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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 21 1873, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - August 21, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaPublished weekly it Jesse o. Thomas. Of Radcliffe Walnut streets Bristol pm. The him or _ invariably for one year 00 for Nix months t 1 80 for three months 1 00 from the Atlantic Slun Ialy. A quiet life. Ii v Kuick. You Beconi my dwelling Fin you puns it Ivy f w Hie Wood until where the feet of Spring Iii left their prints in Fame in and ill flip that Hie. Wild Birds slug tit rough the Loisy Tui Timur hot a. 1 watch tin Light the Grizwin the Groin i not Swift Eloul shirt town As they pass the Breezy Plain. Mine Are Lite stillness of the in Tami noon the pc Arnof even the glimmering Moons the Mill rail on thu Ica vex. I in n not count the of daily Joys which kindly nature Foj Levit for Wadlo Humo tuck Niv employs. With Lantiny nor Irene alone the plei wires that i know the riches that i other than go no Mono and they Ochtow a deeper Hasip Leckt. Vor unto inn the Artst with All store if Naitoh wealth la Lough to me the awl Sii Lantri of Yore Heji eat Usu or Pra Citi and Soi Ijeh. Kor me Ignati the Long pit centuries yield the bin Vest of their thought my me alien von from Many a fluid hearts Liao wrought. Is Hie is Tho i recent. Iima Mir let it to Nysp Sixl is Holli Wirth i could not toll nil the 1 Ticac Lidiia u Kin Uio Earth. What matters Bluit my Imetta May never Toueh the Linds i 1 thank my Ood that to hat Given such to Guido mul Iii Iii thu state. Vol 1. Bristol Bucks county thursday August 21, 1873. No and for the hut 1 Tuny not speak of All i Lor to Lucuil the Glor Lem of that Elly which in taif Jim Itin Tell or pen. To the Day rounds to fullness and he Vij lit in pcs Mil Liko the. Day i m to Orlini Lovald is a us Vijh Many travellers take a us the imm is increasing every your. Grin Dorvald is u i Village f not above the . I Lio Superb wot lorhorn Tho and Iho with choir snowy to Tower rend what Lay in my Nui ult a heart Tsyn was act Dott longer to Hidu Tiu in Caudr Liin voice would Hurt. We walked in the or endow Anil Ivy Tho Bron Ilot jmj Kiili brow Ngit hand in Cailil my would the roses and Jay in a lil Shl it Civ Liti. Lie Tutro Kcal my Raven Ana twin to tilt in out a tils tiny Ris Ivi Lri Irv dyes dark spec ii Doi was full of danger lie said for cupid Una lurking Sliwo. A incl he rim Coloso to his bosom Ami Wircs Fitl on my lips a vans of inv i in Cinbalo aim me and Ungur. J it Ful now As 1 think of thin. Jii Titi Tomt Utonn Ismil 1 thought that heaven Jund Sud Dimilo and Down my in. And Kish a Willi Ilju lips so cur or Voru a tuning 1 was Blu Luing my soul with Sih. But came a Ictor one Juliot. Of tuning to in1 Man that was i user to me thin Iii i a he said a he Tore it. Open , at my fair joining a terrible , u a leaved in my bosom and Ifni sirhed Huek and lie who stood there holding the utter Jio wat Clied to i Jii Illing but did i in be Utino watch the Trees took sombre colors the Graca fid Spires of the Cathedral Rose tie other buildings a Little Light twinned from the a stronger one Summit of pilatus Flung a quivering Light Tiik the Lake soon nip re lights flashed out at Lucittie stare shone Iwer head Pitnu tremble Golden streaks broke Tho still surface of the water the great Boll boomed out from the Cath Edral and everything was indescribably soft peaceful. Else s nature was too to re m 4n by the Beautiful repose. She knew she had been Cross Ami As Sho Felt thu anger dying out of her heart she thought she was con Pierina it whereas she was Only allowing herself to be conquered by a new set of feelings. Dear Hearcy How pretty it is said else softly. She knew that Chris Fth St lust lion ii is 00 Kiich Luul Lyional Pinsof Lluisi it in Lorenl a Louinia 20 con Jet Hue. No Tiv a 25 nor cent Oxtra by it nth for Long Almu Adver tults on application to insure Luw Ulon inuit to in Lii id lit tie not Tor than wed relay lift mid i Niueli end Terr in Tho week is f took Tho and Yax cd upon it a Sweet oui in Curci Intro with sunny hair and eyes of Blue. My Tho Good lord keep 1 Sild aloud in his tender care Vou Aro wedded and bound forever Tanto fills and i met he eyes this Boneless Vilbon this Coward heart blackened with acted my heart swelled full of a terrible hatred and sonnet Liinar of minder whim Burnini liboro lint a better feeling stole in behind it a f look a on i Elnoro Sweet and fair. T turned and left him and n ver saw in of r looked on Iii St Irtle t use Aki in and time has to mered my and Iio Itow and soothed ind quieted Down my pain. But t tremble in awful anger that wears and inn my waning Lue when i think How lie e Asp it me close to bosom a lawfully wife. When i think howl aim be de his and to Liis in a i Ranee of and lie tears of a life Toni i and nil my kowtow can next r remove the of hit k us. Iii Linn h is is if William Jackson s friends in the pro took it Cliel showed or. Callioux s letter endorsed by several virginians pro Highl her and Brou Glit her Back. Oal hound Webster judge Mclean saw Tymn married the next f rum the Carnli ill Juana int Uldee the Mobil gains. Sui Minior s of Vonins Lucerne knots of Roro strolling in the iliac Tiou of uie joing up Hie sisal Iris St is whip i Noail Toshu Payin Lhoir Money. And or attorn us about tie a Turli. To service was going on it was Hie hour during Liidi tie famous Organ wits daily Jared. Mijc Atli cd a put by j Uil lift music Lex organist but a la Forest of there were Cri Ulius and . Sud Delv Ivriy one held heir breath and Hen seemed fran some i in Ruvay distance dip soft thu Fanon. Vox Hnin Ana Syoji Ali Iii Alt thu world Gous to tear. Ii a us a solitary voice but a chorus sometimes a Little roiled in which one could listing Nash the i High tickle of the boys the ton Iii striking in Tirl the to nip Bass undertones. A girl and a Young Man had stood iriotionlcs.3 y a pillar Ilio whole Lime it lasted Tihe a girl f air hair Plait d thickly twisted and round and fastened it with .1 Silver she never once looked it Here jinpan on but h i watched her Sot quaing org Lenv no with the music As n. Changed and when it lie ventured to draw a Little nearer to ice and o say in a subdued tone else she did not answer except by a kind of Imp Lieut gesture which had of keeping twin silent for a few minutes longer when lib created Mic timidly Best else it is Lime p to going. The Church is nearly sue turned quickly upon him. A heaven Christian Sho said with a ouch of childish petulance now them Hast Point it All f had it in my heart and thy fool so words have frightened it out. Dost Thon Utip Osc that such Musie As this comes to one very Day that it need be driven away do Lold thy the Young Man looked at her with a Little and wonder Imp to us tirade whispered under her breath. Nothing Puld be More ungrateful of else. It was Chris Ian s thought of giving Joy to his beloved which did brought her there. All Tho time lie had left our to herself Only watching the Little fair head and he rapturous eyes in which every change i the music reflected itself. He could not Indur mid it but to reverenced it none the . And now her Hasty words smote Fin w Ith sort of Dull pain lie Only answered them Vith a Wistful Humble look which ought to touched her but which was perhaps As Inch beyond her comprehension As the music Vas beyond his. After awhile however her Waii reproached her. It was a foolish dream Mlo heart nevertheless there Lay in Depths tenderness Vichich hated to give pain and Al Eady she Repei Ted of her Petti Samess to poor Christian who cared so much for or Christian who blundered a Hundred times Day and was so Good All the time. 8he went p to him be intently and put her hand on his no. It is Lime to go As Thon was ii she vouchsafed but Christian wits Radiant. Lie followed else when Slie turned into the bisters Ami stood by her Side looking out through one of the openings at the Lake and tie Loun tins beyond. A but it was she cried rap a Rocisly. I will never belie i it was not . Think they had put the choir up there in some iddon to. No that is Nowc answered Christian baking his head. The deceit would soon c found out. Besides tie undo mocked Ine Ell when 1 thought As thou once upon a this matter of fact tone provoked else. Thou Art too she retorted satirically. Oor Christian thought it was a Little bit of raise and went on it is Sweet though As them said St. It oui led to me As if it might to Angels that it is cried the girl Petti Iii again and nobody but thou would be so stupid to a so. Angels singing would not have so much do with ourselves would not have gone straight into the hearts it we old have Bonder and worship but not feel like that it Ras not Sweet enough for Angels. Dost thou of Nuder stall Christian that it was like the ice in the pictures under the Bridge which i Lio cd thee one of Wiful thou know St which 1 Abbot Lazar ipod Ulm Stian thus Rhu to Bay. The Abbot i else turned away from him and drummed her fingers on the Stone. The poor fallow and put the last touch to her displeasure lie As so dense he Coull never understand any icing. I am a real Blockhead at All this sort of lung i he said looking at her Wistful but she was not mollified. Sho went away it of the Cloisters where the Ami was shining n the Graves and Christian walked after her own to the Little pier. All the boats were drawn p in Bright red blotto and Green jibs. Else one not so Gay As Che and clumsily built. On tiie Scab there Lay with mod Bunch of the Mountain forgot Irie it. Tho poor things had been scorched All Day y the Sun and with a naughty intention of Ching Christian who had gathered them else aught them up and dropped them into the Ator. When she jihad , she looked Nickly at Bun under her Long eyelashes built Christian although he had seen the 3 it tie action. Id not guess the motive. Since the Flowers wore dead it was Best they should be thrown away. All the. Vexation she Lead desired to create Ripon else. She would a Steven look at him but sat with her head turned away her eyes upon the opposite Shore and her hand Over the Side of the boat letting the Beautiful Blue Green water Ripple through her fingers while Christian with a few powerful strokes sent his boat out from among the Little Fleet of vessels toward the Middle of the Lake. Christian lingered Oves his strokes for Al though it Nain Krumn he could not deny himself. The of watching her evening was drawing on. The boat Ripp kid gently Tian s to would Brighton As it did Only there still remained behind a sadness which Sho did not sue. Once or twice imperceptibly to Shook his lipid even while a tender smile at her Vaga Ries Rosted of his lips. For the. Girl had fallen into i playful mood which lasted until he had Tho boat under the Laining Planco of Ono of tie Little villages which stud the Borders of the Lake and Sho had sprung on Shore laugh before to had Timo so much As to hold out his hand. Good evening Sho called out merrily darting away from Tho water s Edge lie stood upright watching her vanish into Tho Dusky shadows of Tho houses then turned round with a sigh and Bogan to lie i 1110 Hoal. Christian Amrhein and wit two it Ollor Iivori within a Stone s throw of each other. Tho lit la Village after making a bold front by Tho water s Edge and showing Oil us Host inn with Green shutters Anil Groat tubs of oleanders and or Grimy Wiite heavy scented Datura a Igi d along under the Balcony ran Hackward and up Ward toward Tho Mountain in a kind of Strag gling Picuro Iquo Noss. A Little Stream danced merrily Down Over a bed inc houses were Chivily of Wood All had rough Sun shut ters and they Lay in n. Pretty filiac Fol setting of tiny Gordons Muad tvs of Long grass Bright wild Pink Aud Blue Lio Weis Ami Grivat Walnut and Cherry Trees dotted thickly about. Those jew eled Meadows Wero kept for Tho the and cows wore up in the Alps hiding their summar pastures. This j car they Hail but ii unusually delayed. The Winter a i returned again and again Snow Hail fallen on a Mountain s at a Timo when old Wilholm a firm Tho oldest peasant of the commune declared it to have been hitherto unknown Sinou Thon cold Bleak weather bad kept Tho Snow from melting until suddenly i burst if glorious Sunshine brought on the Hrie Waid with fairy like rapidity. The lupins wore Spring Iii up Lithe and tall Trio flax developing All Iho dairies in activity the Walnut Mills Sot in order the schools broken up. Every one was hard at work digging holding or making butter Che Soj. Else had Boer Vith the other nails at the pasturage for Gothler had but cow and her produce went into the common Slock Chris Ian s cows were on the Alps Willi the rest Ami his Mother and , and two Stout girls of the household besides but he him self Kul Bis own work on Tho farm to do Tetuo who Wii under i Rau Amrhein s euro came Down for a few Days because her Mother was ailing and wanted her and then in the midst of All the Sweet Busy pastoral work Christian cont rhed this Little Holiday for his beloved. Sho had Long to go to Liucc Rno nud to hear the famous Organ he would not resist giving her the pleasure. To thought it word be Aligi Thor delightful to Row her the Kike and to see her Happy face . And now it Sce Guetl As if Here had been n great Deal that was not Dolight finl with it. Never before had he been so conscious of a Wall Between himself and else. Her Happi Niss Iier Hajis Lay in a world where to never join her How could souls so Ever he thought of it sadly without one tinge of bitterness his Sui is Sweet Leiu pm Niovi r ice Litile fits a but wit i All the humility which Vicci Teil slights from her hand he a solid com icon sense which kept him Fimi sinking into a false position. sons ended to marry him if he not Clever enough for her to love such a marriage should never us. He had come out of House and walked through a Meadow ankle deep in grass and Flo Winis up Tow my he Little thinking these thoughts Asho went. Just As ii reached u spot where a rough trough carried Oil some of the Cletur spark Iii Rushing water toward u Meadow tin the other Side of the Village he saw else. She had come out from her Mother s cottage and. Seeing Christian she stopped. Come he said. Art thou going to the pasture then she asked wearily. Lie stood and looked at her for a moment be fore lie answered. She wore a dark stud skirt Short with an ornamental bodice the Sophie coloured material set on her fair fact the Shin ing Light hair and the gleaming Silver Arrow among the plaits. She had never looked More Beautiful in his eyes and yet it struck him with Sharp intolerable Pang. Yes 1 am to muttered under his breath so that else did not hear. The two going away together walked Side by Side silently. All the imaginative part in else s nature had been quickened and thrilled by the music of the Day strange Sweet human voices answering the crash of the tempest. She wanted some vent for her feel ing Christian could not Sneler Staniul it and Sho wished him away and herself alone with the grass the Trees and he Riib Hing torrent. So she was silent. And he had a purpose which made him draw his breath tightly and crush Down the passionate leaping of his heart with a Stern determination not often co ipod in him. It kept him from speaking for awhile. They went up a scrambling path into an open space and then sort of fir Glade. Here in the warm sunlight with else by his Side it seemed to Christian poor fellow As if a Subtle delicious Charm was about him. And yet although they were together were they not separated v to is thinking of the said else to herself glancing at him and yawning. Unfortunately at this moment Christian s thoughts did Lake thai turn. Certainly the snows must be melting to said meditatively. Always the the Young girl provoked. Aloud she said with a certain de Fiance i wish they would Nizelt then the Stream would Why and the crops at least would be said Christian with Intro Asiu Gravity. At All events that would make a Little a he looked at her in mute wonder. To pro Pound such i sentiment was so utterly out of nature that. Christian forgot his perplexities in sheer amazement. It would Sho bust out passionately. I am sick of hearing but one subject from morn ing till night. Are there no creatures in this Beautiful world but cows and goats 5 is it to be always the same a dear heaven what is this to live fury i wish i wore she stopping in her rapid walk. But the moment he approached her she started on again. No Christian no my she said More kindly than she had yet spoken thou canst not understand i do not know w i it ails me am is and than in a very undignified fashion she began to cry. Christian was very Pale. Else s trouble was More Peh Danco than Complex unreasonable working of a girl s fanciful but in his eyes it was All deep and sacred and it moved i in inexpressibly if Only he might have comforted her in any Way but this what would he have Given to have taken his dear one to his pitiful heart and hushed her sobs in his arms. Alas was it not rather the putting her far Froli n him of that Only could give her what she wanted he said in a Low voice which made her look suddenly it him and turn a Little Pale not very often in a life time that a heart Speaks without any veil Between us and it but when it does it to Miels us to something ails it i do not she answered in a tone As Low As his she had so Long been accustomed to think of Cliris Tian As unable in do Island anything below the she wondered a Little Over his discovery. And her words w eni True. She did not really know what was the in Iatter with her. I do not she1 repeated dreamily keeping her face turned i can said Christian sadly my love is too heavy a Burden for thee we have known each other always and so 1 fancied thou Nigg test have cared enough for me to be Happy we we husband and that was soft Green All round the quiet mountains qty said the poor Ftp Law Bis straight Forward i Mility. A might Havo go Isreil 1 was not Clever c Lio Iuah for Hoe. 1 have come with Tjioe to Day to led the thou Art then to stopped. He meant to have said More but something choked him. As for else Sho was slut cd altogether startled and it must to confessed a Little piqued. A curtain pleasant sense of Freedom hashed upon her it is True. She luvs been fret Ting against her chains and behold Tiht v wore suddenly lifted off hut Cliris Tian could do Lun l Sho raised her head and walked on steadily under the fir Trees. What Havo i Duno to displease f Shu said with a certain defiant hardness in her time. To cried passionately. And then checking himself he went on gravely. I have thought it before but Only Yoster Lav i know it. Ii it Elso it is natural. 1 saw yesterday How thy heart was All full of Beautiful thoughts which i could not Roach and Hen it Gri Ovid Bee. It it grieves the now it would lie a Hundred times worse when to worn mar ried. To should live Avold be 310 True she Glatky by at him hurry idly. She had not believed that he Rould think or speak As he speaking now for his was a reticent nature re Quiring a Strong Coue to siring his thoughts to the surface. There is often a humiliation in drilling out Liow ecu Jevc Uirt Kovi Down Ripon such natures which after All have Depths beyond us. Els had not realized she. Was Yob too much of a child 10 Ival Ixo any Power thai was who Felt sorry for poor Christian More sorry for him than glad Over her own Liberty and thinking of his Trou ble she said 1 crimps. But thou she got no answer. To might not have been Able to Trust himself to speak this at least was How Sho read his silence. A inn of cont ice ing feelings rushed through lit. Asho said Slit Felt her dreams her imaginings to be far above him she lived in a world Vahmi she believed to be Ai High out of his Roach Tho snowy summits yonder were beyond Tho lowly goatherd. She nursed her Solitude until it became dreary and Barren. All inc time beneath those grand aspirations a Ierio Lay a tender , hating to cause pain. Kino Felt like a Queen descending Nevei wholess she would step Down from her Ili Rono. Christian s self inc i in to. Should not make him miserable. Who stood still and put out her hands to him with Protty girlish Bamel Aeed nosh. Let it slay As it 1 am Jle look her hands them toil cry in his. Hut to did not break out he glad exclamation expected and she glanced the cure was a Brave Man but to looked at Christian for a moment with Tho of a now horror i his Oyos. Thomas by Csc in to Lour. My father the Kon melts too gently for that work and knows Way better i hat any Man in the Alley 1 that is Christian an swore is vet 1 cannot feel at inst about it 1 father is Hiiro to to said Thomas obstinately. Just Hen his youngest child a gook a in ipod round faced Little Hormoth i. And came running o him Slot Elm out her hands half Lulf triumphant Little in her thu Hurricane. Lie la find Hor in his Aims held Hor Anil his boat round Hor. So Trio i to 1 Lor breast Liis Aims dashing Hor. Lot us and give a look at Tho said Khrimian. Ii is no higher limn i have it girl but Sho lifted Hor Hoad mid looked it Thorn All Visol Sloly Ife is not Sho said. My Luoler is Doad i know but cod has Given Moback u so indeed i Thoy out his hair and bound up Tho pairing wound. Tho Ewo mud fac at a Lilli to dry the men s wot clothed and then while boat was gone to fetch another Load there Cima u t Ryling Timo of Imd Ion. When Tho boat returned Thoi of Toiv Intro Joyful grooming a More t killings of sick Angi Itoh More tide aleut what had or Hud not been saved far As Thoy could Oil four Mon wore mks ing Thorn is so Nam among Mihoin Lien i How was Little a Thirlo and also s Mot Hor in d tie to Lynn within to Lac Droh and Whon Hie said with triumphant Ronli done. In old wiil Helm s experience lie had Little Miu to s sol to Goldon Pio Sod closely against him and was hold Nis Hor ton doily i believe h is nil Svel Stirn Anil Thon a sudden Shoul Alo was told it after All. Only n Toudor that so Many had Boon saved from that Earl Bart do Atli. Of Long after Thon was a sir at Law door. Othor appeared on Hiko As urn storm subsided. Some of i bom Rowau about outside trying to pick up those portions do Universal wreck which Boon Tow Hiko. Ono at Las in a Havior Burden nigh which Thi a Row Oil directly to Tho Church. This it was which causal Tho stir this Sonio a dutch at Thomas Doar i Evrod Solo Melv i Hood out a Jayon i to cried i into Tho of Mph with Tho cure fix Jiu Thoj Woight where on sum 1 5-Ssa surm Row from hot Knees mid mor , they could Litlo Init icel j went to Moon Al Pult Itig out Hor hand Ami Troi Siblini violent la Sinni one irked to Hor. Makool Vlaho she said in a hoarse " i Hai is at a him i from Tho priest the men obeyed. Her instinct was Oahu and still Lay in r band and there Loo clasped Light to his i Oast Lay Little Noldon a had Mario. That a Horii i Obj Xieo Novor Boon Brnko ii 1 is arms Wero round Hor Trio fair Little head against leaping at him in a Little Repi Raehl ii wonder he Shook his Hoad foully. Klio could Only suppose hat he did Noi. Usual. Why i " she asked Cage Rev. For my n of for my Sho Onlo Ivd Crimson now and to withdraw Hor hands lint to held them tighter than he knew. Lomo go she cried angrily. She Worth Havo lied the Connlain if he had Rele avd her. Till Hiou Hast Only he said with n determination w High had in Luenow it is Riu Jil thou Tiloi kist understand. What 1 said u As not All unselfish. Els.1, in Waswil Only to release thee from Why thought o myself Loo. The husband must to first in the Lious lipid and in ours he would to the second. Thou Doar one Thon wouldst anything but kind and Good and mild but All thu Riuo thou look Down on to in thy Hoail and i should know in in Ali Oil could he no happiness fur either of us. He s lid smiling a Litell give sad smile thou Arl like flip boat pitiful Clear Vator rushes Down evermore Down to the Lake and l ,-1111 like the i eat Dull Lono it dashes Over Joel to her is he spoke. His Oyos fastened themselves on her face As it to drink the he was a Spring Liko a door Sho darted him and ran the Sloop path. Else Down from Tho . Christian Amrhein wont n font his farm and no one As it of any Chancre in the remain Eil a Smorol hot Ween hem and there an other secret which they did not Cumi share Uilah sorrow from which each was Rill Craig. Sho is Happy now Christian would say to himself with a sigh All the while vigorously culling away at the Turners grass if to had ii other i bought in life. He will soon Bobc Tilhod to Anna mused else. How Little to Kivow of the hearts oven of our Dearest wit two ill Hlor knew no More than the rest of the world. Christian had not been to the House it was True but to Hor practical soul Hay making was More important than1 love nuking any Day. She was ill too and else was Fiul to remain in Hie House and Altott to her rather than risk a meowing with Christian. Ilium to come1 before Long she a ii w the Lillo Village w As too Small for neighbors to avoid each other and Tho poor have not the luxury of Tho much an idea never entered Tho Young head. 1 do not oven know whether to such Home Loving souls it would not have Boon even a fresh trouble in Stead of a Relief at any rate lie win la stay work when his time came die and to buried in tie lit flu churchyard with wooden Black crosses crowned with withered and Sot in the midst of Tjui ant Little bus like War bids. One evening he had to speak about some farming Busic own with Thomas Sturm Tho j Iii Idson Omlor so so in the Ait tudo in , that it. Hushed id mourning Tho Wail i did away on he Mother s tips i to priest 1 crossed himself and Knoll Down beside Ihori still Lisa glanced at ilm i Liemb Loil Bent Down and Kissoo ice husband and the Lacos and Knoll Down also. About ii hour All or one of the boats Amo Back with a doctor. Ohm of All Tho women who wore watching brought him whore Johani and Christian Lay a Little apart from Oach Othor. Thoy know thai Coliann was gone beyond All Roach of skill Only wife was , and in Soi ipod to Iho i simple Folk that the Horlor should say in Plain words hut no Moi could in done by any them. And Hen to turned Tanii s wildly a hat Lime Doai or limn Lif of used to out into Iho flood. It was All Iho Pii Ost amid do to hold Ali door against Horn it id fou Oil a i i Hull ii. Fur. In spite of in s ill int on Lillo Hill Iho yellow Embid there Al his ii id is the door . in i Billle into Iho Hii Din a. Tho Wom ii Hoko out into ,111 Wail Lisa Sturm Hoim a on h to Iho euro _ let me go in so "1 have out and then la Nkiru Roihl her wildly m Jillso Mother. Will her on Wallior a in. To voting girl Proks a him . "1 must in let she cried Irving Tho lock "lnm-1, i am Hollor and my poor Mot her is ill in her Hod. I 1 Only for one minute she would not i did. He in Ier ing to me 1 klsi1. Of Jour you Woro i always Good to me out what could in oort Rios doth Lorri Bif pathos of those beseeching Pizic a j heart Tike a knife. Jle did 1 in Host he Ould. There by the door under Trio Lilloo follow Stream of a or w is Gigli big be Knell Down. My he , in a Vico of annl Fraulo Sheie one stilled to angry n into a , let us Pray to what n jiul it calmed Thorn is to expected. who had been frantic now Only moaned Aud wept sol sly Lisa Sturm say ing Oyer a again under her by oath my Little Marie my Lilloo the Fon had Sud Donov Modora Tod As if her faithful will j the Sii Linht Hin Iii upon her hair her under he dear Oyos us Ion those closed thai had looked so sadly at Hor when she met choir i Jle is is a Ihl to Voutir Doc Lor Al err All he could not do much i and Tho women at Hajle else poor child and Shook choir Heads As the Ini Kutou oame and vent and Bru Highl no change jut he Bonlore i land was Noi a slight Lloil Neivi Inonu a iu1 doctor was it i his Hea i in a painful breath j Iho Oyos opened and i hems to. On , wandered away returned j Iho in Lod lie ail a Broa Thod i , in Iho faintest it Ohl Osl her arms woo around him an1 Itin Victor , half laughing became at 1 Lla Saur i Lacon. Work Wero finished Iho hot Sun shone Over head the mountains unmoved by the Din and j can Ima n turmoil beneath Lay with the of Tho evil Droit in heaven upon their but Here in this Little nest of Homes whole but a Short i line ago it had seemed All Sweet plentiful Pearo. Who a contrast no Given Meadows were left bore Aud there a Little Hillock just raised Crest above Tho yellow Muddy patois a few Dees Roma Noil to show whore Orchards had smiled half a dozen houses were like the Church itself Ikirt Oiin Jed but not destroyed every hic Iso Wero gaunt wooden Lils Riding out of Tho water solitary Gables posts Loofs. Per haps a broken in loony hanging All round a terrible Tola this waste of Wood roes dead Eiso every thing wins Imo sted with a horrible the Flo nil was not rising to came toward Thorn in Waves and was at least ton feet be Low the Chamch but Whf Dierl Virgo outlet had Boon bleed into the Lake or it on some other Lomason in did not appear to grow higher. If Only i could got out sighed the euro. Then Ono of thu old non cried out to them from Tho lower windows in a Footh cracked voice of exultation i a boat coming Sec despair changed to excite Mon and every to Votint of the boat was proclaimed by eager women. It draws a Doar heaven How slowly they Row think of he can they land j to came some Ono stood up in it and waved and a woman foil Dow n on her Knees in Tho water. It is Walt Hor my she cited sobbing and laughing n t once. Lisa Sturm a d humbly with a quiver i i her voice which went to the cure s Hoai t will to Good enough to toll to Tho moment you our Little Mario my Oyos Are not what they wore and the child is such a Little and Thon she broke Oil looked at him wistfully. Thomas is not said old Wilholm shading his eyes with hand and shaking his head i think he would not come in i he fit at she answered in the same pleading Ono but the is so Tho priest took her hand greatly touched. To said very quietly sometimes our father takes his Little children from of arms into for lie had seen hat Little Mario was not in the boat. The boat rowed up women rushed into the water Aud dragged it in with cries of Joy. Were there .1 frenx., Walthor Flat or join Rich Lens two women and two dark Fig ures lying at the Bottom of Trio boat. All the men wore More or less Hurt All looked solemn and a i. In the midst of a torrent of questionings Thoj kissed heir wives or Mot Hois without any outbreak of Joy. Tie Cine and the others went to lift out Tho dark figured. Jammed in isome void Franz briefly. Jobi Iun is Lunitte was taken out motionless with Sodden clothes. Jis wife was a Way at the Sennen Alps. Lie a some one said in a hushed voice and no person contradicted it but 11 icy carried their sad Burden into the Church Anil inc priest directed Thorn How to use certain Sim ple remedies. As lie wont Back to the boat he met the second Little second heavy silent Burden More ghastly than the last from a deep cruel Cut across the head. Who is it asked the priest who could not the face. Christian said to whom his Mother was clinging rapturously. And then Tho cure saw that else was at the head. Sho had run the Church and wins in the boat before toy one could Stop her kissing the White stained face passionate silence and As she would let no one. Take Hor place the men had passed a coat under his shoulders and carried him so else holding his Ciul. They All loved Christian aint were. Very Lender with him but they Shook their Heads in answer to the euro s questioning look. When Thoy Down gently a whisper wont round and the Good priest tried to the the China dial l heir Iri Oudt Oan wish for a of Iho next i Noi Tiou is Iho ability to Money. A i merely habit of work Havo hint now inn High Tho How to work to profit. If to habit of so working hoi omes Romni in it will produce a change Tor to better in their Groat or limn any Law social or Iii Iliene could bring ii bowl. Those who Aro at nine May Well Romblon at Iho in Oji Siil to Horii such those who think to human i ice capable of in pm Moni perhaps not he Milioli Lann i of Thi Gio i of St Arlo to such a Chaure in the the Psi los. They do nol Lix k Abr d Obiofu o do not can o provi be for Iho ii line. L Rcv a lucrative Trado or i onion Uii l cannot Thoro Foro Toad is Ono j of their Suo Cossor. U Hon his complain in is i of definite is Nice on Tho part of Tho of Hor sex. I and of Coin so Tho respectable part of them to not on Plain at All. Ono word As to Tho for to fun Tiric on Tho pint of conservative Lemoc Ramonus. 1 n Ond a 10 describe Tho Consol noncom of any Lingo. They simply Pilch upon the in ates t Ami ill. To neglected Iho household Lei Iho husband made miserable the family Bioko up. The Only ground Llwyn have for expo ing All this is that to women will have Liberty to All this mischief Anil thai Ulbio. They will do it. J Luy must Iovu frightful notions of the constraint in which Tho 1 Mooon Goneis Itin of women live. If the Cam of Gildion bind hons and Homo is Only from hum be choir incapacity of i Sis Tanee How their lives must to whal Are their Roal inclinations on what soil of Voli Ano Are to living can to madly Savo our who s Imu i longer from an explosion by slopping up Tho orator what would these alarmists say to the employments win min of to Mindok class two Hii died oars ago she had to see to Tho spinning of All the Wool and flax used in Hie family probably to buy it and often to negotiate the Weaver and finisher of cloth. Tho Feather Beds the Nalory the were All of Hor providing. The salting of the and often to raising Patton and killing of it was done under Hor in. Spool Ion. Tho ale he liquors Ami Many of idiom hues Wero under Hor us Periu Donco. Sho on Iod in prop ratio of the. Hion daily for own , for All Trio maids Lei Jurod fir his Multi Tanious work Gynn ally for her husband s Apprel ices and work Mimi sides the family grow Richer or poorer depend Eil in an important dog Roo Oil skill and Industry in thu Sis various nip Loyita nos and Hor Power of guiding the numerous Uii Doi her. Kuroly some Puoplo of to any will ask what became of her Auslund and Chii Dien were Thoy not terribly neglected if not. Nut a Lily of Tho pics Cut Haso Tim and How is it to be filled must Sho talc-1 the plow of one of Hor own Sor business of buying and superin fondling being gone from her or should Sho Sook a higher position even though Liko everything Casa ill the her work changed Rany peso is think that Thevoz is really work in Tho House for n wife and Mother whatever the number of servants employed if women Lak 1 to any these people Don t Liko Thoy arc always told to look after their fam Ilies and stay at Homo. Those preachers must be so in cd to Soo inc cooking washing teach Oto not Dono by the Molher Thoy must know that without these employments Hor Timo can not be filled. Those woo Aro Rich Knotig to pay for do not so fill it and strange to say Tho ambition of most husbands is to enable their wives to osoaik1 from this Woik. Society must to All not Only in Tho fun Niland but in Tho prose n t. Whore is this Moil l family to to found where Tow wife is wholly occupied with Hor husband and , mid not it the same time earning or saving Money of she is so occupied fit die Sake of earnings Why does she earn St to i ave curious modes of measuring Yhip of Money. If it has to he we of to Motif of earning it it is something not oily contemptible. If to spank of those wow Havo it it covers i incl Luule of and it is Srp Posod under Tho name of property Fer a i it lit Auh capacity to assist in the Nian basement of Public at airs while some will Dpi Cato the into i Ference of feminine ignorance silly loss. Olla twin ilk silliness and temper in Public business Somo will Vaine their Superior honesty tact and ing. Every ionian being knows Well that in i slav for Power lie does not wish to do evil that to tins plans for Tho Public Good that he would like to Forward ant knows of wrongs to would like to see redressed.-. Mistaken impracticable ignorant he Lizay be proved to be but he can never be ashamed of his wish to try. When women dare confess the same honest wish and themselves to attain the Power the change will be startling enough. Tie Freedom to Rise to those who Are Capate of is a Blessing of the first there Aie certain Flowers which not a Nom in darkness so it is also in he mini glib Kiaira of i oat suf the human soul opens itself to the Light of Tho Cle Ruar Mcmen
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