He will lecture when lie returns. Six school teachers in one of the Iii Cunati a Cliola spelled Graf la with it ii to xxx. United up suit River. Sail River where it Debouchet into the Ohio River is not More than fifty or sixty Yards in breadth but very deep. It is never Fordable even in the Dryes seasons and being navigable for of Ivilean Miles above Mouth has not been bridged at this Point. Descended its Steep and difficult Banks embarked our cat rages upon a hat ferry boat and were conveyed across. Tho View looking up the River was very Beautiful. Tall elms and sycamores clothed the Banks drooping their bout Lis almost to the water and Fonn Iii a Vista of foliage through which the Stream curved out of sight Between wooden Hills. I Long to be rowed up it. While on tie spot i took occasion to enquire the derivation of the Slang political phrase rowed up Salt and succeed in discovering it. Formerly there were extensive Salt wife on the River a Short distance from its Mouth. The employed in them were a set of athletic belligerent Fellows who soon became noted cd and wide for their achievements in the pugilistic line. Hence it became a common thing among the Boatmen on the Ohio when one of their number was refractory to say to him Well Row you up Salt of courses the bully Salt ii would have the hand Ling of him. By a natural Flag in of of speech the express Init applied to political Candi dates Glrst i believe in Tho presidential Campaign of Taylor. Xxi. Form Sisol in the revolution. The first american who discharged his gun at tie Battle of Lexington was lock. He resided at Lexington in . The British Reg ulars at the order of major a Cairn having i cd at a few americans on the Green in front o f the meeting House killing some and wound ing others it a signal of War. The Citi Neus no unlit be seen coming from All directions in the loads Over Tho Fields and through the Woods each with his Rifle in his hand ins pow Der Horn at ins Side and his pockets provided with aiming the Vimbor was Ebosi Ezer lock. The British had posted a Reserve of a mile in the rear in tie direction of Boston. This was in the neighbourhood of or. Lock who instead of hastening to join the party at tie Green placed himself in a open cellar a t a convenient distance for doing execution. A portion of the Reserve was standing on a Bridge and or. Lock commenced filing at them. There was Iio other american in sight. He worked valiantly for some ten minutes bringing Down one of the enemy at Neaily shot. Up to Liis time not a gun had been fired elsewhere by the americans. The British greatly disturbed by losing so Many men by tie random fire of a unseen foe were not Long in discovering tie Man in tic cellar and discharge a Volley of balls which lodged in the avails opposite. Or. Lock remain aug unhurt continued to Load and lire with the i a Misiou of a distinguished Marksman. He was driven to such close quarters however by the British on his right and left that he was compelled to Retreat lie had just one Way to escape and that was through a Orchard and not one moment was to be lost. He levelled his gun at a Man near by dropped the wet Pound the Man was shot to Dougli the heart. The balls whistled about him. Lock the Brink of a Steep Hill and throwing himself on the ground tumbled downwards lolling As if mortally wounded. In this Way he escaped unhurt. At the close of the War he removed to new Hamp Shire where he resided until his death Twenty veal a after. He lived in seclusion and died in peace. 1 was it scholar the of All the mischief in the Wool Anil i ton would Fain tin m unites of her Riillo Nilu and once when 1 Hail Ilone my Hunt to ii cull am oink mates n Sti if slip thanked me with a Millie Anil 1 i at tier Friend Lor life. Two Acari the District school House cd tic Little Tua Ehi i s out licit May Ami til Al i one autumn hate noon i Mill it Well he went i watched rus is i Coull see the Down the rail Ami Soiu Nril ii the Homin knew the value of their or Mclona Anil i Ucli fast within my Hall a inn Plo Ichi no Al Vail Leil which Sheli Uil Ghen with n smile to keep her memory Mic said. She knew Well Asj 1 think my memory would not need Artmer Anil that of All on Tho. Cerui by thoughts would Lotc nest turn to her. The years went by i kept in mind the Good Bye Ami the gentle face and when i dwelt within Tho i Bonfilio Tor Hir hot found in Trace until one sabbat to 1 walked by Neiton Che Cooling Aliado of cypresses that Overlook the plan eos where the dead Are Laid when suddenly a hitter Nln smote cruelly upon my a Craft for i Tad happened upon the a Lille teacher s rest and so the years in d Broth Chat her this tin years that brought me wealth and Famo. And these to nothing lift to m except the re Colof her name. A wrong for while i have in Muir h it the memory of Liei Farewell words i shall not decl no self he Refl and though like Lolly it May of com in life s great War us cherish , yet 1 Bull keep until the that faded scat Lei Maple Leaf. Ujj Cawi Piid ind. The Man at the Dooe. M. Ramps Siirid null Slot the door in Liis Finice. It blew so 1 could hardly do it and the sleet is beating on tie pane and the Bare Trees were groaning and moaning As if they suffered in the storm. No tramps Here i m a and just then it came into my mind tint i impede my son toil it Miles who id been a a Nolller lie Imd got to be mind to Seo his and would soon. I have been wounded m Yon Sai Luv Don t go a showing to your said i. They buy pm to co bugging with Niew so1 they loll mi1. 1 read the i a. Give. Society. Are Iny lion. Aud As Tor keeping Yon All night coif can t expect that of decent came o the door and Sulila let him slay with her Lupi it non but took no not ice so he wont and this time did not come Etc of and int Down by the lire and listened to the wind and sleet and Felt the nud smelt the a Kivic cakes in tic Kitchen stove and 1 ought Lof Liivi Bacn very but i want. Snip Vii Hli y seemed tugging my heart All the Lime. I rave the lire t poke and Iii another canola to cheer myself by and went to my won Basket oct be sock 1 Hail heir kit Linig for my Charlie mid its l went to pet it i Dow lying on i floor. I picked ii up. H was in old tobacco Pouch so much Lifcia the one i gave Charlie i i gtd Aroi ind to mul written on it in Ink a. P. To k bit of Ion co a nil do Hon aug kit or and when 1 spi Oad it out i raw Al tic toys my dear i know thu by Kiir dropped it and my heart gave Olio big Ili inn As though it Widi been turned into a . I a ramps the Slov was he had a Mother. If shaven d All Over and Len lire and the candies and Tho Nice comfortable smell might not. Have Iwen ill All i was so cold and w my Chad. And Over mid Over gain i had to say to my self 1 Hail so often heard my say never give anything to Chance Beggiani my dear friends ref Wilys bestow your alms on worthy persons through will Tigai Ilid Socie Bonniel i Oum get a bit of Comfort. And what an old fool i was to cry 1 thought vent 1 found my Cheeks i t. But i did not cry Long for us 1 set and crash and Jingle came a Blulah Over tie Road and it stopped atom pile and i heard my Chili lie s voice cry ing i and out i went to the door and had him in my Iii in my great tall handsome Brown son. And1 there be was in Bis uniform with his pretty shoulder is nips mid Hearty As if to Hud never been through any hardships. He bad to leave me to put his horse up mul the .11 had by the lire again Iny Awn boy. And Drusilla who had been up stairs and had been i Down All in a for they were brother Ami lie kisses her and she Kiseil him and then she went Losel lilo table and then narc hot things smoked on a cloth us and How Charlieen Jou in Ollil in. But once in the midst of All i fell a i ii blend fooling come Over me and t know d i d turn Pali for Urusle Masaid what s Hie Mailer Auvil Fairfax i " 1 said nothing or but in was this kind o Ilki the Shost of a step going a mind Champ Over the Frozen Snow kind o like the ghost of voice Sayir let me lie on the floor a fore the fire and give me any kind of a kind o like Sesing some one that Hail a Mother drop Ping Down on the wintry Road and freezing anus slurring to death there. That it what it was but i put it away Ami Only thought of Charlie. We Drew up Togut her by the lire when Tea was done and he Lold us things Al cml the War i d never heard before. How the soldiers suffered and what weary s and Short a Lions they sometimes bad. And he Lolief to How Bis life bail been set my lie was badly wounded and Wie i Skof his own life a Lullow a Okidoi had Navel carried him away lulling his path Bai k to Camp. I d never in vhf Wen you but for my Charlie. And if t hero s a Man on part i Louvil s Liob Dearest Best fellow. We be shared each other s rations and drunk ii oni the same canteen Many a Lime and if Ever 1 had a brother i could t think More of Why Don t you bring him Home to we your Mother Charlie asked 1. Why i d love him too and anything i could do for him for the Man who saved my boy s life could t be enough. Send Cor him but Chai lie Shook his a had and covered i face Wilh his banns. Said he i Don t know whether Rob Lla Dway is alive or dead to Day. Willie i was still in the ranks he was taken prisoner. And the prisons Are warn places to live in Mother 1 in give sight lie Able to do him Wiy Goody but Ciui y hid any Irace of him. Acid lie Lias a in Titbit Loo Slie lives at Green old lady. My dear Good Siblo Hob the prefer Sci of my Litel 1 Audi saw Charlie Neaily crying. Not to Lei us see the tears be got a and Well to the Mantle piece. Garcal heavens what is and i turned and Camilie bad the Toreco Pauch the Man had dropped in his hand. Where did Bis conic said he. I feel As though i had seen a ghost. 1 gave Thili to Kob Hadway the Day he saved me. We soldiers had not much us give you know and be vowed never to part with it while he lived. How did it come Here Mother f i fell Back in n chair while and cold and said i a wandering tramp left it hero never your Kob my dear never your Job. He must have been an impostor 1 would t have turned away a Jim Sou really in want. Of no no no it s another a Kiuchi child not that or he stole in. A tall fellow with Blue eyes and yellow Brown hair wounded be said and coins to lib Mother at Green Tuik. Not your and Charlie Stool staring Al i with clenched hands and he it was my Kob it Wax dear old Kob who saved my life and you have Ducu him out in such a night 0.1 this Mother. Sly Mother to use Liob curse me said i curse me if Yon like i m afraid god will. Three times in asked Only Fin a a ust Ami a place to and l dive he s lying on Road now. Of if 1 Luid Mcnown id ii Aiu and Charlie caught rep ins hat. Ill finds East and West Ora Law would to found far East of it. The Rev. Sheldon Jacckson superintendent of Home missions preached in Tho first presbyterian Church Rev. a last sunday. The discourse was mainly to induce people to take More interest in Home missions. His descriptions of towns of several thousand inhabitants especially mining towns without any religions influence whatever was enough to awaken an interest in tie hearts of All Christian people. Of course these towns Are composed mostly of Eastern people who have thought to better themselves by the removal. Tie a Parker left the impression that women suffer most from going while men Are out making friends and Money their wives Are left at Home with their Domestic cares and what is ten times worse thoughts of the privileges Urey Hay left lxxi1. or inc Flom. The Hon. Philemon Dickerson of new Jer sey was fond of relating reminiscences of his Public life. Below will be found a couple of incidents concerning Jackson which transpired during Dickerson s menu of of lace As Secretary of the Navy said a Tevenon was an ignorant coarse Man but very Lucky. Presidents before him had treated their Cabinet officers with a dignified condescension that was strictly in accordance with the theory then extant of their relationship to each Jackson added a coarseness that was difficult at times to Bear. His Cabinet had no influence upon him at All. His real advisers were Marlin Van Buren and some Low Fellows such As the Blairs and Amos Kendall. I remember when France refused to pay us stir just demands we met in Cabinet to discuss the affair and came to the unanimous conclusion that the country would not stand a War with France and our better course was to re Lone woman and i m of Taij of then the Man i bail t seen yet for the dark went away from the door Champ Champ Cluied came the Man Back Iii Iii and knocked at the door knocked not Ball so loud As be had knocked he forehand i it hot and angry. This to Mac 1 saw Bis face with yellow brow hair capped close and great stilling Blue eyes and he put his hand against tie door and held it open. How far is it la the next House said he. Three Miles or said i. And that is not a said 1 no drinks to be got there it s miss mittens and she s set against tramps is i i Don t want to said the Man but i do want food. You need not be afraid to let me in a am. I be been wounded and am not Able to walk far and my clothes Are thin anal its bitter cold. I be been trying to get to my patents at arc Onbank where 1 can rest until i m better and All my Money was stolen from me twin e Days ago. You need t be afraid just let me lie before the fire and Only give me a crust to keep me from starving and tic lord ill bless you for it. And then he looked at me with his mild Blue eyes in a Way that would have made me do it if it had t been that i had seen so much of those impostors. The War was just Over and every beggar that came along said he was a Soldier travelling Home and had been wounded and Robled. One Thill i had been fool enough to help limped an a out of sight As he thought and then for i was at the Garret window shouldered his i inches and tramped it with tie strongest. No doubt your pocket is full of Money said i and you Only want a Chance to Rob and murder me. Go away Atli Drusilla that s my Niece was baking Short cake in the Kitchen. Just then she came to the door and motioned with her Mouth to me. Do let him stay and if 1 had t had Good sense i might but 1 know better than a chit of sixteen. Him if he s Eudibe. Of to Balmy dear and never saw a girl in such a limit went Niusila on her Knees As if ser wa1-saying iwo prayers and says she thank god i dared to do in 1" and says to me Ohr aunt 1 in been trembling with fright not knowing what you d say to me. I took him in the Kitchen Way. I could not see him so faint Ami hungry ind wounded i Pul him in the spate i Hamby Over Tho parlor and i have been so frightened All the the Lori bless said Charlie Ami i. And she gelling bolder a tent on and i look him1 up hot Short cake and Apple sauce said she and i took a Candle and a Bot i Liis and Torlif him to and to to bed in the Best chamber aunt fail flue with the Wiite after Liis Charlie ungrateful not poor either helped Hob into bits inc i i. Aud be got Over his wounds Al Hist arts i cd As band some As a picture and a week is Gonglo fore. Go away with said i louder than he re. I won t have it any marry Drusilla. I d give you anything i said i and i won t refuse you even when he asked me telling me he had loved her Ever since she was so kind to him on tha night i be told you of. And Charlie is to stand up with him and t am to give Drusilla away and Hob s from arc Onbank is to be bridesmaid mid i have a guess thai some Day Charlie will bring her Home to me in Brasilia s place. I Don t i Ive beggars door now As i used to and no imposed upon Bur ibis is what i say better to be imposed ii pow always than to be cruel to one wow u really in need of and i be my Diihr better of late and i know who says even be have done it Gnu tie least of these be Haven done it unto and he gave a kind of groan and took ins hand from the Latch and went Champ Champ through the Frozen Snow again and i thought him gone when there he was once More hardly wit i a Knock at a faint touch like a child now. And when i opened the door he came quite in and stood leaning on his Cane paler than a ghost his eyes bigger than Ever. Well of All said i. He looked at me and said he Madam i have a Mother at Gracei Bank. I want to live to see her. I shall not if i try to go further to Monserate menu write and negotiate. Jackson sat smoking without saying a word for or i they All want to Sec then the mentions a remarkable volume in the British Public Library a guide for strangers in the City of whose pre face presents the following Beautiful Engleh Ever Nib every oct Lenin Strung or that All the alter Atlow Luxl which May be projected of two Eimm tech in one or other inn Lac atoll Climint Itell be Allied. Thiu. Tie Plum or if work remit n Pwu Ippe us a Texas editor whose Midnight Oil must failed him just As is was going to press prints the following Nuerge Vitic opinion Man win would water Petroleum and Sel it would sneak into the Palace of the King of King and steal Tho Girt Long Fin the wings of Anyta a passenger m an Ohio Railroad aroused u from scr Ono slumber by the tooting of a exclaimed petulantly the twin has Jaugu up with those cattle
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