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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Apr 28 1916, Page 3

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Bristol Bucks County Gazette (Newspaper) - April 28, 1916, Bristol, Pennsylvania A a a a a a a Iii a of Buffe j bwr�1 old Home Werk officers elected xxx Ell pm dry a a Al hurry. Tax we intelligence. I 11.&Quot \ Hirant Mihi family in it �<1 Frau Radcliff to Mowl in a Swain m in i. Ii Al. Full him Birk Ini Mil i i urn of to Tim was not Hor. To i la Mia Terry rest. Last a in. A Litas a former pm Tedwil of of new a Ltd a City was tin it of la rot in a friends. Eini toyed with Lite be Hurah. It Ili Tor Homo in Kim Laval x. A w a m i so Sill it Alma mu<1 a is a rec of 1�?~hil-Hia. Pm it Tho wok nil with their Ilion Hor. I s in it. Thornton. Of try it. Is Ell St Isal As. Of us o. Has taken a ind thou As Saleslady the Tho near Vics Aud 25r. Store Iii a Forrest Block. Tho Mowas Imerti and Grade by Beton Plua 1.4 titties visiting miss a Ion i i gym try of Dorrance St Root Factor monday. Ria Alpha Bible toss will to its a tit Illy it Tdiva and a Ial meeting at 8 a a. Iii., at the in am of a Edith i til my in. \ will la Iii Brt Tod a in Johnnh ii Stria in thur a mat Lith by a Omil tire of ios to Loots. St .sail.a. Or. And mrs. La. To Yount of in Hll a do 11 thin were Mer guv Fri of tin totter rents. Or. And mrs. A Barie or int. Ai. Of Dorrance Maat. A novel . A a isl or will is lipid in it that a. M k. I Liuni \v�nn1 sri it on thursday Pron i or Mav l la. Admission m la Liall it on invited to Send meeting. Eve Leon it Ohi All Imi i St men or in Elk a evening Smrkol it att mod Ami a minute a Pouti at a moot intr held wednesday evening to Tho flits in am att Radcliffe Street i old Holm Walt which u Iii is 1 celebrated in Bristol i Mso. Was riven i a ism by the Reym Rhi read from Alani j Twenty Organ to the a. In the Lairo ngh a notch adj retrying their interest Iii the sailing event. Aiding As olm inure. I Tor on Green. Elled the meeting to order Ami ii. A. 1.1 Las aet As Nimr i Rary Aero rotary. a All of i the nil of i Organ Ira in tin Hor-1 sigh we Delegate in in answered to their inns i Burgees i Isaias scat was j called ii Mai to give an airline of the Iff wram that had already a on wig lasted by the original Pron Are of j old xxx we w hich in stated would j in most a a to Iris Cly lie Gan Ai Tho first Day with religious Aeryk pm Iii tin vat i iou a i relies of tin. Is trough Ami Tho i second Day might la derived to a irk i and historical tirade firemen Day i with a Airn Lorf Ami visiting in Ramies might la arranged for the third Day of Tho week. To to Folk in a i Ai Tho i Otto a Days by Imra Dos of wit riot in. Fn-1 Triail and military . Is Sig Niiha tits to made by tie i having charge of tin event. Ile further suggested hat a carnival stun to on jagged Furni Sli during the entire week who Wrath assuim1 Ila form of a we old s fair Midway. Or. New a to alien offered a motion that a Man j hinting la the i Imiri aaa of Avoalt Tunc Tho Naim a of v i dts ass t. Fin a eting Fia Tho i i Bow i Tiff Ai a run Lieut working. A i a Ris. This iu.4l.hi lacing approved i my re of Man Lam Tut inn urea a minted messes. ,Dot,.h la. Wore Tho a fur Thomas Cut. Jaa a it Grundy. Xxii ninth i Gih Stoof la Radii ugly. In v. Lass ii. i Owen and mrs. 11 ugh motto of Clifford i. Anderson us tin committee. I w to i in nits i lately retinal to an Ante room and returned with tile Fouta Aing a j list of Manh Mathais president. Duron air an vie president Franklin Mike i Secretary Eugene i. Martin t Rrana Rev w. Ii. Fine. I in. U Ion these offices wife then elected by no-1 claymation. Joseph it. Pm Only then gave a talk Oil the Celebration of old j Ilian. Xxx a a at i Tov letdown severs11 years ago which proved to la quite a fill f Anat Dee in int Ion. In. I poems am brr Hay Man Road i k a mouser. Win. F in i a of in racier Ami a it Al for nation i it Nisor of int do her drama of. May Rord. To at 8 of Klodt urn o flying squad a Cadyn aztecs at or. Katherine ton. I Ohio. Will Winn t teat pm of Artaldo Story or. To Tubio a Traval a 4y and Fop Elul fax to Tim Chuzhin Kiil make her to five minstrel Shaw. Next. Mav 5. kit press trolley service. Minot j. Hill. Manager of the Phi la is is Yal tinier of , j a he it Hla. Bristol and Trenton Stansu is Terri show in the Mortn j i i ii Way Cut in a Ziy. Has distr Hud cd Bristol i it i Frid Lasage. No. Tit will give a in tin Thor. When the Philadel Tibia i a use minstrel try i in. Cd a m m.s1 of Talent a cantly fun tin Keith circuit will an or in Wei features and Sis Seal Macry. A suit the latter to of May Bristol i Nitro a fill.d.1 a . I Lay with Flag raising at the in Anc Ai Radcliffe i. When ..r argan Ira that will in int Del to a Artaki a ire in the los sine tin toning of tin Clear for of go with the and my Sui. Hic it at five dollars new Menbere an ra4dly living Addil Lite my new Falory for x Anile Yardley it new Industry that of the ill song machine company. Is finally under Way. Tho first machine having Kern she and last saturday. The company will soon employ about to persons and House will in pm try for the workers the company recently moved to Yardley front a inst a Dan n. A. And occupies the Plant of the Century Knam Eifrig company. The factory that was used at Amsterdam was not Large enough to accommodate the concern and Yardley was be card among the rider on hts Lim ask lug information As to How of ten they use tit Ara when they get i and id and it Thor question lit an Effort to i Ait or the running conditions of the car and trying to Tim out Windber an Sprew trolley her Vav la tween Frankford and to Milch to a Juty lug % to t ure it is to keep a Lief of the names secured in this manner future referent Ami at any i line any changes Are to in in tile Teia Lule or Viler matters Phil aim the signers att in with. All an Asktis to sign tis urls and hand Vliem to the its a Wiora. Motorboat to submarines threatened strike at spinning Plant inning the past two weeks Brevot atm. A i die re has inn i to i Law i with r in sued rumours of a prop Welve strik among the of tie k1v.h�?~ spin dug to Onich Iii i Buckley sons to. At hit to take Date on a certain Date. Ai though thee. Ruthm have teen Mitre of gossip than of a Tangi Ine combat Here. According to rent try that Lute re gently to get ii going around that tort of the Federal government s pre Wren iness plans was to Orga Idice the of wimps of every Reasy Heahle sixe.1 in it torn a at in this thai if the state a it auxiliaries of tin Navy of Philadelphia investigation to far tuts Fahsl to reveal any a i the matter having reaches the owners of Stieh boats Heri it. While the run it stat that the Nim Luanda it. Rotter Lse Russell of us Philadelphia Navy Yard was ending out letters asking the dimensions of of in a Milch Craft w Hen it was built the nun Lier of men Iii the Crew its in de Ami Home i a it. The Ady request us Eal owner of have received this from such a source is that each must in pc a i he used Engineer. Tile Only Given by those who started the movement to Eora Tilc a class Tineil list of All motor and steam yachts Aud Large sailing yachts Ai Oug the Delaware was for the pure of enlisting the owners in a Volunteer Tio to it such a is now in ing used by the Kii Glish to a oui nit the Herman be. La atm rim. With Knss in memory of one. . Traxel Ili thens. Parted from this life april 2.1 Tine less at Home. The chalked ctr to broken one la Issei do by Day from its it but cleansed saved perfect Ehl a a line More in heaven of or m 8a.lt missed by Kauc Quot a Mother it to Lye j a by thers and Sisters. A a a a it xxx Quot a a a Xix a a it a Quot a a i valuable i business for Sale. Treated beaut it a of its close proximity to a a Llu. The new i nature it in. Uliey it Nutall it lab and bout to a Delphi Are t he i a dyeing. Men is Haem St in and new York 1�?~hil-and other Large cities which Ike tykets Tor the manufactured if the concerns machinery for d preaching establish a tile goods a. Chi Kij a Fred Bowers has bought the the cd Ara Home on t Orn Wells Heights Witt pied to Tor eos ii i Mhz Katherin a liver Xii i i i or. Xxx d to Utah hey f. Ike Flat. Of to Aud to Thiim in Pilitt. Of in a a a a Vav i at the of Timeir Mother. Mrs. In diva. Of t i1nt, la i Long As is remodelling the adjoining i drug store i Street and is a Large Low in tin front Aud making hoi Erik Civ. A. Ila in.-, of ill Why. Luts Tir he a Ford a id to a Auto Midile. . Of Jefferson he a Enue Ila the. Auto edit Hustoft Vav till a new Overland car. Min id lie i. Lvi an of . And Irois Roll. Irto Shaw of Phila Ohphia. Were unit.1 in marriage on saturday april a a Imi. At tin a let Rich i.\ be Tow n. To the Rev. Air. Klinker. John xxx. But no a of oar ecu St mat and Xii Fauna i bar Tiehl of Llu a Day a intr. Were tin u is Iii marriage on xxx evening at 7.45 a Shiek by Rev i. P. K a , .d Iii the met hoist i so Nat. Xii. Frank Plum of Otter St to St. Who a recently of rate. On at St. Ilos thai. . For an attack a of Jmie is through Tim Tim fury Alai arrived. Home i to Momiy last. Rile Fot sow lug loiter remain tin artistic -.�?siitati.ui of tills rent Arralde i raining Aud no Werf cause of Teit in rare so in ten at tte.1 in tile Tho eminent ii to it a vend id Linail i mad ii tent Slit will Rev. Davis a is to . I i commit Rev. Or. I Ila re k Karl of ii. .m., in plug to a. I is i Effort a St. A of tin a a it a in Factor ii i re. hire lion. I Alia. Kill. His it getter to in til. Imi i dint and the i two i n i i Lay Crit air i Iii a urns Buirge i Rev. Is. I a Huy. I is m. In e. Xiv. Heath. Iak i. It bus Irsell is visiting n. Al ii i tiny. No. 3, is a1 Ai May 15. R f. 1snni.hu morn its and tile fas Virs. ?�-,.ii Vav. Reel the forepart family who have i to my ii Iii tiered to their i vile claimed at a Rah , ii is. Aarah s. Nellie Bilbie Samuel \.a, o ii. Marino a bicycle in . Of re Tervi i Bela Ware Lulu a it of ten Iii n,-.srion. A noticed in the Huq or til. Loll , i by vie. Ufary ton iur4iey. T a hard Etui a Nam plug sever Mati town. Ila pc Etui in Pine Cirtwe. Xor. T dwt Les Xvi old. Of , a Fortis a resident of Lori Doi. Has inn i minting a with air. Ami or. John p. Taylor of ik. mad the Fallato Toti Niit in cult Al i him Toto i a ski i it Wmk Al event. Yet lie tel Lead with i tin a Arlo tradition of Bristol Ould i miss Harriet it. I Avell is visiting Iii with tin civic Pride of its citizens tin Frantom. of the 3 Mith an mis t an fyn no i Idva nary of this la re Hitti in i Jinn relative Iii Hartai Kylii ought to extol in Gram eur and at �hnn1 xviii.nn to it any similar event Roll arranging for a Arm kind Iii till. K county and in was will a a lug to , Iii any Way with its for sii., a Atla Nlle it Kepr Watti of in re gang to r the t in of is tire interest t hat Sild be is j 1 we a a of a a a Tiani by the diff Ennit Organ j Terai and Ai evening Iii tumor sati. His of tile Borough was then i it cd of tins. Bliss i via a in a. Of tin delegates a went and mrs. Alvah to Smard. A of i , was tin leu Martin of the Wristo travel tub. put a of his sister. Assure the meeting of the Hearty co-1 Johm i dam Nee of tile to Nln is in to la the Ming event. Till Wentlent was i la Ward Swain an. Also by Delegate Macarthur. A of the a. I. A. Thomas Harjer of i Alii Crk a Hove Hook a. I Al Ider to a j k by a. No. I fire it Hii a Iii Harry . Fraternal patriotic americans t Harle it Warwick. Oil. i. To Loune amp of x .-ran Wil a. Ram Hratz. Enterprise Fin no. 5 xxx 111,an, stub ii Aid. John tall to my Ria Aid Norl Rev Otto is Hamish. In. J <p.eii, resident Bristol in Ough had a a a in a i Shu Lei Vav Iii la Iii v. Imanh. Ltd f4, Utah a lies and a new build no inv Issard j.<s. r Grundy. .unas . It Gifford i. Anderson Ami i. A Hui. the. Tiam int of of Tierce Ikin i Lirleen. Xiv. F. Imn Nikoui Ami s. Timid of Bristoll Bilge of we with a. Kit a fun other Orga Nizato i gave a untie of their try i stip no it in whatever program might in arranged for the in a win Celebration. A motion by air. Cruddy that the chairman a vent a Tinam a Ami pts a i i icily for tin Pun of get Ting tile Moven hit Iii shas at hmm. Was to by or. Anderson who suggest. Tile chairman in pm no Werdt aps in All .4lmr i tees for work. The j motion a then Carr id. Martin Liat i j in a�ndnt4n at an girly j Date to 4nure the Nam. Of former r,>-1 Blent who new in i arts of Fin country in order to enlist their 4nmi a ratio i Ami interest in tin Home a Vuk reunion in All it title implies. T1m� Nutting .ni Subj. 11 to tin Cal of the chairman for tit. Next meeting when it is hoi delegates from All or Gati tax to. Vim Iii Bristol will ble houses now occur there is surely an Opportunity t enterprising builder to rid meet the growing demands in this pretty Little town ale Matron at i Overlook Home. It has Tern ill for some time. Is now Vales tag Robert Shaw who has been spending Winter months in Frankford return a i Here to occupy his Bungalow along j the River front this week. John la. Page a son have a Large Cor j tract for the erection of new buildings i on the Jos lab Bacon estate at Byberry mrs. Warner of Eddington has j been seriously it tilts week with a tier i ovum breakdown. Mrs Warner is the i daughter of Harry l Eickel who con a ducts the halt department store Here. Joseph Walter of main Street has erected a new Fence at the end of i vacant tot across the Way from his Home and with the covering of sidewalks along the main thoroughfare improves appear fleas of the town very much i with the recent cleaning of the gutters by the Highway department through town and the improvements recently made to the trolley tracks along main Street the town will have a tendency this summer to attract City visitors to is civilised and Homelike Beauty. Micat dissatisfaction turn in the worker that a omit Iii in circulate aum Hig them for signature during the special notices advertisements under this head will let to w Eek asking to nor to i be inserted Tor one cent a word. No i. A a i a. S. I a a nor t t it a rot in f or an foe i to i a Grant the. Men an eight hour shift in Stead of twelve As the rho Lule Call for Hov with the same Jeiyu As for twelve Hidirs work. Atm Marly All tin Huju la Yok Tiad a Gimel the Xvi tip in Ami Lefure it was to the tiny. Several of them air Whitly got Ami recalled it Ami eras. Tom in name. The Hitchi was then presented to the tiny Iii it Ordor of signatures and As the run West for Sam hater.nir of work with tin att Emilant increase of i a was not the to men t of the workers. Flu local of Hie firm no let Ely them such a Viti it it it Nhi id my in considered us us a re Illust of a few worker win were not tack no by the employed at their Riant. And till neigh Init Lenni gossip nit cum with the Satu Obi Rumor. Of a strike advertisement cents. Taken for less than idly Fob Kent ill acre farm one mile i t below Bristol on i Hina tame roads to House with attic hot and cold a i i ter with Heater in cellar in Good cond i j lion t by rag a a Lett barn anti stabling in for 2 horses and i cow Chicken House 11 and Large Chicken Yard. An bleat urn i Mer Home. Apply Frank fluid Bristol j to. Situate on the. Corner of Dorrance and Wood Street now owned and occupied i toy Morris womb. The owner desire to sell the real estate and the business including Good will and accounts but thin Doe not include any Stock. This in an old and Well established stand. Is an excellent location for the conducting of any mercantile a Naines. This la a Large 3-Atory Frame building containing store room. So feet deep 5 Good a iced rooms on second floor and three Well proportioned rooms on third floor. Apply to Gilkeson i James for rent mate hit mussing mrs i Vav Willday. 517 Maple Street. Bristol. House to. 458 Logan Avreet. City water and sewer. Apply to of Keyou a James 305 Radcliff a treat. For also Small desirable dwelling r rent at 443 Lafayette Street. Am Phi Stice boy wasted to learn Trade not Leas than 14 of age. Apply 8 b Ardrey amp sons Pond i above Walnut Street lir Tatol wasted a it to do downstairs work and cooking stay at nights coloured preferred mrs. Fred Decker. I24 Radcliffe Street. Of rest�?3 desirable stores on business Street 138 and 130 Mui Street. Will rent at very reasonable figure. Both properties connected with Borough sewer. Wasted a girl for general housework in family of four wages $4 of per week Call or address mrs. A Xiv. Franae by Berry Road. Torres Dale. Andal Sia a to Gitig to Kiln Ani Brit in. Us stolen tit Jit or indy i w title t imn in of was nip. Of it Vittit War in tin it ii Liln Rte no a Alai it i a i 4lint they to a a the. Win i. Run it Xvan Bui la making it improve Imit. To her he in Orner of i Hill Ami in no St inn a who in a Large front i Ami also a a rag. To Hou. The. In a 4licriam recently by Lier laughter. I Las Elix Alnah a Cardeti. Arthur Lam de. Who formerly Kev a Glia la it in feet lottery Ami at Ore i t in Lafayette Hirn silk of Hail. Ila move into Fin Mon f, in tipi. I Lei xxx Wiliiam ii. Rayl Motani. Iii the. Ame Iii Hing. In order to a Vatu Molste lib it Hiwing Bua Flam 4 attain Avard Mal 4�?Taitain . With Midzael Lio Runau a a Iliff Engineer will have i urge of the two in a Delaware River exe Tiraki Shifa la Trent i Ami Amphai. Ohleh will a. Bin in j hit into serve a. It is no id with a a Jinni rate of eight. Nick an i Jonir. A Glt Psi am Liev was present at file Wien s meeting in tile a vial he Uresti j in iat us Ilia to listen t. An j men Lunt to it ii i. I merge no a 1 Rio. Filled states senator for an be inn in. In in address a an ii it rest ing anal inspiring one. This alerting was in last me of tin . At a of the vestry of St. James Tim Eji Urek. Beld on monday morning. By f11.ming Isle gatos Wen to not raid the. I. E. A tour Viven Tzvi in a Madei diva a no play i j. A la Iris in Frame. Elite Lodi Xuy kor a. Al dior Rah Irvine xxx right find if Norge i Leigh. T1m vestry will Umno again on Friday evening. May 5. Activity on the a it of All tile nah in in Siax my in charge the of Tim Manv for the Jubilee Ltd be to Rath of the a gang Zatko of the first state 4 amp of the i. 4>. S. Of a., As Itris Tim during i be k of August let. That Fol Cadel i la la Lins Ever seen. Fully 75jxw visitors an expected Iii tin City on the news Jon of tip invade to August l Ltd. Tass. Verf tin i. E. Sunday a fast. Mies Jertrude it Efferts. Tea cider w ill to a let read. I and eak Sale Ltd its. Tun Lay Aji Rii Ash. Ill tile vacant More of Samuel Iilliams mar of Ais Walnut no re tvs. All g no a things to eat. Vee. Cake. Bread and cinnamon twins. Fimm orders to 2til-j. a sunnis for tile tin Petit of the car get filial. Miss Katherine it in Rhian. Of Lafayette Striet. Has not nested a Smi fion is piano player at the new se., is Aud 2.v. St or recently of Nimni in the for it to my. She will realer Seier Trivis a of the latest so wigs a sch evening from 7 until a of eks Kami i saturday afr Erin so and evening will Art Asae. It Quinist f w two i Hilad Nikitia Vaul Ista who will give a remit he of tile tit us in a Sale. Arthur Hettinger of Xiulan Rry Siree. In monday Taal disa in Ira is it jul i whereabouts Are Unki Iotti. It i that i Nele Ham is round lug up Alt from the Navy and ii a since Dereki Freil that Hettinger was among Ilia Civins. It a Hou tit Liat fearful of capture he All the ready Cash in sight at his inane Ami Quot inuit it for part unknown. Ile leaves his wife Lief Riihl a no was f Riih Ray Bliss Mamie Ker 4iaw� j limes a Hughe of Beaver Street. A gone to Newburgh. No Al to mob the duties of manager of tin in air of Lite draw Shaw t a Jet 4vvuaiuy there. Or Hugh. Ila a.�4d Hie lire insurance. Kick and Accident in saunas which he Bas inn out i aged in to it Ere for several . To Francis j. Byers tile real estate and i n War i lire Law Iker who will worry i the swim and aet at dint Riel manager in Bucks i Ftp for the you in Eitai 4 Asua Ity in flu a mkt to with his other in storms. To Ikimis Stew Art. Of Whiladel a Hia oat a wet a end visitor at Tim Home of or Haiti air xvii Lam Tolen of Eva input St met. Or Stewart was fur Friy a re deut of Bristol and Ert Slucter a tailoring Ai Mill Street in to. I Ltd tiding w lie up the Duphie t Iii of by is in tote award moved to so lug a a a a a iter Stewart of i or. Ami airs. Reef were among he Boardwalk at i it. To nit Lily ii iness at tile Nhim us it or Radcliffe ire Ream machinery arrives. Tuesday afteme Ami a Large ten Psi Auto Tnp from Hermantown with a Load of machinery for tile new ice Cream fran ing Plant of Joshua Dowtin my on Mill a tran let. While anaemia tug to drive into the rear Yard Fri Hii Market Street tip w heels Sank into the writ Earth of tin Roadway and Elgit tons of machinery had to in unloaded Ami rolled Over planking quite a its tat ice the. New building. Xxx Ith tile Sompi Rtskhi of a con Crete building in the rear of bus cafe. With a of Bow sp4 a of a Hiliare feet in which this machinery will in installed air. Towns tel says will give him a daily Eaf Lacity of Ipili quart of he Fanoni x Elvet ice Cream. Eth new fre Enung Prinn is who in of tin late St met Lim of tin ii rim vyv tem Ami Iii addition to manufacturing i for Gem ral use a line of in a from the main Plant will Cool the Drinkin in the of amt a a no a r. Frig a rat it is and ire Nhym at net at the tem i nth Lur it be i Liim is of manufacture will in he of the san Ial feature. Of tin new Plant and Hie Ihns used in the. Making of the Well known Hiraml of a a Elvet be Cream will guarantee it Quality particularly from a sanitary i did us lie cr.nn3 it in a not Shim Iii with any of tin Nfn Raives until it is bid wry not Ltd tin mi.4nner. Xxx we it Iii in in fun i the in Talla of the. I in it and within a few weks air towns nid states in. Will in Equizi annl to Sil Lily <n1in of or be Cream in any Quantity Ami promptly by Auto Aarvik Jun i Short Ltd or. I lug will inn to in erected in another i location. Tim regular monthly nmnt1ng of tin j Bristol Targ 4 ii will is in i i a a saturday May 41th. I the Grot Isis of the Bra i Cia iou Ikner 4 Roydon air and Max xxx j Mullberry Steret. Ai a Ltd in ital. Of \v<�1 i the Nhim headers i Atlantic i Hihi in the excl t. In will in in i airs. Xiv. A Virce j trn to. I Xii Hiday play 1st. At to. In j a pattern Lam a is desired. A Din t. Smith of Mansi i Siree i Wile Ira la Yeti the a drier on it. F j route no. 2, from f i years Irlon and will Dev it to Chicken raising. Xxii unit a. Barn will a. 41. Xxx ats ii Al Nhi Smith. 4�?Tiarl a a i det a i. Jan a mar Mil and Jam. Jolly. Limhi hints it in Tutti 4j. A. It., att Manl the Reni i of the Ftp a i minty Jansi at la types Tow ii last saturday. A ii min a it of new York gunners will bold a live i cd Simov i the ground of t in Bristol sin a Ding titty 4�?Trmrfnn this afternoon. A Large Crowal is Kiel a dinner will in serve. After the slip in a i Deb a s.n-ut�n1 tin on tip my staid. And a Nihi tile e i i a i it it vib resign i by. A his enter. Time v. A of Swain Siree tract f Ai in tin Arage to in Tate bang the no Bell Triche ted Ile in Hiya Derila Debralee birthday anniversary a Vipham Tipu Ishi. In of air. And or. Warren . Entertained a uniter of his Friend i even in in hot nor of hic 17th birthday in Enterprise bail. Wood str it. Tile Lait la was Attmer Ivriy in of. White and Lavender. plants and a Palms were inked the in a and the Bristol High , who a furnished the. Masje of a the .m-easi.hi. X Kinda also fund tied Tor the or to non Nushi was the re Riivet of a number of it Ftp those present were the Towton came Sis wit weal. Doroth Schaffer. Elisabeth Green Catherine of Brien. Elisabeth Kohler Emma Hion bark. Lier Trode Bewley Mary Conley. Mar Tun Smith Margaret Smith or John Simon. Hilda Smith. Clara Kina. Amy Valentine. Viola Sanaa met Pearl Mon. Edna Kina. Gertrude Bell Jennie Crawford. Olivia a Liffland. Sarah Groff. Elisabeth Thorne Mabel Thompson Jeannette Harrison. Emma put Sotirka Muriel Fin Mildred Bruden Florena Heath. Al Tea bet i. Mtchener. Helen Turner. Rom Irvin. Edith Pandeff raft Jeen Fine. Glady flank. Hilda Pope. Alice Bloomfield Leer nabeta Robert emmett., we i Tam Hendricks. It Jedi Smith. I Eonard sin ens Lewie Simons. Or and mrs Wilt Lara Simon. Ralph Hunter. Tb4mi�fs chamber Markle a reaper. Donald c Eisen Toerag Minoi re Ninfield. Oeuvre Irwin Walter Downing. Frank Alta Wilt Lara foils. Harry nut. Carmen Dick to. Lawrence Brahm. Nathan Hoffman Edwin King Charles Tellyer. Harry Vorhis. Elmer Katholeen. A Oto Schmidt. Cherie o Brien. Or let Udall. Reorg Day. Earl where in the same Tine of i Groom. Ralph Faden. Ralph Appleton w tic re in it a Ukiu to in inc mine Ujj a a a Rvl of Walter Molden. Edgar tel Ginevr Ami is put living ret i re. I hot >s, Franklin Smith. Ear Mceuen of Tim Ray ill a i him Turner Laster Hether Triffon us do i. R. R. Uni a Enger Stalb i i John Yadau and Jaime Simona of s\m4 St reel him add of the. Time we i 1 had Mph a Kwi Teji was thrown rising by a trainman allowing an eng toe to Tun off i he track Aud it into Bis in Hun and in in mix up be bad Ilia band badly injured and curries the scar today. John Bailly brother in Law of or. Tolen. Sud family lived in die same Boom at the Lune of Tim . Mrs. Irlam r i Jive mrs Charles Al Burns mrs. Howard Purs Rii and mrs. George w. Sira user Are attending tire 441th anniversary of the Wyo then o foreign Mtoto Viary Soiree to to. H is acid of to meeting to the Tabernacle presbyterian Church. Oliai Ustiy Creek near tin indy no tier xvii hindu Pun cd him Knitig will by the Landin Heckt farm irn Turon in of the Nhi utry. Angrily i to receive the cod tract for the Tiai of a Power Isth a for s Mill. Tis building will in of i if Lek 15x43 feet and 28 in to High. It will in Rini he with White Brick Ami will resent a Natty work will in Chiung shed Ltd monday and be Tinl to ctn plea Btu. Xvi to the on Tiiu of tin River Side theatre by the. To Al y. M. A. A Pic turn. Are Aga to Atria fing Graa s1.n audit in to this Netty Little playhouse in addition to a five reel drama of heart interest entitled. A the Bruiser Quot a Ide pm it Ting a Medy few luring k Al hey Chaplin. Hight to draw a Large gathering to Ltd this Lane Row night soph us formerly Patron toed tin Riverside. The Niemla is of it Ltd Al will Hose co. No. 3. Are at present hiking Over several a Ltd inn Tive sit a new 1.ka thai in to their Hose House in the. Third xxx Ani. Alth ugh the is quite Central for tin list Rte they Are , to Over. The no Luln is feel the Tiore u to Miat quarters a. Necessary and with time object in View a my site May in a us Xvi in the to a future. Xvi Lilam Al i Recto .� has Tenn tile of the Rumly Mills for Many years and Mvi re entry tin Vee president an Gimme manager of tin it Nuu a Iii resist Haj i Ned Tzvi last saturday in of ill health. Or. And or. Inn am i Harriet Iann ii a tem Pla in taking a trip to the Pacific out a intr the first of Jim. Visiting remit ires and Friend Iii Alif-Nia Ami xxx a i Burton. A meeting of rom it Ristol fish and a Durn wits Lichi in tile Howat Ami Stream it inh Rasims last evening Ami much Haithu Siason a. Manifested there Vas a Large at Temi Aih a am it is tie aim of the Assoria Bai to have a in Nur hip of River Hie Hui aired let before the next meeting the Man in a hip fee is Hie Kevlar per and a lovers of port Are invited to j,4u. A Luik a a Serril after the. Tvs Lumeh no Sion. Tin dark town min Trees. It <hiinnn1 of local Talent Whilt i evening rendered a pleasing to Ogrant of in Tina i hit whih were enjoyed a Large audience. In the to at lists were a feature the most pre Riate it Hie ins Wever to their it aes on the Kcal Gas cd an St by. All pre cot timing aware of the fact that the local is stir charging 11.50 it Tom hand Frid for the Illuminant while other towns Are served at a 1�� cent rata. Mel xxx Ith Peculiar or cadent. In air Lek met toe. Of i i Inlet stent. Stet with a in utter and a Huifu at his Home Ltd monday vie left a Rake lying i the Grutel in the rear of the Lehtse and not noticing it or my toe to to hs-1 in the Airt wet is tile handle flew up Aud St it k him on the stole of the head. Cutting a hash several inches Keg which my lured the services of a w to Tidi six St itches to Ciure the Wjk of the wow knocked of or Tzoc to the Irani rest estate agent r w. Knight a Auld for Walter i be Edom of Bristol the Keene property on main Street to or and mrs my Wen. Of near Hulmeville. Mrs me Owen is a sister of Hugh Nelson of Tath Street. Bristol miss Alice i. Vis. To it bookkeeper for Harvey Walton the main Street grocer was Philadelphia visitor on wednesday last mrs Charles bridle of stat. Road left on tuesday Tor a trip to Baltimore Washington and other Points so a uth. The local grocery stores will begin their summer half Holiday schedule by closing at noon on wednesday next. Or. And mrs j. Smith of Trenton have moved into the Mcfadden Homestead at the Upter end of main Avreet or and mrs c link have moved from the Biddle place to Mill Road Torres Date. Mrs. Frederick k Thomas of Philadelphia mrs j 8 Lockwood and miss wheland will leave their City Homes next week to occupy their summer estates along the Delaware River at the lower end of town. Contractor Anthony Hoffmer has the contract for the erection of several new buildings on the farm of Lawrence Johnson near Grundy Corner on the new Portville Road airs Silas Headley has opened an ice Cream Cigar tobacco and Novelty store in the old Tomlinson place on main Street Rev w Mcdade of Neufield n. J., was the guest of his brother of main Street on tuesday miss Katherine Gilbert of state Road one of Andalusia motor enthusiasts with her Mother enjoyed the Fine weather on wednesday with an Outing Over the drive of Fairmount Park Philadelphia. The Philadelphia club opened their summer season with a Shad dinner last week and on wednesday last their club House a Long the Delaware was the scene of a targe gathering which was treated to an of roast making a misstep from the in Orch of an outbuilding at his Home above the red lion hotel lat week. A was t Hall broke several Small Bones in the ankle of his right foot. Expert medical attention was Given the injured limb with the result that one of the latest inventions known to medical science a attached to the leg from the injured ankle to above the knee in the form of a Glass Case and with the knee of the injured limb resting on the upper part of the Case or Hall has teen Able to walk about apparently with but slight inconvenience and made a business trip to Philadelphia on wednesday. i land Al chair will Lightie i Yurt Ivania Farmer John Stu Tefler of x Altos Falls. Ulus in Inland master Mechanic with the River spinning Antonuis at in Over the working of Tim local Plant it in Buckley tar. With Tim Dot Jert of adding to it. Efficiency. During air. Schaeffer s Short sojourn Liere he Luix inn i investigating the running Canh Milt to his of Eastern Pennsylvania and is so favourably impress with the Rural Section of Buck aint that Imore returning to Pian Tatchi. In May Jan a. A farm in this Airt of the state. Tor Sale Ltd it Good horse and two wagons for sate double and single harness. Two in used in Gimbels delivery sold on count of Auto service being installed. Walter f Leedom 4-2k-2t wanted men who desire to earn it ver $125.00 per month write us today for position As Salesman every Opportunity for advancement Central Petroleum co., Cleveland Ohio. Write woman wanted for washing and ironing every monday. Mrs. Edward Swain no i mine Grove. Toe Bert seven room and enclosed shed dwelling on Swain Street qty water a etc., no Sto Swain rent $10.50. Apply to Jesse Bromley 543 Linden Street 4-28-tf incubator toe bale�?60-egg Buckeye in first class condition. Apply 120 Otter Street Bristol pm. Gilkeson i James Radcliffe Street Bristol a. Insurance conveyancing collections Fri inf Koth Island Sii off xxx he. A1 -., 51k-. Aim $1i each bleached Swinges Iii x Ariel c Chamois skins 5c. To 54k 118 Mill St. Phone 162 Frederick i. Kraft fire Tornado Fidelity liability insurance real estate collections 210 Radcliffe Street or. Purses drug store s. W. Car. Mill i Cedar Ste. Bristol a estate notice estate of k. Anna Rumney late of Bristol Borough deceased. Letters of administration having been granted to the undersigned All persons indebted to said estate Are requested to make payment and those having Legal claims will present them without delay in proper form for settlement Thomas Scott. Administrator Gilkeson a James. Attorneys. 3-24-6t a Larriaga Lions. To 4 i rom ii. It Torman. Of forint in it Vicki Amanda ii. Knapp of now hop. To atoll Ralph him Anna e. Tuff. Of Itri Tol. To a Larch Ita Dazzo mid army ski Aldol of , i Huirt Putter. Wort Ville and oath tit Hardmon. dont in Biaim-.�sin��. A it sin. N. J., an.1 a Luria 45hif.rfan.lo, . Prof. Lot at italian Ali Scioti. til. Null a of go -Htk�r-w1m� have inn i pro a of during the two i Woken of in Uji a Vic a at the. Ital Lei pro a a i it Yth Rian i Inch. Was prof. T hrs of Phi a Ltd Al a Iii. W to it it up lat thursday evening to a Large and a Qunnia tic Aud ton a. Porf. 4�?Ti to a r�pds4ntatlve of Tow by a i it tot in la to Chart a Iii this country 3 Lito f the. First protestant Church in Italy ail is making very raid strides in that country in in i by at tin Ira wit time when Noj in a Titan bion of the Tok and Flower of the land Are massed in a Emu nor actively mall territory and Are Enger to receive and assimilate the me Sage of tile Glt jul. The italian overtime tit a placed several Hist hts of to Vable Sarfan Church As Cha Dains to their co or tag to i Iris in tin army with the amt rank a that of captains salary privilege i and Divitis a tis Chalon in of the. A it ii Ian Church. They hold Eurkes in the Tishk he we Whicker sit lotto Aud visit to Iii the infirm Aries and he is Plutni tidying Rte. hiker Lias had this privilege there Are Alshut Fussi protestant sol doors my in to italian army and this Church indies every saltier Arith a new testament a it fort kit and when new Leto. clothing Rte. A dig tools on a to als. free to the Soldier to a Tirril to an aggressive Ltd Aud is doing a rent Arralde work in the italian Anne. Reboira music Boz for Sale Cost $150. Will Zaeri flan for $75 Fine Antnet and about 50 disc record. A 1 ply c. I. Wright. Edgely. A. Peter e. Brady paper Hanger if Yon rent you have at some tune thought of buying a Home of own. There to no better time than new to buy a Home As i have a Large list of desirable Homes for Sale Iii every Section of town Anil at prices that Are lower than they will be for several years. Nee tile Imlay. If you hate not sufficient Money i ran arrange sat i it factory terms for you. Mortgages for Bert one of the Best business locations on Dorrance Street next to in it Uglay my drug store improvements to suit tenant. Address Gilkeson a James 3-31-tf 323 Washington Street phone 202-k 10-1 jul House for Bert -202 Dorrance i a Omer of Cedar. Apply to mrs e t. Forsyth 5256 Walnut Street. Philadel-1 phia. Bell phone Bellmont 5009-m. 3-31-tf barred Rock e008 foe Hatch ing $4 per Hundred also mules for Sale. John a. Fisher formerly the John r Stackhouse far Bristol r f. D. No. I. 4-7-3t i0c301 30010 at the present time i have $10,000 to invest Iii amount n from $500 up. If want to borrow Money on a Grani first mortgage me Imlay. Or perhaps want to place a policy of an Ideal Home o fire insurance a o rec Aff Imo of chairs dont throw away those old chairs. I will Cap for and deliver them. I am the Only Man in Bristol who canes chairs. Drop a postal. Lewis p. Townsend 156 Buckley Street. 6-12-lf is Blind erected for barr�?35 horse Pawer 1914 Buick ear and a St Herse Power Isis Buick. Apply w. R. De Root 341 Jefferson Are Nae. Bristol. 9-24-tf Fla be Toub fire in Suba eco in the North american. Always pays its losses promptly. Protect everything you value. We. E. Laing agent 129 Radcliffe Street. 5-t-tf Fern pro Pittsburg perfect poultry Lawn. Farm sold and erected. 8. B. Ardrey a sons Pond Street Bristol a. 4-4-tr cows Ard a Radi Jersey infer always for Sale Tow can buy our milk and Cream at Townsend a restaurant Bristol. He. And a. R Burton Tullytown. A 5-35-tf for you at Edgely. On your dwelling your Llou a hold loin or your he its property. I represent three of the strongest Anil Beri companies in the u orb and ran give Ami the policy obtain Jde at the lowest possible rate. Or it nut a be that you have a purify your blood. To cleanse your system of a cumulate to impurities we recommend our ii. Ii. In Litt of Athy it in granules Harry. Headley Wood and Washington its. Bristol a. We want to notify Lite people of Bristol and Vicinity. Dial we have an immense Stock of hoi of leaning hk1jps tug Achiles Gemma. Ilk. Disinfectants of All make sizes and shapes. Ked Cedar flakes for your furs Ami woolens gum camphor. Tar flakes balls and others too numerous to mention. From or. To 20r. Package House to Bent terms made to suit mortuary a birr cd bus at 613 Bat Street will buy anything you May have to sell. Money in the pocket is better than goods in the attle. Public Sale every saturday 2 p. M. 4-30-tf John l. Hole Katy. To funeral of the late John l. He forty a former Raddu of Broud. Was old its ferday i iwo Mig from to late in . N. A lust diem mass Over the remain was try nit a in the a Currii of St ikes of in uni. Hud Dishi holy it to. Ami die funeral cuneater<n4n enl by Auto funeral to St Mark a artery. Bra Fol. Where Iii enu a it was at de. A a Bow Pettit Orr Amr it Al i Iron works 505. 107. 809 master Street. Phil., a. Manufacturer of ornamental Iron work. Iron fencing. Fire Escapee cemetery enclosures. Both i phone _4.19-Lyr i Beautiful surroundings Excel Lent water on line of trolley one fare from Bri Stoland Tine View of the River. For further particulars Call or address in. T. Blackford Chi pm notices. Baptist morning service at 10.30. Sunday school 9 p. In. Evening service at 7.45. Wednesday evening 7.45, prayer service. Methodist episcopal Rev. L p. Karholsen. Phil. Pastor. Brotherhood meeting tv45 a. In morning service to 3� sunday school 2.15 p in. Epworth league devotional service St 6 45. Led by mrs la la Ponte topic Quot what Are my prayer habits Quot b Frank Conner or. Will Render a violin Solo. Evening service 7 45. Monthly musical service Junior Epworth league. Wednesday afternoon s.45. Trayer service. Wednesday evening i o clock. Edward thru Fie win has 1nnu in Dorvil at the in inc near i Laze ton. Tor to is St has ret urn i to Bristol Ais is acting As asst Tant big Gage Iii Aster at to in Igor station. Savvis Trude is to i i rarely tin baggage agent 5i.-I�ar hair Gernian. The Roi Ridar agent timing on tile sick ii. To xxx Quieu Lynne Ara foreign Oil sinary Sia Totoni of Philadelphia presbytery will hold their Annua Uhn Ting a thursday. May 4th. To the j Tatamy prt>�d�yt4riait Church at 10j01 a in. Aud 2 p. In. Interesting to Wienkers and ail women Are invited. Public Salk of hoi be held goods of mrs. William Adams Eddington pa., on saturday april 20. 1916 beginning at i o clock Sharp. The following described article. Domestic sewing machine bedroom suite carpets Kitchen stove Oil Heater parlor stove Oil stove chairs tables of dishes glassware 3 rocking chairs cooking utensils Extension table tubs Wash benches Carpenter tools Coal House and Coal Chicken House Wood and i other things that belong to a Well furnished House As or. Adams is deceased j and mrs. Adams is leaving this part of the country and has no further use j for them terms Cash Jesse Magill auctioneer George Ashton George pitch clerks r. F. D. I Agcaoi Bristol a intr to Pic a if you have it will or to your and i anlage to let or take c Harge of it Fra you As i continually have More application for House than i ran furnish. Let me rent yours. Francis j. Byers the Man who takes the Best rare of your real estate and fire insurance business. Rhome 134-w 547 Linden St. Bristol a. Bucks co. Farms for Sale we have a full line of Landreth a seeds. Ill ii Hill s pm blah Sale if i Titler new management Michael Motz 241 pigs and Tow a so Brood Straw i a m Berkshire seed hog. I o. I. A a l hog. Cluj s. At his residence. Bristol township on line of Newtown and Bristol trolley Hie mile from Bristol pm now is the time to place your or successor to Thomas Rodgers Ila Radcliffe Street sat Day. May 6th, 1916 at 1.3� p. M. Charles e. Burns d a pastor preaching 10 30 a in. And t.30 p. In sunday school 2 80 p. In Christian Endeavor. 4 4$ p in. Indies Union monday evening. Junior endear or. Wednesday 4 p in re Tiaa Vimb Ruffu Nicola b. Cater Tao. Pastor or a. A. By Groom missionary preaching at 10.20 a in. Kleig1 serv Koe at 7.30 Pool billiards cigars Candy i j. C. Everitt. Agent for Hugh his. B. Minster auctioneer. Coolest Pool parlor in town. Order maintained test of notice Garden tools Lawn mowers Motz Quot at x our services the Board of directors of merchants and mechanics building association of Bristol pa., has authorised the Issue of series no. 29 of the capital Stock of said association. Investors and those contemplating the Purchase or building of Homes Are offered an exceptional Opportunity by becoming subscribers to we Arf disc0ntin1 ing or hardware department this series As by its last annual report red a net percentage of profit of 7.7 per cent. Now is the the association shove Bethel a m. B. Rev. A. Stewart pastor 10.10 a rn., preaching service. 2.30 p. Rn., sunday school 7 p. In. Allen Endeavor league a p. A. Preaching service. Entire Stock of hardware at a sacrifice. Time to Start a savings account or Lay the basis for the future Purchase of a Home by Means of Small monthly payments the books will be open for subscription at the office of the Secretary 119 Mill Street. Bristol. A wednesday april 26th. And will close on tuesday May loth Hugh b. Eastburn Secretary. 6-7-21. R sate Ville methodist preaching at 10.45 by the Rev. W. A. Smith. Sunday school at 2 p in. Epworth league at 0.45. Led by Jesse Webster topic Quot what Are my prayer habits a 30 p in preaching by the Rev. W Smith. Report vice Vales Char of. Sunday. 2.20 p. Eia ii 45. Preach a april 30. I., sunday school anal Bible Ling wednesday. Mamu. I a a using sunday for this the Isa 5s 1-14 it Ira. T 45. Christian mad Eavor prayer meet tog topic world and the Merwin ii. Dixon Leader learning memorial Ell Tullytown. And Bastille we we those cab Frel to Heston a Griffin Here again on saturday. A indulging any sting tin music counter by request. Just arrived. Utile wonder records to cents. Emerson double disc retried. 25 rents. Free demonstration. Flowers watch window for Homie Raul Sal relay specials. My 5c, 10c, 25c stores inc. 408-410 Mill St. Cut and Flowers plants and everything needed for the Lawn or Garden. We. P. Wri6ht estate 6 neral line of Nanywani Bristol a 119 Mill Street phone 90 ii a ��?�.w4i�a<rais�?Tiiw.�?T a a Rara main own Law a aaa Maff Ifie Only grand prize proposals rav. Roy Kelkar. Pastor. Emilia�?0.62 a. In. Sabbath school. I reaching Orvice at i 45 a in. Tullytown�?2.30 p. Rn., Sabbath school. Preaching service at 7. 5 p a Eddi Attoa Vraaby tartan rav. F. L groan Way. Pastor sunday school 10 a in. Morning oar Tea la. Evening oar vice. 7.43. Christ cd Mech. Edd Lautoa Aion 7.30 in. In. >1, i o a. A. Holy curare us sunday school. Moraig prayer 10.45 a. In. Holy comr Aunton. Let sunday 10.65 saints Day a holy communion. 7.90 estimates will be received for painting the exterior of the Bristol m Al Church and parsonage bidders to estimate for two Coats on each. Material to be of Lewis White Lead and Best Grade of colors and linseed Oil. Gia Xing and Putty where necessary. All tin Porf Metal work in Church and parsonage roofs to be painted Iron Fence around parsonage sad wooden Fence on Wilson Street and urns in front of Church. Bids to be submitted on or before May 9, 1916 work to commence within ten Days after acceptance of contract and the entire work to be completed on or before june 30. 1910 _ one third of contract Price to be paid when the work is half completed and the balance upon completion of same to the satisfaction of the Church committee. The committee reserves the right to accept or reject any or All bids which Mav be sent to Aby one of the following May de Seni t cradling John a Voung. David a. Taylor 4-23-2t i Coa Nitto. Mrs. L r. Dewitt Pond Street Bristol miss Lucy Munce hair work combines made up. Hairdressing mooing Scalp treatments singing. Clipping. Manicuring and facial Massage. 326 Swain St Bristol. A. Phone 38-Xv j 4-14-tf or \ f highest award it Iven to dictionaries at the Panama Pacific exposition was Gran fax to websters new International superiority of educational Merit this new creation answers with anal Marity ail kinds of puzzling questions such a a a 2__ a i a a where to Fum bounced a what to a Continuo t of i a St a \t,-1 to a to Wilder to a a what i to vide Eon in a How to id it pro i noon Oil and Thonson of others. I Mora than 400.000 voc Andary Terras. 30,000 geographical subjects. 12.000 biographical Little. Over 6000 Mas nations. 2700 pages. The Only dictionary with the divided Page a stroke of a a in Oaias. Inhabits for specs Iron . In just Ratkow. Etc. Free. S aet of pocket maps if you nmn uus paper. C. A c. Merriam col Trray acre truck and fruit farm in Bristol township. Bucks county a. Five room Frame House. Baltimore Heater 2 enclosed Sheds Good Well water. Rood Frame barn Frame storehouse 2-Story Chicken Coop and pig pen plenty of fruit cherries peaches pears apples strawberries and grapes. One Good driving Mare Fine condition Nice Heifer 8 months old wagons harness and All farming implements Are included in the Sale. Handy to school Church store and Post office. A Good bargain to a Quick purchaser. Possession in 2 weeks Price $1,300, Twenty acre farm in Good state of cultivation pc room Frame House All outbuildings in fair condition two Good farm horses i extra Fine of will be fresh about april 60 chickens All farming implements in Good condition Martins brag Stere 213 Radcliffe Street phone 218-w. We deliver promptly Fine clothes for the boy. Xxv Are making a specially j ear of boys clothing Ami hate some except finial tallies in Norfolk suits in Blue Brown and Gray 8 to 17 which sold regularly at $5.50 and $6.00, now to go at $4.50. Xxv also carry a full line of menus furnishing shoes. Hats and Caps at reasonable prices. Everything on the place except household goods included in the Sale close to school Church store and Post office Stone Road about 4 Miles from Bristol a. Price to Quick purchaser $3100 $1500 can remain on first mortgage at 5 4-10 per cent. Possession in 2 weeks. Apply Only to j. Edw. Lovett 578 Bath Street John p. Taylor Surveyor Samel Silber 415 Dorrance St., Bristol a. Spring millinery is now ready for the Trade. High hate and Low hats big hats Aud Little hats merry widows and turbans and we can make you any style Yon May desire at it Row is millinery shop 225 Miu St., a. B. Sand prop. Millinery a the latest shapes and colors in French chips Aud Milan hats. Novelties in ribbons Flowers ornaments. Etc., ail at popular prices. Miss Sara k. Doke 214 Radcliffe St., Bristol a. U. Willhite general contractor and gardening Sexton for 8t. Marks hew cemetery and friends cemetery window washing and janitor work Bug cleaning care of hot air and water Heaters 414 Cesar Street Bristol. A. Phone 163-j this is the question people always ask whenever Thoy a building burning and oftentimes forget to ask themselves the same question in regard to their own property. Let us ask you is your property insured if it is not done to you think it would de a Good plan to get insured today we can give you a Liberal policy at Low rates right away. Join p. Taylor notary Public a estate notice estate of William late of Bristol a letters Testa of Ston deceased. Having been granted to the under _ Ned All persons indebted to said estate Are requested to make payment and those having Legal claims against same will present them in proper form for settlement without delay to Dallas. Johnston. 3-17-6t executor. Chas. H. Ancker upholsterer window shades and awnings 240 Mill Street 4-14-tf our wish we wish you to depend on our store during Nineteen sixteen. We invite your cond Dence Ana to Merit it we offer you every Courtesy Ana convenience. Arkert amp air Balsam hair a voile preparation of Merit. Helps to eradicate Dandruff. For is storing color and a Gray or food hair. D to wet i live people Deal Here a those who appreciate drugs o strength and Quality As Well As a Titi and just Price. It mrs to heal at a Uve Rhim Stohl everything in on the move. Drug Are not allowed to get old. Lour Are always sure of getting them pure and Freeh at Youngs brag store Law my Ripa i m i a Iii
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