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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 11 1873, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - December 11, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaPc cuff published weekly Jas so Thomas. A re Iiri this per fort of Ifill tin1 Way to in Isiah a Ood Only to Iii to trill v a Cut Only West in if Wisdom Lite hah Man. I Bucka county gazcttr.1 social . Tiu Dement of july we scan it imm Cognize cd by Many. Unknown to Limni Sylvus Tucy Aro by tin old monastic idea that Eure they pc Liuchi the Kinohi s from world nearer to Cuil. Says will a Viii lie int Lyric Liy Priutt i ill they learn to Eliom Linn in to. In most i Biily yet nuts Purdy our tends to enlarge our ayin a Ili Uii to Cid Sivate Aid ii5 we i w us in tint Days l of. Ave Neil nol All be Ricus lint we do ibid More of this social in Ourives Nimori i Tith in taif religion of humanity. We should Temei uber that to sue All rom live of one father All trying Eracli the same Home. Ii we gave mud ilim1 with Yaeli Oiler a to do t the Oli Servini e of set Days and hours and Wear Iii Iling in this Ilia rim of Zelig Iii we Uearl not fear hut that our religious life would Der clog and grow More Rapi Illy. It is not the poor Alom need to to we nil need this Kielp. Our lie arts will dried and withe Nul it limit sons and showers of human Intercourse and sympathy. It ii Only by Intercourse with each outlier Liat we arc enabled f o feel the divin Ity in to West work As exemplified in tic lives of i to Good und Earnest around us. By with Triesc we May purify and enlarge our lives and appreciate what mat thew Arnold styles the Sweet reasonableness of the vile and teachings of Jesus. Social Intercourse is also the test medium of Rohonn and Progress. To we want converts to Tome Imilce Fly our example in society Liy kindly it Isu Asive words Anil by sympathy and it to the faltering we can of acct Mote than sensational lec Turki s 01 inactive societies. To neither of he Sewill the altering ones go. But in social Titer conic we vol. 1. Bristol Bucks county. Pay thues Dat december 11, 1873. No. 18. A piano in Arkansas. To Liali never forget the excite Matt which fixed upon tic inhabitants of Trio Helhe Villa go f , As Trio spread the Tytul a real i Usu Huil arrived within us precincts. Was a mail As to its Ruul it use. Tho Ninfi was familiar to everybody but what it precisely meant no one could j hat it had legs was Vohun of Smrtic literal y trav Olur wits Une of most conspicuous works in the Llo tiny Library of traveler so atoll mint Lio had seen a piano in England with an old ibid Ken paper was brought for Wail in which thru Wuh an Adverse Cut i elided which inter Giorl the Ciolk Crift that Afi. Bobolink would preside at tic piano. Tin s was presumed by several wisc umps who ecu been to a inn age in Loim an Llinat Jar. Lio Bolink Fiti rred the Plino with a Lony pole in the same Way that the Shon Titan did the Lions and Rhi no Cut rus. So Public opinion waft in favor of its animal though a harmless one for there Hud Ucon a land Ali Ruigh tin1 Fow weeks i Evio Iisley who s of ii Jar the accomplish Mon of Yonne ladies. These Cir Idars distinctly Laud the non of tic piano would be one Dollar Pur one knowing old Chap if Thoy would u la Hon Liat so i sufi meant he would Tell them what a piano was and no mistake. Tim owner of Thih was no a m a very quiet and very into of a Little Soni Ewen in who Laving failed Home had into Sheih Wand hospitable Donn try of for to lift Whir Pujic of his Abr Lii u and is l a Iii iht1 Jii ii u a lpns if his Moie Lucky who seen cd to Roii Bidor him a Vicy Bud and degraded Man because lie had by l Omo hopi etly of Jar. New Toni Foiw we in of con so. Tho House in were up their fur Neuire was too it Toj arranged to admit of Eiful Asho family Viry Lite Dis to tout society nil of ii Smerli lately solving the in Eslery that Hung Al nil the Lisiano so emed Siop hcs in the meantime pub Lic opinion was the of this de the passers by with and As noises unfair tiling Biumi Elief ponched Hie Street in was presumed that the piano made them and excitement Rose higher than the midst of it one or two old ladies presuming upon heir age by sped ability culled upon the Stilu Gifis and inquired after Uhic health and Olfe Ivd then1 services Anil friends Iii Luean time every tiring 5m the House eyed with great intensity but teeing nothing strange a hint was go fun about tie inane. Of the now family observed trial it. Had been much ii Jurod by bringing out that tie Damp bad Anict edits tones and Tomt one of its leg a was so injured that in would not stand up and for the pie seut it would not Tho Here was an is bringing a testing its Bro Ken. Ejaculated the Ohl Hulics u tilt real sympathy As they Mound pm Home Ward. Travelling has evidently f i unused it. The mass is sip fogs has Yiren it it Yokl. Poor mid they wished to see it curiosity. Tho vitiate agreed that if Moses Meiver in Mali ugly called was in town they would have a description of the piano and Tho uses to which it was put and i Ort Ufele in Ilio midst of the v Alu Ai Rived Hoha ins been temporarily absent on a imling expedition. Is loss fiercer was the Only son of old a for was and had in Sonau Urr since Arkansas was Rule Ted into the 31o, from this i be Eivid Groat glory of course his greatness alone we add have Bra input Iii with Sujew Dorily but having Boon Tivice in tie 1 when Tho legislature was m session stumped his claims to preeminence Over ill to Meiver was the Oracle of tic Ron owned Village of lardscra1jule. Knew everything. In Shadall Hie complacency and consequence of a who bad Yovor Scon his equal mud never expected to. Bragged extensively upon his ing Huei. Tit he Cali ill t his there in the most fashionable importance Asho Abr having seen and handled the thing. Our Northern family know Little or no i tiling of All ugh excitement they received meanwhile the visits and hospitable Village in ind resolved of give a grand party to return some of lie kindness they had received and piano its for the first time moved into the parlor. No in violation on this occasion was neglected Early at their posts was every for in was rumoured Ilat miss 1 Faience Dool Willu would i the course of the evening Petionn on Lije j he Ezeil Ereat bras Jiuu ionic. Tin sup Poi passel Ner Puli a condom it rivalling that which is cast upon an excellent i Trcic played prepay Story to a Dull in indy in which the Utitz is to appear. The in Nitin e was All critically examined jul nothing could be discovered an swering Ash s description. An enormously Tuble with a spi Ead upon it us Little Liue lion Limber being so very cheap in a new country so everybody expected soon to the piano brought Emo Cor. Of course the Heio of the even ing he tailed much and loudly. Cash us Well As several Ladics went into at hta wit. Mercer us tie wore away exceedingly Cone Pilod. Even for him and lie graciously asserted that 1 he company present i Omindo Linin of his two visits to the and other exclusive and . The on , and piano. That. Deferred which inn Etc the heart sick was Elt he some elderly ladies and by a fines and was solicited to ask miss Unoji talc to to Ltd come Kitty with the pc scene of the piano. Said merger and with the Grace of a City Dandy to called upon the lady to grat Ify All present with a Lille music prefacing his i to nest with the in Uuk Luil if she was Liis Friend Cash would the a Chiao i turn mis j Cucui e smiled and looked at Cash. Knees in Ambleti. All eyes in the room turned upon him. Ciali All out. Mhz Rii Tient c snid she was gratified to hear that ill. Cudih a musician she admired people when had a musical Lasto. Crush full Inlo a hair As he after wards observed of that j Cruz or any of his and miters could june seen to All this us a big Minei s Piliu put a smiled and ind was the Only linux filed person in the room. Lifts sigh escaped from All was Ovid Fly to he brought air. She the Lii Iek Leafell table and removed the covering illumine it carelessly and fully us opened the instrument and presented Hie beaut if id Yna gement of dark and while keys. To Meiver it this the firs time in his life looked Coli fun sell he Cash s ant Hority he appearance of Tho wish himself begun to recover Trio i ionic it. He to he an object of attention. A a Liker now ran through the loom As injured info the und Moro Haiti Clady Uio Crank 1 none Cottel see Ham. Toss in c look her Boal Iau her fingers ovni1 i few oct its and if in not of Ocuto in lard adahini1 the Dulcet Sot Nul ceased. Said tie in onion he Euld. Cd Lii Oss i was to by the my Jet Olivic. Whyl was to Mumo i Cor showed me in your once that i i i ii and Hail toll is in it h was Hil time a Amieiro to Irish to away Wen hi1 from confusion i to dior die is Slie i Iila tej. And if i. Cash in. Know it j it i the nanu1 Sta my Cri Imo oars As if nails and Cheu thrust into them tic ukr what started to his now Ash i card of visiting the Capitol and seeing pianos As plenty As Good the Vicos of envy and Thill in Zinent sown in the Ellacie of j and to Happy and n.-. It May , was the first victim inc Liti Ood to Tiu in in Finenco. Time Woith on. And j Unow Lief ame common and to Mercer Jinji Jar and lie Similly Digap pimped Ako Irether. In the evening of the expire arty for tic Bucks Cotuit o Biog Saphus Xiii. Day. Tic selection of tic fourth of a Barcli As uie a for tie Bogon icing of the presidential term seems to have been the result of Accident. The old Jont Loental Congress the utile ratification of Trio new Constitution by the necessary num Ber of states had been ascertained passed a Resolution september 13, 1788, appointing the first wednesday of the next january for the Choice of of presidential electors the first wednesday of february for the election of president and vice president and the first wednesday of March As the time f Orthe i guv of the new government. Tie first wednesday of March happened to he in the year 1789, the fourth of March and As the administration which began on that Day was intuited to four years by the Constitution the next and All succeeding administrations have begun on this Day of the month. Hair toes Ouw aul Anil Siuw Brj to move around 11 the revolving Circle without lifting to liar Liset com the floor. Far Ter and the music and Moro mid More vigorously move the1 lancers the warriors in Piru and1 whirling to and fro Ali using la Muir Anna about Mil per form no such bodily and convulsive jerks As would seem impracticable to any one else. While the Wuu n Over looking demurely to the Loor and with hanging 3.v their sales still Glide Onward. 113 if borne along by some moans of their own Ewers of locomotion. At last Wlson the Ilan g ills is us und even Indian and Misc los Are jaded by intensi1 action Al a Given Bignel All step sudeten by. When he warriors join in a Serios of yells Ilde Ous ii ugh almost lock die the blood of Alligator. Lxiv. The Battle hymn of uie Republic. The Buttle hymn of the Republic was composed at the Besimi Iii of the War by sirs. Ward Lowe of Boston. In Hiie she was wilting without realizing it her soul took up the measure Ollie Brown chorus und to hat. Tune the nation has been singing it. It had Seldom Jeen suns to that tune before that eventful morning of the Goth of 1sg3, when the of Lita d the despondent hearts of the prisoners in Libby from utter tics pair to a delirium of Joy. Soon afterwards it was Sung in thai Viall of the House of Kepi Souta tics or. Lincoln joining in the chorus and calling for its reply Itlen n marking hat it was the Linest hymn ii. Ever eminent musical come Kisoji s have tried to Rescue it from its connection with the Brown chorus by setting it to liner music but they have never succeeded. They canno Bury it. One cannot help wishing that .1 pen so powerful jts his. Howe s might be More prolific. She Seldom writes for the Public Cje but when she does her words Are Graven in the memory of the nation As with an Iron pen and with Load in the Rock forever lev. In tic . They Tell an incident of or. Eddy the editor of the Northwestern Christian advocate a religious newspaper of the methodist persuasion which shows the rapid growth of the West and of the Church he represents. Going out from Chicago on one of the principal Ruib oads. In company Wilh another divine As the train approached the first station he Mas asked by his companion the name of the place they were approaching. The doctor gave it and Rem liked casually that he a l once dedicated a Church As they came up to the next station the. Doctor being questioned described that also and added that he had once dedicated a chinch at length when the train had slopped at the sixth station the accompanying olivine straightened in his scat and asked Well doctor did you Ever dedicate a Church Here i " uie doctor replied Wilh a twinkle in he ministerial Eye Here 0 yes i Dedi Cate. Two churches Uii amazed companion concluded to keep silent at the next station so it was passed without to Ilion. But coining to the next Point he could not restrain his curiosity but said Well. Doctor How about dedicating u Church Here i was invited to dedicate a Church replied me list eos Ildna come be cause that Day i had an engagement to dedicate a chinch at tic station we just seen the world. His return to town was Day on whih i Yankee of notions sold to the highest in incr pit Cut , fore t Ece hed with n a lion. Ali arrival of the piano was announced to him and lie alone All the Community was not Iii Omisher at news. His inst Psi Bibity was considered wonderful. Lie treated the piano As a thing that he used to and went on among other tilings to say that he had seen Moro pianos in the Tol than he Vor Sci and that it was not a animal lint a musical instrument played upon by the ladies and he wound up his description by saying that he Way Tik dear Creathers could pull music out of it was a caution to hoarse the new turn Given to the piano excitement in a hardscrabble by to Seroor was like thrown with them and have Many Golden Oping Oil on lire to extinguish it. For it blazed out nor unities of exerting our Are to with More vigor Thau Ever. That Lotical proselytes our Over at any time in was Amu Sical instrument made it a rarer thins in that if it Hcan an can we so Well int Liu Itoe men for the As people of All colons and degrees were by Oliou in the society of both Scio i for women ing to Sec and hear it. Always a refilling and elevating influence. Do we want Money for Charity take it Eona Cono Ourso of people How their hearts Are Opo cd. Their minds enlarged and intentions strengthened by the magic elision of Contact and of brotherhood. I Luc we Somi Lhing of Public Liei Leht to Sunggi so begin in your social gatherings. Gain listeners there and you have cd a wave of sentiment that May sweep from one Side of the continent to the other. Jim Cash was to Mercer s Vight hand Man in he language of refined society. He was to s Toady tic language of Liard scrabble he was to s wheel horse " Cash believed in to Marci r with an abandonment that was Pei Eccl by ridiculous. Or. Cash was to sen the piano Anil tie first Opportunity he had alone with his Ojni Otlie lie expressed the desire that was consuming his vitals. Well go at once and so said Porcor. Echoed the frightened Cash. Humbug you think 1 have visited the Capitol twice and Don t know How to 1 3lo Mercer a a say eyed. Yon have till Licard of the Paisons. Thoy Are a race that Ore exp Fulcd from Sci Sirand live located in the Are very industrious and a Peculiar they arc be traders. Thoy imy and the Cotton. They Are the pro Kris Trio Motiey lenders Tho Bankers. They mingle Willi others. Their own Eli ools and in their Way. Arc Iti Lily educated. They take care of their own poor. They have great Aud have Ole Gunt Villas on Malo Lici 11 ill the Inosia of Tho City. Thoy drive splendid Lairso a and Iida in elegant Carri Ages if the ladies and Shildt m appear in the Street Thoy fire dressed in silk. Re lie writer never saw children so elegant la dressed any where else. Many of the Young Lulies arc very Beautiful but Are never allowed to receive visits Fiona any but those of their own Kloc. Thoy arc fire worship pers. When Hie labors of the Day am Over they arc seen along the shores of the sen facing the suiting Sun their hands clasped repeating How Little to can do alone How much United j treat lash Brnabic society co Calong at once lot us us use this great Force that lies neglected no our us learn by individual experience the i Oifer of so Ial Intercourse. Juji pistol s. The King and the Soldier. To Decrick of Prussia Litulu a Groat mania for enlisting Gigantic soldiers into the. Guards nil paid an enormous Bounty to his recruiting officer for getting them. One Day the rec Neil ing ser Coant chanced to Espy a hibernian who was at Lesul seven test High he accost Ixl him in Isu Glish. And a proposed Llinat he should enlist. Tic idea of military life and tie Lirse Bounty so delighted Patrick that he cum mediately consented. Unless you can German the King will not give Yon said the irishman sure it s i that Don t know a word of said the sergeant three words will be Sulla sent and these Yon can learn in a Short time. The King knows every Man in the guards. As soon As he sees you. He will ride up and ask you How old you Aye you will say Twenty next How lung have you been in the ice you will reply three weeks finally if you Are provided with clothes and rations Yon answer both " Pat soon Learned to pronounce his answers but never dreamed of learning the question. In three weeks lie appeared before the King in review. His majesty Rode no to him. Paddy stepped Forward Stith present old Are said the King. Three said the irishman. How Long have Boon in tie asked his majesty. Twenty seven am 1 or you a Blockhead roared the King. Replied Patrick who was instantly taken to the guard room but pardoned by the Hinga Ier lie understood the facts of the Case. There were tooth carpenters those Days for in Egypt mummies have with Teeth filled with Gold and in Quito a Skeleton Lias been discovered with Teeth secured in the Check Bunc by Gold wires. In the museum at among some of the surgical instruments discovered at Pompeii there is fac Sini Ile of Sims speculum. In the Nivins of Ninevah several magnifying glasses. A Young lady of Brooklyn was recently struck uselessness of her life and imme Kintly went to work with a vigor to Leam Plain sewing. At latest Date she tart hemmed one Rule of a Towel which the fond parents have framed and Hung in a conspicuous position in pallor. Some people Are Wise one Day and otherwise next said Mercer. Off the pair started Mercer All Confidence and Cash All fears As to the propriety of tic visit. Triesc fears Cash frankly expressed but Mercer repeated for he thousandth time his experience in the fashionable society of tie Cap Itol and which he said was synonymous he finally told Cash to Comfort him that however abashed and ashamed he might be in the presence of the ladies that he a cd tit fun of sticking for he would pull him a few minutes walk brought the parties on the Broad galleries of tic House that contained the object of so much curiosity. Tho and windows Woie closed and a suspicions look was on every thing. Do they always keep a House closed up this Way that has a piano in it asked Cash mysteriously. Replied Mercer the Damp would destroy its repeated knocks at the doors and finally at the windows satisfied both Cash and Mercer that nobody was at Home. In the midst of their disappointment. Cash discovered a Singu Lar machine at the Ciul of the gallery crossed by bars and rollers and surmounted with an enor Mous Crank. Cash approached it on lip toe he had a presentiment that he beheld the object of his curiosity and As its intricate Chaucer unfolded itself he gained with distended eyes. And asked Mercer with breathless anxiety what that strange and incomprehensible Box was 1" Mercer turned to the thing As coolly As a North wind to a icicle and said that was it that exclaimed Cash opening his eyes still wider and Hen recovering himself to asked to so the Mercer pointed to the Cross bars ant rollers. With trembling hands with a Resolution that would enable a Man to be scalped without winking. Cash reached out his hand and seized the handle of the Crank Cash at heart was a Brave and fearless to gave it a turn the machinery grated harshly and seemed to Clam or for something to put in its maw. What delicious said Cash. Observed the complacent Mer cer at the same time seizing Cash s Arm and asking him to desist for fear of breaking the instrument or getting it out of tune. The simple caution was sufficient and Cash in the Joy of Hie moment at what lie had done and seen looked As conceited Asmo Mercer himself. Busy indeed was Cash from this time for Ward in explaining to gaping crowds the exact appearance of the piano How he had actually taken hold of it and As his Friend to Mercer observed pulled music out of tie curiosity of the Village was thus allayed and consequently died comparatively Cash having risen to Almous much they have very Peculiar notions in life but their cemetery i More Peculiar St Iii. It is Dif Ferent from All made a visit to their cemetery not knowing no. The Lime trial no one Udris Tileti. To is a Liest part of mall our Hill it is very valuable now but it was purchased Man years ago. Made application at tie in admission and were refused. We appealed to a Joan Parsee who happened to be passing. He was dressed in silk and very gentlemanly in his appearance. Tic said that no europeans were admitted Blithe proposal that we should go no the Toad outside Tho inner Avail and View tie Cit Yand the Bay. The Sentinel took us along the winding Load and a Rupee Given to him acted like a Charm. It opened to All tic Gates and passed tic police. There was no in sight to stand in our Way and u e entered the prohibited enclosures. The g of urls air a unfunded by a Wall Lunty t get High and have been used for a great num Ber of years by Ihk is Range people. There Are no monuments in Lii cd Meteny. There Are three round towers about fifty feet in diameter Ami fifty i o sixty High. On the top of these towers there is an Iron grate. The dead Are brought to the Gate and delivered to the priests and tie friends detail. The priests prepare the Corpse Lay it on lie it is devoured by vultures find be Bones drop through the grate into be Charnel Bouse below. These towers arc called the towers of ave saw hundreds of i hires sitting on them and the Sentinel told us that they Woi ild take All the flesh from the Bones of a Corpse in an hour. He added that when a Corpse is placed on a grate Stilb and noise of the vultures Are frightful and could by heard for a Lon distance. We saw those towers of Piid do not care Ever to be and nearer. Chims the chinese take a curious method to pre vent la Weir pigeons from being attacked by Birds of prey while circling Over the cities or moving from place to place. This consists in the employment of Small Short cylinders of used pipe in groups of three More. These Are attached to Hie Hack of the Bucl and so adjusted that As it flies to Dougli the air a very Sharp sound Ispiro danced. Varying lengths of the Bam boo c variety of tones to this and when a Large number of Birds Are Hying together in a flock As is very frequently the crisis the sound produced by hem is distinctly audible for a Grout Dimateo. It is said that Lap Anions bids an effectively repelled by this precaution so Itiat the pigeons make their flights with perfect safety from one Point to another. Yarnish is used Abr Yonting these Bamboo whistles to protect them from moisture. This practice is said to have been in Vogue among the chinese for a great Many years. An irishman seeing a ship very heavily Laden and scarcely above the water s Edge exclaimed Uichi my soul if the River was but a Little ship would go to the a Mich Igan Man proposes a Liene Vicant plan to prevent dogs Fiona idling sheep. It is by extracting heir front Teutli. Now Orleans claims to have the prettiest Uro Macii in Ilio world Lxvi. Quench los n smoker. One Day Hemy Clay who Hud arrived in Frederick Maryland by stage from Wheeling met a evenly Johnson Alto married Mary Bowie a Cousin of James Bowie inventor of tic Bowie knife in tiie Street. He said. Have just Hud Aux tra Ordinary acquaintance Back Here at Cumber land. A Man got half my seat in Tho Sluge Little knotty freckled chock boned on the next seat were a Man and Bis wife on the third Soat a couple of Lig men had no sooner started and got Clear of Cumberland than one of the big men on the Forward seat 131 a Cigar. He puffed and pulled till in a Little while the stage coach was fill of Strong fumes and the woman grew very sick. She asked her husband to raise the window and still unable to Bear the smoke told him she must lean upon his Lap. The husband leaned Over and said to the big Man my u Ife is sick. Please sufficient Eracli from the. Lop of tin forc Iead to to Shoi Ihlen a and covered in and completely so that no put Oft lie hair Codd be seen it was usually wrapped round the a m .1-, Enlil Ely to mar he Chest one end in being Lefi Loose blowing in one or the ithe Rof the Ibon dem and Insl Hern of great ele Gaii a. It u As Woi n of various colons brie 01 red. Although the kerchief completely Coni led to hair yet this a Thori Jhoil dowed to grow luxury Nelly Pio bully wis cd and curled with hk-1 that of the mowing Golden Luis onion luny Lown on either Side of the should is. he u Accordi a o have worn his so Long that Liis hoj or ached a trillion lira ust the fashion in the kind s but. I Lilii Iii Mim Nii ii. Omot hi1 Nobles Seiil Down Lefoie him to Vehe his Blessing lie Cut All u lock of his Hii Riih u slut in knife he kept in his pocket i or the Pur Ose enjoining him. Under in Alful i Idem ills to sever the rest Binim ii. The were the nigh out Kiu opa Foi their Jewth a their Gold Lilia acc us cola. And Bra Var j not. Ihui Duit. For the More Foi the Decora Ion of their in cos. Necklaces of Gati d colors Blue yol Luu Rod. And a bile beads of it Coaling a sin de Lump of Amber drilled us worn Uei k a a pics n lil Igrec Gold Liburn i u he garnets enamels or Lolass paste wore their chief jewels and an ornament dependent from the Waist a kind of chatelaine held the of the Chest cupboard and stoic a knif.1, visors toothpick Bodkin Needles tweezers and other Necessia ies for needlework or the toilet. The Anglo Saxon i Clement consisted outer Wall or Earll Vork in Losi Nir the Jard or the chief room was tin Lull hero the family dined and Many slept. Little room1, were set apart for the ladies outside from Tho building the or As it was termed the Walls Hung Wilh of heir own Woi Maii hip Forth ladies were much skilled i i works of the Needle. Here Thoy worked and their children. Alfred s lessons were the teaching of his Osburga. And most rigidly did they bring up their children and servant a enforcing obedience even o the administering of Corporal punish ment. King Elk cared s Mother was on one occasion so incensed the boy that. The Bikeh not being at band she beat him with candles which caused him Solo Diodad them All his life that he would never allow one to be lighted in his Piv Senee. In the Dis Barge of her House hold occupations the care of her children needlework and the cultivation of Sci Garden and Lowers the Anglo Saxon wife a Issel her Lime peacefully and happily in the qir.r-1 discharge of her set ral Dulies in the station of life Lov Linch i bad pleased Denee to Call her. Loii Inch 00 kit la Iuliu Onnel ius ortion 50 lit lot Fil columns 20 Hutc spec jul notices 25 iwo cent s fur Long tuft to to Itier Toni Muni in Litt my no Hie omoo not later Titan morn Tuul nit Mudi i Irlton the week an tub Kavli. It t. Only a Utu Tai Avis to lick Witsil Only Juht i Puiul it my Ami Minu of Wiy Tunnel min the Iii twid flip Inid male vat play a u 1 it v Dill nut Kilow Itow Ilu huh tiny to Iriti i i in uhf tin 1 Oflyn and Hiu All Tino Van i would Liucc for a and Omni Iii it Uin Ornu i in id Iivo Titonio Uway tic Lom Lynul mid in Luht of Lity. Lint i Lump div Lleni ii Oik h Woro hid in Dulny Woffin in. T Tyml n Iii Oiler had Tomt inv Willi let led Lin Nils that form Rolny l i Ali til Wen hid non Ali Tho Lii sell nil and 1 lick and chock Axl Huw it i o almost. Millie Imby s 1 knew ilits Niue a Iluk wore he Uway i Ltd of Hanson fit pc Gnu i ipg Liik kits Little Mick and Hejl Tonii shout Tho cup a Villi Plumi s Uttz Volli Wilh o a Sliu j us Tho t Aco 01 the Tuhn Llulu Inanc Ontoh itch Aro a world a Lii i Ionics Wro he Ritzl thoth and i i Huim in unit Whir Vos irn. Mr.-. Tier Auu minding How Uii it i of hym How much of Joy is hurled will Uit Only Twy Temps. There seems ii Peculiar Lem Lency in a flip to change the moaning or to abandon the use of ords by which they express he More relations ind emotions the events that happen to us he temperament and disposition that Ehara Lorue each one of us. It mutters not How lit the word i for ils Worl. It must i when its Lime Toni s. Men no longer wed but marry to give no sweetheart o he vulgar m Tho ii an Aud hat Lino word humor has so changed its meaning , Addison says no Man ought to be to Lerald in a habitual humor by any who do not wait Oil him for the modern Reader has o con Sider before his meaning. Tie vocabulary of one Genei action Noi suit the Poeih of he Stonum Hitos we amplify and sometimes we condense Junt however the pen expresses itself it inscribes at the Sain ii Lime a Dale to be selected by posterity. Through what irs of archaism docs Anil Bokiy Endeavor to give variety u the announce ment of death its one alter another 110 Bis record seeking to adapt it to the Worth and character of each the Saint sir Ronduis no his pious sold he player males his last exit a clap did usher Lavenant to grave. One Bis last Day another his last debt another gives no tie ghost another to nature. To be born is to receive his first breath to surrender up and so on. Moil in biographers seeing unit one event happens to All give no the Hope of of it ins new re Leotious in the Reader ail resign themselves to he Bare record he thus the Ingrani Lios of composition exercise themselves by turns in diff int hews. We Aro simple where our predecessors were moral and did Aelic. Lint it is in what concerns the inner Man that we note More particularly Iii Law of a hang. Tie complexities of he subject he Difili collies of analysis the of Xii re Ranii irony All tend to it. The term hat satisfies one agr fails to say what the next want in have said. What breadth nobleness ind Beut Ivity for instance our ancestors sir in the g nid nature but humanity was not amiable enough to allow of its in this him meaning. Ii idl Ostigin time who would Fain bring Back Good ii Aturo to its original sign Licarion of though the to notices is Ralei an than actual change an degraded in loan 1 of iia Tuie. Tie change in Tho word which beads our subject is Molt Funda . Temper familiarly used May be said to have lurid round in its meaning within Tho last Tavvo or mind in years. It used to i the Ali sphere of the soul applied generally in you writes Lien a Thiim i. Iowa , when a is in a to dare to bid him come out of it. Tine to lose temper i still i o lose my in ii. Keep your Mill familial we far bold to the of urn of phrase bal now o Livoti Tsipor is Tobo Disimi lied and . But hero again we condense our july what Vairons Zih hits hey Pinili Watcil Stormy i Orde cd Kaluns Tim Weie Peck i a. Froward. Imir Pron Lime waspish angry. Fuming shrewd. The had their masculine and feminine adjectives. The in ii Wei choleric com ii had la Weir Grouling inn nors ills and they scolds they hey Weic shr Vvs and . For All to Luis whether in Man oru Oman. We substitute in c parlance one generic term temper As a sinn. Ill tempera its . The had or bad temper ill modern ii t we should scarcely find it in Anir Book More than a Hundred years old Sweet temper occurring ear Iii a than the reverse. common parlance for no doubt it was Iii eduction Inlo common use which caused the change of moaning. Now a lure with vulgar has never Boon much used in a personal them in is he nature of things or of world not of Man. The countryman blood the Mil lire of All farm labor Good fowl loses nature under a Verso condition. The Nissin of would be wit transposed Good Luie in Man into a vapid Quality to Vulku handling. Lint with temper it u different. So soon As it slipped into conversational use it Al Leru tils moaning by a sort of us Cassity for a common run of think of nothing in tie aids track. And Lem Iii does not come under consideration at All with the vulgar but As a thing disunited and causing disturbance. Keep your says Mill mrs. Liri incr. To her fiery Sib ordinate the term Here in its primitive sense. Ill show hem Tho sort of temper 1 in the Virago s reply Al of us Liu our the maid of her fellow sort but 1 think his is Iho worst 1 what of Ici per1 asks Fie lady. La Ani Slio j has t is the favourable rejoinder. To All through Mexico Are ruins of great fortresses towers. Aqueducts am other Public works. The origin of which u unknown i the. Present indians or Only vaguely known by . Some of these houses contained from one Bun j dred to one Hundred and sixty i Ooms. It Ion by tween one form of diseased temper and another the Ploub Resonie and vexatious Quali ties of one and All have a common resemblance. They All make themselves unpleasantly loll All Dis Liiro our peace All suggest the same proc a p0 t ions All though in various degrees a ,1 f i ii Nul a Kindred irritation. When her a Man is sullen cos be rums of a Christ an Clu Iwuh an til 0. Fretful or furl to stand Side by e Pagan ii lie so Long is it nourished alongside of each other. I Indian tradition it was built by himself who charged them not heart under the foreign Yoke an Dnepr o let the sacred fire Burn out in the a sulfa for when i lie Lime should come in which the tree should fall men Willi paleface would Pom in from thee Osl and overthrow their oppressors and lie i Nidolf would return to build up his kingdom the Earth again would become Fertile and Lii mountains yield abundance Only Ilves and How the spaniards came and conquered Rhein is according to them a partial fulfilment of Fontez mini s. Prophecy. And How he Ameri cans wit i tie Pale faces came in their Tara and drove out the mexicans May be taken As a Sec Ond pan of the fulfilment the third they Are still waiting for. Tho i Imas themselves stale that one Lime they used to live in Laige Bouses and were a great and pow Oil us nation. Bul after the Dost auction of heir kingdom they travelled settled in the Valley where Thoy now live preferring o live in Lints so that they might not Bicouv a subject of envy for a future enemy. Exam Sii society As now carried on in England is so insipid an affair even to the persons who make it what it is that it is kept up for any other reason than the plea sure in. Null oids. All serious discussion on mat teis on which opinions differ being Conan died ill bred and the National deficiency in liveliness and sociability Liu vans prevented Tho cultivation of the Art if talking agreeably on trifles in which Tho French of the last Century so much excelled the sole attraction of in Lukitis called so Emiely to those Olio Aro not. At the top of the Iree is the Hope of being Able to climb a Little higher in it. To persons of any but a very common order in thought or feeling such society unless to has tier Sonvill objects to serve by in must be supremely unattractive and most people in the present Day of any really High class of intellect make their Contact wit i it so slight and at such Long intervals us to be almost considered As re tiring from it altogether. An enthusiastic african who had sent de Winter in. Janaky found it an Faithly Paradise. He vivid he could lie Abed Ami putting his arms out de Windy pick oranges pie Napples and Janaky rum right on de a bookseller advertises half poets Cowper most be included in an older set. Tic most Kiev of Boon Uble to or demonstrate the Sentill action of incr Finio. Gas can be weighed but not scents the smallest known the very monads of to caught by a microscopic Lens Anil made to deliver no the secrets of their Organ Alion but what it is that emanates from the Pouch of the Musk ills a whole space f r years and years with its Pon Truting odor an odor which in illimitable number of extraneous substances can carry on without Kunii fishing it in size and is in that Ilie warm summer air brings to us from tie. Flowers no Man has yet Able to determine. So line so Subtle so imponderable. In has eluded both our most Dell con weights and measures and our strongest senses. If we could come to Tho essence of each odor we should have made an Moi Ift stride Fiir both in Hygiene und in Ehtan mistry and none would profit More than the ical profession if i could Boas conclusively Ted thai such an odor proceeded from such and such a cause As we already know of. Sulphur Sulphur Ted Hydrogen ammonia and the like. As it is. No one knows anything mid if tic Art of tie part timer forms one of the chief delights of our civilized senses Trio cause by which to works is a inns cry solved Liy none it is suggested that women be weighed by Troy other men by avoirdupois. This would Young men of Twenty pounds avoirdupois each on uie rage. And. To Young women of Twenty about 146 i kinds each Troy. Prof. Apple is with it question innocently proffered by one of be who wants to know allow manufacturing can pay when it takes ton Mills to m cent. A music dealer not Long since received Trio following Oiler j least Stead me tie music to strike the Harp in Praise of god and i add your own Canoe " a pompous philosopher extracted tie follow ing reply from a advanced fryc a drool m to the query howls the Earth divided by earthquakes it has Cost in Cash and one Hun dred and thirty six lives to bore the Uoo Jac Tunnel. Spa erf newspaper
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