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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1873, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - August 14, 1873, Bristol, PennsylvaniaM a of v f r f t Wii it Cun like Thieo rather the a com i choose a in lib Iii Gram Joi Imti till tic Cut trial rent shall come thic Woi iut i Cleonse Why Beautiful i conc thee fruit All Clao to the my Home for i Iota from thy Grout Kwh itral Terrace the Dawn on the a Gluck is grow or to watch tic Kii Wllling of aids it on the snowy summits flush nil the Pri do of the Swiss in their country is unbounded and every be noise considers the oboe u i4 tic very glory of Switzerland. Love of Cal entry and of Freedom the people this Little Republic monarchies that surround the word is to Weir watchword arid the nor Triumph and when one remembers their old struggles and How bravely they fought for their and one is in Dir wed to forget Tuiai they will fight As by Vul for any other if paid enough. Standing Amori Elwir everlasting one Eti Tets into the spirit of their old poets in to the wasted monarchies around Licin. Do be Here Iny in swat scr yet tie Jung Frau stands serenely before this modish town holding Ever before he denizens of tile would of fashion a glory Chlell Dot s not change. Morning kindles this id tar before Thorn and evening lights her fires there till it scams to if the Golden Gates of heaven were ajar and Somaf the glory shining through. And Greener mountains stretch away on either Side to tie Lovely lakes of Tymn and pleasant roads wind away from the world of fashion to the a world of nature. If you take Hie one Liat leads to tie Little Hamlet of Gold Wyl and climb up to the Rains of the ancient Church which crowns the height a won Drous picture will Reward you. The left Side of the Valley looks shadowy and cold on the right the Sizow or pitied to ii alone glitter in the Sunshine. The Aulhorn the Jung fran and the mass of the Miseli Sun Uund the Lovely Valley where the Waters of Lake and to Iii arfijfcireaa1 m liquid Beauty. From the the tinkling of the i kills. The herds Are Liere for their sum Mer pasture. Or yom May Hoar the evening Bell from Hiu Vonburg Ivinno Umici no to the herdsmen that it is time to Call Home to Weir Strait Terud locks. Boats us Licet Anil Beautiful As Chamois bound at Tho Call each with a Blu on Tho Nock making music As they outs unlike tills Dusty ragged specimens in the Stony suburbs of our cd pcs at Home wandering in melancholy Nood no pfc the Irish shanties and browsing upon bits of Silken Laii Cal mild eyed creatures waiting for caresses with almost human f of Lush knowing their master s voice and obeying surely goats arc Only prose Chamois or Chamois Are the poetical Ideal Goat. two boys called All Tho goats of the Village every morning Early and Lead Thorn up to fresh Alpine pastures before tic Dew is off the grass to browse for the. Day. At Twilight they Are gathered together ail. Come Back joyfully bounding and ringing their As if to say Here we Are again sly Garden fences As they go by a if to decide tie merits of cultivated forage As comp Sirti to their own lanes to their own Homes to be welcomed by the poor families whose help and nourishment they but from the lil the Summit Over Gold Wyl one sees another sort of a tiny Lake Vith no or dark Mirror for the Dank vegetation about it. Its Waters Are said lie of equal density with those of me Ocean. Great Aud immense crevices Lurk under their Black Calm. The imprudent who Trust its treacherous quiet and try a Bath Here Are said to find suddenly the solid Earth melting beneath their feet and they sink to a horrible death even among the Pond lilies with their sorceress smiling As serenely As this hike is according to tradition unfathomable. But for a Union of All Alpine beauties the Lai itch Bru unti Valley and gunned Elwald. Aie celebrated. Lauta Brunnon with its water Falls hns been painted and photographed with out end. There is the staubach blown about in the wind like a Gossamer veil. Byron says like the Paivi tall. The Elmit Stoncil to lie be strode by do with As told in Luik but surely this is viewing that Moat delicate of Lions in a Bony the Brick is to Nult Sously Down its Bright foaming torrents framed in Green lir tacos while the staubach Waves like a gentle Mist in the softest Breeze. The Schmau Laibach rushes out clean from a Down with a Roar for 200 yet. One vol Hie of ponderous water and rebounding foam ail along the Valley fulls the streams i of tic rocks so All then Liere arc massive Blue in the Light of the Mountain g siuts lifting their Snow crowned Pine forests and Mountain peaceful villages Ami Green now Aud then glimpses through Forest openings of one of those Sublime pictures which Alpine nature alone can marshalling of Moun a igday the Monde the Jung Frans Virgin and others. Tie beauties of Paulc Brunnen Are thus Sung by one of their own poets Ever Fulling Iii tie suns Lintio Silver Clotier when c i look am Winji o i far Ami near. Think it is Fine to be a dashing Young lady to be and a Hoyden generally and so it has come about that our children have disappeared and in their Stead we have a race of Little men and women prematurely old and for the excitements of Matu Whf years. Having lest or never Cypei in used the charms of the Sweet Spring time of life by the time they take their allotted places As men and women in the world their Fioshiu is is gone. No wonder Liat they Beconi i prematurely careworn and dyspeptic and that our women fade so soon. Tet the Man has inc lived his impulse and lie rushes on in whatever calling he finds himself. He Dis Cocci a the Dollar is the sign of loyalty the passport to Host circles of society the sure twi Avitee of All he must have it. He cannot Stop to enjoy life his Home the society of his faintly or friends a Fortune must i be made first. It is a fast slow processes will not now answer he must use Efi Oit desperate Means. He must haste to got and toils and delves and rashes on through life in his mad frenzy after the making wild Simu lations Ruusu Bijj Laiful and often if these will not accomplish his purpose. A sorting to More questionable methods of gain he becomes a sharper a dishonest dealer a de ruined Man. No matter what the profession each has his Standard Sot to which he Viust the the Story of a. T. Stewart or Girard who from Small beginnings amassed millions and to fancies by incessant toil or fortunate speculation or some great com Mercial throw lie too will eventually win and take the coveted place among the merchant princes of tie land. Then lie will retire take time to in Ike the acquaintance of Bis family and enjoy life. The lawyer has heard there is Aud All Hii energies to get up. The Fanner heart of some one who shouldered Bis a Young Man and felled the Tim Ber and hewed his Way inti the Possession of Miles of land and innumerable herds and flocks frown All the rear bound. Cloud a Cloud came Over a. Land of i 0, hush Little Lenow lest it Nawi you by 1 Itow to lick Iliad waited Wattle d for the Multi Mountain and Valley and Vineyard and , never a Kien from Tom 1 Down with it Adlesa Eye. But now i through the out of fit Tomt t of the Poplar spire j get wind wow out o to Tom a la now All the leaves trembled bid Lur Mure and orow a Fop to Btij help of it stirred the faint pulse of the Forest treo and breathed through the and the Brier slowly the Cloud came then the wind dumb Lay the land in Kab Liot kudu Antte the Thrush on Tho Elm Bough suddenly stopped the Woi Thor worn Swallow in mid flying dropped Trio Linnet coined Kihiko in Trio Mimico mute Tho Cloud it cd till it Hung oct Rhyad and dense. A Tho Cool Rush through tic dry ton tied Trees tie Patter and Plaski on Tho thl Vasiv Earth the Ouger bubbling of Runnel and Rill the i Spinn of leaves thut have drunk their nil tic Lichen ideas that Roll oils the of Mali i life for the Woodland tint Vino fwd. Kew life with Tho would i i ice Blit i. And he too is fascinated with the idea of grow Petett has and feet the Pocsi yol Hail. What to link you of oils Liatis t Loyal subject Xay her foot do curb what about hands exclaims with them. We Beckon Pix Lisq Call dismiss deny refuse Lutgert Gate us Jujiro court cot fess Reint doubt., com Mand imitate in Conige accuse absolve defy despise Hatter i insult. Work tight or Ort Ila Spair astonish tie Lii u id is so beautifully arts sensitively Foru cd it moves with Aon Ucli Power Freedom and delicacy that it seems to possess instinct within itself. Whether in. Movement or. Impose expression cannot. Inis Takeiri most tranquil Jiosi Tion indicates our natural disposition its fixture our actions and our passions. In the varied phases of life. All the Graceful and pleasing attitudes ass Intel by women arc by the., movement of the hands. Many gestures of the. I Gers Only have a Jau Guage so True that it appears expressive. We know that a hand held or Given Lias expressed a greater emotion than could made in a Long discourse. I he primitive Quality of Beauty is comparative smallness. A lady s hand is considered do you Long in your lives of soil to stand l would you change your Scop Trot for n hard by s of from the lofty chats Down d of training through the for Trees Groen arc the glancing Waters seen. Joyfully Thuiy re springing umber to tie t Rush Green Valo i Niilow with is thousand Tong nos of Tolver guilty us they go. Oum you in free Koll grub cd will look Down upon our Hind of care it lies a mighty Book o by god s tace mountains arc tie the Vale s in but a Point i this mighty Book of Ood i Yon knew what in written there it shines in a tto Freedom my princes be in ulcer it tight ii we written by no thai no Preli to Tan Tiit i Burta Fig flow Cal to Seal their country s Fate 1 me How our Jung Frau her head beneath her veil Ai a bridegroom doth the morning deck her brow with Pale Tjui Rainbow tinted Flowers she trims her garments do be Tell of or of Alpen i orcs of Tho Chamois bounding gaily of of Blither so incr in aids have you Scon Tho Monn Tan lab or the queer great headed gnomes or the giant s Cline striding or the elves in it Thor s a Advant Igic in Giogi Bibb it Gen Cliv on my Sidtis. Somehow to got ill of tin credit. Lewis Vas bout under i a ileum Static is. His Timily were a wild ambition ii Ami 1 Luke often turd m Mother uncut Purlous Sot. At Jas ipod of his Buth they were in tic height of Thole map Tandoi. It Jos Siulc to i proach them in those , they mad the Iii to Cdr neg Huboi Lwood by f.ir., " heir Lioi sos and stable s Wosic Tho envy of everybody. Tricy Guyo part is and blocked up the of tins guests. The greatest people in the Laid went to and even people of distinction a iriving in the. Country would take. The earliest Opportunity of paying. Their to the Luwise. 31 r. Lewis a to Only Lii Orose Man but his wife she was Young of the loveliest women As my declared o my upon whom the Sun Ever a boric. It Seius bar so was As Brilliant Iii Nunilo and As Tourng coins Iii spirit As she was in person Lovely. Mr., and jars. Lewis were called among the local. The Beauty and to beast. be never bad it gracious word or look she Svinis always i d Iii smiles slip had a kind word and it ready hand for the poor. If Sec dislike cd her lord Shu loved her children mul boy were always with her in Trio Carriage. Two boys Tomt were. The envy of All of bar boys we o saw Thoin j who wore tie loveliest feathers Iii to boil limits True Alicd books Wilh jihad Ditl played with marbles every one of. Which was an Agate Aud spun tops of slain Wood i Ali Silken cords were the idols. Of their Beautiful Parent and were Seldom permit Ted to Range beyond her sight. Thore wus an Uncle in the funnily who had married i believe the Mother of mrs. Lewis after her father s Jiom. . I kiwis loved ii Well "as1 the most devoted daughter can adore the Host indulgent of parents. Her Mentor her guide in All tilings. His word was her Law and she was never tired of telling her friends about his Wisdom and the great position be held in the world. Gossips said that tie Only fact which mud the married life of mrs. Lewis was taut her husband was related closely to her sep ii Thyri it was very Ratunil in Lewis to Inuko much of her Stop ii Lior. To was Tho person age to whom she looked for tie advancement of her Darling boys in his influence seamed to be boundless arid be knew it us my Mother who often saw Hini frowning out of his Chariot Flat insertion Inch Endi additional insertion t notices in local 20 fonts notices 26 cout. Oxtra. Tor tool Ciao Liu Tiro , Mart i Himl it Tho off co not later own wednesday Swu and m Gnu u in Neun Rian in window on his Way to see his Beautiful step Delighter would Tel me in after years. The elder boy was sickly Aud was Wipt at Home but the second was sent to school and As i have said it was at school where 1 first met him. The new boy made a sensation. It was whispered along the forms that Liis name was Lewis and that to had come in a Lut Rouche with a servant in livery to carry his Bourks. We crowded around him in the playground and found that his pockets wore full of Money that lie had a knife with Ono Blade More Ihan that of the cock of the school and that a most imposing coat of arms was engraved on Tho heaviest of Silver spoons and Forks which were for his use at table. The master fawned on him and save him easy lessons and put him at the dusk nearest the stove. We hated him for Are Only Little men. Out of school i must say Lewis gave him self Lio airs. His plentiful pocket Money was lavishly scattered Lioti the apply woman came into tic playground. He would buy a shilling s Worth of Bonaparte s ribs and give every boy in Tom school one. To would propose a Scrani ble for apples or a whole quart of Spanish nuts. I have known him come with half a give one to the follows who had played at horse with him. Playing at horses was1 his passion. A boy must to a great favorite Able to dispense favors who wants to drive a team in the playground Lewis was amiable enough we thought then and was ready to give no he Imd provided we nags.1 to Iliadi Liim and he drove us. He was n ready fellow with his lists . He would give but he would Jovo no taking son very Well with him and was often his Oil Sider because made my bargain openly and he liked that i carried Hajis. Of things till my Mother at Home was quite Idarine. Where did you get Liat splendid top said Lew was Lily answer. That Kite must Lii Ive Cost live shillings i replied. Is not Worth my Miil Erizil Parent a Sci Ved. Was my response but i never liked him. To played truant together and lie got to of the punishment Aud. The school cheered him in Liq. Playground foi1 it. they made much of i must say Lewis himself did to and a behaved Well in risking me Lioma his Mother s great House to Dine and a saturday afternoon with him. . Lewis s step father was there and everything gave Way to him pinched my ear mid tipped 1110 when t went Oil to school in the with fruit and cakes for Tho boys of our which. . Lewis packed up with her own White hands while her step father stood by looking at her and joking very affably for so great a Man. an orphan and my guardians being resident in Lewis persuaded his Mother to invite me for a fortnight or so to their country House. It was Here i saw the Lewis Sand their mighty friends in All their glory. The House or Castle was an ancient one which her Stepfather had Given to mrs. Lewis As a marriage present and which be Public smiled when Lewis took his Seal among Tho attorneys. When to failed my Temple meals would Ron round me and i Isle Well has Young infatuation Imd enough of it Lewis s brother died when he was Al out Nineteen and mrs. Lewis followed soon after. 1 thought Lewis would have gone mad. He was Curti Kiuly an son but who would not have Imi ii with Euclia Mother Hail it not Boon 1 or Bis precious Law suit he would have followed Lewis in a month or two but As the Dilt celtics in Cro soil and Tho chances Lens n nil less to Only grew inner in his Spond his last fart Liing and Trio lust hour of his life in the fight. To Spain cd me All i asked from Wirich was not Inaudi and he contrived hat we should wet into to live Togel Hor. So that 1 on my profession i you May be sure to refund him to the utmost Penny some Day but who can Ell what us mor Row May bring Forth 1 Don to think he pc Rcd to be repaid. He never said there were times 1 know when i had Money and to had none. Nay there hero two or Throe. Pc cations on which he was locked up. To actually curried on his plans in Tho Spung ing Unise and when to was let out walked straight away to his lawyers. To would meet to with Tomt Strug Osail smile on Liis and his first question would be How i was get Ting on did 1 want anything 1 in u few months All troubles would be Over and we should be in Clover. For l must do him the Leaf of every Trefoil he might Girth or was to be for your Huin Blo servant. Btl i Lipini. Toll How on a sudden Fortune came upon is would be to make a Long Story. The menu Lewis s character carried him through. Ity he looked sickly but in the weak weak Cas Herald of health. The old Washerwoman. From the German of a. Chamiso Busy hands the Linen though very Oil Ami Gray of hair hot Washerwoman Stato still holding on to Ier sixth and Seventieth year she steadily thar ugly pain and four with a civil and almost holy pleasure doth till to perfect to Giitl the sphere that god 8 decree to her did measure. _ Long years ago a she loved she i opt a woman s lot on her , with heavy cares ayn Cuil Bercu. Her baby s father weak Ami i it r own poor Little one s she Vuew Mcd Tho ii Laid him in the grave yet Stio. For her no Faith or Hope Hud Pictish cd. Her children All alone to nourish she gave herself right cheerfully and made to order and Honcho Industry. Foi better Fate in for Ott lands she let dearly loved ones her Kow on life s verge alone she stands. Vet Bravo and Busy now its Ever. With saving hand and heart of solving she hath bought and through the night with music of her wheels revolving hath spun the thread to Toft Ftnat Light. The Weaver wove Tho with scissors then and Needle plying h r own hand did the Farb prepare to w cur Tiea Yokl in death she s in ing. This Linen in her own dear treasure preserved As in a sacred shrine she hold s it life s supreme St pleasure to keep this raiment White and Hue. When Sabbath Cornea god s word to hear she puts it on with thoughts of dying then lays it by pious fear to Wear when in her last rest lying. Of. When life s evening Blu pcs draw round me. Would that i Milit. Like her be sure that All the circling lines that bound me were filled with work As Good and pure. I would that i at life s full Tou it had drank like her my cup s deep Mca Suic on death with equal peace would count could see my shroud with pleasure. Jersey people Don t say liar right out but remark sir you remind me at my lamented brother who could Pervert truth with the greatest v modest lady of the House Millicent How do you like your Hoite Moli cent immensely but b.6 wants a firm hand Voo know. Hed Reirson run away with me if i gave him re Chance would t he Robert first Cousin to Millicent runaway with you if you gave him a by George if i can judge of Roland s Jfe slings by my own i should just this Chc helped her to beautify superintending the cultivation fruits and the Felling of the Timber the planting out of the shrubberies and the repairs and adornments of the Lio Iise himself. They wore a picture when Hervas shuffling about in his Gray dress ing gown and she was in her morning Robe with her abundant Zwir floating about her so Long that she could throw it around Lewis and almost smother him with it which made him look very foolish i . She petted Lewis in the most ridiculous style and made him dress like.a-, Page in a burlesque. To me site was almost As affectionate As to her own son and when i told her How i was left an orphan in my fourth year and How i had not a relation in the world a big hot tear from her brimmed eyes fell upon Iny baud Wirich she was holding while she talked to me. She said i must let her to a Mother to me and she called up Lewis and told him. In her serious impetuous Way that Jie was to look upon me As a brother and kind to me. Lewis was Ati indulgent Mother but she was strict too As her step father directed her to be and his word was to Law in every thing. Lewis went to Bod at nine ant so did 1 while i was at the Castle. We by get d Liaf an hour s Grace sometimes but she would never when she was in the Middle of a song. She Sang divinely a old Lewis loved to hear his Mother. Some he would keep me awake for a whole hour after we were in bed listening o mrs. Lewis s voice in the drawing room. J was obliged keep awake being his guest but this shows How Inconis cute he could be. He had begged mrs. Lewis to allow him to give me one of his Shetland ponies on my by today and he had surprised me with it with bran now Saddle and was Yery Good i am free to own but he might have that i liked fishing be Star than Riding and that i should have been More pleased with a handsome Rod and tackle. One Day jars. Lewis s seeing me on the Terrace alone called me to Hijii and began o question me on the life that my guardians had projected for me. When i told him that i heard from them for a year Ami that i had not the least idea of their intentions in regard to me he pulled my oar and muttered poor lad Pooi lad this is the Way the world is and so the subject was dropped and Lewis and i at the end of the returned to school. Misfortune overtook me v Hen i was on the Point of entering at the Middle Temple. My guardians and to my horror and amaze ment i was informed that their affairs involved to my utter Triin. They had speculated with my Money and out of a Good Fortune which left me i bad something Ket was the Mother s heart Ile Lead Art of waiting. When to was in cure Tor Street one Day overture were made to , by i lie accept Ance of which he would have secured to him self a handsome income for life. Jul he Dis claimed it and went quietly to bed on a no vember night in he shabby a whinging House with lie observation that he was in no hurry. So that when an extraordinary turn in the Law suit took every lawyer by Surprise and tin Legal world stood Al Psi dim founded at a decision 1 hat put him in Possession of the entire wealth of that remarkable Uncle of Liis who used to punch my ears he alone was Cool. 1 Ean see him now fastening the band about his umbrella As he walked out of he court As Calm As. The Cabman whom lie hailed. On tie Morrow morning when lie had read a report of the Case in papers horned to and said i was right my Friend you Sec that 1 was right. And now Ell me which Are the rooms in the Castle you would prefer drop at colitis s and see the Liberty 1 have ventured to take with your balance. Tell me if Yon like your Brougham it is at the door. Kov. See whether Yon cannot become lord Chan in sober truth my Brougham was at. Tic door my account was a princely one and i had in pick of the Castle apartments. The scene was a glorious one when the Sun of Lewis s fortunes was at its Noontide splendor. The Beautiful my Emir old Agiu till Tivoli at this i him to moment 1. Ran to my we o s Imit Doland tool Hor to Liuvao every thing i july fur us Mullay train. Above nil she wus forgot Lier diamonds. 81 w was to most of Edmont sorts and 1 to Iii do Justice to not forgot an Yuling a Sven to Tho baby s owls. I Illuv cd to to Alibi Ary Ami Tarim Lewis by the hand expressed my in govt. To n the world 1 i urn beg Gared t my Der the nun we Paul of Titi Jlyo Wii i kiopli1-Lilivo tur mid me my own. Stewards. people places m Nim poor and Haw Tom Thi Lvang no the of tins in ii tiny that has to. You i my b ii lieu s this morning give notice. To Law Rascal is rat Uunila a Twenty and carries Linin Duomo with him. But some Art not it the trouble of masking Ali or to lure is no Cro Jikuro upon two logs four half so unum Lefuel its in bad sex ant Eliut you have petted " and can pet. No longw1. Foo shut fellow crossing the Purk with a Loudill emt to a june to me Ahlrik is jilt nuni Bui Twenty oni.1." How ims Bis come to pass my Devir Lewis i1" 1 tucked is it Altoga Lior in Cha it Luis Collie to pass As 1 have every inn non whose Liono r i Liao Bill Rayed to. My Mode i Otto Jim a i Mii Tow i Iii to at to for a fool. ,.jl have to hold lit tradis in my country town and the Townsl blk Haven t Ajio ii word for us they Hud plenty Vest Dikiy to local Pajk r has turned about with its Ivadel a. Last week 1 was but in today s copy l mini fool in tic next edition i shall to a rogue. 1 should advise you to Clear the sinking ship while there s u Tomt is leave you Lewis it a i Libr 1 was Hurt at his suggestion which not a Hwy Del wite one under tip Circum Stanici a. Leave you now 1 would not think of such a thing nov should anything less than the Vinar Kabul Thunder if Butler drag me from your Soto a Smilo passed Over the Plu old face of while 1 spoke. It was a smile i had seen be fore and at which u less amiable Ina ii Almu i can say without vanity 1 aug might have liken Olleno. T you leave tomorrow then Lewis i Well to shall tide Over the week i Daro say but there will in Elbow room in the Castle be Turc then i Onn 1 did not like i kiwis s style. Of course i tit ado every allowance for him. Under the circumstances find when Iliad seen my wife to tins station with the children tie maids tint jewel urn dive Sling cases and my dispatch Box in which my Dei is work safely Ondar lock and key i Imide a is Hind attempt to kind and thou. 1 whether there was anything 1 of him do for him in London. Lie. Said raising his cold Blue eyes and cutting his words with is glittering Teeth. Yos remain in it.1" this was Loo much and 1 left him. Now till my impressions us to his Char aet con Fri find 1 would Siut Orelind Udo roughly Why 1 in Vor liked film. At Tho railway i left that very Moinul Moit than half the Castle the station master was to put on Thiee or four extra Luggage vans and 1 kept the train Juitt tic minutes . Buy s Pony Lewis s last present into a horse Box i readied town i Beard More Tului i Ejiro to relate ii bout tin immense Ruiu in which Hail inv Heil of. He had Rirs Lod vast sums Money to Rolat Ivos and of rinds Rihl. Aud left lie had Lut Enoil to any Khoii of not up t ale of distress he had Boon impose id upon ii fifty a up Dondld huh business a Liow Erful cd Tai loaded had doubled the value of ump Eno Riipus i of Petty which a Jimino. To him after so Nauy Viars of battling and of Jav cry from Bis Uncle. But Housoe lie ruined All by putting Faith in men who not trustworthy and i aut when in loft Tho Castle there was not a Man left there. 1 pais t help feeling a kind of. Warmuth. Toward Man my wife of Ness like be Qiric Culetu hoi with the. Maui Yugu panne of diamonds. But my is at As quiet As n babe its sure 1 must Lute to k Liu cd Twenty times oven at the height of his Prosperity 1 never liked. Uio the gifted the illustrious crowded to Hia Halls thronged his drawing rooms peopled his Nark and tasted of All the sweets of liar re lined and Liberal hospitality. He alone rein aimed Calm and easy i might say unconcerned. Mis Fortune bad lilt him Liard and had not stirred a muscle of his face Fortune was now his Genev Ous Friend and she could extort a smile. From him. I was i think More grateful. 1 blessed and fates. For while any care us to my Means of living was removed fur away from Nie i neglected no Opportunity of promoting my own advancement in my own Way. I worked at my profession and Lewis was Able to introduce me to first rate business. Had at times More Tlian-1 could Well manage. When i was at the will a i would retire from the scene of the festivities to my own apartment and Thore turn out my Brief bag upon the table and read into the Small hours. Very f i a men i flatter myself would have done the advantages that i bad within my reach. But i was determined not to by Dewien debit on Lewis. I was resolved in draw the line somehow Tor As 1 think i have remarked never really liked him. I grew do not deny it and it was Lewis s Money that enabled me to make a figure in the world which is half the Battle in the professions. But lie walled me 1 was necessary to him and therefore it was for himself that he was open handed with me. Lam not the first who has been adopted nor the first school claim who. 1ms befriended in after life nor the first Man who has owed his stepping stones to Fortune to Accident. I Don t see Why i should be pestered about it As though them was something so very extraordinary in the Case. 1 make my acknowledgements once for All and i a it to see Why 1 should to Verjie tidally uttering thanks. It has been of Tel that gratitude is a Lively sense of favors to come 1 am sure Liat i expected nothing More from Lewis. The by Zugliani in which 1 ride was his granted my House w Afi part of his estate granted the Case in which i pocketed nearly three thousand inti on clips Luis a i Ever denied it v sly wife s brilliants were a present made to her by Lewis Ali ii we Wero Naii Iod. Does 1-not to is Liapin everyday in Ibe wet Kabul bound to like a Man because to finds pleasure in my society and profit let me toll Ivy Story in my own the fluid. We were at the Castle. My wide a and children had been slain or there for months and i had been in the habit of running Down in the intervals of my arduous duties. Lewis had stood godfather to our eldest boy and hid settled a hum of Niue a on the engaging nouns fellow that insured Good position in life so that we Felt bound to humor the god father s desire to have the boy As much with him possible Leah was very fond of children from monthly the i Quill Intel most. Ramp tramp ramp the boys Are March How Many of them sixty thousand full reginae its ovary Man of Wlinich will before twelve months shall Havo completed i hair not Rise lie Down jul the grave of a in Kari 1 liver year during the decade has witnessed l to same sacrifice and sixty regiments stand Bel ind this army ready to Lake its place. It is of be recruited from our. Children find our children s children. Draniy 1-Ranip, the sounds come to us in the echoes of Llic it Steps of the army just tramp Tramm Earth shakes with the read of the Host now passing tramp tramp tramp comes _ l Ous from the Camp of the recruits. A great tide of life flows resist Lessly to its death. What. In Ood s name Are they fighting the. Privik be of pleasing an appetite of con fanning. To a social usage of filling sixty thousand dumps with shame and sorrow of. Loading with the Burden of pauperism of prison houses with felons of productive industries of the country of Nibling Foi tones and breaking Hopes of Breeding disease and wretchedness of destroying both body and soul in hell in Iford their time. The Prosperity of the Lic nor interest covering every if depends entirely on tie Maint Crianca of tote it Ami it live wit ii out if. It never did live without u. Solo Gas the liquor interest maintains ii resort it Wiur Ous condition it will Andriea the Sacra fax of men every t inc rame from the cause. Tulsa Cost to the country of the liquor i raffle is a sum so that inv figures which we should dare toc ivc Wou Lii is of the Ishio unto Lul Elv destroyed Tow amour it of Industry Sicri lick do the amount of bread Transf Oringd into Poison the shame the unavailing sorrow a. Crime the poverty the pauperism the Bnita Lity the wild waste of vital and financial resources make an aggregate so vast that the Only wonder is Liat the poo Plu do not Rise As one Man and declare Liat this real curse shall exist no longer. Diet Tanto Are held on the subject of Petite by men and women who find it to keep themselves awake. A. Is raised about woman suffrage a As. which May be involved in. Wozniah s Liidi of the. Us drag could in a ergs attached to the liquor interest 1 docs any sane woman doubt that women suffering a limes More Froin rutty than the to uth is that there is no question before the american people to Day that begins match. In importance the Temperance question. The question of american slavery was never any thing hut a baby by the Side of we Prophesy ten within five the whole country will in awake to it Ami it. The of the liquor tie vast funds at its command 1 the Universal feeling among those cuss is pitted Galt withe Luu Jonal Ana tie Public Are enough los How that upon i
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