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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - August 5, 1910, Bristol, Pennsylvania had a 1024 experience an a careful i Piti Naugtak haul agent in All of Vul act in thit capacity to ii May need a reliable one Ufeo guarantee nut faction from frenc b Rulu an aiding Trou Meaux and mils i Aye a we laity. Ii b u i to my a j Willt lilt. Or. D. Thomas mrha. Car in ext bastion it to kith the i Lvii Kulm . The Kkt. E. King d. D. S. Mill Street Bristol or. W. Dorland dentist. 325 Radcliffe Street Bristol. A. T. of Revit be Atenco 1u x Tiaa . Rohrback dentist. Rte Ikuji Teeta rat Turiaf extract of. Parkland Heights county. Pm notice All tobacco at a Cohen s tobacco store Mill Street Edw Lovett real estate broker n in riot a total. W r att tilt i Tamiaki. A i rup Al W. Kov philanthropic cementing co. It nit cum role 737 for isl. F for Sale. To nory or Lark Dpi Gllnn with r front it. Ludell Fly my. 5eo. W. Fisher express Man line a in Ltd Eire Williams lumber Yard Well with of All Kim 8 pc gun . We. Cherry .1 , Icart Palm uni Grade u . 111 t Ufa it. Ill in Willir f fur it All a it. 116 in fhe Summerset House. Tuy if. i Fini Luu h. J mock from million i Irr Liouta looking. A thing from i. 91 a Lilly. up Al til a. Hit Ristol motor co. M f 30, Funden 20, All 587 Bath Street. Tom Kennedy Brick layer and reinforced Concrete work. Tiern 7 Garden a invt i Mol to. Lull of Williams kidney pills Juu o error Ted your nervous and trouble with your v and blk Idonar f have you pains in re and have you Tbs cd Apih France the face and in r the Fra a frequent tit sure to Pau if so. Williams1 Kiln of Pella jul Rice we ill Laks mfg. Co. Car Tad. Labia vhf Pii Armav when you want Good Cigar step in and see flax Cohen 219 Mill st., Bristol. Henry e. Hacker o6 Stock Exchange bldg stocks and Bonds t Solo of a site Haiir. Purchasing Agency. Put Pakzad to do ago Roma or will Amund to m i who pm it to m. Ekimi 4t. To foot tit a full not did. Tjw , j to. T Al zab Tii cubic upholstering and repairing of furniture. Arnora Bristol s Pip latian is about and the Gazette is the county s most progressive paper vol. Xxxvii. Or. Niles Appeal Tea Iraq of in Keitle parly cd Watina made a Rin fug a peal for overthrow of Nec Epting the of Ull n at Philadelphia on last thursday Henry t. Niles of Vork made a in int ring to i lie patriotism of us people of this tale Roshio Wombie Yoke of political Luat every Voici in Tiu wish wealth could have a copy of tips address to carry in his and would read it every Day until november of or. N lies speech was As lot lows Ali. N1leh audit ass. It is a privilege to meet with representatives if the Independent citizen Shuji of Pennsylvania. Kuthe Rizig is proof Hiil there arc a Lull Brave men ready to serve and Well Lee in tie cause of there Are ii Lind n multitude reduced or the seven thousand who wrought Lini s Ovi a throw Are multiplied by the hundreds of thousands who have respond dial k. The cull to unite for the of of corrupt tace Raman of archaeology. Philadelphia press to All those interest cd in ure Hensol l Cal and biblical res Eure the Clib and now of the wave of Cilli cism has Beci interesting and at times startling. I years Agone in the Early Days of oui country when Stern ecclesia Tif views held Sway every fact stated in the Bible was considered absolutely Tea in every detail and Posl Iive accept mice was insisted upon. Collon Mather Anil Alexander Cruden and men of like character were almost fanatical in thin View of the scrip Tures and the general Church membership upheld their hands. Then upheld l tidal wave announced that Moses could not live written the Pentateuch for the reason that writing was not known in that Day. Or at least to the roving tribes that he led through the desert. The hebrews were supposed to be Long to a period of the eur lust Dan u of civilisation and the of writing from the Murlle p cuneiform Arac ters was traced from a period her the Day of it w11 comm cd that the acc Ounn of the Lyle. Nation were Hie Story of live topics in old Bridgewate Ronie and from from ringing response bus Cheri ice und from Krie Washington to Wayne. The stale is Illume with indignation at he proposed Sale of our Honor and our Liberty. Philide Lehlu and from ail Between. Down with tie Tho Saloon they shall not reign Over a. Here in the of inn the god fearing Quaker founder the mate to honesty right living and Licelly and i Law. Franklin and Tiu patriots of declared and won their Independence Here. Lit and that Story of Abraham and ahead were half if not All. Mythical and the historical accuracy of the old was generally doubted i hat never Exi Sud we stoutly claimed. Vim Lichen and oth i a insisted that the Story it told of life Vine be was a fiction a that the fathers surrendered to a corrupt political Malinic. The wer which m cured by the i Leige of life Fortune and mired or the sons have in Leo Imredy. What they wrested from cd in of Kirkland we tamely surr Clinin the wer which dictated the a lion of both the democratic and lie publican conventions known no Prin Ciple and has no motive but appetite for Public plunder. Its allowance and Efimi tiry is in Sulf Emble. The people propose cooler Biow the us per and in like Belr own. The impending Bailie will lie no ids play. Ii will be armageddon Side Are All the Portis evil. All interests of Conj ital Cap Able of being Lin Ted by Oltaci of be ing cultivated in Klynt and the ust of Lesb As food by the higher elides also that sheep and oxen which Wen despised in a Egypt were among the presents of pharaoh to Abraham and not horses which were in common him at thai Lime in that Hind. Dewitt and he entire Clocile of critics a so Lully Deil cd Ihal there existed such n i Ali. ,11 As the Hil tiles Arno mention was made of any such nut Lon in any place. the monuments were s Lent regal Ding Beni it was claimed that the old Tesume it Slov of Iho deluge was not written by Moses but hoi rowed from thai baby Loi Ilnam centuries afterwards when the hebrews held in . I Lien a tide of careful and research set in investigation and Studi mls Udd researches of careful invest Igiulio Edlo the enterprising the . Live Slown that Many of these claims arc Intro Mided it is shown now Conli Ulvik that writing existed Long Belore the Lime of Moses and entire libraries written before the jews existed Kavi round. The Library Al Auoad which canals cd of Over by o Ndrec privilege and indirect profit from the is system All the necessities of poverty ill Len by Buniger and weakness to vote in require i to the musters All the co Jim of Olathe holders paid by Public Ney Bill Obelne the Nordeih of the Boss All the Eriina null who receive Protection and 1m Munty from the police who Are a Pun of the political machine All these hundreds of thousands w 1 with absolute Oti filience to the Tator who con Imants both the Republican and democratic Wing of the army of spoil. Dishonest wealth will contribute lavishly to the Campaign funds sex Lect Ling thereby to Purchase a Lien upon the government tribute will be levied upon the protected wanderers of vice the salaries of All Public ser vants will lie tolled to swell the Cam Lii Ign funds and the us plan will be pursued in the great cities of All the other resources of the Public Kne Niy with fraud at the Len lion. Again so All this Potency of evil the cause of government has no other support than the Patriot in of the con i Nion people. The right thinking voters in the overwhelming majority. Uld if Ibex act in Harmony Iney win Back the government of Peni Sylvania. The obligation is upon this Conven Tion to out and Lead the Way. To ill Ufuti Ileal Antiono Prin holes if we waste Tilini in Dis ii Salon of Messent Lassof opinion ii we personal ambition vanity be o Over tablets was founded by Sargon about b c Ami a larger Library existed at Telia which Dales Back to c. The Civilin Atlon of the Nile Valley was an Mecom plight d Luct Lone by foil Abraham left i r of the to Huld Ces and having lived among a people who re corded All events Stone tablets or n obelisks it would have been sir engr if Moses had fit will Teri i be Hwnry of the jewish a wipe. It now clearly proved Ilmet the Huite nation was a very real Powei. J Rof. Status that by lord the Lime of they Linail contended with the inns in Western Asia and no the Rynie of Horam spoken of in ii Ali they wire still forceful ene Mies and useful allies. The list Litas of the later historical books of old lest ment belonged to the North in Matt and in dish on the Montes being their Nional Southern cities Luis in the Book of tienes there Weie other he elites the children of Heth who lived in Tho extreme South of Palestine. Space will not permit a full reference to the hittite Power it wan not an Empire like pkg vat or Persia under a Central head und con Bridgewater aug. S. Warren Allen it working in Pitts Burg. W Lellam Abel visited in wild Wool a few Days. Master Michael Mcfadden has a new bicycle. Master Thomas la very has been on the sick list. Wedding Bells Are to soon ring in and Mcwater. My. Clark was a recent visitor in Philadelphia. William Cherry hits purchased a motor Cycle. The insurance men bad their Flash no Mirty last week. Herbert Brown jr., visited Phila Delphia Friday. I s. Sch i Nieghorn was visitor in Philadelphia. Mis. Wei mans has recovered from another attack of illness. Mrs. A is at her Home in Mil Levetown for two months. Warren seher curhorn Home from he West soon. Andalusia Home news. Acid Ilu Slu August 4. And family William com Merlin have gone o George h. Purdy and family came out this week for their usual summer i wis e Walton and Harvey Halton have gone to Ocean City for several Tevka. Mrs. C Harl a Murdock who recently moved to Frankford was married lust week to a or. Englemeyer. Mrs. Morgan of Philadelphia and mrs. Howe of Maryland visited in Andalusia Friday july 29th. Harry Hodman of Torres Dale is yug very ill at the Home of his son in Law Thomas Jefferson Dolan in that Village. Letter from Doylestown Clarence Aid Oscar Mot rub who will Terri for in Perron. Hay Hod fire chief Gilke Toa on deck and Taihei t scene of conflagration tribute to Wulliam p. Writht. Recent is its. The contract for the building of the men s Liili House has Lieen awarded to Lewis k. Walton. We Hope the work of erection will be i gun soon and ill miss Anna is teaching a Slimmer school in he City. Serious time with a he mined ankle. Mrs William Duncan is enter twin Nik friends from Philadelphia. The Civ i ent club the past week. John Mcrudden is Home on a two weeks vacation from new York. M iks Grace is. Welles is in eur Volt lib he Toni scenes and places. Or. And Martin spent a flue Hay on the grocery Tien to Xci Wian. Or. Del scr s older Bon fell from a of Liny and Jii Ulner his wrist. Wick or caught Perch and or. Duger s4. Or. Vandegrift is doing a Rushing unless on his soda water Fountain. Or. Hoir Michas Tho contract for digging a new Well Lor John Cherry mrs. Charles Hewis and son jews have gone on n trip to Canton Ohio. Miss Mildred Lainard has returned after a week s trip at be Italy. I. , Day engine at the Power House has resigned his or. Welles is entertain uni Bis two in master Arthur Lewis is his on the outskirts of the add Linkton presbyterian Church made a net Sun of Juki at their Lawa Home i erection will be i gun soon and that the Long wailed Foi building will be ready for curly use and occur Igancy it will Mark a notable step in the Progress of our Village. A special off ring will he taken at the Chapel on sunday evening for the Quamen s Mission. If you have any illustrated magazines which you have mulched with remember a us Send them to the Ico tory for distribution. Or. He Hus Swu the sailors in foreign ports Reading the magazines thus distributed and that they Are highly appreciated. Surely this is a kind of missionary no one can criticise and every one who reads May be a missionary himself his gifts of Reading Mallei going Vnnie Moon s. F Edge at miss Ijima Jones of Trenton i lending a few Days Here with rela ves and friends. Jilling Mill and brother have returned of Buck Hill Falls. Mrs. Albert c Comfort has gone to All Ulver maw., to spend a couple with her parents. Philly Longhu int heavy Flag Stone in his Ile n front walk a delve in ill. Reel discredit of All for which we ought to stand. A to make us deserve Succena Nur exp eat Commonwealth will not Dell Erenee will come if worthy to the untrue us and if we Are weak or self seek ing o a tank or incapable the Destin 5il wait for other and better ours will be the shame. I have Confidence that the i tons of this Day will be marked by Wisdom and crowned with sucks. Applicable to All of i. Boston Globe. Whenever Booker t. Washington he did the will and ill be. Other Day at Wilmington Del., what race As the to the White i melt a i. Tun Black. His plea for Industry Thrift Economy sober upright living his the dignity of labor with Jyh. Disgrace of idleness Bis Appeal for Justice to All men his Hsc Rimi on tie tween Equality of Nimr Tun by and social Equality All that be put More forcibly and clearly it would be just As for a while As a Blaek audies it special interest to those who be 1 eve that christianity like Charity should begin at Home is or. Nigton s reference to Home and to Helgn missions. Throughout the he says i have noted an increasing be t i Rock of holy scrip to take up the Tariff again. Washington letter to tie Brooklyn Kugle. That Congress will he asked to make a partial revision of the 1 Tyne Aldrich Law at the session in december 1u12, is tie of Hosi. Who Are in touch with work of the Tariff Board. Plans have practically to Xci completed by the Hoard to expend the appropriation of made Ali Ilucile for its purposes in the Tunney provi Sion of the sundry civil Bill. The members contemplate inquiry into Cost line and Alnord. The wheels will put in motion As soon us Henry c. Emery chairman of the Tariff Board und James b. Reynolds and k. Sanders have an Opportunity to Confer with president tuft. The members of the Tariff Hoard will see the president immediately upon his return from the 10-Dnv cruise which he is about to take up the new England coast. Immediately there after the Tariff Board will gel Busy. Officials Here do not believe that the Tariff Board will be in u position to make a report at the session in de Cember of this year. From present indications the investigation into Cost production will not be Well under Way until october. Experts Are to be sent abroad and others arc to be nut at work in this country. In addition spent last saturday und sunday i or. Dagur s Bungalow. Or. Pike has erected a new Fence at us property and he cts to Divide the House into two parts. Recent visitors of the x. T. C. Flub were Patrick Mcfadden jr., Robert Morrison and Edward Fitch. W. K. Davis and family spent lust i it y Jersey City Ellb i. Davis Elsler. Mrs Cli Rii Thorn. Caries 1. A tic Glit has resigned his position As postmaster and the of tace d u Are of or miss Rachel Randall of Frankfort formerly of this place Hus been sir. Polk former pastor the Eddington Church has town by soi1jl of from Ocean Grove. Or. Hall and Ino per Ltd Timve moved e to Newark n. J., having accepted a position there. The partnership of hour Hall Helni Damn red. Avi Iriani p. Mccoy of Bristol Lay Reader will occupy the pulpit of St James Mission until september first during Rev. Slot King s absence. The presbyterian c. A will hold its monthly business meeting this Friday evening August 3th, at i Ethel Praul s on West Maple Avenue. Ple Avenue. The picnic held by the methodist sunday school at Nesh Aminy fulls was largely attended and enjoyed by Large and Small the Happy faces tit being confined to the children. Of intrepid fire chief Wilkeson us i boldly dashes Over under or around every obstacle in his course. And Cliner conservative c Lymer who will say but Little until us l the rest Are done talking will get a reputation for Wisdom that will make sol look like a has with thin glow ing gathering of Cir it sure that the next legislature will be an automobile legislature under Nie direction of Clarence who will present the Bills As fast As 1 Ete can Rind time from the milk business and the counting of its increasing profit to draw them. Tie Only Haw in the Diamond and Oscar fails to see it is that there Are also Many in the land who have not bowed the knee to Baal us we mean Grundy and some of them Are mighty men men of renown and they Are men who be lie be and say that a bom Ridden gang Ridden county is not to heir taste. These men Are never invited to Grundy banquets they Are looked at askance if they penetrate the Sac red regions of the Doylestown Grundy club where the Independent is just about As Welcome As the coloured Man is not. Mrs. Happy Childr Parry who to Sundus Day in Franklin consular and con Imei i cml a agents Are to responsibility to in their in and White people to feel a for the Saa at Lou of the own Community. It is just As Conant thai time and work Vioney be Given toward the Elevation Tegio As it is to spend Effort in up the people in Africa Japan or any foreign coun even More important. If it h stimulate american or of taken a mud Citurs Tom woo Wittl Nasisi my must i Harbs h. Ancker Buttam. I of m frequently Antrican exporters Cost Tribote tomassians for that reason talons would stimulate Domestic by inculcating Industry and the Alfius and by Thun or buying Power. Y Nash Luton Arlet ,1ub of Thrift not admirers and Charles Dickens of marked the Anni of his death by what Ilia grave in Westminster . To charged with the Duy of collecting statistics on Cost productions abroad All of this research will consume time. As already announced it is the purpose of tie Board to inquire Hato various industries and k will begin probably on Cotton and Wool two schedules of the new Tariff Law that have excited the most criticism in connection with the work of the Tarui Board. It is stated that president Taff has spoken approvingly of a suggestion that has been made by Republican members that Congress should adopt a joint Rule under which the two proceed to the Amend ment m specified schedules of the f Mth out undertaking a general " it a agitation for Tom adoption or this Rule will be begun at the next session. That it will be adopted in the new Congress is generally be Tariff vital lived. There were persons in the Rev. T. C. Welles was driven the of Newportville Union school last Stind Baker s Auto. Or. Waller has certainly done great work in the hospitals with ills Sweet peas and nasturtiums and lie is to he thanked for it. Miss Cecilia Ward entertained a few of her school friends the past week the time was spent in boating swim Ming and Automo Biling. Mrs. Franklin h. Clupp and sons who live been visiting her parents Hov. Und mrs. T. Clayton Welles left for their Home in Michigan Oil Mon Day August 1st. Or. And mrs. Waller have returned Home after a week s trip to Magnolia Del. Mrs. Waller on her Velum brought her Niece with her who expects to stay to weeks. The presbyterian churches of Eddington Newportville and Bensalem and also the Cornwells methodist Church held their annual picnic at Burlington Island last thursday. Quits an enjoyable time was silent in races and games. Prizes were Given to the winners. On Friday of last week the curiosity of the Vicinity was aroused by Down of Little Edward Lafferty by an Auto. The Auto was going at a slow rate when ran in front of it. When he fell the two Side wheels passed Over his Back. No Seri Ous damage has yet bean discovered. Henry been quite ill at Ocean Grove wait most Likely be Able to Leti irn to her Home next week. Henry c. Parry is very much improved in health. Several bungalows Are being erected on the ground opposite the Hie site friends premises on Maple Avenue. The buildings Are the style of Bunga Low that comes ready to Pul together. One Hundred and seventy one col Lars was placed on the Seir denial service the plates at the at the methodist Bis Cinal Church leks. John Vii done was a week end Wilson in. Of hound at i. C Omav Hin iils Hub if Dickson he seeds of Wilson of Armstrong of in it Gley in me Altri a e cunning a inn in. Ill. H .1 0 so tips Good automobile Snarie to think of it that one of the or. And mrs. Edward Justus of Fierose were sunday visitors at the Home of George Douglass and family. Orville Phillips and family of Newtown spent saturday and Sun Day with Lawrence Gilbert and fam William Roberts was overcome with the heat one Day last week while working for Joseph Lington of or. And mrs. Charles mass of Philadelphia were sunday visitors at the Home of Edward Macelwee and family. Miss Alice Smith of n j., was the guest of her sister. Lira Uia Les Haef Iier on saturday and sunday. The annual sunday school picnic of the m. E. Church Wilf be held on Shoemaker s jaw ii on wednesday aug t loth. Ada Clark who has Lieen at the Samaritan Hospital has returned Home. Mrs. Clark is much but still remains very weak. Of the mrs. Ten thousand French vines yield but four Hundred Gallons of wine a year the same number of vines in Cape two eight Hundred Gallons. A Sboro Attleboro augusts. Or. And mrs. William Kahl and children of it. Holly were week end visitors at the Home of Irvin Bil a in the rear of the c. 1. Matthews Mill caused no Little excite ment on saturday night at about a storehouse contain ing soon frames used for stretching skins was entirely destroyed entail ing a loss of a shoot the origin of the lire is unknown. An Iowa paper referred to a Bride Groom the other Day As a Young Man nearly perfect in All the charms of what a Lovely Bank account he must have eve John Huther p. Fer Etory of ministerial ostentation fund. August 28, Hev. Josiah l. Euln. September 4, Hev. B. F. Past. Deafness cannot be cored by local u they cannot , Theav. Tas Tass one Way to cure Dea Tiem and Vii the by remedies Neata ii to Cawes an unnamed Condo Ono Temuco Abundi. Of the Kas Tablan tube. When Tsa you e my caused by in sow Tainkim take Tauv Milr rut Otoi Toms Patlon. A Heift Henry s. Beidler sold five properties on i Rodhy morning at his office in be court House among them being two hotels one of which is the old Cress keys hostelry now without a License and the Rocky Ridge hotel with a License. The Cross keys hotel with 93.4 acres of land was nougat by Charles j Snyder of Frankford Philadel phia for sold As the of David Kli Ennier the Rocky Ridge hotel was sad As the property of the heirs of James , deceased containing so acres and 62 perches of land in Rockhill township. The plaintiff id the writ. Tile Quakertown building arid loan was the purchaser for two tracts containing 20 acres and 92 perches in Richland township were sold As the property of John and Mary Landis to maven Johnson and Martha Johnson for hoc. A bakery in Bellers Volle was sold As Eugene a. Niess to the Epworth league Nigel in m. Church will he led by c. Everitt on Hulday evening. The topic he unfailing love b a interesting game of Ball was played on saturday afternoon Lic tween Hulmeville and Bristol teams the score being 3-2, in favor of tie Bristol team. Daniel we Burton an axed Man Well known Here died it the Home of his daughter mrs. Everett Wright the Waidley loan the last of week. Funeral was held in Kul Siim. Ton meeting House. Interment Al infill Smolon cemetery. As Alberl fibbs was taking his men to work the bridle of one of he horses caught in the Tongue of the Wagon. The horse became frightened and Nin into a ditch throwing the men out. Joseph Watson Hud his ankle sprained und or. Highs received some bruises but mine were seriously Hurt. The bake Sale held in the Guild House on saturday afternoon for the purpose of obtaining Money fora new Heater for the Church was very successful. Although there was a Good Supply of edibles it was not ludic sent for the Sci Riund and several people were disappointed in not being Able to obtain what they desired. Another sule will he held Home Lime Dur Lnu the present month when it is bored All can be accommodated. John Neely residing on tie Creek Road in Penn s Manor had live stacks of wheat burned on last wednesday. Or. Neely had u line crop of wheat and had nine Slacks sound Long near the barn. He wus having his wheat threshed by a gasoline engine owned Max Hellig in 1 Lii Ladelphia were boarding in town Lii to week. Miss Amanda Kly and Niece Al i by Hist with i lands in or. And mrs. Hainen of mount Law Al v Illora of Rcv. And my. C. Pm Liard. Miss of men Inton is spend the month of August vis iting relatives Anil Friend i Here. Or. And mrs. Hubert Marls Wen week end visitors Slih heir ii Areola prof and mrs. Georje Maris. Mrs. Thomits c. Siimes of Fialli ii lore md., is spending month of August mrs. Susan 1c. Ii ukr. Or. Ami mrs. Lukins Wood of ital ii More Maryland former resident u 0 6 h i Valley 01001000 of i 6 2 Boniek out by o drawn 10 by i ii pc ii. Buses on balls Oft o Druin i off Pierce 4. 1 pipe Walsh. Sunday at As Niy a irk going n the of incr s automobile on a Day. Or. Allied Cowan 1111 Eye special it will Lieut the rend Sci of k m. Vun Degroft each monday to examine those dial have Dos Law of the eyes. Rev. And mrs. T. started on monday to spend the month of August with John Thatcher at their George Hobbins and operated by Oxford Valley varied i. Oxford Valley August 2. C. K. Leader for next sunday eve Ning will be miss Edna Stidling. Mrs. Ostber Fabian of Newtown is visiting her daughter mrs. Tom Luson. Mrs Thomas Braham of Philadelphia spent sunday at B twin Linann u to and children of Philadelphia have been guests at h. Thompson s. Miss Edna Stradling returned last sunday from state College where she has been taking a course at the sum Tomlisson s. By Lester Brooke. The men had ii shed three stacks when they noticed one of the six ton mining stacks on lire by tin owing mite on the Side nearest the Ham they were enabled to save one stack and i event it from communicating to the barn. They succeeded in saving the threshing machine list the engine was so hot they could not move it. Or. Nicely Hud his wheat insured in the line Lexing or. Roh Hinn had his Thresher insured also. Happy women. Plenty of them in Bristol and Good reason for it. Summer Home n. Y. Al old Leld Setauket mis. John Bluc fun und children inv Cal Home on wednesday from world Lington near Whei a they a boiled relatives during the month
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