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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1897, Page 4

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - December 9, 1897, Bristol, PennsylvaniaTo Sophia. P t in v p a ii Ioni til v. No f Ujj Ihm Shi Lins Lif nil 1 11 a Merhiy re fill for kind . Knt a j Hho win u Fly it a Lilly to mulch find in Liln. Whirr Tom mum that would Recny a i moral of Lor lost Raj Phuc i in fifth on in i try i year fur Yonne . Allih Fin i Ould not it worthy m in Nam. 7 in in 4 int Fin in Low or High o girl 10 a or Sophie. A Model to Mij Tacle. Thousands of lives saved by courage and foresight. The Lori Thih authorities on Tho fron Ali r of India for u tremendous Wool Reful calculation when dam would la rank. O Tho Nurul Nvvf a turn Frontier of in twin in Tho flunks of hid is a is ill am a tributary of Litchi ii ui1 thib Stream is Tho Little vol uni 0 if in Iliia. In Scoti Inin ran non Noimi Piralk of and Hith lid Down Tho Mountain h of into tin r and in of tuber of Tom Hani year another landslide. Tin Mountain from which this material ran c Down rfcs fed Uumo Tom lied of t he Stiv in. The Ijiri Ink Hui material formed a Russ the Valley was about Coo ire club lid Leet Loi if As Ineis tin i the of f nurse the for. Jimial Ejli of the dam converti the fit re. I above it into a Lake and it Pasoal that Tho water should reach Tho Levil of the Tup of the dam it would in ran area of about 1 a i Miles and would cent Kiln fruit Hubp feet of Aler Ali nut an Mueh water of could be carried in of Tho big Gest freight trains. This to every Onn lint Back of All this thu British Oll Loers Mil and military who were in charge of the affairs1 of that Mckinn How certain oth i truly facts. Nime Timethy 3aki would fill and Tho Waler i ind to miso Over thu crust of the odium. Iut than masonry Protection tin. Would at Otico to cutaway tin i and the lace of the dam and tin Brea i Starti a it would increase by Swift Lej tis greater and greater volumes of uni r let till Iho whole Lake would be released to sweep in one vast the j his i Reess of Down tile end would not Bun matter of but of hours. Be the first trickling and tin1 Tuscai oof thenis Essof the probably Ihan a Day Ellipse possibly Only a v few Houm. In fast t hours r the gird did Jil Aeo the great As let to . J t it All Tim i Lipperi Wai not Illarion. T a. Human evperienci1. It exactly what at Johns town 1 n., ill iss a when several town wrecked Juul the were lost the Icil Mii Cli in was 14 times us .d times a As the Lului town dam and Tho water held Lack was tin ii s As much. From surveys they knew Ilio Roii of the water slide from which h tilt r Conui to fill the Lake and from records Tley knew the Ordinary rain foil and so in he autumn of 1mih they Cah plated that the would is it Mai inlay lick Iii aur. L 6. No doubt the officers into sided to make tin error on the Safe Side and hardly expected the overflow to take place As Early As 15. Hsiung satisfied themselves when the Hood would Tako place they a fjan to pre pare for it. They built a Telegraph line1 from Guhnar Down the River hit Miles and establish us stations at ail import int Points. Tin put up pillars of masonry on Tho Finui i if the in Tho upper part of 1 act above cml ii airy flood and farther Down the Valley 100 feet above floods. Tin o pillars were established near All Vil s and of sounds and at inner Vals of half a mile Down Tho River. Tho people were directed to Ryotiro Bovo tin line of pillars when they should Rece Iva Vai of Tho flood. Tho Valley is not thickly peopled but it Coninis several villages and Onu who h Jias a population of it is a famous resort for pilgrims and is stud led wit i shrines and streams of pass Back and Forth. They had done All they Ronld Iho oleic is a Ltd for to flood. At half past 0 on aug. 23r. Little Strain the dam. Ato clock in t he afternoon a message was sent Tho that the flood would c Dini Dir Lii the Niflot. A thick Mist Over Hui it the Lake and the him. At half past 11 at a 1-Mdcrash was heard aloud of lust Rose through Tho Mist and rain and the Hood roared Down Tho Valley. Just below thu dam Tho wave Rose 000 feet above the Ordinary flood level. If thu had swept Down Broadway it would have to the cornices of Somo of thu Reci m store buildings. Thirteen Miles below the dam the wave was kill feet High and 73 Miles in Low at Srinagar it was 4j feet above Ordinary flood level and at Laid War 160 Miles Down Tho Stream at the Inonu lion Tho Valley Tho wave was still ?.l Liet High. Tho average Speed of the Hood Down Tho Valley in Tho first to Mih s if its course was estimated at about 18 Miles an hour but in Tho Tipper 13 Mih s it must have moved at a Nito of Miles an hour. In hours cubic feet of water almost two thirds of Tho whole contents of the Lake were discharged. This mass weighed inti Elhann tons. Nothing could withstand that weight ing it such a Speed. Locks were ground to dust. The town of Srinagar was entirely destroyed with the Rajah s and the Public buildings and a thu u lied of stones Sand and mud was do Kate lord where thu town had stood. All the ullage of the Valley were swept Newny. Bui to relate there was also Luli a loss of life except the Golma Fakir and his family. This old fellow Cui used Tho warning of Tho christians and to and his family were twice forcibly tip the slope but each Almu they re turned to by Jii Tilly overwhelmed in Tho Hood. 1 lie whole of Tho protective work and Tho value of Bridges and Public prop erty destroyed amounted to rupees. The Ollie jul Milo of Tho Rupee in was a cents and therefore this bum was equal to this does not in clude the destruction of private property of estimate has been g. 3 rout in a Yuhiro s. The old Engleh Damon Sci Rota. Lord Londonderry s descriptions of Bonn of the Dame i and other schools of 60 or 50 years ago Are exceedingly interest ing. Many of ancient teachers were unable to write an intelligent answer to a to question one. On being is toted terms on which she gave instruction replied not understanding Tho questing 1 answer thus with a View of Reading Tho nibble to have the author Ity of Tho late lord Shaftsbury for the statement that one of thus poor creatures being tucked if she gave moral instruction to in r scholars replied. No 1 can t afford it at so. N a More amusing in ewer. However was that of Tho teacher who was asked whether proper attention was paid to the morals of the boys under his care. His answer was that they did not morals there As they belonged to the girls Lazett i an arrangement. Who ii a certain general was camping on Tho Lowe Mississippi his negro boy hairy was one Day asked by a Friend whet her Tho general was not terribly a i noyed by mosquitoes. No Sam Jinny. In the jars Georgo is to Tox coated to Don t mind Tho Skeeters .rt in Tho inor Nin Tho Skeeters is so toxic cited they Don t mind Murs Franisco Argonaut. Expensive Honor. It ror Tunn i Iii mayor of London. R c k i f turf h for Sll brr repent Ai Mil r Are larg by in of Tho salary a id of Licino h of Tho lord London writes the London Cor re Pon it of the new York Tribuno. It coms lord mayor any whirl from Iio Idu to in Injoo to thu of life. Or George Faudel j.ilips probably spent from 1 to in excess of his Inry and allow inces. The Mollico is always i costly one. Whoever accepts it expects o homily for the Honor. No Loid a or emerges from Siliec with out Beir _ out at poorer a 1 he but the Lunior of Jod is inv Unn Bly Beslu wed upon him his u Ife e the distinction of be a to and to. Be Aldi Niji i who has Jii a d the i air it turns to it. I it Ion to Tho old ii tie i o ill s Aldi Nan is willing to pay tin "11s i might be if 1m Cuhl it i a pet for a or come term. F he cd action of the lord mayor is a Bur Perloni in Nee with touches of me Dii evil i Iii Emery. Liko Tho november pro cession with its tinsel and gun Tes Ujiie it Ige Airry. Half a i have an int Ormal Conli i i Nee and one of themis to s to take the Ollice and to pay to Cost. Fajr a year flu common crier Ihu rec a scr the common m recant Jii Ace be Trees the bearers and tin chaplains for Parade and a Small kit of Lively men gives the lord a or is elected by Ropi pm stat Ives of the incr de guilds and he exercises Juris diction in it a Square mlle of territory wit h a reside it Ion of Tho Gritl a Hondon with its 70 Square Miles and resist world within is head and Cen of government. It isello Centero a worldwide Empire yet it is an Aiki Malonis Jumble of dissected without Unity of act Ion or enlightened and Pio Grosi. U municipal policies. Thu mod Ern Ait of government can Olter More startling dec Mai ast than that be tween the Eho Iceon the lord mayor of Don by Hall a Rich gentlemen who have been sheriff and the popular election of a municipal dictator for area turned York. A Swift humiliation. An arrogant father Ham cd by to Volvo Misur ocl son. It is an and incontrovertible remarked the undersized Man that pi1 de goes before 11 fall. I used to have some on the subject but they have All been swept away by the 01 this it a s a sudden yes but it was a Complete one. I not in a e habit of gloating Tho mis fortunes if others but 1 must confess a great Ive of satisfaction went Over to when i saw Tho proud struck lire of to Elf esteem a huh Loi tins has been rearing All these yers totter and t ii Blu to the has in met with yes. And it did me Good to Heehn Way lies of led in the face and then turned Pale flu he his position. Haughty manner. You see he is a self made Man and As i Conse Quence s i Pri Ial Pride in his Success. Cannot Lail to go hard with thin one you ver with him when Tho lilo full and inst my of sympathising with him you turn around and exult in his Well if you want to put it in that kind of language it s what i m doing Llulia been talking loud Ami had Hali succeed i in of mincing to that i did t know much and that what 1 did know wami t of any account. He had been Lay ing Down the Law on every question that came up Tor conversation and showing Inu where All the theories 1 had Ever formed about anything rum politics to boiling an egg Wen totally w Rony. Then Camo the crash Tho awful insult in which what fic Mcd to be a Tower of strength proved As Flimsy and us the decoration on u wedding Tho blow Camo in Tho Simpo of a Tele Grams . It was delivered by one of his own family. He had just settled Back in his chair ills thumbs in the armholes of his Vest to enjoy my silent Embarrass ment w his son Como into the room with 11 lot of things to wanted ills ii tour to Tell him about Tho siege of Troy the butt Leot theron Yhu and How to extra t thu Cuba stir. Tho sol mapper of Australia. The.ing of australian wishes is undoubtedly Tho Schnapper. Speak nut now of the trumpeter of Tasmania nor of the Blue cod of new about which Tho inhabitants of colonies Uro not Munat proud. Judging b his shape the Schnapper is an ugly Lish. Lis color is Good nit his proportions arc not fair As he lies on the slab of the fishmonger. In your into diction to ten Pound Chnappi Roll the end of your line he strikes you As an interesting acquaintance of whom you would like to know More. On your subsequent intimacy at table you for gut much of . To is How Ever gibbous and having a strange Lump on his head which gives him a .Vrtlcd Apt enhance. This fish is ways Cai get with Rod and Lino and Tho Uii inner of his taking is Peculiar. The Homo of Tho Schnapper is in Tho deep Bea generally a considerable distance from the Shore ind in Tho immediate of a shelving roof. Good sch Ippi r fishing May however be had from the rocks of Tho Mainland or an is land ii very Holu a in Sydney Thero arc Hundred who go Forth to fish for Sci map pers. For this purpose it is usual to club funds and Charier a Small Steamer. By this Means thu expense is lessened while the party is made More enjoyable. The bait is usually the of Mullet or other fish Cut journal. How Llo got to Micro. So 01 r Friend Bustier went to the top of Mont said Onu Man Toi Mother. Not i t but a feel ." True two months ago when to re Hir cd Fiorin Switzerland to said to had been at t be foot of wont Blanc. Since then to has g Adi idly lied himself to Tho pick Imo up. Or. Mural Lucro an eminent italian scientist has Tor u number of jct irs been Luik ing experiments and observations relating to Childr s ideas of lilo and death and has published his experiences. He found that in answering questions about life Tho poorer cd Ildron almost invariably took to brighter View than Tho Rich. The Money taken in at a prizefight is rightly culled Box press. Bishop Butler in a remarkable Sermon preached in 1711 before thu House of lords predicted that the then prevalent spirit of irreligion would thu Reatter produce Politi Cal and social disorders similar to and quite As deplorable As those which Hud been produced by religious fanaticism in the preceding Century. Tho very speedily proved Tho correctness of this prediction. John Knox thu reformer would soom to have possessed in Ordinary degree the Spiri of prediction and to have Furo accuracy not Only certain to Mark Abl i of Jiu Blic importance but also the ultimate Fate of certain individuals. Thus when condemned to the galleys it Rochelle lie took his Fecu Lence with Tho greatest composure merely remarking that in Spito of it to would within two or three years Tho gospel in St. Giles this prediction most Improta Ile of accomplishment at the time it was uttered was afterwards literally i us tilled. Knox predicted with accuracy the deaths Thomas Ilai land and Kirkcaldy of Grange and solemnly warned there gent Murray not to go to Linlithgow As if he dirt Boho would there meet his death. Tho Regent disregarded Tho Wuring and did meet with tote of which Hud a Friend in need. A urn v. No cd for to Munler having killed a Nebr of a rival pm Tion in u Hilliou thu jul you reluctant to St it uncut him to a Mph of account of his Riith turned to him mud Thoro one in court who could brio ii As to Jour a Quirt thu you h to j to d round the court nil then said Snelly there in Man he re my lord that i at unit my Grandfather Chancre to walk into thu Kiaie jury Wal cry. To eur at How in liners mood lie Cash d out Yon arc Quetier buy that Don t know u Friend you Muju him i Tho Hoy was Quick Witford. Ito an a crud of then it is Musolf that in proud to co your Honor Sci of this Naid Tho Sinco you know that Hoy will you Tell us what you know of "1 will my haul my Knud father and what 1 can Tell you a thi.1- Liat from the Ury rat Day Liat j say him to ins minute 1 never knew him that was not Tiu old in Nail of Iii in Liis talc by striking his hands and and he ii Ever Jivu Iii Eye upon Trio boy till this Jii inuit the boy escaped of Aubrey do his name for tie fire engine. What be thut or Mars Lieen asked on cd 1 Ai nor of As Hurit Messod the w orking of a i ire engine Lor Tho Kirsti time. Why replied his City Nephew that is a machine fur extinguishing arcs. Exclaimed the old Man if i Hen sced it with own eyes i never Moulder Bali d that Pesky Little Codd lick held so much Chicago few seem to doubt for a moment that Contentment is the cause of happiness. Yet the inverse is True. We Are contented because we Aie Happy not Happy because we ure there s lots of Ligion in a Beefsteak if you give it to the right Man at Tho right time Jerry extraordinary qualities Are possessed by the Rhor tin to in Spain. It hardens and petrified the Sand of its bed and if a Eton tails in the Stream and alights upon another in u few months they unite and become one Stone. Fish cannot live in ital Waters. Wedgewood patterns Loeks i clothing furnishings for the holidays ick , Bath and Otter streets Bristol. Notice of meeting of Road View. The undersigned viewers appointed to View and Lay out a Public Road to begin at a Point in tin1 Public Road in tie of mum Etown in tie county of Bucks and Stafe of Pei ugh Ylva Nia us i5ellevue Avenue in the Westerly hide thereof and Tuma it in a Bouwes Twilly direction irom Hie line it find Ollie and Road inti Railroad company 1535 and 31-Hio Leet haul Yeinji measured along tie Westerly Side of tue said Beite Vuc Avenue and ending it a Point in the Public in find town hip known a Willard in thu Easterly bide thereof and Distant in a direction from tie line of land of the Mph Philadel phia and i eating Kai Hoad onto Pliny 51t and Leet Sun. Disuanco Heing my abused along the Easterly do of Wilfird det. Hereby give notice they will meet Tor to epic pose of their appointment at tie place proposed for the Beguin ing of said Road at i o clock a. Saturday the 11 the Day of december when arid where All persons interested Are invited to attend. Ashbel Kkt Kerdine thu Sun viewers now for the holidays special notice. W. In. Hay co., 242 Mill Street Bristol a to All of our patrons and friends who did not obtain our a Jeuial Coupon 1 Ron our agent recently Cun now came to our studio and live Urillis tilled for Christmas without obtaining Cou Pon. To cml our inducement car fully. A Beautiful Fuoly executed life size 10x20, water color portrait a perfect likeness wit i u4 Inch Gilt trame and of Litolf dozen of our Inest Cui Bonette Cabinet photos All for Ken Lar Price for same is in this by the greatest inducement we have Everoul died and has Given entire act Ion to those of our patrons who have already obtained them. Look at our specimens in our show windows and Seefri yourselves. Don t delay your ciders for Christmas As we must have at least 2 weeks to finish them properly. Our Carbonette Cabinet photos at 97. Per dozen Are equal to any j4 us Tob in lie Clov or elsewhere. pictures Are absolutely Nerton Linen Tull considered tie Moat Aitt Stic of any style photo now made. We Are Headquarters for Lino Poi trait frames easels Etc. Frames made to order at lowest prices. A h. Hay co., Bristol a. Largest photo studio in Bucks county. 910-912 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Open saturday even Iris. A it in of of f f i c u i o r and for fifty years everyone Lias known our furniture and carpets Rel a ble. Now we show you we Are Selling the same High Grade goods much cheaper than you Are paing for that poor and fast wearing out kind. We manufacture All our parlor suites couches and Odd pieces. Six immense floors crowded with bargains All plainly mat cd for your Selec Tion. All goods delivered free of charge ave want this to be a make store we Etc Jou will feel it Liberty to roam about at buy or not is you plea e. To use eyes Tongue and fingers in proving that if it s furniture or carpets this is the place to buy. V. Manning s sons 20 and 22 s. Broad St., Trenton 3nt. Of next to opera House. Bui stus prices to the Choice of cultivated musicians. Embodies All the Good Points in construction of the world s Best makes with addition of inventions of great Merit contained Only in the Blasius piano. The Albrecht co. Piano. Prices and upwards. 100 years before the musical Public. A Good and reliable instrument. 1 his piano has All the latest improvements and is the Best instrument in its Grade that can be manufactured. We Are the largest dealers in pianos and organs in the City. A Complete Stock of organs of the most celebrated makes. New or Gans from and upward. Our musical instrument department for Small instruments is Complete. The Best selected Stock of violins guitars mandolins Anto harps Etc. Everything in the Small musical instrument line. We invite correspondence and will be pleased to give any information desired in regard to any department in our business. 1101-1103 Chestnut St. 1119 Chestnut St. Piano manufacturers Aftab Lilied nearly Century Philadelphia. Does your piano need tuning this question has doubt been a ked it to Ore of times of your door by strangers who Prol eds to be piano tuners. A a Rule lint clash Olyo called Tuimil re very Little about tuning and less ii bout tie of a piano and ure Capa ble of doing a piano Imam Almu Good. In View of this of dict we have is Tallif lied a tuning club we have a number of tuning to do and on account we give you f lie Benefit of first class Vork at a Judi Verale Pike. We Aje Hixi out to keep in touch with As Nikanj Jie Ople us we can Imit or piano they have. Lewis j. Bevan Range dealer in and _ now is the proper time to invest in a first class gasoline Sieve. 1 in roof aug a specially. Cus Tom work done in tin Sheet Iron Copper and Zinc jobbing and repairing in All its branches attended to promptly. Slove repairs of All kinds. Roro. 10 Mill stretch Bristol a. K. . Dealer in natural and artificial ice prices right. At prices to compete with others. Ice is right. William c. Pierce is Lehigh Coal Wood Etc. Cor. Washingion and canal trusses h. White manager rat Soroeta nud 32o hath Street. Bristol a. In every size and numerous designs. Or Pursell s drug store hc3 is Twidt of i retail Pioneer drug store nos 15 Mill Street Bristol pm the oldest and Burgest in Lim pm a Nonty. .ih4-1. By the prune liar. A arg Ebstock on Iii to Ali us drugs medicines. Clio Nicols Tuiel articles soaps brushes perfumery i Pliml medicines sponges Clem suib skins paints oils Gliss i Lily Vul Nia Hea Dye stuffs Dia mond dyes also picks of All kinds w.u4k.vntki Pukk at Low prices. Of Aith accurately com Louii Ilij. L. A. Hoguet and Ali run dentist . 21 Market Street atol. Perms. Farms houses for Sale and to rent is Adall Oiler Edw. N. Booz . 10 Wood Street. Bristol a 187g. Or. C. E. King dentist 2o2 Mill Street Bristol Over Pursell e drug store Sherman Peirce Bristol a. Lumber Yard fully stocked with All kinds of building and finished lumber both Pine and Hardwood. Mill work in variety in eluding stairways Anc Hardwood Interior finish. Upholstering and repairing of All carpets beaten Power nil Laid. Window slut Lew awning slip covers made thoroughly picked Fca thierr renovated chairs re caned. Order a from country will receive my Pernt jail attention Chas. H. Ancker. No. 109 Cedar St., Bristol a. Kor Wile by s. K. Bally s pure Rye Black Label Green yellow 1.50 White 1.75 perfection Brand 12 yours 2.00 Yll Erkcil by tint i i Milr Inyim in. Ilio who try for in retailers 1 Christ 1209 Market St Philadelphia a Rennirt on rat Anlo Bottlo to Uny Point 50 years experience Trade Marks designs copyrights any oho spied Erik plot Ali mid May qty Lohli Sisr Ersnt Mir opinion free whither an invention in prob Lily Gnu a Triplo. Nimni Hinloi . Handbook on Pali Nta Ecru fret1. Agency fort Myrlnn Pun ins. To Numis Tel ten through mum co. Reix Leo tit Cine notice in Lam scientific american. A Lustri ipod woolly. Air Only Iruin of nity butt tit Flo Jan annl. Terni. a you firm Nio Allm sold by nil now Udo ii Lorn. York Uran Cli Olla cd is5 k St., . C. An office where every Jiing in connection with real estate is carefully attended to you can buy a property live deed drawn procure a Ishii on gut the building insured and the lot surveyed the a Lille trans action completely and cart ully attended to by one person just As you would Dot yourself i Vou Kne Liow. A. Weir Gilkeson attorney at Law 3bis i Oln a. Liore is one denial firm in to at you rely up Chi us tune for ont half less Niolu a to Iii a this Cli circe Foi nit ilor to Leo 1 Picicc in this City i a ipod Tea Clief. Work hoi p to stay. Our i ii your Guara tue Ca be Rock d non our paid Lutfi mrs ind for Ilca i other i ii tests Liao it. Ave arc torn in for same. Our Teeth fit Anil look nation to. In arantes a fit or nay. Our Lull links won t Ilion out. We Don t exit acting or ova Jiining Mouth car Fai i Naul. Our Crown and in Ork Ork cuu t be beat. Alba dentists. Market Street 1123 Chestnut Street 117 North eighth 1918 Diamond Street 2508 ave., Philadelphia Penna Ely s Cream if Poltl Vernero. Apply into the nostrils. Ills quickly absorbed. 60 cents it mail samples Ioc. By mail. Kly 13kotukhs. 66 Warren St. New i Ork City. Hinder corns -.-Oiivm-nftr.fot slope nil pain Wiiki a v a in t of inv. It Drupe into. Parker s hair Balsam and Beau Nib the hair or . J Ninf i to Bellut of Uny nil t Parker s of Inonu. Tonic Tunod tie Huby 114 Usu. The grocers named below Are tip to Date and All sell Golden Joss Tea Karang Java Coffee. J. H. Havens sox t. A. Muschert John me Fadden s. S. Scott Harry a. Stout Vav. H. Trudgen c. J. Wright James Wright e. Worth1ngton. Brocenes in great variety cheap at Foster s. Especial care is taken to con stantly have on hand the finest butter teas coffees and spices the Market affords. Fruits and vegetables in season Dward h. Foster the Dorrance Street grocer
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