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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 4 1873, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - December 4, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaButtts county Tvedte published weekly Jesse of Sadol Lff Walcot it rats in Tolstol i a. Yk1hm of in for one year. S2 00 for six months 1 30 kor three months. 1 00 go owing old one by one Fli fir arc iia Twani Trio Oil of our morn in Lucr inn my with reverence Foshion Hie Pillow of Clay Ami pile lift Trio end Rel on quiet breast. Pillow 18 Kin in the t Imp worn cud that i Wal Glit to Llic aged Lead. Liev borne their of Joys and , Tiey Intro Linail their of Iii it mid i res til it Nave wrought out their work they have gained their Uliey have or Nilert their unities they have wept Ullh or learn it la Ovit now the close Ami leave them there to their Long redone. K of them trently remember them Well they were edit Loren of Earth an we arc now Liev Villi Tymn Tatum i Aldol and fell and Rte if to lofty conquered we do their in what nil re Klumill be the Hepcak of them think of them tenderly. Few remain Ami when they Are gone we till the which they now hold our will to he even our Henrym will Jairow tame and cold and tie faltering step and falling Trenth will rewind Loo of approaching death. Xor nary. Cold eth Why it would we yield to their Baleful Thrall let us in Mem Clown in Dow inward we Glide into the Ili Udow unit for Utt All kor Hoon we Idill he Lunone the old and Ibe Days of our j earn will Boon be told. F for the Bucks county Gazette. Sotes. Ii . Not lung since i heard a lady ask Nollier Peluit she considered the most desirable thing in life. Trio answer was to love and be be the first of fact of Sulci a reply might naturally it momentary Iii Lac. 1 perhaps Liis would be pardonable. Yet a moment s thought won disclose the fact that it has a deep and . It covers comprehensive ground. It possesses Foree Anil Beauty and has a marked degree of pertinence. Herein we discover he Root and essence of us highest social philosophy and the Golden Axis upon which All religious teaching revolves. It binds heart to heal i and mind to mind in he fullness of a generous sympathy and Lias a i e influence upon the soul. It purifies and Ciales the thoughts enlarges tie heart Sweet ens to Tai temper the sentiments and into the nature the breath of kindly ii in Ami a warm glow of Beneficence. It gives Ibe being a of Ever Active tend Crikis Ami expands it with Broad fraternal Charity. This Quality of love is happily described by Byron in tie following Beautiful and familiar yes Tore indeed is unlit 1 Roku heaven a of Park of that immortal fire by fun gift shared Hyall Given to lift from end Ali our Low Deere. Pivot Lon Wii Fth the but heaven in love a feeling front the godhead caught to wean from self filch sordid Shouf it a Ray of him who forum Toto w Hole a glory circling round tie hour few would give sue i answer As Toto above to Stieh a fuestion and none pin lamps but those who have a Youins Forad Section tie faculty of Loving May be cultivated and improved like any other Virtus but to some ionic Tenn to others it belongs by natural Jenilu Wient. These cherish and enjoy the attribute and ten y would have All people brought within the scope of us celestial Harmony. Jul their presence one is Apt to fuel the quickening Furuc of ten in example As if Surry Mlod by an Phro Rich with the exhalations of life. So him must have had a thou Gill similar to that expressed by our Friend when he said love n life to Cut tlu1 cml Init never life s Well the Nier spoilt but Ever spending a thou test thou live hut once Luve y to cuts to i Loir thou Wiit not lovi1 to live1 Thon live to he called love life s Reward rewarded in to Toto a who have not the gift of Loving beyond a narrow orbit May cultivate with profit they i ave. Affection s manifestations Are often to the will. The spirit of love or sym Pathy kindness or humanity May often prompt where the will is weak to perform. Muesli is lost by a hesitating will. In respect to the goodly offices of love As Well As in regard of Otlmor things the example of one May shed its Light another s path who May be guided its cheerful Ray. It is Sweet to says Sterne by what Fine spun threads our Affue Tom arc drawn together one has truthfully said that love begets be a Friend if Yon would have one. Tovac blossoms into ail manner of kindness. This wins lore and kindness in return. Tie Loving mature is sure to be beloved. That Char Acter which is imbued with this genial and pre Cious Quality commands the Gulmi motion of Mankind. Depraved indeed must be that nature which is not sensitive to its enchanting Power. Love has been called the Triumph of the unselfish Over the selfish part of our nature we May that those who have most affection have least thought of self. Love Eman Cipares one from a sordid disposition. It unbind if fitters of selfishness. It awanes a tender and thoughtful regard for the welfare of , Anil a Ever on the Alert to bless them wit i bi1 Ignant care. Sympathetic emotions Aie awakened by i inspiring Power and these a Wale Range in heir benign embrace. The poor and the needy he Neglic Rcd the unfortunate and those who arc heavy Laden no object of its unwearied Vigil. Where ten Beautiful Clement Vivi fies tie nature we _ Flud tin Earnest desire for Well doing in the humane offices of life. It incites to kind activity and summons Forth its willing servants upon of Good will. Their tarts abound with Bukrey and their hands overflow with Charity. Their Good works Are the fruitful development of their love expanding and extending into where they walk blessings shed a stir fragrance. The Loving nature is amiable. It is peaceful. Complacency dwells with it and serenity illumines is countenance. It is in cordial unison who Al Mankind. It is Ever ready to forgive and deals gently with the erring. Some one has we forgive so Long As we Jove 1 when lire Light of this principle shall infuse into All households when All Fame the Earth Over shall be sensible of its Regen i Power Liow changed will be the fabric human society the imagination darts Forth into the Remote future and paints the imposing tone. Its Beauty and splendor May excite our incredulity but we need not despair of the a kindest possibilities. As nations grow More and More enlightened they become less warlike and Are More inclined to adopt relations that they Juii Igle Togut Lucr in the spirit of peaceful Fellowship. Progress is Stow and often meets with sudden but tute Onward and upward March is inevitable. Tie ultimate condition of tilings it beyond our mental grasp like Timo i Page which bewilder by their immensity and it May not be chimerical for us to Hope Liat the divine principle of love will in the its Universal Empire glowing Ami enlarging until it warms and beams upon mul Mon and women upon Tho Universal heart of All and so Light up the whole world and nature with its generous sweetening Ono s Coffee is generally the euring event of the Day. vol. 1. Bristol Bucks county. Pja., thursday december 4, 18t3. No. It. For the Fucks county Gazette cities of the West. Ity Joab Hun from san Francisco to san Diego is but a Short Ocean ride and As our Steamer plows Sci head into san Diego Bay with a Lively parly of us Californi boys aboard do we look around us for notes. In the Southeast lies a Flat Sand Island and As we near the town these Low shores surround a Sheet of water called false Bay. A Long Ridge of Low lands extending five Miles to the Southwest runs off into Point Loma fron whose Summit a Light House stands out against the horizon about 500 feet above the sea foam passing by a half mile or so we Glide into the Bay. Ballast Point a Long Ridge of Sand forms the natural breakwater and the Shoals lie inward next tic Shore. Our Steamer cast Anchor in the Channel and we lowered on Small boats for land. It was quite exciting to see the boys packing up kits for Laud Lubber business As our mate Calls it Ami As we bid the sallies Adieu we Are pulled ashore and land amidst piles of Beach Sand waved Upina Turows by the Breakers and climb out upon ten a Firma for the Western initial Point of the Southern Pacific Railroad. South of Here in Sig tit stands a White Marble Monument which Marks the Boundary Between tie United states and Mexico. Every step is Sand Sand Sand and As we enter this new City of the Wolf. And see shanties newly erected we Begir to think after an hour s stay that we Are old it Zens for san Diego is a new place All Hough the site of old san Diego Wiki founded by the spaniards in 1709, two mile northeasterly from bore a strange relic of Spanish colonial lion and old Romish missions. The buildings arc somewhat like those of Salt Lake City Al though Mueh older Are Low adobes streets be ing very narrow and full of weeds and Cactus plants. San Diego River formerly washed the town on the West and emptied its Waters into false Hay but a sudden notion to change caused the old Spanish town to be left Verj dry. The new san Diego of la Tia Centre of much life the future Metropolis of Southern California. The location is Well chosen the Shore rising gently from the Ocean s Edge. Grand View of the Blue Pacific is Broad open streets. Everything Iti oks new to who stranger and the buildings devoid of paint reminds the traveler of the raw Iowa towns on to Iii Prairies rapidly going up in Ilorion s and other additions churches and saloons quite numerous and the people make their Money Selling Corner to each other. A Story is told of Onvy Iii Francis sold one Corner lot Twenty seven times Andeane out ahead on each Trade. After his repeated Success he moved to Chicago where the write met him with whole suburban additions of that Sand Patch town for they Tali a Story on san Diego that out vies the Sai Vinial in Connecticut that was run by Buttermilk and that is a Travor went to sleep Ami it Iii Herd of cattle one night on the san Diego Plains Rind in the morning he was Awak ened by the California Mosquito is picking their Teeth with the horns of the whole lie id. Valor is abundant a Short distance below the Sand and is procured by sinking not asian Volls. Upon being brought to the surface however i is slightly tainted with Alkali. The climate even finer Linn at the Golden City w Ith its Healing wings tones up the workout Miner and brings the Bloom flush of Hope to the invalid causing sunny smiles to ride his face and crows feet to walk out of the Corner of the Eye. The coup try about the Bay is quite broken and a Fow Bushes covered 1th dust Lay All the claims this neighbourhood has to forests and Tim Ber. Nature looks Rusty and were it not for tie grand Ocean View we would either ship Abr some other port or remain and manufacture Sand hour glasses. However in the Back coun try in the valleys of the Eeten tar san Ber Nado and san Diego vegetation is Green and the Reat Ranc Hemen of Southern California Range Here with their immense herds of ponies and sheep. Within Twenty Miles of Sari Diego very Fine old dust has been found and in some of these old a Jocys arc visible old diggings where the indent mexicans probably gained much of their wealth. In the neighbourhood of Santa Maria ire the big Ger which have been worked with excellent Success. During the great Gold excitements of California s earlier lays the White tents of the prospectors and miners dotted this Valley nature has done much for the country around san Diego and with her deposits of Salt soda Coal Copper tin Silver and Gold with inviting for grazing purposes with streams of iving water pure air and refreshing by Cizes Roui the great deep she must with the Energy of Man become the Southern Metropolis of lower California. When the Railroad is completed through Arizona and new Mexico and the Iron Lorsic snorts through this land Wil her products be shipped to our needful commercial centres Iii the strides of utilization and civilization receive a new and great impetus and acquisition. Statistics. The late census reports give some interesting Ilal statistics tie total population of Trio country is about thirty eight and a Par Sci millions. Toto total number of deaths in the current census year or about 1 ,349 per Risem. March april and May form the most Quarter exceeding any other three consecutive months by Over the births number or per diem. The Blind number about 20.009. The deaf and dumb about tie idiotic about the insane about nearly one third of whom Are of foreign birth. Poisons Over 80 years of arc number about persons Over 90 years of age number about persons Over 100 years of age number about of those Over so years the females outnumber tie males by about of those Over 100 years the females exceed the males about there is a county in Virginia where the land is so sterile that when the wind is North West they have to tie the children to keep them from being blown away where it takes six frogs to raise Oik Crook pud when the dogs bark they have to lean against tie fences tie horses Are so Iliin that it takes twelve of them to make a Shadow and when they kill an of they have to hold him up to Knock him Down. A new Vork paper tells us that a gent out West was invited to taken game of cards Allied but he refused saying no i thank be i played poker All one summer and had to Wear Nan keen parts All next Winter. I have had no taste for that amusement according to Lecclier the cheapest thing on Earth is a mean Man. A faithful dog Dies and is missed a Good and stately horse Dies and he is missed the emigration of the Birds in autumn is a source of sadness to us but mean men Anil few tsars fail three Little i tue boys of the Sim Day school biography Sofic Wero Pond Paljug Progress in the Cata Chiem. I Hunt got to orig Inal us Flatt if i in total do Prav. Said the second but i am away by Vonil said lie lib no like on the Hearth. He mrs. Tracks to. Cab. Ali arc in luxury rare 111 thu in Root of Brussels a my splendor in pictures that Hung outline Wall Ai or itch in the curtain with rat inbox Huck Anil Urill Hucic in Gas lib lit hint flashes o or null hut give to the glow of the Bright blazing no that sparkles and snaps in it echoes Vona Mirtte Ami leaps in in Joy up tile Lihi Lutfy still higher a lion the no j wind without Miake Bita draw near Trio Heurun tin tire cheerful Wood fire the Burns on tie Licarte. At i i cel warm remember my evil Lahood. And Trio Circle of loved ouch that Drew round our and the Winter eve sports Ivl i t Jim Ruth from the Wildwood i the it Jill s Imil elder from cellars Well of tired i hear in Iff Roar the wild shout of my brother and the if ugh of my Sisters in innocent mirth Ami the voice of my wire As he Rundus to my Mother who knits by the Hie i Gilt that Glon a from the Hearth the old open fire tie limit Ltd if Viii fire the Home Eli ceiling lire that glows on the Hearth. Like the Strong and tribe lie noted it warms its sur Ron Klips. The Jinn and tie mantel lie Henrt Liston and Wall and Over the Lious i Lorl gives out its Noil mings till n if spi cart Over All. Of von on the j Ucol it Ever Burns brightly till the Day s work la done mid we Laj by our mirth then it gather the embers and Zikry them lightly at morn to renew tie blight tire on the Lieari 1 to lire the lire giving tire tie Broad glowing lire that i mils on the Hearth. It reminds 11.4 of friends to the nearer when wind of misfortune blow heavy and chill Ami feel with each a list they an1 warmer and dearer and ready to help us and Comfort in still i item la that Novar grow cold till the Long any a ruled and tin ashes arc incl Tel their rest in the Earth and the spirit still glowing to find Hatli ascended to Roll mlle new ires like the Coal on the Hearth then give me the lire he fish flowing lire the Bright open lire that our Sun the Hearth. Von Mill my or stove Lionts a room in n minute exp in tin1 Eold and i know it is so hut open a door is Here anything in it your warmth is All gone thelic s not even a glow just like the false i lends one is every Lav meeting All Proiti Fenious and mulch us the impulse gives t3ut us Black and As cold at attic next hour of Gricet As your stove that i. Is aids lied the live from the liner la then give me tie Are Trio ire Iho Bright glowing Tiro that Burns on the Lien Roll. Collated expressly Jbv tie Ligucki county Gazette axe Chotai aka orests american Eis Toky and biography. Lt1i. A Iinatius i Elci i. have to Weir jokes As Well As literary Jim. Peters of punning memory one of the founders of the Pennsylvania Agri cultural society commenced a Reform in butter making As ail example thai should Render Phil Adelphia what it is the by St butter Market in Iho world. At his first Experiment of making sales in the Init act House his butter was seized As being of Short weight and his weights were consequently sent to the examiner coming Home stamped c. P. For if Pam a said Iho inveterate and vet eran wit to his wife they be found us out and marked us cheat Iii Peters Viii. Trio Cherokee the log cml of the Cherokee Rase is As pretty As Tom Flower itself. An Indian chief of the is Inin Olu tribe was taken prisoner by ii ene Mies lie cherokees mid doomed to torture but full so seriously that it became necessary to wait for his Oslo ration to health before com mitting him to tie h in. Ashu Lay by disease in tie Cabin of the Cherokee War rior Tom daughter of the latter a Young Durk maid was his nurse. Sho fell in love Wilh the Young chieftain and wishing to save Iii life urged him to escape hut he would not do so Una so she would Floe with him. She consented. Yet before they had gone far impelled by soft regret at leaving Home she Usk cil permission of her Lover to return for the Pur pose of bearing away some memento of it. Rectra Ringlien foot Sec is. She broke i from the while Rose which climbed up tie poles of her father s rent and prese i in it do ing her flight through Tom wilderness la Ute it by the door of lick now Home in the land of the Semi noles. And from that Day this Beautiful Flower has always been known Between capes of Flor Ida and throughout the Southern states by the name of the Cherokee Rose. To be very near dying whose feet were As warm As yours that s nothing to profound scholar and a thoroughly Good Man. A. His will he stipulated that his Library con volumes which he gave o the Cathedral of Seville should be free to to people and it is at this Day. Prom books this collection the late Washington Irving a considerable portion of the information on his life of Columbus was founded. The following to mint epitaph almost obliterated by time appears upon the Tablet which Marks the site of his Tomb what doth it profit me to have sprinkled the world with my Sweet to have Throe times crossed the new world discovered by my father to have embellished the shores of tranquil and preferred my simple tastes rather than riches or that i have assembled round me the divinities from the source of the Castalia and Oiler to them the riches gathered by Ptolemy if passing in silence Over this Stone Thon should so fail to address a single salutation to my father s memory or to in self a shit remembrance let. The killing Pinion Strong in dentil. Colonel Isaac Barnes of Boston was an offi cer under the United states government. He was a Man of Girat wit and humor full of rare and racy stories which he always told with the most imperturbable Gravity while his listeners were convulsed with Lai igniter. His stories Al ways received a flavor from his Peculiar voice which was quite thin and pitched upon a High dinner while in new Orleans shei Idan invited head to come and see him. For several Hil. And head run the town and then Tho general got up a big dinner to Tho Honor of tiie poet. At this dinner were Trio wit Blond and Beauty of tie Crescent City. Puns repartee and saucy anecdote held carnival. It was Wallack and miss Jennings in Trio i ouch struggling to say Tho Best thing. After a few courses and Phil had toasted the historian of Trio head leaned Forward and took hold of an decanter of sly cry. Said Hie poet holding the decanter Bottom is Sherry zone but 1 propose to pm Sherry tronc Phil. Then he handed the decanter to the waiter. Speaking of Kirley Smith s defeat of Banks and Caponic of his Sutker s supplies and Camp chests read said Smith was like Ali Kioah s daughter. Asked Sheridan. Why because he found a Little profit in the rushes on the once Probasco and to Longworth and Groesbeck or some of those Rich who have splendid Art Gal Lorius asked head s advice about trying Frankenstein s Niagara. Why says head if i had the Money i d go by it right off once the poet was dining at the writer s Sis Ter s in Cincinnati. The handsome general Hooker was there with his uniform All be aimed with smoke from ninety Cannon at a Fishville and on the same Side was tie homely Sherman whom Mark Twain said smiled once Aud broke a again and smash wont a mrs. Gen. Lander a Louse Gallant Fred had Given up n general s life at Vicli Mountain. The ride was the agony in Cincinnati then so they asked head to read it. Jere. Lander said she had never heard the poet read it. Now do read it or. Favor mrs. Urged my sister handing the poet the look. "1 wish i did favor mis. Replied head As quietly As if he had not paid mrs. Lan Der tie sweetest of compliments. Murillo s love Stoey. Beautiful face a Holcli to reproduced in All the Burcat Printer n j turning Over flip pages of the Art treas ures of one finds among other Good things a very romantic and i callable account of Murillo s courtship la will 1u remembered that Murillo has been called the Printer of we Are told is much by the number of representations he has left As by any thing else that he was very fond of pain lius the immaculate strange mys Tery of the woman clothed with the Sun with the Moon under her feet and upon her head a Crown of stars. Almost invariably one. Face appears in these face of a Virgin wonderfully sweat where one studies it the Eye i cast Down and yet revealing to Weir Loveli Ness the face Oval the lips Small and tender in their expression and yet Over All a look of divine Reserve that forbids too familiar an interest in her Lovely being. In or Der to understand to whom Liis face belongs Ami the reason of its frequent repetition it will be necessary to clip a Page from Murillo s life. About the time that Murillo began to paint in his own studio there lived in his native town of Seville an andalusian lady of High rank and wealth. This lady was not Over is years of age was a cultivated and ardent admirer of Art and had taken a decided fancy to Iurillo and Iii pictures. The artist himself was poor timid comparatively unknown and yet feeling even then the Power that Lay undeveloped in him. That he loved the Dona Beatrix de cab Rera sol mayor ardently is not to be wondered at when we consider that her figure was Fine and slender and that her eyes were Large dark Blue almost Violet with Liat Spanish fire in them that can Flash out condensed Sunshine or Entrance by the loveliness of fathomless Depths with Long dark lashes a Clear White forehead and checks kissed to a Lovely Bloom by the soft zephyrs or Spain a Rich flow of Light Brown it to be wondered at that Murillo abjectly surrendered his timid heart to this Anda Usi ii Beauty slip was his Patron. She aided his studies she sat for Liu Madonnas she loved him too but she never let this conflict with his advancement. Lie was Yott in he had no Reliance in himself he must go out into the world beyond the narrow limits of Seville and study higher Art until he could com Mand All his Genius and so when the time came she insisted that lie should go notwithstanding that he pleaded with tears in his eyes that he might stay near her. Hur Iuo s reluctance to go to England was More than half occasioned by the fact that an old acquaintance of his Pedro de Moya an artist of renown had recently returned from Van Eyke s studio to Seville had taken up Liis abode there in one of the palaces and had fell desperately in love with the Beautiful Beatrix de Cabrera. But Murillo went and studied hard and be came famous and returned with honors and commissions and married his Lovely Patron the lady do Cabrera. And now does it appear strange that the face appears in Many of his virgins that the face is a Lovely face a Spanish face the face of a Sweet girl whose every Fea Ture whether it be cold or repelling or tend winning is known to him by an actual experience love. Prit Locc Tell to dimple Chin at we Lett Uge Daluh Lori in Gill your it tue eyes Liao san act Lyseen Summers Throe my fully Lut a Miracle of to Wecter soft , sly retreats show the Little relics there f in your ii Rotty hair 1 Lindst learn a Henrt o win pro Liec Tell me dimple Chlu. Ottlie Rosy lips Repty 1 can t Tell you in 1 try Tia my Long i can t remt Meier Auk borne younger lass Luiu la 1v1i, Otill grilled face your heart am keep Pace win ii Loonry Lovo do fio std put out tie if re can its Umbers Burn below All that chill december meow care you still lieu us to Bonny hands to Boot i and Wuelfi does love Plovc up the Tell o Tell me grilled puce. The Wise old Lini reply youth univ Pash Rind May die but of love i can t for Token some older Sage than 11" key and in his Lal childish treble. Years turned towards in his last sickness to very forcibly illustrated Pope s Well known line of tie Hilling passion stroj in his physician came in an evening or two be fore he died and asked him How he was fading. Shan t live till said the colonel feebly. 11 of yes i think you will you Don t seem to be very near your yes i piped the colonel. The doctor then Felt of his feet and Fin div them of jute we think there is no Unm Djate help Shan t lira till persisted the stole Man f said the your extremities air warm of Joel. Did you Ever Inow one a correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette tells a very amusing anecdote about a former City editor of the enquirer named Bennett which illustrates a phase of Pris a which was common enough at the West when Artemis Ward was a local on a Cleve land newspaper and Mark Twain a gatherer of River news up the Ohio. Whon news was scarce Bennett was in the habit of inventing extraordinary items for his department a favorite re source being to Inake children fall from the Aud 1 no of the Newport ferry Joat into the River and to have them rescued by his acquaintances. He had honoured one or. Kell Nui Celia Enrichi s first husband several times in this Way when the fictitious Savior of drowning innocents be came tired of the joke and at last called at the enquirer office and demanded that it should not be repeated. Lie was assured that his request would be complied with and so it was in its letter but hardly in its spirit for the next Day the enquirer contained a paragraph to the effect that a Beautiful Little girl the daughter of a prominent citizen of Newport had fallen from the ferry boat into the River and that or. Kellum who was standing by and could easily have saved the child from a watery grave refused to Render the least assistance. When Kell urn boil ing with rage went to tie enquirer to seek an explanation of what he had begun to regard in the Light of a persecution his threats of vengeance were suddenly stopped by is Eunett s take ing off his coat and coolly saying you re not a bad fellow in your Way Kellam but i can t stand any interference with my department. If i make any statement in the enquirer you not come round Here contradicting it. That in t you Sec audit must be put Stop up it at any Kuum s Wrath in stantly subsided and the Hyo men remained friends until Beni Gitt s once a toc the Gold Herb. Stories very similar to the following Are Tow through out t lie Mountain districts of clerk tiny us the Rel tin Issei Immeln. Ifce., Liy ii Anim Woll i Emhardt. Ullh Vei Aion Trio Best and is found other collect Inifi of Gands i tile or Llars Bilgen of Kelt stub. Have you been in a Pine Forest at ovo Falli if Yon have you will recall the sensations o mystery which oppress Trio spirit when Yoi find among the fragrant Trees that stand stiff and entranced awaiting us coining on of night. To persons unaccustomed to the Woods few moments of greater solemnity could occur than Tomso following the set o Sun. A Shadow tills Over the Forest and Wuthe deep winding tunnels that radiate among the Graj Moss Hung Tuniks the blackness of night condenses Apaleo. Mysterious noises Are heard Tho rustling of Large by ills settling themselves for the night the Click of falling Cones the i of the wild cat Tho Gold Light that flickered All Day through Tho boughs and diapered the spine strewn soil Lias wholly disappeared and patches of Asci Giay Lioa veus seen through the iut critics of the branches diffuse no Light perhaps an evening Breeze whispers secrets among the tree tops arid pipes Between the trunks or hums an indistinct time1, pervading the whole air among the vibrating Green Needle like leaves of the firs. Kobert tie Huntsman was too accustomed to Foiest sigh s and sounds to pay attention to what would have impressed another less familiar wit i them. Ufuti Irlis to was occupied with anxious thought lie Hadji iat painted for the night with Gertrude his Atria need Bride in a few Days he purposed going Forth into the world to seek his Fortu nein the expectation of re turning to claim her when that Fortune had been found. Yot Kobert was not in circumstances. His gun and his Small Patrimony furnished him with a subsistence but Kobert was not Content with Little he i aved for much. His ambition was to to Rich and he was ready to sacrifice Cryn his Lovo of scr trinic for the Gold that dazzled Iii eyes and allured him from Home into the world. Musing on his schemes he would not Retina to his own House but paced the Forest alone with his thoughts of ambition from dusk to dark Fin Nightfall Midnight. The Weill sights and sounds of the Forest it Sunset Hud warned him to leave it to spirits of evil and Good to tie gnome and the Nix Aud the Elf. But lie had not heeded them. Midnight sounded from the Village Steeple and suddenly in the midst of his meditations he by Cama conscious of a figure dive him Bob Bing among the shadows moving at a Hundred Yards before him with tin head Bent but Rais ing Bitsoli occasionally and then stooping again. Of approaching Llo Hert saw to o figure belonged to an old Ninci with Silver and Long Gray hair. He paid no attention to Tho Huntsman but crept in and out among Bushes Rouks. And tree Boles peeling among the herbs and then turning ins ear to the soil to listen. What Are you doing Here asked Kobert. Is past Midnight the old Man arose stretched himself and an swered the silence is broken and my eyes Are dim. 1 am too old too old for what too old to find the Gold answered Tho Miner shaking Lus Long White Beard. And Pray what is the Gold Herb answered the Hunter arrested by curiosity. Indeed do you not know Well Well these Are Days of ignorance. Folks seek learn ing and acquire novel pics which cannot profit them but forget the old Tiu Llis which could have availed them most. I am seeking the Gold Herb that blooms Only at Thon Why have you not brought a lantern the Moon is not up and it is. As dark As pitch Here under the Shadow of these great a 1 muttered the Man you know nothing about it. Lam too old to find the Herb. Yes 1 am too and what is the Good of the Lierbo when you have found Why this Friend you know my name then How is have been eighty years in these mountains and do you suppose that i do not know by name every i have never seen Juki said the Hunter. And your appearance is sufficiently Peculiar to attract the attention of any one 1 the old Man Shook his head. It is Seldom Liat 1 show myself and then Only at night. I Jive far of on the Kammer Berg and there i spend the better part of my time underground but at night in silence Anil dark Ness i wander about the country. J. Am fired now and disappointed at my want of Suc is. I must sit Down the night is Kobert seated himself on a fallen trunk near the old Miner. He was anxious to know some thing about the Gold Herb but he shrank from asking. The Miner however himself returned to the subject by a me would that i were not too old to id the Gold slave you Ever found it before frisked the in Smau. Answered the old Man to who found it once would not require to seek it a second time. If you like to undertake the quest of it Yon Are Welcome i see clearly that by Chance is for Over passed away. Listen the Gokl Heib Flowers Only from the seventh to the thirteenth Day Elj apr the feast of St. John and Only then when Moon does not Shine. Nor does it Bloom every Nigist this time but Only on the Odd nights that an the seventh ninth Eleve Atli and thirteenth. And again Only when the last Day of the old Moon and the first Day of the new Moon fall on Odd Days can the Herb become visible. Many know of Jie Plant but Tew know the Law regulating its consequently it is sought in years when it cannot Flower and on nights when it does not appear. This year is favourable to it to Day is the eleventh after St. John s feast consequently the Day after to Morrow is the last on which it can be. Found. It also blooms Only for seven minutes and Gou orally at the stroke Why arc you too old to find replied the old Man is a mystery. If Yon will Promise to share with me the Bene fits acquired by the discovery of the Gold Herb should you c Lance to find it i will Tell you replied Robert with precipitation. But you live not told me the advantages of finding the they Are the Herb belongs to an Earth Nix and she gives it away. It is no Nat ural Flower it belongs to the underground world but the Nix brings it above to give it to mortals. Rarely does she Ofier it to old Mon never to girls. She loves Best to present it to youths. Consequently you Are far More Likely to receive it than i Kobert shuddered. Is Liere any danger in quest he asked. Chuckled Tho old Man. The Eart mix is a maid of exquisite Beauty. Happy is lie who looks on her Tell said Kobert eagerly How am i to seek the the Range of the Hara the Gold Lierbo grows Only in this Forest and in Liis spot. Yon must be Here an hour before Midnight and should Yon see Glovy Worms on the grass then remain where Yon Are but should you not then walk due Noi Ali till you see the Green Light of the insects in the dewy lie res. When Liere repeat the words thrice Turice in seven year i Blo Orrt in tie silent Forest s bar whom Golden starry Bright 13 Ukstins at the turn of night. As soon As you hear the clock strike twelve in the Village i Nutter this Verso bonding Over tie soil and then stooping proceed slowly northwards. Do not look to oho Way or the other 01 labor is in vain and on no Mcconn turn your Taul when Onee you Are on the search or ill will befall and Liow shall i recognize the Plant when see that i May not Tell you but never fear once seen you cannot mistake Well and when i have found it wha then answered Tho Miner your i m tune is he who has that Plant of thrice seven years is secure from sickness h can see through the surface of the Earth a though it were gloss and can Mark Trio vein of Ore. Which run among rocks or the treasure which have been secreted in past Kobert put Forth his hand clasped hint o the Miner and said most gladly will i Sharf All with you if Only i May find the blessed one word said the old Man Noth ingot what f have told you Aud you purpose doing must escape your i swear 1" tie Miner started up. Robert raised his Iii us and thrust Forth Frei fingers that to might swear by tie Trinity by the strange Man caught his Arm and is claimed so 1 want a different sort of an oath Well name it is an oath customary among us minor., when we speak of the secrets of nature. Las your hand on this inc Lontina Hole place you foot i this Root Aud repeat after me 1v till of till Illch. In lie Silver and Kold 7n sic Emit ant of sight Lily a 1 will bonfjh.1 sweep letllit1 1 Otiest Trees know Itous unit dive deep lie pent la a sensation of fear came Over Robert As he spoke these words. It seemed to him As though lie had passed Inlo the Power of mysterious forces and had Given up tie control of his own actions to beings whom to neither saw 1101 heard but whose Auto Arity he now Felt. A feel ing of sickness pervaded him and his head swam when he remove Neil himself lie-1 was alone in Ilu Forest. Day Kobert visited Flertie Udo but to was Ahan cd in ills eagerness to obtain the Gold Herb which would make their fort lines. On the eve of his venture he again visited her. Of Kobert said the girl to have been s anxious about you. Last night 1 had a most fearful mind about dreams interrupted the Huntsman it is Folly to give credence to them. Lam Oil in myself claimed by strange sights and of the night but Daylight Dis Pels my she seated herself on the Bench outside her father s Mill Aud put her arms about Hei 1 Over. Promise she whispered that you will into no answered Kobert i will not Hilliii singly imperil a life which is loved by such As after talking to one Nollier for some time Kobert kissed Ger triple and bade her Farewell. She was anxious about him without Well know ing the reason Why and Blie remained at the door watching his retreating form till it was lost in the gather aug darkness. Thou with a sigh she retired to her room. When she wont to Vireil she could not Sloop strange passed thu Oligh her exiled brain and waking images appeared before her eyes As in a dream yet she was not asleep for she was thoroughly conscious of her i est lossless and Wakeful condition. At one moment she though she saw a huge Gray Wolf Spring upon her Lover and then lie seemed to her to lie clinging o a crag above a yawning abyss in an agony of muscular ten Sion expecting momentarily to ill into he Gulf. Then she heard distinctly a Call from the Dis ant Forest wafted in at her open window Ger Linda. Gertrude help me in a moment she sprang out of lied slipped on her a Loties and without Well knowing Why she hurried Forth she ran trembling Atli anxiety and bar into he Forest that draped the Mountain sides with its Sable wrappings. Shortly before Midnight Kobert Hail kept his appointment. At the base of the Pine on whose rank he had Laid his hand in stood the strange Neil Miner shaking his head and wag Ging his glistening White Beard. Spoke the aged Man. I Obert. You Are punctual. Now Rem Embi i to i Alfill of icily the conditions i rehearsed to you and which must be pursued with the utmost lid Lily f Hie Gold Herb is to be i will do my answered the Huntsman Wilh beating heart. God list 1" interrupted the Miner passionately. If you speak thus i leave you. Now. Look due North Bow Over the Earth and on no account non your head or utter other words than those of the Robert walked Forward. The Forest was in Escly still. Not a Leaf quivered not a grass Blade stirred. As the Man stepped along he was unconscious whether the aged Miner allowed Lim and he was not permitted to inquire or urn his head to no glow worm was Isis pc it seemed to Kobert As if Steps sound i behind him and Long Bra this were drawn by some one following lie could scarcely refrain rom looking. The sweat broke out on his brow. Then he heard mutterings and whispers Inion the tree shadows and one husky voice continued to chatter in a suppressed Lone on his Eft. A cold touch on his Check sent the blood ingling into his temples. Before him through he foliage glittered a Northern Star by which in look his direction but no gleam of Lumi Lous insects on tie grass guided him to the where the wished for Herb was to Bloom. Mocking clip Irney laughs rang in the Bushes is though the Birds and squirrels were Ridi Eul a Glim then the titters ceased and were a placed by disconsolate sighs. His eyes till on tie Star that flashed towards Liim rom the , saw it Hickory and change position. Then disappear Aud again Light up. Was t a Jaek of la Iteni misleading him he Hur ind toward it. Star it was Liot but a Cluster if fire flies fluttering Over the grass and glow i of is deep buried among the Dew moistened la ills. The whisperings sighs and various Trange sounds that had accompanied him now cased. But through the Arches of the Forest Ang a lie knew the voice at Nee and would have turned but a cold breath As breathed into his car and a White hand lir ust Over his shoulder pointed towards the Low Worms. Licu he thought of his vow and f the old Man s threats. The fire flies fiut Rod before him As though singing to him in . Again he heard Ger Lenule s cry Ilobert where Are you two forces con ended with one another in the Young Man s Reast his love which urged him to turn and is greed which impelled him Forward. He it As though his feet were rooted to the round and that heavy weights were attached o his limbs so Liat lie could not move his nees. It As though he were endeavouring o ascend a precipice so laborious and painful Vas each motion of his body. He heard the tops of his betrothed behind him. Kobert what arc you doing i am faint Vith fear. Help she exclaimed stretched i arms towards him and fainted. Heard her fall in the Gross and would have ice did to the impulse of his better nature of urn and Succour her had not the Village clock in lie Valley at that moment struck Midnight. He last stroke found him kneeling and leaning Bra cards peering intently into tie rank grass with the drops of perspiration falling from his Row. As the chime of the Bell ceased before in among tie herbs appeared a Pale spot of get like a Flake of Moon twinkling among ome Strawberry leaves. Immediately All and Oil left his breast and was replaced by Joyful a Mcclation. Lie Uumo Witover the words lie had o repeat and a husky voice whispered them lowly into his ear. 1 be stooped Forward Over lie flickering Light and said in a Low tone thrice in seven years i Bloom in the silent Forest s gloom Blossom Golden Stai by Bright burning at the turn of night. Then the Light stealthily Rose above the leaves and Robert discerned a delicate pellucid Green Tern sustaining a Flower Bud like that of the Rass of Parnassus. The delicate leaves began o unfurl and to fold Hack and Silver drops to do off at one time it was More like a bubbling Onn Tain than a Flower the Char Green stalk craned to be arising column of Luminous fluid which foamed into Brilliant Light at the Summit rid then scattered itself in a rain of stangling rops. At another time however he shape of lie opening leaves was perfectly distinguishable lie Del Maui petals unfurling displayed Tho auth is blazing with Golden Light and forming wrap Day widening ring of glory. Presently Fiona the heart of Tho Flower n Faco looked up at face of superhuman loveliness with Golden hair waving around tie Komples and Luminous blood shooting through lie transparent veins slowly Tho whole Hood of eloped out of Tho Centro of Tho to lower Ilion lie by gastaud arms disengaged themselves and Obert Knelt before a Tyr Ali of Peerless Beauty first insertion per Inch of Kadi additional insert Ion to tacos in columns to cents Pur . Special notices 25 por cent extra. For Long Umo undo known on application. to i Marc Imit inn mint 111 la nil to office not later than morn unit m Maneli earlier in Tho in in a trance of rapture it nil without a Trace of his former fear and anxiety remaining in i bosom. Her hand beckoned him to follow Aiu he moved after her readily till they stood or the Edge of a precipice that descended into i frightful chasm deep in the bowels of the Noiin the Beautiful being beckoned him in her lips moved and Hough no words sounded in his cars yet Hie words formed the Selv Iii soul Hast Iliou courage and love thai follow me into the the Light from Hei Robes streamed Down the chasm irradiating tin rough crags and illuminating to Lola interiors St that Trio Young Man could see through then into land of wonder where Lay Plains of Mala Chile out of which grew a Marhc Trees Glisten ing with Gold and Silver where precious stones of countless tints and colors strewed Ilu soil and streams of liquid Crystal foamed ovo rocks of amethyst Aud Jasper. Tho Nymph smiled at Robert and again words formed them selves within him follow me to my land o then she wound her Beautiful Ami around him kissed Iii burning lips and forgetful of Gertrude and of Home to leaped will her into the Gulf. Next Morniing a Wood Culler ravening tin Forest passed Iione Hie spot. Said he is that lying in the lie fou Gertrude lying with her face to the Earlh am her Amis extended towards the Proe pit is to Tiv North. She was Pale and unconscious. Tin Dew had Satin aled her Long Hilr and Dien Chih her clothing. The old Man born her gently to the Mill. She Lay Long in fever and on her re covery to health it was mind that Tho Shnek Iii. Had sustained had disturbed her intellect where was Robert no one knew he we sought in nil Dii Ivllon but was not found. Gertrude was questioned but her answers Weir so strange and mysterious that not Liing Sal mar Lory could be gathered hum them. A Thi j Learned from her was thru site knew Winf hat befallen him and that with her alone Lay hit. Pow Crof releasing him. Him from what1.1" they asked. Then she looked in to Weir eyes and said i will release the poor girl spent her Days in Kiev in Iho necessities of Iho sick and i ii Nis Liing. She gave presents to Eli Reyes and monasteries and no Beggal led Tho House without alms. Whence All this Money came none know Aud Wii i asked she replied Uliey give it in the night so the report spread she had treason a in the Forest that she spent it in Charity in Hopes of thereby releasing her Lover s soul from Purgatory. Gertrude was rarely Homo by night ill wandered among tie Racks and univ Sis. She never missed her Way and passed with safety along Hie edges of the most appalling pre zip inc i. Charcoal Imp acis returning Home Lali often saw her seated on tie Cige of the chasm Down which she knew Roburt had fallen i this wild strange manner of lil o she rapidly altered in appearance and her Beautiful Crown hair in a very few years Boram quite Grey. Her delicate complexion faded and her smooth brow became lined wit i in Fen years she was old in Twenty she. Seemed like a Crone of eighty and people accounted for this by saving that she bore on her own Shunli Lars he Penally of Hoberg s Traung Robsion. Lim i Hough changed in Aniio Antineo her goodness of heart remained unaltered she was gentle uncomplaining and full of love to All who needed her sympathy. Twenty one years had a Huici d. On Hie thir Cenah evening alter the i Easl of St. John Trudy was observed going Down the Valley. She cheerfully All she met and Linse. Who Icard her speak thought thai her voice had re covered the sweetness of youth in the. Forest was a Hermitage near n Chapel. She visited it ibid said to the re else Good father Hie time if release has Aniced the Lyme is Loving and ii Elul and full of then she i Anis lied among the lives signing to the Hermit not to follow. That night a storm Hurst Verthe Llara. The Benz a of lightning and the wish of Thunder were Sonlin Ninis lint by morn ing the i Piv ha-1 cleared away and the san looked Down out of a Dudli is heaven on Lur streams and dripping tors and sparkling Meadows. A parly of woodcutters were on Iligir Way through the Forest. Suddenly of hem exclaimed Ettrude is lying in inn Gross at Tom Edge of the precipice1 the lion stood still. and Dpi vessel Thon hey stepped cautiously to Waits she Lay with downwards her head jesting on me Arm and her Beul As Trio Una she had i Allen asleep while in prayer. Tie men gently raised her and with Awe Oli served thai All Tragus of age Anil care had used from her count enaire which had become Youthful and Lovely Onee Mure. Tiiu wrinkles iad disappeared from tin pure Linw. Hie fair Leek was filled out again and the Gray hair resumed its Rich Brown Lustre. Round her head Vos a Myrtle Wreath and above the forehead Woven into the Wreath was an unknown while lower from a Liili Light shone is from a Star. Is a Saint and the Angels have said one of the Woodhull eve a ileum la. I lies made a Bier of Pine boughs Anil her n it then they descended with it towards the -.illey. As the Patli wound round a Bull Ess of Oak Bull Iii on Ilia precipice at the of which Gertrude s body been found one if the bearers uttered in exclamation of sur Irise. By our he said look yonder is a Nan s body i the men clambered to the spot. A lightning Roku during the night had Cleft the Rock and iad exposed the which Hail alien Inlo a Lis Sorc in which it had been con sealed for Twenty one . It is said an old Man examining lie body. The Woid Cullen a crowded round he Hunter Lay before them fish and in Muiir the Eold of the Rocky Chasi had preserved Lim from decay. The ii All knew this was clod s so lies Laid tie body of Len Cert by Flat of Gei rude and the Bier was their bridal boil and lie grave Uhr bridal claim Jor and the funeral haul their . Fram in All Tim a conceit. The Hose disdainfully shod her Weall i of Perie eled. Slie Riley tie Enid that initiate had by Rah. Tin i plur and am in the they had so she j Lovo round on Alt the sin leh thai hold Tine in Thrall she nor cures it need to me to lain of an equal and other Milles Are non Kard cd and Aie of id. H. S. C. A unique obit Josm. When Coventry Palnure ? Ariyel in be of inc first appeared Trio mlii1, Lenry Folli Cargill Charley wrote of it is the gentle roader we apprise Tomt Unis now Nguc Iti the House a title in it very about a person Anil a spouse. The a Imp gentle us a uns his rhymes fit Ami Haply fancies 3ic Lias writ anole or i in inv his inti ii Doil Gallt ered Myers Ami took Bur Lea Ami after Sung. Is of in sly somewhat like ours for Delecta on of the Young. But Render lost you say quiz the poet s recon of his so some lit be pictures you Liall see Xot in our language it in his while i us e grieved ill Klee de her Glove my Bronchi in to note suy pit t had Bill if r Scitt Jiin voc and Lio Luxl in Dine with Uick next Tiluy they Hud Learned and Jirec third to sing it Liy Iii yet Tho postscript a stars Ami violets Blue and a hit. 11 of hatless mid sick of Long exile. From Etc to tweet friends 7 Rode Loseo thu Church Rei Myrv and after u while a inlay his the Desius asked to Tea. Till d the Cousin Franl i ii heard of Honor s favorite in try dark Haudscim-1, Bluff hut Jentle incl and with in air of the wll not this Saline Cousin Fred lie gives o tragic Misc Iliof birth Theio Are no Tours for on to shed. Unless they May to tews of mirth. Com Ball to bed. From to farm the late own nicely Purling on with much cow ii ice is no Burin in the love la cml hero begun he rest Wilt wine another Day if Public m Atli allows am this is All we have to say about the for Cury and Venus Mist be too hot and Mars too cold. Of Ither planets their condition not Ucli Aslo permit of habitation of Mich ourselves. A tender hearted Little girl Camo in from Roods and showed a face covered with of bikes. Did you not drive them away Aid the Mother. Uliey would not 1 he child. Why did you not kill them it would not have been a is the lint i have seen you kill them at Home 1 i Rcd Tho Surpi Isi d Mother. Yes. Mamma argued the child firmly. If hey come into my Siuse and bile me 1 kill them lint if 1 Ipi lie Woods Liat is House i Kue no ight to kill a Good old elder of a c Inch. Olio Given o extravagant exaggeration was at last o account fur his offences in that respect and Moi shed not to give Way to the besetting sin n future. The Good old Man the Uuno illion Mockly and earnestly and said i know of prone Lam to this fault my and t has Given to tortures of pain and Afier Light 1 have shed liar Els of tears Over the meeting adjourned a Young gentleman in Augusta. Me., lately Nade an evening Call upon a Young lady it As gelling along toward lion the Oun Glady of evening. Five minutes was the reply. How Long will take you logo five minutes i should Iho Young lady if you tart now you will get Home just at j o be performed the feat on Lime. Jenkins told his son who proposed to buy cow in part Wiship to be sure and Bay Fie. Ii scr half As it eats nothing Aud gives All the Nilk. In in such a Quad cry for if i urn my Back he bums ones offended and if 1 Don t tie can t see my now tickles. What shall i a Printer in Sci Imp la Stuie Ilous w y mib Tufi a Levior it read we Are my purls of to
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