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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 28 1873, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - August 28, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaPublished it cask o. Of Walnut in j or one 00 Vii Sis months. .1 co for three months. 1 00 vol. 1. Bristol Bucks county a. Thursday August 28, 1873. No. 3. From the Atlantic Mout Kly. Tub iiea11t of new England. 0 Iris of Walt lip when lovers Are la word Ali it bold in life Antl to lentil Tho Hull world round , Lone for film who far and Dili or dict i for her who bunco at Homo and lick ii in Ami Unie Fern thu of now in Grawl. T Mellow Mim Marl her reply tin Imp Cihil int and Imruck a Bor Ryling wont by j ii it dinner aim the j Toifl were High lib Corn the White Imelli in no Iudici Tho were in word Bur nil a and Blue arc the of new in gland. Her were like the her were nud fair. And Little Procich Hitov cd to lift the of her Liwer a Light was in her Hazel we nothing i n Lirar taif her Lover Oji oko ail pledged me Thi re it to tilth and True the word of Xuwu England. Sept Cinex a brought the Goltl ii Rod and Mailick Birm in like tire a my Bluit Luau in August the and red Ninon Tho to and Elwir descendants now form d part of our population than which there Are none More upright and industrious to Tow Union. The old recoils of the county from 1082 until the first decade make no mention whatever of any arrivals in the county except such As came from great Britain. Therefore while the settlement of new York was conducted almost pc lushly by the dutch that of pm Islania carried on by English quakers. The ormer built a an Active commercial Community Wenle the latter reared an Empire principally voted to the cultivation of Tho soil. The re ords extant in Bucks county Are such As pure y agricultural people would leave behind Here is no mention of any acts save those which sprung out of the simple relation of Tiller of the soil. Hut there the material in xlstc1 Nee in the vaults of the county offices in of Lestman from which we can derive a fair knowledge of the transactions of the men of rim cell they Wen Worth in worldly and what the nature of their property and fart woh we life to Salone and awed no lanes in new England. If Vail Eaph Oiler it Wax to part lint my Ritzik on ii for Ali Igor nud her hair toy next my Hurt. To but n year my i mint in on Short aver ii our Western Homo is re wily 1 do Tell seek my Katie in Hope of new a Wiglund. I to n Home Tor her not in tic ool Dot with i feud and hand i Jil Mikird and tolled and win kill and into hut Luck was All null not to Mckewi on to Lay men gut my a Trengali twins Wourn Aih Vonjj arc Toto of new in Giitl and a nit n a inv and Many a Inonu i and thrice 111 Lolly life end 1 Brit Ali a trove and Nelll the tial seemed never pc mine near. My Katar h it tres told me that she kept nor Tine. Hut my fur Ery Ray own to her wort and Stern is the Pride of new in Glam hut Dill i trusted me though Nick with Hope de Fern d no More among Tho Village choir her voice wan Sweet est Tor eth a Trio North scatter of Trio fourth Ion Wint a blew Thlu h a Mimi with pining Tho cold wind Pierce her to Crouch and chill Are the blasts of now i Irlaine at lust my pm tunes Liott Ercil. On tote i Arl Ait Chhon us i Ali Milit to Sec old win Zhuni and my Pitlon love owe More win a Ken Ninn m letter reached me coma i or too late your totalling if Yon love her do not Ait com Back to Tho elms of sew England. Of it Nib my Huart with sorrow i left All else be Antl so ruin lit fur Der now i seeded like the in a. The d to Ami a Clit were blended till i reached my in Hood s Lipini i fill Fth final to mock my that i had Senoir a Conn a id Gav Are the of now rugs find. Was. In the foulest record entitled a registry of do thu people in the county of Bucks in the m Oil acc of Pennsylvania that Timve come to i ule the county coins ended in the year 1084, by Elk Neas pembaitoivux1 first Register of the county Are thu names of seventy a cat of musics. Hera Are recorded Tho names of their children and servants or slaves with the time when their Loi in of service would expire it also contains be name of the place in England from which they Caino the Nanie of the Shin i which they came Over together with the Nanie of the master of the vessel. Tho Eai list arrival was that of John Gaylord who came from Dublin Ireland in the ship Phoenix in aug. 1017. Gaylord brought no wife children nor servants with be ascertained pm Tive i our midst. Twas Katie who sat before me in i could not think Guendl Iii i t my pillowed Het chair. Wills All my letters inv on n Little stand so no Lon Jiei Wear it so fruit her poor White lint Xor oils is tie Lovo of new inc Lance. Ii t intr Hail us and Nas Jinx cd of her she i d to be s. Joyous joyous girl but Hii now mine longer yet in Sci i Izral the mime dear love Light glistened in the winched my Luller crib i and pure is the Faith of n new King Laius. A inon a f d her by liar. Wile Asan Riise the it Drui t it oni by Ono Ami sweetens in it i Ken in a Luigi at last Lur Large Eyota incl pitch and i heard my own Muni whispered she Drew her Tim thu a Rutlt still still was thu heart of new Kiili Siul. It a com liar Sabbath of Tiik i inst Kkt Fritts to a Wii kkg1o.n Omi Hico has of Tiik How Mauu batiks Avi Rijk male in Tiik Kays of successes Miv fortunes of the hf.tti.ek8. The published annals of the first occupation of run Sylvania by the English quakers refer the county of Philadelphia while the Senmei Zient of a ticks county has received but Little attention. While there were few stir ring events to record there were few persons who Tonk the time from the work of settlement 1o sketch what did occur. How our fathers lived in the then Remote Region of Bucks county of what their wealth was composed what t hey wrangled Over arc topics upon which his tory coins ends to shed but a partial Light. Nearly two Hundred years have filled the Gap Between the arrival of Penn avid his Quaker Colony and lie richly present. During he first Century of this interval no literary remains of any importance touching the social life of i he Are extant. Not Hong Reth ble save a few Micnal records dust begin burned and almost loft to Tell who were the men who Folk a the lives and turned he soil in his j. elements out of which history is usually com Jewert. There was no Quaker Standish whose reviving with every year might grow through All time because there were no foes to combat Aud no intrigues to Check. The Settle ment of a View Domain concentrated to the development of Renn s Ideal government of and Good will and the annexation of territory Purchase and Sale were interesting events in political ethics but contain no inspiration for the rhapsody who flourish Best in wars and confusions. We know of no sudden influx of europeans nor the formation of any great Centre of population in the Early history of that portion of Pennsylvania to which this a particularly refers. Tow Region now known As juices county contained some europeans be fore the arrival of the quakers but there Are no records extant in the county which throw any Light on the number and character of these pioneers. At the time the want was made from the Duke of York to Peun the territory contained population of Only two thousand souls exclusive of indians. These persons wore principally swedes. There is no record of any settlement with of the Falls of the Delaware at that time. Therefore All that splendid Mica now constituting tie weal Hiest counties in Pennsylvania North of the i sent City of Trenton was at the period these memorials relate a wilderness unknown and inaccessible As the remotest Point on or . To Ltd Law ice River was visited As Early As by subjects of old Peter Stuyvesant under the Cader Elip of Captain Cornelius Jacobus but neither Liat nor nay subsequent expedition from Manhattan penetrated Iho county of Bucks from the North or the cast. All the visits of the ambitious of new York were made Down to the time of fhe Quaker occupation from the sea up the nor is any dutch expedition known to have penetrated the country North of the Falls of the Delaware. Although the Northern half of the county is now populated by tie people Finni Learly known As the , they Bear no rela Tion whatever to the Early inhabitants of Man Hattan. They Are sprung from much More recent emigration than that which peopled new Amsterdam and Tho visited South River Tifty years before t Enn s Advent. It is said that were not , germans in the entire province of before the year 1700. But the year thousand Ger mans peacefully overrun the of Lan. Montgomery Aud Berks counties. Some of found their Way As far cart As i he name so far As can at present no the list is headed with the names of George and Eleanor Pownall. They came from England in friends Adieu Tui a Corii Naiuli d by i Ioinous Wall 2hth Day of August 1082. They were a cons by live children a cuban Elizabeth pc a Rali. Harvel Anil Abigail and three servants John Ailey Thomas Logler and mat How Worrill. This family met with a sad misfortune in the death of the soon after their arrival in tie now country. In an old record of Iuj-4, called a registry of All the births and Dwight of All which arc in the county of Bucks in the province of it is noted that Icorn Pownall was killed by the fall of a tree october 30, 1082, thus leaving the first widow in the settlement. The earliest recorded Blitz was that of Alary daughter to Loneil and Elizabeth or Ittai 111, 1080. I can himself Cauti to this province in Hie ship Welcome on the of tenth month octo a few persons who accompanied i Tim from Kijl Aivil Are mentioned in the county registry. John to wound and his wife 1 Riscilli Thomas How Laud from Suffolk a Liounis Fiu water of Hanworth in tie coir ii of Middlesex near Hampton court arrived in that vessel on the Day named. The registry contains this Shott paragraph after the ment Kin of name Mary wife and Jos Iuli and Alary his children died at coi Nijiu thus the voyage of resin to Renn Sylvani is known to have Boon saddened by Thi cd deaths in the family of one of hi.-, companions. 1" the colonial Hec ords of i a in Sylvania Early made of Fitz Wontor who with James Harrison constituted tie list delegation from licks county in the i provincial Council of Losi. It would be inconvenient to crowd in a single paper nil Tho furnished in the Rog Isle a. Will simply insert the names of the mentioned there., omitting All details it domains the names of Many poisons still rup in Tiu county of and in tic City of Philadelphia for whom the simple record inv have More than a passing interest tie rec Anil Elcanor 1 Pownall Valley Jolius win Ley John Joseph and Sarah lows John Hrock Wai a Stockport Ann Milr in and Eliza Venables John Llcy Ionek Henry alar forum willium Loakes Anil Row Elliott Ami Ann Aslor John John Gaylord John Jio land and i Priscilla Jow Laius Thomas Lowland. Joshua Hoard and Horii of William Zurc Komu Gideon Luis boil William and Johanna lilies chaises titles Thomas Ami i Lingery Jamie John and Ila Gerv clows George Stone Hicl wid Gilbert. Wheeler and Martha his wife Jolin Chapman and june his wife Imit 1-Earson, Henry Paxson Richard and Samuel aim , John ral Mer Joshua hoops and a this William and pc , his wife a Wyonell and Elizab Coli Brittain thesius . Limbert and Elizabeth Lucas Daniel 13rinsoii, John Hough. William a us Alice dark Landolph and Alice Black Shaw James Harrison and Ann Harrison. Lii prison is frequently mentioned in the co in connection with the l to via Ial Council of which he a prominent a i Abr. He a Shoemaker by occupation. 1 lie registry states that he sailed from liver Pool in the ship submission of Liverpool and a Rived at Choptank in Alary latal Tho 2d 0 to. Following being brought thither through the dishonesty of the mr., and arrived att in this province the 15th Al to. at Trio same time came Agnes Harrison aged eighty one years Mother of James. Phineas pm Burton the first clerk of court in los a came from Jolton in the county of Lancaster with pm rec his wife. He was and came in the same vessel with Llau Ison. The list continues As follows Kob Ert Bond. Ellis James Lydia warmly James Clavton and Jane Clayton Jacob and Mary , Sarah comr Lasworth Killiard Lundy Bennett Edmund Cutler is Lii Cluin Amor James Dilworth. Peter Worrall and George Han Loii Complete the list. In the registry of marriages of 1084, kept by pm Burton and Stilt sex taut we find the first nuptials celebrated in the Colony were those of Killiard and Margery Hough married in 1083. The Ceirtil Lunte of this marriage although upon record has become illegible. The certificate of the marriage of Samuel dark and Ann Knight who were joined shortly after the marriage of Hough is still decipherable. We present it in full As a specimen of Tow Quaker marriage cer Emony two Hundred years ago the Cert ii Icale of Samuel dark s marriage the 4th the huh Day these arc to whom it doth or May concern that Samuel dark and Ann Knight Ditl in the pres ence of us whose names Are written the Day above written take each other and declare them selves to be Man and wife the said Samuel Tak ing the said Ann by the. Hand said in the pres ence of and and of you who arc Here met to the inventory solves tie matter appears to have been one Hobbit Zetts. To possessed two books of martyrs one Bible one Dicks onary 23 Small this person s name does not appear in the registry of arrivals and he Proba Bly was not a member of the society of friends. If he was he docs not seem 1o have adhered to his Quaker principles for we notice among his Ellie cos "2 guns. 2 pistols 2 old swords and the inventory was taken in 1688. An interesting feature of these old relics is the frequent appearance of Marks to represent the names of persons who were unable to write. It was customary in that Day for each person who was ignorant of the Art of writing to appropriate a i Culiar Symbol by which his identity was established. To find quite a variety of fantastic Niarkos used for this purpose a few Vised the simple sign of the Cross As at the present Day. Others used a Circle. From these two elements a number of quaint charac ters were Fon cd More readily represented by cuts than by any description which could the Given. Most j the persons who figure in the old records were however Able to write their own names. Although the settlers in licks seemed to have lived under the same gentle Sway that Penn established in the neighbouring county of Philadelphia there seems to have Lieen some litigation quite Early in the history of the county. Nor was the Quaker Community exempt from Law Breakers. To find in the minutes of the county court held the fourth of fourth month 1085, that one Joseph Lumn was tried and convicted of the crime of swearing three oaths 1 the court sentenced Joseph to pay a line of fifteen shillings for each oath and to Sufler an imprisonment in the House of correction at hard labor and to be Fud on bread Aud this seems to have been the first trial on record. At a court of Quarter sessions the ninth of tenth month 1085, Jacoh Hall was tried for the crime of Selling rum to an in the minute sets out that complaint being made against Jacob Hall for Selling rum to the indians the said Jacob Hall was called in court and the witnesses examined. Andrew Heath aged about Twenty years being attested and examined said that about three weeks be fore michaelmas Hist he saw Jacob Hull sell two single pints of rum to an Indian which he tasted and at another time near Tow time Afore said he saw an Indian carry away three bottles of rum which contained one gallon and a pint out of the said Jacob Hall s was fined live pounds for his indiscretion. At. This time Tho Seal of the county was u Vine and a the sheriff in office first was Killiard Noble who served in we presented a few features connected with the founding of the second state in the Union. There is Little sentiment or inspiration in the formal revelations of Legal hut their disclosures arc truthful and their value will in enhanced by the Bligh of time. They Are a part of our a Moil antiquities Rehring to a period fast being forgotten. The initiates of the provincial Council of Pennsylvania from the organization to the termination of the proprietary government were not rescued from destruction until the year when the legislature at the Earnest recommendation of the historical society of Penn Sylvania ordered them to be printed and pre served for All time lint there Are Many records hidden away in thu vaults of the county offices of Philadelphia Chester and Bucks which de Mand tie kind of flicks of the historian and anti Jii Ary. No item of information which May Aid posterity in arriving at just conclusions concerning the Early beginnings of the great re Public should be sufi Rod to 03rluiie. Ii imly c. Elk us skis. True kit -o., 1 a., july 1871. A Shady hour. By Ieuv. J. Ii. Tomsk my life in Tut a blighted Hope a Blossom by wily nolo Strawn the Dunlin Eliut a Milord i Alforo my Udo in brighter lays have to Ovelt on Flower on Lilli and san Aiu a Ali Tuloar without a gleam of cheering Sui Ihline gilding o to the i trod to Gay before. Hits nature changed or is the gloom which deepens o or her in no a a Hutiu of the heart which trailing mints o or land mid sea All not in nature other eyes St t1 Beauty in her sunny Nkulen and Mountain crags Mitt in her notes of and Bixik wild Mircu flout to other earn As once to mine. O or the change in in 1, air Jeglor Nuh nature not o or Thop i of withered Hopes in the null Tjit shrouds the aeon cd i loved so Well. Oli give Hack dreams when life wan to Ujj Anil Hills and Titre and and Hollih and Flowers shall lie so then and shall sing old again of give Bank Tho i a lands i Tim Tilhoo Litawa of my happier yearn hours on Golden pinions flew and tears Weie oily april Scura the Brook by Sweet Hanks to Horny in Wlllie and Lino in careless Joy shall babble Over t Unnur to Neh and i Ilu ill be once More u boy. Vain thoughts he Nelll i wily fondly sigh for dreams that with Earth s fade Fly Kop beyond this a hanging sky to i old of Light no Cloud shall Shade. Glances at French life under the second Empire. Nothing More delights me than the study of that Noble animal the mean a real swell Culm , inf latent pooled to the top of his Bent and apparently above All con Cern in Mere inuit Ane transactions. Sadi i Man is now Here. He is a russian and with permission will cull him count Teufel Skine. In dress he is Sublime nit is considered in that toilet the Harmony of Leolor Renjie Tecl the Chiaro Scuro evident in Well selected contrast. In Man ners he is perhaps nothing disturbs the Placid serenity of that Calm exterior. If the sky were to fall lie would not even be and would probably order one of his people to catch those lurks which the proverb tells us would then be within our reach if he wanted larks. A drives a and in a word when i say that he is exaggeration of a Well known child Long a i liken of pall mall Many London readers will see my kits Ian with their mind s eyes. One Day lately our Friend breakfasted i Hyz i mignon. When the Bill came he rend two fifteen lie paid. I eaches scarce i presume fas his sole remark. To replied the waited but Are 1 from the of time journal. G l o v e s til kill 1iistojiy and fashions. Of. That i Wero a Glove that this useful As Well is ornamental part of the costume of both sexes has been conspicuous in so Many National usages and customs that it is associated with the most interesting historical reminiscences. Like All articles of modern Fash Ion gloves were known to thi1 ancients even in Remote Antiquity As Xeno lion relates an instance of Cyrus appearing without them. Among the checks and Ito mans their use was confined to protect ing the hands when engaged ill certain kinds of manual labor and laertes is so described by Homer when digging in the Garden tie name is derived from the old Niilo Sassou word and Tho introduction of gloves into England was of very Early Date. There is a legend of the sixth Century that is related of tie Patron Saint of Brussels who while kneeling barefooted at prayers in Church had a pair of gloves placed under her feet by a Gallant bystander. Despising this luxury the Saint is Siirid to have kicked them into the air where they i Mai Icid suspended. During the Middle Ages t icy were worn As a badge of of fice by civil and dec dignitaries and sovereigns were clothed with them when buried. Moves were exchanged to bind a contract or pledge and the deprivation of hem was a Cere Moziy of degradation. Gauntlets or leather gloves covered with pieces of Metal formed an important part of the Armor of knights upon the Battle Field. Among the romantic customs Werc Moniefia with this article of Diess that originated in the age of chivalry was the prac Tice of challenging to a single combat by throw ing Down Tho Glove or Gauntlet Ulso the Wear ing of u lady s Glove in the helmet As it Yinge d a Titour by hei1 Knight errant with favor in his Crest or stove Gether 1 do take this my Loving Friend Ann Kui Glit to be my wife and i do Promise to be unto her a faithful and Loving husband until death Sli ail us sepia raft the sum aim the said Samuel by the hand said in like Man Ner As is before there ate Nineteen names appended to the certificate As witnesses naine.3 appended of tie ceremony this Union. A son Thomas sprang from in the registry of inventories kept in 1684 May be found the value and nature of the property possessed by the settlers. The value of Matiy of the articles enumerated presents some curious contrasts to that of similar pop erty in the locality in 1871. Thus in the inventory of the property of Francis Andrews one Hundred acres of land Are valued at five pounds. An inventory of the property of Cuth by it taken in contains the following items imprimis 60b acres of land fifteen a Nidus three men and one Jakl servant forty pounds one horse and one Mare ten pounds four bods Twenty shillings Linnen four shillings Quish ing fifteen shillings Pewter and brass five pounds Iron Geer six pounds apparel eight the largest estate inventoried in the county during the first Sis years of tie proprietary government was that of William i jeans taken in 1081, which fixes his wealth at one thousand pounds. James Harrison a Worth two Hun i red and eighty six pounds. In Tho inventory of the beaks estate and sixty eight bushels of wheat Are valued at four pounds eight shillings if Early memorial of his i Lye Lovo to bite tie thumb of the Glove was an ancient gesture of contempt and hatred. A Singu Lar Duel was fought in 1t21 by a Young gentle Man of Teviotdale who after drinking with some companions Noti ird the next Clay that the Finger of his Glove was bitten and quarrelled with some of them from this sign demanding satisfaction although unconscious of any of the circumstances of the dispute. In Early times the covering for the hand was so richly richly embroidered and ornamented with jewels As to constitute an expensive item of dress and an allowance for Glove Money was part of a lady s expenses. Some idea of the extravagance in this respect May be inferred Flora a description of one enumerated in the Royal wardrobe of King James of Scot land in 15w, Olmre among sundry articles of luxury is a lady s Hawk Glove set with twelve rubies seven garnets and fifty two Groat pearls and the rest covered with stall pearls. About this period sir Nicholas Tilroe Morton the English ambassador at Paris writes to the ambassador at Madrid i Pray you Good my lord ambassador Send me two pair of per fumed gloves perfumed with Orange Flowers and Jasmine the one for my wife s bands the other my the Earl of Oxford reign when they were very fashionable. Shnks Pearo alludes to scented gloves in the win Ter s gloves As Sweet an damask Aline Boleyn was very fond of covering her hands to conceal a deformed Nail and Queen. Catharine used to invite her fair rival to play cards with King so. Defect would show. It is not unusual to preserve this part of the dress As relics of departed heroes and the palaces and museums of Europe abound with such mementos of historical celebrities. Canterbury Cathedral contains the actual gauntlets of the renowned Jack Prince and a pair of Bufi gloves that the courageous Charles Xii. Had on Hen he Nat his Fate arc preserved in the Arsenal at Stockholm. A part of the ceremony of crowning the French Kings consisted in Blessing the Glove and at the of the English Moa Ardis. A Glove was thrown Down before the tie King s Champion. Pepy gives an interest ing account in his diary of. The ceremony per formed when Charles the second was crowned a lies Aid proclaims that if Finy dare deny Charles Stewart to be lawful k Uig of England Here was a Champion that would fight with him and with these words the Champion flings Down the Gajin Lleti and All this he do three times in his going to toward the King s of Tho medi Levri customs relating use of this attire have Liot entirely Digap a n amusing Story is told of How bouffe obtained the extra Ordinary favor f having his Benefit at the Giand opera by which he cleared sonic seven Hundred funds. He was in Lon Don in 1b41, he was engaged one night play the diameters at the 1-Timih do 1 Itris and Michel boy Ami an old num. His get up in both was the talk of London lift had just finished the first and retired to a Ess for the old Man when n Knock Tiu in at his dressing room door. Como said Boulle not too civilly fearing that lie should be disturbed and enter count d orsay and a Friend. Mun said tiie some readers May remember that Nan and tin tone in which it was Here is a French gentleman who sees you for the first t Ime and wishes to compliment the unknown Boulac and said thai., if not intruding he should to very much pleased to see the toilet which transformed South tools age. In a Quarter of an hour Bonfil e turned to Liis perfectly changed. The actor then hurried off. And As he went Down stairs d Oreay whispered 11 y Friend is Prince Louis what t the Primor of Ham when Boule was arranging his Benefit he thought of t , and wrote to the Emper or reminding him that Prince Napoleon had once Conio to he theatre in London and that he hoped the emperor Napoleon would now permit him the use of one of his theatres in Paris. The letter was sent o the proper authorities the next Day endorsed in the Imperial hand pour ii. Hoille. Uni oui so the Benefit took place at the grand Oji Cra with the practical result stated. There is a Story now going about Paris which i believe to to True but 1 will not men Tion the name of the Thrifty Diplomatist. It is the Imperial custom to Send occasionally to Momb Cis of the corps Diplomat it tie the key of the impel Ial Box at Hie grand opera. This is j usually done soon after the arrival of anew minister. There is an embassy Here in which great changes have recently taken place and an interim ambassador reigns. Last week he received the key. Perhaps he looked at the Bill and did not like the performance perhaps his wife was ill perhaps he was any Rale he did not go hut being like the late . Filipin of a frugal he liked nothing to be wasted so he Cut his servants imagine the astonishment when the House turned glasses to see who was coining into the Box report says that however much the recipients May live been delighted at the unwonted sensation they Wen the innocent Means of Crea Ting the donors were not pleased and it is believed that next time the minister goes to the opera he will have to pay. Slips in Paris Are fascinating things and trades in Paris Are very droll. One half the would of shopkeepers does not know How the other half exists. Life of dolls dolls Artym the Cradle to the grave at present occupy a considerable proportion of the shops and shopkeepers of fashionable Paris. When i want to know the latest fashion for Man woman or baby the proper costume and custom for the Peculiar season. I consult the windows of Mes Dames pop cd and on the Bonne Vaul and am put at once on a level with exist ing society. Now that the bathing season is on our dolls Are got up in sea Side costume. 1 saw a family a doll family leaving for Trouville this Day. The lady was reclining lazily on the sofa pointing with the hand of command to her London As to vice. Londo has been pulling for years to get Well in but Paris can still give two Stone of so said an old International a Laurily if you will but Ithily. Would London stand a play in which after All the other commandments Are ruptured murder and suicide Are welcomed by willing hands and the curtain Falls Over the Tiace Jubie of misery which must mean eternal ill but i am soaring too i am writing of morality. To get 011 surer ground let us descend to de Eucy do you think that a first character getting out of bed and proceeding to finish up those decorations which i presume we most of us do every Only because in would look so if we did exactly it performance for the stage of a great theatre in a great Metropolis we know a proverb about the Dif Heully of removing certain impediments to easy marching from highlanders in their native costume. The difficulty is entirely solved in the piece to which 1 have alluded and of Theo Dore claim the great distinction of having introduced t undress rehearsals with full performances. But the immorality of Tho other trait res is even More Bare what is the Thea Paris supposed to be1 have said before faithful reflex of society. The faithful relics j 1 really and truly believe it is so. The is one for grave contemplation. Vice Art is Art vice who is to answer the French press is a i dumb As a mute Atka Fame red when the play Good society i believe cares for nothing. Is vice 1 fear it is then again nobody cares. But where on Earth is respectable Paris to i if the present system obtains i can imagine nothing so dreadful As this with his family clinging round him a f car an indigestible Puma d Hote afraid to go to the play because the Devil would appear in the costume in which he offered eve the apply. To to sure., he May stay at Home or lie May go and see Paradise or to May see Tyfo Sisters develop crime an thank Good Ness i never know it revealed on the stage or he Muy see a Faun in a Wood and be glad that a late autumn yet spared us stunts leaves of decency. I have written of the visible Immor Ali ties of the French stage. And for exist ing is air do Nti i Don t think we Are so foolish in London As some judges Assort. I look round Aud find that if you have fewer novelties you have More truth if you have fewer pictures of society you get healthy photographs not vicious illuminated sketches. The theatre of i Aris is simply a hot bed of Vieo. That is a Strong expression and 1 am writing Only from thy English Point of View which 1 hold to be quite Correct but tis True too True. Over a stage where he performances arc nightly too bad for Public discussion let us drop the densest of curtains. We May see the performances and my More the actors but even the worst must pause before doing otherwise than condemning the morality Aud even won Dering at the stale of society which compels decent people to such indecent performances. When the Empress Eugenie returned to St. Cloud from Lur visit to the there by the Way she was present at the death of several patients and the theory Here is that cholera is contagious Only at the moment of ladies in waiting came to her and sail your majesty bus wronged us. You went on a service of danger and would not. Let us attend you or even let us know that your majesty was going. We Hope that your majesty considers us Worth something better than at tending balls Aud ceremony ii b. If we participate in your pleasures we wish to share your dangers.1 to this her a Jesty made the Fol lowing reply my dear Hui us it was my duty As Empina to run whatever risk there might by but it was also my duty not to place in peril you who Are mothers families and have other 1 think both he and the the Story is fact Madame a the guests was an English Cunt Geniau since colonel of a household regiment. After dinner there was u question of Selling a horse. The French one of them bought that very Good a High i ice and it wits sent Home. Vruno to to very often to me very Lutt i a to 1110 Are dearer to Iii Tho Lovi list Lowers in they arc a co Tami s tour Lii slump on without Iau Guing sex hand ii around the Lus url str lugs Ilio liliom in hit write to me very of Tuu write Iii Tho joyous morn or Al the close of Over in till Trio to try u a Jne then White Itai Serfi by Hal no Bright had gone his round he barked two or Thi co limes to say Good Bye and then altered contentedly away at the Pace he had come1. Lie wont up the Street and 1 followed him but when to Ruach Uil Oxford Street suddenly Ami began to run hard As if Day was ended Aud he wanted to gel Home. Even ing Lisul quite f ii Len by this time and i Felt it would be useless to go after my four logged i Insley on fool so i called a cab and said follow that very much to the Driver s t. It a Long Way from thai part of Oxford Street in which we were to Tottenham court Road where he Small dog led me. Hut 1 should have understood he journey had it not been made Al such u furious Pace. The dog never once looked round. Twenty t lines i thought he would be crushed by passing vans nud carriages but Sotir isow he Gothi Oligh it. He Hud a extraordinary for hiding a passage be tween horses hoofs and like a True London dog As lie was he showed intimate familiarity with All to intricacies of Crossings. Still i wac Homo Relief to me both on own account and on when i Sruv him Branch Oil at lust. 1 i was beginning to for thai he would never Slop that he had something jew Iii him. It seemed impossible i hat without taking any rest without even pausing for ii instant to draw breath such a very lean dog i Only keep on going so Long. Tottenham court Road this wits about eighteen months used to be a sort of fair at night time. It is a lengthy High Way Rui Piug amidst a tangled network of sorry it reels. The population of which from dusk until the hour when the Public houses close used to spread hungry and Idle amongst the count Booths which had then not yet been swept Pitt a and where Shell wish. Sour Mil and Hidige Soblo looking meat were Solil by Yelling eos Lei in onnors. On he night in question when went herein Pursuit of lie dog i foresaw that 1 should be to one of Hose sickly nests of fever where poverty disease and misery have their abodes us up i and i was not wrong. The dog running faster Ever now As ii he Felt More amid for his Basket among these ravenous crowds Llian is had done Al the West cml boiled suddenly up a narrow Mik Street ten weeks ten Gro null thu had caught Tow Bone out of my hand and thrust it under his weeks and when i fell ill Tow dog went oui one morning and brought me Back Penny in his Mouth. Since then i bought him a Bank tit and he goos out every Day but Idle Idle he new nothing to what he used to do when we out together. Yes 1 he s an Idle dog to hut Why prolong such a disgrace in Tlam Moi of depressing than us sight of moral infirmity coupled with bodily do Nasaf this palsied Melsor Rich taut Rich Sompura Voly u his station. To Mado himself a Small Fortune by Tow intelligence of his dog and his sudden illness. Instead of reducing him to poverty we on Tow contrary Only added to his Means j Thyl dog Danied mow alone Linn he Hud Ever earned with his Usu Sci. Icah morning at Tow break of Day went out with his empty Basket and every night Sun set he i Al turned with it half full. I Learned from the miser s neighbors honest Peota Ibn who reloaded to believe in Trio fevered wretch s tales of want in order that he might not have cause to dread Thorn and so refuse services. There is a Deal of this innate usus Adieu by in the hearts of the working those rough and uncouth but kindly Fiat ufos lauded the Ghafou is Laor Iti Liu ii Etc Ness. They bought his food for him they washed has la non Nind they used for no pay ment for anything they did. As Tow unhappy Man s sold it was at their mercy but he thought of touching it never seemed Locroi their minds. Hviid one Wilh a naive accent i think sir twill be. Bettor Plum he s Laid in the ground. His Money might to Good then to some As would make use of and the i murmured Rilke Tivel. The dog s his Friend was neigh Bor s answer and he won t live Long when his master s and these words wore prophecy. I sent for a doctor for n nurse Ami for nourishing food o Battle against death but our a flirts were useless. The miser lived a week and upon each of the seven Days the dog went out i cording to his habit with his Basket round Hli neck and remained out for Ion or twelve hours till dusk. Sometimes i followed him from morning till evening seeing which Aud remembering my face As that which stood daily by his Muster s bedside to wagged ills tall at my approach and consented to walk at my Chela. One night the miser died and on Tow Morrow Jim did not. Go out. He Hod his master the night before and guessed that hey bad put him in a Long Black bos that stood in the Middle of the room. When Tow men came to carry away this Long Block the Dojk went after them and cried. He followed Tho cof Iii to the. Cemetery where he and i were Tow Only spectators besides the curate the Sexton and the undertaker s men. Alien Tow Earth thrown in he looked at me plaintively to know what in meant and when the burial was Over he wished to remain near the open Tomb Wail ing ill his master should Rise. I took him Homo with me Bud he would not eat and nest morn ing it Sunrise he howled for his Basket. It was no use keeping him so i lied the Basket round his neck and sent him out. Pace keeping his ears always Down and paying no to the omnibuses that rolled by him the Rosle mongers who swore at him or to dogs who stopped it Jimes with a Pix. air and gazed tit him in silent wonder. 1 had to step out fast to keep up with him. It is astonishing How that squalid dog could Trot 1 1 was Arak More than once that he would Dis Tance me but thanks to the Knack he had of always keeping to the Middle of the Road l was prevented from losing sight of him. We North Audley Street Street and we then came opposite a Small Street which forms a very narrow Aud dirty thoroughfare at he end which is nearest Oxford Street. Here the dog paused for a moment and appeared to hesitate As to what he should do. Lie made a few Steps Forward then receded but finally seemed to make up his mind and entered the Street still trotting. There was no one there. The dim dries Ding rain which had begun to fall the cold and the fog had All scared away the habitual freq enters of the one or two sordid Cook shops that line both sides of the Way. There was Only a rag and Bone Man sorting bottles at Bis door and coughing a Heck ily from old age and misery. The dog wont on. The Street grows wider As one proceeds., and the houses also become bettor and cleaner i asked myself whether the dog could possibly have Home about Here and whether he would not suddenly disappear Down an area in which the Romance of the thing would have been ended and i should have had my walk for nothing. But no he turned abruptly of at a mews and after a few seconds of the. Same apparent hesitation As before slacked his Pace tilt the servant All Tojo articles contained in the inventories of Tolje period Are of the most practical character and such As were necessary in the first ment of a country. There Are few references to books or other articles which Are incidents of the wealth of the present Day. Leak owned one thousand acres of lands geared in Europe. After the must be removed at the death of tie slag or their in ,.a Liis Money on hand and apparel amount d to fifty seven pounds. His servant Man and maid were valued at ten pounds while nil his i looks ate put Down at two pounds. The wily Silver he possessed was a Tankard earned at a among the curious articles named Are a valued at two shillings and two of Indian valued thres shillings and sixpence the most literary Man in the county during the , so far Asiu sitar forfeit is , grooms from those who neglect to uncover their hands upon enter-., ing a stables.-. The source of our modern habit of donating such gifts to those who assist at wedding Cere monies for they generally distributed in Olden times As a new tear s offering Valeri Tine Etc. Sir Thomas. More upon the pc Cit of such a present containing a lady wrote Wottle 5be against a Jed Jan ners to forsake the Laily s-new1 accept May bestow in bearers of the coffin at a funeral receive a pair of gloves and a Lerow ii is always pleasant especially in extreme temperatures when we Are All More or less irritable to relate a bitter or disagreeable anecdote. Here is one. Horace Vernet having finished one of his acres of War asked Gros to come and see the picture and give his True opinion 1 Gros came and looked at the charge of Caval your charge will not do much Hofses have Only Gros delighted As everybody is after say ing an unpleasant thing but lame Justice came with a Rush one Day caught Gros on the Post and beat. Him. He painted an allegorical Pic and asked Vernet to look at it. Zerndt came. What is it infant to explained Gros what do you think of do bad replied vervet putting up. His umbrella and walking out of the room. Do the plays represented on the Paris stage hold the Iii Roii up., to nature i confess that am inclined to think that they and that the Mirror fair Angle society a it Fis. What a society 1 in Engla Endiape manner of. Means too Good. Old recollections refreshed by. The of Lite Birds reproduce scenes in which that As it be Bill England pales her ineffectual fires int bed against the Handicap. Paron and of u n Iii court and social life in icon Iii. By Tho late Felu m. Don. Ten copy brokers. Evidence of her death signed by the authorities and now 1 Milly must leave you and order her that Carriage is not a mid the lady in question looked nicely yesterday. I must Tell you one splendid incident of the Empress Eugenie s visit to Amiens. It seems that the cholera is really very bad there and what is worse a perfect panic had sued on the City. So yesterday the Empress thought she would go Down and try to infuse a Little moral courage into the people. Arrived i Amiens she found authorities and All in alarm. She straight to the Hospital and sat by the Beds of the patients encouraging both them and the attendants. Suddenly a priest rushed into the very Lily i Vered gasped oat o majesty wl11 be Liova it two hours ago my vicar was breakfasting with me and now he is awful ten-pi1, All around. Is very said her majesty calmly. Cited the frightened priest and peo ple. Very replied the Empress whenever Tho cholera becomes so violent is that it always i am assured that die effect of this comforting statement Yvo hich Simist have Cost the Empress something to make was extraordinary. There was at once reeling that the worst was Over. So much for it and quickness. The Amiens doctors say yesterday s visit was a remedy for cholera fir beyond they had in their phar Liao Poleia. This Story has Tho advantage Over others of being absolutely True. 11 have a Little tale to Tell you. By an irishman to1 George iv., you Are not Only a King but a my Story i Bink. Will prove the present emperor of the Bench to be not Only a Mon Rich but a True set Leinan about the year 1847 the reigning dynasty of France became alarmed about the intelligence tact , Talent of Prince is Napoleon. They Wunt so far As to Send ver to l Ondon spies diplomatic1 detectives to him. Three of these wore so deter As get Prince Louis to ask them to dinner. He a Dymer at the Clarendon and my stopped opposite a Public House. A mews is never quite empty. There Are Al was poems loading about Iii doorways or Sta of Doys going in aim Oul i was houses at the moment when the dog and i appeared a Coachman was harnessing two horses to a Dougham and a couple of men were helping Librn. Opposite and exchanging remarks with hem from the threshold of Tho Public House stood a servant in breeches smoking a Long Clay Ripe the dog was standing still but All at once before i had time to suspect what was go ing to happen he Rose up on his Hind legs and commenced walking gravely round in circles. The Man with the breeches and the Clay pipe Titt Rcd a cry of Surprise. Tho two others and the Coachman raised their Heads and upon seeing this strange sight loft their work and clustered up to look., a few More people attracted by the noise came and joined us. We soon formed a ring. It seemed to please Tho dog to Seo us All around him for he gravely wagged his Tail once to and fro Aud tried to put More spirit into his exercise. To walked five times around on his hinder legs looking fixedly before1 him like a Soldier doing his Best poor i could see make As laugh. For my part seeing the others remain speechless in their astonishment i laughed aloud to encourage him hut shall i say the truth 1 Felt More ready to cry. There was something expressively sad in the serious expression of this lonely dog performing by himself a few tricks that some absent master had taught him and doing so of his own Accord with some secret end in View that he himself could Only know of. After taking a moment s rest he set to work this time on his fore feet pre tending to stand on his head and what a poor intelligent head it was As almost shaving tiie ground it looked appealingly. Of us All and seemed to say please do not play any pranks really i am not doing Liis for alien he had walked around on his until he was to Lay Down in the midst. Of the ring and made Boileve to be dead. He. Went through All the dying dog breathing heavily his lowcl1 jaw to full Aud then wiring Over motionless. Well that a Stout Hoji ust feed woman who where there was no loom for a cab to Puis. 1 paid the dryer and jumped out. It was a filthy Street but that was a secondary matter. Where the dog went 1 would go and thus 1 dodged after him. First Down a crooked Alley then through a fold court and lastly up a passage where it was pitch Date. Here i groped my Way along a Damp Wall and stumbled upon the first Slep of a staircase. Being a smoker however j had some Vesuviano about me. 1 struck one lit a piece of twisted paper with it and by the moment s flame i thus obtained decried the dog milking his Way up a Creaky Light of wooden Steps flattered in places and ratting rum Mould. He when he saw the Light and i growled uneasily. But i inf Eucl my voice and cried oat Good dog Good trying thereby to appease him. 1 suppose his instinct told him that l was not an enemy pm he turned round to slim Niy when 1 struck a second Vosi Ivian he consented to my Nying him wit bout doing anything else but continue his guiding. To went up three stories in this Way until we leached the Garret floor. There were two doors free to face and one of them had a Latch with a piece of string lied to it. The string dangled with a Loop it end to within a few inches of the floor. The dog raised one of his Core paws pressed it 011 twi Loop and by this Means opened the door. We both walked in together. There was a Rush Light burning in the neck of a i Tiger Beer bottle. There was an empty Sance Pini in a grate without he fire. Some tailored clothes were hanging on the Back of a broken Clair and some bits of plaster fallen from a mucked , were encumbering the floor. On the splintered Deal table was a Plain with a solitary Bone on it and next to it n cup the handle gone. 1 turned from the sight of these things to a fruit Tress Laid in a Corni i of the room. The Light was rendered so flickering by the gusts of wind that swept through the which bits of had been pasted for want of could not at first distinguish very clearly where 1 was and what i 1 could Only hear the affectionate Whin Ings of Tho dog and vaguely him leaping upon some one against whom he was rubbing his head and whose face he was Licking with an exuberance of love. 1 heard a voice but. A voice so husky and broken that it resembled a feebly Good Good .3hn a and then j saw a hand untie the Basket and Beard the sound of Money poured out on the Couch. Hood went on the cracked voice and it began counting one two of Good Jim Here s a shilling. Unc and thrive Pence Ono and nine pc nov two shillings. Of Good dog three and a Penny three and Here followed a or Ritie sin Iek. Who s cried the Man covering to the. Money with Sheet and he looked at and Haggard with the ague of fever. Don t be 1 said 1 am Eoanu to do you no harm Lama Friend. 1 hav followed your dog Home Aud 1 desire to hell you if you arc in he seemed to be a Man about fifty for his hair was not al1, Gray but the ghastly hollow Ness of his Cheeks lie emaciated condition of his body and above All the gleam of disease in his burning eyes made him older than a Man of in Tiev for they told Moie plainly than words Couhig in Liu i already one toot within his grave. My tone and my appearance seemed to reas sure him but he continued to hide his Money. I am a poor Man he very poor Man. I have nothing but what my dog earns me and that s nothing lie goes Oul to that evening foreseeing what would , i went to the cemetery. The dog arrived it Nightfall Wilh his Basket full of Ponce and i turned hem All out upon the grave. Covitto Home i said Wilh tears rising to my eyes but he whined mournfully and tried to Searlch up he our la. Twice More lie a Cal out like this us Day and brought Back Money for his master but on the third evening finding that in Pence on the grave remained untouched to sufi red me without resistance to take off his Collur and Lay Down at full length near Tow miser s lust sleeping place. The next morning he did not go on he rounds Cor he was Lead Nyimi Ike Slotton tragic rift. Veuk Cuquet. Lli-wiiri1 of in1 widows Hie Khoros live wild they toy u Ith Tho la girl. Lime fool w Illi the Imail t 1ml of All Hie it youngster Nav know. Let him mum most of nil the widow jul not thai of mender and of idiot Tiit in incl eth Finice out us Hatch u Lynw Din Usu a her Heil it Htiu Cicily Hutto on Hud bitter Bonuro of Ilio widow cilia inc Wilt Ili Inco like n bit bbl in Hon Lar nil n Gus Liutik mini s Popp Iii t a Atli Mittli Anil Jav laughing Ulic la Ever overflow ricin Law Urc 1 o Howaro of the Wusow 1 my Blini a mirrored in Crystal brighter for Hurt and lick kiwis uru to acct As tint Eoy Al Gln ii want while Mio with your heart to your haul then ol1 the widow system in hra1x work. And if he picks up a few Pence Here the Man had a lit of hectic he picks up a few Ponce sir. It s All he do pick 1 Felt my heart ache for 1 had guessed the truth. Lie s not an Idle .iid. Has he not earned you More than three shillings to Day of. No sir it s pro tested the miser trembling. It s threepence sir. Look Ami and he held up three Copper coins from out of his covering. You arc very ill my i said approaching his mattress you must let me Send you a of sir no no no Money to give them. Let me alone please. I m not ill 1 shall be Well to Morrow. It s nothing but a his dog was continuing to lick his face. I remembered that the poor Bruto no Ealon your dog must to i observed shall 1 give him this Bone he has earned it of and let that Bone faltered the unhappy wretch trying to Rise it s my supper for to night. Jim does t want any thing he picks up plenty in the streets. Of 1 shall starve if you give him that i will buy you something to i an swered taking up the Bone to which there was no particle of flesh left. Jere said 1, holding it out. But the dog instead of accept ing the Bone looked wistfully at his master to ask1 for leave. No panted the miser fearfully and the dog turned away his head refusing to be enticed. How Long have Yon been Laid up like this was my next question. I was growing sick it heart. A correspondent of London society i know a remarkably Able and Fertile re viewer who tells me that though Over his old Light Oil he can lubricate articles with a certain Sharpness and Force yet for quietly looking at i subject All round and doing Justice to belongings lie wanted the quiet morning hours. Lancelot Andrews says he. Is no tic scholar who goes out of his House before twelve Doit. Similarly an editor once told to that his town contributors sent him tie brightest Capers to always detected a Peculiar Mellow Ness and finish about the men who wrote in the country. 1 know an important Crown offi Cial whose hours were from ten to three. He had to sign his name to and As a great Deal Deik sided us Iii his signature he was very Atit ions and chary How he gave it. After a o clock struck no beseeching in wars of suitors or solicitors could induce him to do a stroke of work. Lie. Would not contaminate the Quality of his work by doing Loo much of it. Lie would not impair his rest by continuing his work. And so he fulfilled the duties of his office for exactly fifty years before he retired on full pay from the service of
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