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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 2 1910, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - December 2, 1910, Bristol, PennsylvaniaHarles Nenry Moon Woodso Unne. County Surveyor. trolley mar. D. Thomas or m p Fum .e.king.d.os. A Mil Street Bristol administered Rohrback dentist. Ilidi.1 Teeth repair ref . Parkland Heights Puc notice inf i redeemed at u Cohen s tobacco store Mill Street re us i Edw. Lovett Eal estate broker Hli Kanub. A taif. I anti Ihli Kanub. 11. Tir. Tier sakha cd i i a. . Poy Hila Tropic cementing co. Wallm i 737 Spruit Stltt. For Bale. 1 Brick dwell inc with All l an . Luthc Lufti 81. Nil 01 1lkksun jahe9. To. W. Fisher express Man Kimlat. Moving i u . Brutal. 4-30 if Eire Williams lumber Yard t 1 s Lack up with of k1nm at Kkt Ison i Lukks. I work g Iso farms for Sale m some i Harga Liui in i Tiili 1 or Ace o. Reeder i. Ristol motor co. M f 30, Funden 20, All 53 Bath Street. Fa0f i Cou Fri. Y non you Sci t Sorrit of r c1r-.poiidcnt it is a motts nerver1ne 1 Thev Rei i in Normal and of Worth ii of nod my Lor Jef. Neverine Pill. Ii Ems mfg. Co. Cd mud. Rel Ahmat or memo Vicin you want Good Cigar in am see tax Cohen i to m Bristol. Henry e. Ancker Stock Exchange bldg stocks and Bonds out As i on comm Init a p us Tok Pitt theits i Moi Ilov. Purchasing a6emcy. M Pera to no shop Para of v Kim to u pvn Natl a web me to a Ramof. A. I Tway bet sea Broad Streel Ard Rea Ceng teen Baal Kil Wrt Street. A v Modr rate priced Attl Al Philadelphia Holst bring and repairing of furniture. Cab Pkt Blaa. A Wall Laid. . Sandaa. In. Slip Conn. Malm Aam 3tt-_k.ir Taa Nakly Calben Naa nud in Chain a Cantil Urdan Tom Ike will nuart won by newspaper or Uri Itol s i about 9.ooo and the Gazette is the county s most progressive paper vol. Xxxviii. To. I Bucks county. Pa., Friday december 2, 1910. M Kip Abr tub oa1ktte. Of the Liberal loll the following Sloy of Allsho 8e in the streets of the con in. Of the procession was a group u i i Hilr inill8t a i stuck on a kind of Fil s cup and Hist into a Small Ren Uhll Law my the a i grown Gierson killed und Init Man. One journalists who tells the Story what was All aunt. Ami was lie is a Jesuit and we asst we i l n i word Jesuit is a derivative Joni the word and Means a Follower of Wnm ju81 m he. Means Follower a Naii Ici of distinguished Bancroft one of our earliest und most trustworthy Ameri can historians Drew much i f his Mallhi from the old Jesuit Itron tuns or historical reports. Expelled from Kurn can coun Lrich Many jesuits took Refuge in Ainer Lra. Thus arc Hli Ishop Patroll. The first us shop of Lla Limore Ami the t Nithil Klaucs the Friend of trashing Toni and Franklin was an exiled Lesii. Franklin declares that in. Hemsell Smih Ixl Bis name Lor the Ollilee. The jesuits built a College at Evorg town and for Many years furnished the Otlie Ial time for Llic City of Washington la is a Lii Lillon that every president of the i lied Stales has drunk the Clear Cool Futin the font Iii situated on the College father Sherman a son of one of out greatest Lelic rals is a Jesuit. Kven when we a tent to the j Philip plecs we found the Jesuit College of Manila with its weather reports nil its Phoon forecast Ilc and invaluable to our Navy and our con Nice cd. Hardly n week passes in the United states thut we do not read of Al mlle disturbances Somcy Here re ported by some Leai died Priet to who appends the letter society of Jesus to his name. Ill Alli Elwell the won Jesuit is by Iii Inions with learning eloquence heroism and Sulc Lilic achievement. Hou docs in Lippen then that and american i Cults Liv ing under the same Nile Constitution drawn up in get at founder that Soldier and Saint Ignatius of Loyola Are so Lilter Cully in the two is it not in America we have a True Uepi Bhe in which fuels Are seen in their Tine Light whereas most of the so pulled of notably Kra up and 1 Orl Iiguel counterfeits in Uhlich whatever Dws not with their autocratic and despotic Rule be condemned and vex Pelleio irom the count Ivy my disposal and thu Porter i he fuck boy with a medical kill Dent in the Hatch who also wa4 hug Liol Blay in earning Miv Lhing to Iward his i Lii struck mean admirable and ii Ghlyn credit Ottile to the backs comity Papiz at Wert Ketter. There Are hefty Tive pupils from ducks county Diminu thu we student enrolled no the West Chester state Normal school including four from Bristol an follows Jease. M. Ani Teny Anna m. Ila less Jessie m. Lii Ikey a a Therisie a. m. Edna Chambers Jane h. Duncan Al Hal m. Kildos Rimini lies flu i. A Luikim knt Icrine h. I ilke a. Viii i Knox an i in a Myrtle Jer Byirt of Isle m. T housed in Ite own in Rome almost next door to tie North american it ims Tivon it or tvs that i civil Forth the no ult of the Hui Cal Lun Talluto is to Vitulo up of a Lainily of living together Ilvo Tiisik theitis Belvus la to their work of Liin Linual Kurily. This Institute is kit Intel to thu hit Titi ii study of Start in at u a limit Luv unik ing nude die ohm Grousl of Atli i against Tiu nity and Trio Hun a. Year 117 the Iii ii Alc i Sac Doin ii full votes. In Ulici of run Dinto is Iota i rent of i1 to How Rensing Valuim Iron limn throughout Tho Cut Lulu in town try Italy in thong to i Uta Luni a Monk und famous preach or Lin elected a Liu Iii the of the t Ltd it of san a Kinuno. 1u will Protu imy ii own uni Ymir in valuable help in hit future spread of Catholic slim in of san is in favor of i Ivins in Ibe National a Pitula ii tue of father Serin lit avs a have always thu of the two statues fix in c Alifus la should be that of father jut Peri j Tri. Lie Hla cd the Foi Hula in Llo i on tie Pai it incl it be Einon Volly la Liim that Liis statue should one of Neuv Ted it May my Anu in thai Ier nmn Shemild be so Uit spoken in be half of it Kran Almonn Friar tint t Mic know congressman Kahn will not in air pulsed at his adv Cave of claims of the great . The record of bigotry nude by Luw u to of Jawed the accept the Stu Quette statue Diakes the taken by this unprejudiced a metric nil us. More noteworthy. Bourne of London speaking of his ret jut to America to attend the Kuchnir to it Cong Tea Reio Arkoe one that struck me was the with we lab persons i Vari us Oiw of life seem Able to univ t one i other. Clan distinction n. We know it in England Hecim to be Ine Kini 4 Foi instance on Board the Hrat on i travelled from Toronto to Niagara the Purser a la student who Money in ibis was do inf to help Sam Durl Imp term Lufe. The Gnu i Slimy Odly Pat Privat Republican him Only nime. Tiles a Broniec. The election returns from the entire country shows thut it does nut pay any party to Grille with the Confidence of the people. The Republican platform promised that the Tariff would be reduced. Instead it was raised the trusts were and sent up the Price of food san As in Many instances the Tariff is High that t it Ion is not feared. is Only a name which Many of the congressmen and scan Tois of Llie United slates have been using to get the votes of the people they never once think the interest of the party or the line lit same Iii rat be to their country but plan and execute reasons. The Price of living is entirely tix. High and we repeat again it is All due. To the Tarlit. The Senate commission to investigate the was All Bluff and their reasons were specious and sophistical. President tuft has not had enough inc Kline he was by Aldrich and Llic Wall Street interest s. We believe he Means Well but he is a fluid he docs not have Ronli Donee of the As he should. In Alt i. Wangor s speeches he mentioned the policies of president Tad and his words Tell Flat the pro Milr did not applaud. The people can depended upon to nearly the right this in keeping evict thing evenly balanced because the Ite puh Hcan party brought the Kobe lion through successfully is not giving the people of that party today License to plunder under the Guise of Protection to american interests. We inns All he progressive now. Cannoni Iii is dead nil the Willy will Triumph in under the Light leadership Wilson Harmon and others to the contrary notwithstanding. Dandruff and itching Scalp yield to treatment Why trying to drive the Dandruff germ from underneath the skin with Greasy lotions or fancy bail dressing when pm Levi Martin s a drug store will guarantee Zumo and soap to entirely rid the Scalp of the germ life that causes the troubli1, Zumo and Zumo soap can be obtained in any City or town in America Ami Are recognized the Best and most economical treatment for All affections of the skin or Scalp whether on infant or grown person. One shampoo with demo soap and application of Zemo will Stop itching cleanse the Sculp of Dandruff and Scurf. Etc invite you to try Zemo and Zumo soap and if not entirely satisfied will refund j our Money. In the decade from to the Antelope of Colorado according Loes of the suite game Warden de creased from Twenty live thousand to two thousand. Sta in of Ohio of , 1 a conty. I link j. Rhecy makes oath hint lie is Sculer partner of the Lynu or k. .1. Fac Uey a Ilo Laii Bill new til the City of Toledo i Oum Neil stale Afore suld Raul that said Triu will the sum or Ink urn Tukli i . For i Noti ,-i.hfore Star Ali him by cur Oil by the use or Hull t a Nirali rare. . Clip nov. Sworn to before me and sul Mutlu a in nil part sell a ihl3 he Teklay Orile Cembor. A. In a. . Notary i i Kllc. Lynll s Catarrh t ure is taken lout nets directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of solid for testimonials free. P. Toledo sold All Litiff Kluts. Rake flail s family fills for Conal Patlon. A new i Ille disc Haigs five Hundred bullets per inti Iutva. What sickly children letters from mothers i wish i could induce every Mother who has a delicate sickly child to try your delicious cod liver and Iron tonic Vinol. It re stored our Little daughter to health and strength after everything else had c. W. Stomp Canton Ohio. Mrs. F. P. Skonnard of Minne Apolis minn., writes i want to recommend Vinol to every Mother who has a weak or sickly child. My Little boy was sickly Pale and had no appetite for two years. I tried different medicines and Doc tors without Benefit but thanks to Vinol he is a Well and healthy boy c. Allen of new Bedford mass., rapidly in flesh and strength in a very Short time after taking we positively know Vinol will build up Little ones and make them healthy Strong and robust. Try one bottle and if you Are not Satis fied we will Anturo Jour Money. Eioleen Martin druggist Bristol Langhorne locals far Lei Lamsey been Cisilin heading. Sidney Mather i inline after a Lont business trip. William dlr Patriek h recovering from an illness. Miss Anna Adyln. Of been visiting her relatives. Miss Nelson of Darby has urn visiting la r pan tits. Furman mar Hall and family Are go Cess of mrs. .1. Howard Marshall. and John Adkins of Honeyb Ruok were Rice it visitors. Mrs. Liobel is Liik Ilig s course in vocal Muic in Philadelphia. Russell Damn of Willow drove was a recent Guc to at the m. H. Howard and family of Southampton spent sunday at Hussel Clayton s. T Harles Wallon and Lainily spec spend a part of i be Winter in Beverly j. Mrs. William Marple Lias returned from a live weeks Uil to in natives near . Or. Anil mrs. Lice of new York spent at m s Jou Ashby Tayli s. Or. Harrison and family of Phila Delphia ure now Oci up ing the Ferdi nand Keller property. Mrs. Henry i Ilmer Enverl Alneil very delightfully by a Bridge and lunch icon on tue Day. The Dale of the i la by Lician t Irist no has been set Pio for or. And mrs. Hid Eman of c am Den have been pending several lays at mrs. Cell font r. Witiw hurry Wonsil Nikii and funnily of Philadelphia visitors of mrs. Pleli Rainin mrs. Hunn . Ii and Charles in loved Stoin a several Days Seijiu Iii at allanic City. Mus Margaret Kevin. Of Torres Dule and j. Puisello of , were sunday i ilm us or Lull pcs Ireen. Klunk Karuter i. Und mrs. George Mccall Lex of Philadelphia were recent Gnet Mi.-. Annie Rob erts. Or. And or. Cd said a. Vansant have returned to lit Nna num u Turtur u several Dav i it John the k. Will ils social and meeting on i Nav Alec Ember la at i j. Sherick -. Howard heir Nader a erected a Liou a Wilh Bent links sides. A Al. Work Houe Eoln Clr in de ail i attached. The Isbin Al ice i thanksgiving night it tin i in a b i Ian la Icli was the Liucc a the ser Mon w a. Dellve Rei i i William w. Sweel. A song Sei ice i l be Ute motion us the Ibi sunday night. At Bush Nimori Iii und evening services the Ollerini be for Moard us s Rodical Hume Mi-K.N-. Or. Parkin of , Dos Laid . Will Picuci this sunday cd ii meal the m. 10. Clip Rich. On be the Side at the gnarly re l Julep Nice in Llie Church Parl i. A fair will be held in the Melbo dist Church Palm uce cinder i and 10, on l riday und evenings from s to 11 p. In. A Good Opportunity to buy .1 there will be fancy apron .111 und evil Dick s tables. , Mil Candy table. Ice Fleam for ale the Fatir. Thomas Kaitner Inizie Ted in the University of Settle ment work u men s meet no on "1 or onal saturday night in the m. K. Lunch Ami an address Ikeie Sun Day in orning lie at the men s meeting at the Lerian Batinga Low a under the rules of the t. S. I us com la Mission Mill be held , de Cember 17, for a Leller Currier for the territory of a Loningh Melni Eitown township and purls of Northampton township. I d. Less applicants be Neor ded by the commission at a Lii ton Olio let Days Lief re i May be impossible to and. The applicant to the examination. Further uni see lie to i i truss mrs. Small p. Till the Kris Uin Jua Italy m eel ing on thanksgiving in Middle own meeting . A Lal Cly attended in Lull the a Leiling very to liable Insl native the speakers included maty Tia Villa Isaac Lar. Joseph s Walton r to Rivington. The clerks of the meeting were Sarah w. Hick and t. Lovre reports were i revived from monthly Rel slow Middle t kill in sol Bury make old and Falis a meeting of the Vari ii mail tees was held on and at both meetings the Here Servid with a Hilmu Uzial and enjoyable Inch Loti. A Large Nuin Bei the hos Meta Ity of or. Milham i. Purry on lil l in aflcr., us ii their ends we i m ii one is of Honor being the brides of her Cousin and Nephella. .mr.s. I milk Lin of and Max. William mho ii Mii Dietl of the the Eph n a dinner was Guen a the Young friends of the Dang Tir us the House miss latin h Parry and on i Arry and about Liivi guests enjoyed a dunce in . The House was most Alla Elev i occasion a Moi Tsionos we heir sue Eliu an i Beai ily buds for Grace und Clynn. Alms scattered Here and there s whole scene i Iii by the Subtle Power of Imi in Lurnis hed by Price s Ore Madi a pm casual spot to income and also to re u w "i1 the Coli scheme Nahieh was Especial h in the Din ing room by a lab and a plateau of roses und Maiden Hail Tern. An Tell event of Laid Intyre Siml in Tho Iii ii1l Preu league to meet at Doylestown. The executive ennui tree of the 1 res league of and Mih Timin Eryou Nyics held Lulf Lyon Piont 1 , saturday Tho a in but Benir Piaf f. A Wittler of William r .ti.no, l. Clayton of Jenkintown h m Woodmansee j. W. Harvey and a k. Thomaw of Lan Dale a White parti u the curiosity that j. To Illmie Huu bilt a Well known Piort Maii of Koe Kville Washngton was exhibiting in h. I farm. He says another of the was also while. The Bird Ile the its legs Are Tullytown topics. Miss m. Sweet of Alford Busque Baiyina county is the gut of j. A Caudall and family. H. L Moon has returned from a two weeks gunning trip in Bradford Anu adjoining counties where he was very such Essul in bagging game. M. W. White e. E. Johnson trunk Coons add Sou Vandien and Many others entertained friends and relatives on thanksgiving Day. Tie Worth while life will be the of the Christian and Envoi prayer meeting on Fri evening Wleh will lie led by the president hairy . Hev. x. Yard of Trenton formerly mayor of that City will preach in the Emilie methodist Imi Scopal Hureh on Sii Lav Morii Iii next and in this Tull town Hureh in the evening. W. H. Avi Lynian who leaves the employ i r k. K. Johnson after Twenty years of service will Start Foi Florida about december s. Or. Woldman expects to K.N into the trucking business to Lille Helies Luijt also that his health will be climate. Prove the change of Fallsington news miss .7. Moon has returned from a visit to Ilobert Clark bus Pic leased the Faun of the late William Wise. Mrs. Marv limn of Trenton has visiting friends mid relatives tit re. Miss Clam Klockner teacher ill j list Orange spent at services were held in All saints Church on thanksgiving 1 a at 7.so und it a. In. David Savior of West Chester nor Mal spent the thanksgiving it his Home Here. Dell essay being it. Alk reins i a Tivice Vivus held in All saints Chuilli us a. M. The l. T. Will hold their next on lit the inline of tied. In Dot Ard wat the methodist Church is planning o have a Calendar Bazaar in Library Liall Decca Sci ird. Miss Mabel Tarnes teacher in the in Imury school spent 11 her hoim1 in Liyoi Castown. Miss Tosh teacher in the Morris Ville school has Iteen visiting Here while Hei Schuol was mrs. William who re led ice for a mime i of Vears is sol tar into from typhoid fever at her Home in Morrisville. Paulina Encerti Wincil or. Und mrs Gcorge Leigh misses irate und Miibi-1 , of , mud or. And mis. Albert commit lust sunday. Or. And mrs. Joseph Mathers and laughter Marki Retla of Langlume Ocie Enli i Tai Neil at dinner Liv mrs. Martha Howe and Annie on sunday. Josephine Vernon of j Bila a Ellna and m Imi Alice Lead icy of geoigl1 , visitors Al Charles m. The hitter part if the week. Mrs. Martha Limo mrs. M. W at son und miss Annie Moon at ended the Tea Given by mrs. William on fonday arts Rimoon in Honor if mrs. William Moon Elul Frank Williamson. Frances Smith a graduate of our Ligh school now residing in tint ii vols of seven out of a class of dirty three to successfully pass the Ivil service examination held at the state House Trenton us n first Teno graphed. Miss Miachel Carver and this place Paceoni pained mrs. Jgeorge Wilson of Phi Hull Ilioiu and mis. Ella of tinted Hist Ura tour in Virginia und expect to e Goniu ten Days or two weeks. Vari Lis ii hits of interest will be visited luring the hip. A Ini go Pope Plarl Force to tiring car net with u mishap on the Road be Ween Monis Ville and Falls on Satur Iny Aretino ii sustaining a badly Mislick Loni eau broken glasses front Ilc und dished wheel. The cause of he Ucci Ilent was u puncture Ami a love it Inu Kint the heavy car skid into a leg rub pole. The occupants of the Lar escaped injury. The poultry Yard. Warm wheat for breakfast a flukes lie biddies Shell out the a gigs. Plenty of tone All the time. If you even t it Cutter use an old a or a Chat but break the Bone in Small Lietch. Infertile eggs taken from the inc Tittor need not be an Entile loss. 1 hey Mav be boiled Ami used As Hick Pigeon grass is becoming widely in the Kast. The scud Las much nutritive value and is Hue or turkeys and chickens. Tubes More to fat a Hen now than t did two months Ugo lint Don t win or the liens that ure so old they May before Spring a Eccl them Well them Waini und let them go the Rel Chance Yon have. Green foul n list forgotten. Some Focil piece Rve alien it can be lad others give sprouted Oats others und turnips cabbage and l hers wild out Clover Hay to the Mash. Allot the greens Inen Luned ate Good. A Little More Corn 111113 h added to he evening Grain ration As the hens vill need Mure heating food. On the inn of the writer the Winter Grain Atlon consults of two purls whole Orn Hub part Oats and one part Vocat. The summer Only one Art Corn is Given to two parts Oats my one Piirto wheat. If porcelain eggs Are used for nest Gas in cold weather cover them with tight flannel or some other material i avoid torn re to tie hens. An a Iticia pkg h always Ottlie Sauie eral Urc As the atmosphere while the of a Hen s body is about 0" degrees it May readily to seen hat in freezing weather these Lee raid Gas will cause the hens to get chilled. December farm journal. Even if neck As Long As thi8 fellow and had sore Throat Consiline would quickly curb it. Wiam letter from Doylestown Doylestown nov. 30. Just at present t tic re to be no a in the i minty sent Worth . What plans Are being Laid for the rust primaries Gaea with out buying luit As to who Tho Liu by men Are is a secret that Hus not Jih yet Uttmi Pivon out. The Only from Tho Crft that has Heen Uggise de is that lit the next primaries two men Imp run for Euloh Wittko either of whom will be n Lect by to tie gang. Of course Terry will to n Choice Between the two i id the Clio Ioe will win but it Wilt look More like real opposition and Tuny shut the eyes of Wurie of the people. County Stilt politicians have been Busy cull ing uru Udy m Utti i Tiou to the fact thut they of iritis Tho county for Wunger and Ilmet he was really ten by his Home county Mont mud Liat therefore they should have tie credit of hitting him in a position where he win but thut does not seem to be any Salve to Loe s grief Over he loss if he chief k in Iii at u und that taken in Choimei Timi with the fact thai Here is in Adverse to majority to Joe s to tilt ideas not Only in the House but also in thu semite and thut Taft gel Wise to the that there will be i terrible ions to the july in All their ormer strongholds but g things but he or tardy did he air ship. Mrs. William ii. Dyer visited her when they ure once aroused u revolt. T. Lion at the polls May be looked for. Daughter mrs. K 11, when unit revolution comes As come the past week. Bus returner ust then Wilt not Only Law things doing but also things exposed for those of Grumpy h hone men who want to retain control in their talk Rieks will turn against him und a Giveaway of met Bod will Taki place that will put some other an it a in control of he Paity s method1 und Well being. Slot machines live Heel rather in popular with the audio risk 8 of the county for quite a while and the proceeding of the Borough Council of new j Lope seems Rathe i u strange one. Fly a unanimous vote they have directed heir thief to close All Slot machines on sunday. If on sunday Why not on every other Day in the week the county seat never did indulge in thai form of amuse ment to any a we extent and it is therefore a matter of wonder Heie Why new Hope closes on sunday Tito oldest building in the county seat is in old log House built near the Clear Over two Hun dred years ago when Doylestown did not even have u mime. It is pleated on North main Street net irly opposite the Clear Spring hotel and As tradition has it no one of the logs was Cut at u a stance Over fifty feet from the present Day cling. Just who built it is not definitely known but for Many years it was the residence of Elijah Kussell one of the surveyors who located thu present Boundary line be tween Canada and the to United states. Of recent years it has been Chip boarded but when the boards were removed the logs were t Lind to be in excellent condition. The present owner determined to tear it Down o make room for u More modern Struc Ture and then Doylestown residents gut Busy mud purchased it. Henry c. Mercer who has contributed More to the development of the ancient his toy of the county Thun tiny one else will Movo it to the grounds of the historical society at Ashland tire Iun. And Green Street where it will be amply protected from the ravages of the weather. The Interior of the House will be fitted up the recep Tion of Antiques wore crucially those having u connection with Itie county seat and its history. A number of ladies stalled u popular subscription Fot its Purchase and removal but us soon As their plan was disclosed found Hull inst jul of having to Hunt subscriptions subscriptions were Hunting them ail the fund for the removal of the House will Moie than ample for till expenses. The stunt pipe at the county scat is now an assured thing. The Wui Kniffi have gotten up As far is the third ring and barn Fig Acci dents und bad weather will surely have their work completed soon after the first the year. This is the announcement of Borough Council hut there Are u whole lot of pass mints who any that it will he nearer april first than january first before the Job is completed. The county seat has quite a number of retired mechanics men who have made a competency and who frequently meet to talk Over what was what is and what ought to be. At a recent symposium they decided thut in the of the county the court House needed a thorough Over hauling a built Over thirty three years Ayo and with hut few unimportant repairs having been done to it they decided that parts of it in the natural order of Alfurs must be wearing out a lid that a commission of experts would not Cost much even if they did not find much wrong and thut any How an ounce of a invention is Worth a Pound of it is alleged that the present Board of commissioners know of Soivio that need Atten Tion but prefer to leave them to their the baseball team at the county seat like nil others ran behind ilium Cully not much but enough to Muke them feel that they ought to have a fund for next year so it was decided to hold a fair to Stise Money. Probably no fair and held in recent years in was As successful As the one Given for the Benefit of the athletic association in Len ape Hall on the last three nights of the past week. Saturday night ended the fair and the crowd on that evening easily exceeded that of the two previous Nighta together. The people began to arrive a Early As seven o clock at which time the doors were opened Ami within an hour the Large Hall was taxed to its utmost capacity. It was not until after j0.30 o clock that the crowd showed signs of diminishing and u was an hour later before the last person had gone. Every stand Dkl a flourishing Busi Ness and those in charge of the differ ent tables and amusements had to stay right on the Job. Alluring offers at the canes and drop the Coon induced Many Persona to try their Luck Here. A Dollar was offered to and one who could drop the Coon three times in succession but no one succeeded in doing that feat. The offer was made at the cans stand to the one who could Ling a certain Cane to which was attached a Dollar Hill after Many people had foiled Leon Nelson thug the Lucky Cane. The Coon and the High hat11 stand had its share of patronage. The fancy and Candy and lemonade stand were kept Busy throughout the whole evening and throngs of people surrounded them. The Loe Cream and cake tables had f. Ujj. Skattei Thwaite Home after spending thanksgiving week in Kallst Nguoi Frederick Snyde Raml funnily the former s parents in Cornwells last saturday and sunday. A moving picture show is o be Given for mrs. Hudson in tie j. O. H. Of a. Hull Ornella. William Berry inn no he work in Lar pistol and has accepted a position in Philadelphia. Master Wair ii Allen and his illicit Hill took a Hying trip through Strid Genaler last sunday. A special trolley car in now run on the mail about o clock Foi the work men at the jciitcrpiisi1 Plant. W. Piasse Nuiji is Ull right Tai cd one Hundred und thirty by ibo Els of potatoes from one hair an cur of ground. Mrs. T. C. Welles expects to h Home by next sunday after spending u pleasant time with hoi in Connecticut. Last saturday the grass caught lire around the skating Pond at and destroyed u lot of ground it even i Ltd All the ice. Albert Lewis on his Way to work last monday morning was bitten by or. Allen s dog. Albert Nevei stopped running until he reached the Power House. How try Williams was tend cd a Surprise parly at his Home last Mon Day evening. After a pleasant eve Ning they enjoyed themselves at the dining room table. Or. Foster an old resident of Eddington was buried lust sunday Moi ii Liim it 11 o clock from the Jieri methodist Chiueh. Interment was made in Beech Wood cemetery Hulmeville. A Heartfelt sympathy extended to the bereaved family. Rev. T. Welles preached tin interesting Sermon last sunday morn ing. Christian and Cavoti Waw led by Charles s. Stood of Corn Wells. A Box from the ladies Aid will be packed on december so As to Leach its destination Lio forc clothes and Money Are acceptable prayer meeting was held at the Home of Charles Kemble Bridge water. Hulmeville news. Mrs. Cyrus Smith spent lift Friday in Philadelphia. Mrs. S. Illicit and son Thoron spent monday in Philadelphia. The misses Konma Bessie and Lena Shieh Iri spent Hist wednesday in Tren ton. Miss Emily Glass of mount Holly spent thursday Voth Sarena Macki acc. The preacher for next sunday Moi ii Iii at the ii. K. Church will be or. Lollick. Miss Bell Scott of Eddington i spent thanksgiving Day with miss Alice sleek House. Or. And mrs. Spencer h. High Sand miss Olive Hibbs spent thanksgiving Day it i Rutledge. Or. And mrs. George keen of hich bom Ocie visiting Henry tit go and family last sunday. M is. A my Worth i ngon a and m is. Harry Brown and son were visiting in Bucony last Satui Lay. Mia. Rotaj Charles be Eland miss Clara need of Olney spent Sun Day with Fri Derick Afferbach. Mrs. Deborah Flowers of Trenton spent last saturday and sunday with mrs. Harry Magill Smith. Anil mrs. Cyrus mrs. Harry Brown and son Kussell mrs. Amy Worthington and miss Ethel Douglass to pent Friday in Phil Adelphia. Mrs. Benjamin Yorkes and Daugh Ter Euia of Trenton were week end visitors at the Home of Samuel Lollick and family. Miss Marian Gill who is attending school it West Chester spent thanks giving Day with her parents or. And mrs. Hurry Gill. The in Worth league meeting of the m. E. Church will be led by Irene Huefner sunday evening. The topic heart o will be the of the mrs. William Harrison was visiting her neice miss May Harrison on sunday after upon who went under an operation for appendicitis at the hos Pital in Philadelphia. George Lecompte the Blacksmith of our Village underwent an operation at the Jefferaon Hospital on tuesday afternoon. William hta Ekhouse his assistant is also sick with Chicken nox causing the place of business to be closed. The Kaiser has become Mure expert than Ever with the Rifle. He has had a new steel hand or Fork fastened around the Elbow of his Short left aim with the express use of serving As a gun rest. He is thus Able to regulate his Rifle solely with his right hand. So delighted was to with the new apparatus and the Good results he achieved in a biting that he embraced All his friends. King George was the twelfth Holder of the title of Duke of York and the eighteenth Holder of the English title of Prince of Wales since its creation in 1301. Bucks co. League adopts schedule 1iirii, played it the Attl fell Simon opened cd in ukr Bristol he a Strong team. Tho season of the Chicks tasket Rill league opened in when ill Princeton. At u meeting if the Mimir cars of the k Ani a Lily Lions Liki in mums Lluc ii Tiivi Olliie to Illel. Thu mroskl Iii Kinnik Kline of 1 Rinc Loii ail Willis Saliou Nirel of ill lol. The Folli Ial list of plan via As i , shop rank Horii imn Amin Litun Tipri Nciver w. . I car Lviv inn Yurii. Slub is 1-Vll, Mitis i Lituss no Lute Uick Juilu. Any of these Pluy Eis Aie Cihiy in Tho first Fli Weil. Murphy. In re Salt eligible to until re 1 n in. December 6 Myrrl Milf i Trenton. Dee Eulier k Hii finl it i Ali Ivetun. Lent Itris lol. Dreeli Lilit Al i in Fiul. us i ring la Elmul Al Rient Nii at Tren on. Dee Ollier at Loris Tel. Jii Nuvil Ville it hrs slow. Quinn ii us i Rise Tini. Jui Quiry it ii it Tro Pitun. January Hii Stol Ai run Venoit. at Lii is Lii. Iii inter lil ii Ai Renoo Liu. Jilli uary -1 Rini Ranii at Trenton. Jill Louiry l or Al Lar pistol. January a i a Nim. I a Druary at i Liu Cdon. I Ali Runny at Lar pistol. I a Lilu Ury mini i i Var Iii y Al a Lieuary Tiri Ince february Ai Morin Elk it Liri Stol. The Rhodum sides. An amusing Salni y in Lunod do ital ties How n Iii Syryi Izail Naile a Irke sum in m sales of a pie Little Linver Mil. I lie Soli Ler the Natii of Llie ice Milini Sld us. I its inline Hullo tin tar Artnoll i Bailleu the la nor be Cliine Llie the san in. It was of those freaks Volch Liore is nit n botanist Vulio i hint was not in inh on Niini in re a Lesul to know u Luis Llie i Yot Llie Iii Lur i Nin lie Fol Lunini reply i Ilia How r 111 the Roul Hesi Ilc us us christened l tie the Pui is lost a Sale. I be Al isl happened Loremi Lilber lint my wife told me in a tin pan hat will go under Llie . Have no. Sir. Hut we Haw some Llinat can shoved under Llie in lion won t hat do just As Well i think not. Man. My wife a bit Piu lieu Lar about gelling he exact thing thai she cells me to gel. I presume 1 can find it at some Illier stoic. Good Day. Sir Chicago Tribune. Horse sense. During a heavy of rain an Rush Fanner sent ills u a Disla at eld to bring inline a Livorse some time lapsed the Ines Shiiki t1 returned Rotl Kiili the horse. I alter did t of Send be fur tin Lorse be Gasioch is head la our Hrog ties Hoy Liren Rcd to Hie Skull lure he wis a Landon in Mie Ler As dry s be Locke a Lednid he knows More Liau the two of us. Too empty. Bonny Inori Liik of second try uld boy. Let s out Oil Eck. won t be served for if us Tiomir yet. Mill a a Kristt Wiillie Oil 11 empty Steinik h a Yuri Good. Klub tips feebly to ill Llyl Uke a walk on Suurs. It you like Happie. Mine is is entirely too Tribune in Art circles. Thut picture is ii us lie owner stilted Umill Cizin infilled be cult Cal visitor. What was he Muster for Ledger Hie advice. She lifter Llie Bow Are you Yon Bave once did me. What Hall i do not turn the other week taller. What did it mean a notice Bnard la a san i Kirk once Ore it is said. Hie following amazing molten be Chur h i for be solemn Gatlon of Man i suffered years with my backache resulting from weak kidneys a bad cold or other cause usually renders the sufferer unfit or work and often results in per manent disability. I suffered for years with my ack or kidney trouble and have ried a number of remedies from if Erent physicians. More than a ear ago one of our local druggists induced me to try or. Miles anti pain pills and after using them some three month i found a decided improve ment in my kidneys and i am glad o say that i Hope soon to be fully restored to j. P. Allen City court Glasgow by. As Long As pain is present in any Art of the body rest is impossible my the system becoming weakened exposed any form of disease to which the sufferer May be inclined. Or. Miles anti pain pills steadying the irritated nerve enters make refreshing sleep pos ble thereby enabling the body to cover lost strength. As a remedy w pain of any description or. Files anti pain pills Are unsure Assed. Sold by All Dru Ealta under a Fluor Auer Long the return of the f tha drat Box if no Benefit Nauka. Milis medical. Co., Elkhart sjwi1i Stallc miss Tun Krawll v m toil a. L. Sik not on . Miss Anna m. Hin Tii Vork Swient Salt play at t. Woll h. Rev. K. F. 1 Aist of Luea Elkhal in tie Chapel last a Nonay afle noon mrs. Waller kill ill Marian of Newtown ail or. Und my. Tinn Irue mile Oak of Ille Sut Lilay j. R on or. And my. T. V. Strata Lintt Onteri aimed a lint the of for Lenin from Ivy Lemon Lar pistol us Elk Thorne and of Long Valley. A Lebon article i. Home Tow or 1 . X. J., in Vihl tint Ulsan no mis. I Lilley. Hubert t. Mel her of Cytie Wail u visitor with town lat sat Ruttay. Or. Ail mrs. Llo Linuan of spent a Ltd i. Ail mrs. Freile Lek lend. B. Strlek Lutui in gently Foni nil up state Lui link lip. A goodly Iii Lior of Vii bits and a lilt Hill lots. My. Ail mrs. Ii. Ii. Sell on and f neb Nikii the shores Ollie 1 a Ellic. East in toy in Wax Bentton they debate a in lie Olgh Boring Ortato hive ii. What Wona the a j.ih3 Aki Ilist them a Hull a previous Seei Islona there Muni in some for Thea snark we Ilir , in K.N lenient but it la not Bureni Al thin Illk Nancv. The Colin ii i both Hnativ. Have with nil Liitt new Lilou Malul new poll Ideiil . In him try Inis Orison cum teen Tho mow ail Muiccio. La has through Ilio Iii tue Ami referendum Iii Atli u ways in Kettle a Elone to Lara Ettor i intent by the it abollbhe.1 by the in hmm or in several genre ago Ami Tho do not Nie Iii to lot it be . It May Iki that the men of Nikon shown their ability to inane pc Alfawn no Well do not i Hank they need the of the. ".mien. Tin. Of Iii ton the saw plug Victory of shows How radically Kiessner they ale May believe Tho women would to valuable helpers. How Loizu will Oregon Aland out .1 woman mate now bound it a the North and caul Ami they will ,.m.rt considerable in Llu to Tell slip Burn nov Benr. Nit while woman sul fiume ims in the u Luu met with a repulse in the Southwort. Hie convention of new Mexico Hus Del thai men alone shall Vole. Phil ably Thominisin will not he greatly pol Neil. They could not Trivo peeled a Victory there. Dup isted with be orc t a with poll Len in will to Sputo Tatt Ini it that upon thou ends i the rank and Ille of Liis state utterly with the leadership of dilator Fem be. Iii idol evil and Rae Kik of political pm Var quite raged he of the Wislick of hotels sikh time and again in Licul de waved Cou Ici million. At the next of the legislature which Eon mus at in january 1911, be will Ilei nand the re election completed he teat. Apt. , 591 Bath Street jul pistol 1 a. Bays pot Are enl years i was aft acted with kidney be and it steadily became worse until my Wah almost unbearable. Sharp Pallia darted Aero a the Small or my Back and often made it almost for me to Arlee from a chair. The kidney dec Reilona were too in quent in passage especially at no prot and they contained in Ipoh Jedi Merit. Dnan Al kidney Pella were h Billy brought i my intention and i Minen cd their although i had previously taken other remedies a Ltd it the least Benet. There waa a Wiick change in my condition and my sic null and Energy re Inri cd. The pain also left my Back id at the prom it time i am enjoying. Good statement Given Rumary 3, 190h. A lasting effect. Or. Law Ler was interviewed on january and Herald Olnee be Iii cured of kidney trouble by a wait b kidney pills i have Bam free from the complaint. It Tiv me pleasure to acknowledge the permanency of my for Sale by All Eulera. Price go co., Buffalo. New Fork sole Agente for the United states. Remember the take no other.
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