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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Apr 22 1910, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - April 22, 1910, Bristol, PennsylvaniaDoylestown Trust company w it . In us kit Nilor guardian her flyer com a. Momey jct ioche4k. I Nourn in inn at Insi Juanick. 1. Loan in btlrl.1, p a chasing Agency. M k1 Kil to of shopping or 1n1 will tend to it Emma Al of i ibo Homo to do Atten Loii to the Stu wearing Larul tart. Tina care. Of from Imp Roll . Come act Pauone a u ump la a ten led to. Elizabeth Crichton Walitt Loreet Urmol a. L us w. Fisher express Man a Ling of Ai Kentta to Vlf 43 Street brutal Tao to Iso farms for Sale to 300 bargains to Nail to Iid for new catalogue. Horace o. Reeder laser Java it. Or. D. Thomas i a prior hit pm. A moved Kwiim 1122 Walnut sti1ebtt. Henry e. Aucker o6 Stock Exchange b do stocks and Bonds and of oommi8siok ballade Moet i Ike Ladelphia and tort Toet re aame 4 j. W. Booz cheerfully Given. Lafayette Street Bristol. 5-i4-tf for Sale. Brick did bloc with All modern Improto meals. Situated on the her front. No. To Rad Lufte St. O1lkeson James. Free Book or eur or Lomg tug the Yeter tur opt rebook free on the treatment and re of horse cattle sheep. It Aga and Pool try. Ato cart be up Urr or my in . Bristol s population is about and the Gazette is the county s most progressive paper vol. Xxxvii. No. 37 Bristol. Bucks county pa., Friday april 22. 1910. The Gazette has the largest circulation of any newspaper in Bucks county with one exception the blessings of the gospel London pastor add need urge Audi Mcc at Mea s meeting. Although the ruin descended m Tor rents am it was one of the Dill arc Cuhlic an Aurilie neuf ks1 men gathered Laht hut Siuy Mufti Moon it tie i Richtol leapt it Church no Tho men s meeting and listened to Kev. Hubert he annoy Milru Ebrouk of Lon Don Ici Igland. Item. Crud Brook m address w As us follow a Tkv. Tikam Kouk h i am delighted to Mii t Gnu Lizcth i ii. I Hutc heard u great Dyul of the Good Christian work who re hut been on bore for Devoral or an Ami h living by the item. Johns ton in of Huron. A Largo Eoin Piini of men coming out on Bui ii i Bull Day in regard to weather i am Nuru in ample list Ninny or be Good work which Cuntin Ipoh in this place. Let the Wilc Hsiug if almighty lest upon 1.uu and the valiant Man who us and those who Heck to uphold banish in divine things. I seek into i St in the prayer of Obram Laii men bore thu Ute noon and while i Niue Emlo Avor to in u Way und yet j Trust in Halloh a Way that will to Well Nuder mood of Llu of the Gomiel of to loss a Brit that to Iii Hoart May Onieu to receive this blushing. Oid Spurgim undo to till in that it is one thing to preach so the in Ople can Luhde Malid it is quite Agio Lucr thing to speak no that Hie May not . I Lle hero by the bold of Jixie h spirit to this afternoon on the Bloss of be gospel him will lend just u few verses from fourth cub Pelcl of St. Ing Jiining it Suisi Lii Anil be i Aine to nazi i Ali we i Ebo bail in ii brought up and As Bis Cus Tom wus be went into the Momii Ozguc of the in Abbath Day and stood up in read. And there was delivered unto him Tho Book of the Prophet Isaiah. And when he Bud opened Tho Book to found to place where in Ivan will Tuii the spirit of the lord is upon me because be hath Antni itch Jive to Pleach flu1 gospel o file poor to hath m let me to heal be Bio Koll hearted to Juji each deliverance to the captives and recovering of bight tie mind to Sot at Liberty them Ilia ail bruised. To in Wieb the accept nil year of to lord Here in this synagogue at Nius Arcoli Jesus Christ wonderful Rode Iii i Lover of my soul built up this elms thin Plim of salvation quoted fron to Prophet Isaiah clip or in Verso 1 the very words that were bitter it abut seven Hundred years before Jesu Christ Cilinio. Is this a Orth or n tic Hundred year u Foro Job is Christ came Iii i. To world. To Light that was the spoken of by the Prophet years Honor had at dawned upon Tho work and Jesus Christ taking up this pass age of scripture doubtless from in lesson of the Day which was to in Road 111 the synagogue applies very words unto himself. Of whip claims pc sigh Chris makes Lluver Vou Ever ibo ight o that friends the free think i Thi infidel that denies Bis deity bus m place to put Jesus Christ in i Liev ail Mil that themselves. Liev ulivo i place for i Luton Socrates nil Ull Ebosi Bilges but the real life of Johns Chris in with Trio most Levi red who have lived he stands Lono men pro eminent us the Saviour o Moil tie son of Jod son of Man and yet alas How those blessings o Tom Kii Karl ure Raj Esteil and set on Oil hide by Moil and women of a Genii Temali was looking til the fails of Niagara sometime ago. His Friend said to him one of Thi greatest unti Sod of the voted said the gentleman spoke u to i know n Vou do Whai is that .1" the holy spirit of cod that is of greater Power than tie j urls of Niagara and yet Bow unappropriated. Of the blessings of the Power associated with the loll spirit of foil How appropriated men today Hii Macd be Hod wherever the has gone and wherever it Bas ton practice. Christ s better houses to Livo in banish drink from to from the Bottom of Jimiy Hoart i Pray that Tod would bless every mall and woman Atal Dilig in to fore i ont doing unit Hong to by vol in their town doing anything to lighten the burdens of men und make the Homes brighter happier streets sweeter. From the Bottom of my heart i Pray god s Messing to come upon any such of whatever Creed but education is not suf Clent dear for Louis. A new religion Annio will say is what id needed. Vou remember i think it wus last july it was published in the newspapers Thun a pro gramme of n new religion promulgated by certain Learned men of this country. A religion that would work out All supernatural Means working out Christ the 8011 of Jod. I was staying in u House at that time of u gentleman who was inclined to thut sort of thing. To brought the paper up to to in the hotel Here s the tiling you Waul f have been feel ing that this is Tho kind no thing you will take to the Trio Obi gospel in out of let me look at it i read it. In a few Days i was going to or Kwh to hundreds of men and women in Pittsburg. 1 took up my Little testament copy and turned to the gentleman 1 Don t know Why i did it and placing my hands upon his shoulder said my Oear sir i know you to no u Good Man a Jove of your country i know you to be a kind hearted nmn you would do any room. They took him Buino to Bis father and Mother from whom to Hod i Kish outraged for several weeks. found afterwards through the glorious results to Bis family he is now and bus Licen Sinee last August rejoicing in the mercy of god. His gospel blessed be god his gospel is Bull client. Am j shaking to any Hoart Here this afternoon who does not know the blessed gospel let me Appeal to you in one closing word. Have you any desire to Trust Christ have you Here u desire to answer your own Mother s Piyer. As i look into your of cob i know very Many men Here und per haps All Havo bad some praying Mother sometime or other that would have taken your hand and would have gladly led you into the kingdom of clod had it been in her Power but the Choice must be made by you sell. Men i am Only tolling you what Yuri constantly hear from sunday after sunday it May be hut you never appropriated tie blessings of the before. Of that god May incline your Hoart today right Here and now. Would to god that we time to co Iii around to Taeb one of you and take you by the band look into your Tice and try to Lead you to Christ lie encouraged dear men there Are men around about Here who would Only be too glad and would count it their highest Joy mid Privi lege to do what they can to Lead you to Jesus Christ. God bless you what have you to gain by remaining away from Jesus Jar Isle of for Stieb love that Rooks and Bills their lasting silence break let All harmonious hum ii tongues my Saviour s praises speak. God bios you All in your holy decision for tied and for Jesus Christ s Sake. Andalusia. Programme hero in the Lorth cd Raptor of 8t. Luke s gospel Bas been full Lucil in the Spir Tiiu Lorth cd Raptor of 8t. Luke s gospel the s Hense. The poor have the preached to them the broken hearted their sin and sorrow has been healed by this Hen after the willing captive of to Devil bus Boon sol free he a higher and stronger Power the Blind bosc who live Ceil Blind to their very by St into rests have had their sight recovered through tie Light of the glorious gospel. Those who have lion bruised and buffeted by Titan the enemy of souls through backsliding of the heart have Boon Sot it Liberty. Tuich Breth Ren in the glorious god Light pro gramme of the Christian. There is nothing like it in this gospel of the lilacs cd god. Of be not without its blessings. Tai Siuse of bin borrow unrest mid Disasa Tifni Tion in this world Nineteen Hundred after Christ a Oirich from sin. The blessings of gospel unappropriated to god s love to much so thut men deliberately pre Fer to be in slavery of the Devil nil or than in the Freedom of the Chilynn of Jod. It is not because there ure any blessings for them. Vou und arc not condemned because we Are so let. There in not one Man Here that can help going Home tonight and Lay ing his head upon his Pillow feeling that he in n sinner. We arc All sin Ner but lie can help going Home and laying on his bed u ejector of the gospel of the blessed Sixl and for that he will hold us responsible. Of be not without this Blessing let me repent it. What is it that Nils our jails and fills our asylums and causes broken hearted fathers und discontented mothers it has been the wilful choosing of the wrong lather than the rejection of Tho wrong mid acceptance of the right. They know the i ight and yet pursue the wrong. While you say it is the Rule mid offer no remedy. For All sorrow sin and mis Ery of the world comes Forward and Waits the remedies for us fun. One said the people pleasure arrange for sunday tips and Tours to which tie worried ure lured from More solemn duties which should be performed on Tho Kubath Day. Infidelity comes and says rat und drink for tomorrow we but the death Beds it Fate thai to dentil of the infidel and unbeliever disprove but statement Kat und drink for tomorrow we after death there is a judg ment what Almut that Brethren in Fidelity la not a Friend to the work Ingman infidelity gives no satisfaction it is tie enemy of the working Man. It builds no hospitals elects to refuges gives nothing to the Down and out it does not feed the hungry nor Core for the wife and Bil Dren. Infidelity has nothing to do with that. Of Gays education this is the kind of thing the people want now Days. Vie want to educate people to higher Standard of living. 1 always feel whenever i pass a Scholastic institution that i must take off Iny hut As i looked upon it outwardly i saw within myself its respects Over Sal , slaves from ignorance i willingly my respects to it. My dear Brethren we shall All lie proud of tie Standard of education net up in Tbs great and glorious country but is education sufficient socialism comes in and says we Hava the Panacea for the world s Sor Row. Give the people Shorter hours let there be a better understanding Between master and Man employer employees let the people Bave limn you woul thing to help your few Lumen i ask you in god s holy name As i am go ing to preach to these working men and women which shall 1 Lako to this Halo soul gospel of und or Tbs new idea of i saw a tear Starling in his Eye and be turned around and said them the word of no friends it is not u my religion i that is needed it is the acceptance of j the old Tho glorious Obi gospel of the blessed god. This belief will Miako William Lupkin of la Ristol was in wis. Unto salvation. These things via thug in recently Are All necessary for tuna s body in tolled but a Man Bas a what is going to by done fur the soul is that to to passed by As nothing worthy Vou know All kinds of philosophy Bine Boon tried Ull the so things Havo been tried and have fill led Down the Ages. If to would moan to assist our master at heart work from he Centre not from the outside. When Man fell to did kit full into the slum let me remind you. Brethren be fell into the Garden if Doii. No in is not the change of that saves mail s soul and yet 1 say again Jod bless every Man or woman who trim to make the environment of his fellow men sweeter and better and healthier but this is not Sut Lucient because Man Lias a soul. It is not change of environment but a change of heart. If i am to know tie blessings of the glorious of the blessed god must have a different set of affections. We must be born again. Do not stumble at the doctrine Brethren take it in Faith and Telic pc it is the glorious truth. When a Man feels he Lias lost his standing before god he Falls As an Fiill Mitan writer once said Falls on men have done wrong by believing the Devil. There is no other name Given in he Tiven save the name of Jesus Christ so that you Brethren the gospel is a process of re Jules cd be Iod for that covery. Cess of recovery because it i that the gospel comes in. Here pro just it is quite human nature to try everything be foil the Oulu Saviour of tin world. Here is a Man poisoned and Ben St iinds u bottle which contains us an Sidoto to the Poison. The Man feel the Poison coursing through his vein und knows very Well it is Only u mat Ter of time until it Rouchos some Vita part. He May sit still and com plus Cutty look it the bottle be Muy take Tho bottle and crush it into Hundred pieces but it will do to Good unless to Tukos the antidote b will die. The gospel Brothers let to suy this in closing is a line remedy for Al afflictions for All affected parts so to sneak of Ibe body soul and spirit the gospel rained As u Complete Rem Edy. Christ s glorious Mission was to proclaim it. To Calls his servants proclaim the glorious gospel today. Some he Calls from the Petores some from the office some from the ship s deck some from the plow some from Tho Home to proclaim the same glory us gospel. Men let to remind you Christ Mission in the world was not to give now Standard of civic life. The Loii runs had the greatest Standard then known neither wus his Mission o give a new Standard of education because tie arts und sciences Thoi known to the greeks Aud Ito mans were the highest neither did he come to give us mole physical Cul Ture again those people bad Trio Ling Host form known. Nor u new 10 legion All people Hud some kind of religion in his Duy however degraded t might have been. More i say Rio Nils he did not come to teach it s new doctrine of one True god be cause the jews Hud that and firmly wll eved it. To came to seek and save that which wus lost. His pro gramme As outlined was tills to save Muir soul und Mino in order that we nay live with him and Ull tie holy redeemed out of every nation Kin ired und tribe forever and Ever. To Anie As n healer. Of blessed to i is holy inline he came As a healer iut Only those who have experienced he pins of contrition can expect the lulling from this great physician. Men hear me just u moment Tho Ospil looks upon sin As u fatal Hing not a mistake not u More error of judgment not merely skin Leep not like a wart upon my flesh i which you could take some Power us acid applying it and remove it iut sin is like a slain and there is Only one remedy for the redemption it und thut is the shed blood of Lesus Christ. If we Sny we have no sin we deceive ourselves. If we confess our ins to is faithful and just to forgive is our sins und cleanses us from All . Brothels i Tell you by heart is palpitating with holy Joy Hon 1 think of the glorious truths if the gospel. 8onithine ago while preaching in n big town a Young fellow about this Lurt ocular time of the service just i fore it closed stood up and said can i say a word to live Learned dear friends from sex Lorient a that sometimes it is Well to it Down and listen to men talk. The same As if any Mun should arise in his meeting i would sit Down in Nodi Turly. I Learned that in the Welsh revival. This Young Man bout Twenty years of age in an in Lount kind of a Way Vived his bunds there were about seven or eight Hundred people me it und said toil me preacher there any Hope for n Man who has mocked god mocked god Ami urged Down All his friends nil brought disgrace upon his father and a other if there is no Hope then Here is Only the River for the Ilono Gubetz run it the Bottom of tie out. To Hope or is the River the Only thing for me. I said sit Down by dear boy sit Down u sat Down. I appealed to these Nen and women you dear people me Beard the appeals of this Young Nan. He wants to know if there is by Hope in the gospel to redeem his ase. I Appeal to you those who Lave proven the text can and does in keep the soul he saves and you who Lime be rejoicing in salvation night will Yon kindly As an us Catlon that this Young Man May have of How my heart stated with holy Joy As i saw scores and scores of men and women Rise up. A they arose they said he is Able o save and to keep turning 0 the Young Man i said. Is this Alden be sufficient for of let me come up several 1 lends brought him to the inquiry lower be Salein. Master Ito land Lleyn ohls who Hail quite a Burn is Able to out again. Or. Mcado of Cornwells was through this Section taking the Cen sus. John cheery has nearly All his boats painted and in tie water for the sum Mer. Heibert lir own of has secured u position at the Jroy Dun Power House. Or. And mrs. Juhn Lii Idle have i run i Laughorne to their for Mer Homo in Srul Kowale a. Mrs. Edward Hulics of Las Angeles California bus been visiting friends in Cornwells recently. William Negus of Croydon is still fooling the a floats of to fall that to had Winter on the ice. Miss Kathe Rizic Clark was enter Taining a number of friends at her Home in Uridge Wator on sunday. Its Haiina Koy nolds Bas been entertaining miss it Achuck in Artivie of Uii Stol at her Homo in a Bridgewater. Mrs. Charles Lett of Tacony was visiting her Mother mrs. I Ridge who is quite ill at her Home in Kidlington. Joe Kleris of Chester county was the guest of or. And mrs. Carroll at their Homo in Bridgewater. Miss Myrtle Phillips was visiting several friends at Bridgewater but Bas now returned to her Home in wis sin Oming. Philip lion Hiie who has Ixon staying some time at his county Home in Liml Dewater has returned to his Homo to Philadelphia. Henry Mccoy will have the sunday we lion association of the Eddington presbyter Iii Church meet at his Home in Croydon on monday evening. I s. William Dyer sr., who bus been visiting her daughter mrs. Frank fur some time at her Home in i curried to her Home in urn Salen this week. Mis. Oliver Koy nolds and daughter Helen of Wissin Omilig were Tho guests of the former s Mother mrs. Josep Liu Viand grift of a Bridgewater recently. On saturday april 30, the item. W. T. Johnston of i Bristol will give u lecture in Tho y. M. A. Building at Alridge Suiter on seeing Tho world through a knot the proceeds will go towards Trio Stone Wall around the Lens elem Church which has been broken Down fur some time. William o Donnell with Bis Fumi has moved into his new House. Robert Stewart of Torres Dale sailed on tuesday for Bis usual summer so Journ in the old world. The Walton family who have in Andalusia for several months have moved to Corn Wells. Mrs. Joseph Drexel gave u sum musical it her country Home pm Lyn thursday of last week. During the absence of miss ache for two Days of last week miss Helel Wistman took her place in school. Or. Und mrs. Gun Are the Happ parents of u Glrst Burn Flun who Ven lured into this world quite recently. The marriage of Alexander brow and mrs. Addison k. Foard is to Tuk place next wednesday at old St David s Church Radnor. The moving pictures on sat urdu. Evening attracted u Good audience mid gave increased satisfaction. A additional feature of the evening we the song of misses Irene and Unbe Maude und the two musical selection rendered by miss Lucy Duruh. We regret to learn that the picture old House on Frankfurt Avent dating Back Over 160 yours and Wulc. Was occupied for several years by or Isenhart and family bus Ijo ii torn Down. Of course in the Progress of events the interesting old landmark had to go but with it goes so t u portion of our Early history. Through some unfortunate use in Tho in glib of it which fairly bewildered the writer himself in i efforts to translate the notice a mis take has gained currency As to the King Library being open in the even Ings. The to be rioted Al these the hours und Days of open ing Are As they have been for months with but one exception. In the evening for moving pictures there can of course to no Library session. Thi is Tho Only break or omission in Tho usual weekly programme. The 11 Biary will not be open on Friday evenings. Tullytown. A boy was born to John Doan and wife a few Days ago. C. Wesley King who has been quite sick is Reno Itol to be improved. Mrs. S. H. King and mrs. Ilandus wore visiting in new Bruus Wick n. J., this week. Or. Gilbertson and family liar Yukon up their residence in one end o i s. James White s new House. Ellwood Leland is out Agnlin after a spell of sickness although mis. Leland is still confined to her room. The web Mill which has had 11 rather capricious history is again in operation under Trio management 01 messes. Gilbertson and Burns. Let us Hope thut it will now be u Periu nent Enterprise. Morning service will be held in the methodist episcopal Church on Sun Day next. Tho pastor will Pieacci it Jamilie in the evening. Item. Will an h. Vai Ihorn will preach Ai Kmil if in the Morii Iii. Tie funeral of Henry Brooks Lute r Penns Manor. There were no services held in tie Chapel last sunday owing to the in Clement weather. Item. M. Hoelzer und family of Trenton spent last Friday with friends it Luke mrs. Margaret Louderbeck of wis Iii Oming wus the guest of Daniel Loii Dorbuck and family last week. Miss Elizabeth Louise Ruck and mrs. Margaret louder Hack spent wednesday of last week with Wallace Soffner and family of Florence n. Christ winning the in the topic of Tho Christian Endeavor next sunday evening to to led by Edward j. Scarborough. Miss Hilda 1 ugh was Given a hand kerchief and Post card Snower on Fri Day of last week in Honor of her birthday anniversary. She received Twenty live Bandke Chicks and u Large number of curds and other pretty gifts. Queen Alexandra whose fondness for animals id Well known bus wavered in her allegiance to toy dogs of rare Breeds and bus purchased a in go St. Fier Inird. This Means that St. Lei Mil s will become fashionable pots nil Over England and their Price will Rise. Sinking spells every few Days at the time i began taking or. Miles heart remedy i was having sinking spells every few Days. My hands and feet would get cold i could scarcely breathe and could feel myself gradually sinking away until i would be unconscious. Those about me could not Tell there was life in me. After these spells i would be very weak and nervous sleepless and without appetite had neuralgia in my head and heart. After taking the remedy a Short time All this disappeared and in a few weeks All the heart trouble was mrs. Lizzie Painter 3d ave. Evansville ind. For Twenty years we have been constantly receiving just such letters As these. There is scarcely a locality in the United states where there is not some one who can testify to the merits of this remarkably successful heart remedy. Or. Alto heart remedy l sold by All drug Gnu. If the Flatt bottle Falli to Benefit your drug Glit will return your medical co., ilk Hart ind. Resident of liver make yield township near Hoo Lofs station and who Ilion last saturday in St. Francis Hospital Trenton from to effects of a build wound self inflicted on easter Hun Duy wus held of wednesday afternoon in the m. E. Church Here with inter ment in the local cemetery. Fallsington. Mrs. Mary White passed her 92nd birthday on saturday. Andrew Watson of Wernersville is visiting relatives bore. Duncil Kelly bus been suffering from u severe attack of rheumatism. Or. And mrs. Harry Sickles and sons were sunday visitors at Anthony Sickles. Miss Arlu Broch of Milton Grove is visiting her sister mrs. Clinton Negley. Lawyer Howard i. James of Bris Tol wus a business visitor in this place on wednesday. Mrs. Aden Carver and grand daughter Florence Squier Are visit ing it cd Niles Carver s. William e. Watson and Albert Hibbs took an Tutu trip to Westmont last sunday to visit jul tar e. Watson and v Ife. A Spring of wafer was discovered near the inuit office it the West Morrisville Yard by janitor James Mer 001, of this place. Tho Silver Unnic Ranry of the l. T. L. Held at Library Hall saturday evening was Well attended und proved to be a very interesting affair. Many of the friends of the Ortho Dox Branch Are attending yearly mooting in philae Colbia this week. The friends school will be closed this week on account of yearly meet ing George son of Michael Sutter Thwaite died last week at a Hospital in Denver Colorado. His body will be brought Home nil interred in the orthodox burying ground. The funeral of miss Eva c Ochran who died on Friday night took place on tuesday at 2 o clock from the Home of her parents or. Und mrs. John cot bran uni West state Street Trenton. Miss Joel inn was a former resident of Fallsington. As mrs. If Locklier was driving on Stute Street Trenton on wednesday afternoon us Auto run into Ber car nage knocking her horse Down mud breaking both shafts. The Driver of the Auto stopped Guve her his address and number of tie Auto and remained with her until a pair of snafu were procured. Mrs. Klockner was not Hurt although rendered very nervous by the Accident. Oxford Valley. Miss Etta Nowell is Christianen Deavor Leader sunday evening. Samuel Niblick is improving. At this writing is Able to be Down stairs. Miss Martha s Trad i ing gave a Solo before the l. T. L. At Fallsington on saturday evening. Mamie and Jennie Niblick Are visit ing relatives at Abington fa., and Leonard Niblick is visiting Bis Uncle at Willow Grove. Owing to the ruin on sunday there were but six persons at sunday school and there was no Christian Endeavor service la the evening. William i. Erwin of Ansonia conn., who died on the filth inst., after an operation in the University of Pennsylvania Hospital qua taken to Mcveytown pa., where interment was made on the 14th. Mrs. William i. Erwin and son Aud mrs. I. F. Spencer und daughters will remain in Mcveytown for a few weeks. The quiet country churchyard of Stoke Poges made famous by the elegy of the poet Gray whose Tomb it contains is nearly filled and it has become necessary to provide further burial accommodation for the Parish. A piece of land immediately outside the churchyard Bas been Pur chased and vested in trustees and Tbs civil court this week Only t Small lilt docketed for trial. A Bristol Case muted men enter Home at 2 o clock in the Mornac and bind and cat met. Kenimer and Rob the House. Doylestown pa., april tills is civil court week at the county seat and of course there ure some cases to try but very few. There were Nily seventeen cases on the list to Sturt out with und on monday by settlement non Sivit mud removal to another court seven Wei finally Dis posed of and two wore continued leaving but eight to try none of Rich were of any great interest except that one Case arose from Tho Sale of sonic wagons und harness find took place in the latter part of october Only six months before it was tried before a jury. The people of Bucks county who desire to enter on the usually unsatisfactory course of litigation May be As tired of one thing at least and that s a speedy settlement of their troubles by a jury trial if they wish me. Amusing Bristol Case. A rather Peculiar Case from bit so or Eutch much amusement m court 01 monday. On tie second of lust Marc i judgment was against Phil p Lasser of , in favor Klias Feit Misitz for three Tuuli c Lollus. Trio Date Jami Ary 24, 1910. Lasser cum before the court is attorney and asked the judge of i Rule to a Bow cause Why the judg Nunt should not be opened and be us owed to Tell Bis Side of to Story a legging that he could not read englis and believed that to was signing receipt for one Hundred dollars Down of course As he alleged fraud 111 was granted. It appears Tiu Ivor a year Ugo Lusser Benni enamoured of n jewess and Piti Osei Fiat Rinion stipulating however Ihu in was to receive one Hundred Dollar n Cash before the betrothal took Ibiene. In consideration of the 01 my Drill dollars be signed u by troth which Calls for u wed Iii n Tho Early part of May. Shortly after signing the contract it is us god that Lasser showed symptom f backing out and thin he was arrested for obtaining Money under fals ire tense and taken before u Philadel Lnu magistrate. Tho Case wus set led however Lassei agreeing to re Tain faithful to his. Bond and Sigil Zuj is be Suys a receipt but As is Obi Imei to Fri Nimitz n judgment note Vas to to hold us collateral Security or Sukser keeping his nuptial con act. There will probably Beau in cresting hearing if the Case Ever get Fiat along. It cannot to Beun until june nil in the meantime or May Tuke his Bride and win i Pittse. A trolley pole Fountain on sunday morning Doylestown my a trolley pole Fountain. A Lugt ran pole planted at the Corner o train Ami Stute streets was gushing Orth Waler to within four feet of tin of. The electricity Bud run Down he pole and corroded the service pipe running to u his plug about four feet my the pole. On tuesday a Frei Onsi Deable exertion the trolley me us it out and the trolley Polo foun Ain will soon be u memory Only. At first it wus Sain but now that the Trike was Over the rapid transit company was squeezing some of the water out of its Stock und know Iii lie gullibility of Doylestown Cupi lists thought the county Sou would be u Good place to unload the Uter but that theory wus soon uban one. 3eplorable financial condition. Borough Council bad its regular looting on monday night but As Sev ral members were absent nothing us done except to discuss the Situa Ion. All of the members realize tie deplorable condition of the Borough dances und thut matter came up for discussion and from the indications Doylestown is sure of n one Mill raise and probably two. There Are some Lings that must be attended to new boiler at the Tutei works Resur using state Street replacing thirty to Hundred fett of old Board walk it Cement blocks and the touring own of the Armstrong building u Ain und Sewell avenues Are the lore important und most expensive Lings thut must Lonc outside of in Complete overhauling my Linery it the water works und the reel Ion of a new Clarence was in town. Candidate for state senator Clar ice buc Kiun spent monday at the county seat obtaining signatures to is nomination Papen. Of course one but the elect were asked to sign Bat is where Clarence made no mis Akes. Of course everyone who was Quested to signed but it is u forty Jorie bet that if he does secure the mini nation several of Bis signers will in to put the Cross opposite his name ext november. Curence May lie it and Grundy May have tugged in but Harrisburg is a Long ways f. Even Grundy himself is not and is atties to be a in dilate fur anything this full anger is of course slated to return Rundy of Bucks and Johnson of Ontgomery Are said to have urd for that at a conference they in Philadelphia several weeks baseball prospects. The management of the Doylestown As Bull team lulled to secure nine Jod men from the aggregation that owed up Here last saturday after Oon but nevertheless they will be a Strong team out to meet up it Bucks county s champions mor Seville when they come up Here next sturday afternoon and will be even Well to do circumstances of the Zini Mere Aud expected to make Bli haul. There is no clue to the Rob liars u present but it is generally believe. That the men were not entire strangers in the neighbourhood. The authorities have been notified of the robbery am it is hoped that the miscreants wll soon be ruptured. Mrs. Zim inor Desorb Law one of the men As quite tall and the others to Shorter and Stocky. Whether she obtained Suffle Cleft View of them o identify them could not he Learned. The women scored. Doylestown bus u Village improve ment association and the v. I. A. In addition to numerous Oiler benefits it gives the town runs n Street Sprink Ler making u charge to the owners barely Hilll Clint to cover tin. Cost of running it. During the lust warm spoil some Mere men ism been puking fun it the v. I. A. Lic cause of the High wind and the resulting Clouds of dust und wondering where in the world the sprinkler can be. Recently the ladies of the v. I. A. Have hit Hack and Sny that owing Llu Gly the water is in Borough Council re to the exceed machinery is fused the v. L a. The necessary per Mit to obtain water and that without water the sprinkler would to of but Little use. As usual Tho Lailes Are ahead and the v. L a. Wins out. Eden. Was consecrated Oxford recently. By the Bishop of the belgian Navy la the smallest in the world. Ronger when they play the return me it Morrisville on the following sturday april 30. Doylestown will ave to have a team that plays Gilt be Ball to draw the crowd Here but this Day and generation Gilt edged use Ball players Are nearly Worth air weight in Radium. Oman gagged and bound in bed. Three masked men Early monday orning committed a daring robbery the residence of mrs. Mary Ziti or about a Quarter of a mile from Bucksville on the Road leading from Bucksville to Revere. Mrs. Zaminer was alone in the Bouse at the time her husband and Brot Bei in Luw who Are usually at Home being Uway Fol lowing their vocation As Boatmen. About 2 o clock in the morning mrs. Kimaier was awakened by the masked men in the bed room. She is an athletic woman having performed the feat a few wheat for a we men in the neighbourhood and she prepared to give rattle with the in truders but before she could arise from her bed the three men overpowered Ber gagged Ber and bound her fast with cords to the bed. Years ago of cradling whole Day with the Best they then rifled the Bouse Bat secured Only a Small amount of Booty including seventy live dollars in Money and a few Small articles of jewelry. Frequently there is consid Erable Money in the House but upon this occasion Mershad Btl _. In believed that the robbers knew the i. Fortunately mrs. Zim Little Cash on hand. It miss Emily Wilson of Reading was recently visiting Mies Eleanor Baum. Miss Elhel Force of Edgewood was tie week end guest of miss Emma Winstead recently. Rov. N. N. Hurter is this week at tending the lutheran conference be ing held it Dublin. Alva Patterson of returned to Bis Home Morrisville has after spending some time with Bis brother George k. Patterson. Or. And mrs. Daniel Lillor and sons William and Raymond spout several Days of lust week with Phila Delphia relatives. Or. And mrs. Leech of Norristown and mrs. Pratl of Philadelphia spoilt the week end at the Home of or. Und mrs. I. Lies Wick. Tho funeral of William elder of Baltimore was in id from the Home of his sister mrs. W ilium Gohson sat urday interment it Beechy Wal cemetery Huljev Lluc following. Building operations continue Exten sively in this town. The House a icing built for Fiderio Parker is Well under Wuy. The Walls of our lady of Grace Church Are rising rapidly und on the Corner opposite tie latter Cyrus Smith of Hulm Ovillo bus be Gifu work for a Concrete Bouse Foi Thomas Keating. After it Brief illness George Satter Thwaite for Many years u resident of this town passed Wuy unexpectedly on april 14th at Denver Colorado whither to bad gone to sock health. The funeral wus hold from his Lute residence of april 21st, will burial at Fallsington friends graveyard. A wife and four re Lauren to whom the townspeople extend sincere sym Pathy survive him. Tho Power of Napoleon. The desperate struggle to do Soine to blog Worth while is the very to blog which draws out our Reserve forces and develops latest Power says Orl soil Swert mar Deil in Success Muga Niue. We about tuts struggle Many peo ple would never have discovered to ctr real selves. Napoleon was never so resourceful never so level bended never had that vigorous Nien tul grasp was never Able to make such powerful combinations As when be was driven to desperation. It was when All Bridges were burned behind Hui Ami there was no possibility of Retreat that the possible Napoleon came to the res Cue. Napoleon said of Bis great Gen eral Mersenn that he never showed his Mettle until be saw the wounded and dead falling nil around him in Bat the. Then the lion 111 him was Nous cd and he fought like a Demon. Enlightenment. remarked Johnny after deep thought suppose i should Kii ocl this Jug off the table and catch it then i would t catch it would a no. I suppose Bis father slowly said. Continued Johnny still to Tnp with the Jug if i should Knock it off and not catch it then i would catch it would t in yes you his father grimly returned this time with Quick Deci Sion. Langhorne locals a in diet of internet tint item gathered by our correspondent. Isda rum mrs. Edward Morgan has recover i from in illness. M. Harvey i vans has bad Bis Resi Dence re painted. Elmer Muly has moved into miss Maggie Parrel s Bouse. Or. Parsons of Tho u. Of p., spent sunday it to m. E. Parsonage. The Manor Borough Lias Oil Loisil Oil to be sprinkled upon the Roadway. Or. And mrs. James Van arts Dulce have Boon Shuling in am Bler. Mis. Nellie Knytler of Jackson Ville is visiting her aunt mrs. Hoir i minis. The ladies Aux Flarv will meet this Friday it mrs. William b. Pryor s. Or. And mrs. Esl Orick in Twila inc to Friday evening curd lust week. George Schober and family will return to heir Suimei Limo about the Lisl of May. William b. 1 Arry bus sold one of Lis in Lang Borno Manor o Samuel la Winington. Rev. William w. Sweet will preach this sunday morning upon the topic mrs. To Xinna smolt Pope of Falls Egton and Flowers of Jaii Iden Ucic recent strangers in Low u. Mis Lillic s. Allen s property and hut of Viliner s. Black s have Lieen improved by the i Moval of the front once. There was it sunday rally of be fourth District at loin Lle on in several delegates attending Here. Mrs. Jessie a. Moore has Boon Mak us u few improvements and further equipping the Bellvue for the Siuri Uei season. Or. Eels of Philadelphia bus Lent de the George h. Cliff residence Obilo or. Cliff and family Are ii Road Bis summer. Mrs. Poi set of Wil Maii s Corner vill conduct u lunch parlor about the first of May in the store now Ocell loud by George Luck Cut. Mis. William Hopper and lbs Hopper who have Boon spending the Victor at Trio St. James expect to re urn to their borne this week. Samuel c. Kuh thurn is greatly Lin Irving his lure the Edward Tom Inson , by grading. The Bouse As also Boon attractively painted. Miss Laura k. Parry entertained to graduating class and teachers of to friends Centra school about Orty in All on saturday afternoon. Tho Date for the Organ recital Lias icon set provisionally for monday veiling May filth at which time a representative of Tho Icsey Organ company but established the Organ n the presbyterian Church will con get the recital. Rhc presbytery of Tho Philadelphia Forth will hold its regular i inn Ness noting in the Presb Kleiian Church Uesi Luy May 3rd. Morning session 10 o clock and afternoon session at o clock. To indies of the Church vill entertain Tho visitors at lunch you. Rev. B. F. Past bus organised a missionary study Classen Korea us Illja subtext Book Rev. K. Gale s Korea la Price of text in cloth fifty cents and in upper thirty live cells. The class Loots Ever monday afternoon it i clock und is to All. An Early Itice should be Given to the pastor. Rev. William w. Sweet has won lie scholarship Hugnin for another your i the american history course Bis being the third scholarship won y him at the University of Pounsel Ania and by it completing the Cousim in pm. D. Tho previous Post Grade to scholarship was also granted for to american history course and the St one Fot Semi tics. Hulmeville. Alexander Cowson was a visitor in Doylestown on monday. Misses Bella and Sulla a Gui were sunday visitors at the home1 of Harry the preacher for next sunday morn ing at the m. E. Church will be or Kenney. Or. And mrs. Charley Gill of Phil Wero visitors in town on monday John noon of was u visitor it the Homo of Thomas Gill inst week. Miss Floiene Rooder was visiting i s. Amy Worth legion and family last saturday and sunday. Harry s. Van Horn of Norris town swill saturday and sunday with Goorge Douglass and miss Helen Lohi Ibon of Philadel phia was visiting hoi aunt miss Gertrude Johnson on a Finlay. Miss Loleta malt Bews and Mem he Isle Hiitt of Philadelphia were visiting the hitter s father George or. And mrs. Herbert Johnson of Falls Schuylkill silent saturday and sunday Wilth William Smith und futility. Mrs. Joseph Casto and daughter Sud Kjof Newark n. J., were Suu Luy visitors at to Homo of George Spicer and Lainily. Price three cents a great speech Harrison Stro Olar of Philadelphia l former resident of our Borough wus n town on monday Uduc uding Tho Untra of William tilt ii. Or. And i s. John world Langton Mil Daug Hlor lot Belyn of Penns i Ark were i s. Amy Worthington and family lust saturday. Mrs. Doh Esock who has been Mak us her Boine with Ewald Roctz and Umily will make her Homo with ice daughters near wet Chester. Professor k. W. Marl Limoll of tin High school gave i he an Mill class dinner o the graduating of 11iki it his ii silence on tues Lay evening. the Nesbaum Lily m. K Church called on the pastor and Bis wife or. And j. W. Bradley monday evening. A very enjoy Ali Iino was had by All prof tent the league meeting o to m. E. Church will to led b Iii rec Douglass next sunday even no. The topic will he s tend t mercy for All his Ere Atiim Mew town. Hit Letson in Golf. A prominent business Man not Long since became afflicted with a Bud Caso of is he joined the army of Cranks at the game wanted to play All the time talk of nothing else As is the Case with All duffers he bad his troubles at the Start and tue Way he fired questions at his friends was a caution. His Golf acquaintances accommodate ugly replied with All sorts of remedies until dually the bewildered one got his stenographer to Jot them Down. One Friend s advice included three keeping the Eye of the Ball second the necessity of hitting the Ball with an easy stroke and third the use of a rocking horse to develop the stroke. The fact that the Friend had a keep sense of humor did not occur to the Tyro until later. Lie immediately Pur chased a Large rocking horse and after justness hours seated himself astride the fiery Charger and swung at the jail which was securely fastened to he floor by a Strong Cord. He Bas earned a thing or two since. The Hobby horse is no More and be hag vowed to get Square with or. Joker f it takes a thousand York trl buns. Spies everywhere. Everything said Emerson. Be sure your sin will tied you raid Moses. There is nothing covered up that shall not be revealed and hid hat shall Dot be said one Wiser twinn both. All Are statements of the natural Law of exposure. Every scandal that conies to Public bearing but plus totes ibis Law. One secret sets a Hundred tongues a wagging. Dead men do Tell tales. What is done to darkness s exposed la tie glaring Light of publicly. The right hand does find oat if the left is smeared with blood or Wick Edness. Everything is beaded for the surface. Nature is full of detectives who spy of us night and Day who Eer wit Blu and without and in the Rod make full publication of what hey news Tribune. New Light on Holmes. Two old indies wandering about the Public Library bulldog id Boston the other Day entered Bates Ball Aud gated interested by at a bust o Oliver Wen Dell Holmes in Block Bronze. One old lady remarked very audibly to the other one i never knew before that or. Holmes was a Magazine. A London company has spent a half million dollars in advertising in the ast Twenty five years. This great Campaign was launched by the expenditure of fifty dollars. Parkland. Charles h. Bri Tiu of Philadelphia was a recent visitor at this place. Frederick Bond visited his family at Clifton Heights on saturday and sunday. Or. And mrs. John Brauti lately spent a few Days at their summer Resi Dence at this place. Miss Lillian Jackson of Hulme Ville was lately Here visiting her Mother mrs. S. M. Jackson. Farmers and gardeners in this Al Cindy ure rejoicing Over the recent Tine min As the ground was becoming quite dry. Miss h. Annie Bronson has re turned to Parkland for the season and is re stocking her general store in the hotel building. Mrs. William Campbell of Phila Delphia was visiting Here last week As the guest of her sister mrs. Wil Liam Tetlow. Mrs. Harry Hinkle of Huiel phia and mrs. Lewis Gable of Washington d. Were recent of or. And mrs. Clarence Schock. At this place there is an abundance of fruit blossoms and the prospects so Are favourable for u Good yield of Many kinds of delicious fruit. After spending the Winter in Tren ton m. J., William hib Herl and family have returned to their hand some residence on Highland Avenue. The Beautiful Magnolia tree at Floral with its Load of stately Pink and White blossoms has attracted much attention during the past week. The usual monthly business meet ing of Tho Camp association was held Oil monday evening at the Home of the president Frank e. Luce 1724 Columbia Avenue Philadelphia. Or. And mrs. Allen Green who last season occupied one of Isaac Wal lace s cottages in Spring Grove have leased the hotel of miss h. Annie Brodison and will prepare it for sum Mer boarders. The Simpki Tunnel in Switzerland is now being set with mines so that in the event of War it May be blown up when the work of years is to be destroyed in a moment. Farmers should Eil More Oatmeal. Although the Fanner of today Able to buy almost anything he wants to Wear or to eat he in t paying enough attention to food values when it comes to his own table. If he has been watching the Exten Sive researches and experiments on the question of the Best human food for muscle and brain he will heed the advice from All tides to eat More Quaker Quaker Oats is mentioned Beca Iise h is recognized in this country and Europe As the Best of All Oatmeal. Feeding farm hands on Quaker data Means getting More work out of them than if you feed them on anything else. For Home use it is packed in regular Loc packages and in Large site family packages at 2sc. The residence of or i. Fjelle on a Chu Mellor Street is offered for Sale. Thompson Roberts who bus n Povl Dovico it. Liivik gone to h Lorld. Mrs. William e re entertained i new of her lady friends at a Lun Clieo in Friday. Mrs. John Blackfan wont to Cllfton Springs. Now on thursday or a few Days stay. Mib. Thomas Rel Ogk is visiting her laughter mrs. Russell Richardson t Liro Klino Massachusetts. Robert d. Cary and daughter of i Luli Ilfeld n. J., Uri mrs. Frank j. Linton. Miss Greta Ambler of Bull Hia was a week end guest of tin blesses Wilson at or tie second meeting of Tho new own grunge was held in Tom Iii oils Ball on wednesday evening. Hutch Diibon Girton went to lung Ilonne on monday to assist Bis son Elmer with sonic work. Mrs. Horace b. Hogelund has Boon spending several Days with mrs. Kiziu Togoland it . Miss Eleanor Worthington of hush land bus been visiting tier aunt mrs. Lydia Thompson on k Chunc Alloi Street. Mrs. Rachel b. Wright of Geri Quill Lown who formerly resided be.il1, a recent guest of mrs. Ellio vundi1 grift. Mrs. S. A. Mccomi entertained few of her Young friends on tuesday evening in Honor of her Niece mrs. Robert d. Cary. Trio misses a Lamboin have issued invitations to a number of their lady i rinds to a Bridge luncheon on Friday the 29th. T. H. Wynkoop Post no. 427, g. A. R., of Newtown will attend a reunion of the posts at Doylestown on saturday Tho 23rd. William Eyre has gone to Jonkin town again As inspector of tie my Cudanin streets bul John Wana Muker is having Laid on the Buder it Ute. To Korosis of Luli Gaborno visited the new Century club on wednesday und furnished tie literary programme for the afternoon. Light refreshments were served to the guests. Or. And mrs. Buries b. Smith sailed from new York on i in Erduy. They will go to Sun Antonio Texas to visit the former s brother Heri nun l. Smith who is located in business there. During their us since of about u month by. K. W. Hamilton will care for the doctor s patients. Ai f. Wheeler s two ring circus is coming to town on suture by and will give two Pel torn lances afternoon and evening in u lot in the custom part of town. It is u Long time since u circus has visited our town so no doubt vill to Well Putro izod in Annex of wild animals will also it tract Many. Most of the big municipalities in i South America control the billboards and allow Only those signs posted which Are passed on. Boards not owned by the cities Are taxed heavily in most summer visitors to Lucerne will lie Able to View the Lake and mountains from an air ship the Lucerne authorities buying Mude arrangements to establish in Aerial service there. Two airships of 7000 and 4500 cubic metres respectively the former to carry fifteen past Gerb and the Lauer eight will it is expected make trips from Lucerne. Time to act. Don t wait for the fatal sufi of Kidary umm. Profit Bbristol people i experience. Occasional attacks of backache irregular urination idea Darbes ibid spells Are common Early symptoms of kidney disorders. It s an error to neglect these ills. The attacks inn pass off for a Lime but return with greater intensity. If there Are sym Toms of swellings below Tho eyes bloating of limbs Ana Ankles or any part of the body Don t delay a minute. Begin taking Doans kidney pills mud keep up the treatment until be kidneys Are Well when your old time and health and vigor will re turn. Cures in Bristol prove the this great kidney Rem Edy. Samuel Holt 200 Otter Street Bris Tol pa., sums i gladly allow the continued Utie of my name As a refer ence for the merits of Doan e kidney pills. Two years ago my wife gave a Public statement in their favor telling of my experience with them Aud at Tbs time i gladly con Fern. for Sale by All dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster Milburn co., Buffalo new York sole agents for the United states. Remember the take to other. Mcc Mytr of Dakota. Appeal for fair play to of water. You an a tout Pricw paid for beef do you Ever top to think what it costs to produce that the years of labor bestowed upon it it taken about four yearn to product steer in the Bent condition for a tvs purposes. Before the Farmer could own thai steer be Muni expend hmm one Lull la two Thorda of his working life i earning the farm on which the Leei in in ii Rullod. He must then in 111 Vale a list Lund i must Palm of Hay und Corn and other Uro Tuco to feed that Moor. He ii ugh then fur four Long Yore Dinoo attendant upon the Wuhu and i to . Of that Uii Linal. To must feed him ind take care of him with u Throe Leno Fork at cud nil a finer to Law Fork i Tho Othor end. A tin of per lion of Thiol time to ships him to Chicago pays Tho freight and few and Stock Yard charge to and turns him Over to Tho Toof Trust. Bluit repro la to amount of Lati or expo Guiod upon to Bill stupor by the Farmer. What then becomes of him or. Within thirty my nuts after to goes into the bands of to beef Trust to in Hoof and in cold to logo Ami ready Foi shipment to the Coly of Washington or me the Ovner of Tho farm on which it mixed. Then be Bud to plow thut land be had to i ult Ivalo it Tho next Spring he had to heed it he had to furnish heed. To then Hud to Imp Viwat the crop Cut u and bind it und till we it Ami Tho Xii Utincy und then haul it to i to elevator. That represents ills work Upton it. Now i want any Man to compare Tho amount of Energy expanded in producing a in Liel of wheat on the farm with i be amount of Energy exit ended in Tiiu importing that wheat to the City of or tight ago grinding it into Ottoiii transport Long it to the bakery and enlivening it into bread. 1 think you will und that there Bun Niimi us least double Tho amount of in orgy in reducing it Thun Wax Chih Iid cd upon ii after it left the Fanner h Liunila. And yet. Taking the a verage Price that the Baker receives say ivc cents u loaf you will find that that Bushel him advanced from ninety cents to a Bushel or an increase of 400 per cent. Lull or. 1 reside it i want to follow that Bushel or wheat u step further to moot the objections of the people who claim thut they ure too High prices for food products and Bhimu the Protection to the Farmer for that condition. Let in follow it to the restaurant. When thut served Down i Carcin your restaurant or Many other Jehu Durant in the City of Washington if you order bread und butter alone you ure Ull the Wuy from ten Cen i to Twenty cents u service. You will probably use about a couple of slices. Thut same loaf of bread then sell upon tie table in the restaurant for fifty cedi to und seventy live Louves it fifty cents apiece Means for unit Bushel of wheat. Then we have again the Fanner s Price ninety cents a Bushel. Tho Price utter the Farmer has let go of it und a cachet the con Sumer on the table in per Bushel. Jct us take potatoes. I saw a Farmer the other Day and he told me lie was receiving thirty or thirty live cents a Bushel for bin it toes. I find from this same Bill of fare that if you take one of those potatoes und ii Ash it Brown Down Hen you fifteen cents for it in other words two plates served Here Cost As much As the entire Bushel of about my that was mid by the funner in increase of about per cent., und this leaves out of account entirely the other half Bushel that has to lie turned Over to the coloured waiter for serving thut one potato. Men have become by manufacturing toothpicks men have by making Chew ing gum men have become million Aires by mixing up a few harmless tic lib with u Little poor whisky and palming it off on toe Public As a Curculla. This world is full of men who Hutc become millionaires and multimillionaire by producing things that have been of Avail or value whatever to the population of this country and yet history fails to re Cord u single Case where any Man Bas become u millionaire by farming the soil. 11 does show however thousands who have become multimillionaire by farming him. And yet we have wondered Why the ambitious Young Man wus always wanting to leave the farm. Today you Are asking him to return to the farm Aud while your buttering words Aie still ringing in ills ears while you Are depicting the Beauty und Independence of farm life you Are threatening to Boycott the Ami produce and threatening to make life on the farm less profitable. Today there is a greater demand for the soil than Ever before because there is a rowing belief that hereafter farm Ife Wilt be More profitable. Out you inked Lutcy Check that tendency by attempting to strike a blow at farm products. Catarrh cannot be Cej with local applications m they cannot reach the beat of the Dheur. Catarrh a blood or constitutional Steeme and in order to t you inuit take internal Reed la. Fall a Catarrh cure taken internally and act directly on the blood and mucosa Siu teens. Clatl b Catarrh cure u not a quack Medicine. T wan proscribed by one of the beet Onyal Laub in thai country for Yat nand is a Recu a prescription. It is composed of the Best tonics known combined the Best mood mrla ers acting directly on the mucosa our Acos. The perfect combination of the two a Gredlen is what a Radom men wonderful results in curing Catarrh. Send Lor Hsu. Mon als free. F. Cheney t co., Toledo o. Bold by Pru Futa Price Tje. Take ban s i f Tot . I newspaper Prince Rupert and his fallow adventurers with charter granted by Charles ii Wen the pioneers of the now famous Hudson Bay company. i chive
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